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2012 23:52:03
Danny Pugh has finally left Stoke City and signed a new 2 and a half year deal with Leeds, the team Stoke had loaned him out to only a few months earlier. Good luck in the future Danny you little traitor!(25)(8)How can you call him a traitor as he went back to leeds.. good oneBecause he's left Stoke! We are the britannia and anybody who leaves is part of the rebel alliance and a spy ESPECIALLY Danny PughAre you for real? im a stoke fan thru and thru and i wish him all the bestA spy ? hahha.You my deluded friend have consumed too many oatcakes in one seating.BTW I have been to Stoke , it was like going back to 1995.Has it being confirmed by Leeds United Website yet?Confirmed on homepage


02 Jan 2012 23:50:32
Rumoured -Aidan White has being offered a pre-contract by Arsenal & Bolton.

Source - Scratching Shed(2)(20)


02 Jan 2012 23:45:06
02 Jan 2012 19:50:39
It is rummored by several town fans tonight that Paul Jewell has resigned as Ipswich manager.

can any one confirm this ??

I have heard this as well - not sure(7)(15)He has gone yesHow do you know he's gone sources?My friend works thereWell it aint on the ITFC web site, nor TWTD

Probably crap news again, just get your hopes up then back down to earth with a bump


02 Jan 2012 23:42:44
Any Carroll back to Newcastle for 20 mill(15)(41)

Not going to happen rumour has it tho Torres back to merseysideFact : Carroll is not worth that much.Fact: NUFC caught LFC with their pants down.Any Carroll? I have heard Carroll Smillie is availableNooooooooooooooooo Chance!5 milCarroll Vorderman ?


02 Jan 2012 23:41:16
Did anybody else hear Gabby Logan say that Chelsea have £150 million to spend in January! it was on MOTD earlier tonight?(33)(2)Thought she said it was over 2 windows...Watched it and yes she did. dont know where shes got the info from.Yes,she did say thatShe said over the next 3 windows.Theyll need double that to get anywhere near the premier league top spot


02 Jan 2012 23:36:15
norwich in for n dyer
from swanea(11)(20)Noo way !Yes wayI wish this happened but i cant see it muself, if he was gonna leave swansea it would be to top 7 team.


02 Jan 2012 23:29:50
Zamora back to the albion(9)(31)Complete bull


02 Jan 2012 23:13:41
James Beattie to sign a permanent deal at sheffield united(18)(8)Rumours that Sheff U will sign Charlton's Morrison


02 Jan 2012 23:08:49
Arsene Wenger will consider this week whether to make a move for Wayne Bridge from Manchester City on a possible loan move to the Emirates Stadium.(30)(13)


02 Jan 2012 22:55:40
02 Jan 2012 01:53:07
Reading have comfirmed the signing of Liam Fontaine from Bristol City for a price of around 600k.
No they havnt?(6)(23)


02 Jan 2012 22:55:11

For the record, Mattock's decent, we might be getting Thorne back on loan, and we might also wangle Cox as well. When the gaffer's got no dosh to spend, he needs to rely on favours to get him through the window, in Cotts' case it was Stoke, in Appleton's case it'll be the baggies. Case closed.

Now go and sit in a darkened room 'till you've calmed down a bit. Jaysus.Mattock has been decent i would like to see him stay..


02 Jan 2012 22:54:06
Gilks is not going anywhere neither is M Phillips(15)(7)


02 Jan 2012 22:44:46
celtic in for sharp(13)(26)Why would he want 2 go 2 irish theme pub teamHaha good joke who you you support must be a great pub team to atracted 50,000+ every home game #UnbelieveablePubTeam


02 Jan 2012 22:40:08
Rangers looking at billy sharp after jelavic goes to west brom, also novo will be coming in on loan, sutter also in on loan(10)(29)Sharp could be celtic bound, lawwell in negotiations with willie mckay at doncasterWhat part of skint even if u get 10mill fr jellyfish ur all braindeadThe mighty jelivic to west brom he must be desprateWe cor afford him unless we sell.If a Championship club makes a bid for him then neither Celtic or Rangers will get him...because the SPL is the lowest grade of football.Rangers and celtic are EPL quality clubs. I'm a villa fan and at the moment the way we are playing they would finish well above us. The chairman'sdon't want them in the league because in years to come they would move further up the league. With them both getting £50m extra from TV money and millions from sponsors, ticket money etc.West brom cant afford jelvicYes because Rangers and Celtic both dominate Europe this season! Rangers were just useless (as always) and Celtic required a By and then still were useless. Stoke and Birmingham put them to shame!West Brom have plenty money and could buy
any Rangers or Celtic players for that matter its just that the chairman will not spend over a certain budget,good in respect that
the club have no debt and have a solid foundation,but frustrating for the fans that he will not go the extra yard so as to rid themselves of a yo yo club,saying that Jelavic is,nt the answer,they need an experianced EPL striker and they are overpriced or over the hill at this stage of the season.Jelavic wont go to west brom who are relegation candidates


02 Jan 2012 22:37:21
100% correct Bournemouth news
We are getting Josh Mcquoid back with Marc Pugh going to millwall- don't know if if this is good or not
UTC(6)(11)Why wud millwall spend all that on mcquoid then let him go anyway pugh is noway champship class final ball is carp thats if he passes itJosh will def leave Millwall in Jan,he is training with the kids. Bournemouth want him back but wages are an issue,Peterborough Fc have looked at him.Also,he may go to burnley if Jay Rod moves, best mate Sam Vokes is there and looking to leave Wolves Eddie Howe rates josh highly


02 Jan 2012 22:33:42
The 'secret' championship striker that Bournemouth have put a bid in to sign is out-of-favour Coventry City striker Freddy Eastwood.(17)(8)With Bournemouth manager, captain Barrett and keeper Flahaven all ex Southend players I think that Eastwood will certainly goPossibly going to Brentford insteadWe would love to offload eastwood but hes injured at the moment no1 is gonna sign a injured playerMust be a secret ive never heard of him


02 Jan 2012 22:28:31
Celtic looking at Billy Sharp(9)(22)


02 Jan 2012 22:22:12
Newcastle to release Alan Smith, Ipswich to sign him. (The Mirror)(29)(14)He could be on his way back to Leeds so Ive heardWhere would either Ipswich or Leeds get the money for wages from unless its a significant pay cut?
More likely to go back to Lufc than join Ipswich if hes going to make the drop to CC tbh
Not sure what the ed thinks?Newcastle to release Alan Smith, they have been trying to give him away for 2 years due to his high wages, with no success.
As for only going to another premiership club, the only one likely to want to sign him would be QPR, since Warnock likes to sign highly over rated players and pay them stupid money.Dont want him at Ipswich he's too young LOL


02 Jan 2012 22:19:18
shrewsbury to sign wolves striker sam winnall on loan for a month and are in advanced talks with telford defender sean newton for a reported £20,000(8)(7)


02 Jan 2012 22:14:00
Huddersfield to confirm the signings of prolific Fleetwood striker Jamie Vardy, Leicester City defender Sean St Ledger, and Stoke winger Ben Marshall as Huddersfield preparing to offer up to 2.5m for him. Southampton to sign fulham youngster Marcelo Trotta on loan whilst Billy Sharp will join Everton.(10)(23)The first two rumours are doing the rounds, but ben marshall is a no go.He is going to sign for you as he has just signed for sheff wed on loan to end of seasonHe just signed for sheff wed on loan till end season so how can he sign for yonMore chance of signing Reg Vardy!!


02 Jan 2012 22:08:07
Willie McKay trying to negotiate a move to Celtic for Billy Sharp(9)(18)


02 Jan 2012 22:03:33
Ipswich Town closing in on the signing of Julien Speroni from Crystal Palace.(9)(18)You couldnt afford him and he would sign for you either! lol


02 Jan 2012 22:02:08
celtic have had a bid for Gary hooper from everton. Moyes watched him in the old firm derby last week(21)(21)Hopper is going no were signing new 3 year deal on the cardsHe's scottish so likely he just wanted to watch itGary Hooper will be scoring goals for Celtic to win the league and playing in europe next season, not leaving to go to a mediocre EPL side that will win nowt! {Ed025's Note - mediocre? 4 in the all time list mate.....and in a league that is not akin to blue square premiere division!Ok not mediocre last final in any cup 2009, last FA cup 95 last charity shield 95 league cup 84 cup winners cup 84 rich history of mediocrity i think! {Ed025's Note - as i have said...the 4th most successful english team of all time...real a real the way, i hear micky mouse has got a celtic watch..Sunderland are also after himIn British history who one the first real cup errrr Celtic also not lately but Scottish players and managers made the EPL what it is any way {Ed025's Note - i dont think we will agree on this mate...Ed025 u canny argue with they idiots from up the road they r in a wee world of ther own ther 2nd best in a mediocre leagueMaybe not but trying to say everton have more history cause they won like 5 cups in a hundred years in a so called bigger league well at the time of everton winning most of there silver wear I bet they had Scottish players and I bet Celtic or even Aberdeen and rangers could of won it at the time

On another note
Why do the English people put down Scottish football when they are to scared of the OF in the EPL will not let them in due to simple reasons
.bigger fan base than most EPL clubs.
.after a year or two of stupid money plus Celtic mad billionaire owner buying better players plus producing good young stars Celtic and probs rangers would be top 4 and teams with tiny fan base e.g Chelsea ???2nd best who mad vlad and hearts or 3rd tax dodgers rangers ?I heard mickey mouse gave his watch to Everton .Also Man Utd minus Busby ,Docherty and Ferguson = ZEROGotta laugh at the Ed, real history, real league. When was the last time Everton were in Europe.....maybe you are not that old and cant remember. Every year Everton are handed tens of millions of pounds in tv money and they still cant afford to buy a light bulb. That is the only thing that makes the so called EPL any better than the SPL or any other league. Success in the EPL is staying in the league for the money and if you get into Europe, that is amazing. Success in our pub league is winning the league, cup and getting into the Champions League. Pray tewll me how many teams have wont the EPL this century....kind of the same as the SPL, only 2 teams in it. 60000 every week in a pub league, just imagine what would happen if we had the same money as the dross teams in the EPL.Rangers are the most succesful club in the history of world football. Celtic were the first British team to win a major european competition. Without Fergie man utd would be playing in the championship ( he saved them from relegation in his early years ).

Raners' spending in dick advocaat's days turned british spending on it's head.

Rangers and Celtic were premium clubs in britain before the EPL did a deal with the devil. signing the TV deal with SKY. Ruined british football completely, thats what lowered the quality of the SPL, and english clubs are in MAJOR debt (much more than rangers' £14m or whatever is left) THE GLAZERS - over £750m in the red...I'm a rangers fan but i gotta agree with what that celtic fan said about the old firm with the EPL tv money. we would be top 5 contenders in a matter of years.More chance of everton losing moyes than celtic losing hooper. The guy must be gettin a bit sick of producing the goods with a shoestring budget year in year out and what's his reward... Another shoestring budget. No ambition springs to mind


02 Jan 2012 22:01:07
few sources and good knowledge websites portsmouth have bid accepted for simon cox for around 1-1.5 million from west brom looks good him and futacs uptop(4)(19)As much as I'd like to believe this, where have we managed to get the 1.5 million from? We're skint again. We'll probably just get him on loan, which'll be good enough for now.Agreed ,also West Brom would also want a profit from the deal so £2million for chairman Peace,s retirement fund is more realistic!Rubbish Pompey have league 2 support


02 Jan 2012 22:00:12
Bournemouth Ins

Championship Striker
Possibly A Returning Former AFCB Forward

Steven Cook- Brighton

Bournemouth Outs

Would probably only be loan moves for fringe players such as Parsons and possible Lyle Taylor if new strikers are brought in(2)(7)Rumours are that calvin andrew will be moving to bournemouth for 50k


02 Jan 2012 21:48:22
if drogba leaves chelsea there looking at wayne rooney for a resplacement after his fall out with fergy(12)(45)Are you having a laugh?? Do you honestly think Fergie would sell to a league rival? No i don't either.Rooney can either stay or go to madrid :)How hilarious drogba leaving blues and rooney signing. whats he been smoking


02 Jan 2012 21:46:41
liverpool linked with dani alves(18)(37)Will never happen... Alves signed new contract last summer and loves it at Barca!More chance of them signing Dani Minogue


02 Jan 2012 21:42:55
When will people get the fact that not for the 1st time Sky Sports are wrong, there is no clause in Billy Sharp's contract staing he can leave after 01/01/12 for £1.85m, John Ryan stated on Rovers offical website and on radio Sheffield that he and Billy have an agreement, that if ANY club offers £3m then Billy can talk to that club....that is it, he will go to a TOP championship side or a Premiership club.(16)(11)


02 Jan 2012 21:42:08
Watford Ins;
Puncheon (Southampton)-£1.5Mil
Nosworthy (Sunderland)-Loan Ext
Evans (Sheffield Utd)-£1Mil

Watford Outs;
Kightly (Wolves)-Loan Exp
Beattie (Swansea)-Loan Exp

Watford To Loan Out;
Murray To Brentford (2 Month Loan)
Mingoia To Barnet (2 Month Loan)(3)(25)I'd happily give you Puncheon and £2m for Sordell (Saints fan)Utd wont release evans for less than £3m while he is in scoring formWe don't have £1m to spend yet alone £2.5m lol. Evans is overrated for his cost, Puncheon is decent but inconsistent and overrated for his cost also......but everything else is quite likely. Sunderland don't want Nosworthy and he is enjoying his time with us so I wouldn't be surprised to see us loan or buy him as he has 6 months left of his contract. Beattie won't come back, he has been rubbish. Kightly has regained his fitness and been in great form, so will probably go back to Wolves.


02 Jan 2012 21:40:54
kerkar to sign month loan(1)(7)


02 Jan 2012 21:37:48
"Port Vale defender Joe Davis is being lined up for a move to Burnley"

This could happen. He is out of contract at end of this season.(6)(1)


02 Jan 2012 21:37:02
Crystal Palace are giving trials to Tshabalala and Khune as their contracts end in June and they want to link up with South African team mate Digackoi.(11)(3)


02 Jan 2012 21:29:10
Northampton star Michael Jacobs is set to be leaving Sixfields and is to be joining championship side Bristol City for an undisclosed fee !(18)(7)I hope he dont go , we need him so we can stay up


02 Jan 2012 21:50:49
Celtic in negotiations with Doncaster Rovers over Billy Sharp. Willie McKay and Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell are good friends with McKay having strong connections with the club and have been in contact regarding the player. Lawwell was present with McKay at Doncaster's home win over Barnsley(13)(11)No he wasn't. McKay was sat behind me during the game and Lawwell was not there.

Sharp wants to play in the premiership not the SPL. He will join either Fulham or NewcastleLawwell was in the crowd today.Maybe he wants to test himself in Europe?WHY WOULD HE LEAVE DONCASTER TO PLAY IN THE SCOTTISH PREMIER A NON COMPETITIVE LEAGUEEurope, higher wages, chance to win trophies. Everything he doesn't get at Doncaster and will never get when they're in league 1Coz doncaster are NOT competing in a competitive leagueSPL NOT A COMPETIVE LEAGUE!? What is league1 then? .. Least in the spl players will get the chance of European football and to play week in week out in Celtic park best atmosphere in any football ground in Britain!I'm a ranger's fan and the spl is sh;t ... jersey have a better league then us at the minute


02 Jan 2012 21:50:18
Are they any Gillingham Rumours? Were after two Players....(3)(7)Dunno but apparently whelpdale and rooney leaving


02 Jan 2012 21:26:35
Highly Rated Watford Starlet Sean Murray Is Reported Loan Target For Brentford, The Attacking Midfielder Is Wanted By Brentford To Gain First Team Experience.
Barnet Also Show Interest In Murray(6)(1)


02 Jan 2012 21:25:24
Bristol Rovers looking to sign Gavin Tomlin form Dag & Red(10)(3)


02 Jan 2012 21:25:22
West Brim manger Roy hodgson says he is not willing to let midfielder Graham dorrans move to rangers however their still may be a swap. Altought jelavic is not on hodgsons most wanted list for January other reports say hogdson has pledded to the board to spend big as sir Roy wants to bring in better quality player into thhe club more news on signings watch this space(5)(6)If he wanted to bring in better quality player into the club why would he be after jelavic, hes overrated and has a poor strikerate?How can you say that Nikica ' more goals than hooper, stokes and samaras ' Jelavic is not a good striker?

He's 10 times better than andy carrol and you're getting him for a third of the price...And which league are west brim in?


02 Jan 2012 21:25:21
Shrewsbury Town manager Graham Turner is believed to be lining up a bid for Morecambe midfielder Kevin Ellison. The former Chester favourite only joined the Shrimps in May and is out of contract in the summer.(1)(7)


02 Jan 2012 21:23:22
Coventry poised to move for Karl Sheppard from Shamrock Rovers as a replacement for Lukas Jutkiewicz if he is sold in the January transfer window(6)(7)Sheppard is off to Watford I believeHe is off to Reading


02 Jan 2012 21:23:18
Looking on other team rumour websites, it says that about 10 teams are after Kyle Bennett, Why would we let him go, he's just joined at the beginning of the season.(8)(2)I wish we had keep him and his brother Elliott great players.


