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03 Aug 2013 22:52:37
Jon Walters is set to become part of a tug of war between Hull City and Crystal palace with both willing to pay the asking price of £3 million for the Ireland international

04 Aug 2013 07:52:42
Cardiff are rumoured in the Striker

What a load of rubbish. he never going to hull, especially for 3million.

£3 million I very much doubt it. Stoke paid about £2. 75 million to bring him from Ipswich when he had no premier league experience. He has since gone on to become an integral part of what Stoke are about. Hard working but not the best in front of goal and become a full international. The only way Stoke would allow him to leave would be for a substantial amount of money, if he wanted to go and would not sign a new contract. The other possible situation would be as part of a player swap agreement

Substantial amount of money. Haha this is what's wrong with english football. This is Jon Walters you are talking about. How many goals does he get in a season (minus penalties)? I think 3m is spot on. His value certainly hasn't gone up just because he has caps for Ireland now.

He had a poor time at Hull last time he was there, he won't want to go back.

Andy Carroll £35 million and then about £15 million. Connor Wickham £10 million. Neither have scored many goals and don't add much else to the team. Walters will not go for £3 million.

Charlie Austin rumours between £3 million and £5 million. Hooper just moved to Norwich for a reported £5 million. All overpriced and overrated so why not John Walters?

Palace won't pay that sort of money for a PL journeyman at the end of his career

Walters scores as many goals as most PL strikers. 10 goals and he's worth it



03 Aug 2013 22:36:55
Derby to move for Chris Burke again in January.

Yes please

Why January?

Sorry same question as above why January?

Get him for cheaper in january cause he will only have 6 months on his contract left where as now he has a year

Why Burke? He's Useless, we need an out and out FAST Winger, we have no pace and it proved yesterday against Blackburn.

We have a fast winger, Tyson. no idea why he's so out of favour



03 Aug 2013 21:31:54
Russell Slade looking to bring a CB in on loan after it was reaveal nathan clarke will be out for a month with a nasty head injury.

Should look at Lewis Dunk at Brighton if they would let him go on loan.



03 Aug 2013 21:15:15
Billy Sharp has been in talks with Bournemouth but wants 20k a week? will AFCB pay it? he also has stayed here with his family the last two days

Have we gota choice of him or lambert?

To pay Sharp £20k a week would mean having to shift more dead wood in the squad out the door.
No chance of signing Lambert I'm afraid although if I had the choice I'd have Lambert before Sharp any time!

At the game yesterday and a inside source said saints want to much for him, so were looking at 2 others, but from the look of Thomas and grabbon yesterday, we don't need one.

Billy Sharp doesn't want 20,000 nhe wants 25,000 and that is FACT

04 Aug 2013 12:57:51
He needs to get a grip on how much he's worth a week then! Good luck to him and hope he finds that sort of money somewhere!

No they won't pay 20 k a week maybe 8 or 9

20k? will somebody sign him, fed up with all this talk, must be wanted by every club



03 Aug 2013 20:19:36
Nigel Adkins wants to add Middlesbrough striker Lukas Jutkiewicz to his Reading squad for a fee of around £1.8 million.

It is clear that if we don't make four quality signings we will be relegation contenders. if that was the best team we can put out today we have major problems!

I think we now have covered every striker in england. time to start linking us to scottish based strikers.

Dare I say we need a striker like Leroy Lita again :/

Take the money from Adkins!
Someone like Lita, yes please, or even Lita himself.

Alf is like lita, what we need is a striker who can hold the ball up and bring others into play as well as score few himself.

Enjoy reading the posts and we all support the Boro but show it in different ways, loyalty, blind faith, desperation, disappointment etc but what I see is a much smaller squad, several of our better players gone, the same defensive players who couldn't keep a clean sheet for love nor money, a club that finished lower than for years after an alarming loss of form and a strike force who have lost their top scorer. Therefore we do need signings and a greater level of strength in depth, sadly we appear to have missed out on a lot of targets and are scrambling round what's left available which doesn't inspire confidence. We are where we are though and money is a big issue and perhaps until we get rich again by whatever means then we might just have to accept this mediocrity. Mr Gibson has been and is great for the club and we mustn't forget everything he has done but as with everything else it is about the future.

