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03 Apr 2012 23:35:58
Derby County have had a bid for Preston North End striker Ian Hume rejected.(10)(20)Hume as said he wont leave pneHes.s lost interest GET RID along with coutts.


03 Apr 2012 21:52:06
New York Red Bulls To sign Stephen Ireland and Alessandro Nesta !

and former goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul to sign for Blackburn(6)(31)Ireland isn't leaving he's getting first team football and Villa and he loves it hereAVFC have announced that Stephen Ireland is going no-where.
Though you can have Heskey?You clearly dont know how mls works they already have there 3 designated players


03 Apr 2012 20:50:26
Saints in: Adam Hammill, Michail antonio
source Lawrie Mc(8)(22)I think if saints were going to sign Antonio they would have done so this season, not sure hes going to be able to cut it in the championship let alone the premCan't see this happening,Adam might be able to show a bit in Premiership if we make it,but like other poster, Antonio couldn't cut it in the Championship so he'd be totally out of his depth in Premier.Given Lawrie can't get past the front door at St Mary's these days, I'm not convinced by any rumour with his name attached.

Antonio has always done well on loan with Div 1 clubs but can't get into the Reading side so unlikely to hack it in the Premiership. Can't see either player being a challenge to what we have alreadyLawrie mc would nt say anything
like that so do nt drag him int
it silly talk


03 Apr 2012 19:09:34
Fact, posted on BBC sport and in Japanese newspaper! :( {Ed025's Note - and to what is this pertaining?..(7)(6) 

Dont argue ed,, it's a fact lolLolol, knowledge is power, and this guy is not sharing any power


03 Apr 2012 19:06:07
Curtis Nelson and Luke Young have both signed extensions to their contracts at Plymouth Argyle. COYG(9)(9)


03 Apr 2012 17:17:57
bacelona have joined the race for ajax defender vertonghan(9)(26)


03 Apr 2012 17:16:56
alesandro nesta is ready to snub a new deal at milan and join juventus(4)(26) 

Hes going to New York Red Bulls


03 Apr 2012 17:14:41
rel madrid are likely to make a massive bid in the summer for gareth amongst other big european giants are interested by will stuggle to fund the deal leaving madrid clear favourites(18)(20)Mourinho is willing to let a number of very good players go this summer with Di Maria,Higuain,Kaka,Kheidra,Diarra and Albiol some of the names facing the axe despite some good individual perfomances throughout the season. Mourinho wants Bale,Thiago Silva,Essien,Aguero and Kagawa Ed025's Note - di maria will be a great signing for someone!..I'd take di maria Higuain in exchange


03 Apr 2012 16:59:35
reports in spain have again surface the segio kun aguero is wanted by real madrid.the argentine isin his debut season at man city and currently tops the scoring charts but its thought he would relish a move to the spanish giants and move back home to spain,
gonzalo higuain wouldbe used as bait;.(9)(16)Utter crap "currently tops the goal scoring charts" emm no he doesnt van persie does and then its rooney.Aguero is ArgentinianI didn'nt realise Madrid has in Aguero's homeland of Argentina. Utter Rubbish


