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2011 20:47:42
Brighton boss gus poyet has said he would like to sign jara gonzalo reyes on a permenent deal in janurary if terms can be agreed between club and player. Also he has said he will think about bringing in some premier league experience in one way or another(12)(4)


02 Dec 2011 20:24:57
Aston Villa Ins:

Yannick Djalo
Nathan Redmond
Nikola Zigic

Charlez N'Zogbya-Everton
Darren Bent-Newcastle
Fabian Delph-Everton
Carlos Cuellar-Real Betis
Nathan Delfonesuse-Wolves


HA HA HA. this made me laugh. AM would be killed if he got rid of Bent and bought Zigic.

Zoggy only joined in the summer, he wont be going.(6)(30)Lerner ,Mcleish & Krulak all say Bent is staying put , why put he is moving? and N'Zogbia is staying too!Pedro? Barcelona first choice winger? One of the best footballers in the world? Leaving Barcelona for the Midlands? Next Joke!Bent to the that daft for villa as he kept u up........and a double slap in face for safc. and a nail in bents career if he just goes for the cash. fans love loyalilty and it goes a long way


02 Dec 2011 19:30:23
Daniele de Rossi and Seydou Keita are both out of contract at the end of the season and are under consideration for a January move to Liverpool to replace Lucas Leiva who will be out until the start of the 2012/13 season.(18)(25)


02 Dec 2011 18:50:51
Brighton have signed 17 year old Soloman march from local side lewes fc.(14)(7)


02 Dec 2011 17:01:52
Chelsea Ins -
Gary Cahill - Bolton - 11m
Milos Krasic - Juventus - 7.5m
Fernando Llorente - Athletic Bilbao - 26m

Nicolas Anelka - New York Red Bulls
Salomon Kalou - Arsenal(31)(29)Krasic £7.5m? Are you joking? Juventus have said they won't let him leave for less than £30m.I think Anelka and Kalou will leave but i don't the ins are going to happenBest of luck with Cahill.Krasic is rated at 30 million MINIMUM good luck with that and cahill is rated at something like 15 millionCahill for 11 really? maybe in the summer. his contracts up in june who would pay 11 for his services when they could wait 6 months for a free? cahill will leave but for maximum 6million


02 Dec 2011 16:50:35
if steve bruce comes to ipswich perhaps we will bring conner and colbeck with him.!anybody got any views on that.(3)(30)Play up Pompey :)Yes, i have a view....its cobblers!Steve bruce to 1p5wich dont make me laugh he wont go there he wont want tobe in charge of a league one club come next may


02 Dec 2011 16:47:40
if we loose to watford on saturday,we could be in the bottom three.what action will marcus evans take next.!pat the manager on the back and say `theres always next week`(4)(7)


02 Dec 2011 16:05:24
serveral clubs are monitoring portsmouths situation and are set to test their resolve in january with bids for their best players.

jason pearce 1.5m
greg halford 2m
eric husleklepp 2m
david norris 1.5m
liam lawrence 1m
ben haim free(20)(11)Hopefully a 20 points deduction is coming, and league one shortly after (i'm not a saints fan).This would only be fair for a club that is being consistently financially mis-managedI see leeds takin " of those players but not at the price your quoting.
Sorry fire sale is happening!

TommoHoping the inland revenue wins its case
against the fa this will then drag these
overspending clubs into line and creditors
get what they should and are not shoved to the back of the queueWhoever says Pompey have been a big spending club must be thinking back to the owners before the current ones who have now placed them in their current mess. It's not about big spending, it's about dodgy owners and that could happen to any club. Refthe fire sale, I agree that it's most likely going to happen but the prices look too high to me.Sorry to dissapoint you ladies, but 1 we won't get a points deduction. And 2 there will be no firesale. Now jog on and worry about your own clubs, and hope thaw latter doesent happen to you one day. Not!Greg halford would only go out on loan because in 1-2 seasons he will be a regular at molenuixHalford is a Pompey player, signed for 1/2 million in the summer. So why's he going to be a reg at Wolves?


02 Dec 2011 15:23:29
Coventry City Rumours.

January/ end of season Moves / Info

The club needs to cut around another 3 mill per year from wages before we can start to break even. Dulieu thinks we can do this by end of 2012/13. (even tho he has just left as chairman. he is still very much running things). He knows ( we all do ) that league 1 is calling.... so ..... expect.......


Lukas Jut - 2.5 - 3 mill
Clingan - 1.5 - 2mil
Christie - 2.5 - 3mil
Cranie - 600k
Wood 500k
birigamia - 1 - 1.5 mil

+ Others but raising about 15 - 20 mill in total.


Expect to see alot of wheeling and dealing and bringing in the higher class players from league 2 and good quality league 1 plus the odd experienced championship player.(12)(1)You could only raise 20 million from your team if you sold the stadium as well.Poxy little club going were it belongs. Down.Ridiculous valuations - all at least double reality - ask yourself name a club that would pay £2m for Clingan - £3 - -£400k just maybeNo way Coventry can raise £20 million from player sales. Probably only clingan who would raise above £1 million. There is a reason they are where they are in the league, and that reason is the players are rubbish! Agree that league 1 beckons.


02 Dec 2011 15:13:30
Yannick Djalo is set to go on trial to Villa for a month to get his fitness up so he's ready to take the prem by storm in January by the way its gonna be a free transfer villa also to Danny Guthrie on loan(9)(6)Load of bcks, why would newcastle let guthrie go out on loan when he has been playing as cover for tiote when hes been injuredWhy would Villa want Guthrie? We have Delph , Herd, Petrov , Bannan , Jenas etc.. all ready to play in midfield. No more midfielders needed!


02 Dec 2011 14:35:30
Bradford will complete the signing of Ipswich Caolan Lavery. The canadian born, Northern Ireland U21's is highly rated and Bradford have fought off interest from Aston Villa and Spurs(9)(8)Never heard of him .. and why would he rather join Bradford when Villa or Spurs could triple what they would pay!?!?Possibly because he is going to get regular games unlike at the other 2 clubs



02 Dec 2011 13:26:45
Blackpool to sign Rob Hulse on Loan in January from QPR until the end of the season. Plus Holloway will also go for Shelvey in January if Liverpool's injuries clear up.(5)(3)Saints fans living in cloud cuckoo land. Liverpool about to offer £5m for Zaha. Also article in one of today's papers that Clyne only interested in moving to Premier League.Liverpool want to start playing shelvey in 1st team as a back up for henderson/adam


02 Dec 2011 12:34:45
Aston Villa Ins:

Yannick Djalo
Nathan Redmond
Nikola Zigic

Charlez N'Zogbya-Everton
Darren Bent-Newcastle
Fabian Delph-Everton
Carlos Cuellar-Real Betis
Nathan Delfonesuse-Wolves(4)(29)Wat are u hopin for pedro way 2 gud fr ye and why sell bent and nzogbiaIm an everton fan and i do not want N'zogbia, in the summer i did but not now we don't need him and there is no way we would spend the limited funds we have on bringing in delph but i do think bent could go if Djalo does definatly sign.(which is looking like he is)Villa payed 20 million quid for Bent. How much do you think Newcastle are going to pay???Bent and N'Zogbia are going no where I dont get football fans anymore everyone hates zoggy just because he hasnt settled yet he is still the great player he was at wiganWhy would villa sell bent or n'zogbia , and Newcastle will not pay the money or sign one of our old playersBent is too old for us, no way Mike would spend that kind of money on a 27 year old.£24 million actually!
Cuellar , Delfouneso, Heskey (be replaced by Djalo) & Beye all out.
Djalo & Stevens in that is market done. Wage bill lowered massively!The ones you're getting rid of - don't even get me started. But Pedro in? World Cup and multiple Champions League winner? He's only 24. No chance.The price was £18m rising to £24m and i dont think the bonus payments have all been paid in less than a year,


02 Dec 2011 12:30:22
Arsenal to Sign Birmingham City & England U21 International Goalkeeper Jack Butland for £5m(10)(25)Too expensive for two-bob Wenger.


02 Dec 2011 12:28:38
Craig Gardner is to go back to Birmingham City on Loan.

Sunderland fan(10)(29)Could be true , O'Neill was no fan of Gardner when he was at Villa.
Gary Gardner (young brother of Craig) known as the new "Steven Gerrard" (who? not seen him around for YEARS!) is better!


02 Dec 2011 12:02:26
rumours coming out of leeds are that in jan there is a chance of 2 south american players coming in initially on loan but with a view to perm depending on how they/leeds do not expensive players but they have dual nationalities therefore dont require work permits! 1 of them is to be believed to be gaston fernandez an argentine striker/attacking midfielder, the other as yet not known.ive just heard that the other is cristian pellerano a defensive midfielder again an argentine but also has italian nationality too!

Ok. Got the latest news on this rumour, the argentine and brazillian season is almost at end for a month or so then they have a summer championship thing going on. The names in the above paragraph maybe a little out of the league for leeds in price unless we can get a loan move, but there is definitely substance in the fact of some south americans coming in on trial (bates's agent friend).
So expect some trialists to be playing in the upcoming reserves fixtures as leeds now only play friendlies and not in the reserve league.The stories that are coming out, are that unlike the last 2 lots of trialists who were mainly youngsters, this group are meant to be mainly aged 22-28 and all with a chance of getting an E.U passport.So basically these are recognised players in their respective league but have probably no international appearances.

R.I.P Gary Speed.



02 Dec 2011 10:36:57
Birmingham City are going into administration before christmas(46)(17)Another corrupt foreign owner at this club i feel there ar a few foreign owners in this country that are not all they seem.
You had the guy at Man City-Portsmouth-now Birmingham and there are a couple more that i could name where im sure something is going to happen soon one of which is a L2 team in sussex as there are alot of rumours going around about them.Hopefully Biringham dont, good club.

Crawley on the other hand, I dont wish them adminstation on the club but only on the manage he is a grade a titPoor least wolves will get ridgewell before soon


02 Dec 2011 09:48:57
Higuain to sign for Chelsea in Jan for £40mil on a 4 year contract.(37)(38)Come off..
Hes getting regular first team football at madrid they are in champs league and top of the table why would he move to a chelsea side struggling to find form who cant win the league and are going to struggle to get through champs league group stage if they dont go out.... {Ed002's Note - Chelsea do have a serious interest in the player and are willing to negotiate inducements which may include a player going the other way if it comes to that. The problem rests very much in whether or not Real Madrid would listen to offers, particularly in January and whether or not they find another striker and Chelsea are not going to get involved in any protracted deal or any deal that involes what they deem to be unacceptable caveats. In the unlikely event he moves in January the only likely destinations are Juventus and Chelsea so a chance is there.}Madrid are to try getting rooney for 60mil hence why they'll sell higuain


02 Dec 2011 07:53:44
BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER RUMOURS PLEASE,(1)(37)A few outs not many in's. the in's likely to be loans as owners will look to recoup some of the 11 million lost in the last 12 months

TommoHow is this Unbelievable?Ins:

Billy Sharp (Doncaster) 2m
Sammy Clingan (Coventry) 1.5m
Kitson (Portsmouth) 1m
Naismith (Rangers) 3m
Flanagan (Liverpool) Loan
Gardener (Bolton)2m
Davidson (St Johnstone) 750k


Maynard 6m
Adomah 4m
Cisse 750k
Nyatanga 2m


01 Dec 2011 22:38:17
J STEWART IS GOING 2 WALSALL {Ed025's Note - "its a wonderful life"(11)(8)He would for usChristmas has come early!