02 Jan 2012 21:22:51
Brighton interested in the signature of non league striker Oliver Scott, with a prolific record throughout his career Gus Poyet is willing to offer the youngster a shot at the big time, however Scott will need to calm down his notorious attitude problem.(7)(5)


02 Jan 2012 21:21:28
It is believed Ipswich Town are close to completing the signing of Milwall player, James Henry.

Although Jewell said nothing had gone further than the enquiries he had already made on 2 players, it is understood since the end of the Forest game, in which town lost 3-1, a bid for Henry was accepted.

All going well, Henry could be available for next saturdays away fixture at Hull.

More signings to follow, with McGugan of Forest, and Butterfield of Barnsley, both very high on Jewells wish list.

Ipswich owner Marcus is prepared to give Jewell one last throw at the dice, giving him money to spend, and in hope that he can keep them up this year.

The signing of Henry would be a massive coup so early on in the window, with plenty of ITFC players also to leave, including;


Come the end of January, Ipswich could be definitely looking at a completely new side.(10)(13)Mcgugan isn't joining u lotThey want to save their money coz they'll be in League 1 next season spend or not.Spent alot for a poor team with no takers for the rot they want to sell,and as for Bullard !!Wish it was henry from wolves


02 Jan 2012 21:19:11
West Brom outs
Odemwingie 10 million back to Russia Anzhi
Cox, Bednar,Tamas offers received, and are being taken seriously.
Dorrans going to Rangers Jelavic coming other way with 2.5 million going to Scotland, Rangers doing the pushing.
Jara, Fortune, and Mattox agents have been told to start looking for fresh clubs.
Jelavic 2.5
Onouha 3.5
Allen 400k
Andy Johnson 2.0
Butterfield 900k
Maybe a Man City fringe migfielder also coming on loan.
All dealing leave Albion with a trading profit and does not change the core of the team. Good source believe all will happen.(7)(20)What source exactly any more info and how reliable is this source otherwise all these seem pretty spot on I would agreeHard to say really , Jeremy Peace can be a tight get at times have to sell to buy I suppose?Sorry m8, odemwingie left russia due to the racism he recieved there, cant see him going back for round two

N. Wales gunnerDo you think we could persuade Swansea to sell Luke Moore if Odemwingie decides he wants to lay in Russia again, I would love to see him back down the Hawthorns! I reckon we could get him for 3 millionCan see Steven Davis coming from rangers not jelavic and Zamora from fulham not Johnson

Odemwingie said he we like to return to Russia at some point, and with anzhi offering stupid money to him it looks more likely!


02 Jan 2012 21:18:49
jimmy bullard to leave ipswich town for a return to wigan for an undisclosed fee(6)(16)


02 Jan 2012 21:18:26
Celtic have £3.5m+ bid accepted by Huddersfield for Jordan Rhodes(12)(23)Naw they havntVery odd , as the boy has been givern permission to talk to moyes !Try 8.5 m£8.5m for a player in league 1? {Ed025's Note - if they want that....its a waste of time talking to moyes..Worst.......Wind up......Ever.Sunderland, everton, villa after him, don't think he will go to celticHe won't leave town. We want to keep him and he wants to stay.


02 Jan 2012 21:09:31
Doncaster to sign Ched Evans from Sheffield United, if Billy Sharp leaves.(10)(18)Bcks you carnt afford to pay for any one never mind one of the best strikers in league oneNo way will evans leave Sheff utd for Donny, thats a step down in every possible way. Donny have no money and saunders will more likely try to raid his old club wrexham than anywhere else for playersNo chance of this happening, For one Utd would ask for 2-3 million min, and also Evans will not go for anything less than 20 k + a week especially to a team that are in the verge of relagation. If Evans leaves which may not happen then it will be a top championship side to a premier league side.


02 Jan 2012 20:54:22
This was reported on a Spanish radio show over one hour a go ...
How ever details are unclear and the news has SHOCKED the spainish public
We do have to stress that it is report From a radio show in Madrid .
The news is that Ferando Torres has REPORTDELY had a transfer request rejected !

Yes Fernando Torres has had a transfer request rejected !
Reason are REPORTED TO BE !
He misses life in Liverpool
He missed his old team mates
His family can not settle and said he was forced out of Liverpool for money !

However other reasons are though to be
He wants to move back home
the player believes in doing this he will return to his best
he wants to bring his child up in spain and feels very distant from his family !

come bk home!!!!!!!!(26)(19)I hope it's true...Not a chanceTbh I have heard rumours regarding Torres going back to Liverpool but I really can't see it tbh I don't think the kopites will accept him backHe misses life in liverpool, feels distant from his family, wants to bring his child up in spain? how will that work? all 3 cant happen can they


02 Jan 2012 19:25:32
any norwich news Ed? {Ed025's Note - not at the moment mate..(8)(5)


02 Jan 2012 20:59:24
rip gary ablett(13)(3)Very sad news Liverpool legend.colinlarnegers


02 Jan 2012 20:44:36
ipswich set to sign watford keper scott loach after a 1.5 mil pound fee has been agreed(11)(12)He is now banned for 3 games1 game actually


02 Jan 2012 20:32:31
Southampton want to bring ex-Arsenal and Leeds United winger Jermaine Pennant to the South Coast from Premier League side Stoke City.

The Potters are looking to sell the player in order to free up funds as they launch an audacious bid to lure Junior Hoilett from the hands of Blackburn Rovers and Saints are the front runners for his signature.(12)(26)WRONG!! I'm a Stoke fan and I know for a fact that at most Pennant will go to Blackburn in a swap for Junior Hoilett! So Southampton don't have a chance!Keep dreaming you Idiot, like Pennant would go down a league.. He is way to talented for your club!


02 Jan 2012 20:32:11
nicky manard to blackburn rovers gary cahill to chelsea lampard to anzhi mackahackala arshavin to anzhi or another russian club psg to sign malouda,alex and drogba but he mighy go to ac milan higuain to chelsea or valencias roberto soldado wesley sneider to manchester united and tevez to ac milan on loan and pernament at the end of the season daniele de rossi to manchester city edison cavani to manchester city also(6)(25)


02 Jan 2012 20:21:06
Dundee United are set to make a bid for Aberdeen goalkeeper Jamie Langfield. Langfield is keen on leaving the struggling Dons are will sign a one and a half year deal with United.
Another one set to leave Aberdeen is Michale Paton. The young striker is set to sign for First Division side Hamilton on loan until the end of the season.(2)(11)


02 Jan 2012 20:17:13
Fulham are very keen on signing Michael Timlin from Swindon Town, for around £300,000.(4)(4)Signed for Southend for nominal fee!How far behind the times are you as he has signed for southend and Timlin not good enough for premier league. where do you get your theories from?


02 Jan 2012 20:15:49
Celtic are very interested in signing young Southend striker Matt Paterson. Paterson has previously been at Southampton as a youngster as well as Hamilton on loan and Neil Lennon is keen to sign the 22 year old on a long term contract. Paterson is wanted by a number of Championship teams.(11)(12)Completley unbelievable Paterson is nowhere near championship or celtic standardsAs a southend fan I can honestly say he is one of the worst players to ever put on a Southend shirt and there has been a few. If this rumour is true the Celtic are planning life in scots division threePaterson is a big Rangers fan, hence the thread! As a Stockport County fan I can say he's the best striker I saw at Edgeley Park last season! He had a magnificent debut and scored a humdinger - how he doesn't get a game for Southend i will never know. As for being the worst player you've ever seen at Southend - Blair Sturrock, I rest my case.

The ScarfHaHa, well done Scarf! Would love to see Paterson back at Edgeley Park - a great young player with a great attitude and a big heart. Southend have mugged him off - Gannon sign him up please!Understand he has turned down a L2 club to join a Conference side in time for this Saturday. Maybe it is Stockport, maybe not.As an Accies fan just want to say that Pato scored a couple of crackers for us and won us at least 5 penalties! We didn't get to see enough of him because of a hamstring injury. Hope he finds a good club, great young lad.Absolute rubbish at the Accies, glad to see him leave. No work rate or ability.


02 Jan 2012 20:12:14
League 2 side Bristol Rovers are keen to sign Simon Clist from league rivals Oxford United as boss Paul Buckle tries to ease the pressure on him after a struggling start to the campaign.(3)(1)


02 Jan 2012 20:10:43
Crawley are keen to sign Morecambe defender Kieran Charnock.(2)(9)


02 Jan 2012 20:08:02
Crawley boss Steve Evans, is set to lose three players over the January transfer window, as he looks to produce spaces for new signatures coming into the club.
Struggling League 2 rivals Northampton Town, are very close to signing Scott Davies on loan until the end of the season, where a permanent contract could be handed if the Irishman impresses.
Davies could be followed to Sixfield by teammate Jamie Day. The former Peterbrough midfielder is keen on a new challenge and will sign for Town on a free transfer for two and a half years.
The third player set to leave is Willie Gibson. Gibson has impressed on loan at St Johnstone in the Scottish Premier League and his current deal runs out in the next few weeks. Championship side Millwall, are keen on signing the former Dunfermline and Kilmarnock player as Kenny Jackett is keen to recruit.(9)(5)


02 Jan 2012 20:04:41
James Henry coming to Ipswich for around 1.25 mill(5)(13)If anyone's willing to give us half of that, I'll run him up there myself!


02 Jan 2012 20:02:57
Blue Square side York, are set to sign Burton striker Greg Pearson on loan until the end of the season, with a view to a full time deal.(5)(4)


02 Jan 2012 20:02:01
ben hamer is being scouted by atheletico madrid(5)(16)


02 Jan 2012 19:37:41
Billy Sharp to Everton £1.85m(7)(22)They turned down 3 mill not long ago!Need to pay £3m if they want him, sky sports are wrong (yet again) about the clause. John Ryan said on offical clubsite its £3mActually he can be sold to a premiership club that bids £1.85m because of his desire to play in that league. Other teams must bid £3mWhat a load of rubbish why would it be different for any other club its £3m PLEASE GET IT


02 Jan 2012 19:32:12
Norwich looking at munich striker olic, loan deal first then looking to sign permanently(19)(27)So clearly not seen the lambert press conference saying we cannot compete with other clubs with do u think we can subsidise 40-50k wages he probably is on there. dream on me thinksCompletely agree with the guy above, he would be a great signing, but the wages are too much. We've got Wilbraham who can bag us goals so we're fine..


02 Jan 2012 19:28:06
Rangers to resign Nacho Novo on a 18 month contract.
Player is already training at Murray park(18)(13)Things are looking up at ibrox.....Novo is home in scotland to see his wifes family and is using murray park to keep in shape thats allNice to see Ally plannng for the future, sure if he asks nicely he could get Mark Hately and Gazza to get their boots back on


02 Jan 2012 19:18:26
nicky maynard to west ham £3.1 million + jordan spence(15)(14)Would that be the Jordan Spence that's on loan and can't get on the benchWhat,Jordan Spence who belongs to west Ham anyway-Good move that as he cant seem to get in the side at the moment!More likely to be + Louis Spence ..


02 Jan 2012 19:13:49
Leeds will send Ross McCormack to Wolves and Wolves will send Keogh to Leeds permantly.(7)(42)What planet are you on ? swap our top scorer for one who is lets face it hardly prolific dream on my friendKeogh has gone back to wolves u plumWe (wolves) don't want another striker ours are good enoughIDIOT !!!But he's your player you fool !


02 Jan 2012 19:04:05
Chelsea are lining up a £25 million for barca playmaker xavi, with another option of £10 million plus lampard! Reliable source at the club, what do you think of this ED? {Ed002's Note - Nothing - Twitter again?}(6)(35)UnbelievableAnd messi is on his way to liverpool in a swap deal involving andy carroll who barca say 'will suit their football better'Not going to happenXavi will be going nowhereUnbelievable,Xavi is good but it's iniesta and messi who make barca tick.i would like to see ozil and khderia from Madrid insteadHaha lampard barca as ifWhat a load of tosh, Xavi is the best midfielder in the world playing in the best team in the world. Lampard is a great player but couldn't lace Xavi or kniesta's boots.

To suggest at 33/34 lampard is worth 15m Suggests that you may be a bit of a fantasist


02 Jan 2012 19:02:30
Hey ed any news on the everton front? Other than the Donovan thing? I've heard sum talk drenthe has agreed 4 yr contract ( in principal ) ahead of his own contract xpiring at real Madrid in the summer? Any truth? {Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware but it is possible.}(8)(9)


02 Jan 2012 18:54:09
Burnley to prise Mark Pugh from AFC Bournemouth(11)(8)Not a difficult guess as he's known by Howe and comes from just down the road in Rossendale!


02 Jan 2012 18:50:14
Carlisle have made a 50k bid for Barrow hotshot Adam Boyes and hope to tie up a deal by the weekend.(11)(6)


02 Jan 2012 18:49:19
England U17 stars George Willis (Sheffield United) and Mason Bennett (Derby County) are being looked by scouts from six big Premier League clubs including Manchester United.

Willis, a goalkeeper, has played six international appearances at under 17 level and has impressed, whilst Bennett plays predominantly as a striker and has been labelled by sports journalists as the next Gary Linekar.

It is likely that both would welcome moves to bigger clubs, but Sheffield United are unlikely to allow their star youngster leave for anything less than £2m and Bennett who has played 7 games for Derby County would command a figure of around £4m.(3)(13)All derby's team isnt worth 4 milion lolDouble that for Bennett, and you might get his toenail...Bennet worth more than walcott went forYou mean george long......................
get your names correct if your going to write twaddleNo he means George Willis.. Long hasnt played 6 times for england, only once for u18s.


02 Jan 2012 19:11:41
Port Vale defender Joe Davis is being lined up for a move to Burnley.

Joe, the Son of Crewe Alexandra manager Steve Davis, who used to play for Burnley, told BBC Radio Stoke that he is "Flattered" at the prospect of Championship football but would prefer to focus on his career. He went on to add "If the gaff calls me into his office and says we've had a call from Burnley or Leeds or Derby, then I will have to decide on the best move for my career."(2)(6)


02 Jan 2012 18:40:12
Hull's Dele Adebola is the subject of a £50k bid from Huddersfield with Jordan Rhodes likely to join new team mates at Leicester City next week.(9)(24)Rhodes to Leicester? Hardly likely.The club has officially confirmed that the only transfer movement will be a defender coming in....Rhodes to leicester, the boy has zero ambition


02 Jan 2012 18:37:52
News in from White Hart Lane, Jermaine Jenas, Niko Kranjcar and David Bentley will be leaving and Harry is looking at Croatian midfielder Milan Badelj.(18)(12)If your a spurs fan it amazes me that you dont know that jenas is injured therfore wont be going nowhereAnd so is bentley and i aint a spurs fanIf jenas & bentley can be sold while injured then harry really is houdini


02 Jan 2012 18:09:22
Reading manager Mcdermott confirms the club have rejected a bid for jimmy kebe, expected to be west ham.
He has also said he wants to bring two players in,
ED, have you heard anything, please?

CP {Ed003's Note - Only what you have just stated CP }(12)(9)Wasn't Kebe on his way to cardiff? supposed to be a done deal.I heard down Cardiff today that Reading have accepted an offer from us for Kebe. Whether true, I don't know.Never heard west ham were after him since he got 1 of our players sent off 2 wks back cant see it?That what i thought wen i saw it, but its a local journalist saying thats who he understands it to be. Haven't heard anything about Cardiff and kebe at all but mcdermott did say if he doesnt sign a new deal hell go this window

CPRumours on south coast are that southampton are prepared to do a swap deal involving kebe and jason puncheon who's loan deal at qpr ended today.


02 Jan 2012 18:01:27
Ched Evans to sign for Doncaster as a replacement for Billy Sharp.(17)(23)Where has all doncasters money come from all of a sudden?From the sale of Billy Sharp? They've got a fair bit of money, but not enough to sign good players permanently, hence the many loan players and free agents they've signed.


02 Jan 2012 17:41:08
danny haynes transfer listed by barnsley FACT(27)(4)Has been confirmed on BBC Radio Sheffield today.All i can say is Good luck to Danny, hge did well, possibly helped us stay up last season..... It hasnt worked out this season for him with Vaz Te and Davies on fire and in top scorers in league list. I am happy about our season so far, not far from playoffs(although this is not a realistic target until next season) and miles away from relegation, approaching 40 points safety mark and only half way through season, all the best to danny haynes, quality player missing family and home city of london.


02 Jan 2012 17:32:15
Hi ed is it true that Palace will be giving two South Africans Simphiwe Tshabalala and Itumeleng Khune trials? {Ed002's Note - I really don't know, sorry.}(12)(3)Tshabalala is true but i dont know about khune good keeper though ;)Both players better than championship level i reckon. so not likely


02 Jan 2012 17:23:02
burnley to get darren gibson on loan for rest of season(12)(21)Bristol city will mateBurnley have held talks MATEDosnt mean your guna get him MATE!