03 Apr 2012 16:56:40
I have heard the Baggies have made a bid for Naismith from rangers. who the hell is this guy and why are we bidding for rubbish from the spl? I had to google him as I've never even heard the name, he has dodgy knees and garbage stats. we should be aiming higher than dross like this.(21)(9)Sounds like he'll fit in nicely!! {Ed025's Note - he is a damned good player mate..Here we go again another person that knows nothing about football, "rubbish league" "poor league" "not even league 2 standard" blah blah. Saying you've never even heard of him shows more of your poor knowledge about football then the poorer quality in the spl, which of course has to happen because unlike the epl the spl teams to not get 40 million a year for stupid television rights, there lucky to get 5 million, would to see the state of the epl if all the tv rights were taken away. And just to finish my rant naismith has scored 9 goas this season and hes been out injured since November, which is the same as your top scorer Odemwingie, 3 of which came against an incredibly poor wolves and he has also played 25 games this season, so to finished his "garbage stats" aren't so "garbage" compared to the strikers that currently play for west brom.You would be lucky to get him,dont know him get out more,numbskullTo good for you thats for sureI'm with the other guy, I thought there was a Naismith who was a defender for Celtic? Has he been converted to a forward? Anyway, doesn't sound like he's good enough for the Premiership, never a good sign if nobody has heard of him!He could play and start for alot of Premier League, as can Hooper, Davis, Goian, Whittaker, Lafferty, Waymana, Ledley, Ki and many moreOdemwinge is a lot better than Naismith and not playing in a pub league!And Naismith scored 2 of his goals against Dunfermline. This guy sounds like a cracking player! A brace against the mighty Dunfermline. What are they? Conference standard? West Brom could buy him then loan him out to Braintree to get him up to speed with the English game I suppose.Naismith is a cracking player, guy scored against Spain after they won the euro and world championships, so I take it there a pub nation? Big headed gits, Naisy is twice the player Fortune is aswell and how many goals has he scored? eh eh eh? the silence is deafeningHaha bless they do get in a mood when faced with the facts. Scottish football is so bad the only two teams worth recognising are trying to join the English leagues. I'm guessing its for financial reasons but they'd have to start at league two level where there is no money and even then they'd have to have a few attempts at getting promoted to league one!Oh yeah is that Lafferty and Ledley who have played no higher than Championship level? Oh right it is, just checking....I'm an Albion fan and I know for a fact he'd fit in well... Need to educate yourself on football and other clubs a bit more if you don't know who Steven Naismith is mate!The old firm are only trying to get into the english league so that they can get money off of sky tv. Without sky tv there would be no man u man city chelsea etc p.s the epl isnt the best in the world its ths spanish league, then the german league, then the french league then english. the silence is deafening {Ed003's Note - I give up }Lafferty should do better and ledley is a grafter, but that doesnt compensate the fact that Andy Carrol and Torres are a total waste of money who look like pub players with dodgy barnets!Hes too good for your pishy mid table team anyway thats for sureI'm a celtic fan but you my friend have no clue. Naismith is much further ahead of your very own Morrison and Dorrans and he is 10 times the player Fortune is so get off your EPL high horse and open your eyes. In my opinion he could actually do a lot better than West Brom

GaryHmm we're clueless for not knowing a dodgy Scot but this guy thinks the French league is better than the Premiership? Truly stunning. I know you're trying to put up an argument fella but behave. And can you stop calling it the EPL, its the Premiership or Premier League thanks. You have to call it the SPL because whenever someone says Premier League they think of the English one. And if we're doing comparisons, in all honesty from what I've seen which is a lot this season, SPL is league one standard.I've seen Naismith a few times and he's an average Prem player at best. Not that young either. Just my opinion...To be perfectly honest I do think there are only 2/3 teams in the spl who could cope with being in the prem or championship. It's just a fact. Being a rangers and a west brom fan I can honestly say nay is ok, he's not a worldbeater and he would do well to go to a club like west brom. And if you stuck odemwingie in the spl he would do very well! Infact having watched both leagues a lot this season west brom would probably win the spl. Would love to see rangers Celtic hearts and Aberdeen in a British prem, maybe we should have a British cub instead of the 2 crappy league cups!!Naismith is good enough to join a club like Newcastle,Liverpool,Villa.
WBA are lucky that teams like Liverpool & Villa are rebuilding.
Soon they'll be back in the Championship where they belong!
and the bid for Naismith was REJECTED!Look i know this isnt the be all and end all and to start im a dundee united fan but rangers and celtic command a global fan base in the millions, so given that if they were in the premiership for a few years they could probally hold there own, west brom do not have that luxury, money, tv money and circumstance is the difference between them, you could do alot worse than naismith he can play midfield and up front and is a decent player, even if he was just used as a sub, probally cheap aswell due to rangers financial situation, i really dont see how you think a player like him is not good buisness for west brom and the fact you dont know him shows your limited knowledge of football as a wholeHooper, Izaguirre (before injury), Ledley, Matthews, Forster, Ki, Brown, Wanyama, Forrest, Naismith, Lafferty, Naismith, McGregor, Goian, Whittaker, Edu have all been monitored by EPL teams. Naismith was on trial with Arsenal as a youngster, how many West Brom players are Arsenal looking at? None.He scored against Spain! are they in a pub league too ?May not be the best league in the world. However, don't get ideas above your station, remember you are ony in the EPL to make the numbers up and will never win anythingMan for man West Brom have a superior team.You are wba ? a team thats won heehawWhy does it matter what West Brom have won? They have a much better team than Rangers now!You should maybe not be so ignorant of the SPL, I follow Celtic and this guy is a quality striker, take your EPL blinkers off ,its people like you that give the English a bad name as being arrogant and overbearing.And maybe you should take your blinkers off and realise that SPL sides would struggle in League One.Remember West Brom are only in the EPL due to sky cash like so many others in your jumped up league ,so many of which are no longer even english owned ,managed and often with only a few english players in there teams maybe it should change its name, and probably Swansea are the best footballing team in the epl right now.I'm a Inverness fan who watches a lot of Sunderland games (family I'm afraid). The standard of SPL compared to the Premiership is shocking I'm sorry to say.


