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02 Feb 2012 23:33:39
Peterborough are hoping to sign Adam Drury and Elliot Ward on loan from Norwich as part of the Ryan Bennett deal. These players may make the move permanently in the summer should their loans go successfully. Paul Coutts is likley to return to Peterborough until the end of the season after a bust up with Graham Westley which saw him lose his captaincy at PNE. This will be made permanent in thhe summer. Peterborough to also try and sign Paul Pogba of Manchester United until the end of the season when Tunnicliffe leaves at the end of February.(7)(17)Coutts is not leaving pne stop makin up crap if he leaves it wont be to posh he is way to good for themHaha but he isnt to good for PNE, 14th in league one. Now who is talking crap?Typical fergie ring daddy for players when is teams struggling yet again. utrPne are and always will be a bigger club than posh wat ever league they are in coutts as not asked to leave pnePNE are all has beens, still living of past-times, whereas Peterborough are on the up and will carry on rising for many years. Your just jealous cause you couldnt get the best out of Fergie and we can haha. 3 promotions in 4 years, recieved 11m since last January. I think you'll find PNE have nothing on Posh. And to the matey who said typical Fergie etc etc, check out the Hull squad mate. How many ex Man Utd or Man Utd loanees in that team? Peterborough have one on loan from Man Utd and we would have signed Nicky Ajose no matter what club he was at. I think people actually need to look at what we have, and not keep on stereotyping Fergie with what he did at PNE. Ever thought it may have been because your squad was AWFUL and needed all the help it can get. Fergie is a legend around Peterborough and always will be. Up The Posh.Dont forget where you got coutts from the mighty posh of courseYh we got him from posh and he as gone on record as sayin it was the worst move wen he joined posh ,fergie fecked pne big time i for one hope even blackpool beat uDont forget how much you idiots paid for coutts ,an average midfielder with a poor goal percentage.hes a good league one player thats why hes at pne and not the posh!And he is that good posh want him back but not goin to happen


02 Feb 2012 23:07:28
Nottingham Forest Chairman will place Sean O'Driscoll in charge after the weekends game. Steve Cotterill is struggling in the Championship and will be placed on gardening leave. O'Driscoll may only stay in charge for a few games as Billy Davies will offer his services til the end of the season and permanently should forest retain their Championship status.(12)(9)Says who? Nice thought though! Hope he stays in the garden, Billy will never be back unless cry baby Marthur leaves! U Reds.Lets hope so get rid of the muppet do l c f c want him ?Your answer to that m8 no we dontRubbish.Frank Clark has said there is not Billy Davis is coming back as it was his fault the wages are so high and the club lost 11.4 million pounds last year.


02 Feb 2012 21:38:39
Roman Bednar is open to have a permanent move with the club at the end of the season when his loan is over.(12)(11)Bednar is already at Blackpool permanently. He signed a 6 month deal till the end of the season on a free transfer from West Brom.


02 Feb 2012 21:35:55
Just bumbed into Aidan Chipendale in Haworth, he said he was meant to sign permanently with ICT on deadline day however Huddersfield's asking price was too high. He said he hopes to go on loan somewhere in the North, hopefully Bradford. Then sign for ICT on a free transfer in Summer.(4)(17) 



02 Feb 2012 21:30:13
Paul Coutts will be re-joining his former manager Darren Ferguson at Peterborough from Preston as soon as the loan window opens on the 8th February.(10)(7)No he wont pne are not selling coutts ,Brilliant signing if we can get himGood he and fergie deserve each other arrogant and very overated in my opinion and pne will only sell him for 1 million plus.


02 Feb 2012 21:28:11
Elliott Ward and Aaron Wilbraham will be signing for Peterborough United from Norwich City until the end of the season as part of the deal that took Ryan Bennett to Carrow Road.(3)(8)God help Boro if they do!I would prefer Adam Drury and Elliot Ward tbh. We do not need another striker, but we do need a couple in defence.Lambert will not let Drury go out on loan while Tierney is still recovering from groin injury, he's had a setback last couple of days, so very unlikely this will happen.
Also Lambert is unlikely to release Ward on loan, his only focus is getting the req 40 points mark and will not risk being short on numbers.
Abraham Wilbraham is the only one you might get on loan.
My guess is all three are available in the summer, I believe all three are out of contract then. Lambert may be tempted to offer Ward another contract, but Drury & Wilbraham will be allowed to leave.