02 Jan 2012 17:20:08
Norwich set to capture out of favour Croatian frontman Ivica Olić on loan until the end of the season from Bayern München.(19)(15)Lambert said he's not looking abroad this seasonPerhaps so, but he also has an eye for a good dealThink he would be a good signing, but can;t see it happening.Actually, Lambert said in the summer signing spree that he wouldn't be signing from overseas, however he said for this window that bringing in players abroad "could not be ruled out" - therefore for the January window, probably meaning he can look into the possibility of his links with Germany, certainly not out the question.


02 Jan 2012 17:13:52
spurs look set to offer blackburn £16 million services of both hoilett & sambav(19)(22)Doubt it, there looking for a stiker with podolski a big target.Sorry mate, its not podolski


02 Jan 2012 17:12:30
billy sharp set to join leicester for 3 million plus former doncaster midfielder richie wellens.(16)(20)Why would they pay £3 million for him when he's available for £1.85 million?He doesn't want to go to LeicesterCan see him going to 2 a promotion chasing side like hull or boroSeeing as though he has a release clause of 3m and wellens is the captain at Leicester i don't see this happeningSky sports news are wrong about the clause as they have been about many things in the past the price stated by John Ryan on the oofical club website is £3m GET IT?Wellens isnt our captain.I no mate this is driving me crackers there is no release clause just a agreement that if an offer over 3 mill John leaves it upto billCab't see him joining a mid-table team who play boring tactics. Bet Hull glad they got rid of "Pearson the Arogant".Here we go again, more deluded Leicester fans, maybe your manager should try to get the current sqaud to blend before buying in bulk again.


02 Jan 2012 16:47:55
Andrew Driver set to move to Derby in a deal worth around £1m. This is to replace Paul Green, who is Molineux bound for a fee of £500k, with his contract up at the end of the season.(9)(24)Driver is coming to palace on loanThink they'd probably rather have the money to be honest, you seen the financial mess they're in?!


02 Jan 2012 16:44:15
Graham Dorrans, WBA has handed a transfer request in, iil be public tomorrow wants a move to Rangers.(15)(23)Unless WBA will accept payment in mouldy turkey and stuffing he wont be coming rangers way.. we are skint!Pity rangers cant afford him tho

daviebhoy08Whats rangers gonna pay him with?Thats not trueThe same thing that celtic will buy diawara with, oh, no, diawara's going to russia, ok, the same thing celtic are buying jordan rhodes with, oh, no, he's going to the EPL .... Who exactly are celtic signing ... you come to our page criticising our transfer targets when we spent more than celtic in the summer and we will do so again in january.Shut up ya tw@t! If Rhodes goes elsewhere fair enough, if diawara goes elsewhere fair enough! But the fact is the scum r skintight and celtic aren't lol!! We might get outbid on a few targets but we've got money to spend if needbe...... Big jellyfishs's valuation has decreased so much that west brim r only intrested in a swap between jelly and dorrans but rankers can't accept because they need money also which in turn would pay dorrans wages ha ha get a grip :)Jela to liverpool 10 million. 6 mill pofit, geez itJelavic will be leaving nowhere for £10m hes overrated and playing like s lucky to get £5m for him but if its liverpool they did pay £35m for Andy CarollLiverpool aren't intrested, he'll go to one of the bottom teams fighting for a bottom half finish ha ha!! Agents tell the media that such an such is lookin to sign such an such to drum up intrest in their player that's what they get paid for and rangers have told is agent to do it!! Qpr and west brom the only 2 teams with genuine interest!:)Get rid he is overratted anyway!Thats why liverpool are interested because they know that they will be scrapping for a top half finish if anything happens to their sicknote stevie.


02 Jan 2012 16:43:15
Lutons Keith Keane is going to Port Vale on loan. You heard it here first!(4)(13)


02 Jan 2012 16:41:05
My mate works at Dagenham and says that Exodus Geohagon is off to either stevenage or colchester. Daggers aint happy about this but Exodus wants out and Darlo been offered good money cant do much about that!(9)(11)Never going to Stevenage they have many defenders that are much better than GeoghaganWe would have Arber back but not him played many times against him and he's never impressed


02 Jan 2012 15:59:36
Portsmouth looking into loan signings of Cedric Mabwati and possibly Michael Owen although the second one is unlikely.
Also possibly looking at phil neville?(6)(23)Owen and Neville, you forgot to mention that they wont be paid and will play for freeI don't think Pompey have the financial power to buy Neville and Owen...What with being bankrupt and their owner in jail and everything....Also fergie Loves Owen, Don't think he'd be willing to let him go...


02 Jan 2012 16:08:49
West ham set to offer 4.6 million to take bobby zamora back to upton park(17)(27)4.6 M , behave yourself


02 Jan 2012 16:02:18
These are a few names being linked dont know just how much truth are in these but they appeal to simon grayson expect some of these to happen :
John Fleck from rangers (loan) Blackpool favourites to sign the midfielder with leeds and sheff utd(league 1 lol) interested
Savic from man city (loan) Needs match time, several championship teams intersted.
Butterfield from barnsley (buy) contract running out would be a good signing but i think he will join wigan
Nick powell from crewe england youth international great prospect is likey to turn down advances of the prem teams in order to get match time
Kyle mcfadzean from crawley a centre bag with great. potential expect a bid of 500,000 will bring him to elland road(18)(15)Grayson not be there long enough for ink to be dry on his p45 let alone sign anyoneFleck played today and played really well so might not be going out on loanFleck's loan (with an option to buy) to Blackpool is being signed this week. Holloway has twice tried to sign this guy and see's him as the next DJ Campbell.Butterfiled has stated his intent to play for barnsley unless the club accept a bid, he has said he is happy to stay unless we accept a bid, certainly would not go to leeds after the pounding they took from us on NYE, silly rumour, almost all untrue and also, butterfield has been public on his hatred of the playing style leeds employ, leaving him injured on saturday, unfortunately for leeds they only succeeded in their own downfall injuring butterfield as Vaz Te(also not leaving) hammered them all day! HAHA all you can expect when you employ dirty tactics intending to injure our star player. HAHA


02 Jan 2012 15:37:13
Tottenham have joined Barcelona in the race to sign Brescia midfielder Omar El Kaddouri.(18)(12)


02 Jan 2012 15:34:01
Matt Tubbs (Crawley Town) could be on his way to Huddersfield in case of a move from Jordan Rhodes to West Ham or Lee Novak to St Mirren.(16)(16)


02 Jan 2012 15:31:26
Norwich lining up a £2.25mbid for Scottish Winger Andrew Driver from Hearts.(27)(15)Ther is no way andrew driver is worth 2.25m waste of moneyHe is listed by request, too much money. Doesn't fit PL style


02 Jan 2012 15:28:42
Junior Hoillet to stoke for £5m + Jermaine Pennant (DONE DEAL)

Stoke also interested in Snodgrass from Leeds

QPR interested in KW Jones...possible £5m bid(21)(31)Snodgrass is out for 2 months injured.Can confirm Hoillet almost a done deal. However Pennant is not leaving, and an £8million fee has been agreed.Snodgrass to Stoke, do me a favour he likes to play football !


02 Jan 2012 15:27:50
Nathaniel Clyne considering a move away from palace, word is west ham, QPR and Everton are all interested for a fee believed to be around 2.75 Million(16)(13)He will go to a top half premier league team, he is better than QPR and they might go down this season. West ham will be near relegation places next season if they make there this season. Everton is a possibility but he should be aiming higher.He is worth alot more than the price you are quoting......But as his contract expires in july it will be at least half if he goes in january or tribunial in july.


02 Jan 2012 15:26:54
Nicky maynard to hull city for 2 .5 million deal nearly done(12)(38)


02 Jan 2012 15:05:23
Leeds sign Danny Pugh on a two and a halkf year permanent deal-ssn(26)(9)Whoopee I'm delighted....Not any improvement on our dire squad...


02 Jan 2012 15:01:13
Beckham on his way to PSG(23)(39)


02 Jan 2012 14:46:17
Sean Scannell (Crystal Palace) is weighing up a move to Ipswich with possibly Andy Drury going the other way to Palace as part of the deal.(11)(23)It wont happen, Ipswich are a poor side and will have to pay millions as he has just signed a new contract until 2016.


02 Jan 2012 14:43:44
Coventry City looking at Andrew Driver from Hearts and John Fleck from Rangers (loan)(15)(21)Fleck is going to Blackpool AllyFleck was supberb today, with Kyle lafferty out for at least 5 weeks expect Fleck to stay. Ally would be mad to let Fleck go anywhere, the wee man should be in that team every week.


02 Jan 2012 14:39:22
Any Norwich news please(9)(24)


02 Jan 2012 14:36:22
Jermaine Pennant Will Be Leaving The Britannia Stadium This January.(25)(15)Wonder if he will forget to take his car!!!!You should see his aston martin that hes had chrome vinyl wrapped lol, good player but too much money


02 Jan 2012 14:24:02
any millwall news(8)(28)


02 Jan 2012 14:19:45
Sean Scannell (Crystal Palace) is weighing up a move to Ipswich with possibly Andy Drury going the other way to Palace as part of the deal.(4)(20)


02 Jan 2012 14:10:21
any news on transfers involving Real Madrid? I heard Bale is a target(10)(38)Van Persie will go there.Bale to stay at tottenhamMadrid arent planning on picking anyone up this January, they are looking to sell ready for there operation 2013 were they wish to buy loads of young an upcoming stars like gotze, erikseen ans shurchleeI think it was Barcelona that wanted Bale wasn't it?


02 Jan 2012 14:00:06
Billy Sharp has turned down moves to West Ham,Ipswich and Southampton to stay up north
Aston Villa and Everton are considering surprise offers.(24)(32)


02 Jan 2012 13:52:39
millwall will get lowry in jan(8)(19)


02 Jan 2012 13:52:32
A pilkington move 2 liverpool rumours wont go away. Pilkinghton has hardly played every sence this rumour started. Both managers had a long chat on new years ev. It would be a shame if pilks left but u can not blame him for leaving for ex champs l winners. Other players out could see k smith going to coventry on loan. Lappin moving back to spl. P.L is not keen on martin staying at c palace as he belive's his furture is at carrow rd. Poss targets are l chambers. gunter, n forest, forest celtic, Rhodes, hudd jenkins watford, s church reading. If we could get naughton and couple of these i would be very happy(16)(22)I heard this and the rumours were that's why he wasn't playing because a fee had been agreed and he was moving. But then haven't heard a lot in the past month. Lappin is for some reason starting against QPR today, and Naughton also on the bench. But Pilks is starting. I think we need a winger, because we need more delivery from the wings to our 2 big strikers (even though Morison is on the bench today). Also think Gunter would be a good signing. Jordan Rhodes isn't leaving this transfer window, but agree he would be a top signing, but can't see PL splashing out the sort of money for Rhodes given his track record for the amount of money he looks to pay for players, think Nicky Maynard would be a decent signing instead as he is transfer listed, or even possibly Billy Sharp? What do you think..All complete rubbish in my opinion. but fun to readOh dear, of course he doesn't play now despite the fact that he's just scored for Norwich against QPR.Maynard and Sharp would be a gamble for Norwich,Pilkington will not be going anywhere,and Naughton looks certain to make move permanent.Pilks scores a class goal, could possibly interest liverpool even morePilks would only go if stupid offer came in like 10mill. but hes not worth that so..cant see lambert buying any strikers when ours are scoring goals. so not sure why peeps keep mentioning maynard/rhodes/sharp. wingers and fullback are a realistic shopping list and mayb a backup keeper with rudd/steer sent on loan for games again.Right back, clyne would be good option, winger and central midfield. Very much doubt striker on the cards, unless martin and wilbraham leaveWillbraham and Lappin possible moves out,and Chris Martin to stay on loan at Crystal Palace assuming they want him to stay. Pilkington not going anywhere this season, unless the bid is really stupid, why sell a player who is obviously enjoying his football at Norwich
Ins- Naughton -maybe if Spurs are not to greedy, Gunter - strong possibility, and perhaps another play maker in midfield, and another forward if Willbraham goes.Pilks and family are very happy at Norwich as is evident from his tweets


02 Jan 2012 13:48:18
Andrey Arshavin- Stoke city looking to take him on loan until the end of the season, however Arsenal are looking to include a clause which would mean Stoke signing him for around £4million in the summer, based on appearances.

A big surprise is Stoke's link with Chris Samba however stoke believe they are behind atleast 3 clubs in terms of realisticly signing the big centre half. Arsenal, Chelsea and Sunderland are the teams Stoke belive they are behind. QPR are also said to be interested but many would imagine that would be last resort for the promising talent.

Junior Hoillet to Stoke, could be a done deal in the next 14 days if Blackburn and Stoke agree a fee belived to be in the region of £8million rising to £10million(24)(20)


02 Jan 2012 13:47:23
Manchester United have joined the race for Lille playmaker Eden Hazard. To sign him they will have to battle with Real Madrid, Arsenal and PSG. However, with United currently prioritising on a central midfielder, the deal is likely to happen in the summer. Sir Alex has labelled Mario Gotze, Wesley Sneijder, Lucas and Ganso as possible replacements for Paul Scholes. Don't expect there to be any deals yet, as they're likely to take place at the end of the month.(13)(19)Maybe not...


02 Jan 2012 13:40:45
Arsenal- and Chelsea are locked in a transfer-wndow battle for Crewe’s brilliant young hot shot Nick Powell
Aston Villa-Alex McLeish is ready to give Robbie Keane a shock return to the Premier League if he can cut through red tape
Blackburn are lining up a bid for £5m-rated Watford striker Marvin Sordell
Bolton Wanderers-Owen Coyle is ready to drop down to League Two to find a replacement for Gary Cahill by bidding £1m for Crawley's Kyle McFadzean
Chelsea-Andre Villas-Boas wants Blackburn's Steven Nzonz
Everton-David Moyes has joined the chase for Huddersfield's Jordan Rhodes - but will have to find £4 million
Fulham are considering a £4 million bid for West Ham striker Carlton Cole should they sell Bobby Zamora.
Liverpool could be ready to launch a surprise bid for England international striker Darren Bent
Roberto Mancini wants to make Roma midfielder Daniele de Rossi his first signing of the transfer window
Sir Alex Ferguson will offer £25m plus a pick of a number of squad players in exchange for Eden Hazard
Stoke are prepared to offload winger Jermaine Pennant as they set their sights on Blackburn Rovers' Junior Hoilett .and Wigan's Mohamed Diame
Swansea appear to have won the race to sign Cliftonville striker Rory Donnelly
Tottenham are set to raid Blackburn for giant centre-half Chris Samba in an £8million(17)(13)


02 Jan 2012 13:38:05
Chelsea in talks with Hulks agent. Hulk desperate to leave Porto to be reunited with Andre Villas Boas. Very reliable source!(30)(19)His clause is 100 million euros, chelsea isnt paying that much:DHulk has said he wants to join Chelsea. It's up to Porto really, do they want an unhappy player at the club? Chelsea wont pay 84 million pounds for him, everyone knows that, could see them offering around 40 million for him though. Depends if Porto are willing to sell, especially after losing Falcao in the summer.Hulk has an 85 mil release clause which I think is a big gamble


02 Jan 2012 13:26:54
Spurs have been quoted £25 million for Kaka who is Redknapp's top target during January. However, Levy will not sanction such a move until Spurs players are moved on.

Redknapp also wants Podolski but to sign both players, Redknapp will need to generate sufficient funds.

The obvious player to sell is Modric. Spurs are content with the Chelsea offer of £30 million (payable in £5 million chunks for 6 months) but the real obstacle is the matter of principle.

Levy is determined to prevent Modric leaving, having stood his ground for so long. Redknapp has hinted previously that he is prepared to sell Modric in order to wheel and deal.

This might mean Modric moving to Chelsea after all. Redknapp would be content if it means he can sign Podolski and Kaka(12)(27)Content with £30 million?? were you not around in the summer??Modric has said he is staying. so you must be joking! do you even know what football is? rubbish, rubbish, rubbish rumour!Cannot believe somebody has posted this! ridiculous!Sounds very plausible to me. The Kaka link is widely reported. Chelsea want Modric. Redknapp has admitted he is prepared to sell Modric in order to wheel and dealModric is key to tottenham doing well this year, no chance of him leaving no matter how much is offered. to get 25 million they could sell plenty of players to raise cash. payuluchenko, being oneThis is complete nonsense, Modric won't be moving, Spurs made a decent net profit from summer sales to not need to raise funds other than those from players they want to move on, Podolski is not a target and if anything Levy is more interested in Kaka than Harry if it can be doneSpurs wouldnt take 40 mill for him during the summer and Kaka or Podolski wont go to spursTottenham have been known to try and buy player's that are way out of their reach....although Kaka isn't as good as he used to be, however I'm pretty sure Tottenham won't be able to beat a team like Arsenal to Podolski. But at least (Being a saint's fan) These player's might stop them taking Southampton's.Sell modric to wheel and deal? harry has not said that! i should know! i watch all of the spurs interviews and extras i can! he has said on soooooo many occasions that he doesn't want to sell any of this team so stop fabricating rumours with no proof! annoying!!Ur having a laugh Modric along with bale is probably spurs most important player, no way harry will sell and definatly not for 30 mill to chelsea as it will jepordise his chance at champs league footie next season.


