Football Rumours Archive June 04 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 04 2012 

03 Jun 2012 23:45:43
Chesterfield looking to sign;
Frank Moussa - Free - Leicester
Rhys Murphy - Free - Arsenal
Gavin Hoyte - Free - Arsenal
Gary Borrowdale - Free - QPR(7)(12)Hoyte is possibly off to stevenageJames Beattie linked to chesterfieldBeattie i hope not waste of shirt number never mind wagers and hes past it anyway....James beattie?? no thanks! expensive bench warmer or gets sent offBeattie had a medical at chesterfield todayChesterfield dont need anymore strikers they already got lester, bowery, boden, westcarr, roberts and hazell. so i doubt they need beattieAnd Richards


03 Jun 2012 23:41:35
Preston boss Graham Westley said he was looking for a target man and sources understand he is eyeing up forgotten stoke striker mamady sidibe on a season-long loan deal.(4)(11)He just signed a year long contract why would
D stoke give him a year contract only to pay him playing for some else lolmfail rumourActually Stoke gave him a year contract to regain his fitness and help him find another club. Fully expect him to go out on loan at some stage so not a ridiculous comment at all.


03 Jun 2012 23:34:24
brighton will spend big for next season otherwise why increase capacity of the stadium if we are just going to sit in the championship . you wouldn"t spend 1020 million pound on a formula one race car and get kevin from the pub to drive it(6)(14)Kevin is a very good driverWe've got a magnificent stadium - shame the player's salary budget isn't in the same league!"brighton will spend big for next season"

just like leicesterIts an ok stadium, wasnt too impressed last season. Just cant see Brighton being a big team in the ChampionshipSalary budget was also discussed and reviewed as argus stated . gus wants brighton to be more of an attractive club to players. like gus said its not if we make the premiership, its when. people just need to be patient, success of a club doesn't happen over night or in one season"an ok stadium"
Ha! No it is a superb stadium...that's why it won the award for the world's best new stadium. I smell jealousy...Brighton will not 'spend big'Lol so many jealous fans. the fact is tony bloom has put in well over 130 millon pound. realistically you dont invest that sort of money and just settle for mid table of the champship. he will want a return on his money so his aim would be to push for top flight football. whether it happens next season or in 3 we will have to wait and see so to all the doubters out there the ball is rolling, accept itIm a brighton season ticket holder and we still won't 'spend big' ,Im not jealous.


03 Jun 2012 23:24:18
York City will confirm the signings of Jon shaw and Michael Coulson in the next few days(5)(12) 

This is nailed on! Mills has publicly mentioned wanting to sign coulson which he doesn't do unless he knows he will get his man..


03 Jun 2012 23:01:42
Craig browns left Aberdeen by mutual consent !(4)(5)Aberdeens board forced him out they thought he was losing what little marbles he had left with his ravings about transfer targets that he had no chance of getting like Mcfadden,the dons board got wind that at his next planned press conference he was about to announce he had bids turned down for George Best and Bobby Moore so they got rid,pronto.


03 Jun 2012 22:41:50
Jamie McAllister to trial with Yeovil for the first 2 weeks of pre-season training and should he sign, he could be a contender for captaincy...

But as mentioned in one of my previous posts, Nathan Smith is the primary target after a glowing reference from Terry Skiverton... An enquiry will be made(5)(6)Why would he need to do a trial - GJ know's him well enoughI really hope we do get smithy back, i think he would come back, fans favourite and we neeed a left back.


03 Jun 2012 22:21:26
Eddie Howe to Swansea 20/1 get on it(28)(22) 



03 Jun 2012 21:53:15
Frazier Campbell to Wolves with fletcher going the other way and 3mil to wolves(15)(37)Sunderland have only got one senior striker, so that will not happen. We have some good young forwards coming up though ie Connor Wickham, Donk-Won Ji, Ryan Noble and Criag Lynch +.Frazier Campbell + 6Mill maybeRyan Noble is awful he looked good in reserve team football.He came to us on loan and he is very weak he wouldnt be
able to go up agianst Robert huth and other big defenders and i was expecting
him to be faster than he is.

Connor wickham is promising but sunderland made him overated after a
stupid 8 million pound fee was paid when he didnt exactly set the championship a light but under Martin he will find form.

But On the bright side you do have very good talent in Ji as hes quick and a very
good finisherNoble is a goalscorer just needs to bulk up and get some experience at the lower levels, he will probs go on loan at hartlepool next season, then the season after maybe at a championship club, then hopefully in a couple of seasons he will be ready for the premiership, campbell is worth 7m and fletcher is 8m tops, no way is he worth 10m, would rather have campbell than fletcherWhy would we offer campbell and 3m? Campbell better than fletcherWould rather have Fletcher over Campbell any day of the week. Fletcher scored 22 goals in 41 league starts for Wolves. Lets not forget that this is a club then won only 16 of 76 games since his arrival, quite a remarkable record and one that certainly demands a fee of at least 10 million. People need to stop thinking they can get Fletcher on the cheap! for a mid table club he is easily capable of getting 20 goals a season. Finally, yes i am a Wolves fan so this may be a bit bias but you can't argue with the facts.Campbell better than fletcher? Ok....deluded fans once again. I must have forgotten all the goals he's scored?Or you didnt read all of what was said above? 22 in 41 starts. Thats an exceptional record at a club that was in relegation trouble in both seasons at the club! Campbell may have had injuries but his still way off where Fletcher is


03 Jun 2012 21:47:58
Ian culverhouse to stay at Norwich(20)(12)Great news if true on the ball cityHi i hope you are rightI hope he will!! CTIDWould love this to be true. Give him the manager's job!Cant see it, fantastic coach but very loyal to lambert. and suspect the compensation talks happening are more to do with backroom staff than PL himself.


03 Jun 2012 21:22:16
Manchester United will sign Crewe youngster Nick Powell and loan him straight out to Peterborough United, as they look to build for a push up the Championship(23)(28)No!.Chelsea are buying him for 6 million
and loaning him back to crewe for 6 months to see how he plays in league 1
the 6 months to a championship side.If any other side can match that it is what
crewe want."but I want him Dad." "Dont you worry Son I'lla get im fa ye." Nice spoilt brat story but its only that, a story.Silly Man Utd fansIf Man Utd do sign powell then I do think he will come to posh becuase he won't get straight into the Utd side with the likes of Rooney and Welbeck still there.It is already well established that the club do not want any more loan deals as apart from Tunnicliffe I can't think of any that have come off recently. On top of that I'm not sure that he would want more from Man Utd after being sold a dud in Ajose last year and Wootton not working out either.


03 Jun 2012 21:18:27
BREAKING NEWS! Contact has been made with Malky Mackay but for now only an enquiry about speaking to him . CARDIFF HAVE ACCEPTED THIS(18)(37)Lies norwich chief executive said they are looking for a manager with topflight experienceNorwich want a experienced top division manager. If malky goes he'll ave a bad reputation for not being loyalYou can't accept an inquiry, you either say how much you want or decline.


03 Jun 2012 21:17:52
Peterborough United are tracking Cheltenham winger Jermaine McGlashan as they look for a replacement for George Boyd(11)(9)Would be a bit of a plough tbh


03 Jun 2012 21:14:32
Luis Suarez is being chased by spanish giants Real Madrid. More when i get it.(15)(31)


03 Jun 2012 21:03:35
gary jones due at tranmere tomorrow
for a medical(5)(18)Reliable source? A) Bank holiday tomorrow, so doubt they'd be doing a medical B) Would require a fee as Jones is still under contract and TRFC have no money to buy players. Give us Grimes instead


03 Jun 2012 20:41:38
Any Middlesbrough fc news ?(3)(15)Boro has put £2 bid in for Bristol Citys Martin Woolford£2 isn't much lol. I can see it as a swap deal with Mc Manus going in the opposite directionHeard curtis main is going to sunderlandBoro Dont need to sell and to pry main away would take a considrable sum of money which is risky for a youngster un proven in the premiership!Lol did Sunderland not learn their lesson with the whole Connor Wickham thing?Saw Woolford last year. Seems to take pace out of any attack. City fans I know would be glad to be shot of him. But not to Boro."lol did sunderland not learn there lesson with the whole connor wickhma thing" - great post! although i am a boro fan and i rate curtsi main, beesides hes a boyhood newcastle fan and after steve bruce i dont think they want anymore geordiesMain aint going anywhere ... certainly not this season and would take a huge fee to even get boros attention


03 Jun 2012 20:16:06
Ian Holloway to Norwich.(30)(41)No thanksThat would be good but need an experience manager


03 Jun 2012 20:03:29
Steve Simonsen is wanted by Middlesbrough.

Source: daily star(16)(16)


03 Jun 2012 19:40:12
Levi Porter will be joining Swindon on trial in Italy this summer. The former England youth international impressed Swindon scouts whilst regaining fitness at Hinckley United last season, scoring 9 goals in 18 games from the left wing.

Source: Levi Porter's agent.(12)(8)If this is true then Swindon could get a decent player. If you keep him away from the drugs and booze then he'll become a key player, its a shame he got into trouble whilst injured at LCFC


03 Jun 2012 19:39:11
George Boyd will leave Peterborough,
with 2 premership clubs interested, as
told to me by a mate of his brother(6)(21)Good news if it's true ASAP so we can spend the cash!


03 Jun 2012 19:38:51
Peterborough to sign QPR winger Lee Cook(10)(17)He's been released not QPR's no more


03 Jun 2012 19:37:49
Heard a rumour that doncaster could resign Paul heffernan from Kilmarnock and also Derek riordan being mentioned as a possibility.(5)(12)Hope this is true, Heffernan would be a great signing.


03 Jun 2012 19:37:41
Shrewsbury striker James Collins has agreed to join Darren Ferguson's Peterborough Utd(6)(19)Peterborough?? no chanceI hope not but if true just get it sorted so we can move on pls100% not trueAway with NI u21s. So absolute rubbishDoubtful as he is away on international duty right now and will be speaking to GT first before he agrees to resign or move elsewhere


03 Jun 2012 19:36:08
Mike Grella poised to sign for Bradford City AFC in the next few days.(16)(8)Notts county to get him on free transferPositives
he is highly rated

He hasn't scored many
Turned down a loan move to Bradford city a few years a go
Played for Lds

Not sure I want him really


03 Jun 2012 19:33:42
Aldershot striker Danny Hylton is signing for championship side Peterborough despite his suspension for the first 8 games(6)(12)


03 Jun 2012 19:32:17
Barnsley striker Craig Davies is to join Peterborough(5)(32)Yeh right , he`s going to step backwards !! i dont think so.You couldnt afford himStep backwards! Is this the same Barnsley that finished below us in the table? ;)A step backwards from Barnsley we have better strikers in our youth t up!!Sorry but didnt p,boro end up higher in the league than barnsleyHe would have been destined for a League 1 team next season if Portsmouth hadn't had a points deduction. I'm sure he sees the situation for what it is. As for going to the POSH - well I am not sure about that.Take it the post above is from a bitter twisted blunts fan enjoy league 1 again You fill up my senses,
like a league game at Crawley,
like the Johnstones paint trophy,
in an empty old lane.

Like a Doncaster derby,
in the old third division,
oh Sheffield United,
you it again!Well done peterborogh you finished above barnsley, ONCE IN TWENTY YEARS!!!!!!Next season it will be twice!


03 Jun 2012 19:29:52
READING are set to make a late move for Pavel Pogrebnyak as FULHAM sweat over completing a deal. The Russia international – a free agent – has been offered a permanent contract at Craven Cottage and will make a decision very soon. But the Royals may step in with a better offer.(13)(17)Would be great sighning,fulham reading about the same could do betterCould do a hell of a lot better,lolI heard Reading are interested in Matty EtheringtonNever gonna happenWould be a decent signing for Fulham and a GREAT signing for the royals but i think hes bigger than usHe is already at fulham isnt heReading isnt at Fulhams level yet. Would be quite a signing for Reading, but cant see it happening.It is unlikely Reading would sign him. But with their new owner being Russian and having a lot of money then there is a chance it could happenHe wont go, he has already bought a house near craven cottage


03 Jun 2012 18:54:20
michail antonio to sign for sheff wed(24)(7)If they come up with a decent offer first.


03 Jun 2012 18:23:22
Heard rumours that Southampton may be interested in signing Turkish winger Colin Kazim-Richards from Galatasaray where he has fallen out of favour. He was loaned out to Olympiakos last year and his transfer fee is not expected to be much. Could fill the hole currently on the right side of midfield!(24)(12)No idea how valid this rumour is, but I'd like this to happenHis agent has apparently banded his name around a fair few Prem clubs. Was talk of Stoke being interested. Would make sense Soton in the runningNot good enough !!!!Terrible player please dont be true!


03 Jun 2012 18:19:42
Central defender Alex Bruce will sign for Bradford city on Tuesday after being released from Leeds united.(4)(24)No chance,he will be snapped up by championship side.Why would he drop down to League 2?Notts county to get him on free transfer, notts county 1 of the favourites to get promoted next seasonSufc should get himYou heard here first!City need a centre back & have approached 2 premier league clubs about a season long loan.


03 Jun 2012 18:18:24
Ben Foster will confirm his intent to stay in the West Midlands by turning down moves to both West Ham and QPR.

Close friends indicate he is happy to wait for West Brom to appoint a new manager before they make their move for him.(14)(8)So hope this is one is true .great for us if its trueYes, with Rangnick, Foster and some more pretty good signings the Baggies will forever be a top-half team!So hope this is true, he is so goodBen Foster wants to play for west brom and is likely to be meeting up with his mate Craig Gardner who is lined up for a £4m move to the Hawthorns.I suppose gardner and Alex Mcleash are good friendsAs long as i got a hole in my arse west brom will never sign mcleashAs a wba fan i know that ben and craig have been heavily linked with a move to us and i also know that they want to come to us. we are definatly going to be making a bid for these 2 and they are probbably going to be accepted as we will pay the price for these as they are both main targets for us during this transfer windowFoster is also very good friends with this space!Ben "foster good call" by the albion board if they sign him i sure hope he stays!Mcleash rumours are picking up around the press now. i bet villa fans said that they would "never get mcleash" and we all knew what happened there.I can see west brom going for mcleash to be honest. i feel sorry for them


03 Jun 2012 18:07:37
Plymouth Argyles young player of the year Luke Young is set to join Premier League side Reading for a reporting £3m fee.

Reliable source.(3)(22)How about he's signed a new contract with us so you're not having himYoungy is from plymouth and he signed new longterm deal, byeTheir's no point in saying reliable source if you don't say what it is.

Cheesy LemonReally why would we spend 3 million on a league 2 midfielder ?The Reading posts are becoming more absurd by the day. You do seem to be having problems getting anyone in-perhaps the funds are not as available as you were lead to believe?Why would we want him LOLHalf decent young player, But £3 Million, dream on!Yes a premier league team is going to buy some L2 player that noones ever heard of. Reading will be looking for PL players.Y do people think we will sign league 2 players? We r not a club that's like that anymore£3million for a player who scored only 2 goals in 33 games? I doubt it. The idea of Christian Jolley is better, 19 goals and cheaper.Plymouth fans telling reading to back off he is yours. Have him, as a reading fan i would be well dissapointedProblems getting anyone in? The window opened a couple of days ago. Man United haven't brought anyone I guess by your logic they're having problems getting anyone in also.All the plymouth fans sweating saying we wont get him haha we DONT want himReading you signed LeFondre from L2 hes the blimmin reason your in that league now so quit saying we dont sign from there anymore because you obviously do!Childish argumentWe were in the championship when we got Le Fondre. Plus, no single player was the reason for us getting in the PL, we work as a team. That was the difference between us and Southampton. Of the three teams going up Southampton will need to spend the most.Reading are only in the premier league because of John Madejski's money and now the new owners. You ain't a big club. Just one that has been lucky enough to have a sugar daddy.John Madejski's money? You clearly have no clue, he only spend to keep the club a float and the money we spend is from selling our best players which has kept us out of the prem in recent years. But with the russian coming in we can only get better and don't have to sell our best players.Luke young is a great hardworking midfielder but £3m is rediculous, £50,000/£100,000 mostMadejski a sugar daddy, ! Pull the other one, that's why he sold the majority share because he can't stand the stupid money that's paid for players. He pays more for works of art than he would on a player.


03 Jun 2012 17:48:08
norwich to appoint darren ferguson from peterboro as manager next week(10)(43)Ha ha best joke i av heardHope so , he's rubbish,lolIf this was true, Barry Fry would be touting him around other managerless clubs to push up the price.God no! not a chance


03 Jun 2012 17:41:16
Any Bristol City news.(4)(12)


03 Jun 2012 17:36:39
Yeovil town fc are to offer Jamie McAllister an contract.

Jamie was released by Bristol city and still wants to live in the area he will be available on a free transfer.

he has also played under glovers manger Gary Johnson before(10)(5)I think this is very believable. I can see Yeovil signing him for sure


03 Jun 2012 17:24:54
Burnley to use the Jay Rod money to sign Stephen Dobbie from Swansea for 1.5M(19)(18)He's too old for us, we are only looking at players under 25 as they will have a good re-sale price on once we decide to sell.I would like to think we had 1.5 to spend mate but don't think we have even with the sale of jay , I think Eddie will have to be a smooth operator and get a couple of good free transfers and loans in, I would much prefer to keep trippier than jayHi sunderland fan here whats the lad jay rod like is he fast good in the air do you rate the lad? think he could hack it in the prem?Jay could hack it, for sure. He's played England u21 which is difficult to make from a lesser club, and he excells in all aspects of his game


03 Jun 2012 17:23:14
Having missed out on Ben Burgess, Cheltenham manager Mark Yates is considering moving for Grimsby striker Liam Hearn, who scored 25 goals in 36 games for The Mariners last season.(7)(5)


03 Jun 2012 17:22:36
Portsmouth's Marko Futacs could stay if he accepts the contract offer (probably wont though)

Also Nwko Kanu wont retire unless he revives last years wages.(8)(5)Futacs is unlikely to have clubs forming a line to sell him so I think he will sign for another year.If Kanu stays then he needs to get fit enough to play!


03 Jun 2012 17:21:44
west ham have made a £4 million bid for grant holt defiantly true 100% 4.5 mil rumours is fake and was made up they have made a official £4 mil bid the source is sky sports new if you are a west ham fan go on sky sports news!! it might not be on the breaking news bit then because this post takes aroun 30 mins to actually come on but it is so true! or bbc sport would be good hope norwich accept! COYI!!!(19)(11)David McNally the chief executive at Norwich said on twitter that there was no bid from west hamSomething tells me you support west ham...

Cheesy lemonMcNally said there were 2 bids from Wet Sham but nothing like £4m. I suspect £4m might buy him, despite the club talking about £6m minimum


03 Jun 2012 17:20:09
James Hayter's agent has reportedly been in contact with both Bournemouth, regarding a return, and Portsmouth. He is keen to return South.(11)(2)Charlton mate....Well it wont be Portsmouth, so Bournemouth it is.No thanks dont need him back at afcb didnt pull up any trees at doncaster and geting on a bit nowHe was born on the isle of wight so Portsmouth could be possible. If money woes are sorted to a point where he would get paid then whats not to love? First team football every weekJames Hayter is fondly remembered down here, but keep the past where it should be.


03 Jun 2012 16:37:09
West Brom's Saido Berahino is a reported loan target for Shrewsbury Town,Walsall and Coventry.(16)(2)


03 Jun 2012 16:36:50
Antonio has signed for Sheffield Wednesday after beating off competition from several CCC clubs for his signature. Should be announced Wednesday/Thursday.(17)(12)"Antonio has signed for Sheffield Wednesday"

Wrong, we haven't even accepted a bid from them. their first offer was rejected immediately and they will need to improve it considerably before they can even talk to him.Actually we have accepted a bid and Antonio is in talks over terms. Its true the £350K was rejected but the clubs have settled for £450K. Now its up to the lad and he knows he wont be in the premier league 25 so its either move or go out on loan. BTW Antonio wont go to Charlton even if he doesnt agree terms with weds as he has family up north so is looking to move up country


03 Jun 2012 16:32:38
Seydou Doumbia has had a medical at Bulls Cross today and is currently at Whl finalising a deal to Tottenham Hotspur.(17)(16)He's going to replace Lavezzi at Napoli so another pointless post.


03 Jun 2012 16:32:33
Boro closing in on Emmanuel Ledesma.

Source: Sunday sun (local Paper)(15)(0)


03 Jun 2012 16:28:05
Goalkeeper Daniel Coyne is set to link up with Bristol City in the next few days after receiving an offer from Derek McIness.

Since David James was released the club have been looking for long-term replacements and feel Coyne is right man.(5)(7)Haha yeah, a 38 year old is a great long-term replacementGot rid of James who was too old then trying to bring in a 38yr old. 'Beggars belief'... is this the futureDeano (Gerken) will be first choice anyway.. quality 'keeper!


03 Jun 2012 16:24:57
Jose Baxter is set to join Preston North
End on a season long loan.(16)(7)I hope soLets hope Moysie is going to give us a hand at lastMoyes has said before he is willing to help us with loans before... We just never asked


03 Jun 2012 16:16:36
Shrewsbury Town are in talks with goalkeeper Conrad Logan following his release from Leicester City.(5)(5)Unlikely he has sign a new contract last weekAnd didn't get releasedI wouldnt bother he is the biggest clown you could ever have in netDecent cover at Leicester. Not released, not a clown either.


03 Jun 2012 16:06:50
Vale boss Micky Adams has held positive talks with Pablo mills over the weekend and once the takeover is completed very soon a few new faces to arrive at vale park.

Lionel ainsworth, Liam Dickinson deals are sealed. Holroyd from histon also showed around vale park on Friday.(18)(9)


03 Jun 2012 16:06:40
Dirt Kuyt has left liverpool to go to Fenerbahçe S.K for a fee of £1,000,000(15)(13)Good luck Dirk.. always tried to give 100%
top bloke.. scored some very important goals..


03 Jun 2012 16:02:20
Any Middlesbrough news(2)(11)Emmanuel Ledesma in talks, as reported in the sunday sun


03 Jun 2012 15:59:09
Cardiff to make a move this week for Troy Deeney of Watford. Malky Mackay has already bought the youngster once and will try to do so again.(8)(19)Cardiff MUST be desperate?Manky ain't got the money for Deeney - not gonna happenHe's more likely to go to Norwich!Watford won't deal with Cardif, so end of!How come the made a 5.5 mil bid for jay rodriguezManky Mackay will show Cardiff how loyal he is by going to Norwich or some other team who offers more money, I doubt deeney will leave this year as he hasn't proved himself fully and is Watfords main man coyhTroy didn't play under Malky because Malky never rated him so I doubt very much he'd buy him let alone at such an inflated price! He'll be n for Murray at some stage though. The gaffa will look to Collins and Church (reading as part of the mapps deal). The club is in direr straights.Why does malkey try to sign watford player non of them are any good to be honestLaurence Bassini said a while back that Watford are not going to do any business with Cardiff while Malky is in charge. Any rumour you see on here about Watford players going to Cardiff are not true.


03 Jun 2012 15:53:31
Danny Shittu will sign for Doncaster as the replacement for Sam Hird(3)(8)The football league will have to bleep out his name then


03 Jun 2012 15:47:14
Arsenal striker Podolski has urged arsene wenger to sign Germany team-mates gotze and shurrle if van persie leaves. The arsenal new boy has taken into account that arsenal pick young talented players and how wenger likes to keep his big players happy.

Chelsea on the brink of a 28million pound deal for Lavezzi.

Jordan Rhodes the Scottish Superstars team is being bombarded with bids from multiple premier league clubs including 2 of the top four according to the simon Grayson.

Manchester united are again chasing Wesley sneijder but this time are keen to spend no more than 40m on the Dutch midfielder.

Manchester city target van persie looks to be staying at arsenal. Even the 280000 a week contract doesn't look like enough to tempt the player. However Ronald de boer says that if Netherlands don't win euro 2012 robin may have the urge to win a trophy elsewhere.(13)(21)I hope you are correct about Lavezzi, would be massively wasted at PSG where let's be honest, he would play in a far weaker league than Serie A. However apparently the deal to PSG is done.Total lies


03 Jun 2012 15:37:58
Southend full back Sean Clohessy reportedly agreed a deal to join Micky Adams side in the next week.

Had talks up at vale last week and all went well.

Apparently vale are set to be took over soon by a new owner and have a very big budget this time around to get promotion. They have just got to wait for the green light to start signing new blood. Ainsworth has already signed I'm led to believe and another non league forward Jon shaw and a las from Histon have held talks with the vale boss.

Very genuine info.(7)(4)Bullst , he wouldn't join vale when hes at southend , when we are the bigger teamI have seen some crp on here but this tops it, why would clohessy leave to port vale, he is a league 1 class player who is staying at southend, also you're skint you couldn't afford a transfer fee and wages for himAinsworth is coming back to burton


03 Jun 2012 15:25:46
walsall are in talks with former birmingham city and coventry city striker clinton morrison to replace departed jon macken

clinton morrison is currently a free agent after his release by sheffield wednesday(14)(3)Awful.I don't think so. He has signed for Northampton along with Alex NichollsActually hes thinking over a one year contract at Brentford where he finished last season on loanClive platt signed not morrisonNo he has not he is staying in league 1


03 Jun 2012 15:22:08
Crystal Palace Football Club Transfer News: 12/13 Season.

- Palace are set to offer Andrew Johnson; £20,500 a week on a pay to play bases with a contract leading him to summer of 2013.

- Tunchev deal collapsed after Palace and Tunchev couldn't agree on the contract length.
Tunchev wanted a 2 year contract but Palace are only willing to offer him a 1 year contract.

- Clyne is set to sign for Newcastle this week with Palace receiving a fee of £3,500,000 for the youngster.

- Palace have been in talks with West Ham United about taking Sam Baldock on loan for the whole season with Palace only paying 30% of his wages.(24)(23)I really really really really really really wish.Would love this to be true. Really good player!The Johnson part would be nice if it were true, though any "rumour" that includes wages and fees is going to be rubbish..Palace could never afford to spend 20k a week for johnsonAgree Palace can't afford 20k but seeing the he would be a freebie maybe they might splash out. Maybe pay as you play because of all his injuries.Have u people never thought that they could just reduce the transfer budget and pay him the £20k a week? he is a free. better than signing some average guy for £500k and giving them £10k a week, works out the same with a 1 year contractIm not sure where palace are getting a transfer budget from? Dougie should be concentrating on picking up young players like ward, looking to the future not the past with a player like AJ


03 Jun 2012 15:09:54
West Brom defenders Cameron Gayle & Craig Dawson are to join league 1 Shrewsbury Town on 6 month loans.(5)(15)Dawson is a squad player at WBA so guess again!Craig Dawson? i dont think thats likely, although i wouldnt say no!

703.May be a squad player but his first team opportunities have been limited so a chance of first team football on loan shouldn't be ruled out


03 Jun 2012 14:58:37
plymouth argyle are set to sign Rowan Vine and Stephen Darby on a free as they have both been released by there former clubs(7)(8)Darby is on his way to pne absolute certainty.I'd be happy with both of themHeard this tooStephen Darby has joined PNE


03 Jun 2012 14:49:38
James Beattie held talks with Crawley
on Saturday, decision due on whether
he signs in coming days.(8)(13)Macfadzen is worth £1m and are u saying lower div players arent worth much cos Jamie vardy from fleetwood to lestier for £1m and he's In the confrenceDavid Healy at broadield


03 Jun 2012 15:09:24
Just got back from holiday in Mexico and saw Jay Rodriguez he said that definately burnley had accepted bid from southampton and he is very close to finalising terms as most have been done by his agent and will dot i's early next week when he returns to England.(21)(33)Where in Mexico did you see him ? iam his younger brother, so i know ur not telling the truth......Im a saints fan[painted wagoon] if i was jay and i wanted to come to soton i would have flown home.dont think he wants to come,ah well his lossHaha ye sure you haveHopefuly mate hopefullyStill don't feel he is worth £7m in my opinion. Could get better else where.Cancun we were in the same hotelEvery player in the championship would beg to differ seen as they all chose him in championship team of the season, but Ye i guess you know more than all them and every single football expert that says he us worth itI saw him in cancunYou are clearly not Jay Rodriguez's brother.7 million which hernandez was which was van der vaart was and others it just shows you can great players with that kind of money.


03 Jun 2012 15:09:06
Dirk Kuyt signs for fernabache 3year deal. They will 100% sign sigurdsson for 7mil(20)(11)


03 Jun 2012 15:02:50
Eddie Howe on verge of becoming Swansea manager. He will turn down Sigurdsson as he would spend the money elsewhere. Liverpool WILL get Sigurdsson. Sidibe has jojned Preston. Andy Griffin will return to Reading as player-coach. Hugo Rodagella to join Villa. Hesey to Norwich, Lambert will not bid for Holt. Holt will go to West Ham for a fee in the region of 4-5 Million.(15)(19)Norwich will not sign HeskeyWhat has he DONE at Burnley!This has to be a WIND UP?Not a chance that Eddie Howe is leaving for Swansea they dont even want him UTCBryan Gunn, 1-7 bookies favourite as new Norwich managerHeskey is going to Norwich as they look for a replacement for HoltI like the Bryan Gunn joke, fair play!Bryan Gunn won't be Norwich manager as last time we sacked him after the first game in league 1 after we lost to colchester 7-1Think you missed the joke


03 Jun 2012 14:51:43
League 1 Carlisle Utd have beaten off competition from Shrewsbury & Preston to sign Northern Ireland international Rory McArdle. The defender will sign a 2 year deal later next week. Meanwhile, double blow for Shrewsbury, goalkeeper Chris Neale has turned down a new contract offer & will sign for an unnamed league 1 side on his return from holiday.

Source: Cumbrian Gazette(1)(10)No way! Neal can't leave, or we're left with no keeper. Who do we sign:
Daniels/Rachubka/Mildenhall/Weale/Gilmartin/Nelson? These keepers are ones on rumours list. Suppose if neal leaves, I would prefer Daniels, but please neal don't leave! COYBOr there's conrad logan, latest keeper on rumours list linked with us. Nah, still would prefer daniels again if neal was to leave. Daniels was brilliant when he was with us couple of seasons ago, pen shootout hero got us to play-off final. Great keeper. Nelson to be back-up? Had a good season with notts county, suprisingly released


03 Jun 2012 14:35:33
Giround to Everton, 8.2 million and Apostolis Vellios on loan for the season if Everton fail in their bid for Benfica's Oscar Cardozo(6)(14)Everton bidding for someone? Everton scrape the bottom of the barrel for all the freebies they can find, and do well at it too. But what makes you think they'll spend 13m+ on one player?

Ben X.Everton dont have that money they have to raise 8.2 million through sales before
buying.With Pienar N01 targetLikely story........ not seem as arsenal are after him!EVERTON DONT HAVE 8.2 MILLIONY wud montpellier want vellios!


03 Jun 2012 14:42:31
Derby are set to sign barnsley winger jim o'brien after he turned down a new contract at oakwell(3)(19)That why hes agreed a new deal with barnsley quote his twitter account all agreed see u soon tykes fans so up yours with fake rumoursYour a bit late he tweeted a couple of days ago that he as signed the two year offer on the table for barnsley try againHa Ha Ha. Jim posted on his twitter account yesterday, all sorted see you soon tykes. New 2 year contract signed club to announce in next couple of daysWho's This Guy?He's signed a two year contract extension mate, dream on.


03 Jun 2012 14:33:34
Brighton will look to secure 4 permanent signings in the next 4 weeks. Gus Poyet is also in talks with 2 players regarding a loan move.

Harry Kane, Spurs, until January
Luke Moore, Swansea, until January

Joe Mattock, free transfer
Sone Aluko, Rangers, free transfer
Alan Judge, Notts County, £600,000
Kyle McFadzean, Crawley, £1m(5)(15)Joe Mattock has already accepted Derby Countys Contract terms.Plus Gus Poyet will be goneWher did you puck this lot from, have you been on holiday with gus or have you got a magic ball, Yes to mattock, possible Aluko. not Judge at 600k and no way is Mcfadzean worth 1m after one season with little old Crawley in Div 2: come on start giving us some players worth buying : Big GLol mate think brighton will spend more than thatMattock will sign for brighton. And poyet has stated he is not leaving.Can't see Judge but the others are possible if unlikely that we would want them all - too many too similar and £1m for McFadzean? I don't think so!Brighton are favourites to sign Mattock and Gus Poyet is currently on vacation so he isn't leaving.You would need to come with at least 1m for judgeYour post is laughable gus is staying . and budget for players is around 10 million source from the clubAlan judge worth alot more than 600.000, 1.0 - 1.5 million min


03 Jun 2012 14:25:11
He is unsettled at shanghai shenuai and it's only a rumour from sky sports news!(5)(10)


03 Jun 2012 14:21:33
Preston North End will sign Marcelo Trotta on loan from Fulham and will sign Francois Zoko from Carlisle.(13)(14)Never dont know about the marcelo trotta one but zoko is off to Charlton not prestonHow do you even knowWatch this space


03 Jun 2012 14:13:33
Jermain Defoe has turned down a loan move to ReadingPD(20)(11)If thats from that ITK person in tr dont listen to him, so unreliable. having said that i dont think we will get him
MrRfcWe haven't even made a move for him, its all just a case of people putting 2+2 together and getting 7.


03 Jun 2012 14:11:27
charlton to bolster their midfield and attack with the double signing of francois zoko for free and paul cotts for 350k westley will take 350k for a debbie downer(5)(15)Coutts is not leaving pne for less than 700k ,westley or risdale will not let him go for that moneyIgnore this lad, why would we want zoko who scored an awful amount for league 1 in the championship when we are after baldock and 'cotts' IS coming to us for 550k FACT I KNOW THIS AS I HAVE SOURCES IN THE CLUB!^ i'd prefer to hav Coutts!The Keith Andrews one might have more legs.


03 Jun 2012 14:09:58
Swansea will look to Jay Rodriguez
if they lose out on Sigurdsson(9)(23)So to make up for missing out on a midfielder they'll sign a forward?


03 Jun 2012 14:04:47
West Ham, having had a 3 million bid rejected, have now bid 4 million for Grant Holt. Sources say that Holt likes Big Sam and respects West Ham so a deal could be on the cards unless another team bids more (Aston Villa). Another deal is Ahmed Elmohamady from Sunderland who has been in talks with the Hammers and looks likely to sign in the next two weeks.

Sources: Grant Holt-Sky Sports
Ahmed Elmohamady-Modern Sports(19)(13)


03 Jun 2012 14:02:35
rumours have it that everton are looking to sign danny guthrie as he has been released by newcastle also looking to get slavan bilic after the euros as he is leaving croatia and get him as director of football this is from a very useful source inside everton(5)(21)Bilic is the new Lokomotiv Moscow manager. More rubbish.


03 Jun 2012 13:58:15
Released Brentford players Marcus Bean and Sam Wood have been linked with a move to league 2 club AFC Wimbledon after they had a mass clear out.
Source- WFF(7)(2)Bean to crawley, wood to aldershotWhere did u here thisWhere u hear thisAfc wimbledon hate sam wood as he always seems to score against themI was around brentford area and overheard rumoursMore of a reason to sign himWell when have brentford played against wimbledon. lol failHe scored against Wimbledon while on loanAnd against Wimbledon when he played for Bromley


03 Jun 2012 13:57:59
My understand is that Reading are very close to completing the signing of Adrian Mariappa from Watford. They are also close to signing Carlos Sanchez Moreno from Valienciennes. With Brendan Rodgers wanting to make Sigurdsson Liverpool's first signing, Reading's back up option if they don't get Gylfi is Cardiff midfielder Peter WhittinghamPD(12)(17)Sorry mate, look'd like you're not getting a CM as Whits is not for sale and Gylfi going to Liverpool now..... Reading to get relegated put £20 on it yesterday!Whittingham not for sale? U ever heard of managers saying things to raise the price?Carlos Sanchez is a CM...Everyone is for sale for the right place mate.That's 20 quid you'll never see again!!Doesn't matter if whittingham isn't for sale we can still make a bidReading will not buy Whittingham they can do better this coming from a cardiff fanWhy would whittingham want to stay at cardiff because I doubt they will get to the prem any time soon and whittingham is far to good for both cardiff and the championshipHe is a fan favorate and settled down in cardiff. He is vice captain and he is a star player at cardiff and maybe he doesn't want to be a squad player at reading and he has just signed a long term contract with cardiff and believes the club is going places. Those good enough reasons for you reading fans


03 Jun 2012 13:50:44
Brett Pitman could complete his move to Burnley for 500,000 pound on Monday(11)(14)The fee will be double that as Bristol will be looking to make a profit on the player£500k thats already been agreed ...
not worth anymore than thatPitman turned down a £700k move to Blackpool because he has a young family and didnt want to move North and wanted to stay in Bournmouth (I think?)

Now I'm not saying Blackpool is a beauty spot (many of the players at Pool, Blackburn & PNE live in Lytham St.annes) but Burnley is not a place where anybody would want to move to if they lived on the south coast.

So cant see this one comming off!!You do realise when players sign for clubs they don't actually have to live in the town! They have things called cars you can use to commute it's a groundbreaking thing really.Why is that i came from the south coast and moved to burnley there are come very nice place close to burnley in fact there is a place called edgeworth 20 miles away thats it one of the most expensive post codes in the north west


03 Jun 2012 13:47:13
Leicester very close to signing Alan Judge from Notts County for 1M(8)(12)Next joke please!How's that a joke? Leicester are bigger and better than notts county. And he's playing in league 1 so 1m is all he's worthLeicester brought a non league player for 1m so hes got to be more2 million is what everone in notts would like to see and leicester have the funds to make it happen if they really want himAnother lesstar waste of money.mid table again


03 Jun 2012 13:45:14
preston north end are close to singing Marcelo Trotta and Francois Zoko(10)(12)


03 Jun 2012 13:42:41
Shrewsbury's out of contract
goalkeeper Chris Neale has turned
down a new contract offer & will sign
for League 1 Scunthorpe later next

Phil G(3)(3)Out of all the shrews players that could of resigned his is the one I wasn't really bothered if he did or not. A decent gk but prone to errors and not convincing enough for me. Better we sign a new and better No.1 ... Luke Daniels please!'app' he has dropped a massive hint, implying he wants to sign a new contract!Neal is leaving shrews


03 Jun 2012 13:37:49
Andy Gray will decide whether to sign for Bradford City in a few days time.(9)(2)Chris Brandon to sign for club again as now fully fit.Heard the same thing too from his brother - speaking with Bury also.


03 Jun 2012 12:51:46
Martin boyle will sign for aberdeen as he does not want to move away and craig brown is interested(5)(0)


03 Jun 2012 12:51:17
Southampton boss Nigel Adkins's record bid for Jay Rodriguez is under serious threat with a deadline past and rival bidders sniffing round. Rodriguez turned down the chance to join the Saints in a £6.5 m transfer at Friday's midnight cut-off point - a stage when Saints lost their exclusive right to approach him. Now they are sweating on offers coming in from Sunderland and Aston Villa. Jay returns from holiday tomorrow so the issue could be resolved over the next few days.

Quality Sunday Tabloids.(11)(28)Didn't we kind of sort of need to wait til he was back from holiday to even START negotiations anyway? Bit difficult to thrash out a deal when they are on holiday, isn't it?Why would any team set a deadline of approaching someone who is currently on holiday? We might lose out on him but it won't be because he's missed a deadline whilst in Mexico!Rodriguez has been away on holiday in Mexico, so Saints have not been able to discuss personal terms with him.....only his agent. As soon as he returns he will meet Nigel Adkins to discuss personal terms and take a medical. And for your information, there is no 'Exclusivity period' on transfers. It's obvious that what you say is a load of bull as you didn't name the 'Quality Tabloids'....what do you read? The sunday sport?.....lolAbsolute tripe!!
Saints are in talks with his agent - why would they set a deadline for completion of talks when the guy is on holiday!!
Now go back to supporting that little team of yours down the M27.Rubbish. Never was an exclusivity agreement. Any other bids that are made would be reported upon, Southampton's bid was quickly reported when successful so we will hear confirmation if any other clubs bid. They haven't bid, no one will match Saints bid. It's up to Jay whether we can agree personal terms when he is back from holiday. That is all it ever was. He's back from holiday tomorrow afternoon, so we will know more then. Stop posting dramatised rubbish to try and have something interesting to say. Situation exactly the same as last week. Shush.There was no deadline?
Someone claiming to ba an agent made it up and it seems you were gullible enough to beleive them.


03 Jun 2012 12:50:42
west brom are in talks with micheal owen as a posssible replacement for peter odemwingie. he will be on a pay as you play contract as there are issues with his fitness(11)(9)Owen never coming the only new striker is defoe that's 100% happeningAlex mcleash doesnt like strikers. once appointed as west brom manager big eck will sign many defendersWell done I look forward to your next posting ! Really I'm glued.......NOTI see that your a comedian mate^


03 Jun 2012 12:19:51
Carlos Sanchez to reading nearly done.


03 jun 2012 12:19:45
sheff wed to sign michial antiono and john carew in next week(11)(14)Antonio yes, but not carew, he is going to norwayJohn carew they wouldnt be able to afford his wagesDont want Carew, he is a donkey, slow and immobileAntonio is in talks after clubs agreed 450,000


03 Jun 2012 12:11:58
Jones talks have broken down, so it now looks like the swans will be chasing ian holloway!:)(16)(4)


03 Jun 2012 12:04:28
Sigurdsson has told a Icelandic Newspaper he wants to work with Brendan Rogers again move to Liverpool on the cards. Hearts player Zaluikas will move to Southampton for 1 million.(27)(9)No please......


03 Jun 2012 12:04:07
My girlfriend who's modelling agency works with Amy macdonald (singer) who is married to former Bournemouth striker Steve Lovell who's sister is married to eddie Howe (strange but true) has told her to whack a nifty 50 on Howe to be next Swansea manager. Apparently he got a phone call asking his thoughts on the job. He's been average at burnley but he plays a good passing game so I might go with a tenner on this one(19)(14)I think he would be a great choice.A well presented man who has his team playing ground football.He learned it all at bournemouthAs a Burnley Fan would not be too dissapoined.Would expect a large slice of the compensation Liverpool paid Swansea(Still 3 years left on contract)very weak dealing with experienced players and only has ability to recruit lower league players.
He did well at Bournmouth but has not lived up to expectation in a higher division.You are funnier than frankie boyle whats next sir alex ferguson to take over at burnleyGood tip m8. Just stuck 10 on it. It's abit random for it to be made up. If he gets the job. Ur the man!Howe found his level at
burnleySteve lovell and eddie howe are half brothers ! UTCWaste of money lol Eddie Howe just about kept his job at burnley because of his age and board has faith he can turn them around pushing for playoffs


03 Jun 2012 12:00:28
McDonald in talks with owls over 4 year contract. Was on radio five saying he loves Sheffield and hopes united fans won't hate him. Draw of championship football too much to refuse(10)(11)Strange but true, blades will hate him and he will be a loss to us but im friends with a couple of the juniors and its a big topic amongst the united playersWhy are we so surprised at this. Its been in the pipeline since they overtook us. He said he wanted champ football and hes out of contract. No loyalty in football just money. Only stumbling block is hes still injured so might put things on hold but early summer yet


03 Jun 2012 11:50:46
Preston are looking to bring in stoke striker mamady sidibe on a loan or a free transfer(13)(4)He's just had another contract from stoke so loan more likelyYou can have him hes such a bad player might be okay in a lower league but not in the prem, hes injury prone anywayHe'll be a loan because he's still under contract. But if you want him I'll drive him to Preston myself.Free transfer? Very unlikely as Mama's just been given a 12 month extension to his contract.Please TAKE HIMThe 12 month contract is more as a pay off for his services as the club has as good as said. Wouldn't be surprised to see him loaned out as he is out to prove his fitness to earn a new contract for the 2013/14 season elsewhere.Can't see sidibe leaving stoke. He loves the club and the manager loves him. He might not be the best player for us, but he has been a great servent for us and played his heart out every game he's played. Met him a few times outside some grounds and you cannot get a nicer, genuine guy who welcomes fans, top guy.Sidibe recently signed a new deal at stoke o they wont get him for freeCouldn't agree more ^^^True Stoke fans would not slate big Mama, he's been a great servant to the club. Sidibe also won Stoke's first Prem match for us, against Aston Villa; scoring in injury time to make it 3-2, back of the head job.Sidibe did not win stokes first premiership game against Aston villa . The class of Ricardo fuller did .stoke are a disgrace for offering sidibe a contract and not fullerThat's all very good but you'll have to wait until he gets better first, then i'm sure he'll pack his bagsLearn your facts- Fuller rejected a year contract and Sidibe signed.


