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04 Aug 2012 23:13:24
Kazenga lua lua and michail Antonio are gonna sign for swfc either tomorrow or Monday 100% true!

Hull going for Antonio as well now I believe: trying to gazump the Wendies

Antonio is great buy for u we will regret selling him a reading fan

Lualua wasn't at Hillsborough. Just a lookalike. Kazenga's car k8 lua never left Brighton.

Kazenga will not be leaving Brighton he played against Chelsea yesterday ...... His brother at Blackpool ? Lomana Lua Lua?? Perhaps

We had Antonio at Saints on loan and he was amazing for us, however i do think he is Championship level at best but whoever gets him you have a great player.

Perhaps he went in his agent's car

No he didnt play for brighton yesterday

No he didn't play against Chelsea yesterday. He wasn't even on the bench. Check the teams on the official site.

Kasenga Lua Lua did not play against Chelsea yesterday he wasn't even on the bench !

Kaz didn't play yesterday because he had a slight injury! He was at the game though and was signing autographs/having pictures taken outside the Amex. There is no way he is going to Sheffield!

Kaz didn't play yesterday because he had a slight injury! He was at the game though and was signing autographs/having pictures taken outside the Amex. There is no way he is going to Sheffield!

Hull are not signing antonio owls have agreed a fee and is having a medical

He was at hillsborough i asked him and he said he is kazenga lualua i asked him if he was signing and he said i cant tell u lomana lualua is bold so it cant be him {Ed003's Note - considering Lomana signed for a club in Turkey I suspect it wasn't him.}



04 Aug 2012 21:56:47
Daniel Sturridge is likely to move across London and join Tottenham when the Olympics finish. It is believed that Sturridge does not see his future at Chelsea and believes that his first team opportunities will be limited due to the arrival of Eden Hazard, Marko Marin and the potential arrival of Brazilian forward, Hulk.

Sturridge already stated he'll only move if asked

Just don't ask him to take the penalties if he comes

After watching team GB sturridge wont get first team football in any premier league team?



04 Aug 2012 21:02:13
Heskey close to signing for blackpool Seasider 91



04 Aug 2012 20:27:23
any Middlesbrough news?

If boro have brough in that spanish keeper maybe mogga is having second thoughts on the kid he has had for a month and maybe mogga is looking for serious competition for steele?

Yes its a s##t hole

Anybody think that boro should sign dudu? also castalen maybe as a pay as you play deal would be great back up in our long season? not to sure about the other brazilian what people think?

How can a question be Unbeliveable haha


I actually think correa was the stand out performer out of the trialists

I would say no to castelen but yes to the other two,Correa played very well against hartlepool and has great record and Dudu is young with lots of potential, whereas castelen is always injured. I would also prefer Leutwiler to this spanish Sanz guy as Leutwiler has his whole career ahead and could be a great player in the future.

Personally I think that we still need a good striker from the premiership probably on loan and a big strong centreback as well.

I was at york v boro and i didnt see castelen, dudu or correa so have they been sent packing?

Dudu & correa have unsure of castelen but he appeared as sub in carlisle game for around half hour before being subbed himself so cant see him getting a contract.



04 Aug 2012 20:12:16
Southend United have rejected a £150,000 offer from West Ham for Bilel Mohsni and an undisclosed bid from Peterborough for winger Ryan Hall.



04 Aug 2012 20:00:06
Swansea City are interested in signing Kyle Naughton of Tottenham (Fact).

Hope this is true:)

Would be excellent signing but I'm sure Spurs would want to hold on to such maybe



04 Aug 2012 19:51:35
Santa cruz will be a Wigan player in 48 hours

No he won't, Wigan don't tend to go for older players

And look where that's got them battling relegation every season, maybe change is good



04 Aug 2012 19:37:11
Two leave Edgeley Park.

Jon Routledge has left Stockport and signed for a fourth time with Hamilton Accs on a season long loan. Also Sean McConville has left to join a former manager at Rochdale. Sean found his time at Stockport hampered by a surprising loss of form and hopes to refind his ability at Dale.

These moves releaves funds which could be used to sign trialists Alex Meaney and Zach Rothwell.

The two trialist s are quality players. Sign em up Jim.



04 Aug 2012 19:32:27
Darren Mackie is going to the newco Rangers



04 Aug 2012 19:25:59
Alex Geijo to join Watford on season long loan from Udinese on Monday!

Udinese player but at Granada at the moment. Great player and great scoring record

Check out his Wikipedia page, also tweeted on the 4th he would be joining on a season-long-loan. Looks a go-er!

This is a done deal and Zola will make one more signing a winger and business inwards is done. Players will be moved out tbc who though

Still need a back up GK unless GZ believes in Bond enough




04 Aug 2012 18:58:44
Fulham, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Leeds and Wigan are all preparing 1-2m bids for serbo-hungarian Nemanja Nikolic.

He has scored 36 goals in 70 apps

Leeds aren't

What do you mean leeds arent leeds are 10k the club of all them teams and if you havent noticed we have money to spend unlike alot of clubs

Birmingham don't have 10 never mind 1m.

'leeds arent', im a life long leeds fan and i meant we weren't preparing a bid for him,do you know something i dont?

Leeds have the money for once, but I can't see him coming to Leeds.




04 Aug 2012 18:50:49
Millwall have taken Diego Rosa formerly of Vasca De Gama on trial.

What position is he? {Ed003's Note - never mind that,what about a work permit? }

He is a right back who was on trial at preston and is portugese

He played for naval

Actually he is a forward and he had a torrid time at Vasco due to the fact that his family were kidnapped twice...has good potential because his first touch is excellent and he can run at speed with the ball...



04 Aug 2012 18:45:52
Barrow likely to offer a contract to Aaron Cole, a winger from Derby County who has shined as a striker as well as former Stockport winger Danny Rowe.



04 Aug 2012 18:42:54
Dean Saunders has confirmed that Burnley have held talks with Brian Stock and that a deal should be concluded by Monday once the Clarets return from their tour of the South-West.

Is stock really so vital 2 burnley ????? i honestly dont know what all the fuss is about ??????

Me too stock is 30 ! barton or pack would be a better !