02 Jan 2012 13:22:18
zamora+etherington to villa
n zogbia to sunderland
elm+subotic+sniejder- man utd (all in summer)
bent+cahill- liverpool
hoillet+jelavic- WBA

heard it first here!(26)(29)Defoe to fulham?
As much as i would like to see that, im not sure!CNZ is going no whereComplete rubbish ! To start you got Hoillet and Jelavic to WBA haha together they would cost the best part of £18million WBA have pennies to spend, not millions! Nzogbia is staying at Villa. Defoe is possibly a target for Sunderland and Newcastle not Fulham.WBA have more money to spend than you think! Just they go about their business more shrewdly than other clubs. There is interest in players from Blackburn and rangers but they are more likely to be Jason Roberts and Steven DavisThe zamora and etherington thing will happen but the n'zogbia will not happenI heard fullham will get cole for zamora. then the hammers will buy rhodes


02 Jan 2012 13:12:32
West Ham will sell Carlton Cole and buy Jordan Rhodes.
Big Sam is willing to pay the 3million asking price and loan Huddersfield Freddie Sears for the remainder of the season.(2)(9)Wrong, wrong, wrong. there is no asking price, cos rhodes is not for sale. end of !


02 Jan 2012 13:09:12
any norwich transfer news?(4)(18)


02 Jan 2012 13:06:47
stoke city are in talks with wayne bridge(20)(12)


02 Jan 2012 12:41:31
Liverpool are looking to let keeper Brad Jones leave or loan him out in transfer window(23)(5)I can belive this as a boro fan i couldnt have been more excited when we sold him, awful keeper


02 Jan 2012 13:18:34
Gylfi Siggurdsson will not re-song for Reading. He is to join Swansea on a 6 month loam deal. The only good news for Reading is that if he does well there and they decide to buy him Reading should receive a percentage of the fee due to the sell on clause in his contract.(13)(4)Only if sold at a profit - which is not going to happen


02 Jan 2012 13:18:31
West Ham United have reportedly bid £900,000 for Fleetwood Town striker Jamie Vardy... and was rejected! WHU are set to offer an improved deal worth £1 million. Absolute lunacy.

The non league record for a transfer I think is £250,000 paid by Peterborough for George Boyd.

(Source: Non League)(10)(24)As far as I know Richard Brodie was the most expensive non-league player. Crawley signed him from York for £275,500. Sorry.They payed 100,000 for him from halifax!Apparently that Brodie fee was much lower than that. But why would you believe Steve Evans?

No player in non league is worth more than £1/4m. There are players in various positions as good as him.Blackpool have got him in the window and will loan him out to cod for season.As a hammers fan im happy hes bringing in players but hes a non league player and hes gonna offer a millionWhat have people got against non-league players? Stuart Pearce, Ian Wright, Chris Smalling, Kevin Phillips, Stan Collymore and Chris Waddle all started their careers there...


02 Jan 2012 12:42:50
Jimmy Ryan is set to make a move away from Scunthorpe with Yeovil, Tranmere, Shrewsbury and Accrington all being interested in the young midfielder.(3)(11)


02 Jan 2012 12:38:08
I heard David Templeton from Hearts FF and Darren Ambrose from Crystal Palace FC. Plus Lee and another striker for Southampton Football Club(9)(16)Saints need anew defence after todays shambles plus a well known striker or two not someone unknown from japan


02 Jan 2012 12:36:40
Highly rated Barnet forward Izale McLeod is in talks with Shrewsbury Town in a deal that could see James Collins going the opposite way.(4)(11)Are you izale McLeods agent,this is about the 3rd team "highly rated" McLeods been linked to.Mcleod is coming to Swindon in a swap + cash deal for Medhi Kerouche, who is a fantastic player but has fallen out with Paolo, the deal will be done this week.


02 Jan 2012 12:33:43
Out of favour Kevin Davies to be reunited with big Sam as piquionne is offloaded to wolves in swap deal involving Doyle!(8)(18)Dream on ....Unhappy Davies could well be on way to hammers,while Tompkins moves in opposite direction to replace Chelsea bound cahillYes because piquionne is as good as Doyle hahaa, and why would Doyle drop a league when there is teams in the prem that would sign him.Why would tomkins move to a team that are fighting relegation with no moneyand if you look at the west ham bench for the derby game, 5 strikers on the bench due to suspensions and injurysWeve got 2 many strikers piquinne did well last season scoring about 8 this year 2 goals improve or leave


02 Jan 2012 11:33:12
Jason Scotland will be leaving Ipswich for Blackpool(13)(19)He will be a back up signing if we don't get our top targets.


02 Jan 2012 12:02:23
Andy Johnson & Zamora look set to leave Fulham with a number of clubs interested in both. Reports are that blackburn, west brom & QPR are interested in taking AJ away from the cottage. AJ has only scored 3 goals this year which all came against QPR in a 6-0 win.

Zamora has been linked sunderland, aston villa & even a possible return to the hammers as they look to push for promotion. Zamora has been suffering from an injury of late however its thought to be more than an injury that has kept him out of the side with Martin Jol looking to reduce the average age and put his own mark at Fulham.

Fulham have been linked with a number of strikers including Amuari - juve, carlton cole - West ham, Ivica Olic - Bayern and Andre pierre gignac - Marseille

Also Fulham are interested in Derek Boateng on loan from Dnipro with a view to a permanent move in the summer.(11)(10)Yes because signing Amuari and Olic will reduce the average age!This is what i been told & remember there only rumours but Jol is looking to off load some of the old boys!



02 Jan 2012 11:55:59
Arsenal Runours:


Thierry Henry (2 month loan)
Lukas Podolski
Taye Taiwo or Wayne Bridge


Emmanual Frimpong (loan)(43)(13)


02 Jan 2012 11:51:30
Looks like ken bates has shown his card.Leeds have gone straight in after already landing andros townsend, Leeds are in talks with Jake butterfields agent, a loan deal for higginbottom, permanent deal for pugh, permanent deal for keogh, permanent deal for smith, loan deal for hammill, permanent deal for puncheon as 10 players have been told they are free to leave.(25)(14)You're deludedKen Bates spend money on new players....not really a rumour....more a fairy tale....more chance of Grayson getting the boot before the end of Jan than most of the above coming true.There is a village missing an idiotMichael Brown injured Butterfield the other day. Not sure why we'd sign a crocked midfielder. We've got one of those.
wallyHammill turned you down before joining Barnsley, so thats not going to happen, Butterfield hates leeds so thats non starter also. sod will be interviewed this week !!Butterfield is in talks with LeedsOnly one that could carry any weight is Higginbottom

I think he's fallen out of favour at Stoke, but I thought he was a LB


02 Jan 2012 11:46:42
Another Blackburn player, midfielder Steven N'Zonzi, has emerged as a shock target for Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas as the Stamford Bridge boss searches for a physical presence in midfield.(14)(12)


02 Jan 2012 11:46:20
John fleck and Jason Puncheon to join B'pool on loan.

Mr.Roller Coaster(7)(19)Puncheon will more likely be a permanent than a loan signing, the Fleck on loan rumour is very likely to happenHe's Going to Sheffield unitedNo Hutton is going to the Blades,Fleck is going to the sea side.It has been confirmed today on radio Scotland.AllyFleck is going nowhere lafferty got injured today and he is needed as cover


02 Jan 2012 11:28:09
Barnsleys richardo vas te is interesting rival clubs in the January transfer window and barnsly are set to cash in now rather than lose ther man for free at the end of the season.

Bristol city

All set to make an offer(14)(20)Why would he go to any of them clubsPompey won't make an offer for him. We don't have any funds to sign players with. Unless we sell someone like Lawrence/Kitson/Ben Haim (the higher wage earners) to raise funds, then it's doubtful we'll do any business at all in this window.Your having a laff ,he played at hull city ,and couldnt hack it ,


02 Jan 2012 11:23:54
Nicky Maynard and Bobby Zamora to Aston Villa, Darren Bent to Liverpool, as unhappy at villa park...
evidence - Expressandstar newspaper(18)(25)Dont believe everything you read in that ragI hope he goes 24 mill could be spent wisely on a st, cam, lm and maybe a cb. Bent = waste of space. Time to go benty.......Darren Bent will never leaveMaynard the westham actually and zammora could go there toLiverpool should get Heskey back! Everyone will be so confused that Liverpool wont even have to try in there matches!! But they shouldn't play him. They'd lose every game if they did that.


02 Jan 2012 10:55:33
Rangers are interested in graham dorrons from west brom their is thought to be a straight swap between him and rangers star striker jelavic WATCH THIS SPACE(19)(17)Would,nt think it would be a straight swap
dorrans value 2.5 mill jelavic valued 4/5 millRoy hodgson already stated dorrans wasnt leaving WBADorrans seen at Old Firm gameSo were a lot of peopleWBA value dorrans at more than £2.5m!!Rangers wont sell jelavic for less than 10mil, but 5 and dorrans may do it. but still think hes liverpool bound.Your valuations are way out comment 1 :

WEST BROM value Dorrans at around £5m - £6m.

RANGERS value Jelavic at around £8m - £10m ... it would not be a straight swap,

AT least £3m would be required as well


02 Jan 2012 10:54:27
Japanese international forward Tadanari Lee, has agreed personal terms with Southapton, after the Saints had a formal bid accepted by Hiroshima.
The players and club are now waiting for a work permit before the signing is formally announced(30)(10)Unfortunately this might be right, not too sure whether we need someone who only scores 15 goals a season in the Japanese Super LeagueHeard we have already signed him, He just needs a work permit now.....And you might be right with the 15 goal's a season thing, But Lambert had only played in League 1 and 2 before, But Adkin's turned him into Championship top scorer, if he can do that to Lambert, what can he do to an International? And a top 20 international too....


02 Jan 2012 10:24:05
QPR to sign alex from chelsea and samba from blackburn(18)(29)Why would Alex want to sign for a two bob side like qpr.
Get real.U r a chelsea fan Get Real QPR R number ONEAlex will go to Juventus or Santos i reckon. There are probably other sides interested, maybe even Man Utd with their defensive issues. But lets face it QPR fans, he isn't going to be going to you.


02 Jan 2012 10:13:38
Source at bbc radio Leicester

Nigel has made an offer for Coventry striker jukevic, Bristol city winger adomah, hull winger Stewart, and villa forward heskey.(30)(30)All panic buys ,money to burn ,and he will burn it ,will nigePanic Buys? Do you even know what that means. I can't see how Adomah and Stewart, two young wingers with great potential can be seen as panic buys.We don't want Heskey back!As a Leicester supporter i would like to see Heskey back, i think he would be just what we need, a strong target man that nugent or beckford can play off.Bid 1m apparently for Stewart which is just having a laugh....last team Hull will deal with for anyone will be Leicester and even then they will have to pull out the chequebook!Our bids for any Hull players will be accepted, We have the cash just ask pearson. xU wont even get adomah, if he goes anywhere it will be prem. he way to good 4 leicster. (and bristol city, but he has a 5 year contract at the gate)Adomah is 6 month into a 3 year contract not 5. That said, unless Leicester come up with a totally stupid bid (and they do have the money to do so.) then Sextone will resist selling him knowing his value will increase come the summer. There is also a strong rumour that BCFC will offer Albert a new deal in an attempt to tie him down therefore increasing his value all the more.


02 Jan 2012 09:32:23
Roy Hodgson is set to ring the changes at WBA this January. He will first complete a swap deal with Rangers, Graham Dorrans and £2m for Jelavic.

Then he will bring in Wayne Bridge and Nedum Onuaha on free transfers as well as signing Andy Johnson from Fulham.(16)(34)Jelavic should come WITH £2m and why would Dorrans go anywhere near a club who are on the brink of collapse?Nedum is not a free, 2-4 milJelivic is valued at 8 million?Rangers should get dorrans & £2m because jelavic is a better player, playing with a bigger club ! Comprende !Because Dorrans is a Rangers fan, you know supporters, that thing that your club doesn't have many of...

Rangers are not on the brink of collapse - worst case scenario is administration which is very different ...


02 Jan 2012 09:25:28
dj cambell going on loan to brentford to get his fitness bk(11)(38)


02 Jan 2012 09:23:14
Aldershot are ready to look at former weirder Brennan,and northern Ireland under 21 Liam Boyce,(7)(18)


02 jan 2012 09:13:29
any bristol city transfer news in or out,(8)(15)Liam fontaine to reading 600kGael Kakuta-Chelsea Loan
Victor Aniechebie-Fulham Free
Aiden McGeedy-Spartak Moscow 6MAnichebie plays for everton


02 Jan 2012 09:08:47
Leeds look set to sign jordan rhodes for 1.5 million plus billy payter. Watch this space. Mot(28)(43)Why would rhodes sign for leeds prem clubs
want him and billy paynter in part ex our
lass is a better strikerOnly Rhodes you will be getting is the roads do outside Sand Road!! Dream on!
LOLNever going to happen why leave a well run club for one in total turmoil ,Leeds don't need a sticker its a defence they have required for at least two seasons as the one they have should be embarrassed to call themselves footballersHAHA, Rhodes would go to a better side than Leeds, considering they're struggling in the championship at the moment. Even though they may be top half, they are gradually going down. Also, considering Huddersfield can get probably £6m+ for Rhodes, I don't think Paynter makes up for that extra £4.5m, if not more. Also, Huddersfield have come out and said he won't be going in this transfer window, but can understand if he wants to go in the summer to a prem clubWhy go to a club in decline ?This shouldnt even be a rumour.. hes going nowhere at all !! talking to him on fcbk and he catagorically states he aint going anywhere. so any prem clubs, your wasting your time !!Lol!! we dont want him like paynter un proven at a higher level!! fact....also love the jokes coming from a team that keeps stumbling to get out of lg1....Lets face it this isn't happening. Rhodes isn't leaving this month, probably will in the summer. But the guy above, you are not talking to Jordan Rhodes on facebook, stop talking rubbish! But yes, Rhodes will at least finish this season with HuddersfieldGoing to Leeds?? Dream on. His market value is going up each week. He will leave, and maybe this transfer window despite what has been said (money talks), but Leeds cannot afford and why would he want to go there? He needs to play at the top level to develop and fulfill his International ambitions.How on earth could Rhodes join us - he's not available on a free transfer. Plus he's got bags of potential - Bates only signs has been's or never will be's!So much rubbish on this.

a) Rhodes will NEVER EVER leave HTFC for Leeds
b) When he goes it will be for way more than 1.5 million. Paynter is turd.
c) Rhodes does not have FB/Twitter.All you huddersfield fans giving it large here like your team is some sort of brilliant premier league side, your saying "he won't go to Leeds when he can go to a prem side... blah blah blah" - why not? If he is still at Huddersfield then there isn't no reason he won't come to Leeds? Saying we are struggling? How is 8th struggling? Fools, although, I do agree, Leeds fans stop being deluded we aren't getting him and yes it's our defence that needs sorting. Rant over.


02 Jan 2012 09:08:24
Any word abou whether Alan Smith is going anywhere?(15)(10)Rumour is Portsmouth down here.Alan smith shud go straight to the knackers yard or leeds. same placeAny club that wears red.Yep, I heard he goes to the bank every week to pay in his 60K/week, perhaps that's where the phrase comes from 'laughing all the way to the bank'
He must be on the highest unemployment benefit in the UK......


02 Jan 2012 09:00:17
is it true that podolski and lavezzi might be going to Liverpool?? people have said that if Luis Suarez doesn't win his appeal then Dalglish would try for these two. Any truth to this? {Ed002's Note - There has been no decision about an appeal. Podolski is a possibility but as of this time the only clubs to declare a firm interest are Arsenal, Lazio, Lokomotiv Moscow, Schalke, Anzhi and Zenit. If Suarez is sold in January then perhaps the money will be available to make a more significant move in the transfer market.}(8)(34)Why would suarez be sold?If Saurez is sold!! What a stupid comment, He's going nowhereNo way would they sell Suarez. Who do you think is in charge at Liverpool? Mr Bean!!!!As if they would sell Suarez just because of the ban. He's better than Lazezzi and Podolski anyway.Because he doesn't score goals! good player, terrible goalscorerDont talk absoloute nonsence suarez is not going anytime soon


02 Jan 2012 08:46:05
01 Jan 2012 22:03:17
done deal this evening. huddersfields england u21 keeper alex smithies signed for leeds for £1.2m fee with add ons

Dream on fool :O)(8)(35)Id of believed it until a mention of a fee was mentioned lolDont want him id rather have mccarthy miles betterSmithies is injured and yet to prove he can get back to full fitness. If he was fit and could prove he was over injuries he would be wanted by better clubs than Leeds. He had got himself into the U21s. Typical Leeds plonker comments above!


