Football Rumours Archive May 04 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursMay 04 2012 

03 May 2012 23:52:09
Hey Ed

Any rumours for Southampton other than Messi and Ronaldo being seen in West Quay. {Ed003's Note - Just those ones mate}(8)(7)Yes ...Pep G coming in as Atkins new assistant manager....It's Adkins.


03 May 2012 23:32:58
ed. Have you heard anything about which players may leave Southend if they are not promoted? and of Paul Sturrock's future?(0)(5)If not promoted then Sturrock is out. Mohsni, Ferdinand, Phillips, Paterson, JP Kalala, Crawford, Dickenson, Harris, Hall and Clohessy are all departing.I will have some of what you have been smoking please


03 May 2012 23:20:51
England Euro 2012 Squad

Joe Hart
Ben Foster
Scott Carson

Glen Johnson
Phill Jones
Rio Ferdinand
John Terry
Joleon Lescott
Gray Cahill
Ashley Cole
Leighton Baines

Steven Gerrard
Frank Lampard
Paul Scholes
Scott Parker
Theo Walcott
Ashley Young
James Millner

Wayne Rooney
Danny Welbeck
Peter Crouch
Darren Bent(6)(55)No kyle walker then? & yet you've picked phil jones?England Euro 2012 Squad

Joe Hart
Ben Foster
Fraser Forster

Glen Johnson
Kyle Walker
Ledley King
Phil Jones
John Terry
Gray Cahill
Ashley Cole

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Steven Gerrard
Frank Lampard
Paul Schole
Scott Parker
Stewart Downing
Ashley Young

Wayne Rooney
Scott Sinclair
Darren Bent
Peter CrouchGod help us ---Spain,Germany must be shaking in their boots.I thought Scholes retired from international duty like 5 years ago mate! {Ed025's Note - he did..Thank god your not the gaffa then. thats a poor and old team. missed out so many major players that its laffableNo Terry please. Will disrupt the squad and lead a players mutiny like last time, when he called a press conference to undermine the management.My team would be:

Joe Hart
Ben Foster
Scott Carson

Kyle Walker
Micah Richards
John Terry
Rio Ferdinand
Gary Cahill
Ashley Cole
Leighton Baines
Glen Johnson

Scott Parker
Steven Gerrard
Frank Lampard
James Milner
Ashley Young
Theo Walcott
Stewart Downing
Gareth Barry

Wayne Rooney
Daniel Sturridge
Jermain Defoe
Andy Carroll {Ed025's Note - of the worst squads ever posted! so much dead wood..Tbh that's probably true if you take away one of the centre backs and put barry in instead.Joe Hart
Ben Foster
Rob Green

Micah Richards
Kyle Walker
Gary Cahil
Phil Jones
Joleon Lescott
Rio Ferdinand
Ashley Cole
Leigton Baines

Ashley Young
Adam Johnson
Gareth Barry
Scott Parker
Stevie Gerrard
Fram Lampard
Alex Oxlade Chamberlin
Theo Walcott

Wayne Rooney
Daniel Sturrige
Danny Welbeck
Jermaine DefoeEngland Team for Euros-

GK- Hart
GK- Foster
GK- Green

RB- Walker
RB- Johnson
CB/RB- M.Richards
CB- Cahill
CB- Lescott
CB/LB- Jagielka
LB- Cole
LB- Baines

RM- Oxlade
RM- Lennon
LM- Young
LM- J.Cole
CM- Parker
CM- Lampard
CM- Milner
CM- Barry

STK- Rooney
STK- Carroll
STK- Defoe
STK- Sturridge {Ed025's Note - good squad there..Love the fact that Ben Foster makes all the teams yet he retired from international duty????? Think about itThis isn't the team i would personally take, but what i think RH will take. He will rely on the old guard

GK - Hart
GK - Carson
GK - Foster (If he's willing to come out of retirement to sit on the bench)

DF - Johnson
DF - Smalling or Jones
DF - Terry
DF - Ferdinand
DF - Lescott
DF - Jagielka
DF - Cole
DF - Baines

MF - Parker
MF - Lampard
MF - Barry
MF - Gerrard
MF - Walcott
MF - Young
MF - Chamberlain
MF - Milner

ST - Rooney
ST - Welbeck
ST - Crouch
ST - Defoe or Bent if he's deemed fitWhy on earth would Carroll be picked? If Crouch- the one player who can score England goals gets left behind for him then they may as well stay at home. Walcott also doesn't deserve another chance and Foster isn't good enough anyway. A chance Hodgson may change his mind about retirement but would be a poor choice. Good to see no one include that passenger DowningMidfield has no creativity, cannot string two passes together.ED in one of your replies you say good squad, don't you want Gerrard to go to the Euro's {Ed025's Note - i want all the old guard out mate!...the likes of rio, gerrard, lampard, terry etc.. we need to build a new dynamic side, without these dinosaurs in it!..Does anyone know if arteta is available for england? hes been in england for a few years and may be qualified now and i dont think hes played for spain. but walker will def get in ahead of johnson. phil jones cos of his versatility aswel.i think chamberlain might mis out due to his lack of starts over the course of the season. will bent be back aswel? no downing please!Arteta cannot play for england as he has represented spain u17s at the u17s world cupNo terry please
no scholes
might as well be dads
armyGuys rooney isnt gonna get pick as hes banned for 4 games, and nathan dyer and danny graham have to be considered for england!Haha if u took all the oldies then they wouldnt have a chance because u need a bit of experience in there would easily take terry and gerrardThis will be the england team



britton(swansea)/johnson(norwich)for cover

rooney(maybe)Hodgkin has already said he'll take Rooney



Barry (he'll go but shouldn't)

Bent (do t rate him but he scores)


03 May 2012 22:55:40
Fulham is preparing an offer for Sevilla's favourite Gary Medel. The West London club wants to cover and/or replace Dickson Etuhu with the tenacious Chilean international.(4)(4) 



03 May 2012 22:52:15
Liverpool will attempt to sign Chilean international Mauricio Isla from Udinese Calcio in the summer, once he recovers from an injury. Dalgish wants more serious competition for Glen Johnson at the right back, and versatile Isla is one of the main candidates.(6)(11)Pretty sure he is a winger.......For Udinese he plays either as winger or central midfielder (when Dusan Basta at the right flank). But for Chile he certainly plays either right winger or right back.


03 May 2012 22:33:15
Kieran Lee, Oldham's multiple player of the year award winner for the past two seasons, considering contract offer from Preston North End.(3)(6)Why would Lee drop down the league to a team in so much trouble? I dont think you could afford his wages as he's the best paid player at Oldham and you would have to break Prestons' wage structure to get him.Would,nt think wages would be a problem pal we pay ridiculous amounts of money in wages and we have a multimillionaire owner who has promised to back westley. Preston will be challenging for the title this year without a doubt so why would.nt lee join.


03 May 2012 22:27:18
leicester team next season



Er, you wish! lol

You need to bring your finances down big time for the new fair play rules that come in for next season.

No chances for all those new faces until a lot of expensive dross leaves.Only 4 new players which won't cost much so should fit financial fair play rulesSouthampton are said to be looking at mini schmike...I heard Spurs want Schmeichel as a future replacement for Friedel and Cudicini....Incorrect the FFP rules are only a guide for the enxt 2 seasons, after which time they are permanent. So strictly we dont need to adhere to the rules just yet.


03 May 2012 22:25:07
Izale mckloud is joining Pompey from barnet(1)(17)No one is joining Pompey until they get a new owner! Its players leaving not the other way roundYou can't even spell his name! 18 players need to leave before you buy.Why would he leave the security of a well run club to join that lot....Barnet will pass them sometime soon.....Lol someone even edited his wikipedia page to say this


03 May 2012 22:23:10
leicester INS and OUTS this summer
jamie vardy
james chester
robert koren
joe lewis
chris gunter
robert snodgrass
paul taylor
george boyd
steve morrison
harry kane
alvaro morata(loan)
cameron stewart
robbie brady
rob hulse

jermaine beckford
sol bamba
lee peltier
paul gallagher
loyd dyer
chris weale
conrad logan
adam smith(loan)
tom parkes(loan)
harry panyitou(loan) {Ed025's Note - that seems like a lot of ins and outs to me!(1)(34)If Snodgrass leaves I believe it will be to a Prem League teamIN youre dreams Harry Kane,hopefully he's going BACK2 the WALL!OKLeicester may have voted against Financial Fair Play but they still have to comply so no chance of that number coming inSpurs will no way sell kane, hes back at spurs from his loan at millwall, they (spurs) have been happy with his progress! It's like the saying if it ain't broke, dont try to fix it! Which is why he will probably go back millwall, if spurs get europa then probably in jan?The Kane deal is a loan anyway and Tottenham are up for it.


03 May 2012 22:21:40
Jamie Vardy to Plymouth Argyle {Ed025's Note - and messi too no doubt?..(2)(18)


03 May 2012 22:18:10
from people arond the KP stadium ive heard that leicester are signing jamie vardy for 750,000 and james chester for 3 million as well as robert koren for 1 million we are also being linked with a 4 million move for harry kane {Ed025's Note - i have heard of the vardy move..(2)(14)Thats 8.75m of spending, how does that fit into the new fairplay rules? I'm not saying it wont , just asking.


03 May 2012 22:17:54
"Southampton is his main option after Manchester United stopped showing interest." - Hoffenheim website on Sigurdsson(10)(29)Link?Dear god please stop....Saints fan here and this is just stupid now. {Ed025's Note - i agree mate..Im a saints fan and its embarrassing these rumours !! cant we make realistic rumours...You Saints fans are living in another world. Sigurdsson is going top four, not a newly promoted Premiership club - and that's from a Reading fan who Gylfi would have gladly come back too, but he's clearly outgrown us as well now.

Good luck to him. But unless you're a top four club you can forget about it!

And Reading get a 30% sell-on of profit, hence Hoffenheim wanting 10m and not a penny lower..He'd want to play in an eleven man team ...not a one man team no chance ..He will only go to Southampton if nobody else wants himLol at the Reading fan, it's obviously not true, don't get so het up about it. Meant to be quiet in a library...anyway, why would he gladly come back to you if he could get top 4? Your old news. Grow up and forget the past. We had walcott, bale and chamberlain. We are going to sign them all as we had them once. Sarcasm btw. idiotGuys this is ridiculous now, sigurdsson is either going to top 6 team, but swansea have first option to buy him if they can cough up 6-8 million, dont believe me? go to google and put in swansea evening post it the main sport heading!


03 May 2012 22:06:26
Walsall are tracking Wolverhampton born Luton Town striker Amari Morgan-Smith(10)(3)


03 May 2012 22:05:56
Dexter Blackstock Spotted At Moor Farm {Ed025's Note - maybe he was strawberry picking?..(5)(11)Wow, I've heard some carp, but Blackstock to Derby. The same Blackstock that labelled Derby fans a 'disgrace' for the Doughty chants (which were shocking btw). Don't think the fans would take too kindly to him though.Sadly its true. He said he can't wait to play in front of away followings that number 279 at times;)Strawberries on a moor? {Ed025's Note - no a farm!Least we know he wasn't strawberry picking with Andy Reid, does he even know what fruit is? 5 fruits a day Andy, not five burgers.Suppose it could be true, must get tiring seeing all those empty pink seats every other week, when he could be playing in front of 30k


03 May 2012 22:04:24
I have heard that peterborough has just put some people on the transfer list and realised some players.

Goalkeeper Joe Lewis come to Watford because Watford need a goalie (no offence Loach, even though you had a good last game!!)(2)(5)I'm a Posh fan and I wouldn't wish a keeper like Lewis on anyone! He's been awful for us.We have Scott Loach and Johnathon Bond. Loach is still a good prospect, and Bond has been playing in League One and is still a teenager.


03 May 2012 21:34:04
Swansea have had a bid rejected from Hoffenheim for loan star Gylfi Siggurdsson.(22)(4)


03 May 2012 21:30:30
Charlton are to swoop for Reading duo Michail Antonio and Simon Church.

Colchester midfielder Anthony Wordsworth.

Dag&Red keeper Chris Lewington.

Crawley youngster Hope akpan.

Liam Larwence, Sylvian Eblanks Blake, Sam Boldock, George Boyd and Paul Coutts are also on Chris Powells wish list.(7)(14)SEB will not be leaving Wolves will score goals for fun in championship and Fletcher n Doyle may be on their way out so SEB will be first striker on the team sheetAntonio can leave Reading for 1.5m

Chruch can go for a packet of Frazzle's and half a Mars Bar.

You will not find a worse striker, trust me!George Boyd ideally would probably like to progress his careerThe only one of those that makes any sense to me is Paul Coutts.


03 May 2012 21:26:58
Any news on Preston, Ed? {Ed025's Note - not at the moment mate..(0)(4)Jeffrey monakana is signing a one year deal from gunners, there will be over 14 new players at pne before next seasonYou'll get plenty of news soon enough. It will be a big pre-season for you guys, prepare for a large clear out.


03 May 2012 21:23:47
everton wigan sunderland reading and southampton are after norwich defender zak whitbread could go on a bosman a good defender but played less then 50 games in two and hf years at norwich sp news(10)(4)Reading are NOT looking at Whitbread.Sunderland are def not lookingOnline links?


03 May 2012 21:17:59
Charlton to sign Charlie Austin or Jay Rodriguez from Burnley. {Ed025's Note - forget about rodriguez mate..(1)(29)If Jay goes anywhere its to a Premier League club! {Ed025's Note - true..Thats the FUNNIEST thing IVE heard for a long time!ha ha ha etc!I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!!I can't stop laughing either, why is a decent player like Austin at Burnley I mean it makes no sense does it?Doesnt make sense, who do you support - person united

I agree with the laughing comment though, and if either Austin or Jay go it would be to a Prem club.From what papers have said, Everton are in for Rodriguez, so even when we fail to find the cash, he still won't be caught dead at Charlton.

Steve EFC


03 May 2012 21:05:42
Norwich defender Zak Whitbread is a summer target for Southampton,Reading and Sunderland(4)(14)


03 May 2012 21:02:36
Millwall are set to make Andy Griffin their first summer signing. The speedy right back's contract hasn't been renewed at the Berkshire club and Millwall are desperate to improve their pace at the back.(4)(8)Speedy?Pace at the back is not what you will get from GriffinWow! u couldnt be more wrong! speedy right back and his contract renwed, completly wrongHis contract hasnt been renewed - For the previous posterDefinitely not speedy but excellent reader of the game at championship level, would be a good signing.Speedy? LOL

Love Griff, but speedy he aint.More chance of signing Peter Griffen from Family Guy!Speedy? !


03 May 2012 20:38:50
Kyle Bennett will NOT be leaving Doncaster, he's been on the fringes of the first team all season and next season will almost certainly be a regular.(4)(9)


03 May 2012 20:37:09
Reading looking for jermaine Defoe and Alex-oxlaide-chamberlain(on loan) and gylif siggurson on a 2 year deal for 12.5m(6)(33)Chamberlain will not go out on loan....and if he did it wouldnt be to ReadingSo reading fans are the new jokers or shall i say laughing stock! hahaYeah, surely he'd go back to saints if he were to go out on loanAbsolutely no chance. never in a million years. if this happens i'll gladly give every single person in reading a blowj.Why are reading a laughing stock? the saints are tho :)Lol look at Reading thinking they are a big club...Have you guys not seen the charlton fans? biggest jokes on hereIdiots


03 May 2012 18:36:39
BREAKING NEWS Daniel Levy seen with Pep Guardiola in Berkeley Square.(10)(29)...and so is a nightingale singingThis has absoulotely nothing to do with this rmour but how do I post rumour? cheers {Ed003's Note - there is a link near the top of the page or click 'post rumour' in the left hand column}Ha ha!First of all I'm a spurs fan. This will never happen. Pep has stated he wants to take a year off from football to reflect and spend time with his family. There is no way in god's green earth tht he is coming to SpursNever rule out anything in football!The impossible could HAPPEN! Who thought that George Graham would have gone from Arsenal TO SPURS!You must be high mate.


03 May 2012 18:26:51
Barnsley to sign either, Korey Smith (norwich) or Jacob Mellis unattached, as Jacob Butterfields replacement.(6)(9)


03 May 2012 19:07:35
Peterborough and Blackpool are battling for the signature of Portuguese born striker Loick Pires, who's contract at Welling United runs out in the summer(13)(2)


03 May 2012 18:49:37
Liverpool are set to offer Joe Cole along with £5m in exchange for Clint Dempsey who has only one year left to run on his contract with Fulham.(23)(12)


03 May 2012 18:45:02
Jason Pearce to be unveiled tomorrow. source sky can be arrested for that sort of thing!For who??Think it's Leeds. Don't quote me in that though, but think Pompey gaffer Lord Voldemort said Leeds [I think]


03 May 2012 18:26:43
leicester city ins
will keane

also leeds are hoping to buy jack hobbs from hull city
and hull city maybe be tempted to go for the free tranfer in joe lewis, matt clayton but they need a striker(7)(12)Not sure how believable it is but Hull's owners have said none of the first team are for sale (Already rejected bids for Koren and Chester in last 2 weeks)

Hobbs is out injured until Christmas and Leeds couldnt afford him if he was fit anywayWouldn't it be easier for Leicester to just put a bid in for the whole of hull?


03 May 2012 18:24:16
charlton shall be looking into the signature of:
kevin doyle
stuart beavon
tamas kadar
andros townsend
dean parrett
lloyd sam
billy paynter
danny rose (loanee)
craig dawson(3)(33)The interest in Stuart Beavon has been reported in the Bucks Free Press.You want to steer clear of Townsend; second rate player with an attitude problem


03 May 2012 18:20:30
hull city maybe looking for a new manager as nicky barmby may be sacked the possible candidates are
lee clark
billy davies
alan curbishley(9)(5)As good as Billy Davies is, if he gets the hull gig sparks will fly with hull city's owners.You wont get any of them (fact) why dont you get macarthy and connor


03 May 2012 18:11:06
conor thomas is havng a trial at norwich(7)(4)


03 May 2012 18:06:30
barnsley to recieve around 1.5mill for
all of this will be made available to
keith as well as the 500k for vaz te.

he is looking to bring in:
luke freeman
mustaphha carayol
james hayter
danny Shittu
hal habson kanu (loan)
jamal campbell ryce
and finally simon cox and caig dawson
from wba maybe on loan(7)(12)


03 May 2012 17:58:46
David Beckham is looking to move back to England after Posh spice is rumoured to be interested in a modelling job in London and the Beckham's wanting their children to be schooled in the UK. But as Beckham is nearing the end of his career he just wants to play week in week out so is most likely to join a Championship Club. Charlton, Brighton, West Ham (providing they don't go up) and Wolves are all interested. The deal is most likely to include a clause which allows Beckham to complete his coaching badges and progress through to management at the club he signs for.(5)(42)LOL! Firstly Beckham already has his coaching badges. . . Secondly your saying he would reject the premiership to go to a team like them? I think not, if he was to go to London it would be QPR or Tottenham but hes ending it in LA after he recenly signed a new deal, also how do you knw what jobs Posh is offered?And Brighton no chance.Utter tosh becks has said he aint intreated in managementCharlton are not interested and neither are the Charlton fans so do us all a favour and sign for someone else.Huge Wolves fan and as much as I'd love this to be true, Posh n Becks in Wolverhampton ooh me thinks not lol.

BobbybuffonThe most overated player ever in english football we dont want hin back here he thinks he is a yankDoes anyone actually see Beckham being a manager?
Regardless of the fact he has or is doing his coaching badges, he's one of the richest footballers ever. I can't see him stood in a dugout when he could do a range of other things that'll pay him a lot more.


03 May 2012 17:58:07
Any Brighton rumours?(1)(15)CHAMPIONES>..........Div 1 where you belong


03 May 2012 17:53:49
Portsmouth are expected to be bought out by Multi-Billionaire Al Hurad Alij, Appleton has stated if this takeover happens then he will try and keep around 10 players and bring in a lot more. Appleton also expects some loan signings from Man City, Man Utd or West Brom.(5)(39)Absolutely deluded!
Bye bye Pompey.Hope soI'm glad they keep the daily dose of humour going,.The most gulible fans in the league...Why would anyone buy you when there are a dozen clubs with better facilities,training grounds,academy's,bigger fan bases and championship or premiership status....Is this the same as the your previous 5 owners who all claimed to be multi billionaires, but turned out to be freuds and crooks?

