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03 Mar 2012 23:04:45
Real Madrid, did 45 million offer for Cavani(1)(17)


03 Mar 2012 22:36:16
Jordan Rhodes to Sunderland. Done deal.(4)(38)Not a done deal at all. Huddersfield have a gentleman's agreement with the player that if they fail to get promoted they will sell him. Nothing will be agreed before hand.I KNOW where he is going, and it's nowhere near sunderland.


03 Mar 2012 19:44:42
Strong rumours that Billy Sharp isn't happy being on the bench at Southampton and will be returning to Doncaster on loan till the end of the season, with Saints paying most of his wages(7)(43)No chance at all.Bit of a waste if you ask meHe's not actually that good. Fair enough he'll score goals with the service but I'm not convinced by his all round game. As for the Premiership? He'll be eaten alive and will probably be loaned out to a Championship team!Hope he rots on the bench the greedy bugger. You lot are so fickle. Couple of mos ago, he was 'only leaving Donnie for a Premiership club' lolSaid it all along decent championship striker
premier league no wayFull of crap, just a donnie fan wishing to have him back so you dont get relegated. he's fine here, getting on with the squad, and he will get games, he's had a niggle or two. We wouldnt loan him back and pay most of the wages. IdiotsWow, touchy. Southampton fans feeling the pressure at the top maybe? One defeat could be the start of a bad run, then into the playoffs and then its all down to luck. Would be awful to throw it away.It must be awful to be so jealous of another successful season for Southampton and to admit that your predictions of their slide down the table have been proven so wrong. Does it hurt to admit they will at least make the playoffs?Soton fans premier league? wishfull thinking,.. u will throw it away..u have been poor lately (with the exception of lambert) u will def be a championship team next year

LeicesterLadDear LeicesterLad, your predictions about Soton and Leicester have been wrong ALL season and i therefore take heart from your prediction that Soton will be a championship team next season. You scoffed when i pointed out what happened the last time we lost 2-0 at home. Well, so far since, we have been undefeated in 8 league games and taken 12 points from the last 15 with a goal diff of 11-1. I hope our 'poor' form of late continues.My predictions 'ALL SEASON'? i only started using this website in JAN so who you think you talking to...we will see ehere you are at the end of the season, but it wont b the prem...just dnt do anything silly wen your heart gets broken :(



03 Mar 2012 18:42:13
Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones will bring in 1 player and will return to cardiff to get robert earnshaw 4 the rest of the season.
Great striker, gives up added pace up front. Heard this from Aaron Jameson, goalkeeper. Comes to my boxing gym now and again(4)(12) 

Like Cardiff will let him go. Come on! He's a key player for them if anything happens to the regular strikers. Never gunna happen.He never plays, he's played 10 all season inc. CupAnd why would the manager discuss, transfer with current players?..Earnie will have 3 more years in The Championship and then retire or will go and play for Newport or Merthyr.

Heard he's interested in buying and selling tropical fish as well!


03 Mar 2012 17:51:37
Ipswich could be back in for Pearce Ward and Henderson of Portsmouth to give them a stay of execution, also Alexander the Rangers goal keeper could be back on loan, now that the Gers are in financial trouble, whatever happens here, Ipswich will bring in a couple of loan players befoire the loan window shuts.(3)(7)Reading, P'boro and Sheffield Wednesday are all looking at Ward. Haven't heard a peep about Ipswich. Last I heard, Jewell was told players need to go before more come in.Nah not so, Ipswich will either bring in Henderson, or Alexander very soon, 1st choice keeper is the main concern here, with Arron Lee Barrett as back up 2nd choice, but Pompeys Pearce could also be in PJ's radar, as he wants a settled squad for next season, and with Pompey's finacial state i think both players will leave for security and get paid, Norris can take a hike, wouldnt want him back greedy bugger, it backfired on him leaving us.We're not brininging anyone else in on loan. the team are now settled playing well. Jewell ruled out moves for Pompey Trio also.


03 Mar 2012 16:57:52
Portsmouth fans wishing to buy tickets for the Reading game on Tuesday night must contract Reading FC ticket office. Reading do not trust Portsmouth to forward on the ticket receipts and have refused to send any tickets. Allocation is 2100 initially, and fans can pay on the day and over-flow into the other half of the South Stand which is being kept free for pay on the night supporters.

Police are urging Portsmouth fans to get the coach up and to try and avoid the train into the town centre. This is due to the last two meetings resulting in trouble before and after the match.(10)(4)


03 Mar 2012 14:42:00
Portsmouth will NOT fold. Despite his recent aquisition of Sheffield Wednesday Milan Mandaric is looking to put together a consortium to buy the club. However he will not lead the consortium and he will not be anything to do with Pompey he merely doesn't want them to go under due to his long affinity and love for the club. It will be seen as an investment in money and not a shareholder of the club.(5)(35) 

No he isn't, and nor can he.HAha yes you are folding HahaIt could not possibly be an investment as any return would never materialise.....a gift to ease his conscience after selling to Geidermek who got the building land he wanted and then sold the club down the river.You don't have a clue !The past three owners have stripped the club down to nothing, they bought the club for nothing and have taken all the profit. But the fans still remain, all we ask is the FA actually do a proper job next time and order an investigation into what has actually gone on at Fratton Park (or will they not like what they find?) I am a pompey fan but i am happy that other clubs in the south are doing well and i for one love the derby matches and the cracking atmosphere it brings.Will the consortium be called Rosie42


