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People on here make me laugh saying liverpool are heavily in debt and don't have much money to spend in the transfer window,the figures below comes from a report stating clubs in epl owe a combined figure of £3.1 billion
Chelsea owe £701m
Manchester United owe £699m
Arsenal owe £416m
and Liverpool owe £280m
i know this probably won't be posted on the site but just wanted to state facts
  Just using a bit of common sense/assumption here but a couple of days ago rafa made a bid for Lavezzi, and lavezzi promptly came out to the press and said he wanted to stay and loved the club etc etc. If anything he seemed dismissive, meaning i very much doubt rafa would go back in for him as he only goes for players who are dedicated to the club. THEN man u made a bid for lavezzi, which i presume was turned down because lavezzi NOW says he wants to leave as he has been "disrespected" by the board (im assuming by rejecting the man u bid). Putting two and two together and probably getting three, my money is on lavezzi replacing tevez at old trafford, which wouldn't be bad for the red fiends as hes well larey and pretty silky as well to be fair. DUCKULA
  Oh yeah to the guy who couldnt remeber the russian that chelsea are heavily linked with its Yuri? Zhirkov at cska moscow who is, irritatingly enough, absolutely frikking amazing! DUCKULA
  And to the guy who didnt know why aguero wants to go to inter its because maradonna said he'd make the perfect partner for ibrahimovic– and if ur argentinian and maradonna makes a suggestion you take it seriously! Actually isn't maradonna practically agueros stepdad so therefore doubly so.DUCKULA
  To the pepole that state
dany n'guessan僕incoln city free

he will not go on a free due to his age so there will be money coming to lincoln city, possibly £500k
  Barry is not going to Liverpool he is in talks with Man City and will join them purely because they are offering him 30,000 a week more than Rafa wants to pay him. Liverpool will surprise every one with their signings this year. Well almost, as they have been linked with every single player almost in the world so someone somewhere will say we have been saying that all along. As no one listens I won't mention it again about their done deal on the Argentinian striker that I posted several months back, but expect a young Brazilian to be dazzling our stadium in the near future. Sooooo much better than N'Gog. Expect a big player to leave this year. A fee has been faxed in and as yet not been agreed by Rafa yet. He is in two thoughts because the fee is probably twice the value of the player. . . .No its not Torres or Stevie G.
By the way, to the Everton supporter who thought he saw Tevez at goodison park broken down. . you sure it wasn't the Incredible Hulk. .they do look a like. Even if he was there it was probably because he got the wrong stadium!!!! Sorry
  ((( AFC Bulletin )))

WHUFC GK Robert Green might move 2 AFC , Green has just turned down a new extension offer from WHUFC . Possable player swap deal with LFC player Babel moving 2 AFC whilst a AFC player and it won't be Walcott moves the other way 2 LFC . Dzeko will probaly leave his club as he has said so , Wolfsburg are demanding around 17m from any club who want 2 sign him . Its heard Bolton are looking at a replacement 4 Defender Cahill just in case he leaves 4 AFC . Man United , CFC, AFC are all interested in Bordaeux player Gabriel Obertan however it's heard AFC may have 1 the race 2 sign him .
  From chats in the pub, at the match, an a bit of browsing this is what i think will happen at LFC.

Ive been told Xabi definately wants to leave and return to spain, he is unhappy at Rafa's treatment. The same lad (an ex–LFC union boardmember) reckons Rafa has refused to sell him to EPL teams or for less than 22mill?? I hope this is rubbish because you can't replace a player like him!
I think Javi Martinez is virtually a done deal, with only a potential bid from Barca stopping the deal being done. He is quality and more like Gerrard than Xabi. Lucas will be loaned out or sold with a first option/buy back clause.
Tevez would be a target but costs too much for what he is. I think Rafa is using him as a smoke screen to wind up whiskey nose. And divert attention away from other targets.
I think Lavezzi will sign for LFC. Theres been a lot of chatter in Italy and now he has fallen out with the Napoli board. He can also play on the right so is versatile enough to interest Rafa.
I think Rafa will make a last bid for Silva and if unsuccessful will buy Mata.
Glen Johnson should have been a done deal now, but i reckon hes stalling in order to see what pompeys new owners offer and who they will bring in. I still expect him to sign but its defo not 'a done deal' yet!
Aguero– reportedly turned down Chavski (good lad!) is advised by his father in law (MARADONNA) to move to LFC partnering up with Mascherano, or Italy (all reported in the press). I believe he is happy at Atletico as they have champs league for next year. I think if rafa can do a part–ex deal (Babel??) then it may happen, but in reality i think he will be one for next season!
I also think Rafa will go after 3–4 quality youth players to bolster the u18 side, Pacheco/Nemeth/Martin etc will all be given a full pre–season to assess them. Insua will start as left back possibly fighting for his place with Heinze (Xabi deal).Stephen Derby will get some games at right back this season as well.
Top of the league come xmas – Champions come May!
  Kaka will oficially sign 4 Madrid later in the summer, but a deal has been reached it is believed 2 b somewhere in the reigon of 55–65 million euros and could include Wesley Snejder and Arjen Robben. Perez is far from done and wants 2 bring Valencia quartet Villa, Silva, Albiol and Mata to the Bernebeu.

Man City have completed the signing of Gareth Barry and blew Liverpool out of the water with a 130000 a–week offer + 12 million compensation to Aston Villa. Man City will also look 2 sign Joleon Lescott for 15 million

Chelsea have reached an agreement with Man City's Daniel Sturridge and will make a 45 million euro bid for Pato.

