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03 Feb 2013 23:06:16
Phil Brown to be the next manager at Notts County.

Talks to be finalized this week with Phil Brown manager of Blackpool and his mate Ian Ashbee as his assistant.

Paul Dickov is Notts county's next manager. Saw him in Nottingham this morning!



03 Feb 2013 23:03:19
Owen Coyle to replace Graham Westley in the next 48 hours

04 Feb 2013 08:54:13
Please, please let this be true, it should have happened weeks ago.



03 Feb 2013 22:03:17
Boro interested in Charlie Austin 4 million



03 Feb 2013 19:42:05
Wolves are close to signing former Blackburn midfielder Simon Vukcevic until the end of the season

Wolves are also being linked with a move for Everton defender Shane Duffy and will attempt to sign the defender When the loan window reopens

Midfielder Eggert J�nsson will be loaned out to local league one side Walsall when the loan window reopens



03 Feb 2013 20:28:05
paulo di canio to become notts county manager on wenesday or tuesay


Dont make me laugh.

Hes hated by notts lol

For a start his name is spelt Paolo not Paulo and if he goes it will be a championship team at the minimum. No way would he go to another L1 team. And for all the persons who have this hate Paolo rubbish you won't get a better manager than him he will end up in the premier league at some stage. person fans at clubs all get on the bandwagon of hating Paolo its now becoming boring.
Little clubs in L1 that bate him as he said he had 70k at Old Trafford giving him stick when he played and the crowds in L1 have no effect on him whatsoever.

Notts don't have enough money



03 Feb 2013 18:27:46
Watford summer target Marvin Sordell as wants to come back south

He's awful don't need. No truth.

Certainly no better than what we have. I'm sure Palace or Charlton would be interested though!

04 Feb 2013 11:00:48
Since when was he a Summer target?

No matter whether we need him or not, he is a legend in my eyes and I would never say no to him coming back to Watford

04 Feb 2013 14:30:09
Wont be coming back to us, given a chance he will score goals. Bolton just have not played him enough.

How is he a legend? he played for watford 73 times

A legend!? Really?

Anyway he's a traitor he scored against us!!

He didn't celebrate though



03 Feb 2013 18:23:50
Hope Powell seen at the Canalside training ground for the terriers metting with team officials

Bit silly that mate, cannot see a woman managing town or any mens team.
I still think adkins is the man for the terriers. {Ed003's Note - Why not ? I think its a great shout.}



03 Feb 2013 18:23:49
hot rumors doing the rounds down here. benitez will not see out the next week at chelsea. chelsea will in turn move to appoint gus poyet. brighton have sounded out paolo di canio to end his swindon nightmare and take brighton to the prem.

No thks Eddie Howe or Atkins

04 Feb 2013 15:03:42
we sign who we want, we sign who waaant
we are Bournemouth
We sign who we want

Nice rumours sadly not true!!

At least we have been in the prem and not had to change our name



03 Feb 2013 17:36:05
What a good example Gerrard is to other players, again today running himself in the ground for Liverpool FC and always stays with them year after year through good and bad teams and not keep running to get more money which he could have done many times, well done to him and may many more follow his example.



03 Feb 2013 17:34:58
Ian Henderson, today released by Colchester will join Coventry City

More likely to go back to northampton where he's played before and twice played for boothroyd as youth team manager at norwich and at colu.



03 Feb 2013 17:15:09
keith curle sacked as notts county manager great news I hope steve cotterill gets the job but I doubt it because it will mean we have to pay compensation I personally think grayson will get the job which is bad huddersfield have money and he struggled cotterill is the man he knows the club fans and city he's also proven he can do well with limited funds

03 Feb 2013 20:28:03
If megson gets the job. I can tell you now deano. u. ll av at least one less ticket holder. he's a joke. done nothing and carp management skills. ask any of if x players. while he. s incharge I won't be going to the John smiths. wether he does gud or not. can't stand the man. if he does come It's he. s probably cheap. Blumin megson NO.!

Bookies got to be wrong this time! Was he just paid to go to the match as a decoy? Still thinking Adkins or DiCanio : -) Deano is shrewder and clever enough not to put mugson in charge. No better than Grayson

Grayson struggled in the Championship with money, he didn't spend anything to get us promoted, would be the best possibility for Notts. Great manager at both levels, just didn't work out in the end unfortunately.

he spent money in the championship



03 Feb 2013 16:08:45
The deal which took paddy madden to yeovil was �£25000 but the sell on clause is 50% this is as the could have paid �£100 thousand with only 25% clause but could not afford it.