03 Mar 2012 14:37:25
If and I mean IF Matt Mills goes on loan then Leeds will have a buy first option in his contract of roughly 2 million with add ons I.e promotion and over so many months. Pearson has also said that he will be selling many players over the summer a couple of names being thrown around are vassell, wellens, tunchev and surprisingly pantsil. He is going to add some players with quality left to achieve rather than quality spent already. Expect bids for Rhodes and snodgrass and he also is considering a bid for Gunter. He is after another striker for backup but I havent been informed of his targets. He may just rely on Waghorn if nothing materialises.
Blue Fox(2)(14)That's opinion not fact. Rhodes wont be going anywhere near Leeds. Huddersfield turned down £4m from West Ham and Reading. Leeds don't have the money for fees like that.He never said he was going to leeds. he said leicester are after rhodesThankyou very much for the last comment I said Leeds not Leicester. I said mills is the one maybe off to Leeds. Read before you comment. Especially as this is direct from Pearson himself
BfMills wioo not go for as little as 2mill...not after he cost way will Pearson sell Wellens he has been one of our best players in recent weeks! as for being surprised at the possible sale of pantsil, i dnt know why as he has been shocking at Leicester and Peltier is much better...and how did you think Pearson would rely on Waghorn when he too is crap...Leicester will be looking on bigger targets than Rhodes or Snodgrass in the summer i guarantee it!

LeicesterLadYou may get Gunter but without paying silly money you won't get Rhodes or Snodgrass. Besdies the way the foxes get through managers you'll have a new man in charge come next season anyway.Yh yh course Pearson here to stay...only reason he left last time was coz mandaric saked owners fresh start, Sven spent silly money n failed to deliver hence is saking...Pearson will deliver no doubt about that...he has done it at Leicester before without money...sodef will succeed with investment



03 Mar 2012 13:39:34
Excellent read this:

What happended to the £80m, worth of players sold towards the end of Gaydamak's tenure - that would have paid off most debts, but the money has disappeared.

The feeling in Portsmouth is that al-Faraj never actually existed, hence his nickname al-Mirage. The only proof that he exists is a grainy photo on the internet of an Arabic guy, who could quite frankly be anyone. And he passed the Fit & Proper Person Test. As for that fantasist al-Fahim, either he was duped into buying the club as a front for shady investors (eg former Thai PM) who than ran away when people started asking questions, or he really was a penniless chancer.

What the article above does not mention in the long-running business feud between Gaydamak Snr and Chainrai. Chainrai was owed £17m by Gaydamak the Elder and that's exactly the sum he 'lent' to al-Mirage. The loan was defaulted and Chainrai seized the freehold to the club as security. He immediately became a 'secured' creditor, as opposed to the unsecured creditor Gaydamak Jnr, who was still 'owed' money by the club, thus usurping Sacha. In effect, Chainrai got his £17m with a fictitious defaulted loan to a non-existent person to get the money owed to him (allegedly). Portsmouth FC was merely a square on a Monopoly board.

Then the club went into administration. Chainrai promised to pay for it...he didn't. He promised that small creditors and charities owed money would be paid in full...they have not received a penny (the shameful theft from charities is perhaps one of the lowest points in the entire history of the City of Portsmouth and deserves an article on its own). The administrator Andrew Andronikou (who also deserves a dedicated article) then announced that the club could come out of administration with a CVA and unveiled the new owner of Pompey as......Balram Chainrai! You could not make this up. So basically Chainrai keeps his debenture with a toxic £17m bounty for anyone wishing to buy him (the land is worth at most £3m) and has got rid of 80% of debts at a stroke.

Chainrai then sells to the CSI group who cannot afford to buy the club, so are paying interest to Chainrai for his £17m debenture. The main backer Antonov is arrested for alleged £250m fraud in Lithuania and is fighting extradition. CSI go into administration and who comes back? Yes - Andronikou. And apparently Pompey have a debt to CSI for £10m (leveraged buy outs will be the death of football). And who is Andronikou looking out for...yes, it's Chainrai. Chainrai even tried to 'persuade' the high court judge with a £500k sweetener if Andronikou was appointed administrator again. Luckily a coalition of the HMRC, Penny Mordaunt MP, Portsmouth City Council, other creditors and an anti-Andronikou movement by fans had Andronikou removed by the high court and Trevor Birch installed instead. Andronikou had refused to meet any potential owners (apart from a nutter called Joseph Cala who dreams of building underwater casinos and starting a worldwide chain of Pompey clubs) and even demanded proof of £100m funds from the Supporters Trust to even meet.

The appointment of Birch didn't stop UHY Hacker Young (Andronikou's handlers) from taking £2m out of Pompey's frozen accounts on their way out for 'future services' (£300k has still not been returned). Trevor Birch has unearthed several skeletons, is challenging Chainrai's debenture which is crippling the club and has now unearthed a potentially illegal deal to give all parachute payments to Gaydamak set up by Andronikou. You can see why Chainrai and Andronikou were so desperate for Andronikou to be appointed administrator again - the festering can of worms is being gradually uncovered on a daily basis.

But time is running out to challenge these deeds in the courts.

Outrageous state of affairs here. A £17m secured debt on land worth only £3m, a 'dodgy' Administrator, missing funds etc. Even if they do last to the end of the season the only way they can survive is to reform and walk away from Fratton Park. No-one in their right mind would take on that level of debt with no tangible assets to back it up.(27)(5)


03 Mar 2012 10:41:46
Peter storrie is leading a consortium to buy Portsmouth fc. Gonna be a couple of old faces in the consortium. Brain Howe, Solomon fahim are just a couple.(3)(23)I suppose it makes a good storieStorrie is not involved in any consortium, and nor is Solomon Fahim. Howe is heading a consortium but it doesn't include any old faces.I expect twitcher redknapp in there somewhereFahim doesn't actually have any money.


