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04 Jun 2013 22:48:14
Johnny Russell has turned down a move to Derby County, stateing their owners lack of investment and ambition as his main reason.

Too be honest a lot of pressure on Rush to pull this off.

It will be like Hooper again.

I don't know whether Russell said that, but all footballers who complain that either the club they play for, or another that seeks their services, doesn't meet the height of ambition they loftily set, should, by law, relinquish half their pay to fund these 'ambitions', if the snotty buggers are that serious about it.

1. Russell hasn't even begun negotiations so this is false.

2. By signing Russell that is ambition.

3. Derby's owners are utterly desperate to get in the prem as that's the only way they are going to make a return.

4. They have already shown ambitious by getting a premier league striker, one of the best keepers in the league and at the moment they have kept hold of all their best players.

I don't think Russell when the time comes in about a week would turn down derby because of something like that.

A fee hasn't even been agreed yet, the dundee united manager has said there close to agreeing a fee and surely if he didn't want to sign he would have said by now, the club have got ambition and have invested in the club massively

Source? He is on holiday so it seems rather redundant to say this when he hasn't even spoke to us.

How do you know as they haven't even accepted a bid yet?

05 Jun 2013 19:18:26
Derby are talking to his agent AS WE SPEAK. Think we may have a deal subject to a medical very, very soon.

Can't see Celtic jumping us now.

Bid accepted by Dundee Utd as of Wedsdnesday PM, Russell is on hols but has already agreed in principle to personal terms, medical Monday. Boom



04 Jun 2013 22:42:12
Exeter City are interested in 25 year-old striker Brett Williams, released by Reading in May, as Paul Tisdale looks to replace the Cheltenham-bound Jamie Cureton.

05 Jun 2013 09:35:25
Brett williams is absolutely useless why any professional club would be interested in him is beyond me and really surprised Reading signed him initially.

He's a non league player.

Cureton unlikely to leave Exeter. Salary last year allegedly paid by local firm, but no longer the case after Cureton was 'released' by Club. Cureton doesn't want to leave Exeter, so Exeter fans group exploring options with other local business to pay salary & keep him.

Lets Hope Cureton Will Stay!

Cureton has said he does want to leave Exeter - wants to live closer to his Bristol home. However it wouldn't surprise me if an ECFC sponsor could pay more than CTFC.

Cureton's a done deal

Cureton has signed a new exeter contract.



04 Jun 2013 22:38:18
Brendan Rodgers is looking to several of his former players to replace any departures.

If Pepe Reina leaves the club (with Barcelona interested in selling Victor Valdes now to gain a transfer fee), then Rodgers will turn to Reading's Alex McCarthy, who twice impressed against the Reds this season. McCarthy will cost in the region of £8m.

Rodgers is also hoping to offload Martin Skrtel and Seb Coates. Alex Pearce (Reading, available on a free) and Ashley Williams (Swansea, circa £10m due to interest from Arsenal) are potential replacements.

Finally, if Spurs sign another creative player, then Rodgers will make an attempt to sign Gylfi Sigurdsson, who he managed at Reading and Swansea. Liverpool tried to sign Sigurdsson last summer but he received better offers from Reading and Tottenham, and ended up joining Spurs. It is understood the transfer committee will want to avoid last season's embarrassment and will make Sigurdsson one of their top earners. This will allow Stewart Downing to leave the club, with Fulham thought to be interested.

04 Jun 2013 23:55:28
made up rumour! mccarthy won't leave for anything less then 15m reading have already valued him at that, so why let him leave for less? strange that.

plus you won't get gylfi, tottenham see him as a player for the future, they're not going to let him leave.

McCarthy for 8million? He's got a 15million pricetag and he's still got few years on contract. 15mill or look elsewhere

The same Gylfi Sigurdssonwho has done soooooooo well at spurs?

Wouldn't Brad Jones get a run if Reina does a runner?

Mccarthy will put you back around £15 million

£8m for macarthy. No chance reading slapped a 15mil price tag on him but knowing reading they'll probably let him go for £5m

Siggy 27 ain't he? Had major knee surgery etc so no player of the future in me head buddy lol in his best form ever at the moment an it should deteriate from here sorry

Liverpool Ins:
Kolo Toure (Man City) - Free (confirmed)
Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) - £7-10m (fee agreed)
Alex McCarthy (Reading) - £8-10m (purely speculation)
Simon Mignolet (Sunderland) - £10m (purely speculation)
Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) - £20-25m (purely speculation)

Deals for Ashley Williams and Gylfi Sigurdsson will not happen.

Liverpool Outs:
Pepe Reina (Barcelona) - £7-8m (purely speculation)
Andy Carroll (West Ham) - £15m (fee agreed)
Martin Skrtel (Napoli) - £7-12m (purely speculation)
Daniel Agger (Napoli, Monaco, PSG) £12-15m (purely speculation)
Luis Suarez (R. Madrid, Atletico M, Juventus, Bayern Munich) - £40 (purely speculation)

You'll need more then £8M for Alex McCarthy. You stumped up double that for Henderson and Downing and they're awful. Alex is brilliant and destined for big things.

Premier league is most overrated league ever! The boy Is no where near worth 8 million!

Sigurdsson is 23 not 27?

Cant see liverpool spending 60 mill

You must be thinking of a different Siggurdsson. Gylfi's 23 and hasn't had major knee surgery and will be a future star.

Sigurdsson is 23 so he does have a future at spurs.

Andy Carroll wasn't worth 35M, downing wasn't worth 20M and Henderson wasn't worth 17M but you still paid it.

Difference is unlike those guys Alex is actually good.

The sig will end up back at reading when we get back up. true story lol

Yeah sigurdsson isn't going to reading, ever

06 Jun 2013 12:22:37
Siggy 27 ain't he? Had major knee surgery etc so no player of the future in me head buddy lol in his best form ever at the moment an it should deteriate from here sorry

no no no you're thinking or hfefalfuaehfheauifhauihfaeiofhafuiheufuiafaiuf siggy, yeah that's definitely the one. the 65 year old that had his hip replaced.

no i'm on about the gylfi sigurdsson that is 23, plays for tottenham, that used to play for reading, had a loan stint at swansea last year, and the one that hasn't had knee surgery. ring any bells?

oh and the best season of his life so far, he was wearing a reading shirt in, definitely a player of the future, and the very near future at that. and he won't leave spurs, we tried to get him back on loan in january, and AVB said NO, why you ask? cause AVB said he's A PLAYER FOR THE FUTURE!! FACT

Rodgers hardly 'managed' Sigurdsson when he was at Reading. He didn't know what to do with him and then Mcdermott came in and put him in central attacking and he became our top scorer. Rodgers took credit for him but BM was much more successful with him.

Rodgers did a fantastic job with him at Swansea though



04 Jun 2013 22:31:18
Bury chasing Macclesfield striker Barnes-Homer and Newport goalkeeper Lenny Pidgeley.

05 Jun 2013 10:34:07
probably not true, but i'd take barnes-homer he seems like a decent striker.

I think Homer might be closer the mark or maybe Bart Simpson.

Pidgeley recently signed a fresh contract with Newport.



04 Jun 2013 20:39:34
Monaco are interested in Adil Rami, the central defender from Valencia has expressed a desire to leave and several of the rich clubs are interested including PSG and Man City



04 Jun 2013 22:06:47
Steve Evans wants to bring 2 strikers to Rothetham this summer. Several have been for initial talks but a deal is still far from complete for any of them. The following have all 100% spoke with the millers but I have no idea which ones will materialise and which won't:
Dani Lopez - Stevenage
Lyle Taylor - Falkirk
Marcello Trotta - Fulham
Rory Donnelly - Swansea
Matt Tubbs - Bournemouth

I understand Evans would like to enquire about a few other players before deciding his pecking order of who he would like to sign. Other strikers he's interested in include Tyrone Barnett of Peterborough, Calvin Zola of Burton, Lee Novak of Huddersfield and Liam Boyce of Cliftonville.

You may not believable this due to the sheer number of players mentioned but negotiations are ongoing with the first 5 and the rest are interesting Evans but no formal contact has been made yet. I would imagine 2 of the above will actually happen and the rest won't.

Bit late for Lee Novak. He signed for Birmingham last month. Bb

Steve Evans is a proven hunter of footballers and he looks everywhere - no one is safe from his attention! Ambition of the club is clear for all to see and that is VERY ATTRACTIVE TO PLAYERS!

Lee Novak signed for Birmingham City a while ago now. Don't think Rotherham will be signing him soon!

You can have Donnelly on loan

05 Jun 2013 16:52:09
Err. That's one of the things that Managers do. Look for players & try sign them! Genius.



04 Jun 2013 21:59:13
bristol rovers to re-sign John akinde on a 2 year deal in the comming week.

Very much doubt this is true - BUT I reckon this could be a canny signing - the lad wasnt great when with us before but I think he was suffering with confidence issues and was in a poor side, given a chance in a decent side in a lower league I reckon this lad could become the next on the conveyor belt of good Million plus Gas strikers - let's remember the lad is still ONLY 23!. he has all the attributes - Big/Strong/Physical and quick - only downside (based on experience from his loan spell) is he can't hit a barn door! but that can be coached!.

What a load of Rubbish. Akinde is one of the worst strikers I've ever seen play for Rovers.

What part of JW is NOT in the market for a forward you guys not grasping?

The worst striker is a bit harsh

05 Jun 2013 13:11:08
worst harsh but true



04 Jun 2013 21:59:39
3 Championship Clubs interested in Forest striker Matt Derbyshire but the 27 year olds wage demands are pricing him out of a move

Any news on mcgugan?

04 Jun 2013 23:31:15
McGugan will sign a new 3 year deal soon.



04 Jun 2013 21:56:33
Monaco to bid 25m for Liverpool defender Daniel Agger

Isn't worth 15 million never mind 25



04 Jun 2013 21:40:28
I understand from a Dundee Jurno that Macnamara is in talks with Wigan



04 Jun 2013 21:08:26
Striker Billy McKay of Inverness CT due at AFC Bournemouth on Friday for a medical prior to sealing £500k move to the south coast club.



04 Jun 2013 21:02:13
heard bury have offered lee miller{carisle} a 2 yr contract waiting for is reply when he returns from is holiday

04 Jun 2013 21:44:41
he is set to join preston

No chance, wants to move back to scotland to be closer to his family.



04 Jun 2013 21:02:11
Rumours are that Stoke City have agreed contract terms with Erik Pieters and Andreas Cornelius of PSV and FC Kovenhavn respectively

I think your right but stoke have enquired about juventus De Ceglie, Sorenson and Biyake

Which Sorensen? Frederik?

How do you know about Cornelius? He was only linked with Stoke when Pulis was in charge and hasn't been mentioned since.

Are you sure two good footballing players and Mark Long ball Hughes?

I hope Stoke sign Cornelius he really is a good young striker as for Pieters he will be a good signing but cannot see him getting ahead of Wilson and is prefer to see a cheaper player who can fill in like Olsson. I don't know what Sorenson is or will be like but if he comes on a free then not too bad and who is Biyake? if you mean Boakye then he is a good young striker that could prove a good deal if comes on a free

Since when has Mark Hughes been a long ball merchant?

If the De Ceglie rumour has legs I'd rather him than Pieters.

How can Stoke have agreed terms with the players when Mark Hughes hasn't even decided whether or not he will try and sign them?

06 Jun 2013 10:52:20
mark wilson wants to play either centre back or central midfield as coates said in an interview



04 Jun 2013 20:50:05
Accrington midfielder Romuald Boco is in talks with league one side Walsall

Walsall manager Dean smith is set to offer the Stanley star a two year contract to tempt him away from the crown ground, Boco scored 10 times last season for Stanley



04 Jun 2013 20:34:34
stevenage interested in sam hoskins after his release from southampton

No chance. He wouldn't fit in with G. W's physical intent on the pitch. Hardly gave him a lot in the last seven games, he knew early.

Good luck to young Sam, hope his future goes well.

Saints interested in evian striker saber khelifa scored from inside his own half last month



04 Jun 2013 20:30:11
Lee Miller is close to signing for aberdeen on a 3 year deal as he is going to reject carlisle's 1 year contract offer.

Good riddance.

Yeah good riddance to a striker who scored 23 goals in 56 games. Some of our fans don't have a clue. best of luck to him if or when he moves on.

23 in 56 games is hardly clinical when about 10 of them were penalties

The club was tremendously loyal to him when he had his personal difficulties and injuries. He has not reciprocated and so I am happy to see him go.

Played half a season and still finished top scorer. don't blame him going to be honest grief he got was appaling towards the of the season.

He done his job and scored goals that ultimatley keeped us up.