Another ex Bournemouth player



04 Aug 2012 18:28:20
Stockport in discussions with two Championship clubs about a loan of a striker following injuries to Hattersley and Hobson. Also a No 2 goalkeeper is being sought following an injury to trialist keeper Jamie Annerson. Deals are expected for Alex Meaney and Zach Rothwell if they star in the last two friendlies.



04 Aug 2012 18:12:50
New Nottingham Forest manager Sean O'Driscoll wants to bring Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas back to the City Ground.

This is so old, where you been the last 3 weeks, he already said he has no intention of dropping into the championship

He wants but he as more chance of knitting fog



04 Aug 2012 18:09:13
Richard O'Kelly is being lined up to replace
Dean Smith as Walsall manager if they have
another poor start to the season

Looking at the players we have signed and the amature way the club is run then i would not be surprised, i fear non League football is not too far away the club is STILL in decline, we need a owner who has the finances to take the culb forward

Bit premature!

With the budget Dean Smith has to work with, his position as Walsall manager is not under any threat. Lowest budget in League 1, surviving relegation over the past 2 seasons has been a decent achievement.

Looks like a very long and hard season ahead, pre season has been a disaster its hardly inspiring for fans/players that we struggle to win a game, too much like last season, hope im wrong but i doubt it!

Negative before we even kicked off the season don't judge them yet it's only pre season.

I dont understand why everyone is being negative.. The past 2 year we have seriously struggled so this time we trying something new in a younger squad, with a considerable amount of energy more than the team looked like they had last year.. Im looking forward to who we do in all fairness



04 Aug 2012 17:52:01
plymouth are rumoured to be in talks with barry hayles over a player/coaching role at home park. this would see him play a handful of games if the club needed him

Barry Hayles, PLEASE!! that is the most shocking rumor iv heard all summer. He's almost extinct. No way.

Played in the southern league yesterday for chesham



04 Aug 2012 17:39:49
It would be great to see him back, i'll never forget that volley he scored v hudds, a few years ago.



04 Aug 2012 17:58:59
so what is happening with Heskey. I really want him to join

Coming to Blackpool Seasider91



04 Aug 2012 17:57:23
wolves are rumoured to let ebanks-blake go out on loan to a lower league team for 3 months so that he can regain match fitness. likely destinations are plymouth argyle, crawley, doncaster and fleetwood town

As a saints fan who watched him play today, he was a real handful for our defence and looked pretty good to me.

Steven Ebanks-Blake should stay as Kevin Doyle and Steven Fletcher likely to move to a prem team.

Thats funny, sure I seen on tv tonight playing wolfsburg.

Doyle has said he is staying. so he's not going



04 Aug 2012 17:49:11
Tranmere Rovers are going to sign up trialist striker jonathan tehoue within the next week!

He looks good lets hope he can play well if we sign him!

NOT a good player at all...
He was on loan at swindon last season and is NOT a team player

Tranmere have offered Tehoue a contract and are awaiting a response (Official Website)



04 Aug 2012 17:46:54
Leeds sign leicster full back lee peltier for an undisclosed fee with the player signing a three year contract at ER

In you 're dreams

Correct deal worth 850,000 3 year deal. confirmed on lcfc and lufc website and from lee peltier himself :o)

He crap anyway can't defend

I must be dreaming

You would say that because he ditched leicester for a future



04 Aug 2012 17:17:10
Plymouth argyle ...... according to port Talbot we have signed Griffiths on a free transfer.

This is true.
Just like i said yesterday!!
From Jose Q

Well flecher said he hasn't!!!

Now he has



04 Aug 2012 17:16:38
plymouth argyle are looking at bringing former player peter halmosi back on loan until january with a view to a permanent move

Hope this happens , he was class for argyle the last time he was here



04 Aug 2012 17:15:04
rhys griffiths has completed his move to argyle. source port talbort club website



04 Aug 2012 16:55:19
Two midfielders... Steve Jennings and Adam Barton are due to sign 3 year deals at Coventry City over the next 48 hours.

Get them in,div 1 champs.......

Thank god for that if it's true. We really need midfielders. Forget the strikers, were overrun with 20+ goals a season strikers. AT wake up!

Appreciate we need strikers but they are a bit harder to find. Also a number of strikers we could be interested in are biding their time waiting to see if they get better offers. It's not AT who needs to wake up it some SB fans who seem to forget we are not the biggest draw these days for 20 goal strikers !

Coventry City need more midfielders and also more strikers, these two players would be decent signings, with hopefully Lee Barnard and Fabien Robert to sign and add to the striking options at Cov...

Personally don't think we need another striker. Fleck in behind and Cody up top on his own. Surely we have enough fire power in McSheffrey, Ball, Fleck and Cody. But it wouldn't hurt to bring a back up for Cody as Roy O'Donovan is atrocious.

Don't forget we have Stephen Elliot as well to come in when he's fit

Lee barnard would be a great signing. he's prolific in the lower leagues.



04 Aug 2012 16:53:47
Arsenal are set to bid 8m for Alvaro Periera. The porto left-back has said he wants to leave and arsenal want an established LB.

Keiran Gibbs??

Andre Santos?

Wish this was true santos and Gibbs both made of glass, injured more than they play and on top of this santos can't defend for hi life more of a winger

Porto have already rejected a 16.6 million offer for him so it would be a lot more.



04 Aug 2012 16:13:21
Bradford City sign Nathan Doyle on a 1 year deal.



04 Aug 2012 16:12:22
Lee Peltier has signed for Leeds, officially on the clubs website and Leeds have also agreed terms with Jermaine Beckford, but negotiating are ongoing about his high wages.

How can you agree terms with a player, then say ''negotiating are ongoing about high wages'' surely agreeing terms would include wages??

You can't afford beckfords wages but I wish you could he didn't live up to his billing. Lazy, bad attitude big name Charlie. You would be welcome to him. But he is also a greedy git so will stay as Leicester a continue to collect 35,000 a week

We could afford his wages but not stupid enough to pay them, unlike some

Totally agree with the above, Leeds could easily afford his wages, fortunately we were never stupid enough to start paying that sort of money in the first place....

... obviously proves Leicester are quite happy to pay high wages without getting any reasonable return on them?

That says more about Leicester than Leeds unfortunately?

Why do you think we let him go in the first place, rather than give in to his stupid demands?

I just can't believe Leicester never noticed how lazy he was at Leeds.....

