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Liverpool's fresh summer investment will see them land:

Gareth Barry (12mil)
Fernando Navarro (10mil)
Glen Johnson (10mil)
Diego (18mil)
Frank Ribery (26mil)
Diogo (11mil)

However, there will also be a lot of departures:

Yossi Benayoun (8mil)
Xabi Alonso (18mil)
Andrea Dossena (5mil)
Sebastian leto (3mil)
Jermaine Pennant (free)
Philip Degen (2mil)
Andriy Voronin (3.5mil)
Charles Itjande (0.5mil)

N'gog and Plessis are two that will definitely move out on loan.

Hyypia, Arbeloa, Kuyt, Agger, Carragher and Skrtel will all get new deals.
  On the 6+5 rule i can understand the view that it is only the match day squad that will be affected but that's like your boss saying to 'don't come tomorrow we've got enough people not from this countrey in' the media would have an absolute field day!
On saturday i was at the co–op cup final at mourneview park in northern ireland and Platini was there and i was lucky enough to get talking to him at half time (2min chat)and when i asked him about the 6+5 rule he said that it was "possible but looking not very likely"
  Liverpool are very close to signing Gareth Barry he and Martin Oneil believe it is the right time for him to leave the club and with the departure of Rick Parry in the summer Rafa is about to get what he wished for in July/August he will sign for 18m on a Five year contract but sadly Xabi Alonso will part company with Liverpool and will join Ac Milan
  Rangers lining up numerous deals in the summer supposibly.
Adam Johnson loan OR James McFadden loan
Alan Smith loan
Alan Hutton loan
Luka Modric loan

Gennaro Gattuso free
Mattias Bjärsmyr 2.5M
Tonel 2M
Martin Stranzl 1M
Marek Suchý 2M
Paul Konchesky 4.5M

Out of the four that have only two will be bought
  To the ex–Player that stated Stevie Gerrard is the most loyal club player. What a short selective memory you have.

Just to remind you – It was not so long ago that your beloved Stevie G denounced your club and stated his desire to play for Chelsea. It wasn't Liverpool FC that changed his mind was it ???

Let's keep it real

Anyway good luck to the Luton in their bid to overturn the ludicrous points deduction. Come on the Hatters lets give a big F.O. to the F.A.
  To the guy in french press, they cannot stop someone from plying their trade anywhere in the eu. . for example b&q do not limit the amount of eu people they employ as its against the law and call "equal opportunities" no company limits the amount they employ and they can't enforce it in football either, if they are not an equal opportunities company then it IS racism what ever angle you look at it, this is pure and simple that english players are not good enough, the fa closing 2 schools of excellence is the reason but they don't want to admit it. the reason that uefa/fifa wanna bring it in is to hurt english clubs as were getting too good in europe and they don't like it, they never have done and the reason all english clubs were banned for so long, a similar thing happened and juventus and all they got was home games played behind closed doors during the competition. the 6+5 won't happen its is against the law to restrict a business that way for european players playing for and european club.

  Barcelona are going for all out attack next season so expect a few deals to be tied up in the summer.
1 of
Aguero 27M
Benzema 30M
Ribery 38M (Bidding war for Ribery)
1 of
Diego 26M
Fabregas 30M
1 of
Evra 14M
Chiellini 18M
1 of
Sergio Asenjo 8M
Akinfeev 8M
––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––1 of
Torres 80m
Villa 60M
expect most of these to happen as barcalona have been saving up also youths coming through the ranks and young players being looked at overseas the future looks bright for barcalona.
  Again, to the bloke with the French connection. While there can be no doubt that an independent report such as the one filed by a respected organization like the INEA and the support of 155 member countries of FIFA is all VERY impressive, neither they nor Sepp Blatter holds any legal standing. The ultimate decision makers in this matter are the European Commission and the European Government. In your last post you wrote the following:
“Clubs with too many foreign players to give a regular run in the team would just have to sell them, or be wasting their money because they would still be paying their wages. They could keep them on if they wanted though, it's not illegal by any means.”
EU law currently states the following:

1) No member state, or entity within a member sate may enact such prohibitions or restrictions that constitute a means of arbitrary discrimination or a disguised restriction on trade between Member States.

2) Any policy which would hinder trade which could otherwise take place and which is capable of hindering, directly or indirectly, actually or potentially, intra Community trade, is prohibited under EU law.

This text is taken directly from the EU Trade Law Charter. True, while 6+5 provides that there would be no limit on substitutions and no limit on the number of non–national players that teams can employ it indirectly limits trade as it make the “hiring” of foreign players less desirable to domestic players. How? As you pointed out, a team is less likely to keep a player it can’t play all the time. And if they do sign a foreign player they have to rotate in and out of the line up, surely they’re not going to invest too much money on him, thereby limiting his earning potential. Limiting earnings to foreign workers is discriminatory, end of argument. And before you bring up bonuses again, they do not constitute salary as they are considered conditional, not guaranteed earnings.
Regardless whether or not 6+5 becomes law, if a club like United, City, or Chelsea want a player bad enough they will still find a way to move around the starting line up and work him in. But the fact remains that it will have an affect on the market if coaches must strategize and find ways to work players into the lineup or to not even play those players at all. The rule might even hurt the very teams it is looking to protect as some of the smaller market teams might not take a chance with foreign talent because of the added hassle of the rule. The free interchange of foreign players is really what makes all players, particularly young players, better individually. Local teams like Hull City and Stoke City have plenty of domestic talent. Each season teams like those, move up into the EPL and are challenged by amazing foreign players. This is what makes the youth and domestic talent better, not some rule. So stop playing at giving a damn about the state of English football when it’s obvious you’re simply some bitter little man who supports some skint little club.
  Rafa will sign new contract at liverpool.
Also we will see the major reinforcement in the summer in order to liverpool put the strong challenge for epl next season.

