Football Rumours Archive July 04 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 04 2012 

03 Jul 2012 23:22:39
Derby to sign Sam Baldock from West Ham on a season long loan deal, with the veiw to a perminant deal.(14)(23)


03 Jul 2012 22:59:27
Tsoumou, released by Preston was seen at home park earlier to discuss a move to Plymouth.(14)(2)Hope the lad gets a club soon shame it never worked out at pne the fans loved himTsoumou has been released simply because he was crap . terrible phil brown signing amongst the many he made , plymouth can have him they must be desperateBig Potential (Y)
Lazy (N)Im hoping argyle can sign Tsoumou because if he starts a lot then he will score goalsIf we are going to sign a stellar striker please please lets ditch holroyd and jamie proctor plus cummins they are all garbageWould love to see him back at Argyle!How do you know he was spotted at Home park?The fans loved him...... hardly !The fans loved him ? I'm a fan and I thought he was garbage !Tsoumo give him a break.The lad is young and definitely has potential. I think he will go on to prove his critics wrong.Fleetwood might snap him up seeing as they are after ex-nothenders, they can take all out transfer listed players for 200k just to get them off out wage bill so we can get a RB, RW & ST :) UTW!!You Plymouth fans have seen Tsoumou already and surely must agree the lad has potential. The main thing he needs to better is his first touch. I hope you sign him and wish you luck for a good season.He does have potential but hes to lazy, doesn't jump and is no good at one on ones but never the less he has potential and I would mind us signing him.


03 Jul 2012 22:45:32
Swansea manager Michael Laudrup will make Danish midfielder Niki Zimling his first signing.(12)(4)Why would a danish manager sign danish players? Laudrup expressed that he will sign relevant players not only danish but every danish player is now linked with Swansea!Laudrups first signing is likely to be Chico Flores.Chico Flores more likely to be first signing, a deal is imminent for around £3mIt's an attacking midfielder we need, not defensive. Were short of goals from midfield so can't see us signing a player with so few career goals.Chico is a replacement for Steven Caulker. We really need a defensive midfielder, that's for sure. Flores is very strong in the defense. Caulker wasn't a goalscorer neither.I am sure Laudrups next signing will be an attaciking midfielder with great goal scoring abilities.


03 Jul 2012 22:37:21
Gylfi Sigurdsson to be unveiled as new Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas' first signing on Wednesday.
Source: SSN(29)(13) 



03 Jul 2012 22:28:22
Spur's news: AVB is reportedly hoping to sign Brazillian wonderkid Oscar from Internacional. Luka Modric is expected to leave for Real Madrid and Oscar is being tipped as a possible replacement.(17)(9)


03 Jul 2012 22:23:23
Derby to make 3/4 signings as soon as deals to sell Bailey, S Davies and Addison go through.
These could include any of the following:
Magnus Okuonghae
James Wilson
Luke Garbutt
Jon Taylor
Ashley Westwood

Clough also says he's after a £1-2m striker, which could be either Simon Cox, Nicky Maynard or Sam Baldock - any of which would be more than likely a loan deal.(12)(8)West ham would only loan out a striker as part of a transfer deal,its to early in the transfer window to just loan a player if he can be used to bring a player inFrom what I understand Okuonghae, is a possible but if that happens the Wilson deal won't unless Shackell leaves. Taylor is a no-no, now Jacobs is in, Westwood won't be in as derby don't want cover in cm. Garbutt is a lb target as in Hills, Robinson and a player from Crewe whose name escapes me. As for the striker, loans are unlikely so will be either Cox or BaldockClough needs to get 4 players a left back either luke garbutt or ben coker.shackell isnt leaving dont be fooled by the papers.centre back cover for barker will be krystian pearce.shrewsbury have made contact about ben davies and are willing to use jon taylor to get him.derby are not getting any loans.first team strikers will be theo,ball and tyson.How can you say Shackells not going? We've accepted a bid...


03 Jul 2012 22:06:57
Magnus Okuonghae would sign Kilmarnock before pre-season friendly begin
Okuonghane is in talks with clubs from the interest Championship and SPL clubs(6)(6) 



03 Jul 2012 22:03:43
Bristol Rovers will complete the signing of Oliver Norburn by Thursday with McGhee looking to have him in the squad ready for the start of pre-season training.

A second player is also thought to be signing before then no name confirmed yet but the player is believed to be either, Izale McLeod or David Clarkson. All though it could be neither of them. It's a dead cert that it will be a striker, though.

Joe Anyinsah, Chris Zebroski and Mustapha Carayol are all believed to be on their way out this summer as Middlesbrough will meet Bristol Rover for their valuation of Carayol. Anyinsah and Zebroski condsidered to be "dead wood" by McGhee.(8)(14)Sounds legit. Top bloke.Great moves for both parties.


03 Jul 2012 21:58:23
Eunan O'Kane in talks with a possible move to Rotherham United, was seen been shown round the new stadium. Fee believed to be around 250k

Also, Izale Mcleod also in talks with Rotherham, boss Steve Evans has confirmed he wants a strikers, midfielder and another defender.(8)(13)"subject to medical" .......that's that deal off then..........he'll get injured during the medical!!


03 Jul 2012 21:49:02
Peterborough United will this week complete the signings of Steven Jennings from Motherwell, Lawrie Wilson & Michael Bostwick from Stevenage and Derby's Miles Addison. Posh are also close to completing a deal for Jordan Cook.(6)(14)Sounds good UPTHEPOSHAt this rate we will need two team coaches. That's about fifty players that we are signing.Why do people feel the need to keep going on about how many players posh are signing, half the first 11 are transfer listed so off course they're signing a load of players else they'll have to put out a team of 5 year oldsWhy do people feel the need to link Posh with every Tom, Dick and Harry then?
"Half the team"? Get real!
Four signed and perhaps four more to come, not the amount that these silly posts suggest.


03 Jul 2012 21:27:40
Bury sign elford alliyu on free transfer on a one year deal from west brown.(12)(3)


03 Jul 2012 21:26:40
Rhodes to Reading for £4m plus Le Fondre and Morrison.(10)(15)Rhodes isnt good ennough for us and le fondre is too good for themI'd actually take that! le fondre is class :)Why even bother posting this?, no disrespect to Huddersfield but why would Le Fondre want to go there? He's under contract at Reading and in the Premiership. McDermott rates him highly, albeit mainly as an impact player off the bench, but to suggest he'll want to drop back down a division is frankly ridiculous.If rhodes did join you he would make a ok sub. he's not as good as pavel, hunt or roberts. fulham fan.To be fair Rhodes would be a decent signing for Reading, Fulham and most other 'lower' Premiership clubs but I agree that it must be very unlikely that he would make the starting line up.Rather ALF than RhodesWhy would a proven reading goal scorer leave and be replaced by a guy only
Proven at league one? I'll have Rhodes, but not in place of Alfie please and thank you.Is all this negativity from Reading and Fulham fans because they have realised he's not coming to them?
Town SupporterWhy would they get rid alfiNo it's just that Hudds fans seem to think Rhodes is god's gift to football.

Yes he scored 40 goals in a league 1! CMS scored 35 goals during the 10/11 season in league one but couldn't step up to championship level.

So you can understand the apprehension especially when figures of £5-6 million are being mentioned.



03 Jul 2012 21:26:21
Swansea have received a formal cash & player exchange offer from Man Utd for goalkeeper Michel Vorm.(10)(36)What player?So Manutd am going to have Vorm, Lindegard, De Gea and Amos thats a joke right?Why would utd buy Vorm when they spent a fortune on a v. Good keeper last year? Plus their no. 2 is also v.goodVorm is staying at Swansea for another season!6 million plus linderguard not a bad offer vorm would like to stay at the swans cause he is number 1


03 Jul 2012 21:11:35
Walsall are set to re-sign jon macken & aaron lescott , also to offer a trial to nicky bull from wycombe.(10)(21)Doubt it if we do then I know we're in troubleMacken and lescott wont come backRubbish rumour - his names 'Nikki Bull' for a start.


03 Jul 2012 16:33:12
Ed002, if you are around, I have tried searching on it, but can't find anything; do you know of the players that are interesting newly rich Palermo? And, has Miccoli left Palermo, and if so, who is favourites to sign him? Cheers



03 Jul 2012 21:12:41
Apparently Juve are ready to offer Suarez a way out of English football. Caceres has been telling him good things about Turin and how his way of playing would be better appreciated in Italy than England. Liverpool will get most of their
money back if they move him on during
this window.(14)(20)"his way of playing would be better appreciated in Italy" surely thats got to be libel against the Italians?MOST of our money back? are you havin a laugh? He's got 4 years left on his contract why would we let him leave for anything less than £30 million?He cost 23 mill and is worth 35 plus, so yes we would get "most" of our money back.


03 Jul 2012 19:21:48
Heard from a very reliable source Norwich City have had a £6m offer accepted for Belgian Olympiacos forward Kevin Mirallas(19)(14)There's nothing else on the Internet about this rumour,will it surface soon?Let us hope so would be an amazing signing. 3 different times this has been posted now....Possible, but the reason its been posted 3 times is probably because the same person has posted it 3 times. I wont hold my breath till there is comment from the club.Reliable Source = Absolute tosh.


03 Jul 2012 20:50:20
I've heard a few jealous football fans saying how reading fc are no longer doing things the "reading way" well for one we have so far spent £0 in transfer fees on 3 exciting prospects. And I guarantee that the wages are nowhere near as high as they've been reported. As well as this things are still being done the reading way just with a transfer budget that's larger than normal, signings will still only be made that will benefit the club both financially and on the pitch, we will not waste money away on players that could disrupt the harmony, Brian McDermott is doing a fantastic job and I think the premier league will be very surprised at how far this team can go. InBrianWeTrust

Jm(9)(11)I understand the sentiment behind your post but this will only attract the haters.Dont think no one will be surprised m8 ur going back downYou've spent plenty ££ on signing on fees and agents thoughIts not just jealousy , its disappointment too, the Reading way was like the Swansea and Norwich way, local teams that play good football and love and are loved by their fans. Its sad that with the more money that is spent (Pavel has to be on at least £40k) the team becomes more about fulfilling the ego of the owner.But not as much as others who spend huge amounts of money on the player then the agent and then the signing on fee. A bit jealous are you that RFC can pick players up and not have to break the bank!I hardly think that Pogrebnyak is a future prospect, but I do agree with you mate.

LoyalRoyal94The 'Reading way'? Is this a joke? Reading would never have got anywhere near the Premier League without Madejski and his millions! What next - the 'Chelsea way' - developing home-grown young talent and keeping the same manager for years?The 'Reading way'? Is this a joke? Reading would never have got anywhere near the Premier League without Madejski and his millions! What next - the 'Chelsea way' - developing home-grown young talent and keeping the same manager for years?

Anyone who knows anything about reading or football knows reading has been run on a show string for all of air johns tenure hence why we're financially stable now whilst the rest hit the wall!

All money given by him has or is to be repaid so to see him as a sugar daddy is misguided and misinformedMillions? Kevin doyle was well under a million and shane long was bogofMadejski has merely kept the club afloat and helped to develop it and if you wanna know why we're so financially secure as a team compared to the clubs like pompey and bolton and blackburn here's some of our best transfers:
Dave Kitson: signed:100k, sold: £5.5mil
kevin Doyle: signed: 60k, sold: £6mil
Stephen hunt: signed: 100k, sold: £3mil
Nicky Shorey: signed: 100k, sold: £2.5mil

the first time we went up we signed seol ki hyeon for £1mil but that was it in our first season, him and a few free agents, so yes there is a reading way to signing playersSir JM once paid millions for a painting when we were crying out for one decent signing. He's been a fantastic steward, built a stadium and named after himself (!) but NEVER has he given the club any of his personal wealth, just loans which had to be paid back by selling or best players. It was his dream to build the hotel at the stadium which loses money, money that reflects in the clubs accounts. Maybe do your homework on Reading before spouting offJust a bit of info mate
dave kitson signed £250,000
kevin doyle signed £78,000
stephen hunt signed free
nicky shorey signed 25,000

some rfc fans NOT A CLUE


03 Jul 2012 20:48:33
Tranmere to sign dagnall in the next two weeks(12)(4)Tranmere to sign dagnall in the next two yearsTranmere to sign Dagnall in the next two hours.Forgot this. He's not signing


03 Jul 2012 20:19:22
former walsall midfielder anton peterlin has joined vancouver whitecaps on trial(4)(3)


03 Jul 2012 20:15:11
heard a united youth player, united have have held talks with Corinthians for Paulinho. waiting on a work permit(5)(7)Bought and loaned straight back for a year is the talk


03 Jul 2012 20:05:14
Here is a fact Chesterfield are not signing anyone at all pre season ( including Earnshaw or any other fantasy made up signings ) unless a player or players are shipped out first.(6)(4)I reckon Sheridan still has one squad place to fill, although I really cannot see it being Earnshaw, still believe he needs cover at left back.Forbes cn play left back so i fink we need a centre back mate


03 Jul 2012 19:46:06
West Brom are to sign Jonjo Shelvey for £5m. Steve Clarke is a big fan of his.(12)(12)Although steve clarke will possibly make a bid to sign him on loan i do not think liverpool would want to let player with great potential like jonjo goShelvey is a good player isnt a regular in the liverpool side and no way is worth 5 milllComplete rubbish.£5mill for a player whos done nothing at liverpool? we had interest in him before he signed for the reds, can see a loan with a view to a permanent...its the way Jeremy Peace works! way jeremy peace will pay £5 million
for a reserve team player.
2.jeremy peace has already spent £4 million
on Ben Foster,his wallet could n,t stand the shock of opening again this season and neither could his heart.It,s freebies &
loanee,s till january .