Or is he just made up (must likely)Just looked up the billionaires lists worldwide, guess what, no such name of Al Hurad Alij, so either your spelling of this prospect is wrong, or your clutching at straws, the later comes to mind


03 May 2012 17:48:03
simon grayson is after adam clayton(leeds) and he wants to swap for rhodes as he highly rates clayton and he bought him from man city and enjoyed working with him looks like the might whites are gonna snap up jordan rhodes(7)(30)No chance. Rhodes will end up with a Prem clubJordan rhodes to leeds? are you high!
Theres so much wrong with this statement
1. clayton too good for hudds
2. rhodes too good for leeds
3. IF huddersfield go up whats stopping them from finishing higher than leeds nxt season with the money they have
4.its just not gonna happen kidda
5.UTTNot sure ths will happenDream on sunshine. It will never happen, not in a month of sundays. Rhodes will go to a prem club or even stay with Hudds if they get promoted which is expecting a lot!


03 May 2012 17:43:49
coventry outs

craine- middlesbourgh - free
keogh- norwich- 800k


03 May 2012 17:42:49
Michael Owen is ot of contract this summer - Who will you be loaning him from?(2)(2)Isn't he moving to the far east for big money?


03 May 2012 17:33:55
Rumour at the moment is Wolves is resigned to losing Jarvis and are just negotiating a fee with the interested clubs of which there are a few.(24)(1)Jarvis is easily replaceable , lets see what happens though.


03 May 2012 17:27:32

- Brynjar Gunnarsson is in talks to stay at the club as a Player / Youth Coach

- Ian Harte is close to agreeing a new 1 year deal

- Matthew Connolly transfer and contract has been agreed (fee around 900k)

- 2 other players are VERY CLOSE to signing (1 youth)

- Awaiting TSI takeover to be given official clearance before deals are completed



03 May 2012 17:21:31
I heard today that Di Canio has had a row with Swindon board over players and thrown his toys out the pram. Surely on his way.(8)(17)Who's Surely? And I cant believe PDC has fallen out with anyone. Such a calm, thoughtful, careing sort of guy.......Only a matter of time
swindon fans skould
know thatLoad of carp!! PDC is very happy...he was in great spirits last night at the legends charity match in aid of the Wiltshire air ambulance, his interview along with Lou Macari was brilliant. He stated just last night that he was already planning for next season WITH Swindon. On this subject well done to everyone involved last night!! It was great fun to watch and loads of money was raised for a great cause.This rubbish posted by a jealous Oxford fan. Paolo is planning for next season and has stated so.


03 May 2012 17:20:02
03 May 2012 16:06:05
Southampton possible in's
Kasper schemical GK , Marc muniesa CB , Sebastian ruddy MF
Alberto Paloschi ST all these are strong source's for the coming season
Muniesa has just signed a new contract which has a 30 million euro buy out clause and he has just been promoted to Barca's first team for next season.(5)(11)Leeds fan here - i wouldnt bother with Schmeichel. he had problems with defensive communication all of last season (and leicester havent achieved much with him this year as well) there are much better keepers out there, and tbh from what ive seen, your current keeper Davies is better than him anyway.Why would schemicael Leave Leaicester for Southampton when he said he loves the club and had the best season hes ever had. hes going no where plus Tottenham want him.Does this guy come on each evening with rubbish rumours re Saints? Certainly seems like it.
There are no strong sources from within Saints-they will do their business quietly and once the deal is done make an announcement, so any strong sources are more than likely to be lads who sit in the neighbouring seats at school!Muniesa and paloschi are just outrageous suggestions, why do the teams coming up think they can sign these type of players!?!?!?!?We are southampton were sign who we want {Ed025's Note - you are southampton..and get what your given!..Paloschi - looks pretty poor wouldn't say he's out of our league. 5 goals for Chievo. WOW


03 May 2012 17:14:38
Since Bas Dost rejected a move to Aston villa, it looks like they will turn there attention to Manchester city star John guidetti, the swedish striker has been out on loan at feyenoord this season and has scored 20 goals in 23 appearances in the league, Manchester city may want to loan him out again instead of it being a permanent move(3)(7)Aston Villa just want to focus on staying up, they will then deal with the manager and then that is when they will sign new playersVilla didnt even enquire..... so how cud he turn us down. His agent like all agents are makin BS to get more money from agent fees


03 May 2012 17:08:19
Southampton are looking to take Jerome away from stoke, seen recently that Jerome wants first team football and is fed up with life at stoke, because tony Pulis has no trust in him for the premiership games and only Europa league which stoke are not in next year, southampton looking for pace and power and feel jerome could be a good 4 million buy which would tempt stoke to part ways.(15)(25)Wont know who saints are
after till they have been
signed thats the way
saints do transfersHes on a 4 year contract and isnt fed up with stoke since he lives in birmingham lol which is 30mins down the rd ..and pulis dont sell players and stoke dont need 4 million..god reading and southamptoon fans with there made up storys are worsse then lesta fans lolCameron Jerome 4mil?, no thank you. There's so many Saints rumours on here - albeit they're hardly fantasy signings, are they?


03 May 2012 16:58:40
Burnley have made a loss of around 5M again this season ands will have to sell Jay Rod and Charlie Austin to keep themselves out of debt.(12)(8)We dont need to sell anyoneI herd austin was going to leicester for 3 million


03 May 2012 16:54:32
also heard Steve Howard is on Swindons radar
is this b/s maybe not as swindon might offer more than Crawley and there geared for back to back promotions in terms of money/plus other options(6)(6)


03 May 2012 16:51:21
Norwich City to offer Derby County 2 million for their young midfielder Jeff Hendrick.(16)(11)


03 May 2012 16:43:06
Middlesbrough are closing in on the loan signing of Man United starlet Will Keane on a season long loan deal(17)(3)Middlesbrough team 2012 2013

McMahon. Craine. Hines. Bennett
Ledesma. Bailey. R.williams. Leadbitter
W.keane. Emnes


03 May 2012 16:42:36
Middlesbrough are in talks with Manchester United over a potential loan signing of Will Keane.(14)(2)


03 May 2012 16:41:45
bradford to sign recentley relseased from reading midfielder tomasz cywka(7)(9)No offence but i hope he looks higher than that, hopefully he'll go mid table champ, he's a decent player


03 May 2012 16:40:36
Norwich possible signings:

Kyle Naughton - Great loan spell loves the fans and club wants to get his career going
Henri Lansbury - Again good loan spell last season and is wanting a permanent move away from arsenal in the summer
Dani Pacheco - Would love a return to Carrow Road and he has been missing all season
Michu - Paul Lambert has expressed his interest and he likes the sound of the club from pacheco - attacking mid scores lots of goals
Moses - Wants to leave wigan and will be availble for buy as we need one more pacey winger
Adam Clayton - Put on the transfer list by neil warnock and could link up with howson and johnson
Jordan Rhodes - PL a big fan and deal looks possible as hudds may not go up
Ricardo Vaz Te - PL was upset to miss out on him in the summer and may try to get him this time round
Chris Gunter - Long interest and looks like we may wrap this one up
Kyle Bennett - E Benno's brother - wants a move from relegated donny so lambert may give the startlet a chance at the canaries
Curtis Davies - Need to strengthen the defence so he could be the man

A few may be out of our range but these are from a very reliable source.(16)(22)Do you just take any player that we don't want anymore? Clayton isn't a prem player, hey seen as you're interested do you want Billy Paynter too? He's amazing ;)Yeah, and why exactly would he be linking up with Johnson? The two never played together,Seems you were cut off before you finished, so Messi and Rooney were missing off your list!
Dehlia will have to sell a few cakes before you get anyway near some of those.Moses to Norwich ?? Lol , He will sign a new Wigan deal in the Summer as long as Martinez stays (More than likely). Norwich couldn't afford himm anyway.Most people we buy havent played prem footy before but they still get us mid table in the prem... jelousy of our manager and leeds is a s one! we will get a few of them so just wait and see you deluded jelous ......


03 May 2012 16:29:35
Chris Powell, manager of Charlton Athletic is looking at signing 3 of the following players to bolster his chances in the championship:
Keiren Westwood (Sunderland)
Sam Baldock (West Ham United)
Matt Ritchie (Swindon Town FC)
Christian Eigler (Fc Nuremburg )
Martyn Waghorn (Leicester City)
Eric Lichaj (Aston Villa loan)(6)(16)Eric Lichaj is in the Villa first team why would he go on loan to Charlton do your research mate


03 May 2012 16:22:39
pep guardiola is in a london hotel ...any news ed ? {Ed025's Note - not yet pal..(6)(15)


03 May 2012 16:19:52
Boro set to sign man utd starlet will keane on a season long loan(7)(8)


03 May 2012 16:19:05
Newport County looking for a goalkeeper for next season are interested in James
Bitner who is available on a free transfer from F.G.R(8)(3)


03 May 2012 16:17:46
Top steward at Soutmapton has informed me that Nigel Adkins has been seen with Emile Hesky {Ed025's Note - my condolences..(7)(17)And I've been spotted with the pope {Ed025's Note - lucky you..Adkins and Heskey together....scary photo. The demonic and.......cant get the image out of my head!!Funny you should say that. Heskey and Adkins are dropping me off for my date with Kate Middleton tonight.


03 May 2012 13:47:30
Any Peterborough rumours about players coming in Ed? {Ed025's Note - not at the moment mate..(4)(6)


03 May 2012 16:12:03
Henri Lansbury looks to be on his way back to Norwich in the summer after he does not want to be loaned out by arsenal any longer so will move to the east anglian side after a successful spell last season which he described as the best loan spell he's had with brilliant fans and manager.(16)(8)Would be gd signing but how much would the gunners want 4 him i know norwich will have small budget and will not want waste all the money on himOur budget has increased after the recent deal with aviva the fees are not the problem mostly wages


03 May 2012 16:10:32
West Brom have been asked to leave their approach for Chris Hughton until after the play offf. Will definately be interviewed after that though(16)(8)


03 May 2012 16:06:05
Southampton possible in's
Kasper schemical GK , Marc muniesa CB , Sebastian ruddy MF
Alberto Paloschi ST all these are strong source's for the coming season(9)(8)Kaspers going no where m8You can have kasper if you give is 25 million plus lallana and lambert and sharp


03 May 2012 16:01:46
palce looking to sign akinfenwa and also replace their wooden seats(10)(6)


03 May 2012 15:14:40
All of these rumours are a joke?! There is no way that Jamal-Campbell Ryce and Adam Barrett would come back to Southend United.

Also, Bilel will not be signing for Newcastle or Blackpool and Ryan Hall will not sign for Shrewsbury.

Where do people hear this stuff?!!(3)(9)They will go some where or other if you don't get out of League 2.They hear them from the voices in their heads!


03 May 2012 14:44:16
Swindon are looking to sign Zeljeznicar star striker Eldin Adilovic who is the top scorer in the Bosnian Premier League.(6)(1)


03 May 2012 14:08:24
Hughton definately next West Brom manager. Not being announced yet due to play offs with Blues(14)(6)


03 May 2012 16:05:58
Ipswich set to sign Joe Lewis from Peterborough
on a free transfere(11)(9)Come on You Know it makes sense, go on my son be a tractor boy, luvley jubbly


03 May 2012 15:11:45
Freddie Sears to sign on loan for another season next year from West Ham, Even more likely to happen if they are promoted.(6)(3)Can see being sold not loaned out


03 May 2012 15:55:46
Watford have released four players today. These are:
Rene Gilmartin - GK
Tom James - LB
Michael Bryan - RW
Chez Isaac - CM
Expect lots of teams interested!(10)(4)WHO THE FECK ARE THEY, must be crap if Watford are releasing themEnd of contractWatford aren't that bad. They finished 11th in the Championship.Gilmartin will go to Ireland or League Two
James probably back to non-league
Bryan is playing for NI he might get some interest from League Two
Isaac will probably end up with Boreham Wood or WealdstoneWatford are a relatively small club and cannot afford to keep all the academy prospects..

In the past we have complained about releasing players that end up coming good.

Theo Robinson is a good example of that...

Bryan & Isaac have a good chance at making it - only time will tell

Good luck to them all.


03 May 2012 15:20:32
I hear that Brendan Rogers will be leaving Swansea next season to manage Spurs, with Harry Redknapp taking the Chelsea job and Chris Hughton will take up the job left free at Swansea.(4)(25)


03 May 2012 15:12:50
Reading are looking to bolster the strike force this summer. Last season our strongest component was our defence, which was solid. But our strikers were not exatly prolific.

From pretty respectable sources online we ave been linked with moves for Dame N'Doye and Yakubu

That is not to say we will not be signing any other players. There has been interest in Nathan Clyne, Adrian Mariappa and Ryan Bertrand.

There has been speculation form "Kids" on the site that we will be signing the likes of Doyle, Long, Hunt, and Siggurdson. Doyle and Hunt not of standard, Hunt and Siggurdson are unrealistic.



03 May 2012 15:07:10
Hartlepool United have agreed terms with Gary Mcsheffery and also Neil Ranger on loan next season(3)(11)Why would Gary McSheffrey who is under contract at his home town club the club he supports where he signed a new deal during the season leave and uproot him family for Hartlepool.Lol i sopose cov getin jeff sterling as a swop sheffers will stay where he is with the mitey sky bluesI take it you mean nile ranger?


03 May 2012 14:51:08
Leeds team next season:
Andy Lonergan
Tom Lees
Matt Mills
Jason Pearce
Clint Hill
Robert Snodgrass
Paul Green
Adam Clayton
Tommy Smith
Ross McCormack
Luciano Becchio(8)(18)If you're talking about QPR's Tommy Smith, he's more likely to go to Watford.Snoidgrass will go im aleeds fan and thats what i think we wont get promotion either cuase every player wherew gonna go for will rejct and we will be a team full of youths and none experienced playersLees is a cb


03 May 2012 14:49:45
Saints to sign
Jean-Alain Boumsong
Emile Heskey
Titus Bramble
to add to there average team(9)(24)Haha sounds like a bitter poster to me! {Ed025's Note - me tooYou mean to add to there average Premiership team.
We had a 5 year plan, we are in year 3, loving every minute of it however long it lasts.Pity you Pompey lot. Even heard you have another Arab billionaire about to buy you. (Does this one actually exist?)
You have become a joke in the football world, don't keep trying to make it worse.Good luck you will need it thats for sure even QPR are finding it hard, pompey fans are not bitter not one little bit, btw when was the last time you beat pompey 1-4 in your own BACKYARDHeskey and bramble
you re having a laugh
both well past it
try poopey down the road
their desperate4-1 in our own backyard....We were in League 1 and you were in the Premier League! My god you lot are a joke


03 May 2012 14:32:12
Rumours that Sol Campbell is being looked at by a newly promoted premiership side -source (metro). Can only be Saints or Reading.....At 37 not sure I would want him now. 4 -5 years ago would have been a great signing for us. Think talks closed down over wages....Phew (Reading man) {Ed020's Note - was being looked at, he had a foot injury and the offers moved on, i read the same article on the train this morning lol}(1)(17)Sol Campbell announced his retirement yesterday having not played for 12 monthsHe officially retired yesterdaySol Campbell has announced his retirementHe retired yesterday. It was on sky sportsNot very well thought through when you decided to make up this rumour, Sol Campbell announced his retirement from football on wednesday 2nd may......and you post this a day later lolI'm sure he has just announced his retirement?Youre obviously not up to date and definately on ANOTHER PLANET MATE!Think you will find its a case of "WAS" being looked at in the Janaury window by a team that has snow been promoted from the yes either Soton or ReadingHe has retired at 37 this isnt true at LLWell that told you!


03 May 2012 13:48:46
Nick Blackman is interesting Watford and will be out of contract shortly(8)(4)


03 May 2012 13:28:52
Just heard from Mick Kearns that Walsall have signed a pre-contract for Izale Mcleod and are in talks with Aresnal for Joel Campbell for 3 months.

Big Tombo(6)(18)No they haven't. Domestic players can't sign pre-contracts with other clubs. This only applies to overseas players.Well as joel campbell can't get a work permit to play over here i very much doubt this.... also why would he go from regular footy in ligue 1 to play for walsall


03 May 2012 13:27:30
Bristol City will complete the signing of
Jody Morris on 1st June 2012 on a 1yr
Terry Connor will also make a return to
City's coaching set up.(13)(12)I bloody hope so


03 May 2012 13:24:55
Alexander Frei to sign on loan for 1 year to Crystal Palace FC from Swiss team FC Basel.(9)(28)


03 May 2012 13:24:09
Reading are looking into the availability of young Chelsea full back Ryan Bertrand on a season long loan. Who has already spent time on loan at the Berkshire club.(19)(7)


03 May 2012 13:20:14
I can confirm Coventrys on loan defends at Hibs has signed a deal with Hearts. His last game this season will be against Hearts (if Hibs play him) and his first next season will be for Hearts! He's not injured at the moment Hibs have just taken the news badly!(6)(2)That would explain his ommision from the team last night, I cant see Hibs playing him in the cup final if he has signed a pre contract at Hearts.James McPake is under contract so any deal is subject to a fee being paid which Hearts don't have and he has said he is coming back to Coventry next season.


03 May 2012 13:04:31
Andy Williams of Yeovil and one other player shown around the New York Stadium of Rotherham United today and have until Sunday to decide if they want to sign (Offical RUFC Website)(11)(11)Why would he want to drop t league two when he has an record offer from yeovil and other league one teams?May be it's because Rotherham have a new stadium, new training complex and can offer more money...


03 May 2012 13:03:38
Portsmouth are looking into getting Nathan Ellington on a free also Michael Jacobs from Northampton and goalkeeper Liam O'brien from barnet(14)(19)You lost all credibility when you mentioned Jacobs! He's valued 500k. You can't spend anything like that!At last, a sensible post about Portsmouths possible signings.No chance! You couldnt afford Jacobs and Ellingtons wages would be too high..You lot cant even pay your electric bill!OMG Pompey fans when you going to understand, until you have new owners you will not be paying any fees for any player and i agree with the above post Jacobs worth at least 500K.Jacobs is heading to the championship !! a few clubs interested.Pompey fans still think they
are in the championship
like they still think they ve
got big money to spend
on new signings
oh bless em the penny will
drop one day
big timeYou should be closed down


03 May 2012 13:00:56
West Ham will attempt to sign Henri Lansbury from Arsenal on a permanate deal if they win the play-offs(15)(10)That's if he isn't a Reading player by then. Reading are very keen on him and are already in talks with he can sit on the bench getting splinters again...Allardyce wouldnt know a quality midfielder if he saw one ....hes deluded to think Chicken Wings Nolan isNorwich may also be looking at signing him, as he was very successful with us last season. The fact he is not in the squad for West Ham tonight suggests he may have rejected West Ham attempts to sign him permanently.


03 May 2012 13:00:51
Jamie McAllister to sign for old boss
Gary Johnson at Yeovil?(14)(3)


03 May 2012 12:27:21
Walsall In: Mantom (impending release from WBA)
Giles Coke
Calvin Zola
Cambell Ryce(8)(8)As a WBA fan I know for a fact we will definitely not be releasing one of our best young players in Sam Mantom... May be heading to Walsall on loan but definitely not permanently


03 May 2012 12:25:59
The Playoffs now look crucial for West Ham, whose spiralling debt and financial woes will be magnified tenfold should they fail to get promoted.

Failure in the playoffs will mean the forced sale of a number of first team regulars, as well as job cuts around Upton Park as they struggle to remain afloat. Rumours of an unpaid tax bill also hover over East London as some sources report that HMRC are preparing to wind up the hapless Championship outfit.