Don't want Beckford wage is just to big for this level.



04 Aug 2012 16:10:54
A Chinese Businessman wants to buy Everton and invest 20m into the club.

Don/t know how much the intend to put in the pot, but discussions have already taken place with peel holdings in relation to a new ground, the ink is not dryed on any contracts, but it is looking like real interest.

Bill needs to let go of the club now and let it move on, great guy, done a lot for the club, great gentleman, should stay at club if poss, but time to let go now please bill!



04 Aug 2012 16:05:47
Bradford city have signed Nathan Doyle



04 Aug 2012 16:03:03
Leeds have completed the signing of lester city defender lee peltier for an undisclosed fee believed to be in in the region of 500 - 600k on a 3 year deal.



04 Aug 2012 15:23:42
Barnsley are set to sign jonathan forte from southampton

Hope not

Please God,let this be true.

Leave it out, good luck Jonathan Forte, Lee Barnard & Ryan Dickson. From Terry Paine to Gary Monk once a Saint always a Saint. seems to me that to many (dare I say fair weather) Southampton FC supporters are all to quick to stick the boot in these days.

Nice to hear a true football fan. Agree we all forget the players that get us to the top. Blinded by the money and prestige short memories, today's society I'm afraid

Couldn't agree with the above more, anyone who was at St Mary's on 25th April 2009 would understand the debt we owe players like Forte & Co. Like the above poster said too many people are calling them selves Southampon FC through and through but only when we are being successful.

Nice, from a real football fan!!!

We're all entitled to an opinion,my opinion is,Forte was a bad signing,glad when he finally goes,never offered anything in my opinion to Saints.A fairweather supporter,different from armchair or plastic we see quoted about these days of 62 years.Stand by everything I said,just my opinion though.

Agree - Forte had a small but important part in us getting out of league 1. I hope he does well ongoing.

I never wished anythiing untoward on Forte,I always liked Barney, and could never quite understand why Dickson never seemed to get much of a chance to show what he could do,i'l still be glad to see the back of Forte though.

Still remember his hat-trick against Forest

Amazing how fans quickly forget the players who helped them out of the third division when shortly after they end up in the Premier League!

Absoloutely correct always check how the ex saints players are doing. Getting players to a failing club isnt easy and all these guys have served us well

Getting players to a failing club is not easy,agreed,remember though,he was out of contract with his club at the end of the then current season,who it is reported were not offering him a new deal,Adkins brought him to Saints with a three year deal, about that I think,don't blame him for jumping at the chance,who wouldn't,be glad to see him gone,he just wasn't good enough,had he been i'm sure the man who brought him here would have played him more.Just an opinion though.

I agree with the "once a saint always a saint" sentement as long as we can make an exception for Anthony Pulis!

Forte twice scored for saints against MK dons when we where 2-0 down. He might not have been a marquee signing but he was part of a successful sqaud.

Good luck to him

Agree Onc a Saint always a Saint but can't count Forecast either!



04 Aug 2012 15:34:47
Richard Hughes to sign for AFC Bournemouth on a free transfer once he has passed a medical. Contract negotiations are done and dusted

I can't understand this signing? He has done nothing. This proves afcb have money to burn but not a lot of sense

Seems to be true, richard hughes at 32 years old returns to bournlemouth. Two year contract but has not played in the last year since leaving portsmouth, been running resturant in the west end of london, so not sure how fit he will be?
With all the striker injuried afcb are short of strikers might need cover!

Is that the one who used for Pompey?

Short of strikers? we have 8 first team strikers

From the eight strikers we have only tubbs, thomas and youngster stockley available. Sherringham long term injury, mcQuoid, DeMouge and flecher all injured from training or pre-season friendlies. Only grabban could be added to the striking list. That means bournemouth have only three strikers plus youth / development player. Another injury to key player like tubbs means we will be scratching for decent strike force.

Recent rumour about tottenham's 17 year old ivory coast striler available for loan, would be good striker cover. Could not pronounce his name........souleymany coulibaly! Rumour that macclesfield Arnaud Mendy has signed for another club, possibally bournemouth. Would release grabban to play more foreward as striker and mendy would fill the right side midfield position!

^ I thought Mendy was more central & a holding midfielder? We'll we're supposed to have a couple of signings yet so we'' wait an see.

I think mendy is right footed midfielder, but don't know if he plays on the right of midfield .



04 Aug 2012 16:01:07
Doncaster Rovers are set to announce the signings of James Harper, Paul Quinn and Karl Hawley who have all been on trial at the club. They will also annouce the 150k signing of Bradford City striker Ross Hannah and also the permanent signing of former loan star Fabien Robert. Dean Saunders is also looking to give a deal to trialist Amari Morgan Smith if he impresses in there friendly with Barnsley today

Paul Quinn turned down the contract off, could be some truth to the fabian Robert rumour he was seen at the friendly against Barnsley today

Fantastic, well done Dean, it could be the makings of a Championship push

Paul Quinn has turned down an offer from the rovers

Ross Hannah? Well that's out of the blue. if it gives bcfc the money for Taiwo then good deal. but it's not one we've heard round the better end of yorkshire.

150K for Ross doubt that true, Ross seen as good product for future. Maybe another loan possibly season with clause to bring back should we be plagued with injury
If true want massive sell on n appearance n call up clauses added

I would not hesitate selling Hannah for 150k to Donny Rovers. I cannot see them being interested though. The lad is not good enough for league 2, never mind league 1

Liked Karl Hawley when ive seen him play at the friendlies, for his age and height he put himself about a bit and held up the ball really well, don't think he'll score loads but think he would be great addition to the team as long as his performances continue after signing. Paul Quinn good but not overwhelmingly fantastic, hence his drop from Championship to League 1, could see him fitting in well if he is prepared to have half the wage. I thought Fabien was a fantastic player, hard worker, team player, great feet, if he comes to Doncaster he will be our star player for 2012/13 season, will need him too especially if Coppinger leaves.



04 Aug 2012 15:59:20
Bradford city signed nathen doyley on a 1 year deal bcfc website



04 Aug 2012 14:18:40
Norwich City will sell Simeon Jackson to a Championship side as Chris Hughton doesn't believe he's up for the task of another Premier League season and will replace him with a striker from a top European league
Players believed to be top of Hughton's list are Pierre Aubameyang, Didier Ya Konan, Sanharib Malki and Rodrigo Lima.
Norwich City will attempt to sign one of these players in the near future

Where did you get this list of players from or is it a guess?

