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05 Aug 2013 21:47:57
Mackay-Steven to be a Bluebird by the end of the week.

Malky also looking at Scott Robinson (Hearts)

06 Aug 2013 14:26:21
Go Redtits!



05 Aug 2013 21:44:32
Jesse Darko is to be loaned to Hereford for the season



05 Aug 2013 21:18:10
QPR are looking to challenge Nottingham Forest for the signing of Leicester city's Wes Morgan. Redknapp is very keen to sign the imposing centre back and willing to top Forest's take it or leave it offer on the player. Also it seems very possible Matt Phillips of Blackpool will complete his £4million move to loftus rd once Remy and Taarabt move on in the next 24 hours

Wes would only want to go to Forest plus if I remember right hasn't Phillips got a broken arm or something? Good luck with that one.

Phillips has a broken arm and is out for 3months, complete rubbish! Wouldn't pass a medical

He would pass a medical actually.

Wes will only leave for forest. He's still got an emotional attachment to the club

Who are you his mum? how do you know he'd only consider a move to forest? As for Phillips I think you'll find its now being reported in the press that the injury WILL NOT effect his move to QPR.

I can't see Phillips going anywhere at the moment.

The club! The manager! And even the player! Matt Phillips are totally unaware of any such needs so how on earth can matty be set to complete a deal!! More tosh again! Not even fit to qualify as a rumour! He isn't ready yet like ince too

Call yourself a football fan I don't know. Anybody who knows anything about the way football clubs are run will tell you that when the player the manager and the chairman say nothings happening it probably is. To be fair 90% of what you read on this site should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. If your struggling to do that then you should aviod the pain you feel when you read them and LOG OUT



05 Aug 2013 20:11:42
Hi Ed i've heard baldini is going to rome for talks about erik lamela. Do you know anything about this?



05 Aug 2013 20:30:34
Newcastle pay 1.6 million to QPR for remy on a season long loan to buy him at the end of the season for 8 million also passes medical

There's no such agreement, if qpr win promotion then he'll go back back there

£2million loan fee plus £70k wages is the true figure but the set fee will be only £7million

No chance Ashley wouldn't have an agreement in place to sign him next season. He did the same with Ben Arfa.

06 Aug 2013 13:28:07
It is an option to buy for a price of £7m not an agreement to buy

06 Aug 2013 14:15:43
newcastle to sign stuart downing this comes from a boro fan in the know



05 Aug 2013 15:58:51
Any new Brighton rumours ed

No real rumours coming out for Brighton at the moment. Wolves are interested in Dunk for cover for their injured CB, though BHA will want to keep him, promising player.

It is no big secret we are looking for a LB. The players we have at the moment are not strong enough in this position.

We are looking for a RB for the injury prone Bruno, now out for several weeks.

We are also in need of another ST due to lack of options with CMC injured for a couple more months.

It is also thought Garcia is after cover for Kuszczak. Along with another solid CB and CM/AM to give options.

Vincente an option on Pay as you Play but Garcia will wait until transfer window closes if no other player is signed.

Still a massive shopping list!

Miquel- Arsenal LB on loan and Macheda for 2mil ishh

Garcia wants another left back

Can Billy Paynter play in that position?

I'm hoping the macheda rumour isn't true. He's just not good enough

Billy Paynter shouldn't play in any position!

Macheda is ahold player and he is cover

Miquel is off to Leicester not Brighton.

Leicester don't want him

We have 1 recognised full back for 3 games. that's where we will spend our money

Back to the start dunk is one the best brighton players I don't think he wants to drop division maybe premier league

Dunk post does not make sense? He is not one of our best players otherwise Oscar would play him. Drop a division maybe premier--does not make any sense--explain?!

Drop a division means wolves. But he would go up a division. I'm not the poster, it's all there u just have to read it.



05 Aug 2013 18:42:47
Adam Le Fondre is on his way to West Brom for £4m if Reading secure the signing of Billy Sharp. Reading are also in talks with striker Mike Havenaar who would be a like-for-like replacement for outgoing Russian international Pavel Pogrebnyak, whilst Leeds striker Ross McCormack is also one the Royals are watching.

Le fondre is no target for wba. he couldn't even get a start at reading so why we he even get close to the albion team? 8th placed finish. relegated subtitute. hmm

West brom don't need strikers and wouldn't pay 4m for a bench warmer

Nope, you got wrong. Not who we are after. Fact! Expect experience and youth, all top class names, two before start of season should be done and two by transfer window. Be patient baggies fans, taking time because they have a bit of class

No way-gone quiet-the phantom Reading supporter has reappeared-if was true could have signed weeks ago-after 'wow' signings not 'o-no' signings!

05 Aug 2013 21:36:10
Rossco ain't going anywhere -

Le fondre is staying at reading

Could be because only 1 WBA player scored more prem goals then Alf last season and he's no longer a WBA player. You need a goal scorer and Alf is definitely a goal scorer.

05 Aug 2013 22:44:19
Reading are already in need of one to two Strikers to add to our current squad. So why would we get rid of the only two fit senior strikers we currently have. If they went we would then need three to four new strikers! N. A. has said we are looking for new players but it will be kept private until the deals are done, so where are you guys getting all these names and rumours from? He seems to know what he is doing, so let's leave it to him as he still has month left to build his team.

I think le fondre would do well at the Albion

Le Fondre will not be leaving Reading this summer. Would like the rest to be true though, Sharp and Havenaar coming in would do me nicely, and if not Sharp, McCormack.