First out of the door is likely to be Sam Allardyce, with whom the board are said to be furious with for not securing automatic promotion, espescially as the Hammers have spent approximately quadruple what champions Reading have on wages and transfer fees.(21)(4)Remind you of a south coast the in blue?They spent WAY more that quadruple what we spent, we spent 1m plus whatever roberts was, West Spam spent quadruple that on Nolan alone.Birmingham also rumoured to be in financial problems if they don't go upWhen will these clubs learn that it is all about team ethic and desire, not fat cat wages, and hefty transfer fees.
Reading and Southampton remind me of Norwich & Swansea last season and could both do ok next year in premiership.
Look at Leicester also, huge money spent on transfer fees and wages and not even in play-offs.


03 May 2012 12:51:23
Wigan to sign Charlie Austin from Burnley for £3million with Nouha Dicko joining Burnley on loan.(9)(21)


03 May 2012 12:50:53
Chris Powell keen to tie up signing of Emile Heskey from Aston Villa by Friday 11th. Heskey and Powell are friends from their England days together, and Heskey is said to be very excited about the move.(10)(16)


03 May 2012 12:46:55
Charlton looking at the possibility of signing Marcus Bent on a free transfer, following his release from Indonesian club Mitra Kukar.

Chris Powell keen to bring back the striker who has "unfinished business" at the Valley(7)(14)


03 May 2012 12:07:40
Bristol Rovers are said to be interested in Stephen Craigan. The central defender plays for Motherwell, and played under Mark McGhee from 2007-2009.(7)(7)


03 May 2012 12:04:57
Bristol City are allegedly about to
make a 750k bid for Mustapha Soon
Carayol, Bristol City scouts rate
Carayol better than current wingers
Adomah and Bolasie. It believed
Bristol Rovers will reject the bid and
will only be looking at offers of 1
million plus. A number of
championship sides have already
expressed interest in the young
winger. Carayol's contract is due
to run out next summer, however he
is currently negotiating a deal which
would see him become the highest
paid player in League 2 history.(2)(19)


03 May 2012 12:00:17
Leeds will announce the signings of Jason Pearce from Pompey and David Forde from Millwall in next couple of days(22)(8)Why do you think Forde would go Leeds? Warnock doesnt even have a keeper on the bench and has Lonergan already? Forde is too good to not get a look in


03 May 2012 11:58:46
Bristol Rovers are set to lodge a 50k for Andy Dorman in the coming transfer window.(5)(6)


03 May 2012 11:56:40
Bristol Rovers ins:
Campbell Ryce
Bristol Rovers outs:
Stanley(4)(13)Bristol city reserves just cant leave us alone new ground u want one scottish manager u want one championship football u want oh sorry ha ha up the cityJCR won't drop to League 2.Bolger wont join permanently he has a future at leicester


03 May 2012 11:48:29
Preston to sign stuart beavon and free agent andy gray both deals will be announced as soon as the season ends.(15)(11)Charlton, Sheffield United and Preston are chasing Wycombe striker Stuart Beavon......and out of those 3 clubs, I would imagine that PNE are 3rd on his prefrence fact 4th....staying at Wycombe would be NO CHANCE


03 May 2012 11:35:36
Released Jacob Walcott and Carl McHugh are joining fottball league side Fleetwood Town(6)(4)


03 May 2012 10:58:28
Barnsley forums and a friend of mine at the club believe Reading have beaten Newcastle to the signature of midfielder Jacob Butterfield.

Reading have also been in talks with Notts Forest's Garath McCleary. This is a done deal and will be announced next week.(8)(11)According to Sky Sports Newcastle are the
front runners for ButterfieldSSN have recycled an article from last week.Mccleary will be missedYour mate is an person you should keep away from him


03 May 2012 10:55:46
Wolves are looking into the signing of either Jay Rodriguez or Charlie Austin, both of Burnley. Rodriguez has attracted premier league interest and would cost at least 6 million and Burnley would demand a fee in the region of 3 million for 22 year old Austin.(1)(29)Wolves need to sell to buy, as part of the new fair play rules that come into play next season. Several first teamers MUST go.Rod is attracting prem attention yet staying in the championship. Very much doubt thatWolves don't "need" to sell anyone. We have a wage structure in place and all contracts are reduced now relegation has been confirmed. Players are kept on long-term contracts to prevent a mass exodus. If a player demands to move and threatens disruption, that may be different. We even have some money to spend. We may well sell players, but that will be the choice of the Manager (whoever that will be) and the Owner.

And regarding the price of Rodriguez - this rumours site reports that Southampton are looking to sign Jarvis for 4million yet we are expected to pay "at least 6 million" for Rodriguez. Hmmm. We may as well keep Jarvis, Fletcher, Doyle and co.Rodriguez is not going to leave Burnley for another championship club, especially since there are a number of premiership clubs likely to go for him


03 May 2012 10:54:43
Emile Heskey in talks with Derby County and has reportedly signed a pre-contract with them. This is after he was denied a contact extention with A Villa.(8)(15)Bosman rules are different in England than in Europe. No pre-contract agreements can be made until the current contract expires.

Do your homework in future.


03 May 2012 10:53:59
Leeds to make £5miilion bid for Piquionne(6)(45)Bates spend 5mill on one player to play in
the championship you are taking the old
proverbial not a chance {Ed020's Note - us leeds fans can always dream!!! lol}The very idea of Leeds spending 5m on a player makes me laugh. The idea it would be on Piquionne is priceless.Leeds to make no bid for piquionne and even if we did, 1mil maxWe haven't got that kind of money. plus hes over 30 carnt get in west ham starting 11 , would probably cost around 500,000 but we dont want another barn doorGet real with Bates record he's never splashed the cash!5 mil , really lolDon't be silly, you don't have 5m to spend, let alone on 1 player.Leeds aint got 5 million you idiotsWe trading him for the east stand? Cost same....Leeds have got 5 millon to spend but bates wont spend it


03 May 2012 10:53:16
Wolves will interview Ian Holloway over becoming the new manager. And Michael Kightly is set to sign a new 3 year contract with the club.(14)(14)I really hope this is true,but with drybread morgan who knowsSo Ian Holloway...who could be back in the premiership with Blackpool in a few weeks is going to have to go through the indignity of an "interview" with a relegated club that's about to lose most of it's decent players and a fan base thats going to be demanding a return to the prem at the first go......It's just not going to happen.

It's curbishley or some other manager looking to get back into the game.....I dont think most managers with a job would touch this one with a barge pole after the humiliating way the club treated McCarthy


03 May 2012 10:49:51
Following Jamie Vardys signing, Leicester are ready to release Steve Howard. Favourites for his signature are his home town team Northampton.
He is seen as a more mobile replacement for the Crawley bound Bayo Akinfenwa.(4)(11)Vardy hasn't definately signed yet and Howard was released a week agoHoward is less mobile than the Statue Of Liberty.Well howards left the city a week ago and Vardy is looking elswhereNo you havnt signed anyone


03 May 2012 10:48:15
After wigans recent revival, dave whelan is set to invest in some new faces.
Michael owen is one rumoured arrival
as is theo robinson from derby.(2)(17)So hes investing about 250k thenWhy would wigan want owen yho person hes finneshed


03 May 2012 10:46:19
Dont know the details yet, but Maxime Blanchard has signed a new contract to stay at Plymouth.(7)(2)


03 May 2012 10:13:30
aberdeen to try sign ian black . offering a 5 year contract(1)(10)We're awash with midfielders and do not give players over 21 anything more than a 2 year deal.


03 May 2012 11:30:20
rubbish, Bruma is on loan at Hamburg who are in the top flight of German football. He also has an outside chance of the euros with the Netherlands. Why would he possibly go to Palace next season?(3)(5)Bruma is a full time Hamburg player after not getting a chance at Chelsea, Pat Van Aanholt is out on loan at Vitesse.


03 May 2012 09:45:11
Mirallas to join Wigan Athletic at the end of the season, if they stay in the premiership. He will join for 4 million, the greek media is reporting.(10)(5)


03 May 2012 07:04:17
Hey Ed do u know if any of mk dons
players will leave at the end of our
playoff games. Also do u know any
players comming in. {Ed015's Note - Nothing yet, keeping everything steady for the play-offs}.(0)(2)


03 May 2012 09:27:07
Reading have just announced Tomasz Cywka will be released. Huddersfield boss Simon Grayson is expecting him to be his first close season signing. Expect quick business as he has also targeted Adam Clayton - Leeds. Cody Mcdonald - Coventry. Joe Lewis - Peterborough and Michael Jacobs - Northampton. Released will be Gary Naismith, Gary Roberts and Jamie McCombe. Transfered out will be Alex Smithies -Bolton and Jordan Rhodes - West Ham or Newcastle. It could be a'big' name former international could join the club too as a last season finish to his playing career - rumoured to be Darius Vassell or Emile Heskey!!(1)(20)Uddersfield won't be able to afford any of those players if they are still in league 1 either fees or wages


03 May 2012 09:24:56
as Greavsie used to say it's a funny old game.
Stranger things have happened and ref Mcrmack
he did well last season at Swindon,so who Know's Cafc may resign him.
However is doubtful as his future seems secure at Swindon(1)(3)Why would McCormack go back to Charlton they didint play him and didnt want him which is why he signed for us and he has been outstanding for us and got player of the year.

He's not going anywhere.


03 May 2012 09:21:31
Reading are looking to lock horn with Southamptop for the signing of Matt Jarvis, estimated to available for 4 Million.(10)(17)You can join the que with villa, albion, stoke everton, sunderland, qpr allinterested.
4 million with that lot interested. I have heard we asking for 8 million.Double it and Wolves might start talking. 4m is not even close to his valuation.No way 8mill. Championship player now.Add Norwich City to that list, as they are interested aswell.


03 May 2012 09:11:04
Southampton will make 4m bid for wolves winger matt Jarvis
(source the express)(16)(18)Can you stop all this 4 million for jarvis. he will cost double that if not more as wolves d0 not need to sell....I think you have no chance with Stoke already making a move.Maybe, but unfortunately he might want to move.Sure hope so, but I don't think he'll go for that much


03 May 2012 09:02:00
andy woodmen been let go .roumers is marcus been hasent been offered a contract thats ashame(2)(3)


03 May 2012 08:59:53
Liverpool to have a re-shape in the

Liverpool outs:

dirk kuyt
maxi rodriguez

Liverpool ins:

luuk de jong
demba ba
moses(10)(31)Moses to Liverpool ? LOL, He has stated he will sign a new deal at Wigan this summer if as anticipated Martinez stays. Doubt he would go to Liverpool as they have ruined enough young players careers.Dont liverpool have a re-shape ever pre season?


03 May 2012 08:00:39
Rhys Evans to resign for Swindon to replace Phil smith as back up(2)(11)


03 May 2012 06:53:07
If Bolton retain their premier league status, Marvin Sordell will join Watford on loan till January.(8)(14)I'm a massive Watford fan. This looks very likely!Bolton are screwed.Well - they are going down - so a pointless post!If you are a massive Watford Fan - does that mean you are very tall or very fat?Coyle doesn't play Sordell so he may as well go back there.


03 May 2012 06:51:04
Aberdeens manager Craig Brown has offered mikael forsell the chance to come up to pittodrie and prove himself this next pre season, Aberdeen are also looking for a playmaker next season with a number of players attracting his attention from championship and league 1.(4)(10)


03 May 2012 03:22:09
Oldham stopper Cisak set to sign for Ipswich Town. heard from a reliable source at Oldham that they are close to submitting a bid.(9)(3)I've not heard anything about this is he any good?


03 May 2012 00:36:52
Tomasz Cywka will have a trial with Watford so they can decide whether to invite him back for pre-season training to earn a contract.(16)(5)


02 May 2012 23:53:27
Southampton chasing Seattle Sounder winger Steve Zakuani, ex Arsenal academy player, young and looks like a talent, they are also looking to sign Michael Owen on a loan deal and Adrian Mariappa from Watford while Reading are looking at Blackpools Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Wolves Midfielder Jamie O'Hara, they are also wanting to make a 4 Million pound bid for Spurs Sebastian Bassong who is currently on loan at Wolves.(16)(15)Here we go again Owen to Saints, heard this every transfer window for the last 2 seasons, dont get me wrong when fit still is a quality player, trouble is he is never fit. I dont reackon this will happen, We will need players that will give us 30+ games next season not 3-4 which you probable get from Owen.Bassong for 4 mill when hes contract is up in the summerI am a huge sants fan but we wont sign Owen...he could get much more money elsewhere - probably end up in the US or Qatar or something, also not really sure i would want him...and how can anyone sign him on loan when he is out of contract at the end of this season...who will he be on loan from...think about it!!If Bassong's contract is up in the summer why would he cost 4m?


02 May 2012 23:35:46
Any ideas who ipswich will be signing?(4)(13)Come to wolves we have plenty for sale buy one get two freeKumar Babacarr on a free as well as beckham to get him back in english football for the olympics


02 May 2012 23:07:32
Rumours have it that Leicester City are looking at Manchester United defender and starlet Zeki Fryers who's contract finishes in June/July but face competition as Manchester United are looking to renew his contract. But 1st team football could tempt Fryers towards LEicester City as Manchester United cannot offer it as they prefer the older and experienced players.(5)(12)


02 May 2012 22:22:40
Hey Ed, any truth in Brian Howard or Ramon Nunez to Doncaster Rover. Thanks(7)(11)Er no haha


02 May 2012 22:59:40
Any Burton roumers ED {Ed003's Note - Nope,sorry}(0)(3)ED nothing on managers {Ed001's Note - nothing mate sorry.}


02 May 2012 22:43:43
There are rumorus flying around of a move for Michael Owen to Bolton this Summer. Not sure on the details. It could be a loan move, but apparently it'll only happen if Bolton manage to avoid relegation! Extra incentive to stay up!(4)(9)So it wont happen thenExtra incentive to be relagatedHow will it be a loan deal when his contract is up and Man u won't extend it.Stoke city will send bolton down in a few weeks time


02 May 2012 22:38:27
Oxford to sign Thomas Barkhuizen from Blackpool, either on loan or for free depending on what league Blackpool are in.(0)(10)


02 May 2012 22:11:44
Watford could go for Ramon Nunez of Leeds.
Released by Leeds, Watford in need of a winger, could be the one(11)(10)Nah Southampton are signing him.Nunez is only transfer listed and has not been released so you'll have to pay a fee, but please take him. I actually think he could be a good player for you and one we've let get away.... time will tellI can see us regretting this one. With a decent run in a team I think he could be a very good player.He is too lightweight, but he can shoot!He did really well for Scunthorpe when he went out on loan, and thought he looked pretty impressive when he played in the cup.

His form in the league for Leeds wasn't great but I think he would be a great signing if he got a decent run in a team.He wasn't releases. He was just transfer listed.


02 May 2012 21:39:10
The future of Serbian Radosav Petrovic seems to be outside Blackburn. With Rovers very close to relegation, he's been linked with some German and Russian clubs (Mnchengladbach, Hannover, Spartak Moscow), and even a return to his former club Partizan.(7)(2)He's been linked with Saints, haven't you heard?He was awful anyway


02 May 2012 20:28:24
Any Sheffield united gossip ed? {Ed003's Note - It will all come down to what league you are in mate obvious I know but we should get something soon after that,keep tuned in}(5)(2)You will still be in LEAGUE 1!


02 May 2012 20:33:20
hi ED, portsmouth some rumor about the outputs and inputs on the team? {Ed003's Note - It seems more about outgoings at the moment,I suppose things will become a lot clearer once the financial side gets sorted fingers crossed for you guys}(5)(5)


02 May 2012 20:26:02
Any Charlton rumours Ed? {Ed003's Note - Just the 2 you have just posted}(2)(2)


02 May 2012 15:53:24
Any Rotherham United news Ed??? {Ed003's Note - nothing yet}(2)(5)


02 May 2012 19:17:05
Simon Grayson set to raid Leeds for midfielder Adam Clayton who he rates very highly(17)(23)Not much of a suprise! hes been transfer listed by warnockClayton is going only to the premier league. no way he would drop a division when he has a year left on his contractSo huddersfield can afford 15k wagesIf larry brings his old leeds mates in he will lose the fans foreverSouthampton were looking at him.He's more likely to pick up Billy Paynter...So Huddersfield can afford his wages and Leeds can't?Why would he drop down a league. Plus 15k a week wages and a min 1 mill transfer fee.... Barn door Billy maybe more realistic.


02 May 2012 17:13:59
Hi Ed, any Burnley rumours? {Ed003's Note - Just the Jay Rod leaving and Trippier seems to be attracting interest,I'm sure it was Newcastle who had him watched}(5)(2)Jay Rod is going to Charlton {Ed003's Note - very doubtful}So you can read a newpaper Ed :o well done {Ed001's Note - don't be silly, 003 can't read! Rodriguez is likely to leave, there are Premier League clubs interested and he is likely to make the step up. I know Wigan are very interested in a new striker, it is not much of an upheaval for him to make and they have watched him most of the season. So long as they stay up, I would think they are the favourites to sign him, though Villa are extremely interested too.}


02 May 2012 19:03:44
Burnley will use the £5million to attempt to sign Adam Clayton, who has been transfer listed by Neil Warnock. However Claytons wage demands may be too high for the clarets.
Burnley will also go in for George Boyd as a replacement for Keith Tracey who is on his way to Sheffield Wednesday.(10)(12)5mill? You can have barn door Belford for less lmaoGeorge Boyd is going to Charlton, he is a palace fan and wants to move back to South London but palace dont want him, and as a professional he doesnt mind that charlton are palace's rivalsSouthampton already signed him.


02 May 2012 18:57:33
Portsmouth FC likely to go bust in the next week. The club seem to have never learnt that they needed to reduce their wage bill and that has put investors off. Notable players will move to the following clubs:
Ashdown - Bristol City
Norris - Palace
Kitson - Derby
Lawrence - Birmingham
Ward - Ipswich
Rocha - Coventry(27)(6)I think rocha and norris will be staying at portsmouth, if rocha does go then i dont think he would go to coventryRocha and Norris wont be staying, unless they take a huge wage cut.What when pompey got funds till july so know they wont go bust next weekThey have funds till June but have a meeting at the start of the month where the Administrator reports back wether they can carry on, so they are close to going bustSouthampton buying Ashdown, Kitson, Ward and Rocha.Derby will not pay the wages of Dave Kitson unless he lowers his demands significantly.Coventry carnt get anyone in we are in a transfer embargoWhy would Southampton buy four players not even good enough for the Championship?
Is there really such a grouping of "supporters" on the south coast who have no knowledge of football but think they are experts?Sooner the better


02 May 2012 18:54:43
colchester want steve howard to replace kayode odejayi(9)(6)Wheres kayode off too i know there was rumors rotherham were after him


02 May 2012 18:52:49
Welsh international midfielder Andrew Crofts is likely to leave Norwich as he has fell out ot favour with The Canaries. Southampton, newly promoted to the Premier League, and promotion-playoff challengers Cardiff City have targeted Crofts.(9)(6)I hope we don't lose Andy. Hard worker, young, great workrate, gets stuck in and can also bag a goal. He seems very happy here, I hope he doesn't get forced out.As he was signed for such a ridiculous amount 2 years ago (300k from Brighton), is more likely that they will sell Crofts for any offer over 1.2M...


02 May 2012 17:01:43
Any Norwich rumours, Ed? {Ed015's Note - Nothing since the links with the Pompey lads and Chris Gunter again}.(2)(2)


02 May 2012 18:47:25
nunez is set to sign for charlton following his release from leeds(16)(12)He wasn't released, a fee shall be required.


02 May 2012 18:45:08
lyod sam to sign for addicks after being released by leeds(18)(11)


02 May 2012 18:42:35
Kevin doyle set to return to reading in a money plus exchange deal including Adam Le Fondre heading the other way on a loan to a possible permenant. Reading are also interested in Matt Jarvis. Also Wayne Bridge is looking to head to Reading if they can sort out some deal in regards to wages; if not they will opt for Blackburn left back Martin Olson.(11)(20)I agree that Reading might be looking at bringing Doyle back but can't see them letting Le Fondre go to Wolves.

BobbybuffonAbsolutely no chance. Le Fondre is a hero at RFC and will not leave.


