Football Rumours Archive May 31 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursMay 31 2012 

30 May 2012 23:23:23
reading have put in a bid for sigudsson. unconfirmed whether it has been accepted or not.

from a good source at reading(19)(14)


30 May 2012 23:15:36
oxford have rejected a bid from bristol rovers for striker james constable(17)(5)


30 May 2012 23:14:56
Didier Drogba to sign for Real Madrid(18)(49)


30 May 2012 23:14:34
Michael coulson reportedly in talks with York city(13)(10) 

Going to mansfield town


30 May 2012 23:04:33
Ian Holloway is set for Swansea, also rumours are liverpool are after Afellay from Barcelona for around 6million(28)(22)


30 May 2012 22:46:24
Spurs are reportedly interested in PSV's Swedish striker Ola Toivonen(19)(8)


30 May 2012 22:42:47
Edin Dzecko to Munich for £20 million(35)(9) 

Only if Robben would be leaving

Dzecko would require a 10 shirt


30 May 2012 22:42:11
I heard Ivanovic to Madrid for around £20 million(28)(15)I heard he may move to madrid but more like 12 milGeoff Shreeves also going to join as him and Ivanovic good mates


30 May 2012 22:28:40
Shrewsbury to sign west brom youngster Saido berahino on a season long loan(11)(7)Is that the kid who scored v us in the 1-1 draw against Northampton???Think so ^He scores and put England u19s through to the euros last nightThis lad is incredible, hope he makes the cut at wba


30 May 2012 22:28:22
Watfords player of the year Adrian mariappa being linked with a move to reading a fee of £2.75 million would be enough to lure the jamaican international to the mad stad !

LOYAL ROYAL 1871(11)(11)£2.75 million and the rest.Do you only want his right leg then?Sound like the figure we'd deal at, year on his contract as long as its over 2.5 and rising to around 3 i will be happyThe amount of rubbish people put on this site is unbelivable. more like 3.5m - 4mPoor old watford, want people to feel sorry for them because the player who is better than their whole team wants to play prem footy with reading:( be prepared to be playing in league 1 in a years timeOh yes, we will spend £4million on a player with no EPL experience which shone in a team of shoddy players. Hmmm... no thanks. £2million maybe, anymore is bad business simple as.You mean that shoddy team who beat you and then finished 11th , ouch! yes bring on relegation more like we will be in the league above u next season


30 May 2012 22:23:55
Norwich striker Chris Martin to move to Crystal Palace permanently after impressing on loan(24)(11)I would say he impressed as palace, i'd say he was slightly better that Calvin Andrew and he was complete ste


30 May 2012 22:16:49
Guardado of Deportivo has left for Valencia for Champions League football, as Deportivo are on the decline of what they were just been promoted back to La Liga.
Also, former Newcastle man Emre has signed for Atletico Madrid.
Thats if any one cares for spanish football on this site..(23)(2)


30 May 2012 22:07:20
Millwall will sign sam vokes for £400,000(22)(11)Lets HOPE so!IF this signing DOES happen,that will probably mean that Henderson WILL GO! If IT happens AT ALL!Hope we get him, deserve to bring some goalscorers inHenderson wont go were just strengthening are attack and making our team have more depth.


30 May 2012 21:57:20
Mark Robson will be named Gillingham Manager next week.(15)(6)It wont be Robson. It will be Tilson!


30 May 2012 21:45:32
Middlesbrough in talks with Franck Moussa after the Belgian midfielder had his contract cancelled.(8)(10)This is true, I'm best mates with his brother and he tells me he is moving to Middlesbrough.Moussa spotted at Rockliffe Park, Middlesbrough's training ground. Deal close to completion, training with the club until the deal can be confirmed.This would be a top signing for boro at a good price.Im a Spireite and he was head and shoulders above everything we saw last season.....yes I know that wasnt too hard to achieve!Training with the club? Everyones on holiday...


30 May 2012 21:32:11
Franck Moussa will sign for either Doncaster or Chesterfield

Moussa became a popular figure with both clubs on loan in the past 2 seasons(13)(5)Rotherham will probably confirming the transfer on fridayWould love to see the Moose back at CFC but I don't think he'd want to play in League 2. Could walk into pretty much any League 1 team and a few Championship sides and his wage demands would be quite tasty.Moussa is a quality midfielder i would love him to come back to the B2net and finish of what he started but some how i feel that he wouldn't play league 2 footballAs confirmed on twitter by alan biggs or rob staton (cant remember which) we can pretty much rule out the signing of moussaRotherham ha?...WalsallFranck was great at chesterfield.the only loan signing worth having please please sign mooseHe'll come back to doncaster since thats where he lives atmWallsall are a terrible side he wont go there


30 May 2012 21:31:26
Posh (peterborough) targets

Micheal Bostwick 250,000
Kazenga LuaLua 300,000
Danny Rose (Loan) £50,000 signing on fee
Craig Westcarr 150,00
Zavon Hines 500,000(12)(15)Craig westcarr for £150 quid, bargin!Blimey - with this crop of nearly men - POSH will be a force to be reckoned with (in league 1 the year after next!)Haha lualua for £300k! We only just signed him relatively recently...for way more than that!You wont get danny rose, and you wont get Michael Bostwick that cheapNumpty comments like this actually make me embarrassed to be a posh fan.We sent Rose back to tottenham from his previous loan spell early. We wouldn't be in for him again. Bostwick and Lualua signing for those fees is dreamt up and Hines has not once been mentioned by any other posh fan with an ounce of credibility. Stupid posts like this make me agree with the above comment


30 May 2012 21:30:09
I'm a Brigg town fan and I am gutted to hear the news that Phil Jackman could be leaving to his former club NFU.(10)(4)


30 May 2012 21:29:45
Reading have tabled a bid for one of their ex-players. Rumours are rife but most people agree it is either Shane Long (unlikely due to managerial situation at WBA), Ryan Bertrand, or Gylfi Sigurdsson after Rodgers left Swansea for L'Pool.(13)(13)If Swansea just signed Sigurdsson this transfer window, why will he or them let him go weeks later? Also isn't it illegall.
Dumb guy {Ed003's Note - He hasn't signed yet,I think his medical is to take place on Friday,or maybe not now?? }Small club get your facts right we are now the 8th richest club in the worldHaha 8th richest team in the world get a grip, love to no where u have made that up from. Yes your new owner is rich but not nearly as rich as reading fans believe. It also doesn't matter how rich u are a team like reading will never be more than an average team.Swansea havn't signed him. they havve had a bid accepted but he has not signed a ontract or had a medical"Haha 8th richest team in the world get a grip, love to no where u have made that up from. Yes your new owner is rich but not nearly as rich as reading fans believe. It also doesn't matter how rich u are a team like reading will never be more than an average team." ... The combination of Anton and his father values around 800 mil, and how, with that much money, do you think that reading will be nothing more than average!? and your saying the earlier post was delusional, check yourselfI think is what he meant money alone does not make you a big or rich club. Fan base turnover history are all contributing factors. Just because your owner is wealthy doesnt make Reading wealthy.If readings owners have £800,000,000 and are the 8th richest club on earth then what are Cardiff Vincent tan has over £1.2billionIf Reading will only ever be average why have I got a READING MUG with 'by the far the greatest team the world has ever seen on' ??Sorry but your wrong. anton has a personal fortune of about 300 million. but has over 4 billion tied up with other businesses including TSI. and as he owns 51% of RFC we are now included in that group and will benefit from it. his dad had a personal fortune of 5 billion and double that tied up. he also owns 25% of TSI.We have one of the best managers around and with the new influx of new money we'll sign a couple of quality players and keep doing our stuff. Norwich did it. Swansea did it. They didn't spend millions, but kept it simple and stuck to what they know.SJM confirmed that Boris is a Billionaire at least twice over. Gotta love the people calling us a small club. Don't let the green eyed monster get the better of you.Lot more than 800 mil mate! His father is a billionaire and has also given us backing!I hate the fact that people have already forgotton how absolutely brilliant Reading were in their first season in the PL. They were the team to talk about. So they didn't keep it up in the 2nd season, but what to say they can't do it again and be better? They've got new money, they're a growing club with a growing fanbase in a town that is desperately trying to become a city and with a good Manager. Why should they only be an average club? They've got the makings to be pretty good in my opinion.Just because your owner has all that money does not mean it belongs to Reading....8th richest club in the world? I think not.Actually Boris Zingarevich who is now involved is a multi billionaire, not sure the exact figure but yeah, puts us up in one of he top 15 clubs in england i'd wager.Means nothing, alot of this money is tied into other companies etc. Does not mean Reading have all this money to spend.Your not getting it. Anton is going to use rfc as his flagship. He needs to invest. Heavily. We are a small club but will grow. No reading fan is saying we are the new man city or chelsea but we will be able to beat teams like swansea and liverpool. Liverpools owners are also an investment group. So yes we are a small club but hopefully not forever. Im just hoping we can keep the small club feel which i personally love.Yes but the same has to be said for all other teams, they dont get all the money either, now im not saying were the X richest club now, i dont care, now we wont have to sell our palyers to survive and bring a couple in to boost the current squad, the new ground extension on the cards for a years time if we stay up too, thats all i need, i dont wanna be a man city or chelsea, trying to buy the league and that only where being the X richest club comes into effect.Having rich owners doesn't mean you are a rich club, the owners aren't going to throw their entire fortune into a club!You are a small club and always will be you've never had fans and come on here making out your something at the end of the day truth hurtsTbh i don't think it really matters how 'big' a club is. Reading may not be the biggest club, but it does have a lot going for it! Obviously new money is one thing, but the club is very friendly and the fans we have are very devoted. We have a brilliant manager and a smart business model and theres no reason Reading cant survive the rigours of the Prem. We've come 8th before, and won the championship twice including the RECORD 106! There's a nice bit of history for you!And we were founded in 1871 making us one of the oldest football eams in England, another bit of history for all ya :)Another bit of history is elm park which use to get 4000 crowdsIf u think we dont have an fans why dont u just come down here and see 4 yourself, if u r proved right i will eat my mouth off!You become a big club and you get ridiculous expectation. Look at Leeds United. Terrible team, big expectations due to their history which labels them as a big club.


30 May 2012 21:29:20
preston to sign transfer listed leeds striker billy paynter westly sees him has the ideal target man rumour has it 250,000 also to be anounced joel byrom ,lawrie wilson ,mark roberts all from stevenage all these are nailed on certs(8)(16)Roberts and Wilson won't be leaving you can't afford themWestley wants to lay off stevenage, for so much that he got the love for them and he gonna ruin them by taking their best players.Joel byrom was released by stevenage
and the club wont sell unless its big big amounts of money, pne would have to pay more than that to get roberts and wilsonWhy would he sign Laurie Wilson? i kinda get the other two but Wilson's not a good playerWrong. Roberts is going nowhere, and neither is Wilson, and even if he is, wilson is rubbish.Mark Roberts would be a great signing but Billy Paynter is useless.Not what we need.Bring back the beast.Bring back jon parkin totally agree , who is buying are transfer listed players ?Agree on bring jon ( the beast ) parkin backin him and hume would rip this league a new oneRidsdale at a meeting in portugal for 3 days all will be revealed on his return about who is coming to are great teambilly paynter scored 29 gls in his last season in L1,he is better than any striker we have or will get easy.I live in Leeds,have had the misfotune of seeing him play and trust me he is terrible! Like I said the beast would be my choice,someone to compliment Hume up front.we have signed some class players and i was very impressed with stevenage last season. Laird is excellent and mark Roberts is a great leader.I was worried about westley last season but trust him to take us back up next season


30 May 2012 21:25:58
preston to sign transfer listed leeds striker billy paynter westly vert keen to had him to the(15)(7)We are interested in painter too. (Notts) {Ed003's Note - Put a tender out I'm sure there are lots of decorators needing work in the current climate}


30 May 2012 21:03:32
Bradford City are set to sign Andy Gray tomorrow. {Ed025's Note - and richard keys heard it was Friday.And david beckham tuesday


30 May 2012 21:01:39
Im not one to make rumours up at all but me and my son have been to deepdale tonight to watch the england under 19s and gary roberts was in the crowd it was definately him so it looks like he.s gonna be our next signing.(9)(9)Because of course he didnt just fancy watching a game of football.Am a pne fan and maybe he was just there to watch the under 19sLook mate im jusy saying what i saw its a big coincidence that this morning were linked with him and on the same day he.s at the stadium i just put 2 and 2 together mate as you do.Why casue he is watching a gootball matchActually he signed for Tranmere yesterday


30 May 2012 20:59:18
Ipswich's Byron Lawrence set to join Arsenal after Wenger's scouts watched him play for Ipswich reserves.(2)(16)Perhaps brighton or leedsRubbish no need to sell happy at the club and a promising youngster


30 May 2012 20:56:02
Harry Redknapp has left the building! Sacked.(43)(37)


30 May 2012 20:51:28
Yakubu heading to China in big money move(14)(18)Yakubu is going to West Ham


30 May 2012 20:50:31
With Brendan Rodgers to become Liverpool manager, he will raid Swansea with Ashley Williams, Leon Britain, Nathan Dyer and Scot Sinclair heading to Anfield meaning Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing on the way out, estimated cost 25 million - Sigurdsson who has just signed for Swans is trying to find the escape route immediately - Holloway, Curbishly and Steve Bruce are Swanseas top 3 who they want to interview for the vacant job - bookies have slashed their odds for relegation as it is believed they will not live up to this seasons pnemonial perfomance(15)(27)Brendans done enough damage by leaving us, he wont take any players trust me!Lol just all average players they do good at sawnsea but will do rubbish at liverpoolIan hollway would be a good replacement he plays a style similar to swansea with blackpoolGood luck to them salvaging money back on DowningAverage players? how come they were average enough to get 4 points off Liverpool (who didnt even score against Swansea last season)And relagate liverpool with them... rogers aiint stupid


30 May 2012 20:40:41
Charlton are to speak to Justin Hoyte who is out of contract at Middlesbrough(10)(3)Please god charlton take him,will quite happily drive morph to london myselfHe is definitely heading back down south, as a Boro fan im not too disappointed, nice lad but frustrating to watch.I plead with you Powell please do not sign him! We've got chris SOLLY he's the f word quality! As the song goes :)That's ok, be a nice little back up for Chris Solly.. No chance he'll start though with our defence.Solly needs cover though mate, sooner or later he will get an injury ban or pehaps even leave!^ but we have no back up for Solly, so maybe it would make sense.We have a quality right back in Solly but we do need back up. Hoyte could be that man.We should sign Oastler from Torquay as back up, had a great season and has potential to step up!Hoyte is a good rb but he sometimes makes defensive errors but going forward his crossing good when he gets past players


30 May 2012 20:40:27
Former Aston Villa FC manager Alex McLeish is set for talks with Turkish side Besiktas.(9)(9)


30 May 2012 20:38:55
anthony gerrad of cardiff is in talks with leicester for a £350,000 deal and former cardiff keeper tom heaton is in talks with ipswich after turning down new deal.cardiff news james mcfadden has been offered 1 year deal and will become highest paid player at club and cardiff are desperate to thrash out a lone deal to bring jay bothroyhd back to cardiff but wages are a problem at the moment(8)(15)Anthony Gerrard is a free agent !

RaghhhGerard isnt a freeAnthony gerrard is not a free agent plus don't want Bothroyd back he bad for team spirit


30 May 2012 20:35:15
York City to sign Michael Coulson and Jon shaw(8)(7)


30 May 2012 20:32:54
Paul Lambert will hope to snap up Scott Sinclair after Rodgers' exit as he has 12 months left and is keen to join a side with hungry players and manager with game time.(13)(11)Why would he join norwich thenCan't they stomach Dehlia's cooking, then!Lambert will be Vila manager by Monday so looks like they will sign for usTaking him to Villa then !!


30 May 2012 20:32:21
Leicester interested in Nicky Shorey, but could face competition from Middlesbrough.(16)(3)


30 May 2012 20:31:11
Simeon Jackson to Huddersfield Town is practically a done deal however Jordan Rhodes will not be involved as a part of a swap. Nouha Dicko is also expected to join the West Yorkshire club on a season long loan. There has been contact with Arsenal about the availability of Benick Afobe on a permenant deal Arsenal are only willing to send him out on loan.(10)(15)Jackson has agreed terms with Sheff Weds as he's a fan of Dave Jones style of play. Hudds too direct under Grayson


30 May 2012 20:31:05
Bas Dost (Heerenveen) on Roberto Martinez's wanted list, thought to be rivalling West Ham with a £7m bid(2)(13)Bas Dost has as good as signed for Wolfsburg


30 May 2012 20:30:55
Reading have bidded for Sigurdsson today, Sigurdsson was due to have a medical at Swansea this week but it will not take place after Rodgers leaving to go to Liverpool. It is also rumoured that Liverpool are interested in Sigurdsson. It seems as if it is now a two horse race between Reading and Liverpool(15)(8)Reading fans are mad they are a small club with league 1 support but keep saying they are in a battle with Liverpool to sign a player it's crazy you're be in championship next year which is a too bigger league for youHhaha dont have a clue, huw jenkins has realeased a statement saying gylfis deal will go ahead thanks to the persuation of club captain garry monk!The player will decide who he plays for so there's no point in calling Reading a small club or that Liverpool have fallen so low in recent years. Both clubs will take points of one another next season with or without SigGylfi came for Brendan so won't stay.League 1? are you mad? and how many reading games have you seen over thee years? if you had sense you would realise that we are a prem/champ fringe club. and since when are liverpool a big club? they finished eighth this season which is also the place reading finished in our first year in the prem league.So its ridiculous for two premiership clubs to chase one player. Damn, logic is taking a serious hit tonight.Gylfi didnt come for Brendan, he came because he wants to play in the premier league and knew that Swansea would guarantee him first team football, whoever the knew manager is will start Gylfi due to his obvious quality, the deal WILL go aheadReading support league 1? our support was bigger than yours in the championship in the year you beat us in the playoff final. And our support will be bigger than yours next season too.I agree with the person who said reading a small club there away and home support is pathetic they have no fansAlso League 1 support? come on mate, we had sell out crowds most of last year, especially at the bigger matches.You sold out twice and you won the league look at the facts you've always had no fans and that won't changeThose fans saying we have no fans have obviously never been to the mad stad, taking 3000 to southampton on a friday night that is on tv, 21000 average attendance over last year AND plans for expansion arent founded on wigan-sized support are they?You have the worst, quietest, most boring fans in the championship. Could hear a mouse fart whenever I have been to Madejski stadium.If garry monk thinks he could persuade the sig to go to swansea he better start praying!If we have no support, how come we are getting an expansion taking us to 36,000 seats which is bigger then White Hart Lane. If we have no fans, explain why the streets of Reading were covered with fans to see the Trophy paraded around Reading in the pouring rain.


30 May 2012 20:28:34
West ham and Fulham are interested in Mido.(3)(26)


30 May 2012 20:24:03
Reading are interested in Michael Owen.(15)(16)Reading are NOT interested in OwenReading could or could not be interested in Michael Owen..Certainly got to the bottom of that oneWell that clears that up... (Y)


30 May 2012 20:12:23
Mustapha carayol to sign for boro by the end of the week, 100% fact(13)(13)According to who?


30 May 2012 20:08:46
Aberystwyth Town goalkeeper Steven Cann set for a trial with Burton Albion(3)(2)When he played for rotherham from a goalkick he could reach the other penalty areaWent to uni in aber and went to there games regularly. very strong and consistent goalie. always thought he could make it in the lower english leagues.


30 May 2012 20:04:02
Expect Martinez to look to his homeland and make a move for long term target Michu from Rayo Vallecano now that the Liverpool/Villa sagas are over. 15 goals from midfield last season in a poor side. Also martinez has a web of contacts in holland and has targetted Twente striker Luuk De Jong.(4)(9)De Jong will be going to a side playing in EuropeReally after Southampton have shown a big interest in Michu i find this hard to believe as i have heard he is supposed to be in talks with Nigel Adkins Around June 6th :L but he will probs go to a club like West Brom :LDe Jong & Michu are reportedly wanted by many higher established clubs like Man Utd, unlikely but will they settle for wigan. Espicially De Jong who is more rated by scouts and managers...Unless you mean if he joins Villa/L'Pool.
If so my bad


30 May 2012 20:03:50
albert adomah transfer to swansea is of due to manager leaving for liverpool(7)(5)No we still need him and Matty Phillips to replace Sinclair(Norwich)Deal was never on in first place and second he is not leaving the reds to be back in the championship next season. Yes jacks you are going down whoever takes over.Wouldn't want adomah he's no where near good enough, big talk coming from a team who are lucky not to be a league one team


30 May 2012 20:03:45
Bradford city are to sign young hot shot brendan lynn.(0)(4)Who has he played for?


30 May 2012 20:02:32
Charlton fans who do u think we will sign this summer?(0)(5)WHO CARES!!!Ignoring the post above, I think we will make four signings. A striker, Stuart Beavon looks favourite at this point in time although I have no insider information. Sam Baldock has been mentioned however, I dont see us signing him on a loan deal and West Ham (apparently) dont want to let him go. My personal choice would be Charlie Austin but I dont pay the bills, maybe thats not so likely.

A centre midfield dynamo, various names are being banded about for that role, none I would say are the tough tackler we need, Im at a loss as to who this could be though. Of those suggested; Stephen Gleeson - MK Dons, Matt Sparrow – Brighton, Mark Pugh – Bournemouth, Anthony Wordsworth – Colchester. We play best with a holding midfielder with either D Hollands or D Stephens pressing, I don’t think our manager agrees with me on this, so Wordsworth could be our man if a fee can be agreed. Paul Coutts would be my choice and his name was mentioned but I think Wesley will want to keep him onboard unless of course the price is right and Charlton just don’t throw money around anymore so, I cant see that one.

A fullback, that could be two if we lose Solly and there are some clubs sniffing around. Frazer Richardson would be my favorite but again that just is not on the cards. Michael Turner is a possibility (apparently) although I cant see it. Kieran Lee is the most likely I’ve seen still not high on my list of possibles.

A goal keeper, this one might just get left until last and I have no idea who it could be.

Apart from that there could be a few players kicking around without a contract as has been the way of it of late. Justin Hoyte has been mentioned here as has Lloyd Sam. A dark horse could be Kanu, in for his experience and professionalism (I must say good luck to Pompy, great fans, hope you are still playing next season) having said that Id love Luke Varney back.

A lot of all that depends how much money is to be spent, how much we have is a mystery and the answer to the mystery is locked in a tax heaven vault somewhere (probably somewhere sunny).More clowns from Billy Smarts circusOnly players others do not want I expect. Based on CPs tactics last year I expect a whole new team. I've heard BWP to Reading. Any news ed? {Ed001's Note - I have not heard of any interest in BWP from Reading.}Seriously need a stronger center mid someone who will win headers and be strong in the tackle The Championship is a long ball league completely different to League 1 I think Hollands and Stephens could get bulliedWas with you on this posting until you mentioned you'd like Luke Varney back! Heaven forbid!Nobody"until you mentioned you'd like Luke Varney back!"


I like him though he could dribble and run with the ball at his feet and made nice channel runs, something I like to watch.


30 May 2012 20:00:26
Napoli's edinson cavani linked with a
move to liverpool and could be tempted
with lavezi going to psg(7)(16)Yes i can definetely see cavani picking liverpool over the likes of madrid,city,chelsea......get a grip pool fans your days of big signings are over so please stop posting crap


30 May 2012 19:53:17
rotherham to confirm the signing of
frank moussa on friday after the
midfielder left leicster by mutual
consent(7)(8)If this happend Chesterfield fans would kill themselves.I dont really care if they did they broke there wage budget on marc richards so he wouldnt come tou us jealousy gets you no where


30 May 2012 19:47:37
Franck Moussa to sign for Chesterfield after his contract has been cancelled with Leicester City by mutual consent(11)(4)Can't afford his wages,after budget busting signing of richards.Rotherham ready to confirm the transfer on fridayYou wish i think you are living in cloud cuckoo..........what wages is he on about 4.5k a week i would sayWALSALL told you onceI really don't think he'll sign for a poor team like Walsall.


30 May 2012 19:51:32
Ian Holloway to become next swansea mananger after blackpool announced that they wont stop him leaving if there was any intrest from the premier league.(24)(12)Holloway is a good manager who can do miracles with a shoe string of a budget, so he will fit in with the swansea board.

But you look at blackpool and you look at swansea they play very different football, both sides are good but very different, will holloway bow down to the way swansea play or will the team have to ditch there styleand adopt holloways?

Somthing worth thinking about if your a swansea fan right now hey!Makes sense, its closer to the west country. for Holoways family to.I'd say they play very similar football, especially if you look at the style that blackpool were producing over the last 10 games of the season. As a blackpool fan that is what worries me, I think it could persuade Holloway to go.Ollie's going nowhere, and he's already talking to potential signings at BFC, so turn your attention elsewhere he's staying with King Karl {Ed001's Note - Oyston is exactly the problem, while he runs the club the right way, he also holds the purse strings very tight. At Swansea, Ollie would get a lot more leeway, it is certainly possible. Though I don't know why someone up there said they already play the same way, Ollie plays fast break, Swansea play possession, possession, possession. It is nothing like the same!}Sky sports news saying Poyet to Swansea, Lambert to Cilla so maybe more likely Ollie to Norwich......if that happens could be Mellon or K Phillips for Blackpool? Ed....any views? {Ed001's Note - I doubt Ollie would want to move to Norwich, it is a long way from his home and not an easy journey. I do think he would love another crack at the Prem though.}Blackpool did play more fast break in the premiership, but this season he has changed the philosophy slightly, starting with short passes in midfield trying to keep possession in and around their half, looking for a breakthrough when they can. However the defence do sometimes still pump the ball up to the wings, so it's not the same style, but certainly similar.Holloway actually now live near clitheroe which is about half an hour from Blackpool Ian holloway will stay at Blackpool FC for another season if we go up he will stay if we don't he will then leave.Holloway no, Poyet or Karl Robinson, although Graham Jones has been mentionedApparently ollie is looking for a new house in the blackpool area. nuff said.


30 May 2012 19:47:39
Paulo Gazzaniga will complete his move from Gillingham to Peterborough this week. The fee is thought to be £400k with add ons(5)(5)However good he is, and whatever he costs, it's a waste of money. Good goalkeepers are ten-a-penny, last for donkey's years, and you can get them on frees. Money better spent on outfield players.


30 May 2012 19:39:24
Ben Hamer is set to leave charlton for leeds on a 300k deal(3)(15)Not going to happen mate, he's had a settled season and been first choice all the time.Horseapples, this will not happenWe bought him for 250k so why when he has kept 18 clean sheets last season and 1st choice and settled, would his value only increase by 50k?!?"We bought him for 250k so why when he has kept 18 clean sheets last season and 1st choice and settled, would his value only increase by 50k?!?"

Because for school boy dreamers, math is not a priority.What aload of rubbish if he leaves we will get vorm from swanseaDon't think so,not good enough for WarnockROFL. Why would we let him go for 300K.
Love the way fans not only make up the rumour, but the price too.
Try again!No way!!Stupid to say hamer to leeds will not happen,if they come in he will force a move even if we say no and it is all player power nowadaysI'm not saying it wont happen but I can honestly say he wouldn't leave if they did offer unless they offered him double or even triple his wage! All last season sir chris powell did so many things to bond the players as we bought in 25 players, they have such a good relationship and trust me now that and the fact that sir chris powell is one of the nicest men in football and was voted by numerous polls to be in the top 10 most inspirational English football figures, that'll make him and any other player stay unless a prem team comes knocking on the door!


30 May 2012 18:58:37
Yakubu will most likely be going to reading rather than west ham because he might not be guaranteed first team football due to too many strikers a fee of £1 million would be enough us to a clause in his contract if BB got relegated !
LOYAL ROYAL 1871(8)(22)Westham all the way.Better be quick for his signature cus LEEDS may have serious dosh coming in.Hi Loyal Royal - his wages would be massive and i think you could buy better - it's a bit like Owen hi wages and risk - i say let westham have him
CTS - saints fan (good run in last season - deffo came down to the St Mary's game, well done mate)West Ham will sign him for several reasons:
1)West Ham are the only club who have actually bid for him
2)He is mates with Matt Taylor and Gary O'Neil who were with him at Portsmouth
3)Mates with Big Sam
4)West Ham have bid for him for the last 4 seasons!And did he come to you any of those 4 seasons? nope so lets see whats gonna have changed that to make him love the Hammers suddenly after 4 years of no's, oh Yakubu your such a tease :PHope he does go to west ham. Why would we need him when robbo plays the same style of football but better and with more commitment. Yakubu is too lazy for readingHe his good friends with jason roberts to at readingAnd Jason Roberts is also good friends with Yakubu.. West Ham dont need anymore strikers anywayWest ham hoof ball game will really suit him NOTWon't go to reading he will join bigger club not a tiny club


30 May 2012 18:57:04
jonas ollson will sign a new long term contract with west brom once he returns from the Euro's. also albion legend darren moore has encouraged west brom to make a move for chris hughton.(6)(4)I hope ollson does and I hope we get ralf rangnick he is a quality managerC'mon Ollson show us your loyalty mate your a top player and you will be an ambassador for our club one dayWe need to keep ollson and get craig dawson in the team next season for experience hes a quality player so get shut of mcauley we have rigewell for coverOlsson will sign on if we get ralf rangnickGet rid of McAuley? Take it you don't go down the matches then?


30 May 2012 18:55:31
west brom are in advanced talks with former sunderland goalkeep Craig Gordon. they are seeing him as the perfect number 1 keeper choice after ben foster who seems very unlikey to join west brom after rumours of him prefering a move to a top four club(10)(5)Are you saying foster is a better keeper,if so you are crackers.What top 4 team would Ben Foster get in ? Arsenal maybe but one top 4 side already let him go as did a mid table Prem club when in a lower division.Bens a baggie i have this from a very good source he will be no1 next season gordon or jussi will be no2 watch this space ;)Foster is a better keeper full stopGordon is better than Foster hands down when fit, just couldnt replace the beasty Belgian Mignolet at Sunderland.Foster won't leave the Midlands and there's no top 4 club anywhere near.There was interest from Spurs back in Jan and since then Foster has said he doesnt want to uproot his young family and also said he would like a deal between WBA and Brum sorted out. I m pretty sure he said he didnt like the pressure of playing at a top 4 club when he left Man Utd. He will either join West Brom or stay at Brum (which i doubt)How can someone even say that Gordon is better then foster. How may cleans sheets did Gordon get last year. Actually how many games did he play. Gordon is so good that a nobody is ahead of him in goal for sunderlandWest brom will sign Gordon as NUMBER 2 goalkeeper behind ben foster who will sign in the summer. however albion will only sign gordon if he agrees a wage-cut.Mignolet is hardly a nobody, he is Belgium's number 1, so think what you are saying. Foster isnt even that good anyway, rotting in the Man Utd reserves for yearsYou have just proven my point belgium. Really


30 May 2012 18:36:39
Josh McEachran will sign for Southampton on loan next week. I am a friend of Francis Benali who is still friends with a lot of the Saints players including Jack Cork. The McEachran deal is well and truly on possibly with an option to buy as Chelsea want to loan him out again but he wants to stay in the south. The option of joining up with his best mate is apparently appealing.(18)(9)He is in dubai at the momentMcEachran is supposedly Chelsea's next "Big Thing" so i very much doubt they would sell him, but loan is possible. Adkins is more likely to want to bring in someone more permanent though.No thanks, plus we won't loan players we want to build a squad with out youth players (the Southampton way)Decent player but cant see this happening. Loan unlikely as we will be more interested in developing our own players and not another clubs' for them. As for where you heard this information a) players wont be aware of transfers, espcially with the Cortese regime b) I also (or 'actually' if you were lying) know Fran and I can confirm he wouldnt know transfer details either. Like I said, cant see it happening.Great player, gonna be massive. Doubt chelsea would sell unless its for a big price, but loan could be possible if saints dont get there targets that they want to buyWhoever said he's Chelsea next big thing won't it be the first half decent plus he ain't even that good Southampton bring things like Matt le tiss theo Walcott alex ox chamberlin and now we got adam Lallana proving himself a saints legendIt really depends on the new manager, am friends of the family and they cant really make a move yetFrancis benali is my coach and he we asked do you know all them he said most but said nothing on mceachren he knows kelvin davis mostly plus my mate at chelsea says mchercrean is gonna play for chelseas first in about 2 years and is the next great thing so if come ill buy all of you a car each.


30 May 2012 18:29:05
Lot of talk withing last hour or so that reading have bid for a former player believed to be gylfi sigurdsson or bertrand(loanee from chelsea) either would be great to see back at the mad stad(4)(11)


30 May 2012 18:24:26
Dundee United striker Johnny Russell is the subject of a £800k bid from Peterborough(6)(14)To good a prospect for themDidnt they reject a bid of 1.5 million from
celtic in january and also derby have offered 900k + chris maguireDont think that one will happen bidding starts 1 million plus


30 May 2012 18:05:32
Charlton are to bid around £3m for Tottenham striker Harry Kane.(1)(26)3m for a player that has all of 23 games at Championship level, I dont think so!Charlton to spend £3m don't make me laughWait until Charlton start making some signings this season before you start commenting about how much money that have. As a fan from a rival club I know by good source that they are much better placed than most this year!Thank you ^^^^ a true football fan who knows not to mock unless you know, I'm a charlton fan and as you said you support a rival team so I salute you good sir!!£3m players plus wages when we can't guarantee to even stay in the division. I can see us back in L1 soon with a debt millstone. Noooooo!^^ Finally someone get's us!Powell knows how to get great players for cheap and more importantly get rubbish players playing well (kermorgant) there's no way he would waste 3m on a player that's bearly played when he could get 3 players of the same standardCharlton will not spend 3 million on one player, get realDebt milestone? When one of our secret owners has 600million for us to spend as well as the two main owners, slater and jiminezI spoke to a certain former Charlton and Chelsea CB after the wycombe game, and he said that Sir Chris Powell has got a 5 year budget of 50-60Mil. In 5 years assuming that money gets us to the prem the real money behind the club will be revealed and the club will be sold to them. 3M isn't out of the question for 1 player, but Kane isnt worth that yet. No track record, when you can get J. Rhodes for that sort of money! He's still young scored 41 goals last year, and easily good enough for the championship and eventually the prem!Tony Jimenez has a lot more than slater but the 600 million guy has less than him as well jimenez has 'contacts'Clear of debt. why not????^^^ finally someone understands our current financial situation ( I posted the comment about how we won't have a debt milestone and about kevin cash having 600mill) I totally agree with you there if you look at the 'conspiracy' stories, cash's son works at les bordes which is a big company that is owned by jiminez, also a shareholder that was announced (Alex newell) works for a company that is owned/close to a company owned by Kevin cash! We honestly do have billions when you taken all of our owners money that they re willing to spend on us, so bring on the prem in 3years or less COYR"^^^ finally someone understands our current financial situation ( I posted the comment about how we won't have a debt milestone and about kevin cash having 600mill) I totally agree with you there if you look at the 'conspiracy' stories, cash's son works at les bordes which is a big company that is owned by jiminez, also a shareholder that was announced (Alex newell) works for a company that is owned/close to a company owned by Kevin cash! We honestly do have billions when you taken all of our owners money that they re willing to spend on us, so bring on the prem in 3years or less COYR" Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !^^ Just because your jealous that my club has money and your doesn'tNo one knows how much charlton have in terms of money, the owners go to such lengths to hide themselves. The Chairmen and Chief Exec are just front men they dont own the shares, so how much they have or have not got is not relevant.The chairman (slater and jiminez) and the chief ex ( Richard murray) do own shares you tool! About 40% in total! Kevin cash is about 15% and the Alex newell guy that was announced ealier last season owns 9.8(10)% was is FACT AS THE COUB ANNOUNCED IT!No-one has a clue who owns the shares- If they own under 10% they dont have to be declared.


30 May 2012 18:03:58
Celtic have accepted a 5mil bid from Norwich for Gary hooper . And will buy Rhodes to replace. Good deal for Celtic IMO(8)(34)Not sure about this! hooper has already proved how good he is for celtic!No they have not, wouldn't pay £5m for him, good player but is he worth £5m not so sure.

NOT a norwich fan, you tell me if he's worth the money ?Southampton had 8 rejected so presumably thats not trueNot the greatest career move by Rhodes if this rumour has any foundation ...won't develop as a player playing 4 games a season...with the remainder training sessionsNot true at all! 100% BullWhy would they accept 5 when they turned down 7What about european football,he is not going to go to a top epl club,so he would probably fare better there,also this guy scores for hudderfield,its not top class football,so he yet to prove himself its a gamble.Celtic wont consider a bid of at least £7million, and they are holding contract talks atm, Hooper has expressed his love for playing for CelticI am friends with Gary and this Norwich thing is soooo far wide of the mark. NO BID and NO INTEREST from them at all.
LONDONBHOYNah we would never accept 5 million, we rejected 7 from southampton but rhodes would be nice i must admitWould be a great signing for norwich and will score goals in the premSorry Norwich, if you have no idea of the cost for the player then your "rumour" is pants, right from the off!No they havent. They rejected £6 million from Southampton in January so they wont be taking less from Norwich. Unless Holt is part of the deal ;-)

Joking aside Hoops will probably be allowed to leave if we can get £7 million plus for him.Friends with Gary my backside. What sort of mate of a professional player writes anything at all on a rumour site. Especially when the rumour is as ludicrous as Hooper signing for Norwich.Londonbhoy there is no chance that you are friends with Hooper you little troll lol Ed007 caught you out on the Hoops site.


30 May 2012 18:01:51
Nakhi Wells will not leave Bradford unless an offer comes in over £175,000.(11)(3)No he won't leave at all, he has just signed a new contract


30 May 2012 18:01:48
Billy Painter has approached swindon town and Di Canio has agreed to a trial for the striker.(10)(15)He wouldnt sign for preston because of wages so i fid that very unlikelyNot very likely, Holmes went to PNE because they are free spending and offered a lot more than STFC were prepared to pay so theres no way we would pay more than them for BP. Wouldn't want him back anyway!!Billy Paynter (correct spelling), is still contracted to Leeds so unless a fee is involved he won't be going anywhere for a trial.


30 May 2012 18:00:10
Henri Lansbury going for a season long loan to Cardiff City.
Jay Bothroyd also returning to bluebirds as Q.P.R are purchasing more strikers, this will either be loan or £1,000,000 fee.
Links with Newcastle. Nobody knows who for probably Haris Vuckic or Nile Ranger for loan.(5)(21)I think the bothroyd one is definately real as i heard from a close mate of jay's and he said dont be supprised by a Bluebirds reunion.....
He's a definate fans favourite down there!Jay bothroyd is past it and he is not a fan favorate he won't be coming back hes not worth £1000000. I will hate cardiff if we bring him backLike you know his mate lies nobody wants him backCardiff will have no Manager soon so do not expect too much in the way of transfers just yet.


30 May 2012 17:59:35
i heard that heskey is linked to afew
championship clubs
leicester city
,nottingham forest
and brighton(12)(2)


30 May 2012 17:58:29
Kilmarnock bid for Dundee Right full back Gary Irvine(5)(3)


30 May 2012 18:19:36
Peterborough United Paul Taylor is to join Everton for a fee of £2.2m with add ons.(7)(9)


30 May 2012 18:16:38
Peterborough united have agreed a £750k fee with Colchester for midfielder Anthony Wordsworth(9)(6)Colchester to sign David noble as replacement for wordsworthNow he does fit the Peterborough profile, young enough at 23.Utter rubbish, Wordsworth will end up at a big club, not Peterborough United.


30 May 2012 17:37:47
Michael O'conner has become Rotherham's 6th signing of the summer after his release by Scunthorpe. Official(4)(7)Why are people clicking unbelivable it's on the rotherham website


30 May 2012 17:33:35
colchester close to signing 2 players one is believed to be former striker jamie cureton(5)(6)Oh jamie jamie would he be able to match odejayis 4 goals should think soYou can have him but don't expect to be seeing him run from box to box , his work rate is very poor and he is lazy but posses a good sweet left foot but not worth such a high price !Not sure about curo, why didn't we get him last season when he was available? I do know however, after speaking to him at kem izzets testimonial; that he wants to come back.I think the comment about lazy and sweet left foot were related to wordsworth rather than cureton? As no fee would be involved for Jamie; free agent. Will be 37 at start of season, may be past his best?I can't see this happening to be honest. Maybe as a last resort or a short-term deal until Christmas. Don't hold your break guys!


30 May 2012 17:26:59
Huddersfield are set to sign to get Mellis from Chelsea on a loan deal at the midfielder is complaining about the amount og game time he is getting(4)(14)Is this Jacob mellis who was sacked by Chelsea ?Mellis is a free agent after chelski sacked him after the firecracker incident .2/10 try again.Jacob mellis was released by Chelsea for misconductCarlie Austin is not good enough - was ok 2 seasons ago - has lost it by not playing enough.....


30 May 2012 17:23:40
Plymouth Argyle have been awarded a competitive budget for the 2012/2013 season. Rumours coming out of the club that theyre higly interested in out of contract Izale Mcleod along with Pablo Mills and David Healy.(1)(11)


30 May 2012 17:22:37
huddersfield set to sign charlie austin from burnley on 4 yr deal in next few days!! heard it hear first!(5)(21)Scraped up from L1 for a season in the sun,should learn to walk before you can run and hudders poor turnover(championship standards)will prevent them from affording the same wages as the bigger championship clubs(which is about 20 clubs)because of new rules for next season.From a burnley fan obviously as he's not been liked there since signing. Try again!You cant afford his £20k a week wagesCharlie Austin is not leaving and will be our main striker next season as Jay is leavingHe will stay we are selling jay thay wont let him goHave a look at the name Dean Hoyle and then decide if Huddersfield can afford his wages.....And who are Burnley? A third world Lancs Town.Huddrsfield are no way near as big as Burnley!! Dream on and hes worth 4m+Who says Austin isn't liked at burnley ? He's become an instant hit with the fans and he's guna b our main striker next season !Why would he leave to huddersfield?Austin wont leave this transfer window hes gunna wait to see how burnley start the season and re-asses his options in januaryAustin to stay at burnley, rhodes to leave huddersfield. lets see how you get on next year before slinging insults, your in with the big guns now and only for one season .up the claretsHuddersfield aren't as big as Burnley!? Thanks for the Friday laugh.

Burnley are NOT a big club.In with the big boys, where do you think Town have spent most of their history! Burnley horrible place, a dump. Best thing about Burnley, the roads to anywhere - even Halifax.Haha that is so funny coming from a Huddersfield fan . Huddersfields more ov a dump than burnley ! Haha I can't believe u think stty little Huddersfield is a vigger n better club and town than burnley u funny btards haThe highest paid player at burnley is jay Rodriguez on 12k so Austin isn't on 20k


30 May 2012 17:15:59
Green (WHU) -> QPR
Kenny (QPR) -> Leeds
Jaaskalinen (Bolton) -> WHU
Kevin Stuhr Ellegaard (Elfborg) -> WBA(13)(9)Paddy kenny to teeds deffo, was playing golf with his dad last week


30 May 2012 17:15:49
Derby County are set to bid for Matty Fryatt.(10)(7)Get real derby are crap and have no chance of getting promoted, so why would he go there. behave


30 May 2012 17:13:18
Simmonson at Sheff U in huge bust up with managment.Shown the door?(18)(5)Got shown the door and intended to go through it but ended up going over the top of it.Sheffields treatment of this lad is disgusting ,he made some cracking saves during the play off final.the outfield players who did nothing during the match are to blame for losing the finalHe was released


30 May 2012 17:13:08
Doncaster manager Dean Saunders looks set to raid former club Wrexham for striker Jake Speight(3)(3)Looks like donny will be low down in the "goals scored" league thenJake speight has the best name in footballHe'd be good with damien reeves if they both come go straight up


30 May 2012 17:11:42
As I posted on Monday, Gary Roberts will move to Preston and Anthony Kay to Tranmere(6)(5)Westley's captain at Stevenage ime sure Roberts is a signing he will want to makeHe will want to make........?

A cock up of his career, A big mistake, A fool of himself.......?Gary Roberts played for huddersfield, not stevenage. You're thinking of Mark Roberts.Mark Roberts is Captain of Stevenage, is that who you mean?Yep my mistake!


30 May 2012 17:10:52
Now Rogers is Liverpool gaffa he has made it clear that he doesnt want to sign ANY of Swansea's players as they arnt world class.(10)(10)So the liverpool players are eh,lol.What about Sinclair, Sigurdsson, Vorm - not world class?Stick with World Class players like Downing and Henderson instead eh?Alan curtis to take over for swansea with huw jenkins not wanting anything to change footballing wiseLiverpool players are not world class,nor is rogers he wont last,out of his depth,sacking dalglish will bite the yanks in the arse.Most of Liverpools team aren't world class thats why they ended up where they did in the leagueLmfao, rogers leaves a decent football team for a team that lives in the past? swansea are a team of the future!