03 Jun 2012 11:48:23
More on the Charlie Daniels news - He is set to sign for Sheffield Wednesday with David Prutton moving in the other direction. Cash also part of the deal with 500k thought to be going AFC Bournemouth's way.(2)(6)More bull barnsley was mentioned from you yeasterday now it is shefielld wednesday today stop posting rubbish.If Prutton sets foot on the Dean Court pitch I'm handing back my season ticket!David prutton? i'd rather play with 10 men then have him in midfielderI'm sure Daniels would like a move to Wednesday and I'm sure Wednesday would like Daniels but I'm also pretty sure Wednesday couldn't afford his wages. He was given a mega deal as he was one of the first after our takeover which I have heard is in excess of £13000 basic! When he left orient we beat a host of championship clubs who couldn't/wouldn't match that.PRUTTON ?? he of the bad hair do and couldn`t hack it at thank you. {Ed013's Note - Prutton is a very good player for league 1, a grafter with a good eye for goal. What has his hair got to do with how he plays football}Prutton should not be under estimated. Having seen your club twice last season he would enhance the team. He is a quality player in Division 1. Yes remember you are in the third tier not the PremiershipEverytime i have seen prutton play he's been below average, he is not a good player for league 1 and will not be welcomed at bournemouthI wouild welcome prutton as hes a matchwinner on his day. his experience in l1 could be what we need. ill go for the swapPrutton is not the sort of player we want, thnx but nope


03 Jun 2012 11:47:12
Valenciennes & Colombian international Defensive Midfielder Carlos Sanchez close to signing for Reading FC.(12)(2)


03 Jun 2012 11:45:50
Chesterfield to sign Liam Dickinson from Southend United(4)(12)Wouldnt mind see kevan hurst back we need a left sided midfielderAgree we need a left winger, Whitaker not a winger but Indnt think hurst is good enough anymore when we had him his was a young winger but he hasn't progressed as everyone thought


03 Jun 2012 11:45:13
Reading are trying to hijack Pavel Progrebnyak from under the noses of Fulham.

Source: Mirror Football(15)(14)


03 Jun 2012 11:41:35
Norwich will sign Danny Murphy.
This is a deffo(7)(28)Norwich will sign nobody deffo not with there debt and the fact everybody wants out as another person has posted you have a 2 year plan to go back to league 1 where your little team deservesWow some real hatred there. You cant build your own team up by knocking another team down. Big teams are great for English football they showcase British talent on the world stage and sometimes bring drama and excitement, but little teams are so much greater, they are closer to the fans and they bring what is so great about football, entertainment that we can actually afford to go and be a part of. They give players the chance to play the wonderful game infront of local fans people who share their own background. Without little teams football would be boring corporate football monstrosities full of prima donna players and managers, it would be like American sports full of show boating and half hearted effort. Little teams have owners who love football and care about the team, not foreign owners who want a new toy or status symbol. Little teams are the life blood of football, little teams remind us of what football should be, passion, hardwork, community and little teams carry more dignity and honor than the jackasses thinking being labeled a little team is something to be insulted about. Win, lose or draw we are proud to be fans of little teamsThere is no debt, its less than 18M and the ground , training academy complex is all bought and paid for, so stop making stupid remarks, clearly you are another disgruntled Ipswich Fan, who thinks you lot will get promoted next season, with your debt and lack of real supporters you are only going one way and it ain't up !What debt? I think the 45m we got for being promoted last season took a huge chunk out of our 23m debt. Stop kidding yourself!Someones an ipswich fan.
actually, all our external debt will be gone by the end of next season. and our investors have all said they are more than happy to put internal debt aside to help the club. one player has ASKED to leave but has said he WANTS to stay. you sir, are an idiot.Lol at he person above
We have very little debts since getting promoted
Also with are fan base we don't belong in league 1
Jealous ispwich fanMain poster - we'll sign noone without a manager calling the shots.
Second poster - Blatant Ipswich some research regarding the debt situation. We'll be free of external debt by the end of the 12/13 season.Someone's jealousWat u on About u little jealous fool. We are debt free. Have 15m to spend on transfers plus the lambert compensation with a decent squad to add to. Over 22,000 season ticket holders and max gates of over 26,000 every game ! So shut up u fool !!If you're going to be an troll, at least have the courage to state which team is lucky enough to enjoy your brave support. And it's 'their', not 'there'. OTBCThis post is a joke, Danny Murphy is too old and Norwich are a decent club with good loyal fans and deserve their place in the Premiership, They are no little team.Agree with the 3rd comment totally


03 Jun 2012 11:40:13
Norwich are weighing up moves for Hugo Rodellaga and Louis Saha(11)(28)Who is, we don't have a manager?How do you know this?AS Norwich City supporter I wish people would stop posting stuped rumours on this site about who we might be looking at, because until a new manager is in place all talk of transfer targets will be on hold.Norwich will look for loans and free transfersWhy would we do that, the McNally model is young hungry players, not old players on frees, and loanees who don't careTwo players who will move to bigger clubs than norwich


03 Jun 2012 11:36:18
Swansea will approach blackpool for manager Ian holloway and will also approach Michael Laudrup(18)(12)


03 Jun 2012 11:35:45
ive heard from a good source that keith hill is interested in Grant Macann and Chris OGrady.(15)(7)Chris o,grady as just bought a house in Barnsley


03 Jun 2012 11:29:29
Reading have shown interest in Fulham's Dickson Etuhu.(12)(7)So each team will have 1 player out and 1 player inI think he will move - coz he wants to play more - shame I like Dicksa - he needs to be used properly - good luck man, wherever you go


03 Jun 2012 11:20:30
Gylfi will sign for swansea city in the next week(15)(28)Liverpool understandably interested in him nowThat is looking less likely every day.

{Ed006's Note - I think it is going to be up in the air until Swansea see who there next manager is. I would like him to replace Spearing for us at Liverpool.}Yes liverpool are suppose to be interested but he is likely to stay with the swans as he like the way we play and rodgers has also told him to stay hereEd 006 option sounds good to me.
CRIf he does sign for swansea it will only be for a couple of seasons if your lucky, this boy is destined for bigger and better things although a move to swansea would probably be for the best at the moment.If he had wanted to sign, he would have signed already.


03 Jun 2012 11:15:01
stoke city to sign demba ba this week(6)(46)Why would they pay 7m for him now when they turned down the chance to have him for free a year agoBa and crouch wil be good combo
need centre mid poss lampard or ramsey?Because now he has shown he is not suffering from knee trouble and when stoke wanted him he was not freeRamsey wouldnt join stoke after what happend and stoke couldnt afford lampards wages, we need a playmaker in the middleWhy would he leave european football its not like he dosent want to stay or isnt getting first team football.Stoke fans are just annoyed at pullis for not taking him on a free.I doubt he will leave if he does it would be on a big fee because of signing a new contract with no release clause he wants to stay because of cisseWhy would he sign for such a poor teamYou have an impressive imagination, not a chance in hell of this happening, he wont come hes on to bigger things, and we wouldnt want him after everything. (from a REALISTIC stoke fan)He wasn't available on a free to Stoke. Newcastle didn't get him for free either.Just setting the story straight as obviously some idiots know nothing about football. Stoke were offered Bemba Ba from Hoffenheim for £9m, they turned him down due to an underlying knee problem described as a 'time bomb' by the medical staff, West Ham then signed him for £6m. Due to a clause in his contract due to relegation he was then able to join Newcastle for free. Demba Ba has made a few remarks about Stoke's decision not to sign him so it's unlikely he's sign for Stoke. It's even more unlikely that Newcastle would sell him, especially for only £7m.No they wontBefore newcastle fans start getting on their high hourses about this rumour BA was minutes away from being a stoke player in the first place before our medical team messed up big style so if given the chance why wouldn't he want to come now on higher wages if given the chance and another thing it's only a rumours. cheer upHe's too good a player to sign for a rubbish side like stoke !!!Stoke NOT after Demba Ba after passing on him previously. Demba Ba is moving on which will trigger a move for a player to join Stoke.Stoke medical team didn't mess up---they weren't happy with his knee problem and he had failed a previous medical. They simply weren't willing to take a chance but obviously you know his condition better. He has a get out clause at Newcastle and Harry at Spurs has as much as said as they will bid for him and chances are he'll go there.Don't be fooled by the 'free transfer' to newcastle. Big payments were made to make it happen, Ba did not join them for nowt. He will not be going to Stoke who wouldn't want him after he failed a medical both there and at West Ham, but could end up at a club who can afford to take the chance on his knee holding out.


03 Jun 2012 11:08:41
Sheffield Wednesday, Middlesbrough and Wolves are competing for the signature of former Germany U21 international defender Matt Langkamp, who is available on a free after his Karlsruher SC contract expired.(13)(5)Wednesday should get hi in with the nest 5 daysHe's another Hargreaves like crockWhere have u heard this?Owls fan here hope no one gets him hes got a bigger sick note than hargreavesAm always wary of any 'former' U21 internationals. Especially if available on frees.


03 Jun 2012 10:38:47
Fraser forster(gk) and Gary Hooper for celtic should have been in the england squad just because they play in he spl they still have to keep out goals and still stick them in the net think hodgsons boobed there hooper a prolific goalscorer and would score goals anywhere giving the service
Hobbybhoy(27)(22)Lambert would be better than hooper for England especially in a penalty shoot outThe SPL is no different from League 1. You didn't even have Rangers to compete with this year. Delusional?My granny can score goals in the spl one of celtics best players (stokes) was released by sunderland couldnt even make reserve teamMate scoring goals against teams who would struggle to get in english div 1 does not represent being good enough to get in england teamHooper needs to prove himself in the Premier league. Not the tin pot SPL! That's why he will move to Southampton.Spl stands for sunday premier league, a place where the best sunday league players play, AHAHAYou people have no idea !! I will take anyone's money that when hooper does move back to England ( and he will do) he will be in your precious England squad within a year - the guy is a qualityfinisher and his overall game is very underrated - its a joke your hopeless managers can't see this just because he plays in the spl {Ed001's Note - if Welbeck can get in the England squad, my nan could, and she is 90, on a zimmer frame and has dodgy hips. Hardly saying much to suggest Hooper will get in, even though you clearly over rate him, as he is lazy and average, though he is, I agree, very much a goalscorer. He is just Celtic's answer to Kris Boyd.}So on your argument that hooper needs to prove himself in the English premier,
Next season if hooper scores 10 times in Europe and finishes top scorer in Spl, that would not be good enough?
The season Carroll was bought for 35m hooper bought for 2m both played in championship and hooper finished top scorer, since then what has Carroll proved nothing!
Even jelivec has come from the so called tin pot league and only played half the season and scored 3 times the goals Carroll has.I dont get this atall why english people criticise Celtic for being scottish.. maybe the league is crap, but Celtic arent.. if they were why would southampton, norwhich, reading want hooper? why would villa and liverpool want ki ? why would man utd want izaguirre and kayal? anyone can criticise the league but everyone knows celtic are a decent team, so spend your time criticising teams in your own league.Right the premier league has better teams than the spl there's no need to point this out every time a Scottish team or player from a Scottish club is mentioned, as for hooper hes a very talented poacher, scored a few past my team when he was at Scunthorpe. But he does need to prove that he can score goal against better quality defenders and keepers before he gets picked for a major tournamentClearly stokes isnt one of our best player do you ever watch celtic games and shaun maloney couldnt even make it in celtic first team and hes one of wigans key player hate it when cooky english fans think epl amazingSimple better opposition more to prove better players around you better results ie maloney. Hooper is a good finisher granted but better than Rooney, wellbeck, young, defoe, and the rest no chance pal, he' ll be off ski to England if not now then jan when you've nothing to play for except the league and tin pot cups with little or no oppositionWho really gives a toss about England? Why should anyone outside England give a rats a$$ about their team. They are delusional and have some bizarre air of superiority which they have never come close to justifying. They will fail miserably as usual. Does Hooper have an Irish Granny? lol. As far as Foster goes. I really would love England to pick him. He is a big tube. Please pick himMate! Nothing to play for, if you don't play in either the top 2 man u Or man city he will have nothing to play for league wise, and correct me if I'm wrong but your 3rd team finished 16 points behind 2nd place. Don't even get me started on how much money was spent by the top 4 last season on transfers, if half that money was available for the Scottish league all 12 teams would be in a much better position.
But never mind, fifa fair play and monetary rules kick in soon, so all those clubs that are hundreds of millions in dept will soon find it difficult to buy the 40m player when there income is 20m.

If your reading, Qpr,wigan, or any other team that Finnish outside the top 4 played in the financial climate that the Scottish teams have to keep to they would be no better than what's in Scotland and that's a fact.I just laugh at these english tts going on about out league focus on your own god dam teams celtic has a great team and well said above why would all your top teams be wonting our players that cause there good so before you comment focus on your own teamThe spl is a total joke. It is worse than league one. Celtic are a championship team. Scoring goals in the spl does not show you are a good striker. This was shown perfectly by fran sandaza who, while playing for brighton in LEAGUE 1 could barely get a game, let alone a goal. However, when he was chucked into the spl, he promptly became one of the top scorers!
However, hooper is miles better than Carroll!Ed001...for you to say Hooper is lazy and average is just wrong,i could hear your epl higher thinking in what you said. Hooper is always running back to mid to help out, he picks up the long passes with nice touch and holds off the defence and always finds a player which opens up play and always seems to make the right pass then runs to the box.
for England not to give him a place is just showing that they are happy to keep to the normal plan which hasnt worked out for yous at all in previous years. It doesnt matter what league he plays in he has talent and knows how to score(i cant wait to see what all epl fans would say if Rhodes signs for Celtic, would they say he is a crapy player after over a year talking him up as a superstar? because Celtic would crush any league 1,2, championship and lower table epl teams) and he showed that he can play against well defensive clubs and top players as he did in europa league against the winners and la liga leaders. only one other player scored more then him this year and that was rvp, and if you say it is because the spl is crap then why is it that not other stickers are scoring so much? jelivic seems to be tearing it up when yous said he could not,and he got most of his goals from pen in spl. you epl fans need to open your eyes up, as another said above, yes the spl is not the best but Celtic is no small club and they get the best players in the land that they can,the players that want to win and develop and who dont just look for a pay day, and epl are always calling for our players and our crap players seem to do well in epl. go and watch some highlights of our season and see the goals and you would see how good they are and Hooper is always in the right place.
if carrol got into the club i dont know how hooper did not, carrol is good in th air but just cant score where hooper just needs a chances and more then not it would be in the back of the net, we are happy to have him and his goals and in a year maybe all you epl ppl would see it to when he leaves for a bigger club maybe not in the epl but in spain or else where and yous would be kicking yourself {Ed001's Note - actually I think Rhodes is nowhere near as good as Hooper. But your ridiculous talk about Hooper's great touch, he has far from a great touch, he is very lazy, he offers very little outside the box. Jelavic, in my opinion, is a far better all round player than Hooper, much as I hate to admit it, as he is at Everton now! His issue is his dummy throwing when things aren't exactly as he wants and a lack of pace.}All you disillusional England fans what r u's talking about? Gary hooper is a tremendous player, he scored 28 goals in the championship the same season andy Carroll scored 6! He has scored 50 goals for celtic in 2 seasons while being hampered with injurys! Look how jelavic has done for everton in half a season, England will just play the long ball with andy Carroll in the team! As for Forster, much better than calamity green, these Celtic players also have european experience unlike Carroll n green! Stop turning ur noses up at the Scottish game! More n more off ur teams r coming up here n buying our players so what does that say! If Celtic were to get into the premiership they would hold there own no problems! A few years with ur finances we would be challenging to win it!

Byars38625 {Ed001's Note - how can you compare Gary Hooper's goal record at Scunthorpe with Carroll's at Newcastle in that season? Hooper was a fully established striker, who played 45 games that season, while Carroll was just pushing into the team and made 14 appearances. Are you really that desperate to prove how great Hooper is?}I know what ur saying ed mate, I know hoopers first touch isn't great and he can be lazy but he's a predator in the box and they can be hard to find! Ive always admired jelavic, wish Celtic could find a gem like that! A player off his calibure would get the best out off hooper! Don't rate andy Carroll much! England will only be able to play one way when he's in the team.

Byars38625 {Ed001's Note - I do agree he is a predator, I did say that he scores goals, I just wish he would do more out of the box, then he would be already in the England side now.}Ed001 I take on board what you say about Hooper! He def needs to work on his touch and his work rate, but he is a fantastic little striker! He's strong as an ox for his height and his finishing is fantastic, he rarely misses a chance! Also to those who say he only scores against mickey mouse oppositions what about his goals in Europe against Lyon,Braga(the year they reached the Europa league final), Rennes and Udinese away! They all said the same when Larsson was at Celtic, he could only do it in the SPL yet he moved to barca and helped them win the champions league! Ps I'm not comparing hooper to Larsson, just trying to make a point

Ice man {Ed001's Note - he is only 24 or so though isn't he? So he still has 3 or 4 years until he hits his peak, every chance for him to work on his touch.}Ed i think you need to go watch highlights because you are right to some point but i think you are a bit too harsh on him. the type of player your talking about sounds more like stokes, but you would see hooper helping out at mid and takeing and making smart passes to open up play. but then again i guess you have to watch the games to know, which i think is why many epl fans dont see his true play, hopefully CL can help with the problem and open ppls eyes a wee bit. {Ed001's Note - no thank you, I don't like watching highlight reels made up of the best bits of a player, even Ryan Babel looked good in those. I have watched him plenty, for Scunthorpe and Celtic, he is not good at linking play, he is not good at working back, but he will score you goals. He will score goals anywhere he goes. I think I was harsh comparing him with Kris Boyd though, because I do think he is a better player than him, I just meant he offers little outside the box, like him. I just don't think he will ever be top class, mid table Prem is his level, easy good enough for England right now though, they don't have any outstanding penalty box predators to keep him out. But he won't get a chance for England while he plays in Scotland, the level of competition he faces most weeks is just too low. He should have gone to the Euros though.}So was Larsson a mediocre player because he played in the SPL?Tbf i'd like to see HooperEd001 your comments on Hooper show some contradiction. I agree he isn't a link up player but so what! He is still only 24 and has a lot to learn. Give me a poacher who could guarantee me 20+ goals as season, all day, everyday. I think you would take that at your team in a heartbeat.

I am only drawing comparisons in style when I say this and not ability, but Gary Lineker didn't do too bad for England for someone who got a nose bleed outside the 6 yard box. Natural goalscorers are like gold dust so I am happy for Hooper to stay under the radar of English clubs for as long as he keeps banging them in for us {Ed001's Note - I would not, I never rated Lineker either, when Everton had Gray, who did link up the play well, they won the title, swopped him for Lineker and they came second. It is that simple. No good having a player who only helps the team while in the box, you have to be able to get it there first! Rush could score goals better than anyone, but he also got involved in the build up, as well as being the first line of defence harrying defenders. Hooper needs to do more for me.} say he dosent do much and only stays in the box but you also say you would never watch a spl game because it is to boring or campaired to league 2(as you mentioned many of times before) so you dont get to see what he does in a game week in week out. but it dosent matter because epl fans dont see this, im sure you would love him once he is in epl but i wouldnt be surprised if spain and other leagues came calling....but these are all opinions and views so it is Englands loss and Hooper as well as Foster(keeping 23 clean sheets is tuff in any league and this year Celtic lost alot of defensemen this season and with his hieght alone i think he should have been in lol). England are always taking the superstars when i think players like Hooper and utility players would help out the team more then others. with the players like Lampart and all that can give good passes and crosses for someone to run on and be sent in Hooper would score tons for England and become a hero because he just needs one chance. {Ed001's Note - I have never made any comparison of the SPL and League Two at all, I do agree though, I don't like watching the SPL, it is dire. But Hooper did play many times before he went up there you know.}Ed

You didn't rate Lineker, for Christ sake!! I know you are a Liverpool fan but come off it. He is England's second best international goalscorer, a Golden Boot winner, 40 goals in 57 games for Everton etc. etc.

I thought your Hooper comments were way off the mark but to say you never rated Lineker shows me you are much of a judge of ability. You are entitled to your opinion all the same so fair play. {Ed001's Note - how much did England win with Lineker up top? Nothing. How much did Everton, who had a fantastic team, win with him in their team? Nothing. He is one of the most over rated players in world football, hardly a great player. The fact that you rate him, shows to me your complete lack of knowledge of what it takes to be great. No wonder you rate Hooper like some kind of superhero, you don't even understand that it is a team game.}Ed

Not once did I say Hooper was a superhero, read all my comments. I said he was a good goalscorer, that's it. I think Hooper has a mountain to climb before I would even consider him in the top 20 strikers I have seen playing for Celtic in the 30 years I have been watching them, never mind so called "superhero" status. I defended him against those saying he wasn't good enough for the EPL, I personally think he could a job for someone.

By your reasoning though every England striker before and after 1966 must have been useless seeing as no trophies have been won. Rooney, Shearer, Lineker, Owen, Ian Wright, Keegan all cr@p because England haven't won anything? Jesus I can't believe I am even defending English strikers. The point being, plenty of good players have never won anything and plenty of great players have never won what they should have. You can't judge ability by medals alone. Argentina have won nothing with Messi and Northern Ireland won nothing with George Best. One man doesn't make a team, you should know that after your "team game" comments. You say I don't understand that it's a team game and you blame Lineker on Everton and England not winning anything! do you see the irony yet?

I think you will find a few Barca fans out there who think Lineker did alright when he scored 4 goals on the way to them lifting the Cup Winners Cup.

To end this all. I respect your opinion but I think we will always disagree on this. I think I hit a nerve when I said you weren't much of a judge of a player. It's a game of opinions after all. {Ed001's Note - except that you have just admitted having the same opinion as me of Hooper! What is wrong with you? Trying to be clever and you have just made a complete tit of yourself.}


03 Jun 2012 10:37:00
Told today that Michael Bostwick could be on his way from Stevenage who have signed Dunne from Exeter as a ready made replacement. Favourites are Crystal Palace but Brighton & Hove Albion are also said to be interested. Both sent high level scouts to the play off games.(11)(4)When the only football of league standard being played on a particular Saturday is the Play off final, why send anyone but your top scouts? I bet all of the Championship had a scout there.


03 Jun 2012 10:33:13
premier legue ins and outs:
arsenal in podolski, out van persie
aston villa in holt out heskey
chelsea in hasard out drogba
everton in rhodes out baines
fulham in ? dembele
liverpool in sigurdson out maxi
man city in van persie out johnson
man united in kagawa out nani
newcastle in ? out cabaye
norwich in ? out holt
qpr in foster out kenny
reading in ? out?
southampton in rodrigues out puncheon
stoke in jarvis out huth
sunderland in defoe out gordon
swansea in ? out sinclair
tottenham in adebayor out modric
west brom in ? out odemwingie
west ham in yakubu out green
wigan in ? out rodallega
on the ? can you say who you think(9)(49)Congratulations what utter garbagePretty pointless post if u don't even know half of them...Everton won't get Rhodes and Baines has come out and said he doesnt want to go to man UTD plus fergie doesn't want to spend £20m and that's what he's worthCabaye, no, asking price : £50 millWell that's 20 seconds I'll never get back!Well Kuyt has already gone from Liverpool.Stoke aren't selling Huth, he's still got a year left and contract talks are still ongoing. Pulis has stated that even if Huth has not extended his contract by the start of the season he still won't be for sale.Agree with the above guy, Pulis has come out to the media and has said huth it not for sale, signing an extension or not he's staying a potter for next season!Mark Hughes? No.
gus Poyet - no thanks
Martinez? Judas himself? He'll never come back.


03 Jun 2012 10:32:54
Wigan to sign Sheffield utd wonder kids Harry McGuire and Matty Lowton both for cheap(7)(18)Wonder kids lol - they couldn't even get them out of league 1They are hardly wonder kids are they?Wigan dont spend ya money on that crap....... UTO !They're beast maguire 19 worth bout 3 million matty lowton always rely on him but dont let him take penaltiesDerby County are getting them both with Maguire and lowton having a small release clauseWigan , they can sign these two players , by all means ..... It depends if the two said players actually do want to move away from Sheffield United !! .Maguires off to Ipswich and its just lowton that's off to derby county :)No, none of you have a clue were either are going so stop.


03 Jun 2012 10:29:46
Reds to bring Frank Nouble back to Oakwell for the third time for free after being released by West Ham! Also Daniel Bogdanovic and Brain Howard released and could be heading back to the Reds for a second spell in South Yorkshire.(8)(10)What a load of rubbish they had there chance no way CRYNE would waste wages on them 3Please god dont let this be true all 3 are not champ sstanderd at all


03 Jun 2012 10:27:46
west ham have bid for nicolas anelka from sky sports news this is true not made made up because of anelka used to be with anelka when he was at bolton and big sam wants him to come back and reunite with kevin nolan aswell could be agood signing espically if zaha comes aswell!(6)(17)Very true although he is currently on 150,000+ a week that would be a stumbling blockOf course he gonna walk away from 300k a week to play for 40k a weekNicolas Anelka from Sky Sports News? I didn't know he was a presenter.All true as he is unsetled or so sky sports said soSo west ham can't match his 195k a week ???No chance!


03 Jun 2012 10:15:04
west ham co-owner david gold has said that green is now a free agant and wants to move on, two premier legue clubs in a bidding was for newcastle midfielder cheick tiote, sky sports news(14)(4)The two clubs are rumoured to be manchester united and chelsea


03 Jun 2012 10:14:17
Glenn Hoddle now favourite - 15/8 - to take over as Norwich City manager. He feels he is ready for another challenge and hopes to guide The Canaries to a top ten finish next season. The board see him as one of their first choices as he has International experience and he will use the finances wisely to build a better squad for the season ahead. Expect him to be announced late next week on a two-year deal with a one year option.(10)(21)Lol good one he could have mystic meg as his number two theres only one man for me and his name is chris ! In mcnally we trustCould be , he has God on his side might be a big helpNo Chance!I hope this is not true. Thanks but no thanksWho told you this? Eileen Drewery? lolNot a chance..........he's been out of football management for too long and a lot of the young up and coming players don't even know who he is. Also the fans will hate him because of his stupid disabled believes.Christ, I would not wish Glenn Hoddle upon any club, not even Leeds. Worst manager Wolves ever had.

IanGet real - Norwich will not go anywhere near Hoddle, you will be telling me next they will go for Roy Keane, the reality is they will likely go for Mackay at Cardiff, Hughton at Birmingham or Lee Clark or even offer Culverhouse a chance to step up to management, with perhaps Clark coming in as 1st team coach.The man,s a dinosaur,no room for him or his ideas in the modern game, jog on hoddle.He will take you down factTop 10 finish!! Norwich will do well to stay up


03 Jun 2012 10:07:43
Paulo Gazzaniga is still Peterborough's main goalkeeping target(9)(6)


03 Jun 2012 10:06:40
Leeds winger Ramon Nunez is wanted by Notts County & Peterborough who also want Lloyd Sam(18)(8)


03 Jun 2012 10:04:36
Peterborough Utd striker Nicky Ajose is set to re-join his home town club Bury.(9)(6)Posh have mentioned a fee.
Bury could cash in on DW but the striker is due to report back on July 4.


03 Jun 2012 10:02:59
Peterborough United transfer listed pair Mark Little and David Ball are set to join Rotherham Utd after the clubs agreed a £650k fee(16)(12)And is there any proof?Load of rubbish Rotherham don't need another right back and the only money they will spend is on a striker


03 Jun 2012 10:00:41
Tottenham winger Andros Townsend is the subject of a £500k bid from Peterborough Utd who are have an interest in loaning Adam Smith.(5)(15)Lets see if POSH can AFFORD townsend's WAGES!Dont make me laugh, hes way to good for Peterborough UtdHes worth 5 times that.He will be bought by a promoted teamDarragh has already said that Posh wont be bringing in any loans this season, Because they have not worked in the last few seasons.Wont pay for over-rated non performers Posh only want hungry young talent who want first team football.To the Donny fan... Coutts is about the biggest Darren Ferguson fan you would find... If he's going to leave Preston he would certainly come back to us... the only reason he hasn't already is because PNE wouldn't let him


03 Jun 2012 09:58:58
Preston midfielder Paul Coutts is set to return to Peterborough United on a 4 year deal. The fee is around the £700k mark(5)(16)And you got this from where?Haha no chanceWnt b for less than 1 milDonny fan, he wouldnt go peterbrough anyway hed stay at preston or if he did want to go then he could easily play in the prem


03 Jun 2012 09:57:15
Colchester United midfielder Anthony Wordsworth is seen as the long term replacement for transfer listed skipper Grant McCann by Peterborough Utd boss Darren Ferguson.(7)(9)


03 Jun 2012 09:55:58
Oliver Norwood will complete his transfer to Peterborough United from Manchester United this week.(4)(21)He is off to barnsley you are too lateOliver Norwood is Burnley born and bred hes coming home to the turf FACT


03 Jun 2012 09:54:29
Peterborough United have signed Darren O'Dea on a 3 year deal. The signing will be announced after O'Dea returns from Euro 2012.(5)(19)O'Dea is awful.


03 Jun 2012 09:52:56
Danny Swanson has agreed a 2 year deal with the option of a 3rd year with Peterborough United.(7)(14)


03 Jun 2012 09:47:31
Chesterfield Fc Have signed Signed
Sam Hired of Dancaster on a free
transfer ..

and there also looking at ' On Loan

West Broms Hurst
Arsenals Ozyuarizi,hyote..

Big Thiings are going to happen , new chair
Chairman and i predict str8 promotion

C'mon You Spiraites!(3)(12)West brom do not want to loan out james hurst c'mon you baggies ;)Chesterfield are going straight back up watch out for more quality signing in the next 2 weeks .Chesterfield looking at izle McLeod and Franck Moussa on free transfersChesterfield chairman Dave Allen has put a ban on all loans so doubt James Hurst or Hyote will be turning up to the B2net on loan dealsMoussa would be another top signing really cant see mcloud coming unless westcarr or bowery goes first .........hope we can keep tommy "englands no1" leeMcLeod would be a great signing!Also heard nott forest looking at Bowery, and he might be tempted by his father having played for them plus it's a step up, making way for McLeod to come inId prefer westcarr going bowery started to improve!!!he could rip league two up next season...squads starting to take shape now....I totally agree Bowery improved massively lat season and a starting roll next season in league 2 will seem him become a finished article.
And westcarr's best position is on the wing. I was gutted by the decision to let mendy go he would have coursed damage in league 2


03 Jun 2012 09:38:42
Southampton to bid 2million for millwalls liam trotter. Source sky sports and the sun. Not too sure about this one if its even half true!(14)(17)Hope so, he is Fast, Strong and compliments our fantastic side, he would do well!I'm sure this rumour has all ready been around once this summer.Let him go and sign frankie raymondSince when was trotter fastI don't know much about Trotter,don't know how fast,how strong,how good etc,
but I don't think signing Championship
players will be a good move if we want to stay in the Prem,just feel we need good
classy experience Prem players to come in.Well look at norwich they bought good championship players now look at themTrotter should be playing for Charlton nil, I dont know weather he would do it for Chairman Slater tho!Yeah,lost their good manager, and a very good hard to replace striker looks to be on his way.Trotts fast! he's got the lot but he's a Rolls Royce and they aint fast..........well not the ones I can affordTrotter is a very good player on his day and can be worth 4/5m on his day but has been very inconsistant this season.


03 Jun 2012 09:30:56
Richard Keogh wants to rejoin his old club Bristol City but City cannot reach the 1 million valuation.
Cardiff have offered 850,000(16)(9)Why join Bristol they are awfulBecause as bad as Bristol City are, Coventry are worse!Because he used to play for them and still has friends at the club!Because his wife to be is Bristolian

That would make senseBecause he recently got married just down the m4 in portishead and thats where his new wifes family is and he still has alot of mates in the area.How are bristol city awful? it was just a bad season.. 3 top half finishes and a playoff final in the last 5 seasons. but look at the end of last season, 8 unbeaten and 2 defeats in the last 12! cant be that bad plus theres better options than keogh! Amougou and McManus to name 2McManus as club cpatian as wellBelievable IMO. Person up though, your wrong. He didn't get married in Portishead, he got married in Somerset. I happened to be working at the wedding, players such as David Noble was also there. I'd take him back..


03 Jun 2012 09:30:27
West Ham Are Going To Put A Bid In For Anelka .. "The People" And "Sky Sports" ....(8)(16)Not with his wage packageYes will "put a bid in" - no intention of signing. It keeps the East end deadheads happy........200 000 a week is nothing for a club like West Ham :)He would never go to you lot


03 Jun 2012 09:28:43
I've heard its worrying times in newcastle with the following leaving.
Ba Tottenham
Cisse Madrid
Colochini city
Tiote chelsea
Krul tottenham
Cabaye arsenal(27)(32)Can see ba and cabaye going not sure about cisse going to madrid thoughWhy would Cisse go to Madrid he would just be a bench warmerLoad of rubbish. Most likely Ba. All the rest why would cisse n cabaye leave after one season in which Europe has been achieved, moving up. krul to spurs is likely eventually to replace Brad Friedal but not for a few years and he just signed a 5 year deal. so big money. And collo just signed a new 5 year deal i think in the last season or 4 years at least. Stop talking rubbish.Its just what I've seen on various site, most off ssnContracts mean nothing, all of these players will leave, they're too good for a team like noocarsleCity after colo so money no object 2 prem teams in battle for tiote sky sports cisse proved goal scorer why not join madrid double wages ba will leave and take half the 7m fee with him ashley will cash in and tell car to find cheap replacementsThey would be stupidly rich selling that lot. They could buy decent replacements so even if this is true I wouldn't panic if I was a Newcastle fan!The longer the contracts the bigger the fee the clubs have to paySame sky sports news linking city with thiago silva. N collo although 29 would warrant at least 13 mill to be sold, plenty for replacement. chelsea i doubt would look at Ba with the strikers they have coming through n looking to buy. Cabaye potentially is the cheapest of the lot to go, so would be a concern. But he would only leave for a united, Bayern, Arsenal. Top team guaranteeing top footy. But Newcastle have plent of money now n plenty coming thorugh so should be looking all right evn with maybe 2 losses out of the bunch. Up the toonYeah sell more than half your starting line up sounds legit, anyone want ben arfa too we're having a clear outHow can you say all these players are too good for newcastle when they are essentially the starting line up and are the very essence newcastle? the entire team is too good for the team? makes no sense


03 Jun 2012 09:22:31
saints to sign rodrigues 7m ,trotter 2m,ince 3m,butland 3m plus centre half ,(20)(19)That all makes sense-but as we know with Saints and transfers they will end up surprising us!Butlands going nowhere as he is staying to be the number 1 at birmingham
his wordsI heard Jack Butland going southampton with luke shaw going the other way in a loan agreement plus 3 million and southampton to sign liam trotter 4 1,5 million plus lee barnard also jay rodriquez 2 sign in coming days after returning from holiday furture looking bright 4 the saints


03 Jun 2012 09:18:24
Chris Martin to Nottingham Forest for 1.5mil {Ed013's Note - Coldplay won't be happy!}(6)(22)Forest have no money, they owe the Doughty estate £75m and they are losing £1m pound a month. They cannot afford to spend £1 on a player never mind £1.5m1.5m - they haven't got 150,000 to their nameJust to clarify forest do not owe 75 million it was a personal investment by mr doughty from his own wealth,he has funded us again for the coming season with 25 million to honour is agreaments,true we cnt go buying players or even offer any new contracts until investors are found,but owing 75 million is untrue.Lol you don't pay owners back its not like borrowing from a bank
they pump money in to the club expecting to make profit through their investmentEdp (local paper) last week that round about 450.000 would be enough. We would love u to pay 1.5 million. As norwich fan i would like him to stay. Ncfc matt25 million does not have to be repaid but 55 million of it does, so if anybody is silly enough to buy florrest they have to buy that debt as well


03 Jun 2012 09:11:00
West Ham have confirmed that Rob Green will be leaving on a free transfer in the summer

Source: Sky Sports News(26)(7)He is not deciding his future until the end of the EUROs


03 Jun 2012 08:46:26
Southampton are plotting a £2m raid for Millwall's 23-year-old midfielder Liam Trotter, who has also been linked with Fulham and Sunderland.(15)(8)As Millwall value Trotter more highly than Morison, £2m isn't likely to be enough to tempt KJ to sell.This one is legit. It's been in a couple of papers. Played under NA before, this would be good, he looked lively every time I saw him last season including against us(saints).Good move imhoAlready agreed to join crawley^
Oh yeah because I'm sure he'd rather play for Crawley than in the premier league! Have a word.Who are crawleyWe should exchange players in the deal. Need to shift some deadwood. Get rid of Hammond +£2million for Trotter, done deal.Ha CRAWLEY! WTF!?
It was a joke, right?5m + Puncheon and its a deal1.5 mill and its a deal4million and billy sharp?Cant see us selling sharp if we only bought him in janYou can have trotter for £10M after you screwed us over the Punchbeon deal


03 Jun 2012 08:14:00
MK Dons and Stevenage are both interested in signing Millwall defender Alan Dunne.(7)(4)Not trueIt is trueAlan Dunne is Millwall through and throughHe might be millwall through and through but he's Rubbish most of the Millwall crowd wanna see him gone


03 Jun 2012 07:35:15
Sturridge from Chelsea to Man City has resurfaced again, is there any chance o a swap deal for Adam Johnson or Micha Richards?(5)(26)Cant get a start at chelsea so wont get one at city could end up at somewhere like villa stoke sunderland where he would get a start though not sure they could match his wagesMan city have aguero tevez and are looking at van persie, sturridge wouldnt start, but i agree that he would do better at a team like villa or stoke on loan


03 Jun 2012 07:39:09
Owen will complete his medical tomorrow and sign 2 year deal with Wigan(17)(26)Which owen would that beMichael owen?Haha well today has arrived still waiting for owen (not) wat a load of bull this is wigan are tight lipped over players we are going to sign


03 Jun 2012 07:25:20
Wigan sign owen(20)(25)Is it true that Wigan have signed Owen.


03 Jun 2012 06:56:23
Loads of rumours going round especially abut keepers to start with Green, Gomes, Robinson, Given, Foster, some lad who managed to get into the England squad despite not even playing for Birmingham (not saying he is no good) but my pick would have to be Ben Foster or Paul Robinson, money not a problem but time will tell. Defenders Chris Samba (good buy) but doubtful knew his move to Russia would be a mistake and proven by the banana incident but I still think his club won't let him go, Tiawo obviously did quite well for us last season but looks like his heart is elsewhere, Fabio not sure on him, talented yes, mentality to deal with a season at Loftus Road?? Not sure the fans will take to him. In midfield let's hope the Jenas rumour is rubbish don't want another Dyer, Diakite would be a great signing came on no end at the end of last season but something playing in my mind about those 'missed games'. Need something there just don't know what Sparky is thinking, yet. On the more attacking options Hoilett will be going elsewhere, Moses keeps on being mentioned don't see why he would join us (except for ££££) Andy Johnson however much I don't like him I see it makes sense but again he has options along with Yakubu, Owen seems to be more of a paper rumour than anything, Defoe maybe but don't think that will happen, which brings us to Del Piero, has he retired ?? is he looking for a challenge or a pay day ?? I can see the board wanting him to promote QPR's global brand (always makes me laugh) and he has undoubted talent but really can't see it happening most likely will end up in the far east or the US if he is playing on. Conclusion, who knows, last window I knew a couple of the signings that would be made, just worries me that if we don't act sooner rather than later we will miss out, we know we are not Man U or have a great drawing power for players, but in Sparky & the board we trust, I mean at least it's not Ecclestone, Briatore and the poor soul who they tell what to do!!(6)(8)Wouldn't be QPR if things were simple. Totally agree we need to act sooner rather than later and could do with sorting the Barton situation out. Also heard more rumours like Dann, Roger Johnson and Rhodes but it's more because they are likely to move somewhere rather than to QPRAre you not aware that Foster and Robinson have retired from international football so it does not matter how much you pick them unless you tell them they are No1 they would not play.This is a post about QPR rumours what is that post about international retirement got to do with anything, even if you thought it was about England no1 spot and only read the first part I also mentioned Gomes and Given. Never mind eh!Foster,moses and samba have all been mooted and have it from a very good source that we have made enquirys about berbatov. Diakete seems like he may have been tapped up from a club in north london.Realistic QPR assessment - you're the sort of supporter that gives the club hope and creditNot true I believe the club deserves all the credit it deserves, I honestly think we will stay up next season and develope going forward my points were people who have been rumoured and some of the sad realisms of football especially what appears to be happening with Diakite. Mostly just suggesting that we should act now as we are don't have the drawing power of the top 4-5Up on the nancy website,diakete has signed up.


03 Jun 2012 03:46:29
Stoke Interested In Crewe's Young Attacking Player Nick Powell As He Has Not Signed For Man Utd Stoke Willing To Pay 3 Million For The Highly Talented Striker And Also Are In For Matt Jarvis John Brayford Hugo Rodallega Jermaine Defoe Scott Dann Romelu Lukaku Lets Just Wait And See What Happens(12)(14)I hope we get a few of these but not so sure about dann as he snubbed us before but he could be a replacment for huth, i would love defoe and jarvis though, come on you mighty pottersI'd like to c jarvis Defoe and lakaku he looks a right hand full and could solve our goal crisisDidnt know stoke had 30m to spendStoke have more than 30 mill if they want... There owner is worth £800 mill hahaStoke owner has more money and time for the club than most owners the only problem is that is wants to see results with a manager that likes to while and deal with 20-30mil a sumerStoke are NOT after Nick Powell. Defoe is looking a possible go-er if deals happen elsewhere and a deal was agreed in Jan. Stoke agreed a fee with Jarvis to come but Jerome was part of the deal and he turned down Wolves as Whelan did last Jan.Wouldnt want to see jerome go, he looks sharp when he comes on, and could defo fill the fuller gap


03 Jun 2012 02:21:28
Yeovil taking a look at Danny Shittu to partner Richard Hinds next season... although there are concerns over the lack of pace at the back and it would not be a surprise to see a loan signing take that position instead...

Yeovil have also enquired about the availability of a return for the want-away left-back Nathan Smith from Chesterfield... after a disappointing season, the demand could be estimated around 35k but on their budget this is unlikely to happen before July...

Another on-going question is the striking partner for Reid signed today. expect news surrounding Izale Mcleod (released - Barnet), Freddy Eastwood (released - Coventry), David Clarkson and Danny Haynes on possible loan deals...(7)(6)Yeovil might be able to pay for smith if they win npower fanpower which they were top of when i last lookedAgree with the above


03 Jun 2012 02:19:08
Former Wolves and Shamrock rovers midfielder Rohan Ricketts is in talks with league one side Walsall

Ricketts is currently a free agent following his release by Exeter City(6)(2)Hope this is wrong !!


03 Jun 2012 01:52:01
Steve naismith will have a medical on tuesday, at finch farm.(6)(11)


03 Jun 2012 01:41:48
Bristol will announce the signing of left back Paul Dixon early next week. The robins are also hot on the trail of 4 more players. With 2 players according to my source close to signing.


