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04 Feb 2013 22:45:35
Evening Ed, can you put the following post on your main site, Bristol City news, big big news to be announced tomorrow, very large, all Bristol City fans will be very happy, {Ed003's Note - evening}



04 Feb 2013 22:42:44
Plymouth manager John Sheridan had applied for the Oldham job.

This wouldn't suprise me last time I looked oldham can score

And you have seen the list of applicants have you?

I got a joke why is something called a funny bone because he is where your humerous is {Ed013's Note - Please see the jokes page link as this has no relevance to this post, thanks}



04 Feb 2013 22:35:46
Jackett is keen on Kane return he says he would welcome the chance to bring to bring the spurs striker back to millwall on loan till the rest of the session

Can't happen. Maximum loan now is 93 days!



04 Feb 2013 22:33:49
billy davis has been offered the blackpool fc managers job and has until tuesday afternoon to accept.
lets hope we are managerless on wednesday {Ed003's Note - lol}

Forest fan here,,,,,, hope you get Billy and bring Ned Kelly with him as assistant, great manager the best forest had since clough era, shame they let him go never had one as good since, good luck!.

Blackpool fan here no I hope you get him you should be the one to be watching all the great football he plays I insist

Love it. Know what you mean.



04 Feb 2013 22:29:50
Millwall are looking at harry Kane to get on loan for the rest of the session

Spurs need him with defoe injured

05 Feb 2013 15:27:22
He is not good enough to play in premier league



04 Feb 2013 22:29:26
Billy Davies to be appointed Blackpool Manager tomorrow



04 Feb 2013 21:53:22
when does the loan window open and how long does it last {Ed003's Note - Thursday until beginning of april if I've remembered correct}

04 Feb 2013 23:43:24
I don't think it fair to loan players to teams in the same league. Especially as they don't play against the doner club. No wonder the same teams are at the top always.

Loan window opens tomorrow (thursday)



04 Feb 2013 21:43:40
any news on Barnsley ed



04 Feb 2013 21:38:09
Evening Ed, { it was put on banter because it never actually said anything lol}



04 Feb 2013 21:22:16
saw mark hughes coming/driving out of holmfirth area-ish this evening!""why else than because he's been for an interview with dean hoyle for huddersfield job, surely?
know who I saw and hughes is gna be next town boss in my opinion!

Going from Huddersfield to Cheshire via the hills on a wintry night like yesterday? He's probably not home yet then. ;)

Well according to the examiner gary megson is not in the running and they are after someone who is not attatched

Bookies know better. Odds slashed on Adkins!!! UTT {Ed001's Note - or the bookies know someone has placed money on Adkins getting the job, because they don't know anything. Why are people so adamant bookies know something? They don't need to know anything! They just reduce the odds when there is a lot of money on something and then lay off the bets on another bookie.}

Perhaps he has been to Sid's Cafe!
Saw Tom Cruise in Fleetwood yesterday, may be applying for vacant Life Boat Position, or was it Trawler Man!! Dingwit!

05 Feb 2013 12:20:14
ye but you didn't see tom cruise and I did see hughes and who you calling a dingwit you keep on enjoying those £ 9. 50 holidays to fleetwood with gran/missus ( same person ) and let us lot enjoy coming on this decent website. keep up the good work ed's. post this because did see him!

Think he was giving Adkins a lift. So Adkins could have a few jars to celebrate his new job : -) Aussie Terrier

Compo cafe e likes his fish & chips

Nothing seen at the ground today. We were in the middle of a white out blizzard (reliable source).

Thanks for the tip!, didn't realise you could still get £9: 50 holidays, must look out for them!
Get some glasses Dingwit!

Di Canio staying at briar court hotel huddersfield tonight, I work on reception and have booked him in.

Maybe Mr Hughes was coming from Mr Rhodes house, to try and buy him back when gets HTFC position!
No they are not snow flakes they are little white pigs!

Lol holmfirth ish area? you know the area well them, ill give you a clue the areas around holmfirth are honley/brockholes/meltham/scholes/holme.