03 Apr 2012 16:17:50
Grant Leadbitter -
50/50 - considering offer from Middlesbrough, Saints Interested

Liam Fontaine -
Chased by Brighton & Ipswich aswell as Southampton

Kenwyne Jones -
Possible Move back to St.Marys after being frozen out at Stoke(7)(21)If jones moves to Southampton I will eat my hatMight be decent cover for LambertWe have a taxi waiting to take Leadboots to St Mary's lol


03 Apr 2012 16:13:35
McNamara doesn't fancy the youth set up at Firhill.Most of the young players at the club can expect to be released come the summer.Question is - what kind of youth structure will be left ?(4)(1)This could be true else why did Ian cameron leave


03 Apr 2012 16:10:17
Reports on the South-Coast saying that Grant Leadbiiter is being chased by Championship Leaders Southampton & Play-Off Chasers Brighton, Leadbitter is out of contract at the end of the season and can leave Ipswich on a Free Transfer.

Southampton considering renewing their interest in Relegation Haunted Bristol Citys central defender Liam Fontaine after he failed a medical back in the summer, despite signing a new contract at Ashton Gate back in December(2)(6)


03 Apr 2012 15:00:18
Out of contract Ipswich Midfielder Grant Leadbitter is being chased by Championship Leaders Southampton and Premier League Sides Wolves & Wigan(9)(7)Premier league side wolves LOLThat'll be one premier league side & two championship sides when the next transfer window comes around... & no, I'm not a Southampton fan thinking the jobs already done.Wolves a prwemier league team who are you kidding......


03 Apr 2012 14:54:20
Burnley are just one of a number of championship clubs to make a move for George Boyd(13)(2)Norwich may have interest...I heard Millwall and HuddersfieldHe rejected the contract in the hope of gaining higher profile football, so why would he drop down a league to play for the team we thumped in the play-off final or for that matter a team that is below us in the league table?


03 Apr 2012 14:28:23
big roumer brentford are trying to get stuert beavon of wycome.kylie osbourne to reading(6)(3)Osborne failed his medical at Reading and Reading are now looking at Adam Flint of Swindon


03 Apr 2012 14:13:39
Van Bommel to move back to psv in summer
when contract ends

BigBill(13)(4)Who the hell cares


03 Apr 2012 13:31:27
Gylfi Sigurdsson to move to Spurs in the summer for 8m(9)(26)To replace? modric?Swansea city got first choice on him and he will sign as he loves playing that style of football"Swansea city got first choice on him and he will sign as he loves playing that style of football"

No they haven't, hoffenhiem are very reluctant to let him go, I can see him going to a much bigger and better club than swansea. I suspect he is well out of their price range anyway.


03 Apr 2012 13:11:55
Latest,steve evans is to walk away from Crawley,depending on FA and FL investigation he maybe in lin for job at Rotherham.Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
god help them(3)(12)Its about time if this rumour is true that Scum Evans got done by the inept FA.
How the likes of Di Canio who waves his arms about on the touchline without abusing the referee as this is Di Canios way of communicating with his players plus he is italian and they are expressive with their arms and then you have Evans and his team of thugs who verbally abuse every team they play and Evans abuses every referee, so the FA give Di Canio a two match ban and for the Crawley players fighting on the pitch and after the game they get a three match ban.