03 Feb 2013 15:10:36
Peter Odemwingie on loan to Leicester for rest of season

Would definitely be an interesting move. I'm not sure how well he'd go down though now everyone knows he is a mercenary.

04 Feb 2013 20:36:53
agree with the post above an he's not a pearson player



03 Feb 2013 15:06:07
Done deal and bad news for Huddersfield fans, Gary Megson to be unveiled tomorrow as new manager.

I hope this is a wind up! only a season ticket sat next to kylie would make up for megson as manager.

03 Feb 2013 16:14:10
after thinking long and on who could be a worse appointment than this could only think of dowie after him megson is the worst man for the job. this guy doesn't exactly ooze charisma or look like he's gna be able to inspire a team that seems to need constant kick up the backside week in week out. grayson got us in this mess but megson would knly finish the joband drag us bk to lge 1.
look at his track record its laughable heard there's a job at notts co he should take puddle water personality down there with him because he ain't welcome at the huddersfield that's for sure. c'mon deano thought you were a fan, anybody but this guy

Look how he performed at the owls, and he had cult hero status there. Were finished.

Id rather have Mike Bassett

If Megson becomes out manager my season card is getting the scissor treatment!!!

If this is true I will be astonished and disappointed in equal measures. Been a Town fan for nearly sixty years and a gold member of the White Rose, my love for the club will be stretched to breaking point and throwing my season card in the bin if he gets on our clubs payroll will be hard to resist.

As the most die hard town fan there is, if megson is appointed, I will never ever attend another game until he is gone and I know quite a few that would say the same. Why would we want or ever need megson, that has to be the worst idea ever to happen to the club, I pray this is a wind up.
Deee I canio. ! singing D I CANIO.

Megsons odds have dropped to 7/4 favourite, the bookies are not normally far from getting it right. I just hope upon hope they are wrong on this one. This would be as big a disappointment to most Town fans as appointing Grayson. Please Dean Hoyle do not employ him. {Ed001's Note - you mean like when they had Redknapp as odds on favourite to be next England manager? Or when David Moyes was odds on to be the next Spurs manager? Bookies are regularly wrong, they only go on how much money is placed on a particular option.}

Someone tell me what's so difficult about going out there and getting the best manager possible for the Town!? Every other club seems to get decent managers. I now see Mark Robins as fav. ?! really. what has he done, can we be confident he will take us to the next level. Come on Deano go and get the very best we can have. Send some of these loan boys back and spend it on Di Canio or Atkins.

Never mind a manager, a proven goalscorer is a must, saw lee novak yesterday with protective boot on, carn't see james doing a full season. and the other sick note on megabucks.

03 Feb 2013 17:30:11
Owls fan here megson is a good old fashioned manager who instill hard word unity and passion into his teams yes the football he plays is not pretty but he makes sure you always get 100 percent from players and he definitely will not take you down decent appointment if you ask me could be worse eg Paul jewell

Im afraid larry did for us when he signed 2 injury prone strikers on big wages plus others who aren't up to it, we are in free fall and I doubt a new manager can keep us up with what we have available

If its going to megson so be it anyone but lillis, at least we av a chance of staying up. he is a proven manager with a lot of experience and at the end of the day that's whot counts. so stop moaning in dean we trust and if you don't like it chuck your season ticket ( if you av one) in the bin. I was at derby yesterday and it was awful, the diamond formation does not and will not ever work so lillis thank you and good bye and take lee Novak with you

03 Feb 2013 20:18:22
Swindon local newspaper is reporting HTFC will approach De Canio if no deal can be done with Adkins. Either would be good but please not Megson. Please, please.

Hoyle wants someone who can play good football and help promote youth. so howwould Megson fit into this?. Answer is he wouldnt! My betting is he has an interview and that's why he was there Sat. It may well have been a set up him being there sat or either that or he ws there doing his home work prior to an interview. let's all chill! But yeah I ain't going if he's gaffer! : -D

Looks like there will be a lot of unhappy fans if gary megson gets the job. I'll be another who won't be going to watch the team lose. Waken up Mr Hoyle and listen to the fans this time.

I hope this is a wind up. Megson has the personality of a cabbage.