03 Mar 2012 09:34:14
Lee Barnard has slight injury at the
moment so won't be going anywhere
until at least the summer.(12)(1)


03 Mar 2012 08:16:27
And also, Mindless?'ll have to work that one out, maybe? but at least i think for myself!, thrown on the scrapheap?...i was around four years ago, redundancy at 50...did i sit around on my arse feeling sorry for myself or expecting others to? NO!....did i feel bitter and twisted?..NO!..because i'm not naive enough to think that jobs these days can last forever i understand that the world is a hard place and i dont think that looking after myself is someone else's responsbility, the company that employed me did NOT owe me a i started a little property maintenance business of my own, i cant afford to employ anyone coz i only just manage to pay my bills at the end of the month but at least i try, oh!, and i cant afford to drink anymore so the pub's out........your post is not really holding water anymore is it?(2)(6)WTF is this about hahaaAre you sure you cant afford a drink,it sounds like you have


03 Mar 2012 08:05:51
Bayern Munich forward Ivica Ollic is set to join Aston Villa in the summer on a bosman transfer.Kev(17)(13)Dont care about his age this would be a top class signing for us he.d be a perfect foil for bent very similar to robbie keane but alot quicker.Guess it wouldnt be bad to have someone of his quality UTVHe could really have an impact on Weimann etc.. and could be a real club star!


03 Mar 2012 02:58:54
Norwich City are planning to land Luke Freeman in the summer transfer window as they have been impressed with the young former arsenal player(6)(9)


03 Mar 2012 02:20:13
portsmouth has lent erik huseklepp and liam lawrence,will be dave kitson and jason pearce
unlike several of the rumors will not stop portsmouth(3)(12)


02 Mar 2012 23:27:11
Dave Kitson to Brighton on loan. Heard it here first.(9)(7)Bloody well hope so. Pompey fanWell Thast's Brighton Fooked, Kitson's uselessBrighton already have 5 loan players on our books. Unless the rules have changed i thought that was the limit? {Ed001's Note - you can sign more, but only 5 can be named in the matchday squad.}


02 Mar 2012 20:55:09
Liverpool look likely to seal the deal with podolski for7.5 mill with Joe Cole going the other way(4)(49)To Arsenal -Thats Were Podolski Will Go


02 Mar 2012 20:50:28
Why are Portsmouth allowed to loan Liam Lawrence to Cardiff to end of season then.(11)(3)Its loan windowTo help them reduce the wage billBecause the loan window is still open....Transfer embargo's don't prevent you from loaning out, as far as I'm aware. It's there to stop you bringing people in.


02 Mar 2012 19:57:22
Newcastle United, Tottenham and Fenerbahce are all chasing Matias Suarez from Anderlecht. The 23 year old attacker has lit up the Belgian league this season wit hhis club sitting pretty at the top of the league but could see a move to either England or Turkey materialise in the next week for a move in the summer.(1)(7)Looks a good replacement for demba ba who could be arsenal bound


02 Mar 2012 19:51:54
Real Madrid are in talks with France striker Loic Remy after his club Marseille accepted a £18 million bid for the 25 year old.(3)(20)


02 Mar 2012 19:49:46
Portsmouth have applied provisionally for a place in the Blue Square South league next season, and are in discussions with Waterlooville for a possible ground share.(34)(11)Apparently they are going to merge with Havant and Waterlooville and be called Portalooville FCThey'l start in the combined counties if they reform.


02 Mar 2012 19:18:52
Bayern Munich and Hannover 96 of Germany along with Portuguese champions Porto have made enquiries for Swiss sensation Granit Xhaka. The FC Basel midfielder is wanted by a number of top European clubs but only these three have contact over the 19 year old.(7)(1)Southampton are keeping an eye on him as well and could have a chance of signing him in the summer due to their connections with switerzerland through their ownersHe's already signed for Bayern Münich in the summer.


02 Mar 2012 19:11:15
Arsenal, Manchester City and Serie A side Udinese have all made bids for Spain and Athletic Bilbao striker Fernado Llorente. The La Liga club are not keen on selling but all three outfits have bid around £23 million, of which Bilbao cannot afford to turn down.(2)(13)


02 Mar 2012 19:03:30
Swiss outfit Grasshopper Zurich could sign Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku on loan for the whole of next season.(2)(11)


02 Mar 2012 17:28:09
liam lawrence is a cardiff player on loan till end of season they are paying all his wages and we get loan fee source pompey web and news now portsmouth(11)(2)


02 Mar 2012 15:50:18
I have heard that Jordan obita has been loaned out to gillingham

Source:reading fc(7)(5)Confirmed. Superb young winger. Turned Man City academy down for Reading's and close to breaking through to the first team now. Good feat and excellent cross.

Would be good if you could search RFC's main forum and let us know how he gets on.



02 Mar 2012 14:39:19
I have been told that Portsmouth FC have had a provisional entry accepted for the Blue Square South Division - 2012/2013

Please hand back your FA Cup you cheated your way to winning by not being able to afford the wages and transfer fees!

Justice just around the corner... Lets hope.(29)(11)They would have to reform under a different name.I'm affraid that every team in England that has won trophies in last few years is spending more than they can afford.

