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The guy that asked where did i hear about Rangers being in take over talks !!!
I know this sounds like the usual rubbish !!!!
But ive got a source inside the club !!!!
Cant say who she is but she is a secretary
for someone high up !!!!
dont expectthis to happen quickly as it could take till the summer for everything to be iorned out !!!
but it will happen !!!!!!

The League flags coming home !!!!!!!
  The rumour circuling about the takeover of the Rangers is true and a dubai based consortium will buy the club if it wins the treble this year. The other rumour is that a GBPL will be made with a panel considering what league to put not only the old firm but they will take two teams from northern ireland and wales and consider what league to put them into. The panel will have to decide championship or premier league football the old firm will get.
  So Murrays plan worked a treat !!!!
He was sick of the Games Reid was paying so he started some of his own !!! He will have a nice wee conversation with john after we win the league !!!
He put sellik into a false sense of security by saying we would need to sell a top player !!!
so they wouldn't go uout and buy anybody !!!!
Its not the catfightig commons hes in now !!!
He is dealling with one of the most succesful buisness men in britan !!!

summer outs
Weir Daily Hemdani S smith all out of contract
Gow and Adam will be sold to the championship
Beasley going to spain or Germany 1 million
velicka Swap
G Smith been told to find a new club
Ferguson will be offerd a new contract on half the money he is on now if he dosent sign it he will be sold 1 .5 million
McGregor For sale 6 million
McCulloch away 1 million forest
Broadfoot 1 million
Neilson free
Healy 1 million
Driver 1million + Velicka
Tonel 2 million
Stranzl 1 million
And if Mcgregor goes
Hamamn (spelling ) Reading 2 Mllion
  The rumours of a take over at rangers are completely false. although david murray is looking to balance the books so as to make a more finicially stable club which will in the future encourage an investment. but it aint going to be no dubia lol. Any deals which go through will be subject to rangers joining another league. not the epl but a eauropean league which will envolve teams from holland, denmark, ireland, norway, and possible even the french league. at the end of the day football clubs make there money from tv rights and not as many fans believe gate reciepts. 10 years ago rangers and celtic were getting 30million for the old firm rights alone. the move to england will never happen as the big 4 will not allow it, what do they have to gain its already the richest league in the world as it is. so lets not beat around the bush the answers to our problems is not investment but youth i.e john fleck. jordon mcmillan and dean furman to name a few. lets show that murray park was a good investment and lets start bleeding some good youngsters through. keep believing its coming home
  Not really a rumour, but was woundering if someone could clear something up for me, i've seen a couple of time on the rumour page people saying, "aguro(athletico striker) coming to liverpool in the summer, as part of the torres deal,
but i don't understand why this would be the case, as liverpool bought there best player in torres and paid a good fee for him, so can't see how we can have have 1st option on kun aguro aswell.
YNWA for life.
  Just messaging to say that I was correct in saying that Robbie Keane was going to leave Liverpool (Although I reported either Man City or Spurs).
Us here in Tallaght (The home of Robbie Keane) heard the news on the saturday after the everton snub.

Tallaght man in the know
  I play for the everton academy and on a number of occasions i here our coaches talkin about rumours that cum true!
in summer:
Darren Bent 7m
J Ledley 4m
M Johnson 6m
and the big signing will be mourtinho 16m
also if Jo dus well then everton will sign him for 9m

Out Summer:
Yakubu 17m–portsmouth
moyes will not let any1 els go as he is tryin to build a bigger squad!
  "Is it only me ? I seem to remember talk of a football law that stopped players being resigned by their previous club within a set period (was it 12 months or same season ?) If im correct about this how come Spurs have been able to rerecruite Keane + Defoe ? Im sure the Blades lawyers are on the case lmao"

I am pretty sure that this rule refers only to calendar year. So if the were sold in 2008 and resigned in 2009 then it would be fine.
  I am the guy who posted about Souness taking charge off the club !!!