01 Dec 2011 22:06:02
Real Madrid are supposedly prepared to pay 70m euros + Kaka for Wayne Rooney, leaving SAF in a huge dilemma, as Kaka could potentially solve the creativity crisis in Utd's midfield and 70m euros / £60m could help him strenghten his side in order to keep their title hopes in sight as Mancini's city side are currently running away with it.(29)(60)Kaka,benzame+50m then will talkReal Madrid have financial problems of their own, they won't be spending that kind of money on a player for quite a while {Ed002's Note - This is why they are looking at selling Higuain to Chelsea.}We got anything to back up that they got worries ? {Ed002's Note - Both leading Spanish clubs have significant debts - but it is not an issue whilst they can service them.}Sell him. Good player, but one of the most inconsistent players in the premiershipED 002, yes both clubs have significant debt but as you said its serviceable but also most of real's debt can/does get wiped out by the royalty/government every year, when i say debt wiped out im on about im on about rent rates and expenses like that. it has happened for years at real.

tommo {Ed002's Note - It is not quite like that but they have beneficial loans. They have sold their assets (like the training ground) to service the debts in the past and last I heard still owed a couple of hundred million euro in rolling debt.}Yes but this debt is unbelievably at such a small interest rate its beyond belief, also when i said rents and rates thats what i meant about the training ground the sold it to pay some debts but yet stay there for a minimal fee they have to pay something but its a nominal charge.
The debt that real are in will not come into effect in the uefa rulings tho as the still dont go over the limits set by uefa. {Ed002's Note - Right and payments for existing debt is excluded from the FFP rules - and that is true for all clubs.}Is Rooney honestly worth it? I could semi understand the transfer fee for Ronaldo but to pay that money plus a player like Kaka is ridiculousPersonally i dont think Rooney is worth that kind of cash but i think he will score goals for fun in spain, the spanish defenders will not like his approach and i see him beeing 1 of the best british players to ever appear for a club in spain.

TommoWon't matter what Ferguson does. His glory days are behind him. No one can compete with City's financial might. Maybe not this year but shortly City will dominate...for a long time!Rooney should go if that is what they are offering. I am not a Manutd fan, but it would make sence if that was the offer on the table. What is Rooney on in wages 200k a week? somehting like like then, but yeah get rid. I'f I was a liverpool fan id be looking to get rid of gerrard too, same reason wages are massive and he has a lot of injuries. Daglish is the only manager who could get away with doing this.Rooney has no option but to stay at Utd or move to Chelsea.
He COULD move abroad but would not last 2 years away.That's ridiculous! Rooney is worth 50m atmost and Kaka is way better than Rooney to be given away in that kinda swoop deal.


01 Dec 2011 21:22:45
bradley wright phillips to join celtic(17)(45)The Celtic manager was at the game on Monday, casting his eye over RHODES. Not Morrison or BWP. He cant have been very impressed because the lad never got a touch all night!Rumours up in scotland say he was also scouting him, a deal of 1.5 million has been made.That is probably the right level of football for him Celtic are no more than a league 2 teamMorrison is 99.9% going Celtic! Trust me!


01 Dec 2011 19:07:44
I am a saints fan and know Maynard dad he said he won't sign for saints as too far too travel home to see family but saints will sign Wilfred zaha and clyne from palace for seven million(16)(35)I am a Saints fan and i find it hilarious that you are a Saints fan that knows Maynard's Dad and its too far to travel to see his family, Guess he wont go to a prem team either then, utter crap, he is a big boy, i am not saying he will come to saints but it wont be because of the traveling. If that is the case then will he be staying at Bristol, i mean you do know his Dad so well, why has he not signed a new contract?. As for Wilfred Zaha and Clyne what is you connection here then?, how do you know this?, i mean even know how much Saints will pay for the pair. I think you full of ST mate but funny, made me chuckle.It's not that far further up the road to Southampton. I'm sure Maynard can manage the journey...I read this pile of twaddle over an hour a go and i'm still pig myself laughing, Honestly, i don't know what amuses me most about 99% of the so called rumours on here, the halfheads that make the lies up so they can try to feel important for 10 mins or the fact that they actually think we believe them.....YOU BLERT!The same two that were in Norwich last week and Martin in Palace part of exchange deal


01 Dec 2011 18:41:22
aston villa sign sporting forward Yannick Djalo he.s only been offered a trial but at least theres some truth in the story he.s an absolute class act he.s alot like nani but scores more goals it would be a super signing for villa.He plays for nice {Ed002's Note - No he doesn't, that is why all of the paperwork needs sorting out and why he has not played this season.}


01 Dec 2011 17:44:51
With Vertonghen and Andy Polo deals done and dusted Tottenham Hotspur are closing in on Leandro Damiao.
Shaquri and Hazard are also targets.(24)(43)I don't know where you got the Andy Polo news from mate but i hope its true!! {Ed025's Note - its not mate....he looks bound for schalke!Deals are done and dusted?

u muppet {Ed025's Note - you think?? back and apologise when you are proved wrong kermit!Why buy shaqiri when they got lennon, and why get hazard when they got bale, Vertonghen is more realistic, and remember, tottenham do have too pay them salary. so dream on, tottenham are more out on the market for a striker and a centerback.They aint got the money


01 Dec 2011 17:26:53
after steve keans comment on carling cup game blackburns owners are considering a replacement and they state idealy mark hughes alan sheerah or steve bruce(16)(13)Who is alan sheerah? {Ed025's Note - sheerah....was the girlfriend of he-man..i think..Well she would do a better job than kean lol


01 Dec 2011 15:16:59
I have heard that Michal Appleton is looking to brimg in Arsenals Francis Coqulan on a 3 month loan.(14)(14)Ridiculous - Pompey will be under a transfer ban by the time January arrives - that is if they still exist as a legal and footballing entityWhy ridiculous? Pompey are trading as an independent entity under a wide CSI umbrella that covers many sporting companies. As such PFC will not be going into administration at all unless no buyer for the club is found by March 2012, and if that's the case it will be in extreme circumsances. Coquelin would be a usual loanee.I thought Pompey had their own people to sweep the floor?


01 Dec 2011 14:37:00
Blackpool to resign David Vaughan from Sunderland.(12)(33)


01 Dec 2011 14:04:53
January Transfer Window..

Charlton Athletic will complete the loan signing of Leicester City's Jeffrey Schlupp. Nigel Pearson is going with experience to try and get his team promoted and with Martyn Waghorn likely to be recalled from Hull (It was Pearson took him there), the promising youngster will be pushed further down the pecking order.

Another arrival at The Valley will be Matt Ritchie of Swindon Town. Striker Paul Benson and cash will go to the County Ground in exchange for the winger.

Scott Wagstaff will be a surprise departure with Brighton his likely destination.(14)(13)Not sure if this is true BUT, as a Leicester fan, if it is then you will really enjoy watching this boy, Jeffrey Schlupp is fearless, feisty and fast as f allied with two good pegs, knows what a header is and has an idea where the goal is no matter which way he's facing, i do agree that i don't think he'll get much action under Pearson although Sven rated him very highly and so do the fans so a loan move to Charlton would make sense all round and give the lad some much needed game time, i personally, would take him over Martyn Waghorn every day of the week but Mr Pearson does seem to like his Waggy, so if you do get him on loan, enjoy him, he's gonna be huge later on in his career (and chances are that it wont be with my club if Pearson is around for a while).Good comments fellow Fox... Shluup has massive potential and has bagged 5 goals this year but, as you point out, that was under Sven and he's not featured in the squad during the 3 games NP has been in charge. I wouldn't rule a loan move out, but i wouldn't count on it either."Mr Pearson does seem to like his Waggy", what does that mean?Brain freeze, got it :)Schlupp expereicned ?


01 Dec 2011 13:57:48
barnsley looking set to make a loan deal with arsenal for frimpong.(14)(24)Neutral Frimpong just looks like an Arsenal player to me.


01 Dec 2011 13:53:14
Rangers news :
Gers set to offer lukaku loan deal as Naismith( when fit ) set to join sunderland for 2mil and jelavic also being shown the door with a 5 mil move to leicester in the pipeline(5)(26)Just piggy backing on the Celtic rumor here me thinks :)What a load of sh... naismith will not be joining sunderland and jelavic will not be joining leicester for 5 mil when wee knocked back 6.5 mil for him you.s celtic supporters are wishing this happens .What a load of rubbish! naisy is the bst player we haveand is worth at least 10 million! and jelavicwil not leave!


01 Dec 2011 13:53:08
Southampton have signed Jos Hooiveld on a permanent 3 1/2 year deal.
The deal could be completed outside the transfer window because Saints have had Hooiveld registered at the club since the Summer(33)(5)


01 Dec 2011 13:53:07
Sky sports sources claim leading officials from sunderland have made contact with martin o'neil regarding becoming sunderlands next manager. Ellis short is not officially involved in the discussions but Nial Quinn is believed to favour O'neil over mark huges and wants the new manager in place as soon as possible.(14)(6)Seeing as how Short is chairman, it's foreseeable that he'll be alot more involved than Quinn...Seeing As it was niall quinn and margrate byrne who held the initial discussions with his representatives and not short my information is correct. So keep ur sarky comments to urself mate unless you kbow what ur talking about.


01 Dec 2011 13:48:44
Norwich city could be about to do a swap deal with c martin & n clyne switching clubs with cash going to palace. Clyne does not want to miss pos cup final, but the chance of prem l football is to much to miss out on, deal to take james perch to carrow road from newcastle is still on going.(11)(5)


01 Dec 2011 13:06:23
Leeds United In,
Alex McCarthey (PERMINANT)
Wilfred Zaha+Darren Ambrose (Crystal Palace)

Leeds United Out,
Paul Rackchuba
Andy O'Brien
Billy Paynter

Simon Grayson Also To Get Sacked If Results Dont Improve At Home Ken Bates Would Then Be Looking To Bring In Steve Bruce(14)(32)As a leeds fan myself i ask what r u on??He only said that cuz palace knocked out scumCome on Mr Editor you seem a decent sort, any chance you can filter out this dross? {Ed025's Note - if we filter ALL the dross...there will only be 2 posts per month!Wow paul rachubka and Andy o brien on their way out. You're really in the know aren't you !!