02 May 2012 18:42:29
Crystal Palace to sign:
George Boyd
Carl Baker OR Sammy Clingan
Clayton Donaldson(9)(18)Uou can hv clayton donladson his grap bees fanWould be happy with all of them, they all seem realistic too.


02 may 2012 18:42:17
bristol city news; chairman colin sexton to step down from bristol city, he will move to bristol rugby, new blood to come in,(12)(5)


02 May 2012 18:38:30
Brazilian defender Vasco is in talks with Arsenal with a £15m move to North London.(12)(11)


02 May 2012 18:36:07
Dartford, likely to be promoted to the BSP are linked to bringing in Tony Adams as Director of Football(5)(9)


02 May 2012 18:35:32
Stoke are keen to sign African champion Emmanuel Mayuka from Swiss side Young Boys. The Bernese club was denied a license to play for the next season, which increases the chances of the Zambian striker to join The Potters.(12)(4)He's too small to play for stoke lolCould see him at Stoke personally. Powerful striker who runs the channelsMayuka will not be joining you his mother has just died so will stay ove in africaHe told you he'll be staying in Africa did he?


02 May 2012 18:24:25
West Ham will attempt to sign Matt Jarvis from (relegated) Wolves only if the Hammers earn promotion to the Premier League (via-playoffs).(7)(18)West Ham might well be interested in Jarvis if they go up but the first problem they have is that they will lose to Cardiff and they wouldn't be Jarvis' first choice anyway.

BobbybuffonCardiff are well known for their fails in the promotion-playoffs... West Ham, if they get into the finals, will struggle more against Brum/Blackpool. Anyway, I just hope Jarvis goes to a safe mid-table club at least.


02 May 2012 18:22:23
Any news on benito carbone going to qpr?(2)(10)Yes, he isn't


02 May 2012 18:11:43
webber released by leeds, could a return to pompey be on the cards (yes were in administration but there is a chance that well be bought so before you start having a go its just a rumour)(7)(12)Your in administration. The way Pompey spend money they deserve to go bust.


02 May 2012 18:07:42
we do not no how much will be available to spend yet but it will be 14-17 million including new player wages.

we can stop dreaming about rhodes because he was born in and support ipswich.

can expect Tierney to leave and be at arsenal next season and the gunners have also shot listed holt but will have a hard time getting him as we have set a 8 million price tag on him.

we can expect at least one player from forest as lambert has been at many of there games.

also Morrison will leave as had asked for a transfer as is "unsettled".

we will by mohammed abdellaoue as the deal has already been decided and will join for 4.4 million.

Aaron Wilbraham has asked to stay at the club because he is settled in norfolk.

scot doe how plays for league two Dagenham might be one of norwich new possible defenders for next season as we nearly bid for him in January.(3)(14)Tierney won't go to Arsenal, that's nonsense. And maybe Norwich and Hannover have reached an agreement for Moa Abdellaoue, but it's most likely that he won't agree terms with The Canaries.Rhodes was not born in Ipswich, he was born in OldhamYou beat me to it, rhodes born nowhere near ipswich, ppl just come on here and make stuff up, like holt to arsenal..... wtf!Forest don't have any good players you can have chambers money grabbing sod8 mil for Holt..really. I suppose then that the 10.5 mil that Arsenal paid to sign an established German international and established Bundesliga striker was an absolute bargain!!


02 May 2012 18:05:13
But they wont they have no money ,grant mcCann will join pneare you sure about that(0)(6)


02 May 2012 17:58:45
Emile Heskey's contract is up at the end of the season. Expect him to return to Leicester City.(14)(26)How are you going to pay his wages and comply with FFP at the same time?Your staying in the championship then


02 May 2012 17:50:46
trotter to brighton in £1.5m deal with harley and vincelot going the other way(2)(16)We definately want keep del boy trotter! so any club who wants to buy him can start bidding atleast 2-5mill ok!1.5m + 350,000 (Harley) + 550,000 (Vincelot) = 2.4m so close to the 2.5m that you rate him at!


02 May 2012 17:39:40
Southampton are looking into Rayo Vallecano's Michu, who was linked to Man Utd in January.
If this comes off, it'd be a pretty decent transfer IMO(17)(6)Another dreamer lolThere's nothing unbelievable about it. It's in the papersWouldn't say he's a dreamer, he's only going on what skysports have said, so do a little bit of research like he has before making yourself look like an aspHow can he be a dreamer when its in the papers today?!In the sn? prob a load of rubbish then lolIt was in a few papers and sky sports news that Southampton were "looking at him". Generally when it is in a few papers and on sky sports news it tends to be true.

However, "looking at him" is a very ambiguous term, doesn't mean anything whatsoever. He is a great player though, so fingers crossed."how can he be a dreamer when its in the papers today"....Used toilet paper carries more credible stories than the tabloids.Its in the daily echo today 5 mill apparently but cant sign him till June 1st so yea we are deluded ha ha idiotsHe quotes what a paper says and he gets called a dreamer? Dear god its doesnt matter if its actually true or can he be a dreamer?


02 May 2012 17:39:16
Matty Phillips wont leave Blackpool in the summer.(13)(14)He will if Blackpool don't get promotion. Southampton and everton have shown interest already.HE will be going to Swansea in exchange for Dobbie, plus Swansea will pay a fee aswell.No one knows if he will or not so everyone stfu.

He might go. That is all that can be said on the matter now. Stop speculating and making bold statements that have no validity yet.Its a transfer rumour site, people put rumours on here, 99% of them are prbable untrue. If you want to read about football facts then maybe you should start reading the Sun Newspaper.


02 May 2012 17:35:01
MK Dons to sign Neil Mellor from Preston on a free transfer.(11)(7)


02 May 2012 17:30:18
Whats the latest on Joel Ward to Ipswich rumour.(6)(8)Joel ward back pompey
he no that go to ipswichDont understand a word you say. Makes more sense this way!

Joel ward to ipswich
he no go back that pompey


02 May 2012 17:17:41
Burnley boss Eddie how is going to struggleto bring in the right players this summer due to having to slash the wage bill . On thereeay out prob is jay rod . Marney . Amougou . Easton .Stewart .pods Austin and Wallace every player has a price(13)(5)Where do people make up these rumours. I don't understand the logic behind what you just said. Ye jay rod is likely to leave but with the money coming in for him, we don't need to sell anyone else. Easton and amougou are out of contract, so yes will leave. Marney can leave for me, he doesn't fit the pass and move style that we play


02 May 2012 17:17:33
Any rumours on the coventry takeover or the possibility of the transfer ban being lifted ?(6)(4)We wont be took over , and sisu are about to tell us what plans if any they have for next season and if they can afford to stay here


02 May 2012 17:05:17
Sunderland ins:

Carroll - Liverpool
Hoilett - Blackburn
Moses - Wigan
Delph - Villa
Savic (loan) - man city
Fabio - man u
Clark - villa

Sunderland outs:

Muhammady(4)(51)Dream on daft ladRubbishIf clark is gonna leave villa he will not go to sunderland he.l go somewhere like man u or arsenal he.s different class.Your having a laugh if you think your getting Ciaran Clark he loves it at Villa he is part of a bunch of youngsters that have been playing together since they were 13-14 and are now all coming through the first team he won't leave Villa and if he wanted to it would cost you 10m and O'Neill never bought him through it was HoullierAs unrealistic as this post is, can you villa fans get a grip. you aren't a big team anymore.
and if he was as good as you say he would be ready to jump ship. if he didn't it would show lack of ambition to stay at a club who really are on the downward spiral.

lack of quality and leadership. you have a couple of decent players and they will be offSince when does Nosworthy play for Sunderland? he signed for Watford in January , if your gonna post on here at least get your facts right and write the truth.Nosworthy is on loan at WatfordOh you mean ambitious like when we nicked your best player for 24 million and you still hav.nt got over it. Trust me mate when villa get a decent manager they will be fighting for europe again.Someone has been playing too much Champ Manager.You lot are idiots you aint got the money for starters


02 May 2012 16:56:41
charlton are set to sign Ebanks-Blake from wolves. the striker came close to signing for the addicks 3 years ago(5)(22)This is true about us close to signing him years ago, and now wolves have been relegated he is a big potential targetCant see this one happeningFrom league 1 champions to signing players on premiership wages in the space of a month...really.


02 May 2012 16:53:52
Reading have released:

Brian Howard
Andy Griffin
Nicholas Bignall
Cedric Baseya
Ethan Gage

Brett Williams is also free to leave with Northampton keen to keep him after a successful loan. Swindon Town are also interested.

Reading have agreed a fee for Watford defender Mariappa. This is apparently very close to being tied up.

Brian McDermott wants 5 new signings this summer, 3 of which before pre-season begins.source about interest by swindon in williams?(9)(4)I was reading the Reading FC site earlier - I don't think Bignall was released as he was suffering from a knee injury. I think that's what it said anyway.


02 May 2012 16:49:53
celtic to sign vaz te and matty phillips(4)(35)No they are not


02 May 2012 16:41:19
leicester strongly linked with fleetwood town striker jamie vardy who helped gain them promotion into the football league. other clubs interested but leicester city look favourates to sign the in demand forward(16)(8)I thought the lad had ambition


02 May 2012 16:39:47
wba to sign allan mcgregor and steven
celtic to sign forster russell rhodes
yakubu mackay steven(6)(18)


02 May 2012 16:35:39
celtic to sign jonny russell and
yann kermorgant(3)(14)Your not good enough for Napoleon's right hand man! He is going to tear up the Championship next year!


02 May 2012 16:30:55
Leicester looking to buy Harry Kane(13)(16)


02 May 2012 16:29:55
Liverpool are rumoured to have offered Downing to a number of clubs at a cut price fee as well as several fringe players. Dirk Kuyt has interested Sunderland and Stoke but chances are he'll go to Holland with former club Feyenoord..(17)(8)Downing to join Arsenal for 5million


02 May 2012 16:37:45
Going to be a busy summer for burnley manager Eddie Howe . As we know jay rod will go along with marney Wallace. Maybe .amougo easton and may be pato . Eddie has been told to slash the wage bill again every player has there price the chairman has said that often . And we won't bet the ranch . Hang on we don't own it ) itch(3)(2)Who is the Burnley chairman?
Has he not just stepped down?Bob lord {Ed003's Note - Barry Kilby has just stepped down}


02 May 2012 16:31:19
Reports on twitter, bbc leicester sport presenter Ian Stringer and other inside sources believe Leicester City have completed their first signing of the transfer market with Fleetwood Town striker Jamie Vardy for a believed fee of 750K which could rise to 1million pounds(16)(8)


02 May 2012 16:22:59
Bit of news from Stoke last night

The Potters are interested in Villa's Warnock who they enquired about in the Jan window.

Jarvis will join in June and another Wolves player is interesting the Potters.

Kenwyne Jones will leave in the Summer with 3 Prem clubs and a Spanish club interested.

Highly rated Florent Cuvelier is wanted on loan by Swindon but Stoke feel he can play at a higher lever. Watford rumoured to be interested in a loan.

Stoke have had talks with Jermaine Pennant and he may even feature at the weekend but no decision will be made until after his court hearing.

Nico Kranjcar a player who Pulis had at Pompey is a 4 million pound target.

Still no news on Robert Huth.

Rory Delap is to take his coaching badges under the guidance of Pulis and Kemp and has expressed his desire to one day coach Carlisle Utd

(idiots who prattle on about long ball/Krancjar won't join a rugby team etc need not apply)(9)(6)Truth hurts doesn't it, all together now HOOF!!!Pulis didnt have kranjcar at pompey redknapp didDoesn't hurt at all- just think it's funny that these fans of teams who can't be Stoke spend so much time complaining about you :-)Pulis tried to loan Kranjcar from Pompey he wasn't there when he played and tried to sign him when Spurs did. I seen some fool did biteThe Rory Delap school of football:
1) If you can kick it then HOOF it as far as possible.
2) If you can't kick the ball kick the man.
3) Learn to throw better than you can kick a ball.....A couple of Spurs players interesting Stoke apparently.

Could see Delap as a good coach. He has 500 odd top class appearances and a great ambassador for the game with his off the field work. Been a great player and well respected.


02 May 2012 16:20:26
Stan Ternent to replace Graham Westley at Preston after a disastrous few months including outspoken words about his squad. Ternent will sign Lloyd Sam first. Likely assistant is Gary Brabin(6)(8)Haha what a muppet utter garbage westleys doing fine now and pne will be a hell of alot better next season.Dream on he westly that is thinks he is the best thing since slice bread you t preston will realise that soon


02 May 2012 16:17:05
Gary Brabin being linked to the Bournemouth post. Darren Anderton too.(8)(2)God please no barbin who gets sacked from a confrence team and anderton cracking player but never been a manager.No he isn't. He isn't at all. Not even remotely.


02 May 2012 16:13:40
Randy Lerner to spend as he want to re-shape the team.


Bent to liverpool - £15m
Given to Tott - £3m
fabian delph to Reading - £2.5m
Heskey surprise target for wigan - Free
n'zogbia (does not wish to play for villa no more)
to southampton - £6m

McGregor from Rangers - £3m
Weather from Bolton - £2m
Olson from Blackburn - £3.5m
Sidwell from Fulham - Free
Moses from Wigan - £7m
Rodriguez from Burnley £3m
Hooper from Celtic - £2.5m(2)(40)Moses has come out and said that he isnt ready to leave Wigan yet and will be signing a new deal once everything is clear that Martinez is staying and not going to West Brom or Villa, so that aint true... and just because Heskey used to play for us under Bruce does not mean we want him back.No chance will N'Zogbia join Saints. players have said whoever joins needs to fit in with squad morale and hes a miserable sod.You are mentalHooper 2.5,your at it numbskullSidwell why would we sign Sidwell again he was awfulJ-Rod's won't go for anything less than 4.5+ Celtic rejected a 6 million bid for Southampton so there's no chance he'll go for 2.5mWeather from bolton? and 15m for bent
really?The price for the ins, is that the deposits ?I think Villa will lose a few players this summer but can forget about replacing them with big names anymore, unfortunately for Villa days of them being top 6 are just a distant memory, I think they'll survive just but it'll be another season battling relegation. But the prices listed for the players coming in are ridiculous.

BobbybuffonIs this a joke? Someone has their valuation of players way off. Get your head out your asp mate.

I've worked out a key for deciphering your values for you: halve the values of Villa players you have put and double the value of the players your are proposing to bring in.Do you even watch football?! hooper is valued at least 7M. stop posting bullshtYou don't want the weather from Bolton, it rains a lot here


02 May 2012 16:02:48
Fleetwood Town striker Jamie Vardy has signed for Leicester in a deal of around £750'000(19)(17)If they rejected 900k from Blackpool they wont accept that!It's 750k plus add onnsAnd its a done deal. . .


02 May 2012 16:00:10
barnsley to sign oliver norwood, martin crainie, micheal jacobs and john stead plus a italian defender(12)(9)Jon stead your having a laugh no chance thats a backwards stepHas the italian defender played for rochdale. if not can not see that happeningJohn stead is actually a good player on his day better than andy gray or craig davies. but i heard we was signing brian howard and sam hird


02 May 2012 15:59:23
blackpool to sign stephen dobbie for 1mil early in the summer reliable source(20)(3)


02 May 2012 15:50:40
young former Charlton stopper, Conor Gough has signed a two year with Bristol Rovers. Gough left the Championship as he was not able to get any first team action, following stiff compotion from Ben Hamer, John Sullivan, Nick Pope and youngster Dillon Phillips. Source Charlton Athletic offical website, colum ' Gough off to gas '.(5)(2)Good luck to him! young talented guy


02 May 2012 15:49:58
11 players are told they can leave leeds:
The most shocking being Adam Clayton being transfer listed.
Released players are: Alex Bruce, Lloyd Sam, Mikael Forsell, Danny Webber and Maik Taylor
Transfer Listed: Adam Clayton, Ramon Nunez, Billy Paynter, defenders Paul Connolly and Andy O'Brien, and goalkeeper Paul Rachubka.(19)(1)Ramon runez will be snapped up by crystal palaceWest Ham now interested in Adam ClaytonI hear Clayton was the mystery player who requested 15k a week wages; which Bates dubbed 'ridiculous at this level.' For someone with his ability Mr. Bates, and with respect, I dont think it is. The lad is every bit as good as Kaspar Schmeichel and he was on 16k a week, and oh yeah, he's a GOALKEEPER.
wallyLeeds a big club-ha ha-cant afford 15k-We're not famous anymore!!Ntexactly a rumour as its Warnocks retained/released list published on WednesdayCan afford 15k but theres better players for 15k


02 May 2012 15:45:04
Charlton manager Chris Powell is hoping to bolster his strike force for next season with acquisition of previous fan favourite Izale McLeod after impressing at Barnet.

Powell is also looking at Alan McCormack from Swindon to strengthen his midfield ready for the Championship Challenge.(6)(12)These are past players that have failed at the club, i can promise every cafc fan that saw these awful players, we will never sign them againNow you are having a larf! Those two players were not deemed good enough last season next season will be harder.


02 May 2012 15:34:37
paul green to return to his favourite club doncaster
rovers after leaving derby(10)(20)He is one of a number of midfield players being lined up by Leeds United. Warnock is looking at three or four, reportedly including Green.


02 May 2012 15:31:32
Free agent Brian Howard, recently released from Reading, is a target for Michael Appleton at Portsmouth(13)(11)Why is he going to play for FREE
HE,LL go to best payerHe is terrible have him pompeyWont happenLol Howard is a Saints fan so I doubt it


02 May 2012 15:25:58
Next West Brom manager will be Glenn Hoddle. Trust me!(12)(26)


02 May 2012 14:59:58
Rotherham to sign released barnsley pair nathan doyle an andy gray(5)(9)They will be 2 good signingsId take nathan doyle but Andy gray no watched him against west ham cant hold the ball and dosent run about!!


02 May 2012 14:48:09
portsmouth ins:

david james - bristol city
nathan ellington - ipswich
andrew yiadom,clovis kamdjo,liam o'brien and alassane n'diaye from barnet(13)(17)And pay them with what??


02 May 2012 14:24:13
luke varney to sign for blackpool for a fee of around 750k(14)(16)


02 May 2012 13:43:44
Celtic interested in jordan rhodes and matty phillips...scouts have been watchin these players for a while now.(19)(17)Would not be able to afford. Never mindI said back in January that Jordan Rhodes would be at Celtic in the summer.

Celtic and Huddersfield have already held talks which would involve young Celtic players and fringe players being made available to Huddersfield ! Plus a fee of course!

Watch this space!Rhodes would cost 3 mill and phillips the same and celtics selling ki for 6 mill so
celtic can affoed itGood call rhodes is good strikerThey'll both want prem football after grafting in the champ/league 1 and with prem clubs interested. No offence Celtic but Scottish football doesn't interest top players.Joe ledley? Gary Hooper?It shows that is SPL is a low standard when they want to buy players from league one and the championship3 million for rhodes time to wake up they rejected 5,5 in jan from west ham dream on


02 May 2012 13:19:59
Reading are understood to have put Aiyigbeni Yakubu at the top of their summer shopping list - ahead of former favourite Kevin Doyle. SOURCE-clubcall-setanasports(website) and sky(9)(8)Yakubu is agood signing but we already have a similar player in jason roberts but he is getting old so a good signing i think


02 May 2012 14:02:36
Newcastle set to come back in for Watford defender Adrian Marriapa this summer with an increased 4M bid to ensure they get their man. Other interest likley to come from Wigan, Reading and Southampton for the highly rated central defender.(9)(11)Pardrew said im january if they didnt get adrian in jan they were not going be looking at him in the summerNever Trust What they say in the heat of the moment .Now If he wants Mariappa he will Have to make a Realy Good Offer....Come On You ORNES


02 May 2012 13:06:54
George Thorne of West Brom to join Portsmouth on a season long loan(10)(11)Why would he drop to league 1 when he's getting games in the premThe thing is though he isnt getting any games at the moment, he injured himself whilst on loan at Portsmouth, hence his return to wba


02 May 2012 13:00:55
Reading are understood to have put Aiyigbeni Yakubu at the top of their summer shopping list - ahead of former favourite Kevin Doyle.(19)(12)Why would they go for a lazy selfish player who doesnt even get back back and because of this Leicester didnt go back for him.
Doyle is a much better option


02 May 2012 12:25:23
Hi ed. Any millwall news? {Ed003's Note - Not yet}(1)(13)


02 May 2012 12:20:54
Karl Sheppard to Watford on a season long loan.(16)(8)


02 May 2012 12:18:54
Have you heard anything about who the next Burton Albion manager will be ed
And also have you heard any player roumers to do with Burton(0)(9)Unlikely there'll be player rumours if there's not a managerWell there has been two players offered new contracts who ever the manager is was just woundering if Rowett had been linked to signing anyone if he is to get the job
And does anyone have any roumer about the nex manager


02 May 2012 12:06:30
Former Chelsea ace Arjen Robben will snub a new deal at Bayern Munich after his row with Franck Ribery - which could pave the way for a second spell in the Premier League(28)(6)


02 May 2012 12:05:19
Liverpool are in a fight with 15 other clubs to sign Dutch strike ace Luuk de Jong, who has hit 30 goals in 46 games for Steve McClaren's FC Twente this season.