02 Jan 2012 08:25:51
gus will not leave brighton as its bigger challenge and achievenent to lead brighton into the premiership as he stated in the evening argus his mind is 100% focused on brighton(16)(17)Trouble is footballers retire at latest around 40 and Brighton in the premiership before Will and Kate's first born reaches 40 has got to be a 1000-1 shot alone!!It would be a challange especially with a ground not big enough for the championshipErm, have you not seen our new stadium, i think you'll find its perfectly adequate for the championship, and plans have gone it to expand it! As for Gus, he is a quality young manager who is still learning. We're in a rough patch atm, lets see how he deals with that first


02 Jan 2012 07:55:24
AFC Bournemouth manager Lee Bradbury is believed to have put a bid in for out of favour Coventry striker Freddie Eastwood, this would see Bradbury reunited with Eastwood from his Southend United days.(24)(14)Take it from a Shrimpers fan - you don't want Eastwood!


02 Jan 2012 07:23:38
Wigan athletic is closely monitoring Auxiere striker Denis Oliech(13)(5)


02 Jan 2012 07:13:12
Another Aussie on the move with Middlesbrough defender Rhys Williams set to join Newcastle United.(16)(15)


02 Jan 2012 07:12:19
Surprised this has yet to be mentioned, but media in Australia are suggesting promising centre defender and current Millwall loanee, Shane Lowry is set to join Blackburn or Wigan. His parent club, Aston Villa are keen to cash in on him.(9)(7)


02 Jan 2012 06:25:11
Michael Appleton toleave Portsmouth for Bristol and to be replace by gary barlow(20)(22)Take that


02 Jan 2012 04:11:27
i play for portsmouth's u16 and saw bristol city manager Derek McInness arrive at the training ground . Possible move between the two clubs?(11)(39)


02 Jan 2012 03:49:21
Stoke are not getting rid of any first team Jones not going anywhere. Samba and hooker in double deal for £16M.fringe players are to be sold and not loaned. Pulis also diathis will be a deal involving Danny Collins and Danny Pugh going to Wigan.(12)(17)Did you not already know Pugh is at Leeds & will sign a 2 & a half year contract ,fee already agreed?They could easily get rid of 9 players. As long as they have a keeper with a long kick and a big centre fwd they can carry on playing like they do!Jealousy gets you nowhere and Stoke are eighth in premiership. Didn't understand second sentenceYeh hes right stoke could easy get rid of 9 players and still stay 8th lolThe same danny pugh who has just signed for leeds is that


02 Jan 2012 02:36:51
Hayes and Yeading United midfielder Louie Soares is subject to a bid of £25,000 by league one side Walsall
UTS(10)(5)Walsall never spend money on transfer fees.


02 Jan 2012 02:34:17
Can someone shed some light on this for me please. I have heard from what I think is a pretty reliable source.

Moussa Sow to spurs? I have only ever seen him play on FIFA12 hahah he is a bit of a weapon in the game but what is he like in real life? and does this rumour have any credibility?(6)(32)Nahh, he is great, but he is on his way to arsenal in the summer for around 25m


02 Jan 2012 02:33:35
rumoured that birmingham city are intrested in sighning Jimmy Bullard on a loan deal untill the end of the season with the option to sign him on for a fee of 2m also Man city,Arsenal, AND Man United are looking closley on young Nathan Redmond.
Birmingham want to keep Chris wood untill the end of the season with the option to sign him.
Also if blues fail to get promotion then Ben foster is likley to leave to west brom on A fee between 6-7m and aslo the blues will look to sighn chris wood on a permament deal for 3 million.(14)(8)Hope most of this is true am a blue nose apart from redmond leaving he is a blues fan so hope he doesn't leave or ben foster


02 Jan 2012 02:30:21
wba are tryna bring in fulham striker andrew johnson(19)(8)


02 Jan 2012 02:24:13
CPFC Transfer News:

- Palace are also set to sign youth striker Will Keane from Manchester United, If Palace cannot extend Chris Martin's deal.

- Crystal Palace are set to sign 31 year old striker Alessandro Sgrigna from Italian, Serie B team Vicenza for a fee to be believed around 550k.

- Palace having talk with midfielder Jason Puncheon over a possible move, but very unlikely due to Jason is in talk with Leeds.

- Crystal Palace are interested in signing young defender Even Hovland for a fee to be believed around 750k.

Sources - Sky Sports News Employee (unamed due to he will lose his job)


02 Jan 2012 02:22:54
Jason Puncheon to either Watford or Blackpool with Sordell or Matty Phillips coming back in each respective deal. Marc-Andre ter Stegen set to sign for Southampton FC as well to sure up the goalkeeping situation for the future. Jonathan Forte set to leave the club after a disappointing spell at St. Mary's. Lukas Jutkiewicz is pretty much a done deal for 1.5-2 mil(19)(17)Pie in the sky


02 Jan 2012 02:21:12
Jonathan Forte and Dean Leacock are set to join league one side Walsall on loan deals until the end of the season(16)(4)Thank god :)Walsall won't be able to afford Leacock's wages...Leacocks on small wages but i surpose a small club like those of derby would be on pritty small wages around 8k i imagine....


02 Jan 2012 02:15:46
Reading are in deep comforsation with Charlton Athletic about striker Bradley Wright-Philips brother of QPR wing man Shaun and son of Ex-Arsenal Striker Ian Wright. The deal was for Andy Griffin , Ian Harte and 600k for Wright-Philips this deal is close to complete.(1)(24)Why would we sell the leagues second top scorer, when it's likely that we will be playin Reading next season.
We don't need to sell.If "we" are Charlton then "we" dont have the leagues top scorer Huddersfield do. Apart from that small detail your right.


02 Jan 2012 01:57:58
Steve Harper to Hull City? CI(6)(8)Steve harper is a really good keeper, good luck to him


02 Jan 2012 01:53:07
Reading have comfirmed the signing of Liam Fontaine from Bristol City for a price of around 600k.(4)(26)No they haven'tHis medical will be interesting!


02 Jan 2012 01:47:31
QPR made 1.5 million offer for Andy Johnson which has been turned down. Andros Townsend has joined Leeds on loan.(18)(4)


02 Jan 2012 01:41:05
Leicester interested in Zamora(23)(25)


02 Jan 2012 01:38:54
The Puncheon deal has broken down as FA reject recall from QPR because you can not recall and send someone on to a new club straight away(6)(8)"FA reject recall from QPR".....He's on loan at QPR from they cant reject anything...."You can not recall and send someone on to a new club straight away".......If it a new loan (after the 1st Jan)...than YES you can.

This is why we shouldnt give kids under 11 laptops for christmasDid u not see soccer am saturday? warnock terminated his loan he was not recalled


02 Jan 2012 01:27:21
roy keane or dave jones will be the next
preston north end manager(18)(16)


02 Jan 2012 01:18:18
Walsall striker Will Grigg is set to join local blue square premier side Kidderminster Harriers on a months loan

Former Kidderminster Harriers and Luton striker Matthew Barnes-Homer is set to sign for Walsall on a deal until the end of the season(6)(8)


02 Jan 2012 01:18:11
Ferguson looking to offload some of Uniteds fringe players, he is looking to loan out the likes of Micheal Owen and Darron Gibson, with Gibson going to Burnley on loan to the end of the season and Owen looking to stay in the premiership(19)(11)Should off load Evra hwe's very very poor!Loan Owen out to some other clubs treatment room!Ive heard owens going to swansea on loan


02 Jan 2012 01:09:49
emile heskey to sunderland to be reunited with martin o'neill for third time(13)(44)Pray to god he is!
Finally get him off our wage bill!That wont happen he is off to leicester for just under a million.Why are team's bidding for HESKEYof all people?! Out of all the talented player's.....they choose Heskey?


02 Jan 2012 00:59:04
Aston Villa to make a suprise bid in for 7 million pound rated unsettled Fulham star Bobby Zamora.(32)(1)Zamora is no Gabby. A bad deal in my mind.They haven't got 7 mill unless they sell firstThey dont have 7million u muppet lolIf he's worth 7 million the Jordan Rhodes will set a new world transfer record.


02 Jan 2012 00:55:53
Rhys Taylor(chelsea) to join
Rotherham on loan until end of season(1)(10)


02 Jan 2012 00:49:13
Arsenal to complete the 2-month loan signing of Thierry Henry tomorrow, he will wear the no.12 shirt.

Arsenal to offer £14.5m for unsettled Lukas Podolski.

and Finally, Arsenal will make an enquiry to Manchester City about a possible loan move for out of favour left-back Wayne Bridge with an add on- that Arsenal can pay £3.5m in the summer to make it permamnent.(39)(13)Doesnt his contract run out in the summer and he can leave for free in jan!


02 Jan 2012 00:19:35
Qpr will sign macheda on loan, kenwyne jones, Chris samba and Josh mceachran with the possibilty of Gibson on Loan from utd aswell(15)(29)Samba is to good for QPR. Others I can believeMacheda is pretty much a show in the rest are seriously unlikely really hope Gibson dont comeGibson not going to Qpr cos burnley got himPulis stated kenwyne jones going no where which is a shame cus hes 1 lazy forwardAnother silly QPR fan samba= not a chance, expect Arsenal, Chelsea Stoke and Sunderland to be in for him.
Kenwyn Jones= Stoke manager has already confirmed he will not be leaving only fringe players will leave.
Mceachran from Chelsea hmm more like the signings you will make.


02 Jan 2012 00:17:20
Villa will target Lewis Dunk,Jacob Butterfield,Josh McEachran and Damien Duff to fund this moves they will sell Habib Beye Stiliyan Petrov James Collins and Nathan Delfounso also expect a striker coming to Villa on loan to support Bent(15)(26)Same James Collins that signed for Shrewsbury last summer!7million for dunk and he's yours, anything else and in the kindest way f off :)Dunk is worth more like £3 or 4m + extra's.
No James Collins Senior, the defender not the striker ;)McEachran as already signed for Wolves on loanIf any of these players cost money then villa wont be signing them they have to sell b4 they can buy


02 Jan 2012 00:14:29
Bristol city to sign Billy sharp or Jordan rhodes with maynard going out.(5)(59)Bristol is a lovely place but sharpe wont leave yorkshireSharp rejected Ipswich because they're too low down the table. So no chance with him.
As for Rhodes. Can't see him leaving Huddersfield this monthDoncaster are 23rd thats too far down in the table.Sharp wont go to hammers or saints doubt hill go there and i heard an agree of 3mil for rhodes to westham


02 Jan 2012 00:12:05
Despite a lengthy spell out with a broken arm and subsequent lack of playing time this season, Jack Lester of Chesterfield is a surprise transfer target for Watford(11)(14)If he had two broken legs, he would still be better than Chris Iwelumo!Is he younger than 40?


02 Jan 2012 00:11:57
just read on sky news ben davies to return to meadow lane and jamie ward in a swap deal for neal bishop(4)(23)Now, that is what I call a juicy rumour! If it were to be true I would take it like a shot - Ben is class,Jamie would fit in perfectly with Hughesy and of course Bish would get to play on the bigger stage he deserves,without going to Forest! Do it!!!More chance of platting fog : 0


02 Jan 2012 00:10:25
Barry Conlon on trial with Stockport County. Jim Gannon has a long admirer of the Big irishman who is currently without a club since leaving Afc Onthepiss last month.(6)(10)


02 Jan 2012 00:02:23
Rumour is that Jay Rodriguez is going to be offered a contract extension at Burnley.(4)(11)Not true he is going to either wolves, stoke or everton


01 Jan 2012 23:44:51
Celtic are looking to sign U21 Norwegian international Mushaga Bakenga from Rosenborg for 2 million(18)(11)Aren't Acrington Stanley also looking at him? Bet Acrington win!Celtic have less money than Rangers lol, just because you don't have a possible tax bill doesn;t mean you are money bags, why else would rangers outspend you in the summer.You dont need to be moneybags to pay 2m only players rangers are linked with are 1s leaving, hoops on top


01 Jan 2012 23:13:21
I have been told by my mate who works London coleny arsenal revel there sing of Henry tomorrow and podolski deal agreed fee around 14.7 .(6)(18)Podolski going for £10million, Henry already done...


01 jan 2012 23:10:01
arshavin going to liverpool from arsenal for £6m.(20)(40)Arshavin will not go to anywhere in the EPL.That's a lot of money to pay to get there. He should take train it's cheaper. Oh and tell him to get a day return please!Whereby arshavin does not fit the current Liverpool age structure he does fit the temperament and personality of bygone players. I wouldn't write this one off too soon. At the right price he could do a valuable short term job.


01 Jan 2012 23:08:25
i have heard that Ben foster is going to move to west brom for 6 million quid(27)(14)West brom aint got 6 million pence let alone quid


01 Jan 2012 23:01:26
qpr will sign macheda,bridge and samba/bassong before the trip to newcastle(17)(23)


01 Jan 2012 22:48:58
Speculation that Aston Villa are looking to Sign Jacob Butterfield from Barnsley along with, Middlesbrough, Southampton and QPR, for a figure between 1.5 and 2 million. Butterfield is out of contract in the summer, so Barnsley could sell if he won't sign a new contract.(15)(17)Glasgow Rangers are interested which i have heard about, i have nothing about the interest from these clubs.Villa's interest has been in the news ever since the summer!Saints already got a butterfield s
dont need


01 Jan 2012 22:36:19
D J Campbell joining West Ham till end of season ?(9)(27)100%. Just turned down loan to Blackpool after Big sam offered a deal. Doesnt want to leave London.Cole to QPRNo thanks cole wont be going to qpr unless you offer silly moneyUnless West Ham offer us something or someone we can'r refuse don't see this happeningNah hes defo joining hearts in a swap deal for andy driver and ryan stevensonGet real cole will never go to qpr


01 Jan 2012 22:32:53
Robert Snodgrass will be moving to Norwich.(24)(9)With or without his appendix?If U can afford 10 mil which bates has already said he won't acccept offers less thanHes injured..


01 Jan 2012 22:31:56
Andy Hutchinson of Lincoln City (currently on loan at Lews) is a transfer target for John Sheridan's Chesterfield(8)(7)


01 Jan 2012 22:10:32
Max Harrop is the first loanee to leave Bury for Blyth or Wrexham.(4)(6)Happened..gone to B.Spartans


01 Jan 2012 22:04:23
Ipswich lining up offer for James Henry(8)(7)I have heard this aswellThis is true, they are going to make an enquiry and if things are alright they will make a bidWhy would he go to 1p5wich? Why would anyone go to 1p5wichNext year they will be in league 1 . Why would he go ??Let's hope so - he's been rubbish for Millwall


01 Jan 2012 22:03:17
done deal this evening. huddersfields england u21 keeper alex smithies signed for leeds for £1.2m fee with add ons(19)(15)Smithies isn't going to play again for anyone which is a shameSmithies will be lucky to play football again - on that basis i will take the money ta very muchWould be a great signing but i cant see it happening, i cant see kb spending that much especially on 1 player he would expect 3 or 4 for a layout of 1.2mWhy would anyone want to leave the galpharm to play at the beeston skip


01 Jan 2012 22:02:11
Lukas Podolski has been put up for sale after falling out with FC Cologne sporting director Volker Finke. Arsenal and Liverpool are the two heading the queue and the fee will be in the region of £15-18m.(29)(9)Could I ask your reader for the source of his information. I do not know of any rift between player and coach. Sounds like the story is made up. Regards Tobi Helmes


01 Jan 2012 21:55:51
Napoli set to make £10m move for Jan Verthongen of Ajax, and have also enquired about left-sided midfielder Boussoufa(12)(7)


01 Jan 2012 20:22:36
the french center back Guillaume Rippert who plays for EVIAN THONON GAILLARD is linked with a move to league 1 team Huddersfield town.(8)(10)Who the hell is heI don't know, but I hope he has some pace!


01 Jan 2012 19:30:41
Jim Magilton to take over as Preston manager with Graham Alexander as assistant.(16)(12)


01 Jan 2012 19:15:44
Sheffield United set to make a loan move,till the end of the season.For out of favour Scotland under 21 international John Fleck,according to the BBC Scotland football web sight.Ally(29)(9)Gers fan here ...fleck is a decent wee player who just needs game time .i thik a loan move would help him


01 Jan 2012 19:13:29
Ipswich Town have made an inquiry into the availability of the Gillingham widemade Chris Whepdale. THe Gills are believed to be wanted around £800,000 for the player.

