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04 Sep 2013 23:24:17
Tranmere have asked about taking Steve Howard from Hartlepool on loan until Christmas. Carlisle are also interested.

Why would Carlisle want another target man when our back up target man is good enough for Scotland's under 21 squad.

It goes to show how poor the state of Scottish football is when a player not good enough for a struggling Carlisle team can get into the Scottish under 21 squad.

He would be an average player in the conference at best.

If this stays as it is the club will be relegated Abbott has to go. If we bring a new manager in the crowd will be up by at least a thousand or more.



04 Sep 2013 22:03:00
Jazza Richard loan deal next week from Swansea for Huddersfield all tied up not sure length of loan. Champers

Another midfielder seems a squeeze, would he be a wide player by any chance?

He's a full back not a midfielder

Why would he want to come to Town whens he's on loan to Palace for the season?

Just what we need another midfield player

He is a right back who can play in a wide midfield role. Still not the central defender we need to force Gerrard and Clark to up their game.

Sorry my mistake it was the end of last season he was at Palace, but still can't see why we need him, as said its a central defender we need

05 Sep 2013 16:26:53
he is not on loan at palace.

Im sure he will do the job MR wants him to do, whatever that is. Wasnt he on loan at palace last season and now back at Swansea having just signed a new contract.

05 Sep 2013 17:06:48
you can't make a silk purse out of a sow, s ear

Gerrard is absolutely useless, god knows how he is related to Steven. we need a central defender to replace that lumax.

Richard will offer us the option of a defender that can attack (Hunt could not defend) as opposed to an attacker (Hamill) that can barely defend. Better balance. I think Richard has played for Swansea in Europe this season and has been called up by Wales. Looks a good option. And yes, we need a centre half to stop goals like those at Barnsley.

Not too happy about all the slagging of Gerrard, he is a decent central defender in a 442 system, his only problem in my view is in a 352 formation where he is the central defender and has to play a bit like a sweeper and he struggles to make passes over 10 yards. He has more pace than Clark and better in the air. We just need another like Lynch with passing skills and pace unless reverting to 442.

Jazz is indeed wending his way to West Yorkshire



04 Sep 2013 21:47:18
Mark cooper will sign a centre back when the loan window opens. It is thought to be that grant hall is linked with a move away from Swindon.

Unless Spurs re-call him, which I'm not sure if they can. Then he's here for the season as he's also on loan.

Rubbish, Grant hall loves it and wants to be with swindon for the rest of his footballing life



04 Sep 2013 20:30:49
Southend are looking to bring yet another ex-Colchester player in.

Kemmy Izzet is currently a free agent

06 Sep 2013 20:04:14
Thought Kemmy was off to Ipswich Town?

Kemal Izzet rumoured to be taking over as Player Manager at local side Needham Market, an ambitious club based quite near to Ipswich, with three ex-league experienced players in their ranks already.



04 Sep 2013 20:22:39
Leeds expected to sign Chris Burke on loan from Birmingham once the loan transfer window opens on sunday



04 Sep 2013 20:15:56
Local journalist has just confirmed a statement coming out of West Bromwich Albion that Long would have been sold if not for Hull changing their original offer of £6.5 million for the striker, to a much lower fee. WBA pulled out after Hull offered £5 million. They also released a statement saying that Long could have been sold even if we lost out on Lukaku, the fee was the only stumbling block. WBA have opened up contract talks with Long who looks to increase his current 25k a week deal closer to 30k after a solid 2 year spell with the Baggies.

Wrong. sources that I can't declare said the deal fell through as city did not have the paperwork drafted in time so long and wba pulled out of the deal

^^I think you're wrong mate. Richard Garlick has already come out and said it was due to Hull City not having the necessary funds.

It's being reported in Hull, that West Brom wanted £6.5m up front and Hull wanted £5.5m, with £1m in add-on's, which the Baggies wouldn't accept.

