Football Rumours Archive July 03 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 03 2012 

02 Jul 2012 23:19:34
Luke Chambers set to undergo a medical and sign on the dotted line for Ipswich..(22)(22)I think you may find he ends up at Leeds my friend.Wanna bet? he'll be confirmed as an ipswich player by the end of the weekHe's going to Ipswich, not Leeds. Having a medical today, should be offically signed by Wednesday so he is ready for training on Thursday.


02 Jul 2012 22:25:49
Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee is in talks with a number of potential signings, and he could have two of these in the building as early as Thursday, which is when Rovers begin pre-season training. One of these will almost certainly be Stoke midfielder Matt Lund on a loan deal. McGhee is also still very interested in Leicester duo Tom Parkes and Cian Bolger, and hopes too sign the pair on loan deals. Aswell as this, McGhee hopes to complete the signing of Izale McLeod after successful talks with the frontman. Rovers have also entered discussions with Swindon Town forward Alan Connell as tRovers look to agree a fee with Swindon for the frontman. Rovers are also in discussions with Winger Ashley Hemmings. McGhee is also very interested in bringing in Centre-Midfielder Ross Draper, although it looks increasingly likely he will join Inverness.(13)(12)Parkes and Bolger are going on loan to MK DonsIn the building? Are you Paul Buckle? HahaYou will have too start getting a few more through the turnstiles to pay for that lots wages!Connel is a great player, fans fave and should have been kept....Fans fav..yes for what he achieved last season...not good enough for where we want to go though. He will soon be snapped up though.


02 Jul 2012 23:01:42
Have you heard any rumours about the MASSIVE ed? {Ed003's Note -Yes,it is something to do with the brain swelling usually}(11)(4)


02 Jul 2012 21:34:51
Miles Addison has agreed to join Peterborough , rejecting many clubs including AFC Bournemouth. Bournemouth are set to sign Anton Robinson and Dean Cox has rejected the cherries.

Pugh to Burnley
Bowles to Dorchester
Cooper to Yeovil(18)(14) 

We havent even made a bid for cox so i doubt orient would have let us to speak to him for him to turn us down more rubbishNo disrespect to Yeovil but surely if cooper were to leave Bournemouth he would join a better team. I could see him joining a high league 1 team or a low championship team.Bowles isn't leaving, Cooper shouldn't be, Understand if Pugh's destination is Burnley & hope the Addison thing is wrong but if it is, well nevermind :/He has not agreed to sign for Peterborough they have as much chance of getting him as we do? Hope these potential deals or any potential deal is done soon!


02 Jul 2012 22:32:47
celtic have agreed a fee for curtis davis after matt mills went to bolton to be near family. davis is to come on loan with 3m at anytime during the deal to tighten up the back line for champ league.(4)(34)Bulls..t.........Matt Mills was born in Swindon and most of his family still live in the Swindon, Reading, Southampton areas. So clearly he's not going to Bolton to be near his family.Matt Mills is born & bred Leicester so your both talking bullst



02 Jul 2012 22:12:21
Rennes fan site Rouge Memoire posted the following tweet around the same time K.E.A was officially announced as a Villa player (LINK):
French Midfielder Yacine Brahimi is about to join Aston Villa.
He's a Hatem Ben Arfa-like.
It will probably be a loan for Yacine Brahimi to Aston Villa
Le Telegramme.comhas just posteda story on their own website linking the young 22 year old with the Midlands outfit (LINK):
The Rennais Yacine Brahimi (22 years) could be loaned to Aston Villanext season. This is certainly understands that RMC Sports .
The Rennes would be willing to let his young midfielder in the case of aloan offer with purchase options. The person would not object to this departure.


02 Jul 2012 22:10:00
Middlesbrough are to approach former Manchester United keeper Liam Jacob and offer him a three year contract after his release from the club. Inexperienced Jacob will be sent out on loan whilst Tony Mowbray contemplates his next summer signing, possibly Brad Guzan to replace Steele as he prepares to depart the club for Southampton following a £3m bid being accepted.(5)(19) 

Don't think so. Oldham have signed him on a 1 year dealI can't see this happening3M for Steele. Take it as there are a lot of good keepers available this summer. Steele has a lot of promise but I would be surprised if Steele went to Southampton just to sit on the bench.We wont sell steele guzan might come thoughDefensive target, Andre Amougou.hope mogga lands him hes a brut just what boro needSteele 3mil no chance hes up and cuming keeper and no big team in for him so we wont sell cheapSouthampton couldn't afford steele's asking price, but even if it happened Steele would be the regular no 1 at the don't sell your rising talent unless you receive big money like the ten million BORO have had for Adam johnson so far than there's the sell on fee we'd get too.Southampton couldnt afford his asking price? Really?? We've just spent 7mill on a striker and that's just for starters. We have plenty to spend pal don't worry about that.
We won't pay over the odds though and the prices being thrown around on here are ridiculous. He'll be priced out of a move and be stuck in the championship.
Can't really play hardball with keepers unless they are absolutely top drawer and proven as you can pick up plenty of quality in Europe for 2-3mill. That's why there are so few English keepers in the prem!Saints cant afford his price?? got 12mil with add ons for ox just been promoted have rich owners no debt just spent 7mil mmmmmmm i think we have the moneySteele wont leave the boro and certainly not for southampton , important for his progress thats he keeps his first team spot and he aint ready for the premiership as yet , everything is set up for a premiership push this season and southampton will be back in the championship next season doesnt make any sense to sell


02 Jul 2012 22:00:25
Oxford United missed out on their main transfer target in the 11th hour.
Midfielder Sam Togwell, had agreed to move back closer to London and join Oxford, to then sign for Chesterfield.(10)(4)


02 Jul 2012 21:16:56
Tottenham's Jon Bostock has agreed a 3 year deal with Peterborough United as he feels that he needs first team football. The clubs have agreed an undiclosed fee.(6)(18)We thought he was being loaned to swindon for a seasonHe won't get 1st team football there. He was shocking for Wednesday.Charlie big balls, thinks he's it, will never make it at a level higher than League OneApalling attitude. Has talent but no motivation. Avoid like the plagueHe is a great player and should be appreciated by you lot not slagged, he needs to be played in the right position just behind the front two..Won't get first team football at swindon so he's going to posh lmao sounds viable, who wrote that? bit of advice, go to a doctor and get a reality checkShould never have left Palace, big mistake..
you shouldn't always listen to people close to you for the best advice, wasted talent.That would be 5 players for that position with Danny Swanson, Lee Tomlin, Boyd (if he stays) and Frecklington all capable of playing there,

While Fergie has proved his ability to turn around players with attitude problems, this coupled with Taylor thanking the posh for relaunching his career by not giving them more than 1 season means I am not a fan of this type of player as a first target, loyalty is important as overhauling the squad every season is a massive challenge


02 Jul 2012 21:15:21
Stevenage duo Laurie Wilson and Michael Bostwick will complete moves to Peterborough within the next 48 hours.(12)(21)Chris beardsley is to sign for preston on wednesday is he any good , initial reaction is no looking at his statsBeardo is a good player, causes defences problems and forces them to make mistakes and will make lots of chances for other players. Will score a few goals as well but not the most prolific strikerCan hold the ball up well and he has good work rate hiting the target is a different storey could work well with certen players


02 Jul 2012 21:15:08
Kasper schmeicel, Craig Gordon and alan mgregor are amongst the favourites to be back up for Ben foster (legend) next season with Derek boateng, peter wittingham, danny rose and steven Naismith will conclude most of baggies signing this summer(4)(32)Why would those keeper play for you when they're good enough to be number 1's somewhere?Schmeicheal or mcregor won't be a back up goalie to most keepers never mind Ben foster!Naismith to everton is a done deal stop thinking use are getting himVilla are supposedly in for Peter Whittingham, i would imagine he would prefer to go back to Villa instead of joining WBABen Foster legend? Is that why Stoke, Man U and Brum all got rid :-)Would be very surprised if Kasper goes!

Devon FoxIf Naismith to everton is a done deal how come he ain't signed yet??


02 Jul 2012 21:13:47
Kuwaiti International and Qadsia SC Player Bader Al Mutawa Will sign for forest when The Al-Hasawi Family completes their takeover of the former European cup winners.

Bader Al Mutawa, who had a trial for Spanish team Malaga will sign for forest on a 3-Year deal for around 1.25Million.

SOURCE: A friend of Mine who works for Qadsia SC as an Official Photographer.(11)(10)


02 Jul 2012 21:10:38
Peterborough United have a bid believed to be worth £500k accepted for Cheltenham midfielder Marlon Pack.(8)(18)Pack is staying at Cheltenham, and could repay the club by signing a 1 year extension in January.


02 Jul 2012 21:08:40
Sheff Weds and Leeds fighting it out to
sign David Norris.


David Norris! Hes already packing his bags at his home in Swanmore.(14)(12)It true, but Palace have also offered a contract. Norris is happy down in Portsmouth and doesn't want to move to either london or up north. So we'll just have to see what compromise he makes.Norris will go to whoever offers him most money he has no loyalty ask any Plymouth or Ipswich fan. You all better off without he's average at best


02 Jul 2012 21:04:52
Inter Will try as hard as possible to keep on to Maicon as their other Brazilian Star Lucio was released. PSG, Chelsea and Real Madrid are all interested, but Chelsea seem to be the favourites.

Another Inter Play, Diego Forlan, Has been linked to a Move to Turkey, but I'm told that he Wants to stay in Europe or Earn Mega Bucks over in the MLS. New York Redbulls are Heavily interested.(5)(6)


02 Jul 2012 21:15:06
Huddersfield to sign;
Lee Peltier - Leicester - 750k
Ross McCormack - Leeds - 1.5 million
Sean Morrison - Reading - 350k
Llyod Sam - Leeds - Free(11)(37)No Rhodes no morrisonWhy do you Reading fans think you have bargaining power, Town are in control seeing as Morrison would be as well as around £6million (at a guess), its not like we're desperate to sign himGrow up, no Rhodes no Morrison! How pathetic!Ha ha... Town fans are deluded. You have money but decent players are NOT gonna lower their standards and play for a small club like town. You will sign young unknowns or league one players.No Morrison no Rhodes . Plenty of cb about not many 40 goal strikersNo Morrison? Oh no what will town do?? Will you deluded Reading fans stop thinking us town fans think Morrison is the next Bobby Moore!?!?!?McCormack has signed a 3 year dela with Palace, just be patience it will be announced soon and its for a bargain £700kJuve have bid £8 million for RVP from Arsenal, and HTFC want £8million for Jordan Rhodes. Not exactly same class are they?... bit of a moot point if your not willing to sell rhodesHe scored 40 goals in LEAGUE ONE!! It's not The Championship it's not The Premiership it's league 1. If he scored 40 goals in the championship then yes he may be worth £8 million but right now he is not worth half that.

You Huddersfield fans are being rather disrespectful to Morrison seeing as he was integral to your promotion. You also have a warped idea of values if you think Morrison is worth 350K

You may say there are plenty of other centre backs but Grayson wants Morrison and has resigned himself to losing Rhodes.

Also despite what you think Rhodes is keen on the move. He may have loyalty but offer a player Championship football or Premiership football there's only one outcome.

BiscuitKeep Morrison then, simpleIts not a case of being pathetic. We have a player you want and you have a player we want, it is common business sense. I think you need to grow up mate.

LoyalRoyal94Itll cost at least double the 350k to get morrison mateTown dont need any wingersWe will buy someone else then!!We dont need to sell morrison which is where the power comes from. In fact to be honest i'd rather keep him as he shows a lot of promise than have rhodes. spend the money elsewhere, very average player which we will see next season.You Reading fans do make me laugh! You are punching above your weight at the moment and last season's gates were only 3.5k above ours and we were in a league where most of the teams only brought 300-400 to the Galpharm. The new capital injection doesn't mean everything and maybe you ought to keep quiet until you've actually achieved something. Players are valued at not only what others want to pay but also in terms of what the seller is prepared to accept. If you don't need to sell then obviously the price reflects this. A lot of the foreign players go to the premiership for a lower price but the wages can be astronomical so the transfer fee doesn't reflect the full picture. Morrison isn't the only CB in the league and I'm sure Huddersfield won't be held to ransom in such a childish way. If Rhodes wants to move to the premiership then I'm sure he can do a lot better than Reading who might well come back down next season.And how long do you think the might and power of Reading will manage to stay in the Prem this time. Ps No looking at your watch to answer!I wrote the above post and then i checked the most successful English clubs in history, all comps Town 19th. After scrolling and scrolling to find Reading, your right there not on the list but the mighty Old Carthusians are!! Case closed.Rhodes isn't worth 8 million, that's the inflated price the chairman is asking for because 1, town don't need to sell 2, Rhodes has still got 2 years left on his contract. And 3, Rhodes doesn't want to leave just yet. If by Christmas he's banged in a fair amount of goals he'll be leaving for a premiership club.A lot longer than HTFC will last in the ChampionshipMorrison was loaned out to us last season because he didnt figure in your championship team do you think he will get a game no your in the
Town do want him back and the player wants to play for us so although you dont have to sell it makes no sense to keep a player who isnt happy who wont play much if at all Reading will look to get what they payed for him.
As for the Rhodes issue if Reading fc want him the cost is 8m put up or shut up . And to the poster who doesnt reckon little Huddersfield can attract players above league one .
scannell palace championship
dixon spl so far sort of rains on your bonfire check your facts first.Out of curiosity who and from what league has reading signed up to press
jonny huddsLOL at the Hudds fan telling us to come back when we've achieved something. Come back when you're the Championship points record holders. Huddersfield may have done things in the past but nothing recently. You cling on to the past to make up for doing nothing recently.

If players of the stature of Pogrebnyak want to join us then you can bet Rhodes definitely does.

Maybe you're worried about losing him because Hudds like Southampton are a one man team and you know you'll be screwed without him.

Biscuit.We averaged about 20000 last season at home. Probably more like 6-7 thousand more than Huddersfield had last season. And more or less every home game will be sold out next season and if we stay up our ground will be expanded beyond 30000. Maybe thats why Rhodes might be interested in a move to Reading, playing in front of bigger crowds. Going to grounds like Old Trafford and the Emirates rather than London Road or Oakwell. You do need to get real about your asking price for Rhodes. Just because he got 40 goals in league one doesnt mean he'll get that in the championship, in fact I will eat my pants if he scored more than 25 in the championship or 10 in the premier league {Ed003's Note - Make sure they are clean ;) }Oh no are reading not on the list of successfully teams.

