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––AFC–– Arsenal will complete a move for Stephan Appiah within the next 7 days.
  Not really a rumour here but another point to be made about the foreign investers. So much money is being pumped into the game in england and clubs are snatching at it so bad that they don't realise the cons for it. Management dismissals i.e curbs, great manager for west ham and given time could've had a great team, who to blame? Previous chairman not caring who was taking over their legacy for the money that was being put on the table, just taking what they could. In scotland this has not been the case. Sir David Murray has had concrete offers for Rangers and has decided that should he accept the offer on the table to make a bit of cash it would not be right for the future of his club. only when an offer that matches his valuation of the club, an owner that murray feels can secure the future of the club and promise its fans success shall murray sell up. It's about time chairman and boards in england to start running their clubs the way that their scottish counterparts have.
  All of this talk of DIC taking over Liverpool is somewhat of a smoke screen of the bigger issue of the club. You still have Benitez as manager and you still are Liverpool. So expect DIC to find a new manager that will play attractive Football that in time will make them a bigger brand. A world brand. In addition, DIC will have to pay well above market price to get the players they want. They are in same situation as Man City. .Big funds, horrid place to live. Good luck to ya.
  As a Liverpool fan can I please ask other supporters to stop living in never land. The Yanks won't sell, why should they, they have put all the debt onto the club and have now nothing to pay themselves, as the new ground has been put on hold.

A nice liitle earner for no outlay. The board should be held responsible for this disaster as they are the ones that dropped DIC at the last second to line their own pockets.
  Remember the name Al–Thani as they could well be the next arab name in for an EPL club. The Al–Thani family are the ruling family of Qatar and rumours are abound that they are looking for a club to help promote Qatars sporting and tourism interests. Qatar has plans to bid for the Olympics in the near future, they recently hosted the Asian Games and have a huge sporting academy that makes the Oz institute for sport look like the local high school gym.

The Abu Dhabi ruling family aint interested in owning a football team, well not immediately anyway. If they did take over a team, then people would really know what being rich is, they don't appear on rich lists for a reason. The Maktoums aint happy and will certainly be pressing to get the club they want. By the way somebody said Sheik Mo' was a huge Liverpool fan – em, no he aint. The sport he is most interested in is horse racing, football probably comes a very distant second with him. The guy who runs DIC on Sheik Mo's behalf – Sameer Al–Ansari, is the Liverpool fan. But any purchase by DIC will be based on what "DUBAI" gets out of it. i.e EXPOSURE.

Cant see any of the Saudis getting involved in the action as they are more interested in their own league. If any of them do get in on it, the person will probably be Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al–Saud. There is a few others but they are less likely to be interested. The Bahrainis will stay well clear as they prefer the motorsport and doubt any Kuwaitis will either.
  Mancini will be installed as the new West Ham mangager by the end of next week. He is good friends with the Technical Director Nani, and is keen to take up the post. More importantly his choice is approved by DIC who have given up on Liverpool and are currently negotiating a deal to buy the Hammers.
  My inside source working with peter kenyon told me that the new arab group owning man city have a fund of over 50 billion pounds. wait to see someridiculously extravagant purchases in January.

keep you bloody hands off Fabregas!
  The real reason for Keegans outburst is this:
Dennis Wise wanted to employ Terry Venebles as director of coaching at St James Park.
  First of all to the guy who said the 4th richest man has £3.4 'trillion' there is no real figure as a trillion. also, it depends wether you're talking about an american billion or an english billion (million million or thousand million respectively) Also the second richest man in the world has $60 billion in ASSETS – not as a real value. And to the guy claiming that man citys owners company are worth over £600 billion, they are, but that's their company. Carlos Slim Helú's company is worth over £800 but that does not mean the if he does take over arsenal (unlikely) that he will spend it all. Now onto rumours. Expect R.Madrid to make a bid for a right mid and a CF, Arsenal to attempt again to sign Alonso if AW sees his young side struggling by January, and Man city to place a bid for huntelaar and buffon.
  I have heard an unsubstantiated rumour from sources believed to be close to the mysterious investors behind Geoff Sheard. Sheard is the man linked to the takeover at Sheffield Wednesday and said to be a personal friend of Alan Shearer. The sources claim that the investors may be tired of how long the takeover is taking (8 months now), and the funds that are earmarked for the Wednesday takeover could be used to buy a seat on the board at Newcastle instead. There were reports of Sheard meeting with Mike Ashley last week, but these have been strongly denied by Sheard.

