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05 Feb 2010 22:10:15
To the guy who said darren bent to lfc do u know anything else


05 Feb 2010 20:35:51
I'm friends with Darren Bent's cousin. He has had a big bust up with Steve Bruce who didn't allow hiom to go to Liverpool in January. there was serious interest that was kept very quiet. Liverpool offered £12m take it or leave it and Bruce turned it down. Bent is NOT happy and will be demanding a move in the summer.


05 Feb 2010 19:16:16
The John Terry new story is 100 percent true, wait for the poo to hit the fan people!!


05 Feb 2010 19:26:36
This is to the editor/chief of this site, please post if you feel you are able to

I have this on good authority from someone who has nformation regarding chelsea, the big news coming from chelsea is that wayne bridges ex girlfriend will allegedly name j.cole as the 5th player she was with, and that john terry will allegedly be implicated as having a relationhip with the goalie hilario's wife for som time although it has now finished.

This is not slander but rather what i have been told and am not claiming this as a fact..Please change this if not 'legally right' or correctly layed out so it can not be questioned!


05 Feb 2010 17:34:52
I am sending this to the editor of this page. If you chose to publish, please feel free to adjust my post if it is legally 'iffy'..if this isn't true I will never post on here again, I have that much faith in my source.

First things first. The last footballer involved with Bridge's Mrs is Frank Lampard. Now the interesting bit. It seems to everyone at the moment that the whole Terry thing is a bit of a storm in a tea cup. So a footballer shags another's wife. So what? Happens all the time. The thing is, this is the tip of the iceberg. I have no intention of naming my source, but insiders at Chelsea are preparing for the real scandal. It's not just Bridge's Mrs he's been shagging, there's an allegation of another girl. Not a woman, a girl. Although she is now over the age of consent, she wasn't when the affair started. Let the fireworks begin..Anon (this time) {editor's note – I have to say this isn't the first time this allegation has been sent in, and also allegations of him betting on matches (involving himself) and other offences. I have to reiterate that these are allegations and that these rumours are not representative of the views of the site itself!}


05 Feb 2010 17:37:13
To the people who keep saying man united are in soo so soo much debt 1) yeah ok we are in some debt but u don't need to go over the top 2) we will be buying in the summer no doubt 3) ribery will not be at united he is alwaysed injured.
united may may be loooking at eto < very doubtful
moderic < possiblity
defore < possibilty
lloris < possiblityt
we do have moneey but not stupid amount of money


05 Feb 2010 16:25:12
This is arsenal news and all true

As wenger said he tried getting david villa in jan. there will be a deal set in the summer with villa coming in and as part of the deal fran marida will be going the other way and also cash to valencia. that will be the big shock of the summer with man city trying to highjack the deal in jan will continue to try and do so in the summer. Also on A. Wenger list for the summer will be no other than E. harzard and a few others on the list

This is true as i have good good source within the arsenal staff


05 Feb 2010 16:32:20
"Rafa has privately been told not to go for players under £10 million as they do not have the quality LFC need. Next season will be make or break for Rafa. He will have no more excuses after spending big this summer."

This is the most ridiculous statement I have read on here. Its a good job the United board didn't say the same thing to Fergie before he bought Evra and Vidic.

Anyway United will only make 2 major signings in the summer one goalkeeper and a versatile attacking player. No1 targets are Lloris in goal & Silva or Ribery. Fergie knows there will be competition for these 2 so if he misses out he will turn his attention to Krasic or Modric. The only player leaving will be Vidic who is heading to to Real. Neville & Scholes will both retire and VDS is still undecided.


05 Feb 2010 16:42:37
Hicks and Gillett are being advised by RBS & Wachovia to sell Liverpool FC as they will not be allowed to refinance unless they invest their personal fortunes in the club. Christian Purslow has been meeting with various interested parties recently which includes DIC (again), Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdullah Al Saud, a consortium from Hong Kong and Prince Azim (Sultan of Brunei's son). Each party wants full control of the club but the two Americans want to retain around 10% each – this is causing delays!


05 Feb 2010 17:04:49
Man city ins

julio cesar
david silva
david villa



05 Feb 2010 15:16:11
### LFC Transfers ###

Expect liverpool to spend big this summer if rafa stays. Even if Hicks and Gillett stay or whether there are new owners, expect around a £35 million transfer kitty + player sales. Hicks has alredy said that this will be a 'big' summer.

Players Out:

Yossi Benayoun £9 million Juventus/AC Milan or back to spain with Sevilla interested

Ryan Babel £10 million Ajax/Bayern Munich

Fabio Aurelio Free

Contrary to rumours Javier Mascherano will not be leaving. Next Season expect the likes of Nemeth, Dani Pacheco, Spearing & Kelly to be involved in more first team action.