So where is the justice from the pathetic inept FA. Evans has got away with what he does for far too long and he needs to be done big time by the FA to teach this horrible scottish person a lesson, in fact he should be kicked out of professional football.


03 Apr 2012 11:51:02
Southampton striker Tadanari Lee is out for the rest of the season after having surgery on his injured right foot(15)(2)


03 Apr 2012 10:59:43
paulo di canio will be whufc manager!(12)(33)No doubt he will, the question is when thoughTotal rubbish.

West Ham fans want him but he needs more experience yet and i reckon he will do another year with us first.

West Ham fans always moaning as though they have some given right to be as they were in the 60's 70's with the way they play. When Allardyce came in you all were over the moon, you moaned about Zola you moaned about Curbishley,you moaned about Pardew and if your beloved Paolo came in and didnt do well youd moan about him too.

Allardyce will get you promoted and Di Canio will stay with us as Paolo is not ready for the championship or premier league yet.

We had the bottle and nerve to take him on as a manager and we got laughed at by the ex professional of the game and the so called expert pundits and now everyone want him. We know he will go one day but it wont be for next season.He aye no good


03 apr 2012 10:38:15
nigel pearson has 6 games to save his job or will be replaced by billy davies source(18)(15)As If Pearson will be given time to build his own team just overreaction probably a Trees fanSurpised he lasted more than 6 months the way Leicester go through managersWhats the source..??


03 Apr 2012 10:31:57
Peterborough United have signed highly-rated Wrexham centre-back Nathaniel Knight-Percival.

The 25 year-old will join Posh in the summer on a free transfer once his current deal at the Racecourse Ground expires.(10)(5)


03 Apr 2012 10:28:08
when wolves go down
fletcher - sunderland
jarvis - west brom
doyle - swansea(27)(16)Dont you mean if?No is the correct term but jarvis towest brom?
We have no debt and contracts will fall in to line with division.
So any sales will be on our terms.
So cant see the albion or villa paying the desired amounts.Jarvis is over rated ,championship should suit him.Jarvis to Norwich??Doyle back to Reading when they come up.West brom could not afford to buy jarvis


03 Apr 2012 10:16:08
George Boyd rejects new contract offer from Peterborough(22)(3)


03 Apr 2012 09:56:15
Norwich City will attempt to sign Roger Johnson from relegation threatened Wolves in the summer window(10)(29)I hope so he's rubbishIf thats true put Norwich down as favourites for relegation next seasonYou need to look how bad johnson has become he now looks a shocking player and turning up fr training pissed as well.I will deliver him for free plus eight others conner as wellRubbish rumour, Lambert will have read about his behaviour, and one of the things Lambert always checks is the character of any player he is interested in, so he will not go for this guy.Got us mixed up with ipshte they take take all the overprised hasbeensChelsea and arsenal also in for himI am lucky enough to own a nice car, it is full of fuel, I will take him there and stop off on the way to buy him lunch. Oh please go Roger


03 Apr 2012 09:35:46
Charlton are set to sign Ras M'Bolhi on a free transfer from CSKA Sofia after being recommended to Powell by Madjid Bougherra, his Algerian team mate. He will come in to replace Sullivan in Charltons first foray into the transfer market this summer. Expect another 6-7 players as they rebuild for a run at The Premiership(1)(8)Who else to you think we will bring in!Who the hell is that?

Also why would he replace Sullivan? Sullivan is a bench warmer to Hamer so I'm not sure someone would want to join the club if they knew the man they were replacing had been on the bench all season.


03 Apr 2012 07:02:56
Burnley to sign Brett Pitman from Bristol City(15)(10)


02 Apr 2012 23:46:28
After yesterdays "embarrassing" loss at home v Hibs, Terry Butcher will rip up the entire defence bar Tokely and rebuild it completely, building it around GK, Ryan Esson.

Also, he will look for an out and out Goalscorer due to us not getting many goals this campaign.