And no i aint a swansea fan, Stoke all the way.We should hijack the sigurrdsson deal and possibly steal joe allen/scott sinclair but only one of those twoAll 3 of those are world classWere did Swansea finishNor was alex ferguson when he began his reign at manchester united the lad needs time to develope at liverpool. This isnt a quick fix.Liverpool not allowed to sign any Swansea players until this time next year, both clubs agreed this in Rodgers' compensation package


30 May 2012 17:10:09
A 1.25 million pound bid has been accepted by Blackburn for Yakuba from West Ham. A deal has also been agreed for Kieron Richardson for an undisclosed fee and George McCartney on a free. With Robert Green leaving, West Ham have looked towards either Blackburns Paul Robinson or Celtic's Fraser Forster(15)(5)Forster is a newcastle player is he not? :s


30 May 2012 17:09:10
Barnsley look set to offer former Sheffield United striker James Beattie a one week trial when the reds return to training on the 28th of june. Keith Hill is also set to make a third and final offer for Brighton defender Gordon Greer, but will not be pursuing intrest in Manchester Uniteds Oliver Norwood. An insider at the club has also informed me that they are not intrested in Lee Williamson of SUFC, or Chris O'Grady of SWFC and a move for Doncaster's James Coppinger would be too pricey.(5)(12)Think you mean Williamson isn't interested in Barnsley.We were interested in williamson when wilson was our gaffer. now he isnt good enough for the championship !Your not getting Greer face itWhy wouldn't he be? Most players are interested in moves to bigger clubs.I'd rather have paul o'grady then chris o'gray signin for barnsley cos paul hasn't played for rochdaleLee williamson is lookin to leave sheff u due to big wage cuts at the club. he wants more then sheff u are willin to offer him


30 May 2012 17:02:19
Tom Parkes, Cian Bolger and James Constable all considering offers from Bristol Rovers(8)(9)All on permanent deals?Oxford have rejected the bid so unless rovers up their bid he won't be joining.


30 May 2012 17:01:28
Middlesbrough will battle blackpool for the signing of paul Anderson from Forrest on a free transfer(9)(5)Hope the boro sign him he's a fantastic player would get in our team straight away.I agree, excellent player with great potential, certainly fits the profile of the players Mogga's after.Not heard much about him, but we do need creative wingers so if he is decent would be a good additionForerst fan here... Not the most gifted winger, however bags of pace and give 110% every week. Great player for forest... Be sadly missed....Blackpool will get him as holloway is staying at the club


30 May 2012 17:01:02
Portsmouth to sign:
Sonko, James and Diop as all are on a free.(4)(14)They still need paying wages!So what happened about lack of money wat about wages they need to sell pratically all their players and their ground but the cant sell their training ground because its my schools sports ground then they can buy or they could just be boughtWe've got to sell players and bring in players who will play for cheap, those three are getting on a bit so might take whatever come their way. We've sold Pearce and Ward... do you expect us not to have a squad next season or something? muppet.Ha ha ha ha ha ha .........sufferPompey will look to build a team based on YOUNG free transfer players, so the guys mentioned above will not be on Appleton's list and their wages would be too high anyway.No Thanks!


30 May 2012 17:00:29
Paolo Di Canio today signed a 2 year contract extension with Swindon. he wanted the boards backing and wanted to know if the plan was the same now as when he came (Championship in 3 years), the board has backed him 100%, he is planning on bringing in 7 or 8 players before the pre season starts!! There are NO money worries and in fact the news on the investment front from the board is 100% excellent!!
Great news for Swindon Town FC, all of those false rumours can now be laid to rest. STFC are finally back on the up.(15)(7)Swindon still have money problems and soon gthe checkens will come home to roost. They spend more than any team in the league last year and cannot servive.Do some research mate...Swindon's board are rich, they have listened to PDC and J Wray and fully agrred to back their plans. There are no money worrys at Swindon....Yes we spent more on wages (However, over the last two seasons we have made more on TRANSFER FEES than we have spent), But despite your desperate attempts at straw clutching the Swindon board can afford it...there is a long term plan in place. STFC fans are very happy right now....we have no money issues, we will soon see the arrival of some quality players.To the Oxford fan who cant spell get your facts right the club have agreed a plan with Paolo and his budget and the backers we have at the club are very wealthy guys so your rumour stories are unfounded.
The club walked away from sigining Holmes as he wanted stupid money a six figure signing on fee and wanted stupid wages so one thing is clear we wont be held to ransom by any player and Holmes is good but not that good and i would have Ritchie any day over Holmes. so good luck Preston with Holmes.Spell properly Oxford fan its chickens and survive by the way your story is rubbish there are no money worries at STFC just jealous stupid Oxford fans setting rumours.The other thing these people who claim money troubles and over spending seem to forget is that League Two rules stipulate that you have to stay within a budget which is worked out by your income and as we had good gate reciepts last season it meant we could afford to spend that money on wages.


30 May 2012 16:58:30
Liam Dickinson is set to sign a 2 year contract with Shrewsbury Town following his release from Southend United.(9)(8)He was released?! Thought he was one of their top scorers!Yeah if we kept him his wages would automatically increase and we didn't want thatNow he's going to be a salop player.Could see that happening he said if he left southend it would be to a team up north'Dicko' got slated all over twitter for injuring Cansdell Sherriff back in Jan and Turner doesn't go for bad egos so probably not.


30 May 2012 16:49:07
just heard that manchester united are planning to make 2 bids for 2 more dortmund players. kagawa is basically a done deal but united have been impressed by mario gotze and mats hummels. it is thought that dortmund would be willing to accept a combined total of 45 million for both players. if i was fergie i would go for it because there is so much potential in them 2 lads and could bolster united's midfield and defence. i have also been told that man utd are looking at Fernando llorente to partner wayne rooney in attack, this would be a brilliant partnership in my opinion because wayne has been waiting for a strike partner who is powerfull like him and can bully defenders into mistakes, fantastic addition to united if they can pull it off. there is a rumour that pique could on his way bck to united because united had the option to buy him bck when they sold him to barca. would be good to see him bck at united because he has really matured as a player but i think it is very doubtful myself, but ya never know.(4)(19)Utter rubbish.them 4 players would cost in excess of £100mill.united dont have that type of money and anyway neither hummels orgotze will leave dortmund this summerA partner for Rooney will be no good if Rooney leaves Old Trafford this summer. I believe SAF not averse to this happening,


30 May 2012 16:48:53
Shrewsbury Town are still in prolonged contract negotiations with Ryan Hall over a possible move.

Southend have agreed to let the winger go for 50k+Jon Taylor.(6)(5)Shrewsbury wouldn't let Jon Taylor leave.I would. Hes been rubbish. Wont cross or take anyone onJust let them have taylorLove that Shrewsbury still think they have a cat-in-hell's chance of signing Ryan Hall. Sturrock has already said no-one will be leaving for small fees, it will take substantial offers for the club to sell any key player and in any case Hall knows he can do much, much better than Shrewsbury. If Hall signs for them I'll visit the Greenhous Meadow next season and streak......

As for this nonsense further down how are Northampton a bigger club than Southend United? They have a small ground with very similar attendances to SUFC. WE have more ambition in that we are still attempting to finalise the deal to move to a new 22,000-seater stadium. We also averaged 10,000+ when we were in the Championship only 6 years ago. At this moment in time we are of a similar size to Northampton, that may very well not be the case in the near future.Good player ryan hall jonny won't go!Not let players go cheaply? you let your best striker leave on a free transfer?He was nowhere near our best striker anyway we didn't want to pay his wages as we didn't feel he was worth it!


30 May 2012 16:48:34
Jon Shaw to join Oxford after telling Luton he wants to give the football league another go. Tom Craddock set to join Luton after becoming 3rd chice CF behind Shaw & Constable.(3)(8)And when is this going to be announced?Shaw plays for gatesheedLuton are after him aswell therefore I think he's referring to them to say he wants to play in the football league.


30 May 2012 16:48:24
Norwich signings in the summer:
Kyle Naughton - Spurs
Curtis Davies - Birmingham
Henri Lansbury - Arsenal
Dani Pacheco - Liverpool
Gary Hooper - Celtic will buy Rhodes to replace
Scott Sinclair - Swansea - Not signing a new deal as Brendans out but wants a similar club to Swansea and PL is willing to pay £6m+Morison for the winger
maybe a few more(16)(21)Henri Lansbury signed permanently for West Ham last summer!Curtis Davies isn't going anywhereWas going well until you got to hooper and Sinclair. Despite a good first season Norwich will be found out and are relegation fodder my prediction for 20th placeLiverpool's new manager will decide if Dani Pacheco will leave the club.Lets correct a few previous comments:
Henri Lansbury is still an Arsenal Player and rumour has it that Norwich are trying to secure his services.
Curtis Davis will move if the right fee is paid for him.
Hooper may well come to Norwich, as for 20th place, you must be kidding, your prediction has utter jealousy written all over it, no doubt you are an another disgruntled Ipswich fan.
Dani Pacheco has been on the fringes and it does look liker Liverpool are willing to sell him on, regardless of management situation.
Sinclair - no thanks not worth anything like £6MHooper will not leave Celtic, especially for NorwichNot sure if Brendan Rodgers will have much of a say over comings and goings.It would be good if we could keep hooper and buy rhodes, that would be some strike forceDani Pacheco will leave rhodes will stay in england no way will he go to scotland even stay at huddersfield next season who i see as a playoff team next yearHenry Lansbury was on a season loan at West HamHenri Lansbury did no such thing. he was on loan. I do hope you don't support west ham because you should know that.I said that you would finish dead last and I'm an Everton fan so no not jealous at all just think the bubble will burst for you Swansea are a far better side, QPR look like they are getting it together and I recon they will be safe next season. Reading look consistent the other two I expect to struggle but still think they have stronger sides than Norwich and I seriously expect Holt to fade away big donkey who is one of the worst divers in the Prem. I don't care either way about Norwich just don't think your teams that good.Lansbury not signed for west hamLansbury is on loan from Arsenal, he isn't signed permanently. The Scott Sinclair one is ridiculousNorwich relegation fodder? when we were in league one, people said we would struggle to get out of that league. when we got promoted to they championship people said we'd finish around mid table. when we got promoted to the prem we were second favourites to go you see a pattern emerging? You really don't know what you're talking about'QPR look like they are getting it together'

Qpr struggle to get 11 players together that can last 90 minutes without getting sent off! Also Norwich beat qpr and swansea both times last season and finished ahead of qpr and on the same points as swansea. If anyones going to struggle out of those 3 teams i can assure you it wont be norwich.And holt one of the worst divers in the prem coming from an everton fan, have you watched jelavic lately?As for the everton fan above funny you couldn't beat.norwich also funny a donkey called grant scored against you in both games. You say swansea have a better team even though we beat them twice.Norwich fans are funny not totally agreeing with the everton fan but you look weak rode your luck last season and now look to be loosing your manager think you will be going downSinclare and sig will go to liverpool in my view with dempsey and elm but i think they may be only big signings (notice i dont go over the top saying hulk or bale or anything rediculous) but would love to see them an LFC (sinclare ect.) Plus reading wont get near sig and norwich wot get near sinclare!!Yeah qpr struggled last time round. But I will give them credit with ten men. They
Beat a few good teams at the end. Watch
Out for them next season. Your managers just walked out by the way. Your down you yellow canariesI herd ronaldo's going to leeds united? just a rumour


30 May 2012 16:45:29
Swansea targeting Karl Robinson to replace Brendan Rodgers, Huw Jenkins always chooses young, ambitious coaches and Karl Robinson fits the bill, but would also guarantee that the Swans style of football stays(12)(8)Karl Robinson has today committed himself to MK Dons for next season he loves the club and will not leave until he gets them into the championshipMichael Laudrup please


30 May 2012 16:45:11
di matteo
will be the next swansea manager(9)(18)


30 May 2012 16:39:39
Burnley ins this summer

Marc Pugh
Jason Shackell
Steve Howard
Gary Roberts
Oliver Norwood
Sam Vokes
Richard Keogh(8)(16)Keogh signing for the BLUEBIRDSNo, not really improving things is it!Steve Howards too old and tall for Howe!!


30 May 2012 16:38:32
Marlon Pack has been priced at over £500000 by Mark Yates(4)(13)That would seem to be about £450000to much


30 May 2012 16:37:39
Alan Bennett is in talks with LEYTON ORIENT and YEOVIL over potential moves.(4)(4)


30 May 2012 16:37:22
Giovanni Dos Santos to Arsenal.(2)(25)Straight swop for squillaci i heard mr spudBehave - as if arsenal are going to buy a player from spurs, never going to happen.Why the hell would arsenal want him! He ain't even good enough for spurs!


30 May 2012 16:30:05
i heard Reading are in talks with Celtic regarding a fee for Charlie Mulgrew(9)(19)Has sigs transfer gone through thenIs this the same reading that were buying izzy it the start of the weekWhy would Celtic sell Charlie Mulgrew? Why would he leave?Celtic are i a mickey mouse league thats yCeltics young POTY won't join reading as he's to highly rated this is from a reading fanCeltic might be in a mickey mouse league but why would a player from a BIG club go to a mickey mouse team?? players only go to your type of clubs for the pay day.Mulgrew rubbish im a wolves fan he was part of the swap for lee naylor n he done nothing n that was in the championship now hes playing league 1 football so he looks goodMaybe he'd rather go to Old Trafford than to grounds like Tynecastle in a boring SPL


30 May 2012 16:24:47
have heard west hams rob green is in talks with QPR and david james is going to watford as plaer coach(14)(8)


30 May 2012 16:24:35
Saints interested in Forster from Newcastle for 2.5milliob(16)(11)Good keeper if you get him, but let to believe he is signing for Celtic, but who knows where he will end up.


30 May 2012 16:20:42
Chelsea will steal Kagawa from under the noses of Man Utd, just like they did with Hazard(12)(25)Unlikely, Chelsea were the only club willing to match his £170,000 p/w wage demands.Why do they need two playmakers? Hazard wants to play every single game possible...he won't be doing that if Kagawa is their breathing down his neck...Nonsense.he will be a united player.chelsea cant go buying every player all the top clubs wont get you everywhere


30 May 2012 16:16:40
Gary Roberts will definately sign for Oldham this week after his release from Uddersfelt, this quality signing will inturn entice Robbie Simpson to sign his contract as he believes this is the pedigree of player that should be coming to Boundary Park.(9)(13)Rotherham ready to offer him a contractBe a great if oldham get himWhy would he go rotherham when he can stay in league one with oldhamWe need some good players finally


30 May 2012 16:14:11
With Brendan Rodgers almost out( :( )Scott Sinclair is stumbling over signing a new contract so Swansea may cash in on him and buy Matty Phillips and Albert Adomah after already signing Siggy. Sinclair is being chased by Arsenal, Totenham and Newcastle but may decide to move to a similar club to Swansea with an up and coming hungry team like Wigan, Southampton, Reading all interested. But PPaul Lambert's Norwich look to take his fancy with a £6m+Steve Morison bid.(20)(8)Probably likely but we'll never dieDoubt itCan we have 6m and your manager?Could join his brother at southampton ?Sold for £6m i'll drive him there myself !!
Congrats you've just bought yourself a donkeySiggy not yet a done deal.Medical was due on Friday!I hate to say it but I can see Sinclair at NorwichThe Siggurdson deal is not done and now Brenda is gone he won't sign.Siggy hasn't signed on the dotted line yet!I would like to see scott sinclar at norwich but I reckon he's on for bigger things otbcHis contract Will be up by the transfer window opening. there will be no cashing in. he will either go to a new club on a free or sign a new contract at swansea.I signed howson and Sinclair on football manager, before howson signed for norwich. I think sinclair is a definate no for norwich. He will stay up north due to his gf living up there. Or he could just stay at swansea were he's happyHis brother plays for Saints youth team I believe (may be cousin?). Rumours say Saints are after Ince or Phillips, but Sinclair might be more realistic if Sinclair wants out as it's not as far to move and if he already has family here that may help. Personally not sure he'd leave Swansea though.Lambert has loyalty at Norwich Rodgers hasn'tWe wont sign sinclair! Be good if we did but it wont happen. SaintsfcSigurdsson hasn't signed yet still got a medical to do.Siggurdson is quite likely to move to liverpool now, brendan rogers managed him at reading as well so are good friends6m for Sinclair?... where do we sign?... oh and you can keep Morison.Arsenal newcastle and tottingham only sign good players not scot sinclair"Lambert has loyalty at Norwich Rodgers hasn't"

Hmmmm this is starting to look like an extremely embarrassing comment...Im a Reading fan and personally I can see Sinclair moving to Liverpool with Rodgers. They have a good working relationship and Sinclair fits the criteria for new signings under FSG.Brenda did not sign Siggurdsson at Reading. He may have given him his break in the first team but McDermott spotted him in Iceland and McDermott is also the one who made him the player he is. Brenda did nothing to better Reading. He had us sinking like a stone.Who's brenda? your mrs?This would be a bad signing for us saints. Ok I understand that he is young and premiership experience but seems a bit to much of a big time player for me and dont want to do a QPR where the players end up disrupting the changing room. Just my opinion though :-)Wigan are not on the up.


30 May 2012 16:11:48
Southampton looking to offload Dan Seabourne to Brighton & Aaron Martin on loan to Blackpool

Looking to sign Scott Dann and more ambitiously Ryan Shawcross

Other targets are the afore mentioned Tom Ince & Jay Rodriguez

Also look for saints to sign a back up keeper and attacking wide man(10)(9)I've heard shawcross supports saints, is this true ? If so could happen but not likelyRyan Shawcross to Southampton :-) Absolute classicShawcross...........captain of Stoke to Southampton. Possibly the most ludicrous transfer rumour ever. Supports Man U by the way. Southampton fans really are deluded :-)There is no way they will loan Martin out as he is one of our top central defendersUh, Shawcross is from Chester, so I doubt he is a fan.
Also I am a saints fan, not sure that Martin would be going out on loan. We need him for cover.Shawcross is a man utd fanNot that much of a classic mateI see Shawcross a couple of times a week in a Thai restaurant in Nantwich. Can't wait to tell him this :-)Ryan Shawcross, would definatly like to take a step backwards and play for saints... Grow up you idiot, Shawcross is admired by teams such as Liverpool, United, Spurs and even Man city at one point. The only way he is going is forward!Seabourne may go. Martin won't be loaned. Dann would be a decent signing. We have no chance of getting Shawcross.Shawcross! Not a chance he could play for a top six team. Be good thoughWe do enjoy our daily Southampton rumours really are a good laugh xDShawcross is overrated IMO, hes a solid cb, but top 6? suggesting that hes up there with europes best? doubt it. as a saints fan, id like to say that stoke fans are almost as deluded as us! plus half of the rumours on here are plastic fans or skates!Have to say Shawcross is as good a centre half as I've seen at Spurs since Stoke came up. Stoke fans aren't deluded at all.......he is a magnificent young player who would easily play in the top sides. Would have him at Spurs in a heartbeat. Seems a real calm lad with his feet on the ground at Stoke.I must of read heard it wrong haha all this time I though shawcross was a saints fan -.-Ive heard this too. Personally think this could be true"There is no way they will loan Martin out as he is one of our top central defenders"

Are you having a laugh? There's no way he's cutting it in the Prem. Absolute carthorse.Love Martin to bits, he is a lovely guy and represents Southampton and gives any young player great ambition. However, the lad is a donkey and there is no chance that the fella will get any minutes this season. I must clarify that he is a lovely guy and half decent player but not good enough for the premSouthampton are much bigger club than Stoke hope he signs for us at newcastleTo the Stoke fan at the top if he signed for saints it would be a forward step from your club we got more fans than you in the championship than you in the prem .I remember the season you got promoted to prem you took 150 fans to st marys and had home gates of 13000 so don't be silly go by factsTom Ince is young, english, rapid and incredibly skillful and will cost at least 5M as he will go onto score 20+ goals in the Championship next season.


30 May 2012 16:08:07
Preston to sign:
Nathan Doyle - Free
Andy Gray - Free(7)(8)Your turning into barnsley reject fcHope we get doyle he was great on loan last season!Untrue westley said no more central mids.Im sure I saw andy gray in preston few weeks agho in his car the reg was A9 GRY


30 May 2012 16:07:15
Celtic will complete the signing of Jordan Rhodes in the next week...a fee of 4million pounds plus add-ons has already been agreed between Huddersfield and the Glasgow giants. Rhodes will be given the No.7 jersey and form a frightning strike partnership with fellow goal machine Gary Hooper.(10)(6)4 million! You funny little man, jog on back to the tinpot league fool :o)£4 mil, dream on sunshine!!!, up the Town.I dont know about the rumour exactly but he doesnt deserve the No.7, give him No.17 if he comes and let him earn the No.7Bangura is number 7 so how can it be given to rhodes?Bangura is number player wheres #7 as it is Larssons number, only i high profile person would wear it and Rhodes might be able to with his potential. the 4mill plus add ons is true as it was stated to Celtic by thier manager....if you think he would go for 6-9mill your joking.
I still dont know about the kid but Celtic do wan thim as thier #1 transfer target and him and Hooper would be a great partnership...goals gaaalooorrrBangura is 14Bangura is number 14 m8. woodsybhoyTinpot lge, yea no probs u can stick your players if u think yous can ask 4 mil for a 3rd div player lol. Especially when jelavic was 5 mil been crap in the spl but comes down to the overhyped epl and looks a steal. Plus celtic got hooper for what 2.2. I think fans of huddeswoteva ther called should give themselves a slap before slaggin the big clubs of euro footy fan wise tradition etc. Though theyve neva played euro football but thers a big world out ther past englands borders. Had to laugh chelsea won the cl playin the way a team from the spl would get slatted for neva mind a team with 100 mil invested in it. Plus the english team is rank n will struggle against nations with crap lgs n smaller populations mmmm surly not englands won everything since time beganHmm, scotland won when ......, oh yea ,never , and who u got in the euros ,and celtic would struggle in lge 1 ,never mind the chmpionshipYa Celtic would struggle in league 1 when they put up a fight against Altetico M(the winners) and Juventis in europa league missing out by 1 point, so by your thinking they should have lost 7-0 but they tied them and made them work to win....they play against better clubs and play with entertaining football but would struggle against clubs in a crapy league ya good thinking there.....if you take off you epl glasses and get rid of your arrogence you might see how good they are but we wont hold our breath. so just wait and see what they do in CL {Ed001's Note - every year lower league teams beat Prem teams in the League and FA Cup, it is easy to raise your performance for cup matches. You can't use that as a yardstick, sorry.}Tinpot lge indeed lol, can't get you biting can I :op face it sunshine, you play at League 1 level up there in the SPL so it would now be a step backwards for Jordan Rhodes to go to you, next please...........Ed 01 is it the mighty liverpool you support? What happened the last time Celtic played them in a cup competition? Oh that's right we beat them and dumped them out on way to final! {Ed001's Note - what's your point? I was just saying only a fool thinks one off cup games is any way to judge the strength of a team. I have seen non-league sides give Man Utd a good game, but there is no way they can be considered even close to being as good. But instead you have to try and be clever and prove what a bitter boy you are.}Bitter no I think it's you who's bitter! A seen your comment on Celtic site!If any of you realy think celtic is a big club then you are fed in the head ok if its your team and you love them and support them but dont live in a dream world. and the only reason you give teams like man utd a good game is because you rise to the ocation a small team agaist the giants i seem to remember leeds beating united at old trafford 2 years ago dose that mean they are as good or big as them i think not


30 May 2012 16:06:35
West Ham have bid 1.2 million for Yakubu which is likely to be accepted. The Hammers are also set to sign George McCartney and bid for Keiran Richardson. If they are to sign then the deals should be complete by Sunday next week (today is Wednesday 30th May)



30 May 2012 16:01:44
Richard Stearman is looking to move back closer to family in Leicester. Stearman has always had a good relationship with staff and fans of Leicester City and is rumored to be retunring for around 1.2 Million(2)(10)I wish he was wicked for us before!I can tell you that you deffo do NOT speak for me as one of the fans that want him to come back, I can tell you now that Stearman does NOT have a good relationship with the city fans , not after what he said to the Birmingham evening paper when he first moved to Wolves, plus the fact that it's a little baffling that people really rate him as quality, he was poor in his last season with us and could'nt wait to get out the door, but, skill wise, he aint all that! he was always only average.But then under Pearson, we only seem to be signing "average players"Stearman is from Wolverhampton.He may have been born in wolverhampton but he was raised in leicestershire and his family still live there! He joined the leicester youth academy at 11 so wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to return to the foxes



30 May 2012 15:53:37
Along with the 7m Southampton have offered to swap Jack Cork for Burnley star Jay Rodriguez(3)(24)As a Burnley fan I would be happy as Larry to welcome Cork back as part of the deal but dont see that happening as surely Cork himself would be worth around 2 million at least.What a stupid rumour jack cork is one of our best midfielders and this would bring it down to 5 milAbsolute nonsense.Straight cash deal involving 5m up front 1m in jan and another million if saints stay up. Cork and chaplow not included in the deal.Jack Cork just had a great season, he is an U21 international and a good 3 or 4 years from peaking. He is probably worth at least 4mill and wouldn't drop a division. Totally made up story, makes no sense!Rubbish cork is saints best holding midfielder and is only 22. Also I think he will be great in the Prem.Remember he spent a season and a half at Burnley. Still doubt it.Another skate again. We will not sell Jack Cork he has been fantastic for us and will be a lot more important next year than Jay Rod. SorryCork has had a great season at the saints anyway we can't do a qpr we need to buy yes but we can't change a league 1 and championship promotion teamJack cork is better than jay rod


30 May 2012 15:52:57
Hereford looking to sign former Manchester United, Chesterfield, Shrewsbury, Northwich and current AFC Flyde winger MICHAEL BARNES.(0)(6)He was rubbishBarnes is attracting a lot of attention fromAccrington


30 May 2012 15:50:18
After Paul jewell making his 1st signing today in Elliott Hewitt his attention will turn to finding a new number 1. Jewell reportedly has held talks with Guzan after his release from villa,but could now switch his attention to Ben amos(6)(8)Amos just signed a new 3 year deal at united.Unlikely he'll go for Amos, who's just signed a 3-year deal. PJ has said he doesn't want another loanee GK this year, not after last seasonBen Amos has signed a new deal at Man U and will be 3rd choice goalkeeper with Kuszczak leaving on a free2nd ward signed from portsmouth


30 May 2012 15:36:47
Chris hougton for Swansea(11)(13)No blues will refuse any offer for him unless substantial compensationHave it on good authority we are getting Holloway!Gus Poyet will be next Swansea manager if the board and fans want someone to carry on the good work of Rodgers. Brighton play same style to Swansea. Rodgers sent his son to play and develop under Gus at Brighton so that should say it all really!


30 May 2012 15:30:39
Nottingham Forest winger Paul Anderson in talks with Blackpool, as the Seasiders see him as an ideal replacement for Matt Phillips, who will be leaving this summer.(9)(2)Good. He has really lost his way at forest and look like a headless chicken most of the timeMatty Philips won't be leaving he will stay with inceThe boro n cardiff r also in the hunt for him as well. hope the boro sign him. utbPhilips not going ince not going ollie in talks with oyston and looking very positive this is fact at time of writing all happy to give one gud crack next year- if not promoted then things will change-all from steve thomo blackpool 2nd in comand.


30 may 2012 15:26:53
yakubu's most likely place to be next season is reading. although there has been interest from souuthampton and play off winners west ham.(11)(12)No its notHe will be at westham,I like yakubu and the deal seems quite likely so if it goes ahead then I'm happy with it...i also want to sign anyone that saints wantBid has been accepted from West Ham UnitedTrue not linked with Southampton as they are getting Rodriguez and west ham have been linked with other strikers so is only really reading that want him.


30 May 2012 15:23:33
bfc keen on paul anderson of notts forest(7)(4)It's not notts its Nottingham forest or just forest, otherwise we'd be Nottinghamshire forestThank god you said that whoever just replied. its Nottingham Forest and Notts County! ffs!


30 May 2012 15:21:30
Reading Transfers News:
Yakubu - Blackburn - 1 million
Chris Gunter - Nottingham Forest - 2.5 million
Adrian Mariappa - Watford - 3 million
Matt Phillips - Blackpool - 2.5 million
Carlos Sanchez - Valenciennes - Free
Jordan Rhodes - Huddersfield - 4 million(11)(21)If Adomah is worth 3m and rodriguez is worth 7m think again my friend on Matt PhillipsWorth! What is anybody worth with the new rules? Fee's will come down of that there is no doubt.Gunter = TerribleWait till forest takeover before you say anything about forestPhillips is not worth double yakubu plusReading won't get our player he will go forward not backMatt Phillips 2.5M you mad? He is worth at least 5m and anda reasonable fee would be 8-10M


30 May 2012 15:20:02
Reading could put in a bid for Gylfi Sigurdsson after his move to Swansea could fall apart as Brendan Rodgers looks set to take the Liverpool job(14)(17)If Sigurdsson's move to Swansea does end up falling through (as its already around 80% done) the only destination will be following Brendan to Liverpool, no chance he will go back to Reading! Just because he started there it doesnt mean he wants to go backHe never wanted to leave and has been back to watch Reading play multiple times.I think you'll find Mr Sigurdsson at Anfield too !It's not just that he started at Reading. The club scouted him out, and gave him his chance to perform. He still loves the club and came to many home games last season. Unlikely that he will come back, but I wouldn't completely rule it out!Oh big wow so he's been to watch reading, Alex Ferguson came to watch Swansea but that doesn't mean he wants to join us does it?Yes but Alex Ferguson has no connection to Swansea and was obviously there scouting. Gylfi loves Reading and never wanted to leave.Liverpool is a better club (fact , you can not deny ) and with rodgers and reding don't have much money and if they sign him they wont sign many others


30 May 2012 15:11:34
Blackpool interested in taking Rory Donnelly for a season long loan deal.
Also Bednar signing a new contract for 1 year with an option of a further year.
Brett Ormerod to be given a coaching role at the club.

In The Know(5)(7)What a load of rubbish , donnely has already said he is going to stay and fight for hi 1st team place and for bednar staying you have no chance he will be of to leicster its in all the papers down here.


30 May 2012 15:11:16
Ryan Hall was at the Meadow today at11.45(9)(8)


30 May 2012 14:57:06
Hearing from a good source that Lutons Keith Keane is having talks with Preston and AFC Wimbledon(10)(5)I think he would be a gd signing for afc Wimbledon, how much are th wages thoI'd say he would be great in League 2 don't know what he looked like week in week out for Luton but he always looked like one of their steadiest players when I saw himYeh, I say him play twice, would bring some steel to the backHe is out of contract at luton and wants to play league football


30 May 2012 14:56:40
swansea city will get gus poyet, lee clark or martinez to replace rodgers if/when he leaves for liverpool! i hope brendan stays for at least another year but it seems unlikely as liverpool seem very keen to sign him so i speak for every swans fan when i say ! THERES ONLY ONE BRENDAN RODGERS! GOOD LUCK!(5)(7)I wrote this post and i was meant to put ian holloway aswell sorryFeel quite let down by Brendan. He will soon fall out of favour with the liverpool fans and be sacked. Then without a club. Why not stay with us and be successful! And furthermore Gylfi will probably not sign. Great. One of the most dissapointing days as a Jack. :(There is no way Martinez will go back to Swansea for 2 reasons: 1. He's just pledged his future to Wigan for at least this season 2. Swansea fans despise him after he left them.I think he has made a terrible mistake swansea are a good club with loyal fans,liverpool are a nightmare ,mad expectations out of all proportion to their spending power,no hope of catching city/chelsea /man u/arsenalReds fan here (sorry) you were my favourite team to watch last season and I sincearly hope the change in manager doesn't set you back. You played great great football and I hope Brendan doesn't bring any players with him from Swansea not because there not good enough I think most of the team is great but because your players play well together and would hate to think my club jeperdised any chances of Swansea improving on last season. Good luck next season and hope you get the right man.

Eric the redNo worries... 5m compensation for Rodgers, plus 7m we won't now spend on Siggurdsson, plus about 7.5m merit payments after finishing 11th in the league... the new manager will have funds... trust in Huw Jenkins to make another inspired choice... happy days!Nice to see some fans appreciate wat a manager or player has done for their club and not start hating on them as soon as they leave.every player and manager wanna be at the highest level and when the opportunity comes you have to take itI wrote this post and i agree with you all, dont get me wrong i hope he does well at liverpool but the way he left was abit disrespectful dont you think? i personally think we will be fine but i think brendan has made the biggest mistake of his life, he has left a club where everone loved him, and gone to a club where he will just be another manager.


30 May 2012 14:56:17
I can confirm Barnet will tomorrow make Jamie Cureton their new signing, cracking signing(8)(10)Bit old isnt he


30 May 2012 14:53:42
Holt to Stoke(11)(20)He's not leaving - FACTStoke dso NOT want Holt can guarantee you. Have a far better striker lined upI think his transfer request says different!

FACTHe's leaving - FACTWhen ever anyone says FACT on this website its normally ste, lets be clear on this subject he already stated that he does not want to go anywhere he just wants to improve his contract and it will happen because Norwich want him to stay.Erm..............Norwich as in Lambert ??Who is this amazing striker?Stoke have no interest in fat boy Holt. He is trying to engineer a move to villa so he can go down with them instead of Naaaarch.


30 May 2012 14:43:44
I represent Leo Fortune West, and Can confirm he will be venturing back into LEAGUE ONE Football, for a Midlands club, that play in Red ;-)
Not as a player though!(5)(13)Why would an agent b on here jog onLeo Fortune-West was such a beast at Shrewsbury.Hes manager of armthorpe welfare doubt a leauge 1 team wants an unproven manager


30 May 2012 14:41:55
Manchester UTD obviously feeling slightly embarrassed that Hazard did not opt for to sign for them and have since stepped up their efforts to secure the signatures of the following world class players:

Shinji Kagawa - £12 million (deal done)
Wesley Sneijder - £16 million (deal 95% done)
fernando llorente _£19 million (Deal agreed with Bilbao, personal terms still to be agreed).

All Financed with the departures of:

Berbatov to PSG for £9 million
Owen - released (free up wages)
Park - Sunderland £6.5 million
Anderson - Sporting Lisbon £8 million.

So the rest of the money for the players coming in comes from the £35 million budget Mr Gillet already outlined for Sir Alex.

Question is - Is this enough investment and the right buys for Man U to win back the title?(13)(31)Would cost more for sneijder and llorente than those figures quoted. I doubt park or anderson will be sold.Glazer?Park ji sung is worth a lot more than 6.5 mil to united. You're obviously not a football personAdd about anothert 10 mill each to sneijder and llorente and youll be closer but they still wont happen.sneijder will be where he gets the most money and llorenete is settled and happy in bilbao


30 May 2012 14:37:43
York to sign Aiden Chippendale from Huddersfield(7)(3)Aiden has been released by Town


30 May 2012 14:36:35
Cardiff along with Middlesbrough look set to start the bidding war for Ross McCormack. A fee of £1.25m has been launched from the welsh club. Also on the Bluebirds list is Jason Puncheon, Danny Gabbidon, Lee McCulloch, and Jay Bothroyd.(6)(15)He's joining brightonBoro dont want ross hes not what we needAny boro newsBrighton?? Is he trying to take a massive step back all the other clubs mentioned are huge compared to Brighton!All the players on this so called list are rubbish I think malkey is pushing for promotion not looking to get us relegatedLee McCulloch announced he will retire last season.Makay is going to Norwich, Cardiff have no money


30 May 2012 14:36:22
Jussi Jaaskelainen rumoured to be on his way to Arsenal to provide an experienced back up for Wojciech Szczesny(6)(16)Havnt heards this rumour at all but really wouldnt be surprised to see it come off.arsenalalways on the look out for cheap buys


30 May 2012 14:32:22
Just had it on good authority that Wells is talking to Huddersfield.(2)(6)Who allan?Orson perhaps?


30 May 2012 14:30:17
Bradford to offer defender Liam Chilvers a trial to try earn the player a one year deal with the club(3)(5)


30 May 2012 14:23:19
Midlands Football Reporter Pat Murphy reports Swansea City manager Brendan Rodgers is expected to be confirmed as the new Liverpool manager in the next 48 hours. The clubs are understood to be discussing compensation now. the BBC bound to be true5m the fee


30 May 2012 14:23:03
With Burnley looking set to recieve £7m for Jay Rodriguez manager Eddie Howe will look to invest in the squad. Howe has already had bids turned down for certain players but with the added funds to spare he will look to land his wish lsit.

Paul Taylor, Peterborough, £1.75m
Jason Shackell, Derby, £2.5m
Marc Pugh, Bournemouth, £850,000k
Adam Clayton, Leeds, £700,000k
Greg Halford, Portsmouth, £250,000k(9)(13)Clayton will cost more than £700,000. more like £2m£2 million get real, Warnock has already said he can leave for £700 grandAs soon as 7 million has been mentioned for Jay Rod, the fees for Burnley targets appears to have doubled! Shackell, possible but the rest, not at those pricesYour Not Getting Shackell... We Dont Have To Sell So We Wont... Get Real!When did warnock say clayton can leave for £700,000? He said if a team comes in with a good bid and he is able to get a few good players in with that he can go.No your mistaken he said he's looking to buy a player for £500 grand who is of higher standard than Clayton so it would be right to sell Clayton for a similar prices.Lie about warnock letting clayton go for 700k,he has a £2mill price tag put on him when he went on transfer list.Warnock put statement on leeds web site saying clayton will not go for less than £2 mill and that is cheap but that has not put Leicester off as they will bid that much according to reports.Grgg Halford would be a real bargain at that price but he is on about £20k per week so getting him would still involve a lot of money.Adam Clayton is worth easily 1.2MClayton isn't very good and was rubbish at Posh.


30 May 2012 14:21:56
Preston will confirm the signing of Joel Byrom from Stevenage before the end of the week. They are also interested in Harry Maguire of Sheffield United and François Zoko, who was spotted at Deepdale. Motherwell and Middlesbrough are also looking for Zoko's signature.(5)(13)Ha! Harry Maguire would accomplish nothing going to preston! your never getting him, if hes to go it'll be to a premiership side.Preston may be interested in Harry Maguire, but that's all it is. I think he's destined for an upper Championship club or the PL.Maguire? Get off Fifa please.Francois Zoko best attacking player seen at Deepdale.Would be a great signing for PNE.Byrom has gone to InvernessHarry Maguire is signing for Sheffield Wednesday £750k done dealWhat a load of rubbish, SUFC already turned down £750k and he's a Blade, Wednesday fans getting abive their station!Harry's an owl. he lives opposite my grandad and ive known him since he was 14. hes off to southampton mate


30 May 2012 14:14:28
Stoke city were among the clubs who sent scouts to watch Bayer Leverkusen's swiss international striker derdiyok score a hat-trick against germany at the weekend, how do I know, I know because I work for stoke city and I know the scouts and I was there in person(7)(13)He's joining Hoffenheim in the summerHow about the initials of say two of these scouts who were with you.........Well if you really did work for Stoke you would certainly not be boosting about it on this website, so clearly your rumour is BSHe has already agreed to join Hoffenheim, I'm a Stoke fan by the way, would liked to have seen him at Stoke, but it's not happening...


30 May 2012 14:10:10
York, Barnet and Dagenham and redbridge are chasing free agent Garry Richards(3)(0)


30 May 2012 14:07:33
With the sale of Jay Rodriguez to Southampton imminent, Burnley Boss Eddie Howe has stated that he is on the hunt for a replacement with Brett Pitan and Sam vokes though to be at the top of his wishlist. UTC(6)(1)What a surprise both players used to play for Bournemouth where eddie Howe managed them bothPitmanI wouldn't have pitman and vokes on a free


30 May 2012 13:42:06
Calvin Andrew has rejected a two year contract offer from Leyton Orient as he believes he can still do a job in the championship.

Russell Slade has turned his attentions to to Izale Mcleod in a bid to bring goals to The Matchroom Stadium.(3)(7)Andrew can't even cut it in League One, never mind the Championship! No Championship team in their right mind is going to be interested in him.Izale Mcleod is a possibility, but i have it on good authority that another Mr Hearn from Grimsby, will be in the building very soon.


30 May 2012 13:30:34
Leyton Orient manager Russell Slade is expected to announce the signing of an unnamed striker tomorrow.

Slade has been actively seeking to add extra firepower to his strikeforce after releasing Jamie Cureton and Jonathan Tehoue.

The O's have been linked with a number of forwards already this summer, with Calvin Andrew, Jabo Ibehre and Jeff Goulding three potential signings for Orient.

However, it looks as if former Bury striker Mike Grella is the most likely candidate. Slade has been a big admirer of Grella for a number of years and looks set to have pipped a number of other sides to the signature of the American.

SkySports today announced that Grella has rejected a contract at Gigg Lane to sign for an unnamed club; the deal to take Grella to Brisbane Road looks set to be finalised tomorrow.(3)(9)Can you tell grella that, he is in New YorkRumour as it he is set to become pne 12 signing i hope its not trueGrella would be gone by January lolHe's signing for PrestonSigning for old manager at ScunnyGrella has been house hunting in the Essex area, and has also been seen in the Royal Cafe, Leyton High Road.Well he has signed for someone regardless, whether its at the os only time will tell, but would welcome it if true.According to grella himself he hasnt agreed terms with any club yet and also he is in New York at the min!Grella seen in leyton?
He is in the big apple
He was also seen in thunderbirdsApparently Grella has joined blackpool?


30 May 2012 13:20:19
cardiff city have had a bid of £800,000k turned down for coventry defender richard keogh as the club look to hold on to the versatile defender.(14)(5)


30 May 2012 13:10:48
Gary Roberts to join Bournemouth on a free after just being released from huddesfield town(14)(10)He looked like a good player last season, hopefully he can bring his best form to dean courtThis person is guessing so dont believe the rumour even tho it would be amazing if we signed himReally like the idea of this but where is your information from?How do you know this is true about gary roberts??


30 May 2012 13:03:37
Lionel ainsworth deal is virtually done. Was shown around vale park and agreed terms with Micky Adams. Deal sealed in few days.(6)(5)Bruv, your way out he off to yeovil mate. I took him to there stadiam, hes a friend


30 May 2012 12:53:19
Kyle lafferty going to Huddersfield for around £525,000(17)(22)Rangers want £2 million for himLafferty is not worth 2m
Lucky to get 1 for him with add ons
Also arn't the rankers alittle premiture in selling off there players!!!!Apparently there's a clause in the new contract he signed this year that makes him available for £525,000Let him go not worth a tennerI think your having a laffertyI see what you did there, very good :O)How can rangers want 2 million for him ? That's impossible that they want that much for him because there's a clause in his contract that lets him go for 575,000 so that's that


30 May 2012 12:33:56
Adam Johnson loan deal to Sunderland hinges on percentage of wages subsidised by Man City. City are wanting Sunderland to pay a bigger amount of Johnson's wages, with SAFC trying to negotiate that the contribution of a higher percentage will come off any subsequent transfer fee from the 'option to buy' at the end of next season.(20)(13)Would b amazing safc4everI heard he wasnt interested in sunderland as it would be a 'step down'Any club would be a step down from man city as they won the leagueEven if you offered to pay all his 50k wages he would stay with City.So he would stay as a fringe player at city even though his family are all sunderland fans and he could be near them if he came to sunderland? heard he is close to signing on loan with an option to buy after the year loan finishesHow is it a step down when he's not getting games at city, and come to Sunderland his boyhood club a play week in week out!?He will get more time at City next season with their champions league commitments. Just because a player is boyhood fan doesnt mean he will want to give up Champions League football with the League Champions to sign for Sunderland.


30 May 2012 12:11:13
Bristol City making a move to bring former aberdeen striker Andris Velicka to ashton gate.(5)(12)He was on loan at Aberdeen from Rankers in a swap with Ricky Forster. I thought he was at city on loan previous but got injured after 40 secondsHe is the guy that got injured after less than a minute and we have to pay his wages for the rest of the seasonFormer Hearts and Rangers player - wasn't fit to wear an Aberdeen shirt


30 May 2012 12:07:22
Swindon have been told they will have to pay Tottenham Hotspur 500K if they want to keep John Bostock permanently.
Di Canio is waiting on clearance from the Swindon board for budgets next season, and will spend a sizeable chunk of his budget on Bostock who he thinks will be key in transforming his side from and 4-4-2 to a more fluid 4-2-3-1(10)(9)Bostock is crap not good enough for league 1 why do you think wednesday got ridNo way will we pay 500k for a player more likely to be a season long loan.To the wedensday fan well he played a few games for us and he did well. Perhaps it was your style of football that you played why he didnt play well for you but he was good for us.The rumour I heard was a permanent deal for a lot less than 500K!!, Spurs will want the option of first refusal should he start living up to his 'early' potential for a price that will allow Swindon to make a small profit. Bostock is willing to drop leagues on a short term deal with a contract clause that will allow Swindon to trigger an extension should they get promoted to the Championship.


