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03 Jul 2013 23:09:56
Nicky Powell heavily link to a 12monyh loan deal to the terriers very good bit of business if its true

Would be another great signing, showed major promise at crewe for united to snap him up. I would like to see him at town to see the midfield play between him, norwood and clayton.

Why not, would mean we have a lot of midfield players who won't be getting a game.
Norwood maybe to go out on loan?

Dream on, only loan to a prem team, not ch'ship relegation club



03 Jul 2013 22:03:02
Kevin Davies to sign for Preston on Friday.

03 Jul 2013 23:33:08
as a preston fan I wish this was true but sorry it won't happen

Yawn. Big yawn. It really seems like he's falling over himself to join us, not. Look if he comes, he comes, if not we'll get over it. If he does join it will be against my better judgement.

If he was signing for pne he would have done so by now

It's just more speculation to keep the fans hanging on till the start of the new season

Looks like I'd has signed for wigan

Who cares we need a 20 goal a season striker plus some midfield creator

I think we're ok for midfield. Welsh and Wroe starting then King, Mousinho and Byrom locked in the changing room!

Look wroe in too and we all good. Sell them all apart from welsh



03 Jul 2013 21:55:19
Bristol Rovers to announce signings of midfielder Jon-joe O'Toole and striker Cody McDonald at a 9am press conference on Friday morning. Both have signed 2 year contracts.

I hope this time its true

This is utter rubbish! Bristol Rovers have not got enough left in the budget to sign 2 players on big wages! It is well known that they won't be pushing out to sign big players and they will concentrate on youth!

I have also heard this. Defiantly happening. Also a young palace right winger is meant to be joining on season loan. Banton I think I heard his name was. Friday aswell {Ed027's Note - Stop talking to yourself!

Cody McDonald signed for Shrewbury today.

We would have the financial capability with Virgo and bevan leaving they were two of the highest paid players at the club

They do have enough wage space to sign two players on big wages as Scott Bevan and Adam Virgo left the club the other day freeing up space for wages.

Gas have the finances (and budget within cap) - additionally McDonald has NOT signed for Shrewsbury, not saying he'll be joining Rovers but he hasn't joined anyone yet!.

I think you will find that JJOT wil be earning around 4k a week taking over bevan and virgos wages. JW has clearly said he only wants 1 more player in a interview today and he keeps turning agents away.



03 Jul 2013 21:43:46

Barr going to motherwell



03 Jul 2013 21:35:30
Sunderland signed Arsenal reserve goalkeeper Vito Mannone today. Next signings will be
left back Benjamine Mendy
midfielder El Hadji Ba,
right back Gino Peruzzi
striker Jozy Altidore
winger Charis Mavrias

Already Sunderland have signed Modibo Diakite, Cabral, Valentin Roberge, David Moberg Karlsson and Duncan Watmore. Some of the above signings will be put in the development squad before they are put in with the first team.

Also on the radar is Danny Rose, Tom Huddlestone, Mauro Zarate, Abel Hern�ndez, David Guidetti, Alfred Duncan

Why are you just repeating stuff everyone already knows for normal media outlets?

I'm no Sunderland fan, but i'm just going to assume that Di canio happy to let Westwood/Mannone fight for no. 1 as none of your "links appear to be goalkeepers. (Could do a lot worse than Mark Schwarzer)

El hadji Ba has already signed

Beware the number of players PDC will sign and then disguard citing any number of reasons, and then ask for more money for loan players to come in and paper over the cracks.

I'm over in crete visiting my uncle who is Greek, he said that were in talks to sign a 18yr old midfielder for 1.8million appartently highly rated! Anyone else heard?

Di Canio will buy his way into a little success but once the money stops you'll see his true colours.

PDC cannot and will not chop and change as much as he did at Swindon simply because of the transfer windows in place in the premier league. Once August has gone then that's his squad until January. The teams performance between Sept and Jan will then determine if he is allowed to spend in Jan and then it has to be agreed with the owner, the DoF and the chief scout. Hardly a one man show. The squad was paper thin last year to start with so the influx of players so far has only gone to help with that. The test will come towards the end of the window when we will have to see if any of last seasons players will have to be offloaded to balance the wage bill with the new premier league financial rules for in place for next season. I for one an exited to see the shape of the side come August 17th. Makes a change from a summer of watching long protracted chases for over priced "experienced " premier league player that turf out to be utter guff.



03 Jul 2013 21:17:30
David Bell, Cody Mcdonald, Gary Mcsheffrey, Chris Dunn, Kevin Malaga, William Edjenguele, Steven Jennings are all available for transfer should anyone want them from Coventry City

Cody macdonald is joining bristol rovers



03 Jul 2013 21:14:51
Leeds seriously need a new goalkeeper simply because Paddy Kenny is terrible. I think we need to sign an experienced Premier League keeper like Mark Schwazer who is currently out of contract.

Man not that I disagree with you, but given where we need to improve this summer, GK is not the most urgent concern. Schwarzer very unlikely to come even if we did sell Paddy ( who I dislike) because its a world cup yr and he's said the main reason for leaving fulham is no gurantee no1. I reckon someone like hull or Sunderland both who seem in market for a no1. will move for him

Or alex mccarthy who was with bmd at reading

03 Jul 2013 23:38:25
You want Adam Federici

Alex McCarthy? Did you really suggest that? You'll never sign McCarthy. You may get Feds but you'll have to pay money for him which you don't have.

Nothing wrong with kenny whatsover

Where do Leeds think they will get the £15million for McCarthy?

Mate I said a similar thing a few days ago. you got a premier league goalie from last year. his stats compare to anyone else last year. He saved Fulham from a kicking many a time. he's looking to go to the world cup next year and will be looking for regular footy. its a no brainer

I don't get the hate Kenny receives yes he was Colins teachers pet but I think he's ok!

Shay given.

"You may get Feds but you'll have to pay money for him which you don't have. " - Is that like the money everyone claimed we "didn't have" for Murphy, too?
Back on to original post, it's hardly a "rumour", but I feel in Kenny and Ashdown we have two decent keepers at the moment - they might not be world class, but they are competent. There are other areas we need to strengthen first. I do like Alex McCarthy, but I don't see him leaving Reading any time soon.

Kenny is a good player why can't we keep him and focus on getting a winger



03 Jul 2013 21:05:41
Exeter city being linked with three forwards. they're expected to sign one of Richard Logan, David Wheeler or Jefferson Louis. Alan Gow off to Bristol Rovers.

Understand Tisdale is looking at Burton Albion's Matt Paterson to solve his striking problems. Paterson scored some of the best goals seen in L2 last season and has not yet re-signed for Burton.

Gow is not off to the Gas.

He is off to the Gas

Jefferson Louis - what an AWFUL signing that would be? - are Exeter in financial trouble or something?.

Louis couldn't cut it in league 2 befiree



03 Jul 2013 20:00:10
Norwich news
James Vaughan OUT
Hooper IN

It will be announced tomorrow!

Vaughan already out

Is this true? will hooper be announced tomorrow or are you lying?

I hope he doesn't get lost on the way like Redmond has

Vaughan has gone officially to Huddersfield. Good luck to him too.

I did just say this was a lazy rumour before I found out Vaughan has now completed his move to Huddersfield. I also think Ayala is on his way out as earlier today I noticed both Vaughan and Ayala had been removed from the website

As an aberdeen fan her hooper is not all he is made out to be doesn't convert enough for the amount of service he receives

04 Jul 2013 09:43:00
I think NCFC will regret letting Vaughan go cheap, he is on the up and I think he would have been a good member of our squad. Bringing in guys for more money who are probably as un tested at PL level. Should have kept him a season and given him a chance.

Hooper will not be signing for Norwich, He's with Celtic in Germany at the minute anyway

As an Aberdeen fan you can't really comment on how good a player Hooper is, too good for Norwich, no disrespect to Norwich

I agree. Was good last pre season but if a player doesn't or cannot settle what can a manager do but sell! Player power?

Behave too good for Norwich. enjoy playing the same Confrence level teams 4 times next season and getting beat up in champs league as you have no money to invest. Celtic is Yesterdays News, Norwich has a very very bright future

The reason we let him go was nothing to do with his ability. It was the injuries. He looked out of the woods after the season at crystal palace, then only managed 3 appearences all year last season. Just because he stay largly injury free this season doesn't mean that next year he won't be in the physio room more often than not. I hope for him and for Huddersfield that he goes the rest of his carear without another long spell out.



03 Jul 2013 20:12:28
Is there any truth in the rumour that Joe Mattock might be on the way back to Brighton FC?

I really hope not brighton fan

04 Jul 2013 10:17:19
I think Garcia will bring some talent 2 the Amex a lot of young players looking a break threw

The liga aderlente has some special players
Kiko femina
Jese rodrgurios
The list goes on

Brighton have all in the palm of they hands just need 2 spend seAside resort pucker stadium
Decent league position last 3 years why not come 2 us it's are time ulloa is the michu of championship fact

I hope so

Here Stephen Ireland is being linked. AVFC fan.

He was a good player when he was at the albion. I can't see him returning though.



03 Jul 2013 20:10:54
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates had indicated he is still interested in signing Swindon's Luke Rooney, but he has been unable to reach the players agent.

Shall I get him a step ladder then lol

I will drive him to you myself if there is a fee involved!

Wouldn't have thought Luke Rooney's agent would have his phone off the hook for as many months as he has done. When will this one ever end?



03 Jul 2013 20:10:35
Liam Bridcut and Ashley Barnes are having medicals at Palace's Beckenham training ground tomorrow morning, a joint fee of 5.2 mil has been agreed both on 4 years deals.

Haha very much doubt that!



03 Jul 2013 20:09:50
Former Cheltenham Town striker Darryl Duffy is currently on trial with Scottish Premier League club Kilmarnock.



03 Jul 2013 20:09:38
Doncaster to hold talks with goalkeeper lee camp

I heard this

He's currently on trial at Dundee united

He's not on trial at Dundee he's just training with them to keep his fitness up because he knows the manager well

That's be a class signing for DRFC! Forget Scotch football!

05 Jul 2013 14:03:32
Correct me if I am wrong, but haven't we been told on more than one occasion, to look out for some suprise signings that will make us sit up and and also suprise the other championship teams that we mean business this year? I am still waiting! the names banded about at present won't worry our competitors when we play them this year.



03 Jul 2013 20:04:39
Stoke in for second Barcelona player Sergi Roberto.

A good young talent in midfield mark's signings are lookin good so far.

Dont think there is any truth in this as chelsea are eyeing the player which means stoke won't have any chance of landing the player although I wish there was more substance in it?

Is this the same Chelsea that was trying to sign Butland and Muniesa. Of course, we have no chance

Butland chose stoke over chelsea and man city

He will get more game time at stoke than he would at chelsea.

Looks good. and Yeah I think we will sign him.
We signed Butland so why can't we sign him, after all we will pay him the same and he will get played.

I had heard that it was a tweet that had been misinterperated. As much as I would love this rumour to come true I don't think it will

For instance begovic and butland both chose stoke because they would get game time and weren't competing with cech for 1 place. for an outfield player the dynamics are different and lots of injuries and rotation and cup games!!

So to people thinking players would chose stoke over chelsea please take your stoke goggles off and see the bigger picture. Know we are a small fish in a big pond!