03 Jul 2012 19:37:44
BREAKING NEWS To all TOWN fans & genuine READING fans & to all the other clubs linked with JORDAN RHODES, He will "NOT" be leaving HUDDS B4 the start of next season. FACT (i know that sum of u wont believe this, but thats just tuff) AG(17)(28)Hardly breaking news is it. If someone offered 10m tomorrow he would go!How do you know that this fact is a fact? Fact!How on earch is this "breaking news". As above, if someone offers 6-10 million I reckon he will go. Huddersfield are after Sean Morrison and Reading will only use Jordan Rhodes as a leverage.

I still think there's still a few twists in the Rhodes rumour mill this summer...Hmm, ye agree with 10 mil, but who would?! and we dont want sean as much as we want to keep rhodes... and still some twists?!Breaking news im of to get some fried chicken that's a fact {Ed003's Note - Oooo,get me some when you're there,ta }Well boyz & girlz just remember i try'd to give the heads up, cant wait to here of all those sightings of jord at fc autotrader, peace out. agEddoo3 will do m8 I will get a mansize tub of gravy as well {Ed003's Note - Nice one,are you not having anything now then?}As you use caps and say FACT,it must be true ,not, he will be gone before season endsActually AG it's 'FC Waitrose' nowadays, pip pip!It's nice to hear he is staying for a change.

10mil i think would twist DH's arm but at the end of the day JR has still to agree personal terms, The kid has his head screwed on, we dont need to sell (to get a decent CB). would rarther take a gamble on offering a stupid amount for Morrison than using JR as a barging tool.


03 Jul 2012 19:33:44
Everton are to complete the free signings of Daniel Pranjic, Steven Davis and Hugo Rodallega by the end of the week.(21)(21)


03 Jul 2012 19:12:06
Fulham are renewing interest in Spurs Tom Huddlestone(17)(11)Good player but also a more than decent rival to Darren Anderton for the title of sick note!


03 Jul 2012 19:10:44
nottingham forest are set to be given
a £10 million pound transfer budget and
are going to sign darren ambrose, mark
hudson and kevin davies to start the
spending off. Steve cotterill is after 2
loan signings and they will be completed
by this weekend go by the names of
steve davies and phillip senderos(8)(35)Rubbish, due diligence not completed yet,if alls above board,could be weeks,and you aint got any moneyCardiff captain to go to you?

goodluck you used to be a big club, now youre useless.£10m?? Is that in transfer fees, because when you add in their wages it will cost far more than £10m.


03 Jul 2012 19:02:17
james wilson of bristol is the latest player to be linked with a move to coventry(9)(4)Another bristol city academy scholar not given a chance!!! why have an ACADEMYMore likely to get jockey Wilson


03 Jul 2012 18:21:05
Liverpool's top two summer targets are Gaston Ramirez and Theo Walcott after failing to land Gylfi Sigurdsson.(10)(28)Walcott haha thats bcks


03 Jul 2012 19:04:33
derby county are set to sign swansea
duo leroy lita and stephen dobbie in a
double deal. Source- Nigel cloughs son(4)(19)Cloughs son is under 10......No chance there both too old with too high wage demandsWon't happen, wages to high, and both to old, also doubting Cloughs son is a reliable source saying his age


03 Jul 2012 18:54:15
Bristol Rovers to appoint Colin Meldrum as a replacement for Carl Emberson who has departed to Luton. Meldrum worked under McGhee at both Aberdeen and Motherwell.

Rovers also set to sign Ollie Norburn on a 1 year deal, with the option of a second, after negotiating his release from Leicester.

The club are in discussions with Swindon Town striker Alan Connell after Rovers offered in the region of 80k. They hope to partner Connell with free transfer Izale McLeod who's agent has been in negotiations with Mark McGhee since the end of the season. A deal for McLeod could be announced by the end of the week.

Rovers are also negotiating with Torquay Utd in an effort to bring exciting midfielder Eunan O'Kane to the club for a fee in the region of 200k, but face stiff competition from Swindon Town who remain favourites to land his signature.

Other players currently in negotiations include experienced defender Clarke Carlisle (Free), Ross Draper (Macclesfield), Matt Lund (Stoke), Aaron Sinclair (Partick Thistle) and Mark McNulty (Livingston).(10)(11)O'Kane to Rovers, you must be kidding enunan has got ambition...why would he go to rovers. i expect him to go to Swindon..If he ever had ambition he would of left torquay years agoAs part of the Bodin deal, Swindon do have first refusal on any Torquay player, If Eunan goes, it will be there. Once again Rovers fans seem to think that theyre the man city of league 2.


03 Jul 2012 18:52:13
Although Ross Mccormack and Aaron Wilbraham have completed moves to Crystal Palace they won't be revealed until the club complete another 2 signings in a bid to improve season tickets sales on a wave of good feeling. The other moves close to completion are for

Matthew Spiranovic
Martin Vingaard
Conor Murphy
Saidi Nitbazonkiza

Antonio Pedroza and Jermaine Easter will leave within the next fortnight.(13)(17)Complete rubbish,doesnt matter how many times you say it,mccormack hasnt had contact with palace or any other teamyours and our managers wordsSorry Palace have not signed these players, a club in declineNever say never mr. I live down the dougies road. He is good mates with rm. not saying it will deffo happen , but u would be a complete fool to totally rule it out.McCormack has signed for Palace, very trustworthy scources from the BBS have confirmed deal, signed, sealed and delivered. There is no reason for the announcement not being made, although it is believed we want to annonuce everybody in one go when Pre-season training startsRoss Mccormack and Aaron Wilbraham are both Palace players. 100% trueRoss Mccormack and Aaron Wilbraham are true and have signed. The rest are made up by some 14 year old in his bedroom whilst playing Football ManagerMcCormack to Palace to be announced FridayWilbraham 100% offical now. Just wait and it will be McCormack nextWilbraham announced - 2 yr dealMcCormack has not signed for Palace, he has talked and agreed personal term but that's itIs it really true palace have signed McCormack?


03 Jul 2012 18:46:35
hi ed any news on the buttner to saints deal and the brek shea to saints deal from matt {Ed003's Note - Nothing more than what has been posted today}(7)(4)i'm hearing tomorrow mid-day on Buttner



03 Jul 2012 18:45:22
Adam Clayton had a medical at Huddersfield today FACT. Not sure how its gone but hopefully being announced as Town player in the morning...(13)(22)Would like to see this happen and makes sense aswell with Grayson was the man who brought him into the side

Terrier96No he hasnt , still wants a contract with leedsWhy do people think Jordan Rhodes is overpriced and untested.

Jay Rodriguez has just been sold for 7million, same age, 146 career appearances 46 goals, 1 friendly U21 sub appearance no goal. only ever scored 4 goals outside current club, loaned out when Burnley in Premiership.

Jordan, 180 appearances, 97 goals, 8 scottish U21 goals in 8 games (highest ever scorer), 5 goals in 1 game for town, fastest hatrick in Huddersfield history, youngest ever brentford hatrick, scored in every team he has played at a good ratio.

Breaks records whatever is put in front of him.

You might say Championship a step up but look at stats, Norwich, Southampton, straight up, 3 clubs just came down didn't go up last year.

Jordan doesn't have an agent, his girlfriend and his parents live in Holmfirth near Hudds as his dad is Sheff Weds goalkeeping coach (might be an agent next year apparently)

It's not just about money, Reading can't offer him his lifestyle either.

Plus we have no debt, and a pretty wealthy lifelong fan as a manager.

I want Sean Morrison to come to town because he has a good partnership going in our defence and he feels wanted, Reading have never given him a chance not played him in a match!

Just sell him on for what you paid for him (£350k or whatever comp was) and cut your wage bill.

Spend your premiership and new money on better.

Thats it doneThis better be true ;)How is it FACT? Is it cos you've typed it in capitals or did you see him?Spot on mate about jordan bravo.hope your right about clayton aswell pal.Yes i think its some sort of swop deal for jordon rhodes to come to leedsHe lives in holmfirth cos ive seen himRhodes quickest hat-trick was the fast in Huddersfield history but was also the fasted Headed hat-trick in football league history.

As for the Clayton signing I don't believe it and I am a town fan, but is it happens fair play know go a lot of Leeds fans as mates and they say he is a top class playerYorkshire Post say Town are closing in on Clayton.
Town SupporterJay Rod is a far better (footballer) than rhodes.. hes faster, stronger and got a better football brain..... fact thats why hes worth more


03 Jul 2012 18:33:36
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates will make Christian Ribeiro his first signing of the summer.(4)(3)


03 Jul 2012 18:26:24
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates is looking to bolster his sides defence by signing out of contract defender Alex Bruce.(1)(7)Think it's Alex EVANS not BRUCE that will be signing.

Mark Yates is interested in the Wales U-21 defender and wants to bring him in so he can offload Elliott to Chesterfield.


03 Jul 2012 17:56:33
Walsall to sign Mark Wilson on 12 month contract also potentials ive heard

Dele Adebola (pay as you play)
Sam Mantom (Season long loan)
Steven Wright (free)
Magnus Okenguage (free)

Other Rumours

Mark Pugh to Join Bristol City for 800,000

Zola appointed Watford Manager wants to sign Matthew Etherington and Josh Mceachren(7)(14)Watford! never getting etherington or mceachren! DREAM ON!Ha ha wot u on okuonghae to walsall hes leaving to goto championship think walsall are more league2 and think ud have to have a russian takeover to pay what col u were paying him good luck on that onerDele adebola on a pay as you play deal would be great business for Walsall. Always gives 100% and will chip in with 10 goals plus per season.Watford! never getting etherington or mceachren! DREAM ON! - why would you say that when our sister club Udinese has realised over £80m in transfer fees in the last 6 months and Pozzo's intend to reinvest to earn that many times over from Prem league status - do i think it will be these 2 players - maybe / maybe not - but we were purchased to achieve "immediate promotion" - I suspect these 2 would represent the minimum quality required - these guys are not messing about - so don't be surprised when the quality starts arriving.We were NOT purchased to achieve "immediate promotion". The owners have stated otherwise today, saying that a more patient approach is required.Dean Smith has been on the radio and TOLD the players that they have to get real with their wage demands. Income is reduced and therefore players have to expect less money. Guess thats why walsall ay signed anyone.The Watford fan saying we are going for immediate promotion is wrong. Pozzos want a sustainable project. They will spend very little more than we receive in fees with a model based on loans from Udinese and Granada. We will most certainly not be paying big moneyThe Pozzos clearly stated they want immediate promotion as this is part of their sustainable business model, with the added revenue streams that come from top flight football and indeed european football. Just look at what they have done for Udinese and Granada, their is a clear plan and business model in place, it has been proven in Italy and Spain, and hopefully will be repeated in our little corner of the world! Forza Watford!We will most certainly not be paying big money - How do you know that? Just because this is a long term project doesn't mean we won't be paying good money for a high calibre of player. Bringing in Zola shows their intent so I would expect to see some well known faces (as well as less known) in the coming weeks.^ no. Read their statement. "No timescale". "in it for the long-term". Obviously every team wants immediate promotion, that goes without saying, that doesn't mean they realistically expect us to get it."There are no promises of timescale; only that is our stated ambition to be in the Premier League so that everyone connected with Watford, all of us, can enjoy a successful and sustainable future"

So where does it say they want an immediate return to the Premiership in the above Pozzo quote?


03 Jul 2012 18:08:38
Charlton are interested in centre back Okuonghae after he has turned down a contract at Colchester.(10)(5)


03 Jul 2012 17:54:40
Rumours regarding Charlton could not be more further from the Truth, Charlton will sign a Defender and striker by Friday 6th july, one of which is Sam Baldock(7)(15)Believe me, Charlton are in a mess. Down to Jiminez who has upset a backer so finances withdrawn. Sales more likely than buys - offers for Green at £300,000 and Kermorgant who may go for cash flow. All a bit sad after last season.Ok just watch this space, i'll reply again once they sign!Just have to wait and see about the whole back room staff but if someone has left then it's only a matter of time until someone new is in the frame! We wont sell!Believe me, Charlton are in a mess. Down to Jiminez who has upset a backer so finances withdrawn. Sales more likely than buys - offers for Green at £300,000 and Kermorgant who may go for cash flow. All a bit sad after last season.
Its mostly sorted now and money has gone into the club. However SCP will need to sell before he can buy this season.