Lets face it miller is s***

I'm happy if he goes can only really score penalties and tap ins

"I'm happy if he goes can only really score penalties and tap ins" is that not the point in a striker, and what about his first season he was third in the league assist table his goal creation/scoring was 3rd in the table.

He's lost the spring in his jump since his bad ankle injury. Hardly gets off the ground now, just tries to draw the foul and annoys the refs. Was doing more damage than good by the end of the season. Let him go, time for a change



04 Jun 2013 20:19:22
Paul Benson to Oxford United on a season long loan



04 Jun 2013 20:07:12
With Johnny Russell on the verge of signing for Derby, Huddersfield will now look at signing Walsall striker Will Grigg, the striker is believed to be wanting a move away from his current and Huddersfield are rumoured to be planning a bid for him.

06 Jun 2013 20:36:04
Town gave up on Russell months ago Derby can have him utt.



04 Jun 2013 20:04:56
Yeovil midfielder Gavin Williams will leave the club as a free transfers when his contracts expires this summer, Williams is attracting interest from league one sides Walsall and shrewsbury.

Super gav ain't good enough for league one anymore

Why is Gav super then?

More than up to League One if he can remain injury free.

He was once super but he has no pace no stamina can only strike a ball well

He'd still make a good squad or bench player in league 1, he's got good experience. I think he'll have to step down to league 2 if he want more regular games though

He was in the 2011/12 League One team of the Year. He is a good player when he wants to be. Scored some good goals in his time mind!



04 Jun 2013 19:34:19
Nigel Adkins to make Ben Reeves, recently released from Southampton, one of his first signings on a free transfer. The 21 year old Reeves was involved in a hand full of Carling cup and Premiership games during the start of the 2012-13 season under Adkins and then went on loan to perform well for Southend

04 Jun 2013 21:57:45
Was valiantly hoping Reeves would decide to return to Southend but he's a great lad and wish him well with Reading. Nigel Adkins is a great manager and a gent all the best to both.

Maybe get him on loan again if he joins reading

I imagine Reading will want him to be playing for them. He's definitely good enough.

Adkns liked him for sure, dissapointed to seem him leave to be honest. Hope we don't end up with a foreign invasion but sadly I see it happening. Stabilty is what we sacrificed by sacking adkins. Kiss goodbye to the same level of youth involvement I reckon. Its a results game now.

Utter tosh. How much has the club/Cortese sunk into the academy. Yes, it's a results game which is why Adkins has moved on and it's time you did so too.



04 Jun 2013 19:19:20
Yeovil are hunting the signature of chucks aneke who seems keen to sign for the Somerset outfit. CR

Chucks not up to championship level, so can't see it.



04 Jun 2013 19:51:06
Rumours from Sky Italia that Stoke have contacted Juventus over De Ceglie and out of favour BC Sorenson.

I think Pieters or Olsson would be better and more likely options than de ceglie and I do not know who BC Sorenson is unless you mean Thomas Sorenson who is already a Stoke goalkeeper

Fred Sorensen 6ft4 centre back



04 Jun 2013 19:48:33
Huddersfield are looking into bring Quincy Owusu-Abeyie the former Arsenal and Malaga winger to the John Smiths Stadium! It is believed to be that one of Mark Robins agent has been in Greece looking at the 27year old. The fee is believed to be around 450k.

Wages might be a problem, believe he is on big money.

Doubt it, 27 is a bit old. Town are looking at young talent

Dont know why town are after yuong players, you need experienced players in the championship.

People take what the club has said literally. Yes they are looking at young talent to develop but you must be daft if you think they are no longer looking at experienced pros.

Unfortunately there are around 200 Huddersfield fans who stay in touch on DATM (about 0. 02% of all town fans) and the hang on the every word of Town staff. It is plainly embarrassing. Some fat bloke at Town spouted 'pathways' and these persons now think we have an army of scouts uncovering the next Maradona, aged 10. Embarrassing.



04 Jun 2013 19:46:07
Carlisle's out-of-contract striker Lee Miller is set to sign for League One rivals Preston North End when he returns from holiday.

We are signing a st from the prem

Ha ha at this rate Bury will be in financial debt again with all the players they are signing and long deals.


He wants to move to a Scottish club, to be closer to family

I hope not. He's terrible.

He's not going to Preston but he will leave

This might not be a bad deal for North End, he fits the requirement being a 6ft 2inch centre forward, he has good experience and he is familiar with Garner. He is available on a bosman free and might well be looking for a fresh start having experienced personal tragedy whilst at Carlisle. I didn't think he was that bad, I know North End have looked at him before.

Lee miller terrible, uve got to be joking, he is the best centre forward cufc have had for years, hope to god he doesn't sign for preston, there awful to watch

I didn't think Carlisle had had a decent centre forward since Hughie McIlmoyle

North end awful to watch under grayson no under westley yes, how can a carlisle fan say that carlisle hardly barcelona

Awful player. You'd be lucky if he ran 100m during a game.

It doesn't say much about Carlisle if he's the best centre forward they've had!

Seem to remember Preston playin more football than Carlisle at Brunton Pk in april.

What about danny graham, matt jansen, david reeves, preston were awful in april, we weren't much better but at least try and play football

Lee miller is a good player, to good for league 1, not just in the air but on the ground aswell, yes I am a carlisle fan and would be gutted if he doesn't sign on, just hope he doesn't sign for pne because there no better than us

"It doesn't say much about Carlisle if he's the best centre forward they've had!" nope in the way of strikers we have had ivor brodis, peter Beardsley, Hughie McIlmoyle, danny graham.



04 Jun 2013 19:37:37
Kilmarnock try sign Alloa Athletic striker Kevin Cawley and St Mirren winger Graham Carey



04 Jun 2013 19:14:46
Boro interested in signing Leicester's Paul Konchesky - tgt

He will retire after Leicester



04 Jun 2013 18:59:06
Gavin Williams could well sign for Newport County after his release from Yeovil.

Bristol Rovers are monitoring the situation though and may step in to offer an alternative.

Jason Banton may well be a target for both West Country clubs. Yeovil unsure though if Banton could cope with Championship football so early whilst Rovers keen to loan him until December initially.

Not sure I would be entirely happy to see Gavin back at the club, he was very good on his day but was injured an awful amount - Another Gill which in my book is a luxury we can't afford!.

He's a top player who will have a bright future so he will want to play at the highest level where he can get games. Yeovil will be perfect for him with their small squad but its a gamble. Rovers will be good for him all so but he's a LW, so I think there will be too much competition it that area considering Broghammer and Harrison can play there. Unless John Ward wants to try Harrison upfront next season and get this guy in for competition when in that case will be a good signing.



04 Jun 2013 18:53:06
chelsea, psg and monaco are the final 3 clubs in the chase for sevillas geoffery kondogbia.

Its hard to belive stoke nearly had him in January



04 Jun 2013 18:57:28
A friend tells me martin allen has been looking at Peterborough striker Emile Sinclair for some time now.

04 Jun 2013 22:42:33
Pace, Power and goal scoring ability haha

Good player

Very vood player that they'd be getting



04 Jun 2013 18:55:50
Richard dunne to sign for Bristol city as Flint deal has fallen through

Rubbish, too old, too slow, hasn't played in ages! not what we need

04 Jun 2013 22:40:49
He's strongly linked with qpr

Richard Dunne would be exactly what we need but let be fair he is a Premier League player, coming abck off of an injury.

He will probably be starting at Villa next year.

Terrible rumor.

This is true

05 Jun 2013 20:57:49
He's been released by villa so doubt he will be starting for them next year! He's been spotted up failand having a medical

I will be stunned if he ends up at Ashton Gate.



04 Jun 2013 18:50:20
ryan lowe has signed a 2 year deal with tranmere will be confirmed very soon SWA!



04 Jun 2013 18:49:36
lee molynuex is close to signing for tranmere



04 Jun 2013 18:46:13
real madrid are set to blow tottenham out the water with a world record bid that tottenham wil lsimply not be able to reject for wing wizard garteh bale.



04 Jun 2013 18:46:02
Liverpool considering a move for celtics 3 best players, Victor Wanyama - 12 million
Gary Hooper - 8 million
Fraser Forster - 5 million

Liverpool have good reasons for going for all 3 of them and are confident they can snap them up by the end of the transfer window.

I'll take hooper and Forster not wanyama

Hooper going to Norwich, I have said on here so many times. FACT!

05 Jun 2013 00:22:53
at 2, you really know nothing about football if you wouldn't want Wanyama in a mediocre Liverpool team! The guys immense.
Hooper isn't now worth 8mil given he only has a yr left on his contract, 5mil max, will score goals wherever he plays but doubtfull any of this will happen!

Without a doubt get forster in for reina.

05 Jun 2013 09:52:03
If hooper isn't good enough for Norwich the he isn't good enough for Liverpool. Norwich don't want him anymore

Not good enough for Norwich yet good enough for the Champions League? that's a bit strange

He's not good enough for nowrich? celtic rejected 4 bids from them in january. if he wasnt that good I doubt they would have made that many bids. if suarez leaves liverpool they'll be a bottom half team which hooper is too good for.



04 Jun 2013 18:43:59
arsenal to sign benteke and higuain



04 Jun 2013 18:43:40
arsenal are to cash in on bacary sagna with the player heading to 1 of either psg or monaco with both teams keen.



04 Jun 2013 18:40:23
mark schwarzer is to join hull city this summer



04 Jun 2013 18:39:50
fulham are set to land romas stekelkenburg.

Big player for fulham but who knows



04 Jun 2013 18:37:13
chelsea want city striker edin dzeko, whilst jose mourinho has told clubs tracking romelu lukaku have no chance of landing the belgian international who figures highly in the portuguese mana gers plans



04 Jun 2013 18:32:39
tottenham have upped there pursuit of brazil striker leandro damiao after the player declared his interest in a move to the london outfit

Have they not learned? Did they not see him when he came on? That's right nothing to write home about!



04 Jun 2013 18:30:13
wba are leading the race for man city winger scott sinclair

I thought a move to crystal palace would make more sense as he's originally from london and they would use the zaha money to pay the fee and the premier league money to pay his wages



04 Jun 2013 17:52:01
Spoke to Ricardo fuller today. Joining vale tomorrow on a 1 year deal with an option for another year.



04 Jun 2013 17:48:17
West Brom

Mbokani - £5 million
El Hamdaoui - £750k (we have been offered a cut price deal)
Sinclair - Loan with a view to a £5 million permanent
Carrillo - £4 million
Simpson - Free

Odemwingie - £4 million
Thomas - Free
Fortune - Free
Jara Reyes - Free
Reid - Free/Offered a coaching role

You won't get £4m for Peter O.

Not a WBA fan but thought Reid was relatively young, i. e not old enoughfor a coaching role?

Simpson going to Stoke and won't get that much for Odemwingie

04 Jun 2013 21:46:51
Heard that Mbokani deal is already done and are trying to sign knockaert from leicester
also have an interest in redmond from blues and that the sinclair deal dependant on fee and what he's askin for but expect season loan with permanent at end of it.
All in all it looks like ;
Lukaku - Mbokani
Odemwingie - Sinclair
Fortune - Knockaert
Thomas - Redmond
Get 3m for odemwingie and spend bout 8million on 3 permanent signings with the last 2 named players bein a good saving on wages in the budget

Why would we want knockaert?

We will get 4 mill for po

A fantastic goal record for a club like west brom is brilliant, don't, after what age you are as long as you have the talent. Clubs will pay 4 million for odemwingie easily worth it



04 Jun 2013 17:44:40
Partick Thistle are set to re-sign former frontman Jukka Santala.

Boss Alan Archibald is said to have been impressed with his form at Finnish side KTP.



04 Jun 2013 17:42:28
Any Swindon rumours? All seem to be players leaving and nothing about players coming in?

I have heard on the non playing side jimmy Quinn coming in to replace Paul bodin bringing roger Higgs with him.

No word of any incoming players at the moment, more to leave first I Guess fodders I will be very surprizsed if he is here before the season kicks off, roberts & coillins to leave as well maybe williams, to bristol coity for £ 150. 000
no experiance players coming in it will be younger players from top clubs.

The club need to understand that you can't have a team made up of young youth players on loan, even if they are sucsseful they'll be back at their clubs at the end of the season, we should rebuild with the money coming in from all the players leaving now and sign some proven players that we know can push for promotion

I hope not, would be a massive mistake after slagging us off in the Bournemouth Echo last year

Don't believe everything you read in the papers, I know quinny loves swindon town his kids still live here in cricklade, he has loads of expeirience, he knows more about coaching than any of them young lads ie Jeremy Newton and co. I would rather my son be coached by a player like quinny rather than the name above.