Liverpool are also ready to take another look at AZ Alkmaar midfielder Rasmus Elm, as the Reds consider launching a £7million offer for the 24-year-old(12)(11)Who are the 15 clubs? like u didnt jst make a number up and thought u would put it in lolI think De Jong will choose to go to a big team, rather than Liverpool


02 May 2012 12:02:00
any everton rumours ed?

joe efc(1)(17)


02 May 2012 12:04:00
Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is planning a summer spending spree in an attempt to stop his neighbours from ruling the roost in Manchester, and could make a shock bid to lure Barcelona's Gerard Pique back to Old Trafford(8)(31)If your going to make things up, at least try and make it slightly believableLike he would leave the best team in the world and his home city for man united who are on a down hill slidePiques defensive style doesnt work nearly as well in the premier league as in la liga. better signing would be vertonghen or alderwiereld


02 May 2012 12:02:22
Northampton will be securing the services of 2 ex players and a host of serious signings to push for promotion next season.

Gbor Gyepes is keen to get back into regular football and with Clark Carslile looking to sign permanently the two will make up the cobblers central defence next year.

Another former cobbler, Danny Jackman will be returning to the club (Confirmed by source close to Jackman)

Boothroyd will also be looking to secure the services of Danny Webber, Nicky Ajose as well as players from Leeds, Chesterfield, Darlington and rivals Peterborough.

Fees will be paid for at least 2 players in the summer transfer window.(13)(12)


02 May 2012 11:45:37
Leicester have made a £5 million summer bid for Reading winger Jimmy Kebe.(8)(37)Premiership or Championship hmmmm. Hes just signed a new contract and we dont need your money. Enjoy championship football as you will be there for many more years.Ha! you kidding arnt you?! Why would he want to follow Matt Mills and failWhy would he go to leicester when he will be playing in the premier league next seasonUtter toshSo hes finally got to play in the premiership but wants to go to the champtionship?...not a chance ...why would Jimmy Kebe want to go down a division and most likely stay there in a team of underachievers ?West Ham intrested in signing Jimmy Kebe2 things wrong with that 1) Kebe is part of Readings plans and b) Leicester are going to struggle to comply with new Financial rules which they voted against.
More likely players out of LeicesterDont know what every1 is on about he only said they have bidded for him and he hasnt said hes actually going. u all need to remember this is rumours instead of moaning all the timeWell saidLets face it, even Barcelona are interested in Kebe. He is God.Kebe is better than LeicesterHe's Jimmy Kebe, He Does What He Wants


02 May 2012 07:15:30
Any PAFC rumours, Ed ? {Ed001's Note - none that I know of, I have asked a couple of people but no one has got back to me with anything yet.}(0)(10)Bristol City have released David James, word on the street is he'll take on a player-coach role with you or Swindle


02 May 2012 11:28:00
Joe Lewis not interested in coming to
Brighton although he's good friends with
CMS. Apparently he's being hawked by
premier teams to work as an understudy.
Especially QPR, Southampton,Wigan
and 'Yes' (and my eyes roll) Norwich.
Norwich is seen to be his 1st choice
as it is the closest from Ptrbrgh where
him and his family can settle easily.(6)(17)Norwich would likely be his first choice seeing as he is a local lad from our academy from where he moved to P'boro. However i do not think that we are interested in him. We have a quality, ever improving keeper in John Ruddy and 2 England international young keepers in Declan Rudd and Jedd Steer. No room for Joe to come back im afraid.He started off at Norwich so I could see hime going there to be fair.Norwich have some good goalies, no need for LewisWhat academy?Closest is Ipswich, get on the phone Joe and chat with PJ, and get regular games, not bench warmingThe academy which, up until now, has been seriously hampered by having the smallest catchment area in turns of population of any professional club in the country. Now we have category 1 status under the new rules we can attract youngsters from further afield and hopefully produce a higher calibre of player than before. Even so we have had a few players progress into the squad over recent years, although Rob Green and Bellamy are the only players who have gone onto better things. Heres hoping the future is brighter!


02 may 2012 11:25:40
toumani diagouraga leaving griffin park in summer(7)(2)Not surprised their rubbish


02 May 2012 11:21:58
There's strong interest from BHAFC to
sign a number of players from Peterborough
but only one or two names will fit
the bill and poyet's vision of football
at the amex. Suprisingly enough
inside information tells me it's
Paul Taylor. Apparently Poyet has been
impressed on a number of his performances
and believes he can turn him into a
real marksman at a cost that both
Tony Bloom and Gus will be pleased with.
£400-500k(2)(9)Lol you are so wrong. He's already signed for a Prem side! Oh and by the way the price is 3 mill plus adonsWhy are all these deluded 'boro fans so convinced that Taylor will go to the PL, and for millions?

His strike rate in the Championship was very average. 500K is generous.Why do all Boro fans think they're players are worth millions each?

Where did they finish this season?


02 May 2012 11:12:31
Stoke will sign Zaha , Hoilett and defo in the summer(6)(22)Haha ye ok then, Hoilett will have the liikes of Tottenham, Everton, Liverpool and Newcastle after so you have got no chance, and Defoe is a no go because IF and its a big if he will be sold once again there will be bigger teams after him, Zaha is possible, but are you gonna drop Ethrington who in my eyes is your best playerEthrington stokes best player? u havnt seen him play this season i take it lolI enjoy a good joke, just as much as the next man, but stokeEtherington has been real poor and Pulis is ready to sign Jarvis.

Stoke will not go for Hoilett although Rudge has watched him several times and Zaha also.

Hoilett looks nailed on to join SpursWhy would any of those players want to join a Rugby team for?


02 May 2012 10:26:15
Reading Football Club are in advanced
talks with Leed United over a £2.5m
move for 25 year old prolific
goalscorer Ross McCormack. The £2.5m
fee will have significant add ons
depending on goals and appearances
and could stretch up to £4.5m by the
end of next season. Leed United have
also been given the option of a part
exchange and will have the pick of
Sean Morrison, Jay Tabb or Karl
Sheppard to add to their promotion
pushing sqaud for next season.(16)(27)2.5m....yes please. OK, he scored 19 goals, the facts are, the chances he missed, he should have had 30.As a leeds fan i would snap any clubs hand off for 2.5 million for rossco. hes good, but one dimensional most of the time and not fast enough for my liking.He has the ability, good finisher, great dribbler, and has a strong free kick to boot. However 2.5 million would be enough for us to bring in a few players to aid the war chest at Warnocks disposal this year. But we don't want any of that carp offered a p/e.Not a premier league player - we dont want him!!Obviously from a Reading fan who has seen he's scored a few goals and decided to link their club with him. Do some research and you'll see he's not that great. Definitely not prem.You dont know what your talking about selling your top goal scorer is madness 25 goals in a carp side


02 May 2012 09:34:02
Fasten your seatbelts Rangers fans the hard times are just about to get harder. With Bill Miller now being the approved buyer and with his plans of a new co, all sell able assets will be sold, starting with any players who are worth any monies! Duph & Phelps have been dealing with negotiations and players are moving a cut price deals. The following players will leave:

S. Davis and K. Lafferty to Villa for a total of £2.8m.

A. McGregor & S. Naismith to WBA for £4.6m

M. Edu to Montpellier for £800k

Whitakker to Nowrich for £500k.

All other Gers players will not have a sell on value and potentiall might move with the New Co to Div 3. Duph & Phelps to realease the news in press conference booked for 2.30pm today!(14)(12)May be wrong but doesn't the transfer embargo prevent players leaving or is it only incoming signings that are suspended? {Ed001's Note - incoming only.}This post is defo posted by a dreaming celtic fanThey wont go for them pricesHehehe rangers are doomed, sure yous can all be celtic fans & see what its like supporting a true historical global football clubDivision 3 newco ? Bill miller has been given assurances by the SFA and SPL that rangers will stay in the SPL next season ... Thats why his bid was unconditional, so stop dreamin'


02 May 2012 08:56:00
Southampton are looking to bring joe cole back to the premier league as long as he agrees to a pay cut, and have also shown interest in Blackpool winger matt phillips(11)(18)Dreaming again lolLol saints fans in dream land there bottom of the premship pecking orderCole, Phillips and Palacios on another post.

Have a day in the real worldCole has spoken with a french newspaper saying he hopes to stay in franceHe will only stay in France if Lille pay The 5m asking price which they are not prepared to do. Liverpool want a fee and Southampton have the money seeing as the liebherr family are worth in excess of 4 billion poundsNot a hope in hell


02 May 2012 09:32:16
Reading have released:

Brian Howard
Andy Griffin
Nicholas Bignall
Cedric Baseya
Ethan Gage

Brett Williams is also free to leave with Northampton keen to keep him after a successful loan. Swindon Town are also interested.

Reading have agreed a fee for Watford defender Mariappa. This is apparently very close to being tied up.

Brian McDermott wants 5 new signings this summer, 3 of which before pre-season begins.(15)(10)I cant believe Swindon are interested in a so called striker who has scored about 3 goals in 60 plus games.Mariappa is a perfect fit in the royals' back line


02 May 2012 09:27:20
Leicester manager Nigel Pearson to target Millwalls £1m rated winger James Henry in his bid to increase Leicester City's threat from wide areas.(14)(12)Cue the abuse us Ipswich fans got when we put an offe rin last summer from the Millwall massive.He's worth a million to Leicester but might go for half a million to anyone else.


02 May 2012 09:38:49
ANY BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER NEWS PLEASE.(1)(15)Everyone wants to leave your hell of a clubIs it true ian black is joining bristol cityYeah,your goalie's leaving.Yes, half your squad has been released.Murray Davidson and Francisco Sandaza from Mcinnis former club St Johnstone! Deals all but done!


02 May 2012 08:10:12
Yeovil Town have been linked with 3 goalkeepers as Gary Johnson aims to sign a permanent keeper so the club dont rely on loans.

Chris Weale: 30 year old Ex-Yeovil player, currently at Leicester. Played a total of 162 games for Yeovil with a further 10 on loan from Bristol City. Weale scored a header for Yeovil whilst on loan from Bristol.

David James: 41 year old former England keeper, recently released by Bristol City after 81 appearances for the club. Would be a massive signing for Yeovil but would only be short term.

Jamie Ashdown: 31 year old Porstmouth keeper who is out of contract at the troubled club. Ashdown has played 123 games for Portsmouth in 8 years at the south coast club and is regarded as a fine shot stopper.(8)(11)


02 May 2012 07:01:35
Oldham keeper Alex Cisak set to sign in Championship for next season. Charlton, Sheff utd, Barsley, Burnley, Ipswich, Peterborough, Watford, all very keen on the lad and set to make bids for the highly rated Australian international.(11)(9)Warnock wants Matt Connolly from QPR.

Reading have tabled a 900k bid after a successful loan.Sheffield united, got to go up through play offs yet."Sheffield united, got to go up through play offs yet." Still one game to go, who knows!


02 May 2012 00:04:12
Any strong links with Leeds Ed? (Players coming in) {Ed003's Note - Only what has been speculated on here at the moment}(5)(8)


01 May 2012 23:16:47
any celtic rumours ed ? {Ed003's Note - You have been watching Matty Philips}(9)(10)


01 May 2012 23:15:34
Yeovil are looking to sign a permanent keeper for next season. Chris Weale and David James are on the top of the list.(14)(11)


01 May 2012 22:39:58
West Bromwich Albions attempt to sign Chris Hughton may be thwarted if Hughton gains promotion to the premier league with Birmingham. With Portsmouth having a "Hands Off" approach and Poyet stating he'll only leave Brighton for a big club, The Baggies will turn to Gary Megson to re-take the reigns. Solid Source(9)(30)Megson is terrible wba should go for
steve bruce or paulo di canio
paulo will be a top manager soon so will
neil lennon and chris powellMore chance of hell freezing over than Peace working with Megson again. Birmingham's financial position means they may lose Hughton whether they are promoted or not.Well West Brom are a big club in comparison to Brighton and it would be a step upSteve Big Bonze nooooooooooooo, noooooooooo,nooooooooooo"Solid Source"

So is faecal matter, which is what the above rumour is.This has to be a dingle fan with nothing to look forward to.


01 May 2012 22:07:01
Out of favour Stoke midfielder Wilson Palacios is a summer target for Southampton(11)(28)Maybe but could do beter
saints should go for zaha and rodger
johnsonZaha is quality, but you'll face a lot of competition to get him (not that this means he wouldn't go to you, of course, just that he'd probably cost a fair bit). Don't see the attraction of Roger Johnson myself. He also seems to have a lot of baggage at the moment.Could do better :-) Yeah right

Palacios isn't out of favour just unfit. Pulis has said he will play a big part next season. Way out of Soton's reach and classDon't know why this is getting voted down so much - seems reasonable.

Player with prem experience currently not playing regularly at his club. And will be relatively cheap for a youngish, experienced midfielder.

I wish people would explain their doubts rather than just vote unbelivable all the time, shed some light to those who are less informed than them :S"Way out of Southamptons reach and class"

Granted we are no 'big fish' in this division but some people are deluded with immediately assuming we have no power in the transfer market. You go out of the prem for 7 years and when you come back with a stronger team, greater fan base, better management and more finances and you are deemed a tty carp little team with no power in the market. The day the transfer market gets dictated by teams like stoke will be the day hell freezes over. I appreciate we aren't going to sign massive names, but come back down to earth and recognise Saints will be a big force in the transfer market for middle table clubs. The ambition is to get to Europe eventually, and we are going to sign quality players and rival clubs like stoke in the transfer market. We're not coming up to be whipping boys and we have better finances, fan base and ambitions than many of the clubs in the prem.


01 May 2012 21:59:12
charlton are reportedly interested in marcus tudgay from notts forest(13)(13)Where is notts forest? never heard of themHes not out of contract its Nottingham forestWhere ever it is we dont want him


01 May 2012 21:21:43
Hi ed, haven't heard any West Ham rumours recently, any possible deals in the works at Upton Park? {Ed003's Note - I'd imagine we will get some when we know what division you will be in mate}(8)(5)Genuine post, no wind up. If West Ham fail to win promotion they are in huge trouble. Their wage bill is approx 38m and all Championship clubs can only have a max investment of 6m next season, 5m the season after, and then 3m.

Failure to bring your outgoings down will result in heavy fair play fines that are distributed to the other clubs in the league.

BBC ran a very good article on it. Have a Google.

It's up or bust for West Ham.Ravel morrison to saints :)In reply to "Genuine post" above, I've seen that too religated clubs have one year to comply. Clubs are trying to get around it with stadium sponsorship deals and the like. Most fans dont seem to have caught onto what it means yet.


01 May 2012 21:01:15
Any derby county fc rumours that are true(4)(3)You haven't been a big club for about 35 years.Assuming the above post is from a Leicester or a Forest fan, remind me the last time you were in the Premier League?This is not a rumour i belive you will be in shake up at the end of nx season. Ncfc mattRemind me who are currently the worst team ever in the premier league ?Derby?We only had 10 men.

Bitter, bitter, Leicester.Would be great if people stopped having a go at each other, we're all in the same boat! Remember this is a website for transfer rumours, not bitchingWorst team ever in the Prem? Without a doubt. But how many of those players are left? 0. Nothing at the club is left from that season, Derby will be in the mix for play offs this season, without a doubt.


01 May 2012 20:34:10
Any Reading FC Rumours Ed?(3)(8)Mariappa sounds likely. Very good source.

Whittingham also but only if Cardiff fluff the play-offs.

Butterfield on a free from Barnsley also sounds likely. Lots of talk about that one.They could sign shane long aswellOnly idiotic lies


01 May 2012 20:34:00
Sheffield united will make making a number of changes this season no matter what the outcome to the 2011/202 season is for example players such as; Lowton- Ipswich (£1.2 millions) Maguire- Southampton (£1 million) Quinn, Willaimson, Porter, Beattie and Taylor will all leave

Danny wilson will be able to use these fund to mkae sheffield united a team that is fighting for promotion no matter what league there in next season with summer signings such as nick powell, marc pugh and other young players that are all capable to proved and league one and higher(2)(22)Another Championship manager rumour?Wow, you're a reaLOL dreamer. Powell has been on Arsenal's radar all season, and you think little Sheff Utd can get him?



01 May 2012 20:31:05
Some interesting rumours

Hazard - Chelsea, man city, spurs
Ganso- spurs
Kagawa - Leicester
Hooper - villa
Vertonghen - arsenal
Neymar - Chelsea, Madrid, barca, Liverpool
El shaarawy - Leicester
Schmiecel - so'ton, man utd
Falcao - barca, Chelsea
Higuain - Chelsea
Ronaldo - Chelsea, man city
Hulk - Chelsea
Bale - barca
Modric - barca, man city, man utd(8)(62)El Shaarawy to Leicester?And Kawaga too? What are you on?The same kagawa who plays for german champions dortmund and is valued at about 20 mill. and el shaarawy from ac milan who is one of the most promising young players in europe? should be a good summer for Leicester.Stupid Leicester fansEl Sharaawy is going to be one of the worlds best. Kagawa is interesting Man United. Have a word with yourself mate..Kagawa to Leicester LOL!I think someone is a Leicester fanGary hooper will not be leaving the hoops for a small team or a small fee
sorry villaI think Villa (even though they've been terrible this season) are a LOT bigger than Celtic. I mean, when was the last time you sold a player to City? Or when did you last buy a player for 24Mil....'nuff said.Haha villa a small team are you havin a laugh you person celtic are in the worst league in the world if hooper wants to get better he,l join a prem team and villa wont go down.When was the last time villa went to barca and won the champions league then went on to man u and won the premiership and just cos you can spend 24 mill on a player dont make you a big club. fan base,history and how well known you are thats what makes you a big club.i am a city fan by the way .....'nuff said P.S shrewsbury must b a big team as well thenCeltic fan, Villa is a bigger team than Celtic even if they go down. Prem > Champ > SPL/League 1 > League 2. EeeeeeeediotLeicester fan by any chance?Villa are the 5th most successful team in English League history. They also FOUNDED the league. I'm pretty sure Villa is huge compared to Celtic. Celtic are just damn awful. All the SPL teams are. Everyone knows that...I mean every year its the same. Celtic or Rangers...Rangers won't even be there next season, so it'll make your little club even more lonely, without your pathetic sectarian 'derby'. By the way, I don't even support Villa, so I am completely neutral on this. It's pretty bloomin' obvious who the bigger team is.People need to get down to footy pitch and burn off some energy, stop trying to see who has the biggest balls over a football forum ffs.

Celtic are a big club, irrelevant that they play in a crap league. Villa are also a big club. Couldn't care less whose is biggest, they're both decent, stop arguing about menial rubbish, get out and do something.

From a Saints fan (medium sized club but loving it)Can't wait to see the saints play in the EPL again!!!!As much as I'd LOVE El Sharawry and Kagawa to come to Leicester - I can't really see players from the brightest young players from the potential Serie A champions and the already crowned Bunde Champions coming to a (currently) middle of the table championship side.