03 Jul 2012 17:43:59
Crystal Palace WILL sign
George Boyd
Ross Mccormack
Nick Powell ( loan )(12)(29)Would be good if it happened but im pretty sure it wont. Freedman has said that they havent even made a bid for him, dont think any of them will sign!And where have you got that fromNo they wont, can't afford mccormack,he's going to villaRoss Mccormack and Aaron Wilbraham have signed. Boyd is down to him. As for Powell, although i would love it, expect him to head to Peterborough with Fergie's sonMcComack going to Villa, yeah right! Get realWould love Boyd but Freedman and Parish have both said no contact


03 Jul 2012 17:38:52
Matthew Upson has handed in a transfer request after failing to secure regular first team football in his first season at the club(25)(4)


03 Jul 2012 17:36:20
Blackpool are interested in Cameron Jerome from Stoke(10)(13)He's already turned down Wolves so good luckDoubt itWouldn't be bad but I highly doubt that its true.Wouldn't think he fits in with Olly's ticky tacky styleDon't want Jerome to go as he is pacey and can find the back of the net. He was an awesome impact sub for Stoke last season but we simply didn't play him enough. Don't blame him if he wants to go.^Are you taking the mick, jerome can't hit a barn doorHe isnt the bestCan't hit a barn door? 8 goals last season (in all competitions) from a player used primarily as a sub playing for a team who had the worst chance creation rate. I'd say that was pretty good."He's already turned down Wolves so good luck"
Blackpool have a stronger squad together that knows the league well, they also play attacking football that would give Jerome goals. I think its more likely that he'll come to us than Wolves. Unless he only cares about the money.


03 Jul 2012 17:30:52
Boro set to resign Josh Walker from Watford on a free transfer after their attempts to seduce Jacob Butterfield appear to have been unsuccessful(6)(10)Again a wrong rumour, he has joined Scunthorpe on a free transfer! Sick of these incorrect rumours :)Boro had better get in touch with Scunny seeing as he signed for them last season....Scunthorpes josh walker?


03 Jul 2012 17:24:38
Fulham are to sign Darren Bent from Aston Villa and he will be replaced by Kenwyne Jones of Stoke.(9)(34)As if Fulham can afford Bent he cost Villa 24M can't see them letting him go for less than 20MIt's all been said before BUT Kenwyne is as truely superb player on his day, problem is those days are few and far between as he is frankly lazy. Proved it at Sunderland, proved it again at Stoke. We'll definatley make a los on the £8m we paid for him but we need him off our wage bill.So Fulham can afford it then. Our owner is worth more than £1.5bil after all.Villa have said so many times that Bent is not for sale.
Lambert apparently has it written within his contract that Bent stays for his contract length unless he decides otherwise.
Fulham are a small team compared to Aston Villa.

Gunner469He might be worth that but very sensible when it comes to money. Afford yes likely to spend NO !Fulham are a small team compared to aston villa?

Fulham have continually finished above aston villa through their whole premiership reign, and aston villa have ste players nowadaysVilla have ste players? Are you having a laugh?
I might be a City blue fan but Villa are always a threat! a few years back when they had O'Leary people were laughing at them then they returned to the top 6 - 3 years running under MON.
Even Sky Sports predict a top 10 finish next year for Aston villa.
Fulham without Dempsey would be relegation material!Fulham can afford 24m quite easilySpot on city blue fan!, man city? chelski? birmingham?


03 Jul 2012 17:19:33
A pal of mine from scouse land has told me that Jonjo Shelvey is on his way to the Hawthornes. Not sure how he knows or if its a signing or a loan but I thought that I'd share the gossip.

George - Saxilby Baggie(10)(11)


03 Jul 2012 17:09:33
Sunderland will sign Ajax ace Vurnon Anita
He has also been a target for Newcastle who had a bid rejected.Sunderland will meet the valuation.Headlines on Sly Spurts about it also
BLACKCAT {Ed003's Note - ahh no!!!!!!! you had to didn't you,this could be a busy thread lol}(14)(12)If we do sign him gardner or vaughan is off then maby both another thing I've heard is we are trying to sign Ricky van Wolkfswinke??


03 Jul 2012 17:06:15
Palace want to tie up their transfers before their week in the West Country. After McCormack is confirmed on Thursday they will finalise deals for James Henry and Stefan Strandberg. They are also interested in a season-long loan deal for Chuks Aneke.(4)(23)


03 Jul 2012 17:04:00
Barnsley to sign james bailey from derby to replace jacob butterfield(13)(6)Barnsley set to sign adam hammillBen Alnwick signed 2 year deal
Hamill is a none starter, bid put in for
Michail Antonio


03 Jul 2012 17:02:51
Southend isgn Ryan Cresswell on a free transfer from Rotherham United subject to a medical.

Source (SUFC Official Site)(8)(3)This is true. As the guy said, it's on our website.


03 Jul 2012 17:00:11
barnsley to sign marc pugh, zac whitbread, futacs and james bailey in the next week with the possibility of harry kewell on a pay as you play deal(13)(17)Zak Whitbread ? Come on.... With all due respect to Barnsley fans its not the sort of club with wild ambition and financial clout to achieve anything next season. I'll guess at 16th place. Your not gonna pay big bucks and your not attractive to Zak Whitbread. He's more likely heading to Leeds, Leicester, Crystal Palace etcId snap your hand off for 16th right now


03 Jul 2012 16:32:11
Oxford United are in talks with Jake Young, brother of Luke, after his release from West Ham's academy.(3)(9)


03 Jul 2012 16:28:42
Rotherham defender Ryan Cresswell is wanted by Ronnie Moore at Tranmere. Cresswell wants to join tranmere after discussions with Moore but ronnie must offload a defender in order to afford Cresswells wages.(4)(11)Not happening, he won't offload any of our defendersWell that's not true because he has just signed for us ( Southend)He signed for southend about 5 hours ago - wake upDont think he has to offload a defender since we only have 4 and one more who plays in midfield?He has joined southend!Probably mcrystalHes signed for southend


03 Jul 2012 16:27:58
Reds linked with Derby Midfielder and Defender James Bailey!(11)(2)Reds ? and defender james bailey he is a mid


03 Jul 2012 16:26:12
Martin Allen's first signing as Gillingham manager will be Izale McLeod.(4)(15)Charlie allen to be first signing as their relationship is extremly tight


03 Jul 2012 16:25:44
Martin Allen will be named as the new manager of Gillingham.(8)(4)


03 Jul 2012 16:22:37
Heard a whisper from a respectable Charlton Athletic worker, That Charlton will make a move for David Bentley on a season long loan.(0)(20)To big headed for SCP and wages will be sky high.Ahhaahh why would david bentley go to charlton? they going back where they came from after spending all there budget on 18 below average championship playersIll ask kevin hales x spurs whos best mates with him as he goes horse racing with him out injured towards end of last season want a good salary if true at least 8k a week no doubtNever going to happen, wages for startersErmmm... Considering most of our signings last season were frees and in total we sent under 1 million which was funded by jenkinson going to arsenal and we bought about 24 players not 18Spot on that comment^^ Our budget is fine so stop chatting rubbish!


03 Jul 2012 16:05:36
Stoke, West Brom and Reading are all after Auxerre striker Alain Traore.(14)(2)Well stoke will get him then if it's a shoot out with them other twoPaper talk, as we're about to sign Rhodes tonight. Don't need another striker. Although i guess the paper talk will continue to link us (Reading) to every other player seeking a move due to media hype. Pleased the Rhodes deal is now looking like a done deal. Kev66Not another player reading are after,are they being turned down by everybodyEvery time WBA are linked with a player its always with stoke & reading or Norwich & QPR - I have it on good authority that Odemwingie is off to Chelsea for around £6 million & Sturridge is coming to the baggies on a season long loan
George M - Lincoln WBASteve Clarke is ready to offer Chris Brunt to Liverpool in a swap deal with Charlie AdamHeard about Charlie Adam reports and he has been spotted at the hawthorns {Ed003's Note - He hasn't}With Steve clarkes connections with Jose mouriniho we are set to sign Madrid youngster callejon on loanStop playing footy manager lads!


03 Jul 2012 16:04:47
Burnley have signed Leyton Orient winger George Porter on a three year deal. compensation still to be agreed. UTC(11)(2)No loyalty. Anymore signings for the o's?What is porter like?? Any good?My opinion of porter bit of a flash in the pan really he likes to run at defenders etc but kind of gives up the ghost to pretty easily for my liking quite glad we got rid of him tbh bit gutted about spring leaving to wycombe though thought he was one of our better performers regarding the rubbish season we had i just hope russell slade can choose a few more better players than last years his signings were awful bar lisbie who probably saved us with his goalsIf i am honest, i liked him very very fast when he gets the space.I believe he aint as good as some people think he is. Threw his toys out of the pram (allegedly) cos he did not start. I won't miss him TBH, although we URGENTLY need replacements.Good exciting prospect. Hope he isn't wasted on the bench, like he was with Orient. He can only get better. Has tremendous pace. He has found the right Club.
From a disapointed O's supporter.Porter is mustardGreat pace.....not much else. finishing and crossing very poor. also has an attitude problem. thinks hes better than he actually is. theres the truth.Porter needs time to mature. When on the pitch he was never very sure where to position himself. He had all the eagerness of a young puppy to get the ball.Burnley, you've found a gem. Great prospect for the future but I for one is gutted to see him leave. Thought he could have stayed for at least one more season.We[the clarets]like to play good footie,and with a young squad,looking foward to the play offsA gem?? dunoo what uv been watching fellaA gem that hardly played for the orient.


03 Jul 2012 15:58:11
Chris Hackett ex millwallfc signs for Northampton town.
If he is still any good he should be a very good signing at league two level.
Any good still millwallfc fans??(5)(3)Definitely too good for league two providing he stays fit.He'll be fine for you - would've liked him back at ecfcVery good signing, work rate is brilliant. Decent shot and can cross. Too good for League 2.Il correct you ther brilliant work rate brilliant cross Rubbish shot But still a mid table league 1 playerMillwall had no choice but to release him but he will rip up league 2...hes a really good player and should be at a high to mid table league 1 side, minimum! fastest white man down the flanks that ive ever seen lol


03 Jul 2012 15:57:51
Charles N'Zogbia to Stoke(11)(22)N'Zogbia wouldnt think twice about a little team like stokeAny proof of thisI'm a Stoke fan and this won't happen. We'll more likely get Jarvis to play on the left. N'Zogbia's wage demands will scupper any chance of him joining Stoke.Yes please. I think N'Zogbia would be great for Stoke, we desperatley need quality competition for places for Pennant and Etherington.I9 dont rate n'Zogia any ways


03 Jul 2012 15:52:01
Markus Rosenberg to become West Brom's second summer signing next week for a free transfer.(15)(10)


03 Jul 2012 15:49:25
Okuanghae released from Colchester has been seen in south east London today, rumour has it he is in talks with Charlton over personal details and will be subject to a medical this week.

Reliable source.(14)(6)


03 Jul 2012 15:38:55
Is this site working as Jordan Rhodes hasn't been spotted at Reading today??

Kenwyne Jones is set to join Villa in the next week or so. Stoke have already turned down offers from Villa and West Ham but a player from Villa being sold will fund the Jones deal and one more.(18)(11)Funny you should say that. He's at the mad stad right nowJones is only worth like 3m so it's hardly gonna break West Brom's or Villa's bankAre you the same guy that says kenwynne jones is a straight swap for darren bent ?Jordon rhodes is signing for leeds well known fact in leedsStoke have turned down 4.5 million already for Jones so don't post rubbish about something you have no idea about. No I didn't say Stoke were offering a straight swap for Bent don't be so ridiculous but Pulis is a huge admirer and Stoke are hardly strapped for cash. No one mentioned West Brom.Bent unlikely to be a Stoke target, he clearly had no interest in joining them a couple of years ago in his infamous Twitter outburst. Defoe a more realistic prospect, especially with the Crouch factor, he would be a great signing, depends on shipping Jones out.


03 Jul 2012 15:38:35
Paul Black is in talks with Walsall, but no offer has been made yet, expect deal to be done by Friday(9)(3)Expect the talks to contain the word "trial" so no signing yet.


03 Jul 2012 15:38:26
george porter,signs 3 yr contract with burnley.(14)(4)


03 Jul 2012 15:12:46
Walsall have offered deals to Lee Naylor, Mikel Alonso, Mattew Spring, Matthew Oakley, Gary Doherty, Elliot Chamberlain and Andrew Parkinson.(2)(14)That's funny, Gary Doherty and Matt Spring signed for Wycombe yesterday. Get your facts right before posting stuff on here!