30 May 2012 12:01:43
Lionel Ainsworth's possible move to Oxford United, have broken down this Lunchtime. It seems everything was in place for Ainsworth to join the U's on a 2 year deal. Lionel Ainsworth asked for an increase in wages, and Oxford United Chairman Kelvin Thomas, and Manager Chris Wilder said he wasn't worth what he was asking for.(3)(10)Another out of work footballer doing himself out of a job due to GREEDLionel ainsworth is on holiday in ibizaHe is coming to Burton


30 May 2012 11:54:30
Matty Fryatt is rumoured to be looking for a club closer to home. With Birmingham City, Leicester City and Derby County all showing an interest.(8)(14)Would like him here at Derby,he's a natural goalscorerWould be a great signing for the Rams. We've needed someone like him for the last 18 monthsGet real he would never go to a team like derby if owt he would either stay at hull, go to birmingham, or come back to LeicesterHe'd never get a game at leicester so not going there!Why on earth would he go to leicester to play two games and finish 11th


30 May 2012 11:53:14
Carl Regan, just released by Shrews
is in talks with a return to Macclesfield
He is expected back at Moss Rose
for talks this evening.
previously to this, I he has been at
Both Mansfield and Accrington Stanley(3)(6)


30 May 2012 11:49:19
Kieran Agard, who has just been released by Yeovil, is in for a shock return back to the somerset club after the club decided to offer him a revised deal on reduced terms. he is in today meeting the manager and coaches about a possible return(2)(9)This is another example of a footballers GREED he could have signed a perfectly good deal with ROTHERHAM yesterday.Maybe he didnt want to go to a poor club like rotherham?Lol no chance of him coming back! Rotherham can have him!Assuming there's any truth in these posts, how could it be classed as greed? The way Rotherham are carrying on, they'll almost certainly be offering more money than Yeovil.Agard was about to sign for rotherham yesterday but it broke downHope he has his passport. As G Jonhson is on holiday. Coaching staff aren't in either.


30 May 2012 11:49:03
Burton Albion to take ex-Millwall and West Brom goalkeeper Ryan Allsop on trial with a view to a permanent deal(5)(2)Allsop is currently plying his trade in Icelandic league.


30 May 2012 11:48:23
fegor ogude to have a medical at moorfarm on friday.expect him and havard nilson to join despite the leaving of tom glick to man city.(8)(5)You sir, play on too much fifa 12.Tom Glick has not left Derby yet!! he is staying for the summer then he will start at City...he will still be involved in rams transfer dealings.


30 May 2012 11:40:35
Nick Powell thinks the right club for him to develop at is Norwich... The deal will be done in the coming days(10)(33)I hope you're right.LOL! "Man Utd, Spurs, and Arsenal all want me...but I think I'll join Norwich"

This is just like when Hazard said he'd join Tottenham as they were the right club for him to develop.Depends how important playing time is to him, he would get more of it with Norwich obviously. It wouldnt be that crazy if he signed with a fee release clause so he gets PL exposure, Norwich get a return on their investment and he gets to leave to Man Utd when he is readyAre yes a can see it Norwich or Manu (who have a good track record for bringing through youngsters for a big team) that would be such a hard choice LMAOHe might as well join Southampton instead of Norwich look at the players they have produced bald Walcott chamberlain etcHe wants to play football not warm a seatWhy not? At least he'll be getting first team football in the Premier League. What's the point of him being signed by Man U, go straight back on loan to Crewe to play League One football, go back to United for pre season and then get loaned out again, which is the likely case? Norwich have good facilities and a good coaching set up that will develop him. Just look at Grant Holt.Powell to Norwich, Shawcross to Soton

Some comedy gold on here today :-)The lad whould be better of at bottom half of prem l team he will play more games then get better resevre team football will do him no good at all.Could see Powell signing for utd and then loaned out to Norwich but Deffo not on a permanent deal


30 May 2012 11:39:43
hooper to ncfc(10)(20)He wouldn't leave celtic for notts county! ;DNotts County...i know he is not much good but i think he can aim for championship at the very leastNewport County? :PNar hes going to safcCan all yous pathetic people stop sayin hooper is leavin celtic because hes not he is in talks with celtic for a new contract


30 May 2012 11:30:06
Giuseppe Rossi seems to be the "very-highly rated" striker linked with Stoke. Stoke seem keen, but a deal looks very unlikely with top European clubs looking to sign him.(7)(18)Very unlikely? Try impossible! I didn't realise Stoke had 30m to spend on one player??Has Tony Pulis won the EuroMillions?He's injured and has been for a long timeHe is out until Feb 2013. Get Real. {Ed001's Note - more like April, or possibly for good, he doesn't even know if he will be able to play again as his latest injury was so severe.}Did villarreal get relegated ? Serious question {Ed001's Note - yes.}I know who the highly rated striker is as started the thread and it ISN'T Rossi. I did say we were looking at a Villarreal player and you've put 2 and 2 together and come up with the wrong conclusion. The Villarreal player is a midfielder.If it's de Guzman has has been rumoured he seems a high injury risk..The player from Villarreal is De Guzman. Can't see this happening though, unless Whelan or Whitehead leave. Kazim Richards would be nice to challenge on the right side.


30 May 2012 11:26:59
Luton Town OUTS - Dan Gleeson, Danny Crowe, Shane Blackett, Curtis Osano

Luton Town INS - Ronnie Henry, Craig Stanley (Bristol Rovers) Michael West (Ebbsfleet)(14)(3)


30 May 2012 11:12:25
York City fc have apparently tabled a 120k bid for Oxford united talisman James Constable, almost a done deal apparently.(6)(22)Need a lot more than 120k for ConstableNo, definately not at that price. Minimum would be £200k and from a geographical point, he has family etc in the south so to upsticks to York....I doubt. And he wants to stay at OUFCAnother lie , Constable has said he is staying at Oxford after turning down AFC Bournemouth and BrentfordHaving turned down the Bristol Rovers bid yesterday, and the Swindon debacle in January, it seems like Constable's going nowhere for a while. I'd be surprised if this goes through.


30 May 2012 10:57:34
I have targeted Ivan Klasnic on a free transfer for Rotherham United(8)(28)Another foolish rooumour posted by someone who knows nowt about football.Talk sense lad Klasnic will either go to a lower end prem team etc e.g. reading, wigan, sunderland (not being rude to them clubs) or a bigger championship club e.g. wolves etc...Typical rotherham fan, living with his head in the cloudsHow do you know a Rotherham Fan posted it?


30 May 2012 10:54:22
Antonio, Diego Amodo, Chris Maguire, and Anthony Gardner all to sign for #swfc in the next month.
Source: Rob Staton's twitter Feed. Journalist(4)(13)Wednesday havent got the money to give to players like gardner who was playing in the premier leauge last season


30 May 2012 10:53:59
huddersfield are trying to recruit pacy striker simeon jackson from norwich and qprs dj campbell?

they also want
dean lewington mk dons
grant mccann from peterborough(12)(16)To cover for norwich bound jordan rhodesMate its karl robinsonLove the sound of that but just can't see Dj Campbell coming to Town as much as I'd love him to.Wanting and getting are a long way apartJackson has been moving up at Norwich, playing in the last few games of the season (and playing well mind you.) can't see us letting him go cheaply, a young and upcoming player.What these clubs do not understand about rhodes is huddersfield do not have to sell so cougth up the 8 Million or pipe downIf Fabian Delph can go to Aston Villa for 8 mill Your telling me Rhodes 40 goals in 1 season for town cant go for 8 mill dream on wolves dream on8 mill no chance, i think u will c how good he is when he plays in 2nd tier come aug. Thats why ipswich sold him, if i were u i would tke 4mill bank it fast. Befote u c wot he is L1 player.thats just what i think

they would notyvHis game has progressed more every year since joining town Ipswich mistake to let him go ... Was he in the Scotland squad when he left Ipswich? No and by the way he's scored 2 goals tonight as the under 21s drew 2-2 with Bulgaria #heplayshescoresMr rhodes has his head screwed on thats for sure i cant see him leaving us this season whats the point if he left now and dose nothing in the prem he could soon end up been a bit part player for the rest of his football life im sure he will give it a go with huddersfield for a season and then look on from there. unless someone folks out 8 million for him and we all no he aint worth that but we can afford to keep him so why not put a silly price tag on him.Rhodes has scored his goals in the 1st Div. That makes him worth a punt for 2.5 mill at the mostJordan Rhodes plays internationally as well for Scotland- i reckon he will be in the reigon of 4 million


30 May 2012 10:42:33
Cardiff interested in signing Newcastle's
midfielder Haris Vuckic..
and Stokes Ricardo Fuller.(19)(1)Haris is your man when whitts jumps shipVuckic is too highly rated at Newcastle to be sold.It's probably a loan deal.


30 May 2012 10:42:27
Berkshire news says Reading are looking at Brighton's Liam Bridcutt and Burnley's Charlie Austin.(9)(16)There's no chance Austin is leaving this season.Reading would not want Austin, he's not good enough Hence being released and also he has an attitude problem....Hands off BridcuttReading keep your hands off charlie austin . burnley need him after selling rodriguez and will look to bolster the squad if his sale goes through . if we sold austin we would only be left with pato and ings as first team strikers .Don't want Austin, we released and he has been tinged by filth at Swindon! No thanks.No problem whatsoever with Austins attitude,model pro since he's been a claret,scoring plenty of goals in the championship and a baby on the way,if their was an attitude,it appears to have gone.....DazThere both shockingWot and Adam le fondre isn't ? Austin is better than all your strikers . Roberts has premiership experience that's it . Reading will go str8 back down m8If hes so bad then how come hes 4th top goal scorer in the championship more than any reading players?Straight back down? Don't let jealousy get the better of you. You wish you had a striker like Alf.We have better strikers than le fondre okAnd yep str8 back down so I'll c u on ere in 12 months time to tek the piss outa u lolLeave us alone briddcutt is never laeaving"There both shocking"
Oh dear. if you knew anything at all about football you would know that both are very good players. Austin scored a lot of goals in relatively few games and bridcutt was brighton's player of the season (and is very young).


30 May 2012 10:36:01
Just heard that Reading have made enquiries into Brighton midfielder Liam Bridcutt.(11)(6)Wouldn't be a surprise but not a cheap optionI'd rather have Vicente


30 May 2012 10:24:07
Nzonzi to fulham with etuhu to blackburn who are looking to resign jason roberts n are after bradley wright phillips from charlton. Nzonzi wants 1st team football n see's fulham as a great platform. Venky's out!(3)(14)This is so wrong it is almost right againSeems legitWhy would anyone want wright-phillips, he struggled at the end of last season in league 1BWP wont leave to you. were he has less time to play.I'd happily sell BWP should easily get 500,000 to a mil for him. Haynes and Kermogant work much better togetherDefiantly agree with the comment about selling BWP. Dont think he's going to cut it this season. Not good enough in the second half of the season this year. Kermogant and Haynes all the way


30 May 2012 10:22:09
Danny Gabbidon to palace(12)(9)F###ing hope so. Another terrible warnock signing, I'll carry him to Selhurst Park on me back if it helpsCardiff bound


30 May 2012 10:11:42
Reading, West Ham, Southamoton and 3 other unnamed Premier League teams are interested in Real Madrid Striker Joselu who netted 22 goals for the B team last season. Real would accept a bid in the region of £5 million.(14)(13)


30 May 2012 10:01:02
Martinez to Villa is very much on , he has turned down Liverpool because of his unwillingness to work under a director of football . Expect either Sky sports news or Dave Whelan to break the news shortly !(15)(8)Rubbish, Martinez will not go to Villa, he is looking to push on with Wigan next season while Villa scrap it out in the bottom 5 again.Nah he has said he is wanting to go to villa on BBC sportHe is not going to villa (fact)


30 May 2012 09:57:22
Giles Barnes to sheff utd(8)(15)If true would be cracking signing for the Blades very exiting youngish talent seems to have lost his way a bit but if you can get him on right track would b a cracking signing and could see him developing very well under Danny WilsonI wonder what is pens are like


30 May 2012 09:56:17
Leigh Griffiths to the blades(12)(12)He would'nt sign for your mickey mouse outfit uto


30 May 2012 09:55:56
Steve Evans moves out a move for Lee Bowyer, Rotherham want Eunan O'Kane from Torquay(9)(6)Apparently we were already in talks with him but just held off because of the play offs and hes probs on holiday now so might continue talks when hes backAlready was in talks with him but stalled them cause of play offs and on holiday probs so will continue talks when he comes backWe have just signed midfielder michael o'connorO'kane is too good for Rotherham and Evans!Steve Evans just stated in the media he isn't after either of them


30 May 2012 09:51:52
Jan Vertonghen is having a medical at Tottenham today.

Source: Ajax Supporters Press Association(16)(13)


30 May 2012 09:49:15
Southampton scouts have been monitoring Real Madrids Joselu. Thought to be available from about £5m. Also being watched by Reading & West Ham

Source - Talk Sport website(18)(12)^^ behave lolDecent signing that would beLooks like we can add sigurdsson to the list of possible ins for Reading now that Rodgers has become manager of Liverpool. woo-hoo!Joeslu is awesome! twice the player j rod is, cheaper and has played top flight football for a top european clubIts true, but the chance of him coming to southampton look slim. bigger clubs are after him, plus real madrid want to offer him a new contractExcept he's already signed for Swansea!He hasnt signed for swansea yet buddy, with rodgers moving to liverpool its far from a done deal!


30 May 2012 09:45:12
Rotherham have agreed terms with Porter from Sheffield Utd as Rotherham look to make a serious push for promotion in their first season at the New York Stadium.(9)(11)Where has this come from? Evans has said unless GRABBAN goes then he will not be signing another striker FACT............From what i saw in the play offs he can hold up play but is very inconsistentSheffield United just offered him a new contract todaySwap you porter for grabban !Rotherham already have two of his type already in oddjob and revellInstead of porter hows about quinn and williamson making a comeback to the marvellous millersI'd rather have Janet Street-Porter


30 May 2012 09:27:07
Preston North End are looking to add Jamie"boom boom" McCombe to booster the defense.After impressing on his loan spell last season.(12)(5)This is probably true as Preston are signing ANYONE at the moment....Having signed Cansdell-Sherriff and Huntington so far, I doubt we're signing another centre back. And whilst he did okay on loan, it was under a different manager. Never played under Westley.No chance we are singing mccombe he was pants last season for pne


30 May 2012 09:22:30
norwich are willing to pay up to 3 million pound on robert snodgrass who is reportedly set to request a transfer.(19)(17)No chance!!Didnt I see the same rumour a day or two ago, but for 1.5m

Likely PorkiesYes chance if we want him we will have him thats the way it is premier leagueIm pretty sure snodgrass is going to wait and see what happens with the takeover bid first. looking forward to passing you on the way up next season norwich10 mill wouldnt get him, and he is about to sign contract now anyway MOTLeeds fans thinking their a bigger club than norwich. Let's take howson for example. You won't get promoted this season, you have the most disgusting manager football has seen, suits your club. Wait til we sign snodgrass and deliver the final blow to your club.Last I heard he was going to meet with the club to discuss they're plans for the future. "A year ago it was Howson, Johnson, _____, and I. I'm the only one left." doesn't sound like someone who is signing a new contract. Leeds are passing Norwich next season? reasonably sure they took your captain, and are trying for your second. you're a feeder club for Norwich and anyone can see that.Norwich, get your act in order. Lambert is leaving and Holt, Tierney & Johnson are returning to drama school after their shameful performances during the year. Tierney in particular is a disgrace.


30 May 2012 09:20:28
Poyet to replace Rodgers at Swansea(23)(16)He Is not going anywhereNo chance. He has said he is staying at Brighton.He's good but no experience, rather Martinez again!Rodgers will not be Liverpool manager, simple as.Im a swans fan and brendan will go but for 6m only!Did Rodgers have much expierence then when he took over at Swansea...NO! Poyet plays same way and has many more contacts abroad. Can only be good for Swans. All aboard the GUS BUS!


30 May 2012 09:17:38
Wolves have had a bid rejected of 6million for Huddersfield striker Jordan Rhodes.(17)(41)Why would he even consider Wolves when Huddersfield are playing in the same league as them next season. He may as well stay put and develop there. If he leaves Huddersfield it will be to a premiership team not another championship club!I am a wolves fan really want him to join I also hold a hope that Jarvo and Fletch will stayWolves have to sell before buying.Also the new manager does not start until June 1st.So there way well be some out goings but no in comings as has been stated the the club.R u mad!!
rhodes, 4 million dream onTwo things 1 no they haven't and 2 if they were willing to pay 6mil on a player it'ld be Daim N'Doye from CopenhagenWe would sensibly expect that Stale and Moxey have discussed transfer targets and that Moxey will be on the case. We also know that we hear nothing until the deal is done.No way would they knock that back!We have to sell before we buy? where you get your info from if we want another striker we would sell players like vokes jonsson johnson milijas LG AG berra we dont need to sell but we wont hang on to fletch or jarvis so we bring a replacement in anyway id love BBS from lillestrom hes the next ibrohimovic (spelling) but then again who nos could get rhodes as well bigger club better club better ground better fansI'm an Ipsiwch fan, I'm telling you that this boy is just not ready to move. He's a big fish in a puddle at Huddersfield let him learn his trade there first. Guarnteed he wont get 20 goals this season, championship is so much harder than league1.


30 May 2012 09:15:47
With what looks like Brenden is on his way to liverpool, we better get someone pretty special to fill those boots!(16)(8)


30 May 2012 09:06:32
Just witnessed Ronnie Moore drive into Tranmere Rovers car park this morning, closely followed by Iain Hume and also Anthony Kay(9)(21)Alot of hume to tranmere rumours flying aboutAm a Tranmere fan and would love to see this happen, however arent both of these players under contract? I would also expect that both players would be beyond our means in regards wage.Hume with Canadian National team!!Ha ha fact one hume is away on international duty
fact two tranny cant afford hume as he as 2 yrs left on a contractYeh for a start hume is in canada, and secondly why would he go to tranmere? he's already committed his future to north end and will only leave for a club in a higher divisionI know humey always pops into Tranmere whenever he is passing.
Nothing new there!
As for kay, well I did see him in the petrol station in bebington about half 8 ish!Probably unlikely to happen, but as a life-long Rovers fan, I would be made up if it did! :-)They were playing at dodgems!Tranmere are set to sign mike grella, they are just waiting for preston to offer him a bigger contract at the last minute


30 May 2012 08:34:05
Dani Pacheco will be anounced as a Norwich City player on Friday
As he completes his permanent transfer from Liverpool(25)(10)Rubbish, it depends upon who is the next Liverpool manager.


30 May 2012 08:27:43
Sunderland AFC News
Steven Fletcher 7M
Grant Holt 4M
Yakubu 1.5M
Adam Johnson 10M
Carlos Cueller FREE
Stephen Warnock 2M
Diame FREE
Gyan 10M
Kieran Richardson 3M
Elmohamady 2M
George Mccartney 1M
Craig Gardner 5M
David Vaughan 3M
Titus Bramble will be sacked and probably jailed if found guilty of sexual assault or sold if he's found not guilty(19)(27)From my sources this is not far wrong but we wont go for Fletcher & Holt, one or the other, Yakubu is available for 1m and Johnson only available on loan with safc wanting city to pick up half his wage.Mackems - time you woke up to the fact that you will not get Fletcher for £7M - he cost Wolves £6.5M, and has scored well for 2 seasons in a struggling team - also, Wolves are in a strong financial position - £10M minimum.Diame went france 2 days ago u..that kind of kills ur rumour souce3 new strikers and adam johnson you're kidding yourself on here sonDiame hasn't gone to france bur nor will he go to Sunderland. He will end up in London or Malaga.


30 May 2012 08:21:51
Reading Transfers News:
Yakubu - Blackburn - 1 million
Chris Gunter - Nottingham Forest - 2.5 million
Adrian Mariappa - Watford - 3 million
Matt Phillips - Blackpool - 2.5 million
Carlos Sanchez - Valenciennes - Free
Bjorn Berggman Sigurdarson - Somewhere in Denmark - 3.5 million
Jordan Rhodes - Huddersfield - 4 million
Jermaine Defoe - Spurs - 4.5 million
Joe Cole - Liverpool - SEASON LONG LOAN
Dame N'Doye - FC Copenhagen - 6 million
Emile Heskey - Aston Villa - Free
Sean Morrison - Huddersfield - 1 million
Michail Antonio - Sheffield Wednesday - 700k
Simon Church - Leicester - 1.5 million(11)(27)What sort of confidence would you have if you were an existing Reading player with this extensive list being banged around....they have a good team anyway, one or two players of quality but don't Dis the hardworking players and quality manager that you have. From a Southampton Fan and Season Ticket holder!Matt phippls dream onAnd Southampton are signing all of the above anyway....!Or a straight £1m if they won't take ChurchBjorn Berggman Sigurdarson - Somewhere in Denmark - 3.5 million?? He plays for LSK in Norway.The likely ins seem pretty accurate, but I doubt any of the possibles will happen though other than Rhodes.Why would Mariappa go for a team like Reading who will be straight back down when Newcastle United wanted him in January?Oh because Premiership outfit Reading couldnt possibly sign Matt Phillips from a championship side... Silly Blackpool fans.

On a less take the mick out of red faced blackpool fans note, Sean Morrison isn't going anywhere on a perm as McDermott believes he has the qualities to be a future first teamer in the Reading side so he will most likely go out on loan to Huddersfield. Antonio has also said that he doesnt want to leave Reading, if he goes anywhere it will also be on loan, most likely back to Sheffield Wednesday. Joe Cole will not be coming to Reading, he wants to right the wrongs of his Liverpool career. Sigurdarson will be coming to Reading due to Readings popularity out in that area of countries. Emile Heskey is not going to happen and neither is Dame N'Doye.

A loyal but realistic royal fan.West Ham have already bid 1.2 million for Yakubu which is likely to be accepted by BlackburnWhy would reading go straight back down they have the team, the money and the have been there before. Everyone should all just give Reading the respect they deserve.....No way pearson would pay 1.5 mil for church. Useless player, leicester will buy a bigger name striker with more goals in him.Sigurdarson plays for Lillestrom in Norway


30 May 2012 08:07:04
Very strong rumours around the midlands that Martinez is finally heading to Villa, who can guarantee him the level of control he wouldn't be getting at Liverpool.

Dave Whelan will replace Martinez with another up and coming young manager - Liverpudlian Karl Robinson of MK Dons is in the frame.(19)(12)Paul Robinson Has committed his future to the Dons so this will not happen.Robinson has confirmed he's going nowhere.Its Karl Robinson not PaulKarl Robinson is going no where. This is lies!


30 May 2012 08:04:29
Robert Green ready to advise west ham he will be leaving the club after 30 june .(20)(7)


30 May 2012 07:56:42
Reading are prepared to offer Watford 1.5 million + Simon church for Adrian mariappa(15)(14)I wouldn't be too disappointed with it but would maybe prefer the extra £2m than Church.Hope so simon church isnt the best .Considering that Church probably decreases the value of that 1.5m, i'd say that's a great dealEveryone mocks Church so bad, but at the end of the day the guy netted 7 goals last season, two against west ham and he is still only 23, he will be a good addition to most championship sides and is worth about 750,000-1mil. Wouldn't last a minute in the prem though haha.I wish those offering to drive Simon Church here, there and everywhere would just drive themselves there, and leave Simon and the real Reading fans in peace.We should send church out on loan to Watford and pay whatever for mariappa


30 May 2012 07:49:08
Plymouth to sign 6 players this week:
Lionel ainsworth
Lee sawyer
Alessayne n'diaye
Byron Anthony
Pablo mills
Frank nouble(8)(28)This is a joke, we (PAFC) can only possibly sign up to 3 more players, if that, following the signing of Paris Cowan-Hall yesterday, Our budget is severely limited.According to Brent and the BBC Fletch does have a competitve budget to get us out of League 2 next season, still though I can't see a single one of these players signing for us.Ainsworth, mills and nouble would be good signingThe compensation for paris cowan-hall was only 10,000 so we have quite a large budget left.We will get them ive seen them at argyle training ground a couple of hours ago and they all looked happy, even nouble who used to play for west ham.Nouble would be a good signing and so would sawyerYou saw them all training today? Can't say I believe an influx of players so quickly, players aren't even training at this stage of the year. {Ed003's Note - He/She never said seeing them training! }Just to clarify the 'note' added to my post it was a reply to the training claim made by someone 2 posts above mine :)


30 May 2012 07:43:53
Bothroyd could be on his way back to Cardiff as is looking on bringing in another 2 strikers and a winger. Will be much needed and wanted if he agrees a possible wage drop(14)(11)Horray, him and Gabbidon both gone, gr8 day, I'll drive him down if it speeds up the deal, banjo and cow's arse spring to mindSpot on. I think both are good Championship players, but thats it. Gabby seems injury prone and ol Jay has got get out the right side of the bed!


30 May 2012 07:38:40
Few names being thrown around as being linked to Brighton are:
Scott Loach, Robert Huth, Chris Morgan and Danny Swanson.(1)(26)Haha Robert Huth... Good one!Robert Hugh get realWhere are you throwing them? Neither Loach nor Huth will be available for absolute certain. Chris Morgan? A 34 year old who has already started to edge into coaching as the next stage in his career? Swanson? Gus said no a fortnight ago! Carry on................Robert Huth say no moreI think they meant Chris Morgan as the young Dagenham midfileder. Not the ex Forest Defender.Why not Robert Huth? You are saying get real because you 'think' because he used to play for Chelsea hes some ultimate world class player. Same with when Kezman was linked......and Vicente !Why not Huth? Well how about he is PL standard, wouldn't want to go to a second tier side, and would also cost at least £5 million? I think that much be a problem, yeah.The difference is Robert Huth is in his prime and playing every week for a Premier League side... Why would he drop down to a mid-table/potential play-off team?


30 May 2012 06:52:29
I've been hearing lots of rumours around the Tarn about transfers that Hilcroft are seriously looking at. Free transfers look like being our only option but if a couple of these come off we'll be looking well safe next year and not dependant on Pompey going into admin to keep us up:

Thom Eckersley - Young, big centre half just released by Bolton (85% done deal)

James Chambers - He is Donny scum as far as I'm concerned, but Hill thinks he's good enough to bring some stability to the left back role

Ricardo Gardner - If he can drop his wage demands, Hill could bring him in, though we'll face a lot of competition

Mike Pollitt - Some competition for Steele (or replacement if rumoured move elsewhere is true)

Tom Heaton - Former Cardiff keeper will only come in if Steele is sold on. Heaton is rumoured with a few clubs though so unless the deal is done quickly it wont happen. Won't happen when Steele is here as Heaton wants regular Championship football

Lloyd Sam - Can play both sides and Hill wants someone who can get crosses into the big man Craig Davies

Danny Shittu / Peter Ramage - Hill looking at both of thes and hoping to get at least one. Hill will ask the board for more funding next Friday to try and get people of these guys calibre in(10)(8)Ricardo Gardner has signed a one year extension deal with Bolton along with Kevin Davies.Bolton released him earlier this monthYes, Gardner has been released now.


30 May 2012 06:46:26
ipswich to sign dele adebola today for nominal fee source twtd(3)(22)That's good for Ipswich, he'll suit their hoofball.Yeah our hoofball with only the massive targetman Michael chopra up front....No they aintSigned press conference tomorrow with james hewitt


30 May 2012 06:26:55
Barnsley about to sign former reds player Rory fallon and are having talks with kevin philips agent as regards to a one year contract .Also lee williamson of sheff utd and his agent at oakwell yesterday.Teaser tyke.(7)(24)Who writes this bs. barnsley would not be intrested in fallon. we got shut of him because he could not hit a barn door when he was last here. so my question is what has changed? nothingRubbish and im a tarn franKevin phillips no chance we had to cut wages on many players so how would we afford phillips? {Ed003's Note - Phillips has just signed an extension for 12 months and his plan is to retire after that ends}If Fallon comes back to barnsley then thats me not attending oakwell for a few seasons, But this rumor is just a silly rumor, no truth in it


30 May 2012 06:13:18
heard adam johnson maybe heading to spurs with gareth bale leaving!(12)(28)


30 May 2012 03:21:45
Heard through friend that Brighton are looking at Watford's Scott Loach as a permanent first team keeper. Also heard Huddersfields Alex Smithies name being thrown around however that is unlikely after they had just gained promotion.(5)(10)Id rather smithiesMy friend im a huddersfield fan and smithies is hot stuff but he will never be in the prem he flaps at crosses make us real worried sometimes. but you will never see a better shot stopper than this guy


30 May 2012 02:39:08
Reading will show ambition by making a bid for Stoke's Robert Huth. The German is apparently wants a new challenge and he sees McDermott's outfit as a potential suitor. Other clubs keen on the ex-German international are Hoffenheim, Stuttgart and Russian team Zenit.(3)(27)Yes because he's gonna to go to a team just promotedJoining Reading certainly would be a challenge.Wouldn't want to see huth go but it would be better to sell him now and cash-in, rather than let him go for nothing next year. (unless a contract extension can be agreed)Huth would never leave stoke to you . more likely to join a top 6 team or move to germanyNot going to happenedReading fans going mad since you got promoted. Huth may well be leaving us for a bigger club like Spurs (hope he doesn't), or to go and play in Germany. But he will NOT be going to Reading.


30 May 2012 02:31:22
Dean Whitehead is close to agreeing a deal with Reading(11)(13)This is only a five year old rumourHope not forReadings sake hes not prem classPlease No!! Whitehead is awfulPast his best. Decent championship player but wouldn't get in our team if rumours about bridcutt and Sanchez are true


30 May 2012 02:12:52
I'm not sure if this is true or not but this name is now doing the rounds... Fawaz Alhasawi. He is the Chairman of Qadsia SC in Kuwait

AV {Ed025's Note - and this is regarding??(3)(2)Leeds United potential takeover apparentlyHe's buying Forest Bates priced Leeds Out


30 May 2012 00:09:52
Peter Lovenkrands is in preliminary talks with both Brighton and Wolves. But there is interest from abroad with clubs from America and Denmark looking to pick up the experienced striker.(14)(6)


30 May 2012 00:05:01
Eden Hazard - Chelsea
Hulk - Chelsea
Shinji Kagawa - Man United
Ezequil Lavezzi - PSG
Dimitar Berbatov - PSG

All to be comfirmed in the coming days(47)(22)Malouda to Lille!! Good SourceAll been on ssn, radio, newspapers, no st sherlock!


30 May 2012 00:01:24
Preston interested in Lutons Keith Keane(20)(6)RubbishKeano IS leaving Luton.


29 May 2012 23:09:59
Graham westley of Preston set to unveil signing of Tomasz Cywka.(13)(8)As they are becoming restless in the Transfer Market , and their unrivalled pursuit for talent continues , The F.A. have given P.N.E. first option on The Football League pool of talent !! .PNE are doing as I suggested they would at the end of last season cut hard, cut deep and replace players that are not willing or able to participate in the challenge ahead. This model of squad rebuilding has a president in last years champions Charlton (which is my club). PNE would otherwise face financial instability and infighting as we have already seen.

Westley took Stevenage from obscurity to last seasons league1 playoffs (at least the team he constructed did). He is not the most popular of personalities at PNE I understand but success will bring that.

Good team building and a good start to the season will be required but, given that momentum and patience by the clubs fans, maybe will see a promotion. I back them at least. Good luck PNEPNE are signing players who are all from the lower leagues & available on FREE's or call me cold....but any player worth his wage isnt going to be available for £0.......Westley managed to get a non-league team to League 1......and thats where they will stay....if anyone watched the play off between Stevenage & Sheffield Utd will understand the football at this level was shocking. Buying a whole new team doesnt mean your going to win anything....just wait till these average players get on the pitch.....!Amoo-liverpool, holmes-southampton, monakana-arsenal, wright-ipswich, laird-very good signing, captain and player of the year at tranmere. Not all lower league rubbish. Just because a player is out of contract does not make him poor! Most of PNE's signings previous /current clubs were desperate to keep them. I for one am growing more confident for next season after a god-awful one. And thank-you to the Charlton fan above!Westley maybe isnt everyones cup of tea but he is a leader and knows how to bond a team. To say the league one play off was bad is naive, Stevenage had a good team of fit pros who played together. Thats all Westley will be trying to build at PNE as last season we were carp to say the least. Anyone in management of ANY team knows attitude is paramount and the majority of last players didn't have any. You cant knock waht Ridsdale and Westley are buliding in any way. If we get into the playoffs next season PNE fans will be delighted.We've signed 11 players all of which have been from the prem, championship and the rest from league one so dont no how that one works out mate!"PNE are signing players who are all from the lower leagues & available on FREE's or call me cold....but any player worth his wage isnt going to be available for £0.......Westley managed to get a non-league team to League 1......and thats where they will stay....if anyone watched the play off between Stevenage & Sheffield Utd will understand the football at this level was shocking. Buying a whole new team doesnt mean your going to win anything....just wait till these average players get on the pitch.....!"

Of the 24 players Charlton signed last term only four came for a fee.


29 May 2012 23:10:34
Peterborough winger George Boyd to sign for Leicester City for a fee which could rise to £1m depending on if Leicester get promoted(10)(25)Absolute rubbish. Boyd is avaliable on a free this summer so why would Leicester buy him?You obviously have no idea what youre talking about he has one more year on his contract, posh have a policy that if a player has one year left they get put on transfer list until they sort out a new contractThink you will find that boyd has a year left on his contract so he will not go on a free.On a free..... Lmfao get your facts right! He has one year remaining on his contract, if players don't sign a new one, club policy is to transfer list them. Posh expecting in the region of a millionHe has 1 year left on his contract so is not available on a freeNot till the following summerSince when has Boyd been available on a free this summer. He's got 1 year left on his contract so how do you work that one out. Lol. They will need to pay more than just 1mil for him too.This is difficult to believe. He doesn't play for hull!Cos he's not on a free till end of next seasonBoyd has a year left on his contractBoyd has got a year left on his contract .please do your researchAbsolute rubbish! Boyd has a year left on his contract! Why would Leicester, buy him? Probably because you have more money than sense and secondly he is a good player. Anyway £1m, would not be enough, so this rumour is probably bcks in the first place!George Boyd has one year left on his contract - he would not extend it,that is why Posh have decided to sell whilst they can command a fee. It is the same scenario with paul Taylor. Fergie has said that unless the fees offered are at level Posh seeking both will be at Posh next seasonIt aint gonna happen 1mil is to low fry wont accept it and leicester would be willing to pay more as they have load of money40percent of any fee goes to Stevenage!


29 May 2012 22:59:20
Middlesbrough reportedly make the first move for Leeds striker Ross McCormack for a cut price £1.25 million(9)(30)Can't see any major transfer fees being spent not until we have offloaded a few and know where we will be at wage wise.I'm sorry, cut-price from what? Leeds signed him for 400k plus add-ons. We would turn a profit.
wallyWe still wouldn't let him go cheap, he was our leading goal scorer last season?Who says theres an embargo.??You did.And if he goes anywhere it will be premiership, not crappy boroWe should have signed him before leeds did. he's a good player but id try n get rid of mcdonald (cos ov his wages) n jutkiewicz (cos he's rubbish) n then bid for himHe is not good enough for premiership average championship sticker at best and when was the last time Leeds finished above crappy boro?? Maybe about 10 years ago maybe!! He would do well to be at a well run family club with excellent facilities!Try the season before last when we finished 7thJutkiewicz rubbish? Give the lad a chance, scored goals at Coventry and created his fair share of chances at Boro. I don't see him as a top goalscorer anyway, someone for us to play off and hopefully with a few goalscoring midfielders/wide players brought in around him those threats can be utilised abit more.Lol, yep, season before last boro muppet, if mcormack has no ambition let him go to boro , or cardiff .Lets see what jutkiewicz does this year. fair enough our midfield was crap last year and he didn't get the service hope he proves me wrong n bangs in the goals.Silly putting he would like excellent training facility's at boro when he trains at 1 of the best traing facility's in the country already.Oh yeah forgot about that season! That was the one where we had strachan in charge, bottom of the table then ended up 6 points off the play offs in 10th


29 May 2012 22:58:45
Derby County have made Moves for

Michael Jacobs
Danny Swanson
Johnny Russell
Joe Mattock
Krystian Pearce
Ashley Westwood

A Fee has already been agreed
between Valerenga Fc and Derby
this was done 1 week ago and
will be confirmed the Day before
the transfer window opens.Nigel
wanted to suprise the fans with
Havard Nielsen and Fegor ogude
as Derby under clough normally
target English lower leagues this
is Different.The fee is paid over 18
months thats all i could be told so
i dont know how much.

But I can say that Norwich are not
Getting Fegor ogude so who ever
made that up looks a bit of a fool
seeing as Contract agreement between
the clubs are been signed.

The Information is all From Andy Garner
who 3 weeks ago had joined Derbys
scout in Norway to start a deal.(3)(18)Where exactly did you hear this ?These rumours saying Derby will sign Svensson Ogude and Nielsen are utter utter BS spawned by some deluded Derby fan

These players are bigger and better than Derby CountyNice, got a link? Any proof?You, the same guy, says we're gettingg Ogude ever single say. But it never happens. Please stop lying.Derby county is interested aslo in nielsen, a striker from ValarengaAndy Garner had told a Derby fan during picking up his kids from school.
He told him that he had been on
a work holiday to Norway.Thats how this whole rumour started.


29 May 2012 22:57:18
To the norwich fan that posted a long list of players that we are going to sign. I dont no who was most daft u or the pra# who said we would not spend 20 quid let alone 20 mill.. u are right we do have 2omill to spend on players. But players like hooper will earn or expect 30grand aweek thats out of our range, thats why naughton wont be staying unless he signs new contract at spurs then he is loaned back to us Ncfc matt



29 May 2012 22:57:08
Ex Brighton star jake Robinson is to join Crawley town on a 2 year deal.(11)(12)Spoken to guy himself, don't think this is happening!


29 May 2012 22:55:45
I have heard on good authority that Brighton are to sign Owen Hargreaves on a pay as you play basis.(8)(25)Will the one game he would play really be worth even signing him?Too injury plagued,no way Gus would consider him.Well as good as he is Gus doesn't mind signing injury prone players, wouldn't put it past him signingHargreaves is too good for Brighton.Hargreaves to good for Brighton? Have a day off. Get in the real world pal. In his day probably. You obviously do not follow football. You are typically judging him from about 8 years ago and therefore going by his name and not his ability....which for the past 4 years there hasnt been any as he has been injured for most of it. And a Championship team would be an ideal move. Too good - patheic comment. Thats like Gordon Banks coming out of retirment and you saying 'hes to good' as youve judged him from his ability 30+ years ago.Like Vicente?Anyone who doubts the OBVIOUS abilitys of a pure class act like VICENTE must know very little about our great game.


29 May 2012 22:46:38
A bit of news from Stoke today

Tony Pulis has conceded defeat in Robert Huth staying at the club. The player will decide in the coming few weeks on which of 3 clubs he will join. Germany seems to be his preferred choice. Stoke blocked a requested move in August which also meant the player temporarily losing his place. Stoke will cash cash in before his contract expires.

Kenwyne Jones is interesting a club in Turkey believed to be Fenerbache

Ricardo Fuller has held talks with 3 clubs but still undecided on his future. Apparently no Premier League interest. Ipswich and Bolton seem favourites.

Thomas Sorensen may join Huth in a move to Germany

Matthew Etherington is attracting interest from newly promoted Reading as Stoke seem favourites to land Matt Jarvis.

Two Blackburn players are to hold talks with the Potters in the following few days.

A Spanish based player is poised to sign.

A well known striker will join in June and many fringe players to leave.(22)(12)Is this news from Stoke or just from your head?Cant see Stoke getting Jarvis , they do not ant to pay ten million pounds for him.It amazes me how much every reading fan despises Simon Church...... He is still young and hasn't matured as a player. Shane Long joined us in 2005 and sat the bench for us until Doyle and Hunt left in 2009 where he didn't start of to well under Brendan Rodgers, but as soon as McD came in he started firing in the goals, 5 years after joinging so cut Church some slack!Care to divulge the names of the spanish based player and the well known striker?Stoke payed 10m for a player last season and was in the top 5 spending clubs in the premLong came as a friend for Doyle to keep him happy and turned into a great player with natural instinct something Church lacks. He does get alot of stick but he just isnt good enough to be a striker at the highest level.It's not all reading fans, I for one think he's decent, just needs time and maybe having Roberts around will do him the world of good'Is this news from Stoke or just from your head?'

Like Upson, Crouch and Palacios were from my head you mean? Anything you would like to add to players we're after?I didnt know reading were suddenly very rich and attracting players from better teams


29 May 2012 22:52:24
Steve Howard is a target for newly promoted Huddersfield(5)(19)Wont be joining a Championship squad


29 May 2012 22:42:32
Derby have drawn up a striker list to replace both Steve Davies and Chris Maguire who will be leaving in the summer. My source has said that Nigel and his men have split the strikers in to 2 sections and they would like 1 from each.

Section one:
Jon Daly, Dundee Utd, £750,000
Sam Vokes, Wolves, £500,000
Kyle Lafferty, Rangers, £1.25m
Heidar Helguson, QPR, £300,000
Lee Novak, Huddersfield, £750,000
Frank Nouble, free transfer

Section 2
Simon Cox, West Brom, £1.75m
DJ Campbell, QPR, 1.25m
Johnny Russell, Dundee Utd, £750,000
Simeon Jackson, free transfer

The fees are what Derby believe they can get the player for. Of course tehy might have to pay more than that.(5)(31)Lafferty could be had for 3/4mill
due to rangers money problems
factNo chance dundee utd will sell daly for less than 1.5 mill russell more than 2 mill probsLaffertys release Clause is £575000Nouble & Jackson it is then!!Not a hope in hell of getting Russell from Dundee Utd for that money! They have already rejected bids of double that!Lafferty can leave for £575k after something triggered in his clause. Source: The scottish SunI think its actually less than that mate. £500k I think but if you google it you'll find it because its been in the papers.What makes you think you will get Simeon Jackson on a free transfer, first of all Norwich will take up the one year option on June 30th and will probably give him a longer contract.
yes they might sell depending on getting in potential targets, but expect to pay at least 1.5M if you want to tempt Norwich to cash in on him.


29 May 2012 22:40:12
Bristol City have made another bid for Richard Keogh worth £850 000. Coventry have had the bid since Monday morning and have yet to respond. This presumably means they are considering the bid.(8)(15)I suspect it was Cardiff who made this bid - £850k is already too much for this playerToo much, ha he's was one of the best defenders in the championship


29 May 2012 22:37:38
Peterborough have agreed a fee with MK Dons for the transfer of goalkeeper David Martin to London Road. Martin will now discuss personal terms with The Posh.(11)(12)Thank God, Worst keeper in historyI hope not he was pretty poor compared to the last to keepers posh had lewis and jonesWont happen. Martin isn't that amazing and thats coming from a Dons supporter.Absolute rubbish!Not true.Its Paul Gazzinga from Gillingham we are afterDavid Martin over 20 clean sheets im a dons fan and mate your a dons fan and i think your deluded.. he's one our best players.. he was voted 20th in best players outside the premier league! he wants to stay at mk dons! no one wants to go to Peterborough so shut up.Martin is a terrible keeper, so good riddance!Martin isn't going anywhere guys and he's a brilliant keeperWould have been more than 20 clean sheets if our defenders didn't tackle each other, hesitate, leaving the door wide open or passing back ridiculously short balls! Serious undervalued by our fansMartin is a brilliant keeper. i didnt think that when Grant McCanns free kick sneaked past him in the play off semi ;)Might aswell move the whole Wimbledon set up again to peterborough if half of this cap is to be believed... we're linked with nearly all of the Moo camps sub standard rubbishYou can have Martin, makes too many costly errorsMartin is a brilliant keeper- and every footballer makes errors sometime i their careers


29 May 2012 22:36:41
All this far fetched fulham stuff is rubbish
Dempsey to psg 9.7m
Chadli to fulham 4.3m
Simpson to fulham 3.6m
Bh riise to watford
Baird to norwich
Jansen to fulham 5.6m
Etuhu to millwall/palace
Narsingh to fulham
Haliche to leicester
Jerry amarimko to fulham

This is all that will happen(1)(28)I reckon we'll get Snodgrass, soon we'll be calling him Snoddy when he's a player at Carra Rud. Lol were gonna nick both of Leed's captains in the space of a year, who would have thought? OTBC!!No way will etuhu go millwall or palaceEtuhu wont even get into millwalls team hell have better luck with palace.Millwall are well covered in CM - Trotter, Wright, Abdou, Mkandawire... Etuhu wouldn't get in the first 11.