We don't want a like for like replacement for pog because he is crap

Anton said at the start of summer reading will make 7 signings and keep best players so highly doubt alf is off anywhere! Least not to be a bit part player anywhere else. Ed 0029 are we counting HRK and Pearce as signings if so there is 2 left to be made any reliable info?

06 Aug 2013 18:13:19
No chance on sharp other championship clubs in for him I think le fondre will go but not to prem

Rfc should be looking at better players than sharp I don't rate him

You don't rate a player that bangs in goals 4 every team he plays 4 fair enuf. I would love 2 see reading sign him though I think most reading fans would

No don't rate him that's why I put the comment on ere

He would get us 20 goals this season would add a lot 2 the team

Don't think he would get us 20 goals this season same sort of player as Alf just not as good



05 Aug 2013 18:25:45
David Bentley reportedly going to Stoke on a free transfer

David Bentley was awful for Birmingham.

Hughes will not waste money on what he doesn't need. He knows we need a striker and maybe a winger do not expect anymore.

He was supposed to go to the USA with Stoke but changed his mind after interest from another club so can't see it now



05 Aug 2013 17:51:43
Jobi mcanuff has been told he will not be offered a new deal when his current one expires at the end of the season

Reading fc are prepared to let him move to leeds to push through the transfer of ross McCormack the fee will be 1million plus mcanuff

Reading also looking for a couple of cb who can play out from the back whilst the current cbs can defend there are reaervations about there ability to play out as adkins would like

Why would he go to reading? please more originality or go to bed

Please be true. Most over rated captain ever.

"why would he go to reading"

better chance of promotion, no financial uncertainty, more money. hope that helps clear that up for you

This is a complete lie, why would a player be told this after one game of the new season



05 Aug 2013 16:56:36
Shrewsbury are set to sign Theo Robinson for an undisclosed fee from Derby. Mathieu Manset is also set to join on a free transfer. COYB

No chance with Robinson, we just cannot afford him, sadly.

Would love to see theo Robinson there think we would seriously move up the table if we get him

Totally agree I can assure you we are looking to pay around £700 a week. Not going to get much for that!
Dave Casewell

Theo Robinson is a loan deal, not permanent. No fee involved.

Derby won't pay all wages though! As stated we are offering 700 a week fact!

I am sure there is something in the water in Shrewsbury. or there is a mad Theo stalker living there and building a Theo shrine as we speak.

Tom Eaves spoke to GT about another loan deal after being an unused sub last night.



05 Aug 2013 16:55:43
Qpr are considering allowing letting holliet go to wba in a season long loan

Not after Saturday's performance, surely not

Not a chance with Remy and Adel leaving on loan and a number of other players also lined up to leave. The only way West brom will get him is to buy him and with Hoilett being on over £50k aweek we all know that will kill any intrest from the Hawthorns.

06 Aug 2013 10:59:27
West brom can pay around 40k mark but with REGULAR premier league football, should sway a deal, something qpr CANNOT offer him!

Redknapp saying Hoilett is in his plans and will be staying. So they better get the cheque book out if west brom want him. Anyway there's no way Hoilett would take a pay cut to move to a club he didn't want to join 6 months ago. Granero spoke to both west brom and swansea and when neither could agree personal terms the deals were scrapped. So to think they would pay more to Hoilett makes no sense



05 Aug 2013 16:36:47
Conor Sammon, being miffed at warming the bench for the new boys is being targetted by Burnley to replace Charlie Austin, who are also targetting Brum winger Chris Burke.

Derby putting loan deal in place for Mike Williamson centre back from Newcastle, initially until October.

While not his biggest fan, I wouldn't have him as a sulker. Think you find he will start a lot of the games this season.

Sammon is an utter donkey, a real carthorse. I'd drive him to Burnley.

Williamson would be excellent for Derby but don't think we could get him, especially if other clubs come in for him.

I think Sammon is a great player for derby, he played a big role for us last season, he scored the same amount of goals as Zaha and look how highly rated he is, derby would really miss him if he left!

Williamson was subject to transfer speculation with Cardiff but having bought in Caulker that won't happen now. A move to the Rams would be a good deal for him and Pardew keen on him and Campbell getting games at SPL or championship level. Solid defender and good in the air but slow, so slow!

Sammon to Hull (Rush don't want him to go to same league competitor)



05 Aug 2013 00:04:08
Ed, any truth in the McCormack to Reading rumour?



04 Aug 2013 23:25:40
Ed, anything in the Clayton to Reading rumour? Seen it posted by some so called ITK accounts but not by anyone trustworthy, apparently we are close to agreeing a fee of around £4 million! Would be very surprised but would welcome him with open arms



05 Aug 2013 16:19:41
Taarabt having medical at fulham now

I really hope this becomes a permanent transfer. I know he has an attitude problem. But I highly rate him as a player and is wasted at QPR.

Same as above. I also rate him as a player. Last week we was linked to cattermole , in which I was abit worried as I fill we were downgrading from sidwell from last season Who was a downgrade from dembele the season before. But we're defo taking steps in the right direction. Also wouldn't mind huddlestone.

U may get 10 half decent games a season from him attitude stinks don't expect him to turn up and play much in the winter he don't like the cold

Taarabt to Fulham - he is no better than what we have, will just be cover for Ruiz, although he could play in a 4-2-3-1 if Jol is willing to change his rigid game plan.

Fulham seem to be shopping in the bargain basement. Worryingly, those at the pre season matches against Bremen and Betis last night will see how Jol is totally inept at resolving how to play Berbatov and Ruiz together. Feel sorry for Ruiz being pushed out wide - that is not his game but Jol will play Berbatov whatever.

Amorebieta looks ok but last night was similar to the rubbish served up at the Cottage last season, with Jol at the helm it is going to be a very nervy start to the season.