Ed 001 note, very true about the odds, it's just the bookies protecting their potential losses. As mentioned before, I was talking to a well known pundit last Wednesday at the Palace match, won't mention his name or no doubt you won't post this? But he said the only reason Pressleys odds dropped was a large bet was placed in Scotland. Maybe we should go for Big Ek now he was told the Forrest jokers where to put their job!

Mark Hughes in Holmfirth. He does look a bit like Howard. was Marina with him?
No chance at all of his appointment. It has been made quite clear what type of profile the new manager will have and he does not fit that profile, neither does Megson, so forget them both.

These comments are getting funnier by the day - let's not forget we in trouble and we need sum 1 to sort it asap!

Graeme jones asst manager wigan fits the profile

Di canio staying at briar court tonight tuesday? could have sworn he was with his team beating colchester

According to The Examiner - Weds 6th Feb - Dean wants a hungry manager to work within the ethos of the club ie use the academy. These type of candidates would be Nigel Clough, Mark Robins, Karl Robinson, Graeme Jones, Dickov (did great with no money).
For me Graeme Jones or Robins please.

Weds 6th 09. 00 check out graeme jones from nowhere.
watch the odds tumble !

unknown premiership assistant manager was first quoted on here 7-10 days ago {Ed039's Note - Very highly thought of actually, he has been approached a few times for serveral vacancies and will probably only leave for the right job)

Message to Briar Court receptionist. Should've gone to Specsavers.

Town are apparently looking for a manager who is unattached. Why the long wait when we are now struggling at the wrong end of the table. Could it be, that they are waiting for said manager to become unattached, I e Paul Lambert

Yes, why the long wait when we are struggling and only going to be in a worse position after the weekend? let's just all hope the long wait ends up being worth the wait, as in the past it hasn`t been worth the wait, I fear the same outcome. but I very much hope i`m wrong



04 Feb 2013 21:02:58
Andy Ritchie is in line to return to Oldham as manager following Paul Dickov's leaving. Ritchie is said to have taken some persuading as he is comfortable doing work for local radio and TV but it is thought the lure of a cup 5th round game against Everton is too appealing.

This is just one game, surely not. The club is on its way down!



04 Feb 2013 20:55:20
Charlton ins
Jeffrey schlupp season long loan
john bostock season long loan
nico yennaris 500k
martyn waghorn 1m
bihlel mohsni free
Charlton outs
ricardo fuller free
dale stephens 2.5m
bwp free
andy hughes free
salim kerkar free
Michael Morrison 2m
semi ajayi free

Think you've got the wrong month. the transfer window is shut mate

The transfer window is closed but the loan window reopens this week. The suggested loan deal could be completed before Saturday and even the permanent deals could go ahead as loans and then be made permanent in the summer.

^^^I think he's got the players wrong to.

Plus this isn't near enough accurate

Um obviously i'm speaking about the summer, i'm not livin in a cave. schlupp is a high possibility due to cps links wiv him



04 Feb 2013 20:29:51
Unfortunately Marek Stech will be on his way out of Yeovil in the summer with several Championship sides and a couple of Premiership sides interested in the Czech GK. Yeovil will replace him with Charlton GK John Sullivan on a free when his contract runs out in the summer.

If he does go then he will command a fee as his contract expires summer 2014, and with a baby on way, surely he would rather settle down with a young family?

Think its pretty inevitable that a few of yeovils players will attract interest, stech, upson, madden etc would all interest other clubs. don't be surprised if GJ keeps hold of them though. He's building something special at Yeovil.

Yeah Stech will need a fee but Sullivan as a replacement wouldn't

Yeovil had sullivan on loan 18 months ago. he was a poor keeper. and still is. yeovil are doing so well at the moment, and are real play off contenders, and 8 points of the top of the league (not saying they will be top) just saying how well they have been this season and deserve a chance once again to go up. if yeovil went up, stech could stay

Whether Stech stays or not, Sullivan is not a poor keeper and did very well with YTFC on loan.