Ive been told that the 30 million transfer kitty will be spent on 3 or 4 big names Been told the top targets are Gattuso Amuri( Juventus) Craig Gordon and Alex ( Chelsea )
The New owners will sell boyd McGregor and Ferguson any other Money from those sales will be invested back into the team !!!
They also know its going to be hard to lure players to scotland so winning the league this year and automatic entry to the champions league is a must !!!
  To the guy saying about west ham fire sale you got that spot on mate and zola and clarke must what was we doing with our spell at chelsea west ham is a much better place to be come on you irons
  To the guy who talks about rangers in takeover talks ??? where did you hear that 1 from??
  Expect many changes happening at the Emirates Stadium next season. The signing of Andrei Arshavin will begin a new era at the club. Arsenal, by next season, will be in Russian hands. Alisher Usmanov will complete a takeover at the end of the season.
The takeover will see many big name departures from the club, the first will be Arsene Wenger, he'll leave to manage Real Madrid. He'll be followed to the Bernabeau by Fabregas, Adebayor and Clichy. Other names such as Van Persie(Juventus), Toure(Man City), Almunia(Villareal), Senderos(AC Milan)and Ramsey(Man Utd) will possibly leave the club for the clubs in brackets.
Coming in would be an a storm of Russian talent such as Yuri Zhirkov, Alan Dzagoev(both cska moscow), Sergei Semak(rubin kazan) and possibly zenit keeper; Vyacheslav Malafeev. These players would be brought in by new manager Dick Advocaat (discussions were had between usmanov, advocaat and Zenit chairman Dyukov during arshavin transfer)He would be appointed in the summer.

  Not really a rumour but a researched fact. with all these rumours saying saviola is signing for liverpool on a loan, i can't really believe this as disapointed as i am as a player can't be transferred once window is closed unless the club is in the football league, ie championship and below. please if im wrong correct me.
  Is it only me ? I seem to remember talk of a football law that stopped players being resigned by their previous club within a set period (was it 12 months or same season ?) If im correct about this how come Spurs have been able to rerecruite Keane + Defoe ? Im sure the Blades lawyers are on the case lmao
  Glasgow Rangers – Smokescreen for sure, . . Rangers financial posiion was NOT as bad as was first stated. The theory was that if Celtic believed Rangers were looking to offload one or more of the top players, they wouldn't have to burst the bank to sign any top players themselves. This has gone entirely to plan, with Celtic failing to invest any more than a couple of hundred thousand. Remember Rangers and Celtic fill their grounds with upwards of 50 thousand people every week, they have a huge foreign following and boh could afford to have gone for reasonable players.

To all the fans in England – strong rumours circulating that a major revamp of the EPL is about to happen. Rangers and Celtic will be there and he likely outcome is a GBPL (Great Britain Premier League) The country demands it!
  Tevez to Liverpool in the summer – you heard it here first.
Fergie can't stop this one, as he doesn't own him, and won't pay the money to sign him as back up. Tevez wants to play regularly and is ideal for Benitez due to his workrate.
  This is not a rumour just a fact. Glasgow Rangers in talks with a investment group from Dubai. The same group which bought Man city. . . Take a few weeks too conclude but will go through bye mid march. . Beware of the Bear. . The teddy BEAR. . Aye Ready
  Watford fc to approach Paul Ince by the weekend and offer him a coaching role if not coaching expect him as the new manager as brendan rogers may quit because hes not happy. Graham taylor has urged the board to offer him the chance as he is a great believer in english managers and giving them a fair chance.
  To the person that said the following:

"A real rumour for you. .
A certain Fat Russian will be making a play for taking over Arsenal FC very shortly. He was also the key reason Arshavin agreed terms after it was reported negotiations had broken down. Dein has been working tirelessly with R&W Holdings (owned by the Russian) to take back control of the club by the start of next season."

David Dein is no longer connected to R&W holdings so has no influence on Arsenal in any way other than being a personal friend of Arsene.Please keep up to date with things!
  Liverpool will make a bid for Jermaine Defoe in the summer. They had been hoping to swap him for Keane but because of his injury took the money instead and will offer 20m in the summer.
  Real Madrid will release Javier Saviola in the next week and he will be snapped up by Liverpool. In the summer Rafa is hoping to sign Micah Richards and Jonas from Newcastle
  Michael Chopra will sign for Cardiff for 4m at the end of the season he will be joined by Chris Gunter and Andrew Surman
  Not so much of a rumour as a poke in the eye.