He merely appreciated that QPR are inferior to the mighty Fulham. simples

I think you need to carm down a bit. he is a class player and yes he has a temper but if we can tame that he will be a great signing.

as for moaning about the system we play its wingers and pace we need and I think with taarabt and kaka we would hae two good wingers leaving brain in the middle and yol to play berba and disposable bent (when he finally signs)

last night was a pre season friendly and anyone who thinks form in pre season means anything is a not wrong but it means nothing. we been solid most of pre season and the players look sharpe and that's what's important.

bring on the season I say.


Taarabt on loan to Fulham, Jol moaned he didn't want loan signings for the stability of the club so we bring in an unnecessary loan. Jol moaned all last season at losing Dembele and Dempsey late in the transfer window, presumably the preparations for that season had been done but clearly by that score I hope he doesn't think Fulham are ready for the start of this season. As previous comments mooted Fulham have a poorer squad than last season. We are criminally short in fullback areas goodness knows what will be done if Riise, Riether get injured (by the way they are not the best Riise past it and Riether gets caught in central positions and at the far post from headers). The fullback position is an understated position of crucial importance especially in the top flight where the games are tight and you need to break teams down on the outside flanks. Also a good fullback gives you width going forward so you can pack the midfield.

From the match last night it seems Fulham have learned nothing from last season, Jol will be the first manager sacked in the prem league and Fulham will be lucky to get a point from the first three games. It really is a shambles!

10 half decent games is better than 2 from Ruiz. please Jol stop playing Ruiz and Berba and don't put Ruiz in someone else position, he ruined Rither's game last night

Fulham need to make at least a quality signing (not bent) because at this rate I don't see us cutting it this season. More than happy to trust jol he just needs to bring in a quality player instead of plenty of back up which of course is key but we have enough. I would also personally prefer frei and kaca to dejagah or taarabt.

There was nothing to trust in Jol's performance last season. He was clueless in how to play Ruiz and Berbatov together. Ruiz will get pushed out wide and will become increasingly frustrated and then he starts to look a poor player.

Let's hope Sidwell and Boateng don't run around like headless chickens.

Personally, I don't trust Jol at all to get things working (evidence would have been seen by now) and I think he will be the first prem manager to be sacked.

And, the penultimate pre season friendly should be an accurate indicator of things to come, nothing seen so far indicates a different strategy from last season's dismal effort.

As a comment below rightly states we are also a disaster waiting to happen in full back positions. Very unhappy with the situation but pleased to be proved wrong!

Well it's clear a lot of unhappy supporters out there and I can't blame them. Still not sure Jol has a balanced squad but hey still 10 days before the season kicks off.

Can we have some suggestions of who to buy then.

If Jol does get sacked I hope that Khan will bring in someone ambitious similar to Laudrup and Pochettino who's clubs haven't been in the league long but have been able to make quality signings. I think that Khan doesn't have full trust in Jol and if he gets the opportunity to sack him and get the guy he wants I'm sure he will support them in the window and give them some substantial funds.

We have watched targets like Bony, Gomis and Chadli been taken away because the manager and chairman aren't willing to pay the price players like that are worth the money and we should just match the asking price. We have also been linked with Osvaldo but as usual we are unwilling to pay the price tag. I think whoever is in charge needs to splash the cash as Berba won't be here next year and he will be another one we need to replace.

You are basing targets on speculation. You blame Jol for pushing Ruiz wide but the lad drifts. Fact is Ruiz isn't very good. We are still in a transition phase. It's not that easy to buy players without breaking the bank. You all appear to think this is fifa or football manager.

I cannot believe how down everyone is on jol and the team and the season has not even started yet. We have signed some quality players already in Amorebieta and Steklenburg. Not to mention confirming Riether and Boateng. If we confirm Taraabt as well, then we have made some astute signings all for very little money. Some fans seem to think its easy to sign players. Just because we bid for them does not mean they will come. Our wage structure is in place to make sure we remain a solid club and that shouldn't be changed to house a greedy player. The right player is not always easy to find. Cheer up people the new season starts soon, footie returns and Fulham will do alright. keep the faith.

I totally agree with this chap good solid foundations however the prem league is becoming a place to spend money and without following suit I fear fulham will struggle to survive in the prem long term from now. You have to spend money if you are ambitious loanees not the answer.

Ruiz is an excellent player if allowed to play - he is stifled by Berbatov and Jol doesn't know how to play him in the team.

Stekelenburg is a good keeper but no better than Schwarzer. Amoriebieta might be a good signing - time will tell. Boateng is inferior to both Diarra and Enoh. We have not replaced or got cover for Riise or improved on getting a player to cover for Riether. The squad is weaker than last season and that is not good at all. Evidence from pre season friendlies supports this assertion. Jol doesn't appear to have a cunning plan!



05 Aug 2013 16:02:20
Watford are considering a move for Kevin Doyle after the Wolves frontman expressed a desire to move away from Molineux. Kenny Jackett will not stand in the way of the Irish international although the price may deter a few potential suitors.

Watford prepared to spend some money? Wonders never cease.

05 Aug 2013 18:57:18
does not fit the pozzo model

05 Aug 2013 19:08:31
Not on over-rated old has-beens they're not

Very laughable!

Such an average player, we can do far better.

"Expressed a desire to move away". he's been told he's on the way out

I'm sorry but Doyle is past his best. Only 9 goals at Championship level last season

Doesn't fit the "Pozzo model"? Does Iriney?

Iriney didn't cost a penny and won't be on a wage like Doyle, so yes, an experienced head for free does fit the Pozzo model, e. g. Cassetti.