Well tell Adkins to get lost, he's our top scorer this season! Forest were warned off Leadbitter (I hope) and unless we have someone better in place don't sell. why would we look to sell to a team we are supposed to be rivalling for a push to the premiership

04 Aug 2013 14:17:41
in order to get promotion from the championship you need a vision and people at the top need to believe in that by supporting that vision and spend money on NOT SUPERSTARS but good strong seasoned profesionals to build good strong foundations of the squad to move forwards. yes it may take a few seasons but teams like Stoke Swansea Hull Cardiff and Norwich have proven that that is possible and now these teams have stability. However boro on the other hand go down and things don't go to plan in the first season. so we sell most the scots and we start a fresh by getting mogga in and buying about ten foregn free agents in who don't even know what the championship is. can't speak a word of english and have no idea of the fans frustration and importance of getting back to the premiership. and four years later we are still here with a half empty stadium with no set style of play with more or less the same group of no hope players from before. and you guys come on here with your deluded talk of just buying a handful of half decent players to just give boro a piggy back ride to the premier league. well believe me its going to take just a litte bit more a couple of morale boosting summer signings (temporary of course because the optimism will be swiftly dashed away when they finally go on the pitch and play dreadfull. A SCENARIO WE'VE ALL SEEN TOO MANY TIMES BEFORE AT BORO. ) to actually get boro out of the mess that they've put themselves into.

Lukas Jutkiewicz is not for sale! Arguably our best striker, did a decent job yesterday holding the ball up. if we get a decent striker to work of him then I see plenty of goals. Reading stay away

04 Aug 2013 14:39:21
Where was Varga playing yesterday? He and 17000 others did not have a clue. Can't believe Parnaby got a start, wonder if Hoyte is wanting a move? No playmaker in the side, dour system, poor team defensive display. In 86 Mowbray was with a group of young players who gave the fans enthusiasm and pride, I think it is a matter of time before they are thrown in especially if we don't make the signings! Very, very important month for the club!

I would take the money from Adkins for Lucas because the guy has no mobility.
No spring in his jump.

Hoyte got injured and had only just recovered

For £1.8m i'll carry him to reading. couldn't score in secrets

No spring in his step? He's the only player who can actually head a ball, holds play up nicely! Wish all the arm chair supporters would pipe down and put their feet up and leave their opinion until the end of the season. UTB

Everyone needs to calm down! First game and we are relegation candidates! Leave gibbo alone! Mogga too! Get behind us and let's have great season?

I went to the match on sat very disappointing, the first half was good and I thought there had been a big change, they played very good, the second half same old boro they just fell to bits and how that parnaby gets his game I will never know and I think Gibson has to bring some more players in and we will see what happens.

Regarding the post on Mowbray bringing foreigners who 'can't speak English'. I can coun't one maybes in Varga. Carayol, Ledesma, Haroun, Zemmamma, Bikey, Juke, McEachran, Leadbitter, Friend. They can all speak English and the majority know what football outside the Premier League is like.
We have lost depth, but have we lost quality? McDonald was our top scorer, yes. But he has been on his way out for 18months. Bailey did a good job, but Whitehead is head and shoulders better than him as an all round footballer. I can't talk about Frazer Richardson as I know very little about him but fans from other clubs seem to think he's a reliable performer unlike Bikey who on his day could be a beast but three days later could be just as much a hinderance to the side.
The rest we have lost are loans and will probably be replaced with more loans, hopefully better loans, if only for the bodies and depth. After that Arca, Dyer and Zemmamma were hardly game changers.
A league isn't won in August and we out of all the fans in this league should realise that a good start counts for nothing, I'd much rather be sat midtable come February then push on.

Theres still plenty of time for a few signings and it only takes one or two for a catalyst on our season. If the fans keep going on we will end up sounding like our deluded neighbours Newcastle, who think it's our god given right to be challenging Manchester United every season and pushing for Europe.

