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03 Apr 2013 23:41:20
Keeper Dean Santangelo, linked to Manchester United in January window is on trial at Liverpool.



03 Apr 2013 23:32:27
Macclesfield Town manager sacked after failing to make the play offs.

Joke, best manager we have had in years and we sack him!! clueless board!



03 Apr 2013 23:11:10
Hi. any thing new on who westbrom will bring in for summer transfers. thanks {Ed010's Note - Nope sorry.

Bocundji Ca from Stade Reims is nailed on



03 Apr 2013 23:04:50
oh and he is a full back



03 Apr 2013 23:04:04
just signed a 2 year contract last month



03 Apr 2013 22:46:26
Who are Cardiff going to get when they go up

We are not up yet!


Step ladder for use on the way back down son

Two new wingers to upgrade from Conway and Smith both will not be good enough. A new striker target man, and more depth and quality in defence

05 Apr 2013 19:05:27
So a whole new team lol.



03 Apr 2013 22:40:11
Norwich City are set to step up their interest in Portuguese Besiktas midfielder Manuel Fernandes with a firm bid in the region £4m-£7m.

This is the second time someone has put this in here. Where are you getting this from? He cost Valencia around £12M a few years ago or something! Massive coup for us if we were to get him, but doubt we will.

04 Apr 2013 02:18:53
It wouldn't entirely be all that unrealistic as he's 27 now, coming into the last year of his contract and Besiktas are in a pretty bad way financially due to the whole "Match Fixing" thing, so I'd say It could definitely happen and if it did happen It would be a sensational coup for the club as he is a truly exceptional talent which anyone can see from his Youtube highlight reel at the very least.

. So go for it Hughton!



03 Apr 2013 22:12:25
David Cotterill has been attracting interest from a number of clubs in recent weeks. The Welsh winger is regarded has one of the best players in League One, with more assists than any other player in Britain and Rovers face a fight to keep hold of their star player

He is a player that has dropped down the leagues to find his level. Struggled last time he was at a higher level.

04 Apr 2013 15:12:24
All them assists might have something to do with all them set pieces they score from. They wouldn't be top of the league without all them set pieces.



03 Apr 2013 22:00:16
Charlton are looking to bring in jack tuyp and Robert M�hren from fc Volendam in the summer



03 Apr 2013 21:29:33
Preston are ready to make a summer move for Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Martin Corry. Simon Grayson unsuccessfully tried to take the 22 year old midfielder to Huddersfield earlier this season but as first team chances at Hillsborough have been rare for Corry, Grayson now looks likely to get his man.

Makes me laugh when people cannot even get players names right. It's Paul Corry and if that is true, if we stay up you can have him. He is out of his depth in the Championship and according to reports from Tranmere he is not strong enough for League One.

Martin's his brother - he's even worse!

Its not the Corry actor who is at canalside at the weekend is it?

Be a cracking signing for any team. though would have thought his next move would be to the Premiership. Reports Spurs are favourites.

04 Apr 2013 17:26:57
U can't blame Dean hoyle. he put is faith in Simon grayson. and It's is signings that av Corsed this mess. you can't blame Robins either. Rhodes going isn't to blame. as no one thought some team would cum up with the asking price at such a late hour B4 the deadline. it was to late to get a decent replacement. grayson is to Blame. he Totaly pulled apart the Clark team that got us up. Yes league one we r going and I think we r back wer we belong. because we just ain't gud enough for the championship. no wear near. sheff utd would av stayed up. thy are a better team than town. get players in that want to put a shift in for town. that would die for the town.
Beckford my god rubbish. say no more. our defence needs a total overall. and bount time now Smithies went gud shot stopper. but that's it. and when vaugn and beckford go bak. who we got. Alan lee. and novak. crap crap crap.

Rhodes going isn't to blame. as no one thought some team would cum up with the asking price at such a late hour B4 the deadline. it was to late to get a decent replacement. Err, that is exactly why Rhodes going was the biggest problem. Clarkes team needed to be dismantled and who employed grayson. I think you'll find Dean Hoyle was the man who sanctioned our Championship demise. I hope to god we stay up.

Yeah, he is to blame for our demise, selling judas just on deadline day, then not sanctioning proper bids on deadline day for players to replace him, then having to bring in a sick note striker on loan, who has been a waste of time, then he installs a manager we didn`t want, so yes the ruined season sits firmly at dh`s door

We wouldn't be where we are without DH!
and just because they didn't get the guy 'we want' doesn't mean its a bad choice, he's had 2 months, and before you say anything he was my first choice before adkins ect!
you need to grow a pair and get on with it, we must have the worst fans in the world for a chairman, can't please everyone, so shut the hell up, stop blaming it on DH and MR because MR will be good I can garuntee it and well we would be a league 2 club if it weren't for DH so all your miserable town fans can just stop coming to the games!