What an earth is MH on, will loose out
on CHARLIE AUSTIN (24)and go for another golden oldie DEFOE (30)what
were those silly noises Coates was
muttering about signing younger players for the future, Pulis was never
the problem at Stoke, Coates was the



03 Jul 2013 19:45:09
Nahki Wells in advance stages and talking personal terms with a championship club- Burnley out of the running

Going to the massive sheff wed

Massive? Oh you must mean massive favorites for relegation. Of course that's obvious.

4 july thurday Nahki Wells in advance stages and talking personal terms with a championship club- Burnley out of the running

Burnley close to signing Darren Ambrose from Birmingham. The club hoping to have Kevin Davies, Nicky Bailey and Naki Wells in by the end of this week as well.
burnley singing today

Hope it's mboro, good player with potential.



03 Jul 2013 19:41:44
AFC Bournemouth striker Wes Thomas looks set for a move to Oxford United. Matt Tubbs was set for a move to the Kassam but will now stay and fight for a place at his boyhood club.

Agent CJ

03 Jul 2013 21:00:52
Wes going from a championship side to a poor league 2 side, tubbs staying but did you dream this all last night as your source is away with the fairies haha

Neither wes or matt wantd to be staring at relegation all season with the inevitable next April

The same Wes Thomas wanted by championship clubs?
Why would he come to us, we was close to signing him 2 years ago.
We was also close to signing Tubbs on season long loan this summer. but can't afford the £££

04 jul 2013 00:49:57
may sound strange but given the option for oufc i would prefer thomas every time as i think he is the better player. oufc also need a class midfield player like matt taylor or james harper or the one released by chesterfield who, s name i cannot recall

Watched wes Thomas in the friendly game at wimbourne fc yesterday, it was youth, development and trialist playing for afcb, the main squad were returning from Switzerland. Must admit wes Thomas looked lively and scored one goal but should have scored a hat-trick. He has not featured in main squad last year and has been loaned out to various teams. Rather feel he has an attitude problem but while Bournemouth pay championship wages for his services, I doubt if league 2 would interest him especially with lower pay structures.



03 Jul 2013 19:33:03
James Vaughan has signed for Huddersfield town for an undisclosed fee, believed to be around 1 million on a three year contract. Great signing for Huddersfield provided he can stay fit and find last season's form!

Team now looks a lot stronger than last year, ttid, in hoyle we trust, yorkshires no1

Brilliant news.
Thank you Mr Hoyle and Mark Robins.
This is a wise, ambitious and popular signing.
We look stronger now.
Great news.
James Vaughan 18 - we welcome you with all our hearts

Great news - expect
Hunt woods at full backs
Gerrard and Clarke
Wingers in Hammil and scannel and fit again Ward
Southern clayton norwood
stead pato and Jimmy
we got better strength in depth

shopping list - another CB ridding us of Lynch
another Centre mid - top class please
got to stop goals going in - worst defense in league last season

overall happier. looking better

Need to sort the defence out, leaking more than my broken shower.

Centre backs needed. Clarke and Gerard not good enough

Thank god even better now we no stead will be warming the bench most of season if jv and Paterson stat fit

04 Jul 2013 07:47:31
Tbh I think town need another winger just so we have another in the squad and its not Vaughan 18 any more its Vaughan 9

Basic coaching states that defending starts up front, not the back, Last season we played with an isolated striker leaving our oponents with and extra man to push up field. Hence we were unable to defend effectively from the front, and all the mindless balls we pumped upfield, always came back with a vengeance through an outnumbered midfield, putting our defence under a bombardment of extra pressure. We didn't start winning games until we eventually ditched 4-5-1, which was the turning point in our season. With the signing of James Vaughan we are making a positive statement of intent to carry on where we left off last season. With 2 strikers working tirelessly up front to disrupt opposition attacking play at its source, Gerrard and Clarke will look like super stars this season. Steady and Pato are both energetic players who will harass and harry defences all day long, either will be a solid partner for James Vaughan. Conclusion:The signing of James Vaughan means plenty of goals as well as plenty of clean sheets for Town this coming season. UTT.

Solid analysis for once!

Absolutely brilliantly put! Knockers please take note.

You're an absolute mile off with that! Grayson played 442 religiously and we took tanking after tanking. Defending from the front another stupid cliche. You can't blame a forward when Clarke and Gerrard showed consistently that they were unable to deal with long balls forward, and balls into the box. We only improved once Robins brought in a 4231, which he played consistently through to the end of the season, often switching during matches from a 4231 base, to 2 up top and back in spells and cycles.

English and Huddersfield fans really need to get over the 1 man up front systems - it's a complex which holds back British sides from developing tactically - you sound like Mike Bassett.

Theres a difference between playing 442 under grayson and robins as only one understands football

#9 will tear you apart again

Brazil v Spain springs to mind. A quality Spanish defence (Half the Barca team were on the pitch)torn apart because of a totally inept sytem on the night. Nothing wrong with the quality of any of the Spanish players, juct incompetent management. Same scenario at Town last season, very poor management. Mark Robins has turned things around at HTFC and I personaly have full faith in his ability to get us playing entertaining exciting quality football this season. UTT

Still need 3 quality signings. A Central Defender, a Creative Attacking Midfielder and a Striker to score 10+ Goals. If Town can manage it then they should do OK.

Interesting analysis of Town's defence. If I might add my twopennyworth. From what I saw of Town last season (only away games as I live in the south), most of the goals conceded came from the flanks and not straight down the middle. And it pains me to say it but it was our right flank (Jack Hunt) that was regularly crucified. Jack good going forward but often found wanting in his primary duty of defending. Bring back Peltier! As for the left back position, we seemed to experiment there and so no one individual would be culpable but let's just say I never saw an outstanding left back display from any that were tried there. I go back a long way. Town had a reputation of producing full backs. From Ray Wilson onwards, the full back position was rarely our problem position. Oh how I warmly remember the great duo of Parkin & Catlin in our promotion year to the top flight.

Creative attacking midfielder Nicky powell

04 Jul 2013 19:54:38
You are all forgetting if Grayson didn't manage Huddersfield town when he did we would still be in league one, and all you people blurting on at the start of the season, with the start we had that we were going up it was all down to Grayson with the players he brought in. ok he did loose the dressing room and he paid for it with is job. who signed Vaughan in the first place was it Grayson yes so stop slating the guy.

Yes, good comment, re the full back positions being roasted last season, and putting more pressure on cb positions. Hunt had his fair share of being outdone, Clarke taking loads of blame, which was fully justified, for his own errors, but if we had better full back defending, the whole situation would have been better. This coming season if we have the same defence, something needs altering. Personally, if hunt is staying, then I would move him upfield, and bring in a pure defensive full back.

Grayson was therefore a competent Div1 manager. But found wanting in the championship.

No ones saying he isn't but give the guy a break he did the job we asked of him which others failed miserably at

He was then given the task of keeping the club in the championship, which if he'd have stayed, he wouldn't have accomplished

Moving Jack Hunt into midfield on the right doesn't work. Grayson tried it at Watford (Grayson's last game as it proved). I was there and saw Town destroyed 4-0. Jack Hunt was clueless in that position. Why? Because he is a danger with the ball at his feet running AT a defence but with a defender behind him and the ball played up to him, he's no threat at all.

Name me a team that doesn't concede a goal or 2? Or an individual player who doesn't make a mistake or 2. The lions share of the transfer deallings have been done at the critical end of the squad, in as much as we now have a credible threat up front, and any further signings will be a bonus. If the right players come along that will improve the squad imo we should sign them up if the deals are within our means. If they don't there's no harm in sitting tight and going with the squad we have. If we aren't where we would like to be come December then we can always dip into the transfer market again.

Grayson was brought in to get automatic promotion. Remember we got up on pens, could easily have gone either way. Grayson would have taken Town down. I don't think Huddersfield owe any thankyou to Grayson, a L####s fan and reading his excuses was painful. All positive now. UTT

Yes, Grayson did the job asked of him, first go in the pressure of play-offs also, something i'm confident clark wouldn't have done, YET AGAIN, let's leave Grayson alone now and move on! And by the way he wasn`t my choice to be manager either at the time

No, Grayson didn't do the job asked of him. He was brought in to get Town automatic promotion and failed. We had luck on our side getting through the play-offs. Nobody can say whether Clark would have done that. The squad was certainly good enough. Grayson may well have got teams up from div 1 but with good teams. He has failed miserably in the Championship and I felt Dean Hoyle left it late to get rid of him. Don't feel sorry for Grayson, he's made a lot of dosh from early contract severances!

Actually the two full backs when we were last promoted to the top flight were Dennis Clarke and Geoff Hutt, not Derek Parkin and Chris Catlin who were a few years earlier. Sorry to be a bit pedantic, especially as I otherwise agree with you, and also live in the warm south!



03 Jul 2013 19:32:18
Zavon Hines is in talks with shrewsbury over a one year deal, Cody McDonald is also in negotiates with the club. While the club wait to announce new signings in the forthcoming days.
True blue

Cody is coming to Gillingham, I think.

Zavon hines not good enough for league one that's why bradford don't want him another striker that can't score had a few of those last season!

Neither of these are true

Bradford pushing for second promotion. Hines is a winger and would do good for a team consolidating in league one.

If he's not good enough for league 1 then the Shrews will snap him up, no problem.

Grandison gone will gt be next must be fed up of not having any sort of decent funding!

What's happen at Shrewsbury not very happy with things at the moment should of got rid of gt end of season and brought someone in with a lot more clout

Totally agree with last post.
Have no faith with current regime.
Taking loyal supporters for a ride.

If we bring in the two cliftonville forwards and a decent right back I trust that you will eat your words

If Boyce and/or Gormley play well against Celtic then we will be priced out of the market, if not already.

You seem to be putting all your eggs into one basket with these 2, that's for sure.

Well said - you do not know what is going on in the background. A couple of signings and it could be a completely different story.

A couple of signings?

We need a right back, winger, at least 2 strikers as a minimum.

Would need to be a couple of good quality signings these however cost money and it seems shrews are stuck with a league 2 budget does anyone know differently?



03 Jul 2013 19:15:23
Katlego Mphela, 26, linked with potential move to Hull, Norwich, Wigan and Nottingham Forest.

SB is poised to make a £800k bid South African striker who has impressed at International stages, with goals in confederation and World Cup against Spain and France to his name.

Goals at confed cup was 4 years ago - and nobody heard what he done since. would be massive risk whoever signed him

Be a decent signing got pace this lad! :D Wigan Fan here

Out of the blocks rumour? I've seen clips of him on a well known uploading website, and his recent goal tally for club and country is quite impressive, I'd love to see a bid!



03 Jul 2013 19:02:09
peterborough are set to up their interest in lyle taylor of falkirk. scored 24 goals last season to help get them promoted. £750k my be enough to seal the deal.

Falkirk didn't get promoted they finished 3rd or 4rth

Fee would be nowhere near that amount.

Many Falkirk fans seem to think itd be under 500k from what I've seen

I think you have got the wrong boro that lyle Taylor is going to.

Seems like the sort of player Peterborough would buy, but I think this won't happen soon, if at all depending on if Sinclair, Ajose, Barrnett are still here, and how Janni and Shaq do in the pre season

Shhhh!! don't tell everyone about Janai and Shaq they are our little secret. These clowns will find out the hard way. I can hear them now Peterborough unearth more Gems!