Cos richard garlick knows abouts hulls finances? its paperwork I know one of hull city's legal staff

Why would west brom say it was about finances, when it would be much easier for them to say hull didn't complete paperwork in time, it was definately due to hulls finances, or rather the lack of them

Hull should be asked to apologise to westbrom and investigated into there financial dealings in future



04 Sep 2013 19:59:59
If Watford do not get Chalobah they well turn the attention to his team mate Josh McEachran to provide cover from Iriney Zola had indicated he was looking to bring in a holding midfield and either of these two fit the bill

Maceachran isn't a holding midfielder! chalobah and maceachran are two completely different types of player

Neither one are true holding midfield players. For all the undoubted skill Chalobah is not a ball winner nor for that matter a consistent performer. The Championship has mental and physical demands he can't meet. Too often he goes missing in games and we can't afford any less than 100%. Iriney gave up on Ince instead of taking a yellow and getting a point. Dreadful!
We need a holding midfielder so let's get one. neither of the two mentioned will do! We need a player not a show pony.

Iriney was already booked so get your facts right. Why risk a sending off.

Goal was scored in 81 booking came after 86. I will accept your apology. You obviously did'nt go to the game?

07 Sep 2013 11:10:46
Chalobah is an exceptional talent and any championship team would gladly field him in their midfield.

but hey he's not good enough so we should just take Essien instead. FFS

Chalobah is an excellent player. I'd love him back at the Vic. He will also be a much improved player after last season. Any true Watford fan who thinks otherwise is an person.

Iriney was actually booked in the 72nd minute and substitutes in the 86th so actually ed was right and you now look like a bit of an person telling him to apologise.



04 Sep 2013 19:25:07
Reading are considering a loan move for Stephen Dobbie who looks to have been excluded from Crystal Palace's 25 man squad

Reading are looking for a striker not an attacking midfielder.

05 Sep 2013 09:26:05
was offered to huddersfield. wanted silly money. according to DH.

Reading are looking for a cam

07 Sep 2013 18:05:11
great business by palace buy a player then don't give him a squad number, got to feel for the lad,

Don't feel sorry for footballers who don't make it into the first team squad many are under contract being paid in a year what the average guy earns in a lifetime.



04 Sep 2013 18:37:11
Sissoko has been offered a contract by Reading fc and they are waiting for his decision, they are hoping for an answer in the next couple of days. They will continue there search for a striker next week when the loan window opens. Nicky Hammond has said there was never the money available to compete with the bigger clubs for a top striker as money is needed to run the club and to pay an increasing wage bill.

04 Sep 2013 20:30:03
Pogrebnyak's on around a quarter of a million pounds a month! He's hardly even been playing and he's s***! No wonder no one picked him up, no one likes him! We're getting no income whilst we have this waste of space on the top of our wage bill! No wonder we haven't got the funds to buy a top Championship striker

Pogrebnyak's wages are more like 40k a week, probs about 30k as we're in the championship. Not on 60k

No it's true he's on 60k

Just read that Rafa Benitez is trying to hijack Readings attempt to sign Sissoko and be reunited with him at Napoli - so Napoli or Reading? Tough choice.

This is readings last chance for me. if I don't see one player come in, in the next week they won't be seeing another penny from me

^^^^Go and support someone who doesn't give a toss about financial stability then. Spoilt brat generation of football fans, they only want to know when their team is winning and the club spends big - embarrassing.

If the transfer window was in reverse for us none of you would be complaining, selling mariappa and kebe and then bringing in an ex Real Madrid player drenthe, ex man city and Chelsea player in Wayne bridge and a quality player in Danny Williams, I think they are some good signings!

Pogrebnyak today revealed he turned down moves to Russia to stay at Reading. So clubs were willing to take him off our books

Yes but not the clubs he wanted. He would like to stay in England but preferably in the premiership. So unless a premiership club comes in for him, I think he will be staying at Reading but he has said all the time he still here he will do his best to help fire them back to the top flight.

Let's have confidence in Adkins. The first half against Watford was the best Royals have played for years. Looking at recent games our problem is not so much scoring, as too many defensive errors. Pogrebnyak has never really had good service. With the right support he can come good. We always have Alfie too, who is class in anybody's books.