^ eg. Alumina and Hall too.

^Hall no longer plays for us his contract was not renewed last season.

No way we have better strikers by a city mile

07 Aug 2013 18:00:31
nah we've got way better strikers so I agree with all off you



05 Aug 2013 15:53:06
Huddersfield town are trying to get yossi benayoun after been released from Chelsea, as they need a creative midfielder

Same old nonsense from Hudds fans.

Really no chance

Utter rubbish. How do you propose we pay him within the new financial guidelines?

He has been released so there would be no fee, however they'll be interest from premier league clubs and we won't pay his very high wage he'd have to have a large pay cut which won't happen

And the proof that this is a Town fan posting is?

A lot of people (both fans and none) jump on the bandwagon that Hudds are in for everyone under the sun.

We're a club who are building, but we're not up for all & sundry!

05 Aug 2013 22:04:41
Leon Clarke will sign from Coventry City this week. Mark Robins highly rates him.

Yeah course we are mate. Heard we are signing Messi next week as well. Get a grip of yourself man.

MR is going to have his work cut out keeping the strikers we already have at the club happy. doesn't make sense to bring another in, can't see this happening.

What some people forget is that this forum is for "RUMOURS" and that rumours by there nature are generally speaking untruths or wishfull thinking. How many of towns signings have appeared anywhere as "rumours" which to me indicates how sensibly and correctly town conduct themselves not like some of the bigger clubs and players.

If anything we need a centre half or a winger not a striker

07 Aug 2013 08:42:32
Once again Norwood was shocking against Bradford city, weak link in the team. Come on M R get rid.

07 Aug 2013 12:27:23
What do you mean Norwood was shocking?! Do you only log the bad passes? Norwood played a great game linking the defence and midfield last night, the triangles that the 3 midfielders were playing were class, just think before you post utter rubbish!

Yep agree Ollie was poor, his passing was woeful. He showed what a good player he was at start of last season but soon lost his way and has never found that form again since. I also think he's very light weight and lacks physical strength over his opponents, like a kid playing against men.

Totally agree with the above, Norwood had a decent game. Did previous poster actually attend the game? UTT

Jack Hunt is starting to slack now which is disappointing. Probably why Robins took him off. In need of a DMC or CB or RB.

He was shocking, he let the other 2 midfielders down, ok Town were better 2nd half. I hope Ollie can find some form like beginning of last season.

Oliver Norwood has the potential to be a class act. He sees passes that lesser players do not and can unlock defences. Perhaps there is a concentration problem or a lack of confidence if one or two passes go astray. Whatever, he is very young and will become a top midfielder. When Oliver plays well, HTFC play well.

Utter Rubbish Oliver Norwood never plays well!. When he plays Town are shocking.



05 Aug 2013 15:38:32
Heard on a few forums and in one of the papers that Matt Phillips is on his way to QPR. Rumoured £5 million plus add ons depending on fitness due to his broken arm. Not sure what to make of this if he does go, he was getting back to himself towards the end of last season.

Would be a shame to see him leave the seaside. He was getting back to his best at the end of the season and was flying in pre-season until he broke his arm. We only paid 750,000 for him so I'm sure Mr Oyston will be seeing the pound signs. I still have a sneaky feeling that Ince will leave before the end of the month though.

Seems to be a £4million deal + add ons that could well reach as much as £6million.



05 Aug 2013 15:34:09
Wigan and bristol city have reportedly agreed on a fee for albert adomah, and are expecting him to carry out a medical later tomorrow, beating middlesbrough to his signature

05 aug 2013 19:46:50
1986 aside we need to stop worshiping gibson no matter what he is a multi millionaire and he hasn't (and mark my words will not spend a penny this summer) you deluded die hards need to wake up and smell the coffee. we are not in the premiership anymore. we are bottom end championship and need to spend big to get promotion. steve gibson is not a very good chairman.

If this is true, I'm going to throw my season card on my fire!!

Haha crazed Wigan fan

05 Aug 2013 20:45:25
Same old boro same rubbish different season. 0 heart
0 skill 0 ambition 0 chance

Last time we spent big we were heading to league one, spending big is not the answer, making the right signings for the right amount of money us how its done, rather be bottom wbd championship than out of business

There is a lot of disillusioned fans who have now started voting with their feet once the fans have fully been lost he will realise its time to move on. I never have put the club down even in the days under lennie Lawrence and we were getting crowds of 9000 (which is where we are heading) but even I feel it's time for a big overhaul top to bottom, starting at the top.

I agree with the guy above. The club NEEDS to invest asap. If no business is done between now and the end of the window, I wouldn't blame Mowbray if he walked.

We can't rely on free transfers and need a bit of quality. What did they do with the effing Joe Bennett money? Get it spent Gibbo and stop messing about with this staged payments rubbish!

Call yourselves Boro fans? Why not Stop moaning about things you can't change and actually give the team support? We all know times are hard. No need to sulk about it every chance we get. There's teams in much worse positions than us.

No official news of this yet, Boro had a deal agreed in stone with BC so surely still in with a shout?

Completely agree what did happen to the Joe Bennet money because we haven't use a penny of it since then! Hopefully we can get a few decent signings, come on Gibson. UTB

They need to invest? Are you going to put your rmoney in like?

Don't think Gibson needs telling how to spend his hard earned cash. Do you?

I expect we will know today which club Adomah is playing for today but a move to Boro still looks on to me

There has only been one game, the trasfer window is open until the end of the month, I don't think the world is going to end.

It said on ssn yesterday that he is going to have a medical at boro today

Apparently he is having a medical at boro today!

Adomah is now a boro player UTB!