02 Feb 2012 21:21:51
Coventry City are keen to sign another two players when the emergency loan window opens. One will be an experienced striker - possibly Rob Hulse. The other could be another younger striker from the Premiership.(13)(9) 

More likely to be Hulse than Fuller...both would be better


02 Feb 2012 21:17:03
Heard from a couple of journalists local to QPR that Lee Cook might be rejoining Leyton Orient on loan.(6)(7)


02 Feb 2012 20:54:12
afc Bournemouth are on the verge of signing Jack Parkinson from Welling united for a fee of £20,000 -£25,000 with Parkinson going back to Welling for the remainder of the season.(6)(7)


02 Feb 2012 20:51:44
David O'Leary to take managers job at Leeds(12)(52)Thats you lot relegated then.


02 Feb 2012 20:33:29
Look North reported that Lee Clarke and Poyet have ruled themselves out of the raceso that leaves Warnock as the clear favourite(14)(10)Ha ha ha giving all your best players away now your hiring colin could not get any better...............Interesting that cos in the Huddersfuddle examiner today Lee Clarke didnt exactly say he wouldnt take the job when asked merely that " it was speculation and that until he is told different he is at HTFC" nob with visions of being a big club manager ! He has proved he can get close but hasnt achieved anything yet and his unbeaten record does have a few major holes in it as whenever they came up against stronger opposition they lost cup games and promotion playoffs ! Look at Paul Lambert for an outside bet gone from 50/1 to 8/1 !


02 Feb 2012 20:18:41
man utd youngster ezekial fryers is being courted by tottenham.the young left back is stalling on a new deal at old trafford as he feels his position at the club is not worthy of staying.(6)(6)


02 Feb 2012 20:13:30
wba will sign forest defender luke chambers in the summer on a free transfer(6)(15)Miles away from being a premiership player, good last season, bobbins this.


02 Feb 2012 19:27:37
According to Sky sports he has extended to the end of the season with the option of a further year(5)(5)Give us a clue!I'll take a guess at Diouf. I hope his ego is taking a battering knowing no other club wanted him last month!No he signed 18 mths in December but WHO? ReplyIt's Diouf.He didn't sign in december at all, he verbally agreed to an 18 month contract


02 Feb 2012 19:24:09
Barnsley want to extend Smith,s loan from Norwich to the end of the season(16)(2)


02 Feb 2012 18:58:12
Hi ed,
Anyone Ipswich likely(or been linked with) to sign on loan(1)(4)Smith.John/Alan /Billy/ John/Delroy/Andy/
come on give us a clueYou mean the smith from Spurs dont you, come on spit it out Ed


02 Feb 2012 18:23:42
Watford set to sign free agent Steffen Iversen as cover for their forwards.(6)(10)Watford have 5 cover strikers already and 0 first team strikers. I don't think it very likely.I count 3 strikers, Deeney, Garner and Iwelumo.You forgot Assombalonga & MasseyAssombalonga isn't ready for Championship Football and Massey is out on loan. Iversen offers experience and another body up front.Iversen is 35 and is currently not good enough for watford - if we're doing this for all the good it will be we might as well resign Les Ferdinand instead.


02 Feb 2012 18:20:33
odds On LEE CLARKE slashed CALENDAR NEWS(5)(12)


02 Feb 2012 18:16:17
Maynard signed on at west ham for 1.65 million rising tom2.2 million if he scores,4 goals and they get promoted. Bristol city to reinvest the money in Murray Davidson and Jon parkin (in the summer) and Cambell ryce to go on loan to st johnstone(3)(9)


02 Feb 2012 18:16:03
Hughes says Smith and Mackie are not going out on loan. Didn't mention HH however.......(4)(3)Happily take Helguson on loan to Palace, scored some cracking goals for QPR. Would take Boothroyd or Campbell too now you have Cisse, Macheda and Zamora.


02 Feb 2012 18:03:00
Bournemouth will sign Crawley Town midfielder Sergio Torres in the summer IF Crawley don't get promoted this season. The fee is rumoured to be in the region of £250,000.(2)(13)


02 Feb 2012 17:54:15
I'm a Leeds fan, but my source from within Huddersfield says Lee Clark to us as new manager is a done deal. Was told at 9am today when he was 25/1 and smashed into 6/4 fav now(5)(25)I really hope notLee Clark has said he has no intention of applying for the Leeds job. Who in their right mind would leave a great chairman like Hoyle to work for Bates.Watched Calendar definate FAVOURITEI wish he would go to you but unfortunetely for us terriers he has ambition which means there is no chance. SIR Ken BatesIm a leeds fan who lives in huddersfield and town are holding press conference today so clarke could be coming to leeds!Lee Clark would jump at the chance to manage a BIG club. May as well bring Rhodes with him too...No chance bates will go for clark he wont pay the compenstation he is tight