If accepted AC Milan will almost certainly make a move 4 Adebayor and Wenger will hold out 4 30 million becoz he knows that Milan can spend. If Adebayor leaves, Wenger may look 2 Huntelaar who will b on the outer at Madrid if Villa comes in but may face competition from Man Utd who are set 2 lose Tevez to Man City. Essien may also b the subject of a bid from the cashed up Milan or they may ask 4 him as part of the Pato deal.
  Only a couple more deals at sheffield wednesday before the start of the season.

Ryan France from hull city –Free
Fr馘駻ic Nimani from Monaco – Loan

Arron Jameson – Ilkeston town – loan
Rocky Lekaj– Grimsby town – loan

Kaka – 60m massive bidding war between chelsea and madrid

Tevez – Man City

Barry – Man city

Huddlestone – Wolves, Sunderland and others interested

G Johnson – Liverpool

Koumas – Coventry

Valencia – R madrid

Bassong – Arsenal

Duff – Man City

Bentley – Aston Villa

Owen – Everton/Villa

Ribery – Man City

Ronaldo will not be leaving

It sure will be interesting with these deals taking place plus lots more
  Real madrid want to get cazorla
after suggestion from manuel pellegreny
  Man Utd possible targets for transfers:

Looking back at the 08/09 season, SAF would probably be wise to look for a player in these positions:

RB – We need a decent rightback that can replace Gary Neville and letting Rafael grow maturely into his game.
MF – After reading the news on the recovery of Owen Hargreaves,it seems we may want to get ourselves equipped with a holding midfielder a.k.a the Keano's,Viera's type.Those who can pass the ball well too.
ST – the position in which is highly important in the case of a)ronaldo leaves b)teves leaves(seems like it). So after reading the long list of candidates rumoured,yes. . benzema for me would be a great signing though im not comfirming on any rumours here.

Therefore,here we wait anxiously for United to make their 1st signing of this summer.Who will it be?
  To the guy who said this:

末末末末末末乏EAL NEWS末末末末末末末
to all those liverpool fans who were sure you were getting gareth barry well how miss informed you were, or maybe you were making things up? either way you clearly know nothing about football. he has joined manchester city on a 4 year deal on £90,000 a week for a fee in the region of £12million.
players who will follow him to eastlands include:
tevez £25 million
carvalho £6 million
lescott p.ex for dunne+jo
benzema (shock) £27 million

that is it, they are not buying a whole new sqaud but qaulity in moderation.

liverpool will however make 3 signings after missing out on tevez and barry, these three will be:
glen johnson £13 million
david silva £26 million
ezquiel lavezzi £19.5 million

SERGIO AGUERO IS NOT LEAVING DURING THIS WINDOW, and even if he was rafa cannot afford him!

a couple of other transfers i have news on is john obi mikel will be playing for inter next season, around 15 million should see that one through, and also deco will be playing at white heart lane next season, around 6 million for this one.

CR7 will stay at united and madrid will get ribery instead as there galactico signing, followed by imbrahimovic.


Yes, we were wrong about Barry, but it doesn't mean we lie. Maybe Rafa was looking at signing him and we missed out. Also, it's a 5 year deal pillock. I can't see Rafa trying for Tevez and yes we can afford Aguero, and seeing as he's a boyhood red I can see him moving. Lavezzi is also comfortable at Napoli, with Quagliarella as his new strike partner, so it's either Aguero or Villa. Glen Johnson is a done deal and Michael Johnson and Javi Martinez will join, with Xabi Alonso going to Madrid for £25m + Heinze. This spells the end for Dossena AND Aurelio. Also, Degen, Itandje, Riera, Babel and Voronin will leave. Martin Kelly will be called up and Stewart Downing and David Silva will sign. I can also see David Villa being signed over Aguero, for Torres' sake. He stated in a recent interview he wants Liverpool to sign Silva and Villa.
And idiot, Ronaldo is leaving. FACT! Ferguson himself can't stand him and neither can the proper Manc supporters, not the glory hunters. £70m ONLY! This means Benzema can sign for them but Ribery won't, Valencia will. Ribery and Zhirkov will sign for Chelsea alongside Alexandre Pato.

darren BENT
antonio VALENCIA
sylvan DISTIN
  LFC rumours–
I want ot see Rafa trimming our squad right back and giving some promising youngsters a go.
Pacheco, spearing and Nemmeth in particular.
Sell Plessis (1.5m), Voronin (3m), arbeloa(p ex / 7m)Dossena (4m), Degan (1m), Leto (2m), Babel(p ex / 8m), p anderson (.6m). . .
Now that Barry has chosen to go to city, i think alonso'll stay put.
I can see arbeloa leaving after his bust up with carra, and his ommision from the squad last home game – he also complained of being homesick last year. Carra to cover right back with Johnson (10m).
Aguerro to arrive for arbeloa, and babel + around £16m. he'll give cover to torres and play inplace of riera when torres is fit.
No need for any cm, I'm bored of hearing people slag off Lucas. He's been made a scape goat for this season and has played well since christmas.
No need for full backs – insua and darby are both quality, and i'd be pleased to see dossena and degan both go to raise funds.
A johnson to come in and compete for the wings (6m) but other then that we're sorted.
  Tottenham's Alan Hutton and Tom Huddlestone have emerged as targets for Aston Villa. A combined £10million deal should prompt Harry to let them go. Rangers and Sunderland are also in for Hutton, and Gary Megson has already made the first move for Huddlestone.
  Seyi Olifinjana could rejoin Wolves in a potential 3 million deal. A move that would go down well with board, fans and player.
  sunderland afc transfers


g halford
  To the celtic fan who said jordi gomez from swansea for £2 million get a grip he is only on loan at the swans so they can't sell him
  I will probaly be proved wrong ,
i think ronaldo will go this season to madrid cause
SAF can get top money for him,if im right i think ronaldo could buy himself out of his contract next season then go for a right snip.
arygle to be took over by a jap next couple of days
  Bristol City outs :–