03 Jul 2013 19:01:49
Shrewsbury are interested in signing Cody McDonald and Liam Boyce on 2year deals. Also the Shrews are interested in bringing in a striker on loan.
Jermaine Grandison will be offered an improved contract when he gets to talk to GT.

Cody gills bound

Liam Boyce chased by Salop but he said no. Cody has played for GT before but wants more than they're prepared to offer.

Shrewsbury will not be able to sign any decent quality players due to them having a rigid league 2 salary structure, even though they are a league 1 club!

As for Liam Boyce, that will cost the club a fee, money that the existing board will not spend.

Forest Shrew

Grandison has left the club after refusing their final offer.



03 Jul 2013 18:58:22
Cardiff close to sealing wanyama and ince

U sure?

Ince is in talk with Cardiff soon, wanyama has agreed personal terms but celtic haven't accepted a bid yet

Of course they are that's why Cardiff have pulled out an southampton are going to nab him

No they are not.
Cardiff have pulled the plug on Wanyama and Cardiff have not spoken with Ince yet MDH

A lot of money for an unproven talent. I think qpr have proven you have tobe careful who you pay big money for

I said they are in talks soon, read it right

Cardiff have pulled the plug on the wanyama deal



03 Jul 2013 18:45:05
Middlesbrough interested in signing Hartlepool's starlet Luke James following their relegation to League 2. - TGT

Old rumour. Would be good though



03 Jul 2013 18:28:42
Cody mcdonald to sign for gillingham when he comes back from america. Martin allen has left the number 10 shirt for cody. Martin wants to reform the strike force of bayo and cody a few seasons ago. Birchall to go to luton with gray joining the gills.

Well he was in Nandos, Coventry this afternoon. Pictured with our "bomb squad" (transfer listed players)

03 Jul 2013 21:32:39
Where are these photos then.

Who's gray

03 Jul 2013 23:53:46
U ain't getting gray

04 Jul 2013 07:52:07
We don't need another non league striker! We're in league 1 now.

Yep Gray defo coming, could be announced this afternoon. hoping that could be a good signing

Why not give non league guys a chance? look at Dwight Gayle 18 months ago he was playing non league now just transfer to a Prem side for 6m!

Grey would rather be rotated with us in league 1 than have a season in league 2, Birchall has been on fire in pre season and would be a good addition for you, i'm sure you would get a decent fee from us too so would be best for both party's. Good luck for the coming season.

Gray is not coming. We are not in for him at the moment.



03 Jul 2013 18:21:54
Boro look set to bring the Redcar Rock, David Wheater, back to the Riverside. Unsure yet how much or if part of a swap deal with Emnes. Source tv.



03 Jul 2013 18:13:43
Dale tongue passes medical at Torquay united today!

Good luck to him. Will do a job for you but plagued with injury. Good servant to the millers



03 Jul 2013 18:01:19
Sheff Wednesday winger Michael Antonio is set for a £4m move to Premier League new boys Crystal Palace.

Reading will receive 20% from the sell-on, which is driving up the price.

Really love antonio but for 4 mill he can go thank you very much

4m for that guy don't be daft

03 Jul 2013 22:18:53
Sorry it looks like moritz is on his way but how can any manager guarantee a player a place ion a team

Agree but I thought he was a great squad player

No truth in this whatsoever.

You can't be serious that they will pay £4million we had him at Reading and sold him. Runs fast but the touch of Stevie Wonder. {Ed029's Note - The rumours have been dismissed by Jones and local reporter Stanton.



03 Jul 2013 17:56:58
Coventry to ground share with Northampton town. Announcement tomorrow morning

Rubbish its too far and the ground only holds 7000

That won't happen

They play on the same day

Football league not bothered about + 30 mile distance. Friday or Sunday for Cov matches. Disgrace that its happening but it is.

I work in Kettering rumour is they are going to rush den and diamonds old ground

Too far? haw far was walsall

Just announced on Coventry telegraph website. (From the original poster)

Is this confirmed? It'll be a sad day for sky blues everywhere.

03 Jul 2013 22:45:50
It is happening and cov have to change there games

I saw the Midlands Today bulletin on Breakfast this morning and it looks as if it may actually go ahead. A few things have to be sorted out but it looks very likely. 'A sad day for Sky Blues'? The sad day came when your club allowed any Tom, Dick and Harry to wander in and own it. This is why you have this situation.

Surely Coventry can come to some agreement regarding their ground going to Northampton is crazy, it's not the fans fault, hope it's sorted soon. Palace fan

{Ed029's Note - It's unlikely. The football club receive no revenue from food and drink sales, alcohol, advertising etc. To survive long-term they must reclaim that income in their own stadium/rented venue. Good luck, Coventry. Better days ahead I'm sure!

It's time the local councils owned the grounds and rented them out to the clubs . They have got to share the prem league money some how. Good luck coventry. portsmouth fan {Ed003's Note - Or maybe clubs should be ran in the right way for starters.}

Coventry will be the primilary club therefore, Northampton would have to re-arrange fixtures.

04 Jul 2013 22:58:30
How you work that out we're the landlord there the tennet
Cov would play sundays and wednesdays

04 Jul 2013 23:08:22
This is not a ground share its a rental Agreement cov willl have no office space they will just pay to play there games there on match days

What a post. Northampton will have to re-arrange there fixtures at there own home stadium AROUND cov! HAHA How deluded!! It's our ground. I'd rather cov didn't come and suffer.

Fa rules state higher league clubs games come first so Northampton would have to rearrange there games not Coventry.
I am a Coventry fan and hope all Northampton fans say no to this ground share and help Coventry stay in Coventry PUSB sisu out

No we have agreed for Coventry to play on Friday/sunday/Wednesday



03 Jul 2013 17:46:14
After the signings of Jason Kennedy and Mark Yeates Bradford are looking to brin in Mark Schwarzer on a 1 year deal. Bradford are also after Simon Church aswell as trying to bring Blair Turgott back on loan for next season. Bradford are also after Scott Wagstaff but he wants to stay down south.

Mark Schwarzer set to sign one-year deal with Bradford City.

Can't see the Schwarzer thing happening, but its correct that talks are taking place with Simon Church

It would be great if this is true but highly unlikly



03 Jul 2013 17:43:01
QPR and Spurs in talks over Townsend and Parker; potentially with Remy in exchange. Spurs want 40% sell on fee for Townsend which could be the stumbling block.

£3Million+ Townsend is being banded around can't see that including a large sell on fee. The scott parker transfer is being treated as a separate deal. Maybe that is because the remy deal is a long shot or parker is unsure as is being suggested due to the world cup

Parker+townsend for Remy?

Townsend would be given the chance to show just how good he is with QPR and Harry



03 Jul 2013 17:39:39
Mike Grella set to resign for Bury on his return from America

Hope so :D

The man can sod off, thinking he was bigger than the club. sometimes played well but I can't imagine him being the same anymore. stay away grella

Won't happen doesn't fit the KB criteria

I think he does fit the KB criteria, particularly if he played under him at Leeds.

Grella didn't play under Blackwell at Leeds. Blackwell left in 2006 and Grella joined in 2009.



03 Jul 2013 17:20:02
Cody deal apparently is not going ahead, Sidibe is in talks with Gills. bit worried not much pace up front if this happens.

It is happening patience gills fans



03 Jul 2013 16:53:13
hull city to make a move for burnleys charlie austin after missing out on hooper, celtic were after austin if hooper had gone to hull.

Yawn. Wish Hull would stump up the cash and buy him fed up of reading about it plus becoming obvious we can't sign anyone till we sell him.

Kevin davies burnley

Austin may switch to Hull, but there is no way a 28 goals from 33 games striker, who is English (they always attract a premium) will move for £4m. The Board have turned £5m from Hull last week, Burnley Express. They have now repeated £7m four times publicly.



03 Jul 2013 16:51:04
Doncaster have signed Harry foresster from brentford on a free as he turned down a contract offer

All these links with players who Doncaster are going to sign but still no confirmation from the club what are we messing about at we will end up with other clubs coming in and taking them.

It will not be on a free, compensation due because of age



03 Jul 2013 16:16:41
Bristol City

Yeovil Town have been in contact regarding Liam Fontaine
expect to hear some news before the coming weekend.

Marlon Pack has been in talks and a contract has been offered.

Davies want out, a few championship clubs have been monitoring the situation

Jay emmanuel Thomas, Sean O'Driscoll wants him, Ipswich want rid of him,
he wants to much money.
Sean O'Driscoll wants to keep Paul Anderson,
Ipswich wants Anderson,
Anderson wants championship football,
This one may take a month to find its conclusion, Talks are ongoing

Davies always want's out!
His mum will probably send the club a letter telling them that they are treating him unfairly by asking him to play 3rd tier football, like she did when he was at Tranmere.

Davies does not want out, he tempted Fielding to join the club because it was a great city to live in, big club etc. If he wanted out I'm sure he wouldn 't say that!

Davis has said he's happy at Bristol and the fans worship him ATM he's won't go unless it's a big offer

Looks like Davies should have joined Ipswich last summer. Silly man.



03 Jul 2013 16:09:32
From a forest fan mcgugan will and won't be missed at forest he's an excellent player but he is not consistent throughout the season he was only making mostly substitute apperances behind the likes of Lansbury and and mejewski but will be a good signing and use are lucky to have him

We suspect he'll not be a first team player more of an addition to the squad. Plus if anyone can iron out the kinks its Zola and the coaching staff we have.

03 Jul 2013 19:54:01
I always been a fan of mcgugan delighted that he has joined us. Hopefully he can kick on with his development.

However, Lansbury was awesome when we had him on loan no surprise that McGugan had to settle for a place on the bench.

Best of luck for the season.



03 Jul 2013 16:03:02
Andy king to join bolton



03 Jul 2013 15:59:58
Has Alan lee signed for notts county? Heard a few rumours flying about

I hope Alan lee hasn't signed for notts!

No he hasn't x



03 Jul 2013 15:58:58
Celtic to confirm signing of Kevin Doyle from Wolves in the next 24hrs.

Hurry up then celtic

Come on celtic come and get him anythin over 1m and you bin robbed


24hrs gone and he ain't signed. bad source



03 Jul 2013 15:55:04
Wanyama is talking with Southampton again today. this time without his agent in tow.

Let it go, it's got boring

We know it's boring! But are we the only club to have a bid confirmed, as accepted, by Celtic?

Yes I think wish they just get it sorted out

Don't know if I want him to come now, feel like we're being used as bate to get a offer from a bigger club. But none of them want him.

Do we really want a player that has been messing us around with wage demands etc? He even said he didn't want to come to us and that Celtic accepted the offer!

It's like a new Paul Allen deal. He's not coming. Isn't he abroad with Celtic? For goodness sake.

Hes Cardiff bound

I assume when people are saying "he" this and "he" that they are talking about his agent. That is the only person who has been carping on, all we heard from the player himself was that he's on holiday and doesn't want to talk about it till he gets back

Will everyone stop blaming Wanyama the reason the deal didn't go through last time was because of his agent not him!

He's a great play and saint will honor what his final choice is. Come on you reds

His father should be his agent, instead of the money grabbing current agents!

Cardiff have pulled out of the race as they can't afford his asking price making the only remaining bidder Southampton for the time being.

