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2011 22:33:25
Spanish giants Valencia are to become the feeder club for Brighton.(7)(21)I thought they would have preferred young boys switzIt is true because vicente from VALENCIA just joined Brighton on a freeFeeder club as in loaning out youth, vincentes 30Brighton just signed De Lusions of Grandeur


02 Sep 2011 20:16:55
Striker Nicky Maynard has told club officials that he will see out the remainder of his Bristol City contract and leave on a free transfer at the end of the season. Nicky is desperate to play in the premier league and was upset that no premier league clubs tried to sign him(9)(17)03 Sep 2011 00:55:38
posted by bitter Foxes and Saints fans no doubtEh? bristol city fans have been banging that drum all season - remember the "maynard will only go to a prem club" bit? and "maynard will not be leaving"? that was you lot saying that, nobody else.

fact is, maynard will leave you, either in january or in the summer, the only way that won't happen is (a) he gets injured again or (b) he has a rubbish season.

you lot kept saying he wanted prem football and it's a fact that no prem teams rated him as highly as you do, why does this need to be anyone being bitter? it's only confirming what you've been saying all season. besides, leicester got a better player for less money, why should they be bitter?Great bit of business by Brizzle....... they turn down a hugely over-inflated price for their star striker, so that they can lose him for nothing in 10 months time! Quality !Was due to sign for the Toon but broke down at last they are Prem unlike Saints and FoxesAhh, so there was a move to a premier league club and you know all about it whereas the likes of sky sports and the bbc had no idea it was happening, ok, that's that cleared up then.


02 Sep 2011 18:54:44
You say it's not about money - what else would it be about? Playing Championship footy? lol, it's all about money. Who in their right mind would go to a second tier club in a different country, with other offers on the table on a 1 year deal... unless he is getting major paid. I bet that deal is worth at LEAST £2 million to the player.(5)(13)You're wrong, it's all about Gus Poyet and the player wanting to play for him above anyone else, what with him being such a genius 'n all. At Brighton, the player will get to play the beautiful game the way it's meant to be played, they'll run rings round everyone up to and including Manchester United now that they have him onboard. Gus Poyet is wonderful, he's a shoo in to be the next Spurs manager once Harry gets sacked...

disengages sarcasm mode


02 Sep 2011 18:24:22
Notts County to sign Rory Fallon.(3)(16)

Is that the Jockey??


02 Sep 2011 18:22:29
just thinking james beattie could do a job for us at notts county if he doesnt ask for to much wages(5)(14)That's just the point. People like Beattie WILL ask for a lot of wages despite the fact that he is a has-been and is well past his sell-by date.He was on 20k a week at the Scottish Champions last season.


02 Sep 2011 18:10:58
Celtic reinstated to Europa League after UEFA throw out Sion for fielding 5 ineligible players. Now in a difficlut group with Athletico Madrid, Udinese and Rennes.

Jim Whyte, a Rangers supporter sacked by STV for making anti-Celtic comments, is choking on his words on SSN when making the announcement.

I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH!!.(13)(8)When i see you celtic i just think runners up. YOUR JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGHT. YOUR JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGHT. Jim Whyte never got the sack. He got offered the job at sky sports news. Why are you a zoomer?Got sacked mate. Make sure you know your facts before spouting sh1te.I remember he got the sack, jog on to your own page and make sure you do your tax return properly. Beach ball sunday at Ibrox 18th September, Hail HailGot the sack for drink driving. Prob after being out on the town after Rangers won the title...again! I'm glad your manky mob are in Europe, since Still Game finished there has been no decent laffs on TV. Cheers in advance Kneel Lemming for the 6 pumpings your unwashed are gonna suffer... HaHa fail failYes its the only way you can win a football match. In a word CRAPOReinstated. how embarassing.Tick tock the grim reaper cometh . hmrc be afraid be very afraid, were having a party when rangers dieYou have to laugh at the jocks and their mickey mouse teams,dont worry celtic will be out again soon


02 Sep 2011 18:04:36
just been thinking wonder if james beattie would do a job for us , rangers have let him go {Ed025's Note - for who?(4)(11)


02 Sep 2011 16:53:34
Whats the prob between saints fans n Burnley?and itractor boys n millwall!???(6)(6)Southampton fans pelted Burnley fans with missiles when Saints' relegation to League One was confirmed in a 2-2 draw between the teams in April 2009.

Burnley went on to win play-offs and saints spent 2 seasons in League one before Liebherr's money bought them promotion.