They shouldnt of got him in the first place...

No they definitely shouldn't of signed the player that scored the goal that got us into the Premier League. Where do people get these ideas from?

Jackson's the player that fired us into the Premier Leauge. Remember the two hatricks in the same month?

Ummmm, mate.....Pierre Aubameyang is a scout for AC Milan :/

I have no idea..prob not a norwich fan

Norwich will not attempt to sign any of these players. Young, British based, able to operate in prem, emerging talent or injured talent is the profile of purchases City have been making.Hooper and Rhodes are better prospects although don't rule out Stokes at Celtic who may be the real target as Norwch have a couple of top men in Morison and Holt and need a behind the front man style of player.



04 Aug 2012 15:42:23
Bristol City to sign Noel Hunt , Sam Baldock
and A Center Back before Wednesday.

Which Wednesday ? These possible transfers seem to be going on and on. We keep hearing the same names always going to be signing soon, come on del get your biro out !



04 Aug 2012 15:40:51
peltier signs 3 year deal mot



04 Aug 2012 15:39:41
Norwich are in talks with Huddersfield over a deal for Jordan Rhodes with Chris Martin going the other way to the Terriers. The fee is believed to be around 5m + Martin.

Even if this were true which i think it isnt. 5mill plus a player is a gamble we dont need to take. wait till January see how he goes in the champ. then everyone will know if he's worth 5mill+

Why would Town want Martin? Very poor goals per game ratio and almost a permanent loanee.

I think Martin's been on loan twice

Jordan rhodes is signing for blackburn rovers,done deal by tuesday,

Think he has been on loan three times and only put in any real pitch time with Norwich when they were still in league one.

He won't join Blackburn. He's said he'd only play for Hudds in the Chsmpionship and wants to try getting promoted with them

At the age of 19, just after signing a professional contract, martin went to luton and became their second top goal scorer. last season he went to crystal palace.
last season he appeared more than 25 times and scored 6 or 7 goals.
please don't insult one of my friends sons and someone from my home town, when you know nothing about him.



04 Aug 2012 15:37:46
huddersfield blackpool and hull in tug of war to sign free agent emile heskey

Blackpool are most likely to sign him

Steve Bruce already stated he isnt interested in him. Most likely Blackpool

Blackpool most likely to sign him. Hope so don't want him at Huddersfield, sky high wages and another poor goals to games ratio.

Yes Heskey has never been a great goal scoring striker but still played a lot for England.Why? Becasuse his talent which goes largely unrecognised is his ablity to hold up play up front and draw out the defence and slip the ball through to be scored by a team mate. I bet if there was a chart for goal assists ( is there one? ) he would be pretty high up

Please please please let this be true, him and Alan Lee up front would send defences running for their mummies

If heskey goes he going to blackpool not huddlesfield

Alan lee and heskey up front are you on crack? Im sending my season ticket back if them two donkeys play



04 Aug 2012 15:18:05
Adam Barton of Preston n Brian Stock of Doncaster will be Burnleys final transfer business within the next few days! A very successful transfer window for Eddie Howes promotion contenders!

Adam Barton signing for Coventry

He would rather sign for burnley and stay in the area

Or signing for Peterborough perhaps?

06 Aug 2012 01:56:07
Burnley - Mid table at least
Coventry - League 1
P'borough - Fighting to stay out of League 1. hmmm I wonder who he's going to sign for...

He's signed for coventry. Reported in local paper with quote from Peter Ridsdale

It doesnt all go on who the better teams are it depends what best suits him and suits other things you need to take into consideration, things like playing regularly!

Signed for coventry fact!! So were did the burnley rumour come from?



04 Aug 2012 14:57:36
Ipswich are set to sign Jordan Spence from West Ham



04 Aug 2012 14:55:17
I have just seen Fabien Robert at the Keepmoat stadium, I am sure he will be signing for us after impressing last season!



04 Aug 2012 14:54:37
Bradford sign Nathan Doyle on 1 year deal.



04 Aug 2012 13:45:01
notts county to loan out
tyrell waite to former club llkeston half a seanb loan
jake wholey will loan out to grimsby on a short loan
greg tempest to be loan out to boston united

Probably true
get some much needed experience in



04 Aug 2012 13:36:09
notts county are in talks with lloyd san notts have just got zoko notts have got too many striker so they will be loaning out tyrell waite to grmsby town or former club illkeston on a half a season loan notts are intrested in spanish striker jaun fri
lloyd sam deal will be done in the next week and the jaun fri deal will be done in the next 2 weeks



04 Aug 2012 13:59:28
Who is the "experienced and due to fly in overnight, goalkeeper" playing in goal against York City? Some people even suggested he missed his flight!

Jacobo Sanz



04 Aug 2012 13:51:13
Mystery trialist keeper in middlesbrough squad for todays friendly with york.

It Ben Smith??

Steve simmonsen? Already been linked with you before

It was spanish keeper jacabo sanz ex valladolid,numancia & getafe.



04 Aug 2012 12:14:12
Leeds to conclude their signings with the signatures of Lee Peltier and Liam Lawrence

Leeds just completed signing of peltier,stating leeds were the only club he was interested in signing for {Ed044's Note - he's not going to say he preferred to sign elsewhere but only leeds matched leicesters valuation is he??

Unlucky leeds if you get lawrence

Also signing james bailey of derby for 500k and alex nimely on loan from man city

Might as well sign Ben Haim. They've signed pretty much everyone else from Portsmouth.

Might as well sign Ben Haim. They've signed pretty much everyone else from Portsmouth.

Undisclosed fee ,so u dont know what leeds paid for him, and he always stressed he wanted to sign for leeds, rejecting several other clubs



04 Aug 2012 12:10:48
Wes Fletcher's 6 month loan to Rochdale will be finalised after friendly with Burnley. Rochdale are very lucky to get him.

Crackin young striker.

He should be given a chance at burnley lots of potential could do it 4 us ,

If eddie believes in youth ?? why dont we give howeison ,hewitt, and macartan their chance ??????