04 Jun 2013 17:27:32
Danny Graham will be a Baggie before we start our pre-season friendly's.

I think he might be on his way to Norwich for 3 mill

I'm a Sunderland fan mate, pleeaaaaaase take him!



04 Jun 2013 17:23:56
ashley williams to leave the liberty this summer for possible liverpool or arsenal also michu is a target for the gooners!



04 Jun 2013 17:20:13
Tranmere to resign Ian Hume and Gareth Roberts

04 Jun 2013 19:32:07
Would be deliriously happy with this but can't see it. Roberts maybe, but I just don't think RM will go for Hume at the moment. He wants a target man for JLAA to play off, although JLAA and Hume to the left and right of a big striker could be quite tasty.

Iain Hume is not returning this summer, although Ryan Lowe and Alan Lee are being heavily linked too rovers

04 Jun 2013 21:03:50
if you got 500k for hume and can afford his wages you can have him but you can't afford hume so unlucky he will be in graysons plans



04 Jun 2013 17:18:19
Don't all jump at me and say it's not happening, because i'm not saying it will happen, but I have heard that Gary Johnson is offering trials to Seth Nana Ofori-Twumasi and Adebayo Akinfenwa, I also understand he's not expected to sign either but will help them get fit for the new season if they haven't already found new clubs and then if they do impress he'll take it further



04 Jun 2013 16:55:57
Yeovil town have confirmed the release of 3 players. cb richard hinds, cm dominic blizzard and fan favorite gavin williams

All three always did a good job for us when called upon.



04 Jun 2013 16:42:43
Shrewsbury town's Jon Taylor is on his way to a championship team - derby are the most likely to get him. However, the Shrews are linked with signing tom eaves on loan from Bolton, where they have already signed Alex McQuade

Eaves won't be going anywhere, very much part of Dougie's squad having had a successful loan spells at both Bristol Rovers and Shrewsbury Town, scored a number of goals for both clubs. He was recalled from Shrewsbury and broke into the Bolton first team and looked veryu good. We don't have many striker options with Ngog injured and Big Kev being released that leaves us with just Sordell and Craig Davies upfront along with Eaves.



04 Jun 2013 17:12:25
Bristol City are keen on 22 yr old Real Madrid "B" player Oscar Plano.

Let me guess. he is amazing on this years football manager?

Could happen as o Driscoll did say he went to watch real Madrid vs Barcelona b match

I am just not having that Real Madrid think to themselves "we have this lad with some talent, but what he really needs is some games in the English third tier, perhaps at that club with the old Doncaster manager"

It sounds so far fetched.



04 Jun 2013 17:10:40
Yeovil are very close to confirming darius vassel as there first summer signing. which makes it look certain that gj will be staying

Really? but vassell announced his retirement last week



04 Jun 2013 17:03:53
John Joe O'Toole will sign for Bristol Rovers sometime in the next week when he arrives back from his holiday.

If this is true it will make most Gasheads summer - that said I can't see it happening after the comments JJ made on Radio Bristol after his final game - if he is joining us it is only because there have been no other/better offers not because of a desire to join BRFC let's just hope he is the same player (should he) join us!.

I posted this rumour on the 31/05/2013. normally, players come in at the start of the week after holiday to sign contracts so I wouldn't be surprised if JJ signed Monday or at a stretch, Wednesday.



04 Jun 2013 16:59:52
Sam Baldock was spotted in Milton Keynes by many people this past weekend. Though it's likely he was visiting brother George, there's serious speculation he may have been discussing terms with Winkleman over a return to the club.

04 Jun 2013 19:12:14
I hought MK were skint? If you have £1M then fine otherwise this is utter tosh. Sam's wages would be extremely high as well.
I would stick with the visiting relatives story although Sam will be visiting MK with BCFC next season.

Baldock family live near Milton Keynes dons can't afford his wages any way

Sam Baldock lives in Steeple Claydon near Buckingham, so very likely he was seen in MK as its only 12 miles from his home



04 Jun 2013 16:52:18
Ipswich looking to get young midfielder Ryan Mason on a season-loan from Spurs.

This may happen if McCarthy struggles to sign targets elsewhere, with Gary Dicker linked also.



04 Jun 2013 16:54:07
Karl Robinson is finally leaving MK Dons after months of speculation over his future; he is set to sign a 2 year deal at Wigan Athletic.

His replacement will be former fan-favourite Gareth Edds. Edds has made a great start to management in Australia with Northern Fury FC and will travel back to his old club to sign a contract until 2014.

Edds will bring with him youth prospect Alex Read, who at the age of 21 is a former A-League trialist and currently has 4 goals in 4 games this season.

He's decided this while sat by the pool in Marbella, has he?

Whelan has a short list and Karl's not on it.

Yeah yeah yeah!

Robinson is in Spain on holiday, the club have had no Official approach and Dave Whelan said earlier today that no interviews have taken place yet.

Another one bites the dust



04 Jun 2013 16:46:39
James perch anyone? Versitile, made available by alan pardew, already in the north east could do a good job for boro

Would be a good signing for Nottm Forest



04 Jun 2013 16:10:28
Sheffield Wednesday in talks with Steve Howard and Harry Maguire from rivals Sheffield United.

I could see Howard being signed, mostly as back up - he could hardly be expected to put in a full season.
The Maguire rumour's a strong one but I'll believe it when I see it.


04 Jun 2013 19:40:03
Aye it is part of a swap deal. Wednesday are paying £1. 5 Million plus Gary Madine for Harry Maguire.

Take the big donkey off us please. I would drive him there myself!

You having a laugh? 1. 5 Million plus Madine. Now don, t get me wrong I not one of Madines biggest fans but Mcguires not worth 1.5 million let alone with a player on top. Besides we will not be spending that sort of money on a centre half.



04 Jun 2013 16:01:04
Former Preston striker Brandon Zibaka to sign for Morecambe this week

Another rumour with little foundation

Unfortunate not to get a contract at Preston. Could be a good signing for Morecambe.

Zibaka will do well good prospect very surprised he was released



04 Jun 2013 16:00:39
Preston's young left back Ben Davies could complete a season long loan to Fleetwood when pre season starts. Graham Alexander knows him well from managing him in PNE's youth team

Untrue fuller would cost far too much unfortunately



04 Jun 2013 16:34:21
Ricardo Fuller to join Preston North end on a 1 year deal



04 Jun 2013 16:26:15
John Joe O'Toole signing for Northampton Town this week.

04 Jun 2013 20:38:39
And evey other ex aidy boothroyd player

04 Jun 2013 21:52:20
He will go to Bristol Rovers



04 Jun 2013 16:14:10
Tyson heading back south-west to Bristol City as part of £1million deal to bring Adomah to club.

Alan Pardew targeting Brayford

Total rubbish Bristol city are in debt up to there eyeballs.

Really? I thought Bristol City were in debt to one man only; their owner and fan, Steve Lansdown, who is not looking to call in the debt any time soon? Obviously you have better knowledge than me. Up to their eyeballs? That is serious.

When will people understand we have a multi multi millionaire chairment at Bristol city who underwrites the club. we are not in financial trouble. Having to adapt to the financial fair play regulations yes -in trouble no!

Do you people read? The debt is to our owner and he's waved that debt, it still won't happen mind

Your still in debt then, what happens if he calls the debt in or pulls out? Fan or not the club still owe him millions?

This won't happen, expect Mr Lansdown to convert the debt into shares, this will happen, he is 100% committed to the cause and under NO circumstances is going to walk away, one of the more genuine majority shareholders of any football club, he also has set up a company Bristol Sports that sponsors local up and coming sports stars, what ever others may think about BCFC, you can't take the facts away he has put a lot into Bristol Sport

Lansdown is only holding an IOU so that when he eventually comes to sell the club he can get some of his investment back.

The only way that will happen is if he completes his dream of sorting out the ground and getting the club in to the top flight.

Its a way off.



04 Jun 2013 16:12:06
Millwall interested in free agent Danny Haynes

These players to & from Millwall are really stupid as the club is managerless. Until a new man is in place, no buying, selling or speculation will take place.



04 Jun 2013 16:05:09
Barnsley have bid for Motherwell striker Michael Higdon who was top-scorer last season in the SPL, and have spoke to the agent of Jon Stead who says it's all up to him on whether he joins

Class if we pull it off, suprised if he isn't robbed by a bigger team though

This is not true higson is out of contract so would be free

To any Mootherwell fans. is he any good?

I would rather Bransley sign O 'Grady instead lol : )



04 Jun 2013 15:41:04
Just seen Charlie Austin down Bournemouth, he is on his way

04 Jun 2013 17:40:27
Yes, that's true - he had his court case down there yesterday. Fined £3,000 for assault in nightclub.

Lmao in your dreams pal, he'll go to a smaller Prem team willing to take a gamble, or one of the bigger championship team, burnley wouldn't sell to Cardiff so let's see how far Bournemouth get.

Why do bournmouth fans think they have limitless money to spend?

Hve I missed something or are they just being naive

Don't make me laugh he is on holiday and visiting his nan, he is above Bournemouth and don't want to be in a relegation fight. he is on his way to hull city or villa, he wants a big club.

Funny that because local media has him in Swindon magistrates court defending an assualt charge!

4m plus 20k wages surely we could not afford this with the finiacial fair play

I hate seeing 'Bournemouth fans' as a generalisation. As far as I know, Demin is only spending on the essentials. The mejority of AFCB fans will tell you that We Are No Man City!

As a bournemouth fan the real supporters not fm wannabes know Austin isn't coming to bournemouth so why people are on here thinking bmouth fans are deluded is beyond me

06 Jun 2013 00:25:07
There's been pictures of him and Eddie Howe all over twitter and down here so obviously some people are getting carried away. Everybody knows they are just mates and Charlie is always visiting family down here while his girlfriend is in Swindon as his girlfriend doesn't like being up in burnley for too long



04 Jun 2013 15:32:04
Newcastle declare interest in victor wanyama (a web site)

04 Jun 2013 19:36:44
Pretty sure that Victor Wanyama is a footballer, not a website ;-)



04 Jun 2013 15:31:35
Bournemouth lastest club to show an interest in Andy Drury of Ipswich.

04 Jun 2013 20:56:37
good player, wouldn't be upset with that

We released Drury, so he is not 'of' ipswich

His contract finishes end of June, so still technically an Ipswich player

Liked Drury while he was at Ipswich perhaps not the most skillfull but a real 100% player, would b a good signing for yer!



04 Jun 2013 15:22:01
Middlesbrough, Ipswich and Huddersfield are planning talks with Gary Dicker who will be available on a free after his contract with Brighton expires

There is definitely stiff competition for his signature {Ed003's Note - lol}

04 Jun 2013 20:33:18
Middlesbrough will sing sylvan Ebanks-Blake when he returns from holiday next week and Boro will also confirm the signing of Girote from Juninho link up club

They'll have to pay hard money if they want him

Doubt we will get him, already signed skuse and have Hyam so another defensive mid won't happen I don't think

The contract negotiations are very long and hard at the moment. Rumours are stiffening by the day that Dicker will join by the weekend as Mick McCarthy is looking to add some girth to his midfield.

04 Jun 2013 23:55:27
I'm a Brighton fan any one who wants Gary dicker show know that I most of his games he will have a funny five mins and pass is the ball to the other team

Sheffield Wednesday also want Gary Dicker.

05 Jun 2013 09:42:46
He won't be coming to Ipswich, we have more midfielders than you can poke a stick at, Its another GK and and left sided striker we want also a 20+ goals striker who can find the back of the net on a regular basis

They are trying to erect a deal for him.

I'm a Brighton fan too, and as far as I'm concerned in all the championship games I've watched this season I can count on one hand the number of players from ALL teams who HAVEN'T had a funny five minutes at some stage during a game, so pal, it's NOT just Dicker, very few keep concentration over ninety minutes.

From a Brighton Fan - Solid bottom-Half Championship/Top league one player. Great Servant and hard worker, lacks a bit of pace but will no doubt be solid wherever he ends up. Wish him the best of luck

05 Jun 2013 14:38:16
Choosing a club will no doubt be 'hard' decision.

Spot on Brighton fan, that's why most don't make it in the Premiership. Btw, as Ath. Bilbao are my 2nd team, i'm interested in what kind of season David Lopez has had? The lad is technically very good but its a very different ball game in the Championship. Would love to see HTAFC bring in some talent from the continent with his pedigree! :)

Don't know if he will stand up. to the pace.

Can he rise to the occasion?

I'm also a Brighton fan made a lot of he's this season and dicker is utter rubbish they can have him! And hasn't he already been released?