The problem is a lot of the current Boro fans only know the premiership years. Before that we were at a level similar to now or below. We are back there now. We aren't a big club any more, look at Leeds and Sheff Wed attendances compared to ours! We need to accept where we are get back to the ground and support the team and management that are in place now. Long Haul back to the premiership but we won't make it without the money coming through the turnstiles and backing of a big croud

Yeah I do call my self a boro fan, a big one. I've got a season ticket and witnessed last Saturday so I have every right to complain. Times are hard because the club make it hard for themselves they shoot them selves in the foot at every given opportunity. Now it says in the northern echo that Mowbray thinks adomah isn't vital. If that deal doesn't come to fruition then it says it all. Season card on eBay. (I wish)

Adomah having medical at boro this morning! ssn

This page has to be more clear, feeding us false hope of signing players e.g Obafmi Martins. and that Adomah is going to Wigan. He's having a Medical on Tuesday up the boro!

In response to where did the bennet money go: That funded Thompson, bailey, McManus and McDonald's wages mate. At first they did say it was going to be used to strengthen but they later said it was going to help "balance" the books

I'm only guessing here but surely the joe Bennett money was used to pay wages or pay offs for Thompson and Mac Donald etc.
Isn't it obvious that any chairman would do that before dipping in his own pocket. Sugar daddies su h as chelsea and man city have excepted

That's funny because I just read on ssn that boro and Bristol have agreed a deal and Adomah is set for a medical today or tomorrow

Boro have agreed a fee and he's travelling up to Rockcliffe for a medical so sorry to rain on your parade.

06 Aug 2013 11:52:43
Websites are reporting that adomah is having his medical today (funny how some on here said this happened last week) but it looks like we'll sign him.
I don't think he's the answer to our problems.
He'll be competition for carayol but not much else.
Scoring record 1in 8 so a winger not a striker.
I can't see us playing adomah and carayol together in a 442 as it would leave us weak in the tackle in midfield
Could be a good 433

So I think he'll add depth to the squad but he's not better than we've got

Lets stop this childish BS guys. Adomah hasn't signed for wigan yet and remember this is a "RUMOURS" website. its not the end of the world if we don't get our man but i'm sure we will get someone else. Mogga takes his time. like everything else in Middlesbrough. come on BORO!

I don't know how any of you so called Boro fans can come on here and slate Steve Gibson and the managment and team. If it wasn't for gibbo we would probably not exist now. I personally think you cretins need to get a grip and get behind the club and shout them back to the premier league.

Attention!! Albert Adomah is signing today and will be presented to fans if that's what some of you still want to call yourselves before tonights game

Looks like a done deal guys. Being from Bristol, I have to say Albert is twice the player Carayol is (on his day anyway. )

Just heard Albert passed the medical, terms being ironed out between the clubs. Expect to see him at your game tonight. Goodbye and good luck to uncle Albert! Ctid

06 Aug 2013 19:55:45
Attention! Grow up man! I am excited that Adhoma might be signing but untill its done deal any thing is possible but at the same time it doesn't mean alls fixed as one winger doesn't mean the team will win a game ie Strachens team all new players the proof of the pudding will be after we have played this next two months fixtures and then let's see who's right and who's wrong.
But how silly to gloat over the possibility of one signing laughable



05 Aug 2013 15:18:03
Boro and bristol agree fee for adomah but still to agree the payment structure. In the meantime bristol have brought wigan back into negotiations, though its reported boro are keener. Vargas deal is dead but vitor deal apparently remains possible. Ireland and other loans (vaz te) etc will only be concluded once prem squads are submitted.


Boro and bristol city agree fee and adomah to undergo a medical



05 Aug 2013 15:16:08
Manchester United make 40m take it or leave it bid for Fabregas.



05 Aug 2013 15:12:28
Middlesbrough fans - where is today's news?
Any updates on Adamoha, or Barios or Silva
Or anyone who can hit a barn door

Shola ameobi on loan boro within 2 weeks

Shola and Lukas have a lot of similarities.
Both have qualities to offer, but ultimately they aren't consistent and don't score enough.
If we sign him we will have an alternative to Juke, and a bit more depth, but I don't think the team overall will be any better



05 Aug 2013 14:45:52
Rotherham striker Danny Hylton has fell out with Evans and he's not injured like Evans says. He will be loaned out to a league 2 club til January and then allowed to leave for free or if not he will be paid up and released. He hasn't even played a competitive game for the millers yet. Plymouth and Southend have shown interest in loaning him and he'd prefer a move down south as he's failed to settle in South Yorkshire.

Thats right, I was playing golf at roundwood and he was playing in a game with the 18s

A player falling out with Steve Evans? don't be foolish!

05 Aug 2013 19:48:10
It won't be Southend, we've just signed Don Cowan on a short-term deal as 4th striker and are still in discussions over the permanent signing of Janathan Forte from Southampton. The chances of Danny Hylton arriving at Roots Hall are about as slim as it gets.

Guy Whittingham is prepared to let youngsters Ashley Harris and Adam Webster out on loan so that they can get some game time. If this happens then he will be looking for a defender and a striker to fill the gaps and there was reported interest in Hylton before he signed for Rotherham.

Probably doing his badges and coaching to young-uns for practice! Stick to golf!



05 Aug 2013 14:40:58
David Bentley in talks with leeds after being relised by spurs.

Outgoings first then we can bring in someone. would be good. signing.