Needs to prove it at Rochdale then ,

He is very good



04 Aug 2012 11:55:50
Yeovil trialist james clarke is set to sign between the stoke game and after the exeter game, would be a great signing!

He seems good but the case is if he can cut it at this level

Gary Johnson thinks he can, and he's looked very impressive when playing...

Only one way to find out...

No no no been told theres no place for him in the sqaud and to look for a club for a better chance of first team football

No contract for clarke

He has now been let go.



04 Aug 2012 12:41:30
Rowan Murray of Ipswich to Colchester on a 1-month rolling loan deal


Your having a laugh.why would he drop down a league and play for Colchester.

For game time?

NO he played class against west ham when he came on in our friendly yestoday

He wouldn't get much game time ahead of Morrison sears and Henderson, pointless signing, not needed.



04 Aug 2012 12:41:24
west brom look set to bid for young barnsley defender john stones

Im a bfc fan and he is a extremely talented young prospect

Not true, Barnard was released by the saints.

^what does banard have to do with this

West Brom pursuing other targets before making a move, however they interested in signing young talent this summer and Stones fits the bill.

A move likely to be made before the season starts after completing deals for Danny Rose and Nuytinck of NEC.

Likeness of happening: 7/10
Danny Rose 8/10
Nuytinck 5/10

Danny rose would be a great signing as shory has left, he has pace and a great shot, as shone against Arsenal... COYB



04 Aug 2012 12:40:41
barnsley set to sign i sonko and lee barnard by tuesday, Barnard will cost 450k with add ons

Sonko sat the game out on the bench at Doncaster, that doesn't fair well in my book that he's going to be signed!!!

Sonko - Hill said he was involving the trialists more against Crewe on Tuesday so I wouldn't read anything into him not playing against Donny. Lee Barnard could be an option, Mido is going to be out for six weeks at least and the only striker we have left is Craig Davies...obviously there are questions over whether Mido would have been viable for selection anyway so we probably need two strikers...hope Chris Dagnall doesn't read this!



04 Aug 2012 12:36:01
At the amex for brighton v chelsea and just spoke to turnball and he dropped a hint that lukaku will sign on loan for brighton after todays game. Source ross t

COMPLETE LIE, you are Aldridge Prior the village liar! Your post was at 12.36 and I know CHELSEA did not arrive until 1.25. So unless you were on the team coach playing cards with him...then good sir/Madame you have been caught with your pants down!

Just because Gus poyet played for chelsea.You would have to pay is 100k wage which is more than all of yours

He's said he wants to be loaned to a Premiership club???

Got to say from the few minutes we saw yesterday, that Chelsea will be mad if they let him out on loan this season. Lacks polish but with experience he looks just what they need to replace Drogba

I can't see a player of his stature signing for Brighton to be honest, I think theres more truth in the Baldock rumour

Any more transfer brighton transfer news. any more news about SAM BALDOCK.

I think Chelsea need him more than Brighton to be honest.

Lukaku! Yeah right! And messi is on his way!

As an Albion fan you other persons are making me feel sick with the ridiculous rumours you post on here!

Lay of the wacky backy and get a job!



04 Aug 2012 12:19:26
QPR have signed Celtic's player maker Ki sung Yueng to be announced after the Games...

How reliable?

How reliable?

Not reliable at all, seems likely but it's not a done deal yet.




04 Aug 2012 11:52:38
Ki Sung-Yeung looks like he will be ending up at QPR before the month is out, £7m is being touted and it fits perfectly with Hernandez plan to make QPR the most popular premiership side in Asia.

Who is Hernandez? {Ed044's Note -he's the chairman mate!!!

Fernandes* {Ed044's Note - soz didnt notice!




04 Aug 2012 11:44:19
Bury set to sign Huddersfield young striker James Spencer on season long loan.

Iv also heard this. Huddersield dont need any more midfielders but who wouldnt snap him up? He'll be a Town player soon {Ed044's Note - THINK this should be on kitson rumour}

That would be a good move for the kid

I put the top comment, it was meant to be on the Quinn rumour below. My mistake

P clarke and liam ridehalgh off on loan to birmingham

Peter Clarke has just been handed the captains armband, he's going nowhere!!

P Clarke on loan, you are having a giraffe, he has just been named as club captain for this season.

I dont think grayson would make clarke captain and then send him out on loan.

Grayson had let P. Clarke keep the captaincy, so why would he loan him out to birmingham!?

We do not need another striker



04 Aug 2012 11:07:04
preston are set to bid 500k for lee barnard.

He has just been released!! Pay 500k if you want! HAHA

He has not been released he has been transfer listed

He hasn't been released, what a stupid comment

Why pay if he is a free agent ,use the money to pay his wages

He's made available for transfer but he's still under contract at Southampton.

He hasn't been released. He's been told he can leave i.e. transfer listed


Lee Barnard not released, but made available for transfer.

Barnard has not been released! He along with Forte and Dickson are on the transfer list so there will be a fee if any team wants these players.


He has been made available ,which is not the same as released.Southampton will still be looking at getting some money for him....

All the comments above are true, apart the the second one, However although Saints would like a fee i would not be surprised if we let someone take them off our books for free. Saints have signed 5 players so far this season and Adkins has stated 2 more to come, so now he wants to trim the squad.



04 Aug 2012 11:04:22
Heard that Swansea are looking at Senegalese attacker konate who has impressed in the Olympics

Never gonna fit in!!

He's a proven goal scorer, hope this is right



04 Aug 2012 11:02:15
Stefan savic to comlete his loan move to wolves this afternoon and is thought to be watching wolves pre season friendly with Southampton the deal includes a view to a permanent deal



04 Aug 2012 10:54:02
blackpool to get heskey it had to be my club

Unlucky mate, my sympathies lie with you at this tragic moment.

Please not heskey... Hes poor old and slow cant believe us mighty seasiders are going for another cart horse

I am really happy Blackpool are getting Heskey. I'm a Blackpool fan and I think he will be a great signing

Meh better than Billy painter who we had on trial, I say give him a chance let's see how he goes haha, fingers crossed

Emile would be a great player at championship level

Heskey will do a decent job for Blackpool. Taylor Fletcher, Ince and Phillips playing off him, stroke of genius from Holloway! Love it



04 Aug 2012 10:52:53
huddersfield to sign quinn from sheffield utd quinn is in talks with htafc and will take a medical in the next few days

Yes! Quinn has been seen at the ground and will be announced as a town player soon! UTT

Come on Grayson sign Quinn!!!