Why are you actually against lillis pal? the two games prior to derby were some of our better games of recent time. he got us passing the ball around. as for the diamond. it let's us get our players in. we have one winger and people complain when Clayton plays out wide. think you need to open your eyes a bit pal

My eyes are very much open PAL, you need to take your blinkers off pal and watch the football, true we didn't play that badly against Leicester and palace but the fact are you can only get away with the diamond formation for so long (has we found out on sat)clough out managed lillis in is tactics as will any good manager will do, I've nothing against lillis he shows passion for the club but that's not going to keep us up pal neither having lee Novak running round like a headless chicken for 90 mins creating nothing admire their passion but it doesn't belong in the championship so the next time your down the John smiths pal take your blinkers off cheers pal

My blnkers are very much off pal. we complained how graysons team showed no commitment. they showed it at home. not so against derby. I see novak as a better option as he cares he has passion he doesn't quit and quite frankly we have nothing else. if we had another striker who could play up there with vaughan with similar passion and more ability then yes I would play him. but we don't. and talking about managers and tactics. I don't recall any of our last 5 or so managers being good with tactics so its not just lillis and as I said we can't play many formations as we have one winger. now unless we play someone out of position or through one of the kids in we have no other choice but to stay like we are. now I hope that the next man is tactically astute and brings in one maybe two loanees but we atm we haven't got a manager to decide. lillis favorite formation is 4-5-1 but we still don't have the wingers. and I don't like the sound of afield or gobern etc flanking vaughan. oh one last thing no matter what tactics you use. a team will sus you out. its a case of believing in one or having 4/5 different tactics headland I don't think our team is that flexible even if we are at full strength.

I don t know why you say we have no wingers ward Is injured but danns arfield Novak and Norwood can all play on the wing we will probs get hammill or someone similar on loan when the loan window opens but we can make do as for Novak he should get in front of beckford every day of the week his commitment to the club is out of tis world where as beckford boglines and misses sitters on the managerial point Lillis is good for standing in but should not be given the job as a diamond won't work for long we need a manager with experience for these situations like Adkins not someone who has never managed in england before like that Presley chap Deano will play it safe and has stated that he isn't rushing. but for now Lillis must simply mix things up a bit and try the diamond now and then. town need to do some business in the loan window though

People complain when we put players out of. position. ie novak out wide. I've never seen norwood play wide and tbf I don't really want to. we have one fit winger and if we are to play with two wingers I recon wed have to use Charles



03 Feb 2013 14:09:22
Keith Curle sacked! Simon Grayson & Steve Cotterill both linked



03 Feb 2013 10:48:51
Rotherham to sign free agents Lee Williamson & Jon Harley after their release from Portsmouth



02 Feb 2013 23:00:15
Free Agent Omar Kossoko set to sign Portsmouth Fc



03 Feb 2013 10:51:09
Bradford forward Nakhi Wells to join Wolves on loan for the rest of the season with a view to permanent deal in the summer

Laughable, he'll probably never get the chance to play in a cup final again. Not going to happen.

Nonsense. Next!

Yes this will happen on the same day Lord Lucan rides Shergar down Wembley way

Why would he want to come to club beneath Bradford in a years time?

03 Feb 2013 19:46:36
outside the january window, you can only sign a maximum of 3 months on loan.

Why would we let our top scorer go out on loan?. it would take a silly bid for a permanent transfer, before the club even think of letting Wells leave, in the summer, at the earliest.



03 Feb 2013 10:49:59
Steve Evans is still not fully happen with his strike force at Rotherham and will make yet another loan move for Bournemouth striker Matt Tubbs when the loan window opens



03 Feb 2013 09:25:35
Swindon manger paolo di canio IS STAYING he told the board last night and they will give him the money for the new 3 signing on the 8th febuary source swindon town assistant manager

STFC's assistant manager would not be commenting on this matter.

Which board NEW or OLD because at the moment we don't seem to have one

Really hope so

The f. a stopped the transfers because of the financial situation of the club so it's not a case of giving money as there is simply no money to give. Wake up people and smell the coffee

03 Feb 2013 20:29:34
The fa stopped the loan agrements because swindon have just been taken over and they need to make sure the new owners are fit and proper people but I would not think that someone would buy a football club with no money to provide for even loan deals



03 Feb 2013 00:23:38
Big rumour doing the round ben marshall of Leicester may be wanting away



02 Feb 2013 19:52:28
Aston Villa defender Enda Stevens is on his way to Derby on loan until the end of the season.

Left back. Makes sense, not getting game time at Aston Villa and so a loan to Derby would be good for both parties.

However Nigel Clough has said that the loan deals will have a view to permanent, so if Aston Villa send him out on loan I guess there is a high chance he will sign on a permanent deal in the summer.

If he signs the Derby fans will be slightly gutted because it will mean the end of Legendary defender Gareth Roberts.

Best thing ever happened at derby Roberts going. Useless

You have to remember though that Roberts is a valuable cog. He's the only experienced left-back we have (Freeman is a right back but could become a decent left back with age), he is cheap so we're not wasting lots of money on him and he does have a fair few games. Agree we need a younger model at the position, but can wait till summer. Loan a youngster would be good though



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