Good post about vision and seasoned pro's. spot on mate, we can't afford the likes of juninho, emerson, rav and co.
So far whitehead and varga are good buys and if we do get adhoma then we are heading in the right direction.
i would have liked ireland too, he's a great pro. emnes however doesn't do it for me, he's not consistant enough, macdonald however was!
there is mention of vaz te coming on loan I thin k that would be good for us and I can't see why we didn't even enquire about the likes of charlie austin, great goalscorer and hasn't gone to a good team. in my opinion

05 Aug 2013 16:16:43
How can anyone say leave gibbo alone and back the club? The club is a joke we have a paper thin squad with very little quality we will be lucky to get top 10 this season the defence is woeful the midfield is terrible and has no creativity emnes is a waste of a shirt and juke works so much harder than he should have to. Tony Mowbray should have been sacked last season after the joke of a season. After Saturday that was 1 win from 22 games. How has he still got a job? Gibbo is a little fish in a big pond he hasn't got the money to compete any more but will happily take it out for his golf club? He says he wants us to get promoted. Throw some
Money around and force our way out this league as what we have right now would struggle in league 1. Worrying times

05 Aug 2013 18:43:59
Another question i'd like to ask all you rose tinted fence sitters if it was Strachen who had two seasons like the last instead of Mogga would you still be backing the club or manager because I bet not one of you backed him before he walked away? Bet not many of you did to much sympathy given to Mogga because he is a Teessider and played for the club his track record hasn't really dug up any roads even at Celtic he was worshipped but even there they turned on him has Lennon broke transfer records to change team or win there league? NO! This can only keep going for so long before things get to point that we are stepping sideways a bit like how the team plays!


Great post this club will go nowhere with mowbray and venus predict a tight game against accrington what a joke

Why on earth did we sack southgate?

05 Aug 2013 23:45:06
Anyone watch the Derby game no stars in the teams but 110% effort though unlike boro. If boro played like that i'd go home happy even if we lost because at least it shows guts.
If McDonald was played like a striker with a striker hunting in pairs and more direct I'm sure the guy would have had 20 goals a season but Mowbray plays his strikers running to corner flags! Don't see out changing unless a new manager and staff are allowed in to change things. If anyone says to me Boro play attractive passing football I laugh and say what games do you watch McLaren left years ago. No wonder sky don't choose Boro for live matches often we are that poor people turn off or watch just for a laugh! If boro played well we'd be on every week and make the club some good money why did they show Derby vs Blackburn two clubs mid table when there was a clash of two supposedly top clubs in Boro vs Leicester? I'm sure most can answer that. We will image Sheff Utd n next few years at this rate.




03 Aug 2013 19:18:32
The swap deal with Odemwingie and Hoilett is back on! West Brom had people at QPR game today.
Could hinge on Odemwingie wage demands as QPR won't be offering what they would have in Premier League.

Would love this deal to go through, need width at the Albion, a winger or 2 and maybe another backup striker?

This would be an amazing signing and also show our intent for next season, BOING! BOING!

I seem to remember Hoillet didn't want to come to us before so why would that change? Don't see that happening

04 Aug 2013 09:07:24
saw arry on tv this morning said he wants to ship out players with attitudes, why would he want to ship one in then?

I'd prefer sinclair and kalou

Baggies need full back cover that's where all our `against` goals stemmed from

QPR were in the prem last time he was linked to us & they pay £stupid a week.
Maybe Hoilett would rather be in a top 8 prem club on £40k a week (I'm sure he'd survive on that)
Lets get him & Victor Moses in - stil waiting for these 4 wow signings
Lincoln Baggie

Well we had scouts at the game so we obviously, want to add him to our squad.

Untrue, QPR were unwilling to let us have Hoilett on loan and pay his wages

The albion don't need full back cover because, they already have billy jones, ridgewell, Reid, and popov so plenty of cover. Also depth in that position.

No chance Hoilett took ages to agree terms at QPR and got a massive deal between £50/£60k aweek way beyond anything west brom would or could pay



03 Aug 2013 19:08:49
Gillingham have pulled the plug on Charlie Lee's transfer status and decided to keep him for another season in league 1.



03 Aug 2013 18:03:06
West Brom had scouts watching Junior Hoilett today



03 Aug 2013 17:43:59
Billy Sharp's agent (James Featherstone) was a guest at the Madejski Stadium this afternoon, seen sat with Director of Football Nick Hammond.


I imagine he's got more than 1 client.