01 Dec 2011 13:05:33
Southampton have signed Celtic defender Jos Hooiveld for an undisclosed fee. The 28 year old had been on loan, and has now joined on a three and half year deal.
Sources: BBC Football
Southampton FC Official Site(21)(7)


01 Dec 2011 12:38:15
forest to sign stefen savic on loan from man city and sharp from doncastre (800k)
and danny pugh (50k from gillingham)


Your on more drugs than Shaun Ryder. Billy Sharp joined Doncaster for 1.3 million and look what he's done for them, scored 15+ goals for past 2 seasons, and well on his way to doing it this time, not to mention he's not completed a full season due to injury. He'd cost about 4 million(2)(20)Not completed a full season but worth £4 million. Er. No.

Sharp is worth about £2 million, and that would be paid in installmentsFlorest fans dreaming again sharp more likely to sign for leicesterBilly Sharp has turned down festa the bin divers numerous times so why will he change his mind now.4-0 in your Cup Final...Why would sharp swap league 1 football at Doncaster next season for league 1 football with forest?? And 800k?? Lol forest ain't got 8p!!Billy sharp has a better chance of playing prem league football with leicester than florest who are heading to league oneLiving in dream world Doncaster turned down Ipswich 2.3m bid in summer and he's value has arguably gone up since then. Do you play football manager by any chance?Pugh doesnt play for gillkingham


01 Dec 2011 12:37:46
Celtic to sign Lukaku on loan in January but to get rid of Brown (Newcastle), Kayal (Arsenal) & Samaras (Bolton).(4)(39)


01 Dec 2011 12:23:31
tottenham to sign leandro damiao for
30 million pounds(7)(33)Oracle, i hope this is not you!!Ah the thrush strikes back!I am so glad I'm not an arsenal fan as I would have to put up with deluded spurs fans like urself day in day out!!



01 Dec 2011 11:41:42
On the club website - Scott Brown has agreed a 4 year Contract with Newcastle United. The deal has been signed today and to be processed in January. He will arrive in the Toon July 2012.(8)(20)What a load of mince! Scott Brown is under contract until 30th June 2012(which is the date all contracts end) and cannot talk to anyone until 1st January despite the rumours being put about, probably by his agent.

He has already agreed terms on his new Celtic contract and there is a small hitch with the agents fee holding up the signing.

At least do a bit of research before making up stories!Your more than welcome to him injury prone hot head who cant passPlayer who thinks he's better than he is!At times struggles in a poor league now so no chance of doing it in the EPL.Deal Confirmed on STV news by Lennon - So it does appear to be true! So much for having to wait till Jan! and the original comment did say he would arrive in Newcastle in July next year! No need for research when you watch the news : )Please take himIf Charlie Adam can cut i in epl brown would be a real starWhy post this rubbish? facts of the matter are:
1. he is able to speak to teams as of today due to contract finishing May 30
2. not on any website or stv
3. if he does leave using the agents fee as excuse then there will be very few cfc fans who care. £4.4M and has never reached anywhere near the level req'd

steve67Where are u seeing on these websites about brown signing for anyone ???I think there is alot of brown stuff coming out your mouth.Scott Brown signs new Contract at Celtic until 2015

So much for the original post!


01 Dec 2011 11:08:42
Mark Hughes is favourite for Sunderland manager with Martin o Neill being 2nd favourite.(8)(23)


01 Dec 2011 10:51:57
Im hearing strong reports that Sunderland will look at Adkins Lambert Hughes and Hiddink.

Lambert is the first name they want to speak to.(6)(31)Dont think adkins would want to manage Sunderland, hes very happy at Southampton.I am a Saints fan, it worries me, i disagree with the comment above, Adkins like any manager wants to manage in the prem, yes we are doing well at the moment but Sunderland are there and are an established prem team now, we all know there is no loyalty anymore and if they were to come for him and the money was right then i think he would strongly consider, hope he doesnt he has done briliant for us and i want him to stay, just worries me that all. Anyway i think Sunderland will look elsewere before they get to Adkins. I reackon martin oneil might fancy this one or raffa benitez all though i think he might wait for the chelsea job, anyway good luck sunderland.It doesn't worry me. Would be disappointing but think Adkins will want to see things through with Saints, at least until end of season and his history indicates more loyalty than most. Also Sunderland are struggling, hence the sacking, and Nigel would look a right plonker if we replaced Sunderland in the Prem. I thought Cortese was mad when sacking Pardew but replacement has done a decent job!


01 Dec 2011 09:41:44
Hi Ed, As a Norwich fan have you heard any possible transfer targets in Jan in our bid to stay up! {Ed001's Note - there have been talks with Liverpool and United about taking a couple of fringe players on loan. Trouble is both clubs wanted reassurances about how many games loanees would get and Lambert wasn't prepared to promise to play them.}(5)(8)


01 Dec 2011 10:02:39
According to a report in "The Scotsman" (online version) which was later pulled, Celtic are watching Michael Morrison of Charlton.

No reason was given for the removal of the story so maybe it was just inaccurate however, that does not usually stop newspapers running a story.(6)(5)


01 Dec 2011 09:06:23
Norwich to sign Wilfred Zaha in january expect it to be wrapped up early as PL does not want a bidding war.(6)(20)


01 Dec 2011 07:34:45
crawley going to make big bid for stevenages craig reid. but west ham interester along with derby county(4)(8)


01 Dec 2011 05:05:31
Nigel Adkins is set to make Jordan Rhodes his number 1 target in January(9)(19)I am sick and tired of reading this, he is going nowhere in January.Dont mind me asking, How do you know? are you him because if you are then fine, if your not i assume you are a close friend.If the money is right he will go.

Far to good for league 1.As Saints or Sunderland's manager? I'm also fed up of reading juvenile fantasies from either fellow Saints fans or Huddersfield's rivals. Lambert was also too good for League 1, so what?I am not Jordon Rhodes or a close friend of his but I also assume that you aren't Nigel Adkins either. Our Chairman has spoken to Rhodes about the January window and has catagorically stated that Rhodes won't be sold in January, I for one believe him, I don't doubt that he can play at a higher level, but our Chairman is hell bent on getting us to the Championship and is savvy enough to realise that selling Rhodes in January would seriously damage our prospects. What will happen in the summer is anyones guess but you won't get him in January.I'm a Charlton fan, we are getting the same with BWP and others. It just means your team/players are doing well and other people covert them. Nothing more nothing less, if anyone actually knew anything would they really put it on here anonymously?You are spot on. People seem to forget that Huddersfield have ambitions as well, that shouldn't be ignored.


01 Dec 2011 03:51:01
Long term Bristol City target Steven Naismith will join in January for £4m if the club cashes in on marksman Maynard(2)(20)I'd love to see him pass a medical considering he is out injured with a tear on his cruciate ligament and wont be back until August.Naismith is out injured for the season, he has not long signed a new deal at the club he has supported all his life and is a vital player for them so he will not be going anywhere unless its for a stupid bidThats right. Rooney was a long time Everton fan and never left Everton for another clubEverton are mince tho ofcourse he would leave everton for man utd on the other hand i dont think i would leave rangers for bristol city


01 Dec 2011 03:45:31
Bristol City rejected a £3m bid from an unnamed Premiership Club for winger Albert Adomah.(4)(20)


01 Dec 2011 03:43:11
Blackburn will make a double swoop for Bristol Citys Maynard and Adomah in a deal worth £5m(9)(22)Why would they go to a club thats going down u need dm n defenders scott dann aint up to the jobIt was Soton the other day. At least try and dream up something original


01 Dec 2011 01:58:12
Liverpool Targets - Win/Sum-2012
Eduardo Vargas (ATT-W)
Roberto Soldado (ST)
Shinji Kagawa (ATT-M)
Edinson Cavani - (ST)
Adam Johnson - (ATT-W)
Lucas Rodrigues da Silva (ATT-M)

The first 3 are most likley in Jan/12

The rest are 50/50 depending on
LGE finish or if Napoli fail in CL group stage
then Cavani is a Jan/12 Target(26)(19)U must be dreamingNah he's just up with bulls spreading the s.hit, although some liverpool fans are intelligent with their thoughts comments & beliefs! this one however isn't....Out of them maybe soldado and a slim chance of Johnson but when I mean slim I'm talking posh spice slim! Heard we have offered a trial to a yank who if memory serves me correct terry Henry said he will be the best player too come from America and could take Europe by storm! N agueldo or something like that

MpcThey are targets that all are within the buying stragety. only 3 will be needed striker attacking winger and attacking midfielder. personaly its realistic that we get kagawa vargas and soldado. cavani CL football is needed first so maybe a summer chance if we don't land a forward in Jan/12 {Ed002's Note - Liverpool do not have the money to do all of this.}Vargas vs Johnson - winger needed, soldado vs cavani-striker needed, kagawa vs lucus-gerrard replacement needed longtermLiverpool have funds for kagawa soldado and vargas = 50m or under. plus kuyt Cole aqulani exit = 20m so that's about 30m spendingHis isnt dreaming...he's from Liverpool!Adam johnson just signed a new contract with city so he won't be going anywhereWow. another dreaming liverpool fan.
what makes you think they wanna come to liverpool when they're playing for better teams already? plus, liverpools chairman wouldn't splash that much cash on more attacking options having spent so much on Suarez and Carroll.Well before the new rules come in only spend what u make they will add. Liverpool also have 26m from warrior sports per year. they need a striker since robbie keane was not replaced and Liverpool have been lacking since 08/09. we need a right sided winger anyway. I think they will spend around 40-70m before next season to fill in and make the team title worthy


01 Dec 2011 00:59:45
According to Sky, Brighton, Palace, Leicester city and Fulham are keeping an eye on young 15 year old Charlton Athletic goalkeeper called Luke Colquhoun have said he's not in the academyHe's not the only one being watched either, Charlton must get promoted this year to have a chance of keeping some of these highly rated youngsters.I heard that too, but i know that whatever sky sports say isnt always right but they have the best sources around the country and are the most accurate (apart from official websites), so where would they get this from, iam a charlton fan and i have never heard of him, i hope its true as this means better players coming through...........


01 dec 2011 00:22:30
is droga,malouda,anelka and kalou living in jenuary.who arr the next target if yes(8)(6)Well who knows how long they will live ?There really should be limits on how dumb someone is, before they are allowed to post messages on here.
What kind of english is this suppose to be?Sorry mate, this aint a request site but a rumour site!