Amazing how this rumour about a Wendies player has morphed into having a go at Dean Hoyle. Agree with the last post, without DH we would be in the same room as Coventry and Pompy, get real.

07 Apr 2013 13:11:48
Some of you avnt a clue. why is hoyle to blame. he sanctioned all the buys but he put the faith in each managers choice. Rhodes didn't want to be with town no more. It's a fact. why keep any player that doesn't want to be ere. he wanted to go when west ham wer sniffing round. hoyle kept is word to Rhodes. and who heonestly thought sum one would cum. in with 8 million for I'm. he. s not worth that. grayson as bought in crap. ex players from other teams. I hope we stay up as well. after all the ard work that's gon into it. {Ed034's Note - the guy did fantastic to get £8m for a striker who was not proven in this division.

07 Apr 2013 16:31:14
To get 8 mill for Rhodes was fantastic for Yes a player that we made. but he no longer wanted to be at town. grayson is the man to blame. Yes hoyle set grayson on. but all hoyle did was sanctioned the carp buys the grayson asked for. like hoyle as backed all is managers he as Set on. robin's is doing is best with the players he inherited. it was Clarke's team that got town up. grayson came in and pulled it apart. 2 or 3 of the players like Roberts he let go were better than the carp grayson bought in.
Only one person to blame for towns plight and that's grayson. a Leeds man through and through. we wer pure luckly how we got promotion. grayson didn't get town promoted. it was Clarke's team. and giv robin's a chance because this is graysons team. and It's carp. he can take Wot he bought in to preston. thy r welcome to them.

Think its you who hasn't a clue, if you think dh isn't to blame, he chose the managers who bought in players dh sanctioned, he then sold Judas, who admittedly wanted to go but, it should have been done early to buy in a couple of replacements, not near deadline, he then should have got the money in one go instead of installments, that don`t really benefit town over a much longer period of time, ie years, as it will be eaten up on running costs etc etc. So all important calls re managers, players, buying, selling, etc down to one person. the chairman you will find!

The games that jordan rhodes has scored in for blackburn this season have netted blackburn 8 wins and 6 draws (30 points). makes you think . right now. if buts and maybes. but top 2. Messrs Hoyle and Grayson !!



03 Apr 2013 21:20:01
Transfer in:glenn Murphy, wallyson, leroy fer, Stanislav Manolev (per), Urby Emanuelson (per), Sascha Riether (per), maarten Stekelenburg

Transfer out:Roberts on loan, hudo rodallega, Simon Davis, chirs David loan

What about chadli he'll be good for Danny muphys old place at Fulham.

Who is roberts?

Roberts is a youngsters at Fulham he is wanted by man united and Liverpool

Glenn Murray ain't good enough & won't suit the prem, who is wallyson. Patrick Roberts will go out on loan short term, David will be 1st team next season Chadli & Overtoom will join Fulham along with Okore.

We don't have an option to sign Emanuelson permanently, and he has been awful for us so far

Okay gleen Murray would not be good you have young players that Fulham can buy and wallyson plays for São Paulo FC and he is 24 years of age and Brentford highly rated youngster Alan bird who can be good for u21 of Fulham and might get harry Forrester for friendly matches and he is only 22 years of age



03 Apr 2013 21:14:52
Partick Thistle will launch a "membership scheme" next wednesday. It will be presented to the gullible among their support as a " their chance to have a voice " in the club but it will be nothing more than window dressing. Surely the supporters trust, Jagstrust, is the means to have a real say in therunning of the football club?



03 Apr 2013 20:47:05
Former Portsmouth striker Eric Huseklepp is set for a move back to England with championship trio Middlesborough, Sheffield Wednesday and Bolton interested.

He has played for Brann in Norway the last 6 months. He has not playd well. All norwegians will be surprised if this is true.

They can have him, he had a stinker against Blackpool last season.
He can't hit a barn door!