Loans will all go back to parent clubs with Golobart possibly coming back on a permanent deal.(5)(3)


02 Apr 2012 21:54:27
Heard from a relative earlier today who works inside the club that Liverpool are working through a deal with Crewe for a 17 year old called Nick Powell but are facing heavy competition from Chelsea and Arsenal. There is also big interest in 20 year old non league midfielder Ryan Williams from Welsh side Rhyl who is also attracting attention from Swansea, Brighton and Ross County(5)(17)My nephew is at Crewe and as usual Liverpool rumours surface as soon as they have a good prospect. Ashton, Hulse etc etc
There has been no interest from any Prem club. West Ham the only passing inquiry to date.


02 Apr 2012 20:48:40
Norwich will sign either Jay Rodriguez or Jordan Rhodes for 4m + Chris Martin - Watch this space....(26)(29)I don't know mate, I don't think that coldplay would let their lead singer go that easily...My cousin is high up within the supporters club and is connected. According to him Jordan Rhodes is very much a player PL would like to have at the club but it's more likely to be Simeon Jackson who goes the other way.I hope so:)Errrrrrrrrrrrr


02 Apr 2012 20:39:07
Liverpool are looking to sign Seydou Keita and David Hoilett while they are also planning moves for Alex Smithies,Angelo Ogbonna,Kevin Strootman and Stevan Jovetic. Aquilani,Cole,Maxi,Adam,Kuyt,Spearing,Doni,Wilson,Pacheco,Jones and Eccleston are all likely to leave the club to free up space on the wage bill and bring in some funds towards new players.(20)(14)Pacheco to be at Norwich next season...But they are good players you only sign rubbish onesWe have are considering bringing Rafa back and he already is thinking of players with Adam Johnson, Lassana Diarra, Raul Albiol, Kevin Strootman, Artur Boric and Stevan Jovetic players Rafa would like. Aquilani,Maxi,Adam,Doni,Downing,Pacheco,Jones,Amoo and Eccleston could leave. Cole could be given a second chance while Henderson may go out on a season long loan.


02 Apr 2012 17:46:46
Summer Signings:
Arsenal - Podolski
Villa - Jarvis
Blackburn - Heskey
Bolton - Fletcher
Chelsea - Lavezzi
Everton - Tino Costa
Fulham - Gignac
Liverpool - Hoilett
Man City - Cavani
Man Utd - Gaitan
Newcastle - Kranjcar
Norwich - McFadden
QPR - Bon Doy (anagram)
Stoke City - Lukaku
Sunderland - Nzogbia
Swansea - Rodallega
Tottenham - Nilmar
West Brom - Andy Johnson
Wigan - Husklepp(pardon spelling)
Wolves - Zigic(12)(40)Whos mcfadden - norwich??The guy Thiery Henry says is world class.You know exactly who he is bitchy EnglishmanMcFadden to Norwich - No chance Lambert will not bring in a player the wrong side of 28, especially since he has struggled to get over his serious knee injury that kept him out for 13 months.I dont no how nilmar will be joing he has agreed 2 join barcalona in 2014You're thinking of Neymar of Santos and that is just a rumour no deal's been agreed. Real Madrid,AC Milan and Chelsea are still interested. Nilmar is a small tricky Brazilian striker very similar to Neymar but not quite as good an not quite as young he plays for Villareal.Only 1 right is poldolski to arsenal


02 Apr 2012 16:58:09
Danny Lennon wants to sign Kris Doolan and the Partick Board are keen to sell.McNamara is resisting as he is the only goalscorer they have.(5)(5)Could be why we signed that 6ft 4in youngster the other day.Think Thistle will sell as we are losing a lot of cash with Warriors moving out.St Mirren ought to get him cheap as Partick are skint - they even have to beg fans to take on jobs they can no longer afford to pay for.


02 Apr 2012 16:13:46
Daryl Murphy go to sign for ipswich in the summer(20)(12)Pretty sure daryl murphy already plays for ipswitch?!


02 Apr 2012 16:02:51
Summer transfers which are close Podolski-Arsenal, Tiote-Chelsea, Hoilett-Liverpool, Rhodes-Swansea, Adebayor-Tottenham.(8)(23)Rhodes is being chased by Norwich according to latest press reports, so maybe Swansea have competition for his signature.Rhodes will never go to swansea!!He doesnt mind england but wales...!! - Norwich probsDoesn't mind England, he is English! Jocks pick him as he went to school there whilst his Dad played in Scotland.He is a scottish u21...