Paul Dixon, Dundee Utd, £0
Mustapha Carayol, Bristol Rovers, £1m
Heidar Helguson, QPR, £300,000
Jody Morris, St Johnstone, £300,000
Matt Derbyshire, Forest, LOAN
Youl Mawene, Aberdeen, £0(3)(12)Dixon is retiring if not he is joining morton fcDixon - yes think its happening
Carayol - club have already said no on that one
Helguson - maybe as they do need that type of striker
Morris - linked in January to him just because he played for DM at St Johnstone
Derbyshire - maybe if Forest decide to cut their losses
Mawene - no wayIsn't Morris a free agent.. So no fee.
Blows this rumour out of the waterMustapha Carayol will not be leaving rovers without a chance ! so many clubs have come in for him and he wont say yes to anyone and Mcghee i dont think will let him goDerbyshire - lol, let me know where and when you want him, I'll gladly drive him down to you for free.Heidar helguson QPR'S top goal scorer wasnt in the team end of the season purely because of injury,300,000 dunno who you get the info off but and a mil to that and its more believable.


03 Jun 2012 01:30:18
Crystal Palace to sign Gary MacKenzie from MK Dons and Paul McShane on a season long loan from Hull.(7)(2)Mcshane is out of contract and is joining palace permintPalace paying the Dons to take MacKenzie? Excellent news if true.McShane is not out of contract, but has one year to run at 20k+ a week. So he would be unlikely to join Palace at half of that. And Hull would be unlikely to loan him out while his contract expires.MacKenzie is not going


03 Jun 2012 00:51:35
Sheffield Wednesday to announce a Gardner on Monday and are in talks with an unnamed striker this weekend after having a bid accepted. All I know is that it is not Maguire from Derby at this stage. {Ed013's Note - I thought they already had a groundsman!}(8)(3)A new gardner? back page stuffGardner is injury prone he cant play more than about 30 games a season03 Jun 2012 10:26:07
Rob Jones managed 32 league games last season, Buxton managed 36

So if Gardner hits the 30 mark we should be happy imo, as shown above two our mainstays from last season managed that amount. Gardner is a cut above (no pun intended) what we have currently for me, look at the praise he had from palace fans for example.Better off signing Charlie Dimmock! She got ground force! LolGardner is quality palaces best defender last season gardner llerra lee buxton reda johnson beevers rob jones just need back up CH and LBCloud cuckoo land do you sit there and make these upThis is true Gardner has signed a contractThis would of happened but Gardner did not pass his medical and therefore Sheff Wed will not sign him


03 Jun 2012 00:50:20
Oldam Athletic youth team left back, Alexander Lodger, is expected to join Bristol Rovers on a free transfer in the coming week. Barnet youth team striker, Kamil Kaczmaz is also in talks with the Bristol club, aswell as former Northampton Town youth team centre half Daniel Elliott, who has completed a years suspension from football due to failing a drugs test, due to reported use of a controlled substance. These signings are set to be Bristols first summer signings.(1)(7)


03 Jun 2012 00:44:49
Luton Town manager Paul Buckle is expected to announce two new singings next week. He will bring forward Chris Zebroski, and midfielder Craig Stanley to Luton from former club Bristol Rovers. A fee of around £10,000 is reported to have been accepted for Zebroski, however Stanley is expected to arrive on a free transfer.(9)(4)


03 Jun 2012 00:40:38
James Constable has agreed a 3 year, £3,000 per week contract with Bristol Rovers. Constable is set to move to Bristol for a reported fee of around 185k. The deal is expected to be completed late next week. Constable grew up around the Bristol area, and is reported to have watched and supported Bristol Rovers as youngster. He is reported to have asked for the number 10 shirt.(4)(20)It will be a lot more than 185k for constable and i think if he was to watch the muppets down in avon he would have watched a propper side like city and not roversWhere are Rovers getting £3k per week from??Well lets hope this happensJames Constabel, to date, HAS NOT signed for Bristol Rovers or any other club. Bristol Rovers have made two bids for him and also Northamption have made an enquiry. There is no secret that the relationship with Beano and Chris Wilder is not good. Basically Beano wants to stay and fight for his place and the club he loves. Wilder wants him out....The fans - the majority want him to stay. He has been loyal, hard working and a proven scorer until the problems with Wilder. But that is nothing new for Wilder to fall out with players - there is a long list. I fear Beano will leave and if it all goes wrong for us, Wilder wont be far behind.....(The management accept that the main reason we did not finish well last season is because we were not fit and strong enough? In my books, thats a 'bye bye' management, fitness coach(es) and a big kick up the backside to certain players). How can management etc admit the shortcomings and keep there job is beyond me.Bristol havent made a bid bristol rovers have!


03 Jun 2012 00:37:21
Marvin Bartley will be going back to Bournemouth as part exchange for Marc Pugh. Also fee in region of 350k.(6)(12)No chance of Marvin coming back to Bournemouth. Lets just say, he and the Chairman don't see eye to eye.I can really believe this, Bournemouth have recently signed 2 attacking wing players (Gabban and McQuoid) who can do the job that Pugh does. We need to have back the job that Bartley can do in the sense of a semi defensive, box to box, tackling midfielder.Bartley wont be back at afcb he hates mitchell for a start and second he seems pretty happy up north, coming from an afcb fanThis is a none starter as everybody down here knows that him and Mr Mitchell traded a few blows when he forced his hand with a move to burnley. Would be great but won't happenMy cousin is going out with marvin and he said he was forced to leave bournemouth. He loves bournemouth very much and would love to come back but without eddie being there.


03 Jun 2012 00:21:14
Swansea have announced the shortlist of managers they want to appoint after Brendon Rodgers left the club to be the new Liverpool manager. The managers are:
Rafa Benitez (no team)
Roberto Martinez (Wigan)
Simon Grayson (Huddersfield)
Gus Poyet (Brighton)
Paul Dickov (Oldham)
Mark Hughes (QPR)(3)(34)Heard similar rumours surrounding Benitez due to the very positive financial state of the club they feel the desire to branch out as there are big shoes to fill and the importance of a good manager is almost more important than the players in the prem... but im afraid the other candidates you list are not in the running but Holloway is another possible name to be thrown inUmm, what about jones? You know, the guy you are in talks with !Do not rule out Chris Hughton.Benitez - you're having a Giraffe
Martinez is settled at Wigan
Poyet won't leave Brighton
You couldn't match Hughes salary at QPR

Your new manager is JonesI really hope you're correct, Laudrup is by far the best candidate in my opinion and would not only have a good chance of persuading Gylfi to sign but would impress other prospective signings in a way theother names mentioned could not. He does not fit the Board's oft mentioned 'young and hungry' profile though, and more importantly has he ever expressed any desire to manage in the premier league. Let's hope so.Hughes would be a disaster anyhow. He has achieved very little and spent quite a lot of cash.Hughes wouldn't leave anyway. QPR have far more potential.Jones talks have broken downWhy would poyet give to a small town in Cardiff like swanseaTalks between Jones and Swansea have broken down due a sufficient amount of money for the the transfer budget that Swansea put in place. Dickov could actually leave latics for Swansea due to the good attacking football he has got his players to use this past season but the favourite at the moment looks like rafa benitezThe fans would never have Martinez back after the way he left the Swans!I said last week when a certain mr laudrup was at 20/1 that he would need to be considered. And would you believe it but the odds on Laudrup have dropped like a stone in water. He is now 2nd favourite at a nice 3/1. No compensation to be paid as he is out of work. No change to the footballing philosophy as playe the same sort of football. I really do NOT want Ian Holloway otherwise we change everything.Dickov good attacking football?
Don't think so. Check out our results from the second half of the last two seasons in which Dickov has been in charge..
A lot of HOOOOOOOF is used under Dickov.Dickov playing attacking football at oldham we finished 16th in league 1 and were lucky not to be relegatedIm a latics fan and I personally think we played decent attacking football at times but why would swansea want to have dickov as manager?Dickov is your only chance no one else would go to youWait a minute... wh would swansea want Martinez back after the way he left them?? u mean went to a bigger club in a better league with a chairman who he knows well and were he is a legend ?? People need to remember it was Martinez who got them into the championship and brendon rodgers who copied what Martinez did there... this was proven by Swansea trying to get Martinez assistant Greame Jones dispite theree being more experienced managers out there!!

And you can believe this Martinez only signed Jason Scotland from Swansea whereas Rodgers is going to rip the core of that team apart, Swansea fans will be wishing they had Martinez. {Ed001's Note - Rodgers did not copy Martinez at all, he brought his own style, Martinez left an excellent platform for it though.}Gus would be a great manager for swansea


02 Jun 2012 23:24:37
Shrewsbury are looking to sign West Brom duo Saido Berahino and Luke Daniels on season long loans.(13)(4)


02 Jun 2012 23:09:26
michael laudrup to be appointed new swansea manager before the end of next week as graeme jones s out of the running.The gylfi sigurdsson deal will then be concluded as well as a couple by laudrup himself.(5)(12)I don,t mean to annoy you but Rodgers has said he plans to hyjack the sigurdsson deal on sky sports onlineSorry Swansea fans but Gylfi joined you for Brenda now he's gone you won't get him. He has no connection to the area or a love for the fans like he does at Reading. He will go to Liverpool or Reading.Would like to set the record siggi can sign for livepool but atm fee agreed wiv swans he will not join reading he does bo like it there he has friends there but has bad memories ov the fans and area whilst he is very fond of swansea that why he has been shoping for a new house tjere reading fans keep dreaming and stop being jelous plus rodgers will not intevine wiv swansea deal wiv siggo will only bid if no deal is finalised becausr sigg wants out ov hoffinhim


02 Jun 2012 22:56:03
Nottingham Forest are looking to bring in at least 6 players this summer within a budget of £1m. Forest are currently in talks with 4 of the 6.

In talks:
Darren O'Dea, free tranfer
Fitz Hall, free transfer
Kyle Lafferty, Rangers, £500,000
Sammy Clingan, free transfer(17)(9)Please for the love of God not Sammy Clingan.
Other 3 are good thoughForest haven't set there site's very high thenForest have no money for signings. They are skint.Lafferty is coming back to burnleySkint? Maybe right now but if rumours are true that may be about to change with take over immenantSc doesn't know the budget yet, so I'd be very surprised and impressed if you did


02 Jun 2012 22:55:35
Kelly Youga, Ben Parker, Danny Green and Mike Grella will be Bradford City's main summer signings. They are also after James Harper after his release from Hull City. Phil Parkinson worked with him at Arsenal and rates the youngster highly.(2)(13)Harper!

He's about 31!Can't see that one, Wells has been targeted by Leicester & was with their development coach on Friday - should know my cousin coaches there. He apparently said he wants to leave as there is too much long ball for his game!Absolute bull as Nahki Wells is still on holiday!Yes he came back early - get your facts right!Got my facts right tar, Nahki's a bantam end of!Mike grella is wanted by notts county, and is more likely to go to notts than bradford for obvious reasons, no disrespectWells said set up at Bradford was no better than in Bermuda - Said training ground was embarrassing 2... fact!


02 Jun 2012 22:46:18
Simon Grayson is planning to buy smart ias he attempts to make his Huddersfield side genuine play off contenders next season. On his wish list is a mixture of experience and youth which Grayson thinks is key for a championship sqaud.

Tommy Smith, QPR, £500,000
Theo Robinson, Derby, £1.25m
Lee Peltier, Leicester, £600,000
Marton Fulop, free transfer
Stephen Quinn, Sheff Utd, £500,000
Peter Ramage, free transfer(6)(18)Town sold Theo Robinson to Millwall a couple of years ago cos the lad was like Bambi... On ice!... Can't see us paying three times what we sold him for to bring him back! (Terrier)5 of them yes definately not theo robinsonIf Theo Robinson is worth 1.25 million i'll eat my hat, beside he hates Huddersfield , could not settle here thats why he left in the first placeAdd another £1m and you can have Robinson.Everyone there is possible except theo robinson, possible benik afobe back though, also reports of simeon jackson!Hope u get em all, certainties for relegation then,lolTheo has already stated that he's not leaving this summer... So stop making stuff upI wouldnt pay 1 pound 25 for robinson utter rubbishThis hasn't been written by a Huddersfield fan - why exactly do we need a goalkeeper?I woulnt give a natt's wotsit for theoStephen Quinn and thats itAll im saying is u can slag theo of all u want but he had 12 goals this season, and didnt start half the games and with an injury spell and still is improvingWhat about lafferty?Wouldnt mind Tommy Smith and Lee Peltier, the rest are average to say the leastI would rather have someone eat my face than have Afobe or Robinson back, both lazy and lacking in talent


02 Jun 2012 22:34:00
Huddersfield Town are looking at Nottingham Forest left back Joel Lynch(14)(9)Would like quinn and pelts, not so sure about the others, espec robinson, wot a bag of s... he isLynch is a centre back and as forest have offered him a new contract, I can't see why he would decide to sign for Huddersfield. No disrespect


02 Jun 2012 22:18:27
Southampton to snap up Danny Murphy on a free transfer.(28)(19)He certainly ent a left back mate he's a strikerIf true he can pick a good pass with creativty which we miss sometimes last season could be a good signing if trueMidfielder!Would be the experienced head that the saints need for the midfield. Not sure about the wages side of things but is he too similar to Hammond?Not available yet - just negotiating deal^Hammond is rubbish mate, doesn't matter if they are similar, we need to put hammond on the bench or get rid of him.


02 Jun 2012 21:59:57
Tommy Lee of Chesterfield linked to Crystal Palace(11)(5)


02 Jun 2012 21:59:51
montrose striker Martin Boyle set Kilmarnock deal beat Aberdeen and Celtic(6)(6)


02 Jun 2012 21:58:36
Chesterfield have signed former Doncaster defender Sam Hird on a 2 year deal after his release.(9)(3)You have got a decent player there, rovers should have kept him, gool luck to him.He is too good for league 2 after watching him last season but good signing thoughAs I said previously, "ridiculous"Great signing for chesterfield ,top class defender ,no matter what anyone else says ,he is a winner and a good lad.Quality signing


02 Jun 2012 21:54:52
Kevin Kilbane to sign for Barnsley.(19)(3)Bfc webNot on bfc web!!


02 Jun 2012 21:54:08
Northampton are interested in former Watford and QPR centre back Daniel Shittu on a free transfer after QPR didn't offer the 31 year old a new contract at Loftus Road.(13)(7)He would be class


02 Jun 2012 21:30:51
Paul Dickov is trying to tempt Darius Vassell to drop down a division. The two played together at City. However wages may be an issue.

Alex Cisak is staying at Oldham and won't be sold till at least January.

Kuqi, Wesolowski, Morais, Diallo, M'chanagama all set to sign new deals.

Oumare Tounkara will join after his release from Sunderland.(7)(11)If we sign Vassell, i'll eat my season ticket... Both because of the unlikelihood of it happening, and because of the inevitably massive waste of our wage budget he'd prove to be.


02 Jun 2012 21:24:40
Luton town have missed out on a couple of targets(magno viera,Alex nicholls) but are going to announce a new signing by the end of the week.
A non league full back for a fee in the region of £10000.
Should be announced by Thursday.
Also turned down a joint bid for two unnamed players from forest green rovers who are due to bid again.(6)(6)


02 Jun 2012 21:24:36
Palace's Gardner is out. Replacement includes Jon Parkin.(1)(12)Gardner - defender Parkin - Striker.Note the sarcasm in the post


02 Jun 2012 21:22:03
PSG will not offer 100m for Rooney. They will not even ask about him. Sigurdsson, Boudebouz and Luuk DeJong will sign for Liverpool this summer. Paul Taylor of too Ipswich along with Keith Andrews. Fortune will leave WBA for Bolton for 1st team football week in week out.(7)(22)Luuk de jong would be a very good signing.


02 Jun 2012 21:18:55
Holt to stay at Norwich once the new manager takes over and gives him a 3yr deal(10)(33)Didn't the chairman say he was too old to get that long a deal?Rubbish rumour, he still has 2 years left on his current contract.At 31 Holty is too old for a new 3 year contract. He has been awesome but Arsenal did the same to Campbell, Pires, Henry et al...Wishful thinking from a doomed canary,lolMy point is; the premiership is about commercial advantage and the bottom line. Clubs are now run by accountants and the board is accountable to all its stakeholders. The sad truth is that there is no room for sentimentality anymore.


02 Jun 2012 21:14:17
Liverpool are interested in Dundee United winger Gary Mackay-Steven following Brendan Rogers' appiontment. Rogers was a fan of former Liverpool trainee Mackay-Steven while at Swansea. Mackay-Steven who signed for Dundee United last year has been shortlisted for the Team GB Olympic football team. {Ed001's Note - ex-Liverpool winger Gary Mackay-Steven? Or is there another one?}(4)(17)Yes mackay-steven used to play for liverpool {Ed001's Note - cheers, just wondered if I was thinking of the right lad, in which case it is very doubtful he would return.}Think the Ed is thinking of Gary Taylor-Fletcher.

Gary Mackay-Steven does indeed play for Dundee United. {Ed001's Note - nope, I was defo thinking of Mackay-Steven, Liverpool signed him from Ross County. I was just checking there wasn't another one. I know Taylor-Fletcher plays for Blackpool, Ed003 would never let me forget it!}This guy has some proper talent. think he needs a year or two still at united to strengthen his overall game (like conway did. conway worked so hard off the pitch in working out to gain upper body strength which mackay steven lacks). think gms needs to also work on fitness but in 5 years time he should be playing at a top club in england.


02 Jun 2012 21:14:01
West Brom to finally name Ralf Rangnick as the new manager tomorrow, but will keep the existing backroom staff.(17)(2)I am not a baggies fan but this is a great appointment by the WBA board.Wasting to much time gona lose out on this 1 again baggies always to slowWest brom are gunna get alex mcleash anyway


02 Jun 2012 20:37:38
Exeter are rumoured to be using the £10k won on the fanpower stadium, to part fund the signings of marcus bean and craig woodman, both from brentford. And are using the money made from players turning down offers, to fund the signing of free agent mcleod.

Yeovil to sign o'kane from torquay.

Swindon to sign lee holmes and mceverly, after successful loan spells.(1)(20)The same Lee Holmes who has signed for Preston?Swindon WON'T be signing Lee Holmes.....he has recently signed for Preston North EndWRONG! Holmes has already signed for Preston.Deary me, Holmes signed for PNE last week, get with the times. O'Kane will be a Swindon playerAnother rumour with no research/evidence... Yeovil also have no money and Lee Holmes has a new club now in PNE...Holmes has already signed for PrestonThe same Lee Holmes that regretted going to Swindon....Preston have got a great looking team form the coming season and have bought well. Not a PNE fan but hope they do well.The person who sated regretted coming to Town is obviously another person Oxford fan. he went to preston you person as he wanted a six figure signing on fee and we werent prepared to pay it and preston were and STFC made the right decision in not paying it. so get a life you sad jealous oxford fan and worry about your own team who are falling apart.Ah preston looking forward to another season of mid table mediocrity there


02 Jun 2012 20:33:43
Mulumbu of west brom in talks with a number of clubs including Liverpool, tottenham and Newcastle. It is understood that he wishes for a new challenge with a team in Europe.(8)(9)New challenges with a team in Europe? So that's just Newcastle and Tottenham, then.Got to get at least 8 mill for him. He is contracted to 2015. Don't want to lose him but we could get 2 good players in replacement. Thinking Ben Foster and Jermain Defoe....None of these could afford him plus step down in ambition.Papertalk page fillers, Mulumbu still on hols,just more bulls££t from idle journalistsMulumbu staying put to important to loseLiverpool are in europe from carling cup winCheck out his twitter comment 2 weeks ago, " chelsea, liverpool or Newcastle next season...". Looks like he wants to go but knowing our chairman he'll demand top dollar or he'll be going nowhere!


02 Jun 2012 20:30:43
Wigan are in talks with Tottenham over Giovanni Dos Santos.

The player is expected to undergo a medical at the club on Thursday... I wasn't told whether it will be a loan move or perminent.(13)(13)Funny how he's been "undergoing a medical" at Wigan every transfer window for the last 2 or 3 years :P


02 Jun 2012 20:27:13
Derby County are at the Amsterdam
Arena watching Striker Will Grigg.
Fact(4)(15)Is this true?


02 Jun 2012 20:58:37
Everton have made an offer for Rhodes CASH + a loan of velleos, don't think they have had a repley yet, loan would be for the full season.(10)(16)I heard Everton will sign James Morrison This Summer from W.B.AYou aint got the money


02 Jun 2012 20:24:03
Bradford city are having a tasty look at free agent Aaron Wilbraham, The tactically gifted striker has had a short spell on the Valley Parade pitch before. Bradford are preparing to start negations this week.(2)(18)The mighty Bradford think a Prem striker will drop to league two? And the bottom end of league 2 at that. Sorry forgot how big a club Bradford are! Behave will ya!A prem striker?? It seems he is a free agent at the minute big timer! We will see where he ends up, who do u support?A Premier league striker? Wilbraham was never good enough for the Championship even, never mind the PL!Didn't rate him when he was on loan


02 Jun 2012 20:09:18
Peterborough boss Darren Ferguson wants to give West Ham striker Freddie Sears first team football as he feels that he can help him return to being a prolific scorer.(4)(11)Prolific scorer - never!


02 Jun 2012 20:06:29
Peterborough United to sign Swindon's Matt Ritchie to replace Burnley bound George Boyd.(6)(25)Peterborough couldn't afford him.Yes we can. You have no idea about the state of our finances!Why would he sign for you lot ? do you think we have no money either ?Another rumour by someone with nothing better to do...try a little research...Ritchie WANTS to stay at Swindon for this next season at least...if it is a successful season he will stay longer. He is very happy at Swindon and working for PDC....HE has said this time and again both publicly and privately to friends.


02 Jun 2012 20:06:14
Gary Roberts in talks with Sheffield Wednesday & an uknown club. Rumours are it's Bournemouth.(7)(5)There was talk on here earlier thats hes allready signed a 2 year deal with wednesdayRoberts was at Hillsborough yesterday as we saw him getting out of his car. Cant say if hes signed or not but definitely in talksCan't see it. Roberts wants to stay up north. If Pugh was to leave and Roberts was offered big money, then maybe there was a small chance.Looks like wednesday have won the race for him, would have loved him at bournemouth


02 Jun 2012 20:03:47
Transfer listed Peterborough captain Grant McCann is to sign a 2 year contract with Bournemouth. The fee is £250k(5)(14)Is he a centre-midfielder or a winger?Centre midCentre midIm surprisede he is going i think he is a great player, he was a key player in posh's style of play.He wont go to the cherries, he likes the north. Barnsley I hear.


02 Jun 2012 20:02:14
Liam Trotter to sign for Peterborough after Millwall accepted an offer of £1.2m(2)(24)You must be joking!posh!!Rubbish.Absolute rubbish. Why would he go to posh who are much worse than Millwall and don't have any moneyWith a name like Trotter he should be playing for Charlton nil, not sure if he would play for Chairman Slater though.This is the worst rumor i've ever heard,why would he want to go to a club like peterbourgh who are not as good as millwall and there average attendance is 5,000,and they probably dont have 1.2 million anywayTo be fair as a Millwall fan, I would not be that sad to see Trotter go, and I'd probably take 1.5 million for him. Last season he was average at best and pedestrian at worst. I dont know how long on his contract is left but KJ should cash in and raid the lower leagues for a replacement.Complete nonsense.Southampton and fulham considering bids of over 2 million so think you need to stop playing football managerThis is actually hilarious. Not the rumour but the replies from the Millwall fans. You are so right I mean yeah we do only get 5,000 a week lol and yeah again you are spot on that we cannot afford £1.2m. What a load of disrespectful bs. Posh have well over £11m in the bank, and MacAnthony has told Fergie he doesn't mind if he wants to spend every penny. You Millwall fans are definitely 100% more stupid than this rumour.You said that you could not afford Liam Trotter and then you go and say 'we have 11 million in the bank' hah! plus Trotter would never go to you, if he leaves it'll be for the Premership and i wish him the best of luck wherever he goes! his staying with us anyway, jackett has said that he is offering him an improved contact.Premiership or peterborough ummm let me think about that one oh my days get real posh you are nomarks and will always be thatMillwall just a small club in east of London im afraid[and with little money to spend]unlike the mighty POSH!'Millwall just a small club in east london'?? SOUTH LONDON.. get your facts right!Not really with little money too spend. 500k on Keogh in January. 200k rising to 500k for Shane Lowry. 200k plus add ons in August. 300k on a brand new pitch (Wembley/Emirates style). Maloney from Bournmouth. so its not that we have got no money to spend, we spend wisely. not splashing out 3m for mackail smith no get 9 goalsLet me settle this lads apparently millwall are a small team from east london (south london duh) with no money unlike the mighty posh (ha ha) but where did the mighty posh finish this season oh my days end of argumentFace palm!, east london?, if your going to say something make sure you know what your going on about.Have you all gone POSH overnite east to south who cares!Posh didnt buy craig mackail smith for 3m we sold him for 3m get your facts rightDidnt say that POSH brought him, just stating that you dont need to spend big money to get a player. was just using mackail smith as an example. so read the post before you comment.


02 Jun 2012 20:01:03
Peterborough have turned to Oldham goalkeeper Alex Cisak to be there new number 1 after Paulo Gazzaniga chose a move to Ipswich.(8)(4)


02 Jun 2012 19:36:06
Barnsley interested in David Gray from
Greg Halford from Portsmouth
Jack Hobbs from Hull(9)(10)Why in the name of god would Hobbs go to Barnsley!!!!!!!Jack Hobbs?? U having a laugh he is way to good for a team that was nearly relagated last season!Nearly but notHobbs and Chester are the best 2 defenders in the championship who play for a team capable of promotion, so why would Hobbs go to a team that is going to get relegatedCan not see Halford signing up for another relegation scrap.Halfords been tweeting leeds fans about joining sounds like a done deal


02 Jun 2012 19:29:42
charlton are in talks with preston over a possible swap deal with coutts going to charlton and matt taylor going to preston(4)(5)Matt taylor played 3/4 of the season without fault and really set the distance from his Exeter status and orchestrated the defence with Morrison all season. if any thing should stay at charlton untill he gets a coaching role he is a really good old fashioned defender who has tasted bitter and sweet throughtout his carrer (coutts didnt really impress tbh this season) why go for coutt's when there is a possible move for jacob butterfield being thrown aroundI think someone has put two and two together and made five.Coutts played very well last season, but he did chuck his dummy out of the pram a couple of times.^ lol ^


02 Jun 2012 19:40:10
To repeat, so people stop just pulling stories out of thin air because they want it to happen, for one reason or another.
Holts agent stated on BBC RN yesterday that Holt will not be going to Villa, if he is to leave Norwich.(8)(7)Don't you know the modus operandi of this site? Unless there's a shred of fact to base your rumours on, wish-fulfilling stories pulled out of thin air are what makes up this place.Holt following lambert to villa,guaranteed


02 Jun 2012 19:39:46
Barnsley offering Andy Gray a 1 year
contract after not getting closer to
any forward sighnings(9)(5)Hope not, told by club he isn't wanted then give him a deal. Club must be really scraping the barrel.Dont think so
He all ready has a year left . The club are prepared to pay him off the last year of his contract if he moves


02 Jun 2012 19:16:34
Marcelo Trotta and Simeon Jackson are both joining Huddersfield Town(4)(21)You might get Del Boy on loan for 2 months or so - butonly as part of Rhodes deal


02 Jun 2012 19:15:40
Graeme Jones will be the next Swan Boss. {Ed007's Note - If he gets the job he is looking to bring in Hamilton Accies manager Billy Reid as his No.2.}(5)(4)


02 Jun 2012 19:13:42
Tony Mowbray to offer Middlesbrough born former player Jonathan woodgate a two year deal after his release from Stoke City.(11)(7)I thought stoke had offered woodgate a new dealThat's kind of embarrassing for you because he hasn't been released and has infact signed a contract extension.Woodgate iam a boro fan what a joke no way wud we go that low the bloke is a joke and yes he still with stoke neva wud we have him back with his track reccord in the boro haha.Not sure what the last post meant- some king of bizarre attempt at an ancient form of English but Woodgate has signed a 12 month extension.Apparently he was mulling over a 12 month extension with stoke or a 2 year deal with boro, he chose stoke.


02 Jun 2012 19:11:16
As Norwich have rejected Holt a new contract it looks likely that he will either go to Villa and join his old boss Paul Lambert. He might go to Southampton but it looks like they are getting Jay Rodriguez and maybe Hooper. So him going to Southampton is not very likely.(11)(12)Why would Saints want him? Lambert is streets ahead of Holt, and a year younger. So, we will add to Lambert, but not a poorer version of him!I hope Saints get none of these. Holt is too similar to Lambert but not as good IMO. The way he has acted in the last few weeks shows he has an ego too and we don't need that. Hooper is insanely overpriced by his club. For 10 million then can go walk. Half that and we're getting sensible and that's a possibility. Jay Rod is the best fit but his apparent lack of commitment is worrying. Not sure he wants to move south? What is he 12 yrs old? Man up and play some football or stay in the champ or bench warm for a northern prem team. I'd gamble on Jordan Rhodes or look further afield!Why would we want to have Holt, when we have Lambert who is younger, and more technically gifted than him? Nonsense.What is the obsession with Lambert being better than Holt they are pretty much identical. If Lambert grabs 20 league goals next season then I will agree. Right now the benefit of the doubt has to go to the guy who proved he can play in the PLHe is a more technically gifted player - yet Holt may actually be a bit quicker of the ground. Whether he scores more goals than Holt did, remains to be seen.Guys he said that its not likely for Holt to go to Southampton not that Southampton want him.Holt and Lambert used to be strike partners, they could again .....If you look at their goalscoring stats in all the leagues, Lambert has performed better

In League 2: Lambert 22 goals in 46 games, Holt 20 goals in 43 games

In League 1: Lambert 30 goals in 45, Holt 24 goals in 39

In Championship: Lambert 27 goals in 39, Holt 21 goals in 45.

Based on these stats I'd say Lambert is better, and I reckon his assists will also be higher. Whether he'll be able to outperform Holt next year, I reckon he can.Saints don't want or need holt.

Ps lambert has out scored holt every season they've played in the same division. And he doesn't throw his toys out when he doesn't get what he wants.League 1 and League 2 there is less than 10% difference in goals per game which would be considered statistically insignificant.
Secondly other variable would be involved include the variance in opponents as well as the style of football played by the team and the quality of the team they played on.Holt got 30 league one goals for a start and he got a lot of goals for not very good teams like wycombe so you are wrong in saying lamberts betterYour saying lambert younger by about 8 monts


02 Jun 2012 18:55:31
Marcelo Trotta will be discussing terms in the coming days regarding a season long loan move to either Barnsley, Swindon or Preston North End.(5)(4)


02 Jun 2012 18:46:29
Doncaster Rovers will announce very ambitious plans to be a feeder club for Manchester United. This will be announced on the 17th June at the fans forum(3)(15)The fans forum is on the 18th not the 17th but dought this being true would be nice but if they want to lend us nani giggs rio i could put up with that help bring the drfc youth inFact; feeder clubs are not allowed.Feeder clubs are allowed crewe is a feeder club for liverpool."Feeder clubs are allowed crewe is a feeder club for liverpool."

Neither of which is correct.Soz wit feeder club fact.Of course you can have a feeder club that's nonsense! You create an affiliation to begin with of which the parent club loans players out to the feeder club!Sheff utd have that turkish club favrencos or whatever they are called as there feeder club! {Ed003's Note - I thought it was a club in China? }


02 Jun 2012 18:38:42
James Milner and Dembele also set to join Chelsea this summer(10)(24)Dembele 18m+ or very good loan/exchange deal


02 Jun 2012 18:38:25
Norwich look to appoint a new manager as quickly as possible with many bosses already handing in requests and CV's. The favourites look to be out of:
1. Lee Clark
2. Ian Culverhouse
3. Chris Hughton
4. Gus Poyet
5. Karl Robinson
6. Ian Holloway
and others(11)(10)1) hoping that list isn't in order or there might be something wrong with you.
2) are you a cardif fan? Malky is definitely in the top 33) Culverhouse is coming to villa with lambert isnt he??Possibly, probably depends on who is coming in to Norwich. He hasn't been mentioned in any of the deals, but Culverhouse's connections are with Norwich, not Lambert (He basically really only ever played for us.) Will be interesting to see how Lambert does without him, as many consider him to be the one that scouted the young players that worked well for norwich.Paul lambert said he to villa board that he want ian culverhouse his assistant it said on sky sports yesterday and im a norwich fan great loss


02 Jun 2012 18:28:37
Ahmed Elmohamady is in talks with West Ham and he has said that the deal, if it happens, will be completed by next week! COYI!!(15)(6)


02 Jun 2012 18:27:42
Norwich City's In's and Out's


Ruddy - £2.3M - QPR
Bennet - £2M - Aston Villa
Crofts - £700k - Cardiff
Jackson - £1M - West Ham
Holt - £2M - Aston Villa


Hesky - Free
Healy - £300k - Celtic
Rhodes - £3M - Huddersfield
Gordon - Free
Stearman - £800k - Wolves
Bruce - £400k - Leeds
Bullard - £100k - Ipswich

Nothing Certain, just the deals being mentioned inside the club(5)(54)Rhodes 3 million whats that for his armIf £3m is the deal being mentioned within the club for Rhodes I would suggest you shy away from Dehlia's home brew.
Fantasy football!How did they come up with this list with no manager?Healy Celtic???If this is a list of players to get, then they are looking for huge bargains, and it was probably the board that made it.

Cheesy LemonRuddy, Bennet, Holt staying at norwich, as for the in list Rhodes is the only decent player on the list and he is overpriced......bring in Holloway with Culverhouse as number 2Think this might be a very deluded person.
why would Ruddy go? Norwich are lacking anyone in his class, and any clubs that would probably need him are not good enough for him.
bennet would be a good shout, unless you mean Ryan Bennet. He has done very well with Norwich and is likely to stay. not to mention Norwich are unlikely to do much if any business with Villa this season.
Jackson will be playing a lot more this season and is unlikely to leave.
Holt has stated he wants to leave due to no extension on his contract, now that this is public, it is most likely going to be corrected by both parties. If he is to leave, norwich would rather let him sit in the reserves than sell for just 2 million.

the ins:
Hesky - waste of wages
Healy - maybe, but price is very low, and he probably wouldn't come due to lack of playing time
Rhodes - probably around 2x that, Norwich will try to grab for 6m if holt is gone.
stearman - no need for him at Norwich
Bruce - Only leeds player on Norwich's radar is Snod
Bullard - ... you having a laugh?Ruddy is about the only keeper we haven't been mentioned with fair to say the list is an epic failApart from there being no manager in place to cone up with this list, the figures are miles off.Lol you an ipswich fan by any chance main poster? Prices and players you're quoting both in and out are beyond laughable.Canaries already rejected £4.5m bid from West Ham for Holt. Rhodes is valued at £8m.

Villa83The only credible transfer out on this list is Crofts, The chairman has already stated that none of the 1st team squad are available for sale and that even includes Crofts, although he struggled to get in the side at all in 2nd half of the season, so I suspect he could be soldRhodes 8 million aha he was st at wembley v sufc all you have to do is man mark him and he does f all"Rhodes is valued at £8m"

If anybody pays that for him I would be very surprised, 5 mill would be more realistic.
By the time norwich get a new manager he will have gone anyway.There is no Healy at Celtic he is at rangers and he is rubbish doesn't even get a gameRhodes will be another jermaine beckford - not the best lets be realistic.Rhodes st at wembley! What a stupid text. What about the other 50 odd games he played. Your tactical genius must be unique otherwise the other league 1 clubs would have done that. Oh, they did! Man marked by 3 sufc players most of the time.£3 mill is good price for striker only proven at l1 level,what is wrong with deluded Huddersfield fans?Rhodes will be ecstatic to be another beckford who scored 10 gls in 22 prem'Deluded' Huddersfield fans? Who do you support? Why are you getting so wound up? Bit jealous we're going to get a lot of money for a player?When do you want stearman i will deliver him free if you will take ward and henry for freeWhy would Huddersfield sell Rhodes for £3 million when they already turned down an offer of £4mil in January from West Ham.


02 Jun 2012 18:21:54
Five clubs are in the hunt for lower league hot shot Izale McLeod these are Bristol Rovers, Plymouth, Luton, Cheltenham and Oldham. Mcleod is keen to remain near his Milton Keynes home.(8)(1)Good signings but although they are free agents their wages will still be a problemI don't imagine Cheltenham could pay his wages, we wouldn't drop down a league to play for Luton, Plymouth and Oldham are probably too far for him to travel so if this is true, I can only see Bristol snatching him.How true is this?Bristol wont but bristol rovers might


02 Jun 2012 18:19:39
Peltier to Norwich when Clark becomes manager(11)(16)


02 Jun 2012 18:16:06
Cheltenham Town will this week finalise deals for Gary Warren of Newport Country and Anthony Straker of Aldershot. The rubies are yet to agree a compensation deal with the shots for Straker. It is believe Mark Yates has offered £20,000 but Dean Holdsworths side are holding out for double that amount.(5)(3)


02 Jun 2012 17:55:15
Chelsea ins and outs this summer

Ins Outs
Milner Essien
Marin Kalou
Walker Bosiwnga
Hulk Drogba
Hazard Malouda
Powell Lukaku (loan)
Dembele McEachran (loan)

All the ins are very likely except Walker but i know Chelsea are intrested and as for the out all of those players either have or will definatly leave(8)(27)


02 Jun 2012 17:53:34
Ahmed Elmohamady is in talks with West Ham and he has said that the deal, if it happens, will be completed by next week! COYI!!(14)(2)


02 Jun 2012 17:53:21
Michael Coulson wanted by york manager, it was reported in local press.(5)(1)


02 Jun 2012 17:42:03
SPL Hibernians Eoin Doyle (centre forward) to sign for Huddersfiled for the coming season.(0)(5)You really don't want that to happen


02 Jun 2012 17:15:30
Malky Mackay to take over at Norwich with Lee Clark replacing him at Cardiff(16)(15)Mackay up there as far as the bookies are concerned but not enough experience for the NCFC Board-and none of Prem. Non-starter.I hope this is true. Cardiff fans will finally know what is like to be shafted by their own manager. I'm sure Whittingham and a few others will follow him.Malkey mackay said he intends to focus on cardiff and cardiff would want to much compensation that norwich will not pay when you can get lee clark or steve bruce on a freeLambert said he was focused on Norwich too, look where that got them. Steve Bruce wouldn't get the job due to the fans attitude. and Lee Clark is unlikely. it's between Hughton and MalkyTo the 3rd comment Cardiff have not done anything worong to you so why the hate?. As you said there is no loyalty in football so why be loyal to his norwich past and go back?Norwich please stop making up these rumors cardiff fans get on well with norwich fans on't ruin it over this thanksThe 2nd coment from top to bottom Cardiff City has already experienced that and seems you are this bitter you must be a watford fan, yes malky came to us and took some of your staff and a good player (Cowie) but you got to get on with it because acting the way you are is very pathetic


02 Jun 2012 17:09:20
Just heard from WBA fan Simon Cox will be
going out on loan next season.
Seems to be out of favour and would go almost anywhere to get first team football.
Mind you is out off dicaios' reach(11)(6)With one season left before he's free to leave do you really think they'll loan him out? He will be sold.If Swindon got Simon Cox on a season long loan they would win league 1 easily.


02 Jun 2012 17:04:27
Preston have made a 400k bid to sign Fulham's Marcelo Trotta.(12)(11)I hope he does go out on loan, the kid shows a lot of promise and PNE look a team on the up. {Ed007's Note - Why are you answering your own posts?}Mama Mia what a load a spaghetti Bolognese.Epic fail from a PNE Fan.....and remember it's free's & Bosmans only this season.Im a PNE fan and i hope this is true but i dont believe anything till i see it , trevor is my uncle n he has pt 6 million into preston to afford wages for the new preston eraPreston won't spend that money on 1 playerThis guy is worth 4m with a years prem experience - only going on loans - will be a prem star in three years time


02 Jun 2012 16:59:03
Malky Mackay to take over at Norwich with Lee Clark replacing him at Cardiff(18)(12)Norwich will have to pay a lot for him because he is on a big contract at cardiff


02 Jun 2012 16:46:58
Gylfi Sgurdsson will not go to Reading, but Liverpool. They will offer 7.5 million pounds and much higher wages than Reading, Swansea etc. Danny Swanson has agreed a to sign for WBA. He wants to play in BPL. Hazard will join Chelsea. Keith Andrews will join Ipswich and Stuart Beavon will join Millwall. These all will happen.(13)(22)This player was on the point of becomeing a swanse player, thus if he does go to liverpool, it may not break the letter of the deal not to go afder swance player, but it certainly flys in the face of the spirit of the agreement.Whoever he signs for he has a great future ahead of him, I wish him well.

True Royal, South Coast.Higher wages but 7.5m compared to 6.8m from reading liverpool will need a higher bid readings 30% sell on fee so it'll save hoff around 2.25m if they go reading so 7.5m liverpool or 9m reading realisticlyGoing to be a great signing for someone just really hope itll be swans but even I agree that's unlikely, hopefully he's got a girlfriend or something down here that will persuade him to stay hahaGylfi Sigurdsson will not go to Liverpool because Brendan Rodgers deal with Liverpool states that he can't purchase anyone who played for Swansea last season. it doesn't say he can't purchase anyone who plays for them now.The "Brendan can't buy Swansea Players" deal does not cover Sigurdsson as he is not a Swansea player. Brendan said he would encourage Gylfi to speak with Swansea's new manager and consider the Swansea move but if he doesn't make the move to Swansea then Brendan will make a move to sign him for Liverpool.Sygurdsson is not a Swansea player and never was.He was only on loan.So Swans have no legal or moral right to dictate where he goes.
CRSigurdsson does not come under that deal, Rodgers has said if he does not want to sign for Swansea he will go for him and take him to Liverpool.Gylfi isnt a swansea player


02 Jun 2012 16:46:50
Official: Ralf Rangnick appointed West Brom manager.(20)(12)


02 Jun 2012 16:46:06
Leeds and Huddersfield are in talks to sign Leicester City right back Lee Peltier. Around £600,000 is wanted by leicester city as Nigel Pearson wants to bring in Liam Rosenior as a replacement from Hull City(4)(9)And NorwichPearsons like a kid in a sweet shop he wants every body but he will still be a greedy man lower than a snakes belly no loyalty just greedyHe'll come back to town!Pelts told me at the weekend he is desperate to come back to town,Town can not afford pelts with the small turnover they have.can only spen so much of your £5 mill turn over on wages and will be one of smallest in championshipWe have more than £5 million in the town bank, hoyle sold his card factory for around £350 million, looks like were loaded and your team arn'tExcept we have a very rich chairman who is also a life long fan. I have no doubt he will put cash into the club at 100% risk i.e not loaned to the club therefore eligiable to be considered as part of turnover.You hudders fans do not have a clue about this new financial rule do you?wages can only be part of % of club turnover ie ticket money shirt money and deffinately not owners money and hudders owner is a pauper compared to Leicester owners.lolYe keep 'lol'in moron. Firstly, the majority of the clubs in the championship will not go anywhere near the maximum % allowed because they're so skint. With the attendance Huddersfield will get coupled with the increased money from the Championship, and the face we CAN spend the maximum % allowed because we are loaded, means we will be in a very powerfull position financially....


