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03 Nov 2012 21:01:00
Doncaster boss' Dean Saunders has admitted he's talking to Iain Hume about a permanant contract with the club

150 k and he will leave

Hume has stated he wants to go and play league football in Canada/USA

Also stated he'd wants to join Donny permanantly

He is also enjoying his time at Doncaster, I hope he stays with the Rovers he had felt unwanted until he came to Doncaster.

Be great if he signed full-time in Jan, just his relative high wages could be a problem.

This a "must" signing for Dean. OK we will probably have to pay him a decent
wage, as he is on at Pne, but we can sign
him for next to nothing !



03 Nov 2012 20:45:44
Exeter City will make the loan signing this week of Ryan Harley on a loan deal until January 1st after Harley has been lefted out of the Brighton squad again against Leeds.

The deal will involve a possible extension in January until the end of the season. Harley wants first team football in an enviroment he knows will suit him.

Take him! pleasez

Harley is class and wont be coming back to Exeter. I would love him to.

At Brighton i would imagine that Poyet has no idea how or where on a football pitch to play Harley which is why he is struggling

He is poor quality. N e one can have him on a free.

Ryan Harley is a waste of space! Had one good free kick, and then looked like a fish out of water! With Crofts, Hammond, Orlandi, David Lopez, Vicente (when fit!) and Dicker all ahead of him in midfield, he is way out of his league in the Albion midfield! To the person Exeter fan who thinks Gus knows nothing! Hmmmm where are Exeter? Who is your manager? How many big jobs has he been linked with?! Poyet no idea? Yeah right!

Sadly this loan away from Brighton doesn't appear to have happened



03 Nov 2012 20:40:48
stoke looking to add more depth and quality to their squad buy siging Martin Ollson from Blackburn and also swapping Cameron jerome with Burnley for Charlie Austin.

Must be on cloud cuckoo land, no way we would swap Jerome for Austin, plus we would require at least 5 mill on top

Cameron jerome ! For Charlie Austin ! Think not #heusedtobuildwalls this lad is on top form 19 goals its only November



03 Nov 2012 19:40:24
Hamburg and Southampton are interested in free scoring SC Heerenveen striker Alfeo Finnbogason

Looks pretty decent on youtube videos but we need defenders like dawson and vrij in

Who? Never heard of him



03 Nov 2012 19:26:36
Charlie Austin will be off to either Newcastle/stoke or outside bet Bournemouth AFC if they can raise 7 million from there Russian Backer

LOL. If Bournemouth can raise 7 million for one player, then the football world would have finally lost it's marbles!

Bournemouth had their chance to sign charlie austin, but administration mean't we could not sign any players and that opportunity has gone. Now afcb have a little dosh nothing would surprise me, however even 7m is above bournemouth's present league status.

Even though Bournemouth are now loaded the new financial fair play rules are stopping them from going crazy, they have already spent 4million on signings this summer and Eddie Howe cost them 1.5million in compensation so 7million would take them well over. And would Charlie step down? I doubt it, Howe stepped down as he saw it as a future forward step but Howe didn't have premiership clubs fighting for him like austin has. This rumour just could not happen



03 Nov 2012 17:28:05
Aftter result today,Dicanio is not a happy Bunny.
Now if the Board do not resolve the Embargp he will walk
All this talk of Saudi money is a load of crap.
Who in there right mind would give Dicanio
20 million mmmmmm dream on Swindon Fans.
No way.

He's actually being given 50 million by the Saudis to spend in January



03 Nov 2012 17:08:45
Blackpool are to target Huddersfield manager Simon Grayson as first choice to replace Ian Holloway

Why would Grayson leave Huddersfield?

Don't be silly mate

They can target anyone they want. Why would Grayson move? He's at a bigger club and he knows the Chairman backs him all the way.

He`s been there,done it ?.He`s got the best chairman in the league,great young squad here at Hudds,and not to forget a nice 8million to spend from the sale of Jordan Rhodes.wouldnt surprise me that Holloway left pool because he knew they were going to end up selling ince and matty phillipps,and they would end up worse than what they are now... just saying !