Welcome back at Pompey anytime



03 Apr 2013 19:27:35
Middlesbrough are considering a £400,000 move for Oldham striker matt smith to replace marvin emnes who will move back to holland with vitesse arnhem for a £1m Scott McDonald may also be allowed to join al saad in the middle east for free to releave his 30k a week wages

The club are looking at peterbroughs striker dwight gayle and Bristol city's Albert Adomah should they be relegated they are also looking at lower league strikers as a cheaper option top of the list seams to be Walsall striker will Grigg this deal could also include emanual ladesma rejoining Walsall as part of the deal

Adomah deal already agreed for 4 million to either palace or wigan. {Ed034's Note - how can you say it's agreed yet then say to one of two clubs lol doesn't really give much confidence in your post

Hope all is true just the sort we need because the bunch ov I won't say are no good

If boro payed £400,000 for smith someone will need there head testing. He a poor player who's not always first choice for Oldham, he scored in a couple of high profile matches but the does not mean he's any better than a league one squad player.

Matt Smith is an awful player who people only know because of the way he bullied defences in the cup. 6 goals in near on 60 games shows he's not a good striker at all!

MATT SMITH is going to the Championship, 3 teams want him and he won;t cost anything as he is FREE at the end of the season.

Bullying defences is what we need juke couldn't scare a fly

Really amusing that peeps want Smith! I've been an Oldham fan for thirty years and never seen an over rated striker. Big fan of Matt, but he's done nothing in league 1, only played a blinder in FA cup. Is that consistency to make it at the highest level, or second highest (champ)?

Boro fan smith cum on he's poor yawn

05 Apr 2013 12:59:58
Adomah will leave Bristol City if we are relegatd or not, somebody will get a bargain as his value will be half of what it was last year.

We will be lucky to get £1m now he is moving in to his last year, and probably as a League 1 player.

Smith is out of contract at the end of the season, he's over 24 so there's no need for any transfer fee



03 Apr 2013 16:50:20
Jordan robertson has signed for sheffield united till end of the season



03 Apr 2013 16:45:47
Bristol Rovers are starting to look to 2013 / 14 and have approached Exeter for permission to talk to Paul Tisdale and Andy Tilson.

John Ward will work with PT in a Director of Football capacity whilst Tilson will work alongside Marcus Stewart as coach.

JW had made this his plan back in December but priority had been survival. All but done and dusted now so planning begins.

PT is looking for pastures new. The underwhelming support he is receiving from the Exeter 'unfaithful' is recognised all the way up the M5.

Watch this space fans of both clubs.

On an aside JW is now close to securing Mildenhall and McCrystal for next season and still wants to talk to Tony Pulis about Matt Lund for the season and Ian Holloway about Jason Banton for the season.

My source also tells me that at least one of the ELEVEN players from BCFC out of contract at the end of the season has suggested he would like to move across the River.

Players on their way from the Mem include. Beavan, Patterson, Harrold, Broghamer and a deal is trying to be reached to pay up the contract of Matt Gill.

Would love all this to be true but unfortunately not. Tisdale won't come as Ward will remain manager. Matt Lund is being released by Stoke so no need to talk to Pulis about signing him on loan and I have no idea what City player would want to join us, hopefully not Carey.

How confident are you that this is true?

Out will go Bevan-Paterson-Virgo-Kenneth-Clarkson-Gill- In will come JJoToole-Mildenhall-McCrystal-Macdonald-Tounkara-Plus maybe 5 others Rovers going for it next year

Rovers cash crisis means they will have difficulty making it through the close season. A huge bank loan needs to be repaid and no money is coming into the club from Sainsbury because they are paying directly for the new ground.



03 Apr 2013 15:27:44
bristol rovers are very close to signing john Jo otoole having helped the club to safety he loved the club and the fans. He will be top paid player signing a 2 year deal but if the club don't get promoted next season will have a clause he can leave the club. kev

Sorry to disappoint you but he is under contract to the U's for another 15 month's. How much are you willing to pay?

03 Apr 2013 21:45:01
he would probably be allowed to leave on a free to get rid of his wages, if Dunne doesn't want him/think he can provide value for the wages he's getting.

How have you heard this information Kev?



03 Apr 2013 12:28:37
yes I to have heard of Northgate's Black Dog as an option as the place is on its last legs and the brewery want out and they own land past the beer garden as well.

If you mean Black Dog Pub in Northgate, can't see it. If it was to be sold would probably go for housing.



03 Apr 2013 15:10:51
Derby to sign Kevin Davies after he leaves Bolton on a free, (Derby CEO Sam Rush negotiations proving fruitful. at supporters meetings he will only confirm 'premier quality' player signed on pre-contract terms. ).