It is only a matter of time before a fee clubs feel the pain that is liquidationYeah have also heard this. Also the club can't afford the travelling costs to Reading on Tuesday nights. At the moment the players are having to drive up on the day in their own cards - and they're still not being paid until the season is over (if they're lucky), and not since December. Shambles. I hope they go to the wall. If a club can't after what they have done then no-one ever will at this level!Just how bloody poisonous can people get?....i dont support Portsmouth but i dont want to see them go to the wall, or any other club in trouble for that matter be it Port vale or Darlington or Rangers or anyone else, people on here saying they hope they go to the wall is just plain spite with no understanding of the situation whatsoever and only being influenced in their thinking by what they read in the bloody Sun, why dont you try to have a genuine and real thought of your own?'ll find it so beneficial to every day life i promise you, stop reading the paper for the hard of thinking and try it,!.......if this was YOUR club, the club that YOU support then you would not be so poisonous in your views would you?....remember, it's not the fault of the fans who have paid out hundreds of pounds each in season ticket, debentures, kit, etc, etc so why should the pomopey supporters have to lose out, you lot of hard hearted half heads who call for clubs to close want to grow up and just be thankful that this is'nt happening to your club, it very nearly happened to Leicester (my club) but we escaped by the skin of our teeth and it's scary to think that the club and all it's history is so close to becoming a memory, instead of shouting for them to be shut down try saying nowt'To the person that posted this, I hope whoever you work for has to cut costs and throws you onto the scrapheap... Its not just the footballers that arent getting paid, its the admin staff, the backroom teams that keep the day to day things running. None of them are on thousands a week, none of them have been paid since December either and many of them have families and mortgages. I would say think before you post but you are probably a mindless person that thinks that everything he hears down the pub is gospel truth.You really are a ... {Ed003's Note - You have come back with a great reply,unfortunately you will have to refine it a wee bit..I cant post it how it was,sorry}They shouldn't even be allowed in the Conference South. Should have to start lower.Ok, an opinion not based on newspapers or internet reports:

How about Portsmouth were lucky to get the CVA 2 years ago and survive a winding up order. How about they came through the administration process and immediately signed Premier League players they couldn't afford on loan and then permanent? Ben-Haim is on £38,000 a week. Kitson £20,000. There are many more.

How can anyone have sympathy or patience for Portsmouth when they acted like that and now find themselves failing their CVA and in administration once again?

Sorry Pompey fans, no it isn't your fault, but the club now deserves to be wound up. If it isn't after all of this then you set a president to the rest of the country's clubs who will continue to run their clubs in a similar fashion.

Pompey will start a new club and be back in the Football League in 10 years and better for it. But the current club has to go for the good of football in the longer term.Lets hope this stops the fraudster redknapp becoming england manager ,he must have been able to see what was going on ,you know lets pay cambell 50 grand aweek dont worry about the elecy ,gas ,red cross ,one word CORRUPTI'm goning to sum up portsmouths situation simply they over paid for players on wages that teams in the europe league couldn't match. I really struggle to see why people can feel sorry for them especially when they've wipped out debt to the tax man of over 40 million think what that could have paid for. That's money that should have gone to schools, hosipitals, policing ect that have all had to deal with cut backs (e.g job losses) to hard working people while portsmouth fc can keep going into administration (3rd time now) and wipe out their debts.
Do people feel sorry for them now?
Any other business and they would be history by now.I also feel sorry for portsmouths fans, to everyone of you who take pleasure in watching portsmouth die. They wont be only club ut will happen to, could be your club nextI'm a Saints fan of 60 years,I hope Pompey survive,it used to be good natured banter between us not the press
motivated hatred it's now become,we almost went to the wall,it's a terrible feeling,I feel so sorry for the genuine Pompey fans,despise the tossers who have brought Pompey down.Hope they make it somehow. {Ed025's Note - it is a sad affair mate...local rivalry is great, and if we lose pompey, it will be sad for the saints as well...even though most wont admit it..To the person that posted this, I hope whoever you work for has to cut costs and throws you onto the scrapheap... Its not just the footballers that arent getting paid, its the admin staff, the backroom teams that keep the day to day things running. None of them are on thousands a week, none of them have been paid since December either and many of them have families and mortgages. I would say think before you post but you are probably a mindless person that thinks that everything he hears down the pub is gospel truth.

There you go again, Just plain poison!! rabbit on about people being made redundant, unpaid etc etc and just how awful it is and then say that you wished it would happen to me, bloody hypocrite! i said before, try having an original thought of your own before you try to use the mush you call a brain!03 Mar 2012 08:16:27
And also, Mindless?'ll have to work that one out, maybe? but at least i think for myself!, thrown on the scrapheap?...i was around four years ago, redundancy at 50...did i sit around on my arse feeling sorry for myself or expecting others to? NO!....did i feel bitter and twisted?..NO!..because i'm not naive enough to think that jobs these days can last forever i understand that the world is a hard place and i dont think that looking after myself is someone else's responsbility, the company that employed me did NOT owe me a i started a little property maintenance business of my own, i cant afford to employ anyone coz i only just manage to pay my bills at the end of the month but at least i try, oh!, and i cant afford to drink anymore so the pub's out........your post is not really holding water anymore is it?Well said by the Leicester Fan with his earlier post... Pompey have been a good club for as long as i remember! anyone thats wants them to fold is just a waste of oxygen..,were all loyal, die hard football fans (well, most of us) and pomey folding would be a loss to the english game not just their fans...i've been many games between Leicester and Pompey and there some of the best games i have experienced...there fans like Leicester are loyal and give there clubs everything....FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE POMPEY HATERS, STOP TALKING OUR YOU ARSES AND CONCENTRATE ON YOUR OWN CLUBS!!!!!!