Really hope this is true



04 Aug 2012 10:25:54
Hi Eds, have any of you heard of European interest in African Champions League Senastion Emmauel Clottey? I reckon he'd do well in the Championship. {Ed001's Note - sorry nope.}



04 Aug 2012 10:11:30
Everything has gone exceptionally quiet. This is because there are no more players available that West Ham could be interested in, we have named most of them within and beyond our reach and budget. Even KUMB and West Ham Till I Die have gone quite. Hopefully that is it with regards to speculation and silly unbelievable rumours now we can get on with the more realistic rumours like when we signed James Collins and so on. Be good if everyone now has had enough of these stupid rumours and moved on to sensible stuff. Cheers everyone.

Wouldnt be suprised to see any blackburn players come to you heard
steven nzoni is interesting you

Exact opposite i would think as big sam is in the process of taking blackburns manager to court.dont think blackburn will be too willing to sell many players too the hammers do you?



04 Aug 2012 10:10:22
Plymouth argyle.....darius vassell set to sign for the greens linking up with his nephew Isaac vassell! Been training here for the last 2 weeks!

So we will have a front three of patrick agyemang (qpr) darius vassell and marcus bent you gotta love this site

I have heard this and apparently it's either him or Marcus Bent signing for us

If we are signing the likes of lowry, guereri and griffiths and renewing the likes of feeney and willo then we have no chance at all of signing agymang bent or vassell.



04 Aug 2012 10:02:58
Owls to sign fuller for free antonio 800k and adam hammill for 600k

Antonio has had a medical and a fee has been agreed (official - from DJ mouth). Fuller is considering a move to the Owls but wages are the sticking point. Hamill would be nice but no idea if theres any truth in this



04 Aug 2012 10:00:34
Leicester are lining up a £1.6 million deal for Charlton striker Bradley Wright-Phillips who scored 22 goals last season for the Addicks.

No chance. I'm a foxes fan and already asked hep, he happy at Charlton, sadly

This is true,Leicester are after BWP

Hope that is true good signing if we get him

You must be joking,not worth 16 quid,vastly overated,just like his brother.

Wright Phillips is class, love having him at Charlton. Can't see him leaving for Leicester though tbh unless they offer him a lot more money

As a Charlton fan your welcome to him! Although he scored that many goals, any half decent striker with that level of service would have got the same if not more. How many easy chances did he miss. Would rather have the 1.6 . He's lazy too and won't make his own chances.

^^^ And how many Strikers would have made the runs to get those chances, stop slating BWP 22 Goals is amazing in any league

Always said if we got offered more than 1m for snap it up straight away , could of had 10+ just if he had tapped in after rounding the keepers, good finisher butt 99% of the work has to be done for him if he is to score lol we paid 600k for him so 1.6 mil is cracking 1m profit if we do accept. but if he scores more than 15 this season i might re-consider

I would love bwp at Leicester , and I'm a charlton fan! Lazy and goal snatches

"goal snatches"? That's a bad thing?

He is lazy and scores tap in but i suppose thats why he is a decent striker.

He won't go to leicester.... Kermorgant and Powell will persuade him to stay (not that tha'll have to... BWP loves charlton anyway).

We paid 125k for him from Plymouth. Good record in L1 remains to be seen if he can step up. Would be more gutted to lose Solly or Kermorgant.

Would rather have Le Fondre or Jackson! It would also be worth us looking further afield for players as the price tags will be lower. Our scouts need to get to work again.

Agreed, if we lost solly or Kermorgant I would have the urge to shread my season ticket. I feel they play a much bigger roll in our squad than bwp. I don't mind strikers who run their hearts out ( Paul Hayes style) but strikers like wright Phillips annoy me. He would not have reached double figures if Kermorgant and hayes hadn't given him such good service

FYI Shaun is Bradley's half brother as Ian wright ( Bradley's real dad ) adopted him!



04 Aug 2012 09:47:25
coventrys gary deegan is off to hibs

Ill take him if he needs a lift........

And he's now officially a Hibs player. Confirmed by both clubs on the website.

Cant believe he has conviced people he is a footballer. quick get him up there before it falls through somehow

He started well for Cov, but was never the same player after his injury problems.

Deegan will make his " mark" in Scotland..........especially in referees Notebooks and the sicklist!
Dissapointing at Cov but.........who knows!

Transfer confirmed on CCFC website!

Thank god , he is pants , runs around a lot but thats it ,

06 Aug 2012 14:12:38
Deegan was a good player, but had a temprament problem. The reason he's gone is due to his pro IRA comments on twitter.



04 Aug 2012 09:34:51
Chelsea defender Sam Hutchinson expected to complete 6 month loan move to MK Dons next few days after Chelsea announce 25 squad for new season. DI-Matteo still has close links with Dons chairman Pete Winkleman after managing the club so expect a deal soon. He will be cover for RB and CB where the Dons are short.

Would be a decent signing... not very experienced player however

Sadly I dont think its the solution to our centre back problems. We need an experienced replacement - though Hitchinson would be a good addition if we had that additional experienced centre back

Hutchinson dosent have to be in the 25 that's named as he is young ( I think)

Didnt think we'd dip in the loan market. cant see this being true.

Ah Robbo come on! How hard is it to find a decent centre back? Time is slipping away here. Also, a left winger would be handy too!

MK cant be short of defenders. They have sent Tom Flanagan on loan to Gillingham, so must have other back up

We are short on defenders, 2 actual centre backs and one right back. could do with the cover.

We are desperate for a decent CB or any defenders infancy. But calm down everyone, the CB will defiantly arrive or else Robbi wouldn't of sent Flanagan to the gills COYD

Just spoke to mark beevers in the MK centre,asked if hes coming back and he said watch this space,maybe loan again who knows but top player

That is clearly not gonna happen, he's only just signed a new contract with Wednesday, and Jones unlike Megson plays football so he'll probably get some games.