He'd leave for the same reason as Rhodes.

Lol very funny

Why would SG return to a struggling club with a less supportive chairman than he has at HT? Only if he likes the mucky sands, sticky rock and donkey rides. Even then Fleetwood would be a better option.

Huddersfield? Bigger than blackpool? God. You're even more arrogant than Manchester United fans.

Truth hurts!



03 Nov 2012 15:40:08
Blackpool to interview twelve candidates for the job left by Ian Holloway. This is also mixed with the manager I would like

1. Micky Mellon from local rivals Fleetwood Town. Done an impressive job with Fleetwood and will probably apply for the job.

2. Ex Nottingham Forest and Derby manager Billy Davies, he guided Forest into the play-offs and is an impressive manager and clever in the transfer market.

3. Ex Burnley and Bolton manager Owen Coyle. Took Burnley suprisingly into the Premier league on a tight budget and Karl Oyston would be hoping for him to do the same.

4. Suprising one and I know every managerless championship club recently has been linked with him, but Harry Redknapp will be approached. Probably unlikely, but located in good place, Holloway has left a very good squad and is experienced, so if Redknapp went then promotion and stability would probably sustained.

5. Mark Hughes- If QPR lose to Reading I can gurantee the end of the road for Hughes. Personally I support Man United, but I love Fleetwood and Blackpool and I wouldn't like him.

6. Paulo Di Canio- Established himself at Swindon and would be a realistic good appointment, has already stated he is ready for the prem, with the squad left, it is good enough for the prem.

7. Michael Appleton- Extremely impressive job at Pompey. Great appointment by Pompey and deserves a chance at a good well run football club.

8. Gus Poyet- Done a good job at Brighton. His work has to be admired and I would love it if he got the job he would take them up and do a really good job.

9. Nigel Adkins- Bound to be sacked sooner or later. Took Southampton up, but is not a Premier league manager. Wouldn't like this appointment, but is a name in the frame.

10. Alan Shearer- Expressed his desire to go into management. Would like a job like this. Would love this appointment, but would doubt it.

11. Ole Gunnar Solskjear- Wants to stay at Molde. But would be tempted with the way Blackpool play and the advice from Sir Alex, would love to see a United legend take the reigns as I would love Blackpool to come up.

12. Neil Lennon- Done a terrific job at Celtic. I would doubt this as he is a Celtic legend and has european football at his feet

Davies or appleton wont go to blackpool and as for a good run club i dont think they are ,blackpool will sink like stone

What planet are you blackpool fans on - out of that list, you may get to interview 1 of the candidates if you're lucky

Davies was not good with transfers, just moaned when he didnt get his own way

Adkins is not 'bound to be sacked' and to be honest what a stupid and pointless list. Ok so we've narrowed down the amount of managers who could take the job to the ones who clearly were sort of available according to the press and speculation. Just wait for someone to take charge and stop wasting peoples time.

Absolute twaddle-you have left the obvious choice of Ferguson off yourt list!

1 yes
2 no
4 not happening
5 won't happen
6 no need someone with tighter lips
7 I'd be happy
8 not happening
9 no
10 no
11 not happening
12 no chance

Phil brown will do a good job for blkpool .well least he will take you down

What a load of rubbish, Blackpool are on the down and will get a out of work Manager that is desperate for a job.

Adkins is only "bound to be sacked" according to armchair experts who know nothing about the game and lazy tabloid journalists. The rest of the list is basically nonsense. Well over half wouldn'teven consider Blackpool as a choice. Two at most on that list are realistic!

Harry Redknapp, Mark Hughes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, what planet are you on!.

I think that blackpool should appoint Owen Coyle because he did a terrific job in charge of Burnley and St Johnstone. It was unforunate for him when Fabbrice Muamba collapsed and he couldn't really rebuild the team after that. I would like him to come as a seasider myself. Other prospects I would like from this list are Paulo Di Canio, Micky Mellon and Harry Redknapp but for Mellon and Di Canio, Oyston won't want to fork out the money in compensation.