05 Jun 2013 23:00:37
Dicker will certainly provide some penetrating passes.



04 Jun 2013 15:15:05
Adam Mekki of aldershot town has today signed for Reading this is a 4 year deal

Not according to reading he hasn't, whoever he is

No he hasn't

Obviously not true but would be a good player to sign only 21



04 Jun 2013 16:01:31
Free agent and former PNE striker Chris Holroyd is moving to Mansfield



04 Jun 2013 15:59:47
Barnsley have made a £250,000 bid for Motherwell striker Michael Higdon after being rebuffed in their bid for Sheff Wed hitman Chris O'Grady who is now a target for Championship rivals Burnley. Source tv 5Live.

Think you will find Higdon is out of contract or so I am told, if that's true no fee will be involve. I stand to be corrected though

04 Jun 2013 16:55:04
He's out of contract, a contract has been offered, up to the player himself who is keen to talk.

Higdon is out of contract, so there is no transfer fee involved

HE, S a free agent so will cost nothing reason why Barnsley are interested
Wombwell RED

COG will be a Barnsley player, only club he wants to play at and he has no need to move house.

Also Higdon is out of contract so why would we offer money for him!!

Hidden is out of contract so wouldn't demand a fee

That's funny because higdon is a free agent

Higdons out of contract a free agent so why will they bid for him?

He is out of contract

Michael Higdon is a Free Agent so he can come to Barnsley for free

I think we've established he's a free agent now.

It would be a great signing for the Reds but not sruse if we can afford the rumoured £500k price tag : (



04 Jun 2013 15:59:28
The "young premier league" loanee epected to sign for PNE this week is Adam Morgan from Liverpool



04 Jun 2013 15:58:49
Preston North End looking into the possibility of signing Ricardo Fuller, Patrick Kisnorbo or Davide Somma. All 3 are out of contract

Davide Somma is coming back in pre season to train with leeds.



04 Jun 2013 15:58:24
swansea city to sign diego capel, jose canas and arouna kone for a combined 10 million

laudrup also looking to bring in 2 more big signings before start of season.

To say what your saying is optimistic is an understatement. Capel and Kone would set ou back more than 10 mil without adding Canas into it. Sounds harsh but it's reality!

You're about the 10th person to write the same rumour now, it's getting boring! Personally, I only think we'll sign Canas, Capel is overrated in my opinion and probably on big wages, Kone turns 30 in November, when was the last time Swansea signed a player that age?

When will people get that canas is a free transfer signing!

Firstly canas is on a free. I also think capel is over rated plus we don't need another winger. My biggest issue with
Kone is his age £5 m for a player who turns 30 in November is throwing money away. I'd like to see them take a risk on someone like Cornelius or finnbogason.

Sounds like this could happen to me

5 mill for a 30 yrs old don't pay it swans

Swansea have got joes canas on a free?



04 Jun 2013 15:56:30
Dundee United are looking to replace Johnny Russell with Partick Thistle's Steven Lawless. He has a £25k release clause in his contract.



04 Jun 2013 15:54:50
Argyle wish to sign Alan Lee and Donal Mc Dermott

Can see why Sheridan would want McDermott, he signed him on loan for Chesterfield and tried to get him permanently before he went to Hudds. He is a sparky left winger who needs a strong manager



04 Jun 2013 15:43:54
Yado Mambo is signing for afc wimbledon when Neal Ardley gets back from his holiday. The defender had a successful loan spell with the dons earlier in the season, including featuring in the mk tie.

The player tweeted he'll speak to 'bass' or better known as Simon Bassey

No, he will sign for the Shrews instead

Wasn't impressed with him when he was at the Dons on loan. Poor distribution.

Yado Mambo was about the only good thing post-TB. He and Antwi steadied a sinking ship. Gladly have him back.

Post terry brown comment-osano was mustard too

You are having a laugh. Mambo and Antwi were like a comedy act. It wasn't until the ex Cheltenham fella arrived that the defence improved. Antwi and Yado both keep under hitting passes in vital places but are good in the air. Need to improve big time.



04 Jun 2013 15:15:29
danny hylton too millwall done deal, millwall have tracked him for a long time

Who is he?

He plays for Aldershot and looks half decent! But if 'TRUE' has the new manager signed him whoever he is?

I don't think a man charged with racial abuse will be coming to The Den given the problems we already have with peoples perceptions! Oh, and we haven't got a manager at the moment.



04 Jun 2013 15:09:09
Burnley hoping to beat Barnsley for the signing of Sheffield Wednesday striker Chris O'Grady. The Clarets will need a replacement for Charlie Austin and will try to get O'Grady for £400,000, but the player would prefer to join the Tykes where he was on-loan last season.

Why would Burnley want him to replace
Austin? different type of player

Nothing to do with Austin, this would suggest Pato is on the verge of leaving Burnley. COG will be the replacement for Paterson if he doesn't sign the contract Burnley have offered him.

COG plays a similar game to Pato, they are both workmanlike and put in a shift. COG is arguably more effective due to his aerial ability.

From a Wednesday fan, you can have him. He has no arial ability (although you would expect someone with his build to be good in the air) and his positional play is suspect at best

So why your manager so keen on keeping him then or his he just being is usual vindictive self

Because if you want him that badly put your money where your mouth is we're not a charity! You have made it clear you are desperate for him back so why should we give him away

I actually rate COG and don't want him to leave, but Jones isn't bothered about him, its just MM telling people that we won't sell him for less than the £350k we paid for him.

Admittedly he works hard but there is no end product with him. He can't hold the ball up and spends half the game helping out on the wing only to put a cross in and realise "oh yeah, I was the lone striker who is supposed to be getting on the end of that" That is why madine will always be the better player, he knows his job



04 Jun 2013 15:01:05
Wells Nahki is interested in a move from Bradford to Burnley and will move for a fee around 1.4 million!

Ive heard that too!

04 Jun 2013 16:21:04
Burnley cannot afford such a high fee.

04 Jun 2013 19:02:28
Is he really worth 1.4 million?

Wells Nahki? They after Hanson James as well?

Sounds possible to me, I hope he doesn't go though

Wells can't go but 1.4m is a lot of money

06 Jun 2013 16:37:20
burnley fan and would not be impressed if we spent so much money on him

Mark lawn isn't gunna let wells go for anything less that 2.5 million so good luck to burnley with their 1.4 million bid

2.5mil give over.

2.5 million for a L2 player your avin a laff

We spent 1.2 million on Austin who was fairly unproven? You have to take these risks sometimes. Nahki Wells has potential.



04 Jun 2013 14:59:07
Bournemouth, Derby, Charlton, Ipswich, Sheffield Wednesday, Bradford, Rotherham and Gillingham have all been linked to Cheltenham midfielder Marlon Pack. The championship clubs obviously have the advantage in the race for his signature.

04 Jun 2013 16:10:21
Any good young striker should hone their skills at the Burnley "finishing school" which has the Midas Touch - Steve Fletcher, Jay Rodriguez and Charlie Austin. A true conveyor belt for PL strikers.

Out of charlton and derby if he wants to go to the bigger clubs

Hope Charlton get him, good player

He's not a striker, he's a midfielder

Don't think Derby will be in for him. We already have 3 quality CMs that we're struggling to accommodate, we don't need another.

Charlie austin? Wasn't it Bournemouth who unearthed him before Swindon turned him into a first class striker? Come on lad you surely can't claim that?! {Ed029's Note - Another product of Reading's academy.

Off-topic but I don't think you can't realistically claim he's a "product" of Reading's academy when they released him at the age of 15. It took the guy five years of non-league football before he got his break with Swindon.

As a CAFC fan, would love to see Marlon Pack at the Valley next season. Don't have any inside info on the deal though.

06 Jun 2013 13:28:02
Hone their skills at Burnley as a striker, out of the three you mentioned Rodriguez is the only one who has had his youth at Burnley. Anyway, have you got +1.8m to enter into a bidding war? If not I'd work hard to keep hold of Austin as you won't get Wells for less than that. Whether you think he is worth it or not (PS, not sure he is tbh)

As a Cheltenham fan, I'd like to see Marlon join Charlton. I think it would be a great move for him.



04 Jun 2013 14:58:54
Swindon turned down Bristol City's final offer for Aden Flint - it appears that they are now persuing other targets

He's already discussing personnel terms with BCFC

They accepted a 355k bid the other week mate!

04 Jun 2013 22:53:41
Well they must have made another final offer then!

Flint is dragging on now, deals do not normally take this long to go through.

I am begining to think Flint's deal is dying.

Flint is on Holiday until Friday, he will sign the deal which has all been accepted verbally on Monday

Swindon want BCFC to pay the sell on clause they have in place with his former club Barrow, BCFC have refused so deal stalled, suspect a compromise

His former club isn't barrow! Deal now agreed 300K signing next week

Sure you mean Alfreton Town, because we didn't sign him from Barrow

IF Flint is going to mess about then move on and get someone else! it ain't like he is a world class centre back is it? and if Swindon wanna try play games then pull out! if i'm right they got to half the budget next season and just lost a player to Brentford and due respect to both clubs but Bristol city is a far bigger club than both of them! let's try getting Amougou who we should have singed last season! BCFC ONE TEAM IN BRISTOL!

Maybe bigger club but Swindon have no debt, let's see how much debt city got 61 mill wow that's a lot of money to owe your owner

I am a long serving City fan and can't make it clear enough that I have absolutly no worries regaurding the clubs finacial situation.

We are back to being a bish in a small pond.

Dont expect Bristol City to scrimp on players and wages because of the owner, the debt gets bigger every year and we still buy what we need.

City are trying to manage thier money better, but they are not saying we won't spend.

Lansdown is willing to drop the dept as he loves club

Crickey if he drops that then you will be debt free. Not a smart move I thought he was a shrewd business man, writing off 61 mill must hurt him & before someone says he is loaded just think, any successful businessman to lose 61 mill on a cash cow like city he must really love them or he has plough in so much in he just can't walk away



04 Jun 2013 14:46:03
Southend United's Ryan Cresswell is set to leave after telling Brown that he is homesick and would like a move north. Southend turned down a 50k bid from Fleetwood as they are holding out for a 7 figure sum for Cresswell. Chesterfield are also interested

Source: Southend Echo

Seven figure sum - what planet? if offered 75K Ron Martin will snap their hand off to pay off the taxman!

7 figure sum? Really?
Dream on!

More like 6 figures

Not a hope Chesterfield are not in a position to pay any fee for him

Brown said about Cresswell: "Not many League Two or League One clubs will be able to match that unless they decide to really push the boat out for a centre-back and Ryan is only interested in going to a northern club, so that limits his options too.

“But the only bid we’ve had so far was paltry to say the least and we certainly won’t be accepting that. ”

7 figures??

Done deal he is coming to Chesterfield!

Calm down people I think the 7 figure was a typo we are looking for a 6 figure fee

We paid a 6 figure sum to sign cooper ftom hull, so why not to sign creswell?

Cooper 6 figures? not at all

We definitely did not pay a 6 figure sum for Coops or anyone. He has a big sell on from Hull

05 Jun 2013 20:30:29
Rhino Cresswell would be a steal at £250,000 and is definitley Championship material shame it won't be with Southend. Plenty of Yorkshire teams who he would grace, Either Sheffield, Doncy, Leeds and Huddersfield swap for Clarky? {Ed003's Note - Fleetwood seem confident they are close to a deal for him}

Hull fan here, Cfc will pay£100,000 for cooper but only if certain things happen and clauses are activated. ( I know this for defo)

We already signed cooper last season.

I know you have already signed cooper, just confirming you did pay £100. 000 for cooper. but not in one go,



04 Jun 2013 14:43:19
Shaun St Ledger at London Road today, seen as a replacement for Zakuani who's going elsewhere after rejecting a new contract. This would be his second spell at the club.

Source: Physio at club

04 Jun 2013 15:52:41
him and Barry fry are great buddies

No one at the club would want him back after his abysmal behaviour!



04 Jun 2013 14:38:41
scott arfield is close to completeing a move to carlisle united and will finalise the deal when greg abbott comes back from his holiday.

So he said we are signing and right winger and a striker next week, and weird how the right winger was not arfield. He was talking in is interview about josh gillies

If you read the interview he did say he wanted a midfielder who can link up with the forwards. So he could be on about Arfield who is a good player at our level. i'd certainly have him if we sign him.



04 Jun 2013 14:37:08
After rejecting a new contract at Rochdale, Phil Edwards is about to make a move to promotion candidates Chesterfield. The Chesterfield manager and assistant both played with Edwards in their Accrington Stanley days

On his way to Burton Albion I believe.

Poor defender, even for this league.