02 Jun 2012 16:39:09
huddersfield to get bolo zenden(5)(13)Worst thing you could do. Take notice of how saints and norwich didn't sign any over-rated, over-payed has beens! When will these people realise throwing money at crap only upsets the team morale! Wake up Huddersfield.And Marc Overmars no doubt.Don't believe all you read on here, Hudds chairman is a canny bloke and knows a thing or 2 about football, he won't let grayson sign rubbish!Wow, i hope not!We arent going to sign him


02 Jun 2012 16:38:18
Grant holt to Villa, Jon Ruddy to Man U but being loaned back to Norwich for season, Hurelo Gomes to QPR, Paddy Kenny to Bolton, Jaaskelin to West Ham, Rob Green of to Germany, Kasper Schmeichal of to Spurs as understudy following international call up(3)(23)Well he's the Mr no it all regarding goalkeepersIs this the goalkeeper merry-go-round or something? No way will Ruddy leave.IF Ruddy was to go anywhere else it'd be as first choice. He's not going to sit on the bench playing second fiddle to De Gea for years on end. No sense in that whatsoever.Jussi been a good player over the years but when adam bogdan is getting in the team in front of you that says alot 37 years old and passed his best


02 Jun 2012 16:38:00
Leeds targets
Simeon Jackson 1.5 million
Killgannon 1 million
Kuszack free
Green free
Beckford 2 million
Danny Guthrie free
Major investment needed or will have another boring season in mid table and posible worse with supposed players moving on. Warnock may loose interest(8)(23)Leeds are crap Guthrie would never go to them, and why are all these Leeds fans dreaming. Beckford ain't coming back to you get over it!Pushing above your weight thereSimeon Jackson is out of contract at Norwhich...I go to most Leicester away games last season and it was easy to see that beckford is desperate to leave us to go back to leeds.even said afterwards that he will only score at elland rd in a leeds shirtv and we took him off as he was not even trying.With the anticipated investment from the yanks takeover the above list is quite realistic. Cant wait for season to start. MOT


02 Jun 2012 16:37:53
Oldham manager Paul Dickov is emerging as the shock candidate for the vacant Norwich City job. Norwich are keen for a manager that implement's fast attacking football a style which apparently Dickov plays at Oldham.(3)(17)Don't be silly...............why?


02 Jun 2012 16:31:08
Swindon Town have had a £250k offer accepted for Torquay's Eunan O' Kane, personal terms still to be discussed and agreed after Jubilee break.

Source: O'Kane's Agent

Swindon Town also weighing up an offer for Burton Albion striker Billy Kee, with Mehdi Kerrouche plus cash being involved in the deal(9)(14)Why would Swindon offer £250k when he has a £200k release clause in his contract. I think your source is HP not his agentYeah..lets pay 250,000 when we can trigger a release clause for 200,000!! Though Swindon are interested in O'Kane they will not offer more than any release clause.


02 Jun 2012 16:19:59
Any news on Peterborough ed?(1)(11)I've heard this too, being from Bolton I have met his dad on a couple of occasions, he's willing to sign on a 12 month contract with a big wage cut to prove he can play a full season before moving back up


02 Jun 2012 16:11:33
rumours about west ham ins and outs: ins saha free yakubu 1.2 mil wilfried zaha 5 mil holt 4.5 mil paul robionson unknown craig gordon free richardson 2 mil lots more! outs carew faubert diop faye those are the people that are defiantly out sam baldock loan to crystal palace included in the deal with zaha with a view of a further deal permanent for 1.5 mil if he does well theres alot of rumours its about time gold and sullivan get there wallet out! COYI(13)(18)Absolute nonsense!we turned down 8 million from Bolton for Zaha, why would we accept 5 million from West Ham with some crappy fringe player on loan for the season..Your smoking them bubbles again, zaha is NOT going to yous for 5 millZaha will be comin to the mighty hammers 7million will do it and others will make the Hammers a very feared side COYIAre you deluded? Why would we reject 8 million and then accept 7 million?A few more goes and you might come close to the price for Zaha, COYI !
But then you still have to think about whether Wilf wants to play for Fat Sam. The long ball game does not suit him.Not a chance, he is one year into a five year contract. You will need about 8 million (plus Baldock) before CPFC even take WHU seriously!We will see! COYI


02 Jun 2012 16:10:43
can anybody tell me some stoke transfer news, thanks(2)(11)Expect Kenwyne Jones to leave in the very near future1 or maybe 2 strikers to sign, 1 center midfielder a winger and a center half to replace huthHuth's not going


02 Jun 2012 16:09:04
West Ham want to continue their Bolton raid by trying to get Bolton's long-serving Bolton goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen(18)(1)


02 Jun 2012 16:05:43
Charlie Daniels set to leave AFC Bournemouth for a unnamed Championship team. Deal set to be player exchange plus cash. MORE TO FOLLOW(2)(9)The club is Barnsley they have offered Chris dagnall in exchangeNo chanceHaahhaahahahhaa. Why on earth would he leave Bournemouth for Barnsley?Bournemouth don't need another striker so not gona happenI hope not as Charlie has been class for us but you can't stop players wanting to move up the leagues, I Wish him every luck in the world, he is easily championship class, best left back in league one by a country mileAnother foward i dont think so we have way to meny as it isRubbish. Bournemouth have released one left back and sold another. Daniels is our only left back and on a massive wage.I wouldnt be surprised if he did move to the championship but cant see it being to barnsleyDaniels is on mega money so he won't be leaving us


02 Jun 2012 16:04:36
Norwich to replace one Lambert with another Lambert; Paul Lambert out, Rickie Lambert in.(8)(21)LMAO, what? really, i mean come on you can do better than that for a joke or are plain stupid and think Rickie Lambert is a manager or something :L please mate Rickie Lambert Loves Saints and will probably end his career here so ssh you have a Donkey we have a technically gift playerSo, Rickie is off to join a rudderless Norwich in favour of staying at Saints, who have worked wonders to get him at his peak and champing at the bit to get into the Premiership??
Don't you skates have other things to occupy your minds? Oh, sorry, I forgot.....


02 Jun 2012 16:03:37
Oxford have accepted a £200,000 bid for striker James Constable. Constable though has turned Bristol Rovers down.(7)(11)Ben strvans would be good signing for the yellows chris zebrowski good enough .Goal scoring machine Ben Strevens?
Oxford have 5 strikers who can't score already! why get another one to replace the top scorer of the past 4 years


02 Jun 2012 15:51:31
Reading FC are likely to make a move for AFC Wimbledon winger Christian Jolley. They look to strengthen and reinforce their team with both established, experienced goal scorers and young, promising playmakers.

Christian Jolley from AFC Wimbledon - £900k
Yakubu from Blackburn - £2million
Mariappa from Watford - £4million
Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield - £2million
Jermaine Defoe from Spurs £3.4million

The Football 411(10)(28)Your prices are so far wrong, there is no credibility within these "rumours".You're so far off the mark it's unreal.

Mariappa is just over £2.5m.

Defoe wont be a perm deal. Wages too high. We have offered a season loan instead.

Rhodes will take at least £4m. Not sure it will happen as we have now bid £5.5m for Shane Long.

Jolley? What is YOUR fascination? You keep posting this all by yourself...

Yakubu is pure speculation.We already have young and promising playmakers in D'ath and taylorGet none of them no decent player would go to readingHaha Rhodes for 2 million. Are you joking? Huddersfield are a rich club, think they're guna sell him for 2 million quid? It will be at least 6 million, already turned down lots of offers around the 4-5 million markI'm a Wimbledon fan and jolly isn't worth 900k, that is laughable! Maybe 90k. He would be sold for between 100 and 200k.Huddersfield fans do need to get real about their valuation of rhodes. As a neutral id say he's worth £4m, he is not proven in any league above league 1 and league 1 defences are shambles. I dont think he'd do anything in the premier leagueLOL at "no decent player will go to Reading"

LOL at jeolous idiots wishing they'd had an owner who built the club from the ground up, slowly and sensibly, and then sold to a multi-billionaire...

Hehe :)Why do you think its Huddersfield fans who value him this high? Its everyone else chucking money at us thats why its going to be more than 4 million. We don't need to seel him because of the money already at the club, thats why clubs are having to come up with high values.Would that be the same league 1 that Ricky lambert played in 2 seasons ago. How many did he score then and how did he do last season?So he's only worth £4m is he? Well West Ham already offered £5m in Jan, and he has gone on to score many goals since then. Whilst I agree he is untried in the higher leagues, you only have to watch the guy to appreciate that he is a born goal scorer.Yes, he isn't going to frighten you with his pace, yes he won't frighten you with his build, but what he will frighten you with his ability to be in the right place and more importantly his finishing, which is outstanding. Watch his 4 goals against Sheff Wednesday earlier this season and then tell me he's only worth £4m. But please don't come back and tell me that he won't get the same space in Prem or Champioship etc as his finishing is very instinctive, quite different to say Andy Carroll who was sold for over £30m.With all these big fees going round it's pretty criminal how bad Watford are at getting the right price.You can't use Andy Carroll's price to say Jordan Rhodes should be worth more. Andy Carroll's price was inflated because he is English. No league 1 striker is worth more then £2-3 million because of the gulf in class between league 1 and the hugged leagues.Hey, as an independent I admire Reading for what they have done and how they play. Was thrilled you beat West Ham now there is a team up it's own arse believing its academy gives it a Devine status to the Premier League. See West Ham more in comparison to MK Dons as you stole a place in Premier League all those years after gutless FA did not relegate you after Tevez affair. Hope reading beat you and relegate you again next year.Sorry about this but you mean mk franchiseI doubt jolley will go for 900k! and where the hell did you get 'defoe to reading from'Rhodes were going to go to bolton for 9 million if huddersfield didnt get promoted but i really dont know how you got 2 million


02 Jun 2012 15:41:53
Enoch Showunmi in talks with hometown club Luton for a possible return(10)(0)


02 Jun 2012 15:32:06
Tranmere trying to sign James wallace from everton on loan. He spent part of last season at tranmere. Ronnie Moore is a big fan.(8)(0)After all the crap tranmere fans gave him for wishing welsh and buchs goodluck at pne ,cant see him goin thereI would have baxter back than wallace.


02 Jun 2012 15:22:50
Derby county have made an Enquiry
about Sheffield united Centre back
Harry Maguire after they Missed out
on Promotion.Also Promoted midfielder
Ashley westwood of Crewe.(11)(5)No we haven't. Stop making up lies!


02 Jun 2012 15:17:13
qpr make ben foster their number one keeper target for am alleged 5 million pounds(12)(11)For that money you could get a decent keeperFoster is a decent keeper ...........


02 Jun 2012 15:14:06
man city are ready to swoop for robin van persie as he has contract talks this week, if the talks fail city will offer 25 million for the premier league player of the year(6)(21)Totally agreeUmm, no his contract talks have been delayed until after the euros. And he is going nowhere.


02 Jun 2012 15:14:00
Seen loads of rumours recently regarding Reading FC, most are complete rubbish. This should be comprehensive. We have been recently taken over by Thames Sports Investments. This means that we have a new owner in place, Anton Zingarevich, although he is only worth approx £650m his father will be the driving force behind the club and is worth in excess of £3bn. Reading have brought in two new Directors in Andrew Obolensky and Chris Samuelson, both are financial experts as well as football fans (AO Reading and CS no real allegiance) and are purely to advise Anton in business ventures. We have our manager committed to the club on a long term deal, although admittedly wants to manage Republic of Ireland one day, and both our Assistant Manager, Nigel Gibbs, and Director of Football, Nicky Hammond, are on long term deals. Continuity is key. We will make some signings, and will break our record transfer fee but we will not change how the club operates or bring in a massive number of new players.
We are a small club, we are however a growing club. We have an impressive strategy that has seen us build the infrastructure and playing staff in line with each other, TSI have already put a serious amount of money into the Academy, with aspirations towards Cat1, the training facilities and youth facilities, where we are linking up with several schools as well as looking at new facilities outside of Hogwood for youth players to train separately to the main team.
We are looking at bringing in 5/6 players. At a similar level to our current team, this will be to push and challenge the first team, these are players with potentially high resale and that can progress in line with the club. We will not be dropping all those that have got us to where we are.
A 'transfer budget' of £15m has been mentioned. McDermott discussed targets with Zingarevich who has given him assurances that money will be available for the right players. As is stands there is no hard and fast budget but McDermott had identified players he would like in the region of approximately £10m. Some more speculative transfer targets may increase this if any 'coups' can be pulled off.
Firstly, we have only made a few concrete bids, some have been rejected and some will not be following up. Not all of these will come but the point is we are trying:

Adrian Mariappa: £2.5m bid accepted. This was agreed over two weeks ago, Watford are releasing stories about rejected bids – Watford Observer has picked up that this may not be the case. Mariappa heard of interest before his Jamaica call up and has had provisional contract talks with Reading, it seems promising so far but he has been holding back to see if other teams come in for him, with interest from clubs like Newcastle last transfer window, but sounds very promising so far. Mariappa will be coming to Reading once he returning from International Duty, this should go through within the next fortnight.

Matthew Connolly: £900k bid lodged, player is keen to come and Reading want, QPR have said that he doesn't have a future with them. Deal is progressing.

Shane Long: £5.5m (plus add ons) – player would consider a return to Reading, girlfriend a Reading fan, mum still comes to games when WBA aren't playing (she brought her Season Ticket last season before Long left and resides locally). Long and McDermott are still close. West Brom will not consider any deal until a new manager is in place and will let the new manager decide if he wants to keep him. Long will not try to push through a deal as he has too much respect for the club that gave him his chance in the Premier League, but does want assurances he will play.

Gylfi Sigurdsson: £7.2m bid lodged and contract offered matching terms offered by Swansea. Liverpool may bid soon which is his likely destination and Swansea have more chance due to him being settled in the area and his playing style but with uncertainty around the team and manager having left Gylfi has asked for more time before committing anywhere. He was due for a medical on Thursday which has been delayed. He is now on holiday. Unlikely he'll come to Reading, but the bid is a sign of intent.

Bjorn Sigurdarson: £1m bid launched. Rejected. Lillestrom want £3.5m cash upfront. Reading are not willing to spend that much on him but are continuing to monitor and send scouts with a view to placing another bid later in the window if they have not secured a creative attacking midfielder/second striker that plays in the hole and prefers the ball on the floor – to complement Adam Le Fondre as a late sub and allow a possible 4-5-1. Everton and Wolves are monitoring as are several European teams. Sigurdarson previously said he would only leave Lillestrom for a Premier League team, otherwise he could happily spend his entire career there. Wolves could be an exception because of their manager. Everton are interested and have enquired but no formal bid launched yet.

Chris Gunter: £2m bid launched. Rejected. Same as Swansea when Rodgers was in charge. Interest from a couple of larger Premier League teams but no other bids made. Unknown as to whether Reading will follow up interest and place a further bid.

Jacob Butterfield: Contract offered, no discussions with Barnsley regarding fee so if accepted this would go to tribunal. Newcastle have offered a contract and are the likely destination. Middlesbrough also interested.

We have fielded in excess of 30 enquiries, these do include Joe Cole and a possible loan bid for Jermaine Defoe, but the likelihood of pulling any of these off are very low. We have spoken to Blackburn about Yakubu but not made a bid, yet, West Ham are his likely destination. Some of those we have spoken informally include Danny Guthrie, who is more likely to go to WBA or Aston Villa, Keith Andrews following release from West Brom. Initial enquiries to New Edubiase United about striker Emmanuel Baffour. Matt Phillips and Jordan Rhodes are also on Reading's radar but both unlikely due to fees wanted by clubs.

Reading have already brought in Garath McCleary and will continue looking for free transfers where players fit 'the Reading way'. Attitude and work ethic is key.

Lots of interest, but mostly very speculative at this stage.(16)(30)Great post from a Oxford fanYou lost me when you said Reading are a small club. They're no smaller than Middlesborough, Southampton, Fulham etc. The catchment area is huge, but the club has never had the chance it has now to capitalise on it. Now it can with the new owners and the stadium expansion.

Reading are an average size club with aspirations of becoming a top 8 club.Reading are an average size club, but highly doubt they will ever be top 8.I can't understand why reading fans keep thinking that west brom would sell Shane long. The only reason he hasn't played that much this season is through injury he's gonna play a much bigger Part for WBA next seasonWow, well there's 10 minutes of my life gone that ill never get back...thanks for that!Our first season in the prem we finished.....8th. Top 8 right there.They are a far far smaller club than Middlesbrough and Southampton know one even knew reading had a football team till you built the madejski. Youre delusional pal!I think you will find that antons father is having nothing to do with this deal which is why the due dilligence took so long as there was a conflict of stories as to how much money could be available! but never the less you still have a very rich owner and good luck to you this season!

tommo. MOTErm, it was only 5 years ago that we finished 8th in the Premier League LOL.

That isn't an Oxford fan. That's a Reading fan. I can tell immediately who it is as well, as he posts on Royals Rendezvous.Decent post, level headed approach of Reading transfer targets, interests and rumours. As a Reading fan for over 30 years I'm embarrassed by the degree of some posts on here about our new fond mega bucks status.. To all those new Reading fans we will earn the respect of natural supporters not by large-in it up, but by following the example of our manager and go about our business under the radar.Wow you finished 8th once, got relegated soon after. That doesnt make you a top 8 team, you can not finish 8th or above season after season. Much better teams than you.Same size as Southampton don't be stupid you are a small club with tiny support as for top 8 what of league 2 where your fan base deserves whufcHow many strikers do West Ham need!?To the West Ham fan above- It must of hurt to have not beaten Reading last season and then to get thrashed at home. I can see why you're bitter.Reading and mk dons are the same no fans and they think attract fans as they improve but they will always both be small clubs and that won't changeStill bitter about losing twice and the championship title last season to little Reading? if we stay up next season then our ground will be expanded so it will be bigger than Upton Park. League 2 support? my arseYes Reading are exactly like MK Dons....once a team that were uprooted from their home and moved to a giant roundabout. The other is a team that has been around since 1871 and has a long but not always successful history. Yes I see your point....idiot.Actually, I can assure you Anton's father is very much part of the deal and was also assessed by the Premier League. His assets are over £3b. He had to be cleared as well because AZ confirmed his father 'could' invest at a later date.

Matty9To be fair for years Man City have pretty much been a joke (sorry city fans but u know its true) and a Reading size team, now look at them... though granted they spent stupid money to get there. Reading decent team, well run with a following capable of filling a 24,000 seater stadium, only large big team in their county, just on outskirts of London really, no reason they cant attract the fans and do well and yeah i can't see them top 8 for a while, but again i never saw man city coming top 5 let alone winning the league so in reality its got the infrastructure there to do it, and with their history of bringing out the best in players and making them big names like doyle, sidwell, sigurdsson, long, they could attract a lot of potential talent that could grow up through the top level academy they are hoping to achieve and then have a dangerous homegrown young team on their hands that come into fruition in a few year. Just saying don't rule it out because at the end of the day, a clubs name is just that its the way the clubs run that makes clubs good and appealing and Reading do that well enough, just hoping we can join them in a few years ^^ seaguls :)2 things, u dont compare with man city, no matter what, and big names? doyle sidwell etc, thats funnyIn what world have reading been a club in same stature as man city oh yeah they both had 30k plus fans in 3rd tier of english football btw there are a lot more bigger clubs in champ then reading (leeds,sheff wed,birmingham,wolves,notts forest,etc) so dont go on as if reading are big cos they are not


02 Jun 2012 15:05:48
Reading update:

Mariappa fee was agreed weeks ago. Watford, with Reading's permission have been leaking stories that bids have been rejected. This is to soften the blow of selling their player of the season. Mariappa is away on International Duty but will complete his £2.7m move when he returns (some of that is in add-ons)

Reading have also made WBA a £5.5m offer for striker Shane Long. It's thought that the striker and his family miss the area and Reading would like to bring him back if a deal can be done. This one is a 'watch this space' I'm afraid.

Reading have entered the race for former midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson. A few was agreed last week but the player has decided to take a holiday before making a decision on his future. Swansea have agreed terms, but the medical was postponed. Any number of clubs could now come in for him, but Reading are in the mix.

Reading 'we're' interested in a perm deal for Defoe but have baulked at the wages. They have instead made an offer for a season long loan. I have no idea if this is likely. He's on Int Duty and I doubt will make a decision until after the Euros. All you can say is Reading are trying to bring him in, whatever the outcome.

Reading have also spoken with Danny Guthrie's agent. I have no idea if anything has come of that.



02 Jun 2012 15:00:17
a host of championship clubs such as millwall, birmingham, burnley, crystal palace and recently relegated bolton are after norwich striker chris martin(12)(4)Grant Holt would also interest clubs willing to offer a 3 year contract.Why would grant holt go play in championship now after the season he had in prem ??


02 Jun 2012 14:56:06
Barnsleys jacob Butterfield set to sign for Newcastle for 3m(14)(13)How do you work that out? He's free to leave and compensation will be around £400,000.On his way to wednesdayBarnsley's Jacob Butterfield is struggling to recover from his knee injury and may not be fit for the start of this season so he could be left in limbo to where he will be playing his football this coming year


02 Jun 2012 14:55:12
Former Oldham striker Reuben Reid has signed for Yeovil(8)(6)Kinda glad to see him go always offside and a very lazy player, cant see him being a great signing. most of his goals at Oldham were penalty's anyway so he wont be a great replacement for Andy Williams.Andy williams is overrated mate, im a yeovil fan... for the number of chances he had, his conversion rate was poor... too greedy and often got lucky with poor goalkeepingSounds like a bitter yeovil fan that, the fact is williams got in positions to shoot, reid doesn't, bet he cant believe he got a 2 year deal!I agree with the statement above^^
also im a yeovil fanHe is overrated tho..
also im a Yeovil fan.Andy Williams is Defiantly overrated and tbh i dont mind that he is gone


02 Jun 2012 14:53:04
Huddersfield tracking jonathan woodgate and simeone jackson........ these are said to be the marquee signings to show their ambitions for their 1st season back in the second tier of english football(8)(16)Jackson has signed a new contract at Norwich...


02 Jun 2012 14:50:36
Templeton agrees to join Southampton. Swanson looking to go to a premier league side(9)(9)Who's he?....and who does he play for?....and what position?David Templeton (born 7 January 1989 in Glasgow) is a Scottish professional association footballer. A tricky and skilful attacking player, he currently plays for Hearts in the Scottish Premier League. He's a winger.Oh god my old teacher is going to play for Saints, cant watch why would they buy my teacher :L yeah no seriously who the hell is this guy?^hearts thats all i knowDo you mean the guy at Hearts? Jesus! I hope we're setting our sights a little higher than that!I live in scotland (but a saints fan) he is not a bad player, in my opinion. Good addition if it happens.He's a decent player, more pace than intelligence and skill in my opinion though! One of those ones that puts their head down and runs!Saints dont need another head down winger, already tryna shift de ridder is a rumour, so you know!Templeton has great pace and would be a top sighing also young


02 Jun 2012 14:38:10
Blackpool to offer a contract to Paul Anderson wage thought to be around 5,000 Blackpool will have pay compensation to forest(9)(4)As anderson has not being offered new terms we owe no compensation whatsoever.


02 Jun 2012 14:36:02
Ipswich have a bid accepted for Paulo Gazzanigan from Gillingham believed to be in the region of £250,000 for the highly rated youngster comes from a very good source extremly close to gillinghams owners and is 100% true
He was poised for talks today with discussions said to have gone very well :) will probably sign by Tuesday(2)(9)Doubt it, they dont have a player of that nameThis sounds a great link! How reliable is your source?They probably mean Gazzaniga I've also heard about a very strong link Linking this player with ipswich!!!!Lee Clark will be Gillingham FC new Manager on Friday


02 Jun 2012 14:32:39
yeovil town have signed former oldham striker reuben reid on a two year deal, and will join up with the squad on the 1st of july.(6)(5)Oh dear , first keanu marsh-brown and now reuben reid. Id put my house on you lot going down next year.Done the double over Oldham last year... keep that in mind before you hurl around abuse...But we take players who are bad and turn them into better players happened with Andy Williams and Dom blizzard is showing improvements plus we need back up playersVery pleased with Rueben Reid signing, when ever I have seen him play for Oldham always thought he was decent. A star in poor team tbh.Yeah, Oldham are a very poor team, I'd have my money on them going down!Can't disagree with the 'poor team' comment, but the idea that Reid was 'a star' is completely fallacious. Overweight; lazy; touch like a donkey and only ever scored penalties. You're welcome to him.Haha. A star in a poor team. lol. He's terrible, fat and always at Nando's. Your in trouble if there's a Nando's near you.I hope you have a striker that can jump and try to win a header because he dosn't try at all , but is strong and very fast and we are not a poor team we just had a poor season but got big scalps such as sheff utd away we won.Oh dear bad signing as reid is hopeless in the air and controlling the ball and can't run as he puts so much weight on over the season. As for Marsh Brown you won't change him and take a look at his history at other clubs. Dickov got rid for a reason, he got injured and came back at least 2 stone over weight. Oldham far better than yeovil and wait for their signings of a striker far better than Reid.How are oldham far better than yeovil when we did the double over you last seasonIf hes no good and doesnt cut it, our gaffer will give him the boot... hes not spineless... maybe if hes playing for fans who get behind their players and a manager with experience, he might find the desire to lose weight and he'll be on a mission to show oldham up now and good on him... not hard mind you we made a mockery of them last year...Deluded Oldham fans or what! haha, far better than Yeovil oh dear! :/ anyway glad we signed him looking forward to seeing him play!

Oh and there is no Nandos ;)Oldham are only a small team, similar to Yeovil. Just wait till the season starts and let the football do the talking, cant see either team setting the world a light though!Haha! Yeovil fans calling Oldham a small team. Heard it all know. What league where you playing in when we were in the Premiership?Oldham are small team. With Dickov in charge I think relegation is on the cards for Oldham next season!^^^ your not in the premier league anymore, so shouldnt really bring up the past. As of present, yeovil are a better club, how can i tell? we did the double over you last season, proof is in the pudding!He scored 3 goals from open play , the rest were penaltiesHaha yeovil = oldham reserves, you take the players that we release and yet we were near relegation last year with them players, i would worry if i was a yeovil fan and kmb and reid play first team for youBest thing about reid signing for yeovil was the headline on skysports site, latics ace signs for yeovil, haha couldn't stop laughing didn't know you only have to score a goal as a striker to become an 'ace'Too funny, yeovil fans thinking they are a league one club!, only a matter of time before your back in the non league where you belong, premiership was a long time ago but at least we've been in it! enjoy your 2 reject signings, fat boy and attitude, star buys!!! lol deluded ytfc!Oldham we are a far better team! past results show it! fair play you use to be in the prem well done now get with the times you are a poor team with a poor manager, my money is on relegation for you deluded lot! laters bye.Oldham will go down you can't afford to keep players just look at Taylor he's leaving as he wants to go to a bigger club his words and knowing Gary Johnson and Yeovil town these players will become successful because we respect our playersTaylor left because he wanted to play in the Championship, as he has stated for years. Well done on doing the double over us Yeovil, it was clearly the highlight of your season. See you at BP for your cup final next season.Yeah see you next season for our 6 points ;)What is all this 'we did the double over you' rubbish making you better. I could say where did you finish in the table....ohh yeah one place below us. In six months if you make a success of them two come back and I will gladly hat my Latics hat!Yeovil have been in league 1 for 7 years so that surely proves that Yeovil are a league 1 club.


02 Jun 2012 14:30:55
Maguire to talk with wendys as he's an owl but Danny not ready to sell unless big money and I'm told they don't have that
McDonald def on his way there as no fee traitor(2)(5)Wednesday are loaded mateComplete rubbish


02 Jun 2012 14:30:30
Crystal Palace are looking to complete the signing of Crawley's Kyle McFadzean as a replacement for Anthony Gardner whom had his contract offer withdrawn from Palace yesterday.

McFadzean is highly thought of at Crawley and they would hold out for £1m for the defender. Blackpool, Burnley, Bolton & Wigan are also thought to be interested.(7)(1)Ahhh mate, i hope this isnt true, if crawley loose McFadzean then its game over and conference here we come :/Gardner did'nt have his contract withdrawn he decided to join sheffield wednesdayTome ince would be a 3.5 mill starting bid baring in mind he has just started to show his true potential over the last 8 months or so and the fact that he is still under contract means he's going to a regular starter at Bloomfield road.All seems believable


02 Jun 2012 14:28:12
The Crystal Palace board seem to be serious about contending for promotion next season as they are about to sanction around £2m in transfer fees next week.

Southampton duo Jason Puncheon & Lee Barnard are valued at £400,000 each by Palace and it is believed that the bid has already been made.

Palace look to be set to test Sheffield Wednesday with a £1m bid for striker Gary Madine.

The loan fee for a season long loan for West Ham striker Sam Baldock is around £200,000 and Palace hope to add a clause to the loan stating that they can buy him for £1,000,000 whenever they choose to throughout the loan(13)(12)Barnard would command a fee of around 500,000, and Puncheon would not be let go for 400,000. Southampton have rejected more before.Palace get promoted? Don't make me laugh!Puncheon is valued by Southampton. At 600,000 -1millionTry doubling that figure for each of Barnard and PuncheonBarny for that price? Maybe. You'll need closer to a mill for puncheon though!Barnard will go, but i sense that punch is going to be used in a deal with blackpool (or at least i hope that's the case)800,000 for Barnard? you are kidding right?I dont know what the hype is about puncheon he isnt good at is worth 150,000 but southampton value him at 600,000-1,000,000See if Saints can sneak in an exchange for Clyne, would be ideal!

Don't mind selling deadwood for cut price to be honest, particularly if it might sweeten the deal for us to sign a palace player, got some good young talent there.


02 Jun 2012 14:23:34
Craig Davies has asked for a move from Barnsley. May be offered to Wendys in exchange for Giles Coke and Mike Jones who Keith has been after for ages(2)(8)What a load of toshAre you sure it is not David jones


02 Jun 2012 14:20:38
Blades news
Beattie to sign for Yeovil
K MacDonald in early talks with Wendy's
Kitson rumour is rubbish as we can't afford his terms
Lewis Chalmers in talks from Macc town, seen as successor to K Mac
Danny to offer Alan Smith a one year deal
Williamson has not yet decided whether to stay. Having talks with Barnsley
Mike Cestor CB and David Mooney ST to sign from Orient
Maguire(4)(12)Nither of them are good enough for Leyton orient , there's no way there good enough for you.Be a right signing if barnsley sign williamson


02 Jun 2012 14:18:23
Reading FC are looking at Gylfi Sigurdsson, although Liverpool look more likely to step in if the Icelandic international's move to Swansea falls through.(11)(6)Absolute rubbish-Liverpool are not allowed to sign a Swansea player for 12 months, and whilst he is no longer with them, I would bet that deal also includes him.6.8 million fee agreed with the swansHe isn't a Swansea player yet......only the fee agreed between clubs, but he hasn't signed. So Liverpool can try and sign him if they wishThat deal does not include Sigurdsson, he is not a Swansea player!An agreed fee is an agreement between clubs not the player and the club. And Sigurdsson is not a Swansea player, he's a Hoffeinheim player. So he is not excused of any move to Anfield.He's not a Swansea player yet.. And according to voices in the bundesliga.. No fee has actually been agreedPerfectly plausible as Sigurdsson is at Hoffenhiem not Swansea!But his he is not currently contracted to Swansea so he is excluded from the agreement that Liverpool can't sign any Swansea PlayersFOR THE LAST TIME HE ISNT A SWANSEA PLAYER! Liverpool are entitled to sign him, i swear the amount of stubborn swans fans on here is annoying
- coming from a spurs fanThe clause in Rogers contract with Liverpool states that he cannot purchase any players who played for swansea last season as well as current players. Now correct me if im wrong but siggurdson played for swansea last season?

liverpool is definately not where he is headed^ right so rodgers has said he may go for him if he doesn't go to swansea for a laugh?


02 Jun 2012 14:17:04
Lee Clark the front runner for the managerial post at Gillingham(5)(18)You couldnt afford him! and you shouldn't want him, all he does is throw money at players and over packs his squads out with over payed prima-donas, refuses to attack teams and finish em off and is an arrogant geordie who thinks he's gods gift to management!who throws his weight around all the time with his players and has only had one job and been sacked after 2 failed play off attempts!.............. hahaahhaa RANT OVERExactly,he thinks he is bobby robson when he is in fact more like bobby ball


02 Jun 2012 11:00:27
Any news on sigurdarson ed? I know wolves, everton and others were interested but it's gone quiet as far as I can tell. {Ed001's Note - no sorry, not heard of anything other than talks with Wolves.}(2)(5)Reading had a £1m bid rejected. Everton have enquired and Wolves have mentioned interest but nothing formal yet. Their Director of Football is notoriously difficult to work with and at the moment clubs have been mostly put off by his firm "£3.5m cash upfront" demands. Moves likely to happen later in the summer. He won't consider anything other than a Premier League move or a move to Wolves.Reading opened the bidding at £1m but have since pulled out. They want £4m and up front. Reading not convinced he's worth that yet. Wolves now favourite with their new manager a fave for Icelanders.

Contrary to rumours, Everton have not bid yet.


02 Jun 2012 13:54:50
BREAKING NEWS: Shrewsbury Town FC are set to announce the signing of centre back Phil Edwards on Monday. Shrews boss Graham Turner was chasing the defender this time last year whilst he was with Accrington but instead he opted to join Stevenage.(4)(3)Darren Jones? Rory McArdle? Nathan Clarke? we cant sign all these centre backs, so which ones?Nathan ClarkeWell if the budget allows, we need two new centre backs. Cheapest and best on offer!


02 Jun 2012 13:38:20
Reading FC look to strengthen their team by in all areas. Their priorities seem to be to find established goal scorers as well as back up forwards. In order to reinforce their forwards Reading are heavily linked to Christian Jolley of AFC Wimbledon at a fee of around £900k.

The Football 411(1)(17)I'm a Reading fan and I think THIS IS A LOAD OF RUBBISH. Why the hell would we want a AFC WIMBLEDON player for the BPL!!??Billionaire's Reading in for AFC Wimbledon striker. Really?Reading scouted him at least 10 times this year, could be possibleReading are not Billionaires.Er yes they are. AZ worth £650m and his father who has also been cleared by the Prem Lge is worth over £3b.

Matty9Christian Jolley is a very good player, extremely quick, really hope we dont sell him. COME ON WOMBLES!


02 Jun 2012 13:27:29
Scottish midfielder Ian Black is set to sign for English League 1 outfit Swindon Town after becoming frustrated at Rangers money troubles. He is set to sign a 2 year deal with the option of a 3rd should he play a certain number of games.(6)(10)What has Ian Black got to do with Rangers?!?He was at hearts,whats that got to do with rangersEveryone enjoys these wind-up transfer rumours, but people could at least get the facts right about their lies! Black plays for Hearts u numpty {Ed001's Note - I am sure he means because Black was hoping to join Rangers if they could sign players again.}Another st rumour at least get your facts right he played for Hearts not Rangers & he is now out of contractRangers and the player said they would talk if the transfer embargo was lifted. He'd have been an absolute star at Ibrox. Tough in the tackle, and not afraid to mix it up. He is exactly the type of player I would love to see at Rangers............BTW I am a Celtic fan :-)What he was meant to say is because Rangers wanted to sign him but cant at the moment cos of money troubles, he might go to Swindon insteadHow do you know this?I know Black's agent. Di Canio wants him quite badly it seems.Ahh, reckon he would drop to league 1?DROP to league one?? Even Celtic would struggle in the English Championship!! The other Scottish clubs in their very poor top division would have their work cut out in the English first division!! Mind you now that Rangers are in such a state it would probably help Scottish football if Celtic was put in the's going to make things there even worse now that Celtic will pick up the title repeatedly for the next decade!! It was bad enough with just the two of them taking it in it will be pointless!! What a boring league.


02 Jun 2012 13:17:25
Anthony Edagr has left the club because his profile has been removed from the website.(2)(6)He has not left, as i have posted numerous times, he has merely been told he does not feature in the plans for next season and is free to find a new club. but he is still contracted and we'd be informed by the club should he be releasedSeems a bit rash by Edgar. I'm sure he could have asked for it to be put back on.


02 Jun 2012 13:11:02
Hartlepool to sign;
Tommy Miller - Free
Jonothan Grounds - Free
Ryan Donaldson - Free
Samuel Adeji - Free(8)(3)Finally at least some sense on here
Miller if Hartlepool make a offer will no doubt go there as its his old club.
Grounds, I'm not sure but likely to happen
Donaldson was a bit rubbish when he went to Hartlepool before, not so sure about that one
Adjei, looked good at Pools but injury problems might get in the wayDonaldson will not go to Hartlepool. Not a chance.

McDermott, another youngster released from Newcastle, is more likely to move to Hartlepool, but that's becaue he's trained with the club so I'm going on that - nothing else.


02 Jun 2012 13:09:34
Newcastle to sign:
Ibahim Affelay - Barcelona - 5 Million
Mathieu Debuchy - Lille - 5 Million
Kevin Gameiro - PSG - Swap
Douglas - FC Twente - 4 Million
Gael Billigirami - Coventry - 750k
Out Goings:
The 12 already released
Haris Vukic - Cardiff - Loan
Demba Ba - PSG - Swap
Gael Billigirami - Coventry - Loan(13)(33)Would be good to see that but we will be getting young players to come in to fill the spots of the 12 released!Apperantly affelay's going to arsenalWrong Affelay is going to liverpool or Tottenham.You are either getting Adam Johnson or Scott sinclair.

Douglas is out of contract so no money needed he wants to go prem and wants to join newcastle

Demba Ba is not leaving after he revealed several times he feels he would only shine at newcastle due to their style of play and feels that he would get more goals and play alot better along side International Partner Cisse.

Gael Billigirami will join a Championship side on loan

Also Shane Ferguson wants out and Derby county have already made an enquiry.It's Bigirimana and he's just signed a new contract so don't think this will happenGael bigrimana
just signed a knew contract so he is going nowhereWho are the 12 Newcastle players who have been releasedAnother deluded geordie, Ba, Tiote, Cisse, Ben Arfa, Coloccini, Cabaye all to be sold and replaced with youthful players with potential for the futureAffelay will go to arsenal and not any other club as wenger is a long term admirer of Affelay and one of the players van persie asked to get if he is to stay and both players are friendsSorry Sunderland, your players are worth so so much. Your best players want away, not a single one has said they wanted to stay!


02 Jun 2012 13:08:24
Southampton plotting 1million pound move for unwanted spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas. He is wanted to bring much needed Premier League experience.(7)(25)How are pompey doing nowadays mate coyr shhhWhy get jenus who is injury proan for 1 mill when we could gert hargreaves who is injury prone for freeWould be a good signing and it's possibleWhat a nonsense.If we want a prem experienced midfielder I'd go with Reo Coker over Jenas. A leader, commanding, will want prem football and perhaps a return south. Less injury prone than Jenas.Realistic target, heard the rumour to.Jenas if fit ?? would be a great signing reo coker has not got the same pedegree
as jenas give him a go i sayKeep hargreves fit and is good as anyone


02 Jun 2012 13:08:18
Owen hargreaves is willing to make a step down to the championship in order to play first team football. Bolton Leeds Peterborough and newly promoted Huddersfield are monitoring the situation(12)(12)Bolton cannot afford his wagesAs a Peterborough fan...this would be great but we could never afford his wages.....His Dad is from Bolton and then can afford his wages.Owen hargreaves could buy peterborough!!


02 Jun 2012 13:05:10
wilfried zaha of to west ham for 5 million and sam baldock go to palace on a season long loan COYI(9)(24)


02 Jun 2012 12:59:13
Derby county are looking at other
targets just in case

With good interest in Crystal palce duo
Alex Marrow and Keiran Cadogan.

Nigel has finally got a certian 20 goal
a season striker with Nicky Maynard
been allowed to leave Upton park
to lower the wage bill and he was told
when he asked that if he would get
first team football he was told that
that there would be rotation in the squad and no one unless they were playing amazing
would get a constant start.After the
last 5 games of the season Vaz te
and Carlton cole started together
and Maynard made 1 sub appearence
also Vaz te is interested in a move
back to portugal.with names such as
Bos dast and Josue knowing west ham
they will pull off some good signings
but because they already bought
alot im sure Gold will want to see
some return.

Derby Made an enquiry and west ham
have allowed him to speak to derby
But hes on holiday at the moment
so we wont get the inside to this intill
he gets back.But it all depends on
Whether he values the Prem Lifestyle
to Playing regulary.(7)(16)Bas Dost has already joined WolfsburgWhy would maynard go to derby but if he did it would be a great signingDerby have not got the money to buy maynardI would love maynard but i doubt we have to money for him, where was this rumour 'made up'?If this happened it would make my season but it wont his wage demands alone would put us out the race, just because glick has gone we aren't gonna start doing. These signingsWhy on earth would Maynard want to go to Derby - he turned down Leicester last year because he wants to play in the Premier League (and moved to West Ham in January becvause he thought they would be promoted)Think hes been released


02 Jun 2012 12:44:30
My cousin who lives in birmingham saw darius vassel last night in a club, and said he has been in contact over a possible move to swindon! Straight from the horses mouth.(7)(13)Great another injury prone non goal scoring strikerGreat signing! Bags of pace and bags of goals......... About 10 years ago! How about talking Kenny Dalglish into playing alongside him then having Bobby Charlton in the hole? Peter Shilton could still do a jobWas a bit injury prone by the sounds of it, but hes only 31 and could still do a good job at league 1 level. would need to accept a big drop in wages I would think though


02 Jun 2012 12:41:39
How true is this Gary Roberts Rumour about him signing for AFC Bournemouth?(5)(9)I really hope its true cracking player but dnt think it will happen.No truth, he wants to stay north and so is looking at sheffield united for now... but most of the interest in him is from the south from the more ambitious teams such as bournemouth and yeovil etc... but his wage demands are those of a championship player...Dont know how much truth it holds but it seems to be gathering pace (unlike roberts) good lg1 player!We can afford championship wages at afcbHe's heading north to Preston!Apparently he's going to sign for sheffield wednesday


02 Jun 2012 12:40:01
Free agent James McFadden interested in move to Middlesbrough, Mowbray looking for free agent striker/winger to boost this years promotion push. Although wages maybe an issue. Emmanuel Ledesma poised to sign for Boro this weekend after talks with 2 other Championship sides he finds the structure of the club is in place again for another attempt to get in the Premier League.(2)(6)Mcfadden going to wiganMcFadden has the choice of either Middlesbrough or Wigan


02 Jun 2012 12:33:24
Paul Lambert was a huge admirer of Jay Rodriguez at Norwich but did not have the funds to meet Burnley's asking pirce. Rodriguez has returned from holiday and talks have stalled with the Saints, expect the Scot to make a bid for the Burnley born front man sometime this coming week.(13)(20)He doesn't return until Tuesday next week you numb nut quit your dreaming and get out of lala land :L because talks with saints wont stop lol no1 will pay more than 7 million for him and besides thats most of his 20 million on one player :L so obv not! i can't wait for him to sign so all you people will quit thinking your getting himHe's gonna be a Saint. What a bummer eh? HahaVilla would be a better option for Jay, instead of going to a medium sized club like Southampton who are odds on favourates to be relegated... deluded saints buying everyone he he get real..Doubt lambert would spend his whole transfer budget on one playerVilla living in the past, Saints are the future and it will take more than Lambert to alter that.
After another 12 months you may start to see some progress at Villa, but Saints have the momentum and they will be out of your sight by then.Haha deluded Saints fans....I think your the deluded one mate with that post.No way, the potential Bennet shows he will be worth more in a few years.Why are people doubting the Saints, saying were favourites to be relegated? We have a great squad and hopefully will be bringing in a few quality players to add to that... Weren't the 3 promoted teams last season favourites to be relegated and none of them were! Villa battled relegation last season and probably will again without major investment, I would say we have a better chance of surviving this season over villa


02 Jun 2012 12:24:16
Tottenham have bid for Jack Butland of Birmingham.(12)(7)No they haven't again, the only team who has had any interest has been Southampton!Half the clubs in the prem will be making a bid...the other half cant afford him.If so, there goes another potential star down the drain


02 Jun 2012 12:12:33
Official: Paul Lambert is the new manager of Aston Villa(18)(15)Why are people pressing unbelievable when it is confirmed, eggitsHe will do well,and all villa underachievers willbe moving on.