To all those Manure, Liverpoo, Cheatski, Spurts. Celtic, Rangers and Citeh fans relishing picking the bits out of the West Ham Fire Sale. What Fire Sale??

West Ham did as they said they would. Got rid of fringe players and those that didn't want to be there (Bellend).

On the flip side, West Ham brought in Savio, one of the hottest prospects from Europe. Kovac, an experienced defensive midfielder with international and European competition experience. A direct replacement for Mullins in the squad, although of better pedigree, therefore improving the squad.

Lastly, and the best bit of business, signed Ilunga on a 3 1/2 year permanent deal for £1.5 million.

So, to all the supposed big boys from the Prem, thanks for your interest, but no thanks. To the two teams north of the border, your delusional. Neither Celtic nor Rangers would be able to compete on the pitch, week in, week out, in the Premiership. If you want to join the English League, start at the bottom and work up. I think you'll find it harder than you think.

Finally, I predict 'arry the twitcher to walk from White Hart Lane at the end of the season when Spurts take up residence in the Championship. I also predict that should Sheffield United manage to get themselves in a position to be promoted, they will not be invited to join the Premier League. That's right, it's by invitation only.
  Now that that is finally over, I think we can all agree that the people who claimed no–one had any money to spend apart from Man City, were wrong. As were the people linking City to high–profile players. As for the summer:

Micheal Johnson and Aiden McGeady? Both young, both talented, both outgoing, but sadly, both have a bit of a problem with the night–life aswell. Moves for both could well materialise, with Johnson probably heading to Newcastle or Middlesbrough, if both of them stay up, and McGeady could become a Black Cat. If not, there's a space in Sir Alex's reserves he can fill.

Giles Barnes? It has to be said, Derby do not really look like regaining their Premier League mantle a second time, and thank god for that! Credit to Barnes, he has stuck with the club that nurtured him into the player he is, but he should be in the Premier League with West Ham or Fulham by next year. Its only fair.

Giovani dos Santos? Can we just confirm that the reason that this guy hasnt been playing was indeed down to injury, not transfer speculation, as has been rumoured. But the Mexican hasnt exactly made the expected impact anyway really, so I wouldn't be surprised if a move to Portsmouth occured, as a bit of a favour from Harry if nothing else.

Fabian Delph? Well done to all the wannabes touting the notorious Fabulous Delph to Fulham and, ye gods, Stoke, for a fee under 3mil. It wouldn't take much of your precious time to work out that his true value is 6mil, and rising. Still, I do predict he will move on in the summer, it is not fair really to keep him in League 1 football. I like the sound of 5mil + Alan Smith on loan for the season, Mr Kinnear, but he should end up under Wenger, who probably hasnt realised that Delph is English yet, and will be desperate.

Andy King? I really like this guy; he has come from nowhere and made a huge impact. Is he the highest scoring midfielder in League 1, can a Leicester fan enlighten me? But on his way to Charlton?? Ridiculous surely. If Delph moves to a Premier League club, then so should a player of King's calibre, and age.

Its been a bigger January than we expected; imagine what'll happen in the summer. Aguero to Man Utd, Eto'o to Man City, Benzema to Barcelona, Silva to Liverpool. Sock me if I'm wrong.
Reverend Malcolm Shaffer
  Jason Shackell has walkied out of wolves due to lack of games
  Would like to confirm that a consortium is on the verge of taking over Glasgow Rangers, I can't say who for legal reasons however, we will have decent money( for an SPL side) to spend in the summer and thus re–instating us as the N01 team in the land!

With some dead wood away, a thriving yout sytem and £20 million to spend in the summer expect to see a new manager, not Mccoist But David Moyes take the helm and guide the club over the next 5 years, Celtic have been caught out and will suffer the consiquences
  Liverpool scouts are keeping a close eye on 24yr old striker Vedad Ibisevic of Hoffenheim. Summer move for him and Villa is likely with Babel going out.

Expect Agger/Kuyt to extend contracts in Feb after Rafa extends his.
  Really. . some of you guys (i'd venture quite a few of you) are clearly living in fantasy land. How so many of you are so well imnformed on the inside workings of about 5 or more clubs per person is really quite amazing. My favourite has to be the guy who says he has seen the representatives (not the players themselves) of 5 different players going into spurs training ground e.g. Arshavin, Saviola, etc. So you know who each players representatives are? What they look like? Truly amazing LMAO. Get a grip.