I'd be a happy bunny if that happened, but as the earlier post indicated - he just signed a new contract with the owls - so sadly dont expect this one to come true



04 Aug 2012 08:39:50
Harry Kewell to sign for boro in next 48 hours & Albert Adoma to have a medical on friday. Sources close to the club say Cameron Jerome could return to the boro on loan

Can't see you spending 4M+ for a single player and Adomah won't be leaving for less than that!

I saw Kewell play for Melbourne when I was there earlier this year. He scored two superb goals and was excellent. I am amazed that he has not been snapped up earlier. He certainly has not lost his skills.

Adomah on a long-term contract - Premier League clubs reportedly interested - minimum 3m asking price - can't see Boro paying that??



04 Aug 2012 08:26:00
Cardiff City have opened talks about signing Craig Bellamy..source (metro).....stokebluebird

Going to QPR

Metro is notoriously unreliable, I'm pretty sure they just have a tub of player names and a tub of teams and randomly pick two out and print it.
Bellamy will be staying at Liverpool.

Not a chance. Will be back at Cardiff as one of 3 more signings to be made by Mackay

Bellamy has been quotes that he was to come home many times, it is what his family and friends want ! GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD THAT HE IS GOING TO QPR ! It's not going to happen ! -

'going to qpr' and where did you get that source from the qpr written handbook

Shouldn't that be Stokereddragon?

Why theres no point of going to qpr he may as well stay at liverpool

I says on the ladbrokes website that they have let cardiff open talks with bellamy. we must be crazy to let bellemy go im afraid this one is true guys

Its a definate he is in talks with Cardiff City, known for a while this was going to happen but we must keep tight lipped about the subject and let speculation run the forums!

Friend of the wifes family.

It would make sense he enjoys his familys company and the chances are that he will come back his son signed a contract with cardiff today which would point towards bellemy wanting to return



04 Aug 2012 08:23:18
Swindon trying to tie up a deal for ex Pompey striker Dave Kitson ASAP after losing out on various transfer targets to league one big spenders

Any truth in this? would be a good coup I think lower league peter crouch. wages could prove stumbling block

Not a chance, his wages would be far too much for any 1st division team.



04 Aug 2012 07:29:29
Huddersfield make a swift move for dave kitson

6mil is a very good offer but the truth ishe is not for sale, we dont wanna lose him, and most importantly he is more than happy where he is. Simple as that!

If teams like Swindon are looking to sign him can't see town being interested!


Huddersfield already have Alan Lee, a striker who doesn't score. They surely don't want to add Kitson into the mix as well!



04 Aug 2012 07:22:05
Gillingham are favourites to sign Dave kitson after the striker left Portsmouth

Hes going huddersfield

I don't think he'd be going to Gillingham. It wasn't that long ago he was playing for Stoke in the Prem.

Dave Kitson nearly joined us when he was leaving cambridge, but went to reading instead. Not going to join us now

I reckon huddersfield or sheffield united he will go to

Hes going brighton

He was in the stands at the Charlton game



04 Aug 2012 05:55:31
Blackburn to make bid for burnleys charlie austin ( from a very reliable source ) understud to be between 4-5 million as steve kean looks to bolster his attacking options following injury of leon best

Not true

Dream on ..... GOD save the Kean

4-5mill? for a 15goal/championship a season man hmm

Dream on ..... GOD save the Kean

When was the last time someone moved from burnley to Blackburn or vice versa? Not going to happen

Jay mceverly on loan was the last and the last to transfer i think was lenny johnrose this transfer will never happen UTC

No chance



04 Aug 2012 03:37:28
American Forward Anthony Isom Formerly of Empoli F.C in the Italian Serie B, Officially leaving Moldovan side Olimpia Balti to Return to Empoli F.C

And he seemed so happy at Olympia !!

That's a bit of a shock



04 Aug 2012 03:28:28
Blackburn Rovers are set to raid arch rivals Burnley with a £4.5 million bid for hot shot Charlie Austin

Of course they are! ........get real!

Dont talk wet !

Not a chance

As a neutral he won't go to Blackburn burnley is a bigger club swfc

There would be an uproar with the bfc fans if the board let this happen , but i very much doubt it will happen

More chance of getting Messi



04 Aug 2012 02:34:04
Stoke looking to sign german under 21 striker Abu bakkar kargbo and under 17 Vanuatu goalkeeper seiloni Iaruel but face competition for the keeper from man city

Stoke v Man city........i think money might win this one !!!...............stokebluebird

I'm sure their chairman said we wont be spending big this season ...........................stokebluebird

Who on earth dreams up these rumours , whilst Berby is a good player , why on earth would we sign him and give him a bumper signing in fee when we could do so much more with that money , dream on lads .

Stoke have a couple of young players who could have signed for Man City or other bigger clubs. Maybe younger players see more of a chance of breaking into the first team with a team like Stoke City rather than with the giant billionaire teams?

Stoke not in the market for a keeper, Nash signed on for another season and the youth team lad ready to step up soon (already a full international). Regarding Stoke v Man City, at the latter it is going to be difficult to break into the squad any time soon, players may be well advised to go to a so-called 'smaller' club to get a game rather than playing for the reserves in front of a few hundred blokes and a couple of dogs in the park....

I hope



04 Aug 2012 02:27:06
Berbatov could be on his way to Stoke City. Surprisingly Sir Alex has been in contact with Stoke manager Tony Pulis, and has made Berbatov available to him at a cut price £7million. It looks like he may have to take a pay cut however a bumper signing on fee will be included in the deal.
We shall see Ferguson invest in that money with the funds going towards a new midfeild player.

Thats rubbbish, first of all why would you go from a top team like Manchester United to a lower team like Stoke and secondly they have just bought two new midfielders: Kagawa and Powell.

Like he would go to stoke, he likes the ball at his feet not searching for it in the sky!

Not sure why 7m is "cut price", it has been widely reported he is available for 5m !!

Furthermore berbatov can go for 5 million Fergie told SSN last month

Powell is a striker {Ed001's Note - Powell is a midfielder who can play up front or out wide, Fergie has already said he intends to use him in central midfield.}

Pulis loves the lazy but skilful type! Quite possible the least Tony Pulis style player in the premiership.