Only going by what I have read on forums (I didn't go to any of these Sam Rush talks) he said they are looking at 5 signings in the close season, which I would suspect would include Forsyth and Martin. I has also been reported that Sam Rush is a big fan of the loan market. As I say I wasn't there and I am not 'in the know' either. COYR

04 Apr 2013 11:27:48
Kevin Davies may be signed on a free but his wages are the constricting factor, however Davies is keen to prolong his career (much like Kev Phillips) and so a two year contract with a 3rd year option is what he is looking for (and I may be wrong but wasn't he from Chesterfield and would like to return to his roots?).

would be great signing and better than Sammon!

Why would he be a better signing than Sammon? Davies's goal scoring record is worse, he's way past his prime. This would be a poor signing and a backwards step for the Rams, Davies would be better off going back to Chesterfield.
We need to be patient and stick to the signing young players policy. Waghorn, McNulty, Martin would be better signings.

The rumour about us being in contact with a 'premier quality' player is true, however it's Simeon Jackson not Kevin Davies.

He'd be a good experienced player to sign! If you think he'd be a rubbish signing you know bugger all about football!

Kevin Davies would put away a penalty though! haha

That experienced he can't get in the Bolton team! But you'd have him at Derby? it doesn't just look like me that knows nothing! {Ed034's Note - both kevin phillips and dean windass have played huge parts in getting teams promoted.
you are also not considering his experience, which to a team like derby with a lot of youg players, could be invaluable

I consider experience, just the wrong part of the pitch for me, I'd sooner see the wages you'd have to pay for Davies, spent on an experienced centre half, that's our main weakness. its a game of opinions

Just get a striker that can score from 12 yards. Utterly sick of this now. Oh for a Phillips style striker.



03 Apr 2013 14:43:24
A couple of Charlton targets:
1. Luke Brattan (Brisbane Roar CM)
2. Craig Mackail-Smith (fallen out of favour at Brighton)
& deals for Osman Sow and Florent Rouamba expected

OUT OF FAVOUR! he is out for the season injured! plus Charlton coulnt afford him

Mackail smith won't leave he is only injured

Craig Mackail -Smith has not fallen out of favor at Brighton he has had an operation on his ruptured Achilles and is out until beginning of September!

CMS hasn't fallen out of favour, he's just had surgery on a ruptured Achilles' tendon and won't be fit until September

Just shows some people on hear write anything. He's injured

Amazing how this came up just after brighton played charlton!



03 Apr 2013 13:52:29
Jermaine Beckford is rumoured to be linked with Leeds United after his loan spell expires at Huddersfield Town {Ed034's Note - how can he be linked when there is no manager???

His career has gone since Everton

Please let it be true. huddersfield fan

Hope so get the waste of space off our wage bill ;)

Your more than welcome to him. Not pulled up any trees at Huddersfield. One or two good games in a long loan spell and both are distant memories.

If money is tight I'd spend it elsewhere, got to be classed as a luxury.

Sorry but we are stuck with him until next month. It will be interesting to see which club if any takes him on next term. His wages are out of all proportion and unless a relegated premier team takes him on he will struggle to find a club willing or able to pay his current salary. He still has a few neat touches but no drive or passion, certainly not shown any for Town. Maybe he can repay the huge salary he has drained from us and score the goal that keeps us up!

03 Apr 2013 21:45:33
please take him or better still ile drive him there now,

Why would he have drive or passion for a club whose fans constantly slag him off. am a town fan myself but am embarrassed by the level of so called support at our club. huddersfield is known by many opposing managers that keep them quiet for half hour and crowd will get on their backs.

Rob b, can't fault the crowd yesterday mate, they gave it everything, pity Beckford didn't when he came on, if he had the same drive as Clarke, Danns and Vaughan he would truly be worth the pay he is on and the full support of the fans. It's a real shame as he clearly has class and talent but is without a doubt lazy.

Beckford showed his true colours, or rather the lack of them, he has to live with that, we don't.

He obviously didn't appreciate the fact that Leeds took him from obscurity and gave him a career, he obviously thought he was better than Leeds, and has been found out.

His problem not ours.



03 Apr 2013 10:44:44
everton are set to sign slovenians jan obiak in a million pound deal



03 Apr 2013 10:41:14
rangers keeper neil alexander has snubbed a new deal at rangers as he looks set for a move to england. a host of premier league and championship clubs are interested.

You must be his Agent. He was even dodgy when he was with us.


Hes at his standard div 3 in scotland, good shotstopper but that's it, well dodgy when he was at the bluebirds.