Hope southampton don't sign wanyama we were not his first choice clubs being used. Looks like a few more to go who are still under contract on big wages.

The way it looks to me that a big club is in for a southampton player I can't see them keeping last season first team players on the bench unless someone is on the move. Don't say it's arsenal stealing our players again.

06 Jul 2013 09:01:19
Apparently Luke shaw is about to sign a 5 year deal at £25000 a week and he is happy at saints, does that mean if a club comes in with £50000 a week he would be more happy, not a bad wage for a seventeen year old.

Luke shaw is great going forward but still a lot to learn in defending, cost us quite a few errors which did and could have cost us.

^ they'll also have to come with £20 million as that's what his release clause is in the new contract

£20 million release clause and stuck on £25000 a week for 5 years he could make over 6, million in that time if he doubled his money elsewhere ( doubt that figure )

Still think he will mov on to a London team

If Blaine's doesn't go to united shaw could be the target, the price wouldn't put Chelsea off either

Without his agent this a deal that could work ideal player for saints

You have to give credit to saints for giving young players an opportunity but I just wonder now we are in the prem league we will go for proven players. Like the top few.



03 Jul 2013 15:48:36
Coventry set to sign old boy Sammy Clingan

Hope not sideways sammy

Already gone to killie



03 Jul 2013 15:47:15
Can't see Millwall being able to offer more money and opportunity of championship football next year than AFCB to Jackson

03 Jul 2013 21:56:00
haha AFCB are going straight back down to league 1! Funny guy ^^

Millwall is a far safer bet than Bournemouth and just look at the plans and structure they have got. Bournemouth have only just been promoted and are far more likely to struggle in a very tough championship. Don't underestimate the mighty lions and the den will be a fortress this year with bigger crowds every week. Steve Lomas will work wonders.

IF Jackson does 'GO' to Bournemouth? Which looks almost a 'DONE DEAL' then that's up to him!They are obviously prepared to pay him what 'HE WANTS'! Up to 20K A/W? Or maybe he just dosen't want to come to London? Don't forget 'HE CAN' be quiet 'INJURY PRONE'! COYL

Maybe he 'CHOSE' Bournemouth because he's on the 'COAST' & their willing to pay him 'MORE?

On tv Bournemouth Close In On Jackson

Jackson's a good player without doubt, but 'why' not try for simon church? sl was interested! he is only 24 & has still got to 'prove' himself to people? or maybe sl has already got someone on his mind? sm will need a partner for a 'foil'!

Simeon Jackson is away on international duty and may not be back until the end of July.



03 Jul 2013 15:44:24
: afc bournemouth are competing with Doncaster and millwall and Watford for Wales striker Simon church it looks like bournemouth are leading the chase as he is training in Swiss city Zurich

4 clubs chasing Simon Church?. feels like April 1st again. !

03 Jul 2013 18:29:37
I don't think Watford will be interested in the likes of Church

They may be competing with Doncaster and Millwall, but you can leave Watford out of the equation - not for us.

Haha definitely not Watford (probably not the other 2 either) he's awful. He was good back in 2009 but now he is League 1 material

Watford have enough forwards. plus he's way below par

03 Jul 2013 23:14:07
According to Sly, he's close to signing for AFCB?

For any championship team to be after him is just plain ridiculous



03 Jul 2013 15:37:13
Cheltenham Town will offer Rene Howe a 2 year deal on Thursday

Going to league 1 club!

Yes Howe is going to a League 1 Club - a year early. it's where Cheltenham will be playing in season 14/15! Good move for Howe.

Howe is NOT moving to Cheltenham.



03 Jul 2013 15:36:31
If toivonon decides not to join Norwich, then they they will approach man city about the possibility of John guideti

I think we should drop the case for toivonon, don't think he's committed to little Norwich not the type of player we need in the squad

I think I'd rather have John Guidetti than Ola Toivonen

If he is taking this long to decide do we want him

Im getting increasingly annoyed about the total lack of real activity going on. redmond must b having the longest medical in history! shelvey signed for swansea in a couple of days. Wasnt he joining us? toivenen obviously isn't interested othrwise it would have got him by now. why does it always take so long to sign players? get a move on hughton!

James Vaughan OUT
Hooper IN

It will be announced tomorrow!

^someone has a complete and utter lack of football.
"come on hughton! just sign someone! who cares if we need him or he's right for the club or not!"

Probably because the players in question are waiting to see if they get a better offer or Norwich are trying it on and hope to get the player on the cheap

What are you on about a lack of activity, signed 1 player, had two bids accepted for another two players, ola is just weighing up his options doesn't want to rush into a decision which is fair enough and Redmond apparently close to signing and so is Gary hooper that is 4 players and transfer market only been open 3 days that is not bad going

04 Jul 2013 08:24:54
I can't see Ola signing, he wants CL football, he has tweeted as such.

04 Jul 2013 10:25:11
I don't believe this rumour for one second, but i'd be over the moon with Guidetti

What is wrong with people, of course players are going to take time to decide if they want to come here. Toivonen has to decide if he wants to leave a big club and come to us, who wouldn`t see what other offers are around before making a decision maybe he has family to think of. Most of the delays now are caused by agents trying to see if they can get their clients and themselves more money. Shelvey to Swansea only went through quickly because nobody else wanted him {Ed001's Note - not true, it went through quickly because Shelvey was keen to play for Laudrup, there was other interest.}

Ola's birthday yesterday- so maybe he had too much cake and beer in him to be making any life changing decisions.

In any case yesterday was the deadline set for him by PSV to decide what he was going to do. He would still have to have a medical and get terms agreed with NCFC.

Come on Ola let's be avin you! You'll get to wear a yellow shirt every week and Delia does a lovely cake.



03 Jul 2013 15:31:46
Nicolas Anelka currently in talks with West Brom and WILL sign for the club on a one year deal with another in the clubs favour. Matej Vydra's also in talks but Udinese want 12 million euros or the other option is a loan deal costing West Brom 1.2 million euros, either way he'll be wearing the shirt next year.

£18m was the minimum the pozzos want and only from a big team. Pozzos only sell to big teams for big money. Loan is more likely.

Dont want Anelka and Baggies won't pay 12m€, should go for Ba first!

Why don't we go for welbeck on loan

I agree that Anelka is past his sell; by date. Demba Ba, Benayoun and Koulu woulde be be positive signings. Vydra and Sinclair would be good acquisitions as well but as usual I expect we will leave it too late to get any of them

Well Benayoun is only a year younger than Anelka going by the logic he "is past his sell by date"?

Nearly every target that has been linked with Swansea or west brom, west ham suddenly go after! Get your own scouts with your own transfer targets!

I've just read in the express and star that Anelka is at wesbt brom today having talks with clark.

Anelka having medical at west brom



03 Jul 2013 15:26:36
Millwall will use the fee (received from Crystal Palace for Liam Trotter) to finance big wages for simeon jackson, nicky bailey and adam smith short term loan.

There's a rumour that millwall are trying to sign Neil danns good player and good signing for millwall if true, would fit in well at the Den!

Trotter just had Op. So rumours were untrue, no football club makes an offer for someone not playing. Bailey is making a lot of sense now, so if Trotter is out would Abdou go?

05 Jul 2013 10:00:10
trotter is only out for 6 to 8 weeks. he will not be millwall player by end of transfer window.

If That is the case then there is a problem with risk. Remember last season, he was in and out of the team. Would you pay £2.5m. Holloway is a lot of things but stupid he is not. He will not pay that kind of money for an unfit player. Trotter is going to miss the start of the season, that means September before he is match fit, we are talking premier league here remember. An unfit Trotter would be way of the pace, question whether he is good enough anyway.



03 Jul 2013 15:02:51
I have just heard the WBA are going to hold talks this week with Man city to discuss the loan move for Scott Sinclair.

I hope this is true because he was quality for The Swans.

Hope this is true



03 Jul 2013 14:54:12
Victor Wanyama talks with Southampton are back on.

I hope it goes in



03 Jul 2013 13:58:53
Brighton said to be interested in the signature of Sporting Gijon's Nacho Cases. Oscar Garcia Junyent is said to willing to pay 1.2m for the 25 year olds services.

Do we get any dips with these cases of Nacho's?

Oscar Garcia looking to get ex-Bolton player Kevin Davis and current Bolton player chris eagles both will cost 1.5 million

What I don't understand is Amex is minted out £100 million in 2 the club and happy days arrive

All the ledgends r getting old now get them in on loan and get the he'll in 2 pl I'm not saying we will pl but yo we won't come bk down

Newcastle twice beat them
Chelsea beat them
Sunderland beat them
Unlucky to lose 2 Liverpool but they hammered us in fa cup
Arsenal unlucky again
Spurs same again
Norwich lol

Brighton are playing Gijon in pre-season. So I guess this could be possible.

04 Jul 2013 12:31:11
what I don't understand, is anything in that post above.



03 Jul 2013 13:51:42
Barcelona B ex-player Luis Gustavo is said to have started Contract talks with Almeria, whereas Cristian Lobato and Ivan Balliu have joined the Brighton squad to be later announced by the club

What you have 2 remember is that Brighton hove Albion will reach top 4 next season with the team they have so I think Garcia needs 2 give every 1 a fresh start and let us turn it on if not in a good place by jan then get spending

Seagulls seagulls

Agreed, right team just wrong tactics

I'm a massive Brighton fan but top four please! playoffs hopefully! Need to invest to succeed thanks



03 Jul 2013 13:48:51
Charlie Austin finally looks set for a Premier League move with Hull

03 Jul 2013 17:16:05
Only want to play there for 1 season then

If they've finally seen sense and come up with £5,000,000 + then you may well be right.



03 Jul 2013 13:46:48
wba looking to bring in arsenals joel Campbell on loan

Who is he and what position does he play? why can, t he get game time at Arsenal?

Fast strong winger was on loan at Real Betis last time would be a good sub

Doesn't get game time at Arsenal due to work permit restrictions. won't be going to WBA



03 Jul 2013 13:45:49
Bristol City are interested in Malmo's Simon Kroon, possibly as a replacement for Albert Adomah.



03 Jul 2013 13:10:30
Swansea have failed on personal terms with shelvey, he has just been seen leaving the Liberty stadium.

They have signed him on a three year deal 6million quid

So why has Liverpool said he has joined Swansea on tv?

Ha he's signed for us! Get your facts right

4 years get you facts right

£5 million get your fact right lol

No, its £6 mil total - £5 million upfront fee with an additional £1 million in add ons.

They payed Liverpool £5m up front and a further £1m is to be paid!

Great signing as well though! He can grow here at Swansea! We have a signed a star!

Doubt its 5 mil up front more like 3/4

Come on bony tell them you want to go



03 Jul 2013 13:07:38
crewe want stevenage midfielder anthony grant

Good! take him from us

Have him on a free he isn't a league one player can't pass or tackle :D



03 Jul 2013 12:55:00
Leeds united signed have signed Luke Murphy and Matt smith (a few weeks ago) and now are on the verge of signing Noel hunt, expected to be completed today or tomorrow. we are also in talks with a 4th player but may need to offload a player to make this deal happen.

I'd bet its Tommy Rowe with a midfielder heading for exit.

Lets just hope its M. brown heading out the door!