02 Mar 2012 14:35:38
Swindon will sign a striker on loan this
weekend as they want to wait to annoounce until after the local derby with Oxford.(7)(4)Whats the big secret, just sign someone, all we seem to be doing with regards signing someone is huffing and puffing just get this so called mystery striker onboard.Not really! The club loaning the player holds the cards & Di Canio does not want to be distracted from tomorrows game. That combination has led to us town fans waiting, but I really don't care. Even if we don't sign someone then we still have the squad to win the league. BUT if Di canio has an eye on a player that can potentially help us secure promotion and maybe sign in the summer for L1, then he should definitely be worth waiting for!

Be patient & enjoy being a part of something very special!!Where is this so called striker then? the oxford game is over now still no news or rumours to who this big name is, i think is your imagination my friend or wishfull thinking, or is it going to be announced after the dagenham game??????


02 Mar 2012 12:51:11
QPR will sign Berbatov in the summer since he is not needed following closely behind will be the Da Silva Twins.

Also in Antonin Alcaraz, Andy Johnson, Danny Murphy, Diego Lopez (villareal gk)(4)(17)I can only LOL at this.Da Silva Twins!! Wake up your mums calling, its time for school!He is signing a new contract until 2013 so dont think thats trueCan't see any of these players fancying dropping in to the championship next season !!The only one you'll get out of that lot is AlcarezBased on their first signings with Hughes in charge, all over priced, all way over paid, doom and gloom if you drop back to championship, and you just might, then try selling them to get the huge wage bills down, ask Portsmouth how easy that is, players still on £30K a week, two years after dropping out of premiership, accident waiting to happen, Fernadas is just a multi-millionaire he ain't a billionaire, wonder how long his interest will last if it all goes tots up..........


02 Mar 2012 12:16:09
coventry will not be getting noone on loan as sisu have onces again had a embargo slaped on us due to the pants running of the football club ,so no need for the silly rumours now(12)(1)


02 Mar 2012 11:57:10
Oxford United are very close to entering administration. They've been fending off the bank and previous owner (Kassam) with them calling in loans. Unless a new investor or buyer can be found in the next few months the club is in big trouble Kassam is also threatening to evict Oxford from the using the Kassam Stadium next season if the loans are not repaid.(28)(8)The stadium is officially owned by one of Kassam's Firoka Group companies, hence why there's been no interest in buying the club off Kassam who has wanted out for several years. The football club itself doesn't have much in the way of assets. Dark days loom it seems.So James constables loyalty to the club could have also condemned us, if we get deducted 10 points for administration our season will be over, but the 250K scumdon were willing to pay for him would have been a massive helpThis was on the cards last season but Oxford got a reprieve from the bank. There was even rumours of a ground share with Swindon due to Kassam threatening to eject Oxford United from the stadium, and then if a buyer can be found the possibility of ground sharing a new 20,000 all-seater with Swindon. Swindon can't afford it on their own and are hopeful of redeveloping the County Ground as things currently stand.

First and foremost, the club is indeed close to administration. The rest has been discussed but to date is only possibilities.Best news of the week, Happy DaysIf there was romours of a ground share with Swindon then they started in Oxford no one at Swindon would even think of dreaming that up. Swindon know they would lose there own fans. Share with the pox dream onI don't like comments like 'best news of the week' to be honest. It wasn't so long ago that we were in a similar position and I wouldn't wish this on any loyal football fan for any club, even Oxford! As much as we hate them, it's a healthy hatred that is good for the game & I think that days like today remind me of how important local rivalry is for the game and any passionate football fan lives for derby day. COYRs


02 Mar 2012 10:57:37
Hi Eds. Can you answer a question for me. Are rangers/portsmouth able to sell players while in administration outside the transfer window
Thanks in advance

Djjj {Ed001's Note - yes. Deals can be agreed to sell/buy players at any time, but the moves can only actually happen when the buying club is within an open transfer window.}(4)(2)As I understand it, if Club goes into administration and no wages are paid; players contracts are deemed to be terminated - they become free agents and can sign for other clubs


02 Mar 2012 10:09:20
mourinho back to chelsea

hes back to his old mind games of playing the english press and putting pressure on abromavich by creating the illusion to go Spurs.(11)(10)Or just going to Spurs!Whilst he was in london (north), looking at property, he also allegedly had ' supper' with levy @ browns?England!Who wants his sideshow crap again,go back to porto and take avb with youHe is being interviewed for the England job


02 Mar 2012 09:36:03
Pompey will go out of business soon. I know new club will start up non-league. Like ChesterFC, Halifax FC and Wakefield FC (Emley) new AFC Emley.(29)(2)Saints fan here, and this really sucks, not nice for any club. Have good friends who support the club, and friends that work there and have for a long time. Such a shame. On the plus side, you get to choose a new name...Real Southsea? :PUnbeleivableMy spelling of beleivable is unbelievableHere's hoping!Sounds like they are in so deep that it may be the only solution.-Real shame for the fans who can only watch and feel helpless really- It could happen to any club, so no one should gloat.Those interested in football would want to see them survive.It's not really a shame for the fans! They are more than happy to gloat about the FA Cup win that they cheated their way to with players they didn't fully pay for and wages they couldn't afford to pay.