Expect a few more of the reserve and fringe players to be sold for nominal amounts e.g. disgraceful french goalkeeper in the reserves.

Players coming in will be:

Either David Silva or Juan Mata depending on price. Probably Juan Mata for £12–14 million as he can play down the left

Jovanovic has already been signed on a free but Rafa wants another striker that can replace Torres when injure, Rafa is worried about Torres recent injury problems, this season and last season, so a striker will be bought. Expect either Luis Suarez of Ajax for about £19 million, or if they can really afford it a bid for longtime target Sergio Aguero, however he will cost around £30–35 million, so a p/ex deal with Riera going in the other direction and longer payment terms being negotiated. David Villa will be very expensive and is hitting 30.

Simon Kjaer is another target, who hopefully Rafa can get for around £12 million, or an english centre back, possibly David Wheater.

John Arne Riise is also tipped to return to fill the LB void left by Aurelio as Insua will be rotated more next season as Rafa feels he is still not quite ready.

Rafa has privately been told not to go for players under £10 million as they do not have the quality LFC need. Next season will be make or break for Rafa. He will have no more excuses after spending big this summer.


05 Feb 2010 14:00:28
Forest to sign J'Lloyd Samuel, Ross Wallace and Jason Koumas on loan in the early part of next week. Consideration given to Gabbidon and Shittu on loan also but Billy Davies feels centre defence is well covered now. Yes all true!! PSR


05 Feb 2010 14:28:15
Maroune chamakh will join wana the english big boys in the summer.arsenal, m.utd, liverpool n tottenham av all been credited wiv an interest bt dnt rule out chelsea n obviosly man city wear i b elieve he will end speaks for itself n bein as he is guna be ona free, xpect citys wages n signin on fee to be the biggest factor in sealing this deal.heavy rumours are tht mancicni will ask the board to go fetch him valencia pairing villa n silva at any costs.

j.cole will sign for barceona in the summer.its thought tht wages n playing time are the reasonings tht he is stalling ona new contract at chelsea bt its now lukn increasingly like his head has been turnd by the illustrious hights of the camp nou..n who wud blame him????


05 Feb 2010 14:34:42
Rumours are circulating around old traffordtht owen hargreaves will be ready for action in the coming months bt wil not be upta speed to go bk in the utd 1st team fightin 4 the premiershp after over a year on the heres the incredible bit, bein as now the transfer market has closed n owen willl need 1st team footy to have anychance of bein on th plain to south africa n to get his head bk into the game hes off to join fergie jnr at preston till the end of the season wiv utd obv still paying his wages.madness but its guna happen.utd left him outa the european squad noin tht this deal is aleady pretty much done


05 Feb 2010 14:35:58
J.cole to sign for barcelona in the summer to replace the departi thierry henry.


05 Feb 2010 14:44:02
Barclona, m.utd n real madrid will agen fight it out in the summer for bayern winger frank ribery..its thought tht real have the edge a he was gutted last summer nt to join then n is said to b realy eager to becuma galactico.z.zidane is a bidg bkground influence on all the signings n who wouldn't wana llisten to wana the very best there has ever been..benzema chose real over utd purely jus on the basis tht zidane sold it to him better than any1 at utd coud, fact.

j.cole n david villa to sign for barcelona in the summer

chamakh to either or arseanl dependant on if city mk d champions laegue, if thy do he will sign there for probz close to doube the wages n a far more illustrious signgin fee thn at arsenal

m.utd to make a shok move for inters samuel etoo after its believd he is unsettled in italy.

real will sgn ribery??? vidic and maicon


05 Feb 2010 12:50:46
Liverpool will buy Juan Mata for 12 million. Huntelaar might also come only if the Chakmah deal fails. Liverpool will also sign Stephen Ireland from Man City as he seems to be the perfect cover for Gerrard. You heard it here first!


05 Feb 2010 11:57:29
To the geezer saying UTD have no money and have had no money to spend after the Ronaldo sale, YOU ARE TALKING mate!!! United made a bid for Tevez, it was only 18m but was still a bid nevertheless, not long after, they made a 27m bid for Benzema (Fergies priority buy), since the sale of Cristiano they have bought Valencia, Obertan, Diouf & Smalling, so how can you say they have had NO MONEY? I do agree with you that all these silly rumours people are saying about UTD spending 100m are false, UTD get 20m every summer & will have some noney left from Ronaldo fee. UTD will bring in TWO big signings, a keeper is guaranteed (Ben Foster is 3rd choice mate) they will buy someone for the left side as Nani & Valencia will now take in turns on the right side, the left side player brought in will also be able to play as a striker. UTD still have Obertan & Park to rotate on the left. Also Fergie will get 1 more year out of Vidic.