Glad I don't live in the past then...Wait a sec, the club who have not been in the Premiership are telling Reading who have been in the Premiership twice now, to achieve something. Jealous much.

LoyalRoyal94 {Ed003's Note - last one on the rumours site,if you want banter start a thread and it will be put on the banter site}


02 Jul 2012 21:13:47
Southend have received a bid of £250k for Kane Ferdinand from championship side Peterborough.(15)(7)Kane isn't going anywhere. Sorry to burst your bubble.I live in southend hes worth more like £800,000 for that


02 Jul 2012 20:42:43
Sevilla, Malaga, Liverpool and Arsenal all interested in Clint Dempsey(14)(13)


02 Jul 2012 20:41:43
After their transfer embargo being lifted, Wycombe Wanderers have moved swiftly in the market with five new players. Experienced defender Gary Doherty has put pen to paper on a two year deal. Wycombe have also bought in Matt Spring on a two year deal from Leyton Orient. The expected transfer of Sam Wood from Brentford has gone through. Denis Oli has also signed a one year deal after his release from Gillingham. The last signing they made was young winger Lee Angol following his release from Tottenham. Expect to see more transfer activity from the Chairboys in the coming week..



02 Jul 2012 20:29:12
Purdie and summerfield to shrewsbury(4)(6)Who is purdieI hope we dont sign purdie but why would we if we are getting summerfield anywaySummerfield is going to buryPurdie played for Hereford last year rejected a new offer from the Bulls, Turner has managed him while at HerefordHe played for hereford last seasonBoth now shrewsbury playersRob Purdie on SkyPurdie is a disappointing signing, but he is very versatile.


02 Jul 2012 20:30:35
Bristol City Winger Jamal Campbell-Ryce is set to join Notts County on free transfer.(17)(10)One of the worst things I have read on here.maynard will not be coming back..Danny cooed broke his back playing for rovers last season.and Matt hill could be good but won't be happeningHe signed todayHe's already signed


02 Jul 2012 20:24:19
Ross Mcormack stalling on signing at Crystal Palace as he is now talking to Leicesters Nigel Pearson about joining the foxes(10)(31)He's not talking to anyone ,he was never in talks with palace , this from freedmanIf Leeds are selling him, someone should of went for him by now!He can't stall as he signed a 3 year deal at the weekend. It will be announced soon, just wait and its for 700kThe Freedman quote is a double-bluff. It was a quote he made on Friday but not picked up until yesterday in the press. But in the meantime McCormack signed for Palace on SundayHe was seen at the Amex the other day,getting the guided tour with a couple of the execs.And talking to everyone else according to this siteGood sighning if we get him but dought it thoLets wait and see there's going to be a lot of disappointed fans when he's unvailed as a palace player and a bargain one at that


02 Jul 2012 20:08:34
Matt Hill close to joining hometown club Bristol City. Danny Coles and Nicky Maynard (loan) also close to signing.(4)(27)And were did u find this out..... highly doubt the second two..Matt Hill is signing a 2 year contract with us, Blackpool later this week . Also Clarke Carlisle and Irish Internatioal striker Andy Smith are signing for Blackpool.Nicky maynard hates us fans, so he wont be back.Re-Maynard: it'll be a cold day in hell when he comes back, relations with fans got somewhat soured

Coles was never good enough, no chance

As for Matt Hill - no, not likely eitherMaynard to Stoke City on loanColes back to city... what a load of tosh... I smell gas...Agree with the post above.. maynard is a petulant diva, danny coles kinda the same but his 'masterplan' backfired, matty hill... liked him but not good enough anymore


02 Jul 2012 20:08:14
Bret Ormerod to Wrexham is a done deal.



02 Jul 2012 20:05:46
Norwich have won the battle to sign Connor Wickham on a season long loan. You heard it here first!(8)(37)I think you are living in la la land.ex ipswich joining norwich no chanceit happens a lot, both ways, learn your clubs history.
but, I can't see it happening. He's a young player, but I personally think he's too injury prone, and we have many who would be above the pecking order.
Think he would do better with reading or southhampton, maybe QPR or stoke.I've heard about this aswell.I know the clubs historybut conner said to the media before he left ipswich that he would not play for another east anglian clubPersonally I wouldnt mind him coming to NCFC, he has some talent and looks to work hard, something we could exploit. OTBC!Norwich to sell holy for 6 million and buy fletcher from wolves, why would they need Connor wickhamDoesnt excite me to be honest, would be good for numbers and competition, but at the end of the day i think we need to sign someone permanently who has the ability to make a sustained impact at premier league level. Not a young player looking for experience.

Then there is the point that if he did become an integral part of our team, which lets face it we would hope for in a new striker, would we be able to make it permanent for next season..? Unlikely. So for me its a no, if Holt goes or not, we need to sign permanent players that are better than we currently have. A loan deal for Wickham is neither at present.Why do people put 'you heard it here first'?

Norwich have tried to sign Kenwyne Jones but looks like he's going to Villa. Holt looks like he'll join West ham and doubt Norwich could afford Fletcher as the price has put Stoke off.Holt staying. Wickham is welcome tho.03 Jul 2012 18:13:33
Norwich will buy Alfred Finnbogason a Icelandic footballer who plays as a forward for Swedish champions Helsingborgs IF.
8 goals in 13 apps. Yesterday goals


02 Jul 2012 20:05:11
Reding about to complete signing of Jordan Rhodes.Deal is reportedly 4M plus Morrison.Pretty good deal for a Huddersfield point of view.Huddersfield to aso sign Clapton from Leeds

Reading are also looking to complete a deal for Kieran Richardson.About 2M for him.(15)(29)Think you will find Rhodes has gone elsewhere! Your sums seem way short-is this because you are just starting to realise your new owners will not spend what you hoped-or is it that you do not have a clue!No thats not a good deal, he is worth double that.. and he's not going anywhereI wish reading would leave some players for everyone else to signI'm a Reading fan and I've not seen any evidence of us signing Rhodes. That's to say the club isn't interested. Personally I would prefer to see us sign Dame N'doye for that sort of money as we already have Adam Le Fondre.£8m for an unproven striker in the championship let alone the premiership.?? has gone mad....he's priced to fail and fail badlyJust to clarify do Huddersfield fans really value Rhodes at 8mil?, the same amount juventus reportedly bid for RVP. yes hes a good player and your in the driving seat so may get big money but do you really think he is worth that. and us reading fans are not just starting to realise we are not going to spend that sort of money, even man city wouldnt pay 8mil for Rhodes if they wanted him. a lot of Reading fans wouldnt want to sign him if we have to pay that much
MrRfc {Ed003's Note - He is valued at what the selling club sets and Huddersfield have no need to sell,only the player wanting to leave could change this scenario not what fans think}To date, Reading have signed only three (including the Pog) but so many jealous fans making up rumours and agents knowing we have money to spend are starting rumours that it just seems more. However, can we help it if we are such a well run family club with no debt, lots of ambition and a good club ethos that everyone wants to be a part of it? And yes there will be more before the season starts. If Brian McDermott wanted to bring in the entire squad from Macclesfield Town then he would have my backing (no disrespect intended Macclesfield but last season was not one of your best was it?) {Ed003's Note - Why put your point across well then ruin it by putting a small club down who have nothing to do with you? weird! }He's the top scorer in the football league with 40 goals. £8 million is a bargainIt's not what the town fans value rhodes at. the chairman does not need to sell, hence why the price is inflated. the point is, you reading fans do a lot of talking about the riches at your club, so pay up or shut up!!!!!!!!I agree with Ed, whats the deal with the Macclesfield hate? Also, its fair enough for Huddersfield to rate Rhodes as highly as they do as he is their only player who looks good enough to flourish in the Championsip. However I think that Rhodes will leave and it will not be for £8million. Certain terms may eventually cause the money paid to Huddersfield to go that high, but clubs will not pay £8million outright as it puts pressure on the player to perform and risks the deal being a flop. Huddersfield will get their high valuation in the form of add ons.

LoyalRoyal94We dont want him if he's going to cost more than 4.5m.Score 40 goals in Championship and maybe the price tag is justified...but 40 goals in Div 1....any club gambling £8m has believed the hype...which hasn't been proved at the higher level...would rather keep money in the bank£8 million is a bargain is it for a striker unconfirmed out of League 1 when - according to this mornings Metro - Arsenal have just turned down a bid for £8 million from Juventus for Robin van Persie? Who would you rather have in your team, Robin van Persie, Dutch International with loads of caps who has been scoring for fun in the best league in the world, or Jordan Rhodes who is a prolific scorer in the lower leagues but untested in anything other than League One?Apologies to Macclesfield. I did say no disrespect intended to Macclesfield, and have a lot of time for the way they have survived in the league for as long as they have on their budget, but was just making a point. Macclesfield Town finally gave in last season after a good battle and dropped back into the Conference after a season that was not one of their best. The point I was making was that even if Brian McDermott decided to take every player from the Macclesfield squad and take them into the Premiership to help Reading, I would think it strange but he would have my backing because he seems to know exactly what he is doing, and even if Reading do struggle and come back down again - which I do not think they will incidentally - will continue to support Reading and the Manager. They way he is fronting the club and the way Anton and John are selling the club, we are getting quality players in and will continue to do so, because Reading is currently an exciting place to be. So Macclesfield Town supporters - not meant to wind you up the wrong way as I thought it was a shame when you went down, but just used you to make a point, and for that I am sorry.I appreciate that he is valued at what the club think but i was questioning whether he is worth that. but reading my post again i didn't really distinguish that, sorry
MrRfcI agree its not that we value rhodes at 8 million .every one has a price.. as we dont want or need to sell that is why its 8 million if he goesJog on royals all rhodes lead to the galpharm!! Personally i think hez worth more than 8milll. How much is it worth getting to prem league? Hes gonna take us up so thats what hes worth. FactYe top scorer in footall league but he wouldnt score 40 in championshipYou value him high he is worth 3m tops NO championship experienceHe was the top scorer in the football leage (at League One standard)! Change that to the premiership and you might be lucky to get between five and ten goals. Those teams are a little better than L1Who ever thinks rvp is worth 8 million is just stupid, he must be worth 2x this at least. jordan rhodes is brilliant at huddersfield, so why would we want to sell him, we are not begging reading to take him, so if they cant caugh up our valuation of him then he is staying up here.Rhodes is probably not worth £8million but the club don't need to sell and can ask for what they wantExactly, £8 million was turned down by Arsenal, which means he isn't worth that, everyone know RVP is worth more than that, so why are you likening RVP to Rhodes when the £8 million was turned down, not relevant at all.To say you reading fans don't want Rhodes for 8 million sure keep going on about it. Rhodes is a Huddersfield player and will be come the start of the season.Rvp is worth 30m of anyones money in todays climate and if he does leave i reckon the gooners will be looking for nearer 40m city seem poised to make an offer and in bringing in 2 forwards they seem to be gearing up to life without rvp .
theo walcott 13m
conner wickham 12m
ox 10m plus
so is 8m for a 23 old forward who has scored 40 goals (only one pen)
8 under 21 goals for scotland too much?
jonny huddsI personally don't even rate Rhodes as a signing for any premier league club, all these stupid inflated prices being thrown around, who cares if you don't need to sell him, come Christmas when he has hit the net maybe 4 or 5 times in the championship all you town fans will be thinking if only we took 3 million for him in the summer, footballs a game of opinions and my opinion is this kid isn't as special as he's being made out to be, yes he's scored 40 goals etc etc etc but from what i saw in the play off final he cant do things on a bigger stage but we'll see come Xmas time, I'd love to be proved wrong if he's in a reading shirt by thenIn my opinion Rhodes will stay and will score goals for HTAFC next season. Give it till Christmas and Prem clubs will be snapping him up. 40 goals (1 pen) just imagine if Town actually got any penalties last season.

metdogJonny he's only 21 :-)I do believe Arsenal bought oxlaide- Chamberlain for 17 or 18 million. yeh he plays for England but why cant that be Rhodes for scotland. OX was an unproven league one player.Jonny hudds, look back at the ages of the players you are referring to at the time they were sold. They were teenagers, you need to player inflated prices for young talent. Rhodes has 4 years until he peaks and has so far only played at League One level.



02 Jul 2012 19:49:18
Thank god, just had it confirmed by someone at Nottingham Forest, Luke Chambers has left for Ipswich!(20)(12)Lukey boy is a amazing player best we has so shut up lucky lukey lukey chambersHeard the same - J2BLUELuke Chambers, the man who put it all on black when he should have backed RED!!
Go for it tractor boyI'm a town fan and think he's a good signing seems he's been made a scapegoat for your poor seaosn was'nt he captain and your player of the year only last season so he can't be that rubbish can he?Get used to Chambers holding his arms out wide when a goal is scored and asking how did the other team score and who was marking the goal scorer. The answer - you should have picked him up Chambers you were marking him


02 Jul 2012 19:48:01
HESKEY IS OFF TO HULL! Not even a joke, Steve Bruce wants to link up with him again, will be the third club that they've been at together(28)(10)Really cos i heard he is off somewhere elseLol good luck with your superstar striker there hull.Big em will do a good job for any club in the championship..jimHe has had no contact with hull. bruce said


02 Jul 2012 19:46:44
Danny Rose loanee, Naismith freebie, look to be getting Markus Roseburg subject to medical after his contract expired at Werder Bremen
Boing Boing
George Saxilby(9)(8)Roseborg is 30 and aint scored in a while and youve got 5 strikers alreadyThink Naismith is going to everton mate. But the other two would be great signings for us.



02 Jul 2012 19:44:35
Damian Reeves will finally complete his transfer to Doncaster this week(7)(7)Signing for Fleetwood. Moving up three divisions is too much for himTrue that!!Why is there unbelievables its gone through but not announced yetLives in Doncaster, pregnant girlfriend from Doncaster, Works in Doncaster. Only club he'll be going to is .....? {Ed003's Note - LA Galaxy ? }If your saying reeves is taking a step to far look what l fondre did there is a big difference between league 2 and the championship and now he's playing in the PL


02 Jul 2012 19:39:48
walsall are in talks to re-sign midfielder mark wilson who is currently a free agent after being released by oxford united.

Scunthorpe united are also interested in the former manchester united trainee(7)(3)Saddlers may aswell opt for relegation now, saving me time and money to watch them get relegated!