Styvar to Skoda Xanthi permanent after initial loan
M.Elliott –– Sunderland 2 million
L.Trundle –– League 1 club 150 to 250 k
Adebola –– Forest –– Free Transfer

City ins :–

M.Bent –– 300 k
S.Sodjie –– 250 k
Jason Lumber & Steve Durbin two promising youngsters from Bridgwater Town


Tevez– Manchester city (money too good to turn down)
Nani– (If the offer i too good to refuse, if not expect a loan move)
Ronaldo– (Only if Madrid offer 70mill+Sneidjer)
Kuszack– { Wants to leave expect blackburn, wigan and celtic}


Benzema– SAF sees him as best possible option for 25+ goals
Ribery– Only if Ronaldo leaves
Sneidjer– Part of Ronaldo deal if he Leaves.
Dodo– 6million done deal
Ljajic– Done Deal arrive in January

SAF wants manchester united to adopt the Barcelona approach to games. This is why he really wants SNEIDJER. He is a world class act and is the missing link between midfield and attack.
BENZEMA is SAF no1 choice replacement for the city bound tevez. He met benzema last season after the United–Lyon game and presented him with his own United shirt. Expect 30 million bid to clinch the deal.
Alot of activity for United this summer will surround the boring Ronaldo WILL HE WON'T HE real madrid deal. I believe this deal probably WON'T happen but if it does expect united to get SNEIDJER as part of any deal and if benzema was not gettable then expect Klaas Jan Huntelaar to be involved in the deal to.
As a straight replacement for ronaldo, if he is sold, with the money the get, expect a bid for FRANK RIBERY. Evra has already told Ribery to come to united and SAF sees him as the only possible replacement.

Basically, expect united this summer to definitely buy Benzema and SNEIDJER with Ribery only coming if Ronaldo is sold
  Sheffield Wednesday :

New York Bank Inner Circle Sports are involved with Sheffield Wednesday to help secure a US investment. (information found in Sheffield Star)


Confirmed ins :
Darren Purse (Cardiff) Free
Tommy Miller (Ipswich) Free

Future ins :
Freddy Sears – loan (West Ham)
Danny N'guessan – Free (Lincoln City)

Outs :
Richard Wood – 1 mill. (don't know where)
  I have just read what some1 has put about the Man Utd in's and out's.
SCHOLES 20million?????
What planet r u living on?
I am a Wolves fan and think that we need the following signings to stay up
Hart (season long loan)
Steven Taylor
Tom Huddlestone
Jermaine Pennant
and a good striker either
Wellbeck or Macheida from Man Utd on seaon long
  To the guy who saw carlos teves in goodison park carpark, My mum works in gooderson and he was acctualy there he was spotted by several diffrent people including her and his car had broken down for about an hour, god knows why he was there also everton have all but agreed a deal with Joe Ledley and Muntinioh has been in contact with Everton so that looks good also Hibbert, van der mayde and anichibe all out this summer as there is a battle between anil ambini and peter reid to take us over in the next few weeks
  Ross McCormack – Birmingham 2 Million
Andrew Surman – Bristol City 1 Million
Simon Cox – Reading 1 Million Plus Add Ons
Dele Adebola – Bristol City New Contract
David McGoldrick – Nottingham Forest 1 Million
Alexander Pato – Chelsea 27.5 Million
Gareth Barry – Manchester City 11 Million
Djibril Cisse – Totenham Hotspur Free
Titus Bramble – Sunderland 4 Million

Thanks Will Be Back With More!
  Bristol City are ready to spend 5 million in the summer, with Jermain Beckford top of the list. Also expect to see sam sodje from Leeds, and Paul Gallagher from Backburn
  It is definitley sure that Hull city are in talks with gudjohnsen from Barcelona and have already signed a 22 year old future star from an unknown french team revielded today. Also from a reliable source city are also speaking to Chris Brunt from West Brom to strenghten there midfield.Bunt will cost around the £3 million region.

Hull Tiger Forever.
  I have been looking through this website for a while now and I thought I would post some ideas and responses to some of the stuff already posted.

Firstly, Chelsea launched a 40 or 50 million EURO bid for Aguero of Atletico, this was accepted by Atletico however, Aguero turned down the chance and said he wanted to stay in Madrid untill Liverpool or Inter Milan come up with the money to get him out. .I can understand Liverpool as he is a life–long fan of the club however, not really sure why Inter? Maybe the attraction of being managed by Jose? I believe if Tevez is not signed by LFC Benitez will muster up the cash for Aguero and a 30million EURO bid plus Babel will be accepted. This will unfortunately lead to the sale of Alonso and Martinez will be bought in to replace him.

As for Ronaldo, as annoying as he is we have to look at how many goals he scores for United! If they did not have him they simply wouldn't win as much, even if Benzema, Gourcuff, Higuain, Sneijder were signed.

Chelsea may let Drogba go but after him CL antics I don't see anyone paying a substantial amount for him? They will try and buy Villa but he wants to stay in Spain. Their other target Ribery is also destined for Spain and Real Madrid. They will sign a striker though and it will be Adebayor? Or maybe an massive £35million bid will be made for Robinho?