A real rumour for you. .
A certain Fat Russian will be making a play for taking over Arsenal FC very shortly. He was also the key reason Arshavin agreed terms after it was reported negotiations had broken down. Dein has been working tirelessly with R&W Holdings (owned by the Russian) to take back control of the club by the start of next season.
  Adrian Bevington, the FA's Director of Commnications, has spoken to the Russian media in the last hour (Tuesday lunchtime) to confirm that Arshavin's transfer is not yet completed.

"Yes, itís true, the transfer is in doubt. There is a chance it will take us 2–3 days. The odds are 50/50. If the transfer is declared invalid, Arshavin will be returned to Zenit. We canít rule this out. I donít think that would be a severe ruling: both clubs had a lot of time to complete it during the window.Ē

I hope he's worth it!
  Ive been told by someone who works at ibrox
The reason no one was sold is because Rangers are ready to be sold to a syndicate of top scottish buisness men headed by none other than SDM's good freind Graham Souness !!!!
The papers haven't been signed in time due to fine details of the contract being smoothed out !!! So that is the main reason there has benn no movment in the window only dead wood moving !!!
The Boyd thing was a big smokescreen to deflect away from what is really happening !!!
The other reason was that a new manager will be in place by the summer !!!
Walter will be offerd a job as Director of football but Ally will be gone !!!
The Debt will be paid of and 30 million will be given to the manager to spend !!!
They are looking at several managers
With the Favourites thought to be the Laudrup brothers !!!!
And with 4 players out of contract in the summer and being alowed to leave ( Daily Hemdani Weir and
S smith ) There will be plenty of good quallity replacements coming in !!!!!
Any way with our squad not depleted and Walter wanting to leave on a high !!!!!
The league flags coming home !!!!!!!!!!!!
  Can i say thanks to Reid and Lawell for handing us the league !!!!!
All the sellik fans were going on about how much money they were going to spend !!!!
What about Keane where is he ?????
Fletcher was just an atempt to palm off the fans they had no intention of paying 4 mill for him and they Knew that's what his price was !!!!
Only 2 wins in 7 league games !!!

Any way now the important stuff

No signings at Ibrox till the summer

Daily out of contract
Weir out of contract
Hemdani out of contract
Smith out of contract
McGregor will be leaving For 6 million Epl or Spain
Ferguson will also be sold for 1 million as he refuses to take a 50% wage drop
McCulloch will be let go for free
Beasley will move back to the MLS when It restarts
Gow Wolves or Norwich 300,000
Adam Blackpool 500,000
Deff to come in
G Smith mwell free
Stranzl 1 million
Robbie Neilson free
Healy 1 million
If rangers Qualify for Champions league then
Driver or Kingston 2 million
Tonel 2.5 million
  Rafa is looking to sign a certain striker who is out of contract at this time.
  Firstly, I apologise for some typing mistakes in my previous post, such as 'Arsenals move to Arsenal', meaning Arshavins move to Arsenal, and 'reports had reportedly re–opened', meaning talks had reportedly re–opened. Now, I cannot understand Tottenham bringing back players from their old squad (Keane, Defoe, Chimbonda). What was so great and successful about the players they used to have? They never won anything other than the Carling Cup. This just goes to show that the Spuds lack ambition and. Another big deal expected to go through on Monday was Man City finally signing Blackburn's Roque Santa Cruz. However City's final bid of £18m fell quite a way short of Big Sam's valuation of £25m, meaning the deal did not go through. Another big deal deal that did go through with Keane's £12m switch to Spurs, was Chelsea's loan signing of Inter's Ricardo Quaresma. A very smart move in my opinion, as he will give Chelsea just what they need, a bit of width. It was initially reported that Quaresma would move to Spurs in a swap deal with one of Jenas and Bentley going to the San Siro, however once Spurs announced they had concluded business with the signing of Robbie Keane, Chelsea swooped. The biggest deal of course being Arshavins switch to Arsenal. This is being ratified by the Premier League this morning and should be announced by 12 noon as officially completed, however I have just looked on his Wikipedia page, where he is down as an Arsenal player with shirt number 23, despite rumours he would be wearing 13. The fee is reported by Sky Sports News to be at £12.5, however expect this to rise to £15m with performances.