03 Jul 2012 15:46:03
Burnley are poised to sign defender
Jason Shackell
from Derby County.(16)(16)Jason shackell is set to reject burnley after derby to give him the captaincy next seasonI think he's going to go I will be gutted ,massive loss if he doesGod this rumour is getting boring ,please keep him ,? we only want players who want to play for burnley f cFor all you derby fans who said he wont leave think again , looks like hes on his way lolFellow clarets . where are you getting this rubbish from . no news anywhere saying derby accepted a bid . nothing . This is getting boring now. . UTCSky sports news----- shackell is and i say again is on his way too burnley this will go thro in the next few days....... dont no why we a signing players frm lower lge's tho carry on doing this and i can see us takeing some real beatings next year.....Shackell lower lge wtf best cb in championship last yearHes not on about Shackell being lower league.Hes on about BFC signing players from Bournemouth,Leyton Orient ETC...


03 Jul 2012 15:43:32
Burnley have signed george porter copensation will be agreed with port vale because hes out of contract and burnley have agreed a fee with derby for jason shackel.
There is also intrest in james baily steven davis adam clayton and kane ferdinand(14)(8)I am a port vale fan, we dont have anybody called George Porter, unless you are on about a youth team player, then i dunno? First i have heard! :/ :/ :/ :/ {Ed003's Note - An error,the poster means Leyton Orient}You havnt agreed a fee.Wheres the evidence.You have only stepped up your interest by offering a another laughable bid.We paid 1.1 for him last summer why would we take 1.2 a 100k profit.
There has been no fee agreed derby fans have staged a protest at thus rumour being allowed to get this far.dont start getting ahead of yourself just because there is an article on sky sports saying we might sell him.If you offer 3-5 Million fine then start talking but all these carp 1.1 and 1.3 are just going to keep getting rejected.We are no place to be forced to sell all this will be cleared up by tomorrow as funds will be made by baileys and davies sale.COMPENSATION will be agreed with Leyton Orient!!!!!!!¦Be very hard to give compo to Port Vale, when we signed him from Layton Orient

Get ur Facts right {Ed003's Note - If you are going to tell people to get facts right, it's Leyton}It does not say what the fee is and look on ssn it says bid accepted as well burnley are very close to signing brian stock from donny


03 Jul 2012 15:21:51
Manchester Utd want Leighton Baines from Everton..
And Barry Bannan from Aston Villa..(16)(14)They must want Barry bannan as a mascot he can't get in the villa side so how will he a game for man utd ?Leighton Baines is believable, but Barry Bannan come on ... reallyNo offence to BB but he isn't good enough YET!


03 Jul 2012 15:21:42
burnley have signed george porter from leyton orient on a 3 year deal(13)(2)


03 Jul 2012 15:21:09
Grant Holt signs new three year deal at Norwich ssn(27)(9)


03 Jul 2012 15:17:43
Bristol rovers are to replace goalkeeping coach carl emberson with David james after his transfer to luton town(2)(12)Why would david james be a goalkeeping coach the bloke is usless


03 Jul 2012 15:15:41
Burnley sign winger porter from orient..source Burnley website(11)(2)


03 Jul 2012 15:30:07
Gylfi signet for Spurs and AVB. We could get Krohn-Dehli for 1.5M max.(14)(5)


03 Jul 2012 15:26:41
Grant Holt stays at Norwich after signing three year deal! Big news. Well done Chris Hughton(21)(4)To be fair no-one was willing to pay stupid money for himHe's had his best days,and only west ham wanted himTo be fair, we wouldn't have accepted any offer because he wasn't for saleSounds like people might be under-valuing Holty again which worked wonders last seasonTo be fair who ever said that only west ham wanted him was total rubbish because sunderland were looking at him for a repasemant for asmoa gyanLike i said before holt will score 10+ goals in a city shirt this season he was always gonna get what he wanted,hes a class act good touch great head and works like a horse never lets defenders rest,and has lost a stone in weight over the summer,6m turned down from west ham because 6m dont buy quality like that,...welsh canary....otbcWhy conjecture over what someone bid for him? His goals kept us in the premiership surely that is worth £30M to us.Holt is a donkey.
would have loved to see £6m come in for him as hes getting past it.
Will get nothing for him now other than giving into his demands and paying him more money.
lucky last season, going to prove hes not worth his price tag this season.


03 Jul 2012 15:24:57
Brighton and Forest are after Guedioura from Wolves. Source: Nottingham local paper.(13)(5)He was Forest's best player in the game at the county ground last season, could be a good signing.And when did we play at the county ground?? that's swindonNo, its Notts County !!Think my mate means the City Ground


03 Jul 2012 15:08:03
Paul Ince is favourite for the Gillingham job.(8)(9)Martin Allen confirmed as new managerHe's said he wants championship at least......Not yet he hasn`t...


03 Jul 2012 15:07:51
burnley just signed george porter from leyton orient(10)(4)


03 Jul 2012 15:07:16
Dodgiest rumour of all time : Leeds to
be taken over TOMORROW!



03 Jul 2012 14:57:58
ben williams has left colchester utd and will be joined at ipswich with magnus okuonghae(8)(4)This rumour seems to be gathering pace around ipswichHe is moving to the championship but town are not one of the teams interestedWould like Okuanghae to come to Ipswich but sadly I don't think he will choose us. I'm not even sure if we are after him though.


03 Jul 2012 14:42:28
Seff united,Watford and palace
In for jeffrey schlupp
Sorry about spelling
On the holmesdale site crystal palace(8)(7)Funnily enough the spelling is correct so no need to say sorry
ChelseaLThere's no way Nigel Pearson will lend Schlupp to another Championship team... Maybe Jermaine Beckford, but not SchluppySchlupp wanted by German side Hoffenheim but stalling over wage demands


03 Jul 2012 14:37:57
Andrew Burns leaves Bradford(9)(2)Young trainee ......never played for 1st teamHow many times do you need to be told, this a RUMOUR site, not a second hand newspaper site.Most rumours are started by bored tabloid journos so what's the difference?


03 Jul 2012 14:28:28
Marlon King set to make a dramatic return to Coventry after a huge bust up with new Blues Manager Lee Clarke. Initially on Loan with a view to a permanent return to the Sky Blues.(11)(31)Thats funny why would he want to come back to us and play in league 1.Aah... That explains why he was at the training ground at Ryton this morning.Really cant see this happeningI'd like to see him at Derby...don't like him as a person but good playerYeah right, in our dreams. He could play for any championship side so why would hecome back to us!But he wasnt at the traing ground this morn was he! Why lie? U a hermet who hides in bushes waiting for people to turn up at ryton?


03 Jul 2012 14:28:25
Sheff Wed are trying to sign Adlene Guedioura from Wolves for around 600k - 700k and beat Forest & Brighton to his signature. He spent a successful loan period at Forest last season.(8)(11)Has said his heart is in nottingham and if there's a chance for him to sign, he'd do it in a heartbeatTheres no chance he'll leave them. Hes on a deal worth 2 million over 3 years which still has a year to run. Brighton and Wednesday wouldn't want to put that kind of investment into one player. Will Forest?Why does every signing have to beat Brighton to it?

Agreed with mattock to which I am indifferent anyway. I can't think poyet is racing the world to every players signature.

It's like to sign a player you have to first beat off the typhoon that is the Albion.

I simply don't buy it.Wolves paid two million for him.You can have the ungrateful wrBrighton Bought Mackail-Smith for 2.5 million, so they will Invest in a player, but we're after 3 players, so unlikely anything over 1.5 mil


03 Jul 2012 14:25:33
Wrexham's Jake Speight has been placed on the transfer list and is talking to a conference club nearer to his Sheffield home.(11)(2)The club he is talking to is Mansfield Town COYS


03 Jul 2012 14:23:09
Oxford United are in talks with Jake Young, younger brother of Luke, after his release from West Ham(1)(9)


03 Jul 2012 14:08:06
Matt Harold looks set to leave Bristol Rovers and will be replaced by Bas Savage or Jamie Cureton.(3)(8)Can`t wait for this one to happen. Why dont we try and resign Devon White as well !We dont have anyone called matt harold.
Matt Harrold isnt going anywhere.


03 Jul 2012 13:58:26
Bristol city star marvin elliott having talks with his home club west ham
Deal later this week for 1m(2)(15)If they offer a good price, then he can go - good player but no so good that a decent offer wouldn't tempt us to sell, distribution not the greatest.

Having said that, I reckon this is BSIf they think he is capable of playing in the Prem, then at least 3 million will be required, to prise him away.Rubbish! marvin elliots home club is millwall, he came through their academy and has only played for them and now us


03 Jul 2012 14:06:20
Will Hoskins keen on a move back to Bristol. Bristol City made a 250k bid earlier this week.(17)(9)


03 Jul 2012 14:03:28
André Bikey, Albert Adomah and Richard Keogh all in talks with Middlesborough.(6)(23)Who's Andre Bikey, he isnt called that anymore


03 Jul 2012 13:59:08
Matt McClure set to joing Bristol Rovers on 3 year deal from Wycombe. 100k.(9)(12)


03 Jul 2012 13:32:39
Burnley have had a bid of 1.1m accepted by Derby for defender Jason Shackell. Deal should be completed soon unless that bid can be matched.

Gerald.(13)(23)They have already turned down bigger bids,
and they are looking for a bigger fee as some of it goes to his previous club BarnsleyWe bid 1.2 mill and it was refused, so how do you get 1.1 will be acceptedGuys it's on sky sports and the bbc, Burnley poised to sign shackellEven if u do get him it wont be 1.1 seen as we have turned down 1.2 offersDeluded fans.Now i see sky sports have jumped on this Bs Bandwagon.This Bs will be cleared by the end of the week.He was never leaving im really suprised that it got this far.As many fans had read the article and thought it was true had rang to ask for a refund on their season ticket and were told shackell will not be sold.Clough will be heavily blamed for making articles which allow clubs to think hes for sale.Hes not for sale if a club wants to pay over the odds for him fine but whyon earth would we sell a player below his value.Deluded fansWhy would we pay 1.1 million for shackell and have a 30% sell on clause

then only to sell him for 1.1 million and get only 70% of that.

if eddie howe really wants him he would pay the 3-5 Million valuation.Im really annoyed that this rumour got this far.Many fans have told derbycounty they were annoyed and were promised by glick that shackell is staying and thats why he made a statement on the club site.Then nigel messed it up again by answering a question saying if a bid meets our valuation.Derby's valuation would never be met burnley they didnt get 7 million cash for jay rod they got ad ons + 4 million.They are highly unlikely to spend the straight 4 Million on shackell.So just drop it.Althought not the most reliable source, it says on sky sports "burnley poised to sign shackell"Don't know about previous bids and if these were correct or rumours but this is the information I have.

Gerald.Not 1.1m mate. We rejected 1.2m off you already. Ive heard its closer to 1.5m, but he is definitely off to Burnley.Shackell WILL move to Burnley4m + add ons HA HA.Come back with proper figures please!! Shackell IS Turf Moor bound.I'm not even a Burnley fan, wouldn't post unless I had heard about this, it came to me. Not 4+ mate, that's dreaming. Wait and see.There is nothing on bbc sport, sky sport news or derby website on Shackell, but he may well leave in my opinion, to strengthen squad in other areas


03 Jul 2012 13:30:14
Coventry set to announce the signing of John Fleck from Rangers today, also Richard Keogh wants to stay at the Sky Blues(14)(16)Coventry City HAVE signed John Fleck from Rangers! Major transfer coup for the city! PUSB!!


03 Jul 2012 13:12:55
Walsall set to land former Oldham full back Paul Black(9)(4)Apparently walsall are interested in keemar daley from preston , give us a fiver and you can have him he is uselessConfirmed on sky sports website, that we are set to sign himHope he gets fixed up somewhere. Good kid.Where on the sky sports website


03 Jul 2012 12:59:28
Jacob Butterfield will sign for Norwich City-there is just a hold up on the compensation side to be paid to Barnsley due to his age. He will sign a 4 year deal and become Hughtons 2nd signing of the summer!(17)(10)Looks like going to tribunal which means
Barnsley will not get his true value watched
him play against us at Elland road ,best
midfielder i saw last seasonAgreed. Confirmed by today's Barnsley chronicle. It will go to tribunal as under 24 . Butterfield thanked the fans and club today officially. I am glad it is finally sorted out x x a bfc fan {Ed003's Note - Me too xx}Who's the first sorry not a Norwich fan but just wonderingLooks like Barnsley fans need to accept that Butterfield is off to Norwich, he is a decent young player but he ain't that good. Bizarre move I think tho, Newcastle maybe, but why leave for a club who most bookis have as favourites for relegation next season along with Southampton & Reading! Oddly the other two who fancied him! If I were a Norwich fan I would be slightly concerned that signing free transfers from Barnsley is not going to maintain Premiership status!Norwich 1st signing was Whittaker RB -Scotish intl who walked away from Rangers new company Newco, so looks like Norwich got him on a freeWhittaker from RangersFree signing that They wanted to keep? if at the ned of next season Snodgrass doesn't want to sign a new contract, and goes away on a free would you judge other teams?
and norwich were the favs last season, we will stay upNo doubt Barnsley wanted to keep Butterfield, but the difference is, Barnsley are mid to lower championship, Norwich are trying to survive in the Premier League?!?
He is a decent young talent, but suffered a serious injury last season & hasn't played competitively since! I had the same injury and it will undoubtedly have affected his confidence & strength. Grant Holt is a good result, but to pin your hopes of premiership survival on an unknown quantity is a dangerous strategy I would say.Unsubstantiated comment about free transfers etc. This policy has served us well so far and Holty was £400k from Shrewsbury. There is a spirit at Carrow Road that is priceless, this has always been the case for years.Priceless spirit won't keep you up!