Bmd would never sign someone like bentley, his aim is to create a feel good factor within the dressing room and db would totally destroy that. never going to happen i'm afraid, other than that a good player on his day imo



05 Aug 2013 14:20:29
QPR on the verge of signing Clayton Donaldson from Brentford as they have matched a release clause in his contract. Contract talks are almost complete

In your dreams

Wolves have made a cash bid and Brighton have made a player plus cash bid for Clayton

Am a qpr fan and we don't want donaldson we have austin and aj jhonson we need a fourth striker so I think we should get di santo as secound choice striker

Clayton Donaldson going no where happy at Brentford and he's not for sale, with Will Grigg is going to fire Brentford to promotion then Clayton Donaldson will play at QPR.

QPR are looking for a player to put pressure on Zamora Johnson and Austin and that's not Donaldson. i'm sure if he moves he'd be looking to play so he'd be much better of elsewhere or staying put.



05 Aug 2013 13:55:12
Peter Crouch is set to leave Stoke to QPR in a £4 million deal

We need a goalscorer, Crouch is not what we need, no where near worth that amount of money, no thank you Harry

You need a goalscorer? You have Austin, Zamora and Johnson. Could have kept Remy too. Bloody deluded you are mate.

06 Aug 2013 00:17:13
Waste of good money, well past his sell by date. If harry doesn't pull his finger out don't think he will last to xmas!!!!



05 Aug 2013 13:28:19
Burnley to sign Vaz te from west ham on a months loan

Never! why let someone go for a months loan when there will be plenty of takers for 2-3m or so in the championship! short loans are for youngsters

I cannot see any reason why he would drop down to us, he got good game time last season per and post injury.

With only 2 strikers wishful thinking



05 Aug 2013 13:26:51
Burnley 2 sign Luke Moore 2 replace Charlie Austin!

Which one? if its the swansea one then
its going to be a long old season.

I wouldn't let him replace your programme seller!



05 Aug 2013 13:24:57
Burnley interested in Coventry striker Leon Clarke and Marlon king of Birmingham! Both won't cost a transfer fee, just wages!

Clarke is poor and king is an unwanted distraction of a player. No thanks to both

As a charlton fan, let me tell you leon clarke isn't worth dog s*** in the championship

Clarke would command a fee, you really are clutching at straws there.

Clarke is quality, and King is a problematic character. There would be a fee for Clarke, but he'd get goals for Burnley. Coventry's Cheekiest Charmer.



05 Aug 2013 13:17:18
Gillingham set to sign alan gow in the next couple of days.

Gillingham have signed rb Michael Harriman from qpr on a months loan as back up for fishy.



05 Aug 2013 13:06:36
Shrewsbury Town are in line to bring in Theo Robinson on loan from Derby. Derby want to sell the player, but have told Shrewsbury they will loan him out if he's not sold by the end of August.

This one won't go to bed will it. Theo can do a job in the championship, and will be on a decent if not excessive whack at Derby.

Tbh could have done with him yesterday towards the end.



05 Aug 2013 12:30:59
Argyle have signed Neal Trotman as cover for the injured Wotten and Branston.

OMG! Sorry Argyle fans but he is shocking and slow



05 Aug 2013 11:54:23
QPR are about to sign one more strike which means another striker is set to leave after remy and that striker looks to be Andy Johnson and huddersfield town look to bee interested in signing him

Dont be silly. Great player but past his best. not in the Towm makeup.

Odemwingie maybe? give him a shout,
he, s only on the car park

Why would he leave? He was one of the star performers last weekend. If anyone it would be Zamora to leave Qpr. Where do you get these rumours from?

Total waffle! Johnson played very well on saturday and is definitely in HR's plans. Qpr are looking to buy a replacement for Remy, not sell another striker.

Poor rumour, we have four strikers all first team quality, don't need any more unless AJ can play at centre back.

Defoe apparently, hope he doesn't sign before this Saturday, don't fancy our pedestrian central defence having to try and chase him around the John Smiths pitch.

Andy Johnson is going no where. QPR need more cover up front with both Zamora and Johnson injury prone!
Crouch or Finnbogason to come in as Remy departs

E e have all the striker we need so you can count the Huddersfield bit as false

What a load of rubbish! Hudds fans link themselves with everyone and it's pretty cringe-worthy to be honest.

Town signing andy johnson what aload of rubbish. never

I think he'd be an ace forward for us. But I doubt it'll happen as we don't need forwards.

A winger (to replace midfielder Adam Clayton who's playing wide) and a central mid are likely to be our main targets.

Haha you'd be lucky to have him



05 Aug 2013 11:02:25
Clarke, Murphy and Baker all to be sold due to our financial mess. ( Coventry City F. C. ) From Coventry's Cheekiest Charmer

All the players have denied they have been told they're leaving

They'll be gone by the time the transfer window ends then.



05 Aug 2013 11:02:18
Rotherham United will complete the signing of gary taylor-fletcher in the coming weeks on a two year deal. He rejected Bradford City who couldn't afford his wages and Sheffield Wednesday were only willing to offer him a one year deal.

Where is he playing at mo

You really think Rotherham can afford his wages and Bradford cant? Like saying west brom can afford rooney wages but Chelsea cant!

Can't afford his wages. That's ridiculous. If Bradford can't then Rotherham definitely can't. Don't need him with wells, Hanson and connell

Come on Rotherham had a £3m wage budget last season i'm pretty sure they could afford his wages



05 Aug 2013 10:49:41
Huddersfield to sell kallum higgingbottom to Doncaster for a undisclosed fee and town are set to sign Matt mills if wages can be agreed and also a right back on loan from the premier league

KH needs to move on, he isn't a bad player but well down the pecking order and unless we get a raft of injuries or bans he isn't going to get games.

