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My uncle is a groudsman at Celtic Park and over heard backroom staff at the ground talking about how Georgi Samaras is on his way out and that West Ham are preparing a formal bid of £6.7million pounds him in the january transfer window!
  And let the Man City rumours/wish lists flood in . .

Anyway onto Arsenal, another anticlimax for us Gooner fans. Hopefully we can survive through to January so we can bolster and win some silverware. Although look where spending money got Spurs :P. Lets hope this squad realises the potential AW thinks it will.

  Lets stop all the Man C fans getting slightly carried away. You're acting like it is a Christmas list now. 'Lets think of an expensive player and ill post a rumor that we'll buy him.' Kaka, Messi, C.Ronaldo. . Dream On. Firstly saying that the Arabs are worth £X million is worthless. Firstly it is invested into business assets, and they won't blow all of their net profits on a club, leaving them broke. Also don't forget that Chelsea lose Millions of pounds each year. Ambramovich has lost faith. Believe me it won't be like you guys hope.
We all know money doesn't buy success. You buy players, but the football is nowhere near as flamboyant as Man U or Arsenal. Besides, you pay millions on players and you still lose to us in Moscow. Dream on guys. HAAAAA.

p.s this site is in ruins. Why even say the Kaka will play in goal. It isn't even funny. I could say my Granny plays for Luton town. . . Funny?. . Thought not.
  Steel Tycoon, Lakshmi Mittal the multy billion air is set to bid and buy blackburn rovers and will probly take over by late december early january and will give paul ince 30mil to spend in january and 100mil to spend in september

january targets:
saviola 8mil
recoba free
valdo 6mil
bradley 6mil
pires 6mil

total 26mil

september targets:
ribery 24mil
sagnol 7mil
matias fernandez 14mil
senna 16mil
iniesta 23mil
nesta 14mil

he will sell some players to fund for some more players i don't no who them targets will be or who he will sell but if Steel Tycoon, Lakshmi Mittal deal goes through rovers will be challenging spurs,man u,man city,arsenal,chelsea and liverpool for the top 4 and the champions league positions so the premiership will suddenly light up even more
  It's cum to my attention that stephen appiah is available for free west ham are favourites but with arsenal crying out for a denfensive midfeilder he could be perfect cu on wenger get in done and i hope you have learnt that youngsters is not the answer
  To the geezer that said the 2nd richest guy will buy arsenal and his worth 60 billion USD that's about £30 billion. You also take that Man City. Why??? The company that owns Man City are worth over £600 billion!!!!
  I think its so funny how all the liverpool fans always complain about chelsea buyin titles but when theres rumours going about that DIC are going to buy the club, they start shouting out how they're going to spend £200million in january etc. . i don't understand why robinho signed for manc city altho i think its funny how chelsea sold swp to manc city to buy robinho and the mancs ended up buyin him lol. DIC to look to purchase newcastle if the americans take too long to sell.
  To all you idiots happy at seeing foreign investors killing our game!!!

All they are doing is increasing the price of every player around the world. . Simple rule's of supply and demand

Yes the take over of Man City was exciting but i feel sorry for the true Man City fans as there club has just been taken further from them.

There is no glory in being able to buy the perfect side. You have to feel the lows to celebrate the highs. I've always respected the Man city fans for what they have been through but i can guarantee for many of them the highlight as a fan will be the day they won there way back into the premiership.

They deserve more than to be spolit by some Arab Arsenal supporter who wants to win a bet with family member who claims he will make Liverpool a better side.

It's like eating to many sweets, they taste good but in the long run they will make you fat and ruin your teeth

Your all missing the point. The rich are going to get richer and the real clubs poorer, until the poor clubs are gone.

Be proud of what we had, fight for it and ensure that English football remains as passionate as it has always been whoever is playing for your side

As a Torquay fan most memorable moment was watching Derrick Dawkins (terrible player) scoring the winner against Spurs in the first round of the littlewoods cup. Who knows we may even gain promotion back into the football league this year
  Right first of all Wenger won't be sacked. Second to whoever said the second richest man has 60billion well if the 4th richest has 3.4 trillion u do the math. Wenger will only buy the right players that is from the horses mouth so stop he footy manager rumours. Possibles are Veloso, Huntelaar, Richards(doubtful now) or the young talent from jdvkvdjbvdkn (wherever). People stop posting the players they have just bought on footy manager for their clubs.
  Congrats to Man CITY for being takenover you are now officially the richest club in the prem and do you know that the 34million that you spent on robinho was as much as lfc spent this summer. . . . come on DIC
  Lets be honest. .