Paul ince maybe? {Ed003's Note - I thought that if Thompson doesn't get it.}

Why not Roy keane
He got Sunderland (a team who were in a similar place to Blackpool now) and took them back to the BPL

Billy Davis "clever in the transfer market" ha the bloke ain't got a clue and I'm a forest fan

Roy keane would not put up with KO and look what he did with ipswitch. Could be good ut very very unlikely to happen.

I wouldn't be suprised if coyle went there

Only option 1 looks realistic to be frank!

ps as an Ipswich fan I can assure you we are still trying to sort out Keane's mess at out club and look where we are in the table enough said

No way will harry redknapp manage a team up north he wants to stay in the south of the country. Total rubbish he will go to Blackpool. He is waiting for a chance with a London club and no way will he go to Saints either as the saints fans dont like him after his last stint.

The only one that looks at all likely is the 1st one!



03 Nov 2012 13:51:56
Bristol Rovers set to loan Welsh international Lewin Nyatanga from rivals Bristol City with view to permanent move in January.

Heard that Nyatanga wants first team football and is settled in Bristol. Would not be a surprise.

Haha! This will never happen! From Championship to League 2.

David Clarkson has!

David Clarkson went from unemployed to League 2.

Thats not choosing to drop down two divisions when you have a Championship contract.

Lewin Nyatanga is rubbish. Basement league football is his level so will do ok then



03 Nov 2012 13:25:35
Norwich are going for CMS

When is this stupid rumour going to a norwich surpporter and hes not coming here

A one season wonder for the posh could not even score from the spot on friday with brighton

Quite a few players have missed from a penalty before. I'm not saying he's good enough to play for us but you can't judge a player just on that. Especially as he scored two before that.

I think these rumours are done through boredom and the person like to get a reaction and they then feel of value



03 Nov 2012 12:31:38
Charlie Austin is to re-sign for Swindon in a £7 million deal in January once Swindons Saudi takeover is completed next week

Haha whatever!!

Transfer embargo

What drugs you on mate

I wish! However none the Swindon fans like him anymore.

Utter rubbish I'm Swindon fan he will be playing for a prem side in jan

I liked him..dont care what he did off field but on field he was fantastic

The only thing coming to Swindon from Saudi is either sand or oil



03 Nov 2012 08:30:56
Wolves are interested in taking Robbie Keane on loan during the MLS off season.


Hope so he is amence and the wolves fans would really get behind solbaken if they bring the former wolf in



03 Nov 2012 06:33:50
Carl Fletcher is interested in the Palace job
but they havent officially approached Argyle for him. I think the main factor is the amount of funds James Brent has made available for Fletch rather than his connection to palace and the fact the play in the championship. He loves Plymouth, his family are settled and he feels he can do a great job here. BUT money dictates.

Holloway has gone to palace

Well that was complete rubbish as holloway has got it and + a championship team is not gonna be intrested in a manger who cant even get plymouth in the top half, i dont think plymouth have been in the top half of a table for over 2 years!

What has our league position got to do with this rumour? Needless bashing of a team there!

Disgraceful result, losing to a non league team and they have lost their last 3 games! time to bring in a expirienced manager!!!!

Fletcher will be leaving Plymouth if they lose the next 2 games against high flying Gillingham and fleetwood. Neil Warnock would be interested in finishing the job he started in 1994, and would like to finish his managerial career down in Devon.

I can see the fletcher thing being true but warnock is not gong to leave a promation chasing leeds side for league 2 side plymouth

Time for the board to appoint an experianced Manager who can crack the whip! Steve Cottrell or Gary Megson would be my choice. I like fletcher but too young and finding it hard to motivate a team. Too many games of "we played well and were unlucky". I can see him gone after saturday....

Right its time to get rid of fletch! the signings hes made have been appaling! we cant keep a lead for 5 minutes! time to bring in megson, ince!