Getting sick and tired of stupid 1 month loan signings, we need people to sign for the club on longer deals, as we need the team to gel together which takes 3or 4 months, how can we get a solid unit when people are coming and going, ridiculous!!!! Not fair on the players to show what they can do either.



05 Aug 2013 10:30:51
Steve Bruce has made an enquiry to bring in Midfielder Servando Carrasco from Seattle Sounders to Hull City.

Can anyone tell us how good he is? never heard of him before myself. let's hope he's good!

Would have to take a pay cut. Financially looks very unlikely.

Paul scharner is in talks with hull. could be done quickly as the club already in germany.

There wouldn't be a problem with wages, the real problem with this transfer is that it's completely made up, so is unlikely to happen.



05 Aug 2013 10:24:30
newcastle and everton are interested in Norwich midfielder Anthony Pilkington. Norwich are interested in selling at a fee around £8m. This comes from a member of the Norwich coaching staff

I do not think NCFC are interested in selling Pilkington at any price, he is injured at the moment, but is very much a part of 1st team squad.

Don't believe it. Pilkington is a valuable member of the squad and that would leave us a bit short of wingers again.

Good player but bit injury prone would probably sell for that price

05 Aug 2013 14:41:56
8 Million?? I'm not fan a of Pardew or Martinez, but I'll give them enough credit not to get robbed blind.

I'm sure it does lol pilkington is worth more and we wouldn't sell him anyway

Never going to happen he is a first team player and we don't need to sell him

I wouldn't be botherd if piks went he's good but he blows hot and cold and Redmond will proberly replace him anyway

If pilks was to have an extended injury free run in the team he would be an automatic choice. he is a good player, and I feel improves our team. his goals and crosses are also vital to us. i'd hate to see him go unless we can get better, and I don't there are many better unless we want to pay 10+ mill. i'm a bit worried as it does seem we will be playing with just the one striker, I would prefer 2 tbh.

If Norwich are prepared to let Pilks go, they must have another player or two up the sleeve.

8m for a player who misses games through injury and when he does play he has some good patches and bad.

Don't think he would be missed. Remember we brought him when we failed to sign Snodgrass the first time.

I have heard this rumour from an estate agent who has valued Pilks house.
He accepts that he will be a bench warmer next season as the Norwich coaching staff thinks Redmond will set the PL alight. If Norwich can get anything over £5m it will be good business. Also remember Hughton fancies the Murphy Twins and may well take a chance on one of them after Xmas

Anthony Pilkington rents a barn conversion 1/4 mile from me I regularly see him when we are dog walking and we often speak so I don't know where you get the estate agents line from, also he is about to have an op done on his knee as that's where the trouble lies and has been told he is a major part of ch plans this season

As much as I want to believe you, there are way too many people who seem to live near to Footballers.

He is the only one living in our town although steve morison lived here before he left!

Statistically there are quite a lot of people who do live near footballers.



05 Aug 2013 10:23:39
Millwall looking to sign Australian ruben zadkovich, looks a player as well. centre mid or right back

On trial for the next week

Forget all the other comments about him on other sites, its up to SL!

He's gone home, won't be signing.



05 Aug 2013 08:40:28
Conor newton will sign for Swfc today on loan from Newcastle. St mirren wanted him back on loan but Scottish press up there are saying he's joining us.

He will go on loan for 6 month, I am speaking to him now he is meeting Danny Lennon for lunch within the hour!



05 Aug 2013 00:43:25
Celtic have offered £1.5million for Nahki Wells, Bradford are holding out for £2.5 million

Good I hope Lennon gets messed about by Bradford like he has messed Forest about over Wilson, Bradford should make him pay what they want for Wells.

05 Aug 2013 12:17:30
Isn't that just good business practice?
If I have a commodity and some else wants to buy it, then I sell it for the maximum amount I can get? Not whatever the purchaser wants?

If Nahki Wells is worth £2.5m then Kelvin must be worth £4/5m, Wells is playing in the lower leagues m8t, find a quiet corner and have a wee word wae yourself, Neil Lennon needs to replace Kelvin.

How can wells be the same value as Charlie Austin, football gone mad,. ,.

05 Aug 2013 13:42:06
Messed Forrest about by signing Wilson on a pre-contract?

Honestly, the cheek of Lennon.

True wells is playing in a lower league but it is a better standard of football than the Scottish premier. A player is worth what the club that owns him wants to sell him for. Bradford don't need to sell on the cheap.

Wells is worth whatever the minimum figure is that Bradford will let him go for and, as widely reported, Bradford do not want to sell - except for "silly money". So Mr Lennon will have to have a "wee word wae himself" if he wants to buy, I'm afraid. in this instance it is a seller's market, my friend and just because Celtic are seen as a big club in Scotland doesn't mean that Bradford will bow to their request. I doubt very much if Wells would want to go to Celtic as he would not face any defence north of the border that would in any way enhance his reputation - even if he scored 10 every week. Wells may be playing lower league football in England but the standard up north is dire!

05 Aug 2013 17:42:01
I think it was forest that messed Wilson about by not playing him when he signed pre contract at parkhead!

"A better standard than the Scottish Premiership! As I said pal find a quiet corner and have a word, I don't think any team from that level would reach the last 16 of the Champions League, after all Celtic out lasted most of your English Premiership teams and big Kelvin played a bit part in our success, English arrogance once again. Drewzybhoy.

Celtic would be a prem standard team but what he is saying is Wells would be too good for the other Scottish team's defences. Most League 1 clubs are better than the majority of Scottish Premiership teams and Wells has caused problems for bigger teams than League 1 teams. Arsenal, Watford, Notts County, Aston Villa.