Arsenal have a little more than £13million initially batted about to spend, after the cup runs and the sale of Adebayor to man City for £25million. They will buy Sakho, Cana and finally Huntelaar or maybe Higuain? Both very similar however, Higuain will cost a little more and AW is a little tight with cash so expect Huntelaar.

Man City will try to attract the big clubs but won't. They are simply not good enough yet to get the likes of Kaka, Ronaldo, Messi and the rest. They will get the likes of Ronaldinho (past it), Berbatov (if a ridiculous bid is launched), Santa Cruz (eventually), Cannavaro (again getting old). .Not really sure who else as you can't be sure who wants to move for money these days.

Finally, Liverpool will sign Aguero hopefully for £30million + Babel. Alonso will leave for £22million + maybe Heinze as a sort of utility player. I think Barry (£8million) will be signed aswell as Martinez (£10–12million) these signings will replace Alonso and Lucas (who will be sold for £8mill with a £12mill buy–back clause).

Finally Silva will come for £18million, why would a world class Spaniard want to go anywhere else than Liverpool with all the other Spanish players currently there? If Aguero doesn't sign a bid for David Villa will be made and he may come, despite saying he wants to stay in Spain, because of Fernando Torres. Riera will go the other way as will Arbeloa if Villa and Silva are signed £40–£50million will also go Valencias way maybe more if Liverpool have sufficient funds. Johnson will be signed for £6million and Liverpool will wipe away the £7million owed by Portsmouth for King Crouch!

Title number 19 coming to Anfield? YNWA!
  Plymouth to sign Tottenham defender Rocha on 1 year deal
  –––––––––––––REAL NEWS––––––––––––––
to all those liverpool fans who were sure you were getting gareth barry well how miss informed you were, or maybe you were making things up? either way you clearly know nothing about football. he has joined manchester city on a 4 year deal on £90,000 a week for a fee in the region of £12million.
players who will follow him to eastlands include:
tevez – £25 million
carvalho – £6 million
lescott – p.ex for dunne+jo
benzema (shock) – £27 million

that is it, they are not buying a whole new sqaud but qaulity in moderation.

liverpool will however make 3 signings after missing out on tevez and barry, these three will be:
glen johnson – £13 million
david silva – £26 million
ezquiel lavezzi – £19.5 million

SERGIO AGUERO IS NOT LEAVING DURING THIS WINDOW, and even if he was rafa cannot afford him!

a couple of other transfers i have news on is john obi mikel will be playing for inter next season, around 15 million should see that one through, and also deco will be playing at white heart lane next season, around 6 million for this one.

CR7 will stay at united and madrid will get ribery instead as there galactico signing, followed by imbrahimovic.

  Cardiff City news

ALl the talk about Jason Scotland and Darren Prately coming to City is a load of rubbish. Also, Ryan Giggs will not be at Cardiff next season. These are the possible deals that may happen.


David Cotteril – 1m
Jason Koumas – 2m
Victor Anichebe – loan
Ched Evans – loan
MArk Hudson – 400k
Andrew Surman – 600K


Joe Ledley – 6m
Roger Johnson – 3m ( only if a big team comes calling)
Steve McPhail – 300k
Miguel Comminges – loan
Jonathan Brown – loan

  Come on all the bears, lets not get too carried away. I'm a diehard Rangers man, but there's no chance of Walter getting anything like £10m to spend. There are at least another five who need to go before we even think about buying. . Ferguson, McCulloch, Adam, Gow, Velikca, Beasley, Webster and Stevie Smith will all be allowed to go at bargain basement fees to get them off the wagebill. Need to look at younger hungry players as we go for 2 in a row, let Celtic go for a manager from a wee team like Swansea. 52 and counting!
  So. . another day another dollar, this time there's big news coming from the BRETT EMERTON camp that he's all buddied up with FULHAM manager ROY HODGSON. . Impressed with the teams form last season, he sees the Cottagers as a team on the up. .leaving room for GEREMI to come in and fill his boots. . remember who brought you THAT bombshell first yesterday ;)

In terms of MARK HUGHES' budget, that will be heading firmly towards ST JAMES PARK. . rumours of a deal for MICHAEL OWEN may not be far off the mark, especially after they sign OBAFEMI MARTINS early in the window for a snip at THIRTEEN MILLION. . most of which is a signing on fee for buying out his contract.

Finally, we all know that ANCELOTTI is the new CHELSEA manager, but what you don't know is that he actually has incredibly strong links with AJAX from being teammates with the great RUUD GULLIT. .and my sources say that the mercurial Dutchman EVANDER SNO could be on his way to the Bridge for a fee around the 17 MILLION mark. .

. .the sources never told, the accuracy never doubted. .from the Elusive Grimwald ;)
  Tottenham News

Harry has enquired about Sneijder after Perez was elected, due to the fact he wants rid of the current squad and was quoted for 18m, although Bayern and Inter have shown interest.
I also know that Harry wants a new striker with both Pav and Bent departing. Suprisingly he wants to reunite the Berbatov/Keane partnership, with Berba looking to move on after his spell at United. He would be looking for Champions League football, but Harry feels the chance to return to a club that raised him, plus the option of first team football hard to refuse. If this fails, Pav will not leave.
Thirdly, Dario Srna is a possibility as he can play left back and despite winning the UEFA cup with Donetsk wants to play in te premier league. We have asked for a price and were quoted at 12m, although Harry would prefer to pay about 7/8m.
Expect Bent,Bentley,Jenas,Boateng,Zokora,Chimbonda and possibly Pav to leave to allow this level of spending.
  The guy hu sed the roumour of wolves and that chris brunt is going to wolves its untrue roumour because he is going to rangers as part of a deal which send barry ferguson + 3 million to wba and brunt to rangers,
Other roumours about wba are

simon cox
ashley barnes
marvin elliot
oscar trejo
mensuguez (permanent)

craig beattie
jarod hodgekiss
fortune (hopefully not to wolves)
  Celtic FC:–

wijnaldum from feyenoord £1.5mil
Julio Arca from Boro £3.25mil
Jordi Gomez from Swansea £2.5mil
Marco Janko from Salzburg £2mil
Robert Huth from Boro £4mil
Shane Long/Kevin Doyle from Reading £3 / £5mil depending on which one is bid for. These are dependent on departures.