04 Feb 2013 20:09:53
due to arteta and diaby back to fitness arron ramsey will be loaned out till the end of the season to get more game time cardiff city looks the likely destination. arsenal hope this will get aaron back to the player he was before his injury.

Because diaby can be relied on to stay fit right?.



04 Feb 2013 19:55:19
Posh trying to sign A J L-Smith on loan from Crewe with a view to a permenent deal in region of �£500K

Hope to get him in by weekend as soon as loan window opens {Ed003's Note - They will want more than that I'd imagine}



04 Feb 2013 19:47:55
Nottingham Forest lining up Nigel Adkins to replace McLeish who will be gone in the next 7 days irrespective of the result at Bristol

I doubt if any top manager will touch this job with the owners running transfers.

04 Feb 2013 21:54:16
wouldn`t touch job with a barge pole.

05 Feb 2013 00:17:48
Why does everyone think the Kuwaiti owners control transfers at forest. 18 players brought in with the agreement of respective managers then 1 failed transfer on deadline day with Boyd (who failed a medical) and all of a sudden it's because they're picking the team. Finally for those moaning we did nothing in the transfer window we signed 5 players and tried for 3 more the no backing claim from McLeish is simply a diversion tactic in the hope no one will notice he's not up to the job.

In reply to the last post. I listened to football on radio 5 live, and none of the panel had gone through an eye sight test when taking a medical before signing.

Im glad they haven't signed george boyd he did nothing at forest when he was on loan he was behing chris cohen and paul anderson now we got better like andy reid chris cohen ad henri lansbury so would have been a waste if money

05 Feb 2013 18:04:29
Told you he was going - Adkins in after the Bristol game

We mite be bringing biily daives back i'm a forest fan you reeeedddssssd1



04 Feb 2013 19:37:34
Di Canio has quit Swindon Town, will be announced by 9pm!

04 Feb 2013 21:49:13
Its gone 9pm and no news on dicanio leaving

Didnt say which day!

No he asnt oxford rummer not real paolo is seeing out his contract at swindon



04 Feb 2013 17:39:24
Cam lawson dath set to join Bradford for a month end of the week is good pals with ex reading player and current bradford player Carl mchugh



04 Feb 2013 19:09:19
Angelos Charisteas on trial at Sheffield United, he played in u21s match against Huddersfield Town u21s today.


The comedian of the telly.

Keith Curle as new SUFC Manager?



04 Feb 2013 18:06:35
Alex Buttner reported to be in talks with coventry city over a loan move from man utd

Seeing he turned down southampton . don't think he will go to coventry lol



04 Feb 2013 17:43:27
Huddersfield have a five manager short list now Adkins, di canio, pressley, barker, robins

Adkins has told Dean Hoyle he is not interested. Fact



04 Feb 2013 17:28:29
Paul Scholes a shock contender to become new Oldham boss.

Keith Curle is the man for Oldham! Look at what he did to Notts county lThey where a bottom league 1 club! he kept them up and he left them in touching distance to the play offs! Young and the kind of managers we need at oldham

Think Simon Corney should be talking to keith curle! Good CV and ideal candidate



04 Feb 2013 14:46:20
Tranmere are interested in signing donervorn daniels until the end of the season the tall centre back on loan from west brom has enjoyed a succesfull spell at tranmere after joining in december

He's not been that good to be honest. He might as well go back to West Brom and we get someone else in.

Yes he's just a big lump, typical league two player

Daniels has now signed until the end of the season

League 2 player?



04 Feb 2013 14:30:38
nahki wells is set to sign for wolves in the summer



04 Feb 2013 14:13:50
Nigel Adkins has turned down a 1.5m per year contact to manage the terriers. From the information leaked, it is said that, he feels he will not have enough time to turn the team round and to keep them in the championship, and that funds were required in January to bring the necessary players into the club, as loanees do not have the same level of commitment.

Huddersfield are now turning their attentions to the remaining six candidates, Coyle, Megson, Pressley, Di Canio, Robins and Curbishley.