03 Jul 2012 12:51:14
Swansea will sign Arsenal youngster Joel Campbell on a loan deal.(6)(12)Joel Campbell going out on loan to Betis.He signed a season long loan to Real Betis yesterday.According to SkySports: "Joel Campbell is poised to spend another season away from the Emirates with Spanish side Real Betis close to agreeing a loan deal with Arsenal"He's playing aboard in Spain for another season cause he can't yet qualify for a work permit to play in England.


03 Jul 2012 12:51:13
hi ed have you heard anything on BREK SHEA to southampton. {Ed015's Note - Just that his agent is putting his name out there, if there is any interest sure to be from many clubs.}(4)(2)


03 Jul 2012 12:49:49
Real Madrid centre-back Raphael Varane will sign for Swansea on a season long loan as a replacement for Steven Caulker who will join Liverpool for 6m.(6)(26)1: there is a block set in place stopping rodgers poaching his ex-players for one season.
2: caulker is tottenham's player on loan anywayAny truth to this?Caulker is a Spurs player and is going nowhereSurely if he was on loan at swansea that means he could sign for liverpool, kinda contradicted yourself there mate....Absolute tosh. Caulker will be playing for his parent club next season (Spurs) as he was at Swansea on loanNot a Swansea fan but the original poster has not said anything wrong. Your first point about a transfer block does not apply as, as you said in point 2, Caulker is a Spurs player.

What he is saying is that you are in for Varane as a replacement for Caulker as he will not be coming back to Swansea.Liverpool have just got new sponsers in warria they have money of 20m a season for being on the shirtCaulker was on loan last season tho nd played a key roleSterling should be a reguler player in the team next season as he will become better than than most wingers in the world much better than olad chamberlonWe did a deal which means we cant buy a swans player for 6 months?Liverpool can't buy a Swansea player for a year12 monthsChico Flores signing for 3m to replace caulker.These are nothing but a gentlemans agreement between clubs, nothing illegal about a player leaving his current job for another, if they want to leave they will, and if we want to sign them, there is sure as hell nothing anyone can do to stop us!Liverpool could of got aguro for what they paid for carrol


03 Jul 2012 12:47:26
Norwich favourite to sign Rodger Johnson before the players start pre season, have fairly reliable information on this.
Canary 9(17)(13)Sorry Canary 9 the link has been rubbished already.
Wolfie 9God I hope not. He was relegated at Birmingham, relegated at Wolves. He can keep well awayJust because he was relegated with both clubs does not make him a bad player, it takes bad management and 11 players to get relegated, so he should not be judged by that statistic.We don't want a player could could distrupt the dressing room. But we now need 2 premier quality Centre Halves and a Left Back. We have a few Championship Quality defenders who could be moved on.An intelligent manager would steer well clear of this overpriced, relegation fodder of a player.Need a quality striker more as Holt may have played his best season and Morison, Jackson and Vaughan aren't reliable enough to get you 30 goals a season


03 Jul 2012 12:46:50
Ben Roberts is in talks with Swindon Town, despite telling Colchester he did not sign a new contract because he wants to move to the Championship he may well be moving to the County Ground in the very near future. Wes Foderingham and Roberts will fight it out for the no.1 shirt, Foderingham will have the initial advantage due to a fantastic season with the Robins last year but Roberts will push him hard. Paolo Di Canio would be delighted to have two very good keepers, he believes in keeping his playing staff on their toes.(1)(7)I think you mean Ben Williams rather than Ben Roberts.In what connection is Ben Roberts to Colchester? We are okay for keepers, assuming he is a keeperIt's Ben Williams not Roberts. {Ed003's Note - Right that's sorted then}He's looking to go up the road to Ipswich not Swindon {Ed003's Note - ok,maybe not}Shame his name is actually Ben Williams and not Roberts. Must be someone else thenThink you mean Ben williams who doesn't want to move home from Colchester so is likely to sign for Ipswich.


03 Jul 2012 12:21:45
Rumour has it that Bristol city are rumoured to make a bid for Cardiff city defender Anthony Gerrard, but only if they lose out on former Bristol city Richard Keogh. (source Bristol city website)(17)(5)Anthony Gerrard is a defender loved him at WalsallHope not he's quality should be in are first teamHeturned down west ham 2 years ago why would he go to bristol !


03 Jul 2012 11:59:39
Albert Adomah of Bristol City is set for talks with Middlesbrough after an undisclosed bid was accepted for the talented winger. It's believed that Steven McManus could have been used as part of the offer.(14)(14)Brilliant news if its trueHe's fast and tricky on his day, but gets outmuscled and can drift out of games. Not good enough for BoroSaw him in one of Mowbrays first games in charge for Boro and Adomah tortured us, he's what we need.
Dunno where were getting the transfer fee from, and also can't see it happening unless Bristol Rovers price us out of a move for CarayolI hope so he was a stand out player last season for cityIf we let Albert go for anything less than £2.5M we've been made a fool of.Tony Mowbray will this week inform Charlie Wyke that he will be given the opportunity to lead the Boro attack next season. Exciting season ahead for the young striker. This will hopefully make him sign the3yr contract on the table and fend off interest from premier league clubs.Be surprised if city let him go. In a poor season he was 1 of v few stand out playersI'd have him at boro anyday. fast direct winger that can be a nightmare for any fullback just what we need. more experience in this league than carayol and it would be good to free up some wages using mcmanus. now just to get rid of thomson.How long has Charlie wyke's agent been posting on here lolWhoever said hes not good enough for boro clearly has no idea, I guess that's the reason numerous prem teams want him?!!?


03 Jul 2012 11:54:56
Harry Arter spotted outside Sincil Bank Stadium, is there a possibility of a 30k move?(8)(6)For Bournemouth's sake, I hope so... Although, I expect fee would be much more than 30k, and I highly doubt the player would want to drop to the BSP. League 2 maybe, but I think if he is going anywhere there would be some League 1 clubs interestedDon't think so, the 400k budget is already spent plus we are waiting to find out the fee that we will have to pay for Andrew Boyce.


03 Jul 2012 11:52:31
Bournemouth Update

Dean Cox (Leyton Orient)/Matt Ritchie (Swindon) 1m
Anton Robinson (Huddesfield) Free
Miles Addison (Derby) 220,000k

Pugh (Burnley) 1.1m
Stockley (Fleetwood) Loan(6)(20)Robinson only signed for Huddersfield last season so he wouldn't be free. You can gladly take him back though as he's not lived up to expectation!Cox or Ritchie will not be joining Bournemouth unless they get £1million plus for Pugh. Anton Robinson is contracted to Huddersfield. But Miles Addison is likely to sign for Bournemouth as Nigel Clough told Sky today that a deal has more or less been done.1.1m for mark pugh give overI agree with all of this expect Ritchie, no chance of him comingGuys at Bournemouth stump up what the manager values richie at 2 mill you can have him, before all you fans say he isn't worth that kind of money and all Swindon fans are living in cloud cuckoo land. if that's what the manager thinks he is worth that's what you will have to payDon't give Swindon fans something to moan about with there over priced Ritchie.Keep dreaming Bournemouth fans NO WAY will you get Ritchie and not for a paltry 1m you keep trying and coming up with the same old nonsense.

I will tell you again Ritchie doesnt want to move he likes playing under Paolo and sees the ambition of the manager and the club and wont move unless you cough up 2.5 million.Ritchie will not leave SwindonYour manager is on another planet no league two player is worth that amount dream on we can do better anywayThe whole swindon squad
aint wirth 2 million quid
wake up
and i am not a cherries
fanNo way robinson is coming back i know we cant afford him the clause in his contract made his wages double when hudders got promoted.Cox would be interesting. Alot of Orient fans seem to think the Daniels/Cox link on the left was a good mix. We have 50% already so why not? The Ritchie saga is getting boring for both AFCB and swindon fans; we dont need him, they dont want to sell, lets move on. I would welcome the return of Robinson, we really missed him last year. I know Udders fans dont rate him, but whenever I saw them play they lumped the ball and never used their midfield! Addison looks like it is going to (hopefully/maybe/possibly) happen and that would be a tremendous signing for our team. The revolution slowly but surely continues!As an Orient fan, I'd be over the moon with a million for Cox.If you go on the burnley website eddie howe talks about living within their means,small squad and developing youngsters into main team. Does not sound likely that burnley will waste any money on marc pugh and his wage demands, won't surprise me that they will wait till he becomes a free transfer next summer. Eddie Howe also speaks about frustration of signing players while competing with like clubs on restricted budgets.I doubt if cox will demand a £1m price tag or anything close to that. He was a free traNSFER from brighton but has played well while at leyton orient and might demand a reasonable amount to sweeten the deal. Richie is totally untested apart from relegation season into div2, did well in this division last year but to pay any more £500,000 would be daft and bournemouth need to either keep pugh or buy good replacement like cox, whom played well with charlie daniels on orients left side.Ritchie is not the same player without paul caddis he must be more value than ritchie and for the squad not being worth 2m whoever said this has not seen caddis play it wasnt long ago he kept Ronaldinho quiet when playing for celtic against Barcelona in the champions league and caused uproar at celtic park when going to swindon for 100 thousand, only signed as they had 53 on the books2.5m for rich-tea?. PDC, lives in a dreamworld, they sold top scorer Charlie Austin Burnley for 1.2m so how on earth can M.R be worth more than double? UTTERLY REDICULOUS VALUATION!!. THE REALITY IS IF THE PLAYER DECIDES HE WANTS TO GO THEN THAT IS WHAT GENERALLY HAPPENS.I must say, Ritchie is not yet worth £2M, but a good season this year and another promotion under his belt and he will not be far off that mark.

As for leaving Swindon, I go along with one of the posters above, just let go as this topic has become boring.

BTW, I am a Swindon fan.Pugh is most likely better than cox & Ritchie so what ever we get for Pugh you will get iver that price or less for Cox or Ritchie. Tbh it wont be any of them two because no conrete rumour has been let out yet in regards to a new left mid so everyone hold on to your horses :LMulti million pound sponsorship signed with Moscow energy firm today. I fear small crowds will not be a problem. Remember when Bournemouth were nobody? The cherries have landed. Let it go Swindon as I fear after this season you won't be seeing us for a very long time. Turn your attentions back to OxfordWho ever said it was multi milliom pound sponsorship no figures have ever been bandied around as far as I'm aware. I'm an AFCB fan but I'm not crowing about having loads of money, it can just as easily get taken away and drop us in the mire, then those doing all the crowing like immensely stupid.


03 Jul 2012 11:54:18
everton have made a bid of £1.5 million for michael krohn-dehli but swansea are also ready to bid.(11)(9)Everton havent sold anyone yet and when they do they will use that money to buy Pienar back.Everton will max have 2m for Yobo. Pranjic may come in on free as there is no money for Pienaar (5/6m) nor Krohn-Dehli (1.5m)!I believe Norwich are also looking at this player, although I do not think they have offered a fee yet


03 Jul 2012 11:53:20
Middlesbrough to sign 27-year-old centre-back André Bikey on a 2 year deal to replace out of contract Matthew Bates(14)(6)The most unreliable defender in english footballAre we looking to win the reserve league again. he'd get nowhere near the first teamHes a good solid player would suit boroHes a tank .Class player


03 Jul 2012 11:34:45
Crew have missed out as I am informed that Torquay have agreed a deal with Swindon Town to bring Billy Bodin to Plainmoor on a two-year contract.(10)(2)You are informed? you mean you look at both the Swindon and Torquay forums which have been on about it since first thing, not top mention several national TV stations!!


03 Jul 2012 11:49:09
Harry Redknap expected to take over as Director of Football at the Seward Stadium promoting Tom Mitchell to a higher role in the Club.(9)(21)I think this is more likely to happen when Redknapp is older, and looking to live quietly by the beach. For me, he still has a big job in him somewhere...