Top defender underrated as a player



04 Jun 2013 14:34:56
If Bradford City's bid for Marlon Pack fails they will move onto Charlie Lee of Gillingham

I hear they are both targets not one or the other

06 Jun 2013 13:29:06
They are both targets, as are Clohesy and Tomlin from Saarfend



04 Jun 2013 14:23:10
Afc bournemouth manger had offerd a 3 and half years contract to burnleys matt Patterson he has numerous offers on the table and will decided his future in the next few weeks but rumoures are he looking for a house down the south coast

04 Jun 2013 15:48:59
Do you mean Martin Paterson?

You might of guessed what's coming, we don't have a Matt Patterson, a Martin but no matt.
Anyway, as a burnley fan I can't see this as pato doesn't like playing on the wing and that's where howe always played him. Plus he s very much injury prone so 4 years is a bit much

3 and a half year bit strange to make his contract end in a january

3 and a half?? This wouldn't happen in the summer only in jan so don't talk nonsense (from Bournemouth fan)

MATT Paterson is at Burton and will probably stay there. Bit of a duff post really.

Matt Paterson of Burton Albion is a much better striker - fact!

I posted this and I am a bournemouth fan

Well shame on you for posting it!

Don't believe a Bournemouth fan would post this



04 Jun 2013 14:17:21
Derby have agreed an £800,000 deal to take Dundee Utd's Johnny Russell to Pride Park.
The Rams have also shown an interest in signing out-of-contract Sunderland defender Matt Kilgallon, and Charlton striker Danny Haynes who is also out-of-contract.

Danny Hayes our midfield/attack is already packed.

Ward, Sammon, Hendrick, Hughes, Bryson, Coutts, Davies, Jacobs, Martin, Robinson, Tyson, Bailey and potentially Russell.

Tyson, Robinson & Bailey would ALL have to leave if we are to sign anyone else other than Russell, CB and LB

Derby themsevlves have rubbished reports from the Scottish media that they've had a bid accepted so sorry Derby fans, it'll be going on awhile yet

Tyson, Robinson and Bailey. are all going to leave anyway as well as Legdz' and Fielding. so replacements needed and so far only signed Grant and Martin for mimimal cost and potentially Forsyth.

Missing out on Baptiste was no great shakes, need another CB obviously until Barker and OB fit to compete. James Perch or Kirk Broadfoot as both can play along the back four would be ideal, supplement that with a true pacy winger who can beat a man and cross the ball (we don't have one yet!), like Adomah and Jonny Russell up front and I think we have a good squad to make play-offs a reasonable goal!



04 Jun 2013 14:13:00
Burton close to agreeing a season long loan deal for Derby defender Tom Naylor.

To be honest they could probably buy out his contract for and get him on a long term deal.

Too many options at derby in CB currently.

Keogh, New signing, Buxton, Gjokak

Then Barker and Obrien to come back

Very happy if true!



04 Jun 2013 14:11:08
Moses obabajo (leyton orient) link with Cardiff
The right midfield or right back scored goal of the season against Rochdale

Interesting. We may well need a miracle worker.


That goal was 2 years ago.

Cardiff are now a top Club. Could happen.

07 Jun 2013 18:55:56
Lolcome off it! There's no red bird in Cardiff only blue! An a dragon on our badge!



04 Jun 2013 14:09:15
Charlie McDonald is in talks with Exeter manager Paul Tisdale about a move to St. James Park.

He Is Rubbish He Is A Non League player



04 Jun 2013 13:57:41
Wally Downes SUFC's chief scout will be new manager and heard from a reliable source Q. P. R have offered 5million for maguire

Downes will be the assistant

Lol hope they have tried signing maguire that one slow defender.



04 Jun 2013 13:31:22
Ricardo Fuller spotted in and around the tunstall area this afternoon. Strong speculation that Fuller has been to Vale Park to confirm a two year deal with Port Vale. To be anounced tomorrow morning.

Would be great signing if true

I'm still waiting for this too be announced! Speculation and not fact!



04 Jun 2013 13:22:13
Hull City Targets -


Best start looking for another keeper schmeichel going nowhere

Yeah of course he isn't, strange how Leicester haven't rejected our second bid yet!

04 Jun 2013 20:33:55
Think you will find that they have!

05 Jun 2013 02:28:50
"Best start looking for another keeper schmeichel going nowhere"

You are certainly going to look foolish when KS slaps in his transfer requeat ain't ya?

If the price is right, Schmeichel will leave. Leicester are (quite rightly) holding out for as much as they can get but i'd be very surprised if they acheived their goal of £4mil. £3mil would be a fair price for both clubs for a player in the last year of his current deal. He will, afterall have a re-sale value should we drop back down into the Championship.

I've heard that McCann is discussing personal terms with City and that Blackburn are mulling over offers from 3 clubs for Rhodes, Hull included. His wages could be a major stumbling block in negotiations as Messers Allam and Bruce are keen not to break the wage structure to bring him in.

I'd be happy to see Ayala come back to Hull as I don't think he's been given a fair crack of the whip at Norwich. With Hobb's niggling injuries he would be great cover at the back.

Tom Cairney has apparently been told to find a new club as it seems to be a case of him believing his own hype and being an unsettling presence off the pitch. I wouldn't be surprised if either him or Fryatt were used in a make-weight deal for Rhodes or Austin.

Only a matter of time strange how Leicester put a price out instead of just saying not for sale, and the silence from kasper is defening!

05 Jun 2013 11:49:19
Think you will find Schmeichel moves on! Likely to Hull city, but either way, wants premier league football, and Leicester can't offer that!



04 Jun 2013 13:16:13
New Wolves manager Kenny Jackett is weighing up a move for Cheltenham goalkeeper Scott Brown. Brown is a lifelong Wolves fan.

Not one to rule out. Scott Brown has generally been a good performer for a long while now and a move to League One could happen. He'd cost some money though, and CTFC would have work to do getting a replacement (is Roberts ready to be a No. 1 in League Two?)

Belivable. Scottys got to stay though!

We've got Hennesey, de vries, ikeme and mccarey I thinks its safe to say we won't be buying a gk

To the guy above the simple answer abut Roberts is. NO! nowhere near ready enough! Its possible Brown could move to Wolves but for me very unlikely! He's said he would honour his contract and wants to get Cheltenham promoted next season!

Hennessey injured, de vries rubbish, ikeme (well you saw against Bristol City) and who's McCarey? Outrage that Browny wasnt in TOTY last year, by far the best keeper in league 2! Would be perfect for Wolves! Someone who wants to play for the team as he is a fan!

Looks a unlikely transfer to happen, unless wolves are going to sell two of their four first team capable Goalkeepers.

De Vries rubbish? Hmmmmm

At the very least, will de Vries stay? I reckon he might up sticks if he isn't number 1 next season.



04 Jun 2013 12:45:57
Goran ' POPEYE ' popov is to make his loan deal a perminant 1 to west brom



04 Jun 2013 12:44:30
Robert Koren to Cardiff £3m
Kim-bo Kyung to Borussia Dortmund for £10m

£3m for Koren, are you sure?

If Koren's going to be any good in the Premier League surely Hull will keep him. If not, we don't want him.


We don't want Koren and Kimbo is staying with us, we don't need to sell him, he wants to stay and Malky will not let him go

Kim-bo Kyung is not worth £10 million, and is not a good enough player to go to a top club like that, what a ridiculous rumour. Speaking as a Cardiff fan.

Actually Kim turned down Dortmund and Celtic in favour of a move to Cardiff. So obviously IS good enough and is probably still wanted. But seems happy here and we won't sell him as he's a big part of Malky's plans for next season

Kim will be worth far more once he has a season in premier league

Do you go to Cardiff games? Kim is better than the likes of ince and zaha. The only reason nobody talks about him is because he is not English. Well worth £10 million quid

Just wondering why this guy constantly ends his comments with redbird? {Ed003's Note - because that's his nickname/tag why others don't do it is beyond me,proper conversations might happen then.}

I asked the same thing red bird that's a joke it's BLUEBIRDS!

06 Jun 2013 20:21:44
Red bird is a regular on here I like to hear his opinion he talks sence no cardiff player is worth 10 m I hate people who over value their players like every team in the league zaha 15m he is an unproved championship player at the most and as for the English comment its true that the English value their players the highest in the world yet the first teams isn't all that!



04 Jun 2013 13:56:26
I work at Yeovil Town FC on match day, I've just been to the ground, was speaking to someone quite high up at YTFC, Darius Vassel could be signing on a free for Yeovil in the next two weeks

Not a Yeovil 'type' signing at all. Would be surprised if this comes to anything. Not that I'd want it to!

Well they've called a press conference for 11am tomorrow, maybe it's that

'someone quite high up' that'll be the Jolly Green Giant then

Yeovil town have called a press cionference for tomorrow so that could be interesting to see if anyone is about to sign

Presumably, Gary Johnson will be signing.

Not vasell, he's retired as of last week



04 Jun 2013 13:43:32
David Nugent will sign for pne on Friday.



04 Jun 2013 13:38:08
According to Radio Merseyside journo Peter McDowall, Tranmere are close to signing a striker. No idea who, or if it will go through, but apparently it's close.

Any ideas who it might be?

Heard from a good source that Shrewsbury striker Marvin Morgan is very close to signing.

Simon howarth

Im thinking its Ryan Lowe

Its ryan lowe

Ryan lowe

It's kithson bain he's verbally agreed a 1 year deal

Nananananana we got ryan lowe ryan lowe we got ryan lowe!



04 Jun 2013 13:12:54
Bury are set to make an audicious bid to bring David Nugent back to the club from Leicester. Kevin Blackwell is being heavily backed by the clubs extremely wealthy owners and Nugent tops thief ambitious shopping list. Bury have shown their championship ambitions by replacing furniture in their reception this morning and now want to back it up with marquee signings.

No chance and how does replacing furniture in reception show ambition. I'm sure this will win most stupid post of the day if not the week.

Furniture obviously not flat pack then
possibly Barker/Stonehouse?

Hahahhahaaaa brilliant:) Brightened my day that. Nugent in League 2 playing for Bury :D Could you just imagine

Will Nugent want to drop down a division when he should still be in the mix for first team football at Leicester next season? Unlikely imo.

04 Jun 2013 14:49:29
I can't actually type for the tears in my eyes!
"Bury have shown their championship ambitions by replacing furniture in their reception this morning"
Best thing I've ever read!

Haaha quality

"Bury have shown their championship ambitions by replacing furniture in their reception this morning and now want to back it up with marquee signings."

That's the best thing about modern football I've ever read so far.

04 Jun 2013 16:44:57
we'd have a better chance of recruiting the thrown away furniture than david nugent. get real! and the fans still don't know how wealthy th
e owners are. they're not multi millionaire shieks.

Best thing the club have ever done!

Sarcasm is lost on some people. Great post!



04 Jun 2013 13:00:57
Sunderland are willing to let Danny Graham go if they are able to capture Adam Le Fondre from Reading. Reading were keen on Graham prior to his move up north and Graham be go the other way as part of the fee for Le Fondre.

On what planet is Le Fondre worth morth than Graham. Graham is twice the player and this feels like a garbage rumour to me

04 Jun 2013 17:22:37
^^^^ agree with you mate.

plus graham wants a move back to the midlands because he is home sick.

He'll be at WBA in the coming month.


On what planet is Le Fondre worth morth than Graham. Graham is twice the player and this feels like a garbage rumour to me

Twice the player but half the goals

Score twice the premier league goals last season then did he?

04 Jun 2013 19:15:56
Graham home sick?? he is from the N. E and the last time I looked at a map W. B. A were not in the area.

On what planet was greaham worth 5 mill

On a planet where Alfie won player of the month at about the same time Graham stopped scoring?

It is garbage seeing as in an interview recently Le Fondre said he was targeting 30 goals for Reading next season. No club will get him.

^well said
I cease to see how everyone wanted graham in the first place he scored a couple of goals, he was on a good run and all of a sudden everyone's looking to add him to their squads. He is massively overrated if you asked me

Adam le fondre poops all over graham, scored way more, created more, got player of the month, cost like 4.5 million less! The list goes on



04 Jun 2013 12:56:21
Yeovil are set to sign experienced centre back Kaspars Gorkss from Reading. He is deemed surplus to requirements by the Berkshire side and available for £200,000

Since when has yeovil had £200k to spend? the majority of the squad has been made from free transfers or taking a punt on younger lads from other clubs and, to be fair, gary johnson's done a good job at this so i'd expect more of the same, he knows a talented player when he sees one.

What do you mean since when do we have 200k to spend? we have around £4 million to spend on players right now.