There is however strong rumours regarding an un-named Premiership assistant, and current championship manager, regarding the terriers hot seat

Have asked Peterborough for permission to talk to Darren Ferguson

Fact: - Club insider

1.5 million a year? You need to go back to cloud cuckoo land or the circus!

I somewhat doubt he would tell anyone else other than dean hoyle and maybe some of the other board memebers why he wouldn't take over. that's if he has even had his interview yet.

Adkins probably interviewed us and we didn't pass go. Get Uwe Rosler interviewed and see if he impresses. Don't want a queue of unemployed managers looking for a good pay day from our team and owner.

I would love to know why this information has not been picked up by the news agencies if it has been leaked. Coventry Telegraph has just reported that Mark Robins is the favourite for the post. i'm not sure whether Adkins is the best choice anyway. Don't forget that he had unbelievable young talent at Southampton which he groomed over a period of time. I think that Di Canio or Robins would be a far better choice. BUT PLEASE NOT MEGSON!

If your looking for DIV. 1 football, then Ferguson is your man.

I always thought Adkins would probably turn us down tbh, but he's gone back favourite, so not sure if there's any truth there, and what has happened to Billy Davies rumours? Gone a bit quiet recently.

Don't be silly! 1.5million?!

Ferguson would have pulling power with daddy, we might get a few young Red Devils in on loan, but there my friends ends any positives on this rumour.

Why the hell are we obsessed with trying to find a manager who will 'fit our blueprint' of buying young cheap players and selling them at a profit. This is supposed to be about FOOTBALL and the state our football is in at the minute, we need the best manager we can afford to dig us out of this hole, not a 'yes' man. Our obsession with this is going to cost us relegation if we don't do the right thing.

More realistic list
Gerry Murphy, Peter Jackson, Lee Clark or
Barry Barry Barry Horne!

05 Feb 2013 00:58:24
alex, s son to Town no thanks he, s taking Posh down imho.

Baby face shouldn't be in this division in the first place. Clarke gave him promotion on a plate. Since then he's been in constant relegation battles. Defo not the manager for us. Perfect for warnocks replacement though.



04 Feb 2013 14:12:11
Barnsley to sign Brian Howard this week with Shane Duffy joining on loan from everton

Brian Howard was a big fans favourite, club captain, voted player of the year, he was idolised, and he walked without a second glance, to sheff you of all places, don't think he will get a great reception, booooooo booooooo, send him back to sheff u,

04 Feb 2013 20:23:10
Would you be booing if he scored the goal to keep us in championship

Unless he is now fit, this won't be happening! we ain't paying wages to crocks anymore! if he is now fit, then it may happen.

The only thing booing at oakwell lately is casper the friendly ghost

Av you seen Howard's goal scoring record!, he's over the hill, no one wants him, even Portsmouth don't want him and they will take anyone at the moment, who are we going to drop to give him a game?,

I think Casper may boo Howard, he's probably got a long memory too,



04 Feb 2013 13:20:04
Portsmouth FC Set to sign Mikkel Andersen ( Reading ) and Therry Racon ( Millwall ) on loan.

04 Feb 2013 15:22:20
Racon had the chance to leave millwall for Portsmouth on a free last week but turned it down so why would he go there a week later

These would be very good signings - but let's hope in 10 days time we can rid ourselves of the legacy of the unacceptable ownerships issues since Sacha Gaydamak cut and walked away from the club.

Millwall should go for Boyd should of of sold trotter in the transfer window then brought a decent forward and midfielder

Nah pompey are still trying get him but on loan this time he just didn't wanna cancel his contract

Another poor rumour by some one with too much time on their hands. Anderson has expressed his anger at not being able to leave Reading in January as McDermott believes a 4th choice goalkeeper, YES 4th CHOICE!, stupid I know, is needed. Also even if he were allowed to leave he would not be allowed to sign for Pompey again after using up the maximum amount of time you are allowed to spend at a club as an emergency loan in a season.