02 Jul 2012 19:32:38
Cardiff City rumours

Robert Earnshaw will be joining Coventry on a two year deal as a make weight for Richard Keogh coming the other way.

Kenny Miller is expecting to be a bench warmer next season with two strikers set to sign lucrative contracts at CCFC, Didier Ya Konan from Hanover 96 expected to agree a three year deal in early July whilst an un-named international striker is also set to move to Wales.

Craig Bellamy is a non starter, but fans will be appeased when Chris Burke rejoins the Welsh Club next week, upon his return from the USA.(8)(19)Never heard of Konan.....untill, just watched him on youtube...........WE WISH !!!Ya konan, why on earth would he join cardiff?Konan will get into Newcastle I bet, another bargain they would sell on for MILLIONS! However, if he did come to us I would graciously welcome him.Memories play tricks. Burke had some very poor games the first time round I certainly dont want him back. It would be a total waste of money.


02 Jul 2012 19:31:47
Alex Bruce to join Portsmouth on a free transfer(6)(9)Wednesday are getting Norris off u Portsmouth fanKEN BATES signing off with Leeds United and eyeing up Pompey. Dont be surprised if you see him lurking around over coming weeks. He will probably save your backside but dont expect to see major funds ploughed back into playing team. Dont buy season ticket for next few years !Would not surprise me if Bates turned up at Pompey, in a season or two they will return to the Championship, if for no other eason than their fan base is far larger than almost all in that division and as such they will have more money once current problems are sorted via the CVA and players leaving. Bates could then make a few bob!Seems like a decent experienced CB, just what we need in league 1! Hope this rumour is true


02 Jul 2012 19:28:35
Heard that Markus Rosenburg(free agent) formerly of Werder Bremen is on his way to Albion having turned down Liverpool,Swansea and QPR. If it happens it could be a real coup.
Ed what you heard?? {Ed003's Note - I think I recall Ed 007 saying Celtic had an interest the other week mate,that's all I've heard sorry}(3)(11)You heard that in the Metro. Not true. Liverpool didn't want him. {Ed003's Note - Just thought,it was Markus Henriksen from Rosenburg 007 was on about, Oooops lol. }Its a done deal !! 2 yeqr contract he passed his medical at the weekendRosenburg will join his Norwegian teammate Rogne at Celtic, as soon as Ki has been sold to one of the Russian teams who are after him.Rosenberg is Swedish! And why join the second rate SPL over premier league? Could be a ploy to keep Olsson signing his international team mateHe's not had talks with anybody but west brom are admitting an interest


02 Jul 2012 19:26:59
Gianfranco Zola will be appointed manager of Watford and will be given £15million to spend in the summer by new owners the Pozzo family, Rumours for who they might get are:

Tom Heaton - Released from Cardiff (Free)
Alex Kacaniklic - Fulham (£1.5mill)
Adam Le Fondre - Reading (£1.5mill)
Tommy Smith - QPR (Free)
Nathan Delfouneso - Aston Villa (Season Long Loan)
Thomas Heurtaux - Udinese (Loan)(11)(26)Dude no way you'll get le fondre wouldnt drop back to the chamionship unless we got relegated! 1.5 if you want an accepted bid you would have to bid 6m plus we dont need to sell himNever would you get adam le fondreLol If you think you are getting Alf.

1. We wouldn't sell him
2. You messed us about with Mariappa so I doubt we'd be prepared to deal with you again.Don't think they will risk giving you £9m over the allowable investment under FFP rules- big risk if you don't go upReally doubt you will get le fondre. Just arrived at reading and is one for the future.

ReallyRoyal6m for a reading reserve! - so what is your problem with bidding £4m for Mariappa - or don't you need him either - he is worht half a mill tops - to even bracket hime with Kacanklic is a joke!For the thousandth time, le fondre will not leave reading this summer. Especially for such a low fee, he's worth 3 or 4 mill at leastNo way of le fondre he will be a massive part of our season next.I'm sorry but as a watford fan, having looked at the pozzo's background, it is unlikely we will spend alot. I suspect it will be 5 loans from Udinese and Granada and 5 million to spend if we're luckyAdam Le Fondre? Didn't know there were surgestions he is available. I think you'll find he'll feature alot in the coming season for Reading. And £1.5 Yeah right, oh hang on it's a Watford post... NextWhy would fulham sell kacaniklic? he's highly rated by them and was in the starting 11 for the end of last season.Why would Alfie want to go to a championship team when he's now a premiership player. He will never go to WatfordYou won't get alfHow many times do Reading fans have to say why would Le Fondre snub prem football for Watford? he's going to be playing a big role for us next season. Dream onWhat a load of rubbish. Why would Le Fondre move? He's earned a fantastic reputation at Reading and is continuesly improving and showing his worth. He won't move to a club like Warford...Why would he pay 3 million on players if he had 15....Kacaklinic won't be leaving Fulham for £1.5mil. He was just breaking into our Fulham's first team last season.So thats six players with only £3m spent. You nearly went bust the last time an Itilian was in charge.Can't see why Fulham would sell Kaca we took him back from loan from Watford and he proved himself in the prem playing a part in quite a few games.Le fondre would never leave reading and we would never sell him!If and when Zola is named Watford manager do not think we will be signing some of the past players such as smith and Helguson as mentioned, most likely foreign talent such as what Udinese do. Will only be loaning from Udinese or Granada as it no longer makes business sense to give experience to prem players.Again with the ALF rumours... He's not Leaving!Some of the negtive watford fans wind me up but i will be with them on this one we wont get 5 m let alone 15 come on ! thats not how the pozzos work.I am sure you know EXACTLY who your club are signing. And NO you will not get Alf.No way will Jol sell Kacaniklic, he has just broken into the first team!I know the pozzo family are rich but they have another 2 clubs in high leagues, i doubt he'd give you 15 mil for transfers. even if its true i can only see you getting maybe half your list, Smith might come to CardiffDon't think Watford really want Alf. Saints are going to loan them a forward as part of the Mariappa deal. Sickening, ain't it?!We not we could get themTo be fair on Huddersfield fans, us reading fans always seem to go on and on about alf not leaving. probably worse that yours moaning about rhodes not leaving, imo there probably a similar chance for eachALF will not go to Watford, if he leaves Reading and it is a big IF, he will go to a bigger club than that.If we did sell Le Fondre, I would agree a price and then at the last minute accept bids from other clubs...Anyway non-starter he's too good for Watford.Adam wont leave prem for champ side dream on(From a Watford Fan) ignore all this we won't be given £15million to spend, maybe 2 or 3 million. Likely that we will get a few players on loan from Italy and England and as much as I would love us to buy Kaca from Fulham it just won't happen as he is highly rated. Tommy Smith, maybe, Heaton probably maybe Helguson but who knows.Le Fondre? £3m... £6m!? A! Dream on Reading, I wouldn't mind taking him but you're all deluded, made obvious by this fairy tale "Mariappa deal was agreed". If Le Fondre is worth what you think he is, then Mariappa is worth double that, and you won't pay it so get over it already.

In regards to the rumour itself, we won't receive £15m, a lot of money is being spent on clearing our debts, most likely we will be getting loanees from Udinese and maybe Granada, perhaps some cheaper acquisitions from elsewhere too but unlikely to surpass a few million if that. Tommy Smith is possible, judging by rumours Heaton is ours, we would love Kacaniklic back but I think he is in Fulham's plans. Delfouneso.. seem a few rumours but no real sign of it happening.Reading fans need to grow up already. Stop with this Mariappa rumour when there's no substance to it. Le Fondre isn't worth as much as Mariappa anyway, so these prices being thrown around are crazy. All the other names, except Kacaniklic (who looks like he will be in Fulham's plans), seem plausible. Not too sure about Delfouneso though....QPR paid £1 million a 2 years ago and will want some sort of fee. Might be a loan deal with a view to buying also rekon if another forward arrives at loftus rd helguson could end up back at watfordWhoever said le fondre would only leave for a bigger club,watford are bigger than readingLe Fondre is a natural goalscorer, theyre hard to find below the premier league. He would have easily got 20 goals had he been a regular starter. He wont go to watford anyway, much too good for you. I think Alf is easily worth £3mMarriappa bid was accepted but you got greedy when another offer came in and tried to start a bidding war. thats not the reading way, no chance of ALF going to you


02 Jul 2012 19:33:47
Everton are trying to sign Salomon Kalou on a free transfer.(18)(11)


02 Jul 2012 19:30:10
Leicester are trying to get the brazilian Target man Tulio de Melo from Lille. They have offered 1million + Beckford for the 27 year old who has fell down the pecking order at the 2011 champions of france.(2)(16)Fell down the pecking order despite starting most games instead of £8m man Roux, good one.Just what my french mate told me.


02 Jul 2012 19:20:30
Plymouth Argyle to sign Luke summerfield Izale McLeod and joss labadie and Ashley Hemmings coyg(3)(22)Plymouth argyle set to sign john Akinde later this weekThey won't get Summerfield, we need McLeodWhere Do you get your inside info from? They are on the list of players that have no chance of signing.Luke summerfield will not come back to plymouth he will go shrewsburyPlymouth would not be able all of these players and + Mcleod will go to RotheramSorry but I think that both McLeod and Hemmings will not sign for us and as for the other guy not sureNot being funny but plymouth have only signed 1 player so far, so untill plymouth confirm their interst in players like mcleod hemmings etc theres no point making rubbish upHemmings said that he won't be coming back to argyle


02 Jul 2012 19:19:13
oldham athletic are set to sign Chris Dagnall
for a nominal fee(4)(5)He was at port vale this afternoon having talks with vale gaffer Micky Adams and new owner Keith Ryder.

Not sure if he's signed but I saw him 100%..We are skint so doubt thatSo r oldhamHe was seen at PNE todayAparently every free agent in world football is seen at PNE!


02 Jul 2012 19:15:42
Bolton to sign leeds GK once they sin kenny from qpr. also bolton to sign snodgrass aswell(6)(20)I think if snoddy leaves LEEDS it will be for the premAgreed with 1st reply. It's common knowledge that Lonergan is going to Bolton (prefer to keep him)but you have no chance with Snoddy. If he goes it will only be to PremGoailie can go and I for one dont mind him heading to Bolton. Snodgrass is simply a dream so dont lose sleep over any possibility there.Would love to see snodgrass at the reebok, top quality player.Snodgrass to Bolton, hilarious, if he leaves Leeds it will be to the Premiership.Snodgrass going to Bolton as he knows Leeds have NO chance of being promoted! And Bolton have the quality to terrorize the Championship!


02 Jul 2012 18:59:40
Stoke City looking at no less than 4 Rangers players to improve their squad for the upcoming season(6)(10)Who four players from Ranger for Stokes city shortlist look new signing?Sad day for football when Stoke City go around acting the big un.How is this acting the big un? it cud very well be and probably is true due to whats happened up at rangers. if your gonna post poor comments like that i wudnt botha.Ness has as good as signed. Stoke are aslo after Naismith. Don't know who the other 2 are?Not really acting the "big un" just acting like a club that can control it's finances.


02 Jul 2012 18:59:20
markus rosenburg has rejected interested from premier league trio swansea, qpr and liverpool and has agreed terms to join wba(14)(13)Obv a wba fan he would be a fool to turn down swansea and liverpool who are miles better than wba LOL !


02 Jul 2012 18:38:08
At least one signing will be announced for Wycombe Wanderers tonight as the embargo has now been lifted, and in the next 24 hours.

The potential players coming in include:
Gary Doherty (Free from Charlton)
Sam Wood (Free from Brentford)
Richard Logan (Free from Exeter)
Izale McCleod (Free from Barnet)(5)(10)


02 Jul 2012 18:56:12
Stephen ELiott has joined Coventry city on a 1 year deal following his release from hearts(15)(3)


02 Jul 2012 18:43:42
Norwich City to sign free agent Jacob Butterfield, subject to personal terms and medical - TFS Norwich(11)(16)SSN says that we have had a bid rejected for butterfield!Not yet, we need to pay compensation to Barnsley


02 Jul 2012 18:05:55
Exeter City have signed Kevin Amankwaah & Pat Baldwin!(10)(3)Who wil now forever be known as amawkah by the green army!


02 Jul 2012 18:02:21
Mkdons will announce 3 new signings tomorrow .one will be Alan smith on a pay as you play deal(4)(8)


02 Jul 2012 18:01:47
Wycombe Wanderers to complete the signings of Scott Donnelly, Gary Doherty & Izale Mcleod in the next 24 hours.(2)(8)


02 Jul 2012 17:59:05
Jermaine Beckford has told Nigel Pearson he wants to be part of the new look Leeds United squad for next season.He is finding it hard to settle in at the club.(26)(18)


02 Jul 2012 17:58:50
Bodin will sign for Torquay tomorrow, connell will sign for Notts county by Friday and J smith will be an Oxford player by the weekend. This will free up the space for PDC to sign another striker.(4)(7)


02 Jul 2012 18:26:02
West ham are gonna sign jermaine beckford from leictser soon(5)(35)Nope we are keeping him and are signing hooper


02 Jul 2012 18:25:15
Bournemouth are gonna finalise a deal for miles Addison by the end of the week (itk)(10)(5)


02 Jul 2012 18:17:51
Confirmed : Yeovil Sign Nathan Ralph Previosly of peterborough and kettering And Lewis Young Ex Northampton And Brother Of Ashley Young(6)(3)Nathan Ralph was at pre-season training with Posh today so when was that confirmed and why has no one in Peterborough heard even a whisper about it {Ed003's Note - He obviously wasn't as he was getting his photo taken for the official Yeovil Town website}If this is a Peterborough fan that stated Ralph was at pre season training. He dont even play for us no more.. keep up :)For the 1st time this summer il admit my bad, for reasons even unbeknownst to me i was confusing him with Nthle, one of the other Posh youngsters, i stand corrected


02 Jul 2012 18:11:24
Luke Summerfield will not join Bury(6)(1)He will in the next week after rejecting shrewbury


02 Jul 2012 18:08:35
The Cod Army now very close to signing Damien Reeves after spending the weekend in talks with the player.(6)(10)


02 Jul 2012 17:56:15
Caleb Folan in talks with Notts County and Shrewsbury Town.(5)(5)Notts county signing in coke from Wednesday amd beavonWe dont want folan he is crap preston could do betterWe have already got four strikers. Don't need any more


02 Jul 2012 17:55:28
Luke Chambers to Ipswich is now DONE deal! Had it confirmed this afternoon, he's agreed a 3 year contract after passing a medical this morning.