Naylor to Scunthorpe £100k
M Brown to Hamilton free
Donati to Palermo £1mil
J.V.o.H to P.S.V / FC Twente free
Samaras to Larissa/aris salonika £200k
Hutchinson to Leeds £150k
Hartley to Hearts free
Nakamura to Yokahoma free
Hinkel to Hertha Berlin £2.1mil
  Arsenal rumours

Ade to leave arsenal accompanied by Gallas.




This would sum it up for arsenal.Wenger would buy 1 of these for every position Striker to replace Ade CB to replace Gallas and a much needed DM.
And we won't be able to win CL with this squad but will win 1 trophy for sure and next season wenger would add 1 or max 2 players to go for every trophy.

Gooner till I die and Gooner after death
  Man United may pursue a bid to sign 34 year old Brazilian Juninho after he was released from Lyon. United are considering offering him a 1 year deal with the possibility of a second year. Young Brazilian centre half Dodo is set to sign for United next season for a fee believed to be around £6m. Antonio Valencia will be targeted but not for anywhere near the £20m mark. United may bid as high as £15m and offer Wigan either Nani, Tosic or Campbell on loan as part of the deal. Adam Johnson is also being watched. With Carlos Tevez set to leave on June 30th, United are looking at strikers, but nobody who will break the bank. Sanli Tuncay from 'Boro may be targetted as he is a similar player to Tevez and would be available for near the £8m mark but United may also bid for Edin Dzeko because Real Madrid would not consider selling Huntelaar to Man Utd without asking for Ronaldo in some form of a deal. Douglas Costa may also be signed then loaned out to Sporting Lisbon for a year, with United getting first option on Joao Moutinho for next season to replace Juninho.
  Breaking news from the emirates!!!!!

just heard from a reliable source that AW has contacted Everton about the availability of Marouane fellaini!!!!! everton value him at 22 mill. i personnaly think this would be an awesome buy as he is like a tank in midfield( finally replace viera) and he will get us some much needed goals from midfield!

hope this goes through, well worth 22 mill.
go for it wenger!
  LFC are still locked in talks with Owen's agent over the payp deal and the Johnston deal looks dead in the water. Only kirkby rangers AKA (everton)can scupper the deal with an late throw of the poor mans dice!!
Gordon Zola
ARSENE WILL BE GIVEN 30 mill to spend.
Lukasz Fabianski (CSKA)P.Ex
Manuel Almunia (Barcelona) 3 mill
William Gallas (Lyon) 4 mill
Phillipe Senderos (Wolfsburg) 6 mill
Mikael Silvestre (LA Galaxy) 500k
Abou Diaby (P.Ex)
Tomas Rosicky (Bayern Munich) 6 mill
Nacer Barazite (Burnley) 1 mill
Emmanuel Adebayor (AC Milan) 23 mill
Igor Akinfeev (CSKA) P.Ex
Carlos Kameni (Espanyol)FREE
Bruno Alves (Porto) 8 mill
Micah Richards (Man City) 6 mill
Raul Albiol (Valencia) 8 mill
Lorik Cana (Marseille) P.Ex
Junihno (Lyon) FREE

Rino Gattuso (deal to please the fans, plus his Glasweigan wife is homesick)
Chris Brunt (+ Ferguson, only if Mowbray doesn't take Celtic job) / Andy Driver
David Healy (if Boyd goes)
Lee Wallace (if Papac goes)
Craig Gordon / Graeme Smith (Motherwell) – if McGregor goes
Herman Hreidarsson / Darren Barr
Bruno Aguilar
Alan Hutton (they don't want to keep paying)
Alan Smith (maybe)

Charlie Adam
Brahim Hemdani
Christian Dailly
Allan McGregor
Barry Ferguson
Pedro Mendes (maybe)
Kris Boyd (maybe)
Lee McCulloch (maybe)
Graeme Smith
Sasa Papac (maybe)
Alan Gow
DaMarcus Beasley
Andrius Velicka
John Fleck (loan)
Andy Webster
Stevie Smith
  Liverpool have one of the best starting 10 going around not only in the English league but also Europe,

Benitez has identified that the left forward role needs improving.

the depth in central midfield is very weak either Mascherano or Alonso miss from the first team, Leiva is not good enough.

also we need cover for Torres as loan striker and finally cover at right back.

So in total 5 players are I needed,

Alonso is going to be sacrificed, which would allow Benitez to buy three players without blowing his budget for that one big signing.

Benitez has identified Higuain part of the Alonso deal to Real Madrid also Madrid a going to waver their rights to buy Negredo for 5 million which will allow him to join Liverpool to 5 million.