Its more than likely to be tommy rowe or a defender. sam byram is linked with crystal palace but does not want a move away from elland road, they are his own words. BMC is looking to move danny pugh and Micheal brown out of the club to bring in his fourth signing

Tbh I just want McCormack and Byram to stay our two best players if we loose them we aren't going up!+we have no transfer funds but we are ment to have rich owners?

May have to move 1 from tonge norris green all 3 would command some sort of fee. Also hope Pugh agrees permenent deal with wednesday

04 Jul 2013 15:37:40
My sources have informed me that we are negotiating with Peterborough for Tommy Rowe and Dundee united or Gary Mackay Steven.



03 Jul 2013 13:38:58
Rumours are that Chelsea are ready to meet the £10m that Norwich City want for John Ruddy.

What a waste totally overrated.4 million TOPS.

Just sitting on the bench at Chelski will be enough to get him in the England squad and give him plenty of time to count all that extra money he will earn

While the 10m is perhaps over inflated, he is a quality goalkeeper who is only going to get better, and frankly Norwich have quoted silly numbers because they do not want to sell him.

Ruddy is worth every penny of the quoted 10 million price. In fact 10 million or Ruddy? I would have Ruddy every time!

Tough if Minolet is worth £9M then Ruddy's worth £10+

10 mil is in no way over inflated and it would tske at least 15 to tempt me to sell

Made me laugh (4m. tops. what a waste). OMG Chelsea worried about wasting money?. welcome to the world of clubs being able to succeed on their own merits not with daddy's bank card

I agree ruddy is a quality keeper and will only get better 10 million is fair but would take no less

There's no way on earth that this sale will or should happen. Not unless Chelsea put in some super crazy offers.

Minolet went for £12M

04 Jul 2013 10:32:56
This deal would indeed be a waste. Not a waste of money, but a waste of a career.

Cech will remain Chelsea's no. 1, Ruddy will be brought in to make up the home grown quota and will sit on the bench, only to be replaced by Courtois when he returns to succeed Cech at a later time.

Ruddys England career will not be boosted by sitting on the bench for a big club, he'd be far more likely to get the call playing a full season for Norwich.



03 Jul 2013 13:36:41
Hi guys, posted yesterday regarding Wanyama's move to a Welsh side and I've had it confirmed that its newly promoted Cardiff City. They see him as being a powerhouse in the middle of the park and exactly what's needed in the EPL.

If he's that good why aren't the big clubs looking at him

Please! Let this 1 be true!

They are and he is. watch the youtube of Big Vic bossing Barca in the CL. Sign him up quick malky!

Exactly right, big clubs were after him. Arsenal and Liverpool have been heavily linked to him. Celtic will want good money for a player who is so good for them and semi-big teams on tight budgets will not want to invest so heavily in him when they could attract other players for lesser fees. Would be a superb signing if it comes good. Ince and Wanyama would be brilliant aquisitions.

Celtic don't want to sell to another team in the CL. Really hope we get him. A lot of money and therefore a big gamble and one that needs to pay off but he's a class player and would shaw up the middle of the park a treat

The game against Barca that Vic bossed?
Was that the same one that Celtic had 17% possession in?

Cardiff dropped out as they don't wanna pay 12 mil which means likely destination Southampton



03 Jul 2013 13:18:05
Simeon Jackson On his way to Charlton, 2 yr deal with an option of a 3rd total of 8k per week, goal bonus's and man of the match bonus clauses are on his contract to balance out the negotiations because Jackson wanted 10k a week.

Charlton are also set to sign obika on a 2 yr deal on a more modest 3k a week with a clause to make it 6 if he totals 40 appearances

charlton are also in the market for a young unknown talent on loan to be the 4th striker in the team.

no new midfielders will be signed as diego poyet is going to be given a run out this season and danny hollands will stay.

Defender news. no new left back as yet to cover wiggins so presumably when wiggins gets injured solly will be on the left again while wilson covers rb.

Would love this to be true desperatley need strikers

We still have Evina on for another year. So left back is still covered.

Sell Evina now if he doesn't want to be there. If above is true, would be some good signings!

We do still have Evina but he didn't sign a new contract

04 Jul 2013 08:56:41
As already mentioned Cedric Evina is our cover left back and a very good one too. I'm not surprised he has not signed a new contract, I would like to see him stay but he does need football and he's not getting it.

Evina still has 1 year left he just refused to extend this!. All the above strikers would be great yes higher wage for Jackson but he is a free agent so balances out! Danny green is currently on 6k per week so I am sure we can justify 8k for Jackson

Evina is definitely out of contract, they have offered him a new one which he turned down



03 Jul 2013 13:17:31
Wanyama back in talks with Southampton. this time without his agent in tow.

He can do 1. He could se crap for all we know?

Watch some champions league games and you would have a better well rounded opinion on an exceptionally talented young player with career in front of him. He is too big for Southampton and will prove so in time. Enjoy if you get him.

He wasn't the problem last time. And have you ever seen him play?! He's far from crap

He is a talent but he is largely unproven and therefore represents a risk at that price to a point especially as we have two very good players playing in this position currently. Two good games against barca is great but dominating a midfield against Aberdeen and Motherwell proves little. It's week in week out in the prem. He looks the business but time will tell.

^^No footballer is bigger than a football club, especially one who's never played in a proper league!

Why is everyone blaming Wanyama himself for it not going through the last time? He was not the problem it was his demanding agents who don't really care where he ends up as long as they're getting as much as they can and I believe that he's told them he'll do what he wants not what they want.


I am a southampton fan living in Scotland. I have spoken to a number of Celtic fans about Wanyama and they all reckon he is great and that we should snap him up before another club takes him.


We should sign him! If either cork or schinderlian get injured, we will be in a bad position, it is a key area and we need it covered!



03 Jul 2013 13:15:34
Latest Official Blackpool Update

Etherington is not signing for Blackpool

Blackpool are understood to be willing to pay £1m for McCormack and match his current salary

Caleb Folan set to play as a trialist on saturday v Penrith

Blackpool have made a bid to bring Nick Powell on a season loan from Manchester Utd

The club are in talks with Oldham about a fee for Jose Baxter as they have agreed personal terms

Rob Edwards & Nile Ranger set to sign 1 year deals

In talks with free agents, Jay Simpson, Rory Fallon & Paul Mckenna over 1 year deals

Blackpool also want to take Dean Parrett, Simon Davies, Carlo Nash, Christopher Hogg, Noel Hunt, Stephen Hunt & Brian Howard on trial with a view to signing

03 Jul 2013 16:30:34
paul McKenna will never sign for blkpool

What a person, McCormack isn't for sale, least of all for 1 mill to the donkeys, lol, and noel hunt is joining Leeds {Ed029's Note - Signed today.

Ross mcormack no chance. caleb folan really? why haven't we got any of these players yet?

McCormack would turn down Blackpool even if a bid was accepted, plus £1m is derisory for RossCo.

Blackpool haven't agreed anything with Baxter so stop making things up.

Paul McKenna would Never sign for Blackpool and Blackpool fans would never accept him for the same reasons!

Baxters business is done entirely through his agent. He might be happy for him to leave but Baxter, I guarantee, won't be. Plus he will cost you a mil plus buy out clause. BAXTER IS GOING NO WHERE!

Baxter will cost £1 Million at least

If a bid of 500k comes in for Baxter he will be sold. Oldham got him on a free and are in no position to reject the money!

Oldham are in every position to turn down the money! no debts, all money made is pure profit, why would we get rid of our best player if not for a hefty sum?

Don;t need to sell due to our Cup run last season.

Also better tell Baxters sponsors from yesterday then that he's going, see so your wrong he's going nowhere. baxter was also at the sponsors meeting yesterday as well.

Baxter will go he's miles better than league 1.



03 Jul 2013 13:13:06
Bristol rovers are looking to bring back chris lines to the club!

A will not happen

Rumours are getting better and better.

I know a lot off people won't be happy with this as they think he's to big headed and greedy but I think this will be a star signing to get him back as I thought he was creative and wAsnt afraid too shot as when I've watched rovers last season the midfield seemed scared to shoot.



03 Jul 2013 12:51:36
David Wheater to return to Middlesbrough!

He was a great player for us but went down hill rapidly at bolton. i'm not sure if he will be able to find his form again.

Would be great if he did but highly doubt it, would cost us too much

Hope so, would be good for the fans

Would be a good signing if boro could pull it off, don't if David is in boltons plans still, problem I think is Bolton would want a fee for him, I don't we have the money to fund wheater transfer.

Wouldn't want him back. Majorly overrated. Up his own ****. and left thinkin the grass would be greener and plus I think coyle might take him to Wigan

He didn't go downhill at Bolton at all, he was out for over six months with a cruciate knee ligament injury and then couldn't get back into the side due to the form of Craig Dawson and Zat Knight. He will probably be Knight's defensive partner for the new season so can't see a return to Boro.

Im sure he would take a bit of a wage drop, he is a massive Boro fan

I think this is a step backwards if it is true. I would rather see a solid centreback like Wes Morgan to complement what is now a strong midfield. Wheater was good but now?

He didn't go downhill at bolton at all. of course he did. he couldn't find his form after injury and a useless defender like zat night was keeping him. that means he wasnt playing well and hasn't since injury. who are you? his mother?

His form dropped due to injury and being in and out of the team. zat and co can't have been that bad as bolton made a terrific run late in the season - much better than us. Wes morgan is one of the best in the league so we can't be using him as a yard stick. if wheats was a deal we could do itd be unreal as he loves the club and is built in the mogga mould. Also, he didn't leave because "the grass is greener" he left for PL football which we weren't (and still arent) offering.

04 Jul 2013 10:27:22
He left as we had to cut costs. He was on a. premier league wage at a championship club. We needed money to cover club running code etc. That's why he left, tbh it wasn't even his decision. Bring back the Redcar Rock!

Wheaters form definitely linked to his partnering CB. Along side Huth or Woody he was outstanding but if he was the lead CB he did not cut it. Still if the extra million puts in with a bid for Adomah bring him back!



03 Jul 2013 12:41:44
Ricardo Fuller is in talks with Preston.

Same talks as Kevin Davies:

Morning Ricardo, do you do charity work?
No?. thanks for coming

Old news.

Get him signed he will breeze this division

03 Jul 2013 18:43:22
we not even talking to fuller



03 Jul 2013 12:36:10
Col you to sign Marlon Pack after his release from Cheltenham

Would be a good signing if we get him but doubt it. Think there are other priorities that need to be addressed, but I would like to see some others coming in.



03 Jul 2013 12:22:48
Mark Roberts from Stevenage is under negotiations with Brentford and Yeovil

Signed for fleetwood today.



03 Jul 2013 12:14:36
Leeds to make a 850k bid for Dundee united winger Garry Mackey- steven.

03 Jul 2013 15:04:08
I would prefer him to rowe

Almost definitely a lie but would be great if true. But if he's going anywhere it would be for a lot more than 850k. he's 23! that immediately bumps up the price by about 2 mil

He'll be a very good signing if brian can do it.
will definitely get me on my feet when watching him at ER

He wouldn't cost 2 million, 850k is about right. Look at Johnny Russell's fee to Derby,



03 Jul 2013 12:04:40
Ed any truth in the Billy Sharp rumour? if so any other whispers from the mad stad? {Ed029's Note - I haven't heard anything for a while mate.

For which club?