Good result on saturday 2-2 against the league leaders gillingham

How is it a good result when u take the lead 2 times and especially when u take the lead with 9 minutes to go and cant even keep a lead for that amount of time!

This is carl fletcher here why r u making up all this rubbish stuff me {Ed003's Note - You tell them Carl}

Right seriousley now, its time to think about the future of fletch, i feel they should do what yeovil did with skiverton by keeping him as a coaching staff member but bring in a new head coach



02 Nov 2012 22:06:14
Reading's young centre half Alex Pearce is rumoured to have rejected the clubs offer of a new contract in favour of joining Brendon Roger's Liverpool revolution for a cut-price in January or for free in the summer. Celtic are also rumoured to be circling for the young star.

Why would Alex Pearce go to Celtic? No offence but they are a mediocre club compared to what they use to be and have a team of league one/championship quality players. The Liverpool rumour makes sense though and possibly could happen

They are in the champions league and liverpool are not

As a Reading fan this is just devastating to hear and sad that we cant hold onto our best players. We cant let this happen, get him back in the squad selection and let him help keep us up! c'mon URRRZZZZZ

"They are in the champions league and liverpool are not"

They are also in the scottish prem. One of the poorest leagues around.

Fair play to them beating Barcelona, but a move from Reading to Celtic is hardly a step up

Astounding ignorance & arrogance, better off at reading ? Coca cola div 1 ? Glasgow Celtic dwarf all your clubs & just because you make it into the self proclaimed best league in the world wiv big bucks doesn't amount 2 nowt. 2 biggest clubs in england always will be man utd & Liverpool. Enjoy your coca cola. AbS 1888 {Ed003's Note - npower}

Whose showing ignorance now. Reading are in the Premiership.

Good luck in your pub team league.

How many points have reading got in the champions league? Oh wait there in the bottom three of the premier league.

Well done but if Reading were in a league full of teams that would get beat by Accrington Stanley then wed be qualify for the champions league every season to. Of course you're acting the big "I am" because this is the first season in a long time that you haven't been knocked out in the qualifiers by FC Serbian Pub Team.

Can't take celtic fans seriously. You play in one of the worst leagues in the world, no wonder you qualify for the champions league. I did notice on saturday the highest crowd in the scottish prem was just over 4500. I guess your playing in a league equivalent of the blue square prem. {Ed025's Note - in case it slipped your notice....they beat the best team that has ever lived last week...please engage your brain, before you put your mouth into gear!!

Celtic have more points in the Champions League than most of the top EPL sides. we beat a side that far better than any English team. sick listening to the english arrogance especially when the EPL is over-rated. just ask Jelavic or the SPL reject Adam. jesus Steven Fletcher wasn't worth 2million here and gets bought for 14mil there hahahha keep believing your own BS.

Come back when any of your clubs can fill 60,000 outside of United. joke league.

big wow one team does decent in europe every now and then, so you should when almost have the league qualifies for it, unbelievable

People forget that a league standard doesn't equal team standard. just because reading play in EPL doesn't qualify them to be as good as united and co, the same way playing in La Liga didn't make Almeria a top side. So just because Celtic play in a poor league doesn't make them a poor sides. teams should get judged on THEIR ability and not the leagues. to which Celtic are a much better team than Reading.

League standard is very important. Just because you win a poor league it doesn't make you a good team. You can try and rationalise it all you want but the standard of Scottish football is poor.

But beating barca shows we are a better team than people give us credit for!

The barca result was a little like in the fa cup, when a league 2 club knocks out a prem. team, and you would then say they are a better team. no they aren't they were better on the day. every one knows nine out of ten times the prem team would beat the league1 team

Think before you post. I never said celtic are better than barcelona but we are better than at least half of the prem teams that have bigger transfer budgets and pay higher wages!

" but we are better than at least half of the prem teams that have bigger transfer budgets and pay higher wages!"

Although I don't disagree, unless you play them regularly we shall never really know.



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