Ipswich will confirm this most likely on yhursday when town go back for pre-season.(20)(11)


02 Jul 2012 17:51:36
West Brom have made Markus Rosenberg their second signing who previously played for Werder Bremen and Ajax. He was a free agent. West Brom have beaten teams like Liverpool, QPR and Swansea to sign the Swede.(18)(6)Set to be completed in the next few days, he had a medical yesterday! good signing and a good player when fully fit.Albion have only enquired and are considering him amongst a number of other targets. One of which is striker Christian Stuani who has been on loan at Racing Santander - albion have spoken to his Uraguian agent. Also heard that a loan deal maybe on the cards for Daniel Sturridge though this is less likely as he would prefer to hold out at ChelseaNo medical or fee agreed so don't jump the gun and act ITK. The deal will most likely happen but the lads said he's had no contact with anybody yet


02 Jul 2012 17:49:45
Bristol accepted bid for Albert adomah of 2.5 mill plus add ons rising to 3 mill from Wigan , moses to Chelsea 6 mill all but done, Bristol city will use the money to announce the signing of Zak whitbread , Greg Cunningham and Ross McCormick and suso on loan and will seek to look for a replacement for Albert(6)(14)So City gonna find £1.5 - £2m for McCormack ? Considering they were slashing not too long ago I very much doubt they will find the cash to support the signings you mentioned.Wigan have demanded 12m for mosesAdomah won't go anywhere...... why would he he was injured all last season BCFC are trying to create a superior team , unless Albert wants to leave then why sell. McCormack is apparently close to being signed for PalaceSlashing was to meet new finance regulations coming into force in 2 years worry about your own club who seem to be spending money and will find trouble just around the corner when the new rules hit them with fines and points loss. the reds will be good and we will have last laugh.Sorry but Wigan are in good financial health . They dont spend money they havent got . When Roberto took over the wage bill was around 92 % of income . He has kept Wigan in the P/League and slashed the wage bill . The club at the moment is on a great financial footing . No offence to Bristol City but I dont think you will have the last laugh . Oh and just an after thought Adomah , good player when not injured


02 Jul 2012 17:47:48
Leeds to rebuild their squad after their takeover and will sign:

Jermaine Beckford
Paddy Kenny
Lee Peltier
Rob Hulse
Luke Chambers
Gary O'Neil
Michel Antonio(7)(27)Hardly signings to make the pulse race though, think if takeover is completed Warnock might set his sights higher than those guys.Beckford wont ever return to Leeds
Kenny probably will be too costly due to wage demands
Peltier going back to Huddersfield
Chambers has already agreed to sign for Ipswich
O'Neil has already turned Leeds approach down
Antonio has already agreed a move to SWFC once clubs agree a feeKenny and peltier deals done, going to leeds,beckford maybe,dont want the others


02 Jul 2012 17:43:35
Coventry have signed stephen elliott from hearts on a one year deal after his contract expired(9)(4)


02 Jul 2012 17:36:11
STUART PARABY (RB) has just SIGNED for boro. Again.

Source: His official twitter.(15)(1)


02 Jul 2012 17:32:16
Financial advisors in Qatar recommend Leeds United takeover.(12)(8)


02 Jul 2012 17:28:03
Fulham considering a £3 million move for Jermaine Beckford(5)(22)Would not want him, he is rubbishWhat utter nonsense...Can't see that being true, not Premiership class


02 Jul 2012 17:28:00
Buttner has said in an interview that he will be joining Saints after Nicola Cortese convinced him we will be challenging with Man City. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying we will, I'm happy to be back at the moment and I'd imagine Cortese is talking in terms of the future, but he has a back of convincing players with ambition. This was on a Dutch website that my friend told me about. Should be unveiled soon.

Gerald.(5)(6)I cant see us ever challenging Man City, but maybe with our academy Nicola expects it to be up there with the very best..i.e Man Utd, City etcYou do have an excellent academy set up and you cant fail to be impressed by it.Sorry i no every club has its idiots but every Saints fan i no are realistic about what the future holds for us. We are well aware that we will be in a real battle against relagtion this season. Anything above the bottom 3 will do us thank you. If that is acheived then maybe we can consolidate from there but even then that will be a big ask. I cant beleive the original post was from a Saints fan but if it was grow up m8, show a bit of common sense, we will never compete with the likes of Man city Man U etc...nor will we in the future. Yes we have a good youth academy and we develope good player from it. All Cortese has ever publicly said is that he wants the players from our academy to stay at the club for longer before moving on.I think there will come a time where we will be finishing top 6 consistantly and occasionally challenging for top 4. This would be in say a decades time, when we have our youth players ready plus some expensive signings!To the poster above.....The original poster wasnt lying so....This is actually on a Dutch website! So he doesnt need to "grow up" as you put it. This season will be a battle but I believe we will surprise a few people..Then we can kick on from next season. Oh and Cortese wants 50% of our squad to be home grown from our academy, he said nothing about "staying at the club longer before moving on"..He has bigger ambitions than that and every geniune Saints fan knows that.



02 Jul 2012 17:27:35
Bradford city to sign a striker and winger this week(6)(1)That wont be happening for sureWell the winger has signed, Will Atkinson...........Gary thompson has agreed terms waiting on medical!!Will Atkinson to sign today & Shefti Kuqi by end of week - fact!Stop making this up!Making it up? Atkinson now signed & Kuqi thinking over the offer - also got it on good authority that Hanson going to Sheff Utd with two loan players as part of deal - Fact!


02 Jul 2012 17:26:50
George friend set to leave any day now from Doncaster a number of clubs have been looking at him however it is believe to be middlesbrough he is going to from a very reliable source(11)(3)


02 Jul 2012 17:24:48
Huddersfield ready to put a 1.5 million bid to win over Ross McCormack for the last time.(4)(16)McComack has signed a three year deal with Palace and we only had to pay 700k for him, happy daysIf palace have done then fair play. but where is your evidence?Palace haven't signed jack pal freedman even said in paper today it's pie in the sky for RMFunny that, seeing as just yesterday, Dougie said in the South London Press that Palace hadn't even put a bid in for him yet. Not saying he won't in the future, but he certainly hasn't as it standsIf takecover goes through at elland road mccormack may want to stay along withh the others white and snodgrassMcCormack must have low standards if he would leave Leeds for Huddersfield or PalaceDogie freedman has come out saying the rumours are farfetched. Somehow don't think he will be signing anytime soon.


02 Jul 2012 17:12:32
Wolves set to sign man utd youngster Tom Thorpe on loan for the season.
Faye, recently released by west ham is finalizing a contract with the west midlands club.
Livermore also set to join on loan.(5)(9)Doubt it if we're going to play a kid it will be batth n we got to many midfielders


02 Jul 2012 17:09:24
Yeovil have signed ex arsenal and peterbrough defender nathan ralph and lewis young the brother of man utd winger ashley(4)(0)


02 Jul 2012 17:09:08
CHARLTON ATHLETIC'S Chris Powell will complete the capture of Scunthorpe's Bobby Grant along with Dean Furman from Oldham, Charlton have also cooled there interest in Steven Sidwell after being unable to match a loan fee.(1)(7)Dean furman has recently signed a new contract so doubt that lolSidwell is the only one SCP would be interested in as we need to improve Centre mid. the other 2 wouldn't even get on our bench.Dean furman is better than dale stephens so i reckon he would get on your bench at least if your still playing that lanky pillock03 Jul 2012 18:11:40

THEY ARE IN DEBT GUYS £1.6 BILLION I HOPE TO GOD THEY DO NOT BUY CHARLTON ATHLETICStephens is quality! Cheers mate...Latics fan : furman very overated dnt touch dale stephans but he a good player still


02 Jul 2012 17:07:38
Sunderland to sign Chris Samba in a new look defensive partnership with Carlos Cueller who signed today(18)(15)


02 Jul 2012 17:03:01
i heard adebayo akinfenwa wants to join yeovil now as izale mcleod and lewis young [ both friends of his] are now close to/ already signed for the glovers. this is backed up as all 3 of them were in 1 of the shopping centres in yeovil(3)(8)Mcleod hasnt signed and if he did i doubt we would also go for akinfenwa
DevonGreenYou do know northampton went back to per-season training last monday for 2weeks? ohh yeah, not in england by the wayWould find it hard to believe we would sign Reuben Reid, Hayter, Mcleod AND Akinfenwa... All first team players... I wouldnt moan for a second if we did though!A shopping centre in yeovil ? ive lived in yeovil for 20 years and never seen a shopping centre here. lol. and i work in the town.. sorry i think you wrong.. yeovil dont have a shopping centreWhat would you call the quedam shopping centre then?Mcleod has said he wants to go to the top endof league one. Not us ! and akinfenwa still has a year on his contract at northamton.. seeing as we have no money to spend it won't happen.Well that's quite embarrassing you've lived in Yeovil 20 years and you forgot there was a shopping centre they sponsor yeovil and playersTo the guy who said yeovil has no shopping centre, i dont live in yeovil but ive been there and how on earth would yeovil not have a shopping centre, theres quedam, glovers walk, prices street, yeovil high street etc... so surely this rumour is more true than you seem to be suggesting4 up, its called playing three up front and ruben reid on the bench or two up front and rotate every matchYeovil will be up the top half of the table next year anyway so mcleod can sign..I wouldnt call princess street a shopping centre (its a road) , and glovers walk a shopping centre ? (it has 3 shops lol) . the high st isnt a shopping centre, and as for quedam, well, its not a real shopping centre as thats also a high street.
a shopping centre is the english name for a mall, and yeovil dont have a building that has shops. (thats the difference)It's stall called the quedam shopping centre. The person above never said a mall, they said a shopping centre so your wrong either way as a mall was never mentioned and they never said they were seen in a building full of shops!


02 Jul 2012 17:13:32
Following Birmingham pricing Butland out of a move to Southampton, Saints will now look towards Middlesbrough goalkeeper Jason Steele, to provide competition for Kelvin Davis. Would command a fee of about £3m.(3)(7)Boro should take the cash. Steele good shot stopper but Boro were unbeaten until he returned and other keepers would be a better all round option.Boro will just price him out of a move unless we get brad Guzan!!Absolutely no chance. £3m. Double it and it may be close but irrelevantTreble it and at 9million saints would be getting the best young keeper in England,he has massive potential and is only going to get better with ageThere is no way boro would take 3 million. 6 million wud b considered but Steele won't go to be a number 2.I wouldnt sell him good now potential to be amazing. guzan as backup would do no harm as well9mill for Steele? Nobody will even pay half of that. Nonsense talk!Buttland deal still on, not at the money everyone is talking about, He want's a move to Saints and play Prem football.


02 Jul 2012 17:01:37
News from Ashton Gate is Bristol city and Wigan have agreed terms for albert adomah
Also a shock loan return for nicky maynard is set to upset the ashton gate faithful
Local city source(3)(10)Why would Maynard upset the City faithful ? Personally I would like to see him play again and thought he was great value and entertaining. Upsetting ? What you smoking ?Us city fans are famous for this. if he actually came back would we still boo him? no because we all know we are in desperate need of a goalscoring forward and he was by far one of the best players we had.Because most city fans now hate maynard for leaving us hence the abuse he got wen west ham came to ashton gate atthe end of last season
i wouldn't want him back!Nor me, he cut his bonds with us by acting like a spoilt brat. the guy posting that he was great value and entertaining is either not a supporter of bristol city or never been to a city game in his life.. hence remember the west ham home game?


02 Jul 2012 17:00:32
yeovil have enquired about taking southamptons young defender luke Shaw on a 6 month loan with a view to being a season long loan.
He is highly rated at st marys, but needs 1st team expierence(5)(5)Won't happen. He is in the 1st team squad, ie. the 25, so he will feature in Saints 1st team during the coming season.He is under the age of 21 therefore doesn't count as part of the 25 so you're in fact wrong!Given he isn't quite 17 yet, it wouldn't happen in the next two weeks. He'll probably feature for us this season too. Oh and to the above poster, he isn't in the 25 man squad, under 21s don't need to be registered.Given he is under age, he doesn't need to be named in the 25 - I assume you mean he was promoted to the first-team squad this year. Then again, Aaron Martin was in that, so I guess he could still be loaned out. I doubt it though, I think Saints feel the best prospects learn more by staying at the club for the early years.Can't see it. Only turns 17 this month. Quick and talented. He'd get lumps kicked off him in league 1. Better integrating him slowly. Reserves, carling cup, FA cup. If we're not in a relegation fight then bring him through towards the end of the season.Who says he's in the 25? he can play even if he isn't and we don't need to bulk up our home grown numbers with youngsters.You can try and loan him in but im pretty confident that southampton will take the 4 million from chelsea instead of loaning him out (sky sports app)This is the same guy who Chelsea are reportedly going to offer £4m for...
Lets think, Yeovil or Chelsea?...I'm 100% confident that any bid less than the £15M paid for Chamberlain will be instantly rejected. Saints chairman is still very bitter about that sale. In fact, a max 3 month loan to Yeovil is more realistic even if Chelsea add a 1 before the 4.Southampton WONT sell him as he is an importnat player for the future, they ould rather he went out on loan and gain valuable expierence, then look at bringing him into the starting line up as of next season 2013/14.You're having a laugh at the moment he is being targeted by Chelsea & man utdAny bid from Arsenal in this window will also be ignored. He's staying a Saint at least ftb. We simply don't need to sell and certainly wouldn't accept Abromovich's pocket money for a player touted as the next Gareth Bale. SaintGazza


02 Jul 2012 16:58:34
After bringing back Stuart parnaby Middlesbrough will make a shock move to bring back out of contract frank quedrue from lens(5)(9)I would welcome him back at once!We are not going to sing Frank Quedrue because Joe Bennett is our regular left back. Quedrue would want first team football and theres no way that Mowbray would drop Bennett.I'd have him back anydayI'd take fun time frankie back. Good solid left back and can cover midfield and centre half, get him back Mogga!"Queudrue would want first team football"

I'm not actually entirely convinced this is true. He really wants to come back to Middlesbrough (if you check his twitter he's regularly expressing his interest in the club) and I think he'd easily accept that at 34 he'd be a back up player.