Which billy sharp rumour is that 1. Forest reading or another team



03 Jul 2013 12:04:53
Crystal Palace are looking at Millwall's Liam Trotter with a view to £2, 500,000 bid.

IF TRUE? You can have him for that 'PRICE'!

I'd bite there hand off for that!

Be a good squad player

Sell him and use the money!

Why can't palace just find there own players from another club other then Millwall.

03 Jul 2013 15:46:42
Only problem if palace signed adomah from Bristol c. They may lose 3 players in the Africa tournerments

Likely deal as I can't see trotter putting in the hard work Steve Lomas will demand.

£2.5m is great business for Millwall

More like 7 million

Not true, know someone down Palace who reckons the only player discussed has been Fordey.

Palace will probably pay that now they are in the EPL! Have you seen how much they are going to pay for Dwight Gayle. With Dobbie, Gayle, Phillips and Murray up front I hope they buy some decent defenders because they aren't going to score many. Best hope is 0-0's each week.

Two and a half million? I'd bite their hands off at one. Fact of the matter is it's just another one of THEM rumours

Trotter's a 'VERY' good player when he can be 'BOTHERED'? It's a 'GREAT' price 'IF' this rumour has any substance in it? Or maybe SL will get the 'BEST' out of him? We'll see!

Palace need to pick up the choicest Millwall morsels and leave the rest to the buzzards.
Not sure Trotter is all that but Forde certainly is worth a look.

2.5 million. I hope not and I doubt it. Expect we'll sign Phillips from Blackpool not Rodney's nephew.

Trotter is a good player for millwall but I don't think he's the sort of player palace need for the premier league. We need someone with a lot of experiance in a squad in this situation

Trotter won't go anywhere unless we have a replacement. Bailey etc.

To me one of the best players outside the prem league has got to be blackpools Matt Phillips just hope hollerways influence could get him to selhurst

Why DO some people USE capitals for no reason? Btw trotter for 2.5 mill is good business

Have trotter and use his wages to sign another desent st along side steve Morrison

Can't see trotter leaving unless its for silly money. He launched the new kit last week with Robinson so that shows that he is in Steve Lomas' plans. And as for Fordey, that won't happen unless he is guaranteed first team football otherwise he will lose his Ireland place.

Liam trotter set miss first few games of season due to knee op



03 Jul 2013 12:03:06
nacer chadli to swans for 7.5 million a promising winger for fc twente
bony deal should be completed within the week as they are on tour in Holland



03 Jul 2013 11:54:19
Jay Emmanuel Thomas talks with Bristol City have hit a brick wall after the Ipswich man is refusing to take a £4000 a week wage cut. JET agent Alex Loder has revealed that his client has not travelled to Bristol and that he is expecting JET to remain a Ipswich player for the foreseeable future. Source: tv Suffolk reporter Seb Parker

Phew, that's a relief, perhaps he can find some other club mug enough to pay him!

03 Jul 2013 15:46:17
Looks like Cresswell is going, so let's keep JET and buy Anderson (£1m max would do it). Maybe some competition for a player who will be looking for a club in 12months will be enough to persuade him to get stuck in and earn himself a new deal at Ipswich, or somewhere else. Otherwise he'll be applying for jobs at the Carphone Warehouse with Chops this time next year.

We expected this what was the point in his agent conducting talks when JET was not likely to take a pay reduction unless playing regular football was more important to him than getting splinters in his backside sitting on the reserves bench. His choice his loss we will move on.

Can't see Ipswich spending more than 500k on Anderson. MM won't be held to ransom, 200-300K is decent money for League One side.

Rubbish, he's obviously championship quality or presumably you wouldn't want him. Pay the going rate or jog on. There is no transfer cap on which league you are in AND we don't need the money.

Anderson is quality worth well over 500k

No 'transfer cap' but there is a limit to the amount of money in your coffers I imagine, spent a bit last season and still went down, can't see Bristol dictating too much. Maybe he is a quality player, doesn't necessarily mean Ipswich will be prepared to pay the asking price. We've got a bit of money behind us but with financial fair play coming in we won't be spending large amounts.

Wether he is worth more is not the point. the point is we have a tight budget and won't spend more than 500k max on any player hence the swap deal in the first place.

Don't think ando will go to Ipswich

I think £500k is more than a fair price for Anderson, he was a free transfer last summer, and will be again next summer.

City can't keep going on about resale value with one hand then refuse to sale players with a year left with the other.

Make him re sign or sell him.



03 Jul 2013 11:53:45
These are 100% fact. Bradford City have signed Jason Kennedy on a 2 yer deal. Carl McHugh has signed a new 1 year contract, Nathan Doyle has signed a new 2 year deal. Bradford will confirm the signing of Mark Yeates by Friday.


Mark Yeates signed a 2 year deal today Nathan Doyle is just another year but all posotive

Nathan Doyle has only signed a one year deal.

Nope Doyle signed a new 1 year deal

Doyle has signed a one year deal there for your facts are incorrect

Doyle only 1 year but otherwise spot on



03 Jul 2013 11:31:11
Oldham Athletic will sign Senegalese international striker Momar N'Diaye in the next 72 hours on a 2 year contract with an option to a third year
Oldham will also sign at least 2 new Central-Defenders in the coming few weeks; one of which will most likley be another Senegalese player Ibrahima Mbaye after he completes his transfer to Sunderland from Inter Milan, Oldham will sign him on a year-long loan
Jean Y'ves M'Voto however looks like he could be on his way out of the club having been on trial with Birmingham City
Mark Oxley from Hull City looks to be the one to solve Oldham's emerging goalkeeping crisis by signing the highly-rated young keeper on year-long loan likewise. This signing will act as a foil to England U-20 keeper Luke Simpson who will most likely get the number 1 jersey at Oldham the season after next
The Latics are also looking at the possibility of signing a new
right-back also as Connor Brown has attracted interrest from a number of Championship teams
Source: Ex Oldham player Chris Taylor who is still hood friends with many people connected to OAFC

Ha ha pity Taylor doesn;t everything then as he's missed a couple of players out and added some instead.

Thats called just guessing.

mvoto is leaving but Oldham fans knew this in April at the Bury game so your so far behind in that matter. He is free to go anywhere and he has been a good servant for our club playing for 3 years. Wish Mvoto luck wherever he goes.

Connor Brown has just signed a new contract so makes me doubt everything else you said too

Also a 6ft6 Latvian CB on trail.
5 clubs from the championship are looking at m'voto (brummy and donny are two, not sure of the other three).
Why on earth would anyone want connor brown? simply not true.

Mvoto is signing for DONNY!

03 Jul 2013 18:24:36
if you can't bring yourself to say it i, ll say it for you MVOTO is signing for donny.

He may well be, but just to warn you, he will cost you a lot of mistakes in defence, although he can be an aerial threat, he can easily be dragged out of position, anyway, good luck, he's been with us for 3 years

Mvoto is immense in the air but will give away needless penalties as he is clumsy on the ground but great in the air.

Will get sent off as well so Donny fans need to realise this.

great guy for an aerial clearance but clumsy on the ground that's why we had a younger player next to him.


The same MVOTO who Donny fans said he was useless after we played at their place. Mmmmm FICKLE FANS

Why is dickov signing a bunch of players, that were part of a team, that almost got relegated from league 1?, does he realise he is supposed to be buying championship players because he is in the championship

You will very soon find out how much your new manager is out of his depth - Shocking at Oldham & moves up a division!!

Its called being a good friend of Donnys Chairman.

Will be very much out of his depth good at the talk but awful changing games as he only has one tactic. Also plays players out of position.



03 Jul 2013 11:27:41
heard that sam parkin is going to afc wimbledon please tell me this is not true

03 Jul 2013 12:50:47
Heard it was birchill of Gillingham, we played a behind closedoors friendly against them this week and he scored against us.

He was probably watching some tennis. I hope this is a dodgy rumour.

03 Jul 2013 13:36:38
Connolly to Dons with Bennett going other way for a fee from Portsmouth. Is Bennett any good?

Neal Ardley made offer to Mat Doumbe, unsigned defender.

Doumbe played for Mk so Neal wouldn't of

No thanks Pompey. Stop trying to steal Bennett. That Doumbe fella, the MK scummer can eff off.

Folks, let's get over this mk stuff-as a player he was simply plying his trade. if ardley thinks he's good for us-good enuf for me.

04 Jul 2013 08:43:08
Seeing as Bennett has just signed a contract and was issued a squad number yesterday, I would hope portsmouth would be told to do one if they made an approach. They've already nicked John Sullivan - perhaps they should start doing their own scouting? Connolly is not what we need. We are after a target man.

I don't want an mk player playing for us- end of

A franny on his way but its not doumba-

Get over this mk issue mate-they are ballers trying to earn a living, they don't get involved in the politics and history-its not their issue. if ardley thinks a player from mk is what we need, so be it-doumbe is a decent player

I don't hold much against the franchise players, and if Ardley believes he's the right man, I'd accept it, although I do think as a club we might be likely to prioritise other targets.

The frannie in question only played on loan to MK a bit like drew broughton so should be no problem



03 Jul 2013 11:21:13
Championship side Yeovil are intrested in taking young Chelsea defender Nathan Ake on a season long loan. Chelsea are looking to give the defender more first team experiance and this move will benifit both sides.

Would love this to be true but really can't see it happening, if he does go out on loan it will be to a much bigger club

Would be an amazing signing. such a good player. could see this happening were known for giving young players there chance



03 Jul 2013 11:36:42
David bentley to return to ewood park on a free transfer. Rovers to also offer a trial to Bristol defender Lewin Ngatanga.



03 Jul 2013 11:36:07
Simeon Jackson is at the valley.
Fingers crossed

He's everywhere atm isn't he?



03 Jul 2013 11:32:28
Huddersfield are hoping to confirm the signing of James Vaughan before there Spanish training camp which starts Monday. Town will have a number of European players training with them during the camp and are mainly looking for a central defender, midfielder and 1 more striker however if these trialists aren't good enough they already have targets in the UK aswell.

Ye hope so this would be brilliant

I think the only true target has been Vaughan from the outset. Once he is or isn't signed other key and complementary signings will fall into place. If he isn't signed Mark Robins has a credibly plan B.

Vaughan signed, official HTAFC tweet

James Vaughan signed for Huddersfield 3 yr deal

He signed on a 3 yr deal today. come on town!


Signed sealed and delivered

03 Jul 2013 19:36:54
yes in the bag, cum on deano,
vaughn is bak

He has signed a three year deal.

Top signing for us imo

Vaughan confirmed at 6pm - he's signed a 3 year contract.

"Cum on deano" - I wouldn't take it that far. But I am buzzing over Vaughan :)

Why so negative on dean Hoyle, bank rolling this club single handed. We're very lucky to have him.
Look at leeds for example. JV signing great investment.

04 Jul 2013 07:40:17
Vaughan signed 3 year deal (undisclosed fee as ever)



03 Jul 2013 11:09:46
Coventry city are to sign defender adam Yates on a free

I doubt it - he signed a two-year deal with Port Vale this summer.



03 Jul 2013 11:08:14
Former Wigan forward Franco di santo set to join Italians udinese

Wont get a game he's shocking and am a wigan fan lol

Agreed he can't finish at all, we need people like will hughes from derby in midfield and charlie austin for striker!