Can't wait to see Arshavin finally in an Arsenal shirt. Thanks,
  To the person who said "martin o'neil won the league 3 times in 5 years" yes he did, well done you are observent aren't you. But, that was the scottish league, the equivlent of league 1 in terms of competition for celtic and rangers, so he came first out of two, three times out of five, well done to him. What is the relevence of this?
  Not a rumour but a very unhappy celtic fan nothing done to–day is a joke,,,,,
  Hi, ive been busy to respond to a comment from a Everton fan who said i was having a laugh about cahill and arteta both joining liverpool, i never said they would, i stated they were both looked at like most quaiity players in the prem, my timing was because of the derby days after, i didnt happen to say that arteta was under serious consideration about a year ago, friends with pepe, el nino and xavi was a plus point, but don't worry blue fans this is a non starter because of the tension.
Sad news with robbie 'father ted' keane, Rafas only letting him go to get more money for him now rather than lose another 5–10m.He also wants first option on Lennon/Bentley and even Woodgate if Agger leaves (no director is confirming this and rafa just wants to concentrate on FA cup replay with the bluenoses) He's hoping to get 1 of aguero, villa or someone whos happy with bit part role ie owen, adriano, Theres alot of work to be done, lack of money, players plus cash would be ideal but villareal want the cash, athletico & villarael keep bulking the price up, certain members of the board think either aguero or villa would appease rafa and certain senior players.
Rafas Sangria.
  Kaka, Beckham, Pirlo and Ronaldinho to Rangers – all seen at Ibrox. Pity they are there for the game tomorrow
  It is now 21.25 hrs UK time. I can confirm that one of the players delayed by weather (hence why EPL has extended deadlines) is none other than Javier Saviola who is currently at a hotel near Madrid airport and due to fly to UK as soon as weather permits for a medical and personal terms. He is unsettled after dropping further down the pecking order at Real, and will be going on loan for the rest of the season to 'showcase' prior to being sold this summer. He will be loaned to. . . . . . . .LIVERPOOL (with a 'no–play' clause in his contrcat regarding the Champions League). The loan is not with a view to a permanent signing, just merely a loan until summer to provide proven cover to Torres that can play in a lone striker role. Apparently Mascherano helped sway Saviola.
  These are some of the deals that were not completed in time and will definately happen in the summer !!!!

darren bent to everton 6.5m
saviola to liverpool 8m
jenas to inter 5.5m
d fletcher to celtic/wigan 4.5m
m veloso to man city/villa 12.5m
a lennon to liverpool/newcastle 7m
m johnson to newcastle/everton 6m

mark my words
  It seems very mysterious how Arsenal have managed to come to an agreement with both Zenit and Arshavin. It was reported early on Monday that Arsenal could not afford Arshavin, not his fee or his wages, and Arsenal's talks with both Arshavin and his club had reportedly broken down, and Arshavin was set to fly back to Russia with the deal 'dead', after staying the night in a hotel closr to Arsenal's training ground, should he need to complete a medical. However the weather conditions prevented Arshavin to be able to fly home, crucially keeping him in London. Soon after this, reports were reported to have re–opened, and Arsenal announced they were 'very close' to completing the signing, with the fee and wages having been agreed (not sure how, I assume Zenit dropped their asking price, allowing Arsenal to meet Arshavin's wage demands), and he later completed a medical. The only sticking point now was Zenit demanding £2m in compensation from Arshavin. There was no confirmation of this going through, however it was later reported that the paper work had been sent off to the premier league office, suggesting a deal had been struck all–round. Arsenal is now pretty much an Arsenal player (despite the deal to be feared doomed on more than one occasion on Monday). We now just wait for the premier league to confirm they have officially registered Andrei Arshavin as an Arsenal player, which they will do on Tuesday morning (as they have themselves announced). This has to wait until then, as the office workers of the prem were under–staffed (due to the weather) and there was to much paper work to do in a short space of time.

I post this on Monday night, hoping it will be put up before the deal is complete. Thanks,

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