03 Jul 2012 11:48:14
Robert Earnshaw currently has two
offers on the table, one from Rotherham
and the other is Chesterfield. His agent
has said he would prefer the move
to Rotherham but thinks Chesterfield
have the better chance of promotion.(4)(21)Rotherham are favourite not chesterfield...Earnshaw will not be joining Rothetham or chesterfieldJust wait and see......Never linked to Chesterfield says Chris Turner Chesterfield's CEOAgree with the aboveWho ever he goes to they will win the league he is brilliant and will destroy league 2 defences, can see him working well at chesterfield with Bowery and Richards in a 433 formationRead the post above HE ISNT LINKED TO CHESTERFIELD


03 Jul 2012 11:39:35
Stephane Sessegnon is going to Arsenal with Aaron Ramsey going to Sunderland in exchange.(11)(12)Ramsay and 12m and you may have a deal but total and utter rubbishNo chance arsenal may loan ramsey out for a season to see if he can rediscover his early form before cutting there losses.Ramsay isn't worth a fraction of 12 million pounds don't talk rubbish. The injury excuse for his poor performances is wearing a bit thin now as well.Think he meant 12m plus ramsey for sess


03 Jul 2012 11:10:09
Farid El Alagui will complete his signing to Brentford this morning after training with the club for the past few days.(6)(5)


03 Jul 2012 11:28:02
Brentford have completed the signing of Moroccan striker Farid El Alagui on a two-year contract.

The 27-year-old scored 28 goals in all competition for Falkirk in the 2011/12 season and helped The Bairns finish third in Scottish Division One and win the Scottish Challenge Cup.(8)(4)


03 Jul 2012 11:26:29
I have a load of friends who live in Gillingham who are quite close to the club. They told me that if Sean Dyche has been sacked by Watford he will be approached by Gillingham.(8)(5)Well u better tell your friends they are liars cause Martin Allen jus been appointed Gillingham managerWell that ain't happeningWhy even would he go to gillingham when he was offered birmigham and hullAnd he is bringin mcloed with himGillingham? Unlikely. Dyche is too good.Dyche going to Gillingham? Poor bloke what has he done wrong to deserve that, hasn't he been through enough.


03 Jul 2012 11:25:58
MILLWALL have told Charlton they will need to pay £150,000 to sign Dany N'Guessan.(9)(5)150.,000 for him plz sign him charlton he is so good
kaylem1300Ridiculous, they said before the loan that they wouldnt command a fee if we decided to buy him but know they want £150,000, I know it's not a lot in terms of a football player with his championship experience but still, that's out of orderSo you read the SLP?You can keep him.No they didn't, there have been no further negotiations as of yet, although talks with Serie B side Sassuolo over their 25 year old midfielder Gianluca Sasone. he has had 40 apps this season scoring 20. The fee is seen to be in the region of 950k - 1.2m for the Italian.150.,000 for him plz sign him charlton he is so good

No offence to you or N'Guessan mate but he is a top league 1 player at best, we can and will sign better players.Why is out of order? His our player, you are a rival club (apparently) and we can dictate what price we sell our players at. The fact we said we would not command a fee and now would is neither here or there. If we can sell the dross that he is to you for 159k then even better!Worth every penny!Have millwall ever been in the prem ?Top Flight Div 1 YES / Prem - No (but Sky / The FA only changed the name after we were relegated). When did Charlton last play in the Europa or Champions League?Time to start buying better players than him.anybody who thinks we will be up there just look at Blackburn,just signed Best,not a great player but scored a few last year in Prem.Get rid of a few not good enough for Championship.don't want to end up whipping boys, and go straight back down.


03 Jul 2012 11:23:02
ed when can you see blues signing someone and who will it be {Ed001's Note - which blues? Come on, giz a clue!}(2)(4)The team that play in blue...... come on Ed001, get with the program.... lol. {Ed001's Note - oh damn, sorry, I know, it's not like many teams play in blue, I should have known immediately!}He probably means Birmingham city as I think they are the only team nicknamed 'blues' instead of 'the blues'


03 Jul 2012 11:22:33
Exeter are looking at Guernsey striker Ross Allen, who scored 66 times last season. City will enter talks with the Channel Island side when the sides meet in a friendly later this month.(8)(1)


03 Jul 2012 11:20:01
West Ham have stated that they are testing the water with a multitude of potential transfer targets to discover which are the most realistic in terms of fees, salaries and availability. This is the very
reason why WHU have been linked with
so many names. High on the list is Romelu
Lukaku who's loan deal with Chelsea makes
the most sense, especially if WHU agree
to pay part of the salary.
Dame N'doye is another high on Sam Allardyce
list of targets(11)(10)You really expected Chelsea to loan £16m forward to WHU and pay his salary at lease £30k per week. Get real you will pay a loan fee and at least 50% of salary, maybe even more.We will need to pay part of his salary but from chelseas point of view where better to have him learn his trade then the team that. Made john terry frank lampard and joe cole 3 of chelseas best ever players (atlest till joe got injured


03 Jul 2012 11:19:31
Exeter are interested in bringing Alan Connell and/or Jonathan Smith to St James' Park as part of Swindon's compensation deal for Troy Archibald-Henville.(4)(6)Unlikely....Connell would certainly cost more than Troy and Smith would be at least as much!! You are going to get minimum amount from a tribunal but some add ons will added (i.e sell on clause etc)


03 Jul 2012 11:19:09
any news on demba ba or papis cisse to liverpool?(7)(21)Would take more than the £35m Liverpool paid for Carrol to temp Newcastle into parting with Cisse.Liverpool just made Europe League.
Last summer they spent Over 80 Million
why would you go on another spending spree without Surez,Downing,Skirtel,Johnson,Reina and Gerrard being sold as thats what it would take to gain funds to sign either one.John henry has said that players have to be sold and with liverpool letting fringe players go for free.A big name will have to be sold to get any fundsThe lure of european football might tempt them,oh i forgot the toon are in europe and liverpool aint {Ed003's Note - eh? they are!}I hope soOH you person , winning carling cup = europa league place, Finishing 6th = No europa league placeLiverpool are in the Europa leagueShelvey will be at liverpool for many years. he is one of the best young players in england and in a few years will be one of the best in the world the same can be said for sterling .Chealsea have made a big mistake in giving di mattao the managers job. good for the rest of the teamsDi mattao is very overrated and will have a bad next season


03 Jul 2012 11:15:52
Exeter City will this week step up their bid to sign free agent and former Barnet forward Izale McLeod after John O'Flynn rejected the chance to stay with the Grecians.(2)(11)


03 Jul 2012 11:06:38
Luke Chambers currently at ipswich having a medical and Cheick Kourouma set to put pen to paper today(12)(7)Luke Chambers now back in Nottm 'Considering other options'On his way to leeds united now along with richard keogh what a blow for ipswich townChambers has decided to keep his options open. He has probably received a counter offer from Leeds. If he has, and they finalise their takeover, I think he will choose them over us because of Neil Warnock, higher wages, their larger stadium and they probably have more chances Of being promoted.He only considered ipswich as leeds never made a approach (source eadt, green un )I would love to know how Leeds fans think they are going to sign Luke Chambers AND Richard Keogh along with Jason Pearce already at the club. All 3 of them are 'first team players' and won't be happy sitting on the bench.


03 Jul 2012 11:05:39
Looks very likely Cardiff City will be bringing two old boys back, Chris Burke (Birmingham) & Ross McCormack (Leeds). Also Richard Keogh looks like he will be finalising a move to Cardiff by the end of this week. Robert Snodgrass, another Cardiff target looks very unlikely to join the bluebirds after Bolton have made a move for the midfielder.

Source: Inside Source (No Names)(6)(23)For the last time Ross McCormack has signed a 3 year deal with Palace. just wait and seeWould only want Burke and Mccormack back as squad members. But neither would be worth what their clubs would ask.
RedbirdMccormack not signed witn anyone,snodgrass not going anywhereBurke will not be back there,now norwich on the other hand?Palace hasnt even tried to sign him yet coz freedman said on sky sportsYou really expect birmingham to sell Burke when they have only 14 recognised first team players and are currently unable to replace outgoing players due to a transfer embargo?How when it seems Dougie Freedman doesnt know anything and says 'its far-fetched to suggest anything' so unless the board are giving Dougie an early christmas presie and dont want him to know your wrong.I wouldnt mind them both back just hope the dont play bad for us if we get themBolton are not interested in snodgrass! seriously we have lee chung-yong as a right winger and he is 4 times the player snodgrass will ever be so its not happening even if chungy goes to a club it will be about 8-10 minimum and bolton will buy a pacey winger not snodgrass


03 Jul 2012 11:01:32
Will Hoskins is joining Bristol City this week as a replacement for the departing Brett Pitman.(7)(15)


03 Jul 2012 10:46:48
Jacob Butterfield set to move to Norwich City today, paving a way for some ex-Crewe and Derby player to join them. The news is expected to be announced later today.(12)(3)James Bailey has 1 year and 4 months left on his contract and if offers are made that arient meeting derby valuation then he will be still Derby's player next how is he an "EX" derby playerJames bailey he is a cracking young mid just seems to have fallen from grace at derby with cloughNow heard butterfield has join norwich c and holt sign new contract to keep him at nc for the next 3 yrsIt's Bailey


03 Jul 2012 10:45:04
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates has been dealt a double blow by losing Luke Summerfield and transfer target Rob Purdie to Shrewsbury.(8)(1)Well, Shrewsbury are better than Cheltenham, and summerfield is a league one playerShrewsbury to sign two championship players and a goalkeeper in the next couple of weeksSigning a goalkeeper in the next few days.Stephen bywater is coming to Shrewsbury, and defender Kyle Bartley is coming on loanBywater has already signed for sheffield Wednesday in late June so that's rubbish


03 Jul 2012 10:44:38
Kilmarnock in possible loan talks with Dylan Mcgeouch and a free agent Niall McGinn

Dream on, we would never ever loan Kilmarnock any player let alone Dylan McGeouch.(6)(6)Have we not had a player on loan before? Dont be so narrow minded.


03 Jul 2012 10:23:29
Wycombe will complete the signing of Charlton Athletic striker Paul Hayes later this week.(5)(7)We just signed Richard Logan and a young striker called Angol so this is unlikely


03 Jul 2012 10:23:23
It is now offfical on barnsley newsnow that butterfield and barnsley have rejected norwich city. He is staying at barnsley fc. Well done son.(7)(21)It will now go to tribunal butterfield agreed a 4 year deal with norwich barnsley can not stop him signing as he is out of contract but under 24 so a fee must be paidButterfield is still going to Norwich but barnsley feel they will get more for him at a tribunal than what they have offeredAlso on line that Barnsley Chronicle have said he has signed for Norwich,just compo. to sort out,will go to tribunal.
AntYou have mis-understood im afraid. The articles state that Barnsley have rejected our offer of compensation. He is now a free agent and allowed to join any club he wishes but due to his age (below 24) the club are due compensation. If Barnsley reject our offer the matter goes to a tribunal who will set the compensation fee. This is historically a risk for the club losing the player as fees are usually on the low side. He will be signing for Norwich, possibly as soon as 3pm this afternoon... A press conference at Norwich Colney has been called for Hughton and Whittaker to meet the press, but with other news to be announced. Keep an eye out, hes not going to be at Barnsley much longer.I think you may need to keep an eye on the Norwich City press conference at 3pm. Yes, well done son!Look again : (Read it again... Barnsley reject offer from Norwich for Butterfield; fee now set to be settled by tribunal ...and im a Barnsley fan..No Barnsley have rejected Norwich's approach, Butterfield wants to leave.No he's not going to Norwich fee to be decided by tribunal.It says they turned down a offer so still going to tribunal, looks like he's signed although Norwich won't comment on the matterThats why he signed a 4 year contract today and was at a press conference this afternoon.... Great research... not!Well... this is awkward. {Ed003's Note - lol}How did that pan out for you? Unlucky son.5 Hours later........................................................... Jacob Butterfield signs 4 yr deal at Norwich CityOops fella. Signed for CityFail... he's signed a four year deal with norwichHe sign for norwich. bad move because he will be back down next year when he not getting games there.No, it means any fee will now go to tribunal as his contract is up.
Done Deal, unveiled by norwichIt's official, on BBC & Sky. He's off to Norwich.Officially confirmed as a Norwich player. Good signing, happy with that.He has signed for Norwich. Its on the official Norwich websiteAnother good player leaving tarn to become a nobody he will be loaned out by janHaha no it isn't he just did an interview to ncfc website about his new move lol at youBUTTERFIELD,lacks pace,cannot win the ball,good shot tends to hide parts of games if we get 500k i will take him,no way is he Premier classLast reply sounds like sour grapes, he was your captain at a very young age, so your manager clearly rated him.All this fuss about butterfield, he's not prem class , ok player is about it, suited to norwich i guess, and im not a barnsley fan2 million for a player who started half the games of a season for Barnsley! Won't even play for Norwich plus they are clearly going down next year! Great move for Barnsley!The best player barnsley have had since they got promoted back to the championshipBitter barnsley fans,we (uddersfield) got the same when ollie norwood signed last week.Hill rates Butterfield? dont make me laugh worse Barnsley manager we have had for years,knows he ,Butterfield isnt good enough,you NORWICH fans will soon see this,get him a good seat on the bench,and a big coatLack of pace? maybe he was just tired from having to carry most of the Barnsley team last season...He didn't play that much of the season, but what he did play he hardly carried us, more like Danny drink water and vaz te carried us!!!, sorry people he's really not that good