30 Nov 2011 23:52:44
Liverpool are considering signing a new holding midfielder in January after the unfortunate injury to Lucas Leiva which could leave him out for the rest of the season. Jonjo Shelvey has been recalled from his loan spell at Blackpool, Liverpool will reloan him in January should they decide to purchase a holding midfielder. Jack Rodwell and Yann M'Vila are the two names in the frame however the latter is expected to cost £10m more than Rodwell at £25m , Liverpool scouted both players during the summer but decided not to strenghten in this area and they may decide this again depending on how Jay Spearing performs but if they do purchase one of the two players mentioned it would pretty much signal the end for him.Liverpool are planning an £8m move for Gary Cahill while they continue to scout Eden Hazard but will not attempt a move for him until next summer. Liverpool are willing to let Jones,Aurelio,Maxi,Kuyt,Aquilani,Pacheco,Skrtel,Eccleston,Mendy,Darby and J.Cole leave the club in order to make way for new recruits. I have heard some rumours Fernando Torres could also be the subject of a shock £30m bid from Liverpool but we will have to wait and see on that one as I can't see Chelsea letting him leave for £20m less than they bought him for less than a year ago.(6)(12)Rodwell to liverpool dream on sweetheart


30 Nov 2011 22:21:37
Hey Ed, any transfer rumours regarding charlton athletic??...... {Ed025's Note - not at the moment mate..(1)(3)


30 Nov 2011 20:29:26


Delfonso-Aston Villa-Loan

Di Santo-Aston Villa-£5m
Gohouri-Bristol City-£200,000(5)(22)


30 Nov 2011 19:19:41
Peter Reid has confirmed he has been approached by Sunderland to replace Bruce. No new funds will be made available for Reid to spend in January.

Reid will be charged to save Sunderland from relegation before a permanent manager is appointed in the summer. O'Neill, Maclaren and Sven top the Boards wanted list.(6)(31)Geordie twaddle !


30 Nov 2011 19:12:36
According to initital reports, Sunderland are set to replace sacked manager Steve Bruce with Peter Reid.

Reid will serve as caretaker manager until the end of the season.

Martin O'Neill remains Sunderlands first choice but he has turned down the post. However, Sunderland hope he will change his mind in the close season, hence Reid given temporary charge until then.

It is thought O'Neill wants to see if Sunderland stay up. One stumbling block is that Sunderland will have a much reduced transfer budget next year.(12)(26)Why everytime a job comes up in the premier league is Martin o neil the man everyone wants. What has he won as every club he has been to in the premier league he has always walked away as he knows he cant take them any further. He spent a fortune at Villa and got no where.


30 Nov 2011 16:49:00
Any one know if the Maya to liverpool rumour has any sense ?

Kind of makes sense when you see that chealsea seem to on the slide and Liverpool are seeing a resurgence {Ed025's Note - do you mean mata?..(5)(17)I dont think hes gonna leave after half a season and join liverpoolI agree hes chelsea best player they wouldnt let him go so soon


30 Nov 2011 16:35:45
Tottenham Hotspur have signed Andy Polo, will be announced next week and he will join in January.(11)(19)This player is MINT!Hits a ball so hard has been known to put a hole in the middle of the net
Likely to cost a packet {Ed003's Note - chuckles }As a Spurs fan would like to see it, but this won't happen!He's having trials at Schalke and Liverpool in the new year so no chance of this transfer happening at all I'm afraid.

MartinI bet he cost a Mint


30 Nov 2011 16:33:44
Leicester to sign rangers jelavic for around 3-5 mil in jan(19)(17)IF THEY REJECTED 8 EARLIER ON THEY AINT GONA ACCEPT LESS NOW ARE THEY
DAVIEBHOY08 {Ed025's Note - please dont shout!..Jelavic was (apparently) a target for Sven but that doesn't mean he'll be a target for Pearson. Rehashing old rumours is a total waste of time, nobody is ever going to believe them, try to be more original at least.Not at hat price but rumour true!!Rangers are skint and everyone knows it! top end of that price range but no more.Jelavic is too good for the championship and this is aloud of turd


30 Nov 2011 16:16:55
Liverpool ~ David Bentley. ~7Mil.
Everton ~ Roman Pavlyuchenko ~ 8mil.
Tottenham ~ Eden Hazard ~28mil.
Nikolas Anelka ~ 2mil.
Arsenal ~ Maurone Fellani ~ 16mil.
Man utd ~ Ross Barkley ~ 17mil.
Chelsea ~ buy some fans!(19)(54)Surely you can't be serious? Bentley can't get into the Spurs side but is somehow worth 7 mil to a midfield-heavy side. Tottenham buying a player for 30 mil and Fellaini leaving Everton literally days after signing a new contract? Fair enough, you got my reply but please don't contribute any more..Bentley is not worth ten way will liverpool buy this dud.Think he's pulling some legs, a lot of people do hang on peoples words......its actually 23 mill for hazard lolU gotta be a spurs fan as they are the only ones who are deluded enough to believe that hazard will go to them when he has his pick of teams (redknapp needs to scout players instead of reading the gossip coloums) and to believe u could get 7 million for that whopper Bentley!!

Mpc^^Angry Gooner alert!Bentley long term injuryActually Liverpool u twerp!^^

mpcMpc, get a grip he's done it as a giggle, no sense of humour...xmas its coming ask for one off santa.....Eden hazard on sale, forget it, then he have too fight with lennon and bale... dream on.. tottenham is going for centerback and a striker like i see it.Spurs will go for a centre back (Cahill, Subotic or Tasci) and a striker (Anelka, Daimao) These are my guesses but Bentley has been woeful, if we pay liverpool 7 million they mite consider taking him, if we are lucky!


30 Nov 2011 16:13:19
Heard Liverpool are willing to sell a number of players in January transfer window. Players like maxi, Kuyt, fabio aurelio & brad jones will be sold. Spearing & Flanagan will be loaned out to either a low premiership team or a championship club (Hull,Derby,swansea & Watford interested) Liverpool will bring in a striker to cover suarez & Carroll & a winger. Farfan & Mata possible targets along with david villa of Barcelona. Also keita of Barcelona to join at the end of the season !!(11)(27)David Villa? more like Ricky Villa.Farfan (to good) and Mata(only just joined chelsea), Dream on. David Villa(plays for the best team in the world), extremely doubtful. Liverpool supporters need to get common sense.Eh no swansea are brilliant better than chelsea for definite


30 Nov 2011 14:46:21
hi ed have you heard any newcastle or leicester rumours {Ed001's Note - only Leicester linked with Clayton and Powell of Crewe, nothing else new.}(2)(10)


30 Nov 2011 14:47:53
Transfer business is certain to be happening at everton in january. With strikers the priority. Jordan Rhodes, Hugo Rodallega, Salomon Kalou and Jermain Defoe all possible. Roysten Drenthe expected to sign a full-time contract. Also Landon Donovan repeating a three-month loan spell with club. Vedran Corluka could be joining also in search for first-team football.

Potential starting 11
Corluka, Jagielka, Distin, Baines
Donovan, Rodwell, Fellaini, Drenthe
Kalou(15)(17)Everton don't have a pot to piss in, more like Jason Donovan. {Ed025's Note - not much dosh is true mate....but players want to come to us because of our class, and history!You keep believing that Ed, must keep you warm at night. ;) {Ed025's Note - it does mate...because we are the chosen ones!, you are born an evertonian, and supporting the "peoples club", is in your blood..Fellaini only signed a contract so he doesn't leave on the cheap next summer!! Yer know to help ur club that's being demolished by an actor!!

MpcJason donovan would be better than andy 12 lagers carroll {Ed025's Note - thats a terrrible slur...on jason donovan


30 Nov 2011 14:37:05
Leicester city

b.berner(5)(48)Dean Sturridge is coming out of retirement eh.... nice!U ARE ON MORE DRUGS THAN SHAUN RYDERRubbish, obviously posted by a non-leicester fan looking for a reaction.Sturridge is currently Chelsea's top scorer lay off


30 Nov 2011 14:32:43
Norwich looking at arsenal midfielder Frimpong as a loan target in january with qpr also looking at the player but it seems norwich's set up will suit frimpong much better as qpr play a wide 442 and norwich play a 451 and frimpong would sit nicly in the middle for norwich. KEEP WATCHING THIS SPACE AS THIS WILL HAPPEN IM SICK OF LITTLE KIDDYS PLACING 100% WRONG RUMOURS.(12)(16)NB only two loanees per season NCFC have the 2 on season long loans


30 Nov 2011 14:26:50
I have it it on good authority from within the club, and as I stated before Saints will be looking to complete the purchase of Maynard and Clyne. Hooiveld is a certainty. However Nigel was extremely impressed with Albert Adomah last Saturday and he will be looking to offer city 8 million for him and Maynard as a double capture or maybe even a cash plus player exchange.(8)(8)Hooiveld is not a certainty unless the valuation can be agreedHere we go again fantasy saints. Following your playmates at pompey and heading for a shock money troubles.Prob is fantasy but £15M still in Bank from Chamberlain sale ignoring better average attendances than 7 prem clubs. Its all very sweet in Soton these daysSouthampton fans are a strange bunch, sing when your winning really, where were all of you when you were in league 1 and when you were relagated from the championship when times were hard aye, you havent really had that good attendance this year everytime ive seen highlights of your games the ground is half empty apart from the last couple of weeks it seems to of filled up alot more and that is just down to you lot doing well, but i shouldent speak too soon, you will soon see southampton losing or drawing and what will happen if/when your only player ricky lambert gets injured, you will soon see saints falling down the league, and i would be VERY VERY suprised if Maynard joins because he has already said he will only leave to go to a PREMIERSHIP club as he is currently happy at bristol city.........Easily checked facts : Saints average home attendance in Championship 25738 (3rd highest in Championship and actually better than 8 Prem clubs). In 2010/2011 League 1 average home attendance 22160. You are wrong. I can't predict rest of season and neither can you but as you point out we need additional cover for Lambert. I said the original post was prob fantasy but saying we are heading for 'shock money troubles' is definite fantasy. If Maynard is happy at City then tell him to sign the bloody contract otherwise you risk losing him for nothing at end of season.Her we go again, only player Ricky Lambert, first of all every team in the land has a main goal scorer some even have two, i.e rooney man u, saurez liverpool, messi barcelona, ronaldo madrid etc....this is how team win and if that main score gets injured or suspended then yes of course you will struggle, as good as barca are take messi out of that side and even they are no were near as good then with him same with any club FACT. Yes before you say, i know Saints aint Barcelona and i am not comparing us to then or any other club for that matter, just pointing out that every team will struggle without there best players. Saints have scored 42 goals in the league so far this season Lambert has 12 so 30 goals from the rest of team aint bad is it.

Richard Lambert 12
Guly Do Prado 7
Adam Lallana 6
David Connolly 5
Steve De Ridder 3
Richard Chaplow 3
Jos Hooiveld 2
Dean Hammond 1
Morgan Schneiderlin 1
Dan Harding 1
Lee Holmes 1

As for attendances the above said it all really you need to check your facts before posting comments, one more thing on this, the cameras that play the highlight are always in the Kingland part of st marys so they are always facing the end were we place the away fans so there are always empty seats but the rest of theh stadium is mostly full just look at the figures. As for money how do you know we are going to have shock money problems, the club run at a loss last year but so did 99% of all the other clubs, the only reason we run at a loss is because we spent 6 million on new players. We have since sold AOC for 12-15 million, so i would imagine the club would be profitable in the next financial year. Cortese is a very clever man and there is no way Saints will go back or anywere near to admin with him in place. He would not make money available if there was none and he has clearly told adkins he has funds if he wants.