29 May 2012 22:32:39
Southampton will secure the transfer of Burnley's Jay Rodriguez as soon as the striker returns from holiday next week.

Nigel Adkins and Nicola Cortese also plan the early swoop of Blackpool winger Tom Ince and will prepare a player plus cash deal to tempt Blackpool. The fee reported to have been readied is around £2.9million and the player has been rumoured to be Jason Puncheon.(27)(7)You paid 7 mil for thatYes,because we could.7million well spent when he bangs in the goalsAbit steep for a championship player but if he gets the goals to keep saints up could be a snap at that price better then 32 mil for caroll lolEveryone keeps going on about 7 million being a bit to much and it probable is for an unproven player at prem level but Arsenal paid us 12 million raising to 15 million for AOC and we were in league 1 at the time. The end of the day Strikers are not cheap and sometimes you got to take a gamble if he scores 10-15 goals next season and help us stay in the prem then it will be money well spent. Besides name me a striker we could get for 7 million that is better then Jay Rod and dont start saying Defoe, Owen and other players like that because there wages would be stupid.He hasn't agreed terms yet? He declined you last summer, who's to say he will do it again?He didn't decline us last summer, Burnley turned the bid down! Big difference.

Silly Burnley fans are deluded into thinking he loves the club with his heart and soul and couldn't leave without dying or something. Soppy.We were Championship then. Now we're Premier League!

If he doesn't want to come, his loss, will move on!He go because it's a chance to play in the premier league. Last summer we had only just gone up to the championship,Deluded? Silly? The fact is he is a Burnley lad and is a supporter as well as a player. So yes heart and soul is probably right and he will leave for his choice of club..we will never know he truth about what happened last summer..what we do know (unofficially) is that we have accepted your bid and its up to him now...if someone else comes in especially be worried.He never declined us actually, a bid has never been accepted before this one, so we'll see what happens.Be very worried. Jay Rod may yet sign for Sotton but only as a last resortHes definitley joining a prem club as im sure he wants to break into the england squad for the WC doubt hes leaving burnley.^^ how's it his loss if he doesn't sign for u ?? If he turns u down he will go 2 a bigger clibWouldnt be surprised weather the interest from spurs for jay rodriguez sparks a bid that will topple s/hampton.Jay rod turned saints down last summer end of yes he has chance to play in the prem but for what one season? he would be best off goin to everton were he knows he will get prem football for a few seasonsHe will sign for Saints, end of, and then overnight will mysteriously become a crap player and not worth £7M. It will also then be revealed that as per Billy Sharp, he nearly joined Saints 12 mos ago and has no problems moving a few hundred miles south. He would be a bench warmer at Spurs and too expensive for Everton.What go to everton and be stuck behind Jelavic. Nice one mate, sit on the bench thats really gonna get him in the England squad


29 May 2012 22:32:36
Huddersfield's Simon Grayson is planning a shopping trip to Leeds.
Hoping to pick up a few bargains!!
Possibilities are Alex Bruce,Adam Clayton and Ross McCormack(13)(22)Bruce has already gone!Leeds are probably under transfer embargo at the moment, so I think Grayson will look elsewhere for the time being.Bruce recently blamed Grayson for his lack of games at least as he favoured other defenders before him. Cant see them linking up.This is funny, clayton and mcormack for town, lol .


29 May 2012 22:31:52
Martinez to stay at wigan will go for long term target dos santos from spurs and hooper from celtic for 5 mill(12)(14)Yip your right , celtic will sell hooper for 5million after rejecting and offer for 7 million !! back to sleep now5mil???Appeanrenly swansea are intrested in dos santos5 mill for hooper is a joke he is worth at least 15 imoSwansea aint got a manager so cant see how they areHooper is overrated the SPL is like division 1 standards, he would struggle to score 10 in Prem.He wouls score plenty against that diddy Gary Caldwell!He was one of the top scorers in the championship with a poor Scunthorpe team!To the guy who postes about hooper scoring 10 in EPL. what about Jelavic he has a better ratio in EPL than in SPL. can you explain that? No? didn't think so.After hours of grilling my brain trying to get my head around such a complicated puzzle, i can infact explain it! well.... he scores more goals per game in the EPL than the SPL therefore his 'ratio' is better in the EPL.


29 May 2012 22:31:51
Crawley Town defender Kyle McFadzean will join Peterborough United in a player + cash deal which will see Nicky Ajose join Crawley.(15)(11)Sure he belongs to sheffield united..No he doesn't ..Crawley must be signing about 50 players if you believe them all.

A check of their website shows they have signed 1 player to replace a goalkeeper that left a few days earlier.

Either 10-15 players are going to arrive at once or they will keep what they have and do it on the cheap. The latter seems more likely.


29 May 2012 22:29:55
Oldham Athletic have accepted a fee in the region of £350k from Peterborough for goalkeeper Alex Cisak.(8)(7)Quite simply no we havent, what we will do is let his contract expire first , and them just give him to you for free, like we do with all our best playersTo be honest if that were true, it would be worth taking as we can easily pick another keeper up and really need the money but it isn't. He's under 24 for a couple of years yet anyway so even when his current contract expires we wouldn't lose him for free.Absolute garbage!So we will have to get him to sign a contract right up until his 24th birthday, dont u know were not supposed to get fees for anyone, even taylor who we nurtured from a boy, football is just wrong on too many levels


29 May 2012 22:28:43
Stevenage midfielder is to join Peterborough United for a fee in the region of £250k(5)(12)Witch midfielder ?The wizard oneWizard?This is the best response to anything ever.Who is wizard?? lol have you just made that up?


29 May 2012 22:27:31
Colchester United midfielder Anthony Wordsworth has agreed a 3 year contract with Peterborough United.(10)(5)Do you think Gleeson has signed a two year contract with Mk Dons?Have the posh got £800K to spend on one player? This is what the feeds reported to be on woody's head anywayYes. People don't realise how much money we've received for CMS, Bennett, etc. Its so annoyingYes we haveYes we do have £800k, we've sold mclean, cms, bennett, will be taylor and boyd, we have our promotion money, and our chairmans own money, stop underestimating us, if we want him, we'll pay that for him without a problem.Fair enough, good luck to him if thats where he ends up. Good footballer, if a bit lazy and goes missing during games at times; but has got a decent future for sureTotally didn't pay 1 million for Barnett or 600,000 for Brisley. I mean just where the hell did we find that money? Peterborough don't have any money according to the obviously correct assumptions of just about every other fan in the world


29 May 2012 22:25:11
Norwich have bid £1.5 million for Robert Snodgrass, supposedly the amount will rise to £2 million and a player from Norwich may be involved. But who knows eh?! OTBC(22)(13)It may not happen anytime soon due to the takeover and possible transfer embargo at elland roadWhat transfer embargo - because someone might buy the club, are u having a laugh....


29 May 2012 22:24:37
rotherham united rumours anyone?(0)(9)I've heard your trying to get Le fondre back on loanWhoever you sign you will finish below bradford this seasonIf we finish below Bradford we will be relegated. Usual bottom half finish for the BantamsBradford been living in rotherhams shadows for years now your not famous anymore


29 May 2012 22:19:09
Port Vale are rumoured to be keeping tabs on TNS striker Greg Draper(6)(1)Wouldn't be a bad signing for the Vale, he's only about 22 and was lethal in the Welsh Premier last season


29 May 2012 21:59:24
northampton close to signings of Chris
Hackett, Jordan Stewart and Roy
O'Donovan(4)(2)I know about the Jordan Stewart one thats true... but the other two havent seen anything about that... boothroyd said he wanted a much younger team with one or two older players... these are all over 25!The chris hackett is true aswell , but i am not sure about the otherYou can have roy he is shockingDoubt will would have roy!! the other two deff happening... Dont have a clue who that O'Donovan is :/


29 May 2012 20:58:50
qpr will sign arsenal's star striker Niklas Bendtner for a fee of roughly £8mil, for the Dane to sign though he also wants to be on a salary of £70k a week.

Source: Bendtners agent(17)(28)No way he not that good liesYou say bendters agent.... So who is his agent?Star striker ? this is blatant liesAlthough i want to disagree Football just
gets more ridiculous an that is probally the fee Qpr will pay if they are interested'Star Striker' this did make me smile, thanksHis agent is his own father..Ha if bentner is worth 8 mil jay rod for 7 mil is a stealIf hes worth that then im worth half of that and im rubbishBendtner was on £59K week at Arsenal and no club in their right mind will pay £70K for him, inconsistent or what, hardly a star striker, Hang on though QPR might be daft enough to pay that kind of money, god help them if they slip out of premiers league next year.


29 May 2012 20:53:32
Bristol Rovers are set to sign Ross Draper from Macclesfield,(5)(12)Is this true its just that most of the stuff put on here is lies like when everyone was going on about that polish striker.You mean the Polish striker that was actually a teenager who supports city and lives in bristol.


29 May 2012 20:42:37
Stevenage are to sign Conor Casey and one other MLS player later this week(12)(6)


29 May 2012 20:41:07
All rumours concerning Marlon Pack are untrue, Marlon is happy at Cheltenham and has told Mark Yates (manager) that he would like to spend the rest of his career at CTFC.(6)(24)Yes like if a top club came along and offers him more then his 1500 weekly wage and offers him more he would refuse and say sorry mr premship manager u can keep ur 50k a week and top level football I'm happy here lmao wake up if some comes along with bigger wages he's goneStrongly doubt a 21 year old has made up his mind of where he wants to be for the rest of his careerYou're deluded if you think he's staying there his whole career. He'll leave in a year or so.Pack is moving to Swindon for 900kHe's loyal to us, he wouldn't go to a premiership club where he isn't played... some footballers are actually decent lads and don't play for money...


29 May 2012 20:39:04
James Collins, Emile Heskey and Michael Owen are top of Martin O'Neills transfer list. Although rumour has it Steven Fletcher is also strongly wanted to bolster the black cats strikeforce.(13)(26)


29 May 2012 20:43:48
Stoke have been rumoured to be looking at Colin Kazim-Richards but will face tough completion from Olympiacos for his signature. This is only a rumour from a few sources around Stoke, it is not set in stone.(15)(8)Ode tone doesn't buy from aboard lolKazim ricards is English. Pennant is staying at stoke cityMatty and pennant are way past there best we are not the lowest goal scores for nothingPennant is a good player but he does need completion for his place out on right wing. i reckon kazim richards would be a decent signingAnd Pennant joined from what club again? ...........sorry you said aboard I thought it said abroad!!!


29 May 2012 20:35:03
Doncaster's James Coppinger to sign
for Preston North End for £150k.(8)(16)He is looking for a Championship club close to Doncaster, £150K is a ridiculous fee and he has a benefit year at Doncaster in two years time?We dont have 150kCopps wont go to preston hes daft but not that daftAs much as id love this to happen, its not going to happen... he's better than a lg 1 playerHe needs to be loyel to the rovers for 1 more season at leastPne do have money but will not spend it on players who dnt fit into westley way of playingPne have already broke the bank a bit with all the players they have signed recentley, so i dont think they will be signing players that they cant get for freesCoppinger is going nowhere as my dad works there and he told me!


29 May 2012 20:33:55
I've heard that David Healy is on his way to Fleetwood.(8)(17)David Healy has played for the two biggest clubs in British football.(and Leeds). He is not going to the second team in Blackpool.How the mighty as fallen bad move for himI heard they do cracking fish & chips too!Suppose with the cutbacks he can't afford to holiday in Tenerife...


29 May 2012 20:32:09
Free Agent watch:

Nigel Reo-Coker to QPR

Ivan Klasnic to Sunderland

Didier Drogba to PSG

Julien Faubert to Fulham

watch this space!(9)(7)I find it highly unlikely Drogba would end up at PSG. He absolutely loves Marseilles (despite only being there for a year!) so to go there when so many options are open to him would be strange to say the least. Not saying it won't happen, just will be extremely surprised if it does. My money is on Real, Anzhi or Shanghai.
DrumsofdotlFaubert no use to FulhamWhy would sunderland want klasnic? he is worse than bendtner


29 May 2012 20:32:01
Wouldn't worry about Hall Blues fans, Shrewsbury also reckon they are in for Orient's Dean Cox too lol! They're living in dreamland if they think they can afford him, and we've heard from the horses mouth (Sturrock on ShrimperZone last week) that NONE of our players will be leaving for small fees - least of all Hall etc.

Tripe.(4)(8)One person posted about Dean Cox. Does this mean that every Shrewsbury fan is living in dream land?

Doubt Shrewsbury have bid for Hall anyway but I'm sure he'll leave this summer, if not the next.One fan posted about Heskey signing.....

people sometime exaggerate the truth , don't take anything for granted like Shrewsbury's captain left on a free from a Southend Fan by the way.Well Shrewsbury have a record of succes with players home grown or rebuilding careers. Examples I hear you cry Joe Hart, Grant Holt, David Edwards & Marc Terinry.Steven Fletcher,Danny Guthrie both Shrewsbury boys. Gylfi Sigurrdson and David Davis also launched their careers here.I think Ryan Hall is good quality and would be a good free-kick taker for us. We could do with one of those. COYBShrewsbury are a well-run club and could probably afford Hall if they wanted, unlike Southend who are always living beyond their means.So Shrewsbury are happy to splash around £250-300k plus add-ons for Hall are they? I highly doubt that somehow. If that's the case we'll possibly take it.

He'd probably say he doesn't want to leave for the Shrews anyway even if a bid is accepted, Hall knows the likes of Ipswich and Forest have had him watched a lot in the recent past and there is a lot of interest from the CCC and L1.Shrewsbury could definitely afford that kind of fee, but I'm certain that the chairman and manager wouldn't want to. Would be a gamble on somebody who's barely played above League Two.


29 May 2012 20:27:54
Are Wigan Athletic looking to buy Peter Whittingham,James McFadden,Ross McCormack and Jordan Rhodes. {Ed025's Note - i really dont know mate..(5)(25)Maybe mcfaddenand mccormack but malky mackay said whittingham ain't leaving. and £8 million for rhodes is probably to much for wigan8mill aint too much for Wigan at all... plus i will give you 8mill if Jordan Rhodes costs a team 8mill, 3-5mill, he scored in L1 not prem lol


29 May 2012 20:20:05
Any Sheffield united news ed?(2)(11)Staying in L1


29 May 2012 20:24:13
QPR look certain to sure up their attacking options this summer by bringing in two of either Michael Owen, Alessandro Del Piero, Bas Dost, Arouna Kone, Jermain Defoe and Kenwyne Jones. They are also in the market for wingers with Tranquillo Barnetta who has recently been released by Leverkusen and Miroslav Stoch from Fenebahce being their main targets.(14)(18)Barnetta is moving to London! Not quite good enough for the big 3, so possibly destinations are QPR, Fulham or West Ham.


29 May 2012 20:09:35
Blackpool defender Ashley Eastham to sign for Burton Albion on a 6 month loan deal
Burton also looking to bring in ex-Macclesfield full back Jonathan Bateson and ex-Scunthorpe midfielder Michael O'Connor(5)(7)


29 May 2012 20:00:46
Hume to return to tranmere after tranmere chairman sold his business park hampers for around 113 million so some money to be injected to the club(1)(11)You trannys make me laugh ,he will be the main striker for pne and as a 2 yr contractUtter rubbish!Why the hell would he do that!?


29 May 2012 20:00:17
Dundee United are lining up Jay Mceveley and Barry Nicholson(6)(5)Dont do mceverley he is rubbish


29 May 2012 19:57:22
Ricardo Gardner in talks with various League 1 clubs including Carlisle, Sheff Utd and MK Dons(5)(5)Francois zoko off to bristol city? apparently he has 3 championships wanting him and he will not sign a new contract with carlisleNo one knows his mind any club but preston thoughFRANCOIS ZOKO IS NOT INTERESTED IN PNE. THE GUY IS A CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYER. WE WILL MISS HIM AT CARLISLE.You talk st he is not leaving !


29 May 2012 19:53:14
Southampton are looking to loan Carl Jenkinson from Arsenal(15)(13)Nope, god awfulSouthampton will not loan any other teams youngsters when we have better ones coming through our own youth system. We will give our own the opportunity before giving others first team football. If we loan players i would imagine it would be experienced Prem players that are struggling to get into there own first team. Having said that i did hear a rumour that we are taking alex oxlade-chamberlain back on a season long loan but i guess that depends on whether he has a good euros or not.Jack Stephens and luke shaw are better than him anyway so why we would want himIt's true I've seen on the Internet he's been linked after wenger described as a quality player and thinks he deserves to play for a lower premier league team


29 May 2012 19:30:39
Elliott Hewitt to undergo his medical at portman road tomorrow (wednesday) due to it being his 18th birthday and therefore he will be able to sign a longer contract with the tractor boys.(15)(4)And celebrate being second choice signing behind Joel WardLonger term will be a far better signing than Ward. How many Premiership scouts watched Ward? 34 scouts to one Macclesfield game shows how intensely the top teams were watching him. Most have been frightened off by his hip injury, so Ipswich stole a march on them. Great move by them. Hewitt will become a Premiership defender one day, so I hope Macclesfield have made sure that there is an appropriate sell on clause in the deal.Elliott is a mate of mine, and I can tell you know he won't be taking part in any medical anytime soon... He's on crutches just had his second hip op.Elliott is a mate of mine. What rubbish! Elliott will join - that's for certain.


29 May 2012 19:27:12
Harry Redknapp to leave spurs within the next few days.(22)(38)That would be the biggest mistake Levy could make.Liverpool should pounceWe can only but hopeTo become what a sky pundit as he was always on the box last year seems to be the media darling {Ed003's Note - he has his own studio in the front of his car}Christ...hope hes not coming back to Bournemouth!!!


29 May 2012 18:57:21
ed any blackpool rumours {Ed003's Note - Only talks ongoing with Bednar,we will have to wait until the budget meeting is done and dusted after Holloway's hollibobs}(8)(1)


29 May 2012 16:13:33
Ed is it true what i have been hearing about zoko coming to pne? {Ed003's Note - I've only seen it on here mate,I'm really not sure about the truth in it atm. }(4)(4)No zoko is not going to pne. he has offers from championship clubs.


29 May 2012 18:56:18
Stevenage are set to sign left back Kevin Nicholson from Torquay for a fee of around £130,000.(7)(9)Almost 200k for 31 year old?Rotherham are intrested in signing him as he was born in sheffield and wants a move back to south yorkshire


29 May 2012 18:55:51
Norwich City have signed Fegor Ogude from Norwegian side Valerenga for an estimated £1.5m
This will be confirmed in the next few days(14)(16)~Position?How do you know before it's been announced, or are you like everyone who seems to magically have a best friend who works at the club?Ha ha ha like many people as soon as
people search him up or checked on Fifa ultimate team they are saying they are getting him.Derby county have already agreed a fee for Fegor ogude and Havard
Nielsen and Rosenborgs Jonas SvessonHolding Midfielder


29 May 2012 18:53:38
Bonser in talks to sell club hope its true(0)(5)Wishful thinking chance


29 May 2012 18:50:26
Jake Taylor Antonio and lawson D'ath will all be available for permanent transfer after today's takeover Antonio move to Sheffield Wednesday not far off(2)(10)Jake Taylor and lawson D'ath will not be leaving on permanent transfers. They are the future and will only leave on loan.There is no future for them with all the supposed big names coming in they will leave


29 May 2012 18:49:30
Derby have been contacted by both Bolton and Blackpool regarding striker Steve Davies. My sources inform that the Rams have slapped a £1m price tag on the 12 goal hitman.

Derby could be looking to replace Davies with Frank Nouble who is currently out of contact. From what I can gather Derby would like to take the 20 year old striker on trial first before offering him a contract.(7)(2)He is worth a least £1m averaged nearly a goal every two games having missed 12 weeks of the seasonFrank Nouble has been given a trial along
with Nigel Hasselbienk this was confirmed by Andy Garner.But as far as
a Steve Davies replacement its Johnny
Russell and If that fulls through Jamie
MurphyI know right.with people saying hes barely worth 200k.Unlike other seasons he played every game possible there were no hamstring or calf injurys it was just really unfortunate that he clashed heads with fonte otherwise it would have been 24 goals and if you think about those draws could have been turned into wins and derby could have been in the play offs.Just to those derby fans.Paul green and Steve davies have told nigel that actually they might sign new deals but whether this is because steves family issues have been resolved and Greeny has got any good offers.Plus Nigel still isnt whether to let Miles Addison go as he maybe big but that can be resolved with a hard pre-season.


29 May 2012 18:48:57
It is looking certain that Jordan Rhodes will be leaving the Galpharm, with Fulham reportedly lining up a £5million bid and also Celtic now interested the temptation of top flight football is too much.

Replacements for Rhodes include Simon Church (Reading), Craig Davies (Barnsley) Jason Walker (York)(7)(21)Norwich boundProbably not good enough for the best league in the world but then again no la liga bbva teams are looking at him but he,s sure good enough ta play in engurlandGive us 10% of the rhodes fee and you can have church. il even drive him to huddersfield myself. Worst ever striker to grace Reading's 1st teamOnly reading player going to town is sean morrisonJason Walker from york,worst player ive ever seen dont think so!Don't know about Simon Church being the worst ever striker to wear a Reading shirt. Jimmy Crawford was pretty naffCraig davies wouldnt dareJimmy Crawford wasn't a striker.Paul brayson was the worst ever striker for the royalsCedric baseye worst ever reading forward


29 May 2012 18:48:43
Yeovil have signed Newport County's Sam Foley on a one year contract. So if he scores 15+ goals next season, like Dean Bowditch and Andy Williams, he too will be off at the end of the season to 'find a new challenge' and the like. Brilliant!(9)(3)You cant commit unproven players to long term contracts... if yeovil are sensible, they will have an extension clause...Totally agree. How are we meant to compete in the league when we have players on one year contracts.Better than not having him for a season, maybe the review at christmas will be a clause that allows us to further the contract to 2 years. you don't know what that will mean, have some faithThe guy is unproven in the league! so a one year deal is the correct one! heard he has a clause in contract where we can extend deal in december if all goes well. dont put to much pressure on the lad. Keep calm!You won't be saying that if he has an ineffective season... he needs to prove he can cut it at league one and then look at an extension... however, i agree that Keanu Marsh-Brown should have a longer deal as he is an established league one playerKeanu Marsh-Brown is also still young so a 1 year contract is a smart option for the club.Clause in the contract? Yeovil never put clauses into contracts!Is anthony edgar released?Foley's contract will be reviewed in December, so there will be a view to a longer deal. Sensible option as he's unproven at League 1 level.
Yes Edgar has been releasedNo, Edgar is still contracted, but has been told he can find a new club.As far as I'm aware, Anthony Edgar hasn't been released as he still has another year on his contract. He's been told he doesn't feature in Gary Johnson's plans, so he's free to leave if he can find another club. The problem will be, he'll probably drop to a lower level & be on less money, therefore his agent will tell him to stay at Yeovil unless they agree to pay up his contract, or at least a substantial portion of it. If past history is anything to go by, Yeovil won't be able to afford to pay him off, so he'll probably stay on the books. Hence the reason the two new signings have one year deals with a review clause in them.


29 May 2012 18:46:17
its been reported that leeds utd are talking to 3 different parties with regards to taking over at leeds utd a chicago based company have tabled a bid source look north news(13)(4)That is a few days old.


29 May 2012 18:44:06
Peteborough Utd are finalising a deal to land Dundee Utd's Danny Swanson for £400,000k. The Posh have also made an enquiry in to Dundee Utd's want away striker Johnny Russell.

Leeds Utd have made their move to land the 2 strikers Neil Warnock believes can fire them in to the top 6. Leeds have made a £1.25m bid for QPR's DJ Campebll. They have also contacted Milwall in regards to last seasons top scorer Darius Henderson.(5)(11)Source no source and warnock on holiday pal!Umm, Swanson is on a free get your facts right mate.Johnny Russell is not want away he's publicly stated that staying at Utd for at least another year is in his own best interestDanny Swanson is out of contract and therefore available on a free!Would love to see Swanson & Russell at London Road. But Swanson is on a free and is in talks with MK Dons, whilst Russell states he will stay another yearRegrettably, the only thing likely to get fired at Leeds is Warnock, took them from play off favourites to mid table!


29 May 2012 18:41:49
Have Steve maclean and anthong edgar been released(1)(1)I'd pressume so both have been deleted from the OS's squad list edgar was told he can leave maclean hasn't played since early march/febAnthony edgar is on a two year contract so doubt he would been released to be honest and steve maclean i think has been put up for transfer as he isnt wanted under gary johnson


29 May 2012 18:41:46
The consortium that are talking to Leeds are the maple
Leaf ice hockey team owners it has said on fox sports (US SPORTS NEWS) that he is wanting to his expand over to the uk and see's Leeds as a good club to buy!(8)(9)Larry Tanenbaum (the bloke you are referring to) has only expressed interest in Nottingham Forest so far based off of reports from the Canadian version of ESPN which is called TSNThe Maple Leafs aren't owned by one person but by 2 separate media outlets, so I doubt this is trueIt's not the Maple Leafs, it's a Chicago based company jeez


29 May 2012 18:34:05
Ipswich delaying the signing of 17 year old Elliott Hewitt untill tomorow when the teenager turns 18 and can sign a longer contract believed to be a 3 year deal with the option of a 1 year extension(12)(3)


29 May 2012 18:24:22
Middlesbrough fc has complete the signing of Grant ledbitter - itv news(12)(1)


29 May 2012 18:21:40
Ralf Rangnick to be appointed as new West Brom manager, depending on his requests regarding an assistant Ray Wilkins could be appointed to work alongside him. Rangnick is keen on maintaining the group of players he already has and intends on targeting 3-4 quality to players to add to the ranks. He is an ambitious man and the board feel he will help to build the club up to be ready to fight for and compete in Europe in coming seasons(17)(1)Would love this to happen, but can't see it tbhPlease no. Anyone but some nobody. All Woys good work will be undone and relegation will follow. Jeremy Peace will have a lot to answer for.Who the hell is ralf rangnick. agree that he will undo roy's good work why not go for michael laudrup who has knowledge of the european market and is a respected manSome nobody!?, Rangnick lead Schalke to 2nd in the budesliga and to the semi final of the champions league and has 20 years of good managerial experience. A quality choiceRalf rangnick took hoffenheim from elague 3 to 3rd in bundesliga and did well for schlake with a budget, he will be very suited at the hawthorns.Ralf is very well known in Germany I think it would be a good appointment. Boing boing n welcomen to Ralf.How can you not know who someone is then in the next breath say they will undo someones good work? if you don't know them how do you know how qualified they are. as it happens Ralf Ragniek is a very experienced successful german manager! who managed schalke to the champions league semi final!Ralfs record in germany managed 500 lost 100 hes class got great knwoledge fo teh game and brought therough players such as huntelaar and demba baDo your home work before you say 'NO', this guy is a class act.....get him in NOW


29 May 2012 18:21:40
bolton to sign Papa Bouba Diop
to replace Nigel Reo Coker.(14)(7)


29 May 2012 18:21:34
Out of contract pair Stephen Gleeson and Michael Jacobs will be unveiled as Peterborough United players on friday after compensation fees were agreed with MK Dons and Northampton Town.(8)(14)Gleeson signed for 2 more years at MKWrong Gleeson has signed a 2 year contract extension with MK DonsSteven Gleeson has turned Posh down yet again. So has Dundee United's Danny Swanson. Gleeson signed a new two year deal today. Swanson gone home to think over the Dons offer.No gleeson just signed a contractGleeson signed new contract with mighty DONSThats funny as gleeson has just signed a new two year dealGleesons agreed a new two year deal with donsThe lad obviously thinks league one is his limit then!Well done Gleeson fr showing some loyalty! Turning down moves to Championship clubs! Enjoy more heartbreak in the playoffs!

Before, you say enjoy relegation next season, remember at least we have made it to championship level! PUFCHAHA posh wont get any of these... there both to good to play for you! + gleesons signed a new contract... & jacobs will get BIGGER & BETTER then little posh..Gleeson has turned us down heis overated and jacobs will wait a little longer before deciding as he will get offers from a few more clubs yet and swanson will be signing for posh nots dons as he plans on moving up the ladder not downIf Gleeson were to leave it would be to a better club than Peterborough.I don't understand how dons fans can say the posh are bad? We have both more money than you and play a much better standard? Gleeson obviously isn't that good or he wouldn't turn down championship football? Idiots!Gleeson signed 2 year deal with MK Dons todayHaha your all slating posh, were a better club than mk dons so stop being keyboard warriors and remember...were in the championship, you are not, hence we are better and biggerHas anyone mentioned that Gleeson has signed a new 2 year deal?May i just point out that the posh have a history and were not a frachise. gleeson must be scared of playing at a high level and MK dons wont be better than peterborough till they finish higher than 9th place in the championship. Till this happens the mighty posh are the better team.POSH chairman confirmed that Gleeson was not a target this year so no offers made and no rejections received.Key board warriors... your the only ones arguing deluded boro ahaLol posh are going down this season, sort out some CHAMPIONSHIP STANDARD targets from a Forest fan


29 May 2012 18:16:48
Huddersfields mega rich owner Dean Hoyle has persuaded Jordan Rhodes and Jack Hunt to stay for at least another season by funding a genuine shot at a play off place. Simon Grayson has already had talks with several clubs regarding a number of potential targets, that will raise a few eyebrows if they materialise. I am a Barnsley supporter but heard a club official on his mobile at the stadium. I am an electrician working there.(9)(12)What Are you working on then?Ye but rhodes has got 40 4 club and 6 4 country and hes only 22


29 May 2012 18:08:16
Hume has 2 years left on his contract, how can Tranmere sign him? Zoko not for PNE, he's off to Motherwell.(2)(4)


29 May 2012 17:58:34
With the TSI takeover now completed, Reading FC look likely to bolster their squad for survival in the Premier League. With few players likely to leave the newly promoted outfit and pass up the chance to play in the Premiership, it will mostly be transfers into the Berkshire club that will be the main talking points.

Across numerous transfer speculation websites we've been predicted to spend in the region of 15-20 million, and these are the reported players on which that money will probably be spent.


Adrian Mariappa - Watford (3-5 million)
Chris Gunter - Nottingham Forest (3 million)
Yakubu - Blackburn (1 million)
Geoff Cameron - Houston Dynamo (3 million)
Matt Phillips - Blackpool (2.5 million)


Jordan Rhodes - Huddersfield (7 million)
Joe Cole - Liverpool (season long loan/ 50% wages)
David 'Junior' Hoilett - Blackburn (5 million as compensation despite being out of contract)
Christoph Berra - Wolves (2 million)
Radolsaw Majewski - Nottingham Forest (2 million)
Dame N'Doye - FC Copenhagen (5 million)
Jermain Defoe - Tottenham Hotspur (4 million)


Simon Church - Crystal Palace/Watford/Leicester/Ipswich (2 million)
Mikkel Anderson - Watford (season-long loan)
Sean Morrisson - Huddersfield (1 million)
Michail Antonio - Sheffield Wednesday (700k)

These are 100% legitimate rumours and I predict that of this list Brian McDermott will sign 4/5 players, a centre-back as cover, a full-back, a creative midfielder and two strikers.(18)(25)No chance any of them would sign for a club like reading2.5 million for MP should be laughed at more than.

He will go to a better club for 5 millionThe names are sourced from lazy press journalism, but the valuations on nearly everyone is way way out ...example Mariappa £3-5m....that makes the thread lose any loose credibility it hadWhat's all the compensation about if Hoilett's out of contract? {Ed003's Note - because he is under 24 }Why would anyone want Simon church ? He is a donkeyIMO chris Gunter would be a great signing along with yakubu and a few other players eg. Matt Phillips, Adrian mariappa and I would be very surprised if dame N'Doye joined us !Phillips is not worth £5mil. £2.5 is about right...First team squad of 25!!100% legitimate rumours - I love it!Dream OnOyston will wait till next season when his (MP)value will go up to sell himPure fantasySimon Church Watford 2 million ha haReading will be back in the championship next year and reading won't get Defoe IN YOUR DREAMS, enjoy the PL why u can ;)Marriappa would cost £2M max. Defo would cost £8-10m minimum and if Church was sold for £2m id get smashed. I dont think Gunter is worth 3m either, id rather sign Clyne for that muchHow is Rhodes worth more than Defoe? A proven premier league goal scorer. Rhodes has scored a few in league 1 but so did Beckford and look at him now.Mariappa will not go for as low as £2m, FACT. We do not need to sell him and he's worth more. If Rodriguez is worth £7m with a year on his contract... yeah.

Church to Watford for £2m? We do not have that kind of money to spend.Dream Come True :DTo the Watford fan above. Yes he's worth more but he's out of contract next summer with no new deal on the cards at the moment and the club needs money. He's off, simple as that and probably for under 3m.N'Doye would cost no-where near £5m. £2.5m maximum.Berra ! lol. Iam a Wolves fan you can have him.Rhodes is a young British talent who has scored more than 'a few' goals and that's why he's so expensive. Still think he's overpriced and honestly hope we don't get him if he plays like he did in the play-off final!To the Muppet who said a club like Reading let me guess your a United supporter (Plum)Rhodes has no Championship experience, £7m is an utter rip off! Even Rodriguez is a massive rip off and he's much better than Rhodes.

Mariappa has 1 year on his We have gotten around £2m for the likes of Priskin and Tommy Smith with a year on their contract... Mariappa is worth more than them both. There is competition for his signature too....Its the fact that you think we don't need to sell! Would you rather have 2m for him or nothing next summer??Your get none of them you're always be a small club"Reading will be back in the championship next year and reading won't get Defoe IN YOUR DREAMS, enjoy the PL why u can ;)

You most likely said that about Swansea, Norwich and QPR last year as well. You obviously have no idea about anything to do with Reading so why write them off?^ Any team would rather have something than nothing. Yet Burnley still got £7m for Rodriguez when a team could've said "Take £2m or get nothing next year".Simon church to Ipswich, no he's not a twenty goal a season playerRhodes is going nowhere - Town fan. Dean Hoyle is building, not dismantling a squad. Only old wood going.Church is going to brighton or leedsHOW RHODES PLAYED IN FINAL? Your having a laugh! Nobody had a shot on target until 70th minute... and 7 shots till 90th min. Thats the sort of game it was. Both teams had really good tactics in order not to lose. both teams were scared of leaving too much space at the back. People who see one game how he plays quick to judge, try watching him all season. He is staying at town. no reason for him to want to go just yet. Town offering him a nice new contract any way.He has only gone 22. Champ first then Prem.Send church out on loan, build his confidence back up. He is still a decent player, scored 2 against west ham last year etc.


29 May 2012 17:50:17
Derby interested in bringing in Wolves striker Sam Vokes to replace Steve Davies.(18)(4)


29 May 2012 17:48:44
Reading in battle with Liverpool to sign Krasic from Juventus. Source:

More than likely Liverpool will beat reading for his signature but you never know.(7)(17)You watch all the players now being chased by Reading after their takeover!Well if Rodgers has anything to do with it...we will definitely lose out ...our transfer nemesis !When linked with United, Chelsea, Spurs & Liverpool would anyone in their right mind consider Reading? I like them but he seems way too good from what is seen..Various articles confirm this, not gonna put it up for the sake of it. I hadn't hear of him til I read the story haRogers didn't work out for Reading as a manager of our first, good youth coach for us though and its but to see him making it happen elsewhere ... As for the guy sayin 'watch Reading chase all the players now the takeover is complete' TBF Reading has its targets (since Jan) and will get 80% of them without going crazing with over the top fees. Do some research on the club it's run well and finally will have the £ staying power for Pl football.You can all the money which I doubt you have but your always be a small clubSo you doubt Reading have money, despite the 51% takeover from a Millionaire and his Billionaire father aswell as a few other minor investors.


29 May 2012 17:47:06
Charlton will beat Crystal Palace to the signing of Cheltenham Towns explosive winger Jermaine Mcglashen whos end of season form helped the League two outfit to the playoff final.(3)(8)Never heard of himCheltenham paid £75,000 for him in January and it would need a bid far in excess of that to prise him away now.Never heard of him? Then you should have watched the play offs like any proper football fan!As far as I am aware Charlton are not in for this player, any footballer that is good enough for Charlton is far too good Palace anyway.We got zaha, Williams, Parr thanks, you are welcome to himSaw McGlashen at Aldershot believe it or not, my local club, saw him in the play-off final too for Cheltenham. Quality, whether he could make it in the Championship I don't know though.You haven't got Zaha for long! Charlton will finish above Palace this seasonYou wont have zaha next season mate!No end product. Not even Cheltenham fan's rate him that much.We will have zaha, just penned a 5 yr deal, only a ridiculous offer will prize him away. Wow the winners of the 3rd division are really confident! You wont finish above us, trust me the league's stronger since you been playing in lower leagues! You haven't the cash Southampton, br13ton have!I will bet you any money you want Zaha will be at Palace next year. Charlton will struggle like last time they were in the championship. Not good enough I'm afraidWe don't have the cash eh? We are wealthier than palace, look up mr. Kevin cash, one of the most powerful people in London, mega rich and has 600-700mill for us to spend as well as the other owners, you couldn't even finish above millwall last season it'll be league 1 for you next year, we are more likely to get promoted than palace,How can you comment on Palace, when last time you were in this league you got relegated. for 4 years charlton fans have said we will be relegated, clueless.Financial fair play will make owner's wealth absolutely pointless. Palace aren't far off running profitably. And I'd comment on Charlton's squad, but I haven't followed lower league football over the last 3 yearsNo you've just followed your poor team survive by the skin of their teeth every season, you cnt even finish above millwall, I'm gunna thank you in advance for the 6 easy points, chin chinFinish by the skin of our teeth? But we still haven't gone down have we? We are slowly making progress on and off the pitch you lot can only dream of having the calibre of youngsters we have. Any team which goes 4 nil down to notts county at HOME will struggle in the championship. We took 4 points off of millwall, 4 off of br13ton, and I suspect at least 4 off of you soon.Did you see the notts game NO, it was one defender that was at fault for three goals how is that the whole teams fault? And you have crap youngsters, clyne is your best, zaha is overrated, and who was your other best, victor Moses, average, whilst who have we had, shelvey off to Liverpool, jenkinson off to arsenal, Scott Parker ENGALND CAPTAIN, Paul koncheskey, Lee bowyer and we have the engaknd u17 AND u18 captains now, deigo poet and Jordan counsins, so go and cry in your pillow about how we are #1 in south London and how we are a bigger team than you, only team south of the river to win a major trophy, that makes us the biggest south of e river, chin chinAnd jermaine Defoe came through our academy4 points of Millwall and Brighton maybe, but only 1 each off Doncaster and Portsmouth. Wow, how did you not go up?And you wonder why we call you clowns! You have been stagnating in league 1for 3 years, you come back up and give it all the bs ! Get a life ,
Live in the now! Palace are a financial, well run club with fantastic youngsters coming through


29 May 2012 17:41:12
Former players Matt Holland and Dean Kiely will join Chris Powells coaching staff next season.(5)(8)


29 May 2012 17:39:47
Sevilla in for Nigel Reo Coker according to many reports including . Personally would love to see him remain in premier league, maybe West Ham where he was captain before?(10)(8)Is this you reo putting all this crap on here to get yourself a clubReo coker at sevilla? Are you mad?
BWFC season ticket holder here and i can tell you he is not in that league. The guy is a championship midfielder who talks a good talk and fight but doesn't have 1 quality that can be carried on a pitch. The guy can't run, tackle or shoot. Sevilla , wait till the bolton fans clock onto that rumour


29 May 2012 17:36:12
Charlton boss Chris Powell will give former fan favourite Lloyd Sam a pre-season lifeline to earn a contract with the Addicks.(6)(2)Possible north end target alsoIf he goes to PNE you'll get a good player, not one that is consistently good but nonetheless capable of changing a game.

I hope he comes back to Charlton, but only on a short contract because he has to prove that he can be what we all thought he would be in his youth with us. Best of luck to him wherever he goes.Don't think so somehow. Powell's whole philosophy is that if he decided to leave before his not welcome back. More to the point if he ain't good enough for Leeds he's not coming to The Valley.Sam left us and he is never coming back to the valley, we have better RM than him anyway.

Sam is a top league 1 RM at best."Sam left us and he is never coming back to the valley, we have better RM than him anyway.

Sam is a top league 1 RM at best."

I dont agree, he was in a very poor team when he left us and who can blame him for that, we were going nowhere fast. Put him in a better team with clear instructions and he'll do a job. QED^^^^ it's wasn't a poor team we finished 4th or 5th and lost in the PO's by penalties, your thinking of the team that we finished 13th with, our team was good with him, shelvey, burton, jenkinson, Bailey etcIt was 4th and it was a poor team.Sam's a quality player but he wouldn't get in over Jackson or GreenTo be fair ^^^^ I doubt Jenkinson made more than a couple of sub appearances that season matePut him in a better team and he'll do a job? If that was true then he would have been playing regularly for Leeds and they would have offered him a new contract. If they don't want him then he's unlikely to be able to add anything to us.


29 May 2012 17:35:52
Cardiff Signings:

lewis - goalkeeper - free
hunt - right back - £750,000
halford - centre back - £500,000
keogh - centre back - £750,000
shorey - left back - free
adomah - right winger - £1,000,000
henriksen - centre attacking midfield - £1,750,000
andrews - centre midfield - free
aluko - left winger - free
morrison - striker - £1,000,000
bellamy - striker - £2,000,000
fuller - striker - free(6)(34)We wish!!!Where's Whitts !!Bellamy 2mill,lol,behave,anyway cardiff wont spend that on one player.Bristol city have just said they will not sell Albert Adomah for less than 3 million, and Keogh will be joining bristol city on the 3rd of juneAdomah is quality and worth more than a million i think.Cardiff to be in defo administration after these signings?12 Signings - doubt itI assume you mean Jack Hunt - right back - if so you should add £1 million to the figure quotedKeogh will not be joining bristol city because he is coming to cardiffIf u mean s morison of norwich u can add 2 half mill to that. Im sure he cant wait to swop trips from anfield to likes portman road, dream on taff.Keogh will not join bristol city as coventry delind bristol's bid for around 250,000 and coventry called it derisory, Cardiff made an official bid not sure of how much£600,000 was the official bid for keogh and Cardiff will spend 2mil or more on a player because we made an official £5.5million bid for jay rod


29 May 2012 17:35:47
Reading interested in taking yakubu off blackburns hands for a fee of £1million which is thought to be the clause in his contract if they got relegated they also face competition from promotion rivals west ham and Southampton !(22)(7)Reading are welcome to him.Well said


29 May 2012 17:35:02
BBC Sport reports that Burnley have accepted a £7million bid from SOTON for Jay Rodriguez.(26)(5)


29 May 2012 17:34:50
Ralf Rangnick to be announced as new west brom manager tomorrow - genuine(8)(3)Are you entirely sure what genuine means


29 May 2012 17:33:10
Charlton will renew their interest in MK Dons Stephen Gleeson.A move broke down both in the summer and January.Chris Powell believes the Addicks promotion to the championship could help seal a deal.(4)(2)One of the few rumours on here that sounds like it could have legs.This could happen along with right winger Daniel Powell.Charlton are after a centre mid that is no secret and I would imagine many irons are in the fire. Gleeson sounds plausible but not sure he is the tough tackler that we require TBH.Gleeson has just re-signed a 2 year contract for Dons.Just because he's signed a contract, doesn't mean it won't happen. It's a good way of increasing the player's value. But, I agree, it does seem to make it less likely...No player signs a contract n goes thats rubbish


29 May 2012 17:29:22
George Elokobi attracting interest from Bristol City, Middlesbrough, Hull and Leicester. Although he is still believed to be part of Solbakken's plans has only a year left on his deal and unlikely to sign a new one(9)(4)Hes been seen in the bristol areaYeah they have made the first move. Boro still keeping up their interest from January but dependant on the McManus situation. Hull dependent on new manager and he seems to be one of 2/3 choices for Leicester, probably not first choice.