03 Jul 2012 10:22:56
was working in my local tesco this
sunday and got chatting to marvin
morgan. was talking about the coming
season and about collins move to
swindon and said you gotta look at it
from both angles.
when i asked about who will come in
to replace collins he said he turner had target would ask
turner if he was in his main plans for
this season. he said he was happy but
if wasnt in his plans may look to move
on as he only has a year left and needs
to be playing 1st team football. he said
he had a few clubs interested in him
one including to be rotherham!
you heard it hear first form marvin


03 Jul 2012 10:20:36
Fulham, Southampton and West Brom have made contact with the agent of former Liverpool winger Maxi Rodriguez, now a free agent. WBA are faveourites due to the Liverpool connection between the player and Steve Clarke. I cannot bring you anything else. {Ed001's Note - ooops, incorrect, not a free agent as he has a year left on his contract.}(4)(13)I would look forward to that signing plus I don't think chris brunt is a worthy captain any suggestions on who could replace him as capt ?Olsson if he doesn't leave, or maybe fosterClarke's going in for Jonjo Shelvey - Reports regarding Maxi are way off

Lincoln BaggieJust been told that Di Matteo is coming in for OdemwingieFoster?Olson or fosterSteven reidGive it Olsson or Foster next season...I've heard the same regarding Jonjo Shelvey from Liverpool - season long loan as far as I know

George - Saxilby WBAI agree regarding Brunt being poor captain - for me it's gotta be Foster
If a goalie doesn't make a good captain then I'd go for McAuleyJonjo shelvey is having medical at Albion in the next week after agreeing a deal that sees him coming here and 4mill with mulumbu going the other wayI would have thought olsson to be our capt but if he goes we have William gallas on a free and Zat knight on a free as other optionsI agree with odemwingie reports, I have inside info that he is gonna offer 5mill with kalou goin in other direction, dimateo and Peter have a special relationship from time at WBARodgers should get riera back he was a good player untill he fell out with rafa. like to sea defoe in a liverpool shirt very underrestimated player. shoud of playd more for spurs last season.Players always say there not leaving a club . a week goes by and hes at different teamDi Matteo wont be offering £5mill plus Kalou...Kalou is a free agent!

Odemwinge will leave and can see him going back to either france or russia

BaggySMulumbu AND £4M for Shelvey, i had to look at the calender to make sure it`s not April the 1st.

That would make Shelvey`s value about £10M, i have a feeling Jeremy Peace would contest that!!


03 Jul 2012 10:19:26
Luke Chambers set to undergo a medical and sign on the dotted line for Sheffield Wednesday..(2)(19)He's going either Ipswich or Leeds


03 Jul 2012 10:11:17
Nuno Gomez to sign for Blackburn within 48 hours

Portugal U21 Winger Fabio Nunes to sign today

Adrien Silva deal to be completed by the end of this week(14)(11)Gomes has signed
nunes has never played for portugal u21 and is brazilian
silva is too good for blackburn


03 Jul 2012 10:01:27
rob purdie and summerfeild sighn for shrewsbury town

ed g(7)(2)Summerfield is a good signing, but disappointed in the Purdie signing, hope to be proved wrong but I think he will be a weak link.Purdie will be a versatile bench man, covering injuries all over the pitch; something we'll need at a higher level.


03 Jul 2012 09:58:55
Luke De Jong on his way to Newcastle(12)(27)


03 Jul 2012 09:56:36
Darren bent to fulham - and before villa fans get all upperty about this listen. Bents dad used to work at nine elms royal mail office in vauxhall south west london , he used to deliver the work to my old office in putney. I bumped into him in sainsburys n he said jol wants darren at fulham , fulham will offer 7 mil + duff as villa manager lambert wants to sign defoe n demba baim nit a fulham fan im a chelsea fan but had to share this entrigueing but true story. Im not saying itsa done deal but watch this space.(10)(23)Villa won't allow a player they payed that much money for to leave cheap and Fulham can;t offer the 20m+ Villa paid end of7 million plus a player who is in his 30''s dont think this is true do you?? so we are gonna take a loss of 14-16 million pound on a top striker? again dont think so! not a very good rumour!!Bent is leaving but NOT to Fulham. The same person who told me he was joining Villa out of the blue has told me this. Villa are not signing Defoe either although the have two Prem strikers on their radar. Neither are EnglishDemba ba wont go to villa,much bigger clubs after him20m+ for Bent. You mean you payed over the odds then!DB certainly doesn't hang about can see him leaving Villa when Lambo fails to improve what is a very poor side.A player they paid £24m for going for 7m plus an old man? Yet another Chelsea fan who knows naff all about football..Villa have no chance with Demba Ba. Villa are a club looking at the wrong end of the table and clubs like Spurs are believed to be interested. Kenwyne Jones is realistic for Villa as mentioned on a few sites as Stoke want rid and Lambert is an admirerVilla still owe sunderland 12m of the bent fee so sorry to burst your bubble but if you do sell bent to whoever then we will want what you owe us, 7m and duff though thats like offering shola ameobi and 3m for van persieWell fulham brought andy johnson for 12 million and let him go for free so dont see why villa would hold on to him when hes always injured


03 Jul 2012 09:53:15
BRENTFORD are set to complete the signing of former Falkirk frontman Farid El Alagui later this morning. (3/07/2012)(6)(1)Done and dusted


03 Jul 2012 09:40:42
Bristol City to announce signings of Richard Keogh and Fredy Montero on Wednesday.

A usually very well informed source says 'Montero will be a HUGE signing and is a real coup....'

I thought the MLS was crap but his youtube vids are good!

McCormack doesnt like terms...lots of performance related bumps rather than weekly wage(7)(14)Ridiculous montero wont sign for bristol city in a million years. he earns 1.6 million over there and will eventually go to a big european clubI live in Washington State and watch the Sounders regularly.... DREAM ON! Freddy is a big player on big wages, and this will never happen... I agree with the above, sooner or later he will playing for a big European team.

(SAINT IN THE USA)I read he's on a salary of $500,000 so not that unlikely....I'm in Bellingham and also watch the sounders regulary ive heard lots of rumours about a move to europe would have thought if he went he would go to prem or la liga. friends in the club have hinted that a deal could be on and two english teams are interested.


03 Jul 2012 09:35:44
preston north end are close to signing Leigh Griffiths from wolves,the striker wants first team action.(4)(15)If this is true, he could be a really good signing.Seen him at deepdale today wouldn't say whether he will sign^^^ untrue when he on holiday


03 Jul 2012 09:19:07
Blackburn have signed Leon Best for £3m, Nuno Gomez is also having a medical at Ewood Park.(15)(6)


03 Jul 2012 09:15:58
Heard a rumour that Leeds scouts areto be sent out to some of the local non league teams this season to see if there are any local gems in the area. Pana(6)(3)Isn't that what they do every season then?A sense of realism pervades at last !



03 Jul 2012 09:05:52
Elia to have a medical at fulham today , his juve teammate krasic will sign for west ham . Fulham are targeting st ettiene striker aubameyang n want veloso . Also want samba n lisandro lopes on loan.(5)(13)Lisandro Lopez will not go on loan. He is a top striker at Lyon and is worth £15 million at least. He cost Lyon £22 million when he signed. Plus he has scored 50 goals in 80 games for them. Stick to Football Manager mate.Lisandro López, who once was transferred for 24 million, and Eljero Elia, of Juventus, sound like they would be welcome additions at FFC but no one has yet posted the word circulating about Tom Hoddlestone coming to Craven Cottage.Veloso signed for Brussia Dortmund, so I don't believe any of your rumours!Lisandro Lopez. I am a Fulham fan and that is a joke!


03 Jul 2012 09:04:04
Leicester City are close to signing Craig Gordon on a free transfer after he was released by Sunderland.
This will then free up kasper Schmeichel to complete his £3m move to Southampton.(12)(25)Nice thought, but can't see KS coming to St Marys....he would want to be #1 keeper, not understudy to Kelvin DavisNeverI'd like this to be true,reckon he could do a great job for us,in reality I think there's a very naughty boy out there somewhere having fun.I'd rather Craig Gordon than Schmeichel!Not heard Schmeichel talked about, Would be a good signing.Why dont soton sign gordon and save some moneyI wouldnt mind either goal keeper, both amazing stoppersSchmeichel would be alot better and would definetly be our first keeper if we bought himHeard Leics would go for Almunia if kasper asks to leave?Kasper did commit himself at the end of last season [not that commitment means anything to a footballer....]


03 Jul 2012 07:38:59
swindon have taken simone materazzi, half brother of marco, on a short trial after his manager, paolo negro, recommended him to di canio.(6)(3)


03 Jul 2012 07:31:50
Derby County set to open talks with West Ham over taking Nicky Maynard on a season long loan.(14)(13)Its a pernament transfer but they are using the loan with option to buyits just a way of getting round paying the money nowBelieve baldock will go out on loan along robert hall both strikers at west ham, will try to offload piquonne on loan or sell him maynard on loan highly unlikely and if he did go it would be as make weight in a transfer bkk hammerDerby haven't a prayer of landing someone like Maynard: they couldn't pay the fee, they couldn't afford his pay, they lack his ambition and they aren't going to win anything anytime soon. unless Nigel Clough has a winning Euro lottery ticket that is!Derby can't afford this player. We lack ambition and will only sell our best players this summer. Maybe a couple of lower league replacments will come in but with a handstrung manager and deluded board we're only heading for one thing. relegation!!!Hope this is true cus he wont get played much in the prem if the amount he got play for WHU is anything to go off and he is a natural goal scorer


03 Jul 2012 08:27:54
Craig Stanley has left Bristol Rovers with immediate effect after club & player have agreed by mutual consent to terminate the contract, it looks likely Stanley will join up with Luton and re join Paul Buckle for the 3rd time in 3 seasons.

Source Bristol Rovers(7)(9)Just joined the shot on websiteHe has joined aldershot


03 Jul 2012 08:14:23
Oxford United are signing Windsor striker Ryan O'Toole.(2)(10)How old is he?


03 Jul 2012 07:10:28
Miles Addison has agreed to join Peterborough United and has rejected a move to several other clubs including Bournemouth.(11)(19)Get your facts rite nigel clough derby manger has come out publicly today and said hes going to bournemouth.Managers have been wrong before (with Danny Swanson I think)Looking good for AFCB but wont be happy until it is signed, sealed and delivered! If P'boro suddenly offer silly wages who knows what might happen? However, think he enjoyed his loan spell and he has seen where this club is going so fingers crossed. Would be a crucial part of the jigsaw for next season and beyond.P'boro wont offer anybody silly wages, its not part of our clubs policyPosh do not pay 'silly wages' so that option can safely be ruled out


03 Jul 2012 07:07:13
Swedish international Kim Källström in talks with Reading FC. No info on price or terms yet.(13)(25)Yeh would be a top signing, could at free kicks so and natural left footer means we can just have harte as back up. And hence sign a young good left back alsoThat's because its rubbishWould love for this to be true since I am a Swedish American and Reading supporter! Any source!?That would be amazing.From himself at the airport on Sunday so no, not rubbish!First I have heard of this, let us know if you get any more information and leave a name next time.

LoyalRoyal94Not Bein funny but you Town fans think that signing an SPL player is like the best thing since sliced bread! The SPL is rubbish most of the teams could only just hack League 1 so not bein funny not the greatest buy!! Rant over!Won't get any more info as it was only a chance meeting. Unfortunately I don't have an inside connection unlike 90% of the users of this site (apparently)


03 Jul 2012 06:55:36
Wigan athletic are interested in signing defender rod fanni from marseille. Sevilla and Lille are also interested as he only has one year left on his contract.(11)(12)Can't wait to here some of the songs by the fans when this lad runs on the pitchWigan signing Fanni ? I didn't realise that womens football had improved that much.Ipswich town are set to announce the signing of Emile heskey on a 2 year deal as of tomorrow.I think he is a good player and would be a fantastic player


03 Jul 2012 06:55:22
luke chambers having medical at elland rd and will sign for leeds as he feels they are a big club compared to the other club he had medical with(20)(31)Luke chambers had his day, your welcome to him, i,ll even drive them there..lolAha hw will be signing for ipswich as i type!He is at portman rd now and i should know cos i am on the coaching staff welcome aboard LukeWhat a load of bull. Players don't go to Elland Road for a medical, they go to Thorp Arch.Kinda got this wrong old son, he's having his medical with IPSWICH today and will sign later todayForest fans cant wait to see the back of him sounds like LUFC pulled of a major coup over rivals HaHaThats funny as he's now at Ipswich having his medical there!I hear he's signing for shef wed, deemed not good enough for leeds


03 Jul 2012 06:52:24
Bristol to announce signings of Richard Keogh and Fredy Montero on Wednesday.

A usually very well informed source says 'Montero will be a HUGE signing and is a real coup....'