02 Jul 2012 16:58:22
stuart parnaby just signed back on for middlesbrough.(7)(2)


02 Jul 2012 16:54:31
Stoke City looking at no less than 4 Rangers players to improve their squad for the upcoming season(11)(4)Rangers don't have players they are extinct. The players are free agents, the others transfered over to sevco 5088.Seen as though a coach load of Stoke based Rangers Supporters travelled north of the border for match days don't suppose all you 'Gers lot could travel down to Stoke instead this season? 45,000 noisy Scots will certainly be more than welcome at The Britannia.


02 Jul 2012 16:46:04
David Bentley will move to qpr on a season long loan(13)(14)


02 Jul 2012 16:43:03
Sheffield United have agreed to sign Bradford striker James Hanson.(7)(12)I'm a Bradford city and I can see this being trueHanson is going nowhere, wells neitherThe guy has scored 13 goals in 39 games this season in league 2 not a good signing if you ask meI'll drive hanson sheffield myselfNot good enough for league 2 so can't see it. Back to Eccleshill would be more realistic.So you'd want to get rid of a striker that scores goals?! The type of fans that don't know anything about football!Hanson come from guiseleyBig James did play for Eccleshill Utd before Guiseley.How much then?Hanson started played for Eccleshill before Guisley.Would be sad to see hanson go but on the other hand not sure he is ready or good enough to move up a league...esp to a side looking for promotion. porter is better in my opinion so if a swaps on the cards then yes please.


02 Jul 2012 16:40:33
Ex Oldham winger Filipe Morais poised to sign for Preston North End following his release from the league one side.(8)(11)Not true. Only signing strikers nowHe as already agreed to move to preston and he can play just behind the strikerWhat would we want with another winger ? You can only play two in any team.Hi is off to Rochdale or buryNo move agreed its all paper talk. And we signing a target man dont need a playmaker got hume in that rollChris beardsley to sign on wednesday , sounds like a lump any ideas if he is any goodMorais joining PNE after not being offered a new contract at OldhamThe other right wingers are Mayor who will be sold, Amoo who will be used more upfront and Monakana who is inexperienced. Therefore Morais is needed and will sign.Westley is looking to bring more players on the right sideTo the guy who says we're only signing strikers now I suggest you read the article in LEP Westley says we are looking at RB and RW aswellCheck today's LEP (3rd) Westley looking for right sided players. Morais was best player on the pitch when PNE played at OldhamNorth End manager says he is still looking for right sided mid-field player in Tuesdays Lancashire Evening Post.Morris WAS offered a contract by Oldham, but he rejected it. Westley has confirmed he wants a right midfielder, so there may be truth in this.He was offered a contract at oldham but turned it down so he can move down south nearer to his son. so i doubt PNE would be able to get him, most likely that he will be joining stevenage soonWestley as said he wants another right winger and morias is the man as for strikers kuqi is the man westley wantsWow you can read lep. Dont mean we signing morais thoKuqi is past it to oldMorais wants move down london were his family are based


02 Jul 2012 16:38:19
Former Oldham striker Shefki Kuqi set to join cash strapped league one side Coventry City following his release.(11)(17)


02 Jul 2012 16:31:36
Anton Robinson (Hudddersfield), Miles Addison (Derby) and Dean Cox (Leyton Orient) are set to be Bournemouths final 3 signings of the summer. And are set to sign before Bournemouth go to pre-seaosn in Spain.(16)(3)I would love all 3 to join but i recon out of them we might onley get addsion and thats if were lucky.Good ridence to Anton Robinson, just hope the rumour is true, he has been a huge letdown and another of Lee Clark's useless signings.Hope so robinson was woeful for us last season
jonny huddsI dont think he has been released as he had a 1 yr extension option so only he could have left of his own accord...factWho said any of these players were released?I read Mark Pugh contract was up and was a free transfer .. So not sure where £1m is coming from ?


02 Jul 2012 16:28:30
nathan ralph and lewis young have signed for yeovil today(7)(1)


02 Jul 2012 16:28:21
Adam Clayton will join Huddersfield by the start of next season depending on when the leeds takeover is officially 'complete' which should be soon as bates has already left - close source to the club(13)(17)


02 Jul 2012 16:26:46
Stuart Parnaby has resigned with the Boro.(8)(0)


02 Jul 2012 16:16:10
Zola is set to look towards his old club and make his first signings Olly Lee, who he was close to giving first team experience while at Upton Park, and Freddie Sears, who spent last year at Colchester.(7)(5)Olly lee who signed for barnet today you mean? Do your research! {Ed003's Note - But it was posted yesterday,or a you just on the prowl ? }


02 Jul 2012 16:13:50
matt mills to bolton is a done deal, 2 million with another 500k for promotion(14)(6)


02 Jul 2012 15:47:55
Rob Hulse in talks with Huddersfield Town(12)(19)I hope not he's rubbish


02 Jul 2012 15:45:25
Ross McCormack will sign for Brighton to replace the departing Will Hoskins. Hoskins is set to join Bristol City in a 250k move later this week.(3)(26)That would make me laugh a lot, but sadly not going to happen.I hope soCould well be right about Hoskins going to Bristol but that is all - McCormack is signing for Palace according to their fans - done dealI would not say a teams fans is a 100% reliable sorce. Would you?Yeah that's the main sentence "according to their fans"..."according to their fans-done deal" - very reliable source...McCormack to Brighton, now that's funny my ribs are hurting with laughing. You should go on stage with material like that mate.Why is McCormack to Brighton funny? They would be a step up from leedsCareful now. There are many teams who have under achieved last season. Leeds being one of them. Although as a Brighton fan I agree we are on the up. We could quite easily join the club of Leeds, Leicester, forest, Cardiff etc. who cannot crack promotion to the top flight.

At least RM romour sounds viable


02 Jul 2012 15:44:36
portsmouth going to offer slovenian goal keeper darjan curanovic a trial and he will head to spain with his few team-mates or by then more team-mates and he is looking to join the blues on a permanent basis
-great source
PLAY UP POMPEY(2)(7)Yep he's going to love a tuesday night winter trip up north in league 1
COYRWe have signed that keeper


02 Jul 2012 15:41:00
A mate of mine reckons to have inside nfo regardng a trio of midfield targets for huddersfield town. Apparently where in contract negotiations withe released west brom midfielder somen Tchoyi to play alongside norwood, and contact has been made with the agents of hendry thomas and papa buba diop incase the move doesnt come off(7)(8)Tchoyi is moving out of the country unfortunatly mate... Possibly back to the MLS or a fresh move to the Ligue1


02 Jul 2012 15:36:12
Jonathan Grounds signed, Kuqi and Morais are out.(6)(1)


02 Jul 2012 14:32:24
any leicester city news eds?(5)(9)


02 Jul 2012 15:34:27
Nicky Maynard set for unlikely return to Bristol City on 3 month loan deal with possible extension to season long loan.(10)(16)No thanksYes please


02 Jul 2012 15:30:56
West Brom are set to loan out Scott Allan, Birmingham very interested in taking him for the season.(14)(1)


02 Jul 2012 15:24:19
Southampton have beaten qpr and fulham to the signature Alexander buttner. The fee is believed to be in the region f £3m with £750,000 add ons. He said he was blown away by the facilities, the stadium, the ambition and area. Expect to be unveiled as early as tomorrow ( 3 July) but most likely Wednesday.(13)(11)He did indead say that.. but... fee not yet agreedDespite all the rumours of fulham and Qpr only southampton seemed willing to stump up the fee his club wanted. Also the thinking is he'll be in his prefered midfield role. you can never put to much faith into the whole facilities and stadium line to be fair most foriegn players want to play for the big 4 or in london.Buttner does sound like a good guy and im sure he'll be a success at saintsA shame for qpr, hopefully the new training grounds will help next yearNo fee has not been yet agreedIf he does go to Saints, then maybe just maybe he thinks they the better club for him personally, give them some credit. Good luck to him and Saints.He's now saying he hasn't decided between england or germany. Very odd he just seems to be telling people what they want to hear should get a job at the fa


02 Jul 2012 15:16:02
Brian Stock set to join Burnley from Doncaster.(11)(12)Highly unlikely as stock has stated he wants to help doncaster get promotedBrian stock is injury prone and has said on crawley and bournemouth sites that he is staying at doncaster to get them back into championship. Not likely to happen.Whats your source ?Can have him, amount of injuries he isn't really worth keeping in my opinionIts not April fools dday yet ...its just gettin beyond a jokesocial media reports its Shackell not stockStock, Pugh and Shackell due to sign this week!Shackell for 1.2M from Derby and Pugh for 400,000 for BournemouthStock def not , pugh likely, shackell forget bout it from a fellow claret , we aint got that kind of money .


02 Jul 2012 15:12:57
Free Agent Craig Stanley set to sign 1 year deal with League 1 Walsall(4)(6)Why? we need players who have been playing in league one, not half a league two season! {Ed003's Note - No need to worry about him he has signed for aldershot}Gone 2 Aldershot


02 Jul 2012 15:02:20
Izale Mcleod to be announced as a Yeovil Town Player today. Player had been in talks with other clubs Walsall, Rotherham, Plymouth(7)(17)If i earnt a pound for everytime i hear this story on a daily basis i would be rich enough to buy manchester city.. someone has said everyday for the last month he will sign the next dayHe ain't join themArgyle need a striker that can score goals and McLeod can certenly do thatJohn akinde would be a good for argyleYou may need a little over £30 to buy Man City. Although granted this rumour is getting tedious.What £30 woul be enough to buy Manchester city?This is wrong just like freddy eastwood


02 Jul 2012 15:01:43
The first of the 2 centre midfielder"s which Chris Wilder will sign is Anton Peterlin. Ex Walsall and Plymouth Argyle. To be announced later today

Oxford212(5)(4)I'd be happy with both of them cause thought Peterlin didn't get enough time down here and we need players to strengthen are midfieldHe's awfulPeterlin was awful at plymouth


02 Jul 2012 15:01:22
The rumour that j butterfield to norwich city is true and it will happen with in the nx few days, info comes from ex player who lives half a mile away from me. There has been spec about this for days

Ncfc matt(13)(8)Lies all lies he was in Newcastle Saturday nightHe was also in Norwich friday night...It says on the star hes goin norwichProbably enjoying the 'nightlife' of the shore... haha, but in all honesty, he will be more likely to sign for Norwich. reported to like Hughton and the area, and Norwich have great history taking the best from the lower leagues and developing them very fast.No i think you'll find your lying as Newcastle lost interest. Has been with family weekend discussing future his two options being discussed were take a pay-rise and come to Norwich or stay settled with BarnsleyIs anyone else dissapointed with Whittaker and Butterfireld as our first 2 signings, we have reportedley our biggest ever budget and signed 2 mediocre (at best ) playersHe's not signing for us he is st anyway no pace can't pass or defend and balloons the ball everytime he shoots.Butterfield going to be be a great player for norwich if he comes. Its early days yet plenty more to come.

Ncfc matt


02 Jul 2012 14:51:50
Febian Brandy is set to sign for Cheltenham Town on a 2 year contract.

He will be rejecting offers from several other League 2 clubs in favour of Cheltenham Town.(8)(1)Someone has been playing Football Manager too much. not going to happen, again.This rumours comes up every year. Brandy is not going to Cheltenham.


02 Jul 2012 14:48:04
portsmouth to sign darjan curanovic and kadar tamas,but greg halford,luke varney,liam lawrence and dave kitson leave portsmouth(10)(2)Who is that darjan guy?Pompey cannot sign anybody! Only players leavingThe players you highlight would be mental to leave Portsmouth atm. Theyre all on high wages and can happily sit out their contracts and claim their full wages back even if you are liquidated!Would look to be two decent signings at about the right age. As for those departures, would expect all to leave plus Mokeona, Mullins and hopefully most of all, Ben Haim.Ben Haim wont go anywhere - no club will pay him the £2 million a year Pompey currently are - same with the £300K they are paying Kanu. And what club will pay money for players when they will be available on free transfers in a couple of weeks time when Pompey get liquidatedKadar tamas is a young decent player I would love this rumour to be true!


02 Jul 2012 14:46:52
FRANCE/ SOCHAUX, Maigo towards West Ham

From France Daily Network
©2012 02.07.2012 12.37 by Transfer Market Web read 193
The 25-year-old Modibo Maiga can quit Sochaux for Premier League. According to last rumors coming from England the striker can wear West Ham jersey. "My dream has always been to play in Premier League, the best championship in the world(8)(4)


02 Jul 2012 14:33:59
oldham athletic set to sign gary doherty on a one year deal(5)(6)Hi is not coming to oldham


02 Jul 2012 14:29:05
Gary thompson at valley parade, terms agreed having medical, Fact!(8)(9)Putting fact on the end doesnt make anyone believe you any more


02 Jul 2012 14:24:53
southampton fc to sign:

jack butland
scott dann
adrian mariappa
nathaniel clyne
alexander buttner
steve davis
brek shea(9)(28)I believe we are still wanting Jack Butland, but are not budging on the price as Birmingham want stupid money. Scott Dann was linked, but that has gone quiet now and Mariappa could sign by the sounds of it. Clyne I believe will end up at a bigger club and I think this rumour was more fans than fact. Buttner is close to signing, Davis is in talks I believe, Michu I dont believe will end up happening now and Brek Shea is news to me.

lifelongsaint83No chance with Butland, why go to a struggling premier club just to end up back in the championship next season, dream on.Jack butland - yes
scott dann - yes
adrian mariappa - ?
nathaniel clyne - no
alexander buttner - no
steve davis - yes
michu - no
brek shea - noGet back to us when you actualy sign someone,its getting boring now.Butland - Hopefully. In the balance.
Dann - Please god no!
Mariappa - Hope not. Very overrated.
Clyne - Decent, but would be expensive and prob go to a bigger club than us. Unlikely.
Buttner - Sounds like it could happen. Wound be a very good addition.
Davis - Again likely. Good experienced head. What we need in the middle.
Michu - would be amazing but very unlikely I fear.
Shea - seems temperamental but talented. Could be worth a gamble on.How are Saints a struggling prem club? The season hasn't even started yet!!

Wasn't the same said about the 3 promoted clubs last season...

Enough said!

(SAINT IN THE USA)"no chance with butland, why go to a struggling premier club just to end up back in the championship next season, dream on."....ahh here is the daily pshycic! yep 2 months before the season starts you tell us what we are actually going to do. you sound almost jealous!