Yeovil do now have a little cash to possibly spend on players. The money from getting promoted through the play-offs. OK, a chunk of it will go towards pitch/stadium improvements (happening as we speak) but there will be some for the benefit of the squad. Also when you say "Since when has Yeovil ever had £200k to spend", take a look at our record signing. He was £250k and that was when we were non-league. Facts - get them straight! Research - Do it!

Since they became a championship club! Their playing/ transfer budget is 6x as much so they can afford it

Well. we did get 4/5 million for going up

Right to put the record straight Yeovil are due to make a extra 3.1million due to going into the championship, they don't have £4million to spend, the clubs wage budget last season was 800k and John Fry has initially offered Gary Johnson a extra 200k for next season taking the wage budget to £1million, which Johnson himself has said won't be enough to survive in the championship. that 3-4million the majority off that is going on development off the ground ie. bigger press box, new floodlights, new pitch, moving of the first aid room, little bits that are required for the championship (also need to roof the away terrace within the next 3years if Yeovil are still competing in the 2nd tier) I expect the Press Conference tomorrow is to clarify what is happening with Gary Johnson as he is still not signed a new contract, so it'll be able to go in the local rag when it comes out on thursday, so all these "fans" that instantly think all the money is to go on players you haven't got a clue, and that is from a Yeovil Fan since 1994

4 million is nothing these days just because we're in the championship doesn't mean we're going to splash the cash paying 200k for someone is ridiculous especially when the directors were concerned about the financial future of the club

Promotion for Yeovil was worth about £4mil (that's including sponsorships and tv money etc). Like someone mentioned - a fair chunk of that will be used to improve the stadium/pitch and so in. Also need to take into account wages will be higher now. So highly unlikely Yeovil will spend that much on a single player. Even if they could, I doubt Gary Johnson would do that. Will likely rely on free agents and loans.

We weren't non-league when we made our record signing, we were about to embark on our first season in League One.

Would you afford Gorkss' 12k a week wages? or would you expect him to take a pay cut



04 Jun 2013 12:55:21
Chesterfield are set to sign ex-player Davide Somma after his release from Leeds United

He has been released he got released at the end of the season with 9 other players.

Del Boy

Yeah he was on the released list. quality player just had damn bad luck with injuries, hope he does well wherever he goes

Only being released if he can't prove his fitness in the first weeks of pre-season training, get your facts right



04 Jun 2013 12:55:14
Middlesborough are to add Emmanuel Ledesma to the Transfer List



04 Jun 2013 12:25:32
Derby to move for Albert Adomah from Bristol City F. C.

Why would city except 500,000 less than they paid for him 8 months ago, and he still has 2 years left on his contract. dream on.

Because your a 1st Division side and the player isn't worth the same as he was. That's football i'm afraid

Anyone could move for him, but it depends on the price!

As long as we don't sell Albert to Cardiff that would be disrespectful to Bristol city fans big time

Bristol City noted in the paper this week they had turned down £1m for Albert.

He is just not going to move for less than that.



04 Jun 2013 12:51:19
hi all, ncfc are very close to signing capal, be done deal in nxt 48hrs

Ant news on Barnett is he going to Cardiff?



04 Jun 2013 12:50:49
The West ham dealine set to Andy Carroll to kae his mind up today has arrived and still Carroll is Haggling about his wages. West ham are adamant they will not exceed salary cap £50k a week but Carroll wants £80k. This could see the Hammers turn their attentions elsewhere posibly in the form of Jordan Rhodes who is valued at £10m and who Sam Allardyce is a big admirer of

Cannot begin to understand why a prem club hasn`t snapped up Rhodes.

04 Jun 2013 15:23:21
carroll is not worth 80 grand a week



04 Jun 2013 12:38:54
Peter Clarke From Huddersfield looks set to Join Burnley as Huddersfield try to reduce their wage bill. Also Huddersfield will Not pursue Peterborough Uniteds Lee Tomlin as they Can't afford his wages.

04 Jun 2013 13:03:33
What a load of rubbish.

What a load of rubbish. Only reason Clarke might go is if we get someone in younger than him. Tomlin is a good player. there are better out there. but if he has the general Peterborough attitude you can keep him.

More like they can't afford the player.

Dyche has improved the Burnley defence 100% so they don't need any central defenders like Clarke - it is midfielders they desperately need and a striker to replace Austin.

This is fast becoming my favourite site on the web. I can't get enough of Harry Enfield, and Peter Kaye, but postings like this beat the pair of them hands down. When I saw this I was in absolute hysterics. Keep em coming. i'm lovin it.

As a Burnley Fan I don't see this as he would probably be in 4th pole for a starting position at centre back

Utter tripe, the wage bill has already been reduced by seven players either ending their loans, contracts ending or being released. The issue at the moment is replacing them.

Rubbish, we are one of the few clubs that has been proactively managing the wage bill

Peter Clarke is not going anywhere.

04 Jun 2013 17:29:21
more likely burnley be reducing wage bill after disappointing st sales.

Yeah of course we need to reduce our wage bill after just releasing 7 players. Whoever came up with this knows nothing about town. Plus, the Tomlin thing is because the Posh chairman has put a £5million price on his head, not wages. Come to think of it, I'd wager that a bitter Walsall fan posted this.

"if you mean playing entertaining ball on the ground football, then I can see your point, he wouldn't suit you. "
Lmao keep playing your pretty football, it didn't do you much good last season. joker

I don't think we need to reduce the wage bill, Beckford going back has saved us £30k a week and we have released 7 others so I think were fine, Thanks for the worst rumour yet!

04 Jun 2013 22:32:33
Tomlin will not go Huddersfield, why do hudds fan think they are big time all of a sudden thinking they are buying ever one from home and aboard. Next they will say they are hi jacking the Neymar deal. Posh might be seen as a tip pot club with a run down stadium but we had the most away fans come to London rd last year out of the 3 leagues excluding the prem and we ain't deluded like hudds fans!

In case you hadn't noticed, its not Hudds fans that are saying they're signing Tomlin. All Hudds fans know the price your chairman put on him and that we'd never spend anywhere near that much on one player. I rather think you are deluded seeing as the majority of your fans appear to think you'll walk the league 1 title next season, when the reality will probably be you'll scrape the play-offs. As always though, good luck and all the best.

Not hudds fans who are posting it- also where are you located? smack bang in between every club in the league. THAT's why the most away fans travel there, & the prices. Good away day but wow don't overhype yourselves.



04 Jun 2013 12:23:10
Barnsley are chasing out of contract Motherwell striker Michael Higdon

Hope he comes, 26 goals last season, good prospect!

Don Rowing has said we have made a offer for him through his agent

Hope so he was top scorer last year

I have that he would and he would, alsso he really wants to join birmingham city and link back with his teammate Darren Randolph from mover well he is really keen to join birmingham city as he wants to get a into the premier league and he feels that he would have a better chance of, doing that at birmingham city as they have brought some be additions and likes the passion of lee Clark I have heard this from a number of people and if we do get him another good striker to the list at blues so carnt wait if we do get him kro

He's big and can power through defenders and even better he can score! Just what we need

Passion. and Lee Clarke, have you seen his interviews!



04 Jun 2013 12:21:30
Hearts and Dundee United appear to be rivals for the signature of recently-offloaded Hartlepool United midfielder Nathan Luscombe. The Tannadice club have had some success from that part of the country, having signed Jon Daly from the Pool in 2006. However, it is thought that Luscombe favours the Jam Tarts over the Tangerines.



04 Jun 2013 12:17:52
Burnley have agreed a £500,000 deal for Bristol City Hitman Sam Baldock

Obviously Charlie Austin's replacement for next season.

04 Jun 2013 14:39:54
Oh how the mighty Baldock has fallen lmao

Simply not right - Baldock has at least 2 years left on his contract and City will not sell for less than they paid

No they haven't. You need to pay at least double that!

He's worth more than 500k

He isn't worth more than that, he has no physical presence and I doubt his ability to fill a Championships team shirt.

The fact still remains if City paid close to a million clams for him last year we won't be selling him this summer for half.

I remain suprised by the amount of clubs that are trying to drum up interest in him.

Scored 10 goals and at least 4 were pens.



04 Jun 2013 12:07:18
john cofie is wanted by many league one clubs. leyton orient and oldham are very interested.

Must have been decent enough to have started his career with United. Would almost certainly do well in the lower divisions. Always worth a gamble. I would take him and Meade on loan deals.

Meade's a free agent. And he won't come to Orient. So stop bringing his name up.

Not the JC like the drink but spelt differently!!

Orient hope to sign free agent Jermade Meade when he returns from holiday. Slade is confident of signing the former Arsenal player.



04 Jun 2013 12:01:53
Oxford United to sign Onismor Bhasara and Rene Howe, and it's thought the club will announce the two signings later this week.

Both players have said that they want to get promotion, and expect Oxford United to mount a serious challenge this season.

This is quite likely, and I hope it's true as an oufc fan, good players!

What a load of old cobblers! If Bhas goes, it will be to a better club, not a step backwards into a sparsely populated silent "arena"!

Step backwars coming from the free falling Plymouth Argyle? He has refused a new deal there so far, so don't rule out a move to Oxford. Although as much as I want him here, I can see him headed elsewhere in L2

04 Jun 2013 17:03:08
some how I do not think Oxford can afford Onismor's wages was on in the region of £8000 pw at home park

Plymouth fans really do think they're bigger than they are.
He's going Bristol City apparently

05 Jun 2013 12:43:33
league 2 player on 8k don't think so as plymouth couldn't afford that amount even swindon were nt paying that much 2 seasons ago

8k a week!. You'd have forced him out years ago if he was on that!
2. 5k a week tops!



04 Jun 2013 11:39:48
Alex Pearce has no concrete offers from any teams. He has confirmed this himself. He also confirmed that Reading offered him 25K a week and he was advise by his agent (HRK's brother) to turn it down.

Madness right there one for Pearce turning it down and two for Reading offering him that much in the first place.

Who cares if he leaves if he wants to go let him no player is bigger than the club

Funnily enough I bet he'll be offered less at another club and end up in the championship

I personally hope that when he comes crawling back at the end of the summer when he hasn't secured a move to a prem team and asks about the £25K a week deal the club turns to him and says "What you mean that 10K a week deal?"

He's not worth £25K a week. Maps is better and Morrison will be with a little more experience.



04 Jun 2013 11:36:34
Huddersfield have made a offer/ swap deal for Jason Shackell at Burnley with Joel Lynch and around 500k making its way over to Turf Moor. Shackell played under Mark Robins at Barnsley!
Strengthening the strikeforce is a major concern for Town and Robins is looking both home and abroad for suitable players. Among the prospective strikers in the home market are thought to be Tom Pope from Port Vale - who themselves are showing an interest in Kallum Higgingbottom so maybe a deal might be forthcoming there.

04 Jun 2013 13:41:15
bob hope of signing Pope he justs signed a new 2 year contract and has said he could see out his career at the club. More wishful thinking than rumour this

Shackell is Burnley's defensive lynchpin and the Clarets defence improved no end since Dyche replaced Howe. Burnley will not sell the defensive spine of the team.

No chance of Popey going anywhere.

Could see Joel Lynch going to turf moor, but the rest of it looks to be just more agent nonsense

Get a grip, tom pope is going no where,

Shackell is way too good for huddersfieald but you don't want him any way he's got no commitments

Shackell will not be going anywhere, he is the captain in a settled defense.

Don't want Shackell, bad apple

Doubt lynch will sign for Burnley, wages far too high being in the region of 14k a week

Tom Pope is certainly not good enough for the championship

No way Lynch is on more than 6-7k at Hudds. Beckford and Vaughan were their highest paid last season and they were only paying them 10-15k

Tom pope again,
Not good enough, keep him

I thought thom pope was linked with barnsley

Lynch was definatly on the above quotes money, and beckford is on 30k a week at Leicester, of which hudds were paying half

Not a chance we cannot afford him in any way or form!

Shackell isn't going anywhere, he is loyal and has a 4 year contract

Shackell loyal? How many clubs has he had? Donny, wolves, barnsley, derby, burnley and Norwich. And he always seems to blame people for cashing in on him yet he gets the wages he does when he goes. Sounds loyal. Bobby hassell 9 years one club that's loyal



04 Jun 2013 11:32:33
Hello again all Ipswich fans, I'm back with another couple of snippets of inside information from my usual source.

Firstly, I am told, Andy Keogh of Millwall has now become Mick McCarthys top transfer target this summer. Mick obviously knows all about him after working with him at Wolves. I understand Keogh is keen to rejoin McCarthy, with ITFC set to make a first offer of 300k.