Now Saints think they can cherry-pick Burnley's players because they have a bit of dosh.Burnley are jealous of Saints.I don't think the money bought promotion. That is disingenuous to the players, coaching staff and management. Sure it helps but if it were that easy every season he who spends the most money would go up - and if you're honest that definitely ain't true. I think that loads of supporters on this board have a perceived problem with Saints because of the big club syndrome etc. Trouble is most of the posts about Saints signing on players aren't by Saints fans and there isn't a club out there that doesn't have some idiots in their fan base.

Live and let live and enjoy the ride - it's only a game after all.02 Sep 2011 21:11:05
They are all 4 jealous of Watford!They're all as thick as pigst, but they all hate Leicester equally cos Leicester have got more money than all of them put together, tin pot clubs.


02 Sep 2011 16:52:18
Walsall will in the next week sign Conor Tudor from Kiddeminster Harriers he is a very good goalkeeper conceding 2 in 10(4)(4)


02 Sep 2011 15:59:09
Southampton FC to bring in 1 more player one loan until Jan 12 to make the 25 man squad. Player to be bought in W/C 5th Sept before Notts Forest match.(4)(10)02 Sep 2011 16:43:55
What 25 man squad is that thenThe 25 player rule is for Premiership clubs not Championship clubsThe most players a squad can have in it is 25, with a ceratain number of youth players. I don't know how many saints have currently, but if we have 24, we can only get one more senior pro in.Clap Trap
A Championship club can have 1000 pros if it can afford the wagesWell if that's the case Saints can afford 3,000 players.It's not difficult to check you can Google it. The Premiership voted to ratify the 25 man squad last September so all the moaning about it by any managers or clubs is a smoke screen.

It has nothing to do with Football League Clubs - that's Championship, League One and League Two. You know those divisions where nearly any club with some luck can win the title.....


02 Sep 2011 15:55:22
CONFIRMED! Vicente has signed for Brighton! He turned down Leicesters offer of triple the wages to sign for Brighton, as he only wanted to play for Gus Poyet. Source: BHAFC club website(9)(18)How do you know that Leicester offered him triple the wages?Funny stuff, he turned down Leicester and the chance to triple his wages eh... no bullst here at all, good reporting.Anyone would Brightonhave just signed Messi, not some over the hill ex international the way they're going on about it. They've just signed the spanish equivalent of a 30yr old Darren Anderton, congratulations, a tenner says he won't see out the season.I don't know about Leicester offer but it's been confirmed that he rejected to play in the middle east, premier league and another la liga team to sign for BrightonWhere has it been confirmed, you have a link to the confirmation i assue, and i assume that all of those clubs menitoned are named within the confirmation? Anything less is a rumour, very apt for this site, but hardly confirmation.


02 Sep 2011 15:09:52
stephen doobie expected to join blackpool on loan, they couldn't manage a permanent deal in time so a emergency loan agreement will be made.(5)(4)


02 Sep 2011 14:39:36
mclaren has gone.just heard from my mate at ground(8)(19)Your mate was lying,just announced that he is staying.


02 Sep 2011 14:08:53
Liverpool will put Martin Skrtel up for sale and sign Gary Cahill in January.(7)(21)


02 Sep 2011 14:22:48
Vicente is a brighton player!(16)(10)Nice to hear of a player moving for football reasons and not all about how much cash the club can line his pocket with. Well done to Gus for getting a quality player and shows Brighton are on the way up so good luck for the future.He was offered 3 times the money by Sven, but turned it down, as he was won over by Gus and Tony :DLmao! He refused three times the money and moved for 'football reasons' - how full of st are you?

If he was moving for football reasons, wouldn't he have gone to a better club than Brighton? and how many other clubs wanted him in the first place? I doubt he's even heard of leicester, let alone had an offer from them!
Why didn't West Ham move for him when they were adding wide men? Why didn't Leeds replace Gradel with him? Why didn't QPR, Swansea or Norwich jump in? What about Blackburn, or Everton - all of those clubs who need some affordable quality - the answer? Because he USED to be a good player, nowadays he's just another average journeyman, right up there alongside Johnathon Greening in the 'past his best' stakes - well done dreamers, you've just signed a bloke nobody else wanted and are wetting yourselves about it!