03 Jul 2013 10:55:22
BREAKING: Millwall in talks with Simeone Jackson as he has turned down an offer from Bournemouth!

This does look rather legitimate, if you think about it we've just signed signed SM on loan from Leeds who used to play with SJ when at Norwich. Surely SM would try & persuade him or put in a good word about the club.

I REALLY wish he was! Here's 'HOPING'?

Lets hope so. The Easter deal was done before SL came in, and I don't think he is good enough, so Morison and Jackson would be a good partnership. Also, if rumours about Forde and Henry are true, then at least we can get some decent money from Palarse, as they will have it burning a hole. Henry definitely not Prem class.

You wouldn't turn nothing down until other offers are put on the table surely. you only turn things down when you have signed to another club

Good he turned us down I think eddie has Simon church and danny ings on radar

Dream team up front or what?

Put in a 'good word'? Like what? That the fans fighting outside every match makes for great entertainment

Norwich fan here. You would love him. norwich fans still do.

Hes very close to signing for afcb wages thought to be around 5-7k pw someone close to the club has suggested that

05 Jul 2013 16:48:38
I read in the 'OHEC' (Bournemouth Echo), that wages of £17,000 have been mentioned! Talk about ridiculous. Sick of these daft AFCB 'Fairy Tales'. Why don't we just wait & actually confirm who's being signed? Been some daft rumours on here regarding our potential signings! Not ALL Cherries fans are unrealistic.



03 Jul 2013 10:52:32
Pne will announce Kevin Davies as the new no 10 at Deepdale a 2 year deal has been agreed and shall be announced in the next 48 hours.

Think someones going to be really disappointed in a few days.

Davies will not joi peston asa preston fa I was hoping he would sign but the longer it goes on the less I think he will sign he will join sheff weds



03 Jul 2013 10:24:19
The Huddersfield Examiner today are claiming progress to be made on the Vaughan deal, but also state Huddersfield being linked with Connor Wickham from Sunderland.

Wickham yea rite

Ye I heard a possible loan deal for wickham Huddersfield are making good transfers and if those 2 join I can see them push for a play-off place but any one can get promoted

We won't finish near the Play offs get real. Survival will be the aim yet again.

03 Jul 2013 12:36:31
Were only 3 wins off the play-offs last season. If vaughan and beckford had stayed fit would have been a distinct possibility.

Stop being so defeatist, we may have ended up in a relegation battle but if we had won 2 or 3 more games we would have been just outside the playoffs. Another 9 points on last seasons total should be the aim and we would be in contention. What sort of football fan condemns his own club before the start of pre season!?!

If Palace can get promotion anyone can.

Trying to keep your feet on the ground. remember Vaughny was here all last season. Bookies have us to finish in bottom four. wise up

The bookies had us to finish in bottom 4 before we had confirmed signing of Vaughan. Those odds can still change and place us in mid-table mediocrity



03 Jul 2013 10:19:03
Lee Martin has agreed a 1 year deal with millwall and is set to have a medical in the next couple of days 100% fact

Medical on Thursday

Im sure it will be longer then 1 year he is a good player and we wouldn't want to lose him after a year if he plays great for us now would we. i'm sure it will be 3 years

One year deal with an option for a second year.



03 Jul 2013 10:13:52
Connor Wickham could be a serious target for town. This source is from myself personally not word of mouth, but Town use a local hotel to house players who come up for medicals, transfer talks etc. And Wickham stayed just for a couple of hours recently. Not that means he definitely will sign but he has at least been in contact with Town.

This is 100% true

03 Jul 2013 15:33:09



03 Jul 2013 09:54:13
Matt Mills staying at Bolton. Wants to fight for place at wanderers and not looking to move away. Leeds were linked, but had a season long loan rejected and haven't returned with an offer for permanent transfer.

As BM said, hungry players who want to win with LUFC are welcome, we don't want any babies who might think they can't walk into our team, because Mills won't and £1M is better spent elsewhere

Ha ha, your right mills won't walk into your team. He'll hobble, the crock! Ha ha ha! Come on Leeds fans copper up, buys mills he'll feel right at home with your club. All washed up.



03 Jul 2013 09:49:03
West ham and Chelsea have reached an agreement for Demba Ba to be loaned to the Hammers for this season. West Brom are also thought to be still chasing him after lukaku returned to Chelsea. Demba Ba has been made aware and is now pondering his next move

Seems to be West Ham's way of doing things at the moment: read in the papers who the other clubs are going for and try and nab them. Haven't they got scouts?

Your not getting DEMBA BA because is being loaned to us after we lost Lukaku back to chelsea. ABout time you west ham lot identified your own targets

03 Jul 2013 15:54:06
Wrong!. where is your evidence that we ever do that! Normally we have worked on targets and negotiated transfers over several previous windows. Its others that steal from us
- the usual culprit being Spurs, but they are on to bigger fish these days

An agreement has not been made with west brom or west ham at this moment in time, however west brom are in the driving seat to aquire BA's services for the forthcoming season

Ba just signed

03 Jul 2013 20:48:24
Ba hasn't just signed

Signed for who? And how do you know this?

West ham need to scout your own targets. Stop going for west broms targets



03 Jul 2013 09:39:19
Crystal Palace are set to sign Millwall pair David Forde and James Henry.

Hope we don't loose henry, one of our best players


Well the money they payed for Gayle. Got to get 4 million for James Henry so sell and bring someone in with bit of pace

That would make the Bywater sale understandable. Also the rumours around Croft who plays on the right. By the way he was MOM at all Oldham's televised matches. So we willl probably see a number of clubs come in for him. However would Forde go to Palace, to be on the bench initially, same with Henry. They already have a wide right player.

Forde needs to be first choice for international reasons.

Im sure henry has 1-2 years left on contract so we will not get 4 million for him now.

I Really hope this is not true! Henry can go but Fordey has got to stay!

James Henry has ruptured knee ligaments.
No thanks!

James Henry having ruptured knee ligaments is rubbish. Was only talking to his sister yesterday and he is fine. Is training hard in Warwick along with the rest of the squad. There is a lot if interest in him from clubs according to his sister but she was not aware of him moving on as yet.



03 Jul 2013 09:33:26
Bradford City will take Stephen Rice of Shamrock Rovers on trial when over in Ireland.

Why would he come on trial or be allowed to as he's just resigned for Shamrock



03 Jul 2013 09:27:16
Marc McNulty of Livingston is set to go on trial with Bradford City when they go over to Ireland on a pre season tour.

Are you sure you don't mean Cork's goalkeeper with the same name? Parkinson intends to trial a couple of keepers when Bradford are on their travels



03 Jul 2013 09:26:46
jack robinson will be with derby before the season starts, on a loan till jan

03 Jul 2013 10:49:29
only if Brayford leaves but he will be back up to Freeman

Robinson should challenge Enrique

03 Jul 2013 20:36:23
Robinson is a left back so this rumor is made up by people that don't know what they are on about

Robinson is a left back so if he does come he will provide cover for Craig Forsyth



03 Jul 2013 09:23:17
Bradford City will today complete the signing of Mark Yeates.

Bradford city also in talks with Mark Schwarzer to bring him to valley parade this is the same source who told me about doyle and kennedy and has not got a thing wrong yet

I hope you're right!



03 Jul 2013 08:55:41
Striker Rene Howe is all set to join a league 1 club, with Carlisle and Walsall set to be one of the likely destinations.

Am I right in saying he is on walsalls tour?

Cant see it being carlisle now lee miller has signed a new deal

03 Jul 2013 16:50:49
It's definitely not Carlisle

We need another striker tho

Not walsall either, they are looking at grella, wagstaff and some trinidad players

Rene Howe? Couldn't hit a barn door with any club he's been with in league one! I would rather have Richard offiong back!



03 Jul 2013 08:29:12
Crystal Palace are close to completing the signing of Nahki Wells for 1.5m.

Would be a great signing but not sure if prem quality right now, would probs be a loan back if it happens



03 Jul 2013 07:59:45
Boro are set to miss out on both Adomah and Danny Graham.

Boro won't match Bristol City's valuation and Danny Graham has stated that he only wants to play in the premiership.

Tony Mowbray is now turning his attentions to the foreign eastern european market and hopes to have two new signings by the end of July.

This is from a good source within the club.

Adomah IS the number one Boro target this window. The finances are nip and tuck given Mowbray has said on radio that he will bring in another 4 perhaps 5 after Whitehead. He also said McDonalds situation is not decided.

Boro fans are you for real Alberta not linked to you anywhere your makin it up he's going to palace or Wigan

Albert is not linked to boro get a grip



03 Jul 2013 07:33:48
Pack to sign for ipswich for 500k

He is a free agent so he won't be signing for 500k

May happen but is out of contract

Why 500k? He, s a free agent.

03 Jul 2013 12:10:38
Pack is not a free agent he is twenty two, a fee must be agreed with Cheltenham thought to be £100k.

Is this the same person that said about mcgugan because you hit the nail on head with that last post

Shows how reliable the post is that they don't even know the facts. He is free to move, but compensation would be due, in the region of £70,000.

Pack is completely unproven at anywhere near Championship level. Total gamble.

It's players Under 24 Years that require compensation to be paid but only if the parent club offered him a contract in the first place which I assume they did.

He is out of contract so is a free agent clubs for have to agree a fee with Cheltenham they can just go to a tribunal



03 Jul 2013 07:11:27
Peterborough United's jermaine Anderson 17 year old midfielder is currently being scouted in Pre-season by Evertom and Fulham

Posh lads that have been with the 1st team are unlikely to be released for sale. they have been given Pro' contracts so would cost a mint. It's only Acadamy players that go for a song.



03 Jul 2013 07:07:46
Norwich will have signed both Nathan Redmond and Ola Toivonen by the end of the week for 3. 2 and 4.8 million respectedly. Leroy Fer and Gary Hooper will have signed by Monday/Tuesday of next week for 8. 2 and 5 million to wrap up most of the Canaries transfer activities.

Hope its true

That will not be the end of transfers if that magically happened! Defence also needs sorting plus another winger

If we do manage all these signings, I will be very happy, since there have been two or three clubs in for each of these players.
We then need to Sell either Holt or Vaughan, David Fox and Barnett, and bring in another left back, Ayala should be given a chance to occupy one of the 4 centre back positions, with my first choice preference of Bassong and Bennett, with Turner & Ayala as back up.
These signings together with current squad would look a very good squad with strength in depth to have a very successful season.

If that happened, which is very likely, there wouldn't be much more after that, the defense is in good shape and don't need anything more, Hughton could add 1 more if he wanted but not needed, and with Redmond coming in I doubt we will be buying another winger, again not needed but a possibility maybe. But if we do finalize all these deals and don't add any more who cares, we will be looking in very good shape for the new season! OTBC

Plus a keeper

Why another winger?

Not sure too much will be done after this, apart from rumoured to be close to getting Olsson. Can see maybe getting a few squad players once others leave (Surman, Fox, Vaughan et al. )

Not sure about any of them. News on Redmond has gone quiet.
Hull talking to Hooper who again hasn't jumped at he chance to join us.
The Swede doesn't want to turnip for us.
Leroy is also waiting for a bigger club I fer.
Best we knock on the door of our feeder club. Who have Leeds got for us this year?

Is fer eally worth that much

Fer is worth that much. Probably more -but don't tell Twente.