Secondly, Daryl Murphy will sign this week, and I'm told talks with Jay Tabb have now reached a compromise, with Tabb putting pen to paper on a 2 year contract.

It's all I have for now people. Thanks again.

Andy Keogh rumour is rubbish. Just come back with Irish squad and settled down with his wife in London.

Not only that but Keogh isn't a goalscorer anyway

How many more ex-Wolves men will McCarthy be signing?

Thank goodness for that, hopefully the Keogh back to Wolves rumours will disappear now.

With McGoldrick and Murphy enroute to Portman Road and Marriot coming into the squad. we need a 20-23 year old striker / Number 10. Keogh not prolific, too much money and getting on.

Mccarthy isn't that daft, won't take any from wolves that's for sure.

Hopefully loads

Won't take any from Wolves? This is the same man that filled our team with a load of ex-sunderland players.

The Psoter was right about Tabb as just confirmed he ha signed a 2 year dea ( well will sign 1st July )

Well done on the tab prediction

Millwall won't let him go for 300k



04 Jun 2013 11:30:59
Bristol City will move for Spurs' Harry Kane in next two weeks.

Harry Kane to Bristol City? Don't think so I admire Harry Kane as future star and league 1 football won't be his level. Shame it'll great to see him here.

He will be playing Prem, if not not end Championship.



04 Jun 2013 11:26:33
Andy Bishop is set to a sign a new 5-year deal with Bury, and become the club's highest paid player in history.

Blackwell sees him as pivotal in next seasons promotion push.

04 Jun 2013 13:30:17
as a bury fan, why would the club consider this? he's already on a good wage as it is. why waste money giving him extra money when we could be forking for new players. Plus he's injury prone. For me his day's are over, been a good servant to the club but we have to move on. As he's most likely staying around I just hope he stays fit and uses his experience in league 2 to help bury.

Rubbish, Bishop isn't very good and prone to injury; he would never get a 5 year contract.

Dont no what people think 5 year having a laugh they got rid of better players on a free

Now that is the biggest load of tripe I have ever read on this site.

The same player who spends more time on the treatment table than he does playing.

I'm sure Morrell at Wrexham will sign him up soon enough.

No no we should only be paying him 2 pence a week if that



04 Jun 2013 11:22:56
Dundee United look set to sign James McFadden and Stephen McManus once the sale of Johnny Russell is complete.



04 Jun 2013 11:20:08
Plymouth are in advance negotiations to sign out of contract midfielder Danny Whittaker.
Possible announcement by the end of the week.

A good squad player but don't expect too much! He has perfected the art of running alongside players without a tackle and dosent score as many as he should. Ventress

He IS a good player and when he's given the chance WILL score goals.
He will be a good signing in this league wherever he goes.



04 Jun 2013 11:10:03
Leicester have nipped in under derby's noses for johnny Russell with a bid of 2m. Also Gary Mackey stevens to sign for 1. 25m plus Paul Gallagher.

Listening to radio leicester last night, not sure they will be much speniding until palyers sold and wage bill reduced. Am sure they suggested debt was over £65m and wage bill £27m with turnover of £22m, so to meet FFP work needed on existing squad before any major investment. Same for many clubs in chamionship.

Why would Leicester pay £2 million for a player who reportedly can go for less than half of that.?

04 Jun 2013 12:52:22
Derby have already had a bid accepted

Foxes plan double swoop for James Vaughan and Johnny Russell to make sure they get auto promo next season.

Fee agreed with Dundee Utd for £750,000. Now its up to Russell and his agent to talk about the move.

04 Jun 2013 15:32:14
Leicester = more money than sense!

Look what good it did them last year

Big Pockets and no brains

Dundee Utd have accepted a undisclosed fee from Derby County for Johnny Russell Source:tv
This was there 3rd Bid believed to be 1m+add ons

Leicester fan here, load of rubbish. If we were coming in for him why would we spend 2 million when a bid has been accepted for around 800k?

Dundee United have accepted a bid from Derby County - source - tv

Russell ain't going to Leicester. Dundee Utd accepted the bid from DERBY. Understand that now??

Agreed, even those two strikers won't help Leicester blow the competition out of the water, you already have several decent strikers on big wages



04 Jun 2013 10:53:17
Ricardo Fuller set to join Port Vale on Wednesday after a successful meeting with manager Micky Adams. From a very reliable source.

On his way to yeovil mate

04 Jun 2013 13:36:33
he won't move house so he definately won't be a Yeovil, its a 6 hour drive from his home



04 Jun 2013 10:30:18
Further on the Andy Carroll saga at West Ham. It appears that there is a sticking point which player and club are haggling over. Carroll wants to keep his £80k a week whereas West ham (and well done to them for sticking to their guns) are maintaining they are only going to pay £50k a week which is the teams salary cap. In the meantime West ham are being strongly linked with Bas Dost with news in Dutch and German newspapers today. Could this be a possible replacement for Carroll

Isn't Andy on holiday? For one and 2 we've offered/agreed 84 grand a week deal which he will sing on return after agreement already in place

Liverpool will pay him the difference

He doesn't need the money. So just play for a 'low' 50k



04 Jun 2013 10:19:02
St Ledger from Leicester to Sheffield Wednesday almost a done deal.

Richie Wellens also close to completing his move back to previous club Doncaster Rovers, more than likely on a free transfer.

Hull to continue in their pursuit of Kasper Schmeichel, reportedly lodging an improved bid of £2m after Leicester dismissed their initial £1. 25m bid.

The Foxes have been linked with the below players to varying degrees:

Luke Steele
Harry Maguire
Gary Mackay-Steven
Johnny Russell (more than likely Derby-bound)
James Vaughan

However, nothing concrete to suggest they are close to bringing anyone in at this time.



04 Jun 2013 10:18:28
West Brom close to finalising a deal for shaun maloney

This would be an amazing deal I the baggies can pull it off!!

Hope this is true

That would be an ace singing! !!!

This would be a great signing for the club, that's if we get the money to spend



04 Jun 2013 10:12:41
Andy keogh is unsettled at millwall, with derby and leeds preparing offers for the striker

Leeds aren't

Derby aren't

I've heard new championchip boys yeovil and Sheffield Wednesday are the one's interested but not leeds. My mate from wolves said their new boss Kenny wants to sign him aswell as he signed him for millwall but I doubt he would want to go back to wolves and drop to league one.

Neither are Derby.
He was awful when he played against Derby.
Also Derby have, Martin, Sammon and Ball who are all similar to Keogh and better.

Derby don't want him he's rubbish.

Derby aren't after him at all.



04 Jun 2013 10:12:30
Phil Parkinson today in The Telegraph and Argus refusing to rule out an attempt to sign Cheltenham centre midfielder Marlon Pack. However a fee will be required due to his age and Bradford will face competition from other League One and even Championship sides.

Charlton are favourites to sign Pack.

With respect, nobody is favourite to sign Pack. Charlton have confirmed he's on the radar but so have a good 20 other sides. Can't wait for 10th June when the whole Pack rumour mill stops turning and we know where he will be.

Why june 10

June 10th is when transfer window officially opens as the season if officially over and players start moving



04 Jun 2013 09:58:31
Scunthorpe United will today announce the signings of Gainsborough Trinity duo Terry Hawkridge & Luke Waterfall.
Paul Musslewhite is also expected to be announced as the clubs new Goalkeeper coach today.

Done deal



04 Jun 2013 09:53:15
Johnny Russell is set to complete a 750K move to Derby today. despite being on holiday he has already agreed personal terms before going away so the only holding point has been the fee being agreed which is set to be done today.

Derby also expected to complete the 150K signing of Craig Forsyth from Watford within the next 2 weeks.

Next targets are a midfielder and a centre back. Jon Taylor and Adam El-Abd or Matt Kilgallon are rumoured to be the targets.

Derby will renew their interest in James Perch (we tried to sign him on loan last season) if Brayford is sold.



04 Jun 2013 09:31:22
Middlesbrough FC are due to hold talks with Braford City's forward Nahki Wells this week

Source: BCFC insider

Don't know why people are clicking unbelievable it's in all the papers

Unless they've offered 2.5 mill + can't see it. Bradford don't need to sell players

Oh well it must be set in stone if its in the papers

Would be a fantastic signing, we need someone with a bit of flare and pace up front, and can actually hit the target.

He isn't valued at 2.5 million, he's valued at 1 million. and even if he was worth that much there are several reasons why we can afford it. 1. gibson has said he is willing to invest if the right player came along. 2. the money we can gain from the players we sell could easily cover it (emnes and macdonald) and the wages they free up will also gain some funds because nakhi is 'under paid'.

As a boro fan, I'd love to see this happen, but I can't see it, didn't wells once say in an interview that he would only leave Bradford if he wasn't moving far?

Would welcome him to the boro, good signing if it happens

I don't think Bradford is far from Middlesbrough.

Bradford is an hour away from 'boro?

I am shure John Hendrie will give good advice to him about midds



04 Jun 2013 09:29:19
Craig Disley, Chris Lines and Steve Elliott all set to rejoin Bristol Rovers after Ward said he wants to bring back passion and fight at the club.

Well why would he want to bring back Chris lines back if he wants passion and fight?

Disley too old, elliot border line, lines fight and passion don't go in the same sentence

Elliott has just signed a new 1 year deal at cheltenham and lines has still got a contract at wednesday?

06 Jun 2013 11:23:14
Disley was back in Portishead at the weekend (his home near Bristol when he last played at the gas, but has recently signed an extension to his contract at Grimsby



04 Jun 2013 09:16:41
Kevin Brands has finally agreed terms with ITFC and will sign either today or tomorrow, before going on holiday. Ipswich have reportedly broken their £5K a week wage cap to sign the player.

£5 a week cap I wish Chopra alone is prob on more than double that!

This £5k/week cap is not true. Chopra is on £15k/week alone and Skuse would never sign for £5k/week for 3 years. FACT!

Chopra is on 20k a week!



04 Jun 2013 09:06:10
Notts County to sign Samuel Kamara and John Cofie in the next couple of days, both young strikers which fit the gaffers youth set up. Christopher McCann *CM) also set to sign after being released by Burnley.

04 Jun 2013 11:18:28
Chris McCann too good for League 1; he may well get a crack at the Premier League with one of the promoted sides

04 Jun 2013 13:39:29
MCann is only League One standard since his bad injury 4 years ago.

Well lads there is a load of tripe on here today. but I enjoy reading it. utc

Korean business consortium have approached notts county fc in a bid to buy the club.

Mccann is L1 standards who thinks he's premiership standard

If he's suitable for The Prem why did Burnley get rid of him?

Not called Munto are they because if the my are think we may be better off without em!

Notts county not for sale trew has said that so no chance of takeover but I feel he should find a big invester

We didn't get rid, his contract came to an end and he has opted to look at other offers.



04 Jun 2013 08:47:58
Christ Humphreysharpe to sign for Preston today official

He has signed

Well Chris Humphrey has signed; not too sure who Christ Humphreysharpe is.



04 Jun 2013 08:35:31
Young goal scoring midfielder Liam noble from carlisle united getting looked at by the boro! Also donny and a few others any forts?

Fort William? Will that do?

Massive carlisle fan would be a huge miss! Great player any1 heard anything about this 1?

Has turned the corner and is a good fit for Carlisle.



04 Jun 2013 08:27:17
Very strong rumours linking Doncaster Rovers to free agent Richie Wellens. Apparently in advanced talks attempting to bring him back to the club. I'd be delighted to see him back at Donny! Also rumours linking Nicky Weaver, Jose Baxter and Angelo Henriquez on loan for the season.

Shame wellens is going before he's knee injury he was class and probably our best midfielder.

Are we getting ben pringle?

Not heard anything on Ben Pringle. Richie Wellens is a great player. Always been a big admirer of him.

Baxter isn;t free or available on loan he has a 2 yr contract so sorry that won;t happen as Dickov doens;t buy he gets free or loaned players.

RELEGATION will happen in his first seaosn and will be very funny to watch.



04 Jun 2013 08:18:51
Ricky holmes wants to join Pompey!

Source: portsmouth news

This is true 100%

True says on the back of the news

He's Joining Southend, My Neighbour Told Me, He's Been Talking To Holmes Today

Nope wrong he's joining Pompey

Even if he was talking to you're neighbour, he has told a newspaper he prefers pompey, which one has more credibility, a neighbour or a newspaper

RM Shaks is probably a southend fan

^^^haha got a point there



04 Jun 2013 07:35:46
Manchester United have asked about the availability of Bayern Munichs Thomas Muller

Why would he leave Bayern Munich



04 Jun 2013 07:31:09
York is suppose to be leading the chase for Stevanage Striker Dani Lopez after spending to loan periods with Barnet and Aldershot. Its believed Rotherham, Plymouth and Portsmouth are also after the 27 year old spanish striker who managed to score a hat trick for Stevenage against Sheffield United as well as one a week earlier in League 2 against Morcombe.