How is that being a spoilt brat. at no point did I say reading had to go out and spend £10m on players but the fact reading fans were told money would be spent in the transfer window to improve the squad and they haven't come through with it again. They have recieved a lot of money in the past to season since winning the championship ssn payments and parachute payment after getting relegated you can't tell me that the reason why they haven't spent money is because there worried about the stability of the club. if i'm spoilt then your just being naive in thinking that



04 Sep 2013 15:23:19
ed where is billy sharp going

Billy sharp could go to sheffield united now they can afford his wages with their new investors! Plus it's his hometown club because he is a fan too

05 Sep 2013 19:32:28
He's going Sheffield united in talks as we speak

He has been up there training and talked ect

05 Sep 2013 20:36:53
why the eck would he want to go up sheffield when he can have sandbanks

05 Sep 2013 21:23:45
he is going to ipswich town on loan from southampton



04 Sep 2013 14:57:48
Burnley to compete for the loan signings of Joe Mason from cardiff and Jese Lingard from Man U when the loan window opens next week

Not sure if the Mason deal is 100% but apparently the Lingard deal is

They both would be great additions to a pretty thin squad. However I only want the club to add players that will benefit not just bodies

Ive heard the mason deal is 100%. really happy with dyche. super strong squad, come on burnley!

Hoping we bring in another striker, dyche seems to get his players working to 100% each week, both would be good plus a striker please!

Mason deal is not 100%, he's been included in cardiff's 25 man prem squad, Craig Conway looking more likely

Craig Conway is not a Striker

Did I say he was a striker?

I think his point was Conway was more likely to leave on loan. Mason is in the 25 man squad and you can't retested any new players now, so he won't leave.



04 Sep 2013 14:27:56
Preston North End are looking at Manchester United reserve team player Adnan Januzaj on loan when the loan market window opens

No a pne fan here can see him in the championship for this season even may stay there at Manchester united



04 Sep 2013 14:22:16
Martyn Wagorn will join Wolves on loan once the loan window opens, whilst Leicester will sign Kevin Doyle for the season. The Foxes will pay a small loan fee & all of Doyle's £40K p/w wages. Also on Nigel Pearson's loan wish list is Arsenal striker Niklas Bendtner, though only one of Doyle or Bendtner will join.

Don't think so jacket already said Doyle and sako stopping neither going on loan

Wolves have no need of another misfiring striker

Never going to happen Doyle no better than nugent! Waggy decent player but not going to get a look in 😞 so best to loan him or if on high wages better get shot permanently



04 Sep 2013 12:14:24
Charlton are set to sign goalkeeper Ben Alnwick after he was released by Barnsley. He is there to give competition to first choice goalkeeper Ben Hamer.

04 Sep 2013 13:56:02
Alnwick could of been a very very goalkeeper can't understand why his career has gone so down hill since leaving Sunderland



04 Sep 2013 08:49:14
After missing out on Lee Camp who went to West Brom Charlton manager Chris Powell is considering moving for the recently released Barnsley Goalkeeper Ben Alnwick or Palace third choice Lewis Price. Price is recovering from an injury at the moment which had delayed any potential loan move.

The Charlton boss continues to monitor the situation at Spurs with Jonathan Obika.



04 Sep 2013 07:55:10
Doncaster Rovers are set to sign Billy Sharp on a one year loan deal to partner up with Theo Robinson, that then putting some competition in to the club. RTID

04 Sep 2013 09:31:09
no he will be loaned from Southampton to Ipswich town for 90 days then on permanent deal in January 2014

04 Sep 2013 10:58:58
Who said it was the emergency loan window Ed? Not according to the FL website it's not

He won't go ipswitch to far from home the keepmoat is his home

He is signing for Donny on a 90 day loan with a view to a loan until the end of the season in Jan. he and his Mrs have agreed a deal for events at drfc to support the LJS foundation they founded

Sharpe not coming wages too high rovers will not pay it he will go to the likes of leeds or middlesboro

04 Sep 2013 15:36:45
Not that I'm saying your wrong Ed but I have it on good authority that Chalobah is about to rejoin us on a 4 month loan deal. I don't get it, I thought this loan window (that opens Sunday) was the standard loan window and then in October there's another emergency loan window, couple with this I hear we have the option to extend it to the ed of the season!