Two of the best comparables we have right now are the SPL's top scorer from last year is back at Wolves playing League 1 football and Michael Nelson who got a regular game at Kilmarnock, came to Bradford, couldn't get in the side and has now gone back to Scotland to Hibs to get a game every week. Scottish football is of League one standard. Bradford might not get to CL L16 but we did beat Wigan, Villa and Arsenal in a major competition. The moral of the story is Scottish Football is on a par with League one and below

But Celtic are way way above the standard of English League 1 or even the Championship which is something that is lost on a lot of English football fans, Celtic as a club are up there with Manchester United and Liverpool in size and stature and cannot be compared to (with no disrespect) Bradford City and clubs at that level, Nahki Wells I'm sure would get goals at a higher level, but Champions League goals? I'm not so sure which is what we are looking for. Drewzybhoy.

06 Aug 2013 22:41:13
Which isn't what was said. Celtic ARE a bigger club and more attractive to every player. The league in general is poor bar two or three clubs.

As an addition, Wells played 20 minutes tonight and scored his second in 110 minutes of the season so far.

The lad is still learning but has the qualities to pplay higher, whatever other clubs value him at. The thing is, without his able partner Hanson would he be as effective? Possibly, but don't rule out his partner's efforts in all this.

Finally, hands off the pair

To the above poster who stated the two best comparables are Nelson and Griffiths - you are wrong - the best comparison is a guy who is currently playing for Bradford; Rory McArdle. He was bumped at Aberdeen for not being required yet he gets games with Bradford. Your argument swings both ways. Steveomac

Yup, have to again disagree with the compatibles raised

Griffiths was signed as a Scottish First Division player by what was a premier league team, it wasn't because of his playing that Wolves were consecutively relegated. He was farmed out because of being frozen out by management

Again to quash the comparible nonsense Higdon was top scorer and moved to the Eredivise, hardly a move to a league one side I am sure you posters would agree

Scottish Premier I would argue on a whole is above league one standard, just, I don't like the scottish vs English quibbling, but I think to brand leagues, as no better than pub leagues or backwater. That really does get me a bit annoyed


Bradford fan here. I agree with celtic fans. SPL is a joke which is why celtic and rangers walk it every season. So yes Celtic are better than SPL. The problem though is genuine. Is it really a good move to disappear into a poor league. I think Nahki would go but if my lad makes it, I'd rather try the championship than SPL as a step up. Not having a dig - it must be a nightmare being a massive club in an awful league.



05 Aug 2013 00:38:09
Liverpool, QPR, Everton, Celtic and Newcastle are all monitoring Herenveen striker Alfred Finnbogason.

This guy is a quality player he scored 2 yesterday boro fan living in holland



05 Aug 2013 00:27:34
Information I heard yesterday is that Gibson has agreed to give Moybray around 5 million. After the poor showing on Saturday Gibson agreed that the squad need more players. Apparently only Andy Halliday remains from the Strachan era and Mowbray is going to be allowed to bring in some of his own signings. Albert Adomah, Billy Sharp, Graham Dorrans, Zoltan Gera, Steven Taylor, Tom Pope and Dani Pacheco are all of interest to Mowbray. Adomah will be signed Mon/Tue. BH

At West Brom in their time in the PL, Mowbray knew all about attack but couldn't give a monkey's about defending - or wanting to defend. He watched La Liga football -specifically Real Madrid and Barca - and tried to instill generations of strongly-honed footballing, skill, art and nous into a team without recognising that you can't do that in a couple of months and expect everyone to turn out like Messi. As honourable as his aims are, his shelf life as a manager peters out after a while. That's why Boro will lose more than they win under him. Lovely passing football, but.

Hi it's me again, a lots changed since we last spoke. I'll only say Mowbray should get about ten games to love himself. If this is true I'll personally change my name to bh and 'keep the faith'

And how would this be possible with financial fair play?

Boro to spend £5m when Mowbray is in last chance saloon? Dream On! They'd be better to keep their powder dry and let the new man spend some, when he comes in later in the season.



05 Aug 2013 00:26:37
Eduardo Vargas was at the Riverside for the opening game of the season, with him and albert adomah expected to complete moves within the week.

Aye right a chilian international striker from napoli at the riverside dream on mate



04 Aug 2013 23:19:18
Huddersfield interested in buying injured Derby centre-half Mark O'Brian. Hoyle is prepared to part with a large amount of money to bring him into the squad, despite talk of a "bargain defender"

Hmmmm I would say. not true.

Could be good for dcfc as it would give them a reason to buy a CB

Nonsense Derby will not sell O'Brien

How much is a 'large amount'?

Am getting to the point of just get a centre back for god sake. we all know our defence is rubbish, so it needs to improve and quickly.

Injured?! Hoyle WILL NOT be spending any more money this summer! He might get 1 or 2 loan players but no more £ spent!

This is 100% not true.

The same player clough said was the best at the club so this is a none starter

I think there might be some truth in this rumour, as Robins wants a quality, young centre half. And unfortunately quality is expensive.

We don't have any money so we should get rid. O'Brien is awful anyway. We should try and get a loan off someone like Leicester or Forest as they have big squads.

06 Aug 2013 14:48:58
O'Brien is a quality young CB. Clough will not want to get rid of him. Fake rumour.

No truth in this rumour. Not 100% convinced by OB truth be told. Very head it and kick it, a la young Jake Buxton - with the same excellent attitude though. Very highly thought off by the management team.



04 Aug 2013 22:52:11
Lewis dunk to join wolves this week with wolves losing 2 defenders on Saturday due to injury

05 Aug 2013 05:47:42
Your wrong, dunk won't leave Brighton he is needed in the team, to cover for injuries,



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