03 Aug 2013 17:25:20
Martin Ling will be Dagenham & Redbridge's next Manager if results don't go the right way for Wayne Burnett



03 Aug 2013 12:51:52
Alfred Finnabogan will move to celtic for 5m plus add ons IF they go through in the CL on Wednesday.

Certainly hope this is true. Good pedigree of striker with his goal to game ratio. Big lad to hold up the ball and withstand the rigours of British football and young, so has good resale value.



03 Aug 2013 12:31:29
Motherwell are close to completing the signing of Swindon Town right back Paul Caddis for £50,000. Caddis who failed to agree a move to Blackpool over the summer is keen to move closer to his family in Scotland.

Blackpool agreed a price in the region of £175,000 with Swindon, so I can't see them dropping the price so much. Birmingham offered £125,000 plus add ons.

03 Aug 2013 21:07:57
Motherwell don't pay transfer fees so can't see ths at all especially with loss being made on Europa tie with Russians.

03 Aug 2013 23:55:39
Heard rumours mccalls trying to sign zavon hines from bradford, don't know for sure but would be good

Motherwell will not pay a fee for any player, have had to make drastic cuts to the wage bill for the 2nd season in a row.

04 Aug 2013 08:32:30
Caddis will not go anywhere just sit on his a-s collect his pay, he has no interest in STFC at all.
The club will not play him due to appearance money, hope he rots and cannot find a club and if he don�t play for the Town this season he may have mega problems with fitness. Yet another greedy player.
benso should be given a chance as Williams needs help up front

50k! joke - caddis and ferry should have made us at least 1.5 million instead will we get virtually zilch by the sounds of it.

It does seem as though Caddis is driven by money alone and not the joy of playing. He had the chance to be a regular starter for Blackpool, playing one level higher in the Championship, but it appears he would rather do nothing and collect is Swindon money minus appearance and results bonus. I know Blackpool don't pay megabucks, but I know what I'd rather do!

Cadds isn't interested in anyone but himself, he still wants a move to Blues and I think that is in the pipeline with 150k up front and another 150k in appearances

Who is Caddis please. And what does he do.

If money man caddis don't want to be here on his £5k a week get rid of him them proves he is only interested in money Blackpool wanted him and offered him 3. 5k a week to play in the championship and he turned it down, he is a all about money not playing in the championship. Same goes for Navarro.

Do you really blame them, if you were on 25k a year and someone said to you come and work for me for at a better company but I'm only going to pay you 20k a year would you go? I don't think so. I don't blame the players for wanting more money that's human nature not greed. Caddis doesn't want to play for the new owners he told me that after the friendly against devizes a few weeks ago.

Let caddis go if he don't want to play for us on his £5k a week and wants to play in the championship I don't mind that but why then did he turn down an offer to play for Blackpool for £3. 5k a week then? Greed comes to mind, if he was that desperate to play surely he would of taken it, this is the reason nobody wants benson and Navarro, both on to much money and other clubs don't want to pay it as they think they are not worth that type of money. Navarro is the new Darren Anderton (sick note) shouldn't pay him it should be pay as you play.

Found our recently that the difference in salary going to Blackpool was less than £500, I know for a fact he declined to play for us in the play offs also, big time Charlie comes to mind let him rot.



03 Aug 2013 12:29:06
Liverpool U21 coach Alex Inglethorpe is to be announced as Head Coach of Swindon town next week. Mark Cooper is to be retained as Head of youth development and tasked with finding the stars of the future.

I would be happy with cooper taking over from Newton and hale ad they haven't got a clue to lads punching well above there weight, only thinking of the kids the pair of them have no experience in league football not even no league good shout bring it on for the future of the Swindon kids.

I would be happy for cooper to take over the academy, far better than Newton and hale, lads punching above there weight, big time Charlie's hope this roomer has some truth behind it.



03 Aug 2013 12:25:30
Swindon Town to announce the signing of Jon Obika for an undisclosed amount at the start of next week. It was hoped that Simon Church would joining but decided to sign for Charlton so Lee Power has turned his full attention to what would be the first signing from Spurs in a while.

Tottenham are asking around 1 mil for him so.