02 Apr 2012 15:47:24
Gotze is set to snub a move to Arsenal and move to Italy or Spain. Gotze is believed to prefer the playing environment in those countries, rather than England. Gotze's agent has also warned his client that Arsenal will sell Van Persie in the summer, leaving the Gunners a poorer side(7)(21)Gotze signed a new deal with Dortmund last week so shyaadd upAbsolutely no truth in this rumor, Gotze has just signed a contract extension at his current club and will not be leaving Borrusia Dortmund for at least two more years.


02 Apr 2012 15:29:11
Manchester United will complete the summer signings of Lille winger Eden Hazard and Athletic Bilbao star Javi Martinez.

They willalso depart with Park Ji Sung, Dimitar Berbatov, Tomasz Kuszack, Robbie Brady (loan),(35)(20)Both Real and Barca have strong interest in Martinez, if Bilbao decide to sell him it will be to one of them not UnitedI don't see hazard will be going to be so easy to available in the summer.There are so many teams are interested in will be a tough call for any inrested club.


02 Apr 2012 14:34:50
Heard today that this Friday will be the day rangers go into liquidation, the administrators are set to knock back all rescue packages that would involve a CVA,(17)(18)Thank God


02 Apr 2012 14:20:57
hi, just a little question, hope you can answer it.I know liverpool previously have had interest in marko marin, do you know if that interest is still there? if so is there any chance of liverpool signing him in the summer and how great is that chance? thanks.(6)(8)Marin wants to stay in the Bundesliga not very likely to happen


02 Apr 2012 14:15:30
Latest rumour from FA.Bradford and Crawley to be fined heavily and a 6 point deduction.This will punish both teams seems a bit hard but also additional investigation from both FL and FA even talk about kicking them out of leauge Football,that does seem harsh as all thihere crap is due to there Manager.(8)(18)


02 Apr 2012 12:24:42
Paul Paton of Partick Thistle will not play for them next season as he is going to an English club.Thistle haven't tried too hard to keep him as he is a bad influence in the dressing room.(13)(5)


02 Apr 2012 10:13:03
Jason Shackell to be offloaded in the summer to help reduce the 7 mil + operating debt recorded by Derby this year. Leicester are apparently in pole position to gain his signature.(10)(22)Won't happen. That 7m costs is a one off, as it includes the paying off of contracts of Leacock, Bywater, Pearson and Cywka. Derby are one of the best run clubs in the league, with one of the highest attendances, and Leicester can't splash millions at another failed promotion attempt, especially not on another centre half, who will probably be valued by Clough at 3.5m, especially as he is currently captain, and the only fit Championship quality centre half.Umm,are you clearly stupid the only fit championship quality centre half! im sure there's curtis davies and moreShackell worth 3.5M ? - Ha Ha, I watched his early career at Norwich and he was always inconsistent, we sold him to Wolves for 1M, and it did not take Mick McCarthy to figure out he was not up to top end Championship or Premier level and sold him on to Barnsly.
Unless he has improved beyond all measure in the last three years he remains just an average championship CB who is probably worth about what Derby paid for him 750K.Wake up people, Barker is out for a year. So why would Nigel Clough sell his only other centre back with championship experience, are we that thick.1.5 mil the asking price with Ipswich also interested.he is clearly referring to him being Derby's only fit centre half, and yes, I'd say he is worth 3.5m when put in relation to other Leicester City signings - Mills, Morgan etc. especially as Leicester paid 1m for Morgan, who was out of contract at the end of the season, and Shackell is on a similar level, if not better due to his ability to play from the back.That guy is having a laugh saying early in his career. Isn't every one rubbish at the start e.g Pique


02 Apr 2012 10:03:10
Karl Robinson facing the axe if MK Dons don't make the play-offs which is looking increasingly likely with recent performances(6)(15)


02 Apr 2012 10:00:02
MK Dons interested in signing Stuart Beavon from Wycombe in the summer(9)(7)


02 Apr 2012 08:48:02
Arsenals unknown striker Park Ju Young will move to Norwich City in the summer for an initial loan move with promises of a permanent deal should Norwich wish to sign the player(24)(18)Decent... We need one more striker