02 Feb 2012 17:53:17
barnsley are to try and extend the loan of korey smith till the end of season(12)(2)


02 Feb 2012 17:49:47
Leeds to fill vacant manager spot with either:

David O'Leary
Howard Wilkinson

Depending on whether Howard wants to come back to management. O'Leary would be class!(4)(25)Wasnt oleary the reason you got in the s@@t in the first placeO Dreary couldn't do anything when we gave him 100m,never mind 10pWow! There is some forward thinking going on here!O'leary was a disaster at Villa he bought them to their knees, I wouldn't wish him on my worst enemy.Does that mean he should go to leeds then


02 Feb 2012 16:37:32
Yeovil set to sign defender Richard Hinds and striker Tom Hitchcock.(7)(4)


02 Feb 2012 14:13:49
Doncaster Rovers have extended El Hadji Diouf's contract until the end of the season.(14)(10)DOUBT IT he signed a 18mth contract in December NUMPTYHe extended it last year 18 mths obviously not a ROVERS fanLool all u lot takin the mik am he's right........ look on ssnHe has agreed a 6 month extension today with option of a extra 12 months (guess it depends on relegation or not).
He only verbally agreed the contract in DecemberHes ..... soon he leaves british football the better!!!!!!!!!!!Took control of the game against us (BCFC) the other Saturday and scored an excellent goal. I was just glad that he didnt play like that for the whole game-Good signing if you can keep him


02 Feb 2012 14:02:59
Spongeman Shortpants has said he's looking to bring another striker in on loan to Prenton Park.(9)(1)


02 Feb 2012 13:22:06
helb to everton on a free(11)(5)Would be a good signing think Moyes is the man to get him back on trackI've heard he's on Wengers radar!


02 Feb 2012 12:56:43
there are loan talks with peterborough united defender ryan bennet and strikers taylor and tomlin and ex wolverhampton winger mendez lang(0)(12)Talks where ?Now norwich's ryan bennett!Ryan bennett signed for norwich?


02 Feb 2012 12:56:32
Ex-Cardiff manager, Dave Jones, strongly linked to Leeds UTD job.(15)(19)Don't want him, better availableRoss McCormack feel out with Jones when at Cardiff ?Please no,no,no.


02 Feb 2012 12:35:29
portsmouth have no further signings this season,only output to be : luke varney to wolves, liam lawrence to nottinham forest(steve cotterill) stephen henderson to newcastle and david norris to kansas city
source:fans on-line(4)(18)Who is steven hendersonWe'll take Ward, Henderson, & Pearce off your hands, just contact Paul Jewell at IpswichWhat a bunch of rubbish! Why are they still at Pompey then? Cause their pompey through and through. Theyd laughed at the thought of joining a crap club like Ipswich. We might be close to the brink, but we're still a better prospect than Ipswich. These players are worth ten times what's Ipswich offered. What a joker Paul potatoe head jewell is.Ward, Pearce and Henderson decided to stay with a real football team and fight for thier club. A bit of loyalty goes along way!Yep that's dead right their there to fight for a lost cause, you might win your 4 matches in Feb but when you have to go to court on the 20th you will be liquidated by your mr Chainri and HMRC as you aint got a brass raxzoo to play with, the 500'000 you get from Fulham for Williams sale, (the only lad who could see the ship sinking)and got out before it was too late, will go straight to pay the tax man, so the appointed administrator will sell what players they can to pay off the main creditors Chainri & HMRC, your ground will be gone, again sold, but keep fighting the lost cause, we might have a couple of your players just to help out.
SFCKansas City??!!!!Nice to see some loyalty, they didn't get that from David Norris, but it doesn't pay the bills! Shame don't want to see you go bust, but at least if you do Southampton is just down the road, you'll get to see some football


02 Feb 2012 12:25:40
Southampton fc to sign a centre back on emergency loan.
Expect Danny Collins to sign on a short term arrangement with a view to signing on permanent basis at end of season.(7)(10)Couldnt agree terms in the transfer window, so he's better contacting PJ at Ipswich, where he knows he'll get a gameSome EMERGENCY go down page & look at all the players they have gotDon't criticise if you know nothing about the club. We do need a CB on loan actually with injuries plaguing defence. Danny Seaborne wont play for a while after being assaulted. Jos Hooiveld is injured, Radhi Jaidi hasnt played all season and is lacking match fitness. Leaves us with two CB's, one is young and inexperienced. So get your facts right and worry about your own club. No doubt someone thats worried we'll take your promotion spot.