Its common knowledge that united are after another midfielder, powell i dont think will play many games this season and they are after the brazilian midfielder (forgotten his name)

Love to see Berba and Crouch up front, or even Crouch and Defoe

To be honest i think id rather berbatov rather than owen although i think defoe would be better



04 Aug 2012 00:31:47
Yeovil have made enquiries to take
Andy Welsh on loan from Carlisle, when the window opens.

The window is open?

Bournemouth have Marc Pugh so why would they spend 1mil on back up? Makes no sense

You really think Gary Johnson would want a player like Andy Welsh? Oh dear, I'm surprised Carlisle haven't looked into the costs of destroying his contract he is no 21st century footballer...

Absolutely no chance. We have enough players on the wings.

Why would you not want Andy Welsh? He ran his legs off every game for Yeovil! And as for "We have enough players on the wing" KMB, Young, Ralph.... We played Ugwu there last night and he is definitely not a winger

Not returning he looks to have finally got a place in there team, judging on carlisle's pre season

He is nowhere near our first team but he has improved a little bit since last season.



04 Aug 2012 00:25:37
Ipswich Town are being linked with a £250,000 move for Celtic central defender Kelvin Wilson. The 26-year-old was previously a team-mate of recent Blues signing Luke Chambers at Nottingham Forest



04 Aug 2012 00:20:09
Scott Dann
Martin Olsson
Christophe Berra
Jeremain Lens
Craig Gordon

Lee Barnard
Jonathan Forte
Ryan Dickson

The three outs are believable based on press reports that all three are available. But no idea who saints might be signing until they announce it.



04 Aug 2012 00:16:19
QPR's Tommy Smith is wanted by watford and cardiff but it is beleived that Watford are launching a 1.8 million bid to beat cardiff for his signature. Smith would choose Watford easily.

I believe he's on a free? If I'm not mistaken? Come back home tommy!! AGEN!!

We would take 1.8mill, he is not on a free as far as I'm aware but about half a mill should get him

Smith would choose Watford easily - Rubbish

With the length of his contract and the wages they pay him - QPR will be lucky to get nothing! - let alone a ridiculous number like 1.8m.
He wants Watford but money talks and Baadiff seem prepared to waste loads!

Whether he chooses Watford or us will depend on whether Tommy has any ambition left.


1.8 what planet is this guy on. he.s on a free cardiff are looking for a winger and defender.

Sure it wasnt Sam Baldock ?

Watford over Cardiff must be joking Cardiff much better equipped for a promotion challenge

He is not on a free, but will have his contract paid up, Watford is his preferred destination

No he won't he will go to whoever offers more wages he's a footballer greed is there game

He is a Watford lad of course he wud pick us, especially in our new found position! And Cardiff are no more likely to get promotion than Watford this season!

Firstly, Watford also have ambition. Secondly, he's a Watford legend and Vicarage Road is his home, so he'd jump at the chance to come back (again). Thirdly, he's still under contract at QPR, so not on a free.

How many times must Cardiff finish in the playoff but never really challenge. Remember Preston. You bcan avoid this though by signing the legend that is Tommy Smith, shame he's going to Watford.

Like how Cardiff fans say they have more ambition that Watford. Cardiff are a fickle club and Watford have just as much ambition if not more. Tommy come home, you are a golden boy. Never a red(blue)bird.

Smith would choose Watford easily if he was offered the right contract and assured playing time. Watfords his one and only club and if we make him a good offer he would easily choose us over cardiff

Well why would he choose Cardiff. Watford lad, loves the club and always said he didn't look good in red. Watford has abetter manager with a better philosophy and lets be honest a far smaller gut. They can dream of getting Bellamy back but they with never get a true legend like Smith

Is that Watford b team, malkies limited outreach.

Haha RED BIRDS it's ssssooooooooo wrong!

Tommy Smith is not worth that much!

But he wants to remain local to london, therefore Watford not Cardiff. he has history with us, and he has said we would love to come back if the chance arose, the only thing that would take him to Cardiff is Mackay. for factors say he would go to Watford over Cardiff

Got to laugh at watford fans you will be like Leicester city las night all the ambition and hype and get nowhere

Baldock would be a decent striker for whoever gets him especially Bristol, Watford, Barnsley but i can only see those teams bagging him cos the even bigger sides of the championship have got a couple decent strikers, tommy smith would probably be a good signing but its wether are we still after him Malky doesnt give much away and tommy might not as redbird said might not be ambitious

Well there is a factor of us getting promoted or high in the table thats a factor he would come to us but it is his home town club he wants to stay in london and watford have got new owners he has got more reason to go to watford the same as Bellamy has got more reason to come home as well

We're nothing like Leicester. They spent 17 million (ish) last summer, we have so far spent nothing. That's an atrocious comparison.

All this speculation annoys me, smith wants to stay in london, therefore watford, when he played under mackay he left soon for qpr, so why would he be keen on going back to him, watford want him and smith wants to go back, the price I'm not sure

To be honest tommy smith is rubbish. He can go to watford we can get better players like bellemy

I'm a Watford fan and Cardiff are clearly more ambitious than us and have more chance of promotion. We haven't made any quality signings yet to improve us greatly, another midtable finish this season and hopefully move on from there..looked like we started to pass the ball about against Spurs so will take time for us to fully adjust to Zola's style of play.
But Tommy would definitely pick us over Cardiff!

Good news today. Seems like Tommy does some ambition left. Sorry lads.




04 Aug 2012 00:03:44
Ipswich interested in signing kelvin wilson from celtic for £250,000

Take the money hes got two left feet

Sweet, put on the left side of defence



03 Aug 2012 23:37:21
Nottingham Forest are set to sign Simon Gillett from Doncaster on a free transfer, after the midfielder turned down the chance to sign a three year deal with Barnsley.

Get ready for a team of midfielders,no goals from set plays,injuries, and lots of passing between cb and keeper.

Barnsley never offered any sort of contract to gillett.

We haven't offered a 3 year deal out in ages let alone someone who's come in on trial



03 Aug 2012 22:26:20
Juan Manuel Vargas will join Liverpool from Fiorentina

No he wont he hasn't accept terms with Liverpool

After dalglish reckless spending of over 120mil ( 35mil for carrol) i think player will be very hard to sign since were keeing tight pockets. 3.5mil for vargas seems great! 70% likely since we made previous business i.e aquilani.

This rumour is 3 years old and the rodgers doesnt want the player



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