30 Nov 2011 12:25:50
Southampton targets:
Maynard, Bristol City £4,000,000
Hooiveld, Celtic £1,200,000
Clyne, Crystal Palace £2,250,000 + Butterfield
Jacob Butterfield, Barnsley £1,250,000
There may also be one or two unknowns from European Leagues, most likely Italy, through Cortese's connections there.

I'm not too sure on the fees, so I've said what I'd pay if I was Cortese.(24)(28)Not sure if we'll get all of these, but I like your thinking, fairly realistic, and the prices seem about right too.Paying £4m for Maynard, who is out of contract in the summer, is realistic? Erm yeah ok.Butterfield no, maynard no, clyne no, hooiveld maybe now thats more realisticSaints are on a good run, massive form and morale but wake up pal, you prob wil be there at the end of the season but u aint a massive club. i do hope you become a constant prem team again, hate to see teams slip into the void but you were prem mid table at best and you will never be any higherEither City sell in January or they lose him for nothing in the summer. He was valued at £6m in the summer, but that will have dropped as he's out of contract.I'd take them all, but we don't need Clyne as Richardson is playing well and where would Butterfield fit in? We have loads of centre mids as it is."£6m in the summer, but that will have dropped as he's out of contract."

Surley if he is out of contract then no fee is due.Bristol City have said that it will take a bigish fee to get them to part with Maynard. But i think £4M is a realistic fee to get them to part with him.Bristol City proved themselves to be dumber than a box of frogs when they rejected Leicester's continued offers for Maynard in the Summer, any club coming in for Maynard now can agree a pre-contract with him in January meaning that BC will get absolutely NOTHING for him when his contract expires - why then, would any team stump up £4m for him in January? Especially a team like Southampton who already have good options in front of goal?

The player has repaid Bristol City's faith in him by doing absolutely nothing this season. BC fans keep popping up claiming that he's "close" to signing the new deal that's been on the table for roughly five months but, let's face it, Maynard will see out his deal and he'll walk away for nothing in order to generate himself a very tasty signing-on fee. Well done Bristol City, you showed them Foxes and no mistake, shame it's going to cost you the player, a fee and possible long-term financial problems... good skillsI simply trust in Adkins and Cortese but we do need another striker for Prem push and dont understand logic of fella who talks about 'prem mid table at best'. Money is not an issue and none of the players mentioned would be of much interest to teams above prem mid table?If Nicky goes at the end of season it won't be to Southampton as they be still a championship side.'as they be' - enjoyed a flagon of scrumpy today have we my boy. I wonder if your Nicky will play his last game for Brissle on the 30 Dec at St Marys? {Ed003's Note - 'My boy' wow,does he know ? }Nah, i'm unrelated to his auntieThe person who said city have shot themselves in the foot re maynard, how can you sell a player to another club if the player doesnt want to go to said club. Ie nicky said he didnt want to go to leicester. Cant blame him really.


30 Nov 2011 10:54:08
Juventus and Zenit st Petersburg want Arsenal's Arshavin.(30)(10)


30 Nov 2011 09:41:31
Tottenham are planning moves for two Premier League veteran's from two of the big boy's Rio Ferdinand and Nicolas Anelka. Chelsea are planning for life after Nicolas Anelka,Didier Drogba and Saloman Kalou who all look likely to leave this January while their are even rumours Torres who is extremely unhappy with life in London could be loaned to his former club Atletico Madrid to try and regain some form.Chelsea are planning moves for Fernando Llorrente,Diego Godin and Gabriel Agbonlahor. Liverpool are looking to add Gary Cahill,Robert Snodgrass and Moussa Dembele as it looks increasingly likely Dirk Kuyt will be moving to Inter Milan. Manchester United will not buy in January despite their obvious need for a central midfielder. Arsenal are looking at Lukas Podolski while Manchester City suprisingly aren't planning any moves at the minute.(10)(26)Agbonlahor wants to finish his career at Villa Park .. his contract lasts until he is 29 & he wants to make it until he is 34.
So unless £50m is offered. Villa will not even let him talk to Chelsea. What a lot of bull!50m for Gabby?! i don't know whether to laugh or cry.Agbonlahor wouldn't leave Villa for Chelsea get real obviously a young immature dillusional Villa fan and £50m are u having a laugh u'll get £15m and be happy with it£16m for Young , £20m - downing .. £24m Milner £18m Barry.. I would say £35m for AgbonlahorBehave urself mate 35 mill wake up and smell the coffee he is a 15 mill player at most he is hit and miss at best not consistant and he looks like a potatoe head!


30 Nov 2011 09:16:57
West Ham will make several signings in the transfer window. The squad is one of the smallest in the Championship so Allardyce is keen to add strength in depth. A new centre back to provide cover for Faye and Tomkins has become a priority and Andy O'Brien will come in on a free transfer after it has become clear that he will never play for Leeds again. Also, cover for the wide positions is needed, so allardyce hopes to sign Marvin Celik. Finally, a striker is needed to compete with Baldock, Cole, Carew and Piquionne. A possible target is Nicky Maynard who we became close to signing in the summer. He is out of contract at the end of the season so we could get him in a cut price deal. It is expected that all star players will remain at the club, unless we recieve an offer too good to refuse.(7)(17)According to some Italian Football Blog Celik has already signed for Parma, so I don't see him signing for West Ham anytime soon...I'm sorry, what? Andy O'Brien on a free transfer? He has two year left on his contract and earns a fortune! No, sorry, Bates might loan him to West Ham, but he will never authorise a free transfer before his contract expires.
wallyWhat star players are those then?How dull can West Ham get ... even their rumours are 'route one'!


30 Nov 2011 06:08:39
Arsenal out- M. Chamakh, A.Arshavin
Arenal in -Lucas Podolski, Esteban Granero, Reus, Gabriel Torje

Chelsea out -S.Kalou, Anelka , Malouda, Drogba
Chelsea In - G.Higuain(20)(23)


30 Nov 2011 03:54:29
Premier league teams ins and outs:
Arsenal In - Soldado
Out - Chamakh

Aston Villa In - Kranjcar
Out - Ireland

Blackburn In - .....
Out - Most of Team

Bolton In - Onuoha
Out - Cahill

Chelsea In - Moutinho
Out - Anelka

Everton In - Odemwingie
Out - Heitinga

Fulham In - Pavlyuchenko(loan)
Out - Dembele

Liverpool In - Lavezzi
Out - Johnson

Man City In - Cavani
Out - Johnson

Man Utd In - Rakitic
Out - Carrick

Newcastle In - Maiga
Out - Gosling

Norwich In - Gosling (loan)
Out - none

QPR In - Piquionne
Out - Taraabt

Stoke In - None
Out - None

Sunderland In - Rodallega
Out - Sessengon

Swansea In - Pienaar(loan)
Out - Sinclair

Tottenham In - Hazard
Out - Bassong

West Brom In - Chamakh(short loan)
Out - Odemwingie

Wigan In - Delfounso (loan)
Out - Rodallega

Wolves In - C.Davies
Out - Jarvis(10)(57)Why waste your time writing these posts?Hazard to Spurs? Ireland isn't leaving Villa Park either.Just becuase it happens in fifa 12 does not mean it happens in real life....Im a Spurs fan, this Hazard thing is a joke. Is it because the Woolwich Wanderers think they will sign him? They wont, Spurs wont.I notice that all but one 'out' is not an 'in' to any other prem team, does this mean they are ALL moving abroad? BULL....Looks like hes been back 6 times to agree with his own post...


29 Nov 2011 18:26:51
rumours coming out of leeds are that in jan there is a chance of 2 south american players coming in initially on loan but with a view to perm depending on how they/leeds do not expensive players but they have dual nationalities therefore dont require work permits! 1 of them is to be believed to be gaston fernandez an argentine striker/attacking midfielder, the other as yet not known.ive just heard that the other is cristian pellerano a defensive midfielder again an argentine but also has italian nationality too!(7)(17)Im original poster and this has a bit of sway to it as ken bates has a very good friend who is a south american football agent and for the last 2 summers we have had plenty of south americans in on trial, but leeds have generally been looking at the 1's with dual nationality i.e a european passport too so as to get around the work permit polava(spelling), anyhows dont have a clue as to how much truth to these rumours but i have heard several murmurs around leeds n the surrounding area of a few players coming in on trial over the next month to 6 weeks.Sounds very legit...sort of thing that KB and SG do....lets hope the AM/striker will score goals and be a creative player and the DM will be battyesque and sure up our defence AL


29 Nov 2011 16:17:51
Pompey in admin again(49)(17)Again and what are the chances of the fa
patting them onthe head and telling them to
go away and behave, small creditors to
suffer again.They should take a strong stand
this time,or will they wait while next timeIt's their Parent Company that's in Administration not Portsmouth FC. However they probably will go into Administration eventually, very sad.Look at the precedent set by the FA with Southampton. They decided a parent company is inextricably linked and therefore there MUST be a points deduction. 10 point minimum, but as this isn't the first time, who knows? Ask Luton et al.Its come to the stage that if creditors/clubs are owed money make sure they paid out of any deal if the club is the creditors for the bank will want sliceThe parent company (CSI) has gone into administration, NOT Portsmouth FC. For a points deduction to happen it must be proved that the club and the parent company MUST be inextricably linked. If PFC are trading with minimum help from CSI, they will not get any points deduction. Furthermore, the previous owners (Balu Chainrai/Portpin Ltd) have registered as secured creditor over CSI and Fratton Park. If CSI go bankrupt, Portpin will have security over PFC. In other words, PFC will default to Chainrai, much like it did when Chainrai gained control over Al Faraj. Hope that clears it up!!So admin beckons thenIts not a shame they always doin i for one hope they go in to freefallPompey are not in admin and do not deserve to be in admin although it is possible that this could still happen. The problem here is that the type of people coming in to buy football clubs are often unsuitable for the role and the FA does nothing about it. Fit and Proper tests are clearly a joke and if this can happen to one club it can happen to any club, including the one supported by the guy who says 'it's not a shame'. We either expect the FA to protect all it's clubs or we question what on earth it's role really is.They deserve a point deduction, i mean second time in 18 month not good, it might be the parent company but saints got -10 points that was also our parent company, fa have got to take a long hard look at them selves as well, this fit and proper is a waste of time. CSI must of proved that there was money to invest into PFC so how could this of happend so soon after they took controlAnd you were all not laughing when leeds got punished get real, i feel for the fans yes but lets face it, it isnt just the f.a to blame you have to look at yourselves too. sorry to say it but if you do go into admin i fear it could be the death of your club, maybe this will get the authorities to get their asses in gear! but again its not just everybody elses fault, deal with it!Be wary of what you wish for leeds fan because your club is has been hidden by a number of front company whom bates claims not to know the owners are hidden in offshore banks .maybe they should start at your club and as long has pompey have there finances separate from the parent company and they can pay the wages should be okThe word was HAS this has all changed now that its clear that bates is the majority shareholder with 70-odd%, leeds are in a strong financial position, 1 of only 19 teams of 92 to be in the black, and 1 of only 7 teams to run at a profit.leeds were ratified as fit and proper under the old owners as i mentioned in a previous post i know this doesnt mean much but yet we were and this cannot be changed and mr.bates has been ratified too, therefore leeds are safe. like i also said i feel for your fans but as a company they need to be charged the same as every other club plus more as this would be multipletimes in such a short time to go into admin.You wont/shouldn't get away with the the parent company thing, the FA set a precedent when Saints siad that 2 years ago and the FA were having none of that. The fact that you were in admin not so long ago is not in you favour, I do fell for you skates because end of the day its not your fault and we have been there and it is not nice but the fact is parent company or not you will/should be punished. The short term future of Pompey might be ok but how long before the players dont get paid there wages and more impotantly the small local businesses you stiched up last time paying them 10p out of every pound you owe them, it wont be long before they suffer again, this is the reason why you should not be aloud to get away with it, there the people i feel sorry for, ironically most of which are probably Pompey fans. shame on you.Do to them what they did to Luton, and then drop them to blue square, they have been getting away with it for to long, And not forgetting AFC Wimbledon eitherCmon guys we're all football fans here no one can wish another club to go out of existence! Fans of most clubs have very little to do with the club management, how on earth can it be the Pompy fans fault.30 Nov 2011 15:37:26
Portsmouth unlikely to lose points... agree with the guys above. Well said! :)For those likening Southampton's Parent company going into administration to that of Pompey's, you do not undertstand the facts. For Southampton, the holding company ONLY held Southampton and therefore both were unable to trade. In Portsmouth's case they are one of a considerable number of businesses held by the parent company (CSI), some of which, including Portsmouth, are still able to trade. In essence, Southampton tried it on as a way to avoid administration when they were no longer able to pay the bills, Portsmouth, currently at least, are paying their way and have no need for administration. Therefore, no points deduction should apply.But the club have admited this is only short term and will need major investment very soon to prevent not going into admin.Good luck Pompey, I hope for the creditors sake that they dont go back into administration, we had 2 stints in administration at Swindon before new owners, It is not nice for any fans, but I hope they find a backer, was that FA cup worth it ?To the poster who linked the current problems to winning the FA cup, no link at all. If you linked it to the previous ownrs and the associated administration then I would at least be able to follow your logiceven if I still disagreed, but to link it to the current problem, just shows you do not understand the situation. The problem is all about the wrong people being able to buy our football teams. We are all at the mercy of unscupulous people who care only for money and nothing for the clubs or their fans. The FA need to build a strategy and testing process to stop this before it's too late.