02 Jun 2012 12:01:28
Leeds interested in kilgallon. Out of contract at the end of next season so O'Neil wants to cash in now

Source: Sunderland echo(15)(5)


02 Jun 2012 11:52:12
Fleetwood are in talks with former Walsall midfielder Richard Taundry and former Aberdeen defender Youl Mawene(7)(4)" FORMER walsall midfielder ?? " He is still there.Taundry has only been offered a verbal contract but can go to any club he wants so he not contracted to Walsall Fc as suchWalsall have no money and players are leaving in droves so could be spot onTaundry is rubbish they can have himTaundry is one of walsall`s best playersTaundry is one of Walsall's best players??? He most certainly is not!!!


02 Jun 2012 11:47:24
Reading might make a move for Keith Andrews as he has been released from west brom !

LOYAL ROYAL 1871(14)(3)Made an offer in January so wouldn't be a surprise
MrRfcThis is highly likely. Andrews was very close to signing for Reading in January until WBA came in. Brian McDermott is a big admirer.When big Eck gets the baggies job he will replace Andrews with Craig Gardner. TrustI heard the big Eck umour as well


02 Jun 2012 11:46:56
Palace News!
Looking to sell KG as he is now considered surplus and both Peterborough and Watford are interested.

Keiran Cadogan is either heading to Chesterfield or Rotherham for 150k.

Nat Clyne is certain to leave yet due to FIFA ruling any club wishing to sign him, although his contract ends, compensation will be in the region of 1.5-3m. Clubs interested are Aston Villa, Sunderland and big dogs Manchester Utd.

The club are expected to sell Lewis Price who is the subject of a 400k bid from Sheffield Utd. Likely cover is Ben Williams of Colchester or free agent Marián Kello.

Anthony Gardner will sign a 1 year contract extension but Freedman wishes to sign another Centre Back. Currently shortlisted include St. Ledger and McPake

Jermaine Easter, Alex Marrow and Andy Dorman are all considering moves as Dougie has told them they are fringe players.

Players linked with include Zoko of Carlisle and Westcarr of Chesterfield(5)(6)Anthony Gardner had a medical at shef weds yesterday outcome not yet made public but def not staying at PalaceNo way Cadogan going to Rotherham he was a flop on loan, no way worth £150kRory Loy is better then Nahki Wells and Carlisle released Wells so why the hell would we have him back?If we millers pay 150k for cardigan.then we have got more money than senseI will personally drive Westcarr to Palace for you!Jermaine Easter may be going to Portsmouth


02 Jun 2012 11:39:45
Mariappa to reading should be done next week, unless late interest from others. fee been agreed for weeks
MrRfc(9)(8)He will have a medical when he returns from international duty
MrRfcSo what happened to the £2m that got rejected then (Confirmed on Sky Sports). Can't have been agreed for weeks surely?Sly spurts are miles behind on this a 2m bid was rejected but reading went back in. believed to be around 2.5m - been agreed for around 2 weeks
MrRfcSky Sports isn't confirmation, they have their sources and they aren't necessarily always correct. Don't treat everything Sky says like gospel.


02 Jun 2012 11:32:07
Paul Coutts to sign for Palace for 200k. Palace have also offered Coventry 300k to sign James McPake; solving their Centre Back worries(6)(9)Why wud pne sell coutts for 200k wen he is worth 700k at leastPalace will need more than 200k to sign CouttsPeterborough have offered 700k, no way are palace going to get him for 200kIf palace want mc pake ill drive him there myself, oh and we only want 100,000 off hibs for the injury prone donkey.No offers have been made for Coutts. He's 100% left PNE as his house in Leyland is back up for rent and he's back in Aberdeen. Coutts signed for an undisclosed fee (Thought to be around £150k) and it would take a bid of around £250k for him to go.Mcpake is a decent defender and £300k is a far more realistic figure than the very low valuation of £100k that SISU (Cov's owners) have placed on him! Most Cov fans hope that we do not sell him, but if they (SISU) do then I hope that this valuation is correct!


02 Jun 2012 11:29:49
Crystal Palace have launched a 1m bid for Saints pair Lee Barnard and Jason Puncheon.

SOURCE: that means £1m for the pair, they had better think again.They may have but they will only get Barnard as Puncheon is included in the Saints bid of £2 million plus him for Tom Ince from Blackpool! dear oh dear people and their rumours think before you make one


02 Jun 2012 11:28:44
West Brom have offered 800k to Palace for Argentinian keeper Speroni. Easily best keeper in the Championship(16)(9)Would have agreed with you 2 years ago
but now i would go for the lad at barnsley"Easily best keeper in the Championship"

not last season he wasn't as for this season that remains to be seen.Luke Steele? Barnsley keeper is very poor.Julian Speroni is by far the best goalkeeper outside the Premiership


02 Jun 2012 11:25:33
Plymouth Argyle are signing Pablo Mills , Byron Anthony , Juvhel Tsoumou , Ashley Hemmings and Izale McLeod in the next 2 months(9)(16)PAFC don't have the funds for all of these and our squad will not be increased beyond our means, Brent won't allow that.Most of them are free agents so we could fit them inThe funds probably are available - Now that Damien Johnson's 6k p/w is off the wage bill although I'm sure James Brent will want to be sensible with signings.


02 Jun 2012 11:17:29
League one side Walsall are chasing released Colchester midfielder Martin Rowlands, Rowlands played 9 games scoring twice for the U's after joining from QPR in January but has been released after his short contract due to suffering from Injuries while at the U'S(2)(2)


02 Jun 2012 11:09:11
West Ham to make a second bid for Grant Holt.

190298(12)(5)Holt off to sunderland as he wants to be nearer his family who live in carlisle, also lambert wants him to go to villa with him4.5m bid rejected. not worth any more.If anyone is listening, Holt ain't going anywhere unless Norwich allow him to leave since he still has 2+ years left on his current contract, if they do let him leave then it will only be when someone offers a stupid price for a 31 year old who lets face it, has had one good season in premiership (no guarantee he can produce that form next year).
I think Norwich will turn down anything under £5M even though he wants to leave apparently, there is no financial reason to let him go, so any move will be motivated by the amount of money offered, IE its not Holt who will choose destination, its Norwich City, unless of course two clubs offer the same amount.Didnt know we made a first


02 Jun 2012 11:06:02
Any Huddersfield rumours(12)(12)


02 Jun 2012 10:56:28
who are the transfer targets for liverpool this summer(6)(16)


02 Jun 2012 10:53:57
Gylfi will sign for the swans !(18)(31)Nothing has been signed and cant be signed untill 2 weeks before the window
opens.With most of the swansea team
targets for teams such as Sinclair,Williams,dyer,Vorm and Allen.I doubt he would want to join that team especially with teams in euro such as newcastle and Liverpool are interestedSwansea have agreed a deal with his club for 6.2 million, according to sky sports news


02 Jun 2012 10:47:55
Gary Roberts is believed to become the latest signing in the cherries squad which is pushing for promotion next season.(8)(11)Hes signing for shefield wednesday so more rubbishRoberts agreed terms at Sheffield we'd yesterdayTotal rubbish you couldn't afford his wages it's a well known fact Roberts is in talks with sheff wednesday- tranmere fan


02 Jun 2012 10:45:56
Gary Roberts now being heavily linked to a move down south since being released by Huddersfield.(8)(11)Sheff weds still showing interest..So happy we let him go, championship wages league 2 quality


02 Jun 2012 10:44:00
Bournemouth set to sign Gary Roberts?

The talented winger has been linked to the team his Huddersfield knocked out of the play off semi-final a year ago. It's thought that he will replace Pugh should he not sign a contract.(10)(9)If its true you have a great player,i am amazed we didnt re sign him.A real powerhouse of a player.You might think he was a power house but i think we're better without himAgreed terms with sheff wed so no chance. Doesn't want to move house so signing for a team 15 miles away suits. 2 yr contract with option of a thirdHe's not that good i knew grayson would release he does have good games but not that fast and other lg1 players have a better final ball than roberts, still tho not bad for the cherries who will be there or there abouts next season!I have to disagree with the final ball comment. He puts in some brilliant crosses. He just wasn't performing this season. He only has himself to blame for not signing at the beginning of the season. He will still have some good games in the championship but not as many. He would be a great signing for any league 1 teamRoberts is too slow to be a winger, good feet but very slow


02 Jun 2012 10:42:19
West Ham Utd has a look at real madrid Jesalu, B side heres hoping we get a scorer that nets 15 or more with cole and Vaz Te and maybe Yakubu we might get to between 10-14 position love my hammers(10)(8)May challenge QPR for 17thDont thinkso mate west ham 10th , qpr 15th we have to good of a manager and players to be that low Just watch those Hammers hammer those other sides CARN THE HAMMERSDidn't west ham fans once say before in the Prem they were to good to go down. News for you about your manager he aint that good long ball team mate.Get some glasses or your looking at the wrong side we r not a long ball side have a good look were a great side


02 Jun 2012 10:40:08
I've heard that Darius Vassell may either go to MK Dons, who need a striker and have Ian Wright, who will attract new strikers who want to work with him, or to PNE, who are going through a squad overhaul currently. Or he will go for one final PayDay abroad. {Ed001's Note - do you really think Vassell will risk playing abroad again after last time? If you don't know what I am on about, try googling his blog, it makes for interesting reading.}(4)(7)Apparently he is close to signing for port vale!People do strange things for money...Surely not that strange...


02 Jun 2012 10:37:35
Southampton's exclusivity period for the signing of Jay Rodriguez has passed without a deal being struck. This now means that other clubs can bid for the lad.

Jay has stated that he would like to have the chance to consider his options before making such a life-changing decision but Southampton are still favourites to land his signature.(11)(10)Where did you hear this? As I understand it, J-Rod had been out of the country on his Holidays, while his agent has been handling negotiations.the bid was accepted and we haven't even had a chance to talk over personal terms because he is on holiday! you must be an absolute person to think that he would turn down a club which in the premier league got a rich owner, we are sensible with our money an we would only be paying out this much if we didn't believe that he was going to be a future great. there is no deadline and there has been no talk of a deadline if there was someone would have put it on sky sports or bbc sports website this is just a jealous supporter of another team who wishes they could have signed him so don't put stupid comments on here when you have know idea what your talking about, also Southampton are not new to the premier league we were their for 27 years and only got relagated under Harry Red, our owner was st at the time and invested money we didn't have at the time, we have had some of the best players play for us Alan S, Matt Le Tissier and more we just had some bad luck in the past and now we are back there with more money and a better owner which investing in the clubs future and wants to get us into the top six so we can have European football at some point in the future, dont say it wont happen because we have the money todo it and we have the manager to take us their, just face the facts that Southampton are a club players will want to join because of our ambitions, Look at Tadanari Lee had big clubs interested from the premier league but joined Southampton because he saw that we have ambitions to be a top six team and joined us. dont say hes st by one game because i know for a fact that 5 times in the premier league were interested in the him with clubs such as, Norwich, West Brom and others all looking at him and getting ready for a bid, As a team we have made some shock buys even in league 1 and the championship that made the world look twice at us. Face the facts Southampton have the money the ambitions and the manager to be a big club, look at what Harry Red said about Nigel Adkins, he said that in years to come Nigel Adkins would be the man to manage England but only when he has had more experience and is a bit older, this just show that we have a very good manager there were teams trying to get him but he turned them down saying i plan on staying at Southampton for a very long time. i hope this actually stops all you stupid fans that thik Southampton arnt a big team, we are the 6th richest club in europe not going y rev, going by money! we are going to prove all of you wrong and i cant wait for next season were we prove what we have and what we are capable of doing as a team and a club!I think some spotty 12 year old pretending to be an agent on Twitter posted this and gullible people like yourself have actually fallen for it. Oh dear..And breath.How could you have an exclusivity period that starts and ends whilst the player is away on holiday.
There are some people out there who don't think about what they are posting........and breatheExpect Paul Lambert to get him to VillaNo they are notNot going by revenue going by money? I'm guessing you mean money belonging to your owners? Your owner already wrote off huge debts, I dont think he will be throwing money left and right. Top 6 maybe an ambition but even when you had the likes of Le Tis and Shearer what was the highest you finished?You are not a cash rich club, your owners is two different things entirely. Yes, you used to be in the Premiership but things have changed so much since then. You will never be a top six side, Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle are all bigger than you, add in Aston Villa to that too. You certainly have delusions of grandeur.We finished runner up to Liverpool in the 80's. lost the league on goal difference.

Long time ago...

but a club with ambitions. Saints are going to surprise quite a few people in the next 5 yrs.Looks like a Pompey Skate has been on wikipedia looking at Saints history. As a Saints fan i dont care who we sign, i am sure NC and NA will do rifht for the club. Pompey fans concentrate on your own club you have far bigger problems then to worry about Saints.

I just read that all your players, (all 11 of them) can leave for free with 14 days notice because your club breached there contract. If that happends surely that will be it for you.It's ambition you person anything can happen look at newcastle and tottenham the latter was near the bottom of the prem before there turn around it Might not happen but with the right set up it could happen its forever evolving.Highest finish in top flight 2nd. Apart from Man City having loads more money, what has changed since we were last in the Prem? Looks like the same list of clubs to me. The ambition of our chief exec and wealthy owners is not a crime but i suppose ignorance and snobbery isn't either! Nearly swapped places with Villa last season.No Paul lambert will not get himOmg the money paid off was out of Markus Liebherr paid that debt off through his ow money and he is a billionaire so you must. the money he had he wanted invested in the club but want his son to use it wisely so we can be a big club in the years to come, also anyone can be top 6 with the right ambitions for the clubMy god, some Saints fans are embarrassing. We've not even been back for 2 months yet and you're expecting us to be mixing it with the big boys financially? We went down because we spent ridiculous amounts of money, we won't be doing it again. Players will come in for the right price, the money is there, but it won't be chucked about.Why do people argue about how "big" a club is? its nonsense , revenue based on gate receipts are no longer an effective measure. Ambition and he ability to maintain ambition might be (if you could measure it!)We didn't go down because we spent ridiculous amounts of money. WGS left because Lowe refused to sanction the transfers of Saha and Malbranque. Lowe then fudged it by not supporting Sturrock when the players revolted, hiring Wigley when out of his depth and, finally, not backing Redknapp enough in the January window. None of those scenarios occured because we overspent.


02 Jun 2012 10:36:28
joe mattock to sign at the start of next week(source daily mirror)(3)(8)Wow, great signing BUT FOR WHO?
we aint all psychicBrighton & Hove Albion I believePortsmouthThe bloke is a twt... several run ins with him... joey bartonesque.. but without talent. good luck


02 Jun 2012 10:31:24
Ben Strevens will sign for Oxford United next week(8)(2)No he wont...


02 Jun 2012 10:30:35

Jack Butland GK
Zak Whitbread CB
Geoff Cameron CDM
Thomas Ince RM
Jay Rodriguez CF

Dan Seabourne
Ryan Dickson
Tommy Forecast
Jason Puncheon
Jonathon Forte
Lee Barnard(9)(20)Saints are goin down newayzLeeds or Palace will sign the outsNo we ain't, we have the quality to stay in the premierI refuse to argue my point against someone who uses the word newayzCameron is predominently a Centre BackNot a bad shout as rumours go. The outs are about right, i thought Forecast had already gone.
As for the ins ince is the only one i am not to sure about, i think other clubs will be in for him as well.I see the intelligent fans are on today.."Saints are goin down newayz"....Dear godInce = no chance unless you slap 5 million on the counter - dream on.Im assuming that the guy who said saints are going down newayz is a skate bloody hell they love coming on to our page and writing a comment not realising how much of a bad situation they are in they still feel that they can take the mick out of teams who are in a higher league than themI smell fishPompey ins:

pompey outs:


02 Jun 2012 10:23:22
Joe mattock is on the brink of signing for Brighton(8)(7)Hes already been offered a better contract by derby after Paul dixons contract demands were to high and Mattocks were only half of that so they can him better Loyalty bonus to attract him with first team football and gareth roberts for cover and cup gamesQuality Left BackHe will go to Brighton as a) they have more funds than derby and b) he has links with Brighton as he spent last season on loanAnd I take it you what both clubs are offering him do you, you must be a very well trusted member of the football community!Mattock. Will join crawleyHaha Crawley! Lol


02 Jun 2012 10:20:15
Peterborough United midfielder George Boyd to Burnley £500k + Keith Treacy(5)(8)Hope so George Boyd will do well at burnley


02 Jun 2012 10:18:50
Peterborough winger George Boyd is set to join Burnley for £2m(10)(8)


02 Jun 2012 10:17:55
Hull City striker Aaron Mclean is set to join Brighton for a fee believed to be £2m(4)(12)After the stupid money they paid for CMS I really don't think they'd want McLean too!
Both are good players, they just can't cut it in the championshipAfter his performances for Hull he is hardly going to have appreciated in value - with just a year to go on his contract he will go for about half of the £1m that Hull paid for him


02 Jun 2012 10:16:59
Russell Martin to Aston Villa £3m(4)(17)Not gd enough for villa


02 Jun 2012 10:15:36
Craig Mackail-Smith is set to join Reading from Brightom for £2.5m.(8)(22)No better than what we already have, its just not going to happen.He has already proved he isn't good enough for the Championship, never mind the PL!That would be a rubbish buy for rzzzzzzzzzzzzNo thanks


02 Jun 2012 10:13:53
Aston Villa have made a £6m bid for Norwich defender Ryan Bennett. Bennett was only signed from Peterborough in January, but Paul Lambert sees Bennett as the ideal signing for Villa.(6)(21)6m seems a bit overpriced, i know hes young with time to develop but he is not worth 6m.

From a norwich fanWouldn't happen. Shown great star potential at Norwich, wouldn't let him go, especially not so soonDont believe you its liesNorwich would have made a nice profit on him


02 Jun 2012 10:11:00
Everton, Reading & West Brom have all had £2.5m bids accepted for Peterborough United striker Paul Taylor.(4)(12)Only cus the club shop have a load of old shirts left with no9 Taylor onIt was reported near to the close of the season that Paul Taylor wanted a move nearer to his home so it would make sense for him to go to Everton or Wigan as he comes from that area but I think that Reading or Fulham are not where he wants to be based. West Brom could be a possibility if it is close enough for him.


02 Jun 2012 10:09:29
Sone Aluko ready to sign for palace(6)(13)


02 Jun 2012 10:09:13
Peterborough United are looking to complete deals for. Danny Swanson - Free. Darren O'Dea - Free. Alex Cisak - £250k - Oldham. Paulo Gazzaniga - £600k - Gillingham. Michael Bostwick - £550k - Stevenage. Luke O'Neill - £250k - Mansfield. Paul Coutts - £700k - Preston. Anthony Wordsworth - £600k - Colchester. Michael Jacobs - Tribunal - Northampton. Chris Martin - Free - Norwich. Tom Kennedy - £150k - Leicester. Franck Nouble - Free(3)(18)Stop Kidding yourselfs you have no money to spend and even if some are Free Darren o dea will be on high wages.
You are favourites for relegation next season and so players wont want to join unless alot better players join.

Nouble has agreed to a trial with derby
and Michael Jacobs is Nigel Cloughs no1 target and i massively doubt he would snub them for you.If you think you are going to sign Wordsworth for 600K you are dreaming, stop smoking the wacky tobacky.We are not favourites for relegion thats Barnsley. We are second favourites get your facts rightThe twassock above me has no clue, fed up with people saying we have no money, we've got plenty, and a chairman that's willing to spend this summer, so if we want these players, we'll get them.All un true. Martin will cos money nouble is at west ham and another peterbough have no money lolWe don't have a lot of money available, but do have some, and nobody who comes on here knows how much.Wot ! Posh av no money you no nothing.Plenty in the pot .YOU dummies who say we aint got money, you will be surprised we who we av already signed.Keeping it to ourselves you numpties.Some of these will DEFINATELY happen....not all though.Where on earth do people get the impression from that Posh have no money,
I suppose that ignorance is bliss for some.We are one of the most financialy stable clubs in the championship, (Peterborough) so get your facts rightYou can have Holt and we will pay you 4-8 million.....just one condition, you keep Heskey.First Nouble has not agreed toi a trial @ Derby & Second 600K for Wordsworth might just cover the depositWhy wouldn't you continue with the policy, you guys have had so much success signing lower league players. As a Norwich fan I've seen first hand how Ryan Bennett is, and you got him from bottom of league 2 Grimsby. It's great to see you guys doing so well, and smashing the tractor 7-1 last season.


02 Jun 2012 10:05:01
Grant Holt to Villa for about 4-8mil Heskey to norwich on free(7)(21)Holts agent stated yesterday that if he were to leave Norwich Villa would not be an option. nice try though8 mill i will drive him there myself get realClose but got your numbers wrong.

Lambert expected to go for Holt and Norwich will accept £2M due to the clubs poor finances.

Heskey is at Carrow Road for talks, as we know Holt will leave.Needs to be £20m if we have to take HeskeyNo players are here having talks..because we have no manager! Never going to get £8m for Holt, I think it'll end up being nearer £4-5m... As for Heskey...if our next manager signs him up then he won't be around long!Not going to get 8 mil for holt but will be more than 2 mil

and if heskey joins norwich i will go and shoot the person whos idea it was to get himNorwich would be better re-signing Wilbraham than taking Heskey.


02 jun 2012 10:03:04
any bristol city transfer news.
any bristol city transfer news,(2)(15)


02 Jun 2012 10:01:02
Yeovil and Rotherham are both looking at torquays itish under 21 midfielder eunan o'kane(4)(8)As well as swindon
DevonGreenRotherham have comfirmed they have not bided for okane


02 Jun 2012 09:57:04
Oxford have accepted a 180k bid + chris zebroski, from Bristol Rovers. Bristol are also interested in midfielder Ross Draper, and bondz n'gala. it is also reported Bristol have taken a 17year old striker on trail from polish division two side LSK Lodz, the young bosnian, Michal Kaczmarz, has impressed during his first professional season in football, scoring 19 goals in 24 league games. However Kaczmarz is only one year into a five year contract, and is also attracting interest from a number of lower league English and German clubs, therefore would cost in the region of 150 - 300k.(4)(8)I hope not. Dont mind if James Constable leaves us - think a good move for all concerned but no thank you to Zabroski....we can do much betterAccepted that for who ?Please please please take bondz ngala
DevonGreenCan categorically say the Polish striker rumour is not true, however there is a young bulgarian striker in talks with Rovers. Was on trial at Aberdeen when McGhee was manager.

Also, Carayol set to sign for Watford £600k plus add ons. Striker Gavin Massey and full back Adam Thompson set to join on season long loan.

Aidan Downes set to sign on 6 month deal to prove fitness.


02 Jun 2012 09:41:51
James bailey to palace(10)(5)I hope you have 600k thats what west brom offered.Your getting a good young player good luck to you


02 Jun 2012 09:41:38
Southampton are planning a £3m move for Jack Butland, the 19-year old Birmingham keeper according to the Daily Mirror..(17)(8)Like this to be true,reckon he'd be a great addition to our squad.Aah yes, that beacon of factual reporting that is the Daily Mirror!! It is a tabloid newspaper and as such as no journalistic credibility, it treats the news secondary behind celebrities and gossip.Im pretty sure rodrigez was in a tabloid? research before you make your points


02 Jun 2012 09:32:06
Andrew Johnson set for Palace return, he'll become Palace's highest earner on a dropped wage of around 20k per week, source has said the Palace owner's are hoping for an increase in season ticket sales when they announce the signing on Friday, you heard it here first, good luck AJ and thank you for a great service, FFCM.(9)(19)Haha no chance!Good Luck AJ


02 Jun 2012 09:26:45
Very Unlikely but,
Daily Mirror: Southampton enquire about a £3M raid for Birmingham starlet Jack Butland(16)(10)This is ridiculous. no person can truthfully say they had heard of him a week ago.Southampton will be enquiring about every player wil a touch of quality because there desperate and need players dont mean they will get any1 since there bottom of the prem ship pile in pecking orderSaints desperate? Bottom of the pile? Pompey fan are we?Just because you haven't heard of him doesn't mean that no one has. Thanks to football manager I, and others have known about him for a while now.It says in the mail we just inquiredJust because you hadnt heard of him until a week ago, doesnt mean all of us were the same!
SOME football fans know about players even in the lower leagues.He would be a great signing saints r 1 of the best for bringing players through the ranks Matt le tiss gareath bale theo walcott etcThis could happen but on loan for the seasonIf this happens it wouldnt be a loan. Would be a perm transfer


02 Jun 2012 09:25:25
Paul Lambert to be confirmed our new
manager on weds.
Got to pay 1.5m compensation, lerner
doesnt want to pay but hey if u want
something u pay.
Dont mess around lerner and lose out,
norwich can block the deal, he still has
a contract to honour(12)(4)Thats a good deal for villa liverpool paid out 7 million1.5 million alone, the milestone was set with Swansea's 7 millionJust been announced on SSNLambert is on a one year rolling contract, Rodgers had 3 years left on his at least. people talking out of where the sun don't shine. and this post shows how reliable it all is, as lambert was confirmed today.


02 Jun 2012 09:24:32
West Ham latest transfer rumours: Yakubu is likely to join for a fee of 1.2m, he is expected to agree personal terms and pass a medical by next week. Been a lot of rumours about Wilfried Zaha becoming a west ham player within the next two weeks and they have offered 5m+Baldock+Spence for the promising young talent. Kieran Richardson is going to join for a fee of 4m, and that will also be announced in the next two weeks. If this Richardson deal falls through, they shall go for Blackburn full-back Martin Olsson but the hammers have competion from Chelsea. Been rumours that they want some free transfers aswell like Pogrebnyak, Kalou, Saha and Owen. But who shall be leaving West Ham? John Carew, Abdoulaye Faye, Papa Bouba Diop, Frank Nouble, Julien Faubert and Oliver Lee have all been released. Been loads of rumours that Rob Green has rejected a new-contract. This is all lies because he will reveal his future after the Euros! If he does reject a new contract, his has been strongly linked with QPR so that means West Ham will need a new keeper, but Big Sam has said Stephen Henderson will start as number 1 goalkeeper if Green does leave. Baldock has been linked with loads of championship clubs like Ipswich, Palace, Millwall but in my opinion, he will be to Palace because I can see the Zaha deal happening.(10)(14)Rumours in north is that richardson and mcartney will sign and also whu look like signing kenwyne jones from stokePogrebnyak and Kalou have much better offers already - the other dross is possible.


02 Jun 2012 09:10:55
Malky MacKay won't go to Norwich if he does there will be no money as Malky's contract release is around £4million, therefore any deal after that would bust the bank of Norwich City.
Despite being linked with Norwich Malky's men still looking for transfers at Cardiff.
James McFadden free.
Ricardo Fuller free.
Liam Lawrence £500k.
Andy Halliday is also wanted but Middlesborough haven't released a price tag on him yet.
If they can't get Halliday they will go for Jim O'Brien from Barnsley for around £750k.
Also don't rule out a return for Craig Bellamy.(11)(10)Norwich will get their number 1 Manager target to replace Lambert. Mark my words! And 4 million is not going to break the bank. We have already been told that we have an extra 10 million on what we spent last season on transfers! So could be as much as 25 million. The funny thing is Lambert will only have between 10-15 million at Villa. And believe me, they need a lot more than that to turn things around. So IF we wanted Malky, we would get him, but he isn't our number 1 target.Why would Villa have to pay less to get Lambert (who is under contract and has proven premiership credentials) than Norwich would for Manky who has a track record of personal advancement over club loyalty!As a norwich fan who ever the clown is two comments above what are you on about you know more than Steven fry. We won't pay four mil for mackay who would be an awful choice. Bring in Ian holloway. As for Lambert getting 20 mil at villa its more than we can affordLambert was on a rolling one year contract so any compensation would be small. Mackay signed a contract in February until 2016 so Norwich would have to buy out his contract. Relative position in the football leagues has nothing to do with it...I agree with all of thatDown side of giving s manager such long dr is if cardiff faol to me prem un nx couple years it will cost lot to get rid of who ever is in chargeAs a cardiff fan I think that Norwich will target ether lee clark or steve bruce as nether require compensation and would thus have more budget to help norwich survive because of malkeys release clauseTo the second comment with all due respects norwich can't pick and choose manager you are not a big enough club also no club says they have no money do theyJim O'Brien as agreed to sign a new contract at barnsley yesterday (saturday) everythings been agreed its a done deal


02 Jun 2012 09:06:24
Holt to conclude a £2 million move to Villa from Norwich by the end of next week(4)(25)Will be more then 2. Will be like 4-5ish look how important he has been to norwich for the past three seasons.

Realistic Villa FanNorwich have rejected £4.5m from West Ham. They will not sell for a measly £2m.He's not for sale only at 6m+Without a manager at Villa, no players will be signing.You dont pay 2million for a player that scored 17 goals last season!We have a manager6m for a 31yr old? no chance


02 Jun 2012 09:02:34
West Ham have had a 3million-pound bid rejected from Norwich for Grant Holt. Norwich say, ' If you want him, double the bid '.(8)(11)He would never go to a small club like west hamHolt is a legend at Norwich, if he leaves the club that loves him and is not with the manager that has brought the best out of him I feel he may fall flat on his face, the phrase BIG fish little pond springs to mind......who had heard of Grant Holt two years ago


02 Jun 2012 08:53:37
Ipswich have agreed a 750k deal with watford for scott loach(12)(4)Keep dreaming Ipswich
It'll be around 1.5-2 mil for ScottySounds like a good deal for Ipswich. But I can't see Watford letting him go for that sort of money without another keeper coming in.Good one! watford won't sell below 1.5mWhy say stuff that ain't true there interested in loach no bid yet and nothings been agreed and 750,000 more like 2.5 millionIf Watford are successful in loaning Ben Amos from Man Utd for the season, Scott Loach will leave for Ipswich in a deal worth £1m plus add - onsI can't see Loach going for any more than £1M, £750k is a fair price for both parties


02 Jun 2012 08:33:12
Reading are looking into the signing of Mamadou Diallo, a Mali international player. He now plays for CS Sedan. Fee of about 3.2 million.(7)(8)He'd be a good signing for them. He's marginally better than Heskey at any rate.


02 Jun 2012 08:22:23
More news on Woking FC
Interested in Calum Davenport(8)(5)


02 Jun 2012 08:05:17
Saints have announced their pre-season round robin tournament to feature the Gunners and Rangers – The line up for this memorial competition to honour the great Markus Liebherr is a fantastic appetizer to the new season, and what Saints fans deserve…….as a bonus the Olympic torch will also be there just to round things off……onward and upward…..COYRs(12)(1)Rangers must be walking down if they are still here.


02 Jun 2012 07:57:26
Bale and Modric going to man u plus utd paying 15m with swaps for Berbatov and Nani.. U herd it first(14)(36)U r joking berbatov is worth 6-10 mil nani is worth 13-20 mil bale 50 mil and modric milUtter nonsenseNow that is funnyBale is worth about £25million tops, modric about £30million if your lucky. Nani about 20-25million and Berbatov about 4million so therefore it would have to be these two plus 25-30million for any bid to be considered.Price are all wrong but would not be surprised if Bale didn't end up at utd. Perfect replacement for Giggs.


02 Jun 2012 07:47:59
Millwall midfielder Liam Trotter has been linked with West Ham and Brighton.(12)(11)


02 Jun 2012 07:14:38
Notts County manager Keith Curle will raid his old club and bring in Fitz Hall and Radek Cerny , and also Alex Bruce all to strengthen the defence for next season. Notts will also bring in Michel Symes, Daniel Bogdanovic, Gary Liddle, Lloyd Sam, Jackson Ramm and Lionel Ainsworth.(5)(11)I actually can see that happeningBy all accounts fitz Hall has agreed terms with leicester on a two year deal.Cerny signed a new 1 year deal today (bbc football) so wont be coming


02 Jun 2012 06:38:45
Millwall's Liam Trotter is wanted by West Ham, striker Sam Baldock could move in the opposite direction.(3)(19)Liam Trotter WILL NOT go to the SPAMMERS! And YOU can KEEP Baldock! COYLWe want good players from good clubs thank u but no thank uWhy would we want baldock he's done nothing for west ham and most of the time he's injuredMillwall expect Trotter to sign a contract extension shortly. UTW


02 Jun 2012 02:30:17
West Ham have made a formal bid of £5 million + Baldock on a season long loan to Crystal Palace for Wilfried Zaha. Crystal Palace are yet to respond. Kenwyne Jones, Kieron Richardson and George McCartney are all signings which will be confirmed within the next two weeks.(11)(9)I dont see it being accepted. why would he go to west ham? he plays on the floor.


02 Jun 2012 01:34:27

Josh McQuoid from Millwall for 750k plus Scott Malone
Lewis Grabban from Rotherham for 300k
Jamal Bajandouh form Winchester City for free(17)(3)Could be wrong but didnt millwall pay bournemouth 750k plus mcquoid. not other way round?Yes that's right, Millwall paid 750k + mcquoid! Great business for Bournemouth, we sold them mcquoid last year for 750k and signed Malone on a free so you could say Millwall have given us 1.5mil for nothing. Malone (although a very good player) was more of a fringe player towards the back end of season anywayWe bought Mcquoid for 500k and you bought malone for 150k so you obviously know what your talking aboutAnd it was 500k + McquoidIt's actually a straight swop with no money involved....confirmed by board membersIt doesn't really matter, Malone was a squad player for Bournemouth (although a very good player) and mcquoid was a squad player for milwall (although a very good player) but both now could prove very important players for respective first teams so good deal all round. Now if we could just take Liam back off your hands that would be greatFee for Malone was revealed as player plus cash believed to be in the region of £750k. That means the cash involved (if any) was £750k minus whatever Millwall's valuation of McQuoid is.Why did we sell scott he was a great player


02 Jun 2012 01:30:01
So Liverpool have a 60 million limit on this years transfer budget unless they sell so I think they will
Skrtel(really dont like this but he apparently wants to leave and theirs no point keeping an unhappy player)
Thats all I can really see us selling can see us selling cause of the massive loss we would make on last years signings
We need to
A centre back
A left back a left winger
1 or maybe even 2 right wingers so wel have a backup
And a clinical finisher
I wanna hear who you think we will sign and be realistic (eg non starting champions league footballers)
I honestly dont really know but eager to see your opinions(3)(20)Gary hooper is a clinical finisherDarren Bent clinical finisherIf Rogers gets the job I would like to see him take either Dyer or Sinclair with him!All Liverpool can play for next season is a top 6 finish. That would be a good season for them.Your Budget will be closer to 20 million pounds plus sales. You can thank Kenny and all the money he blew on downing and co. No way will it be 60 {Ed001's Note - there is no budget, each signing is assessed on a case by case basis. Any talk otherwise is fantasy.}Scousers likes to dreamRyan shawcross is a great centre half wud be a awesome signingHaha 60million? thats why liverpool have said brendan will have 25 million lus players sales whih will be around 12 million? and he cant buy any swansea players for 12 months so dream on people {Ed001's Note - Liverpool have not put a figure on the amount available.}As the eds have there will not be a figure i believe they will spend within their means and i believe they could afford more than 60 million if they wanted to as i think their richer than what people thinkHeard the figure for transfers was more 30-35 million plus anything from sales.


02 Jun 2012 01:14:39
celtic will either sign one of the following

carew(8)(20)They will sign Carew because he's st, just like the Scottish leagueDefinitely Carew. Celtic scraping the championship rejects barrel for their annual champions league farcical embarassment.Wee Club Syndrome ^^Yakubu and Rhodes would be the only two who would interest Celtic, the other two couldn't hit a barn door from two feet, and 3 out of the 4 played in the supposedly superior premiership last season.I love the english fans, just delusional. I was at Celtic Park when we beat Man Utd, Liverpool and Blackburn oh and when we beat Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus etc

the list goes on. the only English side to give us a true doing was Arsenal and we had Mowbray that season in which St Mirren even beat us 4-0 lol so nothing to be proud about there.

Celtic more often than not have beat english sides even back to the 70's when Leeds were going to "hammer us" and we hammered them. my grandad and dad have heard the same arrogance from england fans from years and saw celtic shut you up also and so hav iWell said mate, they can only criticise the league, they forget how much money the english teams have and celtic would still hammer most of then YNWAMate totally agree with you but it always will be there from the commentators to the fans totally ignorant! That is why they are the most hated international team in the worldTrue buddy haha even on rte an irish broadcaster, they still lick the english teams ball. when celtic were playin united in the cl, the main presentor(bill o herlihy), said at half time will celtic win or will WE win hahah


02 Jun 2012 01:03:36
Kenneth C Griffin, is thought to be the man behind the chicago based outfit rumoured to be interested in leeds.

He is the founder and CEO of citadel 1 of the worlds largest hedge fund investment firms, and has a personal wealth thought to be in the region of $2.3-$2.5 billion.

At the end of 2011 he was the 512th richest person in the world!

This is the rumour i have heard from relatives who live in the states and a friend who has just recently come back (3 days ago)from the states and stopped off in chicago (for 1 night) on his way back home.

tommo. MOT(9)(11)


02 Jun 2012 00:38:52
Preston north end have snapped up stephen Darby on free transfer from liverpool.this will be announced soon.

Also rumours about gary roberts is total nonsense he has signed for sheffield wednesday.(13)(12)Amidst some of the garbage being posted Darby seems a good shout,particularly as we need a right back....


02 Jun 2012 00:30:04
Looks like Micheal Landrup has moved near the front of the queue as Huw Jenkins feels his reputation, philosophy as well as his contacts would suit Swansea however it is believed that Greame Jones is Huw Jenkins favoured choice due to past relationships and he believes the former assistant is a very decent person and would be able to have a close relationship which Huw believes to be one of the three main attributes to a Swansea manager, alongside philosophy and tactical knowledge.(7)(5)Apparently graham has rejected the the offer as he wanted to bring people with him but huw jenkins wouldnt pay the compensaation for them?Local press say Jones now out of the picture.Good that jones is out wee need a manager not a turncourt


02 Jun 2012 00:14:00
Preston to sign Ricardo Fuller on a free
after recently being released by stoke.
Also it is believed Preston are in the
running to sign Michael Owen(5)(49)Aww you made me spill my tea :(Fuller has been asking stupid wages allegedly and can't really see PNE affording him.I said fuller would come back like a month agoPlaying for Jamaica tonight before anyone claims to have spotted him at Deepdale :-)Absolute garbage. completely untrue.Yes he 'has'... Minor confirmation if you Wikipedia him... My sources are proper sources... Congrats PNE (Terrier)I have been told that Owen will sign for PNE as a favour to Trevor Hemmings and eventualy buy the club off him.

Ricardo Fuller would fit right in at Deepdale and we could well afford his wages as Hemmings is giving us £5m - £10m to buy new players.

Have also been told by a friend who works at Deepdale that there are another 8 players comming in but they wont be announced because their clubs dont want the fans to know their losing their best and brightest players.

Newcastle, Liverpool & Chelsea have also told Westley that he can have the pick of their youth teams on loan next season to develop their playing skills as he did such a good job at StevenageGo back to playin footy Manager, cos thats only way any of this would be possible.

I havent laughed so hard in a long time. Owen wants to stay in the Prem and PNE couldnt afford either wages.You won't be able to afford the wages. Fuller was released because Stoke wanted to lower his wages and he refused and Michael Owen will be getting a mint at Man U. More importantly, Owen has stated many times that he wants to play TOP FLIGHT football. Sorry PNE.Hahahhaha---go outside and get some much needed fresh air..and im a preston fan and thats the best i heard yet!Ha ha, is it April 1st? Fuller and Owen?
Not a cat in hells chance. From a realistic PNE fan.As a pne fan i know this fuller owen rumour is utter tripe .yes pne have a lot of money to spend but it wont be on these two ,championship strikers more like itPNE are signing lower league players who are available on Bosmans and frees....not Fee'sTrue for fuller but it will be his last season before retiring!Owen to PNE. aahahahah. Oh dear I've just pee'd a bit.Your all forgetting how rich preston are.. i am not a fan of them but they have one of the richest owners in tthe football leagues. owen owes horses so does hemmings so dnt rule it out


02 Jun 2012 00:13:54
Gillingham to speak to Danny Murphy about the possibility of a player/manager role.(3)(29)


02 Jun 2012 00:13:21
Norwich will not sell Holt to Villa as they still unhappy about Lambert. As Holt has handed in a transfer request he could be on his way to Everton or Southampton for 3m+(4)(26)Holt will leave for a newly promoted team, West Brom, Sunderland or Everton for less than £4m, so this could be trueSouthampton are planning a £3m move for Jack Butland the Birmingham keeper according to the Daily MirrorNot sure why Southampton would want Holt with Rickie Lambert already at the club who is technically superior to Grant.He's not for sale. Norwich will only accept 6m+We've got lambert, lee, sharp and possibly Rodriquez all of whom are better than Fat Boy Holt will ever be. Most over-rated player in the division. 15 goals in a season-Whoopie!OMG LMFAO, Holt is only worth 2-4 million taking in his age 3 million so dont get your hopes up Norwich, Grant Holt is good but is not worth more than Yakubu who is being sold for 2 million and hes been in the premier league longer and scored more goals so why is Holt worth more? Stop dreaming, even if you do get around 4-5 million for him the club that buys him are stupid! he should of not been an person in trying to leave Norwich they made him15 goals in the prem for a fat not to bad. Better than Lambert who is still yet to prove.himself at the highest level. FOOLHow is Everton (or Sunderland for that matter) a newly promoted team?? Lets be honest, he could go to any EPL club except the top 6-7 because he's quite cheap for a couple of seasons of 10+ goalsHolt to Southampton? I needed a laugh. Thanks for that one.Haha ok i think we'll talk again after lambert scores 15 in 1 premiership season which will happen... NEVER!Lambert has outscored Holt in every division in the football league. Hopefully we'll see the same next seasonRight for all you who really think Holt is better than Rickie Lambert watch him play watch how he controls the ball he scored more than Holt did in the championship fact! he's good, technically gifted and can read and write unlike someone i know :L So just watch He is better than Holt all day long! and he is faster than Holt proven fact as well!


01 Jun 2012 23:51:28
Katlego Mphela will be unveilved as an Swindon player either over the weekend or early next week. He flew over for talks on thursday and the details of his contract have been discussed on Friday.
Mphela will be on an wages similar to the rest of the squad but will have significant goal bonuses, which was been negotiated by several members of Swindon's scouting 'consultansy' scheme.

Source: Scout @ STFC(9)(5)This better be true he looks classDon't believe this. Fact cannot spell cconsultancy doesn't give rumour much credibility.It's not true.

Di Canio will be only signing English players after he made some very dubious foreign signings at the beginning of last seasonNOT TRUE. Mphela has just signed a new deal with his club in SA, Mamelodi Sundowns.Di canio has said 80% british signings so 1-3 signings from abroad are still possible


02 Jun 2012 00:04:21
Bristol City set to sign English born Jeremy Kyle from CSKA Sofia FC.(0)(19)Trisha is joining Arsenal as wellYeah jerry springer signs for derby and dale whinton signs for bristol roversWill he have his own tv show full of mingers and chavs?His disciplinary record is said to be very poor. His instance of running up to the ref and shouting 'you sir, are a disgrace. Get off my stage' often leads to a straight red.