You reap what you so. Reform, no trophies in the cupboard, and enjoy like AFC Wimbledon did, the journey back from non-league.

Proper football, proper terraces.

Groundshare with Waterlooville rumoured also. Decent start in all honesty.

Good luck!


02 Mar 2012 09:03:36
Karl Robinson turned down Nottingham Forest's approach for him earlier on this season as he had a job to finish at MK, why would he change his mind to take over at Wednesday and work for a complete nutjob?(1)(8)Why dont you lot keep up with the news as they have announced Dave Jones as Manager.


02 Mar 2012 09:02:12
If Norwich get shot of Crofts in the summer (which I don't think they should), expect them to look at Chris Cohen from Forest, as well as Gunter.

Also everyone needs to stop dying we should sell Morison, for the first team opportunities he's had he's done brilliantly.(2)(5)Cohen won't be back until september load of crap


01 Mar 2012 23:10:02
According to the Daily Star and BBC Sport (NOT a made up rumour), Nottingham Forest will not accept a offer less than £4,000,000 for full-back Chris Gunter, who is highly rated by Norwich City.(9)(7)Load of crapHe'll be a Forest player forever then! Not even the best full back in th championshio#p - quite a few ahead of him£4M - are you from another planet, Leicester and QPR are the only two teams throwing stupid money about, hes worth £1M + no more, so he will be playing with Forest in championship or Div 1 then.£4m Get real, he only sign for forest for £1.75m and that was 2 years ago. Everyone knows forest need to sort out thier finances and as they are only guaranteed £25m from the late Nigel Doughty over the next two years and they lost £11.4 last year! , so they don't have any spare cash to fall back on. They can't afford to ask silly prices for players and as chairman Frank Clark put "the golden goose has flown away" . Get ready for more hard times Forest fans.


01 Mar 2012 18:39:31
Sheffield Wednesday owner is targeting MK Dons manager Karl Robinson, to take over the vacant managerial position at the club. Source very good friend of Mandaric's PA(3)(23)If I were Karl Robinson, I wouldn't want to work for Manderic: he's too flakey with his managers. Megosn is a duck but he's always been a duck and Manderic was happy to employ him. With the team third in the league, he could have been doing a whole lot worse and yet he's gone. i reckon Manderic did the same sort of thing at Leicester. Megson should ask him to put his severnece money into an off-shore bank account with Harry's.No way Robinson. Wednesday fans hate him with a passionWhy would they go for karl robinson when dave jones is the manager?Thats why Dave Jones has been appointed!Just out of interest, why do Wednesday fans hate K R?Because he is a smug scouse?.has not got a good word about wednesday and acted like a spoilt brat during and after the games this year


01 Mar 2012 16:40:59
Robbie Fowler training with Blackpool.

Mr.Roller Coaster(36)(10)Dnt tell the fans at belend road,, they'll be crying another player to shun master bate lmaoAs a deckchair attendant? ...jimLooking after the donkey rides on the beach


01 Mar 2012 16:38:18
Kitson is the one who has been at the countyground recently to see us on two occasions , iI will believe it when its done , but am a bit sceptical(9)(8)Why do you say this? or have you seen him, i own a hospitality box at swindon and i can say i have never seen himthe only people i have seen is lee peacock ex nearly retired and john salako working for sky oh i forgot Alan Mac also...Kitson please!! you must be the only person who has seen him???????? or was it your imagination.........Bless little Swindon's hearts. Kitson wouldn't drop to L2, and wouldn't have to either. I think someone is getting a little carried away with themselves.

Also, since when did players start turning up at clubs they might join to watch a couple of games before hand? LOL {Ed001's Note - that happens a lot actually.}


01 Mar 2012 16:05:26
Despite a rash of injuries Wilder of Oxford has no intention of bringing in any loan
replacements in this window. Bit of a
surprise for fans of the yellows who
may see it has a lack of desire considering
their current position...a determined
effort to strengthen a play spot would
have seemed more logical.(1)(0)Small club with a Conference mentality and i hope you get stuffed saturday. You havent got any money which is why you put your tickets on sale for the Swindon game 4 months early and you couldnt afford to pay for the stand to put Swindon fans in and came out with some bullst story about potential traffic problems after we let you have 3500 at our place you have given us a piddly 1250 tickets. We expect nothing less from the lying Yellow bellies of Poxford as the condition was if we gave you the allocation of 3500 tickets you would put in a temporary stand for us.Think you may be right about the money side at Oxford. We are in trouble I think financially and I also think you will beat us on Saturday and also win the league. We have no big money backers, like Swindon and im not sure next season where that will leave you with the new regulations about finances. I also think if it there is any signs of money problems your manager will be off. I dont think he will stay long at Swindon anyway. But fair play to your team, bought some good players and play well as a team.And dont know where you got the crowd stuff from. If the truth be known, it was never really on the cards to put a 4th stand up for all manner of reasons.


01 Mar 2012 15:53:38
Zac Aley Blackburn going to Southport(4)(3)Free agent. Feasible.


01 Mar 2012 15:52:25
Roberto Martinez is weighing up a 10
million pound bid to lure Andy Johnson
and Dickson Etuhu to the club.Fulham
would accept the bid however its likely
both players will reject the chance as
they believe Fulham are a more proven
Premiership side.