29 Nov 2011 16:11:27
heard celtic are interested in matt kilgallon (spelling) from sunderland (but i think he has been loaned out not sure though)(10)(20)


29 Nov 2011 16:06:33
Just seen John Bico with Daniel Levy and Darren Eales coming out of The Dorchester in Mayfair. Eden Hazard to Spurs ~28mil.(16)(31)28mill even though theyve recently had a bid from a club cant remwmber who for 43 mill?Ha! I have never heard such nonsense in my life! They are £70m in debt and cant even afford to sign Adebayor, never mind Hazzard!


29 Nov 2011 15:47:27
ONCE LEICESTER CITY GET TO THE PREMIER LEAGUE THEY WILL BE BROUGHT OUT BY THE COUSEN OF MAN CITY OWNER, WHO HAS PROMISED IF BYE OUT SUCCESFULL £250 MILLION TO SPEND, {Ed025's Note - stop shouting!!(10)(57)IM A MAN CITY FAN I HAVE TO SAY IVE HEARD THAT TOO !!! {Ed025's Note - again...stop shouting!!If your going to post carp at least dont shoutMy cousins cousins dogwalker reckons your talking rubbish................its 750 million to spend........ PlankMy friennd once caught a glimpse of a person who once saw peice of sand from the moon who says this is rubbishCould they pay for some spelling lessons for you,muppetAbsolutely deluded leicester fans on again either that or sum bitter fans from another club!Brought out of what?Do you still think he'll want to buy the crisp munchers in 2025 when you go up?Don't you mean if Leicester get to the premier leagueWhat a lot of rubbish!As a Leicester fan, i'd like to add a very loud cks to this 'rumour' - i think the author might have had a pint or two, nobody can be that dimwitted, surely? Well, other than the other dimwits who actually believed he was being serious.And when will this all happen then,?
Leicester are better odds for lg1 dream on sunshineYe and there will be white blackbirds


29 Nov 2011 15:42:15


29 Nov 2011 15:19:13
forest to sign stefen savic on loan from man city and sharp from doncastre (800k)
and danny pugh (50k from gillingham)

meadows(4)(50)R u 4real pal.wer money coming from some christmas crakersDoncaster rover will not let billy sharp for 800k more likely 2.5mSavic won't drop down to Forest when there's interest from the likes of Roma. Sharp will cost a packet that Forest don't have (it's Doncaster btw, no E on the end!). Also, do you mean Danny Pugh of Stoke (currently on loan at Leeds)? Or Marc Pugh at Bournemouth? Either would cost much more than £50,000!!Billy Sharp will cost whoever wants him much more than £800k.. DRFC will not make a loss on himIf you mean Danny Pugh, rumour has it he is being signed up by Leeds after his loan spell.


29 Nov 2011 15:10:43
maroune chamakh, will make a 10 million move to
psg after making no progress at arsenal. other teams including qpr and aston villa have shown

nicholas anelka,s career at chelsea is ending very soon. as he has fallen out with andre v.b. boas has
not signed his contract, milan might snap him up.(30)(7)Why would anyone pay that much for Chamakh? he may move but unlikely for that kind of moneyAnelka will go to a mega rich club. Thats what older footballers do now, because they're all very very greedy!Would love Chamakh to come on loan to Celtic, he's class but needs confidance.Well probably 4-5 million then, 7 at a push. but i know that arsenal want yann m villa.


29 Nov 2011 14:51:20
rumours coming out of leeds are that in jan there is a chance of 2 south american players coming in initially on loan but with a view to perm depending on how they/leeds do not expensive players but they have dual nationalities therefore dont require work permits! 1 of them is to be believed to be gaston fernandez an argentine striker/attacking midfielder, the other as yet not known.(15)(9)More likely to be gaston the ladybird lol {Ed003's Note - I had to google that,lol ]


29 Nov 2011 13:29:05
Qpr to sign Ricky Wellard from AFC Wimbledon in the jan window.(9)(17)Is Robbie Jackson coming with him, hope not he is an ugly gob sh!te


29 Nov 2011 13:19:12
Newcastle will not be selling in January! Instead spending roughly £15 million on two players. Two players I have heard touted around town are Anelka and Scott brown!(11)(18)To much newcy brown my son!Brown isn't good enough for premiership league one level at bestAre you kidding? Scott Brown will outclass Scotty PArker in the EPL - Mark my words!So that will be £15m on Anelka, as Brown is out of contract in the summer and could sign pre contract on 1st jan and move in summer for nowt!!! so why would Pardew waste cash on player they dont need just nowOutclass Scott Parker?! You have to be kidding, he's by far the best centre midfielder in the England team. Pure class!Broony will be a great signing alot of you english seem to underestimate a player as soon as u hear hes ScottishIf you listen to Celtic supporters they'd be glad to see Brown move on. My bet is he'll stay in his comfort zone at Celtic in a poor League as he has no ambition.


29 Nov 2011 12:23:51
L.A. Galaxy will sign Drogba at the end of the season(24)(28)


29 Nov 2011 12:21:47
21 Nov 2011 20:46:22
Steve Cotterill is set to recruit in January as he has been given a decent amount of money in his warchest for his first transfer window as Nottingham Forest boss. The former Portsmouth boss is keen on dipping into rivals Derby County by landing striker Steve Davies. The striker has made 67 appearances since joining in 2008 from Tranmere and could be available for around £300,000. Another striker interesting Cotterill is Norwich forward Grant Holt. Cotterill has stated he needs a '30 goal a season' man and with him not playing regular at Norwich, a loan deal could be possible. Stoke's right sided player Ryan Shotton could join on loan in January until the summer after Cotterill had a loan bid accepted. Shotton has impressed at the Premier League side this season but manager Tony Pulis has expressed his desire in bringing in another right side player, allowing Shotton to move to The City Ground until the summer. Bournemouth defender Stephen Purches is interesting Cotterill. He tried to sign the former West Ham youngster whilst manager of Portsmouth but a deal for the defender seems close after an undisclosed fee was accepted late Saturday night. Finally, Odd Grenland midfielder Simen Brenne has recently flown to Nottingham to hold talks with Cotterill over a potential move in January after the Norwegian side accepted a £500,000 deal.

lol forest haven't got a bean


A loan deal for Grant Holt? Are you serious? Not a chance, he is second choice at Norwich and is scoring goals. hes only out of the team because we are currently playing 1 up top most games. Wont be going anywhere this year.(7)(30)Holty used to play for you lot and you did nt
want himAll of this is rubbish. I read the forest forums regularly and there is no basis behind any of this. My particular favourite part is when you say Cotterill is after right-sided players. You're having a laugh mate.Really, 300k for Davies? You must be kidding, he's only young.Bournemouth defender Stephen Purches is interesting Cotterill. He tried to sign the former West Ham youngster whilst manager of Portsmouth but a deal for the defender seems close after an undisclosed fee was accepted late Saturday night

Are you mad? He's 31 and can't get in the Bournemouth team regularly!


29 Nov 2011 11:17:59
Valencia left back jordi alba is wanted by man city(8)(28)More like wanted by Man UtdMan city will not be looking for a left back in the next window...@And hes already said if he leaves its back to BarcelonaWhy would Man City want another Lb when they got Clichy, Kolarov, Bridge, Cunningham, Mee.Who isn't wanted by Cithe


29 Nov 2011 11:17:05
Kenny daglish is deserate for the owners to fund a massive bid for lille star ede hazard.the young star has been linked with every top club in europe bt now daglish is ready to ask the owners for a massive sum of money to secure the deal,thought to be around 35 million.joe cole could be part of the deal(30)(24)The thing is, he's said no to moving to liverpool as has eriksen!Hazard has been slapped with a 50 million euro price tag on him and will not let him go till the summer...@Calm down calm down : )Has Hazard had a perm in readiness?Daglish would already have the money if he hadn't spent so much on mediocre players that cost well over the odds ! I think KD is doing a sterling job, at this rate they wont ever qualify for the champions league again.... I hear he wants to pay 147million for hargreaves.... still be a bargain compared to the fees he payed in the summer...


29 Nov 2011 11:14:39
Newcastle utd will move for fulhmas andy johnson in january(14)(35)


29 Nov 2011 10:41:21
Blackburn goalkeeper Paul Robinson wants out as the club's recent poor form. QPR and Norwich are interested in signing England's former No1.(33)(12)Why would he go from a team going down to another team goinging down may go to a new team to ten maybe...@Great attitude,he's part of the problem and the poor form.Robinson deserves a better club, you can really see how much effort he puts in at Blackburn. One of the reasons Blackburn have points this season!!