02 Sep 2011 13:57:24
Southampton have made a loan bid to sign
Justin hoyte or nathaniel clyne due to seabourne being in hospital and will also look to sign lukaku from Chelsea on loan for a season long loan(7)(17)I would imagine that Palace would be delighted to loan out a first team player in Clyne, ditto Middlesbrough in Hoyte. I suspect AVB will want to keep Lukaku for the time being since Drogba is out and Torres hasn't scored this term. Other than that, brilliant, well thought out rumours, based entirely on fact and not 'Southampton are massive' tosh.But it's Southampton. Everyone wants to jump on the Saints bus and into the Premier League. Jump on the bus, Gus.

They'll try to get Poyet as their next manager.It's like listening to a bunch of kids in the play ground at school for god get a life(saints fan)Not a chance Poyet would become Saints manager. They dont like him and he dont like them.We he did nealy end up at Stoke - Premier League rules prevented it, so they must be happy to let him go?


02 Sep 2011 13:53:31
Saints make ambitious loan bid for lukaku of Chelsea(7)(23)


02 Sep 2011 13:22:31
Barnsley chairman Patrick Cryne to step down due to ongoing legal drama. Former chairman John Dennis to take over the reigns again!(8)(17)Sorry but patrick cryne isnt the chairman of barnsley f.c.


02 Sep 2011 13:15:25
Soon excellent news for Brighton fans. Despite last minute interest from other richer and more famous clubs, Vicente will play for Gus Poyet

Source Guillem Balague twitter!


Vicente signing about now then heading back to Spain. Press conference Tues. Unconfirmed 1yr with 1yr option

Told you my cup was half full! Was interest in him from the Middle East, Torino and Celtic b4 he arrived, then another English club

Was never about money. If that was case he would have gone elsewhere. Let you know when I have confirmation he has put pen to paper

Source Andy Naylor Argus Twitter

BRIGHTON!!!!!!(8)(6)He wouldn't get a game anywhere else half decent.Great signing this guy could easily play for almost any Premier League team. Fantastic signing!Bwaaaa! You honestly think he's Premier League quality? Does that explain why NONE OF THEM wanted him? Not the recently promoted sides, not the strugglers, not even skint Everton came in for him. You're fooling yourselves if you believe he's Prem standard. He may be able to do a job in the championship, but if you think he's the new messiah you'll be in for a shock. Once he's been booted a few times he'll be off, bet he won't even be in the team by Christmas.


02 Sep 2011 13:09:01
El hadji diouf will be a westham player by nest week.the foreard released buy blackburn is wanted by former manager big sam to help with westhams surge for the championship title.although many see him as a contrversial character allardyce likes his football.(7)(10)The bThe bloke is pure scum wouldn't have him at my club, but then again I'm a QPR fanHe is a replacement for Galatasaray-bound Carlton ColeCole knocked back a move to stoke on the basis that it was to far to move his family so i cant see him moving to galatasarayAccording to Sky, Cole is keen on a move abroad and is waiting on West Ham's decision. Personally, i think Turkey is a nice place to go on holiday, but i really wouldn't want to live there and Galatasary have a knack of ruining decent players, wouldn't touch them with a stty stick if it were me, Spain, France, Italy yet, maybe even Germany, but not Turkey.

As for Diouf, here's hoping nobody moves for him, he's scum, should be kicked out of the game or left to rot in the stands.


02 Sep 2011 12:42:08
David moyes is looking to see how far along the move is for free agent vicente !(5)(5)Signing for brighton now, flying back to spain until tuesday, then there will be a press conference. 1 year deal, with 1 more year if he wants. he turned down middle east clubs, celtic and premier league clubs to sign for gus poyet! it wasnt about the moneyPfft! utter utter dreamers! gus poyet suddenly has more pulling power than the premier league - if that's true then your new wonderboy has zero ambition. what's he going to do when poyet quits and moves to a bigger club? If poyet is all you mugs say he is, then surely he'll be snapped up by a prem club once someone is sacked, and then what happens, does you hero move with him?

Oh, and please don't start with the "Gus loves us, he'll never leave" bcks, because we all know that isn't true. Managers are more fickle than players! If Poyet gets a sniff at a prem job he'll be off and your new hero will burst into tears, grow up!


02 Sep 2011 12:29:12
01 Sep 2011 20:31:56
Fact. Wolves Ebanks-Blake on loan to coventry annoused in two days to the public


Where do these tools come from?
Ebanks-Blake is out injured for 4-6 weeks, before the the window shut Wolves were looking at a loan cover for Ebanks-Blake, so why would we loan him out?(3)(6)I heard about this a while ago on BBC Coventry and warwickshire radio, I could see it happening as sisu are trying to get big loan signings to show cove fans they are not a bunch of....It's not going to happen. It was a rumour, but Wolves need SEB when fit as cover for Doyle and Fletcher. Having just bought Cody McDonald, we are better covered up front (McDonald, Jutkiewicz, Eastwood, Roy O'Donovan, Clive Platt, Gary McSheffrey - and I'm not saying they are all decent players, before the comments roll in; just talking about the numbers) than we are in the middle of the park (hence a 17 year old starting every game so far and two other 17 year olds having played large parts). Expect loans to come in the form of creative midfielders, if they happen at all (see; board, parasitic).