"get back to us when you actualy sign someone,its getting boring now."......this is a classic brainless post....this is a rumour site..where you post rumours! not where you only post completed transfers! get it?!

lifelongsaint83We've given up on Butland because Birmingham's asking price is quite frankly stupidly high.
And it will be Davis or Michu and Buttner or Brek SheaNo chance with Butland, why go to a struggling premier club just to end up back in the championship next season, dream on....... Why? Because we are in PL and will offer chance next season.Brum fan? Hoping and get it but money is the key. Skate obviously um with no money hoping you cause a stir , yawn. Whichever way, people thought we would struggle in Championship and did we? Me I'm unsure about Butland but fourth keeper in England, paying more than 4 mill imo is a waste. Saints01Well said lifelongsaint83 and Saint in the USA.HAHA at the bloke moaning about being boring and getting back when Saints have signed someone. This is a RUMOUR site, and is just a bit of fun with people putting info you may or not believe but should be taken with a pinch of salt. If you want facts go to official sites! SO come back when youve looked up the word Rumour!


02 Jul 2012 14:18:00
Curtis Davies likely to join Norwich this week. Other targets include Chris Gunter, Nathan Redmond, and Jordan Rhodes. Butterfield to sign today(9)(21)


02 Jul 2012 14:13:13
adebayor to become permanent spurs player, for giant pay cut(21)(15)


02 Jul 2012 14:06:28
rob hulse in talks with leeds while paddy kenny and lee peltier will sign this week(12)(24)Hulse is a good player but too similar to Becchio. Happy to see the other two arrive, though.Rob Hulse will not be playing for Leeds next season, you can bet your house on that.


02 Jul 2012 13:59:13
Bradford City are going to sign andy gray and nunez. before thursday 5th July(9)(12)Dont think gray will be coming if bradford sign gary thompson........onwards and upwards you bantams, you have signed some good players this year so far.. maybe promotion this year back up and further up where you surely belong.good luck......west ham fanCan't see that happeningI've heard the same about both players, exciting times ahead at Valley Parade!Wont sign both even if both wanted to come. probably wont sign either. porter would be a better signing.


02 Jul 2012 13:58:51
malaga are after reading fc gk adam federici on a big money deal, personally i say let him go reading have alex mccarthy
bham boy(3)(11)Won't go, load of rubbish. Next?Malaga fan by any chance? no way federici is going anywhere..Alex is a top keeper and will have an excellent future but for our first season back I doubt he'd be number one. We've spent years working on Adam to sell him now would be madnessDon't let Feds go.But it looks possible as French keeper Amine Lecomte is in talks.Dont trust Alex McCarthy in goal in the premier league. I dont think Federici will leave just after getting promoted with usWould be fine selling fedders for the right price, have complete trust in mccarthy, top keeper, should be a future england no.1
at the same time would be happy to see fedders again at the mad star next year


02 Jul 2012 13:44:25
Nicky Featherstone is being linked with a move to Cheltenham.(1)(6)


02 Jul 2012 13:34:03
Kilmarnock look set to sign Martin Boyle from Montrose. Also keen on Lewis Toshney and a young portugese player from English Premiership(5)(2)Who its player (portugal) from English Premiership?


02 Jul 2012 14:03:41
Robbie fowler set to join notts county on a two year deal after rejecting offers from both shefield clubs said to be egar to join because hes gaurenteed first team football(9)(28)This is a ridiculas statement, dave jones came out weeks ago and said he had not even thought about signing fowler.Ha there is no way that would happen. I love notts but there is no way he would come hereBelieve that when I see it I hate waiting for names give me who has signed ha haOh please no, he awfulAwful is one of the best goalscorers to date will do well at a team like notts good luck to him


02 Jul 2012 13:57:26
Derby County to sign Leroy Lita from Swansea. Rumour has it that the fee is 1 million. (Swansea fan)(18)(18)Lita has too many miles on the clock for Clough. He has changed clubs more frequent than socks so this is a rumour too far!Would love him, but his wages are too high for usThis is very true!!How old is Lita now? Despite their chairman doing us up like a kipper for the Bobbe saga, I have nothing but admiration for the way Swansea have built over the past few seasons. Good luck Jacks...from a jealous rams fanUntrue, too old for what derby want & wages to highMy dream is
lita-----russell/maynardI'm a swans fan and the only way i can see Lita leaving is by a season long loan.


02 Jul 2012 13:44:33
just heard danny wilson left the lane ??? source twitter(22)(14)No he hasn't Seth Bennett tweeted some disappointing news from local club. He then put it was nothing to do with Wilson leaving . Chill outYeah hes got in his car and gone to asda for dinner!2 separate local football journos have said there's no truth in it.I would if i was him, having to rely on reserves, for next season, best players probably leaving, no money to spend.Watch out boys Wilson is in2 his second season as your manager....YOU WILL FAIL BIG TIME


02 Jul 2012 13:48:16
According to reports, West Ham have offered Italian legend Alessandro Del Piero a pay as you play contract. Also, a contract was reportedly offered to Clarence Seedorf, which he eventually snubbed.

Rennes defender Kader Mangane has had a medical with West Ham, after a £4m fee was agreed with his club. The 29 year old is expected to sign soon.

Blackburn Rovers full-back Martin Olsson has handed in a transfer request, which has led to West Ham and Stoke City showing an interest in signing him. A £3m bid from West Ham is being lined up, however, Blackburn are asking for almost double.

West Ham have a strong interest in Sunderland midfielder Sebastian Larsson, according to reports.

According to German source 'Bild', Werder Bremen have made a bid to sign Juventus winger Eljero Elia. It remains unlikely that the Dutchman will join West Ham. Everton are also interested

West Ham are hoping to agree terms with Crystal Palace full back Nathaniel Clyne, whose contract has now expired. Aston Villa are also very interested in signing him.

West Ham United have confirmed that Pablo Barrera has been given permission to speak to Mexican club Cruz Azul, regarding a transfer.

Genoa defender Andrea Granqvist is attracting interest from West Ham, according to sources in Italy.

West Ham striker Nicky Maynard is being linked with a loan move away from Upton Park. Ipswich Town are amongst teams interested.

George McCartney has now officially signed for West Ham United on a two-year contract.

There are still conflicting reports regarding Grant Holt to West Ham. Some say that the deal is dead, whereas others claim that he is close to becoming a West Ham player.

West Ham are very hopeful of signing Tottenham Hotspur defender William Gallas, for a nominal fee.

West Ham are interested in Blackpool winger Thomas Ince, after deals to sign Wilfried Zaha, Milos Krasic and Eljero Elia remain in doubt.
Former Rangers striker Steven Naismith is closing in on a move to Everton, despite interest from several Premier League clubs.
West Ham have a good chance of signing Trabzonspor striker Burak Yilmaz, if his move to Lazio collapses.
West Ham have joined Reading, Everton and Newcastle in the race to sign Copenhagen striker Dame N'Doye.
West Ham have handed professional contracts to striker Elliot Lee, midfielders Kieran Sadlier and Jack Powell and goalkeeper Jake Larkins.(19)(32)So west ham are pretty much signing everyone?You'll be writing the history of West Ham next. So far you have left out details of the tea ladies and toilet attendants.According to the Times today your transfer budget is £8m-so if that is anyway near accurate you need a much shorter wish list!'West Ham are interested in Blackpool's Tom Ince' Are you having a laugh. The way hammers fans slagged off Tom's father year after year and then jeeered Tom Ince at Wembley this year every time he touched the ball... you have more chance of signing Messi!Nathaniel clynes contract has not expiredThere is no chance West Ham will get Krasic or EliaWhy did you have to mention Blackpool? now a massive post full of West Ham rubbish is on the Blackpool page just because you mentioned the possible signing of Ince, which by the way will not happen.Tom Ince is staying at Blackpool for at least another season. This is straight from the horse's mouth. By that time West Ham will be back in the Championship and will have no chance of signing him. Look elsewhere!And everyone says royals fans are delusional lolAnd everyone says that Reading is linked with everyone hahaI wonder if this is the same person that said west ham were signing pastore lolDame N'Doye. Would hardly call it a race, more of jog. Reading has had him watched for some time now but without comments from within the club so it's hard to say if he's fancied or not in Berkshire. Personally I think he'd be a good signing. Kev66Douglas is 5 mil fee already agreedIt's abit late to enter a dream team! Keep blowing them bubbles that's if you can afford them after the transfer windows closed and for the final time tom ince is not for sale and wouldn't go to westham in a million year it has something to do with his dad and man u shirt if I remember correctly. UTMPWest ham have 20 miliion to spend on players but trying to get some on free as can see one big player signing clynes contract has expired west ham have agreed to pay 3 million comp to place as of hes age.ince never in a million yearsIm a Reading fan and everyone is having this problem with us. He is saying that are who they are linked with, it does not mean that they are going to get them or even bid for them.

LoyalRoyal94Dont listen to anything on twitter sure pastore joining west ham recording to some people.Seedorf has joined brazilian club botofago


02 Jul 2012 13:46:16
Steven naismith has passed his medical at everton it's a done deal his brother who's his agent has announced it in scotland just waiting for the confirmation.

Also Donovan move back to Everton is on the cards L.A galaxy have said they will sell if its at the right price.

@teamcahill17(19)(4)No idea if this has legs, but hear we have had a conversation with galaxy about tim going to them, donovan comeing to us, plus a cash adjustment for the two year age differance.How can this be, norwich said they were getting naismith,oh dearNo way would he sign for norwich,class act we have a steal.What you talking about norwich got whittiker don't know what your talking aboutNorwhich got Whittaker you meanNaismith is a done deal to everton so you can stop your dreaming about norwichLA Galaxy have no say in whether Donovan can be sold or not. Negotiations for MLS players are carries out directly with the MLS.


02 Jul 2012 13:45:54
Mark Noble and Kevin Nolan strongly
linked with a move across London to
QPR(4)(30)Nolan maybe but Noble will never leave west ham


02 Jul 2012 13:32:28
Zola has been confirmed as the new manager of Watford.

Thank you Sean for everything you have done for us.

Watford Joe(26)(3)Hasn't been confirmed though has it...Zola can go away. after all the work sean did I think he deserves the job. the team chemistry was amazing with himThank you watford Joe, of course you're wrong, for now at least, Dyche is in charge. Stop trying to bring the news that hasn't broken yet!

Cheers, Hornet JoeThanks Dyche for all your great work, tho I do think this might be the right call, if I was a new owner I wouldn't trust Dyche with money as everything he has brought has been average, give Zola some money to splash aroundIt hasnt been fully confirmed yet matey
only 'verbal agreements' have been agreedIts going to be confirmed because there i an article on it on sky sportsThere is a chance that he could become the Assistant Manager if he wanted and if he gets offered the job. But, he most likely leave because he would want to carry on being a manager.Zola really was desperate to get back into football wasn't he - Watford ffs.


02 Jul 2012 13:41:03
Billy Bodin set to join Torquay from Swindon, no trialists at STFC at the moment for thier tour of Italy(3)(4)PDC has his targets for when both Bodin and Connell move on, these targets have already been spoken to and know of PDC's interest. Once these strikers have gone J Wray will tie up the details with these potential target(s).Good to see zola back was a shame west ham let him go hes going be a success at watford good luck franco

hammerNo trialists? Is that fact? Cos i know of one anyway...Who's this trialist then?Simone Materazzi.The trialist is Simone MaterazziHow do you know about the targets already being spoken to then?


02 Jul 2012 13:31:45
Caleb Folan, who was released by Birmingham City has been in talks with a number of clubs in League 1 and League 2. Bury and Shrewsbury Town look favourites to capture the 29 year olds signature(8)(5)Shrewsbury won't get him. Wages are too high. He'll go to someone like Preston.Shrewsbury have space for him


02 Jul 2012 13:28:33
BREAKING NEWS- Derby seet to take Michael Choppra from Ipswich in a straight swap for Steven Davies.(5)(32)After all the support Ipswich have given him there is no way he will be going anywhere. He owes the blues a great season .Never gunna happen - J2BLUENo chanceI'd love this to be true - but no chance (derby fan)What a load of nonsense. As a rams fan, that goes against everything that clough is trying to build at the club! Clough gets rid if players if they are too lazy or moan about the way they are coached (Maguire, Bywater, al) why on earth would he invest so much in a player whose off the field problems are second to none. (gambling addiction, punch ups at his house, all of course paper speculation?) also the biggest reason why we'd never have him is his wages. He signed a 3 year 15k a week deal with them, and he owes them in gambling debts! But then Jewell loves to waste wages on a player. I was hoping Emmanuel Vila might return, along with Nathan 'the duke' Ellington. Now there's proper rumours and bigger waste of wages!!I bet Corals and the local casinos are rubbing their handsYeah that's not happening...Yeah righto,don't think derby could pay
Chopras wagesI'm a Town fan and i think this is a good move if it comes off.
WCPNo there notYeah alright they have numerous strikers and we only have Chop and Scotland as our main attackersWhat when we has just paid for him to go to the states to get fit i think you may have that slightly wrongDon't be ridiculous - we never sign players we've actually heard of.


02 Jul 2012 13:11:26
It has being rumoured that Oxford are interested in signing midfielder Olly Lee who had just been released from West Ham. Lee 20, the son of Rob Lee had loan spells at Dagenham 16 apps 3 goals and Gillingham 8 apps last season(5)(5)


02 Jul 2012 12:48:14
Walsall will unveil Izale Mcleod as 1st signing tomorrow morning.

Barnet source(12)(21)No we wontI have him at the ground todayWe will be lucky to sign anyone at this rate. Every player that has left so far that has signed for other clubs would rather play in a lower league than for the saddlers. Bonser out!


02 Jul 2012 12:46:16
Yeovil Town are looking at Lewis Young, brother of Ashley Young, previously at Northampton, Hereford and Forest Green Rovers

DevonGreen(10)(4)Yeah he signedApart from jamie mcalister i think that is the first rumour on here that has come offYeovil have completed the deals for lewis young (brother of ashley young) and also nathan ralph from peterbroughReally.... couldnt make it into a struggling league 2 side last year! Shows how good he is! would fit in at yeovilWe have a rep for turning good players used wrongly in poor teams into good players playing the right way in a good team... Watch them flourish this year...I am a ntfc fan and he is not that good , he only has pace and thats itDoes it really matter who is brother is?


02 Jul 2012 12:46:09
Barnsley FC renew interest in Mustapha Carayol, they've made a £275,000 bid. Lee Williamson is expected to sign. Zak Whitbread is also a target along with a loan move for Craig Dawson. No news on the goalkeeper search yet.(10)(12)I don't believe this is true but I don't understand this.