Ipswich are also looking at Peterborough United centre back Ryan Bennet, however the £2,000,000 asking price is over the Blues valuation of the player and a deal does not look likely.(16)(12)So let me get this straight, Ipswich want to sign Chris Whelpdale from Gillingham. Why would 800k be the fee when only last summer Peterborough sold him for I think 150k. How has he suddenly risen in price by 650k in half a year? And also Ryan Bennett will be worth more than double that amount if he is to be sold. He is England's up and coming star and just oozes class whenever he plays. He reads the game like a veteran and never bottles a tackle. All this for a 20 year old who captained Grimsby at 17. £2m my friend is an absolute joke of a price and football has gone mad if that is all he is worth. More fool Ipswich for rather spending 800k for Chris Whelpdale. Guarantee if Bennett played for Ipswich and another club were after him, you would feel the same. The boy is class.Why would Bennet drop down to an team run by an person of a chairman and manager who hasnt a clue remember 7-1 to the boro!If you want to spend that amount on whelps good luck to him he was a sound plyer for the posh in league 2If Bennett is so good then why is he part of one of the league's poorest defences?Bennett is too good for the ChampionshipBecause when he was part of the WORSE defence in the entire football league, (GRIMSBY), he went for a significant slice of that


01 Jan 2012 19:06:47
Ipswich are to sign the following players:

Billy Sharp - Doncaster
Tal Ben Haim - Portsmouth
Stephen Quinn - Sheffield United
Matthew Lowton - Sheffield United

The following will leave:

Grant Leadbitter - Nottingham Forest
Jason Scotland - Sheffield United
Tommy Smith - Stevenage (loan)
Joe Wight - Plymouth (loan)(12)(50)Think the manager should also leave


01 Jan 2012 18:33:13
Real Madrid will try to prize Wayne Rooney from Man United after Rooney had a fall out with Sir Alex(60)(14)No way


01 Jan 2012 18:31:09
Big Iwelumo on loan from watford!(24)(12)To who?On loan to who?


01 Jan 2012 18:30:22
Jelovic bid looking more and more likely any eds heard(24)(18)


01 Jan 2012 18:23:29
Steve Cotterill to join Mansfield Town next season as manager with the intention of back2back promotions so he can be the first man to take all three Nottinghamshire clubs to league One Football(25)(23)


01 Jan 2012 18:16:36
Jon Stead to join Huddersfield on loan until the end of the season.(27)(22)Not going to happen huddersfield town are not going after jon stead


01 Jan 2012 18:15:54
crystal palace are close to signing taunton town youth star Owen Hornsby for 1k, he made it clear on twitter he trained with a london based club and it is expected to have been palace. The youngster is tauntons record under 118 level scorer with 34 goals in 29 games, and thats from midfield(6)(13)


01 Jan 2012 18:13:07
Doumbia to put pen to paper with a £21 million deal with zenit also in return CSKA will get kerzhakov(14)(16)He will go to Tottenham!!



01 Jan 2012 18:11:39
Sheffield United badboy Ched Evans is set for a return to the Championship with Bristol City after Nicky Maynard has been put on the transfer list. Bristol City see him as a cheap alternative that is to be rewarded for his hard work at Sheffield United.(16)(25)Who's going to fork out money for Evans when he has a court case looming??


01 Jan 2012 18:05:38
Northampton Town set to offload forward Adebayo Akinfenwa on a free transfer. Cheltenham Town are interested as they look to bolster their attacking options.(7)(2)The guy needs to go on Fat fighters, man he fat for a football player... only has 20 mins a game left in the tank


01 Jan 2012 17:55:27
Watford looking at giving Sunderland forward Frazier Campbell a route back to fitness via a loan deal after just under a year on the sidelines with injury.(2)(5)Sunderland have a depleted squad with all their injuries, so there is no chance of this happening!


01 Jan 2012 17:53:45
Shrewsbury are set to sign Mark Byrne from Barnet for an undisclosed fee.
Shrews boss Turner is also set to announced the loan signings of young Wolves pair Ethan Ebanks Landell and Leigh Griffiths.(3)(12)I've heard the same mate


01 Jan 2012 17:47:51
qpr make bid for rangers duo jelavic and lafferty, 5m for both, wee wise rab(14)(42)£5m for jelavic + lafferty ... are you joking?

Rangers payed more than that to take them to ibrox originally and they have both improved vastly ... no chanceAs a QPR fan this falls well short, maybe as an initial payment with another 5 mill of add ons is the only way I can see some truth in thisWee Rab talks BS.Rangers knocked back £9 million for Jelavic from Liverpool.Why would we accept pocket money for him?And more importantly why would he want to play for QPR?Laffery is worth at least 4 or 5 million alone.AllyMark my words, i've not been wrong yet, we wise rabWhy would they pay 10m for 2 donkeys with very poor scoring ratios?Thats the going rate for them now, sorry gers fans- wee wise rabRangers turned down more before for jelavic so defo not . Maybe £5 million for lafferty try £7-8 million for jelavicPoor scoring ratios?

Jelavic is the top scorer in scotland with 14 goals ... andy carrol, fernando torres, wayne rooney ... compared to these guys he has a very good goalscoring ratio. And you can give me your rubbish about poor SPL quality but for £50m you should be able to score in Europe's second best league surely4 - 5m for Lafferty! What a joke - can't see many clubs forking out that for the LAFF. 450K maybe.Think if rangers got 5 million at most for jellyfish theyd be doing well, hooper has most goals in the SPL in all comps! jelavics previous record before the SPL is very poor


01 Jan 2012 17:47:40
Cardiff City tempted on bringing home two local lads - Kaiede Mohammed and Jermaine Easter.(6)(18)


01 Jan 2012 17:46:28
Cheltenhams Towns "Kaiede Mohammed" is attracting interest from several clubs and could be poised to leave the club should an offer of atleast 150k be put forward.

you heard it here first

brummiebdc(2)(10)Its Kaid Mohammed
And Cheltenham won't be selling him this season. Stop making up rumours.

You heard it here first!This is obviously wrong because you've spelt his name wrong, it should be spelt 'Kaid Mohammed'.


01 Jan 2012 17:45:39
bent and adam johnson would be brilliant signing a natural proven goal scorer and think suarez would enjoy playing with a poacher like him. and more natural with and pace eith johnson who can also score goals.(30)(22)You won't sign Andy Johnson.. Henderson cost u 20million.. And he has yet to prove himself.Why would class acts, go to a third rate out-fit.


01 Jan 2012 17:45:22
Paul mcshane to sign for barnsley

Andy gray to sign for Huddersfield town

Ricardo vas te. To sign for Sheffield united(11)(31)Why would vas te sign for the blunts if
he leaves it will be to the prem2 right last 1 wrong Vaz Te going forward not backwardsHope it's not true! Would be the worst move by the blades in a long while. No room in a successful team for ego's.Not good enough for the Blades the way they are playing they will go upAndy Gray, we don't want him. Don't listen to TalkSport anymore since he went there.


01 Jan 2012 17:45:15
all this nonsense about bent going to lfc, no chance they can get 3 times the player for half the price. I have heard from my sisters boyfriends aunties daughters friends uncle that Gary Neville is everton bound(16)(18)Bent will be a liverpool player by the end of next week ! and liverpool will stand down and let suarez take the ban ! inside newsCan u please re-post next week and apologise when Bent hasn't signed 4 the scouse scum


01 Jan 2012 17:39:32

What are the chances of either cahill/bent/lavezzi signing? 1-10. I really can't see us getting Cahill (because we don't need him) or Lavezzi (he's going to have his pick of clubs), but we're in with a shout with Bent because of a) Downing and b) other senior England internationals. {Ed002's Note - I don't know what, if any, interest there is in Bent.}(15)(14)


01 Jan 2012 17:30:05
Leicester have had a bid rejected for Hull's 20 year old Winger Cameron Stewart (SSN)(15)(4)Cannot see any city players leaving as we will take the championship by storm in 2012What you are havin a laff mate poor thats what we are no chance !!Everyone has their price.


01 Jan 2012 17:25:24
Spurs One big signing this January will be
Xabi alonso!(16)(19)Dream onNo chance if xabi was going back to the prem it would be to his old team Liverpool and I'm a united fan!!We dont need him.And what's it got to do with west ham fans where he goes?Real wont sell and Spurs don't need him, not going to happenI'm assuming the grounds of this information is you remembering the name of a good midfielder and deciding he'll go to Spurs?He is injuredTottenham dont need him alonso would not go to spurs anywayHe said he would re-join liverpool one day, so i asume the day he comes back to the prem its to liverpoolWhy don't they go for a league 1 or 2 player that's not even proven in the championship? That's what all the big club's seem to be doing for some reason.


01 Jan 2012 17:22:29
paul coutts will join barnsley
nathan doyle will come to pne from barnsley

josh king will join preston from manchester united(6)(22)Ha ha best joke so far coutts will not go to tykes as for king its never goin to happenSir Alex Ferguson would never lend Preston ANY player after they sacked his son for no reason.


01 Jan 2012 17:22:03
Burnley are set to bid £350 000 for Kenny McLean 19,Scotland under 21 international from St Mirren.Who they have a £500 000 price tag on his head.He is a left sided midfielder.Daily Record,Ally(4)(12)Must be true its in the daily record


01 Jan 2012 17:11:58
1 problem is that puncheon is already on a season loan at qpr not coming to us Norwich boys get it right. What bull..........(6)(9)Puncheon deal ends 2nd janHe's not on a season loan,he returns to St Mary's in the next couple of days. Get your facts straight before telling other people they're talking bullst.........Muppet.HAHA, his loan ended today. So you're the one with the "bull"No he's due back at Southampton now.Puncheon loan has ended he was on about it on soccer am on satLoan ended today. Get things right.Puncheons loan at QPR is up.Get your facts right, his loan deal ends today.Walsall fan here, obviously never watched soccer am puncheon was on there saying Neil warnock told him personally that he wasn't extending his loan deal and that he's had enough of supporters saying he's got a attitude problem, and that he doesn't know where his future lies.No he isn't he is on loan until January - Source a SAINTS FAN!It ended yesterday and Blackpool have already made an enquirey to bring Puncheon back, Millwall also interested.Punch is back at soton asking for a clean slate so season long lone im not sure about


01 Jan 2012 16:56:05
Billy Sharp has a clause in his contract which became active today, which says he can be bought for 1.85 million. So all these people saying he is going for 3 million etc. It's all a load of rubbish.
Source: Sky Sports Transfer Centre(14)(8)Donny's owner said £3M would be what it takes to sign him. That's where people are getting the £3M fromIt's actually 1.85 million for a prem team and 3 million for others.A contract is a contract, if it says 1.85 million, that's what you have to pay. So don't start getting cocky.He vision his way to hull city!This is old news.

Sorry.Billy sharp will be ibrox bound soon, mark my words- wee wise rabI would expect sharp being the person he is to show DONCASTER ROVERS some good character and not leaving for anything less than 3million.. He is too good for 1.85.. he can turn down contractsYou all have it messed up cause if doncaster sell sheffield united have 1st choice but didnt think he would go back back but its club so who nosMessed up to think Doncaster will sell? If a prem team comes in for 1.85 million, they have to accept. I also cannot see Sharp turning down an opportunity to play in the Premiership. If he doesn't go this month he will definitely be going in the summer, that's for sure01 Jan 2012 23:48:01

There you go, 1.85 million.And sky sports never get anything wrong do they? John Ryan as said on the offical rovers website the price is £3m simples


01 Jan 2012 16:53:57
Any other Norwich fans think Jason Puncheon would be a good signing, on loan then with an option to sign permanantly at the end of the season? Proved he was good enough I think with Blackpool last year, scored on his debut, and also scored against Chelsea(10)(12)I think he will have his sights on bigger and better things than Norwich TBF.He can't even break into QPR side, and he said on Soccer AM he'd be willing to drop down to League 1 to get regular football.Yeah right - even Steven Ireland can score against Chelski these days! Puncheon is OK for Div 1 or mid-table Champ sides only. {Ed003's Note - He did very well last year }I can't understand why you think it would be a decent signing. PL needs to tighten up the defence first.I think we need a winger. We have 2 big strikers, but now we don't play Bennett and Pilkington, we have no width. Against Newcastle, we scored all 4 goals from crosses, and then at the weekend, from a cross. I think we do need 1 defender, but Ayala looked class at the weekend, then with Naughton RB, Tierney LB, also Martin and Whitbread for CB's aswell. Drury looked good aswell against Spurs. I think Gunter would be a good signing, but a CB I am not too sure, i think we have 5 decent centre backs with Martin, Ayala, Whitbread, Barnett and De Laet. I do think we need to replace Ward and Wilbraham though. Looking forward to seeing Vaughan play when he is fit aswell.


01 Jan 2012 16:48:28
liverpool are getting adam johnson and darren bent(41)(24)They want too many players


01 Jan 2012 16:44:37
my uncle works as a steward on british airways and he reckons hes just seen kaka get on a plane bound for john lennon airport!!! {Ed002's Note - Hard to see how Everton could afford his wages.}(6)(19)A bit past it these days but still a great signing for everton or tranmereThat's good, just waiting for the taxi driver to message in to say he's dropped him off, then the person who's friends uncles dogs cousins baby sitter has just seen him entering a club shop of the team he's going to sign for!Original flight was to gatwick.flight delayed so flying to Liverpool then on to gatwick then a ten minute drive to Crawley town FC for a medicalKaka will join spurs on loanLooks like hes gonna join Tranmere thenOn kaka facebook last night he was at home in madrid with his family that kills ur rumour mate!


01 Jan 2012 16:42:50
Paolo di Canio is still after 4 players and now has the funds to get them thanks to the sales of Leon Clarke, Michael Timlin, Elliot Benyon and Will Evans, and due to loan returns of Jake Jervis and Liam Ridehalgh, and the impending releases of Mattia Lanzano, Jordan Pavett and Matt Clark. He wants to sign a goalkeeper, a winger a central midfielder and another striker. The keeper he wants is Wes Foderingham who is currently on loan to the club from Crystal Palace, and is understood to be close to a permanent deal, if the deal falls through he will go for either Mikkel Andersen of reading, or attempt to bring Big Peter Brezovan back to the club from Brighton. The wingers he is interested in are Luke Rooney from Gillingham and Nick Powell from Crewe, although he could use Billy Bodin on the wings after his return from Torquay. There are several central midfielders he is interested in as he only has Simon Ferry, Jonathan Smith and Oliver Risser in that position as he now sees Alan McCormack as a Centre Half, he is interested in Harry Pell of Hereford, Michael Jacobs of Northampton, Andy Drury of Ipswich or Medy Elito of Dagenham and Redbridge. on the striker front it really depends on whether Mehdi Kerrouche is staying or going and on the form of Billy Bodin when he returns, if he stays we will not sign another striker but if it's decided that Bodin is to go on loan again then he will go for either Izale McLeod of Barnet, Joe Kuffour of Bristol Rovers or Ross Allen of Guernsey FC(4)(4)You guys can have brezovan, fans dont like him anymore however i do and still think he should be playing for us. Does look a likely signing for you but weve just sent a keeper out on loan so not sure if we'd let our back up keeper leaveThink you'll find Nick Powell isn't a winger, nor will he be joining Swindon.1. Michael Jacobs, Luke Rooney, Nick Powell WON'T GO TO SWINDON because higher league clubs are interested in them.
2. Same again with most of the central midfielders that Swindon are 'INTERESTED' in.
3. This is clearly wrong because Medi Elito IS NOT a central midfielder.
4. Joe Kuffour is off to Gillingham.
5. Mcleod is already set to join a league 1 club.
Proof that this is CLEARLY MADE UP.Epic storytelling .had to lie down arter that novel


01 Jan 2012 16:40:33
hamsik,flanagan, higuain in chelsea?(5)(39)Is that flanagan at chelsea


01 Jan 2012 16:39:44
Ulrich le pen to return to ipswich on loan(4)(15)Haha yeah he was a fan's favouriteNo, he is going to Charlton is the word


01 Jan 2012 16:29:41
Blackpool sign young Scotland center Back Danny Wilson till the end of the seson on loan.Another jock for Maximus to hate.Happy he will be getting first team football.Ally(28)(4)


01 Jan 2012 16:29:11
Norwich to try sign naughton on permanent deal - ssn(25)(7)


01 Jan 2012 16:21:22
If malouda goes to psg, it will free up the space for hulk to come to stamford bridge and break the transfer record (84m) , especially with anelka and alex being sold.(34)(16)Chelsea should get rid off malouda they do not need him at chelsea anymore


01 Jan 2012 15:57:14
Scottish Premier League side Kilmarnock, have made an undisclosed offer for Rochdale defender Neal Trotman.(12)(8)


01 Jan 2012 15:51:49
Norwich hope to make Kyle Naughtons loan deal a permanent move from tottenham as he's been fantastic this season and is enjoying his football. Sources: Pink'un & Sky Sports News.(20)(5)Hope we do get him permanantly, him, tierney and martin have been our best players this season.Looks like Corluka is off this month supposedly to Roma, so I don't see Spurs wanting to sell.
Naughton looks to have done pretty well at Norwich though no?Yeah hes been supurb for us! think hes been able to shine cause hes not surrounded by stars which is what he needed i guess. Naughten is on season long loan anyways, so selling Corluka seems pretty irrelivent to me as Tott will need cover regardless. think this will happen with substantal add ons!The thing is Spurs may sign a CB and they have Kaboul then as cover at right back if Walkers injured. On the other hand Naughton himself might prefer regular starts than coming back and struggling to get games with Walker having already established himself in that position


01 Jan 2012 15:51:14
Luton Town are set to bring MK Dons forward Lewis Guy on loan until the end of the season.
Another player expecting to leaving The Dons is Anthony McNamee. Premier League side QPR have made a bid of around £250,000 for the winger as Neil Warnock looks set to recruit.(5)(11)Gillingham trying to sign Lewis young from northampton and george baldock


01 Jan 2012 15:51:08
Danny Rose to Watford seems to be agreed for rest of the year in place of Kightly. Nosworthy staying at Watford as O'Neill does not rate him. Sordell to Everton for £5m. Tommy Smith on loan from QPR.
Dyche wants a keeper too. Bryan to Falkirk is agreed and Mingoia will go to Aldershot on loan after the cup game.(12)(6)Everton aint got 5 million


01 Jan 2012 15:50:14
Sean st Ledger to huddersfield(21)(15)I'll personally drive him there20 grand a week..dont think soNo way he will not goToo good for league 1!