02 Sep 2011 11:44:10
Former Scotland boss George Burley is in talks with Dougie Freedman at Crystal Palace to become his assistant. Freedman is keen ot get some experience to his ranks after quoting; 'yes we've started the season well, but I see one or two teams every year in this league drop and fight to stay up. We don't want to be in that situation but I'm still afraid it may happen as we have no real experience. Now the window is shut, I may appoint another assistant to guide me through the season'. Burley is thought to be re-joining his former club on a one year deal.(2)(7)


02 Sep 2011 11:40:31
Aidy Boothroyd is set to re join Coventry City as Chief Scout. Andy Thorn is keen to add to his scouting department scouring place abroad to get cheaper players, with no funds really available. Boothroyd is said to have a number of contacts within East Asia.(5)(10)Ahh, the return of the pretend Coventry fan linking my Club with old incumbents in the strange little hope of making a mockery of the sky blues. There was me thinking silly season was over... thankfully, so are the summer holidays before long.East Asia? You mean the Far East like China and Japan?


02 Sep 2011 11:38:30
Swindon Town are on the verge of sacking new boss Paulo Di Canio. Despite the poor start to the season, the board are particulary unhappy with how he dealt with Leon Clarke on Tuesday night in the Carling Cup defeat to Southampton, feeling the club had been embaressed. Former Leeds and Sheffield United manager Kevin Blackwell is in the frame to sign a one year contract if Di Canio does leave.(11)(11)


02 Sep 2011 11:36:01
Rafael Benitez could make a surprise return to Liverpool. The ex Liverpool boss is in talks with Kenny Dalglish about becoming an ambassador for the club, going to important board meeting the former Celtic boss usually has to go to, whilst also having a scouting role. Dalglish wants Benitez to liase between the coaching staff and players to the board. Benitez is happy to do so and Dalglish may reward the former Valencia boss a coaching role at the end of the season.(9)(10)Cant really see this happening and i really hope im right cause if he does come back and get a foothold in the club who says he wont be the boss after kenny?I think they should appoint avram grant so he can take them into the championshipI think you should finish your coco and go to bed

ste liverpool


02 Sep 2011 11:34:23
Watford are going to sign James Henry on loan with a view to a permanent deal also Troy Deeney will do the same but the other way watch this space has been done and both of the transfer will go through on the first day of the loan window opening !!(3)(11)Utter drivel, as i've posted before Henry is going nowhere.I've heard hes off to the supermarket riht now!Done deal i heard - Jackett wants a centre forward and Dyche a winger - so makes sense but clearly Watford will want Henry plus cash for Henry


02 Sep 2011 11:34:15
Carlo Ancelotti has been approached by Porto in Portugal. Porto are currently unhappy with the approaches shown by new boss Vitor Pereira. The board aren't happy with his man management with a number of players, including Chelsea bound Alvaro Pereira.(3)(5)


02 Sep 2011 11:22:06
Steve McClaren will hand his notice of resignation in tonight but will resign on Monday after wanting to tell every player he is going and the reasons why. McClaren is wanting to tell those on international duty at the same time as those still at the club this weekend. A surprised board will sanction the resignation so they can look swiftly for a new boss. Forest are keen on bringing in somebody who has experience and a surprise name in the frame is Bruno Labbadia. The VFB Stuttgart manager is keen on coming to England to manage and is said to have been promised £4 million in the January transfer window. Labbadia is on his third German club after being in charge of Bayer Leverkusen and Hamburg.(6)(11)..the January transfer window? It's only September we could be down by then!


02 Sep 2011 11:08:57
Spanish Legend Vicente is about to snub both Brighton and Blackburn in favour of Leicester City. Wow, friend in commercial dept at LCFC called me this this morning completely buzzing, club officials were talking on phone with Vicente's agent into the early hours last night and were "very very confident" that they had persuaded him his future is at Leicester. Get in their Sven(3)(11)Or...