Rovers want £300k. Why don't a club like Barnsley just stump up the cash and steal a march on the much bigger sides like Middlesbrough who want to sign him? He'll not go for less than that so why bid?Craig Dawson is in the first team squad at the albion why would they loan him out?


02 Jul 2012 12:19:06
Walsall will this week sign Rob Purdie from Hereford, put in an offer to Telford for fullback Ryan Valentine and offer deals to out of contract duo Chriss Hogg and Simon Mensing.

Dean Smith also has offers to MLS duo Lewis Neal and Richard Eckersley outstanding(2)(4)


02 Jul 2012 12:05:53
Billy Bodin is expected to join Torquay this week for a fee of 70k plus a 25% sell on fee.

As part of the deal Swindon will also get first refusal on any Torquay players for the next 12 months.(7)(8)


02 Jul 2012 12:32:33
CHARLTON Athletic have entered the race for John Fleck. News the Championship club plan to speak to the Scotland under-21 international’s representatives later this week will come as a major blow to Sheffield United, who are also courting his signature. Charlton have been monitoring another United target - Leicester City’s Jeffrey Schlupp - as they look to strengthen this term.(6)(10)Knowing chris powell he willwant to get experience.Your target is to stay in the league so in your first year you wouldnt go spending money that could potiental not be there next season.Fleck is going
Dundee united and Schlupp would only be a loanI saw this to from the bbc linkTotal rubbish, Zabeel Investments has enormous debt problems! Cannot even afford To buy CAFC. Try again with another buyer!Do you homework, zabeel investments is owned by the prince of Dubai so they obviously have no debts, they were set up in 2006 and made BILLIONS in their first year and have made more every year, FACT, GOOGLE IT! {Ed001's Note - you do realise that Dubai was in such debt, due to the recession, that they had to be bailed out by Abu Dhabi don't you?}Total rubbish, Zabeel Investments has enormous debt problems! Cannot even afford To buy CAFC. Try again with another buyer!
WTF???? They don't own us and aren't even trying to buy us (they did and failed) and how is that even relevant to the rumour anyway?"{Ed001's Note - you do realise that Dubai was in such debt, due to the recession, that they had to be bailed out by Abu Dhabi don't you?}"

The major property company (suppopsidly owned by the government) had hugh debt issues, creditors asumed that the government would stand behind those debts but, they refused, stating it was a private company. Others stepped in to prevent a property price colapse since they were holders of a lot of that property (not just Abu Dhabi). The structure was made so that the Royalo family never took any on, just to clarify. {Ed001's Note - no supposedly about it, it was clearly owned by the royal family, they appealed for help because they couldn't afford to prop it up on their own. They are extremely wealthy, but they are not in a position to splash out billions with no return.}


02 Jul 2012 12:31:01
Laudrup and Larsen are currently watching a lot of videos to find out what is missing and then sign players. They are however aware of the Gylfi issue and know the need of an AMF. The board will be involved when the manager has a plan [AO](8)(3)


02 Jul 2012 12:30:52
Cheltenham's search for a left back continues, Stephen O'Halloran is the latest name being linked with a move.(4)(2)


02 Jul 2012 12:27:25
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates is keen on bringing former Bristol City striker David Clarkson to Whaddon Road.(6)(4)He's going Bristol Rovers, get your facts right.


02 Jul 2012 12:26:37
Fleetwood in negotiations with Alan Lee of Huddersfield Town. Lee is big mates with Damian Johnson so there maybe a possiblity this is true.(12)(1)Please Alan go and join Damian, you no it makes sense!This isn't true at all..!Possible but unlikely, too much likebJohn Parkin and sky high wages.Hope so. UTTPlase be true ;)Hope this is true - hudds fanAlan lee has signed a new two year deal with town, big mate of mineSurely we wouldn't offer lee a two year deal !!Most of Town's current squad are mates with Johnson, it doesn't mean they are all going to follow him to Fleetwood :L god get real. Anyway if you want him you can have him, he's useless, and he's the same type of player as John Parkin so why would you want 2 slow, low scoring strikers? Your welcome to him if you want though.


02 Jul 2012 12:24:21
marvin sordell to stay at bolton, since
relegation, he has been promised more
games and a better contract, strong
source(6)(4)'Strong source' being common sense?


02 Jul 2012 12:22:56
Danny higginbottom in huddersfield station. Stoke looking to sell, wants move north.(9)(2)He will go to Forest as soon as their take over is completeDont need any more full backs just brought in dixon and have woods and ridehough as cover so cant see this at allWants to move north, don't you know where Stoke is.Huddersfield is north of Stoke which is in the Midlands. I heard Leeds are after Higginbotham.


02 Jul 2012 12:01:27
West Brom have an agreement in place to take Romelu Lukaku on loan for the season, Peter Whittingham also to join in a £3m cash plus loan player deal (expected to be Woods / Thorne). Clarke has indicated he was 3 more players, 2 defenders and another forward player(8)(13)....he needs more than 3 players!! 2 centre backs to replace tamas and poss olsson, a right back as reid is injured a lot, a left back as released shorey and mattock, 2 centre midfielders to replace scharner and andrews, a new winger and 2 forwards to replace cox and odemwingie if they leave which looks likely!

BaggySI guess you mean wood Not woodsLukaku no way but my sister in law is a lawyer in France & her firm is handling Joe Coles transfer to West Brom she saysForward done n dusted ! Markus Rosenberg will be announced soonI weirdly like to see Joe Cole at West Brom, its abit ambitious but Clarke knows him will from Chelsea and Liverpool days so it makes sence. i woudlnt pay him no more than 45k a week though!Is this Rosenberg guy decent? Would be nice to see joe cole at the hawthorns aswell!Albion are looking to offload mulumbu to Chelsea with kalou coming in the opposite direction plus with the appointment of avb were close to getting Danny rose and jake livermore on season long loansMarkus Rosenberg is supposedly a plan B target as Albion are looking into the possibility of loaning Lukaku of Chelsea or capturing the not so probable signing of Lokomotiv Moscow Striker Dmitri Sychev... The Russian's been enquired apparently but I cant see that happening?!...


02 Jul 2012 11:54:21
Bradford are in for a right winger. One of Chris Hackett or Garry Thompson.(6)(2)Its gary Thompson mate and will be announced later this weekGarry Thompson signing for City in the next 2 weeks watch this space....Check Wikipedia, Gary Thompson has already signed for BCFC.Hackett bound for the Cobblers


02 Jul 2012 11:43:45
Juve got to be joking: Arsenal reject €10m van Persie offer from Seria A club(10)(4)


02 Jul 2012 11:21:15
Strong rumours coming out of Oxford that one of the midfielders that manager Chris Wilder is interested in is Nicky Featherstone most recently of Hereford United(2)(6)


02 Jul 2012 11:20:59
frank lampard to LA galaxy , 1 year
left on his contract, looking to join
up with becks to finish his career(20)(1)Can Becks & Lamps play together? Oh, hang on, that question was 'can Gerrard & Lamps play together'?


02 Jul 2012 11:13:23
Debuchy, Douglas and Luke De Jong set to sign newcastle for around £25 million for all?(17)(18)Douglas is free
debucy is 6 million
de jongis 12 million
so only 18 millionKnowing them, they will sell to help fund that if it's true


02 Jul 2012 11:09:27
Luke Young linked with reading.(13)(10)


02 Jul 2012 11:03:44
kailgh osborne be sighing on a free from brentford to leeds. rob hulse wont be sighing for brentford wages to high. but showing intrest billy paynter and stuart beavon. and watford want richard lee(5)(8)What a great joke!Oh dear god! ha this is a terrible rumour!


02 Jul 2012 11:03:44
Chesterfield set to announce two signings before pre-season training begins, this is expected to be a player from a higher level and an unknown youngster(3)(4)I'd be surprised if Sheridan went for an unknown youngster - he only has one spot left in his squad and his recent arrivals all have experience at a higher level, so very unlikely I reckon.You are on the verge of Signing Mehdi Kerouche who was released from Swindon, very good player but has an attitudePreseason started todayMehdi who? no link to chesterfield sorryKerouche is contracted with CS Constantine in AlgeriaPreseason starts on the 7th :L


02 Jul 2012 11:00:12
In May 2012 Tony Jimenez brokered a deal to sell on Charlton Athletic FC to a dubai based property/investment company. The deal was rejected by other members of the current board at Charlton Athletic FC as it would mean relinquishing 100% to Zabeel Investments. As a result of this Jimenez is looking to sell his stake in the club and recoup his investment. This is the second time Zabeel Investments has attempted to acquire Charlton Athletic FC and it is widely believed in the UAE that they will make one more bid in July 2012 for 100% control before exploring other options in the London sporting investment market(6)(4)You could have something here - I understand that Jiminez & Powell are not speaking (transfer targets) - Jiminez wants to buy the new players and is going away from the 5 yr plan. The main owner has stopped the current funding. Players only just paid for May. Could be very serious Addicks fans!Zabeel failed before with a takeover bid because they didn't have enough money and now in a recession they have more/enough to buy us? Doesn't add up does it? Yes some bad stuff is happening at CAFC at the moment with key backers and board members leaving the club however it just means SCP will have less spending power for the transfer window. Zabeel aren't involved any how and you're probably the person that wrote on Wiki that Zabeel all ready own us.Zabeel investments pulled out because we had twenty directors all wanting a slice of the action and deals were starting to become public at a time that was very embarrassing for them because of the collapse of the property empire, not through lack of funds.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest Zabeel's interest other than some obvious board shinanigans. 2+2 do not make 5Utter rubbish.
Charlton are not in trouble. 5 year plan in place, regardless of the departures.
Murray spooted some issues with the Zabeel takeover last time, and called it off.
Wasnt about to sell CAFC down the river.


02 Jul 2012 10:54:29
Luke Young is set to join Reading after just a year at QPR(12)(9)Is that to make up for rhodes joining qpr??5 YEAR CONTRACT £80K A WEEK REAL BARGAIN


02 Jul 2012 10:49:23
Interest in the Mali international Modibo Maiga has been seen from Reading FC.

Even if we do not seal the signing of these types of players it shows great ambition.(8)(9)Or shows this is a rumour site. Reading to sign Fabregas (might be a rumour but does it show ambition)?Fair post.

Oh and have we been linked with fabregas? ;)Fabragas rumour isn't anything as there is no source. Don't just make stuff up. Heard sky talking about this guy yesterday.You clearly have no idea what the word ambition means if you think Reading trying to get Fabregas shows none of it. I don't think it's true but that would show a lot of ambition.Oh dear post above


02 Jul 2012 10:35:25
does anyone know of players Watford will get on loan from Granada or Udinese after the takeover was completed?(4)(4)Give it five mins, takeover just been done and players still on hols, no rush!Di Natale please GOD !!!!The takeover was completed on Friday actually, not five minutes ago...

(sigh)Di Natale!! Please God!! we need miracle!!


02 Jul 2012 10:34:30
As well as raising rangers of Ness and Naismith, Stoke City are also looking to Scottish Champions for striker Gorgios Samaras(7)(11)Im a stoke fan and we havent yet signed ness or naismith, ness has agreed a 4 year deal with stoke but no talk have been held with naismith and the samaras rumour? are you having a laugh?


02 Jul 2012 10:19:22
Huddersfield Town have had a bid of around 1.7m accepted for Victor Anichibe after Grayson lost interest in Ross McCormack. Everton are said to be keen to do a deal as soon as possible as they are looking at a deal for Leon Best with Newcastle.(12)(23)They'll have to be quick, Best is about to sign for Blackburn.Best having a medical at Blackburn.
Town SupporterHmmm, Wigan are reportedly looking at Anichebe as a replacement for Moses, should he go. I'd assume that they'd hold back to see how that develops before accepting something as little as £1.7m - I know that Big Vic is not the most popular person at Goodison but I'd say he's worth more than that.

Also, can't see Everton going for Leon Best.Best having a medical at BlackburnPlease don't sign anchibe. His stats are horrid. He's a bit part player at best.Joke of a post this leon best nowhere near good enough for evertonLeon Best has signed for blackburnAnt see town bidding for him wouldnt spend that sort of money on a player unless had a proven track record


02 Jul 2012 10:07:54
Free agent Izale McLeod is top of Cheltenham manager Mark Yates' wishlist.(2)(13)Scored loads at barnet and thier at the bottom, would love him up front.


02 Jul 2012 10:04:22
Gaston Ramirez has turned down a move to the merseyside(8)(6)Everton are a bit ambitious this year are'nt they?


02 Jul 2012 09:58:54
cardiff city set to sign polish attacker Maciej Rybus in there bid to win promotion (for a undisclosed fee)(10)(3)Not a chance, he is real premier league quality and is on Newcastle's radar.Only recently signed for Terek Grozny, unlikely.I think we have a good chanceJust because they are on someone's radar doesnt mean they will get them does itFC Terek have just only signed him this year and for a Russian Prem club but it was last season so we might be able to get him, even tho i do not see Rybus coming to our club.


02 Jul 2012 10:00:39
AVB to be assigned spurs manager by tuesday, just waiting for daniel levy to confirm it(12)(9)What a joke! replacing 'arry with this joker!At least ''this joker'' might have a clue what to do when semi final tactics obviously are not working.The only joke is harry letting 3rd place slip, cause he believed his own publicity. give the bloke a chance


02 Jul 2012 09:51:27
Barnsley linked with lee williamson,brian howard,kevin kilbane and futacs from portsmouth(12)(10)Kilbane currently training with Coventry.....Good pals with Coventry coach Lee Carsley...From their Eveton/Ireland days...35 yr old, just the kind of wise old head we need.Lee Williamson we be part of barnsley fc in the next few weeks as he's struggling to agree terms with Sheffield utd.No disrespect to killbane, but don't really want 35year olds coming to Barnsley, I'd sooner gamble on a non league 20year old prospectFutacs still has an awful lot to learn and would be unlikely to be able to hold down a first team spot at Bansley.Kilbane offered coach role


02 Jul 2012 08:59:10
St Johnstone manager Steve Lomas is about to see his hard work pay off with three signings announced at St Johnstone's training camp in St Andrews. Fran Sandaza will sign a six-month deal and he'll be joined by Marc McKenzie and Lee Croft.(6)(2)


02 Jul 2012 09:24:11
Miguel veloso will join fulham on tuesday along with rodellega , sibok n defoe(9)(33)Veloso has just joined Borussia Dortmund.