01 Jan 2012 15:48:25
Wycombe are keen to make a bid for Colchester goalkeeper Carl Pentney.(3)(5)


01 Jan 2012 15:46:10
Watford will sign Jason puncheon from southampton, as it is rumoured that he wants to leave after his loan spell at qpr because of an argument with nigel adkins(9)(11)Yeah alright. Swap for Sordell and a few million?I meant Puncheon and a few million for Sordell. Puncheon's not worth it.


01 Jan 2012 15:44:45
Leeds are in the running to sign Graham Dorrans from West Brom on a loan to end of season. Could beat Rangers to the deal as he will get regular playing time with Howson's injury and Dorrans is close friends with Snodgrass through their time together at Livingston. Watch this space!(23)(27)He will get first team football at rangers + there is a lot more scotland internationals there that he knows.Dorrans will not go anywhere on loan. FactBut rangers cant afford himBut Rangers can afford him, They will get £10m for jelavic + plus they spent more money than all other scottish teams in all scottish leagues combined in the summer . FACT .Why would he drop 3 levels of football after al apart from the old firm. The rest are division 1 standard !!


01 Jan 2012 16:22:15
Close to signing Jo Kuffour.(1)(17)For who


01 Jan 2012 16:21:43
Great news, signed David Button on a months loan from Tottenham, after they recalled him from Leyton Orient.(10)(0)Who's he signed for?Donny rovers


01 Jan 2012 16:20:14
Ayr will be making 5 signing's 2 major signings & 3 to make up squad especially before the semi final against there rivals killie on the 28th at hampden.(3)(7)Any idea of who they are?Hope so but cant see it.Or else they would have got better players in Jan.Dont think that the new sponser from Canada,has put any money into the club.Ally


01 Jan 2012 16:12:10
I have been hearing alot of
whispers going around saying
that Connor Wickham will be
returning to Ipswich Town on
loan until the end of the season.
I have also heard that Giles
Barnes of Doncaster Rovers will
be joining Wickham and
Giorgos Samaras of Celtic is the
subject of a £3,000,000 bid from
Nottingham Forest as Steve
Cotterill looks to solve his
side's inability to score goals.(5)(35)I doubt Wickham will be going anywhere soon...he's out for a while with a knee injury.Forest have no money, only will be able to afford anything like that if they can sell all the crap like DerbyshireDoubt samaras will solve their inability to score goals have u seen his record lolSamaras dont do goals in EnglandAm a celtic fan if u want goals dont sign sammyWhat a load of rubbish,Connor is staying put.£3m for Samaras lol, I honestly wouldn't pay £3 ( unless that went towards a long awaited haircut )


01 Jan 2012 16:08:53
Huddersfield town to sign rob hulse on loan. Practically a done deal(19)(10)


01 Jan 2012 16:00:28
Stevenage are set to lose two players as boss Terry Westley looks to make spaces for new January recruits.
Cameroonian striker Guy Madjo, is subject of a bid from Championship side Barnsley, as Keith Hill looks for new attacking reinforcements.
Another player leaving Stevenage is Jennison Myrie-Williams. The well travelled winger looks set to join League 2 side Bristol Rovers on loan until the end of the season with a view to a permanent deal.(1)(11)


01 Jan 2012 15:29:51
Leyton Orient have signed MK Dons left back Adam Chicksen on a month's loan after Millwall recalled Tony Craig last week. Also, David Button has been recalled from his loan at Orient and has sent to Doncaster Rovers for a month.(6)(1)


01 Jan 2012 15:27:35
Just seen on twitter a rumour about Kaboul to Barcelona??(5)(19)Someone has been playing too much football manager 2012 then :)


01 Jan 2012 15:27:07
Liverpool to bid 16m for Podolski(26)(33)Why bid 16m when he's available for 10m?He will sign


01 Jan 2012 15:10:51
Huddersfield Town will look to offload Robbie Simpson with Oldham interested and also Joey Gudjonsson who has not featured for Lee Clark this season. Also expect some fringe players to leave.(17)(4)


01 Jan 2012 15:08:57
Wrexham will take loan players from Blackpool, Bury, and Rochdale as they look to add depth to their squad.
Three Bury players have been offered along with an approach for an out of favour Rochdale midfielder(10)(6)


01 Jan 2012 15:05:38
Blackpool left-back Bob Harris is going on loan to Ross County until the end of the season.(11)(2)


01 Jan 2012 15:03:47
Rhys Taylor of chelsea is considering a move to Bury on loan until the end of the season.
Shaka Hislop believes it will benefit his long term development.(16)(3)


01 Jan 2012 15:00:31
Newcastle linked again with James Tompkins, Jan Vertongen highly recommended by chief scout Carr but too expensive to sign, plan to wait until the summer when only 1 year left on contract nd get in early before any bigger teams (probably end up with a big team though)

Also looking into a striker still but would be a young, cheap player for the future(22)(2)Is Alan Smith leaving??


01 Jan 2012 14:58:55
Mike Jones of Bury

linked to Ipswich, Blackpool, Huddersfield, Barnsley, Ipswich.

Of all the Barnsley one is confirmed as a 60k bid, this has been stalled whilst Bury await other offers.
Ipswich, who have Jones best friend Cressa, showed interest via the players agent in November and have yet to make a firm offer.

Blackpool expect to lose McManaman and Jones has been Targetted, along with Onuaha as a permanent replacement.(8)(2)


01 Jan 2012 14:55:34
Hey ed just wandering is it true that liverpool are possibly trying to buy either lavezzi, torres, lucas podolski, eden hazzard and shaqiri? {Ed001's Note - no, NO, there is mild interest, interested but not in the running right now, interest but so are both Manchester clubs.}(23)(16)


01 Jan 2012 14:50:10
Kane Ferdinand (Southend) is on the verge of joining Ipswich Town.(12)(12)He'll stay at the Shrimpers they are better!! Sea sea seas-siders!He has been told to wait as Leicester are interested also


01 Jan 2012 14:37:19
Izale Mcleod Barnet to swindon Town 100k(13)(10)


01 Jan 2012 14:36:50
Ravel Morrison to Watford on loan to end of the season view to permanant deal Tommy Smith and Jukavits wil sign in the Window(8)(18)You think united will put a view to permanent on their hottest youngster?


01 Jan 2012 14:33:19
Liverpool are reportedly going in with 24million to get Darren Bent from Aston Villa(23)(37)This proves the delusion on Merseyside.This guy has made some seriouse money on transfer feesI think he would be a better signning than carroll that we made last january and a good fill in for suarez whilst his ban

PLZ be a true rumourNot a chance in hellYes and plz the adam johnson rumours be true


01 Jan 2012 14:28:48
Has anyone heard anything about Wes Hoolahan moving? THink he's a top player and would love to see him at Liverpool but doubt it'll happen..
Cheers(6)(29)Why would Wes Hoolahan lower himself to join that lot of underachieversWes Hoolahan is staying at Norwich! No reason why he'd want to move to Liverpool where he would be playing balls through to Andy Carroll to miss the whole game! OTBCNah why would we want a pile of
like him and liverpool are not under achievers


01 Jan 2012 14:27:01
Southampton are interested in Marvin Sordell of Watford and Matt Phillips of Blackpool.(16)(10)Two players I'd like. These two, maybe one more striker and a centre back and I'd consider it a good January.Forget it - you can't afford Sordell - try for Sharp (o forgot he turned you down) or maybe Maynard (forgot again - he turned you down as well)!When were we turned down by Maynard? We were turned down by Bristol city.

Also we can afford all of those players being the 5th richest club in England and all that.5th richest club HA HA that's why you've got ourstanding debt fact. And none of those players would go to a history less club like yours anyway. I hate you lot and Pompey but Atleast they got history....The 5th richest club in is that turnover or is it cash in the bank? I just Googled richest football clubs and so far.......your not even in the top 20...IN THE UK. Your owner (now dead) bought you out of administration.....his family have the money....not the clubOur owner actually wiped out all of our debt pretty much as soon as we came into the club ... and it doesnt matter if a blub has £10milllion or £10billion its wether they have money availible for transfers which we do .. even if we werent a rich club (which we are) the money gained from promotion to the championship and the £15million sell of alex chamberline combined is more then enough to provide for our transfer needs ... learn your facts before u commentI googled that to, We are richest in the championship by a long way...And richer than a few prem clubs too.


01 Jan 2012 14:09:22
wba sam mantom will be the next big thing when he leaves for a top club, hodgson has too many midfielders too give him his chance; i have watched him in the reserves for three years, he will go on to be a top player,(12)(5)


01 Jan 2012 13:59:25
Darron Gibson Man united to Derby on loan.
Aiden White Leeds to Derby.(4)(23)White 2 derby r u on summat fella!! no chance lol!!!


01 Jan 2012 13:58:32
Bristol Rovers are planning an 80K move for Barnet star striker Izale McLeod. Also interested in top-of-the-league Wrexham's Lee Fowler.

They are looking to sell some of their current team including Chris Zebroski and Byron Anthony.(3)(13)


01 Jan 2012 13:54:29
Hull City to sign Doris De vries or Steve Harper to solve the desperate GK problem at the KC(15)(4)Why would they come to hull?I hope they do Doris De vries is not good enough for wolves


01 Jan 2012 13:49:26
Watford to complete a deal for Lukas Jutkiwicz from Coventry also Tommy Smith will sign from QPR(1)(13)Done deal to saints


01 Jan 2012 13:39:23
Cahill pretty much set for chelsea and frimpong has joined wolves on loan untill the end of the season, however not with a buyout clause option.
Chelsea are looking into the shock signature of Yakubu because of the nigerians goal scoring record this season and the lack of goals chelsea are getting.(2)(21)


01 Jan 2012 13:37:48
Andros Townsend just turned down millwall for Leeds til the end of the season. Good signing(26)(4)Dont know why, nothing to choose between them, both loser clubs.Perhaps he thinks that leeds are a place he can improve, you should ask yourself, why comment if nothing to say, perhaps you are sad and have no friends.^^ Keep your wig on.Loser club? Millwall just above relegation, Leeds sitting comfortably in 8th, 1 point from play-offs and a fantastic history which only limited clubs can match, fool.


01 Jan 2012 13:35:41
ched evans to finalise his move to brighton from sheffield united today, announcement at 2PM today, Fee unknown but around £1.7million

#insider(8)(6)Sorry i ment tommorrow or wednesdayOr not...Good joke mate, look around £3m.....


01 Jan 2012 13:35:20
come on saunders we need a keeper & center half like yesterday(6)(3)


01 Jan 2012 13:34:32
millwall boss jacket
looking to strengthen
in jan who will he get in
and who will be out(2)(4)How and why would you strengthen a jacket?


01 Jan 2012 13:29:50
Milos Krasic is leaving Juventus this month, most likely to Chelsea(24)(8)


01 Jan 2012 13:28:04
Billy Sharp to Huddersfield for 2.8 million, Lee Novak to Watford for 400 k(10)(25)The funniest thing ive heard in 2012 so far. LolWhy would Billy Sharp go from the championship to a league 1 side? think you have been drinking to much!Were you going to get the money fromComing from a huddersfield fan yes this is unrealistic billy sharp is not dropping to league 1 but im sure we have 2.8 million its not football manager kidsI've also heard this, from a very reliable source IMOHaha yeah, billy sharp might come to a team in league 1....not. He's good enough to have a go in the prem...once again huddersfield fans thinking their a massive club...your not. FACT.Hudds fans don't think they are a massive club. Is this a Leeds fan above?


01 Jan 2012 13:26:22
Gunter can play left or right back thats why lambert wants him(12)(4)Yes Gunter can.....both badly.You carnt afford him you muppet


01 Jan 2012 13:24:35
i was laughed at when i said Andros Townsend was joining leeds, he wants to play football not rugby, he is going to Villa Etc....

taken from Leeds o/s
Leeds United have signed Tottenham winger Andros Townsend on loan until the end of the season.(16)(7)Spurs were looking to get shot of him for a bit, didnt you know he is a trouble maker?Didn't you know nobody cares? We are nicknamed "Dirty Leeds" by many clubs, having somebody who causes a bit of trouble will only lift the Leeds crowd more than they already are, which from experience is a lot.


01 Jan 2012 13:23:20
Newcastle are interesed in Swansea young player Scott Sinclair. Pardew would like to sign him in the January window. Newcastle are prepared to spend £5M and increase his wages to get their man(13)(23)


01 Jan 2012 13:22:03
sheff u to sign john fleck on loan(19)(4)


01 Jan 2012 13:08:24
Heard things around London that Podolski's representatives have been contacted by Arsenal this morning.(24)(13)Nah, that was Big Ben you heard ringing.Defo not


01 Jan 2012 13:07:59
Wolves are ready to offload Doyle and fletcher is wanted by a few clubs. Keogh, vokes and ebanks-Blake could are most likely to be out the door. A whole front line change could path the way for kenwyne jones(Stoke), nicky Maynard(Bristol), Billy sharp(Sheffield) and maxi Lopez(Catania)(9)(27)Want to get your facts right Sharp plays for DoncasterThink she'd it's will take any offer for him as he doesn't play there any more UTCBilly Sharp Sheffield? he plays for docasterThey need offload alot of players b4 there playing championship football next season


01 Jan 2012 13:06:45
Aaron Mclean to sign for Brighton while hull continue to battle for the signature of Billy Sharp(10)(14)Don't be surprised to see the Three Musketeers all together again - Boyd, Maclean and C M S at Brighton.It's so going to happen and will be great.I support Notts County and drool over what those three could do.Keep your overpriced divas - these boys are the real deal.You Lucky Seagulls!!Brighton couldn't afford Boyd and why would he take a sidewards step, ridiculus!Mclean works hard but he is no prem footballer. Middle championship at best. Brighton can have him for 2m and we will buy a decent striker


01 Jan 2012 13:06:13
West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan has vowed to splash more cash this month to boost their promotion bid. The Hammers have already had approaches for Huddersfield striker Jordan Rhodes and Cardiff playmaker Peter Whittingham knocked back and have also been linked with Fulham's Andy Johnson.
Boss Sam Allardyce overhauled his squad in the summer, bringing in a host of new faces including £4million star signing Kevin Nolan, and has another 25-player shortlist to go shopping with now the transfer window has reopened.(17)(14)


01 Jan 2012 12:54:57
billy davis paul mckenna next management team n ricardo gardener on a free(7)(7)Management team of who?What team will they join though?Preston North EndMckenna is playing really well for Hull; doubt he is ready to hang up the boots quite yet


01 Jan 2012 12:52:49
Milos Krasic's agent had confirmed he will leave Juventus this month. Chelsea is most likely his destination.(14)(5)


01 Jan 2012 12:47:03
chris samba to newcastle for £9million(29)(37)Thats the 50th player linked to newcastle this weekendI hope soWould be a good signing just unsure if we would meet transfer fee and wages

more likely to sign youngster who we can pick up cheaper and on lower wages with possibility to sell on in futureNo chanceHighly unlikely, samba will be off to one of the big clubs. newcastle are also on a slow steady decline now as well. news from the inside there is that tiote and a few others are gonna be off. couple that with ba away for ACN... will be a long winter for the toon unfortunately


01 jan 2012 12:35:34
d henderson on his way out at
millwall going 2 watford(7)(18)


01 Jan 2012 12:33:55
Southampton will sign Japan international striker Tadanari Lee from Sanfrece Hiroshima for an undisclosed fee.(16)(9)Hes going to saintsSouthampton are saints? or are you just stating what you read above? :S


01 Jan 2012 12:32:50
Heard that Rangers will get Dorrans plus 3.5m for jelavic. Also they will sign Driver.(13)(16)Nope So many people are after Jelavic jusst shot of 8mil i thinkHears hoping! Cant see it though,


01 jan 2012 12:30:22
darius henderson going to
watford from millwall.(9)(16)


01 Jan 2012 12:28:47
Chris Brown will leave my club Doncaster and go back to Preston on a free...(16)(5)Ha ha made my new year we dnt want him back he is crap


01 Jan 2012 12:21:51
For the person below who said Naughton is going back to spurs we are signing him on a permanent this week!!(16)(11)Not the original poster, but spurs are looking to let corluka go! they won't sell naughtonWow! Really?Thanks, i think we (Tottenham) have got the better of that deal.