01 Jun 2012 23:52:36
Southend are trying to sign young Shrewsbury striker Tom Bradshaw.(7)(9)Southend's best chance is getting him on loan. There's zero chance of him joining them permanently.I don't think we really want him.Possibly a loan move as part of a deal for Ryan Hall?You can have him if we get hall in returnPossibly a loan deal as part of a deal for Ryan Hall?Heard it's just a loan move providing Shrewsbury pay is wages.We are close to signing gavin tomlin and we don't need another striker if we get him so this is unlikely to happenWe only need strikers who can actually score!! And Gavin Tomlin doesn't really fit the bill6 goals in 10 games for gillingham, can play up front and on the wing, tomlin is ideal for play it along the ground football not hoofball which cost us last season.Bradshaw is proven at this level,i'd be glad to see him sign.Bradshaw proven at this level? how?Wales u21 at 18 years old. Needs games on loan. wont play at Town... YetPos tom may go out on loan but that will be all


01 Jun 2012 23:30:43
wigan ins:

amr zaki (zamalek)-5million
heskey-free 50/50 though
dos santos (spurs)-loan

kirkland-already signed for sheff wed
gohouri-linked with cardiff and ipswich
diame-to move to everton in next 2 weeks unless he gets a better offer from another club
rodallega-linked with arsenal, liverpool and fulham(7)(18)As a wigan fan, i think it is rather hypocritical for you to to criticise evertons standard - diame will thrive there, where there is no pressure of relegationZaki is currently on the waste tip of footie - will not come to Wigan. Can see the others though....Zaki will be a free agent.I reckon dos santos will go swansea but i hope he comes to usArsenal looking to sign dzekoNobody was being hypocritical conisidering man utd and arsenal were rumoured to be linked and malaga and i would say they are better than everton but i agree he would like to sign for everton


01 Jun 2012 23:24:24
Gary Roberts has signed for Preston North End... Done.
(Terrier)(6)(19)No he as not and yes am a pne fanHe's already signed for shef weds


01 Jun 2012 21:58:14
Scunthorpe utd set to sign former Northwich Victoria striker Jonny Allan. Think he plays for gainsbo(2)(8)


01 Jun 2012 21:56:44

Jay Rodriguez - Burnley - £7,000,000
Scott Dann - Blackburn - £4,000,000
Mark Davies - Bolton - £2,500,000
Thomas Ince - Blackpool - £2,000,000
Thibaut Courtois - Chelsea - Season Loan

Radhi Jaidi - Retired
David Connolly - Released
Lee Holmes - Preston - Free Transfer
Jack Dovey - Eastleigh - Free Transfer
Harlee Dean - Brentford - Free Transfer
Bartosz Bialkowski - Released(26)(26)Southampton wont pay 7million for rodriguez
scott dann sounds legit
davies said he is staying at bolton
ince will go for about 3.5 million
courtois to go to athletico madrid againThey have already had a 7 mil bid appectedBrentford signed harlee dean on permanant deal from southhampton a couple of days agoRodriguez accepted would be happy with the rest but not sure about mark daviesIts going to cost you a whole lot more than 2 or 3.5 mill or Ince.Surley Chelsea will want Courtois to have a bit of prem experience before he starts for Chelsea?Would love to see all those players at Southampton but I can't see Courtois going.You won't get Mark Davies for £2.5 million. Bolton have slapped a fee of £4m on his head. The board have given assurance they won't sell,It doesnt say they havent signed harlee dean? (to the poster up above)Harlee dean signed for brentford fc 2 weeks agoTypical case of 'not a big club anymore' thinking you are! Were you ever a big club? Spending 7 million on Rodriguez? I think over paying to over compensate the fact any striker worth that won't join saints?! Grant holt scored nearly 20 goals in the prem been bid for less than 5 million? I hope Rodriguez signs and takes you down with Sharp.If Rodriguez fulfills his potential, he will have at least doubled is value in 3 years. Holt in 3 years will be released from whoever on a free. We hope Rodriguez signs as well.Courtois was sent to Athletico Madrid when Chelsea signed him last summer for two years. So I very much doubt that he will be with Southampton this season.I watch scott dann last season and anyone that gets him i feel sorry for because he will only take you down, terrible defender


01 Jun 2012 21:55:55
Nahki Wells is set to complete move to Carlisle in deal of 200k + Rory Loy(2)(11)Wells signed on at BRadford for the year already, he ain't moving.

And if I'm right Carlisle didn't offer him a deal when they had him before.He wont come backEpic fail of a post, Wells was awful at Carlisle we certainly wouldn't pay £200,000 for him and Loy, who is 10 times better than Wells.


01 Jun 2012 21:51:23
Rotheram manager Steve Evans is set to raid Swindon Town FC for some of their foreign cast offs. It is believed Evans has lodged an 50K combined bid for Allessandro Cibocchi and Mehdi Kerrouche.(5)(10)Snap Evans hand off Di Canio! These two are not worth anything. Kerroche's attitude and fitness is shocking. Cibo is injury prone and good for a mistake a gameThey won't go we all hate evans he is fat nd is only here to eat our piesFans forget that without kerrouche's goals/freekicks and penalties in the early part of the season we wouldnt have won the league and may not have even made auto. I still think he's class under the correct training regime and as he's under contract id want at least 100k for him. he was rated at 500k on transfer market value before we signed himKerrouche would be a great player under a decent managerSo...PDC takes Swindon to Wembley...and the 2nd Division title in his FIRST season...and yet Kerrouche would do well under a decent manager?? he didn't perform under Wilder when at loan at Oxford either...and he's got to be a good manager...he kept them up after all!!


01 Jun 2012 21:50:24
Any news on Barnsley front?(3)(7)


01 Jun 2012 21:46:30
Bristol city have made a new offer for Coventry city centre back Keagh £500k and James Wilson in part exchange this is seen as a better offer than straight cash(2)(14)SISU (Cov's owner) would not be interested in any player exchanges... Unless Bristol City agree to pay their wages too!


01 Jun 2012 21:44:53
mike grella and jermaine johnson signing for the mighty bantams next week(4)(8)Not the first time I've heard this. Increased budget at City this year and many rumours around Blake/Gray/Johnson/GrellaSorry your wrong about grella as he as just put pen to paper with preston north end


01 Jun 2012 21:36:11
Celtic manager neil Lennon Not going anwhere sais the scottish Board(19)(2)Kadourri? He left before Jan. Owen? Just no...


01 Jun 2012 21:32:54
Norwich are considering a move for Dougie Freedman if the inevitable happens. The Canaries believe the lure of a bigger club will be enough to secure his services(8)(19)No hes not on their radar. Chris Hughton has been the boards number one choice to succeed Lambert for a while if he ever decided to walk out (like he has). just depends if he wants to come and compensation.Stop dreaming pal. why would he want to go to a club that are really struggle to stay in the prem. he`s young and still has a lot to learn. dont assume that cos he`s scottish that he has the midas touch.Joel Ward would be a bit mythed signed for palace because of freedmanNorwich are not a bigger club than Crystal palace.To be honest the only targets at the moment are what Lambert told McNally which he still thinks are a good idea. It will depend on who comes in.. Lennon - SPL players, Mackay/Hughton - Championship players, Lee Clarke - Lower leagues, Bruce/McLiesh - over rated expensive PL players or Free transfers. My favourite has to be Lennon, he has proven his loyalty and bravery with what he went through with abuse, Although he gets Champion League he has not done it in PL and he seems to be spending most of the time Mingling with the fans seeing as he is sent to stands most weeks."Norwich are not a bigger club than Crystal palace." LOLOh please! We @ NCFC know our place in the pecking order and yes, Villa are a bigger club than us in all respects. But Palace "not" bigger? List your reasons-but don't include gates, trophies won, Premier League/Division One status or history, because you don't come anywhere near us on those issues!Dougie Freedman to Palace! they finished in the lower half of the table even with all that so called talent they 'dont want to sell'. I think Norwich are setting their sights well low if they are interested in him.Southampton are a bigger club than both :L but i do agree Norwich are the bigger club as for Palace uh, your just not what you used to be. but Norwich Southampton are a bigger club than you are History and everything dates back 10 years before you and we spent more time in the prem than you so let that one go as well, and sorry but i cant help but think buttom three run next season for you due to what is happening right now to your club. i hope it does get back into shape though for next season because i cant wait to play you at home and away :D


01 Jun 2012 21:29:02
celtic monitering matt hills (Leicster)
and Marcus Henrikson ( Rosenberg)
Michael Owen
Johny russell ( dundee united ) hes a die hard celtic fan !!
Jordan rhodes ( Huddersfield )
Ross Mckormack


Daniel Masjonavic
Cha du ri
Darren odea
Dom cervi
mark Wilson
badr el kadourri

Players geting moniterd at the hoops

Hooper ( Worth 7-10m) by Everton,Southhampton,West Brom,QPR

KI worth 2-5m by man u ( because a Darren Fletcher)

Darren Odea might b bought by leeds after LOAN SPELL(7)(21)Having a laugh hooper might get 5 million maxBig mas been away for weeks (AIK)
El kaddouri left in jan
Darren odea can't be bought he's a free agent..........Hes a die hard celtic fan !
so what !Neil Warnock has already siad he does not want O DearHere we go again another one who knows nothing about the club or the players if Hooper would only go for 5 million then why did Celtic reject 7 million from southampton.5 million max for hooper? So why have Southampton already had an 8 million offer rejected?Who the fk is matt hills?

LeicesterLadIf we will only get 5 mil for hooper why did we reject 7 mil in january?His name is matt mills ex reading captainBecause hooper has decent record in spl which is L1 level in England his fee has shot up!!no more than £4mill and that is a risk for prem clubHoppers value is going down as he is only doing it in spl against the likes of Motherwell who would not last a season in England's 2nd tier.L1 standard is spl.Seriously shut up with this league 1 crap. Celtic arent league 1 material, everyone knows that, all you english people just criticise Celtic because they are scottish, yous must be stupid, a 7 million big (that is 2 more million than 5) was made for Hooper in Janurary since then he has scored more goals, so if anything his price has went up.If Jelavic came to Everton for 5mil pounds, there's no way in hell we'd pay 7-10million for Hooper.... that's just madness.

Steve EFC


01 Jun 2012 20:43:05
Just Heard Motherwell have Opened talks with former Preston CB Daniel Devine Irish International(13)(1)Has the potential to become a very good player


01 Jun 2012 21:00:36
Recent international transfers :

Eren Derdiyok - Hoffenheim
Ivica Olic - Wolfsburg
Xherdan Shaqiri - Bayern Munich
Tim Wiese - Hoffenheim
Mark Van Bommel - PSV
Riccardo Montolivo - Milan(17)(1)Marko Marin - Chelsea


01 Jun 2012 20:56:44
Any Burnley rumours?(4)(11)George Porter from Orient


01 Jun 2012 20:56:01
High-demand swiss Granit Xhaka has signed for borussia Montengladbach.

Source - google him(9)(3)Interesting choice.


01 Jun 2012 20:52:00
With Paul Lambert moving closer and closer to the managerial role at Aston Villa, it is reported that Grant Holt and possibly Steve Morison could also leave Carrow Road for Villa Park(14)(14)Grant Holt will be i don't know about morisonYou are welcome to them both, they will bring harmony to your dressing room.
They cant stand each other


01 Jun 2012 20:49:51
Saints are poised to bid £3m for Mariappa and snatch him from under the noses of Reading. Butterfield may be used as in a potential reduced cash + player offer(13)(18)That would work if it wasn't for the fact that Reading's bid wasn't rejected and Mariappa will have a medical when he returns from international duty.Not he's not having a medicalUnless Reading start talking about a sensible amount - they will not need a doctor next week that is for sureSaints have no interest in maricrappa. Waste of space. Bigger and better things.No he's not having a medical right now he's on international duty but when he returns the deal will be done. The Sky Sports story is about 2 weeks behind.Reading won't get him I don't know if saints are after him hope he stays wfc


01 Jun 2012 20:49:13
keith andrews on a free going to itfc(8)(20)And then the ipswich fans woke up.....He is too good for you.


01 Jun 2012 20:13:03
West brom are getting alumina from arsenal as he was released, Albion to offer him a 22 grand a week pay deal(3)(17)Haha what a joke.


01 Jun 2012 19:29:43
Tranmere to resign Andy Taylor following his release from Sheff Utd. Steve Simonson also being considered but the form of OFW may not see this happen. Gary Roberts is another to be offered terms alongside Danny Cadamartri. I told you about the signing of Ben Burgess over a week ago!(5)(9)Gary roberts to sign for wednesdayWhy would you want him though?Huddersfield released him and you are better than themAndy taylor is a realistic signing for tranmere, alot of speculation of tranmere chasing anthony kay but hes still under contract with huddersfield and the main reason he left was because his family could not settle on merseyside so cant see that happeningI'd have Cadamarteri at Rovers - could work well with Burgess


01 Jun 2012 18:55:45
Walsall are close to signing Stratford Utd striker Mykel Beckley, Mykel scored 15 goals for Stratford last season and Dean Smith sees him as an ideal replacement for the departed Alex Nicholls who has joined Northampton(4)(3)Doubt that will happenBased on what? He is definitely on Walsall's radar and the other clubs looking at him include Mansfield Town and Port Vale so if Mykel has faith in his ability, he should come to a division one club! If you read this Mykel, forget 'decisions, decisions' and come and join the Saddlers!


01 Jun 2012 19:52:51
Bournemouth have beaten Sheffield United to the signature of Rotherham's Lewis Grabban on a 3 year contract for a fee believed to be £750,000(20)(4)It's been confirmed as £300,000Its 300k


01 Jun 2012 19:37:48
Bournemouth have had a bid believed to be in the region of £1million rejected for Bristol City striker Brett Pitman.(3)(10)You aint got 1millionYou're right we haven't....... We've got £2.2 billion.......No we aint got 1 million. We got a lot more than that, little RICH club.Yeh we have new russian owners, there loaded


01 Jun 2012 18:39:07
I work at the club shop at ytfc, and
i am also related to John Fry. I know
for a fact we have no money to spend
but that we have made an enquiry
about Nathan Smith, James Constable
and Akinfenwa. Also i have heard
Freddy Eastwood is 90% at yeovil town
already just waiting for Gary Johnson
to return from his holiday to be able
to complete the deal.(4)(12)And if you were related to john fry then he wont be happy that you put transfer targets on you made me laugh .. hI also have heard these rumours, i can simply say that i would be delighted to have these players come to the club. it would be a great step up from the current squad. the news that nathan jones has left today was, quite simply, a heartbreak. The lads a legend, his years of dedication at the club have been top notch. {Ed003's Note - ..Nathan Jones you've been gone too long....]Oh yeah good one.


01 Jun 2012 18:33:59
Peter Ramage to Crawley.(7)(11)


01 Jun 2012 18:29:24
Darren O'Dea & Danny Swanson will join Peterborough United on fee transfers.(4)(18)There wages will be too high especially
both being International footballers^ we have money^ not for their wage demands though. If we had money we wouldnt keep fishing in non league for players.


01 Jun 2012 18:24:21
Alex McLeish willl become the nex City manager
if Malky Mackay joins Norwich(7)(22)Not a bad replacement if this was to be true!I've heard on the grapevine that McLeish has been sounded out to be the next manager of the canariesHaha no way is mcleish coming to norwich. doesn't fit the profile at all.Agent 4 - 5 - 1 has been unleashed. He was almost successful at Villa but ultimately failed in his mission to create misery and relegation. Be careful for what you wish!That should please the Swansea fans.If mcleish joins city we'll still be in the championship by the end of next season or relegated to the 1st division


01 Jun 2012 18:20:55
Peterborough United have agreed a £350k fee with Oldham Athletic for goalkeeper Alex Cisak. Cisak has cut his holiday in Australia short to complete the deal.(5)(11)Hope so cause he is in last year of his contract, that would also be a very good fee to say he is in his last year so i wouldn't mind that one bitBest 'keeper we've had at Boundary Park for years, so wouldn't be at all surprised if this were true.Like the sound of this!


01 Jun 2012 18:20:53
Chris Hughton is being lined up to succeed Lambert.(14)(11)Indeed he is, but may not be possible


01 Jun 2012 18:19:53
Paul Sturrock has accepted a 165k bid from Shrewsbury Town for winger Ryan Hall.

(BBC Shropshire:James Bond)(11)(5)Nonsense. And I'm a shrews fan!Where's James Bond said that then? {Ed003's Note - Bloody hell ED 007 gets about}So you say.....


01 Jun 2012 18:16:45
Barnsley defender Lee Collins is a target for Bradford City, who look set to miss out on Rory Mcardle.

Phil Parkinson is also taking a look at Sheffield United's young attacking midfielder, Erik Tonne.(0)(19)Collins only just joined Barnsley! Would he really drop back into League Two so soon after leaving it?Only just signed for barnsleyWhy would barnsley do this thyve JUST SIGNED HIMSigning Ben Parker on Wednesday.Who signing Ben Parker? City or barnsly


01 Jun 2012 18:16:28
Chris Hughton will be the next Norwich Manager(20)(13)


01 Jun 2012 18:02:00
Been told by reliable source that Jordan Rhodes is off to Fulham in the summer. They bidded for him in January however Huddersfield pleaded to Rhodes to stay and get them promoted and he would be free to go in summer.

Also, Dembele and Dempsey will be off in the summer.



01 Jun 2012 17:37:33
James Hayter in talks with his former club, AFC Bournemouth, about a possible return having been released by Doncaster Rovers in May. It would allow for James to be back closer to his family on the Isle of Wight.(10)(10)Heard he is going to charlton along with coppingerCoppinger staying put


01 Jun 2012 17:32:03
west brom are in talks with sunderland over the possibility over getting mignolet for £3 million, as a number 2 behind Foster(5)(31)Why would sunderland sell there no1 keeper?

Mignolet would not gain anything being a no2 keeperNo way we will sell him. We have let gordon go leaving only two keepers we are not about to sell another. Mignolet will stay and be our number 1We are guna rip up the league with next season.........................................NOT


01 Jun 2012 17:30:41
West Brom were hoping Chris Hughton would resign when Blues failed to get promoted - this has scuppered Albions plans and they are now looking at Ralf Rangnick. He, however is deliberating over an offer made by the club but is unhappy at the proposed transfer budget. What next?...........(6)(9)This is taking to long. Surely it shouldn't take almost 2 months to find a decent managerI agree. So typical of Albion. I don't think we had to panic but this is silly nowIt's ok. I heard Alex mcleash is having an interview for the baggies job tomorrowHe has a home in the area, out of a job, the ideal man for the job. eck to WBA


01 Jun 2012 17:26:39
A journo friend of mine who writes for local sports rag has shadowed a few Ipswich Scouts in the past 3 years on various fact finding missions,normally in Scotland and Holland, this year he is doing the same and has been told he will not need his passport or over night bag as Ipswich are looking local in the main, to that end, expect signings to come from col u , Norwich, posh and Stevenage . He has been told there is money to be spent but only in accordance with fair play. Take this as you will but any talk of spending Connor Wickhams profit on 2 or 3 marquee players is very wide of the mark.PJ is looking at cheap potential alla Hewit and pushing the youth players to make the grade. This coincides with Brian Klug coming back ( not 100%) to develop the talent already in place.There is alot of fringe talent local and prices will be fair so do not expect big name signings.This is a time of patience as there is a long term plan in place but things will start to look up very soon. I know there are no names on this post regarding transfers, this is because i am not privy to such info,i am mealy stating what is happening now in regards to the scouting .(7)(8)You talk a lot of sense and i have to say a very good read but I think you are wrong about Norwich players as it would be seen as a step back.Interesting and I have to say as a town fan more 35 yrs I would be very happy if we went down this road .I agree because the last time we signed big name players like chopra and bullard they have become a bit of a waste of money!Hutchings has said we need to strenghten the spine of the team, we need a GK,2x CB, CM (to replace Leadbitter) and a ST, whilst I agree PJ is looking at younger players. I'm not sure we can get all if these from just the clubs you mention. Also our only signing so far has come from Macclesfield.Think jewell is definately sniffing round ben williams magnus okuonghae and john joe o toole as all are free and would walk straight into ipswich first teamAnother great example of an Ipswich fan's literal prowess. 'Mealy'?! Where you hungry when you wrote this garbage? 'Merely' just for future reference. Also, shadowing Ipswich scouts must be a short & interesting experience. Surely it doesn't take much 'scouting' to find the the next Bullard to bleed the club dry for an extortionate weekly fee. If Ip5w1ch are going back to the local parks for their next great player it simply means Marcus Evans is fed up with chucking money down the drain. Perhaps if Ipswich scouts look hard enough they will find the next Jordan Rhodes (Whoops!- nice discard there!) Don't worry you will get out of the Championship in the end I'm sure. When ME pulls his cash out and League 1!Oh yes because in the past ten days everything seems rosey in canary land and as for the op, he/she made one spelling mistake and that is the only thing you can pick on. Whilst I agree we will sign from further afield , it was still a good concise post and I have no doubt we will sign local also . Tx op as I believe every word which lets face it on a site like this, that is saying something .


01 Jun 2012 17:23:20
Lee Clark will be appointed the new Norwich manager when Paul Lambert goes to Villa after compensation has been agreed. McNally does not want to sell Grant Holt but Tottenham are set to offer Naughton and Dos Santos as a swap deal to replace Van Der Vaart. Clark will look to replace Holt with Jordan Rhodes from former club Huddersfield. Clark also looks to pick up Former Fulham captain Danny Murphy on a free after being released by the Londoners. Apart from this and the odd signing Lee Clark has been told by the board to continue the run of the club transfers started by Paul Lambert buying young, hungry players with lower wages. McNally will have a big budget and is right behind Clark. These are some possible targets:
M Phillips
and others(11)(30)No...Just no.No no no. why would a new manager go for paul lamberts targets or ex players? new manager will have fresh ideas and new targetsPowell looks like a done deal with man utd. going back on loan next season.Believe me Lee Clark wouldn't go to a club where there wasn't millions and millions to waste. Ps if he does you'll be relegated on the lowest number of points in history!!If sheff have signed him you have made one huge mistake too slow to play in the championship


01 Jun 2012 15:51:18
ed any news on new manager for hull city? {Ed001's Note - not that I know of.}(2)(7)Now football on twitter saying bruce will sign next week


01 Jun 2012 17:40:30
West Brom head scout Dan Ashwoth has identified 5 possible signing for their new manager, believed to be Ralf Rangnick, which will be confirmed in the next 48 hours.

Mariano Pavone - (Free)
Grant Holt - (Asking price may be an issue)
Danny Guthrie - (Free)
Paul Robinson - (3.5m)
Zak Whitbread - (Free)
Robert Snodgrass - (2.5m)

Jonas Olsson, Peter Odemwingie and Simon Cox will be leaving the club.(7)(20)Erm, Snodgrass fee will be an issue? Value: 8 million at the moment, and Leeds will probably be embargoed soon anyway.Those players won't be leavingIf those signings were to be true, none of them would improve us except Guthrie (strong squad player) and Snodgrass who is an ideal player we need. i wouldnt like to see Holt or any of the others.. if Ralf is to be our manager id like to think he would attract bigger names for smaller fees!


01 Jun 2012 17:21:21
Wilfried Zaha to join West Ham for £5 million,plus Sam Baldock going to Palace on loan for the season! Big Sam also hoping to sign Kieron Richardson, Blackburn 'keeper Paul Robinson and Michael Owen.(23)(26)No, just noI lol'dWould be a great signing but Palace would want a bit more for him i think"Palace would want a bit more for him i think" Oh Nigel, please stop fooling around.


01 Jun 2012 17:19:11
Reading had bid rejected for Watford defender Adrian MariappaPD(21)(7)£2m bid rejected. Not going to be as cheap as some Reading fans thought :-)This is an interesting one as i was told a while ago we have had a bid accepted by a few reliable sources. i assume that watford have upped there price due to the takeover
MrRfcI am still being told a fee is agreed
MrRfcThis is false information. He is going for a medical after he gets back from international duty. The bid has been accepted at 1.8 million. Personal contract has not been discussed though.
From reliable source inside reading fc.Mapps worth at least 4 milWouldn't be surprised if marriappa was resigned by brendan Rodgers for liverpoolI don't think that has anything to do with it - we rejected £2.5m from the toon in Jan and said it would be £3m +add ons - can't see why that would be different now.
I would love to think we were screwing you on the basis of your new wealth - but in the transfer market we are real amateurs - so i doubt it is that simple!1.8 mil dream on wIs he any good Watford fansYou are right MrRfc i have now been told a fee has been agreed from a different source.

PDYes he is very good - if you sell Mills for £5m - Mapps is worth 10 - so be sensible on the money - someone will pay £3m + add ons and despite what all of the "in the know hob nobs" say on here a fee under that won't be agreed unless it involves a player or 2Fine you can have Church.
MrRfcAdrian Mariappa will sign for Reading from Watford for a fee of £2.25m plus add onsWhen you say reliable source do you mean the chairman or manager. Oh the tea lady, thought so!What are you all talking about, all our players and staff go to Cardiff.You asked if he is any good? He's crsap and can't kick a ball, no point wasting your money and buying him, no he really bad, Dont sign him.:)Mills' price was inflated. No Reading fan thinks Mills was worth what Leicester paid."When you say reliable source do you mean the chairman or manager. Oh the tea lady, thought so!"
Just you wait and see


01 Jun 2012 17:17:47
2m bid rejected for gunter and 2m rejected for mariappa reading prepare to go 3m each to strengthen defensively then onto the sig and 2 strikers GAME ON(10)(8)The Sly Spurts article is about two weeks behind. The deal is nearly done just a medical to complete.Well, I wish you luck-because based on your current success rate you are going to need it!
Especially when some other Reading fans indicate you are going to sign a whole new team. That shows a lot of loyalty to the players who got you to the Premiership!"Especially when some other Reading fans indicate you are going to sign a whole new team"

Its simply a fact of some fans getting over excited now we have a new owner, I expect a few new signings but nothing on the scale of what has been suggested on this site.Whole new squad is never going to happen. Some of the players we want to sign will go to other clubs. It's called, not putting all your eggs in one basket.


01 Jun 2012 17:04:40
Possible free transfers:
almunia to west ham
Heskey to Norwich to replace Holt
Jaaskelainen to arsenal
Klasnic to fulham
Bosingwa to Newcastle
Kalou to spurs
Grygera to west ham
Murphy to the UAE
Johnson to Aston villa
Pogrebnyak to fulham
Hargreaves to west brom after he nearly joined them last year
Would love to see Andreas Mancini (son of Roberto Mancini) going to Man u after being released from city
Kuszczak to watford
Owen to fulham
Buzaky to west ham
Rodellega to spurs(20)(22)Bosingwa to Newcastle.... He is the complete opposite player to what Newcastle look for. Hes Old, Expensive wages.Baggies had a narrow escape last season when they almost signed sicknote hargreaves, they wont make the same mistake this season.Bosingwa is not going to Newcastle, he's been linked with Real so if he does leave, its somewhere bigHeskey to Norwich, good oneWhy would we give Hargreaves another chance after he said how he didn't care about money and just wanted to play yet he turns down WBA for man city where he played once I think. To greedyHeskey to replace holt urrm thats complete bolocksLoad of rubbish


01 Jun 2012 17:01:59
Owen Hargreaves to sign for Brighton after release from Man City(9)(25)Where did you pull that rumour from , another crock, not for us, we only want fit footballers, not manchester utd/city sicknotes . Big GIs this supposed to be GOOD news ???You say you don't want Hargreaves but Vicente was hardly mr reliable when it came to being fit and he turned out to be a good addition so you never knowI think Hargreaves would be a good signing, he's no even injury prone he broke his leg when he was playing at his best, then he was out for a year never got in the team for city. He would be a solid player to have, also the guys point about Vicente above is true, he would be decent. However I would rather see Trotter come Brighton.I not saying he is not a good footballer but a sick note, At Manchester United he was plagued with injuries and he was allowed to leave the club at the end of his contract in June 2011 making only 27 appearances from 2007-2011, in the last three years at Old Trafford we saw him play only six minutes of first-team football due to chronic knee problems, At city he played just over two-and-a-half hours of action – 2010-2011 Big G


01 Jun 2012 16:59:44
Oxford United are NOT close to signing Frank Nouble or even held talks with him, despite some rumours starting today!
Oxford have spoke to Matt Bloomfield and Jon Shaw from Wycombe and Gateshead though.
And NO offer has been accepted for much wanted striker James Constable...yet.(8)(10)


01 Jun 2012 16:55:16
Michael Owen to Everton cannot believe it gaining pace this rumour but seems to be gaining pace(6)(25)Pretty sure he had talks with Stoke this week and is set to sign for them


01 Jun 2012 16:44:57
I said this morning that West Ham had agreed a 3 million pound deal to sign a striker and that striker lookslike being Ze Eduardo from Genoa. If the deal does happen he will sign a 3 year deal at Upton Park.



01 Jun 2012 16:41:39
Ryan hall has rejected the shrewsbury talks!(14)(8)From a Southend fan.Says a deluded Southend fan!Ryan Hall hasn't ever been in talks with Shrewsbury it's just loads of Shrewsbury fans making up rumours!


01 Jun 2012 16:34:11
Brentford and Notts County are interested in signing Congolese striker Juvhel Tsoumou, who is transfer listed at Preston(5)(7)Seems legitRubbish he'll be allowed to go for £300,000.Dont think donaldson is going to leave for preston. think someone is telling rubbish


01 Jun 2012 16:31:01
Sheffield Wednesday and Charlton have both had bids in the region of £700,000 turned down by Preston for talented midfielder Paul Coutts(5)(13)Coutts is a cracking player (at a rather poor league 1 side) I can see him going to any number of Championship clubs...but Peterborough must be in the lead.....£500k should get him as he wants to leave as he hates Westley.50/100k more should do the jobWe've not actually paid a fee for any of our 11 signingsHow do you know he hates westley?"How do you know he hates westley?" I never said that but, didn't they have a row last season?

Westley (IMO) only kept him on because he is a saleable asset, I'm still hoping he'll be a Charlton player next season however, any number of clubs could get him.

From above, how can a bid or 500K better a bid of 700K clearly math is not a hot topic in Peterborough!Coutts will go for less than 500K


01 Jun 2012 16:30:16
The Anthony Gardner to Sheffield Wednesday rumour is not true. He is currently out injured for 4 months with a grade 1 hamstring injury, so he would fail the medical.(6)(7)He could still pass a medical while injured, srewart downing was signed by aston villa from middlesbrough while he had a long standing injuryGardner isn't injuredHe is hes been out since the start of april. his hamstring "nearly came off the bone."Hes not injured hopefully sign mondayDo we have any reports of whether he is injured or not rather than keep reposting he is or he isn't. Was injury in a match?


01 Jun 2012 16:29:08
Carlisle have told Preston and Sheff Utd that they must match their valuation of Francois Zoko to begin talks with their star player(8)(8)Blunts won't be buying anyone no money in the piggy bankHe's out of contract.He's on a freeHe is available on a free, contract has expiredPreston linked with everyone on here, they will have a squad of about 500 next season.You don't pay transfer fees for out of contract 28 year old players.Please check your facts re the status of players before posting inaccurate facts and if you don't believe me take a look at the Carlisle United official website for thursday 24 May.He's out of contract if he rejects their new contract they can do what they wantHe's out of contractPNE get over your self you are not big any more you finished 15 th this season in league one.Just for clarity, Zoko is not our 'star' player Lee Miller is far more important to our team than Zoko with respect.


01 Jun 2012 16:28:39
Preston North End will sign Gary Roberts on free transfer from Huddersfield. watch this space.(5)(12)He has signed for Wednesday.its on newsnow website.which person put it on wiki?!


01 Jun 2012 16:28:06
Graham Westley has targeted Clayton Donaldson, Patrick Agyemang and Josh King as he looks to add pace to Prestons attack(6)(13)Donaldson and king will not play the way that westley would want them tooDo you mean Josh king from Manchester
united. if so ha ha ha ha


01 Jun 2012 16:27:02
Andy Johnson will sign for Wigan next week(8)(19)Doubtful as he turned us down before and his wages would be too high. Jsylatic


01 Jun 2012 16:26:57
Cardiff City goalkeeper David Marshall is set to move back north of the border to rejoin former club Celtic following the Bluebirds' signing of Joe Lewis(4)(26)Wish he wouldHe's just signed a 4 year contract.Rubbish....lewis has replaced heaton !!He just signed a new contract a few days ago. rumour is not true sorryHe signed a new contract with CardiffMarshall just signed a new contract 1 week ago. i dont think hell be going anytime soon.


01 Jun 2012 16:25:55
Talks have broken down between Heskey and Leicester. St. Etienne and Le Havre have emerged as surprise clubs to offer Heskey a contract(8)(11)Get him abroad! the biggest waste of an england shirt ever. I dnt care that all other strikers loved to play alongside him, the main reason being heskey couldnt hit a cows ass with a banjo!

tommo. MOT


01 Jun 2012 16:25:07
Randy Lerner has given Paul Lambert £25m to spend + a free whip on wages.
Lambert will be announced within the next 12 hours as AVFC manager..
He will be looking to start a new era by selling hutton,warnock,collins,makoun,defouneso. (excess of £10-15m expected from these sales).
Lambert will look at bringing in 2 quality strikers,2 good midfielders & 3 solid defenders & a new 2nd keeper (could be reserve keeper Benji Siegrist).

Exciting times to be a Villa fan again!

Withe1983(7)(26)So you stopped being a villa fan because they were losing?Is this 25m depending on 10-15m on selling on player ?Enjoy it while it lasts. he'll be walking out on you eventually. hes joining you the same way Norwich knicked him from colchester. leopard spots and all that.. (bitter NCFC fan)


01 Jun 2012 16:22:59
Borussia Dortmund will offer Squillaci a route out of Arsenal after a nightmare spell(10)(7)


01 Jun 2012 16:22:18
Jose Bosingwa will join Atletico Madrid in the next 24 hours(17)(5)


01 Jun 2012 16:21:19
Chelsea will sign Hulk, Kyle Walker and Fernando Gago to revamp their squad(7)(29)Kyle walker? Are you having a laugh?And hazardChelski mugs....u bore your way to wiining cup and think u can sign who u like...jog on !!Kyle Walker has just signed a new contract until 2016!For u who said Chelsea bored on to winning the cup. U must be a support a team who didn't win a thing.


01 Jun 2012 16:20:19
Michael Essien could join PSG within the next 2 days as talks over a move come to a conlcusion(14)(10)


01 Jun 2012 16:19:30
Jermain Defoe looks certain to be leaving Tottenham this summer. Southampton, Stoke, Newcastle and Aston Villa are all monitoring the situation(12)(16)Reckon Stoke will be the one he chooses if he does leave, so he can partner up with Crouch up front againAccepted I think you mean ........I am a Saints fan and i dont think we will pay his wages. People keep saying we have rich owners but we still have to be sensible and realistic.I think he'll stay in LondonHe agreed to join Stoke in Jan so guess he'll go there as well. They can certainly afford him.Well said saints fan I agree come on you saintsEx-Portsmouth why would we want him? (saints fan)Out of them teams, it looks like it could be Stoke. Him and Crouch upfront again would be a key influence in his choice. Reliable rumours had it that he had agreed to come to Stoke in January but he'll be coming in the summer


01 Jun 2012 16:18:18
Michael Owen has been invited to join Reading's pre season training on July 1st and will be given an opportunity to prove his fitness and earn a contract with the Royals(10)(14)And by the time he proves he is not fit-say mid July- probably too late to get hold of a quality striker, as they will have been signed up so they are able to take part in their new clubs pre-season schedule!
Sounds pretty sensible to me-not!Funny that, he's still in Portugal.Which is where Reading are having their pre-season friendlies this year.It's not for another month, why's it relevant where he is now?Nonsense, nonsense, NONSENSE! He won't come to Reading. Reading won't pay more than £25,000 pwAnd Owens basic at Man United was £10k a week with bonus. If you remember S.A.F gave Owen a chance!


01 Jun 2012 16:17:32
Newcastle will offer a contract to Salomon Kalou, however some reports suggest he favours a move to a French club(15)(6)


01 Jun 2012 16:16:47
Clayton Donaldson has told Brentford he wishes to enter discussions with PNE over a possible transfer. Westley has highlighted the need for pace up front and Donaldson ticks every box(9)(4)


01 Jun 2012 16:14:45
There are talks that Michael Owen, Emile Heskey, Danny Murphy and Andrew Johnson are all in talks with an unnamed Midlands club due to their release and all are going to be on short term pay as you play contracts.
The clubs believed to be the Midlands club are as Follows in order of likeliness: Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry and West Bromwich Albion.(6)(16)We would love the last three taCoventry are you joking!!


01 Jun 2012 16:14:42
David McNally- 'Grant Holt Not for sale'(11)(11)He's not for sale but if we get offered 10m we have to acceptEvery player has their price my friend.Your skint. you need players. he wants to leave. win win in my mindGrant Holt replied......want a bet McNally.Who says we are skint. Even Mcnally has said we are financially sound. Where do these people come from who come on here!
I reckon Holt will go, but we'll try and get a decent price for him!We are skint are we ? - complete rubbish the club is not skint nor even close to it and no we do not have to sell any players, Go to Norwich web site and read the statement from chairman, he clearly states that the new manager will be handed a substantial budget for new signings.
Holt may be sold but it will only be for a stupid amount of money IE £5+ for a 31 year old who will only decrease in sell on value, and there is no guarantee that he will score as many goals next year.Agreed if he goes it will be 5mill+ which is stupid risk for someone to take.
we aren't skint but believe we are going to pay off all our debts this year hence the transfer budget will be tight for another we have to survive! board are taking a gamble cause want to be debt free.Yeah stupid money for an aging player who has handed a transfer request in wake up!10m for a 31 year old no chance, 4-5m tops and he will get sold


01 Jun 2012 16:13:30
Bournemouth weighing up Swindons Matt Ritchie as a replacement for Marc Pugh who looks likely to join either Cardiff, Ipswich, Burnley or West Ham later this week(5)(17)Bournemouth put an offer in for him in January for 750k and that was rejected. Now that Swindon are in the same league, any offer under £2million would be declined according to the Swindon board.Can your little club afford £2 million?They gave up in january as he cost too much, we're both in the same league now, why would he leave? Also aren't Bournemouth set to sign Robinson back from Huddersfield who is a winger?Come up with 1.5 to 2 mil and you have a good chance of landing him.Ritchie wont go to Bournemouth he wants to play under Paolo as he sees ambition at the club whereas Bournemouth are a smaller club ok theyve now gto a russian with a bit of money but he wont go anyway for less than 2 million which is the value the club have put on him.Robinson is a central midfielder do you not remember from his time at dean court!
can't see this one happening, swindon are too unrealistic and greedyHehe still sulking about our takeover ay Swindon? ;) little rich clubWe wont bid more than 1 mill for ritchie, probably not even that, Swindon are deluded, And after a conversation with pugh he hasnt ruled out a move, but wants to stayRobinson is a centre midfielder, not a winger, although we just signed Grabban from Rotheram who can play on the wing, aswell as Josh Mcoid who can play as a winger if neededRobinson is a box to box central midfielder, not a winger.As an Ipswich fan I would prefer Ritchie, but don't think he'll leave SwindonNnrealistic and greedy? Hhy would we sell to a smaller club than us in the same division? It's only natural to expect a little more from clubs in that situation.Oh sorry aha, dont follow bournemouth just thought he was a wingerI live in southampton but am an ipswich fan and have been to a couple bournemouth games i think marc pugh is a goodi player but i think i would rather see matt richie come to us as he is younger but i dont think he will leave swindon least till jan to see where they r in the leagueWhat is all this small club nonsense? We are now owned by billionaires and im afraid money talks in the game. I don't know one player who would say I will stay in league one/two with a club with no ambition because they get 1000 more fans than a club that will double my wages and are aiming for promotion to the championship!! Yeah right! Reality check Swindon. No Russians want your clubHow are the Russians wife's team talks these days? Haha what an embarrassmentNot as much as an embarrassment as Di Canio...... Biggest thing Swindon has ever seen and my god doesn't he know it!LOL we are aiming for the Championship you dimwit. He won't leave because he has just admired Di Canio in the local news.We don't have Russians, but we are still one of the richest teams in the country.STFC one of the richest clubs in the country? Good one, for a moment i thought you were serious. If you do get some money you should try sorting out that cesspit of a ground, even the rats are complaining.Swindons only a 'big club' due to di canio, as soon as he gets a better offer you'll be back looking in bins for scrapsOff topic, but Di Canio the biggest thing this club has ever seen?
Are you forgetting Ossie Ardiles and Glenn Hoddle?Haha do theese farmers think swindon is a big club or something no bigger than bournemouthYou need to do your homework lad, STFC are the 4th richest club outside of the Premier League (owners wealth)Fergie was in the paper last week claiming that 10% of the worlds 695 million population supported Manchester united. If I read on I'm guessing it would of said the other 90% support the mighty Swindon Town3 places behind BournemouthSeeing as there is over a billion people in China either you or fergie are talking rubbishOxford are far bigger than Swindon anywaysDi Canio Town FC! You lot hang off him like a sh!t wig! #lethimbreathBournemouth are a two bob club who will go the same way as pompey when the russian gets fed upSwindon are in fact in the top 30 rich list you geeks and also our stadium isnt a dump.its a lot better than most stadiums ive been to including bournemouth little diveThe dive that Bournemouth are currently bolting an £11 million hotel/stand onto and the whole park area that is getting dug up as week speak for our premier league standard multi million pound training pitches? That dive you mean?? Okaaaaaaaaay feel free to have a tour round it after we've put 6 past you next seasonOn the matter of size of club It's not the money or the gates, it's the history and achievements. I think you'll find you're lacking in most departments anyhow. Good luck to you though, gonna need it! I just hope Harry Redknapp comes back to take some more money from a rich owner and help ruin another clubYou leave our uncle Harry alone. he will have a nice office put into the new stand for when he comes home from London.20k capacity redevelopement is expected - thats easily big enough for championship fare and area the size of swindon. 15k capacity at present is none too shabby eitherIm glad Swindon are back in league 1 with AFCB, the banter is great but the 6 points will be sweeeet.Swindon will start the redevelopment of the ground at the end of this coming season, the club are backed by several wealthy owners one is one of the richest men in the country. History suggests we have won more than bornmuff and have much more potential than them, dont care if you want ritchie, if you are on the up like us and you want our players it suggests we have good players, the fact you think you have money and can wave it about and have what you want is purely dreamland stuff.Ahhhhh the trophy laden history of the mighty Swindon Town FC! It makes the 70's 80's Liverpool era look average.


01 Jun 2012 16:02:12
Ipswich have agreed a fee with Sunderland for Kieren Westwood although the transfer will be completed after euro 2012(3)(23)Yeye wateverWhy would Sunderland leave themselves with one keeper? Theirs no way Westwood will leave. He's a great keeper to have as a reserve and can also challenge for the number 1 spot!


01 Jun 2012 16:01:05
Ipswich have agreed a fee with Gillingham for Paulo Gazzaniga and personal terms are thought to be close to completion. 100% def info!(5)(11)


01 Jun 2012 15:59:17
Watford goalkeeper Scott Loach is on Ipswich manager Paul Jewell's radar in the hunt for a goalkeeper, on top of Paul Jewell's wish list is released ex Manchester United keeper Thomas Kuszack who had a loan period at Watford last season.

Another name on Paul Jewell's radar is highly rated Sheffield Wednesday striker Gary Madine as Paul Jewell is looking to bolster his strike force, another name who could make a possible move to Ipswich is Reading striker Simon Church.(9)(5)Got no chance with madine ipswich would be a step downIf we link enough players to us eventually we are bound to get one right! ITFCThere is one direction Wednesday are going and its not up.

However ipswich are not interested in the playerWednesday to ipswich wouldnt be a step down..! established championship side- newly promoted to championship..If all thes players come in they'll be no room for -
Jimmy Kebe
Jobi Mcanuff
Alex Pearce
Jason roberts ect.

Maybe Sanchez, Zaha, Sigurdsson and bertrand (we need a quality LB of RB more than anything else)

We dont want to waste moneyWhat? ^^


01 Jun 2012 15:58:25
James Constable is set to move from Oxford to Bristol Rovers for 180k. With this money, Oxford are set to buy Mehdi Kerrouche from Swindon, after he impressed whilst on loan at Oxford.(16)(13)Clearly from a swindon fanConstable will go and possibly Bristol or Northampton who have shown interest today. But Kerrouche He played about 90 mins in a month in total for us and was sent back to Swindon. In fact the reverse - not impressed and wont be signed upOxford have rejected an offer from bristol rovers source skysportsI also heard that Kerrouche could be coming our way, hoping its not true, certainly not for 180kSwindon are going to do a swap deal and have Smalley.Tell you can have Kerrouche and keep Smalley!!