–Bastian Schweinsteiger
–Sergio Aguero
–Glen Johnson
–Sergio Asenjo
–Aaron Lennon

–Charles Itandje
–Diego Calvelerie
–Philipp Degen
–Andrea Dossena

In Rafa we hope
  I'm still the guy with the mate in the French press who knows about 6+5. To the Arsenal fan (funny that it would be a fan of a team with NO homegrown players, eh?) who was saying it was racist. Can you not read? It is NOT discrimination as players are still employed (therefore paid) by the club – therefore still earning money. They would still earn if money even if they are not in the matchday team and are not making a loss in any way. It is not some anti–English rule meant to limit the English teams, but a means of preserving youth football and financial stability across the footballing globe. It is the importance of this aim that has made 155 of FIFA's federations vote in favour of it already, so it looks pretty likely it will happen. But if you are worried that you might have to actually produce some of your own players, rather than import them from other countries when the rule comes in – feel free to keep pretending otherwise if it makes you feel better.
  To the guy who says Gerrard will move to inter.
. . .

Git! one of the best AND MOST LOYAL club players in the world, and he'd move to inter just because Liverpool slipped up? as it is, BPL is the strongest in the world and Italy would be step down for a player so perfect for England

Rafa Benitez is staying at Liverpool. If it was a question of the new CEO firing Rafa, they'd either appoint the new CEO NOW or wait on both posts until the summer. As it is, Erickson or Jose would both want what Rafa wants, the transfer/ youth control. .so why would they want to sign and play the fool for laurel & hardy?

And i agree. many Liverpool greats also do not like parry and what he's done to their player development system. .ruined it!

Pacheco is still not physically able to cope with the challenges in the premiership – week balance – so Rafa is waiting on him. not taking a risk. N'gog is not as talented but quicker and more able to stay on his feet but as seen from the borough game, completely inept as a threat or creative force.
Next year, expect Pacheco to be given more time on the pitch, with Rafa becoming increasingly impatient with Lucas and Babel (the former may be sold come June (to INTER 10–12Mil) and the later will be given time to improve positioning/ running the channels and finishing or will be sold (MILAN 10–15Mil))

Rafa understands that too many changes will cost Liverpool a lot of money and damage the team chemistry we have been seeing earlier on.
so expect only 1 forward. Rafa is looking for a new Wayne Rooney
1 Attacking midfielder. .Rafa is looking for a younger player. wanted Nasri last year but parry could'nt_ this year he may get diogo (possibly in an exchange deal). but that's speculation

Aurilio has performed well this season with assists. almost as a left Mid rather than a full back so he will stay.

degen can't stay on his feat in training so rafa will sell him asap. too many injuries
Dosena (spell) is off to italy. .his tactical awareness is ZERO for the premier league.
the Keirrison rumor has weight as the player is very interested and the Rafinha rumor is not true. rather Johnson or some English player is being looked at

Other than that. .the BIG buy will be a striker. .expect someone in the 20–30 million bracket (vILLA wants a Barca/madrid move so not him). Aguero however is a possibility. .he rejected a move to city outright. .but would like to play alongside old captain Torres and new national team captain Macherano.

I used to play for a club–i will not identify–as a youngster. until i was injured (very long time ago now. .never had much of a career except youth div) and i know someone who now works at Liverpool. .he doesn't know much because Rafa keeps things MUM. .but in tactical discussions it has been decided that Liverpool need someone to carry the game forward into the opposing third and hold up the ball where necessary. .a flair player with creativity – OR – a strong player able to brush defenses aside and create holes.
  Arsenal fans
If we don't make the champions league which is becoming increasingly more likely we may have a mini reunion in order to get us back on track in viera, hleb & henry all returning in the summer. We may have an exodus of players however in gallas, bendtner, eboue, van persie, Rosicky & clichy.
Expect Richards and Cahill (bolton) to be brought in along with Kalou and Joe Cole.
I don't wash the windows of the board room at the emirates nor do i know wengers sisters cousins dog these are just rumours i heard before sats game against Fulham. The only reliable source i have is HP. Lets wait and see.
Wengers sidekick
  Rafa will not be leaving Liverpool as Parry is now leaving, Daglish would be a great signing to come in and inject a bit more class and passion back into Liverpool boardroom, he is a Rafa supporter so I see no objection from Rafa himself plus we have a ready made replacement in house should Rafa walk.
I can not see a major overhaul of the current squad as Rafa has been building it for a long time now and has also invested in the youth, hopefully the fruits of his labour will be the emergence of Pacheo, Bruna, Anderson, Hammill and Nemeth who I believe should have been in th e1st team sqaud last year.
I do not know anyone who knows anyone who knows anything these are strictly what I believe MAY happen:

Diogo or Kerrison
Leto (if granted permit)
Lennon or Bale
Kuba or Angel or A Johnson (lot's of noise about them)

Lucas (loan)
Ngogg (loan)
Agger ( if contract is dragged on)
Babel (if he craves 1st team action)
Dossena (if Insua continues to progress)
Benyoun (again if he wants 1st team action)

I would personally like to see the following deals:

Diogo, Lennon, Bale, M Johnson & Wheater all plausiable signings

Babel (if he dosen't live up to his billing of potential world class, anyone else think that if he had gone anywhere else he would be by now?)
Dossena (not suited to EPL)
Kuyt (takes up the right flank role when someone would be a better option)
Degen (what was the point! may be proved wrong but doubt it)
  Bad News for Rangers and Celtic fans:
Kris Commoms will not be leaving The Rams this summer as it would take Much Much more then the £2m your offering to get us to consider ever selling so Get Real. This also go for Premiership club too.
  Not a rumour, just a pointer regarding all those comments about the 6–5 rule. I'm sick of all these idiots bleating about how its going to be amazing and will not only improve the national team (England, that is) but will make the Premier League more competitive.
Uh. . no, it wont. If anything, it will make the league a complete farce. Scenario: – I'm a Man United fan, so will use United as an example. So, Scholesy finally retires and we need a replacement. Anderson would be the natural choice, but due to the foreign quota, we have to use a Brit. So, what do we do? We bid £30m for Gareth Barry, because hes English. If you thought Villa asking £18m for Barry last season was ridiculous, WAIT UNTIL SOMEONE BUYS AARON LENNON FOR £35M. And before this gets dismissed as rubbish, please think about it – English players are so overpriced already that its a joke, what do you think is going to happen once they become a necessity for the big clubs?
Teams like Villa, Everton etc will be forced to sell the big names who could potentially break them into the top 4, coz the money on offer will be too hard to turn down.
And before people run their mouths about me being a bitter United fan gutted that we can't sign bigname foreign mercenaries, United have got far more British talent than the other 'top 4' clubs, and we could EASILY field a team NOW that would meet criteria and woop the asses of the rest of the Premiership. Just telling it like it is.
  Tony Mowbray will be sacked this week and replaced by Joe Royle
  Mourinho will be the new chelsea manager and he will bring back clarke and cole from west ham(clarke believes that cole has the confidence he never had as a young striker before)
he will sign two wingers and move joe cole into a more central role.
finally he will promote mancienne more often and major straight swap of cech to juventus for buffon. It is felt cech will never become as good a keeper due to head injury

silva valencia: 25mi
ribery b munich 15mil+malouda OR
carzola vilareal 15mil
c.cole 7mil + loans of bertrand and woods
buffon swap cech 50% chance
total: £47mil

Alex 12.5mil Juventus/AC Milan
Malouda swap
sinclair 4mil birmingham
sahar 3mil roda fc
cech swap 50% chance
Quaresma loan return
miniero released
some youth fringe players released
total: £19.5mi

  My brother's girlfriend is over in Barcelona for a year and has been told that Liverpool will sign Samuel Eto'o in the summer!

Another rumour doing the rounds is that Thierry Henry will be joining the Blue half of Merseyside!
  Celtic will sign Austrian Goal Machine Mark Janko in the Summer for 6.4m
Hoggycfc09 :D
  Sheffield Wednesday will sign the following;
Andrew Driver –Hearts (3.4 mil)
James McCarthy– Hamilton Acc (2.3 mil)
Kris Boyd– Rangers (6 mil)
Glenn Whelan– Stoke City (2 mil)
Sylvain Ebanks–Blake– Wolves (4 mil)
Kevin Doyle –Reading (4 mil)
David N'gog (season long loan)
Darron Potter– Wolves (100k)
Michael Gray– Free
Steven Naismith– Rangers (750k)

Arsenal Rumours
Bad times ahead for arsenal fans, wenger will leave the club due to his lack of success.
Van Persie– Barcelona (7.5 mil)
Adebayor– Stoke City (5 mil)
Fabregas– Barcelona (15 mil)
Walcott– Blackburn Rovers (3.5 mil)

New Manager candidates

LFC Rumours
Beevers– Sheffield Wednesday (3.5 mil)
Aguero– Athletico Madrid (20 mil)
Llorente– Athletic Bilboa (10 mil)
Xavi– Barcelona (15 mil)
Iniesta– Barcelona (11 mil)

N'gog– sheffield wednesday (season long loan)
Lucas 10 mil– Man u
Babel 12 mil– Ajax

These I must state are RUMOURS and are not official, However these potential signings could happen.
  Roy Keane to takeover as West Brom Manager within the next 2 weeks, Tony Mowbray will be sacked if they lose against Arsenal on Tuesday. Keane is eager to return to management. (Source) Harry.

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