1 mill for obika do me a favour he is useless we don't want him Leon Clarke will do obika is never worth 100k let alone a mill

Tottenham are not asking 1 million for him at all. The problem is that theywant 50% of any future profit on the sale, if he leaves it will be for about 200K

This will happen Tottenham want about 400k which Swindon have after Charlie Austin has gone to QPR and other sales.

We are in dire need of strilers obika will do nicely

What does Charlie Austin have to do with Swindon

Swindon sold him to Burmley with a sell-on clause. The money from that could finance a new striker

Swindon get 10% of what burnley got for him I think

I think he used to play for Swindon before joining burnley and now at qpr

Davide somma to swindon on a free as he was released by leeds

Ive heard davide somma & also leon clarke possibly coming back

Clarke will never come back to Swindon, for a start Cov want 500k for him and we don't pay transfer fees, we only buy transfer frees or transfer loanees



03 Aug 2013 12:13:17
Hull will look to bolster their central midfield with the signing of Ireland international Glenn Whelan from Stoke City for £3 million

£3 million?
Snatch their f---ing hands off!
Does he need a lift?

No truth in this but would be good for us if it happened.

I hope they do! As a stoke fan, I'd be happy to see him gone

I can't believe how Stokies are reacting to Whelan, he hasn't been the best in recent seasons but he has been great for stoke ever since we signed him back in 2008. So many Stokies are like this it annoys me they turn on everyone if they don't deliver like Coates and Pulis.

03 Aug 2013 23:49:07
No way will we pay £3m for Whelan! Nor are we after Walters

I don't like to slag Stoke players off, but I can't believe that any Stoke fans actually believe that Whelan has been great for Stoke.
He's been ok at best, and dreadful when at his worst. I've seen 7 year olds pass better. I can't think of one assist or creative pass from him in his whole time at Stoke. If we want to progress it is players like him that need to be replaced.

This would be a dream for me I've wanted him gone for years. and how he gets in the ireland squad is a joke. lucky get 3m for him if I was another club I wouldn't want him if he was on a free!

Better than most of your players for one being in the premier league

Nonsense. bruce said he was looking to sign 2-3 QUALITY midfield players, and glen whelan certainly does not fill that bill

Whelan has been great for Stoke he aided us to promotion and survival I also remember him scoring to earn a draw away to villa and win at Tottenham. I do agree he is not the best of midfielders but all Stokies do it I remember at WBA last season pulis brought on Whitehead atleast 20-30 fans around me was slagging him and pulis off, then he scores the winner and everyone is cheering him.

Whelan has not been great for Stoke at all. if we could get 3 million we should snap their hands off but won't happen.



03 Aug 2013 10:37:29
Jermain Defoe has emerged as a target for West Brom if they fail to land Matej Vydra.

03 Aug 2013 14:41:08
A previous post said WBA signing Kalou and Sinclair on Tuesday now Defoe and Vydra!!. as they have Anellka as a free where are they all going to play, and who will be paying there wages. not going to happen.

I wish this was true but I extremely doubt it, he will cost far to much for the club. We are struggling to give kalou what he wants as it is!

Would love this but can't see it happening

Wouldn't mind him at all. He's still got an eye for goal and would be worth signing up.

I wish people would stop been negative about you the albion can sign because we have had three consistent seasons. 11th 10th and also eight position in the league.

03 Aug 2013 20:18:42
He will go anywhere if the money's right! Remember he played for Portsmouth not so long ago!

People should stop being negative

I would love Defoe along with Kalou and Sinclair. Defoe is a goalscorer and I think he would get us the goals that Liukaku scored especially if we get the right quality in wide positions. Go for it Baggies

We don't need a striker give our young kid a chance he will be magic given a chance in the side

What young kid are you talking about mate. This is the premiership

I'm on about saido beratino good player would be even better if given a chance



03 Aug 2013 09:39:16
Barnsley fc to sign lee Barnard or Sam baldock

I would love baldock at oakwell

I too would like to see Baldrick at Oakwell but don't think there's much chance unfortunately.

Can't see Baldock signing, Bristol paid about 1 million for him

Barnard not good player and he signing for Southend but baldock decent player hope so but not true

Baldrick too busy digging some ones garden up

Heard barnard going to lower league club and i'm of the same opinion that bristol would not let him go cheap if they paid 1 million for him.