Arsenal, diamond polishers, produce great players
Man City, fair play, u now got money
Chelsea, it was good while it lasted
Man U, should have seen it coming
Liverpool, DIC will make all our birthdays and christmas come at once.

wiv all this talk of football dying coz of rich owners. . shut up!!! they've only gone and made the premiership the best league in the world.
so long as they don't bare the borrowing on to each club itself then great, so long as the average football loving man can still watch his team, then great. would each fan not want the premiership to have the world best players playing at our clubs? imagine, kaka in the red of liverpool or messi in the claret and blue of villa, or even villa in the white of spurs. and as for young english talent to come through, imagine not being able to see cantona,henry,viera,bergkamp week in week out to watch and learn from, imagine the youngster who see top players and aspire to be like them, learning tricks like their idols perform week in week. this can only bode well english football maybe not in 2 years but watch in 10 years the calibre of an english player, the tricks and techniques they shall have. most FA coaches already agree that the youngster are not as good with the ball at the feet as our european counterparts, top world stars are all comfortable on the ball and given time our kids will watch and automatically try to emulate this and eventually wiv the right coaching be superb world class players, 20 years from now watch england national team dominate world football and play 442 wiv flair speed control and inteligence.
  Dic taking over in december, doesn't look like yanks will be town much longer

rafa has his christmas list ready but won't get many as the respective clubs of potential targets won't sell as most of their target replacements shall be cup tied or won't have sufficient time to broker the deals, however come the summer

navas/quaresma, aguero/villa, sneider/de maria, alves/richards, kaka !!!!! rafa will have a year with dic to win the title or in will come, wait for it. . . . . . . . . .jose mourinhio
  Not a rumour but a response to a question: Who's richer, DIC or Al–Fahim (Man city owner). DIC are a small part of Sheik Mohammed's Dubai portfolio and are run seperately from other "Dubai" companies they probably don't have the same levels of cash as the Al–Fahim family. That is just compairing DIC to the Al–Fahims. Take in the fact DIC is owned by Sheik Mo' then you have to look at the fact he has wealth that far out reaches that of the Al–Fahims. So in one way Man City are richer but on the other hand they aint.

Anyways there is big competiton between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and already the rumours are raging that DIC are miffed at City being bought and will be making aggressive moves to takeover Liverpool, especially considering RBS aint going to give the Yanks any breathing space in their repayments and RBS are very friendly with DIC and associated businesses. Thing is a move for either Newcastle or Arsenal have been heard if the Yanks don't relent
  AFC –

Arsenal didn't move for any new players on the final transfer day – no suprise there.

Wenger has great faith in the youth system, expect Merida to be a star for the future in the centre of midfield.

In order to fill the Flamini/Gilberto void Arsene may go for the free agent Appiah, Arsene has long been an admirer and he would be the perfect combative foil for Fabregas to go forward and create.

He is experienced and talented, the only concern is his injury record – this will be the deciding factory and maybe his advancing age!!!

Arsenal have a top notch medical team and have taken the injured Bischoff, with constant concerns over RVP and Rosicky it may just be one treatment room tenant to many but if anyone can nurse him back to fitness and help him fill his full potential Arsene can.