02 Apr 2012 08:10:23
spurs to put in a 12 million bid for milo krasic in the summer !Get in there(4)(22)


01 Apr 2012 15:49:07
Stuart Beavon will sign for Doncaster in the summer(9)(17)


01 Apr 2012 11:44:47
Whittingham will not be leaving Cardiff because he is happy here source south Wales echo and don't comment saying things like "he told you that himself did he" because yes he did and if he's too good for Cardiff he's way too good for west brom(6)(42)He told you that himself did he?No he didn't tell you himself, your just a Cardiff fan in denial that he is too big for youThere is No chance will he join WBA , he's just signed a new long terms contract so whoever wants to bid better make it big!!He may well be happy at Cardiff but no player anywhere has ever said publically ' i can't wait to leave' they will aoways say they love being at the club they are atWhat about norwich?


01 Apr 2012 11:41:39
Hey ed any news on cardiff signing marvin emnes, Aaron Maclean or Robert snoddgrass and ross McCormack and Eddie Johnson in the summer
Ps I heard if wolves go down roger Johnson will be coming back to Cardiff you heard it here first {Ed001's Note - not heard anything on any of those, it is only just April though.}(2)(35)You can have Johnson , he is poison.Very wishful thniking from Cardiff fansIf you want him i'll bring him down in my wheelbarrow. League 1 player at best.I love how once rmac starts scoring again every cardiff fan thinks he's gonna come back haha not a chance...remember he left cardiff for a reason!


01 Apr 2012 10:00:59
Cardiffs Peter whittingham set to leave in 28days as malky as sanctioned his move as not to hold the lad back as he is far too good for his team(13)(16)Best player in the Championship IMO, tragic he isn't playing in the premHaha can us at aston villa have our player back please now!?Norwich? Would be a good place for him to go...


01 Apr 2012 09:54:00
Robinho to Tottenham in the summer(7)(42)I really hope this is going to happen!! im a spurs supporter and either robinho or guisippe rossi or (its even rumoured we could get both!) would be amazing and would completely change the greatness of our squaadI heard we'd sign alfredo di stefano as well...Spurs can only buy when they sell and id rather have modric and bale then robinho any day rossi is good but will probably go to juventus or inter and dont forget u need to find the money to keep adebayor ffirstWill never happen and if it did you will see the same lazy player as was at man city only playing when he wants to ansd saying its a dream come true to play for Arsneal I mean Spurs.Personally, would love to see Robinho at Tottenham. He's one of the laziest players in the game and after his stint at Man City I can't believe anyone would consider bringing him back to the Premier League...go ahead Tottenham! Awful fans. Awful manager. No class. No style.


01 Apr 2012 09:50:53
tottenham are linning up a swoop for birmingham winger nathan redmond in the summer.(18)(34)


01 Apr 2012 09:50:16
ajax captain jan vertonghen has cut his possible move this summer down to one of two possible destinations.juventus and arsenal areb the two left but arsenal remain favourites.(24)(14)


01 Apr 2012 09:48:11
chelsea have reportedly offerd partizan belgrade a 10 million plus offer for teenage star markovic.(5)(23)


01 Apr 2012 09:46:54
brazilian centre back ded is wanted by 3 premier league clubs and utd,arsenal and tottenham have all had the brazilian watched on several occasions(14)(6)


01 Apr 2012 09:45:44
sunderland scouts were present at the blackpool and southampton game keeping tabs on matty phillips.(25)(10)


01 Apr 2012 09:44:47
chelsea are plotting a sensational move for former blues star arjen robben(6)(26)Sensational? Really ? Hes a top winger and chelsea are desperate for width anyway he wants to leave bayern and hes already played at real i cant see him in italy and hes to old for any of the other top pl teams to pay big money for as he would cost more than 30 millionDoesn't going to happen guys as he already agreed to sign a new contract at the present club...