Is there a chance of this ED? {Ed001's Note - no idea sorry.}(2)(26)No chanceThe transfer window is closed, when it next opens wigan will be a championship side no way johnson and etuhu will signYou cannot expect people to take this rumour seriously,
Johnson may have two good years left at best with no sell on value, Etuhu is also on his way down, cannot keep his place in Fulham team right now, again within a season he will have little or no sell on value.

In the summer Johnson won't command a fee much above £2M, and Etuhu would likely go for half of that.Well Johnson's contract expires at the end of the season thus is free, so do you think Etuhu is worth 10 million? haha



01 Mar 2012 15:45:05
Chelsea are expected to offload
Malouda,Drogba,Ferreria and sell
Kalou in the summer. Also they will
bring in Moutinho,Hulk and perreria.

Anything on this Ed and do you think
it could happen? {Ed001's Note - I very much doubt those 3 will all arrive in the summer, though I would expect the outs to defo go.}(11)(7)I very much doubt they can 'sell' Kalou seeing as his contract expires this summer..


01 Mar 2012 15:30:23
There is rumours coming from a friend
of mine that if Blackburn go down
Yakubu will be in a bidding war
between Norwich,Swansea and Aston
Villa. However Celtic may also put in
a 2.5 million bid to sign him

Is there any chance or truth in this Ed????? {Ed001's Note - no idea, they haven't gone down yet. How the hell can anyone know what will happen if they do?}(8)(5)BullsteLambert of Norwich would not go for Yakubu, does not work hard enough for the team.


01 Mar 2012 14:51:06
Portsmouth administrators have reported that the club may not be able to fulfill the fixtures this season!! Real possibility that the club maybe out of business and wound up soon.

source skysports news.

Sad day for the fans of football and for football in general!tommo(28)(5)Let it be a lesson to everyone....How exspensive that fa cup win was,having players they realy couldnt afford ,lets hope the best suporters in the world can get more than 12 thousand in to the ground saturdayYes please! That would mean all points gained agains pompey this season would be gone, meaning hammers loosing 6 points! C'mon UURRZZZI don't have any sympathy for them, they chose to vote against leeds when we had problems, so stuff them!I dont have sympathy for the club but i do towards the fans, im a leeds fan too and i dont wanna see any team go out of business. it's a bad thing for football in general. it just goes to show how lucky we leeds fans are, ok i dont like bates but at least we are 1 of only a handful of clubs actually running a profit! this situation at pompey could so easily have been us (leeds) not so long ago.

Tommo!Events like these should be a wake up call to
other clubs or one day it could come to a club near you maybe even one of the so called big boysLet them go under, its their own fault.

Love from all at Watford.Would be great news for super saints ,west ham lose 6 points only 1 for saints just goes to show chating doesnt paySome childish & selfish comments on this one. Pompey are a fine old club with support running through families and generations just like so many other football clubs. To look at their situation with 'serves you right' or how it might benefit your clu's promotion chances this season, is to miss the point of what English football means to so many. Be truly careful as it could be your team next!A fine old corrupt club mate ,who cheated there way to a fa cup win and premier ship football when realy they couldnt aford to pay elecy and gas bills but paid sol cambell and others 50 grand a week, serves them rightTo all those skates.. and thats not all of em i know , that laughed and made fun when the saints were having thier problems....U CREATED THIS , AND YOU DESERVE IT xTo all those people gloating at this, hope that this doesnt happen. There are teams living well beyond their means in all levels of English Football and that includes Portsmouths Rivals down the South Coast - If the Liebher Family decide that they want out the amount you are paying out on staff and players will rapidly become unsustainable and you could head the same way.. Its not inconcievable that one of the Major teams in english Football could go under. I for one think the game needs a rocket to wake itself up and as sad as it may be .. this may be it!

And to the comments from the Supporter of my Team (Watford) - gloating when you are in the same position as us is particularly stupid.. we came within a few days of being wound up last year and arent out of the woods yet! or had you forgotten!To the poster who says "YOU CREATED THIS". How did the fans create this? You are a mindless person who knows nothing. Did we ask or control how we got into this situation.....NO. SO GO HOME BACK UNDER YOUR ROCKWatford are nothing like Portsmouth. We came close and have learnt our lessons, our financials are only going to improve because unlike this bunch we didn't start whacking massive contracts on average players. It's their clubs fault, end of.I will welcom Pompey folding as I am a Bristol city fan. Then Coventry and Donny will go down :]And it would mean we (Nottm Forest) drop down a place in the league, but on the bright side we'd only be 8pts behind the sheep so when we play them and beat them at their place that would be down to 5 pts, sorry bring it on.. I can accept going into Admin once, but to let it happen twice no sympathyIf Pomey did go would it mean that only 2 teams went down? {Ed002's Note - Probably.}Or would 4 go up from lg1...... a very hopeful huddsfield fan.Well, i hate to see this happening, but as a saints fan, i must say that when it looked likely for us, all your fans could do was the tables have turned and you can take it back? I for one would hate to see you go under, i really mean that, BUT, there is a huge majority of fans that could have helped out alot more. I agree, PACKTHEPARK. 14k average is terrible...considering you need to fill FP twice a week to pay Kanu's wages...thats a joke. You needed every supporter to help, but most turned their backs, and are now having a squinny. Man up, accept you couldve helped. Here's to hoping you get a lifeline.Whats with all the Scummer fans saying we 'cheated' our way to FA Cup GLORY..........overspending is not cheating, just go crawl back under your rock and think about all the people on our sort of wages (15k-30k) employed by Portsmouth FC who will probably be being made redundant, this is peoples lives were talking about not whos the better team, IDIOTS, GO ROT!!!! PUPYes you must be so proud that your club is putting so many people out of work. Have the St Johns Ambulance got their money this time? I doubt it. Joke of a club after the money they've earnt over the years, liquidate them or make them start in the Conference.This is the flip side of the coin. I'm sure the fans enjoyed the FA Cup final win and their premiership status, paid for with money they didn't really have. Now it's time to face grim reality.