29 May 2012 17:28:30
Charlton manager Chris Powell sees Brightons Matt Sparrow as an ideal signing to strengthen his midfield options.
Bournemouths Marc Pugh is also a target(3)(5)I will pay his taxi and removals if true!I'll open the door for himThis one is far from reality, sorry Brighton fans you'll have to look elsewhere to dump this one.Matt sparrow is dirty and average have him he's a reserve playerI was present when Powell watched the BHA reserves, including Sparrow, play Crawley last season (Sparrow had a mare that day but showed good form later in the season before suspensions did for him)


29 May 2012 17:26:35
Martin O'Neill is looking to old club Aston Villa to sign James Collins and is also interested in bringing Michael Owen to the club on a pay as you play deal.(15)(9)You can have him! good luck! haha



29 May 2012 17:19:40
Leadbitters signed a three year deal. A good signing(12)(4)Well we had him for 3 years 1st year ok 2nd rubbish 3rd only started playing last few games to get a contract, will not be missed im afraid, at least you've not paid money for him, good luck for next year with Mr Mobray ( good manager )We had leadbitter at sunderland for more than 3 years and he is a quality player on his day, great signing for boro and think will help him being back in the north east near his family n friendsAgain a town fan here. For a free he's a good player he has ability but as poster one says averaged one good seaosn over 3 years with us. Decent in all areas without being exceptional in any one area. PS do not let him take any set pieces you will regret it!


29 May 2012 17:19:22
this is no rumour josh mcquoid was at dean court for his medical today welcome back josh.(7)(4)Do u know if we are signing anyone eles and if so have they had a medcial yet.You are welcome to him,a league 1 player!Most of the fans dont want him so he will have alot to prove.Left at wrong time, should of stayed,! That's agents for ya! Welcome bk I say!


29 May 2012 17:17:47
Targets Carlos Sanchez (Valenciennes), Joe Cole (Lille), Jermain Defoe (Spurs), Yakubu Ayegbeni (Blackburn Rovers).

According to The Gaurdian(3)(10)This looks like reading judging by the players before anyone asksWhat are you on about!


29 May 2012 17:15:59
Crawley are interested in signing Huddersfield Town winger Gary Roberts.(8)(13)He's just been released on a free so he's anyones...Lowton is an Bradford fan


29 May 2012 17:12:27
Paul Turnbull will sign for Stockport with Sean McConville will make the move to Northampton
Stockport also in talks to sign Macclesfield Town midfielder Ross Draper.(1)(3)Hope turnbull moves back.... have him for free id say!! get rid of all the rubbish johnson signed


29 May 2012 16:55:24
bilel mohsni will be staying at
southend till at least next season
with a 1 year contract stopping talks
of a move to northampton(3)(1)Glad moshni is staying at southend, why bother moving to a smaller club who know doubt will finish mid table like they do every season (yes im talking about northamptonIm not a northampton fan but i find it funny when a very small team like southend call a team like northampton "small"... They have more money to spend then you do, the biggest budget in the league & by far the best manager in the league... (play off bottle jobs) from a wednesday fanThe year's option has been taken up by Southend, however, this is to ensure that the 'price' of Mohsni is now substantial to those clubs who wish to purchase. He will be a Colchester or Northampton player next season.(Im a swindons fan) But Northampton a small team LOL yes that have had a very sticky 2 years & two seasons but that would be there bad days behind them i say.... That club has alot of money, (havent they just made a rugby league team?) if they was skint they wouldnt have made a rugby team, So with the money that will get pumped into them & the manager they have (the best manager in league 2) ... If i was mohsni i'd rather play for them then VERY little southend united....Southend are not a very little club when in the last 10 years have northampton been near the championship oh wait they havent they've been struggling to survive in the football league, where did Northampton finish near the bottom of the table with all that supposed money and southend almost went up with very little money.


29 May 2012 16:53:55
Carlos Sanchez and Mariappa are both close to signing contracts with Reading they are also interested in Nathaniel Clyne and Wilfrid Zaha. The TSI Takeover is nearing completion. West Ham have made a 7m bid for Bas Dost but are unlikely to get him. Newcastle are looking to strengthen their French consortium with various signings from Ligue One, many stars are on their list. Leeds are in talks with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainments. I'm very clued up in many English and French clubs, and laugh if you want, but 90% of this will come off.(5)(5)All possible except Zaha really. He decided to stay at Palace in janurary, turning down a premier liague move. If he goes anywhere it will most likely be a more establish prem team.


29 May 2012 16:58:41
Bolton midfielder may leave the Reebok
this summer with Everton a likely destination.

Source: Friend of family.

Everton wanted him last summer aswell(6)(6)Which Bolton midfielder?Which one?Name of player?Sorry but do Bolton only have one midfielder ? Who do you refer to ?Sean Davis :-DWho??I thought he would of meant M.Davies cause he's the only good one that might be possibly sold. But no way sean Davies, firstly because he's already been released and he'll be going down the championship at bestReo coker and mark davies may be leaving 2 reo coker is sunderland or whu and mark davies to newcastle


29 May 2012 16:56:53
LEADBITTER SIGNS 3 Year DEAL today with Middlesbrough !

GREAT SIGNING :)(12)(2)Average signing at best, waste of money and wages, glad he's gone.We (ITFC) paid £2.5m for 2 great goals and naff all else, you'll see the best in 2 years and 6 months time when the contract is due to expireHe's the championships xabi alonso. Make some great passes. Has good vision and control. He is also a very good team player. ITFC will miss him now he's gone..I'd compare grant lead bitter with a donkey although tht's disrespectful to a donkey tbh!Some very bitter ITFC fans on here, maybe its because they've lost their best midfielder?A honest town fan here.

Not our best midfielder he lost his place and captaincey for us this season. No doubt he has ability but is far to inconsistant and a truely terrible set piece taker. On his day he can be a exceptional. Sadly on his day is very rare. he's very quiet player as well. He's one who could be very good but he's also one that can drift out of gamesYou mean their best player. He saw nothing in ITFC so therefore packed his bags :)


29 May 2012 16:50:30
West Ham are looking at Louie Saha on a free transfer, following his release from Tottenham(16)(5)It's not even official yet


29 May 2012 16:48:31
GRANT LEADBETTER has signed 3 year deal at rockcliff this afternoon ledsma next then jacob butterfield and once big mac sold loovens will be bought and muzzy from bristol rovers they would be happy for 300,000 pound bargain(3)(5)


29 May 2012 16:45:04
Bury are set to sign Marc Newsham from Boston United(5)(1)Contact has been made after Burton approached Bury for a keeper.
Wages will be the problem in both diirections.


29 May 2012 16:43:42
Today the papers have been saying that Bas Dost will sign for Wolfsberg but would you rather sign for a premier league club like West Ham or a mid table bundesliga club. If Dost does sign for Wolfsberg West Ham will target Louis Saha(6)(7)Easy I would sign for the germans at least they play footballWolfsburg every time, I doubt their fans still live in the past.


29 May 2012 16:41:04
Sheffield United transfers:

Simonsen - Swindon (Free)
Lowton - Leeds
Maguire - Huddersfield
Quinn - Motherwell.(3)(14)Why would lowton go to leeds as hes a blades fan? Maguire if he goes would go to a premeirship side not a below average championship side & stephen quinns attracted interest from teams such as swansea & wigan, so no he wont be going to motherwellLowton to leeds? Not true! just stupid rumoursLowton is a Chesterfield fan.Below average championship is still better than stuck in Div 1Maguire is no where near premier league quality yet, he might have the potential but no experience whatsoever. If Sean Morrison doesn't sign for Town this summer Maguires will be a great target. PS. Enjoy League 1.Lowton is a Mansfield fan


29 May 2012 16:32:40
Lassana Diarra back to Chelsea for a cut price £8m as Jose Mourinho is prepared to do busness.
The Blues are also considering a bid for Newcastle star Yohan Cabaye.

Meanwhile Newcastle boss Alan Pardew is considering a cheeky bid for Man Utd striker Dimtar Berbatov as he wants competition for Cisse and Ba.(9)(14)I thought Pardew was getting Ba dost or
De Jong as CompetitionNot on the Wages Berbatov would command, Let PSG pay for a player they could get for free soon if they want to waste their money.


29 May 2012 16:29:29
Martin Jol is set to do business early by raiding former club Ajax for young defender Daley Blind and midfield progidy Ismail Aissati. Meanwhile closer to home Julien Faubert could be on his way into Craven Cottage after his release from West Ham. The super fast Frenchman is said to be happy in london and believes he can still cut it at the top level after a spell in the Championship with the Hammers.(5)(4)Faubert was crap the year before last and doesn't seem to have impressed in the championship - so no chance of going to FulhamIn actualy fact Faubert has not been happy in London for well over a year now, he and his wife want to return to France


29 May 2012 16:28:03
Any transfer news for crawley town
and crystal palace?(2)(7)Heard Doris the tea lady at the MIGHTY ALBION turned down a move to palace as they have only got 11 teabags and they all ware red and blue.


29 May 2012 16:24:35
paul quin, gypes and lee naylor may go to huddlesfield(4)(4)Gypes was on trial at Portsmouth for last few months and will be again in August


29 May 2012 16:23:08
ed do you think Jordan Rhodes will stay at Huddersfield now I think he might stay because of promotion(12)(15)He wouldn't join another Championship team but if a prem team comes along with the money then he'll leave.He as said he isnt going to ask to leaveTake roberts he got released from town for a reason over rated and i speak for all town fans when i say good ridance good signing for a league 1 side like blades thoI must take issue with your comments on Roberts. You certainly do not speak for all town fans.
Rhodes situation I feel is 50/50.


29 May 2012 16:23:07
Any Cardiff transfers rumours ed boi??(1)(5)They are going for Jay Rodriguez for 5.5m and Fabianski.


29 May 2012 16:22:44
norwich setting there sights on jay Rodriguez was the funniest thing i ever heard you dont have the money to buy him never mind the debt you are in already and look your most loved player wanted to leave :( Grant Holt. face the facts norwich it going start going down hill from here Arsenal fan Matt(7)(17)"Arsenal fan Matt" - funniest thing you've ever heard? Funnies thing I ever heard was the Arsenal fans thinking they would challenge for the title this season. Nice one son - Bye bye RVP3 3 say no more matt lol hardI don't support Norwich but you are a typical fan of supposedly 'big' teams. In fact, like most arsenal fans you have this arrogance that Borders on insanity believing the smoke and mirrors fables that your board and over rated bad loser of a manager feed the masses of deluded goonersWhat have Norwich and their transfer targets got to do with a nauseating arsenal fan? I didnt see you lot so cocky when Barcelona chased you all over the emirates last year. Stick to your own club and no trophies for seven years or is finishing third what you aspire to these days? And let's not forget, if Norwich hadn't of beaten spurs you would be in the europa league. Keep your childish and puerile posts to yourself.

Jim Dhoc- Celtic fan before you whingeI agree asernal think there as big as man u and man city when in truth there just not. And buy the way Norwich could buy him they just have more sense than to not spend a ridiculous amount of money on himYes we are in loads of dept.....
thats why we hardly have any now :DHey matt how many trophies in 7 years?For 1 Grant Holt does not want to leave, he just wants more money (FACT) 2 Arsenal are the leagues biggest losers as they have had the biggest of all falls from grace so stick that in your rusty brown eye. 3. Norwich have got the money and we are not in debt. 4. we will see at the end of next season when you finish further down the table when you lose the only player that kept you near the top + no one wants to sign for a has been club like arsenal... oh and yes I am a Norwich fan ....OTBCWhy does every one think norwich have big debts

we has 20mil debt before we got promoted and since be decreased to 10 and will continue decreasing

also we can affor rodriquez - past transfer windows we have spent around 15mil and they said same will happen this year.

if you know nothing about the club why postI hope you know after next season Norwich have said all external debt should be paid offNorwich have no money and are in debt ? You don't have a clue , thats why we have around 20m to spend and were building onto our stand
Your an Aresnal fan , once Rvp goes , you have nothing ! , ye will be lucky to finish in the top half without him
Nasri Cesc and now Rvp leaving , Sinking ship!Oh dearie me, another Spud posing to be an Arsenal fan.Holt doesn't want more money, he has been treated unfairly by the clubI'm a norwich fan and I'm sick of our new fans who think were not in debt but really we are. We won't spend big again. We won't make any signing over 3mil. I've been a season ticket holder since I was 9 years old, all the new cocky fans who laughed when we were in.league one and now can just my The abuse of Arsenal is utterly hilarious. Norwich will most likely be fighting relegation next season. Arsenal are one of the biggest teams in Europe.

It's laughable.Well said above about, the new breed of norwich fan, who keep talking rubbish, your only now watching as you want to see big teams, where were you when we were in league 1?Well said !!!Who said that rodriguez or anyone else mentioned is worth over 3 mill? we all know we aren't gonna be spending big bucks so why have you come on here giving it the lifelong Norwich fan hero speech? i've supported norwich all my life and had a season ticket since i was 14 but obviously you're better than i am then.Norwich have external debt; but it is due to be completely covered by the end of next season (this is according to Norwich's CEO, David McNally) McNally has also hinted towards a 20m budget for the upcoming season.
now to the Arsenal fan(s) posting - worry about your own "big club." Norwich were projected to be fighting relegation last season too, and that didn't happen. Focus on trying to keep players that are too big for your club.I agree the poster is an person and this from an Ipswich fan who has no love of the Budgies. If Norwich want to be stupid enough to match Saints 7m offer for Rodriguez that is up to them.

By the way Arsenal you must be rubbish you even lost to us last season!We we sold out our season ticket allocation in League One, in the Championship and again in the Premier League....the amount of carp spouted in this thread is quite unbelievable..

We have minor debt compared to many Premier League clubs. As mentioned above we will have no more external debt by the end of of next season, meaning the only debt owed will be to directors for their loans to us etc...

I don't get the general abuse from one football club to another. Arsenal and Norwich aren't on the same leve whatsoever. Arsenal are, in my opinion, currently underachieving, but then when the financial fair play thing kicks in they could be in a massively strong position. You just can't afford to lose RVP and dro out of the top 4. You also need Wenger to just dip into the market for one or two well known quality players with some experience. You've got one in with Podolski, but you could do with another one or two in my opinion.

As for Norwich...we will have anywhere between £15-20m to spend, but as per last season I imagine some will be spent in summer and some in the January transfer window to "add to what we've already got", as Lambert likes to say...He likes to freshen it up every 6 months or so, and will continue doing that.

I don't think we'll struggle with relegation too badly, but I think it'll be harder this season with the teams coming up potentially having a bit of cash to spend, not to mention a few more teams now using the Norwich/Swansea example of buying from the lower leagues, meaning those players are now in higher demand so their prices are increasing...."Grant Holt's not going anywhere"
He must be very confused then cos he says he is. Not really sure why all those carrot-crunchers are trying to get into a cock-waving competition - they are not even in the same footballing universe as Arsenal.Wanted: Someone that can score goals cos Holt has walked. A manager that actually wants to manage Norwich. A support worker from A.A. that can keep certain board members off the sauce.
A miracle..'cos that's what it'll take to stop Norwich from being relegated Next season. I'm gonna bung a £100 on that happening now.'s all coming up Roses in Norwich.


29 May 2012 16:21:04
completely unconfirmed, likely to be BS but thought i would share anyway - reading preparing to bid for gylfi sig. As i say this is not from me but thought i would share
MrRfc(4)(10)Hasn't he just been comfirmed to be signing with swansea on a permanent basis.. ?He's agreed terms but not completed, will it change if rodgers leaves. as i say i think its BS (but will be happy if its not)
MrRfcBloody well hope so!He signed for Swansea yesterdayHe's signed for Swansea for just under 6 million. It was confirmed late yesterday.So £90 for promotion, plus being taken over money.. Season tickets have gone down in price this year..The transfer to Swansea isn't complete he still has a medical to go through. Plus with Rodgers possibly off to Liverpool that could kill the move. Gylfi will only go to Swansea if Rodgers is there.Nothing is final yet, he hasn't had his medicalSurely if Rodgers goes to Liverpool, he'll try and take Gylfi there? Think about it.


29 May 2012 16:10:21
Bradford are in the hunt for Danny Cadamarteri after he is released by Huddersfield. They also want Gary Roberts from Huddersfield since he isn't in Grayson's plans.(10)(7)Gary roberts wanted to play higher level football cant see him going to bradford.WOW roberts doing the rounds at alot of VERY OPTIMISTIC lge 2 teams now, cadamarteri would be good signing for bradford (bottom half lge 2 ) but you couldnt even afford roberts wages let alone sell him a vision hahaRoberts is going to Sheff Utd - Fact.Hope we dont sign Omar Daley. Now Jermaine Johnson thats an X player i would want backHope they are not in the hunt for Cadamatri - did not meet expectations when at City before.


29 May 2012 16:09:38
leytonorient are in talks to
sign jeff goulding from cheltenham on
a free transfer(6)(4)Have it on good authority that jabo ibehre will be an leyton orient player by the weekend.


29 May 2012 16:09:03
Wolves will announce this week that there new Director of Football will be Graham Taylor. Taylor will take up the post in a full time capacity and will take ALL of the football related matters out of the hands of Jez Moxey. Leaving him purely to deal with the marketing side of the club.(7)(9)Is this Graham Taylor, chairman of Watford? ...He has stated time and time again that he doesn't want a full time football role again because of his media commitments and family.I wished this were trueThis is the same Graham Taylor that has recently said the only job that would tempt him back is Wolves. This is because he grew up a Wolves fan and failled last time. Have no idea if this rumour is true but those were his wors when commentating on Wolves towards the en of the season.^
Not sure where you got that from, he's a well known Scunny fan. Thanks for playing though, better luck next time.Graham Taylor just resigned as chairman of Watford - to concentrate on other things in football. Primarily his media work but after that who knows...... I would've thought he'd be unlikely to step back into a position like Director of Football though.Taylor a scunny fan loooooool you on crack son ...hes wolves ..and so hope this is true


29 May 2012 16:08:19
Nigel Reo-Coker could be one of the most wanted men in English football. The released Bolton star is currently wanted by no less than 7 Premier League teams as well as having numerous offers from abroad. Old club West Ham and Everton lead the chase for his signature with QPR, Newcastle, Fulham, Norwich and even Tottenham showing interest.(11)(21)Realeased that tells it all,thinks he is better than he actualy is.Only Spurs could offer him a better package than what he was on at Bolton.Why does this post about Reo-Coker read like a press release from his agent or a PR company? Oh, wait a moment...I don't want him at us (everton) I don't think he's that good defiantly not good enough for evertonHe wasnt released, he activated a clause in his contract to leave on a free transfer.Could be one of the most wanted men - but probably isn't. Those teams that might fancy him probably couldn't afford his wages. And the above reads like a press release or agent's statement.Definitely not good enough for the toonNorwich won't pay that Journeyman's wagesFor those of you are thinking hmm he's probs not that good enough for everton/spurs/west ham etc your completlr correct. I'm a bwfc tick holder and the guy talks a good talk but doesn't have one quality. No tackling, heading, running, shooting in him at all. I could go on all day and the guy really needs to stop dragging teams down. Get down to NPOWERWTF?? Southampton have signed him, end of story! No-one is worth 7 million! I wouldn't have thought he would hack it in the Prem!Nigel mediocre leaves Bolton with a very heavy heart ( or was that his pockets ). Didn't take this mersonary to jump ship. Wasn't all that impressed with him spent most of the time sulking. I won't miss him.Spot on as a bwfc season ticket holder all I can say is that this player thinks he is better than the team,he demoralises his fellow players by his attitude.glad to see him go


29 May 2012 16:06:00
Swindon town are in talks with Bradford city football club as they are interested in Kyle Reid and Omar Daley.(11)(4)Omar Daley isn't a Bradford player!Omar doesnt play for bradford anymore and theres no chance we would sell reid.Omar Daley went to motherwell last year - get the players right before you postOmar daley plays for motherwellOmar daley is at motherwallOmar Daley left Bradford last year!Is that the same Omar Daley who left Bradford LAST summer & now plays for Motherwell?
A little bit of research would be advisable before you try to make a rumour up. FAIL.Swindon would have to pay a lot of money to sign Kyel Reid, best winger in league 2 by some way, and if Omar Daley was to move to L1/L2 he would opt for Bradford, besides he isn't based down south


29 May 2012 16:03:57
RFC Takeover - told you at 9.53 this was confirmed. Inside info... watch out for my transfer news

Loyal Royal(10)(11)Big woop, found out yesterday.


29 May 2012 16:03:06
Here's one I did not see coming - Adkins and Yakubu have met today at Botley Grange Hotel, just outside of Southampton - I wonder what they were talking about? COYRs(13)(14)Friend of mine works there and no such thing happened.
I'm a Saints fan.No they didn't.What a load of garbage. Have you not hear the J-Rod news or something?!Diet tips.Why would Yak want to go to a st club ? He's a skate and always will be PUPAdkins was asking yakubu if he saw come dine with me last nightLOL Yakubu I will believe it when I see it.
J ROD £6.5m confirmed which puts Yakubu in the not needed pile!"why would Yak want to go to a st club like Southampton"?

Presumably for the same reason he went to portsmouth then.You probably didn't see it coming for the same reason as everyone else. It's a completely made up story!No because he's going to reading as you've already signed jay rod.I can see jealousy coming from the skate


29 May 2012 16:02:15
Luton Town, Wrexham and Woking are all chasing Delroy Facey.(5)(4)


29 May 2012 16:02:14
Jay Rodriguez is on holiday atm but is set to talk to Southampton about personal terms when he gets back, but Burnley have accepted the offer of £7 million for the striker(18)(4)7 mill for a bloke who is unproven at the top level! Haha, snap there hands of burnley.12 mil from Arsenal for unproven oxlade
Chamberlain. Now in the England Team.
Jealously me thinks!£7m for a young quality goal scorer who will go on to bigger and better clubs is an absolute snip in todays marketWill be interesting to see how much we spend this summer now. I reckon we need another 4 signings to be competitive. Are they throwing money at this? 7mill for one player? I'm speechless. Could be a real chance that we may spend 20mill + and if we do that is amazing news. I'd rather spend 7 on JR than 10 on Hooper all day long btw!That's if he wants to talk to them , he's rejected them once !Top young goal scorer? He hasn't even scored 40 goals in his career yet!Bare in mind despite all of his apperances he has only really been in the starting XI for a season and a half id say 80% of his appearances have been 5minute cameos before 10/11 seasonGood player but in my opinion 7m is a massive gamble for saints.^^
And? Oxlade Chamberlain essentially played half a season for us and went for 12mill. It's about what's hopefully to come. Not whats been!7m probably is too much , but i think Saints have to bid high or he will go else where .Every player adkins has brought into the club, no matter how much or how less has all played a big part in our back to back promotions. so if its 7mil were spending so be it!Jay rod scored 5 in our play off win season.
broke a leg early on in prem season{RESERVES} scored 15 in our 1st season back in the championship, and 21 this last season. When i was at school that totalled to 41 career goals


29 May 2012 15:59:28
Jermain Defoe and Kenwyne Jones are targets for QPR. Bothroyd could go to Leeds or back to Cardiff.(14)(15)


29 May 2012 15:21:45
Reading fc takeover has just been approved by the premier league so therefore the takeover is completed. let the new signings start!!(13)(9)Confirmed on the Reading FC website.Liar. Reading are poor, they got about £100 million, most of which will be spent on stadium upgrades. They'll get the money back from hiking up tickets and season ticket prices. Trust me, im a Norwich fan and it broke the bank.Only £100 million? thats £100 million more than norwich have!So Reading are backed by multimillionaire and his multibillionaire father, yet we only have £100million. I think someones a little jealous. However it is true that most of our money will be going into improving the clubs infrastructure and not on players.Why plough money into reading why don't these rich people buy clubs with loyal fans and a club with a fan baseDear mr Norwich fan. Season ticket renewals were actually cheaper at Reading for next season than this season. So go and eat some humble pie.Hows he a liar, season ticket prices havent been hiked up and reading have always been good with there money, just cos u are skint dont mean we areI can't understand why they bought reading when there is 40 clubs outside the prem bigger than themBoris Zingarevich (who is involved before people start saying "It's only Anton") is a billionaire. I'm sure we'll be fine Mr. Norwich fan.Season tickets have been kept the same cost. In many cases lower for 'early bird renewals'.. And sir John is worth more than £100 million alone.. So with him and Anton? Now who's lying!"Why plough money into reading why don't these rich people buy clubs with loyal fans and a club with a fan base"

Why does the term bitter and twisted spring to mind. What these guys have bought is a practically debt free football club with bags of potential. Obviously buying a football club with lots of debt and deluded fans continuously living in the past doesn't appeal.To the guy who doesn't understand Zingarevic's interest: He went to university in Reading - leading to his supporting of the club (behind Dynamo Moscow)Green eyes for as far as the eyes can see ' why a club like reading?'... Would that be one with good infrastructure? Well known and respected academy? One placed in a booming town with young families and high employment rates ? Large potential wealthy catchment area... Or is it because we're not a dying dragon like half the so called 'big clubs'They brought Reading because we are a well run club with zero debt. We have a good infrastructure already and because Anton was educated in Reading and was a regular at Elm Park.Maybe Deliah can cook up some money for poor Norwich... oh wait, thats not possible. Shame that.I don't get why people are can't understand why TSI have bought into Reading. Its a good club with decent facilities and Anton is a big fan. More to the point, to say there are 40 clubs outside the PL bigger than Reading is just stupid. Theres more to club stature than stadium capacity and big name playersIn 20 years time we'll be a bigger club than Norwich ever will be, I bet Ipswich will even be bigger than youWhy plough money into Reading? as stated earlier, good team, good infrastructure, good fans and only big team in their county, pretty sound bet to be fair, and to all those saying plastic fans essentially,sorry guys but not so, ive been a fan through thick and thin as have most of our guys, hows that plastic? the fact is readings essentially still a young club, not too long ago we were a club playing at a small elm park ground since moving to the mad stad we have had sapce to accomodate fans but a larger force is we are a community club meaning a lot of our fans are still growing up, put it this way would rather be a good community team like the royals than a team like man city who just cause they are now winning are getting those 'fans' who used to be the man u supporters etc (the i like the good clubs despite no connection types)"To the guy who doesn't understand Zingarevic's interest: He went to university in Reading - leading to his supporting of the club (behind Dynamo Moscow)"

Actually Anton is a Zenit fan. But yes, supposedly he was educated there. Also because it's in one of the fastest growing parts of the country, near to London, relatively new stadium, finances in order, room to expand the stadium, unoffensive club with few bitter rivals, good academy system, good scouting network... Reading are a far more desirable club than a lot of people make them out to be.


29 May 2012 15:20:04
Reading's sale to Thames Sports Investments has been accepted by the Premier League. Source: Reading Fc(10)(8)


29 May 2012 15:20:12
yeovil have signed richard hinds - free agent , keanu marsh-brown - released by oldham and sam foley - newport county .... all three have signed 1 year contracts ....(8)(3)Marsh brown is like a baby with a dummy, you can have him, wrong attitude.Marsh-Brown is a good player.. But massive attitude problem.Foley to replace andy williams ? never heard of him, anyone shed some light other than he came from newportFoley - 30 goals in the past 2 seasons, albeit at a lower level.Sam foley is class should have been in the football league ages ago he is better than Williams, clever movement and excellent finisher, from a Yeovil/Newport fanFoley has already been in The Football League. He was at Cheltenham.


29 May 2012 14:56:27
Centre back Anderson Vital da Silva better known as Dedé who currently plays for brazilian side Vasco da Gama is poised to sign a 3 year contract with West London club Fulham.(10)(5)


29 May 2012 14:56:10
Southampton bid £2 million plus Jason Puncheon for Ince(18)(11)Probably not true, but
my god I hope it is!


29 May 2012 14:54:14
Jay Rodriguez is coming to Southampton after a 7 million pound offer has been accepted.
Source: BBC Sport(22)(8)Get inBid has been accpeted but he turned you down before. Far from done !Im a saints fan and it only means burnley have accepted offer dont mean he is coming as he is still on his hols so personal terms still need to be agreed with him, he may want silly money or may prefer to wait but is looking a strong possabilityHe is on holiday, but his agent is dealing with it on his behalf. Its different this time round as we are a Premier League team so wether he turned us down or not last time has no affect on this occasion.The offer may of been accepted but as the above have allready said personal terms have yet to be discused. There is a rumour that he wanted a reported 40k a week last time which is why saints pulled out on the deal but them now being in the prem i would imagine they would be able to negotiate on wages.
I would also like to point out to all those Burley fans that said he would never be sold for under 10 million that shuts you lot up then dont it.Burnley fans said he was worth 10 million because Wickham was. Weve said all along that our board would sell for nothing because they're cheap you dougnut ! and as for the 40k a week business i can assure you that's false. If there was ever a play not driven by money it's Jay Rodriguez. He's only on about 10 at Burnley.My message to Burnley fans is this. IF Rodriguez signs its because its right for all parties but wish you best of luck. As Saints fans, we're used to developing players and seeing them sold on and know its frustrating. What will be will be but best of luck.Snap there hands of for that, Austin is much betterHave a friend who knows jay rod and i know for a fact he does not want to go that far south so i assume if a more northerly premiership club competes with saints offer he wont go to southampton.


29 May 2012 14:47:45
Bournemouth interested in Burton Albion youngster Billy Kee. He is a striker and has represented Northern Ireland at U19 and U21(8)(6)Wheres this rumour come fromBilly is quality, leicester youth academy player who for whatever reason was released, would be a good acquisitionAlthough he may be good i dont think this will happen as bournemouth already have 6 strikers that will be fighting for a placeAnouther silly one he wants to stay in the midlands and is not for saly this is from a Burton fan
He rejected Cwarley because he didnt want to move from the midlands


29 May 2012 13:56:39
Fulham to sign santos defensive midfielder Arouca for 8 million(6)(10)


29 May 2012 14:18:41
everton reject osman bid by westham(14)(11)


29 May 2012 14:18:26
Nigel Hasselbaink and Frank Nouble
are going to have trials at
Derby county Comfirmed by Assistant
Manager Andy Garner.(10)(7)


29 May 2012 13:06:52
Port vale closing in on free agent Darius Vassel(12)(15)Not realWell at the very least that has given all us Vale fans a laughI am a big vale fan, and i know lots of people are saying he could well sign for us! it might sound funny, but i am not joking! :)Have Stoke lent Vale some looses change?I hope he does he would be a class singing specially in L2Yeah right! Where u heard this from?


29 May 2012 13:06:38
Clinton Morrison going to port vale?(11)(16)Maybe he's getting bored of actually being paid so wants to go to Vale ParkNot funny let me guess your a stome or crewe fanOxford wanted Burge before his agent wouldn't talk to them so signed for vale last year. injured all season but had op on knee and fit again so Oxford would want him back


29 May 2012 13:24:18
Heard from a very good source that Motherwell will be signing both Sammy Clingan and Michael O'Connor this season ahead of their Uefa Champions League Campaign Both Players have the same agent and i was speaking with him at the weekend(7)(8)


29 May 2012 13:23:13
Sources from the far east - Singapore Billionaire wants to buy Leeds United. Bates is asking too much but I think this could still go through. Transfer kitty £15m+ to get us back in the PL.(16)(16)Here come the dodgy rumours!, pretty good sources seem to indicate one of the main consortiums seems to headed a North American group, although it seems it is not Maple Leaf Sport and Entertainment Ltd. as many rumours state. Source Phil Hay- Yorkshire Evening Post.You wish.Good things like that don't happen to us though - would be great if it turns out to be true!!
PeteMOTThis isnt a Leeds fan.But spending
15 million wouldnt be good for your club
becuase players with higher price tags
want higher wages you should
only spend that kind of money when your
a secure team in the premiership becuase
as Wolves,Blackburn and Bolton are going to find out they wont be able to afford the wages and will have release players which will cost them money if they are still contracted.The way forward
is teams such as Derby county who buy
cheap young players and make money off
them.This is what arsenal do players such as nasri and fabregas have gone for 10x what they were bought for.Narsi was bought £10-15m and when for £24mBates won't sell.
Seen it before, never puts a price on the club and then says they have not offered enough. Even Radio Leeds had the same opinion this morning. This is his cash cow, creaming all the Leeds supporters cash and living the life in Monaco at their expense.So why has Ken named his price then - 80 million?


29 May 2012 13:22:59
John Mousinho signed for PNE today source from PNE Website :)(21)(4)Stevenage side falling apart.Zoko next through the doors at deepdale got told he has agreed terms today will be announced before friday.


29 May 2012 13:22:17
Wigan are in talks with Peter whittingham from Cardiff City. no known price as yet been released.(8)(16)Funny that , Malky Makay a couple of days ago said he wasnt for sale? Oh and he's just signed a new contract?^doesn't say he's signedNor will he!! If he was to leave it wouldnt be to a relegation threatened side who have no idea of who thier manager will be yet for next season??Wigan are not negotiating the wigan chairman said prep 4 next season starts when the martinez situation is sorted out so that makes yor story a load of rubbish


29 May 2012 13:17:56
Gatesheads Jon Shaw to hold talks with Hartlepool on either wednesday or thursday(8)(8)


29 May 2012 12:53:30
Giovanni Dos Santos to Swansea on loan if no permanent move is made from any other clubs(16)(6)Dos Santos wants to go back to La Liga so won't be going to Swansea, Caulker might go back for a while though because he'll learn more playing regularly, if he does you can't have two loans from the same club anywayWe can all read the bbc website ;)Swans could sign Giovani permanently... last year of his contract and clearly not been part of the plans at Spurs for a long time... how much can they realistically ask for him?!


29 May 2012 12:36:16
Southampton likely to sign Gabriel Agbonlahor from Aston Villa.(17)(33)Oh dear god, stop making Saints fans look stupid!Just had 7m bid accepted for rodrigues so this wont happenGabby won't leave us, but id take 12 mil for him after this useless season.Jays going to sign don't need anymore strikers midfield neededNice rumour Skate, talk about your own club. Who are you gonna sign?.... thought soWe're buying Rodriguez. Why would we buy another striker? Do we need 6? Especially as we only have 1 keeper, 1 decent left back and 1 decent left midfielder! Utter nonsense!When Villa have a manager that doesn't use him as a winger - he'll be good again!
He is NOT leaving. Villa supporter, started here & will end here!If he goes anywhere it will be to link up with O'neill again at sunderland but swansea? thats a good one bud


29 May 2012 12:34:09
Colchester United 'keeper Carl Pentney is close to signing a new contract with the League One club. He expects to complete the deal on Monday when he returns from holiday. However, the 23-year old is yet to make a first team appearance for the U's.(8)(5)1 year dealSuggests that Williams is leaving


29 May 2012 12:32:42
Southend, Barnet and Plymouth are chasing released center back Simon King(10)(6)I reckon plymouth would be happy to have him back he was quiet good while he was at the greens


29 May 2012 12:29:00
Stuart Parnaby will be training with Charlton during pre-season to prove his fitness, after getting injured last time.(8)(5)This is not going to happen, Powell is not going to do something stupid like that


29 May 2012 12:25:26
Yakubu wanted by Reading Southampton and West Ham he has told his club he wants to leave.(23)(12)


29 May 2012 12:23:27
Norwich City are about to spring an audacious last minute attempt to sign Burnley's striker Jay Rodriquez from under the noses of new Premiership rivals Southampton.(23)(20)I bet we don't.As a Norwich fan, I wouldn't want us to make an bid unless it was under £4 million. He isn't worth £7 million, and I hope we don't follow Southampton and put in a similar bid.As a Norwich fan you won't have a clue what Rodriguez is worth as you don't see him play often enoughGood player Rodriquez but not worth £7 million too much of a riskEasily worth 7mil.Seriously mate he is not 7 mil7 million is a joke! papiss cisse was only 10!Hope we (norwich) bid for hooper. Let southampton buy rodgriquez. 7mil for him lol. Could get hooper for that.Under £4M? Budget a bit tight at Norwich? Yakubu only cost Blackburn £1M. Right up your street : Getting on a bit but life in the old legs yet, cheap and might keep you in the Prem for another year. Saints have longer term ambitions and young talent like Rodrigues is exactly what we need. We've wanted him since at least last summer and know his worth. Good luck with Hooper. We apparently bid £7M for him.No way Rodriguez is worth £7m
Hernandez was bought for the exact same price and its clear to see the difference in class
Saints are getting ripped off on this one {Ed003's Note - The fee is 'up' to £7m with potential add ons}Rodrigues is a quality player but so is Shane Long who hit 28 for Reading before being sold for 4.5m which makes 7m seem a bit on the steep side, only time will tell I guess
Of course the budget is tight, we are still a small club with real community connections and we have worked our way out of our debt instead of relying on a foreign investor.
As for longer term ambitions do you think you are the only team with ambitions? And do yo uhonestly think the only way to compete is paying over inflated fees and over inflated wages?No u can't Celtic want at least 10 million for hooper , and yes for 10 million they got cisse but without knowing how well he would play in the premiership , 7 million for rodriguez and after he's scored 10 goals in the prem will you still be saying that ?Norwich fans don't see enough of Jay Rodriguez? Well I'm a Norwich fan who lives just outside of Burnley and I often go to see Burnley play, and he is not worth £7 mil. Even my friends who are Burnley fans think he is overrated and isn't even worth £4 mil.Dont let the celtic fans hear you say that. They seem to feel passionatley:L i really think hooper is overrated, and jay rod will be amazing or an expensive flop.I am Burnley Fan and been to every game for a long time now and I've never seen such a talent, he links up play, he scores goals, he sets up goals and he's still only 22! He's going to be missed and I think with the right service like at Southampton he'll go along way and I hope he does really well for Southampton and eventually gets a call-up to the England side.Funny that now burnley have accepted the fee, the burnley fans are now starting to say he is overrated where they were previously saying how he was worth 10 million at least?So really your a burnley fan then not a Norwich fan !If Saints get Jay Rod it will be a good signing, according to most Burnley fans he's a very good prospect and potentially a top premier league striker, 7m maybe a bit high but Chelsea paid 50m for Torres and Liverpool paid 35m for Carroll and neither were prolific scorers this year. So is 7m for a 22 year old good value?How did the young boy from Ipswich do at Sunderland? 9m he cost them didn't he? Did he score one league goal this past season? not quite sure, as I don't think he really played so haven't heard much about him. Players that cost a lot from the championship often end up being flops. have fun wasting money you can't afford to.I like Burnley and support Southampton. Pretty pleased all round with this deal. I feel Burnley are getting a decent price for one of their star players and we are getting an exciting, motivated young player with great work ethic and bags of talent.

It is a bit hit-or-miss but to really make it in the prem you have to have to make a couple of signings and with a bit of luck hope they come through. Otherwise we would just be signing Yakubu and struggle to make waves in the prem. I like this signing, it shows ambition and commitment to young english players, whilst not ripping off Burnely (a club I have a lot of admiration for).

Hopefully Jay will do well in the prem, and hopefully Burnley can put the £7million to good use and mount a challenge for the playoffs next season.

Having said all that, we can't get carried away. This is only early days and it is far from being a sealed deal. Hopefully it comes through but I hope we are prepared with a plan B.


29 May 2012 12:21:42
Stoke are after Manchester United's young striker Will Kean on loan as it looks ever more likely that Lakaku will stay at Chelsea following the exit if Drogba.(10)(9)If Chelsea sign hulk why would he won't to stay there as third choiceHe will stay at Chelsea because he will want to try to impress new managemnt (or RDM) in a full pre-season to try to stake his claim as a Chelsea semi-regular. Could be a last day deal though for Stoke.


29 May 2012 12:20:09
John Shaw and an ex Oxford United player from Gateshead look set to move back down south to Oxford United after both are out of contract. Meanwhile Luton and Hereford are both in competition to sign out of contract player Mark Wilson and Luton are also after Izale McLeod who is in high demand.(6)(8)That's highly amusing!Shaw might be coming back to burtonOh thats right.. McLeod is going to drop down to a lower league considering how many goals he got this season.. Especially Luton. Very interesting!


29 May 2012 12:19:23
Walsall are negotiating with James Chamber(7)(3)Do you mean James Chambers ..Or Adam chambersJames Chambers, recommended by Richard O'Kelly after his loan to Hereford.He would be a good signing for walsallMike grella leave bury and signed for unnamed club? (walsall)


29 May 2012 12:16:07
Carlisle's Francois Zoko will be unveiled
as a Motherwell player on
Friday after rejecting Preston. He will be playing in the Champions League next season!(6)(11)Aha! Champions league for about a week!Humes not on a free, n if he goes anywhere it'll be championship. clearly an annoyed tranmere fan makin stuff up cos we took ur best players/targetsWell thats obviously wrong.Nah hel go to preston


29 May 2012 12:14:30
Rumours that Surman might be making a come back to Saints from Norwich, and before Norwich fans are like he loves norwich. he likes Norwich but hes a southampton lad and has been trying to get back here since wolves and he still is trying now(19)(17)Rumours ur trying to startSaints fan here - I know Andrew loves Saints, but I havent heard this "rumour".Would be a great return but I can't see it happening :(Surman told me at a durys benfit match he would be staying at norwich. Qoute how could i leave after last couple seasons we have had. Dream on mr saintThis rumourisnt true, but to the post above..Surman isnt going to turn around and say to you "I want to leave" is he? Of course hes going to say what he said.Someone making up rumors again to get bites, nice try but you failed.I went to school with drew and still keep in contact. He has told me he would love to finish his career at st. Marys but that doesn't mean he'll be coming any time soon.Hmm his family live here, he was born here and sorry to say he still wants to come back to saints but we dont want him as we have Adam lallana who is ten times the player Surman is :DYou can have him, he aint premiership class anywayHe wouldn't play anymore games at saints than he does at Norwich as he'd be behind Lallana for left mid. So can't see it!Lallana is not fit to lace surmans boots. He will never be prem class, to be fair he did look good ag the likes brentford doncaster^^
Ludicrous comment. Surman was good for saints but Lallana is a far better player!Southampton can have him if they want. Hes been good for us this season, but he really doesnt have the pace for a wide role if we are to move forwards. I think we will invest in another couple of wingers this year. With the center already being stocked with the likes of Howson and Wes who play in the advanced role i see Surman being pushed out of the picture a little.

If he wants to go back to Southampton so much (im not so sure he does as hes enjoyed his most successful season ever with us in a settled team) then he can go.^Lallana is better than Surman! Surman is a solid midfielder. Lallana is a creative spark and going to do big things in the prem if the team can work around him.

Don't post things you know nothing about! Saints fans have watched them both week in week out so can make the best judgement - lallana is in a different league to surman, get over it.Why is it a choice between the two? Don't saints want to attack the PL with a squad. What if Lallana gets injured or suspended."Lallana is not fit to lace Surman's boots"
Congratulations. You've just shown that you know nothing about football. Well done. Absolutely clueless!Lallana came runner up to player of the season (our rickie lambert taking first place). he will make defenders look ste in the prem so i cant see surman stopping him at all..My friend lives next door to surman and he is loving life in norwich and has just had a baby so i wouldnt think he would move away.


29 May 2012 12:13:08
Daniel Bogdanović rumoured to be interesting Rotherham United following the players current contract expiring at Blackpool having failed to make an impression following a 1 year deal(11)(5)Rotherham have already enquired but are unable to meet his wage demands


29 May 2012 12:12:08
nick powell close to signing for manchester united then going on loan to stoke city for the season been told by big source at stoke(14)(20)Don't think this is allowed under PL rules is it? Stoke tried to get Lukaka on loan from Chelsea last summer after he had just signed from them but that was not allowed ...Powell is a huge Stoke fan but rumour is that he will go to a Championship club if he does sign for Man ULukaku would have been joined a third club in the same season. Chelsea agreed to let Stoke have him IF the FA agreed on the basis that Lukaku hadn't played for Chelsea but the request was denied. Man U are entitled to sign Powell and then loan him but don't think Stoke will be his destination as he's far from guaranteed playing time. More likely he'll go down a division.1)Powell is NOT a huge Stoke fan,him and his family are all avid Crewe fans and always have been
2)Pulis is well known for his love of youngsters that are untested at Prem level isn't he?? (Ben Marshall anyone? Arismendi and Cuvelier haven't had much of a run out either have they?)
3) Some Stoke "Fans" on here just embarass the rest of us!It is allowed, the Lakaku deal fell through because of the 3 club rule, stoke tried to appeal as he'd never actually played for Chelsea that season. So the Powell move could go ahead?Why would Stoke sign Powell when they already have Flo Cuvelier ready to break into the 1st team. It'll be a big enough shock (as a Stoke fan) in Pulis allows 1 under 25yo into his squad let alone 2!The ruling is that a player can not play for 3 clubs in a season. If MUFC sign Powell, its in close season, therefore he can sign for anyone next season on loan

Lukaku had played in Belgium and then signed for Chelsea (and played for them). Stoke tried to sign but knocked back on the 3 club rule

Hope this helpsPulis seems quite happy playing a keeper under 25 but don't let the facts get in the way'3) Some Stoke "Fans" on here just embarass the rest of us!'