02 Feb 2012 12:25:11
jason pearce is excited to extend his contract at fratton park
source:the news portsmouth(7)(11)Whats the point, wont be a club to honour the contract before long.Who cares what he says, we'll be out of business before too longSays who? We will not go out of business! Fact.The mighty blues will be around for many years to come. PUPGlug glug bye byeDisgraceful that the Portsmouth case gets brought up during PM questions and he says something will be done to help them. What about other clubs who couldn't afford their tax bill and went out of business at the first time of asking? How many times will this shambles of a club be allowed to default on payments?Is that you saying bye bye to another bottle of Jack? (glug glug).


02 Feb 2012 12:23:20
mokoena might be leaving fratton park on the way to china,due to financial crisis round portsmouth fc
source:daily mail(9)(4)Not the fact he can't get a game then? Or he's way down the pecking order? Let's not let facts get in the way ay! He's pants good riddance to bad rubbish....We've only got 18 players in the squad (including a 17 yr old), and still i'd let Moks go. He battles, but he's not a good player. Even when we got him on a free from Blackburn we were ripped off! PUP.


02 Feb 2012 12:14:27
Leeds are to rescue Michael Appleton from his Portsmouth nightmare.
Appleton is currently earning £100,000 pa
it is expected that this will increase 5 fold if he takes the Leeds job.(23)(10)Mike Deserves a chance at this job, as he's certainly had a right load of crap to deal with at Pompey, no way to start a managerial careerAppy is happy where he is. Why go from the frying pan into the fire? Life under Ken Bates won't be in any way better.Are U Kidding, you are suggesting that Bates will pay a manager 500K a year, excuse me while I fall off my chair, for all bates hype talk about Grayson and his failure to get promotion, he was never backed by Bates with the cash to keep his best players and not enough money was made available to buy the players to get the team promoted.


02 Feb 2012 11:49:10
Sky Sports understands Paul Ince is interested in filling the vacant managerial role at Leeds United and is being considered for the post by chairman Ken Bates.

The Whites are on the hunt for a new manager following the sacking of Simon Grayson on Wednesday.

Grayson was shown the door after seeing Leeds lose five of their last seven Championship games, with a run of three successive defeats over the Christmas period dumping them out of the top six.

Ince is reportedly a frontrunner to succeed him in the job and Bates is thought to be weighing up the ex-England international.

The 44-year-old has not managed since leaving Notts County in April last year after an ill-fated five months at the helm, with the Magpies losing a club record nine successive games under his tenure.


Ince has also spent two stints in charge at MK Dons, guiding the club to the League Two trophy and promotion in 2008, as well as the Johnstone's Paint Trophy.

The former Manchester United midfielder started his managerial career in charge of Macclesfield Town, while his two spells at the Dons came either side of a short and hapless stint at Blackburn, where he won just three games in 17.

He is the latest name to emerge in connection with the Leeds post, with Neil Warnock, Roberto Di Matteo and Steve Bruce also reportedly in the frame.

Other names to have been linked to the role are Leeds United legends Gordan Strachan, Lucas Radebe and Gary McAllister.

Youth team manager Neil Redfearn has been placed in temporary charge until a new manager is(5)(24)Out of all these numptys only strachan would do.NO thanks - apply GUV but no way mateClearly you are clueless


02 Feb 2012 10:56:46
Sorry to say this but Tommy smith is on his way to Cardiff on loan with a view to £1 million tranfer in the summer.(7)(17)


02 Feb 2012 10:23:28
Danny Rose to join Cardiff once K Harris gets debut.(3)(6)


02 Feb 2012 10:14:03
West Brom boss Roy Hodgson is keen on adding Tony Adams to his backroom staff, as first team coach.(2)(11)