I thought the MLS was crap but his youtube vids are good!!

McCormack doesnt like terms...lots of performance related bumps rather than weekly wage(10)(11)Freddy montero is columbian striker with no other national background, and without sufficient caps over a 3 year period, therefore WILL NOT be eligable for a UK work permit. Hes very good on football manager, i presume this is where this fantasy post has materialised from.


03 Jul 2012 06:45:01
MK Dons not to announce signings untill the return of their manager at the end of the week. Expect transfer activity to start at the beginning of next week.

Alan Smith widely expected to be the first player to sign in the Stadium:MK Revamp, with no fewer than 3 players to sign, including a Right back and a center back. Striker also expected to accompany the new signings although targets are unknown.(8)(6)This is trueYou mean ANDY Smith , Irish international striker to sign for MK, tho
Blackpool are trying to scupper the deal as Ian Holloway rates the striker highly.Lets hope so!I heard the sameRubbish.the club is cleary skint and carnt afford to sign anyone.they wouldnt leave it this long otherwiseNo I think he means Alan Smith, you know the one that was on loan to the Dons the back end of last season!We're certainly not as skint this season as we have been the last couple. Four permanenent signings will arrive. All good Championship standard players as we build on last year's team. No departures and a few additions should mean we'll definitely be up there again.MK Dons have already completed two signings but they won't be announced until Karl Robinson back from holiday.

Alan Smith has verbally agreed to sign but not confirmed until he returns from America this week.So whos the other signingIm not sure of the targets but if they are as reputed to be championship level players, CB could be Alex Bruce Former Leeds CB, right back justin hoyte and striker billy paynterWe just sold a load of land for primark etc we uped our stadium to 32,000 I think we got a bit of money for a change now don't have to sell additions can only be goodA right back, centre back and two Championship quality strikers are exactly what we need so hope there is some substance to this post. Certainly sounds like someone who knows what they are talking about


03 Jul 2012 04:49:48
Lee Trundle is joining Cheltenham Town.(5)(18)Not likely.


03 Jul 2012 04:49:03
Ex Cardiff defenders Danny Last and Stefan Jones are joining Gloucester City.(4)(6)


03 Jul 2012 04:47:30
Representatives from Swindon Town are in Guernsey talking with Ross Allen ahead of a potential move to The County Ground

The fee will be £50,000 with Guernsey hosting a pre-season game in 2013-14 against Swindon.(8)(8)Source?Interesting, is ross allen decent? heard he has scored a lot of goals for guernseyLooks a good playerWould be good if trueHow do you know this?Swindon seem to be linked with him every time the transfer windows open!! Yet nothing ever comes of it!!^ so true, hopefully happen this time though


03 Jul 2012 02:31:20
Diallo and mchangama have both left the club with dickov instanly trying to replace with grounds ex middlesborugh player and tom taiwo who left carlise also we ment to be after utd duo reece brown and larnell cole but only of he fails to bring jeffery shlump and tom parkes from his and taggerts ex ex club(4)(2)


03 Jul 2012 03:08:56
Alan connell looks a cert for bristol rovers now in a cash plus player deal believed to be matt harrold(5)(15)Alan is a good player and will de well for them scored 13 goals coming of the bench? what will he achieve if he starts! i think its a big mistake paolo letting him go...........Good luck Alan, really nice guy..


03 Jul 2012 02:37:32
Aston Villa have made an audacious bid to take Downing back to Villa Park for a cut price fee. With Villa not being flush with cash there are increasing rumours that Bent will leave to fund purchases including Kieran Richardson from Sunderland and Kenwyne Jones from Stoke. Jenas will not be returning but Villa are monitoring the availability of Aaron Ramsey on loan. Holt will not be joining(17)(13)What a load of rubbish Bent isnt going anywhereAbsolute rubbish, Villa fans will never welcome Downing back.Downing and you thought you had a bad season last year lolThat's what we thought until he signed for villaSuper Grant not joining Villa, you will need luck and Lambo to weave his magic to improve AV.Please, please, please buy Kenwyne Jones. He'll be good for 8 months then turn really lazy, same as he's done at every club he's ever played for.Downing never again! Villa say Bent isn't for sale & WILL NOT LEAVE!What are you basing the fact that Bent isn't for sale on? I can tell you 100 % that he ISLambert has it in his contract that Bent can't leave unless his contract runs out or he decides otherwise.

p.s 3rd transfer window that people make Darren Bent transfer "news/rumours" and nothing has happened.
No chance!


03 Jul 2012 02:35:56
Dickov ment to be handing phil mgrath a second chance with a 1month rolling contract and rohan rickets is on trail at club along side ex rangers pair mcabe and little(1)(8)


03 Jul 2012 02:27:55
Jay Spearing is set to follow Dirk Kuyt, Fabio Aurelio and Maxi Rodrigues out of the club, Gaston Ramirez will sign for £20 million along with Daniel Sturridge for £18 million and Victor Moses for £8 million, they are also after Wilfred Zaha from Crystal Palace and Joe Allen from Swansea... People say Liverpool can't sign anyone from Swansea for a year but there was a clause in the contract saying if they offer £8 million or more for a player plus add ons then they can sign him

Source - a youth coach at the club (no names)(20)(32)Victor moses 8m, hmmmm sure wigan turned down a bid from chelski for more than thatYour source is terrible, Wigan have already rejected Chelsea's £8m offer and want £12m so they won't now accept £8m from you. Plus, why would anyone want to join an ailing team that are only getting older and worse?Sturridge nah thanksCorrect me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a max deficit of £37m for Premier League clubs this season (in line with Financial Fair Play rules)?
If so - I find it highly unlikely Liverpool will sign all of those players. Moses seems the most likely to me.Then this agreement about preventing players leaving is worth nothing. Laudrup risks that key players are signed by Liverpool.Joe Allen is worth at least 20 mill. All lies and made up.And no rodgers cant sign allen for 15 million yet alone 8 with add ons i know the boy and he not going anywhere for a whileAllen 20 mill,get a life,and chelsea wont sell sturridge,star ready to shineFinancial fair play differs between teams depending on what profit the club makes"Financial fair play differs between teams depending on what profit the club makes"

Liverpool don't male a profitSturridge would be a good signing if under 10m. liverpool can't attract most of the best players at the moment . so sturridge i think will be good for liverpool he is a good young player.Zaha is going no where - Palace chairman already announced with sale of other players, zaha will not go anywhere this season, no matter how much


03 Jul 2012 01:52:53
Chelsea are set to bid £4m for Southampton left back Luke Shaw. The 16-year-old came through the ranks at St Mary's and made his first-team debut in the FA Cup at Millwall last season.(12)(9)If they want to waste their time-fine! But he is going nowhere-he is in Saints 1st team squad-how long would he sit behind Cole at Chelsea??
Saints are no longer a "puppy farm" for the Premiership and they will have to get used to it.Hope not, good little player, hopefuly he will stay and try and get into the first team.Tell 'em to go away in short jerks,we all saw what happened to Theo when he jumped ship too soon,Saints can get Shaw where he wants to be.
If Chelsea persist, tell 'em £20.000.000
up-front,or no deal.Yesterday it was Sinclair going to utd today it's shaw going to Chelsea, what are the papers doing just going through our youth team and linking to the top four clubs! Muppets!4m is nowhere near enough for his talent , and why would Southampton want to sell now they are back in the top flight.Considering NA and NC have made it clear how important the likes of Shaw and others in his age range are to our future I'd be surprised. We don't need or want to sell so it would only come down to whether the individual wanted to go.
Even if that did happen, this guy has been rated on a similar level to Bale, Ox and Walcott. I'd be gobsmacked if we let him go for even double this amount!Great. so you can copy and paste from the sun. dont you listen to the Eds? dont read that newspaper except if you're beinng ironic!

oh yeah. shaw will stay at southamptonHe may go but it would take money on a par with what the arsenal paid for ox. £12m. This boys tipped to be better than bale.
JannersaintWe will not be selling Luke Shaw or any other players coming through from our academy. He is part of the first team this season and has already agreed to a 3 year deal 18 months ago which starts when he turns 17 in 2 weeks.

lifelongsaint83Staying with Saints, he wants to try and break into first team this season.Heard this to,guaranteed departure ,feels he can learn a lot more at a big club with star playersRidiculous completely the opposite of what our club is aiming to do, especially for 4m.If it's guaranteed why have saints dismissed this rumour"Heard this to,guaranteed departure ,feels he can learn a lot more at a big club with star players".........You have no clue what your on about do you! He is staying.


02 Jul 2012 22:19:20
rotherham signing matt tubbs 350k rising to 450k been accepted as we let grabban join the cherries which is a pivotal part in this transfer, also rotherham set to sign tony watt from celtic on a 6 month loan, also looking to sign a creative midfielder and a defender which both are expected to cost fees linked to eunan o'kane and bilel mohsni both respectfully from the gulls and the shrimpers....i know for certain 50% of this 'rumor' is happening...source inside rotherham centre of excellence(7)(19)I don't see why Bournemouth would sell for a big loss, especially as he hasn't had a chance yet and could prove to be a great goalscorerBournemouth would not make a loss as they only paid 250k up front the rest would have been paid in add onsI hope we get the young scottish lad tony watt


02 Jul 2012 23:54:27
whos got rumours on Luton Town ? any news for me ed ? {Ed003's Note - Just the one about Hearn that keeps popping up}(2)(13)Yes your ground it being turned into a training centre for Watford


02 Jul 2012 23:35:38
Latics boss Paul Dickov is close to sealing a triple transfer swoop.

Lee Croft is expected to join on a season-long loan from Derby having been enthused with the chance to work with his old team mate again and the chance to stay in the Manchester area.

Omar Tounkara is set to fill the void left by Shefki Kuqi's departure and Reece Brown is in line for a season long loan from man utd(7)(6)Dream on why when we have already said that that amount is nowhere near our valuation do burnley supporters continue to post rubbshLee croft is back at st Johnstone for a season long loan!Wrong AGAIN he's sogned a season long loan at oldham. All due to him knowing Dickov, about time you got your facts or guesses right.Croft has signed for oldham on loan, its done deal so no bs about him going back to scotland please


02 Jul 2012 23:58:36
Bolton set to sign Robert Snodgrass.
Watford set to appoint Gianfranco Zola as manager in addition to buying Tommy Smith and Lee Cook for free from QPR and Tom Heaton from Cardiff.
Ipswich set to sign Scott Loach and Luke Chambers from Watford and Notts Forest respectively.
Cardiff are looking into the possibility of signing Chris Burke (Birmingham), Andy Lonergan (Leeds), Jamie Murphy (Motherwell), David Templeton (Hearts) and re signing Ross McCormack (Leeds).
Watch this space, all information from reliable sources.(16)(34)What sources are they?Why the hell would snodgrass go to Bolton. Leeds are on the verge of big things. You timewaisterWhy andy lonergan we got a back up keeper his name is Joe Lewis.OMG how many more times, Snodgrass will not leave us for another Championship club. if he does leave and a big IF he will go to a perm club and a top ten one at that. Way to good for Bolton anyway.Snodgrass will go to the Premiership (if he leaves Leeds) - why go to Bolton who are in the same division and, after Leeds takeover, less likely to get promotion.Bolton aren't in for Snodgrass but they are in for Lonergan once Leeds get their own goalkeeping arrangements sorted.Ha ha dont make me laugh if snodgrass is going anywhere its the prem why would he go to a team thats going to stay in the championship for the next few years atleast ...he will most likely stay at leeds after the takeover is doneI'm not sure who posted this but it si unlikely that a worm like Cook would ever be able to come back to the VicLee Cook to Watford? Not only is he an injury ridden, useless player...... but he is also hated by Watford fans and we would never allow him to come back.15 mil dont be silly,bet they dont spend over 1 mil.Boys, chill out? It's only a rumor site, i admit some of these rumors are ridiculous, but the author is only just trying to keep us informed with some stuff he's heard? No need to get defensive...Do Watford fans decide who signs for the club now how progresive. Cook couldn't be transfered from QPR as he is a free agent but i rekon smith might happen but only if the watford fans "want it"


02 Jul 2012 23:57:40
Doncaster set to announce another double swoop for out of contract players with striker Derek Riordan and midfielder Brian Howard joining the club(18)(16)



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