I think most (obviously not you) have noticed someone spamming the Stoke threads with ridiculous rumours and hoofball comments. Seems he got the bite.....


29 May 2012 12:05:45
Huddersfield will sign Sean Morrison from Reading after making a huge contribution since signing on loan in January. He's said he would love to make his move to Huddersfield a permanent one.(18)(4)THIS IS THE BIGGEST LOAD OF bcks IVE EVER SEEN!! Sigurdsson will never sign, neither would nano, Kebe won't leave and Federici is one of the best keepers in the country! Why would he leave for a club in the championship when he is now in the premier league and is worth about 8 million!!!No he has said he wants to stay at Reading but he is not sure whether that will be possible now that Reading are in the Premier League.Worth 8 million? Kompany was cheaper than that haha! Also, siggurdsson is a swansea player nowNo hes not a swansea player yet. he might not go if rodgers leaves


29 May 2012 12:04:16
Anthony Kay is set to leave Huddersfield Town as he won't make the first team now town are promoted. He'll sign for either Scunthorpe, Bury or Tranmere(19)(2)


29 May 2012 12:02:12
Huddersfield Town have received interest from fellow promotion acheivers Charlton - Danny Higginbottom in a swap deal for Bradley Wright Phillips. Both Players are said to be keen - Watch this space!!(3)(22)It's Kallum not Danny and it will never happen!Hhahah only if you gave charlton 500,000 as well then maybe but other than that you can keep dreamingIt is kallum not danny,haha
and give charlton 500,000 aswell ha for a guy who's proved he can't cut it in championship and never got that more than 20+ in lg1 DOUBT IT! we dont even want him and have just bought KALLUMBradley Wright-Phillips = 22 goals. Kallum Higginbottom = 0 goals. How is that a straight swop in ANY persons view? More likely to be Jordan Rhodes! (And, no, I'm NOT suggesting that would happen!)Wright phillips isnt fit to lace rhodes boots and higgs going nowhere keep dreaming"guy who's proved he can't cut it in championship" - Yeah you would know as you've been watching your team play a lot of championship football LMAO.So if your teams in championship does mean cant watch prem league.......... thought not! he couldnt cut tho could he? 22 goals for southampton in 111 games, (111 games wow) and 17 goal for plymouth IN 3 YEARS haha some of the came in LEAGUE 1 oh yeah prolific isnt he! hahahhhahahhhhahaThat's irrelevant, he played a lot of games on the wing in the championship so he's likely to not have a great goalscoring record.Don't me laugh, a lower division Northern donkey like Higginbottom for BWP, I don't think so somehow.Im a charlton fan, but agree BWP is not good enough for higher level. You could argue any main striker in a team that is top of the league should be scoring that volume of goals. Half of them were laid on a plate for him and there were so many more he could of had but missed. I would let him go!I am also a Charlton fan and I agree that BWP's goals to chances ratio is awful. He is a better player now than when he was in the Championship with Southampton and the rest of them. However there are much better, more prolific strikers around. Kermorgant is a better player and I can see BWP being a rotation option of we get one of the strikers we are supposedly afterOh dear treacle even your own fans agree he's not good enough! haha


29 May 2012 11:58:30
Hot News !!
Huddersfield winger Gary Roberts is set to sign for Sheffield Utd.(10)(18)


29 May 2012 11:56:34
Huddersfield Town transfer targets are mainly going to be free transfers with larger wages being paid. Reading defender Sean Morrison is main priority signing with one or two big marquee signings will be a show of strength though - this could well be Ross McCormack (Leeds Utd for around 1.2m) or Nicky Maynard (Southampton for 2.5m)
Free and small fee targets include the following;

Strikers; Darius Vassell (Leicester City)Cody McDonald (Coventry City)
Steve Davies (Derby County)

Midfld/Wingers; Gai Assulin (Man City)Giles Barnes (Doncaster)
George Boyd (Peterborough)

GK; Steve Harper (Newcastle)

Def; Lee Peltier (Leicester City)

Experience will be key to developing younger promising players and Simon Grayson want to mould his own team with an interesting blend of youth and experience for a stable first season back in the second level.(9)(17)Nicky Maynard is at West Ham and just gained promotion to the Premiership !!Maynards at westham an ross mcCormack would cost alot more than thatGlad someone pointed that outWill somebody please sign the awful Jason Puncheon,please.Since when did maynard play for southampton?It has been confirmedNonsense Steve Davies is £1milliion plusGeorge Boyd should cost about £2mBoyd won't be cheap!Boyd would cost around the million mark mate, think you're away with the fairies mateGeorge Boyd isn't on a free and its not going to be a small fee either. I'd say around 1-2 million. Dream on HuddsCant see McCormack coming for that cheap, even though Bates is APPARENTLY selling the club. I would also like to see pelts back but i like Hunt better.Million is small fee to Huddersfield !!!Maynard plays for west ham, and why would west ham sell him for 2.5m when they recentley signed im for more than thatGet lee back at rb and push hunt up onto right Wing and play Callum just behind Rhodes and NovakNo chance we need to strngthen the team or we will be fighting to stay up all season


29 May 2012 11:55:08
So the truth is out Joel Ward did not choose Palace over Leeds!

Leeds Utd did not stump up the fee because they are in talks on a huge takeover deal that is at a very advanced stage.

If this deal is finalized then their transfer targets will change significantly and Joel Ward is not the level of player they will be looking to sign.(15)(16)Ken Bates will never sell Leeds. Leeds have no money and will have to make do with free transfer signings.Yeah ok mate more like Bates is a very tight chairmanThats one way to put a spin on a player rejecting youAnother leeds fan cant take being a small club nowSecond rate leeds, with a second rate team, ken will always feather his own nest first,he wont sell as the money coming in is a nice nest egg for his family


29 May 2012 11:41:01
Palace linked with Sammy Clingan. FACT(12)(11)Clingan would impact the progression of Kyle De Silva so DF would not sign or be remotely interested in him


29 May 2012 11:37:58
Ex Brighton midfielder Alan Navarro is linked with Peterbrough and Watford.(4)(4)I wouldnt have thought so. We have far to many midfielders as it isNot at watford thankyou we have too many good central midfielders ,wouldn't get a look inWatford dont have good midfielders hahaObviously you have no knoledge on watford football club and that is not what
we stated, we said we have a very strong central midfield in buaben,hogg and eustace who manu clubs have expressed interest in. Also we only have one of the most desired young players in england, sean murray scoring 7 in 12 from the wing turning down a move to city and tottenham. Who do u support clever fella?If you are a brighton fan cast you mind back to our game, where do didnt seem to touch the ball in the first half!I support saintsSaints were lucky to go up, your a two man team and because of that your coming straight back down. anyway lambert wont cut the premier league so keep dreaming.People said the same thing about holt but look what he did and alot of people said that norwich, swansea and qpr would go back down but they didnt so you should think before you make a comment like that because if we stay up you would look like a idiotMate i dont think saints are a two man team alot more players contributed for us like billy sharp coming in half way through the season and banging in some goals and then we got frazier richardson who was among the most assists in the league and jos hoiveld who scored some key goals as a defender and kelvin davies who was the best keeper in the championship so dont start saying that we are a two man teamCrewe alexandras nick powell is more desired than sean murray by the manchester clubsNot navorro hes rubbish watford and peterbrough dont need him =WATFORD HAVE TOO MANY midfielders as it isManu clubs are not interested in all your midfielders you person when have they said that they want hogg, eustace and buaben and murray


29 May 2012 11:36:26
Leeds united to sign Craig Noone from Brighton.(5)(19)Can you afford 1.4 million that's the offer we turned down fron Cardiff
Straight exchange for McCormack possible


29 May 2012 11:35:44
Ipswich have agreed personal terms with Macclesfield right back, Elliot Hewitt, who is undergoing a medical for the Championship side this morning. The full-back, who has been compared to a right-footed Gareth Bale, interested many top sides in January, including Arsenal, chelsea and Everton, before his season was cut short by an injury. Hewitt is believed to be confirmed as Ipswich's first summer transfer at some time today or tomorrow.(10)(8)If he interested arsenal everton spurs he would not be at ip5w1ch he was interesting alfreton braintree and hyde get ur facts rightJust because he was intresting someone dosent mean they're gonna sign him.... One game this season he had 34 scouts watching him! Dosent sound like a player intresting hydeHe signed so you two look like mugs now...


29 May 2012 11:34:28
Barnsley have started to scour Europe for new recruits after being priced out of the domestic market.....
One target is FK Jablonec 97 frontman David Lafata, who broke the Czech league scoring record last season, although numerous other clubs are tracking him.(8)(2)A absolute great signing bfc webScouring Europe? scouring the sunday league pub teamsSunday morning players are better than some of the so called championship players I've seen this year!!!!!!L


29 May 2012 11:33:38
Leeds have confirmed that they are talking to a consortium over a possible takeover bid , source It is rumoured the leader of the consortium is the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs. This would be the reason that Joel Ward did not join the Whites as the talks would mean a temporary transfer embargo.(7)(11)I always saw it as a choice of Ipswich or Leeds and he would have waited if he had really wanted to join Leeds, but this may be the reason you couldn't or wouldn't pay the transfer fee! Palace was just closer to home, bless^^ Heard Ward always favoured Leeds....This is coming from a Canadian...i have not heard of anything about the owner investing in the club....on top of that the "owners" are made up of a group and already own the the hockey team as well as the Toronto football team(Argonauts) and the baseball team(Blue Jays) as well as Toronto FC. they all are looking for money to be added in each team which they are not getting, and all but the Blue Jays are having some bad times, so i think they would not try or think about owning another club from across the sea.Its not msl talking fact


29 May 2012 11:29:22
Elliot Hewitt undergoing a medical today at Ipswich Town(8)(6)


29 May 2012 11:00:42
heskey in talks with ipswich town, expected to have medical later today(5)(21)Heskey going back LeicesterWhy in hell would he go Ipswich!, anyway he's agreed A pre contract at Leicester.No he is having a medical at coventry this morning and signing on a free
for a future coach rolePleassseee NoHeard he got injured entered the medical room: out for season.^ haha yes ;)Why would he sign for the dinglesWhy would ipswich want to sign him he is passed itHeskey definitely not, need a tall striker with something to play for


29 May 2012 10:58:44
Arsenal have asked to speak with Nigel De Jong's agent about the prospect of a transfer to Arsenal. My source is a coach at Arsenal that does Soccer Camps for kids in the borough and he communicated with people inside the club.(4)(10)Or is your source the BBC rumours page who are running the same storey?


29 May 2012 10:56:05
Ipswich have tabled a combined 1.7 million bid for Matt Lowton and Harry Maguire from Sheffield Utd. Fee will increase depending on apperances and success. Also talks have begun with Brad Guzan but satill at a very early stage.(12)(10)Where will Ipswich get this money?Im a town fan and this is news to me. Poster 1 don't worry we have money we just waste it every yearContray to what people think Ipswich do have money available for transfers especially if the bids are for younger players with potential re-sale value.Why on earth do people say Ipswich have no money? Would be very good signings though.Like £5000 on jordan rhodes and £150000 recouped what a deal


29 May 2012 10:54:15
Aaron Wildig signs for Shrewsbury from Cardiff City.
Official on Shrewsweb(13)(1)Good luck to him , deserves a chance. Best of luck Aaron CCFC.Got a good football brain. Just want him to
take someone onHe's probably taken more players on than Taylor.True that. Taylors been rubbish


29 May 2012 10:48:20
Stoke are looking at signing Arouna Kone following Tony Pulis & co's scouting trip to Spain at the tail end of last season. Fuller and Jones still set to leave.(10)(4)But dont they play FOOTball in Spain?Stoke have shown an interest in him but he isn't their number one target. Expect a major signing in the striker department in the next 3 weeks. Stoke are also interested in a player from Villarreal."But dont they play FOOTball in Spain?" Yawn!Ignore the child who has the fixation with Stoke on every thread.........shows how good his own club is :-) A few to leave Stoke in the next 3 weeks then a few good signings


29 May 2012 10:38:05
leicesters Sol Bamba linked with a move to turkish side Trazposour for a reported £1 million(12)(3)


29 May 2012 10:34:05
Arouna Kone to chose between QPR and stoke as a 10 million bids been accepted by both clubs(12)(10)If he choses stoke then it will be great for him to play with crouch but knowing stoke he will pick QPR and fail a medical at stoke and he will be the next ba :(Ummmmmmm......Hes on a free!Ba started like a house on fire at the Toon but only scored something like 1 in 15 after no great miss, 16 in 34 in total.Stoke , £10m, 1 player ! Apart from crouch the most they've spent on a player is about£ 2.5m!Stoke; the only club that could fail Ba on a medical yet play Fuller and give Sidibe a new contract.2.5 mil well ses all u no about football .. palacios 8mil , jones 9mil jerome 4milBa failed a medical at more than one club so unlucky on that one and the Fuller deal was based on appearances ( 500k) and why would Sidibe need a medical to extend his contract? Pulis has already said that it's more as a bonus to him for his services and to help him out. As for Crouch being Stoke's only player over 2.5 million.............have you got all day while I reel them off?'Apart from Croucht he most Stoke have payed on a player is about 2.5m' Are you even a football supporter because saying that makes you sound like an absoloute idiot! Kitson 5.5m, beattie 3.5m, tuncay 5m, huth 6m, palacios 6-8m, jerome 4m, begovic 3.25m, wilson 4m, and thats just off the top of my head! Think before you write


29 May 2012 10:17:22
Crawley set to make a double swoop on Leyton Orient for Matt Spring & George Porter.(4)(8)Both rubbish! {Ed020's Note - gotta agree with you there, neither of them have any prolific skills, part from matt, he did have a "spring" in his step last time i watched him}Spring is a possibility but porter has said that he wants to play at a higher levelBoth players way to good for crawley, fail !Not you can say 2 good for Crawley who just signed x orient keeper Paul jonesA possibility. Both seemingly out of contract.'Not you can say 2 good for Crawley who just signed x orient keeper Paul jones'

Who rejected a pro contract and signed for Exeter in the conference (at the time).


29 May 2012 10:03:07
curtis davies or roger johnson will be joining norwich this summer with similar fee's around the 2/3million. wages will be the only issue in either of the transfers.(13)(9)I dont know how more times we have to tell Norwich fans C Davies is worth at least 5mAs a Wolves fan, I hope, for your sake, that you are talking two-thirds of a million, not £2m to £3m.Over rated pub player with a glass foot! Not half as good as he thinks he is!^^ Davies i mean5m? lol. and anyway, it's not what the players worth, it's how much the minimum would be to get them. Davies won't want to stay, he will want to come to Norwich. you will take what you get. he's probably worth 3m at the mostAs a Norwich fan i really Don't want Roger Johnson signing for us. didn't you pay something ridiculous like 8 million for him?No, we paid about £4.5M for him, but even that has proven to be way too much.Hate Norwich but if Davies transfer goes through, will be glad to see him finally get a chance. He got wasted at Villa and too good for championship!Why do you hate Norwich? What have we done to you?! Beat you too often?Davies deffoDavis is looking forward to the new season at birmingham and is worth more than 5 millionNonsense. Lambert would never sign someone like Johnson. Terrible player terrible professional.Davies is not going anywhere, hughton intends to keep best players and Davies was the best defender in the champ last year. Also I don't think Norwich should take the risk with Johnson, he turns up drunk and argues with team mates


29 May 2012 09:53:17
Reading takeover bid has finally been given the go ahead. To be announced today/tomorrow

Loyal Royal(6)(7)Finally, ive been a bit worried


29 May 2012 09:46:58
Reading in talks with Leicester about
resigning Matt Mills for about 3 million
wishes he hadn't left in 1st place(7)(22)So do all leicester fansHe won't re-sign for us. The fans hate him.Wishes he doesn't come back. All at RFC.No thanks. We can do much better. Let Celtic have himWe need to do what he did to us and stick the middle finger up at himPlease take him!!OK taken on his ability alone he is a good defender and god knows what pearson was thinking not including him for half the season, ok he makes rash challanges and all but at the same time he commands the defence well and has decent distribution, saying that with pearcy and gorkss, mills will be limited to a bench player, probably not worth his while returning, i for one dont hate him for the finger gesture cause our fans were giving him st in the first place, i guess hes a marmite player, u love him or hate him, i think hes great but would be wasted at reading now.No thanks!


29 May 2012 09:43:04
Prestons iain hume to sign for tranmere on a free transfer as the canadian has hinted that he has favoured a move from deepdale to the merseyside club to end his career.
former tranmere player enoch showunmi is being closely watched by notts county and crawley town. the two clubs are beleived to be fond of showunmi and are confident of landing the target man.(1)(8)He isnt freeIain hume already said that he isn't going anywhere until his contract was up and his contract still has 2 years left on it so this is falseHume is under contract how can it be a free transferUtter nonesense, Hume is NOT available on a free! IF he leaves it will be for a reasonable amountHume is not transfer listed and has another year left on his contract it would be political suicide if Risdale was to let him go on a free he is the clubs favourite player.Doubt Notts would sign Showumni after the season hes hadNo notts wouldnt want him now rumours are it might be mike grella for notts


29 May 2012 09:22:35
Chris McCann, James Coppinger and Liam Fontaine all to Derby County(1)(14)Chris and liam is true but james is going to ipwich


29 May 2012 09:20:14
James Hayter to sign on a two year deal at Shrewsbury Town(9)(10)


29 May 2012 09:19:01
I said on the 27th that the Jay Rod to southampton was a done deal - looks like it will be confrimed today or tomorrow -
look at the sport page in the daliy mirror


27 May 2012 20:51:50
Burnley fc will this week confirm Jay rod will join Southampton fc on the 1st July for 6.5m

cts(15)(7)When it still hasn't been confirmed on Thursday in guna laff at u ^^Mate friday is the 1st of june it says the 1st of July


29 May 2012 09:14:59
C gunter will sign for norwich city on ist july. To hudd town fan, only player we wanted to sign from u came to norwich. He was by far best player u had, wich he proved in prem last season. Thank u very much. Ncfc matt

Otbc(9)(9)Unless you are willing to pay nearer the £3m mark, you will not get him, as Gunter has several clubs after him and one of those will beSo you didnt post that norwich were tracking hunt and rhodes lets be honest both would stroll straight into your team and i'm not just saying that cos i'm a town fan, n i agree pilks was our best player WHEN you took himand i'm glad he's done well, i've been watchin him all yearRhodes is a BIG gamble and the £8M quoted for him is plain stupid, as for walking straight into Norwich 1st eleven, dream on, he would start on the subs bench at best, and frankly I suspect clubs will sit back and let him play for Huddersfield in Championship and then launch serious bids in Dec transfer window if he proves himself in championship. Lets face it he did not produce for Ipswich, so there is some doubt over his ability to step up to premier level.
Perhaps a premier league club will launch a bid of £3M + add on's to test the water, but no manager in premiership is going to gamble £8M on a player who has scored 40 goals in Div 1.I hope not i'd rather he'd stayed but the price will only be more next window when he's banging em himCan anyone who writes these transfer lists please speak English. Get it in your head that Grant Holt IS NOT LEAVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


29 May 2012 09:11:42
Huddersfield Town are in talks with Rangers forward Kyle Lafferty(12)(20)To replace rhodes whos norwich bound


29 May 2012 09:07:30
Mark Yeates to Leeds(6)(11)


29 May 2012 09:01:21
Charlie Austin to Middlesborough(3)(17)He cant speak Jordie man


29 May 2012 08:59:54
Regarding the Southampton Jay Rodriguez case I have it on good authority there was a bid accepted last summer but he wanted astronomical wages and was turned down by Southampton!(4)(12)So not true, he dint want to leave burnley that season in hope burnley got promoted and he does not want to go down south.No you are wrong he wanted 40k a week Saints pulled out of the deal.As far as I am aware, we never even had a bid accepted before.

There was a £5million offer last year that was turned down though


29 May 2012 08:47:02
Plymouth have signed Paris cowan-hall from Woking(14)(3)


29 May 2012 08:46:24
Notts County


Lloyd Sam
Alex Bruce
Jonathan Forte
Stuart Beavon
Izale McLeod
Bartosz Bialkowski
Ryan Doble
Adam Lockwood

Mike Edwards to sign new deal(8)(16)Saints fan here.with regards to bartosz bialkowski don't be put off by his display in the game on sky against blackpool this season. he is a very good young keeper and would do very well for you. forte and doble should do ok at this levelHeard Notts are looking at Bialowski, Tom Heaton (Cardiff) and Rene Gilmartin (Watford) as potential replacements for the No. 1 Shirt following Stuart Nelson leaving the club. All available on free transfers.And Mcloud has been released so it will be an easy transfer


29 may 2012 07:59:24
rotherham united to sign lionel ainsworth and michael o'connor by the end of the week! 100% true(6)(8)Of course it is...Yea alot going around that where signing Ainsworth. its in the paper today about o.connerAinsworth is going to Oxford Utd, finalising and Medical at the Kassam Stadium tomorrow! I can't say how i know, as it may effect my employment!Both deals turn out to be dead in waterO'Connor signed for RUFC, 100% official.


29 May 2012 07:50:11
Simon Church and Adam Le Fondre to Leeds United(12)(18)Church maybe but Le Fondre no. Why do people think Reading would sell Le Fondre^^ And even if they did, why would he go to Leeds?


29 May 2012 07:44:18
Strong rumour that Jermaine Johnson will become a Bradford City player within the next 2 weeks.He's turned down Carlise to return to Valley Parade.(4)(16)I work in Barnsley and heard this on the radio last night aswellWhy would he turn the contract down that we have offered and go to BradfordBecause we're a bigger club than both SWFC and CUFC?I also heard this aswellWhy would he turn league 1 for league 2If he is signing for bradford city then were is your proofAre you been serious how is Bradford a bigger club than Wednesday? Are you real. Didn't he have sense leaving Bradford for Wednesday in the first place lolMug,wednesday fan!I am Bradford fan and we are not bigger than Wednesday but are a lot bigger than Carlisle, my sources say he wants to leave Wednesday to play every week, not guaranteed starter next season for Wednesday. Bradford biggest club in league 2 and 95% of league 1Like to see someone has sense. You ara a lot bigger than Carlisle yes that's true. Me personally don't want to see jj leave. He is a player that plays well when the teams doing well. Before he got injury at beggining of season he was on fire and it took him a while to get back to form. He is a real threat when he is on form. Good luck to Bradford though hope you finally get back to where you want to be.


29 May 2012 07:42:27
Latest on Swindon Town.There in Financial problems yet again,so called mega rich Board are withdrawing support.
Will not give Dicanio a blank cheque so he will be off.
Last week was published accounts were late and given 90 days to submit.
so called signings lee holmes has decidecd on Preston and Billy Bodin is stalling on signing a 2 year deal.
Also latest is payments to HMRC are late so not looking rosey for Swindon town,also said to be looking for solid manager who know's div 1(19)(15)How is Chris Wilder today? Has he lined up Beano's replacement yet?Another oufc fan, like a broken record, if you have any true facts about the finances please give your source orvwhere you got your info from. Can't find anything from hmrcI am an Oxfod fan...I hope you are not in trouble financially because last season you played some good football. How we beat you twice is still a mystery. But...You have overspent and that is always a worry because the funding, as we know, can always be withdrawn. Not sure why Holmes has gone to Preston as he said after he left us he was always wanting to come back to Swindon....So, I think thee are a few isues but then again, most clubs have. I alo think however, if there i money issues, PDC will be off. Good luck in Div 1, you are there on merit (God that pains me to say it)You're obviously an Oxford fan trying to stir. The only bit of that post that is correct is Bodin stalling on a 2 year deal...........that's because we can't guarentee him 1st team football.When I read posts like this, I always think that an Oxford fan has worked out how to use a computer. Lee Holmes signed for Preston for more money and also we have loads of left wingers anywayOy, Oxford boy. So Di canio has just announced his contract extension to 2015. He is happy to stay beceause he has been guarantee funds to challenge for promotion. Do you think you might admit you were wrong?Withdrawing support? Ha ha...PDC has signed a new two year deal, the board have backed him 100%, he intends to bring in 7 or QUALITY players....Oh yes...we have SUCH problems don't we?? typical Oxford have next to nothing to celebrate so you decide to try and stir up rubbish about never had a clue what was going on...the REAL interesting news is Oxfords money issues isn't it? looks like the little Rugby ground share has fell flat because your three sided library is "Not up to Rugby standards" thats funny!!


29 May 2012 07:42:05
Swindon Town have Allegedly offered a contract to out of contract defender Steve Elliott from Cheltenham, Free agent Jay McEveley and Striker Clinton Morrison(7)(9)


29 May 2012 07:39:17
A J Leith-Smith will leave crewe and join peterborough.(5)(16)


29 May 2012 07:32:33
Somebody at work mentioned that Brighton have made an offer or enquired about Leeds United's Ross McCormack with possibility of Craig Noone going as part of the deal.(7)(11)The first part makes sense as a replacement for Hoskins assuming he has burned his bridges but if the second part is true then no-one has told nooney


29 May 2012 07:32:28
Paulo Gazzaniga will complete his move from Gillingham to Peterborough this week.(5)(11)


29 May 2012 07:30:35
Paper talk this morning also links Brighton with Danny Swanson, Alan Smith and Chris Morgan.(2)(9)Alrready confirmed not going for Swanson and Morgan is 34 so if he came it would be as a defensive coach rather than as a player. Smith meets our needs though not sure he would be a popular addition to many fans.


29 May 2012 07:29:33
Oldhams Chris Taylor has turned down Millwall to sign a 3 year deal at Peterborough United(10)(22)If TRUE He's gone for more MONEY! Cos Millwall ARE the BETTER CLUB!His big loss!Hes comin to barnsley"Hes comin to barnsley"

Dont you mean burnleyHes signing for huddersfield. He lives in saddleworth and doesnt want to move from the area. Contract talks are already taking placeNor surprised. All clubs in Championship bigger then Millwall.Chris Taylor has agreed a three year deal with Millwall and is set to sign on friday.Supposed to be in talks with leicester aftert he had talks with millwallMillwall's a 12 month deal.. Was due to sign on Friday but Leicester then told him and his agent not to sign anything yet as they were also interested.. So he's waiting to see what Leicester offer.2 words Millwall fan" loan deals" thats all you doI just have 2laugh at these replys! Some people are getting really BITCHY!! HA HA!Not sure why you are all fighting over him he did nothing for the whole of last season!!Maybe like all people he OBVIOUSLY wants to BETTER HIMSELF! A fresh CHALLENGE!Taylor signed for Millwall today


29 May 2012 07:28:24
Tom Kennedy will leave Leicester City this week and join Peterborough United for first team football.(16)(6)Don't blame him. This appears very likely as it's being widely reported that Leicester are interested in signing Nicky Shorey as back-up for Konchesky. On performance I'd rather have Kennedy.I think if Kennedy was coming to Posh he would have done so last season whilst he was on loan here


29 May 2012 07:27:25
Paper talk this morning strongly links Liam Trotter with a move to Brighton.(7)(11)


29 May 2012 01:35:35
Hello Ed. Any truth in Paul Robinson going to Saints? Heard a whisper, but not much on here about it. Cheers {Ed013's Note - All I know is he is interesting a few clubs, but nothing certain yet}(4)(6)


29 May 2012 07:21:21
Oxford United to make there second signing of the summer, and the deal will go through tomorrow lunchtime. It's believed to be Midfielder Lionel Ainsworth, and this isn't lies. I posted about Sean Rigg from Port Vale Football Club.(14)(13)We'll soon find out then!Interesting.That's odd because i posted about Sean Rigg...Ainsworth is signing for port vale. Seen at the ground shaking hands with Micky Adams looking very happy. Done deal!


29 May 2012 06:48:17
Chelsea Ins:

Hazard - Complete
Hulk - Club must agree on transfer fee
Van Der Wiel - Possibly(Chel in need of RB)(24)(8)Don't forget De Bruyne and Marko MarinAnd lucas


29 May 2012 05:51:54
plymouth have signed young striker PARIS COWAN -HALL from woking not sure if this is the 20 goal a season striker we long for. But we will have to wait and see. I still think there are players out of contract we should be signing that are proven at this level.(6)(2)


29 May 2012 04:44:26
Derby striker Stephen Davies will sign for Charlton.(2)(17)Hes not moving to londonHe wont hes moving north to leeds as they have offered him a deal and hes going norht becuase of family issuesIts not leeds its bolton.As warnock wasnt prepared to pay 800k for himWhat do you mean offered him a deal hes still got a year left people need to remember this.He could still be a derby player next season clough thinks its better for the club to sell him now.He wants to move NOW due to personal reasons which indicates a move north not south Clough actually wants to keep him but it won't happen as Clough reluctantly has to let him go! Leeds couldn't afford him!He's not going to Charlton thats for sure any Charlton fan would know why.He'll go where his offerred the most money, like all players - and that won't be Leeds or Bolton.Not where he is offered the most money its where his family is so most likely leeds, blackpool etc cus he is frm mersyside so wants to be closerCharlton wont offer him the most becase we dont want him, end of!


29 May 2012 04:42:47
Kevin Doyle will be returning to Reading from Wolverhampton

Southampton and West Ham are battling away with a number of foreign clubs for free agent Micheal Owen

Leicester City have all but signed Emile Heskey, he has been released but has to wait for his contract to run out before signing. One year deal, with optional year on other factors expected. The are also after a winger.

The battle for Nathaniel Clyne is set to intensify immensely over the next week, at least 10 clubs are still battling for him in the Premiership, ManU & Liverpool are favourites, but the lad wants some decent playing time.BackZtheBoat(14)(18)Doyle said he wont go back to the royalsWe said doyle is NOT coming back and he publicly ruled it outSaints aren't going for Owen, he is way past his best and his wages would be astronomical. If we get Rodriguez we'd have 5 strikers, even if Guly goes Lambert, Lee, Sharp and Rodriguez. Plenty of goals on there.Although doyle was a great player for us and we need a player of his quality (i think this will be le fondre next season) i dont want him back now after those years at wolves as it has ruined him and he wouldnt be as good as he was when he joined from corkDoyle will not be returning to Reading and Saints are not interested in Owen as they are close to signing Jay RodriguezConsidering they have just had a bid for rodriguez supposedly accepted by burnley why would they need michael owen, sorry southampton is bsWould love clyne at norwich


29 May 2012 03:45:39
Crawley are to sign a number of players this week including James Hayter, Sam Hird, Simon Gillett and James Baxendale from manager Sean O'Driscoll's former club Doncaster Rovers. Also joining the Red Devils will be left back Ryan Dickson from Southampton for an undisclosed fee.(6)(10)Doubt it simon gillett has said he wants to help donny get promoted and sam hird is more than likely gonna stay the other 2 you can have, hayter is teribleUh, to the poster above, you do not realise that both Hird and Gillet got released?Gilly and Hird are getting new deals. Young Baxo will get one to.Although on the released list the truth behind Sam Hurd and Simon Gillett is they are out of contract simply that. As i understand it by Dean Saunders interviews is Doncaster is still in talks with them and hope to get them to stay. Also i spoke with Sam last pre season and he didn't have much love for Sean O'Driscoll so i would be very surprised if he followed him to CrawleyPeople annoy me when they say 'surely youll get better strikers for 7 mil' this is where managers get it wrong , you may get a 'better ' striker but saints are a club who buy who they need and who will fit in with the clubs visions, tactics and philosophy.. thats why weve been so successful.. people told us lambert wasnt worth 1million in league one.. look at him nowUh, no they weren't. Out of contract yes, released, no.


29 May 2012 02:19:56
Wigan manager to reject the l/pool job as the owner will not give him soul control. FSG, now considerind ex USA coach Bradley as they see him as understanding their consept of the proper relationship between owners and team manager/ coach.(6)(6)Absolute rubbish.Liverpool lost control of their soul some time ago.Why does he want to control their souls?"Liverpool lost control of their soul some time ago."
Another miserable negative minded sod.Go away.


29 May 2012 01:14:44
i have heard from a senior first team players wife that 3 key first team player have handed in transfer request 2 of which have been accepted the players in question are thought to be Jon Stead, Albert Adomah and Liam Fontaine i am told only Steads request was rejected(2)(2)Just Pillow Talk


29 May 2012 01:04:13
Wow according to half these rumours we will have a bench full of keepers come next season!(3)(1)


29 May 2012 00:31:27
Reading have opened talks With Celtic over the possibilty of signing Emilio Izziguire(6)(28)Never going to happen! Izzy is going to be one of the best ever in his position and Celtic will try and hold on to him for years to come as well he loves it with us. if spl was epl he would go for nothing less then 25mill and if i was a club i would pay that even for an spl player.
And i know what all the epl fans think about the spl how it is shiat but that dosent mean there is no talent and dosent mean Izzy is not talented. not just saying that because i support Celtic (i know the league is poor)but because i see what he does and yous who dont watch spl are missing some really talented players. Izzy and Wanyama could walk right into the epl and take it by storm. however they still need to develop and think in 2-3years time(hope keep them for more) they will leave for BIG money and all spain italy and all will want these guys soon enough.P#sh , he's signed a new deal for more money at Celtic and is looking forward to Champions League football next season .Hes only at Celtic for continental football

Why would he change that for you ?Hope not, not good enough for the best league in the worldWhy on earth would he leave celtic to go to reading? reading arent even half the size of football club celtic are. not to forget he came out publicly and stated he would stay at celtic for the rest of his career. readings chairman said they would not be spending big money on players if they were to be promoted so where is this 6-7million coming from? when you are saying he isn't good enough for the premier league are you saying your current left back ian harte is?Harte >>> IzziguireHe's already in the best league in the world with Celtic - the Champions League. Reading will never, ever even get a sniff at entering that competition. If Reading have £15m, then Izaguirre might get the chance to say no. In a few years, he'll be at Man United.Spl teams are only championship-bottom 3 premier league standard (at best) anyway so if the kid has any sort of ambition to play in the best league in the world he should consider it a good moveAs a Reading fan I don't think Harte will cut it and would get roasted by prem wingers but he knows he won't be playing a lot of games next season, he's just happy with his home life in the area, a steady wage and being associated with a club he's grown to like, especially as no other decent club would give him a chance. Great player to bring on towards the end of a game, especially when a free kick is involved.Ian Harte has already proven he is good enough for the Premier League just ask any Leeds fan. It's ok you can keep your left back. I'm sure he'll enjoy getting knocked out of Europe by a Serbian pub team....again.All this arrogence coming from ppl whos club will be fighting to stay in the epl all there life. the only reson you stick around is because of the money. and the best league in the world is CL. and if epl is the best then surley yous dont belong because you just stay in by a string every year, when di yous win anything? stop with all your nonsence cause Celtic would run riot over yous.
just watch a game and in 1 game you would see that Izzy is better then any left back you could have and he would only move on to an even BIGGER club then Celtic like man u, ac milan, real madrid, barca....which by the way Celtic have faced before and beat.....have yous ever? not bad for a team that plays in a pub league as you say, is it not.This rumour is true you naive Celtic fans. Now the takeover is complete we have the funds to make this deal happen and we have been scouting him for the past 5 months ever since the potential takeover was announced. Izaguirre would love the chance to go to a team in the Premier League to test himself against some of the best players in the world. Celtic might be big in Scotland but in all fairness you are minnows. You act like beating Man Utd makes you amazing when League 1 team Southend beat Man Utd. Grow up and accept one of your best players has been interesting Premier League clubs.Funny how it's Celtic that are playing a glamour friendly in the USA and not one of your living off sky money tinpot clubs? Apart from top 5 clubs how many would really survive without sky money?At "the rumour is true" guy, did you not notice that i mentioned 3 other teams? yet you focus on man u(is i because you never have played them?), this just shows how ignorent yous are because the other 3 are better then your top teams in epl. NOT EVERY PLAYER WANTS TO PLAY IN EPL WITH A NOBODY TEAM, Izzy loves it at Celtic because it is BIG and worldwide for i dont see any reading fans in Africa,Canada,America,China,Korea,Australia and in the rest of europe for that matter.....funny how our club gets invited to SO MANY prestige tournaments that are worldwide from our youth clubs(under17s,20) to our first team and it is always with HIGH PROFILE CLUBS not epl clubs. if Celtic wsa that bad why would we always be associated with this tournaments and not yous. your team may like having the money but MOST PEOPLE WANT TO WIN somthing! enjoy your season of going nowhere and not winning anything while we enjoy CL and go up against the best clubs that are NOT IN THE EPL and aainst the best players in the world. ppl go to epl to get thier loto winning pay day thats it.Naive Celtic fans ? At least we admit to who we support and are proud of it . Tell me you sad unnamed poster who you support and we can have a chinwag about football and you can tell me about your memories of European nights and exploits over the years.......DHA recent poll by UEfa showd that Celtic were one of Europes best supported teams outside of their own country. UEFA showed that Celtic can claim a fan base of around 200,000 in mainland Europe alone. This does not count the rest of the world of course so it can be anybodys guess. It was reported 3 years ago that in New York alone more than 7000 Celtic fans watched every Celtic game live on TV in bars and supporters clubs.

Via Wikipedia:

In 1967, Celtic became the first British team, and only Scottish team, to win the European Cup:[1][2] the players, subsequently known as the Lisbon Lions, were all born within a 30-mile radius of Parkhead. Celtic won every competition they entered that season: the Scottish League Championship, the Scottish Cup, the Scottish League Cup, the European Cup and the Glasgow Cup. Celtic also reached the1970 European Cup Final, but were beaten by Feyenoord.
In 2003, Celtic reached the UEFA Cup Final, where they lost 3-2 to FC Porto. An estimated 80,000 Celtic supporters travelled to Seville for the occasion.[3][4][5] Celtic fans received awards from UEFA and FIFA for their behaviour at the match.[3][6][7][8] In April 2003 the club was estimated to have a fan base of nine million people, including one million in North America.[9You were watching him 5 months ago while he was still out with a broken leg? Christ you're keen!I like how you Celtic fans point to the Champions League to show how big you are. You get knocked out in the qualifying rounds ever year by FC Albanian Pub Team.I hate how all epl teams are so cocky a bet half of them couldnt cope with the tackles in the splYeah, except the two seasons we got to the last 16


29 May 2012 00:29:00
Darren O'Dea is extremely close to signing for Huddersfield also have it from a good source Paddy McCourt is speaking with LA Galaxy and New York Red Bulls(7)(11)Think the mls is perfect for paddy because he dosent put in enough work and does too much solo, so its a good fit. but he will bring some show to the league.Celtic are looking to shift fringe players and O Dea comes into that catagory!

With Celtic very interested in Jordan Rhodes there may be potential for a cash plus player/players deal. there are decent players at Celtic who could do a job for Huddersfield or any other Championship clubO'Dea is far from a decent player. Can see it happening as Grayson brought him to Leeds. From a Leeds fans point of view it would be a fantastic signing for Town as he surely would help them go back from where they came!


29 May 2012 00:46:17
Southampton have agreed a record breaking fee for Burnley striker Jay Rodriguez. The deal is supposed to be worth £6.5 million, rising to £7 million if playing incentives are met. Part of the deal is meant to send Richard Chaplow the other way.

Source:Daily Mirror, Daily Echo, Sports Mole, Lancashire Telegraph.(23)(16)Surely he's not worth that much?What's this? No burnley fans putting this rumour down like they were before? Could it be Saints fans were right and they were wrong?
It's all gone quiet over there...."Surely he's not worth that much?"
He is a good player m8, got loads of potential as he is still young. 7 million little bit high but burnley dont want ro lose him so its fair for them.Burnley fan ere on hols in mallorca . im happy if this is true but dnt want chaplow . did he play a lot for you ? has he got any better ? the worrying thing is some burnley fans want a creative midfielder . is he what we need ? he would deffo improve your squad . but will jay play enough ? as who are your other targets ? good luck for next season ! up the claretsYoung and upcoming players don't go for cheap, I think it's well worth the gamble! if he cuts it the prem his worth will double... Good business for the Saints and a sign we mean BIZ!Surely there has got to be a better striker to spend £7M! Hooper, Fletcher, Defoe, Rhodes! Being a saints fan we need a Premiership striker! Rodriguez is no better then Wigans Di Santo !Jay is currently on holiday so I don't think he has entered any dialogue with Southampton as reported in ther Daily MirrorWill be good signing ,would sooner see any of harding,hammond,guly go the other way instead of chaplow thoeQuiet? Not quiet at all, Jay Rod leaving is not a great surprise. However it would be a surprise if he signs! Why aim to play in the Championship when Southampton are relegated? He'll wait and see what comes in from established Prem teams before he signs for anyone. So it may be a good idea to be quieten down until the deal is done.Can't see Chaplow being part of it, unless we're after a new CM as well.You cannot compare Jay Rod with Di Santo! Jay is a much better player. He is still young too so £7m might seem alot now but if he reaches his potential it could be a good buy. Remember when we held out for as much money as possible for Alex Chamberlain? Well Burnley are now in that position and they want as much as they can get for their star player..and rightly so! Its not a done deal yet though, he might not want to move down south...Time will tellChaplow tweeted
Lot of Rumours flying aroundon my future.
I am still a saints player and it's somewhere I want to stay for a long time.Where are all the people who were previously saying things like "Southampton don't have money to spend this summer" and "Southampton won't spend £6m on one player" then?

People need to do research before talking about Southampton. They have money to spend and financial backing. The club is practically debt free.

And don't write them off as dead certs for relegation just yet...Burnley fans. What is your valuation of Jay Rod? And do you think he will cut it in the prem? Just how good is he and how high do you rate him? No better opinion than the people that watch him every week.Good buy if it comes off, a little expensive but he is a great young prospect and will be worth a lot more of that if he scores the goals along with Lambert, Sharp and Tadanri San.
Dont want Chappers to leave though and dont think he will - he has been one of the stars in our midfield, has a great engine and hounds and harrases the opersition and he will do a job for us in the prem.To the sensible Burnley fan in Mallorca. Don't think Chappers will be leaving but he would strengthen any Championship squad and will be ok in the Prem. Wouldn't describe him as a creative midfielder but a decent player, bags of energy, an eye for goal and solid defensively. Chuffed to bits about Jay and hope that any delay in the sale of his new house does not cause a delay in contract negotiations! Hopefully, this will stop the silly Saints rumours about Owen, Holt, Defoe etc and if Jay can't force himself into an automatic starting place at Saints then it's unlikely he would elsewhere in the Prem. Saints have a much longer term plan than simply next season but Burnley play good football and the money released by this deal could turn you into strong top six contenders next season. Waste of time trying to predict who will win it!It's cash only, no saints players will be includedI want rodriguez but i don want chaplow to go!Sensible fan of burnley in mallorca back again lol . i think to answer your question re jay , he will no doubt do v well at your club , he is so down to earth , a true mod day profesional player . he is that good that if saints do well in the prem ie top half or top of the bottom half of the table he will end up getting a call up for england . he has already played for under 21's .and is that good . he will flourish . thanks for the info re chaplow . just hope if he is part of the deal , burnleys new joint chairman give eddie howe the money , all of it to re-invest in the team . cheers and gud luck next season . Up the clarets .


29 May 2012 00:00:11
Reading are closing in on Colombian striker Jackson Martinez after agreeing a fee with his club Jaguares.(11)(5)Won't get a work permit


28 May 2012 23:51:19
I am sure Ken has started all the takeover rumours to mask the lack of new signings ;-)(18)(2)


28 May 2012 23:23:38
Ex-Cardiff City fullback Paul Quinn is to join Huddersfield Town on free as big clubs like Wolves, Bolton, Leicester, Reading and Cardiff are after young, promising right back Jack Hunt.(10)(7)Hunt just signed a new contract at Huddersfield, he's not going anywhere


28 May 2012 23:09:50
God there Is some rubbish written on here! I can remember looking on here in the January transfer window & not one of the rumours posted actually happened !! Get a grip!(10)(14)It's a rumour site, most of it won't be true as they are rumours not facts. Otherwise that site would be named "".Do you have SourceActually all 3 of mine did, thank youMickeal Owen is deffinetly gonna sign for Derby County tho

I saw him parking his car up, and playing golf with Glick !!!!