02 Feb 2012 09:54:56
Leeds United have shortlisted six managers as they look to replace Simon Grayson:
-Crystal Palace boss Dougie Freedman has impressed a lot of people this season with his League Cup run with the London side as well as a much improved league run since he took over.
-Ken Bates is keen on Middlesbrough manager Tony Mowbray. Mowbray has done an outstanding job at the North East club this season and is in contention with a promotion to the Premier League. The former West Brom and Celtic boss might been keen on a move with United also in contention for a play off place and a increase in wages.
-United have gone ambitious and targeted Wigan manager Roberto Martinez. Bates is keen on Martinez after rumours strated circulating over the weekend about him handing his resignation in as he feels he cannot improve the side no longer.
-Another ambitious swoop in the amking could be West Brom boss Roy Hodgson. Hodgson has impressed people with his organistational style of football, whilst keeping a strong defence and could make the move down to the Championship. Hodgson is currently happy at Albion but may be keen on a new start with the potential and size of Leeds United.
-Cardiff manager Malky Mackay, is also on the shortlist. Mackay has done a superb job with the Welsh side this season and could be tempted on a move to United as Bates has promised money to spend in the summer.
-Finally, the last shortlisted is Tottenham assistant Kevin Bond. Bond is happy at Spurs working under Harry Redknapp, but does not want to help England international team if Redknapp joins after Euro 2012.(1)(42)Nope sorry, looks as though the job is going to Paul Ince, HA lets all laugh at LeedsI can't see there being any chance of Bates going for a manager that is currently employed, he will not pay the compensation so I think you can forget about them all. We will go for someone out of work and with experience as he wants to try for promotion right away so that will count out a young and improving manager.No chance of malkyBond would be funny.Why would any of these managers want to go to Leeds?
Bates has already shown he is a seller, not a buyer. He won't pay the going rate for a player's contract so they end up leaving whether they want to or not.
Any player that becomes an asset he can make a profit on and he is sold. Bates has to fund his Monaco lifestyle and that is extracting money out of the club and Leeds fans pockets.
Leeds will end up with someone desperate to get back into a job, e.g Ince, Warnock, etc.Neil warnock deal as good as done I'm afraid!Wow been on the happy pills have we, Hodgson to leave West Brom for Leeds. Funny, funny, funny.

You Leeds fans are a delusional bunch, "your not famous any more" ha haOut of the names above only Dougie Freedman stands out for me,and if Bates as promised money to spend for right applicant why wasOut of the names above only Dougie Freedman stands out and if the right applicant as been promised funds to spend why wasnt Simon Grayson given the same funds in the last 2 transfer windows?? BATES OUT. MOTDelusion and delirium is the only way to cope being a Leeds fan, I am actually looking in the mirror and laughing at myself. Ha Ha.......Love how non Leeds fans still instist on going onto our site. Shows their own teams are boring and that they are really deep down wanna be leeds fans.

Welcome to you all - you have all been assimilated ..Apart from Freedman there all shte

BRING BACK DAVID O'LEARYThere are many names mentioned and I doubt any of them would want to take on Leeds and the poison chalice with Bates as Owner & Chairmen.
Mailky McKay & Doug Freeman would not even consider leaving their clubs for Leeds.
In fact I would bet that not one of these names would consider leaving their current clubs for the Leeds job.O Leary in charge of the team, Dennis Wise in charge of transfers, Wilkinson in charge of tactics. Poyet making the tea. The recipe for disaster!NON Leeds fans this is a rumour site NOT a Leeds United siteWhy would any of these leave their current clubs for tin pot leeds? there all at bigger clubs you cant even half fill your stadium. very sad lol bring back eddie gray again!


02 Feb 2012 09:32:39
Reading are set to capture the double loan of Manchester Uniteds midfielders Matthew James and Paul Pogba, subject to Pogba's new contract being signed off, when the window reopens on the 7th of February. Both on 93 day deals.(6)(17)How Silly you are - never ever going to happen - more chance of seeing Jesus shopping in the Oracle!Not going to happen, cant see Brian using the loan market


02 Feb 2012 08:16:35
Strong rumours gathering pace is that dave jones ex Cardiff manager to be installed as new Leeds manager(11)(18)You will be sorry if you appoint Dave JonesHe's available without compensation , just up Bate's street. Oh and so is Ince and Warnock , expect it to be one of the 3 mentioned.


02 Feb 2012 00:33:41
Colin Hendry at Blackburn most of the day discussing a job. Do not know in what capacity though.

red deano YNWA(1)(9)Would be a good defence coach thats what they need,guy was world class defender.


02 Feb 2012 00:08:53
Hi Ed do you have any info on which defender has just signed a pre-contract with Peterborough United? Cheers. {Ed001's Note - I don't mate, until you said I hadn't realised one had. I thought I would be able to have a couple of days off from chasing people for info, I should have known better!}(1)(3)Ryan bennett has just signed for norwich and will be loaned back to you until feb27th source ncfc official site -



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