Sharp isn't coming? Nobody had said that, the free press have spoken to John Ryan and he has said sharp is top of the agenda so who knows what's going to happen

If he was coming home it would be to the blades where he mite end up as we have more money then you

Looks like no take over, no investment and no loans. John bemoans crowds. The rovers need to be winning at home to attract the crowds; it has always been so. Losing to Blackpool, Leeds and Bournemouth won't help. The away support was strong last year because the experience was so positive. Blackburn was a blinder but we have to be able to sustain it and for that, as Wellens says, we need some quality additions. Not sure Sharp is a great loss but there will be some good players available in the loan window. John, Dick and Terry deserve our gratitude but if they are losing heart and belief, why reject investment? Hope they reconsider. Otherwise by January we could be in real difficulty.

I reckon if sharp comes home it will generate a1000 fans straight away it's a pity that we carnt get a max crowd in championship to pay for new players look at other Yorkshire clubs big attendencies week in week out we must get the players in and then who knows what mite happen

It's alrite the board slagging fans off, if we ad been told the truth from start instead of been lied to bout who was coming and what was going on to happen the stadium would b full every week no dowt bout that, I still reckon with all the money in china we can still get sharp if e brought the crowds in it would pay for the boards mistakes

Ok let us Donny fans pay halh his wages for a season c how mutch we want him then?

Sharp not coming, end of. Southampton want the receiving club to pay all of his £20k wages. DRFC won't pay anywhere near that.



04 Sep 2013 07:15:43
Middlesbrough set to sign free agent strikers Marlon King and Jay Bothroyd in the next week. May also sign Dani Ayala on loan after missing out on Chris Baird to QPR

Boro (or so called boro fans) stop complaining, what do you expect us to do, we have bought in decent players for championship level! Its only going to get better under mogga!

Jay bothroyd would be decent on a free so would ebanks Blake

04 Sep 2013 11:42:01
John Guidetti & Nathan Ake on loan from 27th September

Marlon King not good enough we had him before. Jay Boothroyd past his time, get Becchio on loan. Gazboro.

You make think differently, but I would love to give Ebanks Blake a shot in our team. He was injuried on and off last season and still scored 14 goals in the champ. more than McDonald! Still one or two decent free agents kicking about too. Also Becchio loan, Sharp loan? JM

Niether strikers fit the template Mowbray is looking for and we have got sick of waiting for Ayala. Now that Hines is nearly back urgency for another CB is fading. Try another guess.

I thought we're getting ebanks-blake on a pay as you play

Becchio more likely than king and bothroyd he was at rockcliffe Monday nite

Definitely wouldn't like to see King back. Bothroyd maybe, like to see Ebanks-Blake in. And Becchio on loan would be a no-brainer.

Hines is terrible though we need a defender in short-term

Kei kamara worst miss ever please check this out people what av we got funny tho

Give up on this Becchio idea the club doesn't want to sell and he doesn't want to join us

Becchio was not at rockliffe on monday mowbray said in the gazette they didn't follow it up in the last few days of the transfer window due to financial restrictions. Realy anoys me he tried to spend 4mil on an unproved in england belgium striker, why not buy bechio for 2mill, giv him 1 mil sign on bonus and half decent wages he's the difference in us getting in top 6 this year there's no other out and out goal scorers available. also if we had 4mil why didn't we bid more for mcormack before he signed a new contract 2. 5 - 3. 0 would of reasured his services

Middlesbrough did not sign Becchio because they can not afford is wages.
Middlesbrough fan need reality check about who we can afford.

Middlesbrough will not be signing Marlon King or Jay Bothroyd. Dani Ayala and Luciano Becchio deals have not been agreed. Currently in talks with Chelsea regarding a defender.