Has any one heard owt about billy sharp or mclean

Still nothing about billy sharp ED

We need a tackling midfielder aswell as a striker

Would love to see a young striker like baldocks or sharps at oak well not sure we can afford though

Still interested in Mclean, but not finished talking to Hull. No interest in Sharp at all. Sharp has said he isn't going anywhere.

According to BBC flickers said sharp isn't a target and no offer has been made. McLean offer been made to hull still trying to negotiate a fee no talks have been made with player



03 Aug 2013 07:32:48
Sunderland to sign Danny Rose for 8m, Tom Huddlestone for 4m and have finally agreed to sign Gino Peruzzi from Argentine club Velez, leaving are cattermole, vaughan and mcclean, maybe ji hiding won if we can sign another striker

Isn't financial fair play kicking in yet?



03 Aug 2013 05:55:31
Wigan Athletic defender Josh Langley set to sign for Oldham on a 12 month loan deal. The centre half will be unveiled at Boundary Park on Monday.
Owen Coyle is eager for the youngster to toughen up & the loan switch to neighbours Oldham Athletic is ideal for both managers & the player.

Will be a week or two before anyone arrives.

Its Tuesday!



03 Aug 2013 01:21:54
Darren Bent will sign for Fulham in the coming days for £5m with add ons. I personally am really excited by the prospect of Bent and Berbatov.

Lee Cattermole will not be joining Fulham, neither will Phil Bardsley.

Martin Jol and CEO Alistair Macintosh will be opening the chequebook searching for central midfielders and a senior winger.

By a senior winger do u mean a 25, 26 year old?

I really hope you are right about Cattermole and Bardsley, neither would improve us.

Answer to comment above: Yes, Bakary Sako of Woves is preferred but Wolves aren't budging on their price tag. Fulham have offered £2.5m, Wolves want £4m.

Agree, I hope Cattermole or Bardsley do not arrive at Fulham.

Bent and Berbatov are ok but importantly Jol needs to find the blend behind these two, and where does Ruiz play if those two are playing up top.

Apparently the Osvaldo deal is not completely dead and he would be a very useful addition, utility striker who could play in first or second striker role.

Looks like the Bent deal is off as Fulham are unwilling to pay the 6 mill asking price. this could open the door for Fulham to bring in Osvaldo from roam who I think is better than Bent. Fulham also looking at bring in Taarabt.

Bent up top and Berbatov in more of a free role would be great to see, especially with Ruiz just behind and a decent winger. Hopefully not too much of a "luxury" line up (?) and we'd need to shore up the midfield big time, however as the two up front plus Ruiz are not going to defend! The Bent deal has to happen and surely a compromise from both clubs is on the cards after all the posturing is over- Bent would cost Villa another £3.5 million in wages if he stays in the reserve another season and he's got to be worth at least £5 million in anybody's book.

Reports now suggest Bent might go to Crystal Palace. Newcastle will sign Remy so their interest in Bent will ease. Unless Fulham pull a rabbit out of the bag (Osvaldo) things are looking very poor.

The Sako deal has been a ridiculous long running saga and if Fulham did really want the player they should have got him for the pre season programme. He played for Wolves on Saturday and risked injury. It is disrespectful to the player and if I was Sako I would not feel that wanted by Fulham. Indeed, the transfer policy at Fulham seems a little strange and the tactics appear poor. Jol has stated that only one or two players will be arriving (if that it is the case) he should not broadcast that fact because other vendor clubs will say you are only buying a couple of players so you can afford the price I am asking.

Can we just get Osvaldo, a ball playing midfielder and maybe a left back. Come on Jol do something.

We have more holes in our lineup than a block of swiss cheese. We still haven't replaced Danny Murphy and he left over a year ago. Up front its Berba or its nothing. No replacement left or right backs. If Reither goes down injured we will be stuffed. Riise is dodgy and the alternative is Richardson who has hammys like piano wires. Looking forward to the season. not. Can we at least get Tarrabt in? He might be a head case but at least he can play a bit.