How do you know Pompey are interested when whittingham is on holiday

This is on tv but I can tell everyone NOW, that Dani Lopez will NOT be at RUFC next season. 100%

Portsmouth have their four strikers in place for next season, only three places to fill, one defender and two midfielders one wide (Holmes)

How do you know he won't be at Rotherham?

Rotherham have a new stadium with the biggest crowds, the best squad, the highest level of football, offer the best wages and if York are leading the hunt then he clearly doesn't mind moving up North.

Because we've got better strikers in mind

I think youll find that it says portsmouth are interested on the tv website

Rotherham have the best crowds? have you not seen the figures for last season we (Pompey) had higher attendances than most championship clubs and second best in league 1!

I was going off league 2 for best attendance, only Bradford beat us so il give you that. No idea why you attendance is so high since you have had 3 relegations on the trot though.

Rotherhams average attendance was less than 8000 last season so in no way will they have the biggest or best crowds.

No idea why your attendance is so high since you have had 3 relegation's on the trot though.
its called having loyal fans.

You expect fans to just not go because their not doing well (because of finance), you've got the wrong idea of support.

^ well said



04 Jun 2013 04:30:13
Southampton looking to sign Japanese defenders Hiroki Sakai or Atsuto Uchida to strengthen the defense and capitalise on the undervaluing of SE Asian players in the European Leagues. Source 'someone who knows'.

Are we genuinely just going to take the whole Japanese national side?

04 Jun 2013 15:06:41
Shame Adkins had to leave I'm sure he would have got hooper from Celtic having played for him at Scunthorpe

I hope not.

"Shame Adkins had to leave. I'm sure he would have got Hooper. having played for him at Scunthorpe"

Sorry, but if I had the choice between all the players managed by adkins at Scunny, and all the players managed by Poch at Espanyol, I know who I'd prefer.

Choosing a manager based on one tenuous link with an average ex-player is ridiculous. Glad we have Poch, his great managerial skills and all his Spanish links.

Definitely some quality players in the Japanese set up and from what I understand their work ethic is a good influence for the rest of the team.

At least saints aren't full of loan players, they say Chelsea have 23 players out on loan, they shouldn't allow loan players to clubs in the same competitions or league. As for hooper he would be a great signing but wouldn't come to saints without Adkins

Are we to take the whole Japanese squad? Of course why not first team to qualify for the world cup so can't be bad lol i'm joking lol

Poch. "great managerial skills". Didn't win one of our last 6 games which included West Ham, WBA, Stoke and Swansea? I would rather our manager won games than had great Spanish links.
Many fans still strongly disagree with the decision to replace Adkins but it is done. So we get behind MP and hope for a great 2013/14 season. But to proclaim that MP has "great managerial skills" is based on hope rather than fact. The jury is still out.

With all the managerial changes in the prem league could it be the year of a surprise, I also am not happy about a foreign managers here but the players have done well, especially the ones who played in division one.



04 Jun 2013 06:16:01
According to Dundee United manager Jackie McNamara the club are close to agreeing a deal to sell johnny Russell to Derby County for untie region of £800k.

Source = herald scotland

Johnny Russell is in talks with Crystal Palace and will sign for them on Wednesday. A fee of £1. 125,000 has been agreed.

04 Jun 2013 12:11:21
Johnny Russell is not joining Palace, he will be a Derby player by the end of the week at the very latest - a fee is all but agreed which is expected to be sorted today and Derby have already held talks with Russells agent so the contract is pretty much done and dusted

04 Jun 2013 12:11:29
He is not in talks with Crystal Palace as he is on holiday, Dundee have accepted Derby's third bid also.

Dundee United have accepted an offer from derby with the clubs agreeing a fee believed to be in the region of £750,000, although the player himself will have the final say on whether he is going to Derby.



04 Jun 2013 01:46:54
heard that Bristol rovers are in for an irish left mid, and pray to god o toole to join on thursday

Thats ok then, that's narrowed that down, I also heard we're in for a player from England. but that's all I know for now.

I also hear we may be signing a German left winger (you heard it here first) ;)



04 Jun 2013 01:43:24
Boston striker Marc Newsham is being linked with several Football League clubs



04 Jun 2013 01:02:01
Peterborough united will re sign Charlie lee who has been released from gillingham.

He is on the transfer list, has not been released.

I would love this to be true get Charlie on a years contract as he is definitely good enough for league one, at same time allows him to be in shop window for other teams. Shocked Martin 'big gob' Allen released him never rated that bloke anyways. Come home Charlie son.

As much as Charlie lee is a legend, he ain't good enough to get in the posh side

He has not been released, he is available for transfer. Under contract so will command a decent fee

04 Jun 2013 22:27:16
If ferguson sold him the last time we won promotion because he didn't think he was championship quality the I doubt he will sign him again with his straight back up again confidence! He has hardly set the world a light at gillingham hence why they are willing to sell him.



04 Jun 2013 00:19:53
OK, got some Villa targets drawn up by Lerner/Lambert source is very close and reliable, anyway.

Given and Marshall both set to leave, possible no. 2 to Guzan will be Plamen Iliev, promising young GK, Bulgarian too fee would be nominal

Defensive cover needed, Cresswell of Ipswich no. 1 target which is very likely as well as Bruma from Chelsea (loan) other targets are Bartley (Swans) Lecsott (depending on wages) Macinenne (once of chelsea) Kurt Zouma (St Ettienne) K. Gibbs on loan (Arsenal are in the market for a LB) as well as Jetro Willems (PSV LB)

Midfeild wise, Alex Tonev a done deal, Weiss and Ibrahim of Man City, Huddlestone & Parker (Spurs) McCEacharan (Chelsea) Mutch and Redmond from Blues as well as Re-signing Reo-Coker and Sidwell and finally, Scott sinclair.

And attacking wise cover for Benteke needed (who we're currently trying to tie down) Gayle seems odds on to join, Forrsester to rejoin from Brentford, another likely one is Guidetti of Man City as well as Sigurdarson (wolves) and Vydra (Watford) and Deeney (Watford, other targets include Townsend (spurs) Miyaichi (Arsenal) Di Santo &Mcmanama & Maloney (Wigan) as well as Adam Le Fondre

Alot of players leaving too!

Tonev looks to be going to Werder Bremen

Arsenal won't let Gibbs go.

Sounded plausible till you got Mutch club wrong, he plays for recently promoted Cardiff.

£10 million for Gayle, I can't see you spending that on him.

Rumoured that a 12m bid for Vydra was rejected in the transfer window so doubt he is on his way and Deeney has only just signed a new contract.

04 Jun 2013 10:13:35
Mutch plays for cardiff get your facts right before posting such nonsense!


Yeah you're not going to get Deeney or Vydra unless you fork out serious cash- they aren't for sale.

I could be wrong but although Plamen Iliev is a good young keeper, I don't think he's good enough for the premier league.
I have seen him play a few times, good shot stopper but lacks ability to command his area due to his smallish stature, I don't think he's even six foot tall, and in the modern game you really need to be well over 6ft, probably best if he stayed in Sofia where standards are not so high.

Uncle Bulgaria

Unless you have 10m+ for vydra he's going nowhere.

Cresswell would not be your no. 1 target defensively because you bought Joe Bennett last season. Most of these players might have been linked but that is a whole new squad you are talking about which you can't afford. Plus Forrester is a midfielder not a striker.

04 Jun 2013 11:34:40
Since when did villa get taken over by a billionaire? {Ed001's Note - the day Lerner bought them he was a billionaire, doubt he has that much any more following his divorce in 2011 though!}

Hard luck vile, Siggy pledged his future to wolves, he is not a high earner and does not need to be sold. Good luck with getting any players,

Gibbs on loan?! Come on, he replaced Monreal whenever he was fit. Can't see Arsene going for that deal. Plus hands off Watford players!

Come on now guys, Vydra had half a good season then was terrible, £5m max would get him.

It's impressive just how many you've got wrong on here in fact all of them.

04 Jun 2013 12:57:11
£5 MILLION? Hilarious seeing as we declined a £12 million off for him from Spurs in January. Yiu need to do your research on the Pozzo family. In short they buy cheap and sell for huge profits, Vydra cost 3 million Euros and won't be going anyway for less then the offer declined in January

Why would Forrester re-join Villa to sit on their bench / reserves only to be released again in a couple years!

He needs first team football, stick with Brentford son!

Funny list. No chance of Willems or Gibbs, Willems is one of the best young left backs in the world and Gibbs is in Arsenal's first team. Vydra and Deeney would command a combined fee of £15-20 million so that's equally unlikely. Nice wish list, but in reality there's not many genuine possibilities there.

Haha £5m for vydra, maybe in your dreams, championship player of the year and Czech Rep 1st choice striker, dream on!

04 Jun 2013 16:07:44
cant see Villa being that busy. two defenders (1lb and 1cb) a central midfielder a wing forward and perhaps a young centre forward, 5 signings likely 8 maximum although expect many of them to be young lower league players or from abroad with no more than one big name

Vladimír Weiss isn't at City any more and Maloney couldn't settle in last time he was at Villa.

I don't get why Watford fan's think Vydra is worth 10m+. He had a great first half of the season then totally went off the boil and has never played in the top flight. Any club paying that would be taking one hell of a risk.

Pretty sure Vydra was only on loan to Watford?

Vyrda had half a good season and then was terrible. Did you see his goal against Leicester in the semi final of the playoffs, a ball through and he volleyed it as it came over his shoulder. Don't think that was too terrible. Vydra not going unless someone puts in a high offer.

If a £12M bid is rejected then the minimum bid will have to be over that. For a striker in his first full season he has been really impressive and if Zaha is worth £15M then the minimum offer will have to match that.

The Pozzo family don't sell on the cheap and their aim is to see Watford gain automatic promotion next season.

The club is not going to sell it's prize assets for peanuts anymore.

Vydra may be on loan but he is under the umbrella of the Pozzo organization and in all likelihood given as it were to Watford for a nominal fee.

You're looking at £15m for Vydra now after the rejected bid in January. Watford will sign Vydra permanently from Udinese anyways. We've already offered him a 5 year deal, we are just trying to close the deal. And the way I see it Deeney is now an integral part to the Watford team and he is going to fetch for easily £7m. These 2 won't be going anywhere. FACT.

Won't deny that was a cracking goal from Vydra, but he just didn't seem the same player later in the season, went missing in a lot of games. The player I would be looking at from Watford if I was a prem manager (which I'm not) is Abdi, he looked a real star.

Forrester isn't ready for the Championship let alone the Premier League! Had a handful of decent games last season for us, massively over hyped. If Brentford get good compensation and get him off wage bill we can get in better.

Vydra has so much potential, that is where the value is. It was his first full season of competitive football after a near career ending injury. He was tired at the end of the season so it is not reflective of his ability, but when he was playing normally he was the best player in the championship by a mile. He's only 21 and a full international striker and international goals too.

I love how people say Vydra is not worth more than 10 million because he had a poor end to the season (not second half btw, as he was still scoring in February) and yet think Zaha is a justified 15 million pound purchase. They are the same age and both had an awful end to the season, in fact, Zaha's poor form went on longer than Vydra's. It's just more of the standard, 'skillfull young player' hype, e. g. Oxlade-Chamberlain, Raheem Sterling, Neymar.



03 Jun 2013 23:24:36
David Worrall of Bury is set for a big move to Bolton.

The fee would be around 300k and signal the end of Chris Eagles' time with Bolton.

Absolute nonesense Bury fc don't need to sell their best players having been given the much needed financial investment with the recent take over.

All the best to the lad if he wants away and is ambitious but he couldn't cut it with WBA last time out.

Had a poor season by his own high standards in the last campaign otherwise we would have stayed up.

Another crap rumour why would Bolton sign a 4th Division (sorry I mean League 2) player. Eagles is going nowhere we a thin on the ground when it come to natural wingers.



03 Jun 2013 23:23:18
Marvin Morgan is currently mulling a contract offer from Bury. He wants to play L1 football but Bury have offered a hefty signing on fee.

04 Jun 2013 08:31:35
How can Bury afford a hefty signing on fee?

Again true
2 year deal offered but no signing on fee.

Marvin Morgan looks like he's joining Ipswich, you heard it here first!

Don't believe a word of it and in anycase this player never tends to show any loyalty to any club that he's been at.

Championship. Really? Absolutly shocking finisher but tbf excellent workrate.



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