Finally Martinez will be brought from the Alonso sale,

so out will be Lucas be loaned out, with Ngog/Spearing/Plessis/Nemeth/Darby/Kelly/San Jose

sold would be
Leto 2m
El Zhar 2m
Itandje contract terminated
Babel 8m
Alonso 20m
Anderson 400,000
Martin 400,000
Voronin 2m
Dossena 6m
Cavalieri 1m
Come in
Martinez 12M
Negredo 5M
Higuain P/X
Barry 10m
12m for new right back
  Charlton news:darren ambrose on the way to crystal palace on a free! so that's one of last seasons players gone!

i think charlton should sign–
rickie lambert–bristol rovers 1 million plus
danny butterfield–crystal palace 300,000
jason demetriou–leyton orient 500,000
dean cox–brighton & hove albion 500,000
tommy elphick–brighton & hove albion 500,000
neal eardley–oldham athletic 500,000
dean gerken–colchester utd gk 400,000
simeon jackson–gillingham 1 million plus
dany n'guessan–lincoln city free
kevin lisbie– resigning him from ipswich town to shot us back to the championship with a bit of luck
darren ward–wolves 150,000

charlton need to sell!!!!
zheng zhi
nicky bailey (wish we could keep him)
dean sinclair
izale mcleod
andy gray
nicky weaver gk
darren ambrose already going

stuie cafc fan
  People talking about ryan giggs leaving man utd because he is past it, yes that's pfa player of the year ryan giggs that's past it, dream on. scholes is leaving united as is wes brown

ronaldo is staying
gareth barry to city
ronaldinio to city
ribery to city
  Javi Martinez is signing for Liverpool in the next 2 weeks for 9m on a five year contract
  All this tevez n aguero nonsense to sign 4 liverpool needs to end ,
barry has signd 4 man city thank god ,this means alonso is staying he loves playing 4 liverpool benitez wants him in the team .
javi martinez will be brough in for 10 million as an understudy to gerrard,glen johnson will sign for 12 million, lavezzi will sign for 17 million and david silva 18 million will round off a great summer of signings for the reds ,leaving liverpool will be . .
babel 7million
dossena 5 million
leto 3 million veronin 1.5million
riera 8 million
degen 1 million
and yes unfortunaltly lucas is staying
  News from paradise! celtic won't appoint a new manager for atleast 2 more weeks. defo won't be keane, mcghee or mogga. expect a big name continental manger to come. ive heard from a good source that it will be billic.
the bisicut tin will be open for him to the tune of 10m plus what he can raise in sales.
expect more young eastern europeans attracted by billic and 4 first team redy players
lb cech west brom
cm mccarthy hamilton
cm gomis dundee
st janko vienna
  With barry now ruled out of a liverpool move i think its very unlikely alonso will be sold as his other supposed replacement, javi martinez, isn't ready to fill his shoes. All this considered the other sales will go ahead and money from owners will be able to buy atleast Glen Johnson, Adam Johnson, Javi Martinez and Lavezzi or Juan mata. These are rafa's priorities with other targets such as David Wheater, Michael Owen, Steven Taylor and Kevin Davies. Unfortunately rafa is siding with quantity, depth and versatility over big, expencive names meaning Aguero, Tevez, David Silva and David Villa deals are highly unlikely. Judging by his targets, (mainly english and proven in epl) it is clear rafa is particularly keen on wining the premier league next season.
  "Cesc fabregas is leaving to join barcelona for

Wow! :O your a good fan arnt you, talk about supporting your team through gd and bad eh!

Anyway LFC matters. .

According to Spainish Sport Article Murcia. ( U decide the validity of the source)
More noise is being turned up about the LFC's growing interest in Juan Manuel Mata of Valencia. A reported fee from 12–20 Million.
Whether this interest will form a bid im not so sure.

From the little i have seen of him i have been impressed. A young LEFT WING/ FORWARD is just what we need. Dani Pacheco to been given another full pre Season to be looked at closely. . the Lad is a class act.
  EFC will buy Kyle Naughton the Sheffield United full back for 3.5 m wiv a further 2 m depending on international appearences and league appearences. They will also sign fabian delph for 4m up front that could rise to 5.5m. Jo will go back on loan for a season, and will be joined by David Bentley on loan. Micheal Owen is in the process of deciding whether to join them on a free, on 50k per week as the papers correctly state. Victor Anichebe will leave for 2.7 million.
  St Ledger to be Burnley's first summer signing from Preston for a fee around 2 million with add ons.
  Whoever posted the following has clearly not accepted Newcastle have been relegated!
Fabricio Coloccini £6m
Sebastien Bassong £10m
Ryan Taylor £5m
Kevin Nolan £5m
Joey Barton £1m
Nacho Gonzalez Returning from loan
Geremi £2m
Damien Duff £4m
Jonas Gutierrez £6m
Obafemi Martins £10m
Michael Owen Free
Alan Smith £4m
Mark Viduka £500k

The point is, as most football fans will realise, is that when a team goes down, and pays ridiculusly high wages like Newcastle, they can't command high fees for players. Newcastle will be desperate to get the 15 £50,000+ a week players off their wage bill. The Premiership teams will drive the price down, and Newcastle will be forced to sell low. Leeds united paid 50% (in some cases more) of some of their players wages just to leave. . . Robbie Fowler, Danny Mills, Harry Kewell etc.

Sunderland's tranfers will be:
Sharner (Wigan)
Bramble (Wigan)
Bent (Tottenham)
Babbel (Liverpool)
Pennant (liverpool – but free transfer)
Huddlestone (Tottenham)

Dont know transfer amounts, but the chairman will guarentee however much Bruce needs.
  #####some arsenal facts###############

barndoor–milan 13m plus flamini
clichy–juventus 12m
silvestre–900k lyon
eboue–juventus 5m
and finally cos of his refusal to sign a contract Van persie–real madrid 10m

flamini–part of barndoor deal
and the big one . . . . . . David Villa 24m
just watch this space
  I think that there are many ways that fergie may choose to strengthen MAN UTD.

we need a striker (possibly 2).
tevez doesn't score enough goals and berbatov, lets be honest, was a waste of space.
as i see it there are 4 real options.