I can dream. But no.


01 May 2012 20:11:19
Reading and Leeds United have both made official bids for Aston Villa midfielder Fabian Delph.

Reading have long been admires of the young midfielder and manager Brian McDermott is said to have put the midfielder top of his summer wanted list.

Leeds manager Colin Warnock had Delph on loan, but Delph would prefer to remain in the Premier League and looks set for a move to the Royals this summer.(12)(24)Although it's not been in the media, the rumour of Delph to Reading has been going on since January and just won't go away. Would be a good signing.Get your facts right, it was Grayson that got Delph in and got to say that I wasn't that impressed. Hasn't done anything in the prem league and very injury prone. Should've stayed with Leeds like a few players that have jumped ship and got nowhere.Who's Colin WarnockEr Colin Warnock?? Can't even get the gaffers name right so not much truth in this oneYep this one keeps rearing its head.

Leeds haven't got to pennies to rub together, so they're out! Bates needs to go.'Colin' is his nickname. He has no interest in Delph, although I'd love to see him back. If he'd stuck with Leeds, he might have moved to an even better club than Villa, and for more money at that, even though I do think Leeds got a very good deal at the time.
wallyLOL at Leeds fans not knowing why he gets called Colin!Its neil not colin {Ed015's Note - Its an anagram}If you take the letter in 'Colin' out of .. {Ed003's Note - I think this has been exhausted now,thanks for the help though}Lmao who is colin warnock? ya muppet & there letting clayton go cuz hes looking 15k a week & leeds sold delph to villa for 6m so would expect him to be on more than 15k a week at them, so this looks like bs


01 May 2012 19:13:44
rumour as it Mick McMarthy is being talk to for job at
WBA in the hope flecther and jarvis will cross over(24)(20)WBA have not made contact with McCarthy.

Hughton is their favoured replacement. I have also heard that Gus Poyet is also on the considered list.It's just a dingle trying to deflect attention away from the fact they're the worst team in premiership. Enjoy this championship dinglesWba need hughton or di canio but not gus
not ready to leave brighton


01 May 2012 19:09:39
Don,t think Adam Pearson invests in clubs himself but
he may be able to find investors for Barnsley fc like
he did at Hull(14)(7)Told U this end of Feb? & all responses load of abuse


01 May 2012 18:54:45
Saints WILL buy Demba Ba, Alex Song, Victor Moses and Andy Carroll, then finish top 6 in the league were we belong... Teams to be relegated are Wigan, West Brom and Reading as they dont belong with the likes of Saints, United and Liverpool in the Premier League. {Ed015's Note - Oh dear}.(10)(87)I want some of what he's on!OMG ive heard it all now lolWhat world are you in? Dream on, you deserve to be bk in league 1, how are you a top 6 team? Explain please. . .What a little Richard!
Either they have let the inmates out of the looney bin early or more than likely, this is a Pompey supporter with nothing better to do than try and make Saints look stupid.
Get a life and try and realise Saints will continue to add players they can mix into the current squad and develope the style of play along the lines it has been moving for the last couple of years.
With the possible exception of Hooper, I would anticipate any other signings will be real surprises to the true fans, but well researched and good value for money-which I could not see in any of the rubbish posted above.Wow that was a personal favourite i must admitDont know if i should take this as a joke or not if your being serious im a bit worried for yer lolOh dear indeed. As a saints fan I just want to say please ignore this drivel. Was clearly not written by a saints fan. We may be optimistic but we're not deluded.Earth calling saints fan come in saints fan your tablets are ready.We dont belong with saints, remind me who finished above Southampton in the league?You know it is a joke when he puts Andy Carroll and wanting top 6. Southamton had a long stint in the premier league/division 1 but did not really challenge anything, just a middle table team. I think you need to get off what ever you on and get in the real world. By the way the teams that are there deserve to be there.HAHA what would everyone do if all this happened lolNo-one wants to play where the manager thinks he is better than he actually is..1 You'll be back in the championship this time next year..!Please don't let this kind of thing go up ed, not all saints fans are like this as this probably isn't even a saints fan. If he is then he probably hasn't been for more than a season, most of us have been through all the troubles and are just happy we are back in the prem and would be ecstatic to stay up. Don't let trolls wreck the name of my club please!THIS IS CLEARLY NOT A SAINTS FAN
Please don't judge us all from this tools comentsMy god if anyone actually believes this is a saints fan and not someone taking the mick then they are as dumb as! Cant believe you all fell for it."THIS IS CLEARLY NOT A SAINTS FAN" I'd agree, funny though!Excellent rumour. I had a mouthful of coffee, you scoundrel.
wallySo you think southhampton are a club that belongs in the top flight, how long is it since you have seen the doctor ?You must be crazy to think you will get some of these players to join a team that will struggle. Maybe Demba Ba but that's about it. As for a top 6 finish.....not a hope, either revise your expectations or you will receive a bit of a shock!You're an embarrassment to saints fc. That's if you actually are saints supporter and not a Pompey fan looking to get adverse reaction.This bloke is clearly a sample. But so is the reading fan. You boys crept through the back door but the premiership will hold no mercy and you'll be dumped in your backsides.
Also Adkins is not better than he thinks. He's done a superb job. Know anyone else who has 4 promotions in their first 6 years of management? Get your facts right you tool.Make saints look stupid? Saints fans have done a great job at that themselves all season long, why should now be any different?How have Saints fans made themselves look stupid this season?! Have a feeling I know what team you supportReading will stay up, they have lots more money because of the russian owner whos name i cant say, if anything were more likely to finish in the top 6 than saints :0I'm a Saints fan. This is just silly - definitely not posted by a Saints fan (or at least a sane Saints fan). The ambitious and deluded in me says top half finish if we are lucky. Realistically I just want to get by next season unscathed and make a few tactile signings.

Also just to correct a couple of posts..

"Adkins...4 promotions in their first 6 years of management? Get your facts right you tool."

If you are going to tell someone to get their facts right, I'd advise getting yours right. Adkins has managed for just shy of 10 years, not 6.

"Reading will stay up, they have lots more money because of the russian owner whos name i cant say, if anything were more likely to finish in the top 6 than saints"

If you are basing survival and success in the prem solely on wealth of owner... I hate to break it to you but we are significantly wealthier than you in that department!Reading will not finish in the top 6! Trust me. Saints have alot of money too, they are the 5th richest club in the country. I dont think either club will be doing a Man City spending wiseIf I remember right this time last year every one said we will struggle in the championship we didn't and apart from the top six I see nothing to scare us so! ok, maybe you have enough to afford some of those players but its not saying they would actually want to join you!

wigan have been in the prem for a few years now, and have been doing well lately, they battle and have earned the right to be in the premier league. West Brom have held their own this year and will find the right replacement for Roy, both those teams are ESTABLISHED premier league clubs....something you havent been for a number of years! and even then you were a mediocre one at that....keep dreaming and enjoy your relegation battle next season

Georgie Jay


01 May 2012 18:53:26
Leeds to sign George Friend from Doncaster Rovers. Been linked with him before but its more likely now as they've been relegated.(25)(23)Who would want to sign for dirty Leeds? Horrible fans, horrible players, horrible manager.Any Doncaster player probably, enjoy League 1Dirty leeds? how old are you?


01 May 2012 18:49:33
Liverpool out . Doni kuyt maxi Aurellio. In Elm deal done 8 mil. Bid in for Gastom Ramirez has been confirmed ,want de Jong or m Suarez as striker .(10)(10)Get rid of the lot bar Agger , Gerrard , Suarez , Lucas and Pepe!!


01 May 2012 18:28:27
David James is being linked with League one side Yeovil on a one year deal, Yeovil will also employ James as a coach at Huish

Jamal Campbell Ryce is rumoured to be heading to league one side Walsall to replace winger Kevan Hurst who is expected to be released after their last game of the season vs Mk Dons(14)(13)


01 May 2012 18:11:35
dembele dempsey wheater to newcastle
celtic to sign carlton cole and
jonny russell and rangers to sign know
one(9)(22)LOL, you're spelling is terrible, and cole+russel is 10m ... celtic made a 180k profit ... they aren't going to spend that much


01 May 2012 18:08:12
David James hass been released by Bristol City along with Jemal Cambell-Ryce. Yeovil could be a possible destination as it will mean that the players don't need to move far and Cambell-Ryce played under Glovers boss Johnson at City when he was in charge.(12)(3)DJ going to SwindonHe bleedin aint.....believe me, he's not!!


01 May 2012 18:06:46
West Brom board have no desire to
chose managers like Megson, Bruce,
McCleish, Strachan etc. to replace
Hodgson. Following the styles of the
previous managers that have been given
the position the board would like to
approach and select from the following:
Hughton, Martinez, Poyet, Powell etc.
All these posts stating Megson are from
bitter Wulfies.(12)(10)Martinez wont leave Wigan for West Brom. End of.So basically they only want good managers. fair enoughHughtonLOL, Powell has only been in the job a year! FFS will someone please give Alan Curbishley a job, he is a talented manager who will grow the club he works for. He's never been sacked, does tat not say it all!As a Wolves fan I hope you do not get Megson , he is poison.Curbs would be a good contender.You are a two bit club as your new manager will find out just wait and see time will tell


01 May 2012 18:03:00
Crystal Palace rumours-

Tshabalala- Free transfer- Had a trial at Crystal Palace in January and is said to have agreed already that he is to join in the summer when his contract at Kaiser Chiefs expires.

David Norris- Dougie Freedman is said to be a fan of Norris. Tried to sign him when his contract expired at Ipswich last summer, now Portsmouth are relegated he is said to be trying to get him in the latest Pompey clearout.

Henri Lansbury- Loan- Freedman's looking at his midfield as a real area to improve due to lack of creativity and ability to carve out chances. Impressed with Lansbury's appearances in a West Ham shirt despite the few he actually had Freedman is said to be trying to sign him in the summer for the season though faces competition.

Lucas Piazon- Loan- With Palace's on-going trouble's infront of goal continuing Freedman is set to turn to hot-prospect Lucas Piazon in order to attempt to solve the on-going crisis. With Piazon still long from getting his Chelsea debut, Freedman is hoping he will be able to take Piazon in order to help him grow as a player and aid in the next campaign.

Jeffrey Bruma- Loan- Despite Freedman's reluctency to sign players on loan he is interested in making the defence more compact and aims to bring Bruma in following several previous loans to help sure up the defence and act as cover for Gardner and Mc Carthy.


Nathaniel Clyne- Contract expires in the summer, Clyne has said he won't be signing a new contract and is looking for a possible route to the Premier League. Many teams having expressed interest.

Sean Scannell- Underperformed this season, not clear if he will be sold or loaned out.

Kagisho Dikgacoi- Lost his place in the first team and has since become out of favour. Looking to sell.

Antonio Pedroza- Loan- Hasn't been a huge hit in the Crystal Palace side, Freedman is said to be looking at League One clubs to potentially loan Pedroza to.

David Wright- Taking up his coaching badges at the moment, could be retiring from the game to continue as a coach.

Jermaine Easter- Freedman's first signing as Palace boss has underperformed since arriving at Palace. Freedman is said to be looking at improving the squad starting from the front. Continued spectulation surrounds Wilfried Zaha though Freedman has expressed his desire to keep his young prospects and with Zaha in no rush to leave, having signed a 5 and a half year contract in January he looks set to stay unless a significant transfer fee comes in.

Palace turned down 7 million from Bolton in January so it looks like a significant sum will be needed if Palace's hold on Zaha is to loosen.(11)(12)Tshabalala to nottingham forest .. not palaceJeffrey Bruma - Is on a 2 Year Loan to a German team since the start of the last season so that rumour is not trueJeffrey Bruma signed a one year loan with an option of a further one year at the start of last season, he's due back at Chelsea come the end of the season. So yes, it is true.

As for Tshabalala we'll just have to wait and see then.


01 May 2012 17:57:20
Southampton are wanting to sign Matt Mills from Leicester and believe they will be able to sanp him up for a fee of £2m(13)(22)Will be allowed to go for 3-3.5m. West Ham is the likely destination.Hav him for freeHow can West Ham be a likely destination when they dont even know what league they are in next year?We'll be very lucky to get 3mil for him.I'd take 1.50 and a freddo! if we got 2 / 3 million for him i will drive him up there to his destination myself! {Ed003's Note - Chocolate or caramel ?? }As a reading fan I have to say I'm loving the Leicester fans hatred of mills and I'm so glad his career has fallen apart 5m we were laughing all the way 'chin up mills'I am a Wolves fans and as you all know who read on this site the fans are Angry at Jez Moxey.I am more than happy he had the sense not to shell out 5 million pounds for Mills.Well done Reading on cashing in on him.Sounds about right but barely up to Premiership standard.Leicester didn't pay 5m for him upfront, a large portion of it was clauses on promotion and appearances.

if he plays one more game for them, leicester will have to pay another million.


01 May 2012 17:56:41
Tottenham very close to getting Ganso.
Also looking at Erik Lamela, James Forrest, Vertonghen, Rami, Leandro Damiao, Rossi and Hazard.(11)(18)Rossi will be out for at least 9 months, so stop talking carp.Yeah I thought that rumour was a bit fishy too... BoomLol 'Ganso' this is who Spurs sign on his FIFA


01 May 2012 17:39:21
Charlton ins and outs
Gary Docherty (released)
Andy Hughes (Coventry)
Jason Euell ( Afc Wimbledon)
Mikel Alonso (Girona)
Lee Cook (returns to QPR)
Michael Smith (Stevenage on loan)
Dany N'Guessan (Millwall)
James Hayter (Docaster)
Billy Paynter (Leeds)
Jay Tabb (Reading)
Lewis Grabban (Rotherham)(12)(9)Ive heard you going to inquire about church from readingThey don't have to enquire about church they can just come and pick him up infact we will drive him down to you if you like


01 May 2012 17:38:57
celtic to sign carlton cole and damien duff(4)(25)Rubbish to oldNo chance.Ha ha ha ha ha nearly fell in my hagis


01 May 2012 17:24:11
arsenal to sign tiote and baines(8)(33)This will not happen ... not even in arsene's wildest dream...No chance. Both would cost a lot more than Wenger would prepare to pay.Dont be stupid baines wont be leavin efc for atleast 30milHehe, 30mil for a left back...

Love you bitters!


01 May 2012 17:19:27
Appy will need Portsmouth players to leave as soon as possible.

Heard on radio that he will be in talks with free agents this month but signings are unlikely to happen just yet.

Etuhu seems happy to stay and Pearce to Leeds looks like it will happen very soon(9)(4)


01 May 2012 17:12:47
Reading and Southampton both interested in Blackburn full back Bradley Orr, Bradley has been brilliant at the back for Blackburn in the second half of the season and both teams want to add experience to there back 4's.(12)(12)Reading are looking at Clyne and Sutter. Orr isn't on the list, may well end up at Southampton.


01 May 2012 17:10:17
Ghanian International Right Back John Pantsil has been released from Leicester City along with Steve Howard and AleksandarTunchev(18)(4)


01 May 2012 16:40:40
adam pearson to invest in barnsley fc(18)(10)


01 May 2012 16:40:13
Squashing Premier league club hopes..

Napoli's Cavani Real Madrid bound.

Bilbao's forward Lloriente heading for

Lavezzi on his way to AC Milan...

Although Eden Hazard does appear
he will be playing for Man City and
possibly Higuain and Modric from Spurs
in a big summer splash by Mancini.(8)(16)BcksMancini is to sign van persie neymar and chelliniLavezzi to man u


01 May 2012 16:39:44
blackpool to sign free agent jason roberts at the end of the season(4)(22)How much you been drinking in Blackpool? hes on a 18 month contract.WTF he still has a contract at READING!I would have thought Reading would sign him... he was a big factor in winning the league for them.....only another 12 months left on his PERMANENT contract at Reading.He is to good for blackpool


01 May 2012 16:39:18
Freddie Kanoute has turned down a two year contract from Ipswich to remain with Sevilla. In a recent interview he said he wanted to finish his career in Seville.(5)(17)Haha that is so bad. get real. sevilla are about 100 times the team ipst will ever beI am an Ipswich fan and found this link embaressing


01 May 2012 16:38:12
Barnsley to sign george friend from doncaster and grant mccann from peterborough(12)(14)


01 May 2012 16:37:16
portsmouth hope to keep some of his players as:
ashdown,ward,rocha,mullins and hiring nathan ellington,ramon nunez and liam o'brien.
succeed in selling it: varney,pearce,halford,lawrence,huseklepp,benjani,henderson(5)(9)Thought nunez was at leedsLiam O'Brien left at the beginning of the season!So where will the money from the player sales go? To bail the club out or to the poor little local businesses that youve shafted on the way to going bust.I know times are tough at Pompey but trust me you don't need Ellington but please take him off our handsHas ellington got that bad
to fall to pompey level


01 May 2012 17:06:55
david james to join aston villa as goalkeeping coach(4)(20)


01 May 2012 17:06:33
Southampton will offer £6million to Wolves for winger Matt Jarvis.(29)(21)Jarvis will go to a bigger side than saintsNorwich inquired and were told eight million.You have no idea what Saints would offer for a player, and even when a deal goes through that would probably still be the case.It's possible that they've made a monetary enquiry though.



01 May 2012 16:50:36
Gary Brabin linked to Burton Albion - you heard it here first!(1)(9)Unlucky BurtonWhere did you hear this


01 May 2012 16:35:44
Winger Jamal Campbell-Ryce has begun talks with Southend United, the club he last played for in 2007, after being told that his contract will not be getting renewed at Bristol City.(12)(6)Yh i heard about this aswell didn't know if it was true though


01 May 2012 16:33:40
With a season that could end up
empty handed for Man Utd,
Sir Alec ferguson has identified
Kagawa from Dortmund, Gaitan from
Benfica and Martinez from Bilbao to
be his summer signings.(23)(1)Its Alex not Alec mate... support man utd?Fergie should sign lorente and modric instead


01 May 2012 16:31:49
Leyton Orient to sign
David Connolly ,David Noble ,Julian Gray,Jamal Campbell-Ryce and Jordan Stewart all on frees.

Charlton to sign Ben Alnwick ,Keiran Lee ,Tamas Kadar ,Danny Shittu ,Alex Tunchev ,Dickson Etuhu John Bostock ,Stephen Gleeson ,
Gary McSheffrey and Anthony Wordsworth(3)(16)I've been told that Campbell-Ryce is in talks with Southend!!The only Charlton "ins" that seems likely to me is Keiran Lee. Another 10 new players, after 24 last season?Lol lol lol lol lol oreint sighing themGet ur chequebook out for wordworth 12 goals and an absolute stonker at the valley but then most of his goals are


01 May 2012 16:28:56
Marko Marin is the first of around 5
transfer deals Abramovich hopes to
conclude in an attempt to revamp
the Chelsea squad.

If Chelsea are not in the Champions
League then targets such as Higuain,
Lavezzi, Cavani, Gaitan and Hazard
will not even be considered.

And its more likely Chelsea will bid for
Hulk from Porto, Ilicic from Palermo
and Van de Wiel from Ajax(5)(10)


01 May 2012 16:27:48
on sales of:
varney,pearce,halford,henderson,lawrence,huseklepp,benjani, the portsmouth expects to hire three or four players who will be:
nathan ellington - derby county - free
liam o'brien - barnet - free
nuez - leeds - exchange with jason pearce(5)(10)You have to be joking!

Your manager indicates all of the current squad will go (or very near). He is likely to be on his way back to WBA. The administrator and the Football League say that there is every chance you will be liquidated. Many of the clubs backroom staff are being made redundant and there is no indication as where any funding will come from after this month.
Who in their right mind would join such a sinking ship?Nunez is a quality player if you use him as a focal point of the team. Would be a good deal for both Leeds and Pearce, although i think Leeds should be due 100K or so extraDerby are going to sell you a player that belongs to Ipswich? Sort of destroys your credibility somewhat. LOL Play Up or should that read Pay Up Pompey!Wont happen, all players will be leaving and the club will be liquidatedNathan ellington to Derby..that's a laugh.. we got rid of him he was carp when we had him on loanNo chance Pompey will be liquidated. You only need to understand the money that would be lost if that happened (Prem parachute money would stop and all players released on 'frees') to understand why, as a backstop a leading creditor ( Balram Chanrai) will buy.Ellington is at Ipswich and has another year left on his contract, he's not featured at all this season, could do a job for pompy in league 1, others released Lee Bowyer, Abrahim Sonko, Richard Wright, hey you could take them all and how about us chucking in a certain P Jewell !