03 Aug 2013 00:55:56
Middlesbrough too sign Lucas barrios, vitor Silva, Albert adomah and ricardo vaz te on loan.

Would be great signings if true. add real strength to the squad. UTB

Great if true but very unlikely. Adomah will probably sign Sunday :)

Looks like Adomah is another of Tony's "drifting" transfers. Bad feelings now, we just can't sort deals out and get them signed sealed and delivered.

Would be honestly excited times if we could. Happy days utb

Aarrgggghhhhh. Here we go again. Already in a relegation battle. No hope of the Premier League with this team and this manager. Mogga MUST go. He has NO CLUE. We have no strikers. As usual we cannot score consistent goals. It is clear we have no defenders. What happened to our midfield. Still on vacation. Only won 3 games in 2013. Going down.

Surely its down to chairman and chief executive to seal the deals, Mogga picks the players he'd like to sign but not so sure he'd be involved in negotiations. Really don't think the lack of players signing is down to the manager after all he wants the best team he can get! Still wouldn't criticise the chairman like not after everything he's done for the club.

03 Aug 2013 18:09:23
Poor showing like the second half of the match. Knew this was how it would start and can't close a deal funny how every other club does. Just waiting now the the rose tinted crew come on for the next 5 games saying get behind the boro where ok I am so guns ram it down there throats because after todays debacle I see relegation only who'd want to sign watching that rubbish. Please o please find us a billionaire before we end up another Portsmouth!

We fans were chanting throughout the leicester game but it didn't bring the team up any, we always go down the right flank so we need adomah there :/

Yeah I second that nice touch.

All Boro fans are frustrated by the lack of our dealings but I wouldn't be writing us off so early on. One decent signing this August could catapult us. Adomah and a striker? Yes please

After todays' match against Leicester, I'm sure that Mowbray isn't the right man for Boro. With this man, the club, no matter how strong the squad is, is going to fight for survival in the second tier.

How can you be in a relegation battle after one match, suppose every team that won is in a promotion race and those that drew in mid table obscurity, get a grip, its one game which dominated first half

Unless wigan come in I can still see this happening he didn't play today and negotiations are still going on. after todays performance we need some inspiration from somewhere!

Your right mate its not mogga its the board who have seal the deals, mogga is frustrated as much as we are

Who cares what gibsons done in the past? i'm more concerned by the present and future of the club. Gibson needs to sell up and have someone more financially willing to invest in the team rather than a golf course. More importantly we need a chairman who isn't scared to sack mowbray on the spot. 3 wins out of 22 now. How is he still in a job?

Dominated the 1st half if only we played and finished after 45mins
Absolute shambles!

How can you say forget what gibbo's done in the past? What he did should never be forgotten, ever! Maybe it is time for the club to move on without gibbo at the helm I sincerely hope not but people can't be serious 1 game in shouting Mogga out sack the board. 2 men who have the club at heart and are trying there best for the club!

Tony Mowbray has said he is awaiting a response for 2 or 3 bids

Mogga doesn't have a clue, took our only threat off the pitch (carayol) and didn't even try to play him on the right and see how good their left back was (stupid move). Put haroun on the left, then at right Back (just like bailey when he tried to get rid) when we clearly have varga who plays rb for his national team. Mogga doesn't teach them how to pass a ball along the floor like Leicester did. And people wonder why we get beat.

Stop moaning, start supporting! If so called supports actually bothered to go to games then the club would have more money for players and a crowd footballers would desperately want to play in front of. Rather than a handful of fans that will boo you after one game. If the crowd do their bit, the team will play more confidently and win more games.

04 Aug 2013 03:17:00
I'm waiting on a response from my lottery numbers every week doesn't mean it will happen! Its the blinker brigade that are guna kill this club. Those that say its one game well it isn't is it its 22 games this year the worry is they had Nugent to come on as sub we had Williams hmmmm that really adds up. You mention bids in we have had bids all summer where are they every other clubs transfer policy is they sign ours is give us last refusal! Its not been the players we let go its the manager doesn't know how to get the best out of them as moggas a poor motivator. Funny how Strachan's relegation team finished in championship form so a change of manager does help as does keeping quality players. Playing Portsmouth soon enough hope the blinkers will stand by them then or it could be Darlo all over again.

Wouldn't say carayol was a threat at all he didn't look interested in the slightest was rubbish

Well said to the post calling for more positive support.