Pato–25million (with berbatov and/or nani going the other way)

UTD also need a winger.
the 2 options are Valencia–22million
or Ribery–60million

a centre back is required.
maybe a young one.

also, if hargreaves cannot prove his fitness, utd need a holding midfielder.
someone like Miguel Veloso would be good (15million)

Ronaldo – 80–100 million
park – 5million
nani – 10million
berbatov – 10million
  Doncaster Rovers are interested in a £250k deal for Walsall centre back Anthony Gerrard and are keeping a close eye on MK Dons striker Aaron Wilbraham, who may leave the club after they failed to win promotion.
  With the appointment of carlo anchelotti chelsea will sign the following PATO–MILAN 25–30m BALOTELLI–INTER 15–20M ZHIRKOV 15–20M myt also try to sign PIRLO leaving will be alot of people mostly old
  Source close to kc stadium reports 10 mil bid from spurs for hull city defender Micheal Turner.
Phil Brown is away for three weeks holiday so not much will happen until end of June on this one.
  There is some real rubbish on this website.

To the Cardiff fan who thinks they're going to sign Ricardo Rocha from Chelsea. . . He's just been released from Tottenham.

Why on earth would Man Utd. sign Beckford, Becchio, Cox and Bruce? They've got much better players in their squad and some of them wouldn't get into the youth team.

One Transfer Near Completion . . . Rui Marques(Leeds) to Scunthorpe
  To all the sunderland fans who think they are getting carlton cole if west ham sell him they will have no strikers di michele probably won't get a contract the same is probably true with tristan so this leaves sears who is probably going out on loan to get experience and ashton who we all know is injury prone so i really can't see it.
  Man United to sign Klass–jan Huntelaar.
Deal to be announced over the weekend.
  Mufc rumours

antonio valencia to sign from wigan £14mil
possibly re–signin giuseppe rossi
ashley young to sign for £20mil
karim benzema to sign for £25mil
wesley sneijder or miguel veloso to sign for £12 (maybe)

carlos tevez won't sign, off to man city, real madrid or liverpool
nani to sign for a madrid for around £10mil
paul scholes to start coaching
tomas kuschak loaned out to burnley
danny simpson to ipswich £3mil

other rumours

david bentley to sign for everton for £8mil
stephane defour to sign for aston villa for £12mil
mahmadou sakho to sign for arsenal for £11mil
emmanuel adebayor to man city £20mil
david silva to liverpool for £18mil
david villa to real madrid for £30mil
pato to chelsea for £30mil
michael owen to celtic or la galaxy for free
frank ribery to real madrid for £27mil
xabi alonso to real madrid £25mil (maybe)
niko kranjcar to tottenham for £10mil
yuri zhirkov to chelsea for £16mil
kevin nolan to everton £6mil
glen johnson to liverpool or man city £14mil
ricardo cavalho to sign for inter milan for £9mil
obafemi martins to sign for everton for £8mil
  Man United:

Tevez – unceratin, United will only want to pay around £20m for him, but his agent may have other ideas due to the way he's been 'treated'.

Huntelaar and possibly Benzema are options.

Ronaldo won't be leaving.

Valencia may arrive, depends on the future of Nani (personally id like to see Nani stay).


Ribery, Kaka and Sergio Aguero will not be going anywhere.

David Silva to Liverpool?

Ashley Cole to Barcelona? (depends if they buy russian LB who's name escapes me)
  Just heard Tony Adams saying he would like to become next tic manager, – give us a break, what has he done:–
Managed wycombe for how long six months? went to portsmouth, redknapp left he takes over and they could not buy a win! gets pumped out the door after six months? don't make me laugh.

Celtic are after Martinez – fact.

He has better record than Owen Coyle and is the only manager whos budget would match that of the board!

Mark Mcgee named at Aberdeen by next week.
Frank Rijkaard – way too expensive
Roy Keane – don't think would leave Ipswich so soon
Van Basten – no chance
Wim Jansen – No thanks – its been eleven years – time to move on

One thing is certain, Celtic better get the finger out and pick someone soon or there will be no decent players left to bid for!!!!

  Rafa wants. .
– Tom Huddlestone because of his good passing ability like alsonso and his sweet strike of a football.
–van der vart as he is on the bench for madrid and unhappy. Good creative player to unlock por teams at anfield.
–javi Martinez good holding midfielder. Martinez or Huddlestone
–David Silva same reason as van der vart and valencia need the money
–lavezzi or kleber second striker to bring off the bench and when torres is injured
–Glen Johnson good quality right back as no cover for arbeloa now finnan has left
  Owen Coyle is prepared to offer Salif Diao a 2 year contract in order to bring him to Turf Moor. He is prepared to match the players wages and offer the player the security of 2 more years in England rather than just the 1 that is offered by Stoke. He is also touting Vincent Pericard as offensive cover after his release by Stoke.
  Elrio Van Heerdeen's move to Blackburn may be in jeopardy after a doubt over his ownership rights.
  Cash strapped Valencia are prepared to sign Jonas Gutierrez from Newcastle if they sell David Villa, using £1.5 million of a possible £27million transfer fee to pay his wages.
  Martin O'Neill is prepared to wait until pre–season before looking to sign a replacement for Gareth Barry. It is rumoured that O'Neill wanted Michael Johnson as part of the deal but Hughes refused to offer any more than £3 million and the player, well off O'Neill's personal valuation.
Steven Defour is a player recently linked with Villa, but he is most likely to join Bayern Munich who can offer him higher wages and the security of regular European Football.
One player who may join Villa is Hull City Defender Michael Turner, he wishes to play with a top half of the table cup in order to push any possible World Cup hopes. It is likely though that Villa wouldn't be the only player in for his services and they could face competition from West Ham, Fulham and Sunderland.