03 Jul 2013 06:45:59
Morning fellas i'm led to believe that Martin Kelly is seen as long term successor to cara and therefore other areas are seen as priority, I've heard we will sign two possibly three ( depending on Suarez sale) Benteke, Bernard and sessegnon,



03 Jul 2013 06:40:04
Seems Barnes move to Derby is back on. Oscar Garcia has seen squad now and is happy to sanction move. Given Shorey another week with view to taking him on Spanish tour. David Moreno Lopez and El Abd invited also to train and join for Spanish tour. No permanent contracts on offer until after tour and closure of matter with previous manager. Source - Within Club

03 Jul 2013 10:50:35
I don't think we aer after another forward unless one leaves

Surprised if Brighton were to let Barnes leave now since it would leave them with only Ulloa as a striker. Both Mackail-Smith and Hoskins are still recovering from injury. Brighton would need to sign another forward before Barnes could leave.

Why would we go for barnes?



03 Jul 2013 06:16:18
Watford FC are set to sign Itallian international forward Diego Fabbrini from Udinese. It is not yet known if it is a loan or permenant deal, but either way, Watford are getting a class striker. He has experience with Udinese in Italy and earnt his first cap for Italy last year against England in a friendly!

He's not keen to come so deal in the balance

Unlikely now

Why unlikely? He is, in fact, currently with the Watford squad training in Italy.

He's not training with Watford in Italy according to the list of players at the training camp that was published today.

The Pozzos said themselves that he's signing for us! ^

He has not travelled and is not training with watford. this may change but looks doubtful. i'm guessing he is not keen to join watford.

^^ He's training with udinese at the moment because most of there strikers are still on holiday.

According to the Watford Observer, Diego Fabbrini is currently not training with the Watford squad, but the pozzos did say that him as we'll as two defenders would be joining watford from Udinese.

Signed for Watford on a season long loan on 2nd July.

The Pozzo's want him to come, Udinese want him to come, Watford want him to come, but Fabrinni wants to stay in Italy.

Gets homesick maybe. ?

May or may not happen.

Signed last night!

05 Jul 2013 08:16:11
His agent just said he will be joining Watford



03 Jul 2013 03:01:02
from twitter, Doncaster Rovers may have deals agreed in principle for M'voto, Forrester, and Furman

See we have made a signing for commercial team, yet another from out of town with no allegeience to Doncaster, wonder if he can play we might, need him! how our player recruitment is going

What about Duffy?

03 Jul 2013 21:07:16
dean gerken free
jay emanuel thomas free
chopra free
donaldson free
lee martin free
maybe hines on a free
husband 500k derby, forest
paynter free/small fee to crewe
bennett 200k to bradford
more to be selt

Lee Martins going Millwall

Talks wi both clubs

I bet that Chopra doesn't come to donny.
Better than odds on that one.



03 Jul 2013 02:35:06
Bristol City considering a swap deal with Sheffield Utd. Greg Cunningham heading to Sheffield and Matt Hill returning to his hometown club. Could be completed by Friday.

Absolutely no chance!

That is rubbish why would we swap a young very talented player for an old never has been someone in Sheffield been on the falling down water methinks.

No chance bcfc

You are having a laugh

Sheff you would need to pay £2m as well to make this happen

Ye of course this is going to happen, why wouldn't we want to swap the best defender in the division for an 86 year old has been!

It's nearly done. Cunningham wants to go.

Sod has put a 7 million price tag on Cunningham head as he still has 3 years left on his contract

Cunningham definitely wants to go, that's why he's just played 45 minutes in a friendly. If he wanted to go i'm pretty sure he'd refuse to play. And if he wanted to go he'd go the the championship, not sheffield united who have tried and failed for 3/4 seasons now to return to the second tier!

He certainly wouldn't go to another third tier club!

Everyone played in the friendly so could only get a max of 45

Cunningham will move to a top end Championship club, but probably not until January or next summer.

If we loose Greg Bryan will be just as good and being Bristol bien be great seeing him regularly in the first team I say if we can get 750k to a mil for Greg it would be a good deal for us



03 Jul 2013 00:41:29
Jonjo Shelvey has signed for Swansea for £6 Million Pounds

Has he agreed personal terms already then?

I would rather get joe allen back than get him

Pictured leavings liberty and Starbucks earlier

Shelvey hasn't agreed personal terms yet. Chill.

As a Liverpool fan I think he will mature into a very good player. Enthusiastic, needs taming and control, some improved decision making and that comes with direction and experience. Loves the ball, loves being involved. I think he could blossom for you guys

I'd rather you had Joe Allen back as well.

£6m for Jon Jo but Swansea are complaining about £8m for Ince

Both played in the Blackpool team and Ince stood out as the better player.

£6m is a lot for a player who cost Liverpool £1m and only did well when playing for Blackpool?

He's signed

Good comment from the Liverpool guy.
Cheer Fella

Good signing for the future

Ince didn't stand out against shelvey at blackpool, Shelvey goals 6 in 10 games from midfield and that is why holloway was trying to buy him. Your other point! Shelvey cost Liverpool an initial 1.7m but with add ons that fee has reached 5m so please get your facts straight. I was the one that posted this signing would happen about 6 weeks ago. He will be fantastic for Swansea

Ince not premere jon jo played in prem



03 Jul 2013 00:32:20
Yeovil have made a bid for Liam Fontaine, but Bristol City want more than double their initial offer

Would be a great player for Yeovil. He knows the management team well from when he was on loan here several years ago. Hope we get him.

Has become a big time Charlie at City.
Terrible player last season.
I'm surprised City haven't driven him down to Yeovil if true.

He would be a great signing for Yeovil but can't really see it happening.

Does Garry Johnson only know players he's brought before always signes the same players needs better scouts or better vision reminding you all Neil Kilkennys contract is so much thanks to Johnson

Would be a rubbish player for yeovil, one of city's worst players last season! Need to sign quality rather than a poor player

So do we.

Dont be ridicolous both Fontaine and Kilkenny out of Yeovils price range wages wise unfortunately! city will definitely be in the play offs at least like SOD signings so far! keep at least one of our main strikers and hopefully bring in a couple more players on the back of alberts transfer wherever he goes and he should be cheered everytime he comes back to play against us! done everything right never kicked up a stink when the rumors were coming in! good luck to him wherever he goes! one team in bristol BCFC!

Sorry but neil Kilkenny was not signed by gary Johnson, he was signed by millen get it right if you are a city supporter.

Fontaine has been quality for Bristol City, but last season was an absolute disaster for him.

Liam Fontaine for most of his time in Bristol is a million pound defender, Liam Fontaine from last year is worthless. I am gambling on him coming back fresh and ready to be the player we know he can be.

"Does Garry Johnson only know players he's brought before always signes the same players needs better scouts or better vision"
Exactly the problem when he was at AG. Bought a load of his old Yeovil players, some good, some absolute tat. No scouting talent.

Agreed Sam

U agree Liam is actualy a really good defender he just had a poor season looking forward to him regaining his old form

04 Jul 2013 19:12:47
City have done so well since he left they are right to criticise Johnson.

I seem to remember City getting promotion to the Championship and almost Premier League under Gary Johnson. He was the reason (with excellent management support) 'little' Yeovil gained promotion last season. Certainly not best period for City since he left!

We're slating his scouting qualities not his tactics or man management you burk

I would agree with the Yeovil supporter that GJ seems to have done well in attracting players that have performed well at Yeovil. It would also appear that he must have done reasonably well in this area, at least for two of his seasons, at BC, when the team did well under GJ. I'm pleased to see that the previous person recognised that he also has other management qualities.

Are you saying that the managers that followed GJ have only signed good players?

Agree with Yeo fan. Would not have got promoted if manager did not make good signings.

You can't get promotion without attracting decent players. Johnson has done well.

Gary Johnson was the best manager bcfc have had in a long time if he didn't have a row with the squad at Plymouth he'd still be our manager good luck in the championship Yeovil hopefully join you next season bcfc {Ed003's Note - finally }

Gary J had a fault at BCFC that was his loyalty to his brother who he appointed chief scout in spite of the useless players we signed on his recomendation GJ remained loyal to him and that was his downfall as people started wondering if GJ knew what he was doing when signing all the players who failed so badly. So one of his great strengths loyalty became his downfall.



03 Jul 2013 00:11:08
Doncaster will complete the signings of Harry Forrester, Dean Furman and Jean Yves M. Voto tomorrow.

Donny looking at clayton donaldson and jay emanuel thomas and to sell bennett and brown

Bennett and brown are about to sign new deals



03 Jul 2013 00:09:01
Lee Martin set for medical, I really don't want him just look at his record it speaks for itself that he's naff!

Always works for the ball, on his day will be the most dangerous player on the pitch but too often sulks. Will get several yellow cards for really stupid challenges, often on the edge of the box.



03 Jul 2013 00:03:10
Roberts will surprisingly stay at Stevenage with the announcement of a two year contract being signed with the Hertfordshire club later this week. Roberts had interest from several League One clubs but is staying at Boro

Lets hope so. top player




02 Jul 2013 23:59:47
Sunderland are signing right back Gino Peruzzi and are close to agreeing fee for forward Jozy Altidore. BLACKCAT



02 Jul 2013 23:44:08
Ashley Vincent to shrewsbury on a two year deal - confirmed by Thursday morning

That says something about our ambition doesn't it?

Yet another league 2 player rumoured to be signing for us. can we not get some decent quality players in?

Whatever people said about Paul Simpson he did sign some decent players: Holt, Sheriff, Jackson, Coughlin, Tierney.

Yes, another league 2 journeyman to join our depleted squad. no wonder we are bookies favourites to be relegated. Poorest squad we have had in years.

Simpson didn't sign Tierney. On the flip side of the coin he did sign lower league footballing maestros such as Bright, Elder and Riza (where are they now?). COYB

Totally agree worst squad

I think what the poster above is suggesting is that at least Paul Simpson had decent funds available to bring in some quality signings.

When was our last WOW signing?

I also agree, this is the worst squad I have seen since Jake King's days back in the 90s.

And now Jermaine has left. the writing is on the wall and the season hasn't even started!

Excellent positive shrews hey! get behind the team you bunch of persons! rumours mean nothing! COYB GTBA!

I've bought my season ticket & I will support the Shrews through thick & thin but even I have to say that I am worried about the small squad we have at the moment. We don't have a forward line at all, that does concern me.



02 Jul 2013 23:53:22
my m8 gone to Ireland today to watch peterborough play and he said there been rumours all ova there saying there one big signing coming in from the championship belived to be jamie vardy and one big loan signing from the premiership belived to be nick powell

Shelbourne is that who yey played i'm irish and I heard

Nick Powell will not be dropping down to the first division, fantasy land mate, plus you don't have uncle alex to supply you with all these Manchester United players, dream on mate

"All those Manchester United players"? check your facts before making wise cracks. mate!

It was daddy alex btw, not uncle

Sir Alex is still at Manchester United as well, just not the manager

Alex Ferguson's left united now. Besides peterborough don't loan united players much.



02 Jul 2013 23:34:28
Marius Alexe to sign for Fulham

Hope this is true!
Striker/winger, strong, fast, and plenty of natural ability, with good scoring and assist stats. At 1. 5 - 2. 0million, he'd be a great addition to the team, and a good fit with Berba

Cant say I've ever heard of him but we are in need of decent strikers

Not heard of him either what club does he play for at mo?

He plays for Dinamo București, and he's 23-years-old



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