Nil points...Celosia has joined Brussia Dortmund!


02 Jul 2012 09:19:39
Billy Bodin to sign for Torquay United, a bid in the region of 70K plus a sell on clause has bben accepted. This will now open the door for Swindon to sign another striker. Cox will also find another club in the next week as will Jonathan Smith.(12)(3)


02 Jul 2012 09:13:46
Coventry to complete signing of former rangers midfielder John fleck today, and are in talks with an experienced international striker- potentially cardiff city's robert earnshaw. (source close to the club) Irish winger Kevin kilbane is also training with the club, and his fitness will be assessed before any decisions are made. (source Finally former reading and Sheffield united midfielder Brian Howard is also rumoured to be joining the club to boost creative options(15)(11)The international experienced striker is more likely going to be sheffi kuqi who has just left OldhamStephen ElliottTurns out its Steven Elliot from Hearts


02 Jul 2012 09:13:14
Luton town have bid for chris zebroski of Bristol rovers
It is understood Paul Buckle is a big fan of his as he has already signed him twice
Good signing(13)(6)Hope so much this will happen
bristol rovers fanHopefully we get rid of him!Good signing??? U ever seen him??? Can't wait for him to goI hope it's not true, and would guess that if it was a Rovers player it would be Craig Stanley who was released today.
A Different Bristol Rovers FanPlease let this be true


02 Jul 2012 09:12:48
Danny Shittu is considering going to either Bristol City or Barnsley.(14)(8)


02 Jul 2012 07:28:48
People are saying that Jacob Butterfield and Dani Pacheco are signing this week and Holty has decided to say, any truth in this?(14)(9)Sorry city fans holt has already gone .i live near to him his house is empty .he has only been living there a few weeks .i think we have had the best of him ,good luck to him except against usButterfield a very strong possibility but we're not the only ones interested-if it comes down to wages, well...

Pacheco-no, much as I would like it-we'll hardly need more midfielders, especially if JB signs, besides, he, Howson, Wes and Surman are all similar players.

Holt will be on his way I suspect-though hope not-announcement not far off according to some. Lets hope its good news.Dani Pacheco is a Liverpool player, since the change of manager, he has more of a chance of making it at Liverpool.


02 Jul 2012 08:27:15
Enoch is rubbish, would not get in the Darlo first 11.(5)(9)


02 Jul 2012 08:06:01
Sensational News! Lee Clark has made a bid Ian Bennett from his ex club for £500,000. News coming in from my source Animesh Pal.(8)(30)Mr Hackett said Hull city will sign Robert SnodgrassWhat?? ian bennett, 42 yr old ian bennett who's just signed a new contract?
not worth 500k mate!
I heard he's in line for coaching role at huddersfield when he hangs his gloves up!
terrier85What? Terrier 85 who keeps saying that Jordan Rhodes is not signing for Reading?He's worth far more than 500k. He was the number 1 at town all last season and will push young Smithies all the way this. Will take more than that to take him awayBenno worth the same as Jordan (8m) that's what he is worth to us - legendGet a life he's just signed a 12 month contract with TownOh am sorry mate as rhodes sign for reading? thought not!! mate do 1 now ur well embarrassing! benno is pure legend but cos of age he as no value and abilty to teach and push smithies is priceless!
(thats the terrier85 who's just rhodes still at town)
funny how this post is about benno and birmingham yet reading cockroaches still creeping through the woodwork!


02 Jul 2012 07:47:02
Norwich City are extremely close to completing a deal for SM Caen midfielder Romain Hamouma for an estimated fee of £3.5-£4m(11)(18)Apparently we're close to signing Jacob Butterfield too. How many midfielders do we need?Last season norwich seemed to have at least 11 tinkering midfielders-now more!Are Norwich going to follow Spain and play with 6 in midfield we seem to be interested in so manyHe's a wingerWe need strikers and defenders, not midfielders!


02 Jul 2012 07:38:34
Southampton have emerged faviourates to sign Adrian Mariappa from Watford with Lee Barnard going the other way
Source:Transfer center
And twitter(13)(20)That is the rumour going around. Dont know how true this is as I thought Reading were still after him. I know Barnard has had his shirt number given to Jay Rod so it looks like he is on his way out.

Lifelongsaint83I think Reading might have pulled out as Watford decided to play a bidding game, and this is not the way Reading workWhere does it say this ?which transfer center?If this is true then I don't get it. I watched Mariappa twice last season and I don't think he's better than Aaron Martin to be honest. We need better than this.Cant see it anyhwere but hope so COYRThe previous post really means their wealthy new owners have completed 2 free transfers and are unlikely to pay the true value for players. Whatever the "asset value" of an owners businesses the amount of money they will spend on a club is a very different matter, and I think Reading supporters will learn this very quickly.Twitter tells you everything this is soooooooooooooo true. People who are dumb i am being sarcastic.Wow this is why you are getting relegated. your saying a player who newcastle were interested in signing and wigan isn't good enough for you. martin is poor and marriappa is still only young but has had years of experience due to his early age he broke into the watford squad. before you start saying the rumours of watford agreed a fee they were made up by someone on here, marriappa is much more likely to go to southampton because they are a better team with a better crowd and more money yes more even after your little takeover!Mate...25/6 is hardly very young


02 Jul 2012 07:12:19
Port Vale has signed Asheley Vincent, Jennison Myrie Williams, and Darren Murphy! It is on the official port vale website!(17)(5)Does anyone know much about Murphy? Obviously we had JMW last year, and I have seen Vincent, although he hasn't stood out much, seems solid enough, but we really need variety in central strikers (such as one who can score 15-20 next year)


02 Jul 2012 04:49:24
A sensational story has been brewing in MK1 over the passed three days. As a member of the gym in the next door complex to stadium:MK i have seen a number of people coming and leaving over the last two years. I have photographic evidence of Ex Leeds and Carlisle Lubomir Michalik entering stadium:MK in what seemed to be his agents car. An hour after my gym session, when i left i saw the car still in the car park, and went over to have a closer look at the car. It was an Audi Q8, with blacked out windows and personalised registration. I went to get a drink from hotel bar. upstairs in stadium mk, and as i the elevator arrived, lubomir himself stepped out in a suit with what is perceived to be his agent, and walked to their car and left.(6)(26)Thank god he left he's rubbish...We do not want him Carlisle fans hated him by the end they say that he cost them alot of games and he can not head a ball to save his life even though he is 6 foot 5Congratulations you look to have bagged yourselves an awful centre half.And what part of this story is actually 'sensational'?

Maybe that his agent can afford such a car, or that Lubomir actually owns a suit?

Simpy amazing what some people find to be 'sensational' just shows how boring Milton Keynes actually is - and I live there!Lol why would u go on the piss staight after the gym thats the only sensational part i could make out of your story {Ed001's Note - I used to go out on the lash after going the gym, so did most of the lads I trained with.}


02 Jul 2012 04:41:02
some transfer news i came across gylifi sigursson will sign for spurs jovetic will sign for liverpool naismith and pranjic will sign for everton and adam johnson will sign for liverpool too good site guys(16)(23)I think Ramirez or Jovetic will be good additions to LFC but Siggi appears to be a money grabber, and is unproven at the top level. With Lucas, Acqui, Cole, Gerrard, Shelvey et al in the side - all of whom can adapt over the coming months to a short and fast passing game - I do not see how he would necessarily add anything as such.Have to agree with the first post plus the arrivals of young suso and Cody are surely positives, jovetic is most probably a rumour but fingers crossed


02 Jul 2012 01:55:44
Oldham are trying to bring young tom clarke on loan
From huddersfield to bulk thier squad and have given
up hope of signing lee croft but are trying to sign crewe
Winger byron moore as he still hasnt penned a new deal
And is allowed to leave on free and also connel from
swindon is a target if kuqi leaves as connel would be allowed to leave the club and andy little is a target with him about to snub a move to the newco rangers(6)(6)Lee croft was rejected when town were in league on why would we want him in championship

Terrier96Think he meant Oldham signing croftI think you`ll find it says that Oldham are trying to sign Croft.Read it again Terrier96, Oldham have given up hope of signing Lee Croft.Oldham given up hope nt huddsByron moore would not be free - Crewe would get compensation from Oldham because he is under 24Bryon moore would be free nw coz it july 1st datebof when players deals run out so he walk out of the club for nowt but highly unlikely he ld koin latics and is rumour of morais holding talks with bradford true last i heard he wanted move near london so he can see his son n wifeBradford nearer london? and a divison lower so i doubt that one. think he will be signing for stevenage within the next week or 2Oldham have just signed Lee Croft


02 Jul 2012 01:15:04
QPR and Fulham are in a suprise race to bring defender Christopher Samba back to the EPL. There is a bid of around £12 million being rumoured to have come from QPR. The defender said he is not happy in russia(14)(20)Would love to see samba join the superhoopsIf QPR have bid 12m I think they will be on their own.Would be a great signing but QPR won't pay 12m.I know that the russians would want to get all or most of the £10 odd million they paid back. Samba's wages are reported to be around £100k a week with his age that fee and those wages i wouldn't be holding my breath but i would have also loved to see him at loftus rdHave you noticed how QPR take all Fulham's average players...Like that last commentLove that comment matey cause qpr aren't good enough to get decent players so they go for all of our 2nd rate players haOh dear sounds like fulham won't have a squad next season thenQPR take Fulham's 'average players'? Zamora went for the money, Johnson had been a good servant but its time for younger players. So both went for good reasons but I don't think either could be described as 'average'. However I do think that the QPR directors and senior management are well below average. The recent 'fly on the wall' documentary on the TV showed QPR to be a complete shambles.Are you joking? Who was the last decent player you signed? Not even the pog wanted to sign for you! He went to the fake hoops who in themselves are a joke. Would you call Zamora average? He was you little kids hero for years! Players just want to join a club on the up an jump ship from you before Dempsey leaves and you really do have no hope


02 Jul 2012 01:06:33
Barnsley will sign SWFC's Chris O'Grady for 500,000 as he has no place at Hillsborough JC(12)(13)If thats 500,000 green shield stamps it might be believableWednesdays best player last seasonO Grady can leave once a replacement is bought but half a mill.....!Not for that much they wont. Rather have futacs (free)O'Grady was not Wednesday's best player he was not even in team for final 12 games and only came on as sub once.Yes he was


02 Jul 2012 01:05:31
I am a yorkshire football reporter and can say Adam Clayton will join Huddersfield before the start of next season. JC(14)(27)If you're a reporter then whats the story on rhodes,this is the big newsRhodes is one of 4 standby players for the GB Olympic football team.
Town Supporter


02 Jul 2012 01:03:14
All the rumors regarding Jacob Butterfield to SWFC are not true he will be staying with Barnsley. Also the owls are set to bid for Portsmouths David Norris after he feels hes better than league 1. Away from SWFC Reading FC are set to sign Jordon Rhodes from Huddersfield town for 7m and Sean Morrison as a player exchange. JC(6)(5)They aren't getting any more strikers. Not until they get a Keeper and a Left-Midfielder, and when they do the only strikers they are interested in getting are Marko Futacs and Nile Ranger.Butterfield's making his mind up today apparently so you wouldn't know would you?Cue the Huddersfield fans saying Jordan Rhodes is not leaving, he loves the north, the continual 365 day sunshine, the monaco like lifestyle, knows every Terrier fan personally...yada yadaJacob butterfield said he would only leave Barnsley for a premiership team so he won't be joining Sheffield wednesdays any time soon Wednesday fansButterfield is coming to norwich. To be confirmed latet today

Ncfc mattFinally someones said a decent offer for Rhodes.How do you know these are going to happen? you rhodes advisor? adgent ? know towns owner personally or maybe your friends with grayson? no ! so you know about the same as me then next to fun all ,if he goes then fair play to the lad he deserves it proper player and is destined to play on a bigger stage,just cant see it with a team thats relagation fodder .The teams relagated from the premiership were terrible thats not the case this season so can see all newly promoted teams struggle
jonny huddsPalace, Wednesday and another Northern club have bid for Norris. But he doesn't want to mmove up north and his wife hates london. So i guess he'd better enjoy playing for a team that might foldEveryone said that Norwich, Swansea and QPR would all get relegated jonny hudds, but look what happened.

LoyalRoyal94Finally a respectable bid for Rhodes! I think this is pretty close to DH rating of 8-9 million pounds for the lad.That's my point the teams that went down were terrible can't see that happening this season so the newly promoted teams gonna struggle so cent see Rhodes going to west ham saints or reading when the likelihood is they'll be in championship after getting relagatedAnd norwich and swans played attacking football can't see newly promoted teams doing that their style was down to the managers who have now moved on. just don't see reading being able to emulate that but we'll see reading
johnny huddsjonny huds {Ed003's Note - been done to death this today jonny}Yeh people said the same thing when we went up last time......LOL 8TH PLACE!!


02 Jul 2012 00:41:17
Blackpool looking to bring in Hendry Thomas from Wigan as well as Gretar Steinsson who is a free agent(11)(9)Thomas is also a free agent :) He's a decent player... just didnt fit in with the Martinez tacticsThe obscurity of the players makes me want to believe their link to Blackpool. It's better than the Matty Phillips rumour anyway. What's the source?From a Wigan fan, believe me. Hendry Thomas is not a good player. Infact, he is horrendous. I think his only game for us this season is when we lost 2-1 to Swindon in the FA cup, he was absolutely shocking in that game. A league 2 attack ran rings around him. League 1 player at the very maximum.From a Wigan fan... What about last season V Liverpool and when he had his run in the team... he had the most succesful tackles in the prem.

He's nothing special, just a solid player just doesnt fit in at Wigan.I saw Thomas play a few times, seemed pretty decent, 2 decent players anyway so hope this is true ,although may come down to wages as usual :(


02 Jul 2012 00:37:25
Leeds United takeover collapses after investors pull out due to various other buyouts in the Championship. They feel immediate promotion is now unobtainable due to too much direct competition. Bates to maintain control for the time being...(22)(21)From? Hoping it doesn't happen more like. Some worried rival fans out there.I hope not we need Bates gone.Much as this may well be true, pulling out due to fearing too much competition from other clubs would prove that these owners are not worth having.Be careful what you wish for, remember the situation you were in before Bates came.
Town SupporterWhich other teams in the championship have the fanbase like Leeds to push them in to the premier league...none....Best club to invest money. According to the local papers it's as good as signed!



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