Ins – Di Maria(20m), Akinfeev(17m) & some youngsters!

Out – Foster(6m), Owen(2m), Neville(free), Tosic(5m), Macheda(6m) With 1st dibs on buying him back, & some youngsters will leave or go out on loan!

(4–5–1) and (4–3–3) formations will be played depending on opponents.



Di Maria



05 Feb 2010 12:14:27
Owen Hargreaves to arrive at deepdale next tue on loan..its a done deal


05 Feb 2010 10:55:21
Forget Forest failure to sign anyone at the end of the window. They have 3 loan signings already lined up. The first will be in by Tuesday a LB.


05 Feb 2010 11:28:23
Liverpool Summer INS:
–Chamakh free
–Mata £22m
–Taiwo £16m
–Cahill £12m
–Toulalan £18m
–Miguel £2m

–Babel £10m PSG
–Benayoun £12m Dynamo Moscow
–Mascherano £30m Juventus
–Aurelio free Sao Paulo

I know it seems odd that Liverpool would spend so much but if you put it into perspective, it works out. Tom Hicks is about to sell his Hockey franchise so that he can take care of the debts. He has also promised that Liverpool will spend big in the summer. Plus the fact that Liverpool gets a guaranteed £20m plus sales to spend each summer, it really adds up. {editor's note – read what Hicks said once again and you will find you are completely wrong. He said it would 'be a big summer', now where in that statement is there any mention of spending big? This is pure wishful thinking, sorry!}


05 Feb 2010 11:40:45
Manchester United are weighing up a double French swoop in the summer for Benzema and Ribery, with Ribery the more likely as Bayern will be looking to sell. Ribery has been quoted as saying this is a big time for him and he has to go somewhere to win trophies. For me that narrows it down to Utd, Chelsea, Barca, or Real. Of the 4 Barcalona and Utd are the most likely. Berbatov may be sold to Italy. Owen will probably also leave to get more playing time.


05 Feb 2010 09:27:34
Joey barton looks set to join west ham in the summer , also look out for charles n'zogbia going to upton park also . fact.


05 Feb 2010 10:31:57
Everton summer signning
Ins–Moutinho, huntelaar, reyes, owen, delap
Out–yakubu, yobo, pienaar


05 Feb 2010 07:44:24
I am a Celtic fan. I have loads of friends in the employ of the Hoops, and have learnt this tidy little tidbit:

The office is prepared to sign veteran Argentine striker Nestor Silvera to a one–year contract this summer. The chap is one of the most prolific strikers in Latin American history and can score loads of goals, esp. paired up with Keane. If not for his age, it would be a two year contract, and in fact there will be a performance based option to renew. Look for Nestor Silvera round Parkhead next autumn!


04 Feb 2010 23:52:27
Rumour yakubu done deal to stoke in the summer 9 million pounds. Fact by far the most deluded fans on here liverpool fans. One league title they do win !


05 Feb 2010 00:22:03
Lfc first hand from the states HICKS about to sell franchise in his hockey club will not be enough to cover immediate intrest payments to RBS
the bank are looking for 150mil he can't raise it
the LIVERPOOL situation is getting worse every week next to portsmouth they have the most insecure debt in the prem a great shme for what was once a team of great stature


04 Feb 2010 21:31:29
Any 1 got any news about hu chelsea will sign in the summerr !!


04 Feb 2010 22:28:35
The 5th Chelsea player so far unnamed is Ashley Cole..JT has been also unfaithful with several other women including Hilario's wife!!

The person who told me this, told me about Terry 2 days before in the paper..Not bothered myself, each to their own.


04 Feb 2010 23:00:56
M.owen will move to everton for free , gary neville will also leave man utd for free going to notts county as player coach and paul scholes off to oldham


04 Feb 2010 23:09:35
Any real news on cardiff city? also update on hmrc/tax?


04 Feb 2010 23:25:52
People need to understand something about Manchester United. They don't have any money. They sold Ronaldo and didn't buy Tevez for the precise reason that they had to. This summer will be the same, players need to be SOLD to pay the debt. To all those who think they'll be signing Lloris, Kjaer, Villa, Silva et alget over it. Vidic is a goner. Foster will be number 1. Rooney will probably stay, as will Berbatov. A few fringe players will be sold to pay the debt interest, these will be Fabio, Owen, Anderson, Tosic and Macheda. Rooney at the moment wants to stay, but players heads can be turned very, very quickly. And the John Terry furore is showing quite a few England players that a calmer life in Spain or Italy might not be so crazy, and would get the paparazzi off their backs. These include Rooney, Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard and surprisingly Jermaine Defoe. And to those who think this whole Terry saga has peaked, all I can say is get ready, cos you aint seen nothing yet..



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