He wasnt in the 25 man squad so must be going out on loan

Do agree with the Trotter comment. We should cash in if a good bid comes in. Forrester at Brenford would be a good addition.

Another poor rumour by some one with too much time on their hands. Anderson has expressed his anger at not being able to leave Reading in January as McDermott believes a 4th choice goalkeeper, YES 4th CHOICE!, stupid I know, is needed. Also even if he were allowed to leave he would not be allowed to sign for Pompey again after using up the maximum amount of time you are allowed to spend at a club as an emergency loan in a season.

This isn't an emercency loan tho, the normal loan window is still open.

No it's not. You clearly have no footballing knowledge.



04 Feb 2013 13:55:04
Nigel Adkins interviewed via video link for the vacant job at Huddersfield

I can see this being true, he was probably never going to take the job and why waste time travelling up here. Too big a fish and not a big enough pond to swim in. Mayb he will be in the frame for Villa.

Ditto. Nice dream while it lasted, reality beckons, wake up and let's move on.



04 Feb 2013 12:54:01
Huddersfield will appoint a replacement for Simon Grayson from either league 1 or 2 with Uwe Rosler and Micky Adams both interesting possibilities.

Rosler would be a good choice, lots of contacts, played at the top under good managers, international connections and doing a good job on low funds.



04 Feb 2013 12:25:26
notts county are going to seek permission for northampton boss aidy boothroyd

Good god let's hope not

Kris kiwomba is 1 to 5 favourite in the betting

05 Feb 2013 15:53:04
Kris Kiwomba is not a real person.
However, Chris Kiwomya, the caretaker manager, is.

If that's true Notts will lose 1 in 5 supporters look how they exited when Curle was in charge

05 Feb 2013 18:21:54
Aidys one of best managers in lower league he going no where



04 Feb 2013 12:13:27
lloyd dyer on loan to bristol city from leicester

Not happening as leicester haven't got a lot of cover for wingers

Well ot obviously is, was in temple meads today?



04 Feb 2013 10:40:31
After his summer move to Bristol City fell through at the last minute, Crawley's Kyle McFadzean will move on loan to Crystal Palace for the remainder of the season on loan with a view to a permanent deal in the summer. Ian Holloway is looking for another centre half due to further injury setbacks for McCarthy and Gabbidon.

Deal didn't fall through. He isn't fit. And still isn't! Be will join bristol city in summer with nyatanga going other way

He ain't coming palace

Why would Kyle go to a team who will be league 1 next season give it up city

He didn't leave Crawley because he's not fit



04 Feb 2013 10:38:52
Jason Banton will be subject to a loan bid from Bournemouth once his spell on loan at Plymouth has ended. Eddie Howe wants to sign the Crystal Palace youngster on a permanent deal in the summer.

Eddie would see jason baton as one for the development side if this is true, he's buying decent promising youngsters for the future, so that afcb can compete in the championship.

This will not happen. he's played one game for palace and is still a youngster rated very highly by holloway



04 Feb 2013 09:24:14
Macclesfield Town will today re-open discussions with Bury FC regarding Efe Sodje.
Sodje held out for a 25k pay off from Bury that the cash strapped club could not fund.
The Bury Times again get the basic information wrong and Blackwells pathetic decision to not name Sodje on the bench means Sodje will sign for Macclesfield or be forced to train with the youth team.


I wish people would stop going on about Sodje. He was good for us, once, but now too slow and prone to mistakes. Get him off the wage bill so we can bring in another striker

Why would Sodje need to hold out for a 25k payout from the club IF this is a 'TRANSFER'! Window is shut now btw.

Guessing the payout is because the only way this deal is possible now is by having him terminate his contract and become a free agent so that Macclesfield can actually sign him.



04 Feb 2013 11:09:24
Paterson has interest from home town coventry

Nice one hope so one of the best wingers in league one nine goals in his pocket bet he would love to play for kis home team play up sky blues



04 Feb 2013 11:00:24
Matt Whichelow has been released by Watford today, and I understand that Braintree Town are already sniffing around.