01 Apr 2012 09:41:12
norwich city are interested in taking rivals ipswich captain grant leadbitter to carrow road on a free transfer(14)(23)Absolute rubbish - Where would he play? Our midfield already has better players than him.I can't see this as a town fan though you can have him plays well for two months either side of being offered a new deal then is rubbish again


01 Apr 2012 09:40:25
arsenal looking to sign podolski and toni kroose from the bundesliga.yann mvila also a top target(19)(13)Podolski 15 million, mvilla 12 million, kroos 40 million where do arsenal find this money why not throw gotze and messi in for good measureNo hope in getting kroos does not want to take a step backwards


01 Apr 2012 09:39:37
man city,juventus and psg in a 3 way battle for real madrid defender raul albioli(4)(16)


01 Apr 2012 09:39:01
ath bilbao winger markel susaeta is being watched by a handful of european big guns.liverpool,man utd and chelsea all like theplayer along with psg and real madrid(8)(4)


01 Apr 2012 09:37:10
emile heskey is a target of blackburn boss steve kean(23)(13)


01 Apr 2012 09:36:30
sam allardyce set for the chop this week.paolo dicanio is set for an emotional return to east london.(28)(40)Come no why would they sack him with the final few game sof the season to go with a promotion battle on their hands. surely they would wait until the summer!


01 Apr 2012 09:34:21
liverpool fc have made gaston ramirez there top target this summer(18)(10)He has already signed for an unknown EPL teamCant be any worse than carrol downing or henderson why not spend another 30 millionCarroll's dive yesterday lol


01 Apr 2012 09:33:15
fulham midfielder dickson etuhu is set to join wba in the summer after admitting he doesnt want to sign a new deal at fulham(13)(10)More likely Fulham don't want to re-sign him again, out of favour recently and is close to his sell by date, likely a free transfer, and I am not sure there will be many takers in premier league.Dont blame him noone wants to play at a shed... And they call it a cottage!!


01 Apr 2012 09:32:25
man utd boss alex ferguson wants fulham pair moussa dembele and clint dempsey.liverpool and spurs have both been linked with a move for both players also.(9)(33)


01 Apr 2012 09:31:21
german champions dortmund are hoping to persuade japanese star kagawa to a new deal after it emerged inter milan and premier league pair arsenal and chelsea are interested in taking the att midfielder(5)(5)


01 Apr 2012 09:29:17
wba have tabled a bid for struggling scottish giants rangers versatile player steven naismith.this is not a rumour,its complete true!(22)(15)


01 Apr 2012 09:27:25
bacelona and real madrid are ready to do battle over spurs flying winger gareth bale this summer.(21)(15)


01 Apr 2012 08:27:30
Huddersfield Town's Jordan Rhodes is going to Newcastle United in the summer to replace the departing Demba Ba with a fee off £8.5 million plus add ons set to get him(7)(45)8.5m what planet are you on.
He's worth 2.5m tops with add ons.
Why would a prem club pay that amount on a player which would be a gamble, when there are proven players around for less?8.5m, you must be jokingAccording to Sunday papers Lambert has asked Huddersfield about getting Rhodes in the summer, fee is Likely to be 3M + add on's.
He ain't going to fetch 8M that;s for sure.
Also Huddersfield will keep him with improved contract if they get promoted to Championship, unless someone quoted stupid money like the 8M mentioned, and no sane Manager is going to gamble that big on a player who may or may not be able to step up 2 div's....10m no problem.the step up isnt as great as many think.lambert is flying in the championship and will carry on in the will rhodes.everton bound.Seeing that town turned down offers of 5 million from west ham to name but one they are not going to accept less. i have also heared that deal has been done at newcastle for 8 and1/2 million plus add ons.Demba Ba one of the best strikers in the league replaced by a play that would struggle in championship


01 Apr 2012 02:37:02
portsmouth fc using several young players from his academy:
chinedu vine,george colson,elliot wheeler,dan butler,sam magri,lewis tallack and also bring back marlon pack and matt ritchie
portsmouth fc first team 2012/13:

26-ben haim


01 Apr 2012 01:48:02
Luke Shaw is desperate to leave Southampton to go to Arsenal if an offer is tabled, but it would take a big bid to persuade saints, even for a player who is yet to make a first team appearance. Got told this by a teacher who teaches the youngsters at saints so 100% reliable.(12)(23)Seems like a load of rubbish to me
And he DOES have a first team appearance, he made his debut as a sub in the FA cupHes not good enough



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