Also, I think the decision to take Carayol off was correct. He was having a poor game, and while it is always good to keep this type of player on for the potential threat they offer, in this case Leicester had taken over the game since half time it was right to take off this luxury and strengthen the midfield.

Lets not right Mogga and Boro off just yet guys. we need more signings and our second half yesterday was just a repeat of the second half of the season. make some signings Mogga and lift the gloom. come on Boro!

I have to say the second half performance was a hangover from last season. Until Mogga leaves the club I will not be parting with my hard earned cash. The second half performance was a like a rabbit caught in head lights. Didn't anyone notice that the man is tactically inept! First half we done just OK and should have gone in 2-0 ahead but for poor finishing, same problem as last season Mogga not addressed the striking problem. Second half game changes Leicester get on top and the Manger does nothing to stop the domination of the second half for 72mins. He brings off a left winger for a centre of midfield when he has two accomplished players sat on the bench. Haroun starts off left wing 5 mins, gets pushed to centre forward for 7 mins and finishes the game at right back? Varga had a decent first half then completely lost his way second half after our great Manager passed on instruction to leadbetter to tell him to play narrow; this resulted in Parnaby being caught out of position for the second Goal! The man as completely lost the plot and it won’t be long before he loses the dressing room with the decision he is making. MOGGA OUT!!!

None of us know better than the pro football manager doing his job.

The way I see it we can moan and moan and it won't make any difference. Or we can do our bit and support the club when they are losing games instead of just hammering another nail in the coffin.

If you ONLY support a team when it's winning you might as well go support Manchester United. If you are a true Boro fan you'll do your bit in the stands to help them turn it around by giving them an awesome home atmosphere to play in.

Mogga at any other club would be sacked by now with 3 wins in 22.
Sell Rhys Williams ever since he as come back in to defence after his injury Boro have gone down hill in defence.

So true the arm chair supporters can whinge and moan but just get behind the team. It's actually sickening that people even consider 'changing teams'. UTB!

You clearly were NOT at the match. Carayol a threat? You are having a laugh. Worst player on the pitch yesterday and deserved to be pulled.

How does sacking the manager change anything? The club will still have the same players, no money and an empty stadium. It's time to make the most of what we have. The lack of proper support is one of the main things dragging the club and the performances down

Was it not carayol who ripped 2 players n sent the cross in that resulted in a goal? person! Also 1 bad game makes him rubbish? Give your head a wobble mate!

If the guy plays rubbish but still creates the chance that gets us goals then I'd take that and so would any team.

Mowbray just doesn't inspire people. he's so boring he could send himself to sleep. Changing manager would shake things up and get people interested again. Look at the difference di cano made at sunderland as an example. Plus 3 wins in 2013. Worst league team in 2013. Least league points in 2013. How can you defend that?

Mowbray is exactly what gibbo wants. a solid hard worker who is willing to do as the chairman wants, hell its a business first and a sport second, that's how we all should look at it.
Gibbo has proven that he is willing to pay for players that managers want over the years but he's no mug, he's not going to pay outlandish prices again.
on our day in the premiership we could and did beat anyone. we no longer command that respect even in this division. Playing keepy uppy football isn't the way to get out of this leauge, mowbray and gibbo know this. slash the wages and get gasher, basher, slasher and big eddie of the estates and match teams for hard work and determination. not pretty football with juninho, emerson and rav. (although they were fantastic times)
I think the inspiration comes from the top. and gibbo delivers everytime.
Take your inspiration from the main man, I do.

Mogga is 1 of our own! If we're going up or down I'd rather go with 1 of our own atleast He cares where wer going!



03 Aug 2013 00:43:26
Burnley have shortlisted 5 strikers to replace Charlie Austin

Kevin Doyle
Sylvian Ebanks-Blake
Billy Sharp
Gary Madine
Sam Baldock

Ebanks blake for me

Burnley hoping to sign 2 new strikers:

Gary Madine & Billy Sharp to replace Pato & Austin as long as the price and wages are right.

Sharp will sign initially on loan with a view to a permanent with Madine moving for £500k.

Please take madine I will drive him to burnley myself

It will be none of those listed.

Kevin Doyle for me

Heard that Paddy Madden might be on that short list?



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