01 Mar 2012 13:39:38
Man u want a creative midfielder in July to add more firepower to the team. This midfielder could be kaka(6)(34)Or it could be a Kack signingKeep dreaming palWhy would he go to Man United? They won't even be the top team in their city in a couple of seasons time, let alone the Premiership!Can Kaka still run?


01 Mar 2012 13:39:29
Lee Barnard to sign for Swindon from Southampton on loan, reliable source(20)(16)His name keeps coming up and I think he would be an excellent signing for us! Who is your source though? I'd be surprised if L1 teams weren't after his services. I have seen that Bournemouth are interested and geographically I suppose it would make sense but I really hope that this happens! COYR


01 Mar 2012 13:37:49
Walsall fc have loaned our ryan Jarvis to Torquay. They will replace him with a new striker on loan before saturday. Said to be a striker from a midlands side...(3)(4)


01 Mar 2012 13:36:48
Reading are set to bid for Crewe duo Nick Powell and Luke Murphy.(12)(5)Nick Powell is going to move to a premier league teamReading will be a Premier league team next season.


01 Mar 2012 13:36:01
i have heard from a very good sorce, billy paynter to make a return(2)(15)If you mean to Swindon sorry dont believe it he had one good season with us and then thought he was the dogs bcks and never in this world is Paynter a championship player and i could of told him that but as usual he went for the money to Leeds and now he is in the wilderness. He shot himself in the foot and we havent forgotten him for turning he back on us. Thought he was big time and he has to remember before he came to us he was shipped out from every club as he couldnt hit a barn door. We turned him around as a player and he pooped on us.I have a taxi number and fare if he needs it. Probably miss the door though.

Leeds Fan.He had two good seasons or are you forgetting the Paynter cox partnership in which he assisted in 12 of Cox's goals...


01 Mar 2012 13:23:16
The takeover at Reading has now been completed and ratified. This will be announced within the next fortnight.

Brian McDermott has been given license to start enquiries and has already sounded out the availability of Jamie Murphy from Motherwell, Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield and Martyn Waghorn from Leicester. Reading have conceded defeat in the hunt for Mackail-Smith from Brighton.

The Matthew Connolly permanent deal at Reading is dependent on QPR staying up and Reading have opened talks with AEK Athens about former target Elfar Freyr Helgason. Fellow countrymen Kristján Flóki Finnbogason and Elías Már Ómarsson are currently training with Reading with a view to joining the academy. Reading have also been in touch with Chelsea about a possible loan for Sam Hutchinson but Chelsea want assurances that he would be a first team regular, which Reading are unable to guarantee.

Reading are focusing heavily on youth recruitment particularly following the announcement they will be aiming for Cat 1 Academy status. Expect to see several promising youngsters snapped up from other clubs on both a domestic and international level during the close season.

There have been enquiries about Gylfi Sigurdsson but Reading have given up hope on this. Swansea were close to signing Sigurdsson on a permanent deal but this has been scuppered as Markus Babbel wants to have a look at him in the summer before considering any bids. Due to Sigurdsson's form in the Premier League Hoffenheim believe that, if they do look to invest, they will be able to start a bidding war and get over £12m for the young Icelandic midfielder.

Ryan Bertrand has voiced his discontent at Chelsea as he was not provided with the opportunity to play in Cole's absence and would consider a move to Reading if promoted, however Brendan Rodgers is a known fan and Swansea have also been monitoring Bertrand's availability. Chelsea would be willing to sell but only with first refusal. Although Reading have Joseph Mills and Ian Harte at the moment this position is potentially a weak link and they are looking for reinforcements in the summer, especially if promoted where Harte's lack of pace and Mills' inexperience would be more of an issue.(13)(16)


01 Mar 2012 12:39:59
Nicky Shorey was due to join Reading on loan until the end of the season, however, it has come to light that he is close to completing his medical at West Ham.

Reading have also called a press conference at 15:00 to announce the unveiling of Tommy Smith.(3)(20)Nicky Shorey's medical is ongoing. It might be a while.

Press Conference was cancelled. Smith was driving to Reading and turned off.So basically your talking nonsense then trying to make up for it by back trackingIf you were a Reading fan you would know


01 Mar 2012 08:57:18
Blackpool are keen on signing Montpellier midfielder Remy Cabella on loan for next season. The youngster has been told by the French Ligue 1 leaders that he will be shipped out on loan as they feel he is not ready for Champions League football just yet. The French under 21 international player will sign in June on loan for a whole season.(8)(5)


01 Mar 2012 08:53:47
FC Porto are keen on signing Spain and Athletic Bilbao midfielder Javi Martinez in the summer. It is believed the Portuguese champions have already offered £17 million for the 23 year old.(8)(12)Martinez would have no interest in going to Porto and Bilbao certainly wouldn't sell for that price. He is a fantastic talent and many of the big european clubs are casting envious glances at a player who not only has been a fantastic midfielder but who also has looked classy most of this season playing CB


01 Mar 2012 00:41:38
Apparently Frank Nouble played for Watford in a friendly against Southampton on Tuesday.(23)(6)



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