01 Jun 2012 15:54:59
Swindon are thought to be interested in striker Katlego Mphela, a South African international. He currently plies his trade in South Africa, however his extremely impressive goalscoring record for both club and country has interested several clubs in England.(14)(4)Swindon will be very ;ucky to get a player like this while in league one! fingers crossed though!


01 Jun 2012 15:44:41
Swindon are chasing Hartlepool player Evan Horwood.(6)(3)


01 Jun 2012 15:52:31
West Ham are looking into the possibility of signing Ledley King and Owen Hargreaves on free transfers(9)(22)Must be in a financial mess at West Ham if they take a risk on 2 of their allowed 25 first team players to sit out most of the season!Sounds like west a sick note player.What have our medical staff got bored after Ashton and Dyer leftYep and Michael Owen as well ;)


01 Jun 2012 15:51:40
ed any news on chelsea transfers? {Ed003's Note - check out the Chelsea page}(3)(3)


01 Jun 2012 15:50:00
Top targets for Burnley this summer:

Jason Shackell
Adam Clayton
Oliver Norwood
Brett Pitman

The clarets have already bid for Shackell and Clayton but the offers were rebuffed. The Lancashire outfit are thought to be returning with higher bids to attempt to secure the pair.

Howe is keen on Burnley born Norwood after the player was not offered a new deal at Man United.

Howe has worked with Pitman before at Bournemouth and stated his interest in the player in todays Burnley Express. With Rodriguez looking bound for the Premier League, Howe will look to add Pitman to a still impressive strike force of Charlie Austin, Danny Ings and Martin Paterson.(15)(5)You are not getting Shackell.One of your fans who is part of the Burnley fan organisation or whatever it is said you are not looking for a centre back as Nigel clough has set an asking of 5.5 million if you dont agree that hes worth that much
thats the whole point so it will stop interest from other clubs.He himself has already stated "I love the club,Bright future" etc.EH is not interested in Shackell, but we are after a center back.What a load of rubbish. You don't have to make stuff up because you don't want to loose him. We are after a centre back EDDIE HOWE has confirmed this.Burnley will be after a centre back, left back, right back and above all a decent keeper! 13th place finish was nothing to do with a shortage of firepower it was because the forward thinking midfield couldn't protect a pants defence!If you are going to pretend you know whats going on. Get your facts right. Olly Norwood WAS offered a new contract at united. He turned it down because he wants first team football


01 Jun 2012 15:49:20
Spurs have released Ledley King, He ha the summer to prove his fitness and if he can spurs may offer him a 1 year contract. If not he will retire and look to stay at spurs in another capacity1



01 Jun 2012 15:48:07
i just got news from some really credible sources, this chap has got his ear really close to the ground.. the 40 million that was put a side for hazard will be redirected to nuri sahin of Real Madrid and striker lewadowski from dortmund. the two have a telepathic connection with shinji and would solve the sriker and mid field issue(5)(7)


01 Jun 2012 15:47:40
Derby County are to sign Notts County centre-back Krystian Pearce at some point next week. The fee offered is believed to be £350,000(10)(7)Its 175,000 due to injury problemsNot been injured at all, apart from one small muscle strain early season. Where did that idea come from?They turned down 500k mid season so 350k seems small. no way would it be 175k, never


01 Jun 2012 15:46:16
Everton look to loan young Cristian Tello(9)(10)


01 Jun 2012 15:46:10
Accrington Stanley to make an attempt to sign centre-back Luke Jones from Kidderminster Harriers(3)(3)


01 Jun 2012 15:26:11
Bristol City are set to complete a triple signing of Scottish players.

Templeton, Swanson and Steven Naismith are all close to agreeing contract terms with the club after initial fees had been accepted. The latter, Naismith may still have other clubs interested in late bids as he is available on a low minimum release clause due to Rangers financial woes.

The Templeton deal will involved City winger, Martyn Woolford going to Hearts, as part of the deal.(3)(19)West brom are going to bid 5 million for
Naismith and Templeton is valued at 2.8
million.Dont see Bristol city have 7.8 Million and more money to spend on rubbish rumours.

The only player that Bristol city have talked to is left back Paul Dixon and he might be your first signing if he snubs Derby CountyMartyn Woolford is shocking.What utter nonsense...Naismiths is 2mill,get your facts correct,and if he is sold it wont be to cityGlad to see Ally McCoist's joined us because he clearly knows what Rangers' transfer activity is!
you lonely sad man go back and support your own club


01 Jun 2012 15:24:59
Tottenham have released ledley king

Leebo(14)(11)Hooray, he can finally play for a good team
The only reason spurs released him is because they don't deserve himDidnt he play 30+ games this seasonHe hasn't been released, contract talks are ongoing. He made 23 appearances this season, most of them playing injured in the second half of the season after being injured in training but having to play out of necessity. If he can't prove his fitness he will retire and take up a coachin roleNo they havent..get facts right before posting he will be offered role within club


01 Jun 2012 15:23:40
Walsall striker/ winger Alex Nicholls has signed for Northampton after turning down his one year contract offer at the Saddlers

Walsall are interested in Mustapha Dumbuya who has released by Doncaster(9)(3)Im pretty sure swansea/ everton/ sunderland are in intrested in muzzy


01 Jun 2012 15:19:17
Following his release from Liverpool, Stephen Darby is being linked with PNE to fill their vacant RB slot(12)(3)


01 Jun 2012 15:14:33
Been told that since releaing murphy , johnson , bh riise n pogrebnyak, they will sell dempsey. Fulham are bringing in jansen from hamburg , chadli from fc twente , assaidi from hetenveen , defoe n Abdullaue(4)(8)Murphy and Pog staying


01 Jun 2012 15:13:42
Some rumours going around about bringing Rodallega in on a free transfer, after the free agent list was released today. Also, some talk about Danny Murphy on a free aswell.(2)(6)Who is this in relation to?


01 Jun 2012 14:54:27
Walsall's Dean Smith set to sign 2 new forwards, 2 midfielders and a defender by the 8th June. Giles Coke, Pablo Mills and Stephen Fletcher beleived to be 3 of the 5!(1)(7)Giles Coke??? ahahah


01 jun 2012 14:54:15
tranmere have signed ben burges
one of many to come!(11)(1)Hardly a 20 goal plus a season striker. feel a little bit disappointed with this signing. hopefully he'll prove me wrong.Season not yet started and the moaners are out. wake up and smell the coffee we cannot afford to sign the very best player advaiableHes not a 20 goalscorer per season but he will score the odd couple. Also he can hold the ball up for another player to score from. And we need another striker to score from burgess' flick ons.Happy with Burgess, he's not and never will be a prolific goalscorer, but then you don't have to be - look at Niall Quinn's career. He's a very decent target man at that level, Rovers just need a 'Kevin Phillips' to go with him now.


01 Jun 2012 14:46:28
West Brom goalkeeper Luke Daniels going for a trial with athletico madrid(5)(12)


01 Jun 2012 14:44:32
Reading are trying to get business done quickly as usual.

Close to signing
Yakubu 1mill from blackburn
Sigurdsson 6.8mill from hoff
Mariappa 2.5mill from watford
Gunter 3mill from nott forest
Rhodes 5mill from huddersfield
Joe Ledley £3mill from Celtic

Highly interested in (will only sign a select few)-
Sanchez free from Valenciennes
Guthrie free from Newcastle
Butterfield free from Barnsley
Zaha 7mill from Crystal Palace
Phillips 2mill from Blackpool
Martin Kelly loan from Liverpool
Ryan Bertrand loan from Chelsea
Pilkington from Norwich
Fletcher from Wolves
Kightly from Wolves
Sterling on loan from Liverpool
Carl Jenkinson on loan from Arsenal
Benik Afobe on loan from Arsenal
Henri Lansbury on loan from Arsenal
Aaron Ramsey on loan from Arsenal(5)(38)So by the sound of it Reading will have a whole new team judging by your postButterfield ain,t free mate he his under 23
and unless a fee can be agreed it will go to a tribunalDREAM ON READING!If you think that you are going to SIGN those players! A Good Dream!No way we would get ramseyYour not close to signing any of those!Butterfield ISNT free. compo is due if he leaves !!!!!Yakubu probably
Sigurdson no
Mariappa maybe
Gunter maybe
Rhodes no
Ledley no
Jenkinson probably
Ramsey no
Lansbury probably notIs it April 1st-this is reading the new Aston Villa, completely deludedButterfield is not free will be fee decided by Tribunal because of his age.Yakubu (Rhodes)

McAnuff Sigurdsson McCleary

Sanchez Ledley

Bertrand Mariappa Pearce Gunter

what a teamKightly staying at wolves n you cant afford fletchYour 'close to signing' list is quite good, but some of you loans are laughable!Butterfield not free there is a fee to pay as he is only 21Ledley for £3 million? No chance mate. Try £8 million.I WishYou Might have a rich owner but so do
Qpr dosent mean a player wants to sign for you.Aaron Ramsey is a class player despite being out of form during the last part of the season but that was due to a
consistent ankle problem which i presume will be resolved over the summer.I did hear though you might be getting Frimpong on loanWhy is it that as soon as we get money people start hating on us, I doubt we are gonna get siggy back nor Yakubu the only i can see happening is Mariappa and GunterApparently 2m has been rejected but according to watford observer this may not be the case, so hopefully there is a player involved in this deal. As a watford fan i believe michael kightly would be an absolute brilliant signing for you, we had him on load and was liturally out of this league and when he returned to wolves seemed to be one of there best players.Interested in 7 different Premier League players on loan? You did state they might only sign a select few but the limit is 2 loan signings from other Prem teams, so that list is instantly massively limited from what you've written there.

As for some of the others......not a chance.....As a Norwich fan I can't see why Pilks would want to join Reading in a million years, even with Holt and Lambert both on the verge of leaving. It'd be a backwards step for him at present.Butterfield will not go for free a fee has to be paid for him he is under 23 and i can not see him joining reading anywayNever laughed so much you will not be loaning any of the following.

Carl Jenkinson on loan from Arsenal
Benik Afobe on loan from Arsenal
Henri Lansbury on loan from Arsenal
Aaron Ramsey on loan from ArsenalLedley will b at least double that prob closer to 8 or 9Blimey!
Yakubu- yeah OK, cover for Roberts
Sigurdsson- Liverpool bound
Mariappa- this will happen
Rhodes- no more than 20% chance of coming to Reading
Gunter and Ledley - won't happen
As for the rest, this is guess workWhen were reading given unlimited amount of money? not happeningI dont know why everyone is saying no to gylfi joining, hes a reading a boy and loves reading ever since he played for them a few years agoGet this into youre head butterfield no less than 2 million tribunalAnd I thought the baggies were deluded.There will be bigger clubs..Liverpool included going after Sigurdsson, wether he loves Reading or not he would choose the bigger club."Kightly staying at wolves n you cant afford fletch"

As far as I know we aren't after fletcher but if you think we can't afford him think again.Reading r going back downButterfield may not come but don't be deluded. A Football Tribunal will insist on alot less than 2m. Go look at higher rated players & see what they've agreed.Yah, he is with Ireland right now.Reading.....yawn........why would anyone go there.........I mean ever........have you been? Let alone sign just about player that's moving this summer. Dream on fella, You are on your way back to the championship!Thats bull hes a reyt player you obviously no nowt about footballPeople writing us off before the season starts... we'll raise a few eyebrows and we have a mastermind tactician of a manager. There were no more than 2 games where I can say we were outplayed. Btw we could get afobe on loan, he was on loan to us last season you person and we could get lansbury too. Not Ramsey or Jenkinson though who are near arsenals 1st teamJennings has played 20 games in the german 3rd liga and not scored, what makes you think he can cut it in the championship, he is not good enough!Aint being funny thats bareee money for all of dem how can they afford all of them and by the way u aint getting Zaha


01 Jun 2012 14:42:06
northampton have today made their
second signing of Alex Nicholls from
Walsall under bosman ruling.(8)(2)


01 Jun 2012 14:10:23
Alex nicholls to sign for northampton(10)(2)Already announced on official web site


01 Jun 2012 14:04:49
Nottingham Forest are looking at a possible double signing from Sheffield Wednesday - the players involved are Chris o'Grady & Giles Coke(8)(8)No they are not. Where have you heard this?You can av em we don't want themFlorest couldnt afford a diet coke no mind Giles coke


01 Jun 2012 14:19:28
Reading have enquired about a Spurs player believed to be Defoe, wages are a massive stumbling block though so deal unlikely to happen.

PD(8)(14)Ledley King.You bet it won't happen. Despite recent investment, the max wage at Reading is £25,000 pw and there's only one player on that at the moment. So, likewise, forget Joe Cole.


01 Jun 2012 14:00:15
QPR to bid 5 million for Ben foster(9)(16)West brom had a clause in his loan contract that if birmingham failed in promotion they would get first view.They seem more likely (QPR)He's good enoughh for mid-table, so probs West BromQPR will be mid table next year. with the funds they have, they can/should strengthen there squadSupporting qpr since i was 4, and this is the first real time i can say qpr have some stability at the club thanks to tony fernandes, we will be a mid table club next season and realisticly pushing for europe withing 3 seasons. players realise this, look at our january transfers, what did they all say, they believed the club has big ambitions and is going places,to be fair i think alot of players in the same league as foster will realise this to, of course i am going to say this but there is only one way qpr are going and thats up. futures bright its blue and white.U'RRRRRRSSSSSS


01 Jun 2012 13:47:16
Part of the brendan rodgers deal is that he cant sign any swans players for at least 12 months so all this rubbish about siggy going to reading or liverpool is bull he is having a medical at swansea today.(13)(17)He hasn't signed though, just because he is having a medical (if he even is) doesn't mean he's a Swansea player, he can sign for anyone he wants, and no I'm not a Reading or Liverpool fan...Siggy isn't a Swansea playerHe's on's he having a medical...and the holiday isn't in Swansea !How can this have any bearing on a Hoffenheim player? Der!You are aware that Sigurdsson is a Hoffenheim player, right?He isn't a Swansea player though is he?He was on loan u doughnut he doesnt belong to SwanseaHe can sign for Liverpool because he isn't contracted to Swansea is he? Silly boy and who's to say reading don't make a last minute offer, anything can happen dudeSo, he'll be going to reading ties to swansea only went there because of rodgers and the type of football they play (which will be down the drain now)Funny that. How can he be having a medical when he is on holiday!Siggy will come 2 reading againExcuse the lack of technical language but... Hoff are miffed at Swansea for announcing sig as a 'done deal' - therefore transfer to Swansea less likely further problems arising from the departure of BRNothing has been signed a fee has been agreed but I bet aswell as the other good players such as Sinclair that now Rodgers has gone they have lost their edge and could become Relegation favourites.Sinclair by the way is going to
Newcastle,Liverpool or Aston villa.Most likely Newcastle in for the Aging Jonas after Adam Johnsons Wages proved a Stumbling blockHe said: "We have agreed a fee and personal terms but the problem is he has gone away to Europe on holiday and that has delayed the finalising of it.

"We are hopeful of getting things moving next week, hopefully we can tie that up and get one or two things finished off." Looks most likely sigurdsson will sign for the swansThe football we played wasnt down to rodgers, martinez started it off just sayingWhy does everybody say our style will go down the drain then? You clearly have no clue as we've had a succession of three managers (Martinez, Sousa, and Rodgers) it's was the boards and Martinez decision to change the philosophy of the football club why would we change that just because we've lost, admittedly a great, manage? That would be suicide the board will continue to look for managers with philosophy and style that will fit the way we play and the football club is runLook, get your facts straight before you make up rubbish. He agreed terms, but he didnt sign. He isnt going to sign either as the reason he wanted to join was because of Brendan Rodgers.You dont know any thing about football rodgers didnt start the passing game it was martinez and when we get our new manager he will have to get used to it because swansea wont chnage their game planHes not contracted to swansea, liverpool and reading can sign him if they wish he is an HOFFENHEIM player, my god Swansea fans lack common senseDont worry rodgers wont be at liverpool in 12 months lol.To the above comment...... SCFC have been playing their brand of football for the past 5 years. All that's changed is the managers who have implemented their own ideas around the Swansea style of play. Huw Jenkins hasn't disappointed in manager selections so I wouldn't expect him to disappoint this time around.If he doesnt sign for Swansea he will sign for Liverpool.Rodgers has told Gylfi to sign for the Swans, meaning he will not intervene in the transfer. But that does not mean he will not sign for liverpool, as if he pulls out then hes LiverpoolsMost ov you guys dont now nouthing gilfy wants to play football if your hoffinhim fan you dont have a clue he hates you club said it since day one the main reason for him wantinf to sign for the swans was the fans and the area plus rodgers told him to join swansea for his development and not to join the likes ov pool and others plus his girlfriend doesent want to leave swansea rodgers would be a hypoctite to sign him yes fee and personall terms been agreed but anything can happen in foot ball one things for sure he wont be at hoffinhim next yearHow do you all know Siggy's true feelings ? He may love Swansea, he may love Rodgers no one knows except him how he truly feels and I'm sure he wouldn't be contemplating signing for Swansea if he didn't want to.Yes he wanted to sign for Brendan Rodgers' Swansea not some coach from Wigan's Swansea.


01 Jun 2012 13:44:28
Tomasz Kuszczak about to sign for
Watford FC...He loved his few months there on loan and wife is happy to move to Berkhamstead
Also been guaranteed No 1 position for
3 years. Loach will look to leave(12)(8)He isn't married and opened a new sushi bar in Macclesfield about 2 months ago.Not married but they have just had a kid together
WOULD LOVE THIS TO BE TRUENot sure this is true although we are looking to offload loach to ipswich, we apprently are interested in ben amos.Heck, Kuszczak would have to take a heck of a wage cut to go to Watford. Apparently he's actually off to Ipswich instead.


01 Jun 2012 13:42:49
stoke city have had a bid of 2.7m excepted for derbys john brayford .
and lukaku is willing come stoke on loan to hook up with his close mate Florent Cuvelier
who hes on holiday with at the moment(10)(8)Hope Lukaku gets back in time for Belgium's game v England tomorrow :-) Could have swore I just saw him on TV training.......odd holidayWill be a great signing, just a left back and a couple of wingers needed now.Any Proof? Because We Have No Need To Sell Players As The Club Has Stated Many Times And Were Selling Alot Of Players As It Is...Most players take a break from there hols for a few days training as Belgium aren't even in the eurosSo Lukaku is going to come to Stoke to go out on loan to the Championship as that's where Cuvelier will be going unfortunately.Lukaka didn't. Look that great in the game today.It's accepted and not we havent


01 Jun 2012 13:44:27
As Paul Lambert will be installed as the new manager of Aston Villa he has been promised funds. These were conditions on taking the job. His first move will be for Grant Holt and alot of ins and outs will take place.

James Collins - Sunderland
Warnock - West Ham
Hutton - Reading

Grant Holt - Norwich
Scott Dann - Blackburn
Junior Hoilett - Free
Nigel Reo Coker - Free
Diame - Wigan
Jermaine Jenas - Spurs(5)(20)Don't want Hutton at Reading...we are looking for decent players.....and Huttons definitely not that !None of that list of players in will meet Mr Lamberts requirements. young hungry and wanting to prove a pointWhy would Reo-Coker return to the club who were so willing to let him warm the subs bench for a few years?All of these players are too good for villaDo not want Hutton possibly the worst and dirtiest defender in the leagueHoilett will NOT be free!Hoilett is free, however he will join a bigger club than villa, also sunderland don't want collinsVilla fans are yet to learn anything about Lambert. I would even be shocked if he were to sign Holt back.I feel for Norwich and Swansea, had an impressive first season impact in the prem, but then their managers leave them for bigger clubs? (the irony being Villa finished below both Norwich and Swansea) But both clubs are hardly safe going into a second season where so many newly promoted clubs tend to struggle.. I'd feel pretty betrayed.Holt won't be leavingHow do you know sunderland dont want collins?The first comment is a typical newly promoted team fan, Hutton is better than all your team, from a SAFC fanIf u think lambert will be signing defoe and reo coker you really hav no idea what sort of manager you are gettingSorry meant Jenas and Reo Coker :-)Hoilett is not free! goes to a tribunal if teams cant agree a fee due to his young age!Hutton would walk into ur team he didn't get a 9mil move to spurs for nothin wake up new boys or u will be heading straight back to the championshipHoilett is out of contract but will not be a FREE, due to the Bosman ruling Blackburn can accept around 5 millionHutton is overrated I think, but he'd probably get in our team


01 Jun 2012 13:39:41
Eunan O'kane to join Peterborough from Torquay this summer according to sources within the club... What do Peterborough fans think?(0)(12)To vertically challenged for what Ferguson wants in midfield next season.


01 Jun 2012 13:31:12
Well well well Norwich City fans it looks like I was right about Mr Lambert. Grant Holt will join PL too.(10)(7)Only if NCFC say so my friend. Holt is under contract and will only be allowed to leave if the price is right. £6m should do it.Grant holt has another 2 years to run on his contract and wont be going anywhere until we get what a 17 goal striker is worth . plus paul lambert will cost villa .Villa... I m honestly shocked that PL has gone to your faltering debt ridden team of the past. Worst career move ever. You are an unforgiving set of fans and will no doubt give him a hard time should he lose a couple. If you give us a few mill for Holt too then great. He deserves one big contract before he reaches the end of his career and has been a great servant of NCFC while he was here. Good business when he has had a good season. Even PL will struggle to get results out of your bloated dressing room though so don't get too smug yet.


01 Jun 2012 13:29:48
Dany N'Guessan to sign for Middlesbrough for £500K.(7)(3)Any boro news


01 Jun 2012 13:26:04
Middlesbrough to clinch signing of Dany N'Guessen from Millwall for £500K.(8)(6)Goodbye we hope!Please, please let this be trueIs he rubbish ?From what little i saw of him at leicester he is big powerfull forward quite direct but effective, not given a chance really with us, a bit like the rest of our 'big' buys he'll be reetHe was rubbish at Millwall... Literally.
Maybe he wasn't given a chance, but always seemed a lazy lump whenever he started or came on as sub.
I hope he leaves.At Charlton (on loan) he made 6 starts and got 4 goals. I felt that he was playing for a contract, once he got one
he would not be as good but, that's just my opinion. When he joined us he was not match fit, having not played much all season. He did say when he joined us that he had not been given a chance at Millwall.If N'Guessen is a powerful striker what's jutkiewicz for??He's a good player at league one level but at championship he's ok i guess but hes strong on the ball and has a bit of pace on him, also wins headers a lot.


01 Jun 2012 13:24:03
Brendan rodgers an admirer of fulham midfield wizard Moussa Dembele. He's ready to offer joe cole + 5 million for him.

Fulham also interested in Niko Kranjcar(4)(18)Haha, Joe Cole is on £90k a week! There's no way we could afford his wages. {Ed001's Note - he's not. That amount includes his signing bonus spread throughout his contract. He is on about 75k a week.}If Dembele goes anywhere in the UK it will be to a top 4 side - Arsenal possible, Manc Utd maybe - Liverpool not a prayerFulham salary cap is less than 50k


01 Jun 2012 13:23:59
Southend have rejected bids from 2 unnamed League One clubs for winger Ryan Hall.(8)(5)One of them RotherhamRotherham aren't a league 1 club


01 Jun 2012 13:23:03
Sean Thornton in talks with shrewsbury over a possible return(2)(7)He's not very goodHes very good loved him at safcPast itNo chance he's past and struggles to make a impact in a poor standard Welsh Premier league


01 Jun 2012 12:59:31
West Brom speaking to Chelsea about the possible loan of Romelu Lukaku and one other squad player for next season(15)(7)He's all ready on his way to Stoke pal so it will be a pointless loan attempt!Not a chance you need to sort out a manager first


01 Jun 2012 12:31:26
not a rumour but championship has been voted to have 7 subs again next season(22)(6)Its all leagues not just the championshipGood move, should never have been changed in the first place.Not surprised tbh


01 Jun 2012 12:39:54
According to the South London Press, Charlton are looking at signing West Brom's out-of-contract midfielder Keith Andrews, although they could lose out to Celtic who are already speaking to him and can offer Champions League football.(8)(9)Champions league football qualifiers mate and they have no chance RANGERS FANKEITH ANDREWS is currently at Hillsborugh talking to Dave JonesNo he isn't talking to Wednesday!Yes but the Championship is a higher level than the SPL and Celtic won't quality for the champions league.

I can SCP persuading him to come to the Valley.^^ No he is not!He's on international duty..Actually he is on his holidays, so no he is not at any of those places.Championship is not better than the SPL. The SPL has poor sides, yes, but Celtic are strong than a lot of EPL teams. Hooper walked it in the Championship with a side that got relegated and score more goals than Andy Carroll. Lmao!

Hooper will not be gogin anywhere and neither will Ledley. Celtic are not in a position where they need to sell players. The only way they'll sell is if they get huge offers. The only first team player I see being sold would be Ki. He's surplus to requirements right now.

I also suggest that you read up on what teams Celtic have to play to qualify for the CL. We'll get through no problem. We beat beat Rennes and drew with Udinese twice in the Europa League last season and they're higher quality opposition. We were robbed against Udinese at home but such is life. Worth mentioning that Udinese completely out-played Arsenal last season as well.

So, stop being ignorant. Your EPL isn't as good as you think..."Champions League football." Four games at most!If Septic were in the Championship they would struggle FACT!You said it your self now rangers have gone bankrupt it has become a one team league. BORING! If you put any championship team in there even league one then they would be challenging Celtic at the.Wait, a player who was a success in a relegated English Championship team going the Celtic means that the EPL isn't as good as we think?

Enjoy picking off weak players and being mega excited that they are a success in a poor league. Celtic are a mud-table Championship side at bestStoke finished behind Albion last season so why would he join a smaller club?Let's be honest , Celtic are MADE to look good from the awful teams in their league!Haha we will just see if celtic dont get into the cl then. Considering we are seeded for both qualifiers meaning we could draw against teams such as linfield.. So let me correct you celtic will get into the clMaybe they will, but they will be out just as quick,they would struggle in our championship,never mind premier


01 Jun 2012 12:38:13
West brom to sign Ben foster , matt jarvis and blackburns Olson as replacements for Jonas Olson and graham Dorrans. Also looking into snapping up grant holt for a fee of around 7.7 million to replace odemwingie who is off to stoke for a fee of 5million(5)(23)Matt jarvis has to much intrest from bigger clubs...and same for olson from blackburn ..and the same for grant holt i cant see the baggies pulling off any of these even more so with out a manager ..ii can see odemwingie going stoke thoHolt for 7.7Million? Nobody would pay that much for him.So managerless West Brom are signing these players?2 mil tops for holt, still too much
foster isnt going to wba, brum wont let him sign permanently for themWhy does everyone insist WBA will not buy without a manager. The set up at the club is very different and the TD is heavily involved in player ins and outs. Must admit, however, that the club are too slow when it comes to buying players and they end up missing out - Ben Foster may be a prime example.Why would odemwingie want to leave for stoke when he has already said that he wants to leave to a club who are challenging for trophies. stoke are no where near winning trophies there a poor team who only know how to play long ball. so even if odemwingie did join them he would not fit there style of play.Ahhhh, Stoke we're with Man U and Man C in the Europa i.e challenging, and met Man C in last years cup final, ? ahh "not challening for trophies"?? a stronger attack will suffice and please, please all this "stoke only do the long ball, rugby stuff" is irrelevant, they are still in the premiere league and played a load of games outside the league, i.e. were challenging for trophies. nuf said, maybe a load of envy for such a so called poor side.Haha stoke got in the Europa league cause they lost the cup, then apsolutely failed in europe this year and every other cup including the prem.So stoke making it to the last 32 in europe and not lossing to the top 6 teams at home in the league is a fail get real( and i am guess u support one of the big four team)Last 32 of Europa league, quarter finals of carling and fa cup, never in danger of relegation. Not a bad season for Stoke really. Certainly better than most teams outside of the top 6Stoke are a terrible team deserve to go down the way they play. They just encourage kids to play long ball. Maybe they should take a leaf out of the might WBA book and actually pass the ball not just hit and hope. Oh and Stoke will never ever win any of the domestic or European cups angain in my lifetime And I am 14I think we guessed you were 14.Stoke City one trophy in nearly 140 years, also ransWest brom we always beat west brom! Well usually.


01 Jun 2012 12:35:05
Arsenal prepared to let both kosicelny and jenkinson (dissapointing this year) to try and get dortumunds neven subotic and manchester city's out of favour boyata(3)(21)How has Kosicenly disappointed?Are you stupid? Koscielny has had a great year!Koscielny! Been poor? He's been our best defender this season. Jenks is still young, and considering he couldn't even break into a league 1 team last year, I think he's been brilliant.

Ben X.Rubbish. Kosicelny had a solid season, was one of the better defensive players. Jenkinson is young and going nowhere. Why do you feel the need to make up lies and post them?What Koscielny have you been watching? He's been great all season and scored the goal that got us into the champions league with an aerial back-heel.Koscielny who was our best player this season behind Van Persie? Really?Kosecilney was great this year...


01 Jun 2012 12:33:47
Southampton should know tonight if they will sign jay rodriguez after it is rumoured that there will be a deadline for personal terms.(14)(8)Weve told you Jay Rodriguez 'he's one of our own' .. would only move to an established club such as Everton/VillaVilla are just as precarious as southampton and everton have to sell to buy. Jay rod will only not come if he wants to earn more than lambert who will remain the top earner at the clubHe wont be "One of your own" for much longer! Saints deal is close, Burnley fans need to let goDoubt it, he's not back from Mexico until next week and Southampton want to sign him, so why would they be unhelpful and put a rash, urgent deadline for Rodriguez to stick to?

This transfer has been 12months in the making, we won't rush now. And it's not like lots of offers of £7million are going to come in over the weekend. And we fail to sign him, we still have the entirety of the transfer window to sign someone elseStop lying mateThe deadline was put in place to stop Jay's agent stringing us along whilst he whores him out to Villa and Newcastle.

If he hasn't made a decision by tonight, Saints will turn their attention elsewhere.

Cortese won't be taken for a ride.They would not put a deadline on personal terms when hes on holiday! hes back next week.To the person who said saints were not an established team - we have been about since 1885 and we were one of the original premier league teams. I am sick of all these posts treating saints like the new boys. Let's remember that just because we spent a few seasons out of the top league we are beginners. I can think of a team that went down to league 1 in recent times and are now prem champions. Anything is possible.We need a keeper and in my view Foster is the 2nd best English keeper, he'd be in the Euro squad if he wouldnt have retired... I cant see him being available - but he'd be a great signing if we could sign him..Foster was only on loan at West Brom from Birmingham, and as Birmingham didn't come up they might want to get rid of him. Also, with Hodgson having left West Brom he might not be wanted by any new manager. Would be a quality signing in my view


01 Jun 2012 12:31:30
Blackburn looking to sign rangers steve Davis for 500,000 they will follow this up with other championship standard players to ensure they don't go into free fall(3)(3)Steve davis the snooker player? thats about right for blackburn lollolololIts been confirmed his minimum release clause is 1.65 millionSteve davis championship standerd DO watch more footballSo you are saying they are happy to stay in championship,or are you a celtic fan talking crap.


01 Jun 2012 12:20:10
Talks between Alex Bruce and Cheltenham Town have broken down due to the defenders high wage demands.
Yates had earmarked the ex-Leeds defender as his main target, stating the ambition of the club that narrowly missed out on promotion.
Yates is also thought to be in talks with Izale McLeod whilst a lot of talk has picked up about Yates taking Nathaniel Jarvis on loan from Cardiff.
The 20-year old spent time on loan at Newport County last season netting 6 goals in a total of 31 appearances.(0)(9)


01 Jun 2012 12:16:14
according to sky sports neil lennon is being lined up and sky sports said that malkey will have a smaller budget at norwich than cardiff will if the new cardiff kit proposal ges through(8)(9)Irrelevant, Norwich have a better team in most positions and it would take most of Cardiff's budget to get up to that standardFor one, I doubt Norwich will have a smaller budget, but even if they did, doesn't take away the fact that it's championship vs Premier league.Yea relegation battle vs promotion battleI think Steve bruce will go to norwich because he free right now and they will not have to pay a release clause for him unlike malkey mackayNorwich's team is not that much better than cardiff the only reason for the difference is paul lambert who is not there anymoreYou say that like its fact. its an opinion and as far as i remember Lambert wasnt strapping his boots on last season. club is always bigger than the manager. PLUS are you saying Malkay isnt good enough to get the same results with the same squad? oh well mayb its best he stays put


01 Jun 2012 12:10:54
Gary Warren of Newport county is again a target of Mark Yates.
Cheltenham recently lost the race for 25-year old Irish striker Sam Foley who was Warrens team-mate for the past 2 seasons.
Warren was the subject of a failed bid from The Rubies last season, but with The Exiles narrowly avoiding relegation it is thought that the Newport captain would accept the move this term.(1)(1)


01 Jun 2012 12:03:56
Napoli want to sign Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic this summer, according to reports in Italy.

Doubt..hope it doesn't come off(5)(6)Well since a) he commands regular first team football at chelsea and b) teams such as barcelona have expressed interest, I doubt the napoletane will get him


01 Jun 2012 12:03:08
Arsenal will have to move fast if they want to sign Montpellier defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa after reports in France claim Napoli are in pole position to clinch his signature.(8)(0)


01 Jun 2012 12:02:35
all the PNE fans talking complete BS about roberts, bostwick and wilson. no stevenage player is being sold unless 'crazy money' is offered. Lairs, the mouse and byrom all declined new contratcs(5)(0)Its not pne fans that are saying this stuffCompletely agree with you mate.Cant blame players for jumping ship at small time Stevenage to join a club with an ambition to win the leagueWell, if they want to jump ship, so be it. Pne may have history. But stevenage is an ambitious club with with fans with heart. If they can keep a good amount of players of the original squad and add good quality. Then we be fighting for the L1 title.How can you say we are small time back to back promotions and then made the playoffs?

what have you done over the last two years? almost got relegated twice fantastic good job big time lolPNE will be lucky to get the same crowd as Stevenage next season as they have lost over 60% of season ticket holders....part time fans waiting for matches where PNE charge just £1 to get people through the doorsPne would get a better attendence than stevenage even if they were in the conference you average 4k for goodness sake.


01 Jun 2012 12:00:19
Burnley interested in signing irish defender Darren O'Dea after his release by Celtic. Bolto n and Peterborough also interested.

Source: Sky Sports website(12)(2)


01 Jun 2012 11:56:17
Huddersfield Town are expected to announce the signing of Kyle Lafferty from Glasgow Rangers today. Active clauses of 575k has been met to secure his release.
Dale Jennings is also in talks ( just been released by Bayern Munich).
Greg Halford is also another probabable arrivee next week -out of contract available on a free.
One other out of contract name to be targeted is rumoured to be Ferrie Bodde formally of Swansea City.(7)(13)Ferrie Bodde is still under contract with Swansea and has not played for Swansea for at least three years due to serious knee injuries. He is still awaiting news on his latest injury as to whether he needs surgery etc. Don't think he will be playing for some time so dream on for that one.Where gave you heard this?Lafferty gets married todayBodde has officially released by Swansea today, he's available on a free transferJennings has not been released by BMLafferty replacing rhodes who's on his way to readingFerrie has today been released by Swansea according to the sky sports website, I'm a swans fan and was a huge fan of him up until his injury problems, he's a great player but in all honesty he'd be lucky to play again after all his injuries .Rhodes isn't going to reading. Why would he when he want first team football which he won't definitely get in the prem?If they got Halford when we was at the blades he was an ideal pplayer in the championship


01 Jun 2012 11:56:01
Nigel Adkins is interested in signing young, British talent hungry to prove themselves in the top flight. Interesting its British and not English, maybe suggesting he's currently in for a Scot/Welshman.

J Rod is almost done I hear
Once is talked about but perhaps Adkins wants Scotland internationally matt Phillips?
Alex Smithies is someone I want to see at the club, ling term Davis replacement and cup keeper.
Perhaps dorrans (Scottish) or Davis ( n Irish) of rangers, both good players.
A centre back and right back would then be enough, preferably the centre back to have premier league experience.(9)(5)Must be Gareth Bale-Welsh!We will sign ince/phillips for sure with punch going the other way as a sweetener. A bigish signing from the continent is required still as every year cortese has signed one from his contacts- N'diaye , guly then de ridder. Love to get Honda to play with lee but thats a tad ambitious. Maybe Kjaer as he was on lona at roma but they dont seem to want him? Id love us to slap 5 mill for butland as I see him challenging Hart for the number 1 jersey in 3-4 years. for purely entertainment i would love to get frimpong in when hes back from injury !


01 Jun 2012 11:55:03
Bolton, Burnley and Peterborough after Darren O'Dea after a unhappy spell at celtic(9)(0)He was rubbish at leeds all season, the only good thing he did was score that goal against peteborough.Be good for bolton then


01 Jun 2012 11:47:25
Any news on Ronnie Henry? who's he off to?(3)(3)


01 Jun 2012 11:46:51
GRANT HOLT TO VILLA. he just tweeted 'i have loved my 3 years at the club and it sadness me to right this but want use to here it from me first #lovedmytime'(10)(9)But he didnt tweet he wanted go villa lmaoYeah he loves you so much that's why his off bye bye premEveryone is going to villa then, this story is so untrue its unreal


01 Jun 2012 11:41:56
Middlesbrough captain Matthew Bates is being looked at by Wolves and Wigan for around 1 million.(6)(7)This is bull, here is why..

He was injured from the end of march, with a serious knee injury, effectively ruling him out for 6 months, no club is going to bid on a player with an injury like that.His contract is up and he is undergoing treatment after doing his cruciate for the 5th time.Why would anyone buy an injured player?

Ben X.If hes going anywhere he's going on a pay as u play plus he's out of contract and injured why would Wigan want him. Quality player injured too oftenBecause its Middlesbrough the manager signs players of they're injured all the time.Wolves bought Hunt while he was long term injured.I doubt we are in for bates though.


01 Jun 2012 11:28:05
joe lennox has been targeted by rivals exeter city. and simon king is making plans with the family on wether the offered move to plymouth is sutible for them.(0)(3)Joe Lennox signed a new deal, so they are wasting time!Lennox has signed a new short term contract with Plymouth so we will not be moving anywhere else.Why would he go to them when we are a bigger club and have better facilities and he just signed a new contract so that's bullste


01 Jun 2012 11:19:30
From reliable Arsenal source- Arsenal are only likely to spend 8 million on top of what they sell- inside info(4)(13)


01 Jun 2012 11:13:35
Oxford United are interested in Ronnie Henry, Jon Shaw, and Ben Strevens. Shaw is their preference but face strong competition for his signature from around 6/7 clubs including Luton, York, Hartlepool, Northampton and Fleetwood.

Oxford are thought to be willing to sell star striker James Constable, but Constable is happy at Oxford and is not keen to leave to the club.

Adam Chapman could be on his way out of Oxford United. Shrewsbury Town are interested in him, and have offered a better deal, but Chapman is happy at the Kassam Stadium, so still has a tough decision to make. Oxford are unlikely to improve their offer though.

Other players on Oxford's radar are midfielders Matt Oakley and Michael Flynn.(4)(4)Constable is not happy at Oxford not after the way the oxford fans treated him after the club game him permission to talk to swindon in the january window as he received threats from oxford fans and his game went down hill until the end of the season. He will go to Rovers or Northampton during the summer and expect a few other departures. Oxford seem to be happy as a L2 team with no ambition to go higher as they havent got the funds. Crowds will reduce this season as the fans dont see Wilder as the manager to take them forward. After all the stick they gave Swindon fans about appointing Paolo and saying he was going to fail well who's laughing now Oxford fans.
Mediocre season for you Yellows next season.The Swindon fan above is lies. If you read Constable's tweets and if you have a brain (hard for a scummer) it clearly shows he loves the club. Hence the reason why he put he has no plans for leaving.. Hardly ambitious for him if he is joining another league 2 club. Should make sure your rumours are 100% correct.. Instead of making it up for fun.Why lie? Constable is very happy at Oxford!!Nice to know how obsessed Swindon fans are with us! Thanks for the breathtaking rumoursIts really hard to see why Swindon Fans have so much interest in us. Get over it, Beano did not want to sign for you, full stop. He was not a target of abuse or threats by fans, in fact the opposite. Its really good to hear you have an interest in our funds - I'd be very conscious of your funds and at any time your sugar daddy's could pull the plug. We dont have that luxury, thank goodness. We cannot afford big wages or big fee's but we also manage our money. The cap comes in next year - ooops! Could be painful for your lot. COME ON YOU YELLOWSSince when have rumours got to 100% correct there would hardly be a site if that was the case numpty!


01 Jun 2012 11:12:50
sol bamba off to trapazoner turkey 800k(9)(2)Thats a real shame, lets all remember those heart in mouth moments when he dribbled his way off our goal line instead of finding row z! sol is a legend be sad if he went, played footie with a smile on his face, a scots accent in his mouth and a ball 'sometimes' attached to his foot/head happy days


01 Jun 2012 11:12:47
Talk on Twitter of Southampton being interested in Ben Foster, it would be a great move
if it is true.(16)(7)From who.. you know any one to follow for good rumoursNot really he is very inconsiestantThe talk is true, he would be a bloody good signing for us if it comes true, but davis can cut it in the prem if im honestCan't believe people are knocking Foster?! Did you actually watch any prem football last season? He had a couple of ropey seasons in the past but he is England's No.2 if he hadn't retired. Great keeper last season. He'd be a great signing but I can't see him leaving Baggies to join us.


01 Jun 2012 11:11:09
Killie try sign David Healy from Rangers

Ex-St Mirren player Jeroen Tesselaer has been offered a deal by Kilmarnock,(4)(2)Healy on ten grand a week has killie got a euro millions winner as a fan hope so but not him please ktid


01 Jun 2012 11:09:51
Grant Holt has expressed his desire to leave Norwich City due to disagreements.

Source Grant Holt official twitter @holty30

His tweets are as follows

"Just to stop the rumour mill again. I have expressed to the board and the CEO that I want to leave the football club. Due to disagreements"

Followed by

"I have loved my 3 years at the club and it sadness me to right this but want use to here it from me first. #lovedmytime"

I think a few strikers/wingers we should look at are

Jordan Rhodes
Gary Hooper
Scott Sinclair

But lets get our new manager sorted first Celtic will reject any approach that Norwich make for Neil Lennon.(7)(5)That's a non-starter anyway, Lennon will not leave Celtic. Doubt he ever would leave willinglyGet a grip none of those players would look at your club lol!!!!!! Championship football next year!!!!No way hooper would go to norwichNorwich will never get any of those 3!Can't see Norwich getting any of them either. Will struggle to stay up next season for sureRhodes - No chance

Hooper Sinclair - Maybe

Not a lot of money in the pot though, so maybe Heskey on a free?We were favourites to go down last season... Don't write us offRhodes - Big price tag.

Sinclair - Sideways/Downwards move. Will go to Liverpool to join up with Rodgers.

Hooper - Massive price tag. Southampton had £8m rejected. Norwich not prepared to pay over £5m for a player as they bid to clear debts.People are very disillusioned about Norwich right now. Norwich have been given an est 20 for the transfer window. Both Lambert and the Norwich board have stated his leaving is nothing to do with a lack of transfer budgets. lets keep the end of season predictions to ourselves before christmas, same thing happened last year and everyone looked a little sillyLet's hope he can correct his "writing" skills before he signs a new contract.