01 May 2012 16:27:22
Watford will release Josh Walker, Michael Bryan and Chez Isaac before the start of next season. Josh Walker is off to Scunthorpe. Isaac possibly to Wealdstone.(7)(4)


01 May 2012 16:26:47
st.mirren to sign gary o conner at the end of the season.(1)(12)


01 May 2012 16:25:30
Watford team next season:

Thomasz Kuszczak

Doyley, Taylor, Nosworthy, Dickingson

Hogg, Eastace

Murray, McGinn, Tommy Smith

Sam Baldock

Sell Deeny, Marriapa and Yeats

Buy Tommy Smith & Thomsz Kuszczak

Get Sam Baldock on a season long loan(2)(19)It would make the rumour more believable if you could spell the players names!!Get His Name Right...Its Not Tamas or Thomasz is TOMASZ.....Come On You OrnesSpurs, QPR, Fulham, Werder Bremen and even Bayern Munich all reported to also be showing interest in the out-of-contract Manchester United keeper and your going to buy him????We don't need to buy him, he's free. Ultimately he wants first team football, decent wages and would rather stay in the UK. We can offer him two of those things, I doubt many bigger teams than us could offer all three. So it's up to Kuszczak to decide what he wants most.Also Deeney will not leave. No Premier League team will buy him so we will keep hold of him. I doubt any Championship team would pay the price that we know he's worth.


01 May 2012 16:24:04
Former England goalkeeper, David James is one of 8 players not having their contracts renewed and so leaving Bristol City.

Source: Official Website(13)(5)


01 May 2012 16:23:30
Paulo sousa has applied for the vacant Bournemouth managers position.(7)(7)Yes please would love him down hereI'm a Leicester fan and when he was here i believed he was the right man for the job given more time.


01 May 2012 16:20:52
Kasper Schmeichel has rejected rumours of him moving away from the King Power stadium and has said he will stay and help with promotion next year.

Both West ham and Leeds are both considering making an other for Leicester Defender Matt Mills but the cost may be holding them back as Leicester wouldnt want to make a huge loss.

West ham are also considering making a move for Jermaine Beckford.

Leicester considering making an offer for Derby County striker Theo Robinson.

John Pantsil and Steve Howard have both left the club.

Nigel Pearson will 100% be the manager in the home dugout of the King Power stadium next season. With Vichai 'tops' Raksriaksorn still confident they made the correct decision to bring back Pearson after the sacking of Sven Goran Erikson.(17)(9)Norwich may be interested in schmeichel


01 May 2012 16:18:54
portsmouth to sell:


01 May 2012 16:17:06
portsmouth squad first team 2012/13:




---------11-ellington----9-futacs(2)(19)Ashdown is out of contract and Ward is leaving. Norris and Rocha likely leaving due to big contractsJoel Ward is on his way to Ipswich, Kelvin Etutu will take his place, free agent Ibrahima Sonko will take Magri's place, George Thorne (loan) will take Wheelers place, Free agent David Cotterill will take Colsons place. Then that would be a decent squadPretty accurate apart from those number 1 - 11. Havant & Waterlooville will soon be the biggest team around Portsmouth.Ward will be gone, other players mentioned, with exception of Ellington, are expected to remain. Requests to loan Thorne from WBA will be made and are expected to be successful. Appleton then wants up to 10 further additions, almost all loans or 'frees' so as to cover the additional games involved in div 1.


01 May 2012 16:12:38
Leicester city make Robert Koren bid of 1.5 million

Source- SSN(19)(9)


01 May 2012 15:22:46
Saints transfers:

Zat Knight - Free

Danny Shittu - Free

Ebanks-Blake - Free

Hogan Ephraim- Free

George Boyd - Free

Peter Lovenkrands - Free

Shay Given or Steve Harper - Free

Nathaniel Clyne - £2 million

Kyle Lafferty - £1 million(7)(44)I hope not! Terrible playersShay Given free? One of the best goalkeepers to ever grace the prem free? You're having a laugh mate.As a saints fan, I am begging you to stop fueling the backlash by putting up such stupid posts. most of them are carp players anyway.Ebanks Blake free? He's in contract. You toally undermine you post by coming up with such factually incorrect drivelShay given? are you sure pal? i know this is a rumour site but c'mon!! one year into a 5 year contract, you realy think he would go to a) saints B) for a free? i think notAbsolute rubbish! If you have no clue yourself take a look at Nigel Adkins post on the Saints website today.
I can only see perhaps 4 players coming in and they will be of a quality better than already at the club. I expect at least the same number to go.
The club knows who they want and I strongly suspect no-one outside of the club will get to know who they are until the deals are done so these "rumours" are total guesswork and make the club look stupid.George Boyd is under contract for another year too -_-Gary hooper is well better than kyle laffertyLoad of bcks all of these players are committed to their current clubs and all have 3 years plus on contracts so very uynlikely mr drunk on promotion saints fan. ull be back playing leicester and barnsley this time next year.You must be a pompey fanSaints fan here, please everybody ignore people like this! Giving Saints fans a bad name!Lafferty going to Bristol cityTo true,enjoy your one season at the top table,as it will be one and only,tee heeTypical Southampton fan thinking they are a big club with the ability to buy who they want...sad, you dont see Reading fans do thisI would say ive seen a tone of reading fans bigging up their new russian owner and how hes going to splash the cashWhoever said "Typical Saints fan thinking they can buy who they want" your an idiot! Saints fans do not believe this at all, posts like these are being put up by non Saints fans to make us look bad...i.e pompey fans.No one knows who has posted this tripe but obviously it's someone either wanting a response or a complete idiot, whether they're a Saints fan or not we'll never know but to confirm again what a load of tripe!



01 May 2012 15:21:09
Ipswich to sign:
Joel Ward - Ipswich - 750k
James Coppinger - 500k
Sean St Ledger - Leicester - 1 million
Paul Green - Derby - Free
Colin Doyle - Birmingham - Free
Leaving will be:
Jaimie Peters
Grant Leadbitter - Middlesborough
Jimmy Bullard - Celtic
Nathan Ellington - Portsmouth - Free(6)(15)Ipst haven't 3p to spend on players never mind those amounts quoted.St ledger is oursIf you sign Ellington for free, then you will be paying far too much!Ward is on the cards, Coppinger is a definite, Paul Green is a maybe, Doyle, looks hopeful, St Ledger is wishfull thinking, Jimmy Bullard is staying.

Tractorboy COYBWould not take nathan ellington ...even if he was freePoster 1 every time there's a town rumour! go settle down little budgie. I'm sure our owner worth 600m can spare us that.No more money ipswich downies already spending over 100% of income mostly on that waste of space reserve bullard no more money no more money when will u weetabix brains understandLol...weetabix brains? What the hell does that mean? Seriously some of you budgie fans need to get over your obsession with us. Quite flattering really but also quite sad! Go comment on your own normally think your buying everyone under the sun so there's plenty of choice!


01 May 2012 15:20:16
Norwich are intrested in m mills leic big c half would jump at the chance of prem football . Also hendrick at derby and powell at crewe on lamberts wish list(12)(10)He didnt jump when wolves and wba offered him prem action so why go to norwichBecuse he wished he never left reading now they ate back were they belong


01 May 2012 15:11:36
Norwich are intrested in derby c players hendrick(8)(7)If there is any bids for Hendrick they will have to be substantual as he will be a key player for Derby in the coming seasons so Cloghie will not want to let him go but if he does go it will not be cheap


01 May 2012 15:06:34
Burnley to sign Simon Church from Reading for 750,000(19)(8)May include a swap deal for RodriguezPlease take him.


01 May 2012 14:51:25
Bristol City will have a battle on their hands to keep hold of Midfielder Cole Skuse after his recent run of Goalscoring form.

Reading, Norwich and West Ham have all declared an interest in the Bristolian.(5)(16)Skuse wont wanna leave his home town club. He has said that he will leave to a local side, exept there all CRAP


01 May 2012 14:47:37
Clear we havent been good enough this season or even last, major overhaul needed. Centre Midfieldres the priority, Id like to see.
Martinez CM
M,Villa CM
Alaba LB B Munich


Any chance Ed of any of these signings ?(3)(22)Alaba aint a left back you pleb. and m'villa comin to arsenalI agree with all the 'ins' on this list but getting rid of Giggs really?No just no from Leeds fan


01 May 2012 14:45:38
I think you'll find that Watford may well bring in Tommy Smith, but they will also bring in a striker and possibly a keeper (which may still be TK)(7)(2)I heard ikeme 750,000 and vokes 1m


01 May 2012 14:25:04
dont need green ruddy our number one only let in 71 in all comps this season loxxxx super keeper(5)(4)ONLY let in 71!!!!


01 May 2012 14:20:32
heard that barnsley fc to seek investment from italy .they may buy club and have good funds.(8)(13)ROSSI Park rd?Or maybe Pinoccios in town?


01 May 2012 14:19:48
Oldham athletic players rejecting contracts and leaving for free to other clubs

Kieran lee-everton, watford, Charlton, hull, Sheff united.
Taylor- doncaster, Huddersfield, Sheffield Wednesday, Swindon.
Morais- Bristol city, Portsmouth, sheff united, stevenage, Crawley.
Robbin Simpson- Doncaster, Leeds, Motherwell,mk dons.
Shefki kuqi- Portsmouth, Preston, notts county, sheff wednesday , Coventry
Wesoloski- Barnsley, brentford, Crawley

Source- friend of a player at Oldham fc(4)(10)So our whole nucleus of the team is leaving and just leaving Furman on his own. Kuqi meant to be coaching at palace. You know more than Dickov does, why not be the manager.


01 May 2012 14:09:06
George Boyd going to Brighton in a 1
million pound deal(5)(22)Think Peterborough would be pleased with 1m for a player they have just realised at the end of his contractThey haven't just released him, they have placed him on the transfer list, due to being in his last yer of his contract which is due to end in 2013No hes notLove to have him but the last place he'd come as a Palace fan. This one has been done to death before.I'm getting fed up with people saying he's a free agent, he has another year, didn't sign a new contract and has therefore been transfer listed. Sort it out ffs.For free


01 May 2012 13:58:39
Firstly I will say I am neither a Man City
or Utd fan. I was pleased to see that
Fergie got his come uppance last night.
The times he has intimidated officials
and got away with it, but he got a taste
of his own medicine last night. City
were by far the better team and
deserved to win. The only blot was the
yellow card for Kompany v. Rooney
who knew by staying down the ref
would act as he did, again, another
Fergie trick! The blue half are now in the ascendency so let us hope old red nose
knows his place.(23)(10)Didn't say you wasn't a Liverpool fan though!!TBH this statement was a load of S!T , united are missing fletcher anderson and dont forget Vidic argubly best CB in the world. United will be back next season watch!


01 May 2012 13:49:41
new,Dicanio set to leave.Town fans will be so so upset.It was only just said he wanted back to back promotions,yes but who with???
sad day indeed if true(9)(18)Not going to happernI dont think so you sad west ham supporter....stick with big Sam, he'll pull you through buddy....


01 May 2012 13:21:35
Nigel Pearson & Leicester are looking to start signing players early as they have officially made hull an offer for Robert Koren of hull city. Leicester awaiting reply

Source: SSN

LeicesterLad(12)(8)Korens out of contract at end of the seasonNo he's not.He signed 2yr deal with view to 3 in 2010Hull are going nowhere korens a goner!Rubbish


01 May 2012 13:17:47
Derby County to sign the following

Johnny Russell(Offer made)
Krystian Pearce(Offer made)
Michael Jacobs(Free Transfer)
Daniel Powell(Offer made)
Nick Powell
Havard Nielsen(Pre contract)

Nick Powell has been advised by his
dad to snub a premier league team
intill hes in his early twenties
and go to derby county who will
give him first team football instead of
playing youth football.Nick powell has
been impressed by the level of talent
that derby have and he feels that he
could be apart of that(5)(19)The level of talent Derby have?

Right....You won't be able to get Jacobs for a free because even if he is out of contract you need to pay compensation!!


01 May 2012 13:13:22
hey ed any leicester city news?(2)(7)You will probably waste even more money than last year!


01 May 2012 13:12:43
hey is there any colchester united
transfer rumours?. cheers :) :)(0)(10)


01 May 2012 13:15:10
Millwall are set to come in for transfer listed Merouanne Zemmama to add some more creativity to to their midfield. Deal could be done as cheaply as 100k.(3)(5)Doubt it


01 May 2012 13:03:13
Free Agent and former Barnsley player David Cotterill will be the first player to join Portsmouth after the leavings of Jason Pearce to Leeds, Joel Ward to Ipswich, Greg Halford to Charlton and Kanu and Benjani to be released(6)(5)And what you going to pay him with?Possibly with the wages that are available from Pearce, Halford, Ward, Kanu and Benjani58m indebt can,t keep spending YOU,VE got to get a BUYER B4 ANYONE IN?Which is going to happen, two people interested, 1 firmer than other. if neither comes up with an offer, balram chanrai said he will buy. hence the signing of david cotterill and many others once the club is bought2 parties interested, but not anywhere near to doing anything. Club looking to clear out rather than bring in at the minute. Chanrai will only take club on if its absolutely last restort, but its only to save it from liquidation not to actually continue to properly run it. Rumour Ive heard is liquidation still likely.If CHANRAI what,s he waiting for? nobody want,s it no assets/ too many debts ? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN SORRYI hope pompy do survive because they are a club with too much historyEvery club has history! And Pompeys recent history has been cheating their way through seasons and the FA Cup!


01 May 2012 12:33:09
Newcastle United are about to change
the name of the Sports Direct Area
back to St James Park due to the fans
complaints(10)(16)That would be awesomeSo true, seen it all over their website {Ed020's Note - good to see your replying to your own post lol, don't do that again, i have you ip address lol}Deluded fool {Ed020's Note - oh and again, lol,}Deluded fool {Ed020's Note - and again lol}Sid James please!!Dont think ashley will be swayed by the fans after the way they all!!! turned on him, SGBAbout time 2Another owner cocking up thenThat would be so cool and would be such a good idea dont even know why they changed it in the first placeFor 1 week in july for the olympics because they cant have outside sponsering on anything


01 May 2012 12:26:29
Hi Ed. Have you heard of any rumours
linking Hatem Ben Arfa with a move to
Real Madrid {Ed020's Note - i have, but it was general pub talk, not sure its something mourinho would go for when he's already got pepe, ramos, carlvalho coentrao etc at his disposal.}(2)(14)What have Pepe, Ramos, Coentrao and Carvalho got to do with it? How does having those players mean he wouldn't want Ben Arfa? {Ed020's Note - haha ok ok, my mistake, i got him mixed up with someone else lol.}I thought porto being as chelsea are signing hulk


01 May 2012 12:09:52
Wigan will sign Rudolf Skacel from Hearts for £650,00 with Callum McManaman joining Hearts on loan.(8)(9)Had Skacel with Southampton. Some silky moves but generally he's not up to Premier League football.Callum McManaman has already openly said he wanted to return to Blackpool if it was possible next season.Im a Wigan fan and I hope Callum stays with us but Blackpool are a great team, I respect them and there fans and I hope they win the play offs.

I wouldn't blame Callum if he wanted to go to Blackpool on loan again as he did well there with a great manager in Ollie and Nouha is doing just as well but I cant see him going back as I think Blackpool will come back up.

Good luck in the play offs and hope to see you in the Prem next season.



01 May 2012 12:02:37
Watford team next season:




Tommy Smith


Don't expect a lot of signings!(12)(1)So What you're actually saying is that Watford are going to sell Adrian Marriappa and Buy Tommy Smith!!I could have said that yes but that's a bit it boring! Watford will be signing other players and letting others go obviously but that's what the line up could look like next season. Those coming in are development players after Dyche stocked up on experience last summer. Definitely coming in is a young winger. Worrall from Bury or Carayol from B. Rovers are the two targets. There will be movement in the striker department as well but the likes of Massey and Assombalonga will get pre-season to impress in the hope that they can have the same impact as Sordell last season. If not then expect loans for them and a Prem striker on loan as it sounds like we'll be keeping Iwelumo, Garner and Deeney.


01 May 2012 12:00:50
saints are going to sign clint dempsey for £6m(11)(48)No chanceAdkins type signing, good if it comes offIm a saints fan and people like you whom post utter rubbish on here make all of us look like utter idiots to the rest of the football world!Here we go...............As ifIm a Saints fan and Im getting ticked off with other deluded fans saying we are going to buy these big players which we have no chance of. Its making us look foolish.I'm a saints fan and agree it is annoying to have idiotic posts on here. But give us some credit, I think if Adkins wanted Dempsey, Corteze would act. I think you underestimate our intentions in this league.Too old. Too expensive. Too AmericanToo good to sign for Southampton... guarantee they will go down next season.As someone who is friends with the Dempsey family. I would bet Mitt Romney's Fortune on this. I know where he wants to go. Its not to the Saints. It is a team in the Champions League! that is all i will say!


01 May 2012 11:56:25
Bristol City manager Derek McIness will be returning to the SPL to make some signings in the summer. On his wish list are Fran Sandaza, Dean Shiles and Johnny Hayes. All out of contract and Mciness feels they will bolster his squad for a mid table finish next season.

Source is an ex dundee utd player and friend of McInnes playing in england.(9)(6)Best ever quote for under achievment: "will bolster his squad for a......mid table......finish next season. At least you wernt pushing for the impossible....Top 10!!


01 May 2012 11:52:43
Eddie Howe will try to make Josh McQuoid's loan deal permanent if the price is right. However if a fee cant be agreed between the two clubs, then Howe will go in for former AFC Bournemouth hot shot Brett Pitman who is having a lack of starts down at Bristol City(12)(7)Brett Pitman turned Blackpool down last season as it was too far from his home and new family in Bournemouth.....Going to Burnley would also be too far and he doesnt have a wouldnt fit in!!


01 May 2012 11:49:47
Sources close to Jon Macken have revealed that the walsall striker could leave in the summer to join Southampton(7)(34)Why in the hell would we want a Premier League reject like himCleaner or groundsman?Good God,I hope we're going for better than him.Southampton fans have every other football player signing for why not Macken!!No chance of that happening, we have got better targets than him.Premier REJECT 10 yr ago


01 May 2012 11:40:03
Wednesday could be in for a big summer spending spree....

Keith Treacy
Dale Jennings (loan)
Ishmael Miller
George Boyd
Andy Reid
Luke Steele

Chris O'Grady (Barnsley, almost a done deal)
Chris Lines
Ryan Lowe(4)(25)Heard Thursday could be as well.Dale jennings, you mean dale who left us (tranmere) and went to bayern munich for 1.8 mil ? no chance he's stated in the independent that he is happy at bayern and 'can't believe it when he finds himself speaking to arjen robben' stop making fake rumoursIf all these players promise to play for 90 a week you could just afford them.....but most are on 7k - 10k a week and I dont think you have any moneyIshmael miller is going to middlesbrough and andy reid is going nowhere as he wants to finish his career where he started itLuke Steele dream on pal youve got no chanceTbf swfc have got some decent money behind them, much more than the 90 p/w quoted anyway. That said, these are people plucked out of the sky. apart from Treacy coming in. Highly doubt lines will be out either


01 May 2012 11:37:59
Managerial Moves:
Hodgson - England
Appleton - WBA
Bruce Arena - Aston Villa
Gordon Strachan - Wolves
Stuart McCall - Hull
Peschisolido - Coventry
Steve Claridge - Portsmouth
Bruce - Brest (French Ligue 1)
Darren Anderton - Bournemouth
Gary Brabin - Macclesfield(6)(17)Where did you hear the anderton rumour i would prefer an experienced manager.if he did come then would like someone experienced beside him.Any idea who the Burton Albion manager will beAppleton has no chance of the Albion job he may be well regarded within the club but doesn't have the experience. Strachan for the dingles, ha ha yes pleaseMciness next WBA manager and Steve claridge going into management wtf he does f all on the football league show!