A young player who had so much potential a few years back.

But has done next to nothing while on loan anywhere

I hope for his sake, he gets a break and takes it.

Lazy player, stoped working and got the sack 2 years after looking like a decent championship player



04 Feb 2013 10:37:02
George Boyd looks set to complete a transfer to Crystal Palace in the next couple of days. The odd deal will consist of Palace paying Peterborough the already agreed £600,000, but as a loan fee, with a deal to join in the summer on a free.

Hull rumoured to have done a Loan deal also

04 Feb 2013 22:06:38
As a Palace fan I would love to see him at the club I just can't see it in a deal like this though as there would always be the risk of someone coming in and offering higher wages come the middle of May with him then being able to walk off for free.



04 Feb 2013 09:46:25
Paolo Di Canio is set for talks with the new owners this week, (provided the football league ratify the deal) Swindon fans have Phil Spencer to thank for PDC not resigning after the Crawley game, Phil convinced him to see this through until the end of the season if the new board will back him and sign the three players that were blocked a week ago, although it is now thought that Bradley wright Philips is no longer interested so Pack and Green will sign.

so its all in the new boards hands, there is much much more than all the swindon fans know going on behind the scenes including a failed takeover attempt by Fitton trying to undermine AB and stop the takeover happening. This will all come out soon.

So are we better off having this new consortium or would Andrew Fittons one been better?



04 Feb 2013 10:02:39
Mark Robins seen at Huddersfield stadium. Bookies favourite now. #M

We have already said that there is a shortlist of 5 people, so I would of thought that 4 more will be visiting the John Smith Stadium hence making them fav's to join as well. #InDeanowetrust just because they are having an interview doesn't mean to say they have the job.

Robins NO Mugson definitely not hope other 3 are Adkins Adkins or Adkins or pissibly DiCanio but can't see Deano and Paoulo getting on that well : -)

04 Feb 2013 19:35:12
put it this way mark robins would never dream about leaving COVENTRY CITY no diss to hudds how is norwood doing was a good player with us C. C. FC

Pissibly is the right word!

04 Feb 2013 22:17:09
we should send him to Coventry ha ha

The reason is because Huddersfield are in a higher league and have better infrastructure and more fans and Norwood is doing fine thanks



04 Feb 2013 09:33:21
Bradford want to bring attacking midfielder Peter Halmosi to Valley parade.

Is that the lad who used to play for Hull City? Who does he play for now as they released him in 2013?

05 Feb 2013 12:57:53
He got released from hull a few seasons ago, not that good to be fair

He is back with his hometown club in Hungary now, I believe



04 feb 2013 08:52:04
hudderfield what mark robins as new manager



04 Feb 2013 07:11:28
Westleys job is still safe for the time being at least. ITK

04 Feb 2013 08:52:02
How can this man be safe, he is a liability to our club. Other managers have been sacked for less. Will the owner only wake up to this when gates fall to

All you who say your in the know hang your heads in shame I expected him gone today but the horrible little man is staying to kill our club this club has become a laughing stock and hated by everyone and the board can't see it mr hemmings open your bleeding eyes.

It is about time now to get rid. I was one of the 'give him some time' brigade but enough is enough. We need to stop this NOW before we find ourselves fighting against relegation with no confidence, no support, no idea and no hope with this guy in charge making excuse after excuse, spouting managerial cliche after managerial cliche.



04 Feb 2013 06:36:46
Brentford to sign Nigel Reo-Coker on a 1 year deal.

I can also confirm I have heard this around GP

04 Feb 2013 22:10:47
There is interest from west brom (premier league) and championship clubs, why would he join brentford in league one, he's too good for that league

Hes getting old though? can't imagine him setting the championship or premiership a light! league 1 is his level now



04 Feb 2013 00:24:50
Steve Clarke forced to dip into the 'free agent' market;

Nigel Reo-Coker, Louis Saha, Owen Hargreaves and Royston Drenthe all being considered for short-term deals.

Drenthe has already signed for a Russian club



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