03 Apr 2013 10:05:20
Bolton want Matt Smith.

No they don't - they already have a better and younger player waiting in the wings (Tom Eaves). Lazy news reporting.

Swap Tom Eaves for Smith :P

Tom Eaves is the future the only Bolton striker to hit diouble figures without wearing the white shirt. For me he should be at least in the 18 man squad each week and not Odelusi.



03 Apr 2013 09:53:43
Hull City's summer transfer targets include -

Westwood - Sunderland
R. Taylor - Newcastle
Kilgallon - Sunderland
Ayala - Norwich
Bardsley - Sunderland
O'Neil - West Ham
Howson - Norwich
Mackie - QPR
Sharp - Southampton

03 Apr 2013 11:11:17
Sharp is signing for Nottingham Forest. regardless of promotion or not {Ed034's Note - a fee is already agreed, so it is really down to billy

Please take howson he, s ueless

Howson? He's playing week in week out for Norwich! Try Surman or David Fox

Howson's only playing at the moment as Tettey has been injured. He's now back and available for selection. Therefore Howson will be out the team again. Simply not Premier League. Can't pass and looks relatively light-weight. You can have him, Hull.

04 Apr 2013 09:41:27
No chance of Raylor leaving Newcastle.

04 Apr 2013 10:01:11
Agree with above. PLease take Howson. Has glimpses of real talent but just is not suited to the premier league. Not quite quick enough in his though process and too lightweight. Also has little to no defensive side to his game which doesn't fit into our team when playing alongside Hoolahan. Do think he could come good, but don't think it will be with us.

Ayala is a tough one for me, I like him and think he has huge potential but he just cannot stay fit for an extended period of time. i'd like him to stay with us over the summer and work hard with our medical team, strengthen the problem areas, have a full pre season with us and then go out on loan until January. If he stays fit and progresses like we all know he can then I say keep him, if not sell him to the highest bidder.

04 Apr 2013 12:23:48
Dont think you will be able to get Mackie, he will more than likely be one of the few players that stay with QPR when they go down. The likes of Cesar, Green, Zamora, Remy, Diakite, Samba, Fabio, Townsend, traore, bosingwa, taraabt, granero and hoillet will be out of the door as soon as they possibly can leaving very few players at the club.

04 Apr 2013 13:10:59
Townsend & Fabio are only on loan at QPR.



03 Apr 2013 08:43:54
Reading to sign Jose Fonte and Billy Sharp from Southampton who will replace Pogrebnyak and Pearce who will leave Reading in the summer

I could see sharp going but fonte willn't go plus reading will be a championship club.

03 Apr 2013 11:10:37
Why would Billy Sharp go to a championship (as let's face it reading are going down) club like reading when he can stay at forest where he loves it and the fans love him. plus the forest owner has a silly amount of money at his disposal to keep him trentside. and he doesn't like nigel adkins after how he treated him

Jose Fonte wouldn't dream of moving to Reading, he's a starter for Southampton who next season will still be a Premier League team whereas I'm afraid Reading won't be. Billy Sharp would however be a fantastic signing and good luck to him wherever he ends up, was top scorer in pre-season for Southampton and I felt it was unfair to send him out on loan.


Depends if saints sign another cb, probably will. Sharp I think is very Likley.

03 Apr 2013 16:55:54
Pogrebnyak would be a good shout for the Baggies when Lukaku, s loan ends ond odemwingie departs,

"I could see sharp going but fonte willn't go plus reading will be a championship club. " I think the rumour was based on the fact we will be a championship club mate that's why pearce and pog are going. would love to see us snap up sharp but I don't think we would be after forte because mariappa and morrison are good enough and gorkss is still a good championship defender, we also have carrico whos just came back from injury. Rumour has it Jasmin Kurtic is on his way!



03 Apr 2013 08:21:51
West ham have targetted Romelu Lukaku in the summer

Not a hope in hell of getting him

03 Apr 2013 16:42:10
He's too good for that, Everton or Fulham more likely - would be ok at Swansea, but I'm not sure how keen they are on loans to improve other club's players.

03 Apr 2013 16:52:00
In the local rags, if they are to believed, it states that Lakaku would like to go out on loan to a club that is playing European footie next season be it champions league or Europa, if that's the case he won't be plying his trade in the Premiership next season unless he plays his way into Chelsea, s first team squad, anyway Good Luck to the lad wherever he goes as he is a credit to all that is good about the game. Odemwingie please take note.

03 Apr 2013 18:40:26
Yes, I heard that too - Everton likely in Europa



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