Finger crosses!!!!
  I'm the guy who so far has had nearly all my rumours correct, the reason? a very close friend of mine works for the FA's youths off streets campaign and they gossip like mad up there in the FA headquaters when something is going on. I told you all about three weeks ago that Kevin Keegans futre was in serious doubt, i also told, and laughed off by a spurs fan, that if Man utd get Berbatov spurs would get campbell in return. Anyway my big story this week is about the DIC company that are rumoured to be buying Liverpool, you can quote me on this, i will happily put my enitre mortgage on them NOT buy Liverpool FC. They feel that there is too much money already in the premiership and that the competition is too great. Basically if more and more teams are getting money thrown at them, the prospect of buying LFC becomes less and less attractive. They had dozens of people contacting the FA on a regular basis in regards to the leagality of buying/selling players and trying find out as much information about the biggest threats i.e Man utd and chelsea, as legally as possible. They have had no contact for nearly a month now and have cancelled over 15 meetings scheduled over the coming months. that i guarentee is fact but a little rumour is that they are interested in investing into the MLS as, financially, its the fastest growing football league in the world. So the any Liverpool fan who is starting a rumour about how Rafa is going the get 150m to spend in Jan and blow Man utd, chelsea or whoever out of the way. .shh your lying. Also check out for this story to be in a well known tabloid in 3 to 4 weeks, as they pay well for this kind of information.
  SENSATION – Mike Ashley has decided his next manager is. .Neil Warnock. Apparently they met on a jolly to Kempton races over the summer, got on really well, and Ashley is convinced. Ashley is said to like his no–nonsense approach. Warnock and Dennis Wise are long time pals too, and with Simon Jordan stating that he is off at the end of the season, Warnock has decided to go for the last big hurrah. You heard it here first.
  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, has instructed his advisors to negotiate a deal for Liverpool FC with George Gillett Jnr and Tom Hicks. Gillett was willing to sell his shares earlier this year but Hicks vetoed the sale. Hicks is now ready to listen to offers as both he and Gillett are struggling to finance the loans. At present we are unsure whether the purchase will be done through DIC (part of Dubai Holdings) or by the Skeikh himself. His personal fortune amounts to more than $16 billion dollars, not taking into account his companies and other interests. I am unsure as to the timescale of the purchase but I am fairly confident that come the new transfer window Liverpool FC will have new owners.
  To the guy who asked who is richer, the DIC or ADUG(Man C) its DIC. The DIC is fronted by Shiek Mohammad, the ruler of Dubai. The DIC is the investment arm of the Dubai government. The Shiek is the 5th richest man in the world, Abramovic is 11th and the ADUG dude is in between Shiek and Abramovic. This is exactly why Liverpool fans want them to take over, knowing that the DIC chief exec is a Liverpool fan and he would run the club on a day to day basis and they can then go out and sign the likes of Robinho etc. I reported yesterday that the Yanks are seriously contemplating selling the club, this is becoming ever more inevitable as the credit crunch takes its toll and they have to repay the £350million loan buy the end of January. DIC have held an offer to them of £400million plus which has remained on the table for a considerable amount of time just illustrating their passion and desire to buy the club
  Not sure if this settles any argument about who's richer but forbes list for 2008 is this

Rank Name –Citizenship– Age– Net– Worth($bil) –Residence
1 Warren Buffett –United States – 77 –62.0– United States
2 Carlos Slim Helu & family Mexico – 68 – 60.0– Mexico
3 William Gates III– United States– 52 – 58.0 United States
4 Lakshmi Mittal– India – 57 – 45.0 – United Kingdom
5 Mukesh Ambani –India – 50 – 43.0 – India
6 Anil Ambani –India – 48 – 42.0 – India
7 Ingvar Kamprad & family– Sweden– 81 – 31.0– Switzerland
8 KP Singh –India – 76 – 30.0 – India
9 Oleg Deripaska –Russia – 40 – 28.0 – Russia
10 Karl Albrecht Germany – 88 – 27.0 – Germany
  Whilst the media is still yet to confirm the exact events, my sources inform me that:

On Tuesday morning Kevin Keegan had a board meeting with Mike Ashley, Dennis Wise, Tony Jimenez and Derek Llambias.

The meeting became heated over numerous diagreements, KK wanted complete control over any future transfers, the removal of Dennis Wise or a severe reduction in his power, and also issues over the sale of James Milner, Michael Owen's contract disputes and Joey Barton where raised.

At some point during the meeting, Keegan is believed to have stormed out of the board room. He was seen shortly after travelling up the A69 home to Scotland.

After leaving it is believed that Ashley decided to sack Keegan, but he reversed his decision an hour or so later after seeing the thousands of Geordies turn up in support for KK and on the advice of senior officials.

Newcastle officials and Terry McDermott spent the remainder of yesterday pleading with keegan to come back, by which time KK was in a Manchester Hotel with his lawyers and refusing to do so – whilst maintaining he had not quit.

NUFC released a statement i am sure you all saw, basically seperating themselves from the incident and trying to lay the blame of any seperation firmly at KK's door.

It is believed KK will return for further meetings at some point Wednesday afternoon, but at present Kevin Keegan is still very much Newcastle Manager. He hasnt been sacked, and he hasnt walk out. Though either of these are possible if the Wednesday/Thursday meetings don't go as planned.


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