01 May 2012 11:32:39
Ricardo Vaz Te will leave West Ham United if the club fail to win promotion to the EPL with Aston Villa, Fulham and Sunderland all keeping an eye on the situation.(14)(19)Villa- does he like the championship or something?He'll go to norwich as PL was sad to lose out in jan


01 May 2012 11:31:26
Yesterday Inverness completed the signing of craig french from partick thistle. the 16 year will be apart of their future and will play a big part in next seasons campaign. in youth he played for galafairy dean, hutchy vale and partick.

scotlands next big star(watch this space)

Big Bo, work at inverness...(2)(3)Scotland's next big star?! Who was the first one?!!Susan Boyle !!


01 May 2012 11:30:06
Ipswich town are looking to sign Barnsley midfielder Jim O'Brien after the winger looks almost certain to reject the offer of a new contract.(4)(11)


01 May 2012 11:29:32
millwall going to try a sneak little bid for gary madine of sheffield wednesday and also thinking about making a bid for matt ritchie of swindon as bouazza is wanting to leave the club(4)(12)How do you "sneak" a bid?No way will Ritchie go to Millwall and you couldnt afford him anyway. we turned bids of 600k down in January and Paolo has put a tag of 2.5 million on him which you havent got.


01 May 2012 11:22:17
rvp is off to barca ...the news around the bara ground is rvp will come after the euro a fee has been agreed with arsenal ..rvp wants his son in the barca youth training system .which barca have agreed to also(8)(18)


01 May 2012 11:14:46
Heard from a reliable source that at Dagenham & redbridge
Brian Woodall - £150,000 millwall/Nottingham Forrest
Abu ogogo - free (out of contract) leyton orient/Crawley town
Mickey Spillane - £100,000 Charlton/Stevenage
Also Scott doe could be leaving not sure where
And alot of youngsters released
Akinde - free Crawley town
Bauldrick - £50,000 Bournemouth
A new striker
A new right back(3)(6)


01 May 2012 11:06:56
Reading F.C - When Readings takeover is complete in the next 10 days they will set their sights on a list of players,as follows. M.Connolly,A.Mariappa,H.Mullins,J.Rhodes and R.Bertrand on loan. There will also be a least 3 more players comming in but they are unknown as yet.LOYALROYAL1871(11)(9)Not true the take over cant happen till end of season and then the fa has to check all details and investergate the new owner b4 allowing it to go threw it is reported it will take about 4-8week after the end of the season and reading wont be allowed to deal in any transfers untill its been completed by the FAThat started about 2 months ago.keep up.Wont be allowed to deal in any transfers? We havent got a transfer ban!And matt jarvis


01 May 2012 11:06:29
the saints have been told by 4 players they have enquired about that they are not even willing to go into talks with them ..steven fletcher ..matt jarvis are 2 of them .looks like the mighty saints will struggle to attract good players(18)(21)Bitter fan there obviously. You clearly know nothing.Oh dear maybe we should see if we can stay in the championship if thats trueYeah....everyone knows Southampton are signing 34 new players, 17 loan players, 12 youth players and.....Emile Heskey!!. Sir Alex ferguson said Southampton are a bigger club than Utd, City & Liverpool all put together.Haha sounds like a bitter Pompey fan!Ha HA we ARE premierleague who cares what other supporters say they just want what we have everything coyrdsWhy do we keep getting linked with so many Wolves players? I actually do not understand this at all.Thats twice in two days that big things have had their arses whooped. fergie by refs and saints by decent playersHaha what rubbish.
Saints never discuss anything related to transfers until its confirmed. so theirs no chance a bitter fan like yourself would know anything about Saints dealings..As annoying as it is now as a Wolves fan now you've been promoted you'll be linked with all the decent players from the relegated clubs, as Wolves are the only team definitely down that is why you are being linked with our players, but how anyone knows that you've contacted them and they've turned you down is rubbish, for a start there are 2 prem games left so Wolves wouldn't have give permission to speak yet, it's probably just stupid Pompey fans jealous.



01 May 2012 11:00:53
West Ham to sign George Boyd and Grant McCann from Peterborough(6)(17)West Ham wont be signing anyone until their future league is clear. It makes a difference to the type of player they will need and can afford. If they dont go up they'll be selling more than buying.


01 May 2012 10:59:19
WBA are in talks with.. Alex McLeish ..Chris Hughton has committed himself to birmingham city and since birmingham city have a football league court order not allowing them to bring staff n players in ! they have told chris hughton he will be required to forfill his contract if birmingham go up ..or stay where they are as they wouldnt be able to replace him..with this Chris Hughton has said he will for fill his contract to the club heard it here first!!(8)(10)Will suit the Baggies, both a used to moving up and down between the premiership and the championship. Boing BoingI hope they like the east midlands cause with him theyll be back down


01 May 2012 10:48:46
Former Genk player Janssen on Swansea City: "A great club"

Ajax midfielder Theo Janssen does not know how long he will play for the Amsterdam club. The thirty-year midfielder has a contract until mid 2013, with an option for another season. A foreign adventure he also does not matter.

"I do not know if I'll stay. It is impossible to predict. I personally have no control," said the Arnhem at De Gelderlander. The midfield for next season is already quite busy including Vurnon Anita, Siem de Jong, Christian Eriksen and purchase Lasse Schne.
He would like to work in England, at a club like Swansea City. "A football team that plays in my heart. A nice club. I am open to a beautiful foreign club," said Janssen, who in the season(9)(0)


01 May 2012 10:39:59
hi ed have you heard when is it likely bournemouth name there new boss and who its going to be {Ed001's Note - I haven't sorry.}(1)(1)Lee clark is still jobless so might guide Bournemouth to playoffs


01 May 2012 10:44:10
MILLWALL'S chances of bagging Nottingham Forest centre-back Joel Lynch look slim because he has been offered a contract by boss Steve Cotterill.

The Lions made an approach for the 24-year-old last summer but were told he was not available.

The centre-back's contract runs out this summer, but he is one of only two players to be offered new deals - the other is former Bromley winger Gareth McCleary.

The Eastbourne-born former Brighton trainee, who can also play at left-back, has played 38 times for the Reds this season, mostly in his preferred position of centre-back, scoring twice.

The 24-year-old product of Brighton's youth academy joined Forest from the Seagulls in 2009 for a fee of £200,000 after a successful loan spell.

Forest's finances are in turmoil after they were left owing £75m to club chairman Nigel Doughty, who quit last October - then died suddenly in February. He had made plans to invest a further £23m in the coming two years. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------(5)(3)If this bid is true then I would not rule it out on the basis of being offered a contract at Forest. Millwall are progressing and will therefore be attractive to players, I'm a Charlton fan and even I can see that. No disrespect to Forest but, they are still in a state of flux, new owners usually bring new management etc etc.Lynch himself put on his twitter that hes going nowhere and its all paper hype check it yourself - "JJL33"


01 May 2012 10:32:32
Any new West Bromwich manager will be encouraged to sign Kevin Doyle from Wolves when Shane Long rejoins Reading. From inside the Hawthorns(3)(13)And all this will happen with no manager ..and no players will be allowed to leave untill a new manager is in place and hes assessed all players at the club which wont be untill pre season now since all players will be at the euro or on holiday so thats not happening is it ..kills ur lie straight awayWhat a load of rubbish. shane long like most prem rejects will drop to championship club and remain there for career. just like reading after next season


01 May 2012 10:29:12
Reading are interested in signing Shane Long back from West Bromwich Albion. Long will leave if a good manager isn't taken on at the baggies.(8)(14)Shane long as stated he wouldnt ever go bk to readingStfu! Shane long LOVES Reading, he goes to games and all sorts. He and manager Brian McDermott are very close. He would definitely go back given the opportunityWas at the stadium on sunday, he was in with the away fans at derby tooThe guy who said "he would'nt ever go bk" clearly does not know Shane. He has been to Reading many times this season which include being there on sunday to see us lift the trophy. I can't see it happen myself but if the price is right, it is possible. Long is a Royal!They might as well have him back its not like theyve got a few decent strikersShane long is a perfect fit for the royals - his pace will work amazingly well around jason roberts - has royal blood too!!


01 May 2012 10:27:27
Charlie Austin is on the move,possibly Southampton.
Have also heard Bourmouth but cannot see him dropping divisions.Besides he had problems in the South West,hence rapid move from Swindon Town(1)(18)Austin is going nowhere, he is Burnleys main striker next year with Rodriguez looking like he will leave. Stop speaking trollopPeople like you are a joke, why come onto this site and make up pointless rumours. Yes saints could be a likely target, but there are better options out there for the cost it would take to buy him and bournemouth lol get real


01 May 2012 10:24:56
Simon cox wants move,would prefer to go back to Reading or Swindon Town.
However appears not much interest in him.So another season as ub and playing reserve football.Seems a shame.(2)(13)This is the same reading mug who posted the other 2 rubbish lies about shane long lol keep smoking the wacky backy dudeThink he's already in talks with Ipswich TownCant see him dropping to L1 but Swindon fans love Simon Cox and would welcome him back but it will never happen whilst we are in L1. No player at his age will drop from the premier league to L1.


01 May 2012 09:57:39
Barnsley to sign
Grant Mccann-Peterborough
James coppinger-Doncaster rovers
will hoskins-Brighton
Stuart bevon_wycombe-£150k plus chris Dagnall
Plus 2 other prem/champ standard players.
Barnsley to sell
Scott wiseman-Crawley
Chris Dagnall-Wycombe(4)(22)Hoskins will cost you 500k. Just had an op so he'll be with us for a while yet in rehab but possible late deal if we get others in.


01 May 2012 09:36:24
Leyton Orient will hold talks with Aberdeenen legend Darren Mackie this week in a bid to sign him up early(8)(4)


01 May 2012 07:30:12
Greg Halford has expressed his want into re joining charlton as he is set to leave pompey.(16)(10)Halford to nottingham forest .. he was in the directors box when we played them on saturday^ Forest were playing Pompey! That is why he was in the directors box! Did you not notice the team you was beating 2-0 was Pompey who he plays for?


01 May 2012 07:17:59
Hi Ed do you know of any interest in any PL clubs in Eriksen? thanks mate {Ed001's Note - yes but he wants to go to Spain when he leaves Ajax.}(6)(4)


01 May 2012 06:38:42
Norwich will bring in southampton def fox, for a fee of 700,000.(3)(27)Well, clearly not. He was brought for more than 700,000. So why would we sell a player for less, to direct competition, and when he is our first choice LB? Idiotic rumour.Dont be daftGod I hope so. Whata liability. He nearly cost us promotion and certainly the Championship.Are you mad! Fox was one of our best players last season! you obviously don't understand football 18 assists from left back only bettered in England by Van Persie and Aguero? he is quality! wont go anywhere for under 4M !


01 May 2012 05:01:01
Leroy Lita set for Bristol City Return 1 year contract for £200.000 due to sign in next
Two weeks.(13)(16)Please noCan't you remember how he celebrated once he had scored a hat trick against us and then supposedly apologised afterwards


01 May 2012 03:14:15
Kenny Daglish wants a 3rd striker for next season to compete or play with Carroll and Suarez. Daglish is currently tracking Oliver Giroud,Gary Hooper and Dutch strikers Luuk de Jong and Ricky van Wolfswinkel. IMO Luuk De Jong and Gary Hooper are the most likely. One of these 4 forwards will be at Anfield next year.(3)(17)Hooper has been down for talks yesterday according to friend who works at anfieldProbably best off getting a 2nd striker in first isn't he?Stevenage have a good striker they can have for 40m and he'll get more goals than Carol.


01 May 2012 02:47:25
Barnsley are looking to sign wycombe striker Stuart Beavon and Doncasters James O'Connor. Keith Hill will also be on the look out for a winger come striker after Kallum Higginbotham has had his Hudderfield Town career resurrected. Don't be sup prised to see the reds make a dash for Sheffield Wednesday striker Chris O'Grady although this move would be unlikely. Other signings would come from the loan market or trials as the clubs budget is not as generous as previous years.(9)(8)


01 May 2012 09:21:34
This isn’t a we are GOING TO sign post, but in my opinion who I think would be potential realistic targets for Saints to look at for next season. Players with Premiership experience/potential.

I think we need to sign at least 7 players to make sure of a good season next year. A Goalkeeper, full back, centre half, 2 Central Midfielders, winger and a striker.

Relegated Teams

Michael Kightly - Wolves
Steven Fletcher – Wolves
Matt Jarvis – Wolves
Roger Johnson – Wolves (only signed with Dann)
Scott Dann – Blackburn (same as above, formed a good partnership at Birmingham)
Hoilett – Blackburn

Championship players if current teams aren’t promoted
James Tomkins – West Ham
Matt Phillips – Blackpool
Peter Whittingham – Cardiff
Nathaniel Clyne - Crystal Palace (if not brought by one of the big boys, would benefit from minutes ala Moses at Wigan)
Jay Rodriguez – Burnley

Personally I don’t think we will more than one of theses however like I said this is the types of players I believe we should be looking at. I also think that we will sign some gems from the likes of the French/Italian leagues like Newcastle have done who’s wages aren’t through the roof like most of the above would likely to be. This seems to be the Saints way under Cortese to keep our transfers under wraps and surprise everyone. We also don’t seem to be a club who take loan players from the top clubs.
Although our owners have money and some of our fans seem to think that we will/can sign anyone I can’t see us doing what QPR have done and buying big name/wage players.

Whatever does happen this Season has been amazing and am looking forward to seeing the Saints back where they belong and on MOTD every week.(15)(15)Lets see where you "belong" at the end of next season.Get a grip no player would commit to a team that will come straight back down ..and the saints will be competing with every other bottom half established prem club for players that happens every year in the pecking order i have the saints bottom of the prem list in clubs player would want to signe for..they will be fighting for the scaps other clubs leave behindWolves are a club with no debt so therefore it has been decided at boardroom level to try and keep the squad together. Any new manager will have to sell to raise funds. The chances of us selling 4 players to 1 club is less than remote. We have put 12 million on fletchers head so would probably want 25 million for that lot!To say saints will be fighting for scraps or finish bottom is a joke. Southampton are far stronger than Swansea, Norwich, Reading, QPR, Bolton, Stoke, Wigan, West Brom and others. You clearly know nothing about our structure, ambitions, squad or how we play. With our current squad we'd stay up. With solid additions that we will certainly get, Saints will very comfortably be mid table and keep building toward European football. Southampton FC has it all, the best academy and youth development in the country, decent stadium with big support base home and away, billionaire owners with huge ambitions, a very shrewd chairman and an excellent young manager. We wont do a Man City, but you can bet we'll be in the Premier league for many years to come.

I think the list above is very good and the comment is probably on the button. But you forgot Chris Burke (Brum) and Matt Taylor (WHU).

Inflated figures for relegated players are delusional. Players need to get shifted because of wage structure and their will to play Premier League football. The player is only worth what someone will pay. Jarvis and Hoilett will command a hefty sum, but others will go for nothing exceptional.Roger Johnson?
Your welcome to himSeems like a couple of bitter Pompey fans on here!Matt Taylor, ex pompey no thanks.Why dont you just change your name to wolves , as you seem to want to sign everything wolves.


01 May 2012 09:01:05
I hope its not the truth but apparently Gary Megson will be offered the job. Were never going to get anywhere with him in charge(13)(3)Oh yes you are......relegatedGinger mourinhoWhat job ? with who ?As a wolves fan it would finally put a smile back on my face.Megson working with jeremy peace ? more chance of the dingles getting back to the prem within 5 years..more chance of knittin fog !


01 May 2012 09:00:22
Russell Slade has an extensive target listt already and has targeted David Connoly,Jordan S Spence,Tony Craig,Andy Williams and Brian Woodhall from Dagenham.
Exeter captain David Noble is also on his list as is young West Ham player Robert Hall and Spurs Ryan Fredericks on season long loans.
Jay Simpson of Hull is also on the wish if he canstif he can get a settlement on his contract.(5)(2)


01 May 2012 09:00:01
Been told the lads need to sell before the club can buy, current wage bill is to high. Ellis Short wants cut backs. Wants at least 8 Senior players to leave. Including McCartney, Angeleri, Riveros, Elmohamady and others.
No players will come to the club until these players have gone.
Ellis Short wants more players from the Acadedy to be used.
Wants the furture team to be build around Jack Colback. Who is the furture of the club and next club captain.(5)(1)This won't sit to well with MON I imagine, looks like a re-run of the Villa sagaMon will have money to spend whether he shifts that lot out or notComplete rubbish. There will be a clear out of dead wood without doubt. But this will not determine MON transfer budget. Oneil has already said hes discussed his ideas for what he wants for the club with short and that short agrees with him. That coupled with how impressed short is with oneils performance since he arrived ive no doubt sunderland will have a healthy transfer fund available this summer


01 May 2012 08:06:25
Watford have agreed a fee of 4m for Peter Wittingham. Also want to get Ian Harte on a free from Reading and Sam Baldock on loan from West Ham. They are also said to be interested in Paul Taylor and Anton Ferdinand!(1)(31)Watford haven't got 4m for anyone.

Harte has been offered a new contract at Reading, and Reading have agreed a deal for Whittingham dependant on Cardiff fluffing the play-offs again.As a Watford fan, this makes me embarrassed.DeludedHave watford even got 500,000? If Whittingham is going any where it is to a prem club. Harte is staying. Also why would any of those players go to WATFORD! (Reading fan)Loooool this has made me laugh ...cant see any players from league 1 even wanting to join watford such a small club...! and what money do you have ??^ Tell that to players like Danny Graham and Deeney....not to mention Premier League/SPL players who have joined us in recent times.


01 May 2012 08:04:39
Portsmouth are set for a mass clearout to try and solve financial troubles, potentially leaving will be...

Jamie Ashdown and Hayden Mullins on free transfers due to contracts ending.

Joel Ward and Greg Halford are wanted by Ipswich, Halford is wanted by a number of Championship teams and Champions Reading.

Jason Pearce has all but sealed his move to Leeds.

David Norris and Luke Varney are both wanted by old Portsmouth manager Steve Cotterill at Nottingham Forest.

Erik Husiklepp is expected to return to Norway with Brann.

Liam Lawrence is wanted by Cardiff after a succesful loan spell last season.

Stephen Henderson will complete a permanent deal with West Ham.

Dave Kitson, Kanu and Benjani will all leave the club by mutual consent as the club cannot pay the excessive wages.

Aaron Mokoena and Ben-Haim are also linked with moves away from the club due to them being on big wages at the club.

Youngster Chinedu Vine has agreed to join FC Porto.

From Portsmouth's relegated team they will be left with...
Ricardo Rocha
Marko Futacs
Ashley Harris (youth)
Sam Magri (youth)
Adam Webster (youth)
Alex Grant (youth)
Kelvin Etuhu has expressed his desire to stay at the troubled club.(11)(3)As unlikely as it seems, i hope david norris stays as he has said he would like to stay with the clubHalford will not be at Reading and I will put my house on it. He is hated by the fans and his time at the club were shambles because he is st. I think only played about 2 games .Why would anyone want to stop when you will be closed down


01 May 2012 08:00:25
Gary Brabin to get the vacant post at Macclesfield. One Year Contract to get them straight back up into the Football League at the first attempt(3)(3)


01 May 2012 02:09:59
The big clubs in the premier league are already looking towards next season. Chelsea confirmed on Saturday the £8.7m transfer of Marko Marin and today Arsenal confirmed the £10.9m signing of Lukas Podolski while Liverpool are very close to a £16.3m deal for Gaston Ramirez, expect this one to be announced within the next couple of days.(18)(16)I thought you said the ` Big ` clubs. Why put a Liverpool transfer rumour in then?Are Liverpool a BIG club still8.7m is that right??Bullste


01 May 2012 01:04:45
Derby are intersted in signing paul taylor
from Peterborough and Michael Bostwick
from Stevenage.(4)(17)



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