Becchio does want to come. He was at Rockcliffe on Monday night but Norwich pulled the plug because they failed to sign a replacement. It's McCormack that you are thinking of.

Becchio will not happen, Mowbray said the club have not even spoke regarding him in the last few days of the window. Unless Mowbray is trying to keep any deal under wraps, I can't see it though.

There's a difference between spending 4million on an international striker with a better goal to game ratio than 1 every 2 games and spending 2. 5, 3million on another championship player who doesn't boast the same record. Vossen would have been unbelievable, you pay for quality. He would have been offered a bonus if we got that far but I can't fault mogga's ambition. It DOES NOT mean Boro can go out paying excessive fees willy nilly, we have to be smart with our money and learn from the past. Was spending 6million on Mido worth it? 12million on Alves? Best thing to do now is too see if there are 1 or 2 premier league players who don't make the squad of 25 and look to bring them in on loan, also as I have always said ebanks blake would significantly strengthen our attack. Slowely but surely we are getting better.

Matthew Bates & Sylvan Ebanks-Blake is more likely.

I think we're getting there slowly, but also think we missed a trick, by not signing Kevin Doyle on deadline day. Maybe not every Boro fans wish, but I reckon he would have done well for us!

Excellent post from the man who starts 'there's a difference. '

Only thing I would add is that I really believe that the vossen bid was a contingency in case rhys Williams or leadbetter pushed to go and we were left with cash late in the day.
From becchios point of view he only made it to the premiership 6 months ago he was never going to give that up easily. So a loan is the best we'll ever get from him short term. And he never fired Leeds to promotion so we need to be careful with our cash.

Were in talks with bakery sako on loan to strengthen our attack and matthew bates for our defence

We are not in talks with Bakery Sako and Matthew Bates is looking to sign with Hartlepool. Loan deals are being put forward to Manchester United for Michael Keane and West Bromich Albion for Saido Berahino. Discussions have been had with Sylvan Ebanks-Blake with the player having several offers to look through for his return.

To the guy that replied to my message about spending more on mccormack if we knew we had 4 mil I know that's a lot of money for us now and we need to be careful after the strachen days but need I say more that afonso alves, his goals to game ratio was unbeliable and that was in holland a strong league than the belgium leage, 4 mil is a hell of a lot of money for some1 that could easily be a flop in this league. If we got him for 4 mil that's a third of what we paid for alves, what if he was a third as good? alls i'm sayin with mccormack and bechio is they are proven in this so obviously they will be sleightly overinflated prices but you know what your gettin

Mccormack and bechio are both £1m players

I'd sign both boothroyd and king, king is decent at this level as is boothroyd and would have a decent squad of strikers, just keeping then out of trouble of the pitch that will be the challenge with the pair LM

Just so you guys know. If we had landed Jelle Vossen on TDD, we would have started banging in the goals.

I promise you, a bigger team than us will be in for him in January, next summer at the latest. They guy is a pure goalscorer.

I wouldn't have Bothroyd anywere near MFC he is a liability, not to mention a wannabe Gangster. Need I even say anything about Marlon King. We have a nicely balanced squad now especially with the additions we have made. Think out season starts from here, UTB!

If we ever sign that women beating waste of space i'd never go back



04 Sep 2013 04:25:40
Coventry City boss Steven Pressley looking to take a Championship winger on loan after failing to land him on a permanent deal before the transfer deadline elapsed. Pressley is alternatively hoping the player can come to an arrangement to terminate his contract with his club so he can be signed on a free transfer (Source: Coventry Telegraph).

Any ideas on who this winger is Ed? Most likely a pacey left winger as that is what Pressley has publically said he's after.

Dicko from Wigan.

I hear it is also Dicko

I thought dicko was a striker? Either way a players a player and we need depth within the squad

The winger is Fabio Nunes from Blackburn Rovers. Coventry tried to sign him permanently for an agreed free transfer on deadline day, but Rovers moved the goalposts and asked for a fee. The player is keen on a move to get first team experience, and a season long loan deal is now likely.



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