29 Nov 2011 09:45:00
Real Madird to sign R.V.P for 35 million(22)(42)Not going to happen will sign a new contract in jan after arsenal spend some cash...@Arsenal will never spend more than 10p.
Van Persie will leave in January or the summer.Never going to happen for 35 mill, maybe 45 but not 35....


29 Nov 2011 09:00:55
Looks like Fulham are in for Pugh duringteh hjanuary sales. Lets see if Eddie Mitchell keeps to his word..."Pugh isn't for sale, end of story"(5)(13)Marc Pugh ill not go to Fulham, we want at least 1 million for him and according to Em he aint for sale so leave off Marc Pugh


29 Nov 2011 08:50:52
Bolo Zenden to Doncaster. Deal is almost finalized. Donny hopeful it can be done in time for him to be on the bench at Millwall tonight, but will definitely be signed for weekend.(23)(11)Good luck to excellent signing.
If Bruce had played him more he would still be at Sunderland


29 Nov 2011 07:46:54
Gary Nicholson has agreed to join Glasgow on a six month loan deal from Manchester city F.C and will go straight in to the first team. As a replacement for Steven Naismith while the Scotland international Naismith was ruled out for the rest of the season after suffering a cruciate ligament injury against Aberdeen in October with Sone Aluko failing to impress on Sunday(8)(12)Aluko was the danger man for rangers on sunday, nearly scored a few times. didn't know how the team defended on corners and was slow at coming out. other than that he was good.I take it u mean rangersGlasgow's a rugby team you muppet


28 Nov 2011 23:26:37
Inverness are to sign Kyle Hutton from Rangers and Irish Under 21 Striker, Terry Dixon from Bradford City.(6)(15)Hutton been doing well at ParticK Thistle


28 Nov 2011 18:24:25
Bolton board expect to be relegated however will not fire coyle . Instead they will provide funds to sign championship standard players in the summer if needed . Expect the arrival of kayal and izzaguire from Celtic as well as a bid for man u 's Michael Owen . Seydo keita is also being considered in an attempt to stave off relegation however this is unlikely(9)(14)Kayal and izzaguire would cost in excess of £15 million. Dont think anyone would sign £15 million worth of players if face with relegation.Your in a world of your own if u think kayal or izzy will be going to bolton ha ha haShut up ya loony kayal and izzy would cost around 20millionStick too your playstation football manager as there is more chance of any of the above signing for you as there is a team like exeter,hereford etc etc winning the champions league or lay of the moonshine its pickled your already dead brainWhy have the Bolton fan's on here become fixated with signing Celtic's best players? It ain't going to happen.They already have Championship standard players, why do they need more?


28 Nov 2011 16:23:51
Ken Bates is at the end of his tether with Simon Grayson following the defeat to Barnsley.

Although Uncle Ken has barely spent a penny in years, he is understood to be demanding promotion this year. From what I understand, Grayson is piling this pressure onto the players which is in turn causing disputes in the camp. O'Brien-gate and the Grayson affair story have only served to make matters worse, resulting in poor performances from the players and Ken's subsequent fury with Grayson.

Expect BIG changes at Elland Road in January. Bates realises he needs to sell soon to have a few pence to rub together for his retirement. A new manager and coaching will most likely come in, and expect top see a few bob FINALLY spent on players who will help the promotion push.(13)(23)I'd love this to be true, but really ?? can you see Leeds spending any money GjHe will never spendKen Bates does exactly the same thing at every club he is at. He landed lucky with Chelsea but did exactly the same at Oldham in the '80s. He's just a poor mans Captain Birdseye.


28 Nov 2011 16:02:44
hi ed any idea if steve bruce will be sacked today? lots of conflicting rumours so i am a bit confused.
Thanks {Ed001's Note - I doubt it will happen today, it does seem to be just a matter of time now though.}(12)(12)SFAC supporters are to blame even though SB picks the team. As a supporter you cannot abuse the players or the manager with such venom it only brings the club down.-, even further. Support is what it mean gets behind the club through thick and thin


28 Nov 2011 13:19:04
Wba manager roy hodgson is ready to move for bristol city striker nicky maynard.the baggies boss has had the forward watched over the last month n is preparing a bid for the player in january.simon cox is bein touted as a possible makewigh in the deal but may not fancy the move(18)(24)Cox is a better player than him anyway FACTTee hee hee ....CoxMaynard for Roman Bednar would be more likely straight swap or maybe bristol give Albion a million and Maynard. Bristol would need 3 Nicky Manards to get Simon Cox.'Bristol would need 3 Nicky Maynards to get Cox'.
Bristol (City BTW not the rugby club) will keep the 1 Nicky Maynard we already have then thank you. He has said over the weekend that he 'may be ready to sign his deal'

DEL BOYS CIDER ARMY.Bristol fans still singing the same song they were singing in the summer - he's such a loyal player that he "may" be ready so sign the deal put to him 6 months ago - face it, he's gone. You lot will go down and he'll skip off to a real club.Not atall. What I said is if we needed 3 Maynards to get Cox then I would rather keep 1 Maynard!
As for going down, 13 points out of 15 says we're not!


28 Nov 2011 12:36:54
Messi to city in jan for 130mil . Ronaldo back to man u . Both players prem as pinnacle of euaropean football and want to be involved . Kayal of Celtic fc to Bolton aswell for 1.2 mil(21)(92)No they don't Messi has said on numerous occasions he loves Barca and wants to stay and Ronaldo is currently very happy at Real
Neither will be movingAre u completely mental.why would Celtic sell one of there best players that they have recently tied down on an improved contract for 1.2 million.that's less than they paid .if he does leave Celtic it will b over 5 million u numptyCeltic knocked back 3 or 4 million from bolton in the summer since then he's signed an extension to his contract so why the hell would they sell him for 1.2million, go and get your head examined ya person your other 2 bullsh rumours are even more stupid than the kayal one, anyway coyle will be handed his p45 shortly and championship football for bolton next seasonDreaming is for the bedroom!Bolton boar have reiterated on many an occasion that coule won't be sacked if relegated . Any yes they will be which is exactly why they will sign a championship standard Player in kayal . The other two rumours I still believe are shoe insPure nonsense. Messi happy in barca and can see him there till he retires and Kayal signed a contract extension a few months ago with a get out clause in the region of £8 millionI don't know what one is more garbage the messi one or the 1.2 for kayal back to sleepKayal is worth about 50p !!Kayal is a £4million player mate. Messi will never leave Barcelona he is not a greedy player he love's the club and will be a true gentleman and only leave when the club ask him to. Ronaldo maybe but not back to man u or even the prem...@1.2 million for kayal? are you crazy? wasnt that long ago that the likes of man u wanted him! hes a £7 million player! messi will stay at barca for years and will only move to his boyhood club which will probably happen a few years before his retirement! as for ronaldo, he's a greedy player that i would expect to return to the prem league!


28 Nov 2011 11:43:19
Chelsea are very close to completeting a number of deals in January to strenghten their squad.
Zenit St Petersburg defender Bruno Alves flew to London over the last few weeks over a possible £12 million deal. The Zenit defender is currently transfer listed after an argeument with the Russian side and has attracted interest from a number of top European sides,
Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao, who Villas Boas had at Porto, is subject of a £35 million bid from Chelsea. The Colombian striker only joined the Spaniards in the summer but is keen o link up with an English side after finding the La Liga only a two horse race. Falcao is also keen on linking up with his former manager.
Villas Boas may also go to his former club to sign Joao Moutinho. The Portugal play maker was interesting Villas Boas in the summer but the London side couldn't agree a fee.
The former Porto boss sees these three players as athletes that could push Chelsea into late Premier League contention.(32)(14)Pretty sure rules are you can only play for two clubs in a year and as falcao played pre season for porto and has been at athletico for a few months he wont be on his way to least till summer anywayFalcao didn't play comepative football for Porto so he could move. There's no way Moutinho will sign, he signed Merielles instead of him.Same old Chelski.....always spending.Cant see roman handing another £70 million for players when Avb is doing so badly will wai cause he would have o give money to any new manager if he swaps...@I hear steven ward of wolves joining youHe spent 17million on the manager lol so i reckon he will back him in jan even though hes obv no gona be happy with the current position.


28 Nov 2011 10:53:50
Jermain Defoe to QPR from Tottenham

Louis Saha back to France(21)(46)If Defoe was off it would be to a top 4 clubAnd which top four club would he get a game for improving his England chances??Defoe has said he will not leave TottenhamRedknapp has said defoe is not leaving spursI can see defoe asking to leave in jan for england chances in the summer and he is a top ten player, But if qpr pay the money maybe...@


28 Nov 2011 10:50:07
Blackburn boss Steve Kean is set to be scaked in the next month. The Rovers board are giving into the pressure given out by the Ewood Park supporters but are set to make another unusual appointment. Again, with agent deal the Blackburn board have with current managers, Scunthorpe boss Alan Knill could be approached.(13)(42)But Scunthorpe are not doing that good so very crazy.
cant see this happening...@


28 Nov 2011 10:47:41
Sunderland boss Steve Bruce is set to be sacked over the next week after a number of poor results. Ellis Short is keen on bringing in Celtic boss Neil Lennon. Short, who has a number of Irish connections, is keen on bringing Lennon into the Premier League after being impressed with how The Celtic Park club play football.(13)(40)I hope not lennon would be a horrible appointment, WE WANT ANCELLOTI!This has got to be the funniest post on this site ever! Neil Lennon = clown and he would be hounded out of Sunderland within a couple of weeks! lolWhy would any sane manager with any ambition want to go too sunderland?Lennon has not actually done that much with Celtic.Your getting mick mcartheyMartin O Neill is a Sunderland fan! .....FACT!Mick macarthey in talks today and will be installed friday mon going to wolvesLENNON!!!! NO chance he is not proven even though he has done well at Celtic----- but who do they play its a mickey mouse league aprt from four teams


28 Nov 2011 10:39:18
West Brom and Bolton are both keen on bringing in defender Nuremberg defender Timothy Chandler on on a £3 million deal.(3)(22)


28 Nov 2011 10:22:29
MLS side Sporting Kansas City, have accepted a £9 million bid for midfielder Roger Espinoza from Premier League side Tottenham. {Ed002's Note - What would any bid have to do with Kansas City? In making up all of these stories you need to do a little research in to how MLS player contracts are handled.}(6)(29)


28 Nov 2011 10:19:45
Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has told owner John W. Henry that he would like to bring in Chelsea attacker Juan Mata. Mata has been brilliant for Chelsea this year but Dalglish feels if the Merseyside club can be above the Londoners come end of January, a deal may interest the Spanish international. {Ed002's Note - I assume a joke post.}(11)(39)Yes then his brother, doesn't mataAnd exactly why would Chelski sell to Liverpool a player they just bought a few months ago???Massive load of bllcks.Never going to happen...@Ha Ha Ha, best post for months. LFC have spent all the Fernando money on world class players like Carrol and Henderson. They couldn't buy a stolen radio now.