ITS TRUE I TELL YASome rumours on here DO become FACTS & other stuff STAY rumours! Its just about football interest in general!So the heavily rumoured transfer of billy sharp from Doncaster to Saints didn't happen then?!Some did actually...Its a rumour site anyway! Not all of it is meant to be true, if it bothers you that much dont come on here!May be you got the wrong car park as Glick is going to Man.City


28 May 2012 22:49:20
yeovil currently looking at Melborne victory striker danny Allsopp. had spells with man city, notts county, wrexam, bristol rovers and hull where he has an impressive goal scoring ratio(1)(7)Steve bruce coming


28 May 2012 23:23:11
West Brom are Interested in James
Bailey from Derby County.Derby are
Hoping they will be allowed to Get
Scott allan on loan if this deal went


28 May 2012 23:21:29
Derby county Transfers out

Steve Davies to Bolton for 775k +
250k if promotion is achieved.

Chris maguire to Watford for 500k

James Bailey to Charlton for 550k

Miles Addison to Coventry for 175k
+ Nathan Cameron or Jordan Clarke

Lee Croft to Oldham Undisclosed

Dundee united have told Interested
clubs that if they want Johnny russell
or John daly they have to provide a
Replacement and Derby said they
would Give Callum Ball and
Connor doyle on loan.But They Dont
want a striker on loan but to keep
they are very interested in Chris
Maguire especially with him feeling
home sick.That would mean Derby
would give chris maguire + cash for
the strikers which would mean no deal
to Watford.

The Pricing is what the local papers
have put so dont blame me.(3)(9)As a Derby fan these are the most realistic transfers Ive heard for our club on here.I am not getting all this talk with deals with dundee united for strikers has anyone a SourceThey all seem very likely especially the savies one as it allows to be around his
parents which was his reason for rejecting the contract and west brom are
interested in james bailey aswell but hes a wise boy and i see him choosing a champ tean like charlton instead with more realistic game time.i also dont want to hear anymore about jason shackell>as derby are a proper club and any speculation on players are straight away cleared
up by nigel on the radio and he said that shackell if anything is
fighting for a new it would the club longer than they have to find someone who dosent cost alot to be good as shackell.if players such as matt mills and mariappa are going for 5 million.shackell should be worth 6/7 million as hes better than both of them and the pundits know it and lets face it you know it and with the importance he has for the club it would take alot to get him so shhh and most burnley fans say eddie howe said hes nevr thought about shackell.Shackell better than Mariappa? What planet are you on?Can any Derby fans give me a quick summary of James Bailey? Sounds like a Chris Powell style signing.Mills = overpriced. Mariappa = Only one year on his contract and won't go for £5m. Best of the lot though. Shackell = Admittedly good but £6m/7m? That would be extreme overpricing.Im a watford fan and marriappa is going for no more than 3 million and hes only 24. Shackell is nothing speciall and also i would say matt mills is porably better than him, dream on dont be suprised hwen u accept 1.5m for him!James Bailey is a fair player good passing ability..sad to see him go...but thats footballMatt Mills is no way better than Mariappa. Mills is a solid centre half but Mariappa is more versatile, quicker, and is a monster in the air. The kid jumps like a gazelle!Can't see Croft to Oldham happening. Wage demands too high, and there's no way we could afford any sort of transfer fee.Unless Miles Addison is worth more than 1.5 million then we wouldn't part with cash plus Jordan Clarke. One of the players last season to show real talent and still young. Plus he has stated that he is definitely staying next season.


28 May 2012 23:15:46
Chelsea ins this summer

Hazard- complete
Milner-soon to be completed
Hulk- will go through this summer
Subotic- also soon
Ayew- signed to replace Kalou(12)(23)Which Ayew? As their are three of them!


28 May 2012 23:15:13
Hddersfeild right back Jack Hunt is set for talks with Ipswich after a fee of 1.5 million + clauses was agreed. Town are also oin talks with former stoke striker Ricardo fuller about a possible return to PR(2)(23)Why would he leave huddsfield to go to ipswich doesnt make any sense go up then sell players to teams in same lge?I think will will get fuller but jack hunt? no we are getting elliot hewit in RB from MTFC who just got relegated from league2 so we wont need jack hunt hewit is having a medical today at portman road also he is ment to be the next bale as he is welsh and a really good 17 year old with many U21 capsAgreed had Hudders not gone up we may have got him doubt it now Lowton is more realistic


28 May 2012 23:13:21
Stephen Qinn set to begin talks with Ipswich town after a fee of 1 million was agreed....(4)(13)Would very much like this to be true. Looks like a good, solid player who's a good age too.That is bull1 million! Bite your hand off for that, most overrated player going!


28 May 2012 22:58:11
A bid has been put on the table for leeds untied(17)(2)Must be a small tableHow funny you are.... NOT - get a life and realise Leeds United are more profitable than most clubs in the Premiership - FACT!


28 May 2012 22:56:02
SOUTHAMPTON have agreed a £6.5m plus add-ons fee with Burnley for Jay Rodriguez, personal terms to be discussed, £6.5 may be reduced if old boy Richard Chaplow returns to Burnley as part of the deal.(19)(17)


28 May 2012 22:55:02
STRONG rumours again coming out of Burnley that a 6.5m fee was agreed with Southampton but Jay Rodriguez has again turned down the move like he did in the January window when a bid was accepted.

JAY RODRIGUEZ ..... HE'S ONE OF OUR OWN.(15)(11)It would only be reduced by 50k-150kI thought Cardiff put a 5.5m bid in for JRThere was no bid in january, but a bid was turned down last summerIt was not accepted in January and he hasnt turned Saints down..A bid has been agreed with Burnley and thats that so far....Hate to break it to you but he wont be "One of your own" for much longer..Wether its with Saints or another club!And yes he did turn you down , we accepted a bid from you before did we not ! So if we accepted a bit from you but jay doesn't play for you doesn't that mean that jay turned you down , because I heard you all saying before he was asking for ridiculous wages well if that's the case then why come back in for him ? Because you know that he did turn you down before and the same will happen again when he's back off his holiday :)It may have been accepted but that's between bfc and Southampton but jays away on holiday ATM and he doesn't want to leave burnley , he's just moved into his own house in the area and all his family live close by him and he's best mates with Austin and trippier so I can't c him leaving burnley fc just yet ! UTCFunny that, Trippier will be the next to sign for Southampton.Wouldn't surprise me , closely followed by Austin , Edgar , patterson , ings , McCann , Wallace , stanislas and all the rest of the burnley players because they only seem to b interested in our players , Adkins will be gone soon aswel and they b tryna appoint Howe !Lol, dont want Ings he is garbage, or he was when he was at Bournmouth. I was also a coach for a team he played for at 16, what an arrogant PK he is.'I can't c him leaving...'. Bless you, respect for the love of your town and football club. Social and occupational mobility is quite normal though these days and there are things such as estate agents, the telephone, trains, cars and even passenger carrying flying things. He, therefore, doesn't have to miss the opportunity of more than doubling his wages, prem football and proving his potential as a future full England striker.Exactly , doubling his wages ? Is that wot uv done with evry saints player doubled their wages for getting promoted ? Can't wait till u go back down n then your clubs just a ticking time bomb again with the new financial rules about to come in , n then u will have to sell , sell , sell just to balance the books haha


28 May 2012 22:48:03
Michael Owen to QPR
Jordan Rhodes to Fulham
Nick Powell to Man Utd (who will loan him back to Crewe)
Paddy Kenny + Shaun Derry + Akos Buzsaky to Leeds
Joey Barton to West Ham
Belhanda to Newcastle
Uchibo to Stoke
Scott Sinclair to Liverpool
Eden Hazard said on Twitter that he will be joining Chelsea.
Jermaine Defoe to Norwich,
Grant Holt to Arsenal,
Van Persie to Man City.

Twitter @JakeSpencer1(7)(37)Jermaine Defoe to Norwich and Grant Holt to Arsenal?! Those are some of the most ridiculous rumours I've heard on this site.If RVP is going to leave arsenal, can't see it being for another team in England. Think Barton will stay at QPR. Holt to stay with Norwich, Sinclair wont leave. Owen to QPR is likely, they will use their increased funds that will be able to cover his wages... and they're the club most likely to fork the money out to him for doing ____ all.Joey Barton to West ham.... Do your research on things before you post them, Gold and Sullivan have already stated they will never have a player like that at our club!Rhodes will most likely go to Celtic, even more so if Jay Rod from Burnley is sold. and dont say Rhodes is taken a step back in a shiat league because he would get more time and expirence in CL then any other epl club. and Rhodes would like to develop more before making the jump.And joey barton to westham he on a 12 game he is not wanted stay with the rrrrrrrrrsDefoe to Norwich ? Im a Norwich fan and this will never happen ! , nor would Arsenal want a 31 year old striker to replace RVP ! be realisticPaddy Kenny + Shaun Derry + Akos Buzsaky to Leeds -Can see the connection but have Leeds won the lottery then, they couldn't afford Joel Ward?Owen won't go to QPR. Too far down south from his estate. His estate is too big for him to leave his family and horses up north.Uchibo was at stoke last season on trial and failed to impress. Owen is likely to go to Stoke, Pulis is a big fan, tried to sign him before, and he will be used as a regular substitute. Stoke are also after Will Keane from Man U.Nick Powell will not be loaned back to Crewe, he will be loaned out to a Championship or other Premier League side.I can see RVP going to city thoughStoke turned down the option of Uchibo after having in on trial for only 1 day..Nice try though.. ;)Why would Rhodes want to play for Celtic in a league he will achieve nothing in, he will sign for a prem team as it is the best league in the world. Being in the spl would be like dropping a league.Buzsaky has just signed a new contractHolt going nowhereIn reply to 3rd to last comment gary hooper did the same scored a fair amount off goals for Scunthorpe and went to celtic and hes had the time off his life in scotland??I love how since nick powell scores a wondergoal against cheltenham it suddenly means hes going united.. {Ed001's Note - actually they have been interested in him for a while, as have most of the Prem and Championship.}


28 May 2012 22:18:37
UPDATE: Reading bid for Gunter rejected by Nottingham Forest. bid was aprox 2mil.
MrRfc(13)(9)Would be a great signing i think :D 2.5-3.25 million should sway notts forest !Fairly good right back and forest have a replacement ready in young Kieron freeman recently promoted from the forest academy and spent last season impressing on loan spells to Mansfield town and notts countyIf you offered £3m Nottingham forest would do business


28 May 2012 22:06:51
Aaron Wilbraham to Yeovil on a one year deal.(13)(8)


28 May 2012 22:06:11
Reading have made a bid for Gunter, also interest from Swansea
MrRfc(8)(5)Cheers matt, all the best for the coming season' you reds'! tanj the jack


28 May 2012 22:04:37
Its going to be an interesting summer at Huddersfield Town after promotion.(19)(15)


28 May 2012 22:03:10
Shrewsbury Town are interested in Exeter City playmaker David Noble and released Scunthorpe pair Michael O'Connor and Josh Lillis.(6)(3)


28 May 2012 22:02:06
Former Southport shot-stopper Mortin Thorsen will go on trial at Yeovil. {Ed025's Note - football club...or crown court?...(5)(2)Some errors here: Morten, not Mortin, and he is a former Stockport, not Southport player.....and Magistrates Court, not Crown Court. Ha ha!


28 May 2012 21:58:13
League Two newcomers Fleetwood target Mukhtar Abdullah, who has scored 502 goals in 234 appearances for Somali champions Al-Shahab.(1)(17)


28 May 2012 21:57:26
Carlisle United are close to agreeing a deal for Notts Countys Eddie Edwards(0)(9)Nice!! Must be true if you can't even get his name right! Mike EdwardsIt's mike Edward. And I don't think he would leave he is far to settled to leaveThis site is getting daft. Firstly it's 'Mike' Edwards. He is our longest serving player and just signed a new contract!It's Mike Edwards and unlikely to move to Carlisle as family are settled in the area. More likely a move to Chesterfield if he was moving anywhere. Currently considering an offer from Notts.Oui dopey, just to rub it in its MIKE Edwards!Carlise have offered Eddie a 2 year deal, Notts have offered 1 year, fact.


28 May 2012 21:51:32
Ipswich signings-chatting to agent and a high-up
representative at the clubs PA.

Adam Le Fondre (Reading) £1 Million
Ross McCormack (Leeds) £500,000.
Greg Halford (Portsmouth) £250,000.
Matt Tubbs (Bournemouth) £1 Million.
Ravel Morrison (West Ham) Season Loan.
Alex Smithies (Huddersfield) £900,000.

Ryan Stephenson-(Everton) £3 Million.
Michael Chopra (Celtic) £2.5 Million.
Aaran Lee Barrett-(Newcastle) £1 Million
Josh Carson (Tottenham) £4 Million plus Danny Rose on a season loan.

No abuse please I haven't got time for
people disrespecting me or the people
that give me the information. More soon.
M.(4)(55)Not disrespecting you,but anyone who thought these signings would happen is delusional!Sounds good mate, shame about Lee-Barrett going as he is gonna be class keeper but at least he's going to a good club. Budgies seething at the list of players we're after eh>?I'm an Ipswich fan. You are clearly not or nuts. All utter rubbish and you could have a free house in the deal to sell ALB for £1m. Ha!Dont have a problem with the players here, but youve severely undervalued the ins and severely overvalued the outs!Reading will not be selling Adam Le Fondre. That's silly.Interesting list, but £3m for Stephenson?Smithies for 900k dont think so youll need a couple of million for his services especially after saturdayWhat a load of tripe!£500k for Ross when he has been linked with Premiership teams for £2.5mThese figures are huge. Doubt we could afford/would pay most of these prices. And the players going out are not worth anywhere near the amount quoted.I like how the rumour underneath has chopra for 10x less than yoursChopra to Celtic 2.5 mil? The people that gave you the info are taking the piss out of you mate! Whats your game? Dont have time for abuse but you have time to post rubbish!!Reading wont be le fondre and certainly not for a paltry £1millionIf you don't want disrespect stop writing ste!!I will really be surprised if Everton can find £3M for anyone.We are skint but if we are to sign anyone its Naismith at Rangers £2M to buy out his contract in June.Sorry, but you cant spout utter rubbish and then ask not to be "disrespected"! Arron Lee-Barrett is worth about £100k, and we signed Stevenson in January for 50k and he's barely played any games, so why would his value go up to £3million! Then for the comings in, Le Fondre has just got promoted, as has Smithies and Ross McCormack scored more goals than Chopra, is younger and yet he is somehow going to cost 500k to the £2.5m for Chopra? Where do you get these stories.Someone's playing Football Manager + Ipswich aren't a club players want to join, they offered more money for/to Joel Ward and yet he choose Palace, because Ipswich are a club going nowhereThat's never happening! Stevenson has just signed, he's not worth 3 Million and you've spelt his name wrong!Why are there so many rumours about ALFIE leaving Reading? he will be a crucial part of our team next yearMatt tubbs for a million? hes been awful for bournemouth and thats from a bournemouth fan.
dont put stupid posts up if you want respect #moronI'm friends with an ex town goalie and he said that ALB is not even good enough to play for Ipswich. The only reason he does is because they can't get a decent keeper in.What a load of rubbish. I think the best bit was when you said about chatting to an Agent and a Club's PA. They never casually tell random people their transfer goings-on, so this is all blatent rubbish! And such as someone said above, Ipswich are boring and going no where so no one would join! Hence Ward going to Palace...Stop with the ALFie rumours!!!!This is clearly the post of a Norwich fan! why can't you lot see thatMorrison not[People really need to stop taking every word so seriously. i hope these people really don't lack that much intelligence. this is very clearly a joke.You deserve abuseRoss McCormack (Leeds) £500,000. Your having a laugh 500,000 worth 10 tomes thatSMITHIES?! phaha! get a life mate..Smithies has blue and white striped blood. Not a chance!!!Mccormak staying at leeds the rest going to brighton or leeds


28 May 2012 21:44:16
Southampton for Kenwyne Jones after an unhappy season. The fact they introduced him to English football an obvious factor but big spending Anzhi looking to add him to their line up including Eto'o, Roberto Carlos, Samba, Boussafa etc etc etc.

Money over everything?(11)(9)He's rubbish and we don't want himI'll drive him there myself!Since when did you decide who they sign? Jones will go to a far bigger club than Southampton anyway. Several foreign clubs, Sunderland and QPR all interested.Far bigger clubs?? then you mention QPR ...riiiiight. Saints wouldn't want him anyway after his last spell at the club. Poor rumourHis love for Saints was plain for all to see
the way he refused to pull on a Saints shirt and went on strike to get a move when he was here before.
Don't want the over-rated bum back,we are too good for him,let him rot in some lower divison.DONT WANT THAT DONKEY BACK AT STMARYS!!!Every time I've seen him for stoke he's looked terrible! No thanks!After the way he went on strike to force a move from Saints I would never want him back - we dont forget players who treat us like that - Poor player now anyway.'his love'...cos footballers have cared in the past. a lot will happily go anywhereSaints would never want Jones back, get real.Kenwyne Jones and Shawcross on another thread :-)

How deluded are these Saints fans? Sunderland, Malaga, Fenerbache etc all interested in Jones ..........yeah right he'll want to go to Southampton.

Stick to players from Burnley. More realistic.

Unbelievable !!Bloody right we'll stick to Rodriguez over Jones. Only a pompous, arrogant, ignorant Prem snob would say otherwise.


28 May 2012 21:42:13
Dave Allen to splash the cash and let JS bring Richard Wood to the club from Coventry(3)(5)


28 May 2012 21:40:49
Hazard has put on Twitter he's signing for the Champions League winners!
So he's either going to Chelsea or he's pulling people's leg's and signing for Man U, Real or Barca! (he hasn't said this years CL Winners) either way looks like Man City are out of the running!
Mickey Blue Eyes
EFC Fan(18)(2)


28 May 2012 21:40:34
dean lewington to be huddersfields first signing next week.(9)(7)


28 May 2012 21:39:42
Hazard has joined chelsea, reuters just reported it after he said on twitter. Gutted!(11)(8)


28 May 2012 21:38:46
Eunan O'kane looks to be off to Burnley somewhen soon for a expected £575k fee. Damn the Gulls,should of milked more out of it!(9)(3)


28 May 2012 21:34:27
Hulk will also sign for Chelsea in the next few days(24)(11)


28 May 2012 21:28:17
watford striker chris iwelumo is signing for bournemouth this week, the fee is believed to be around 300k. source: daily echo(8)(6)Would like it if we signed him but its not in the daliy echoKeep dreaming the beast is a golden boyWould do a good job for B'mouth. Poor scoring record at Watford but good performances after a slow startI'd take thatI dunno how we'd get £300k for Iwelumo....

2nd half of the season though he has been really good, I wouldn't him if we keep him, but if he went to League One he would be very good when used in the right way. He's not fast or particularly clinical but he can give defenders a nightmare and change games.He'll go for no more than £100kHeard this a copule of times now so hopefully its true!


28 May 2012 21:26:41
Reading FC have made a season long loan bid for Chelsea's young playmaker Kevin De Bruyne, although the player could be on his way to Lille.(9)(4)Would be an amazing shout but probably not Gunna happen


28 May 2012 21:25:31
Shrewsbury town have agreed a fee of £80,000 with Southend for their winger ryan Hall.
Hall was said to be relieved to leave roots hall as he wanted to leave for a better club with more ambition than Southend.(10)(9)£80k are you sure, it will be more like £250k + he's a bigtime charlie who wont want to move to Shrewsbury.He doesn't want to play for a club that has reached their maximum potential so he won't be joining you anyway your more than likely by fighting a relegation battle next year!Maximum pottential? Its still a higher standard of football than he would be playing at with southend! just because your bitter of losing to 7th placed crewe! 250k for a league 2 player dream on! im sure most clubs would snatch your hand off if 80k was offered for their winger its a lot of money in that league!
if we're going down why have some bookies made us 6-1 to make playoffs?I'm a Southend fan and I think that next season we will be a mid table team if we don't face reality if we let the good players go then we have time to get new onesMaximum potential, LOL,
the last we were in theis divison with Graham Turner at the helm we won it, so a club of no ambition, what a joke, just watch us go!!!!!!!Hall has been for talks at Greenhouse Meadow lunchtime today !!!


28 May 2012 21:22:53
Well done to swansea i thought a team with more money would steal the player that u had on loan from germany . you have showen everybody by buying this player that u want to stay in prem L. All best next season. Ncfc matt.

Otbc(7)(2)Dont need to spend to stay in the prem WBA didnt and look at them top 10 team swansea jus a small club and the are panic buyingPanic buy? LOL! WBA paid £4.5million, possibly rising to £6.5million for a striker (Long) that has scored just 8 goals for them all season. Gylfi scored 7 goals from midfield in half a season, at 22 years old. £6.8million is a bargain!Panic buying ? no we pay for quality mate!Well wba got hammered twice by a small team thenSound a little bitter there Mr WBA, oh and thanks for helping us with 6 points as well.Panic buying ? we all know sigys worth more so profit to swansea :)


28 May 2012 21:21:36
Sheffield Wednesday preparing a bid for for for hf for Harry Maguire of Sheffield United now
now that Baath is staying with Wolves(4)(9)Maguire will never go cos of all the stick he got of wendys utbHe is possibly going to return to Barnsley !!


28 May 2012 21:20:22
Morecambe FC are having a look at Ryan Bowman , a 20 year old striker/right winger who recently left Darlington.(3)(1)


28 May 2012 21:05:30
Hi Ed, there are a lot of transfer rumours surrounding West Ham but are the Hammers actually vaguely close to signing ANYONE? {Ed025's Note - Its a bit early yet no..(4)(1)


28 May 2012 20:59:16
Matt Phillips set to join up with Southampton before pre season. Reports that the south coast club are interested in Tom ince have proven to be a decoy for the press as Southampton seek to seal the deal early.(16)(16)What are you talking about? A decoy? Think about what you've just said!Everything is done behind closed doors all the newspaper talk is rubbish saints will release a statement when they have heard a yes off the player {Ed003's Note - Might be best to wait for a yes off the club first}Would love this but I can't see it somehow.Southampton fans......JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN......there should be a page for all the players Southampton fans have linked with the club and thoes that have actually signed.....I would find it really would most football fans.....wouldnt be suprised if rumours of the next big player at the Euro's is signing for Southampton....!!


28 May 2012 20:55:59
Joel ward from porsmouth to Palace-Undisclosed fee

Eden Hazard from lille to Chelsea-Undisclosed fee(21)(7)


28 May 2012 20:48:29
Hi Guys
well there goes another big signing.He c chose chose Chelsea over us what does that say about our pulling power.

Bazza The Red {Ed025's Note - which red team bazza?(5)(4)


28 May 2012 20:42:40
Yaya Sanogo has been attracting interest from the premier league, arsenal a likely destination also newcastle rumoured to want him, a few of th rate the youngster and see him as a good prospect fo newcastle utd(7)(6)


28 May 2012 20:38:36
Bolton, Leicester and Brighton after out of favour Reading striker Simon Church. Source: Sky Sports(14)(2)Leicester dont need or want himI'd have him at Bolton. I remember watching score 2 goals against Liverpool at Anfelsd not so long ago. Young and hungry striker, just what Bolton need.


28 May 2012 20:37:36
championship strugglers ipswich are close to selling michael chopra to leeds for 200k source ipswich director(14)(20)Bet this happens even tho he is a gamble but reckon he will book his place in their squadLeeds robbed a bank or something?Never going to happen. Chopra is worth more than that.Wow good source we don't have any directors numpty!Leeds are in the middle of a billion pound takeover, so we wll do much better than chopra MOTGood chopra is utter rubbish! get a striker that wants to play and score goals


28 May 2012 20:05:32
preston have signed lee holmes and
jeffrey monkana(14)(2)


28 May 2012 20:21:19
Ipswich are looking to bolster their defence after facing facts they will struggle next season. Targets include Bhasera from Plymouth(0)(7)Hes goin to leedsTo good for LeedsOr BrightonNobody to good for the mighy whites, he wont be good enough for us MOT


28 May 2012 20:21:08
mick maccarthy, roy keane and billy daviev possible new hull manager(11)(3)


28 May 2012 20:20:48
Joel ward has signed for palace on official website(14)(2)The ships starting to sink


28 May 2012 20:20:47
CPFC have announced the signing of Pompey hero Joel Ward on a 4 year deal beating off Celtic, Burnley and Championship strugglers Ipswich.

FACT - club website.(10)(2)How are ipswich championship strugglers when we have only just had the lowest finish in 50 years(15th). and we have finished the season as one of the form teams in the whole division,
crystal palace are the ones that keep taking all the ipswich regects (aka, garvin)How things change?! bitter pill to swallow how Ward chose us over you.His decision based purely on the fact that London is closer to Portsmouth than Ipswich, and he is obviously deluded if he thinks that palace have a greater chance of promotion because when zaha and clyne leave and belief me they will leave, you'll only be a team of Ipswich rejects heading for relegation!Putting FACT at the end of a story just irritates people and doesn't mean it's true - FACTHe chose palace for football reasons, not distance.


28 May 2012 20:15:45
Eden hazard has joined chelsea for an undisclosed fee. He has picked the londoners for regular champiopns league football.(18)(5)I cant see hazard going chelsea maybe i am wrong but i hope not he will become a better player with either arsenal or man united i can see united winning the battle because of their manager and historyHe just said on twitter that he would be joining the european champions i.e. Chelsea. Seems like a player with a big ego therefore glad not to see him at United.He's said on hit twitter, hes joining ChelseaTo late mate hazard gone to Chelsea. Fergie holding you back in the market and glazers got no moneyIf he joins chelsea another waste of talent look what happened to lukaku he should go to spurs or arsenal team that would sought his game moreObviously the boy couldn't handle the competition at City, too much quality there for him to stand out and/or demand a starting place. Perhaps his arrogance is misplaced?

Congratulations Chelsea. We welcome your challenge next season.I'm just guessing hazard hasn't taken a look at the final standings in the premier league! yes Chelsea won the CL but the league table never lies!If he wants to play in the champs league regualary he should of thought about not going chelski as drogba won them the fa and champions league!


28 May 2012 20:14:20
Arsene Wenger has reportedly been
interseted in Jay Rodriguez of Burnley as afghth replacement for Robin Van Persie. The
current Arsenal striker is apparently in
talks with a host of clubs, including
Manchester City and Barcelona.(5)(23)HA LOL
Why would Wenger want someone like Rodriguez?
Also has it not maybe occured to you that Arsenal now have Podolski?He has already signed for southamptonHe has signed a new contractNo he has not signed for southampton ok so shut up !!Why do people post such rubbish ! rodriguez has NOT yet signed for southampton even if he might be in talks and he has NOT signed a new contract !Arsenal put a 1 million pound bid in for jay Rodriguez in the 2010 summer so he has intrest


28 May 2012 20:06:47
Former Southampton winger Lee Holmes ha signed for Preston North End(17)(1)Saints fan here. if this is true and if holmes can stay fit then he will be a very good signing at this levelHopefully it will go well as good player but has had so many injuries so hope he gets long run in first team deserves it


28 May 2012 20:01:11
Brighton transfer talk from the Internet.
Simon Church - Reading (Free)
Alan Smith - Newcastle (Free)
Gai Assulin - (Free)
Joe Mattock - (Free)
Ross McCormack - Leeds (£600k)

Liam Trotter - Millwall (transfer)
Manuel Almunia - (Free)
Rabdal Razak - Man City (Free)
Danny Swanson - Dundee United (£500k)

Ryan Harley - Charlton Athletic (Loan)
Craig Noone - Leeds (Loan)
Romain Vincelot - Millwall (£700k)
Casper Ankergran - Huddersfield (£400k)(7)(18)Why would you be paying for danny swanson he is on a freeSimon Church may be awful but you won't get him for free.Why would you loan out noone arguably your best players also mccormack will cost more than 600k more like 1.8millionAlmunia, smith, assulin and vicente will cost you more in wages p/a than what you will spend in total 2 years from nowSwanson is out of Contract so would be a freeSorry but Simon Church's contract is until summer 2013, so I don't have a clue how your going to get him for free?!Not a chance trotter would go go you lot...if anywhere, it will be prem with southamptonRoss McCormack is going to the prem if he leaves leedsBit of a fail on regarding knowledge of whether players are free or not. I would love McCormack as he is just what we need. Probably more like 1mil though. We do have a chance of getting him as he wants more money (which we can offer, but bates won't). May go to the prem, but I doubt it as he would probably just sit on the bench.I thought Alan Smith signed Permanently for MK Dons? Forgive me I may be wrong. Also we would never loan out one of our best players like Noone.

Trotter has been strongly linked with Brighton for awhile now so it could very well happen.Smith wants to stay at MK Dons and has opened talks with themWho in their right mind would pay 400k for ankergren he is terrible I would pay that for him to go it's no surprise Leeds let him go he is terribleI can't see Trotter going to another Championship club. He captain's the side when Robbo's not playing, has a pretty lengthy contract, and has recently said he's happy at Millwall. Also there are a few Premiership clubs in for him at circa £3M. Why step sideways to a club who didn't even make the payoffs last year?Harley wouldnt get in Charlton's side.Harley will not be coming to Charlton.""Ryan Harley - Charlton Athletic (Loan)"" No, try againWouldn't say noone is one of our best at all. Was very good at the start of the season but after the interest from Cardiff in january he was carp. Would be delighted if we swapped him and Ross mccormackAgree. Noone is good but not the best, McCormack for Noone. DEAL !Razack's loan was cut short due to differences of opinion between him & Poyet. Cant see him going to Brighton unless its on a day trip to the beachTrotter is not worth 3mil, it's just stupid millwall fans lying to make it seem like their players are worth something and that they have moneyWow some serious hate for millwall, you've clearly never seen trotter play, when at his best he drives the team on and makes the team play.And what, Craig Mackail-Smith is worth 3mil with 10 goals in the league last season? If that's the case, Darius Henderson with 19 goals must be worth 6 mil? Anyway... Trotter is worth at least 3mil. Definitely the best CM outside the Prem.If Trotter played for any other Championship club the price would be £5m.Who's Rabdal Razak? ha pathetic rumours, though his name was AbdulIf Trotter played for any other Championship club the price would be £5m

This comment is spot on. His only young and will improveGood luck getting trotter (not)


28 May 2012 19:57:32
Scottish Premier League midfielder Danny Swanson in for a possible move to Barnsley, Brighton or Peterborough(7)(4)"Ryan Harley - Charlton Athletic (Loan)" Charlton will not start the season with loans


28 May 2012 19:47:39
Florent Cuvelier signs a new 2 year deal with stoke, after being briefly courted by Middlesbrough. However the youngster might well still end up at the North East Club on loan.(7)(1)


28 May 2012 19:45:36
Oldham Athletic winger Chris Taylor has held initial talks with Millwall about a move to the New Den.

Taylor is out of contract at Oldham this summer and Lions boss Kenny Jackett is keen to add the left-sided player to his squad.

The 25-year-old, who scored both home and away when Oldham did the double over Millwall during the 2008/09 season, has made a total of 286 first-team appearances for the Latics, scoring 35 goals.

Meanwhile, striker Ryan Brooke, released by the Latics earlier this month, has penned a deal with Blue Square Bet North side Altrincham(3)(1)


28 May 2012 19:44:42
The Atgus reports that Brighton have appointed ex-Tottenham and FA Executive Paul Barber as their new Chief Executive. A very positive and ambitious appointment.(5)(1)That's not a rumour


28 May 2012 19:38:03
CPFC are delighted to announce the signing of Joel Ward for £400,000 from Portsmouth after he agreed a four year deal on Monday evening (club text).(10)(4)Well done to Palace, you have bought a very good player, honest and hardworking and who will continue to improve.


28 May 2012 19:24:23
Ed any Burton news {Ed003's Note - Nope}(2)(1)Blackpool centre half on a one year loan deal.Sergio Ramos as back up for you first choice Right BackYeah..they never stock my leg length.


28 May 2012 19:12:53
north end tosign lee holmes and jeffrey
monakana - both frees i think(9)(4)Has already been announced on the preston websiteAlready done and theres a lot more to comeI kno i just wanted to be first to post it hahah... sad.. and i hope more do come -muosinho being linked, so sky say


28 May 2012 19:06:58
Marlon Pack of Cheltenham will be joining Swindon with Jonathan Smith going the other way with 300k plus add ons.

Williams (free agent from Yeovil) has already agreed a pre contract with Swindon.

Danny Wilson is looking to go back to his former club with a bid for Caddis and Ferry.(13)(5)He brought the pair to the town from Celtic but Caddis has signed a contract extension in the past weekNo chance Swindle could afford Pack and he would not be interested. Birmingham and Leeds are interested and Cheltenham are known to want in excess of £500,000.


28 May 2012 18:55:22
ed any news on hull city tranfer targets and new manager?(0)(3)Linked with Hudds centre half Clarke


28 May 2012 18:57:35
Lee Holmes in talks with Oxford United, York City and Crawley Town.
Meanwhile, Oxford to announce the extended contract of Adam Chapman, the completion of a transfer deal for Luton Town midfielder Keith Keane and a swap deal involving Deane Smalley and Billy Kee(5)(14)Lee Holmes has just signed for Preston.
Source: Official SiteThats true, im a Burton fan! and we have heard the same thing, BK going to Oxford and Smalley coming to us. Im quite happy about that, because Deane Smalley is class.Is that the Lee Holmes who has just signed for PRESTON NORTH ENDThe same lee holmes who as agreed to join prestonHolmes goin to pneDeane Smalley is NOT class. But I'd be very happy if we got Billy Kee in place of Deane Smalley.


28 May 2012 18:43:44
Aaron Wilbraham is in talks with Oldham.(4)(16)AAron earns 12k per week at Norwich.
MK dons have offered him a player coach role but he would need to slash his PL wages.Almost wet meself here, more like 12k a year, hes a terrible player wouldnt even want him after last time


28 May 2012 18:41:10
leicester city are close to agreeing a deal for notts countys alan judge leicester have offered 1.3 million it is not yet known what countys response will be.

FOXONTOUR(2)(14)"close to agreeing a deal" "not yet known what countys response will be", seems legit!Hope so looks a good little player!Hes staying at notts1.5-2m and you'd have a deal he is good enough for the Premier Leauge


28 May 2012 18:04:02
Roberto Martinez, will be named manager of Liverpool Football Club tomorrow Lunchtime.(15)(25)Big mistake Huge mistake, yanks you dont have a clue.It's true mate, i have reliable source's within the Premier League.

If you look further down, i was the one that put Hazard to Join Chelsea, ending all speculation.I'd love to know your "reliable" sources cause brendan rogers is our managerWrong wrong wrong


28 May 2012 17:39:08
Stevenage will loan Benik Afobe from Arseanl(14)(11)Arsenal wont loan him out to a L1 side again.

Possible return to Reading on the cards. They've been in talks with Arsenal about someone. If not Afobe then can't imagine who else.Why are you posting northampton rumours on the stevenage page?? go away.


28 May 2012 17:37:38
Bury to sign James Brown following his release from Hartlepool(15)(6)I reckon north end will try to sign himBet he feels goodBarker has strong links with Pool.
But if wages are the problem at Pool, there is not a cat in a hats chance of him joining Bury.
Bury never pay fuel or relocation costs.Pools let him go because of a string of injuries and the lack of appearance time couldnt justify keeping him on any longerI hope that he does sign for bury, and can stay injury free. Its a shame we let him go but was the right decision. Him and barker linked well as players for us hopefull richie barker can get him fit and playing.
A fit browny can rip any defence to pieces


28 May 2012 17:31:12
Paul Rachubka has been transfer listed by Leeds United.

Rotherham,Shrewsbury and Tranmere have all registered interest.(15)(3)Rotherham wont be intrested as they have already signed two good keepers!He let seven goals in against blackpool earlier this season {Ed003's Note - 3 goals }3 then and got subbed before half timeHes not ggod enough to play for any one of those teamsTranmere have got fon williams one of the best keepers in the league


28 May 2012 17:24:24
Hull's Matty Fryatt is wanted by Nigel Pearson. The duo wish to be reunited.(6)(19)Ahhh they make a lovely coupleNigel Pearson ought to write a novel so he can sign that aswell...


28 May 2012 17:21:24
Brighton in talks with Gateshead regarding midfielder Phil Turnbull(4)(8)I hope not


28 May 2012 17:19:20
Heard from very good source at club that Reading are in talks with John Carew free agent and Lee Novak from huddersfield and Berra from Wolves for about 1 million(14)(15)Even thou I am not Berra biggest fan 'in fact' id drive him to Reading. we paid about 2.7 for him, I cant see them letting him go that cheap.especially wit Mr MoxeyIf lee novaks the best you can get then your going straight back downNO NO NO!! Not Berra he was useless for Wolves this seasonAlso been told very good chance off Matt Mills coming backCarew would be good for Reading. Perfect cover for RobertsDon't think so about about John carew he's awful , lee novak no thanks need a prolific goalscorer which he isn't but Berra could be good backup!I hope not all those players are useless and not signings of a team that wants to stay up.No thanks Pitman is absolutly crapWolves won't let him go to reading it's a back step for him a small clubWolves are a small club, reading are ambitious and much richer than wolvesWolves are a much bigger club! Better history, bigger stadium, better financal state! Learn your facts!Wolves a small club compared to reading? A lot bigger than reading, hanneman, Doyle, hunt all left the madjeski for the golden palace, even now Doyle and hunt turn you down as no ambition.
Fans are great and don't mind reading but never can you say reading are bigger than wolves it's like me saying wolves are bigger than Barcelona.How can you say wolves are a small club ? The football club will go places in the next years , no debt , improving the stadium , the players WANT to stay at wolves ... Reading do not have the money to stay in the top flight. And berra was our best defender this year by a long shot. #MINDLESSIDIOTSReading a bigger club? dont make me laugh! they've never won the first division, never won the fa cup, never won the league cup and never been in european competition! Wolves have done all of these! yes it was a long time ago but at the end of the day in terms of history wolves a far bigger club!Better financial state? We've just been brought by a Billionaire! Our stadium is also better then Molineux. Yes Doyle, Hunt and USA may have gone to you but McDermott turned you down as he can spot a sinking ship. He's a scout you know. Also you ruined Doyle.


28 May 2012 17:13:48
Jim Magilton will become the
new Hull City manager, it will be
confirmed at the start of June.(10)(8)


28 May 2012 17:07:34
Does anyone know if we've actually siGned Leadbitter yet we've been linked with him for ages(2)(8)Im good mates with Grant 100 per cent signing for middlesborough misses his mam and sister and matesLet's hope you havn't for your own sake if you have get ready for sideways and backward passes


28 May 2012 17:00:31
Aaron Wildig has signed for Srewsbury Town.

Rory McArdle is also set to sign in the next couple of days and Southend's Ryan Hall is currently negotiating a contract with Shrewsbury.(14)(2)Ryan hall wouldn't go shrewsbury dream on!Wildig has signFor the last time HALL IS NOT JOINING SHREWSBURY! Understand?!?Why would he not want League one footballHe doesn't want to play for a club that have reached their maximum potential and will more than likely be back in League Two next year!Why on earth would Hall not want to join us?
There is a difference you know between what the fans want and what is actually going on behind the scenes!
We're a league 1 club with a very ambitious manager if sufficient interest is shown i'm sure we could attract any current league 2 player! Just because you don' think he will go doesn't mean anything, that's just your opinion!Maximum pottential? Like sarfend really have the pottential to get much higher? league 1 football is still league 1 football no matter where the club is in the table! all you southend fans are just bitter that you lost to crewe and cant stand that a better club is coming in for your "talented player" so are denying any rumour that he is leaving and making up rubbish claims that it would take 500k to precure him!
dream on!Im laughing at this max potential rubbish. Roland Wycherley wants the championship and Shrewsbury have good young players. Why not go to ShrewsburyThe fact that the Wildig has just signed today and McArdle is about to sign show's this source is quite reliable? Hall is moving to Shrewsbury.If he is offered a good contract he will sign, even if it just for a couple of years to help progress with his career. Think about it logically - would you play for a league 2 team offering you average wages or would you go to a league 1 team offering better wages. Southend fans think they know Hall personally. Anyone would leave their current club if the money was better and the other club is doing better tooStevenage where in the play offs so this maximum potential stuff is nonsense. Southend have never got above lg1 and Shrewsbury have
Theres no such thing as max potential.
Look at Wimbledons bounce backHall will be Going to Shrewsbury my friend is his friend and last week he met with the Shrewsbury manager to discuss a contract!I bet you 20 quid he isn't moving to Shrewsbury so just write your bank details n here and i'll take it out now because we all know he isn't going to join Shrewsbury!Hall won't be going to Shrewsbury as my nan's neighbour's cat's catnip's maker's husband's boss' daughter's ex's mum's son is in fact Ryan Hall and he has said he wouldn't want to go to Shrewbury again in his life 100% TRUTH!Southend have never got above league 1?!?!?! you sure about that considering we were in the championship 5/6 years ago, shows just how much you knowHall is not going to shrews i wish he was charlton is where he going


28 May 2012 16:48:35
Walsall set to offer trials to keiron agard and oli Johnson(14)(6)They are rubbish,Probably why we are looking at them!


28 May 2012 16:47:47
Hazard will announce this evening, he will be a Chelsea player next season. Ending all speculation!(21)(21)Have you not been reading the news lately?! he has decicded it will be chelsea/ man utd or city. but hes lately told how he prefers a manchester club and that he and fergie have been talking. reliable source on sky sports!Yeh i agreeSo im right! He's just said on his twitter he's joining Chelsea.That proves the press no fock all then . Surprise surprise


28 May 2012 16:46:54
Bury boss Barker has raided Rochdale for Ashley Grimes and Nick Adams.

Whilst doing so his contract rebel Jones is linked with Preston and Leicester City.

The future of David Worrall is still uncertain with bids from Huddersfield and Sheffield United expected.
The player who is currently in Majorca, will not listen to any offers until he has sat down with Chairman Mark Caitlin over a new deal.

Lionel Ainsworths move has hit a glitch, with old favourite Ryan Lowe possibly making a return to Gigg lane.

The club cat has a new twitter account and will keep you informed of any further stories.(7)(5)


28 May 2012 16:45:32
i can confirm that leicester city have held official talks with fitz hall about a move to the KP stadium expect a deal to be complete in the coming days

FOXONTOUR(7)(9)How many more centre backs do you guys want lolIts because we are getting rid of mills and hopefully bamby


28 May 2012 16:43:58
Swansea City midfielder Kurtis March has been offered a 2 year contract by Stoke(6)(10)He wont go to you, hes a swansea boy through and through


28 May 2012 16:40:50
leicester have had a bid of 250k for evertons joesph yobo turned down everton want 500k plus for the CB

FOXONTOUR(6)(16)He is on about £50k a week, plus he was on loan to Fenerbache who have first refusal on a fee of £5m I believe.Everton want 2 millionThats only from what my sources have said guys i dont believe it myself tbh just thought id put it on


28 May 2012 16:40:43
Shrewsburys Tom Bradshaw possibly moving to Accrigton Stanley, Oxford or Rotherham on loan next season to develop the Welsh youngster with first team football(8)(8)Be good for him to gain some experience but he has to go somewhere where he will get games!Or possibly go to a good conference sideAccrington have enquired.Heard of intrest from Wrexham. Only confrence side ive had mentioned


28 May 2012 16:38:35
Van persie in talks with barcelona(31)(17)Stop telling stories, Van Persie isn't talking to any club during the Euros.