It is thought that Sheard may be so fed–up with Wednesday that he would support the appointment of surprise, surprise, none other than Neil Warnock as manager at NUFC when, as anticipated, the severance details have been worked out with KK. It is suggested that he doesn’t like Warnock, but thinks it would serve Wednesday right if their arch enemy gets another shot at the big time. Keep watching this one.
  I can't BELIEVE some of my fellow Arsenal fans do NOT think we need investment, it time for Hill Wood and Fiszman to go NOW!.We would not have been chasing a CM if they had given Flamini what he is worth!! what is the wisdom in losing £15–£20m on a FREE TRANSFER! and what about the £30m that Fiszman says is available???. Most Arsenal Fans want David Dein back with Usmanov providing the funds.Get Real Guys we are not going to sign anyone in Jan!!
  – DIC to take over at Liverpool at late October

– Man City have $ but they won't sign worldbeaters like Torres,Ronaldo,Fabregas or Messi

– They could sign people like Hutelaar,Milito,Fernandez,Joaquin and Quaresma

– Liverpool will rule with DIC bring on the $

Liverpool to sign –

Kuba – B Dortmund
Silva or Joaquin – Valencia
Sergio Aguero – A Madrid
Rafinha – Schalke
  Just to clear things up, DIC will not takeover Manchester United or West brom etc. The head of DIC is a liverpool fan and that is the only club they will try and take over. After rivals ADUG took–over Man City they will step up the chase to buy Liverpool around December, and if they put a good bid the yanks will almost definitely accept.
  To the guy who said he would put his mortgage on DIC not buying Liverpool and others stating they would buy a different club, you're well wide of the mark. On August 25th, DUBAI International Capital stated they are “only interested” in buying Liverpool FC, after it was reported the company was bidding for a stake in Manchester City.
Someone heard that arabs were in for Man City and wrongly believed it was DIC. Catch this story in the Liverpool Daily Post. Sheik Mohammad is a die hard fan of the reds and is determined to watch the Yanks get squeezed before moving in; probably around January.
  I happen to think that the Kaka to play in goal rumour was hilarious, we are football people on here lets just remember that we all share the same passion for our game regardless of which bunch of 11 overpayed, undertaxed, page 3 dating, aston martin driving prima–donnas we support. I am a die hard Liverpool supporter who will follow them until my last breath, you will all have your teams who you love with as much passion as I love mine, I don't have any rumours for you, I have some wishes. .that DIC take control, that Stevie G or Carra scores the winning goal deep into injury time at OT, the Bridge, the Emirates or even Castle Greyskull just across Stanley Park, thise of you who do not support my beloved club will be wishing the same although the names will be different and you will also include Anfield Road in your list of grounds but what I am trying to say fellow fans is that the game we love is perched over the edge of a huge precipice and it will not be very long until it all comes crashing down around us. I cant afford to get to many games, I'd like to go to them all but I cant andif and when DIC take over it will probably be worse. I disgust myself when I wish for unknown venture capitalists whose names I cant even pronounce to come and lavish their riches on my club so that they can have the latest fashion accessory for the super rich. . a premier leage football team. I class myself as being fortunate that I earn around £30 grand a year but these people have wealth that I cannot comprehend and I am left with one two low profile games a season. I love football with a passion but if its a choice between taking my kids out for the day and seeing them enjoying themselves and experiencing the Disneyland style corporate excursion that is a EPL game then my kids win every day of the week and twice on Sundays. My friends, my fellow supporters we are all staring down the barrel of an oil fuelled shotgun and I am scared. Remember the names that made us fall in love with the game in the first place Best, Moore, Dalglish, even Robson (Bobby and Brian), Butcher Rush, little Sammy Lee, the late great god of the game (who is shamefully underrated and underpraised) John Charles. .what would or do they think? The game of the people has become the corporate game of the super rich and its you and I that are the scapegoats my friends. I call upon you all United, Everton, Chelsea, Spurs, Toon whoever you support even Jacks and Bluebirds. .we are in danger because whenever another £30million pounds of oil money is spent on a South American superstar remember that the people who paid that money want it back, and they want it back from us.

No rumours, no bull, no jokes, just a very tired and scared football nut, I hope you have a good season, who knows how many we have left.
  Jim Magilton as to xmas to get things sorted at PR
if he does not then A Curbs will be the new bloke at the helm.
  DIC will get LFC very very soon , they wil lredesign stadium and it will be like no other you have evr seen before, 85,000 capacity guranteed, they will not however throw stupid amounts of cash at Rafa this January , all will be revealed. . .

  Expect to see Stephen Appiah arrive at the emirates for free (similar contract t silvestre's).
In January Mark Noble will swap upton park for the emirates and Stephen Taylor will also join if
Ashley is still the money man at newcastle.
The reason why wenger didn't sign anyone on deadline day was because he is waiting to see what seep does in terms of home grown players in each team and it is expected that there will be a minimum of 2 home grown players in each starting line–up.(uefa need to surpas european law first)
There may also become individual salary caps for players related to positions)
Man city willnot be signing any huge names(eg. fabregas torres and c.ronaldo)
Though they may get Gomez and try for Moutinho.
The guy who said that a mexican will buy arsenal is partially right in saying that he is the second richest guy (in some region or nation, not the world though)
All/most arsenal shareholders agreed not to sell there shares to anyone but eachother for a while anyway!
  Slovenian Left/Right Winger Erik Grendel is set for a trial with Manchester United having impressed Sir Alex Ferguson's scouts.
  Dennis wise has left newcastle ashley given ultimatum by kk and the bong eyed cockney midget has gone!!Euro Informer.

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