28 Nov 2011 10:17:36
Serie A side Juventus have made a bid for Liverpool target Ezequiel Lavezzi. The Argentina forward has been in superb goalscoring form over the last few years but could see a £30 million deal from Italian rivals Napoli materialise over the next three weeks for a deal in January. {Ed002's Note - Liverpool's interest in Lavezzi pre-dates the last January window. He has an agent in Frederic Guerra who does a really good job of talking up his players without being pushy; and a fabulous technique where he denies interest in his players from major clubs thereby attracting attention to them. It is also likley that he will stay at Napoli - although there is potentially interest from several clubs including Manchester City (who need a replacement for Tevez), Zenit and Inter.}(19)(14)HA! Another Liverpoodle failure.Lavezzi will not come to the prem if he leave at all...@


28 Nov 2011 10:07:30
Paul Buckle has been told he has three games to start turning things around or he will be sacked, the club have been patient after he bought so many players, but they need to get some results now...

Personally I think he is doing a great job and should be given the keys to the city !(6)(7)City fan by any chance.Buckle is doing a great job and lets hope he stays where he is at the moment.Probably City fans, but I seem to remember, not so long ago, similar remarks being made about Keith Millen


28 Nov 2011 01:52:14
Hearing rumours of a premier league managerial sacking,any ideas?perhaps Coyle or Bruce(21)(7)Bruce or McCarthy.Mccarthy hopefully before its too lateEllis short will not sack sb as the club have not a lot of money to provide to an ambitous new manager.


27 Nov 2011 23:01:25
Bruce to be sacked on monday, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out why, just to tell us why he was there so long?
If it wasnt for the tragic news about Gary Spee , this news would have been announce today at the Stadium Of Light(5)(11)It wont be long before he turns up somewhere else sad fact.


27 Nov 2011 17:34:59
Danny Haynes and Jacob Butterfield could be set to leave barnsley(11)(9)Good, i didnt like them anyway.Anyone could leave any club if the price is right !!!


27 Nov 2011 17:09:27
Chelsea in: Kaka from Real Madrid
Alexander Pato from ACMilan

Chelsea out: Didier Drogba back to France
Nicholas Anekla to ACMilan

Real Madrid In: Neymar from Santos

Real Madrid out: Kaka to Chelsea

Wolves in: Nickey Mayard from Bristol City(22)(46)Outs.......AVB, the whole coaching staff, Torres, Terry, Lampard. In...... New Manager.....Rafa Benitez.Drogba to russia,anelka to mls, kaka will not leave real, Mayard will go to highest bidder as out of contract in summer and i cant see wolves winning a bidding war with botom ten in prem...@Why would anyone come to wolves when thicko would not play them, he only plays his useless favourites thats why we are going down


27 Nov 2011 16:38:27
Bristol City is interested in Murray Davidson(19)(13)DM raiding his former squad - no surprise.Well he knows the players better then we do come on you reds


27 Nov 2011 16:36:03
Fulham are considering making a move for Nicky Maynard(9)(31)


27 Nov 2011 15:01:57
Bolton are apparently considering a January move to bring in Swansea's current goalie Michel Vorm.

£3m(12)(47)£3 million try £10 Million and Arsenal are interested at the end of this season. Why would he go to a club on the verge of joining the championship?.He turned down the chance of moving to Ajax, the club he supported as a boy to join the swans. if he was to leave swansea, surely it would be for a top 6 team or a top team in europe and for alot more than 3m


27 Nov 2011 14:55:31
Kilmarnock pair David Silva and Mahamadou Sissoko are interesting Watford.(11)(24)


27 Nov 2011 14:24:49
Gomez will not be leaving Wigan . He has just got back in the starting 11 playing in a new formation that suits his game more.(Attacking Midfielder) He is playing well and scoring so I dont think so.(13)(14)Wouldnt be to sure about that mate. My mate is a scout at Swansea and he says that Rodgers is to make a move for Jordi in January which could see Stephen Dobbie join Wigan.


27 Nov 2011 14:15:54
Brighton have recruited Southampton's head of scouting operations David Burke. Burke leaves the provincial southern team one year after joining from Manchester City.(8)(28)


27 Nov 2011 13:10:15
Craig Davies to leave Barnsley in Jan(8)(33)


27 Nov 2011 12:58:43
Barnsley to sign Ian Hume in January for 500K Doyle going to Preston on a free transfer(4)(31)Bcks why would he go back there he was hardley loved was he.Utter crap he loves it at pne and doyle is not goin to sign fulltime as brown will be gone by jan


27 Nov 2011 12:28:36
Man Utd out: Micheal Carrick to Aston Villa
Michael Owen to Everton free Tranfer

Man Utd in: Wesley Sneiyder from Inter

Man City: Out Carlos Tevez to ACMilan

Man City: In Leo Messi from Barcelona(22)(64)Don't know about the rest but i'll guarantee you that messi will not be going to manchester!! fact. ur obviously a man city supporter to post such nonsense!Utter crap too much moonshine for you last night chappyChamp manager isn't real you know!! if it happens in the game doesn't mean it'll happen in real life.Messi has said many times he loves Barca and has no intention of leavingYe but when someone as rich as city owners want it so bad then they get it I will put it like this if that Russian club can pay eto three hundred grand then the sheikh will have no prob paying five hundred grand a week and if barca get one hundred million on the table they will not refuseDude,you are not playing fifa 12 by just click in the 'transfer player' button.i think you are a man city fan messi wil not move am inch from barca even at the age 99I believe the man utd part but man city .. pff a lot of bull!As a Manchester City fan I too call BS on the Messi story.
Won't happen.I do not think any one is going to buy or loan tevez after him not coming on when roberto manchini asked him to come on and going back to his country and missing some training session.I think that it is terrible that he is getting payed so much for playing football and when he is asked play a fooball match he does not play.I think Tevez might have to retire or play with the reservesTbh Barca ain't as rich as everyone thinks i'm sure they're in debt so if a bid of over £100million came in and paid upfront rather than over a set amount of years then i think they would sell.


27 Nov 2011 12:21:33
New assigned Northampton town boss Ian Selley is looking to bring wokings young goalkeeping prospect Jordan Kennedy (18) to the club in January for a small fee of 50,000 pounds.(9)(15)Seen this lad and he is quality but has Ian Selley actually been appointed at northampton? {Ed003's Note - I thought Tim Flowers was the new boss}


27 Nov 2011 11:01:38
snjeder/ to sign for man utd in jan + 1 international centre half(29)(32)


27 Nov 2011 10:28:26
Barnsley will sign assulin in jan also a left back not
enough cover at club for that position
club still hoping butterfield will sign a new contract
as they have recieved no inquiries despite rumours(20)(9)


27 Nov 2011 10:14:43
man city to have a massive clear out in January and in the summer transfer window with
stuart taylor, david gonzalez, gunnar neilsen, dedryck boyata, wayne bridge, greg cunningham, nedum onouha, owen hargreaves, micheal johnson, vladimir wiess, emmanuel adebayor, roque santa cruz and carlos tevez leaving man city(44)(7)Would get some serious cash in for that lot and buy some massive players. Cant see City being caught this seasonAll this player would get into any premiership teamTo the comment all this player would get into ANY prem team wrong wrong wrong!!! Adebayor and Tevez would get into euro teams and the others would be fight the drop sorry to say you must be a man city fan!...@If he was a City fan he would not have mentioned Boyata who is very much part of City's plans for the future.If you write down a 1st, 2nd, 3rd def team boyata would be in the 3rd
think you will sell Boyata if bolton stay up...@


27 Nov 2011 09:08:38
no chance bwp would go for 650,000!! its lookinglike well get promotion so hell only go to aprem club and because charlton dont have debts anymore were not a selling club so would have to be offered atleast 3 million for him!(8)(20)Charlton do have debts and a lot of them. Most of them are friendly debts (owned by Charlton supporters/ex directors) but they have not gone away they are only suspended.3 million for BWP what on earth is running through your head3 mil! lmao he isnt worth more than 1 mil even in these crazy times! 500-750k max league one strikerWell dont buy him then!If Charlton sell BWP it would be a big dent in there promotion push both on the field and psychologically. If promotion is worth £4m (I understand it is) a sale for £650K just is not going to happen. Whatever other peoples valuation of BWP, he is worth more than £650K to Charlton. His contract is short though, he has stated he is happy to talk to Charlton about a new one and that he is enjoying his football there, he does not want a move. Charlton may well be advised to take up his offer sooner rather than later.


27 Nov 2011 09:04:29
Middlesborough will sign Lukas Jutweicz in January, as number 1 target Jordan Rhodes is heading for the Premier League with either Wolves, Norwich or Wigan. He may sign with either West Ham or Southampton though, as both clubs are looking to bolster their attacking options to keep their Promotion hopes alive(12)(9)Why would Rhodes join Wolves? They wil be in the same league as Huddersfield next season!!!Jordan Rhodes going to prem with Wolves, Norwich or Wigan all 3 team could be relagated this season, why would he go there. If goes to Prem it will be to someone like Stoke, newcastle or villa teams that have a chance of staying there.Actually, I wouldn't be suprised to see Stoke in a relegation battle


27 Nov 2011 09:03:33
im not saying Norwich will get all of these players, but their targets are:

-nicky Maynard - striker - bristol city
-Albert adomah - winger - bristol city
-dani parejo - centre midfielder - valencia(never plays)
-Francis coquelin-centre midfielder-arsenal(never plays)
-liam ridgwell - birmingham - defender

i think paul lambert is looking at norwich's attackers to much, they have no problem scoring goals, it is keeping clean sheets which is the problem, they should be looking at more defenders.(12)(29)


27 Nov 2011 02:01:34
Albert Adomah to Wigan in January(7)(8)More like Uncle Albert.Much better clubs are interestedYeah reading will get him


27 Nov 2011 00:54:25
Middlesbrough transfer targets january

Mervin celik - free
Jordan rhodes 3.5m
Scott loach 1-5m
Lukas jutichiwtz - 2m
Aspostos vellios - loan(4)(27)Did you just plauck those figures out of the air?If you triple the fee for jordan rhodes you might get lucky - oh and if no premier league teams are interested lolYou aint got 7 millionLike lee clarke said 2 million wouldnt buy rhodes socks so 3.5 nowhere near he going nowhere in january dream onUr skint so prob none of this will happen and dont try to say your not i remember the summer your chairman said you had to sell before you can buy the bankrolling days were over


27 Nov 2011 00:41:20
Bolton have/set to have three USA internationals on trial in the shape of midfielder Jeff Larentowicz of the Colorado Rapids, central defender Tim Ream of the New York Red Bulls and striker Teal Bunbury of Sporting Kansas City. Tough tackler Larentowicz nicknamed the Ginja Ninja has already completed one week, with two more scheduled whilst Bunbury and Ream will begin their stints around 11 December.(5)(12)


27 Nov 2011 00:26:18
Freddie Eastwood to go on loan to Bournemouth when the transfer window opens in january(13)(11)



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