01 Jan 2012 12:20:34
Hulk to Chelsea
Klass Jan-Huntelaar to Arsenal
Sergio Canales to Liverpool ( loan )
Steven Pienaar to Sunderland
Frederico Macheda to Qpr
Paul Robinson to Stoke city
Carlos Tevez to Ac Milan ( january )
Mario Balotelli to Ac Milan ( summer )
Chris Samba to QPR
Roberto Soldado to Chelsea
John Guidetti to Feyenoord
Maxi Lopez to Catania
Lukas Podoski to Arsenal
Kyle Naughton to Norwich(23)(35)Canales is out injured for 3-4 months so that is unlikely. maxi lopez is already at catania. stop posting BS rumours.Didnt take you long to read the papers! Nothing original to offer?I hope chelsea dont get hulk he is really good and i want him a liverpoolHow can that be true canales is on loan at valencia for 2 years and maxi lopez is already at cataniaOneill would get best out of PienaarIt's unlikely either of the man city players will join a.c Milan


01 Jan 2012 12:08:19
Christopher Samba to join Stoke City for £7m(7)(36)To join the Land Of The Giants you mean?


01 Jan 2012 12:05:55
Man City to sign Nathan Redmond for £16m(6)(38)Bargain at that this kid go.will be better than cristiano ronaldo.remember where you heard this firstSo a handful of games gets you a price tag of £16m now?? Very much doubt it!Are you joking. If hes worth that then what is Raheem Sterling worth who is even better?


01 Jan 2012 12:04:25
Diego Arisimendi will join Birmingham City on Loan.(11)(18)Could this be part of the deal for Ridgeway to Stoke ?


01 Jan 2012 12:01:09
Villa transfers:
1. Josh McEachran-loan
2. Yannick Djalo-trial
3. Steven Davis-2m
4. Florent Malouda-8m
5. Enda Stevens-300k
6. Esteban Granero-12m(9)(40)Djalo's trial was cancelled about 2/3 weeks ago. I believe McLeish said the position he plays isn't a priority for us...


01 Jan 2012 11:58:26
After hardly playing this season james mcquilkin is linked to a loan move to Lincoln, telford, Shrewsbury and Burton all interested in the ex west Brom trainee. Mcquilkin signed a new two year deal in June 2011 but has been frozen out by ex physio manager Jamie pitman. The fans are stunned after last seasons displays mcquilkin stood out as a key player in the team.good luck quilks you will be missed as for Harry pell and featherstone they are overrated and clueless(10)(4)


01 Jan 2012 11:54:34
Lewis mcgugan to derby county to ease forests financial worries(23)(28)


01 Jan 2012 11:47:54
Sky Sports are reporting that Rangers are interested in Graham Dorrans of West Brom,I can,t see the Baggies wanting to move Dorrans on at the moment seeing that they have injuries to Mulumbu and Ried in midfield although Dorrans has n,t recreated the form from last season that made him a hot prospect,mainly due to lack of games and personnel problems.(8)(16)


01 Jan 2012 11:41:12
chelsea to move for hulk from fc porto for a world-record 100m euro bid, roughly £84m(19)(35)He's a class act, but not worth THAT muchHope soDecent player, never worth that much though, £20m topsWhat a waste that would be, looks awful in the champions league!So is he better than ronaldo and messi? at that price he must be the best player in the world! haha


01 Jan 2012 11:35:48
Ally McCoist wants West Bromwich Albion midfield player Graham Dorrans.Dorrans wants a move from the Hawthorns because he is not getting regular football.


01 Jan 2012 11:33:05
31 Dec 2011 09:23:29
Coventry look set to sell Jutkiewicz to Southampton for £1.5 million.

Coventry owners wanted to keep the highly rated forward but are being forced to sell because fans' boycotts are thought to be costing the club money.

Although fans' boycotts haven't cost the club a significant sum yet, owners SISU have projected the boycott costs forwart to the end of the season and fear a large drop in revenue.

At the very time the club is battling for survival, it is bitterly ironic that stayaway fans are causing more damage than SISU's cost-cutting measures


Sounds very likely.

Also heard that Keogh is wanted by Bolton.(16)(14)


01 Jan 2012 11:32:56
Great news for norwich if the pink in is correct and naughton is to join fulltime. To rangers fan who wrote that rangers get more tv money than champ teans. This is not the case as soon teams in 2nd tier will recive 16million(11)(6)The day the EPL signed a deal with SKY was the day they ruined british football, rangers and celtic would come in top 5 of the EPL if they got the same TV money. Bottom of the league EPL teams get £40m a season and rangers got £4m and they won the league, absolute joke and now the spanish league has taken over the world of football as english culubs spiral into massive amounts of debt, e.g. the glazers were over £700m in debt...


01 Jan 2012 11:30:00
30 Dec 2011 19:01:39
Watford Striker Marvin Sordel expected to hold talks with Blackburn and Bolton and start a bidding war starting at 3M, whereas England U21 keeper Scott Loach will be wanted by a host of Championship clubs, but is likely to opt for a move to long term admirers Spurs in a 2M deal early in the transfer window.

You have to question some rumours, according to various soces Blackburn are about to have their fees frozen by Barclays as they haven't comlied with their regulations and are about to have a clear out of players so they can stave off administration. Why would Marvin opt to join a team that will be in the Championship next season! If Spurs want to pay £2m then let them have Loach so he can keep the bench warm



01 Jan 2012 11:28:34
The mcgugan and gunter rumors are true as he is too good for league 1 or lower championship so will take their chance at the prem with Norwich as paul lambert will give them that chance. As for Rhodes here are 3 reasons why he will come to Norwich: 1. Premier league football. 2. Does not have to move far. 3. Norwich have a good relationship with hudds(Pilks Clarke)(12)(11)While I can see Rhodes joining Norwich, I must say that Huddersfield and Norwich are 173miles apart, so he would have to move to play for them. Otherwise its an 8 hour + round trip.The Huddersfield board and management team are insisting that Jordan will NOT be going anywhere this JanuaryI'll give you one reason why he won't move to Norwich In January, HE ISN'T FOR SALE AT ANY PRICE!One reason why Jordan Rhodes won't sign for Norwich.

He's an Ipswich boy!Actually gunter has said he wants to stayI think what the original poster was alluding to is that he would not have to move far from Suffolk where, I believe his family are based.. but nice research on the distance between Huddersfield and Norwich.


01 Jan 2012 11:08:53
Blackburn Rovers will be looking to sign at least 5 players in the January transfer window these will include Nedum Onouha, Liam Ridgewell, Wayne Bridge, Mark Noble and Roman Pavlyuchenko(10)(15)Wierd since there told they have to sell b4 they can buy and need to raise funds to pay players wages they have on there books already or go into adminSo Blackburn having serious financial problems and having to sell players to cover the £10 million black hole they're in as their owners are refusing to put in fresh money won't affect these moves then??

Expect Samba, Hoilett, Nzonzi and possibly Robinson to go for big money, for a few more to be moved on to reduce the wage bill and for youths to filter through from the reserves.... Possibly a free transfer or two at the end of the month too but unlikely unless a miracle happens and Blackburn can convincingly get out of the relegation spots- after all; who'll want to sign for a team thats about to be relegated??Laughed so muckhi neally fell in my cornflakesBlackburn are looking to release Jason Roberts, Michel Salgado and potentially Paul Robinson to reduce the wage bill and balance the books. Venkys are willing to provide a cash injection also to go with the £5M due from Sky this month. Expect David Hoilett to leave for around £10M, with Steve Kean using this money to bring in 4 players. The transfer fee isn't the issue its more the weekly wages to reduce the running costs i.e. Robinson >£60k per week....


01 Jan 2012 11:08:17
Gunter from nottingham forest to norwich, was on back of paper and nottingham forrest have just extended loan of defender Greg Cunningham as gunter is on his way out(10)(4)Greg Cunningham is a Left Back.....Gunter is a Right Back! Tractor Boy ! what that got to do with anything?So even after both Gunter and sc saying gunts will not leave, you say he is still going because Cunningham (a left back) has been resigned in loan, to cover for Gunter (a right back), who is being sold.................but then again, it was on the back of the paper


01 Jan 2012 11:07:33
Barnsley fc say they are looking to sign 5/6 players in
transfer window.Some players will be leaving names
not known(15)(5)


01 Jan 2012 11:04:28
Ed is true that chelsea are
willing to break their transfer
record for the fee payed to
liverpool for fernando torres
and offer 84 million for fc porto
striker hulk. P.S have a happy
new year ed :) {Ed002's Note - No.}(9)(16)The cheaper option would be rangers star striker kyle lafferty- he would only cost half the amount


01 Jan 2012 11:03:50
Chelsea are planning their bid on FC Porto's Alvaro Periera after a rejected bid in the Summer transfer Market.(14)(9)


01 Jan 2012 10:52:13
According to the Daily record, Athletico Madrid are interested in Rangers striker Nikica Jelavic.

I think it would be a good move, the spanish league is better than the EPL and athletico madrid are a top 5 team - no EPL top 5 team have shown interest apart from liverpool who are floating in and around fifth.(7)(19)No chance mate on any of your post, think about it he's not that good thats why he's at rangersThe spanish isn't better than epl lolBarcelona and Real madrid are the best, and richest clubs in the world, real madrid is also the biggest, we are seeing that the EPL is crumbling in massive amounts of debt and even the likes of man utd and man city cannot stay in the champions league. {Ed001's Note - Madrid and Barcelona are also struggling financially, Barca have a huge debt and Madrid are having to offer Higuain around to raise funds.}The Spanish league is better, hence the world's best players are all in their league... Jelavic is a decent striker, although almost half his 14 goals this season have been from the penalty spot! Jealvic or Falcao... Hmmm lol


01 Jan 2012 10:46:33
Ally Mcoist has confirmed that Rangers are interested in graham dorrans. Price tag could be a problem as west brom could be looking for £5m+ ... that will either be half the jelavic money or part of the jelavic deal.

He also also confirmed that john fleck is in talks with blackpool over a possible loan move(21)(10)


01 Jan 2012 10:22:34
"if jordan rhodes leaves huddersfield there getting in zoko from carlisle"
If true bad news for Carlisle magical player at times although he could do with showing it more, Although not a goal scorer like Rhodes but he is not doing bad 3 in last 4 2 of them coming off the bench.(8)(5)Jordan rhodes will stay and zoko will join


01 Jan 2012 10:19:08
Preston north end to sign Sean st Ledger on loan for the rest of the season once jamie mccombe returns to huddersfield town from his loan spell(5)(16)


01 Jan 2012 09:47:03
Burnleys Chris mcann going to Bolton deal already done an Jay rod has played his last game for Burnley with everton Stoke an wolves after him eddie to bring in Gibson on loan all info from a very good source inside the club(7)(12)McCann to Bolton? Somewhat unlikely as McCann cannot stand Coyle after he left burnley in the lurch a few years ago to defect to Bolton!!

Jay Rod is likely to go; providing somebody stumps up £6,000,000 or more for him. the latest from inside the club is that contract negotiations are going VERY well and that an extension is imminent.


01 Jan 2012 09:02:02
Q.P.R to sign any of the following:

01. Samba. 8m
02. Collins. 6m
03. Alex. 5m
04. Macheda. loan
05. Jelavic. 7m
06. Gampst Pederson. 4m
07. Malouda. 8m
08. Lukaku. loan
09. Bridge. loan
10. Defoe. 10m(18)(34)Why would any of the above move 2 a team set for the drop ? I can understand maybe a loan signing .I can see all them players wanting to signe for a culb who will go down lol what a dreamerLukaku cannot be loaned this season, do your researchWhat? ur on dreamland lol as much as i would love them players the only 1 with any concrete proof is macheda on loan the other lot are just rumours or wishsTotal bullst


01 jan 2012 08:54:50
bristol city;) any bristol city new year day transfer news please,(0)(4)Maynard out, Pitman out


01 Jan 2012 08:37:55
Hull City January Transfer Window

Out - Paul McShane (Released)

In - Robbie Brady (Extended Loan)
Dave Clarkson (Bristol City)
Ravel Morrison (Loan Man Utd)
Matt Kilgallon (Sunderland)(9)(12)How do you release a player on over £1m a year, with a contract that runs to Aug 2013? He's going out on loan, he can't be released and no-one will buy the useless lump.

None of your other suggestions are right either.Ok muppet seeing as u know so much when we were relegated we released four players so as to get the wage bill down


01 Jan 2012 08:06:53
Newcastle are going to spend a good chunk of the Andy Carroll money in this window. Jan Vertongen will cost us £8m at least, we have been chasing him for a while now. Also Erik Pieters will sign for £4m which means Simpson can leave and Santon will play at right back. As much as Pardew denies it we are going to sign a striker in the form of Jordan Rhodes for £4m, bargain buy. Also if Tiote leaves Newcastle will be signing Coulibaly for £3m. Outgoing will be Simpson, Perch, Alan Smith(16)(22)Dream on magThe andy carrol money went to pay the clubs tax billRhodes will be at Huddersfield for the rest of this season! Fact.Jordan Rhodes js staying put


01 Jan 2012 07:49:18
sneider in talk with man u

gary cahill to chelsea cnfirm...

podolski want arsenal move

hulk on his way to chelsea around 84 mil

liverpool bid khedira and might bid for kevin doyle and lavezzi(27)(28)


01 Jan 2012 05:04:56
QPR Transfers-

Jermaine Defoe (Loan)
Federico Macheda (Loan)
Nathaniel Clyne- 4 Million
Alex- 6.5 Million
Wayne Bridge- 2 Million(9)(23)


01 Jan 2012 03:12:33
southampton fc signing january window:
1.billy sharp £2m
2.marc-andre ter stegen £3.5m
3. tadanari lee undisclosed fee
4.jacob butterfield 775k-900k(19)(51)Stegen's a bit too good for us right now. The others all have potential, but I'd like Matty Philips and another defender.Jacob butterfield have both been heavily linked with Rangers so southampton would have to guarantee that they could get into the EPL and stay there.Ter-stegen would only go to a top premier league club! he's one of the best young keepers in Germany already!Wish you were right but apart from number 3 i think you are way off mateAs much as I want this to happen there isn't a hope in hell of us getting ter Stergen or or butterfield with higher league teams after them !Are you completely mad? Sharp will cost double that amount and will probably get an offer from a Premiership club anyway.Obviously over indulged last night mateBilly sharp 2m??

he has a 3m buy out clause so doubt that very muchBilly sharp has a 1.8 million buy out clause saying that he wont go to your neck of the woods as his son is buried in doncaster he wont leave Yorkshire plus Southampton will start to fade down the league in this new yearHey southampton im a leicester fan whats the point ur not getin billy sharp he will sign for lcfcLeicester have already offered 3m so that shoots down your postDoncaster turned down a 3million bid from West Ham for Billy Sharp. Think Doncasters super agent Mr Mckay will have a say if he leaves and as we all know only deals with certian teams and personal.Never get ter-stegen. he is a hot prospect in germany and will cost more than 3.5 mil.Mystic meg on here again, can read the future, Saints will fade down the league, dont tell me Doncaster are going on an unbelievable run and win the league and Portsmouth are going to be brought by another billionaire. We will see, not being funny but people have been saying our bubble will burst since the first game of the season when we beat Leeds 3-1, dont get me wrong, it has certainly been deflated but we start the new year top of the league, fact is i would rarther be a saints fan with a deflated bubble. COYRSo you are saying if Arsenal, spurs or chelski put a bid in for him he would reject because it aint Yorkshire, get real mate, players commute long distances these days, i appreciate he would want to see his son grave but by moving clubs would not affect that. Players have a short career and he will go were the best money is FACT, one thing for sure, come the end of January he will not be a Doncaster player and without him i would imagine you are dead certs for relagationWish i had a quid for every time someone said 'Southampton will start to fade down the league' for the past 3/4 monthsLOL. i love leicester fans. Why wont you just give up and accept your sht. You tried buying the league, and you messed up. Southampton have already disclosed they dont WANT sharp. So have him. We'll still be above you when the season comes to an end.Sharp has no clause in his contract so stop lyingSharp aint coming to us and neither is Maynard - can someone start making up new rumours - fed up with the old ones . taI agree, i think Adkins has give up on Sharp and is looking at new targets, i dont think Maynard will come here either nor will he go to Leicester or West Ham. His heart seems to be set on a prem team (good luck with that Maynard) Saints look like completing the signing of striker Tadanari Lee for an undisclosed fee, also looks like Lukas Jutkiewicz is a strong possibility. Also there is strong rumours floating around down here that we will sign an atacking midfielder, names being mentioned are peter whittingham and Chris Mccann personaly cant see there clubs selling these player, so i aint listening too much to these rumours.


01 Jan 2012 02:42:27
Bristol city set to make further inquiries over stephen pearson.(11)(15)Please take him..he has scored more goals for you than us in ages.


01 Jan 2012 01:37:36
Macheda has signed on loan with QPR will be confirmed on monday!



01 Jan 2012 01:25:42
Nikola Zigic to sign for Wolves.(21)(13)Why would wolves want that over rate donkey??Every players want to play in eplHow can people agree to this?? it more bullst then mr hankey


01 Jan 2012 01:25:26
Edgar Davids will join Birmingham City's coaching ranks.(12)(43)


01 Jan 2012 01:23:01
Blackburn pursuade esteban granero to come on loan from Madrid very ambitious though(13)(37)


01 Jan 2012 01:16:38
Vince Grella will sign on Loan for Birmingham.(19)(14)


01 Jan 2012 01:16:21
Jason Koumas will sign for Birmingham City on a free transfer.(31)(20)Good free signing that will provide some creativity


01 Jan 2012 01:07:23
Jason euell is due to be released in the summer with gillingham favourite to pick him up!(10)(24)Euell will sign for wimbledon



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