Leicester fan sees player linked with club and assumes his beloved Foxes will come in and gazump the bid. He models his spending policy on Sven, reading the Daily Mail and saying, Little Britain-like, 'want that one'. The difference is that Sven won't care if Leicester City's financial bubble bursts within two years as they remain the Championship's leading spenders and underachievers. In other news, LCFC to not get promoted this year...Lcfc were looking at him last month the players injury proneUnlucky! Vincente joins Brighton on a 2 year contract.The player has not put pen to paper for anyone, and, moyes has renewed his interest .Your completely buzzing freind scan stop buzzing as he's signed for Brightoin - FACT lolLook at him on Albion website holding Brighton shirt. Ha ha02 Sep 2011 16:49:19
Nah, he's already agreed the move to Brighton.U must feel like a right tit now haHa! utterly childish rumour. Leicester not interested in some past his best winger, he'll be a great fit at Brighton, just about their level. He used to be good, he isn't anymore. Good fishing though fella 6/10


02 Sep 2011 10:39:16
Sol Campbell is suppose to be in talks with Bournemouth over a one year deal after Lee Bradbury contacted the former England player late last night.(8)(10)Hope he's walking down 'cos he can't run.


02 Sep 2011 10:30:02
Jason Koumas will have a medical with West Brom. Roy Hodgson is keen on bringing the former Wales international back to The Hawthornes, where Koumas made his name. Hodgson is only willing to offer him a one month rolling contract to prove fitness and could be in the squad next week.(5)(2)Old news mate....he's been seen at the hawthornes over the last week.


02 Sep 2011 10:28:32
El Hadji Diouf will on the weekend complete a deal with Tromso in Norway. English clubs have been put off by his wage demands and in-disciplined attitude. The Norwegian side put a substantial contract on the table and Diouf is rumoured to be keen to be playing European football.(3)(3)I think he would take a much lower wage to join rangers because he loves them and won stuff ( major change from blackburn ). but even if he did take a pay cut i don't think a norweigan team could afford his wages.Crazy as it sounds, if i was hr i would get him to lane harry just might get the best out of him


02 Sep 2011 10:26:21
James Beattie is in talks with Austrian side Rapid Vienna. Beattie isn't interested in coming back to England as no real big club wants him, as with Scotland. The former England striker has already had a medical in Austria and personal talks with Rapid will continue over the weekend. Beattie could sign a one year deal.(4)(9)


02 Sep 2011 09:49:25
Burnley have told Southamppton they can have striker Martin Paterson for £3 million in January if the 24-year-old successfully comes back from a thigh injury.

It is Burnley's way of making it up to Saints for their disappointment at missing out on Jay Rodriguez. Before he was injured, Burnley turned down a £2.5 million bid by Pompey for Paterson.

By letting Saints have their third-choice striker Paterson (after Rodriguez and Charlie Austin), Burnley are trying to rebuild their good relationship with the south coast club.(5)(10)We don't have a good relationship with southampton and paterson will be going nowhere ... what a strange strange post.There's never been a good relationship
between the clubs,we'll get what we want in the end,and to where we want to be,and it will be hard straight dealings,
not handouts from a vastly inferior club.


02 Sep 2011 09:47:23
Norwich city to make De leat a perminant(9)(10)


02 Sep 2011 01:49:37
Former Everton midfielder Nathan Craig is on trial with league one side walsall

Andres Oper is also rumoured to be on trial with the Saddlers after failing to win a contract at Preston while on trial earlier in the summer with the league one side(7)(3)


02 Sep 2011 01:12:49
Everton to capture Diouf of Manchester United on loan.(3)(10)Loan window for Premiership clubs is closed and doesn't re-open until 1 January 2012.Hows that then? premier league window is shut.HeaHeard he was going to either Leicester or Southampton, no not really you just see anyone who is mentioned on here and half decent and expect to see it!The window is closed for Premiership clubs... did you miss it?No loan market for prem clubs only league clubsDoh - Premiership window is shut now and we can only loan players to Championship and below


02 Sep 2011 00:41:31
James Beattie to rejoin saints on a pay as you play deal as backup to sensation Rickie Lambert for the remanider of the season. Twitter-

Also saints intrested in loaning Blackburn striker Julio santa cruz still the end of the season who is younger brother to Roque santa cruz....Saintsweb(6)(12)You think people really give a toss about Southampton rumours when 95% of them turn out to be garbage? You lot are like fat kids in a cake shop, you want it all but have the capacity to have very little. Shush now, let the big boys play.Fat kids have a reasonable capacity. That's why they're fat.

Your analogy=fail.



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