Some people on this site really do make us laugh. How do youse expect people to take you seriously when simple spelling mistakes are made, if u really were as closely connected to some of these players surely you know how to spell their names right.

Anyway LFC matters. .
Despite the rubbish being printed about our Xabi Alonso in News of the World etc He is here to stay with the LFC.
There is more reported interest in the Young Feyenoord youngster Luc Castaignos. The 16幌ear撲ld striker was part of the Holland Under17. He would enter the U18's Youth cup finalist's team if scout reports come back posititive.

Not a rumour, but i will be made up if Dani Pacheco makes the first team next season as he a class act. I also predict either Reserve Team player of the year (Mikel San Jose) and Martin Kelly to compete for 4th CB spot now Legend Sami Hyypia has left :(

I'm not saying i am perfect at spelling but before you slate others for their spelling you should check yours. .
if u really were as closely connected to some of these players

i'm only 14 but i'm pretty sure u is spelt you?

and to the guy who claimed Man City bid 1 million for Kaka last january.

been reading round the websites and it is clear liverpool have bid for kleber. Also its clear that real madrid are to bud 25m + negredo. Whether benitez will accept now barry's signed with City i do not know.
Most Suprising Rumour Ive read is that United will not sign Tevez and sell ronaldo.
To fill that space united are going to buy Ribery, Benzema and Villa.
Also heard liverpool were going to sign a flying pig. . . no wait united would NOT sell Rooney would they.

  I have been informed that Man City are due another busy day at the office with the arrival of Portsmouth forward Peter Crouch, who could also be joining on a five year contract for £12 million.
  Burnley Transfers

St Ledger (PNE) 2m
Boa Morte (West Ham) 2m
Spector (West Ham) 750k
Malbranque (Sunderland) 1.5m
Anderson (Sunderland) 500k
Adam (Rangers) 1m
Barton (Newcastle) 1m
Nugent (Portsmouth) 3m
Vassel (Man City) FREE
Campbell (Man Utd) LOAN

Akinbiyi LOAN
Kiraly FREE
Jones FREE
Mahon FREE
  Rangers fans get a grip.
We have no money.
The squad will be trimmed, but only if anyone wants our dross.

Only Bougherra, Thomson, Davis and Boyd are not for sale.

the only players to be bought will be a centre back and a left sided midfielder, i'd say a winger but Walter doesn't believe in them.

the combined cost will be no more than £5m.

there may be a couple of free transfers, but even that is unlikely.

Aguiar looks like he is signing for a Cypriot team (Omonia Nicosia) because they can pay more wages

Surely this will put an end to the long lists of unrealistic signings.

please keep it real.
Miguel Angel Llera MK Dons (Free)
Grant Holt Shrewsbury (£250K)
Lee Trundle Bristol City (£120K)
Michael Nelson Hartlepool (Free)
Darren Huckerby San Jose Earthquakes (Free, after transfer window)
Andy Marshall Coventry (Free)
Nathan Tyson
Danny Webber

David Marshall Cardiff (£750K)
Sammy Clingan Fulham (£2.5M)
Wesley Hoolahan Crystal Palace (£2M)
Jamie Cureton Barnsley
Dejan Stevanovic – San Jose Earthquakes
  Roberto Martinez will be unveiled as the new Celtic manger by Friday. The board are going to back him with a £7mil transfer pot + any transfer fees received.

Samaras £1mil
Naylor £500k
Nakamura free
Venegoor free
Hartley Hearts
McManus (£4mil – Birmingham)
Donati £1mil

The following Ins will be recommended to the new manager as his first signings by Celtic scouts:

Jordi Gomes (Swansea) £2mil
Guilherme (Almeria) £2.5mil
Stefan Radu (Lazio) £2mil
Steven Fletcher (Hibs) £3.5mil
Ross McCormack (Cardiff) £3.5mil
  Ok, these are only my opinion are are based upon logic and previously stated facts. . . so:

Karim Benzema to Real Madrid (Approx. £28m)
Zlatan Ibrahimovich to Barcelona (Approx. £31m)
Carlos Tevez to Inter Milan (£25m)
Kaka to Real Madrid (£38m)
Frank Ribery to AC Milan (£26m)
Ronaldinho to Chelsea (14m)

With Tevez leaving Manu, and SAF obviously liking to have 4 strikers in his ranks, along with the fact the he prefers strikers whom can rotate into a wide role(wing position) this leaves the obvious candidates as :

David Silva (Valencia)
Sergio Aguero (Ath. Madrid)
Alexis Sanchez (Udinese)

So I'd expect one of these to sign.

All this stuff about Real Madrid players coming to unit – absolute nonsense! SAF just won't deal with Madrid PERIOD!

Have a feeling though that Moutinho (Sporting Lisbon) may be potential target to add a creative flair to the midfield (after the CL final – obviously something that was missing without doubt).
  People that have said that Michael Johnson will be coming to Everton are a tad wrong. On the way down to wembley on friday I sat near Anichebe on the train and heard him talking on the fone about Johnson. He said that Moyes doesn't want him due to the fact that he is addicted to gambling and is an alcoholic.

Efc ins: Moutinho or Veloso, Ledley, Owen and a right back


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