01 Jun 2012 11:06:07
Southampton FC:

Nigel Adkins has been working on a deal to bring Damien Duff to St Marys on a free from Fulham(6)(15)Nope, not true.Well he's going to struggle, because he's not out of contract.Whats bad about daien duff i know weir not getting him but could solve our right wing problem


01 Jun 2012 11:04:48
Time to sweat saints fans as Paul Lambert is a massive fan of Jay Rod.(6)(13)Time to sweat haha, done be stupid Nigel Adkins has been trying to get him since last summerWe only want players who have the same desire for the club to succeed as we do. If he doesn't want to come here we will get someone else........and who says Villa have loads of money anyway.Villa would be a better destination for Jay RodJay Rod would be better off joining Saints! They will help with his development more. However I dont see why "Its time to sweat Saints fans"....If he joins great, if he doesnt they will move onto the next target. Saints fans wont lose any sleep over it...Stupid comment.With a £7 mill price tag, that won't phase villaOld saying plenty more fish in the sea if he chooses to go else where if his hearts not there for the saints and 7 million a lot of money to spend on someone unproven but hey saints premiership club and a few people on here a bit jealous


01 Jun 2012 10:55:22
Reading after Martin Kelly from Liverpool and pilkington from norwich(8)(16)Both first team players and have at least 2 years on contract and would take double their transfer market to even tempt their clubs.Especially Kelly who is
an england International,Loves and supports Liverpool and is young.Whether you do have a rich owner now.You can pay all the money world for a player buts its whether they want to leave aswellRight like Pilkington would leave us to go to Reading utter rubbish why would he leave to go to a smaller newly promoted club.because you've lost your manager, your top scorer ...and you are going dooooowwwwnnnnn next season..!Pilks is going nowhereGood, give us the motivation, make us the underdogs, we will prove you wrong again and again, we will stay up, we will improve and you will again look less than intelligent when it comes to footballMartin Kelly is going to be a loan deal. Pilkington wont be leaving Norwich because despite us being significantly richer than Norwich, it is still a sidewards step. I hope Norwich stay up next season, but dont go hating on Reading cause we have alot of money now.... Jealousy is pathetic.Reading more likely to go down than Norwich I'm afraid, and you won't take Kelly.Not hating Reading because of being rich, hating teams that get players by paying too much which forces other teams to raise their wages to compete resulting in higher ticket prices and massive debtsWe might have wealth, but we've vowed that we wont be spending unsustainably and we wont break our wage structure so we probably wont sign anyone demanding over 30k a week. But I can see us making a few big transfer fee signings perhaps upto 6-7 million on young and hungry players who we can sell on for massive profits


01 Jun 2012 10:49:35
BURTON to sign callum belford in exchange for jimmy philips and take atkins and collister on trial to sort the 2 gk positioning(2)(5)He's called cameron!They won take Atkins on trial..A) cause he played all last season B) he's contracted with Derby still and they want him to play games.


01 Jun 2012 10:43:53
Reading monitoring the situation of out of favor Juventus winger Milos Krasic. Liverpool also interested(8)(17)I think Reading have over taken Leeds and Southampton as the most ridiculous fans on here. Why on earth would Krasic sign for Reading!?Won't go to you're tiny club readingNot. A. Chance.Not a chance!I'm a reading fan even I laughed at this one … there getting worse


01 Jun 2012 10:37:50
Tony Pulis at Stoke City, has been told to shore up his ageing squad. Some of Stokes older players will be moved on or released, and fresh young talent will be introduced so Pulis can get a solid base of players for coming seasons.


Matt Jarvis- Wolves (bid is imminent)

Stephen N'Zonzi - Blackburn (price needs to be lowered)

Jermain Defoe - Spurs (Pulis knows him and Crouch have played together for seasons, and scored many between them, it's a case of tried and tested for Pulis here)

Hugo Rodellega - Wigan (Pulis has always paid interest into the striker, and sees him as the ideal replacement to Fuller)(9)(9)Matt Jarvis looks nailed on to come, however Wolves won't budge from the £10M they want Stoke will offer £7.5M at most! Also Defoe looks like another one your right with here, have heard Asamoah Gyan's name thrown around a few timesCan't see defoe and rodellega coming (if any) as it would mean 1 of them would be a bench warmer and I really can't see either willing to do that and Pulis would never EVER play 4-3-3. Also think Jarvis will be coming later rather than earlier in the window as it still seems the price issue is at loggerheads. Just my opinion.I hope what you say is trueJarvis is not nailed on n wolves want business done early so we can get players inCan only see jarvis leaving for anything under 10 million if a transfer request is handed in, 7.5 million is wishful thinking...Jarvis and Defoe? Do me a favour. They are too small for Stoke and would not want to spend the season chasing long balls and looking up into the air all the time. Why is it that Pulis is never linked with any of the managerial vacancies I wonder?I can see the Jarvis deal being done on deadline day. Most deals are done on then because thats when most players are available at cheeper prices. No way is Jarvis worth 10 million and Stoke should definatly not pay that, he's worth about 6 million max.Wolves will not sell for that£10 million for Jarvis? I think not. He'll be at Stoke in the next few weeks for no more than £6 million. He will want to stay in the premier league and go to a bigger club than wolves. :-)~If he is looking for a bigger club than Wolves then that certainly aint Stoke, see above one trophy in how many years.The only cups in the potteries are the ones they make themselvesIf i can remember correctly pulis was offered the wales job and turned it down to stay at stoke because of what the club have done for him and plus if pulis went to a big team with big player they would win every cup going becasue teams would be out powered in evey senceStokeies a bit hopefull here, neither Jarvis or Defoe are 10ft tall get on the end of the long ball players so your out of look. More like John Carew


01 Jun 2012 10:28:30
Ferry going to Sheffield United.
Also there interested in caddis,is only a rumour yet could be possible(7)(6)Sheffield united after dave kitsonCaddis just signed a new contract and they all want to play for Paolo.

Second season syndrone under Danny Wilson will see Sheff Utd have a non existent season. He's done it at every club he's been at and expect the same Sheff utd fans.

No way will Caddis go there and i expect Ferry to stay as well.Incorrect, it's a myth that his 2nd season is full of fail.


01 Jun 2012 10:13:44
Freddy Eastwood to Scunthorpe United - Tweeted the other day that he has been in Scunthorpe.(10)(7)


01 Jun 2012 10:04:21
Bury FC have been given the green light to discuss a transfer of Burton Striker Marc Newsham.

Bury face competition from Rotherham,Crewe, and Scunthorpe for the highly regarded poacher.

Jason Lee is said to prefer a more long ball fashion this term which will not suit young (25) Newsham.

A fee of 40k is being mentioned with add ons.(3)(5)Boston, not BurtonDon't you mean Boston?He's from boston and he has just agreed a new contractHe is ex Rotherham and there is no way Rotherham would be interested in having him back. Rotherham`s main forward target still remains as Matt Tubbs.Apologies.
I posted the text as i received it.
I have never heard of the player.


01 Jun 2012 10:03:49
Albert Adomah is in talks with Southampton
following a 2 million + a further 800,000
in add ons.(14)(17)City want 3 million for him!Most would disagree with me but this would be a good signing if we couldn't get ince from blackpoolAnother skate making up rumours i pressume lolThats quite exciting,hes a good young player we could realisticaly sign. Not for 2mill thoughI'd rather my fat lazy ass playing for saints than that useless mercenaryBristol City's best player over the two matches they played us. And they beat us on both counts.

Wouldn't say no, but would be concerned about making the step up to the prem, he's not that young (24 I think?) and not exactly a regular international (couple of caps for Ghana). I'd be tempted if we could get him cheap, maybe £2million plus an extra 0.5mill if we stay up.Admoah is quality he ripped fox down st marys i would take him but only for 2 million none of that add onsWho didnt? home and awayAdomah or Lallana it ain't difficult Lallana is so much betterMate, it's not a question of "Adomah or Lallana"... we can't rely on Lallana to play every minute, we need squad depth and players who will step up.


01 Jun 2012 10:00:37
DavId Whelan of Wigan Athletic is in talks with Bury FC regarding their development squads availability over half and season long periods.

Martinez has vowed his commitment but understands they need to develop players for the future.
Martinez has Targetted Garry Flitcroft as the man to replace Jones if the welshman joins swansea as expected.

Bury have recently reformed their development program and would be open to Wigan offering returning injured players into their matchday squads.

If this does not happen this season, expect the discussions to contiune.(5)(1)Greame jones is from Newcastle, not Wales :)If this were true big mouth media star Whelan would already have told you. He just can't keep a secretApologies again.
I posted this from a message i received.
I shall check the finer detail before future posts.
Garry Flitcroft is interesting clubs as an assistant.


01 Jun 2012 09:58:44
Greame Jones favourite and likely to be new Swansea manager, a relief for us Blackpool fans!(10)(3)And brighton fansSorry guys but rumours are jones has rejects the offer


01 Jun 2012 09:53:25
Scott Carson back to the baggies.. lol no! But how about Lukaku on loan? Especially with Hulk going to Chelsea(3)(9)


01 Jun 2012 09:50:14
Finally Derby and Northampton have
agreed a fee.(8)(8)For who?How much ??Michael Jacobs obv


01 Jun 2012 09:49:54
Rukavytsya to Reading for undisclosed fee(5)(7)You won't get any decent players just a little clubIs this why we got promotion as Champions then when we have got no decent players? We are a club on the up ... we will be in Europe in three years time.Just a little club.. amazed how hated a well run club has become just because it's got new moneyWell I think he'd rather be playing in the Premiership than in the Bundesliga 2 with HerthaEurope in 3 years time? Doubt itvery much, what bugs me is how big headed Reading fans are, especially after this takeover.Reading are the smallest club ever to be in the prem even Wigan and fulham are bigger WBA loyalLoool wigan are not bigger! not big headed just optimistic..your be the ones crying when small little reading beat you next season..URZWBA is smaller than ReadingSmall club coming from wba fan crap gruond and little money Reading r a much bigger club alreadySo we have a manager in the top 10 in england, a whole load of new money and our east stand is going to have the most capacity for a single stand in the whole of europe, real small club isnt it??As I Reding fan I agree. The recent takeover has gone to a few heads. Reading will not spend more than 4-5 million on a player. Neither will they spend more than 25-30k a week at a push. Just because we have rich backing doesnt mean the clubs ethos will change over night. Free signings will be Readings plan meaning they can pay more on salaries.Right so if Reading are the smallest club in the Premiership. How come are stadium isnt the smallest ?? Also, our stadium will hold more than White Hart Lane provided we survive this season. We are in a large catchment area with no significant rivals. The economical state of Reading is on the up and with the new owners now in we are richer than the majority of clubs in the EPL... The fact that we have done little in the past means nothing, its the past for a reason. Aren't Leeds supposedly a big club, but look at them. The fact that you hate on Reading is pathetic people. Grow up, get a pair of balls and get on with supporting your own teams which im guessing are going nowhere in the future due to lack of ambition, lack of funds and a lack of decent football loving fans.Not optimistic...Its big headedness from some Reading fans, thinking now you have all this new money you will sign all these unrealistic players with ease....Thing is majority of that money is assets and businesses, your not going to have millions and millions spent on buying players.. Need to get realI like how many people are hating on Reading for being optimistic. Don't try and act like this sort of thing doesn't happen. Stoke were a championship side only 4 years ago, yet no-one would call someone crazy for thinking they could get into Europe next season. What you're also forgetting is that Reading were only a point short of getting into Europe in their debut season 5 years ago, WITHOUT any excessive signings or cash injections. Looking very much forward to see critics silenced next season by Reading.I wouldnt say optimistic, the players Reading fans are saying they are going to sign is ridiculous!


01 Jun 2012 09:49:39
John Brayford is said to Pleased that
he is getting Noticed by Big Clubs
such as Stoke and Aston Villa.
But He is Commited to Derby County.(11)(4)Would love to see Brayford at Stoke. However much respect if he does stay loyal to his contract if prem teams come knockin, especially Stoke who he supports. Bigger wage (I suspect) and playing for the team you support? It'd be hard to turn down.If stoke city do get into offering him a contract he is likely to accept as he is a bit of a stoke fanI must have missed that. When did Stoke become a big club?When they became an established premiership team while Derby struggled in the championshipLol at the guy above, struggling in the championship isn't really finishing in the top half, yes stoke are the bigger club and i admit but you do talk some bs just to get back at some...


01 Jun 2012 09:48:07
Derby County Had Made a Cheeky
Enquiry about Evertons Shane Duffy.
As Many are Aware of Everton's
Having to sell before you can Buy
Policy.I dont whether they will accept
or Not.

But the reason I told you this is
Becuase when they recieved the
Enquiry David Moyes looked at the
Derby Squad and is Very Interested
in Derbys Steve Davies who had
Scored 12 goals in 21 games which is
Very Impressive.The Transfer Listed
Player is from Liverpool But is a
Massive Liverpool Fan but I doubt if
They do make a Suprising move for
him that wouldnt stop him.

When people read this i have to
remind you that derby offered steve
davies a new deal.They want to keep
him but due to family reasons he
needs to relocate near Liverpool.So
I think if they do approach this would
be good for everyone.

Dont just click Unbelievable because
you think hes not good enough
because your wrong hes one of the
best finishers in the league and
with his record this season he has one
of the best Goals to game ratios.(8)(22)Embarrassing rumour.. Totally unbelievable.. He's awful.. A good finisher is Lambert or Beckford.. Davies is a joke...Just wondering is jeff hendrick any good from a ireland fanHes amazing.Hes Improved amazingly.I too am an Ireland fan and will be supporting them in the euros.So as you can Imagine abit gutted about paul green leaving but we have stars of the Future in Jeff Hendrick and Mark o BrienHendrick is class. Been our best player this year and it is his first full seasonJeff Hendrick is very good and steve davies is as good a finisher as lambert... no joke.Davies is a great player and he will work well with better players cus u can see his movement and passing is too good for other players at this level sometimes and hendrick as a solid young talent his passing and ability to hold the ball is top notchEverton will not get rid of Duffy, he's going to be class and they only have 3 other cb'sUtter tripeDuffy is part of Moyes' plans. I expect Distin to retire this season, Duffy could contest for a place.

Steve EFC


01 Jun 2012 09:47:38
leeds takeover to be completed within 10 days
neil warnock will be given 25m warchest for all out automatic finish next season..that is why only 1 signing been made as lack of funds and no point signing ste when youll have access to $$$$ in next 2 weeks(7)(23)We have heard this before i will believe it
when it happens, still think anybody will have a problem getting our ken to move overLol.......... its ok having millions (very much doubt it by the way) but who you gunna spend it on qpr reseves ex crystal palace players?? who is going to go to leeds you would be better off investing in your youth system or give david oleary a ring he knows how to waste millions of poundsThere hasnt been one mention of a takeover. just that bates is taking to investors big differenceBig war chest is not a guarantee to success re Ipswich, Leicester etc. Southampton, Norwich went up on their existing squads, money will not build you a team.

One of the issues is clubs know you have money so you get quoted inflated prices and lets face it the sort of player your'e thinking of at that money will go to premier league.
Unfortunately Like Ipswich,Leicester and all Leeds are not a big any club more.No he hasnt hes been told hes got to sell b4 he can buy to raise fundsAll a load of drivel, it is a takeover , we will buy big and be in premier as soon as,and leeds are still a massive club ,always will be ,no comparison with ipswich , leicester , small town clubs.I am a west ham fan but intelligent to realise that leeds utd are easily the biggest club in championship and if they are taken over with unlimited funds then they would get the pick of players.I hate to see people slagging off David O'Leary... It was Ridsdale's fault for everything that went wrong at Leeds. Lets face it, if your a manager of a club and your chairman keeps throwing money at you to but players.. who would say "no thanks" and how was buying players like Robbie Keane, Rio Ferdinand, Mark Viduka, Olivier Dacourt, Dominic Matteo and Robbie Fowler a waste of money?? back then these were all quality players (we wouldn't of got to the Champions League semi final if they were all rubbish)


01 Jun 2012 09:43:41
Ipswich town to sign a goalkeeper before next Friday, news will break of who exactly over the bank holiday weekend! I know this is brief but cannot be to specific!(6)(4)I think Ipswich will need about three goalkeepers all playing at once to keep the goals out next seasonIts Watford Keeper Scott Loach for aprox 700kScott loachWatford fans will be up in arms now you've quoted 750k. They were demanding at least 2 million.Maybe Watford will let us have Loach on the cheap on the basis they owe us one for paying them £1.5m over the odds for Priskin...


01 Jun 2012 09:42:46
heard that arsenal may keep denilson who is returning some loan....(8)(4)


01 Jun 2012 09:39:49
Wenger will stick to policy again of
young French Players by getting

Eliaquim Mangala
Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa/Mamadou Sakho
Yann M'Vila
Olivier Giroud

These have all been taken from
the french Tv who Admitted that
there were Arsenal Scouts watching
Frances Friendly(12)(6)Mangala and Sakho are Definate No'sWhen is Wenger going to bring through British talent from inside instead of French? (or buying it from Southampton?). If he wants to manage French talent, why doesnt he go back to France?Scouts and backroom staff are french so why wouldnt they watch france


01 Jun 2012 09:39:26
Does anybody know if watford due to
be taken over i know bas has done
good but rumors are saying he's got
no money and hasnt met any
payments. Can someone clarify
this(1)(1)Your not being taken over . It's Leeds united who will be in 10 days.To the person above you do know it's possible for two clubs to be taken over at the same time by different people?
to my fellow watford fan this is all fabricated rubbish. the watford observer would have reported any interested bidder by now and bassini told them yesterday that 2.5m of the bonds had been paid and that he was working on cancelling the 1m overdraft and the interest on the remaining bondsIts being rumours search kevin affleck on twitter x-watford observer editor close links to watford. Apparently bassini hasnt met the payment to ashcroft and simpson and apparently didnt pay staff last week, so worrying times at watford hopefully someone waiting in the wings to take over , apparently udinese owner expressed interest in us a while ago.According to Kevin Affleck we are being taken overAll Crap by Kevin Affleck who has issues...Staff have been paid ( I should know ! ) Just twitter nonsence.That is true, Bassini will be selling up and there is a potential new owner on the horizon.


01 Jun 2012 09:07:20
Carl Ikeme, Wolves and Paul Smith, forest, both strongly linked to fill Middlesbroughs available goalkeeper position. Both released by their clubs and both have enjoyed successful loan spells at Boro over the last couple of seasons(4)(9)Carl Ikeme not been released by Wolves has 2 yrs left on his contract and will not be leaving due to Henners being out till christmasIkeme hasnt been released from wolves. We only have the two keepers with hennessey out injured so highly unlikely he will leave anyway.Get ikeme, quality keeper UTBHe's out of contract. check out the leagues player availabilty list published this morning. it shows all players out of contract on 1/6/12Well thats wrong n he loves it here he wants the no1 jerseyIts only craddock thats nearly out of contract at the mo..(subject to being offered 1year Extension) so who ever has given you this info is either messing u about or a Baggies Fan... {edsnote}Who ever is saying ikeme is out ov contract is well rong y make lies up iam a boro fan and wud love him back hes class he will get no1 for wolves


01 Jun 2012 09:05:59
Fraud El Alagui from falkirk to Sheff utd(3)(6)


01 Jun 2012 08:34:24
i know this info is quite crap but reading will make a big signing very soon, im not talking about players like Marriapa. dont know who it is myself but ive been told it's a big signing and our record transfer deal will be well beaten.
MrRfc(7)(1)Well our record is not hard to beat 2.5 million but if you're talking about us breaking it by a fairly long way, I hope it's for Gylfi, especially as there are rumours we have matched the Swansea bidWe have made a bid for gylfi, i dont know if he is this player. i think gylfi will go to liverpool but we have 100% made a bid.
MrRfcAny ideas at all MrRFC?!Nicky Hammond has backed this up and hinted about it a week or two ago in the Reading Chronicle.Im not sure but going by other speculation, maybe Defoe but that's just me guessing


01 Jun 2012 08:18:05
Derby County Have Had A £600,000 Bid Rejected For Northampton's Michael Jacob's, Rumour Has It Clough Could Use Mark O'Brien Or James Bailey To Tempt Northampton To Part With Jacobs(1)(11)Both Mark O brien and James Bailey are worth more than Jacobs.

Especially Mark O Brien.Hes one of the best Young Centre Back in Ireland and is Highly Rated by Derby and Nigel Clough
Those first 5 games of the season that we won he started all of them with 4 clean sheets and only letting in 1 goal.He will become the first team centre back.

James Bailey is a good player and still young he is only leaving because hes too good to sit on a bench and there is a better partnership between Hendrick and Bryson.

Teams such as West brom want him dont believe me go to sky so why would we use James bailey when we could get 750k for him.

This what really annoys me Jacobs plays in League 2 send any of our first team players to the league 2 and they would look world class.Jacobs is untested at this level he is a talented player and instead of Messing teams about should tell Northampton that he is leaving and that they should accept the offer Derby made of 350,000.The tribunal would be 400,000 not the 800,000 people are saying i checked it on the Fa site.

I have seen the Youtube clips and he does look to be good player with a really good long shot.You must remember these are only rumours so don't get so upset what will be will be stay cool Northampton fanThe two deals would be loans not permanentJacobs will cost around 700,000 - 800,000 grand!!! Get your facts right


01 Jun 2012 08:14:33
gary roberts and mike grella now north enders with the possability shefki kuqi coming to deepdale(0)(11)Grella is not signing for pne ,am a pne fan and know its crapSame Gary Roberts who's supposed to be going tp sheff Wed?Getting ready for a long stay in league 1. All the signings you are making are typical league 1 players. In Westley you trust - God help you.Bitter and twisted fans from stevenage ,tranmere,carlise pne dont give a toss wat u lot think wait for the football to start then comment wen pne go upLong stay in League 1? dont think so, Westley has a proven track record of building winning teams and this is exactly what he is doing15th in league 1 and just 3 wins in 20+ games.....may have been OK at Stevenage.....but he's shocking when he's in League 1....soory PNE fans but he hates players and always starts arguments with them. Falls out with everyone at stevenage and were better off without him...thanks for taking Del Boy


01 Jun 2012 08:13:24
Burton Albion to sign Lionel ainsworth after a successful loan spell at the end of last season. Also they are considering a move fir Karl hawley who gas been released by notts county but wages could be a problem. Enoch showunmi is also a possible signing following his release from tranmere rovers.(2)(5)Lionel has agreed a 2 year deal with port vale once the takeover has been completed in the next few days. 100%Hope port vale do sign Ainsworth..he had the heart of a mouse when he was on loan at us.


01 Jun 2012 08:01:30
Chelsea reportedly agree to £38 million fee for Porto striker Hulk(19)(11)Quite possibly the most overrated and over priced player in the world.


01 Jun 2012 07:58:17
Paul Lambert is expected to named as the new Aston Villa manager later today.
Grant Holt is expected to join up with Lambert at Villa Park.
Forming a Holt & Bent partnership.
Lambert will then chase after Junior Hoilett with a promise of first team football to add some pace to the wings.
Lambert will then sell off Warnock & Collins to his good friend Martin O'Neill for a total of £6m.
That £6m will pay for Holt.
£20m will then be available for changing Villa's ageing side.

Villa set to attempt to raid neighbours Birmingham City for Nathan Redmond (valued at around £8.5m)(15)(14)Isnt Nathon redmond a Massive Birmingham fan and would never join
Aston Villa Especially with Bigger clubs interested e.g ChelseaVilla favs to go down this season and no1 will come to villa they couldnt get any1 last season never mind this seasonYes exactly what I thought but look at Craig Gardner (huge blues fan) but signed for Villa's academy instead of Blues's! Question is would Prem game time at a team be better than reserve games with chelsea?He hasn't joined yet but you know who he'll sign and sell!! Impressive

Have to say I fancy Villa to go down as wellWe wont go down are you mad? and redmond is a gunner. but even tho he plays for the st i'd still sign him up,hoilet would love it down the villa and i could see him signing soon. paul lamberts claret and blue army!!


01 Jun 2012 07:57:09
Brentford have put a bid in for Charlton striker Paul Hayes(9)(1)Donaldson is a striker under contract at brentford, cant see bees selling to be honest?They can have him not championship qualityDonaldson is a striker under contract at brentford, cant see bees selling to be honest?
What does that have to do with Hayes going to Brentford? Your buying someone not selling.Paul Hayes to Brentford has been rumoured for a while - plenty of CAFC fans have heard this one. The rumour that he is off to Wycombe in a part exchange deal for Stuart Beavon is total nonsense.

Leon Clarke is also on his way out of The Valley with Crawley being the most likely destination.What a shame , Leon Clarke was such am influential player at charlton, his striking abilities and goals will be Hugely missed, Leon Clarke is easily a championship playerClarke played only a handful of games for us and didn't really make an impact wont really effect us. He seemed to be quite good at Chesterfield tho.Hayes never got a chance once Kermit arrived, it's a shame becuause I think he did quite well up until then.


01 Jun 2012 07:48:56
Grant Holt is on way to VIlla. Hooper and Lennon would go to Norwich, but why would Lennon move from a champions keague team to a Mid table prem team?(3)(12)Because he will actually have a challenge in the Premiership. The SPL 2012-2013 title is already Celtic's, how boring eh?Hooper would not join Norwich either!Maybe because it's not a mickey mouse league like the SPL, you'll be out of the champions league before Xmas anywayHolt has twittered he wants to leave the club after 3 years, sad what is going on behind the scenes?And Norwich is a Mickey Mouse club who will be back in the championship next year!

You wonder why everyone hates the English! Your arrogance is truly astounding!As someone previously mentioned, the top team in the welsh league also gets in the champions league, and they actually have competition to get there!, spl shouldnt be allowed to compete in champions league anymore, another position should go to the bpl... plus i believ norwich beat celtic fairly recently, and before you start harping on a bout a reserve team, hooper definately played and the way you talk about him makes you think he is better than messi!Because the premier league is a better league then the spl, its the best league in the world.Because mid table in the prem is still a higher standard that Scottish football which is a complete waste of time and like being in League 1, it is a joke!Is it not better to play in a mickey mouse league rather than a mickey mouse team ???Norwich are not a mid table prem team. Second Season Syndrome will be seen yet again


01 Jun 2012 07:41:10
Dont this will happen with the injury problems Arsenal always have. Espicially at the back(2)(1)


01 Jun 2012 07:24:22
Boro to sign tomasz kuszackz (sorry about the spelling) on a free from man utd.(4)(6)


01 Jun 2012 07:16:42
West Ham have had a 3 million bid accepted for a striker. Do not know who it is but possibilities include:
1) Yakubu (likely)
2) Grant Holt (unlikely)
3) Nile Ranger (unlikely)
4) Nickolas Bedntner (unlikely)
5) Wilferd Zaha (very very unlikely)

I have no idea who it will be but Yakubu seems most likely but it could be anyone.

190298(12)(16)Why pay £3m for a striker that's got a £1m release clause in contract...but guess Sam likes paying over inflated prices for players...enter MaynardYakubu is going to China on £100K a week wages...Definatly not Zaha or Ranger, They're not worth 3mDavies - BoltonYakubu has said he wants to stay in the Premier League

190298Nile Ranger - good fit for whuCould be Kevin Doyle?


01 Jun 2012 07:09:32
Reading chasing former player Kevin Doyle(11)(20)No were not doyle is not prem standard and doesnt want to ruin his legend statusNot seen his public admittance he'll never come back?Doyle has already said he doesn't want to come backHe has already said he doesnt want to come back to the club


01 Jun 2012 07:03:52
Michael Jacobs has agreed to join Peterborough from Northampton(4)(20)Already signed with derbyHaha dream on.That will never happen


01 Jun 2012 07:01:49
Chris Martin will leave Norwich & join Peterborough(8)(16)I really hope this is true.....


01 Jun 2012 07:00:41
Peterborough have bid £500k for Barnsley goalkeeper Luke Steele who cam through the Posh youth set up.(8)(12)This is true, he is a local lad and is prepared to move back to usNowhere near enough could buy his left legIt would take alot more than that for a keeper who is 1 of the best outside the prem!!500k is more than reasonable for a barnsley playerWhy would the best keeper in the championship move to peterborough???250k is most any of your lot worth ? and we bet you home & awayIf Barnsley let Steele go for 500k there is something wrong somewhereYou lot cant afford 5 bob an it will take more than haif a million for luke steeleYou clearly all know nothing about football, just because he plays for barnsley doesnt mean he's not worth money, look at vaz te, west ham wouldn't have got promoted if it wasn't for him and luke has already said he wants to become a reds legend and is happy up northSteele has agreed a contract with barnsley until 2013.


01 Jun 2012 06:58:49
Pauol Gazzaniga is to complete his move from Gillingham to Peterborough(5)(9)Hes going to ipswich!


01 Jun 2012 06:50:07
Gylfi Sigurdsson delaying talks with Swansea, as Liverpool or former club Reading join the race for his signature. Reading is believed to be the preferred option, however big money from Liverpool may sway the decision. Swansea now looking the least likely to get their man.(20)(11)He would join Liverpool.Liverpool the destinationPlease read the official swansea website. Gylfi is still coming to the mighty swansHuw Jenkins is quoted on the BBC website as saying the deal agreed, but nothing is signed. Therefore nothing is certain and if your honest Rogers was a huge factor in him coming to Swansea so this is in some doubt now. Liverpool if interested then Reading are probably preferable to the Swans.No player will ever go to a new club without a manager so until you get a new one, IT AINT GUNNA HAPPEN!No player? So who was Hazard singed for? do they have a manager?But Swansea aren't going to offer the Sig the ridiculous wages Hazard is getting are they? A player will join for a manager-less club, IF they are paid enough. Swansea arent in that position.Yes but Abramovich runs chelsea like he's the manager with the manager being an actual team coach. Swansea are different from Chelsea, their manager makes all the signings and decisions {Ed001's Note - Roman does no such thing, he does not manage the team or choose the players, it is just a myth.}


01 Jun 2012 06:44:33
Ian Holloway will meet Peter Lovenkrands this weekend for talks about him joining Blackpool after. He failed to be awarded a new contract at Newcastle following a Knee injury(9)(8)Not a bpool fan but they wont nosedive and are one of the only financially secure clubs about think they will do ok next year if they keep most of the talent they have as for saints yeh big crowd,good stadium but you lot are so up your own ....... so until you are established in the prem keep it shut.


01 Jun 2012 05:59:43
I've been told that Ryan Nelson will join Ipswich on a 2 year deal and become club captain.
Reliable NZ source(7)(14)No thats not correct i know that for defo sorry mate but your wrong


01 Jun 2012 04:50:06
This is all speculation, as is everything else that is going on at the moment.
As the story is going right now. Villa are trying to skip out on any compensation due to Norwich due to Lambs rolling year contract, eventually Villa will have to cough up something.
Ian Culverhouse is very interested in becoming the head manager and stepping up, and as far as it seems isn't interested in relocating to stay with Lambert. However it's likely the board won't be fond of the move as it's a big step up. Culverhouse is to be joined up with Malky on a two year contract. the two will work together in a co-manager fashion, but Malky will have the official title of "head manager"(5)(9)


01 Jun 2012 04:16:59
Barnsley fc have made approachs for the following players.
Frank nouble
C dawson (loan)
S baldock (loan)
Z diamond (trial)
J mattock(4)(16)Frank Nouble has already accepted to have a trial at moor Farm.

Joe Mattock has been offered a contract
by derby and they have even given him more than he had at west brom because
They need/want him so much.

By Addison do you mean miles Addison
he has been a cut price contract offer and still yet to accept it.Its been between that and Coventry.

C Dawson from West brom?If so He has been a first team regular for the last 6 games of the season.Hes a England u21 centre back has a bright future and especially with Olsen leaving they will need to keep him.Hope not frank nouble !!Mattock is joining Brighton hate to prove u wrong butWhat the Dawson we already have signed from orient last season who played at number 7 ?Addison is wanted by bournemouth, ipswich and barnsley
mattock wanted by brighton, derby, burnley, c palace and barnsley
as for dawson he only played 2 games in the last 6 of the season mate. hes constantly an unused sub.
nouble is rubbish hopefully barnsley wnt go for him.
baldock would be a good signing
diamond is injury prone not goodNouble been at Barnsley on loan twice and not good both times, No thank youZander diamond signed for Burton Albion


01 Jun 2012 04:14:17
New Crawley manager Sean O'Driscoll is in discussions with Bournemouth about bringing striker Matt Tubbs back to the Broadfield Stadium.(5)(11)Never gunna happenI'd like this to be true...but we could never afford his wages - or the fee, since he was sold reportedly for £800k.Agreed. Bournemouth paid 800K not that long ago, unless an amount that is close to that is offered (unlikely), it won't happen.

It would make both clubs look pretty stupid.Doubt itI'd let Tubbs go back to Crawley for half of that amount! He has been shocking and can't handle this level.We didnt pay 800k for him, it was 400k with future incentives which unless he starts scoring more we will never pay hahaCrawley can have Wes Thomas back...In fact the cheeries would probably pay them to take himback


01 Jun 2012 03:40:33
Notts County to sign Michael Symes, Paul Hayes and Scott Wagstaff.(3)(9)


01 Jun 2012 03:12:12
wigan have given assistant manager Graeme Jones permission to talk to swansea about the manager job. Remember he turned down the chance to be swansea manager before.(11)(2)


01 Jun 2012 03:03:58
modric to join psg for 28m
hulk to join athletico madrid 32m
di maria to join napoli 20m
eriksen to manchester utd for 26m(5)(35)Hulk has joined CFCModric is valued at 40 million by tottenham and if he leaves it will be to
Real madrid or Chelsea.

Hulk is valued at 35 million and according to Sky sports Chelsea have had their Bid accepted and its just about sorting Contract terms.

Di Maria is Staying at Real Madrid after
Valencia offered 25 million for him and they turned it down.

Eriksen is Valued at 36 million by Ajax and he already said that if he leaves it wont be to england.His main Preference
is Germany with Bayern Munich.

Manchester united are Getting The Dormunt Japanese midfielder Kawaga.

The Fees are all wrong and so are the Teams.Come back with proper Information next time.



01 Jun 2012 02:33:03
Southend United and Shrewsbury Town are currently negotiating a fee for Ryan Hall.

Southend are thought to want 150k but Shrewsbury don't agree with the valuation.(7)(3)Multiply that 150k by 3 and that's the minimum Southend will be looking for! (From a realistic Shrewsbury fan)450k XD ridiculous. 150k would be about rightObvs not a Shrewsbury fan, we sold a leading premier league striker for 50k more than what you are saying. Ryan hall is a great LEAGUE 2 player , unproven at a higher level.Grant Holt was unproven at a higher level and he isn't really a leading Premier League player!150k a are all you Shrewsbury fans on drugs because the amount of rubbish that you post on here makes it seem that way!If your saying Holt. Not 50k but 500k rumoured3x150=450k
50k more = 500k

i am right ;)Holt was also proven league 1 scorerI don't care what you say but grant holt lives next to me haha


01 Jun 2012 02:14:56
southampton looking to make 1million pound bid for yakubu as he said he wants to exit blackburn(5)(21)West Ham have Made a Bid of 2.5 Million.
Despite Blackburns Relegation Yakuba
and Hoillett played really well to get any goals and the amount Yakuba got shows he still has the Finishers instinct.If i Any of the Three Promoted Sides Yakuba should be Top of your list as he says he wants to stay in Premiership.Hes Got experience.Not true at allRumour here that the Yak is on his way back to the Skates,true,don't know,time will tell.Saints close to signing Jay Rod, not interested in YakubuHe'd be a decent signing but I'm sure he has sky high wages so unlikely!Back to the skates lol the yak is qualityYakubu isn't a patch on lambert


01 Jun 2012 02:03:55
Reading to sign Jordan Rhodes and Danny murphy from fulham(8)(20)Danny Murphy! The guy who got us relegated when he scored that late goal at Portsmouth to stay up on goal difference...Bad times :(You have more chance of signing messi than rhodesTypical Huddersfield fans. You wont keep hold of him, he was saying goodbye to his team mates after the play off final. Grow up and accept he will move to a bigger club just like every talented player with amibition to make something of themselves.A 22 year old Scottish striker with no experience outside League 1, to a championship winning freshly promoted PL side that's just received huge investments, and are promised a 50% stadium expansion if they survive the first season? I think we'll do fine.


01 Jun 2012 01:42:09
poyet to reject swansea as spurs job could be available soon(7)(14)If this is a brighton fan not really Loyal to your Manager.

If your not a Brighton fan where have you been for the past ten years.Gus Poyet
has only Managed Brighton.Even though im a Derby fan i have to admit he has done a good Job But he has only managed for 2 seasons.If Clubs were to
get managers like that Brian Mcdermott would be managing Manchester united.Levy doesn't go back with management


01 Jun 2012 01:41:42
Ian Culverhouse new boss of Norwich(12)(13)Culverhouse and Karsa will follow PL to Aston villa as they have when he managed Wycombe, Colcester and then us. I hope they do leave so that the new manager gets a fresh team of his choice. Hopefully Malkay Makay, Hughton or Lee Clark.


01 Jun 2012 01:37:27
Paris Saint Germain planing a 120 Million bid for Manchester Uniteds striker Wayne Rooney personally i tink it wont happen but even if its true roony would never leave united would he ?(14)(20)He can barely speak English, let alone French.Why wouldnt he? he handed in a transfer request not too long ago and stayed when they offered him money....if a big club has an offer accepted and they offer him more money he will go! but i think it would only be a barca or real madrid sized teamThe same rooney that handed in a transfer request not long ago?He's already shown that he would be willing to leave United, I just don't think its ligue 1 the teams in that league are really poor.Rooney isnt worth 120 million.No player in the world is worth 120 million.Barcelona Value messi as 85 million.Rooney is a very Good striker but he only performs when the team performs he oftens gets mardy if the team are loosing and dosent put in the effort or gets sent off.Course shreks worth that much.I think he would leave but only to Italy or spaind. If he is willing to go to any country for the money then he may as well go to china/russia/us money would be slightly better there anyway.


01 Jun 2012 01:30:06
rumour has it that this is the guy leading the consortium to take over Leeds United

Kenneth Griffin (born October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida) is an American hedge fund manager. He is the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC, a Chicago-based investment firm. Citadel's group of hedge funds rank amongst the largest and most successful hedge funds in the world, and Griffin has earned several billion dollars during his tenure at the company. As of 2011, he has an estimated net worth of $2.3 billion(7)(15)£2.3billion and he will still be only allowed to invest £6m..... {Ed001's Note - it is not quite that simple, I wish people would read the entire ruling before making comments like this. They can pay for a major part of the infrastructure and fund its running. There are a lot of parts of a football club that are essentially exempt from the ruling.}Coventry City is owned by a hedge fund, SISU, look where they are now.


01 Jun 2012 01:17:00
Manchester uniteds fabio set to sign for benfica on a 12 month loan(23)(5)


01 Jun 2012 01:10:19
Danny Murphy to be invited to apply for the Swansea Vacancy, in a player manager role.(3)(26)


01 Jun 2012 01:04:28
Looking very likely now that Kevin De Bruyne will be joining Reading on a season long loan. Chelsea want him to carry on playing regular football while also getting used to the premier league and Reading is seen as a good place for that to happen.(14)(5)Didnt see this coming but it sounds realistic as Chelsea probably will want him to get first team football and at reading he will get thatYes please!Sounds like a load of rubbish personally!!Dont see it being true myself.A player can't be transferred to a prem club and loaned out to another prem club in the same window ... remember same thing was discussed with Lukaku and Stoke last year^^ thats rubbish - in a years period you cant play for more than 2 clubs. Lukaku had played for his previous club and chelsea.Nope that was to do with not being able to play for 3 clubs in one season. Chelsea signed De Bruyne in January anyway.Yes they can. Depends on the contract though.It's 2 clubs in a season not a year.De Bruyne has been enquired about by Southampton. Not seen anything about Reading being interested.


01 Jun 2012 00:36:37
Coming from a close source to Brendon Rodgers, he is considering bidding for Steven Davis (Rangers).(7)(14)Yes, he would do well at Liverpool


01 Jun 2012 00:35:35
Norwich City to approach Neil Lennon with regardsto the vacant managerial position.
Lennon will bring Hooper with him.
Lennon would not rule out a move to english premier league squad Norwich(10)(15)No thank youHope not, he's an awful manager. Only one the league by default and always seems to be in the newspapers for the wrong reasons.Will not happen. 100%He wont go to norwich,so knock this rubbish on the head nowNot an awful manager... He's very similar to Norwich


01 Jun 2012 00:09:21
Out of contract Dunfermline Athletic LB Austin McCann is in talks with former manager Steve Evans at Rotherham United.

McCann played over 75 times for Evans at Boston and will sign for the millers this weekend.(6)(1)


01 Jun 2012 00:04:03
anton robinson to mk dons(6)(6)Ill drop him off myself utter garrbage


31 May 2012 23:54:59
Preston to announce the signings on friday,saturday and sunday of:

Gary roberts-stevenage
Mike grella-bury
Shefki kuqi-oldham
Nathan doyle-barnsley
Francios zoko-carlisle
Donaldson-brentford(2)(20)It's already been announced that Mike Grella has NEVER been a target and he's not a player Graham Westley wants

Shefki kuqi would command a small fee and theres 3 or 4 other teams chasing him so it's very very doubtfull he will be coming to PNE

Nathan Doyle & Zoko again have quite big transfer values and unless the Coutts & Hume deals go through (have been told we should get around £600k for both)....then theres no money available to buy them.

Not been told about Donaldson....who is he?......not ANOTHER defenderIt's Mark Roberts who plays for Stevenage!
Grella NOT for PNE - Peter Ridsdale.We haven't got a player called Gary Roberts.I'd love it if we signed that lot. but Zoko's too good for us and Donaldson is unlikely too.All untrueNone of these players will be at Deepdale unless in the opposition team. PR has stated in today's LEP that we haven't made any enquiry for Grella and has no idea where the rumour came from.He has said that he is not joing you loads of times you are only league 1 he is going to thge championship you finshed below carlisle last year and you will do it again nextZoko and Donaldson will not leave their respective clubs for a team who play hoofballPne have got money even with out selling coutts so stop making up crap rumours ,pne dnt want grella or kuqi there in talks with a prem league striker also hume is stayingGary Roberts from Stevenage :S what are you on about!
Mark Roberts is at Stevenage, get their names right!

And your welcome to Donaldson LOL so bad.MARK Roberts plays for STEVENAGE. Preston have already signed GARY Roberts from HUDDERSFIELD.Almost believable apart from the fact Gary Roberts was at Huddersfield. Dream on.Would love to know were you got the idea preston play hoofball seeing as we passed the ball well towards the end of the season and gary roberts has signed from huddersfield and is a winger wouldnt mind donaldson at pneKuqi is out of contract so would be free.Y would doyle cost a fee barnsley have released himTypical PNE they dont know half the players they have signed and the only way they know if there after them is if they areFREEZoko is out of contract and would not cost anythingGary Roberts is close to signing for sheff wednesday according to all the papers todayDonaldson isnt bad! one of brentfords best players after christmas! joint top assists too! (Y)You would need to pay Kuqi good wages, our supporters trust helped pay part of his wages at Oldham. If he doesn't resign for us he will more than likely go back to Finland to finish his playing career. Why don't ONE just sign evryone and from all the signing on fees your debt gets bigger thanks to Ridsdale.Premier league striker, haha preston, ok guess its heskey then, bet pne fans think they are going to get someone on the fringes of a prem teamOnly if they are free and will play for League 2 wagesWhere does it say PNE have signed Gary Roberts?Preston North End are quality and will be getting promoted next seasonHow many strikers do you want ?Ha ha ha. Preston North End are quality? That's not a rumour, it's a bare faced lie.


31 May 2012 23:42:28
Swindon want hartlepools Antony Sweeney for 500k(5)(6)Dont be so stupid we will never pay 500k for a player, where do you get your fairy stories from.Sell, sell, sell!500k for sweeney ill drive him there for you for that type of cashHe's good but cant see him leaving Hartlepool
Can be a bit inconsistant



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