28 May 2012 16:28:39
Southend set to sign Nahki Wells from Bradford as the forward has become disillusioned with life at the League 2 club and took on advice from ex Southend and ex Bermudian international Shaun Goater(7)(11)Load of rubbish, just committed to city for another seasonWhat a load of rubbish he's already said that he's a Bradford player next seasonDisillusioned with life?
wait till he get to Roots HallJust read his twitter..loves life at bradford. city looking to get in decent players over summer. wells got friends in north of englandWells is a top player! Will only leave Bradford for a championship club, will not leave to go to a smaller club like Southend.Im a mate of tom greaves and ive asked him about the city n morecambe rumours and he told me the only clubs that have approched him are in the lower lge's. but ive seen him play and even played against him and he could do a job in lge 2 if a club would take a chance on himHe can't even get park avenue's first eleven never mind a league 2 team


28 May 2012 16:28:04
Yeovil Town are chasing midfielder Marlon Pack after his Cheltenham team failed to secure promotion from League 2 yesterday(4)(13)I heard cheltenham only had 10 000 at wembley... yeovil had 35 000! how do they expect to keep the likes of pack with that kind of support... {Ed003's Note - Yeovil took nowhere near 35,000 to Wembley }Yeovil did take about 30- 35 k to wembleyYes yeovil did, the attendance was 59 000 go check your facts before saying utter rubbishActually Ed it was officially given as Yeovil tickets approx 30,000 out of 59,113 total for 2007 L1 Play Off Final.Actually Ed, i was there, the total attendance was around 65,000... i think blackpool tipped the scale so we took just under 30,000 so that isn't far off....Yeah. The attendance for the Yeovil game was 59000 and the Cheltenham game was 24000. That's awful.Yes they did, it was 35 176 exactlyYeovil are a bigger club than Cheltenham!
From a neutral who has been to both Huish Park and Whaddon Road as an away fan.It was just over 30,000 it said it on the ytfc official site the other weekI think ed003 owes yeovil an apology ;) {Ed003's Note - Not at all,Yeovil came out with all sort of figures leading up to that game,their was not 35k there,just search for some images of the game,oh and I happened to be at the game aswell ;)}Sorry you took 30000 because all tiers were open and it was a league one play off final. we were in a league two play off final on a sunday when the top tier was closed, yes we were given 20,000 but only 10,000 could go. Yeovil should be a bigger team as well but pack would never go to you so. it doesnt matter whos got the best support or whos a bigger team, coz pack will be at neither side next year :LHahah whats this guy on about, yeovil took 30k at least if not 35-40kPack is on his way to yeovil mate trust me and Ed003 definately owes yeovil an apology, this should be a lesson for you to not speek without knowledge {Ed001's Note - I love how nameless posters always try and claim knowledge they don't actually have.}Marlon pack is not that amazing, he was okay this year but I doubt yeovil would want him, plus yeovil taking 35 000 is true and cheltenham took 10 000 is true but to be fair crewe only took 14 000 so i think yeovil would have beaten anyone in the whole of league 2 and most in league 1 as sheff utd v huddersfield was only 50 000. {Ed003's Note - Will one of you have the brains to search the game on the well known download site and you will see the crowd,I was there too and 30/35k did not go,the crowd was topped up by the FA selling a few blocks to neutrals wishing to see the new Wembley,B'pool took about 28k and Yeovil around 24k,jeez I'm done on this subject and could we leave names so we know who we are talking to please}Yeovil are still tinpot!! Pack would never join you!CYeovil are no bigger than Cheltenham, this is an absurd rumour as clubs like Leeds and Birmingham have been following Pack and he would command a fee in excess of £500,000.Yeovil are a bigger club you only have to look at their standings their in league 1 Cheltenham aren'tBlah Blah Blah Blah--Pack is a chelt player and long may it remain this way, if however he does move on to a bigger club then fair play to the lad he has deffinately got the tallent. As for all this "oh chelt only took 10'000"-who gives a st-get over it-true we are not the best supported of clubs but we have have a core of fans who have stuck with the club for years upon years and always turn up to the games in both good times and bad, yeovil fans concentrate on yeovil and we will concentrate on our club c.t.f.c-Stop the pointless bitchin!


28 May 2012 16:22:35
Scottish reports are again linking Town with a move for out-of-contract Dundee United midfielder Scott Robertson. The Dundee Evening Telegraph claims the Blues are "well down the road to securing" the 27-year-old's signature.(10)(1)Which town


28 May 2012 16:15:14
Any transfer news for crystal palace
or crawley town?(4)(8)Pompey's Ward was at Palace today for a medical.CPFC are delighted to announce the signing of Joel Ward for £400,000 from Portsmouth after he agreed a four year deal on Monday evening (club text).Ward has signed for Palace


28 May 2012 16:11:05
Northampton town set to raid southend for the services of Ryan hall & Bilel Mohsni.

Ryan hall for a fee to be believed to be (£140,000)

Bilel Mohsni for a fee to be believed to be (£170,000) Beating off competition from stevenage...

Also players set to be exed from sixfields Aaron davies & Jake Robinson both following ex cobblers mamager to yeovil town.

Aaron davies (£40,000)

Jake Robinson (£25,000)

Also the chase for the cobblers youngster Micheal Jacobs has settled down following the stamp down price aidy boothroyd put on the northampton town born 20year old to be believed between (£800,000 & £900,000) With big Premier league clubs now in the running for the very talented youngster!(3)(15)The Board have Decided to take the matter into their own hands and accept
bid of 375,000 from derby as they know hes going to leave and want to be able to provide the funds for transfer targets
early save late disappointment.#SkysportsNewsThey've already rejected £600,000 + from us, Derby, So why would northampton accept £375,000 for him?Before this Jacobs kid moves to a better team he needs to prove himself in either league one or championship as league 2 does not have quality in it, and there's no way Yeovil would pay 40,000 for Aaron Davies he's always injuredTheres no way would jacobs go to league one... he's to good for league one football, he'd go top a top championship club or a prem club.... & yeovil couldnt afford £40,000 so thats one's never happeningThanks guys much appreciated for the information.No way is Jacobs good enough for the Prem yet. Championship at best at the minute.


28 May 2012 16:04:30
Any Middlesbrough fc news?(2)(7)


28 May 2012 15:57:45
It will take about 5-6 million to prize Holt away from Norwich(10)(21)Holt is not worth 5-6 million at the best 3-4 maybe less but because of his age not many clubs will want him so would be a waste of money so you Norwich fans are dreaming if you want 5-6 million for Holt... He's not even that good anyway, but i think he should stay, but if he does leave it should be to Celtic as it would be good way to end his career on a high but thats just my opinion.Doubt you would get that much for a has beenPeople make assumptions on both sides of the coin, be that Norwich fan or not.
I am a Norwich fan, we would not get 5 million for Holt. maybe 3.5 as previously stated. but on the flip side, people are calling his season a one-off, and a has been. He has been performing for Norwich consistently for three seasons, and as far as I know he performed well again in the season just gone. He will not be a has been until he has a season like Carroll just did.Jackson has been moving up the pecking order at Norwich. Some great performances towards the end of the season, when it really counted. He will either be not for sale, or for more than 1mHe's not leavingFor a has-been, no, but for a player who scored 15 Premiership goals in around 25 starts + 12 as a sub? How many middle ranking sides have someone like that? Even at 31 he's worth 3-4 million - but hope he stays.He didnt say Holt was worth 5-6 million did he. I think some people struggle to grasp the difference between market value and the parent clubs valuation. Andy Carroll was/is not worth 35 million, but thats what Newcastle wanted if they were to let him go, Liverpool were crazy enough to pay for it.

Likewise, if other clubs do want Holt, id imagine it would take 6 million to prise him away from Carrow Road due to his importance on and off the pitch. He is a leader and talisman at Norwich, where as if he moved to ay Sunderland, he would just be another of the group. Different people from different angles have different valuations. Its how the world works, if you cant grasp that then please refrain from replying to this post as it will most likely be pointless drivel.


28 May 2012 15:56:13
OK Leeds fans - here's the deal.

The club are said to be in talks with a group interested in the purchase of Leeds United. I don't know too many details about the purchasers, except for the fact they are NOT based in the UK.

Aside from that, what I can tell you is that Ken Bates is said to be very keen indeed to remain Chairman and continue building up the club in line with his current plans. In essence, this will be the stumbling block to any potential deal. I think a number of different possibilities, including situations in which Bates remains on the board, are being explored. Talks are expected to continue over the next month.(12)(12)Let's hope it's the venkysMost poignant rumour is the link with the Canadian Maple Leaf owner's consortium, according to The Scratching Shed. They reckon there's something in it.
wallyThe club are "said to be in talks"...said by who?I've heard it's the KARDASHIANS


28 May 2012 15:50:17
Waide Fairhurst Macclesfield striker to move to
Bristol Rovers Colchester united or Gillingham
For 100k(4)(11)Col Utd have no transfer kitty. They were put off a £100,000 price tag for a striker in January. They won't pay it.No players coming to gillingham at the moment as we have no managerCowling has already stated it will be bosmans and loans only; money is going into new training ground and youth set up100k for a striker who hasn't scored this season yeah right


28 May 2012 15:43:42
Jason Steele from boro to Southampton, good backup for Kelvin Davis, will be able to challenge him for a starting line up and since kelvin is getting on a bit, he will be one to watch for the future(21)(10)


28 May 2012 15:38:54
Derby county are looking to bring flair
to their side with scouting for free
transfers fromyoung talent released
by big foreign clubs.Including an
French Playmaker released by OM(8)(3)Don't fancie naming them then ....


28 May 2012 15:21:15
Ed. Any news on the barnsley fc front reguarding any new players? {Ed025's Note - not at the moment mate..(4)(3)


28 May 2012 15:36:37
Derby county to sign

Michael jacobs
Fegor Ogude
Johnny Russell
Ashley westwood
Joe mattock
Krystian Pearce(7)(13)Also Jon Daly


28 May 2012 15:30:56
Paul Green will return to first place, Doncaster this summer

Green has publically stated he'd like to return to Rovers at some stage(7)(19)What a load of rubbish he hates us. Alex oatesLets hope he comes back now Stocky goneHe in no way hates doncaster, he has always said he will end his career at doncaster


28 May 2012 15:25:45
Shrewsbury after goalkeeper Paul Rachubka after the American was transfer listed by Leeds(18)(1)


28 May 2012 15:15:04
Will martinez go to liverpool.(17)(23)Why does he have to think about a club like liverpool,is there something the yanks havnt told the fans.Looks like it


28 May 2012 15:15:02
Burnley have already began to look at players to sign with the £7+million pounds from the Jay rod sale

CB - Jason shackell - from derby for £3million
CM - Jacob mellis - free agent after being released from Chelsea for smoke grenade incident
ST - Lewis grabban - from Rotherham united for 800k
ST - Simeon Jackson - from norwich for £1.1million
GK - Alex smithies - from Huddersfield for 900k
CM - Lee Lucas - Swansea for 400k

This adds up to £6.2million with the rest being stored in the bank for January(13)(30)I think derby might think about the offer
for jason shackell.But Nigel clough said before they would accept an offer for shackell they would need to find a replacement first.3 mil for Shackell? Yes please. He's good but not that good..Do you mind letting us know if Rodriguez is coming to Southampton then? Ta.Rotherham will snap your hands off for 800k for lewis grabban£7m+ for a championship striker...really? the football world has gone mad.We are not even after Shackell and EH was not impressed with Mellis during his trial.What a load ov TOSH!!I think you'll find the other 800k may be used for wages and not stored...... jay rods wages wouldnt cover for that lotSo your bringing in2 strikers so that must mean Charlie austins no playing strangeJackson worth 3m£3M for Shackell - what are you on and can I have some please, he was sold by Norwich because he is to inconsistent.
If Derby get offered £2M for him they will snap the other clubs hand off.
Jackson will not be sold by Norwich unless someone offers at least £2M or he is involved in a money + Jay Rod deal, then Lambert would be interested otherwise he will stay at Norwich for next season.What a load of rubbish.

If we got 7 mill for Jay Rod, EH will probably get 3 mill to spend.

Also for the post that said 7 mill for a Championship striker, Conor Whickham went for higher, I think it was 12 millionLee Lucas - at best a loan - not for selling him.Lee lucas is a swansea boy! he would only go out on loan!If the beast has any common sense he wouldn't drop to League Two...I'm a norwich fan and I'm telling you Jackson is worth nothing, he is out of contract in a month and he will sign a new contract with David fox and korey smith. Norwich to sign olssonShackell is defo worth the 3 million being quoted but if Derby are serious about going up, they need to keep him - best championship defender i have seen this season!Idiot, shackell is going nowhere, quoted from the det website saying im very happy here and want to be here for years to come. Unreliable source mate, sort ya factsIf you want to spend 800k on Lewis Grabben il drop him off for you, top player this season but not really proven yet and also can be moody


28 May 2012 15:12:21
Man Utd are going to make a move for Frank Lampard who is worried about his future with the Arrival of Hazard, The bigger news is though that Chelsea are not expected to get the unhappy Modric and Redknapp will demand Lampard the other way as part of the deal. Expect Lampard to stay in London and link up with Harry who he is well known to be fond off for obvious reasons.(7)(29)We dont want a hasbeen,stop making up crap.Haha, if you're a Spuds fan, then that "has been" has won more trophies than your entire squad, jealous much? Lampard could add bags to any club in England he would join.


28 May 2012 15:12:15
Cardiff city to table 1.5mil for winger craig noone after missing out on him in january.(5)(16)


28 May 2012 15:07:29
KIrean lee signed for sheff wed.
they have bid 700k for antonio(14)(2)Its true


28 May 2012 15:05:42
Hemmings to sign a permanent deal at argyle after an impressive loan spell last season. Contract will start June 1st rumoured to be 12 month rolling contract(9)(0)Hope this is true


28 May 2012 14:47:30
Barnsley are ready to make an improved bid for Oliver Norwood and Chris Greer later this week

Is Chris Greer related to former Doncaster and current Brighton captain Gordon?(6)(5)Cow pat. Goron Greer is going nowhere.Why would he want to do that?He never said anything about gordon going anywhere !Exactly the point, obviously got it wrong


28 May 2012 14:34:24
Former Bournemouth striker Brett Pitman looks set to join Reading as they look to establish the club in the Premier League. Brian McDermott rates the striker very highly and tried to sign him while at Bournemouth. The offer accepted looks to be in the region of 750k.(2)(24)He goin afcb lad deal nearly completed with Marc Pugh going to Bristol city31 appearances 6 goals this season... no thanks (churchy has 7 in 30 appearances) no way we'd go for him sorry...Great news. I will drive Simon to Leicester for free, nice guy but didnt take his chances (or score enough goals) All the best!Would be one hell of a signingI never rated him that highly when he was at bournemouth so if he can get a move to reading then fair play to him!Leicester have money so we should try sell him for over 1 millionI'd rather we didnt sign a decent ish league 1 striker... We have Church ya'knowWhat do leicester have to do with it?


28 May 2012 14:31:41
Martinez is likely to withdraw his interest in the Liverpool job - he would have preferred total control, to maximize his chances of winning over the deeply skeptical Liverpool fans. However, another season of relegation struggle at Wigan, whilst attempting to build his reputation, does not appeal to him. Dave Whelan's instant reporting of his every move on Sky hasn't helped. Expect Martinez to move soon - if not to Villa, then perhaps back to Swansea should Rodgers go to Liverpool.(12)(10)Martinez would not go to Villa or Swansea. he rejected Villa last year. He will only go if he gets the Liverpool job or better.Liverpool is a poison chalice for him - unless he gets top 4 in first or second season (very unlikely) they will do a Hodgson on him. Only "their own" people like Dalglish are given time - others need instant success.Shows how far liverpool have fallen chasing these two,dear oh dear.Swans fans would not welcome roberto back readily and I suspect neither would the swansea board. While he was here he was fantastic both as player and manager and we must not forget how much we owe him. However he left taking a number of key figures with him and showed little appreciation to the club who gave him his managerial start. I hope he can find success at another club .Utter rubbish Martinez and whelan are like father and son if he don't accept Liverpool job he'll stick with Wigan who have started playing some of the best football in the league n push for a top ten finishIm a Wigan fan and we wont push for a top 10 finish, we havent got the finances to do that.

And I dont think Martinez will leave.

BTW to the Swansea fan give Martinez a break he left you for the club he loves and supports to work with a man who not onl respects him but is close freinds with him.I heard that Martinez went begging to villa and Randy Learner went elsewhereAgree with the aboveAgree with the one above the one aboveAgree with the one above the one above the one above


28 May 2012 14:31:00
Troy Archibald-Henville who was released by Exeter will surprisingly transfer to Norwegian club Kongsvinger.(2)(7)What junk newsTroy A-H HAS NOT been released by Exeter City !Isn't his contract expiring?He has not been releasedAre you having a laugh?Has not been released. He has been offered another contract by Exeter.Seeing that i saw him in the gym yesterday in his city gear, doubt hes going anywere


28 May 2012 14:30:13
alessandro del piero is considering a offer from west brom for 50k a week(5)(36)Hmm there current highest earner is only on 22k a weekWhy would he go to west brom them and reading say there signing all these players but they are the two smallest clubs in the premCorrect me if I am wrong but I think Odemwingie is on 40K per weekI think you'll find Southampton, Reading, QPR, Wigan and Swansea are smaller than West Brom, in terms of av attendance,Why wudnt he go to west brom Ben foster on loan is on 70k a week odemwingie 40k a week any way we don't want him boing boing coybWe wont sign him maybe be our manager! Let me guess u mentioning small clubs take it you a villa fan?1st of all our highest earner is on 43grand a week. And secondly we had third highest NAT profit and incredible disposable income, not to mention the top 10 finish...Southampton averaged nearly 27000 in the championship and will get 32000 in the prem west brom averaged 23500 in the prem so don't be a silly boy the person who said that you were the smallest club was rightHow are west brom 1 of smallest clubs in prem when we finished in the top half and spent more money last season than other teamsWest brom have a small supportPretty sure that odemwingies on more than 22k just so yano geniusWest broms a small town, we have villa blues wolves to compete with so dont do bad fan wise, ill take being a small club if we continue way we are, not many bug clubs in england now top 4 bout itOdemwingie is on 40k p/w. signed it in the last pre-seasonHow are west brom 1 of smallest clubs in prem when we finished in the top half and spent more money last season than other teams--- One top half finish doesnt constitute being a big club! i'd argue there are several bigger clubs in the championsip!We're not a massive club, but we do have history. On a par with many prem clubs, a few smaller than us. Of course there are a good 10 or so clubs in the prem bigger than us and clubs such as Leeds in the Championship are bigger than us but we are definitely not minnows. On history and recent seasons we are on a par with Stoke IMOAlso smaller clubs in the premI agree we are a fairly small club. However we are the best in the midlands look at some of the players we have compared to the rest of the midlands. Also we finished way higher than any other midlands team last season. And odemwingie is on a 40k deal!It's good to be a 'small' club, as most fans of big clubs that you tend to hear on phone-ins or read on websites are the most snobbish, dislikeable and unpleasant wastes of oxygen you'll ever get to witness (and they're probably not good enough to be a shelf-stacker at Lidl), and they deserve success in the same way a psychopath deserves release from a maximum-security ward. And if is anything to be believed, they've never been near a school. A bigger, richer club history, it seems, belongs to the Billy Bigtimes, who should hand their season tickets to people who don't, when it arrives, take glory for granted.WBA - One of the smallest clubs in prem ?..why..?...cos our ground currently only holds 27,000 and we aint got money to splash around?
Could I point out that West Bromwich Albion are one of the founder members of the football league.Have won the only proper double(1931) that still hasnt(and wont) be repeated...and has more Cup Final appearances than a good many.Football did exist prior to 1992/1993 Premier League.People do talk some tripe on here.Many clubs these days are only "big" due to obscene money being chucked at them.We won stuff without money.Small support my arse - given the catchment area...and the fact that we lost capacity due to all seater..we have excellent support.Open yer eyes and look at West Broms away support.We have local fans.The bulk of support dont all come from China,Cornwall and London.We have fans who support their "LOCAL TEAM"...not plastic fans like many others.Players ain't gonna join if we are a 'small club' they'll join on how good we are, and i'm sure if you look at the table, we are the 10th best team in englandI'm from London and support West Brom. And one of my mates does as well and he's from London. Not small club.As a wolves fan I'd say Albion are a far bigger club than half of those in prem and all mentioned here especially southampton, WBA have amazing history, southamptons biggest achievement is 2nd in the championship


28 May 2012 14:26:58
AFC Bournemouth will announce over the coming week, the signing of Simeon Jackson from Norwich(2)(30)Doubt hed drop two leagues after succesful season in premThat would be amazing!! Shame it wont happen! Easily championship quality.Haha would love this to happen, doubt it very much thoughThe fulham fan obviously thinks the club is minted, somehow I think Malouda and Carrick are beyond your obviously don't live in the real worldWhat a load of rubbish


28 May 2012 14:23:49
Owner Bassini been found out to be potless and not meet payments! Big news coming out that Watford will have new owner very soon! Bassini has been found out!(5)(7)Yes , it's the Russo Brothers......Been planning the take over for a year!!Russo's to take overYes and the Russo's have an endless amount of money to put in to the club...not!This whole thread is stupid. Firstly just because Bassini was declared bankrupt for credit purposes the bankruptcy is only effective for 6 years from the start date. Mr Bassini has kept his word from the very start, unlike the majority of football club chairmen. Check what he said last year and you'll find that he has met every promise. More important he has managed to reduce the debt at the same time. I'm not sure but I prefer our chairman to having say the Glazers who have dumped a country size debt on Manchester United.Giampaolo Pozzo is the most likely to be the new owner of Watford FC, as previously stated back in February. That is if all the speculation about Laurence Bassini is true


28 May 2012 14:21:51
Barnsley are ready to make an improved bid for Oliver Norwood and Chris Greer later this week.(8)(7)Who is chris Greer?Er Chris Greer eh!!!! get the fact before you post rubbishGordon Greer haha clearly bs


28 May 2012 14:16:29
David Beckham to return to Manchester United in a shock move.
Also Craig Gordon to move to Swansea as to gain more first team football. {Ed005's Note - With Vorm there I can't see Gordon getting much first-team football at Swansea.}(10)(18)Beckham left Man Utd because Fergie was sick of the media circus that came with him, since leaving it has intensified so Fergie would not want him back.Albion and wolves are also in the hunt for a keeper so could go anywhereYes but Becks wants World Cup football after missing out on the Euros. Giggs, Becks and Scholes anyone?Have i missed something has fergie passed away,thats the only way soft lad will be back,and gordon wont be a understudy anywhere.Craig Gordon looking to get back to full fitness with Simon Mignolet being eyed up by Liverpool. However, Newcastle may strike for him if Tim Krul goes to Chelsea. More to follow.


28 May 2012 14:15:51
Watford owner Bassini on his way out
of the club ! Could all happen within next
3/4 days. Not just idle gossip according to
various reports on social networking sites.(11)(3)The man is a fraud and a joker! Surprised it took this long to be found out! Bankrupt Bas good riddanceMust be true...its on social networking sites. Get real....Does seem strange that new owners are already in place to take over. Are we looking at Italians I wonder as previously mentioned back in February?Can't believe it. So many rumours like this over the course of the season. Just hopeful fans. As a Watford fan, I don't see why people want him out. He has funded so much and keeps delivering.Yeah, yeah... What is it with these so called fans posting ste like this. What Bassini has already done for us (started pitch relaying, gave sean a better transfer kitty than malkie had before him etc so far fulfilling promises laid out when taking over) and all you so called supporters are getting on his back because he was made bankrupt in1997. For f#k sake people.everyone makes mistakes. Let him get on with his role as owner and judge him when his time is up.Has he actually invested money (his or anyone else's) or just spent money that has come in from transfers.Why does he have to spend his own money ? Why not just use the transfer income. makes a lot of sense.We will see on Wednesday if Kevin Affleck is a phoney or if Bassini is a phoney. The clock is ticking.I would suggest some of his own money but not massive mounts. most from previous transfers. it would be nice to know where his money does come from so it would give the fans some relief tht we wont go bust anytime soon or sell anymore players soon.Does it really matter we getting a new pitch, 2 screens, stadium development. New pub. Less debt, decent players in and finished 11th. Firstly he has stated over the last year on two occaisionwhen he has put two million in to pay off further debts and keep the club affloat. Any way who cares, were in less debt and looking on the up!


28 May 2012 14:03:41
Heard Lutons Kieth Keane is on his way to Preston(8)(2)Made up ^^^^^^ rubbishLuton ^^^^ fanMakes sense.

Westley tried to sign Keano while he was manager at Stevenage.Zola signed 2yr contract at CUFCPreston fan actually


28 May 2012 14:01:54
Southampton are hoping to tie up a 1 year deal with Clarence Seedorf while he is over in the UK. The 36 yr old will combine playing with a coaching role for the first season and then take up a full time coaching contract in the summer.

Cortese has used his Milan contacts to help achive this deal.(21)(17)I'm a saints fan, and can I be the first to say, thanks for fuelling the Saints hate :) Ridiculous postPompey fans been at it again have they? Shouldn't you be trying to balance your books? Or are you trying to devise a new and improved way of cheating your way up the league again.Why is it ridiculous?!?

He's out of contract and showed last night he's still got it.....Clarence Seedorf is way past his best and I doubt he would handle premier league pace now, and anyone looking at him last night and boasting about him still having it, are you having a laugh ? I assume he played for the rest of the world term in the charity work.Did someone watch soccer aid last night? Will we be signing Roy keane and crespo as well?This would be good seedorf is a good player and could give good tips to the likes of ward prowse schderlin cork, also he has never played in the prem before so that could make the deal
Saints fanIt's ridiculous because he has won the CL multiple times and is one of the most decorated players in European football. He isn't going to play for little old saints, get real guys. And by the way I am a saints fan.
Still got it?? He was playing against Ben Shepherd and JLS ffs!!Ahh would love that if it happened but it probably wont!! :LWhy not?! Could happen.I heard they watched him at Soccer Aid but decided to sign Mike Myers instead.


28 May 2012 13:59:31
Craig noone brighton to leeds ?(7)(15)Cant see it happening unless on loanNo way he is fully comitted to brightonI've only heard that Cardiff were rejected a bid back in January can't see him switching Brighton for Leeds...Noone turned down a contract from Cardiff in January, seems he wants to stay at the albion as long as he is still a key member of the team.Cash + player deal for McCormack ???


28 May 2012 13:54:48
Have yeovil renewed the contract of gareth stewart and nathen jones(1)(7)Lets hope notIf we sign a permanent Gk Stewart will be full time Gk coach and nathan may play the odd game if we are desperate source within Yeovil


28 May 2012 13:40:35
Malouda to fulham , hazard to cfc, zaha to west ham , debauchy to n'stle , lavezzi to liverpool , rhodes to fulham sam to fulham dempsey to arsenal , arteta to fulham , dembele to man u , anderson n carrick to fulham, defoe to qpr , santa cruz to qpr , simpson to fulham , abdellaoue to fulham , bendner to norwich , ollic to villa , sinclair to fulham , baird to swansea , etuhu to wolves , jarvis to fulham.(12)(35)So that'll be Fulham signing 10 players by your reckoning ..... very good !!!Lol, another person sitting at their computer making up utter garbageWow arent fulham busy this summer spending all that money they dont have ..........Not a Fulham fan by any chance?A lot of player to FulhamObivously a wishful Fulham fan. Sorry mate, aint going to happen...Wow Fulham have come into some money thats nearly a whole new squadSo who arn't fulham getting?Somebody likes FulhamAre you a fulham fan by any chance. just a hunchThat wacko jacko statue, must be pulling in a lot of money for your club to be able to sign all these players!

Fulham dark horses to finish in the top four next season ?.All very speculative.

I AM a Fulham fan (not the original poster) - IF we lose either Dembele or Dempsey - then there will be several class replacements. If they stay, then only expect young, good prospects like Rhodes.

Fulham have plenty money - one of the few Premiership teams to make a profit on last set of accounts; well run with sensible salary system; multi-billionaire family in control.Arteta to fulham.....are you mental?What are you on?Wow! Fulham signing 3 left wingers!!
Damien duff AND dembele will have some competition! JokerI agree, apart from the GK part. Ruddy is quality, all we need is a new defence, most likely a big bulky one that will help command the defence. I think all the signings above are good ideas, we should have signed Lansbury in the 1st place!R u a fulham fan by any chanceSo everyone is going to fulhamFrom a Fulham perspective:

I suspect that Malouda's wages will be too high for our budget.

I've heard that our original offer of £3.5m rising to £6m got rejected by Huddersfield for Rhodes and we will return with a take it or leave it £5m rising to the same amount.

I've not heard much about Sidney Sam but it seems Clint Dempsey will be headed for Arsenal or abroad, if to Arsenal it will be cash + Ramsey, Arshavin or Chamakh.

It's also possible that Dembele will go to Manchester United in a swap with Anderson but more likely to Spurs in a swap for Kranjcar or Huddlestone.

Danny Simpson on a free is a definite possibility depending on Newcastle's negotiations.

We were interested in Scott Sinclair before they came up and actually were prepared to make a bid depending on their play off result. Martin Jol may still be interested.

Etuhu and Baird are expected to leave, but whether to the clubs stated or not? I'm not convinced. Jarvis may interest Jol due to his pace, direct running and accurate crossing but Wolves may ask for money he simply is not worth.Simpson isnt on a free, newcastle will want at least 4 millionBack to fantasy football for you young manStop making up rubbish and learn your facts before spouting off.Akos Buzaky just signed a new deal with QPR.How can you say Jarvis is not worth 10m?? Young went for 16m with 10months left on contract, Henderson 20m Jarvis has 4years left on contract and has played for England as well as scoring 8goals last season which is more than dembele in a struggling team, so please tell me how dembele is worth 15m??


28 May 2012 13:33:44
I've just met Francois Zoko in Preston town centre! I remember him being fast and having good feet but didn't realise how tall he was! Possible target man? He said that he can't talk about anything when I asked if he was signing for PNE..(14)(7)Did he ask you if you wanted fries with that Big mac......This guy will not be available on a doubt youre getting himIf you take the trouble to check your facts you will find that on 24 may on the official Carlisle website Zoko is one of 8 players out of contract.Zoko will be a free agent as from the 1st july and he can talk terms with any club he wishs ,he as stated he wish to leave carlise he was in talks with preston today and will think over the moveRumours...


28 May 2012 13:30:04
Newcastle's Alan Smith poised to join Brighton on a free transfer after the ex-Manchester United & Leeds star announced he will move on from The Magpies.(21)(10)


28 May 2012 13:22:28
tranmere seem set to sign antony kay and iain hume of free contracts when there current contracts expire. tranmere also are the favourites to land damian reeves from altrincham on a free.

sources; inside sources at tranmere(6)(6)So you are signing kay in 2013, thats when his contract expires

i admire you patienceIain Hume isn't out of contract :SWishful thinking but we ain't getting Hume for a while mateIain hume no chance ronaldo more realisticIt will be a season long loan I guess if something can be agreedHumes contract expires next month and kay is wanting a transfer request


28 May 2012 13:21:15
Leicester to sign Alan judge for 1.2m from notts county.(12)(10)Not a chance in hellLOL, Leicester are a bigger and better team than notts county!You can have him for that much! Just get your woodwork supportedWhat's that got to do with anything ?Leicester would not cough that up for judge1.5-2m and you would have a deal. He is good enough for the Premier League.


28 May 2012 13:16:17
simon church to leicester from reading

FOXONTOUR(15)(8)Hope not, he's the same type of player as waghorn, and waghorn is better!So Leicester don't fancy doing much next season then!Bolton are also interested in himAnother £5million for another of our rubbish players - yes please - hell, id even drive him there for free


28 May 2012 13:14:11
anymore middesbrough fc news?(3)(10)


28 May 2012 13:07:46
Wolves Manager Stale Solbakken has entered the race to sign jordan rhodes in the hunt to help his team achieve promotion.

With everton favorites to sign Lillestrom's & Norways Hottest prospect Björn Bergmann Sigurðarson, jordan rhodes fantastic form last season has caught the attention of the wolves board and manager.

More Information as things progress.(7)(13)Why would he leave 1 championship side wheres he loved (and just pledged to stay at) for another championship side, doubt it!!Unlikely when 4 prem teams want his services. and with bjorn going to everton wer probably going to be stuck with the players we have.No one knows who the new Wolves manager is after so this is lies, plus if Rhodes is going to play in the Championship he'll stay at Huddersfield and there is no way Wolves would pay £8m for a player who is only proven in the third tier. In regards to Sigurdsson he's Lillestrom and ICELAND's latest talent, playing in Norway doesn't make him Norweigan.

BobbybuffonMaybe cause wolves are a bigger club who can help him progress more

n BBS i reckon will come he wants to play for wolves when he stated it in the E&SBobbybuffon ur an idiot.
hes known as NORWAYS hottest talent, do you read express and star? u numpty, yes hes from iceland but has lived in norway from an early ages becuase he was scouted so hush ya noise :DHow can some1 from ICELAND be norways hottest talent if you read the express and star properly it says ICELANDS 21 year striker and lillestroms hotshot young talent.


28 May 2012 13:06:07
swansea city have completed the signing of gylfi sigurdsson and will announce the signing when the transfer window opens on 1 june,
they will also sign chris gunter from forest as he is waiting to see what happens with martinez if he goes to liverpool, which will then end speculation brednan rodgers is going there,
they will sign dorrans and dawson from west brom for a combned fee of 7m,
also sinclair will be sold and matty phillips from blackpool and adomah from bristol city, (2.25m plus dobbie for phillips, 2.5m plus moore/lita for adomah)

ive also heard there is a outside chance swans could sign crewe striker nick powell for 3m upfront with 2m add ons, and mark gower will go to crewe. (UNLIKELY)(8)(17)Sinclair will not leave unless Chelsea or Manchester City come for him.Transfer Window opens 1st July and Nick Powell will end up at a 'bigger team'The only one i belive is gylfi cause it was on sky sports and i know someone on the board. i know that hoffenheim have accepted 6.8 million bidThe bid for Dorrans and Dawson was flatly rejected ages agoSwansea budget is rubbish sillyMatt Phillips STAYING at Blackpool !Okay sorry july 1st! yeah i did say the nick powell signing is unlikely! no mate an enquiry was rejected swans havent made a bid yet! and when west brom appoint there new manager who knows what might happens! and i know someone on the board aswell mate haha! not that special are you ;)I play at the WBA academy and know the players and backroom staff decently well. Dorrans won't be sold for less than 6mil and Dawson is a future prospect so he'd be 3mil + AND Swansea couldn't match the wage demands neither.


28 May 2012 13:00:25
Burnley interested in taken Jonathan Forte from southampton(12)(14)Maybe part of jay rod dealIf there is any truth in this,there is a God,
he just won't be in Burnley.Just take him he is pantsPlease consider this my offer to drive him there ;-) All pace no brain.I HAVE BEEN TOLD HE'S GOING TO NOTTS COUNTYHe will deffo be leaving Saints, but I can't see it being to Burnley, even as part of the Jay Rod deal, why would they want him? he's league 1 at best! Nott's County is my bet. TRU SAINTS FANDon't understand why other Saints fans hate on him so much. Were you not at the 3-2 MK Dons game which he won for us? Love him just for that.Totally agree with above quote, he is not a bad player but league one is his mantle.MK Dons game was great.Good luck to you JF


28 May 2012 12:57:57
everton looking to bring in hoilett(13)(13)With bayern leverkusen and munich poised with their pens


28 May 2012 12:56:19
Oxford to announce both Jody Morris signing and Adam Chapman's contract renewal at 4pm this afternoon after Morris' medical.(5)(14)Oh what a surprise.. It's been 4pm and nothing has been said? LiesHope so....but its 5pm and nothing on the website. Strong rumour Chappers has signed for Rotherham?He having his medical for us (oufc) in Glasgow then is he? As thats where he has been today
Why do people post so much rubbish and lie?There is no chance of Chappers joining Rotherham. He has a driving ban, and he house shares up here. He's on holiday at the moment, so many lies.Although he is from sheffield so living at home isnt a problemHim and his family live in Witney.


28 May 2012 12:53:30
Six players join the Roots Hall exodus. All of these are 99% done deals, and are just waiting the dotting of i's and crossing of t's, which are assocaited with either players, managers, agents and Chairm,an being on holiday. The six going are:

Bilel Mohsni to Stevenage £75,000 + add-on's (taking the deal to a possible £150,000)

Ryan Hall to Northampton Town £125,000

Mark Phillips to Gillingham Free Transfer

Kane Ferdinand to Brentford £100,000 + add-on's (taking the deal to a possible £250,000)

Anthony Grant to Ipswich Town Free Transfer

David Martin to Gillingham £20,000(7)(9)Can also see Bilel mohsni going to northampton too, They've got quite alot of money to spend this season & i could see them out doing anyones wage demands.... Especially stevenageI think I'm pretty safe in saying that these are some of Southends best players, and would be going for larger sums if money, and to bigger clubs than some of those listed.Ryan hall to good for northampton maybe crawley or swindonI heard it's Leeds or BrightonBrentford don't have that kind of money, if he is moving to us it's not for anything like this amountBrentford only have money for loan. i say sign tom taiwo from carlisleBrentford can sign players but not for the fees that are stated here.Kane ferdinand worth around 850,000Kane ferdinand worth £850,000!! NOWAY.... he's worth pennies! the powels & jacobs of league 2 are the only ones worth anywhere near 1million pound!!!I agree he is worth 850,000, he is so one for the futureHes part of the ferdinand genaration(rio,anton)he has to be worth 850,000


28 May 2012 12:52:00
Tottenham are to hand a trial to Adriano!

Louis Saha is expected to leave before the start of the season with Southampton his likely destination(14)(17)Saha was on loan too spurs from everton {Ed001's Note - no he wasn't. Everton let him go on a free, he signed a 6 month contract at Spurs.}Read chelsea want saha apparently going round twitterStupid rumour, I am a massive saints fan and we have not got a hope in hell in attracting louis saha.You undervalue yourself. sahas 33, so if you can offer him regular football, then you could probably get him. we don't particularly want to keep him either, we wont stand in your way. Maybe lallana in a part ex?Keep Saha, Lallana is going nowhere!


28 May 2012 12:32:52
Newcastle's Alan Smith poised to join Brighton on a free transfer after the ex-Manchester United & Leeds star announced he will move on from The Magpies.(13)(10)He was terrible in the playoffs.. joining the right team then lol


28 May 2012 12:31:26
I have it on very good authority from within the club that Saints have earmarked Tom Ince and J Rod as transfer targets. We are very hopeful of completing both of these signings by the end of the first week of June. Nigel feels that completing business as early as possible will ensure success in the prem next season!(17)(11)Hope its true snap them up
before anyone else does


28 May 2012 12:30:55
Leeds to sign Brighton midfielder Craig Noone on a season long loan with Ross McCormack signing for Brighton on a permanent deal.(8)(20)Dream onGo for it ima Brighton fan but can't see it reallyCan we afford the asking price of £3 mill for McCormack and the £15k per week he will want.


28 May 2012 12:12:39
Though he's my favourite player, Chris Martin will probaly move away from Norwich, and maybe also simeon Jackson if he doesn't agree to the one year contract option, meaning Norwich need a new striker or two as we've already got rid of Wilbraham.
Also, rumours of Titus Bramble coming to Norwich City are idiotic. We don't need him, he has awful record and he's a awful player.
Norwich need:
New GK
Another FAST winger.

I would like Snoddy, Rhodes, Lansbury and Pacheco(10)(5)New GK????Why do we need a new GK, ruddy is good enoughA new goalkeeper my . Ruddy is quality. Jed steer is a brilliant stand in and we still have Rudd. You obviously have never seen Norwich play!Norwich's three keepers have more than proven themselves this season. Ruddy - England call up, some world class saves. Rudd - Had a bad injury but recovered well, performed terrific for a very young and nervous keeper when we didn't have ruddy as a result of chelsea.
Steer has performed well too, as our third string I think he did very well.Powell from creweRead the Daily Mirror, my posts are based on reports... feel free to check.Leeds are just overrated as per usual...Failed to spot where it says Norwich need a new GK in any reputable news source.


28 May 2012 12:08:58
A strong rumour coming from Home Park is that Plymouth Argyle are in talks with David Healy .(6)(11)Would be a good signing, also with feeney signing a new deal, good times for the green armyNo way he is far to good for the 4th tier of English football .


28 May 2012 12:08:14
long serving Mike Edwards leaving for pastures new(2)(7)


28 May 2012 12:03:27
Tweets are saying that Lewis McGugan has signed a 3 year deal after meeting up with Chris Powell at Wemble on Saturday.(6)(11)


28 May 2012 11:49:22
northampton are widely expected to
sign ex-watford left back Jordan
Stewart who Aidy Boothroyd has
worked with before.

Other rumoured targets include
John-Joe O'Toole and Clarke Carlisle(on
loan at the town last season) who have
both previously worked with Boothroyd
Bilel Mohsni and Jo Kuffour are outside
bets for the town, both are unlikely but
who knows.(4)(5)Bilel is a decent player and could play at a higher level. he just needs to cool his temperamentAll watford rejects then from aidys time in charge of watford.


28 May 2012 11:47:15
Coventry City Transfers (When embargo is Lifted)

Bigirimana- Newcastle- 1.5 mill
Keogh - Cardiff - 750k
Craine- Notts Forrest- FREE
Platt- Northampton- FREE-Done Deal
Murphy- Celtic- 600k
Willis- Southampton- 200k
Wood- Sheff Wed- 400k

Budget: 1 million as sisu will profit all transfers
Collins-Shrewsbury- Undisclosed
Heskey- Aston Villa- FREE
Cox-Leyton Orient-400k
Norwood-Manchester United-LOAN(4)(19)Wood back to SWFC will NEVER happen...factNot happeningAddison still has 1 year left on his contract and even if he hadnt you would have to pay compensation and hes been with the club for 10 years so it would be alotCalvin andrew no thanks,but yes to paul hayes, but im sure will end up with jaboHeskey???? dream onCollins on international duty for a weekHeskey is off to leicester cityCox signed a contact till 2014Actually ive heard that Cox is interested in joining Cov P.s. Im an orient fan


28 May 2012 11:41:47
Sunderland are in talks with Birmingham about signging zigic on loan till jan with 1million deal in Jan if he impresses and move very likely as Birmingham cant afford his wages(16)(17)


28 May 2012 11:41:37
anymore CARDIFF CITY transfer rumors(3)(9)With the news that watford owner will be leaving i wouldnt be surprised to see cardiff buy watford outright so they dont have to keep trying to poach playersOuch! someone is still very bitter! move on...


28 May 2012 11:38:25
Saints bid 2mil and Puncheon for
Blackpool's Tom Ince. - Daily Star(19)(8)


28 May 2012 11:27:35
just heard that brighton are after mccormack from leeds.(14)(8)Yh yh pull the other one its got bells onSource?He will be available on a free end of june so invalid post reallyHe would swap Leeds for one of the smallest clubs in the championship don't think soUmm no he won't be available on a free! Get your facts right mate, he has a year left! He has just stated his intuition to leave Leeds.


28 May 2012 11:26:22
Alan Smith to sign for Brighton on free transfer.
Gus Poyet knows him well from Leeds.(14)(17)Smithy was not at Leeds when Gus was assistant to Dennis Wise.Poyet wasnt at leeds when smith was so i dont no where u got that ste fromPoyet came to Leeds many years after Smith left, so this is utter crap.Who ever said poyet knows smith from leeds your talking crap! they never at leeds togetherSo please Poyet dosn't known Alan Smith and the suggestion he's came to Brighton as the player well passed his best


28 May 2012 11:24:22
Yeovil are set to spend 200 000 in the transfer market on signing an unknown ex bristol city player. The money comes from years of saving plus revenue given to the club by there fa cup run last season. reliable source.(1)(12)I think if we were going to spend that kind of money, it would be on one of bristol city's better players which i find unlikely... but i can believe we have some decent money available after the last few sales we've had among other things...I heard something about that too, just dissapointed that skivo never got any funds but johnson does not that im complaining!No chance! We honestly do not have this amount of money, despite what people may think.


28 May 2012 11:17:16
Former highly rated Oldham duo David Lee and Kangana Lord N'Diwa are to join Preston North End despite interest in the duo from several Championship clubs.(4)(3)You mean kieran lee, he has joined sheff wedKangana Lord N'Diwa....that's got to be a made up name....the other one is (ROFL)....dont know who are the bigger dreamers on this site Preston signing any player available on a Bosmans or Southampton signing any player with 2 legs. {Ed001's Note - he is actually a Congolese international, great name though!}Lord ndiawa did play for oldham for about 4 games so you can't really say he was highly rated when he played for us cuase he hardly played, think he plays for african teams now so can't be that good, but hey ho westley knows best haha, to buy any player available on a freeLord whathisface.. Rubbish player!The club he played for was i think afc blackpool and even they didnt want him- clearly not going to happen is it.Not even on fm, highly rated is he?


28 May 2012 11:12:50
Norwich city boss paul lambert is ready to make a opening bid for Robert Snodgrass of £1.4M, who is refusing to sign a new contract at Elland Road.

Daily Mirror(20)(13)Snodgrass is worth £5 MillionU mean at least 4.1 m8Nawich wanting desperately to be the mighty Leeds United. Guess what? You can take the players out of Leeds, but you'll never BE Leeds!!He hasnt refused a new deal at all. Where are you getting that information from? He is stalling until Leeds sign some quality and sell the rubbish. Unless Leeds are taken over in the next month or so, in which case, he will sign regardless.
wallyOnly 1 year on contract so 5 million is way too high. offer 2 million and i bet Bates accepts it as he`ll walk for nothing at end of season. Are leeds Norwichs feeder club or what ha ha a big club no moreNot with only 12 months on his contract hes not. He has fitness issues and his lack of pace may affect his effectiveness in the premier league. All this taken into account 3 mil max or id leave alone and take him for 2 mil in Jan like we did with Howson. Eventually he will get his way and get the move to Norwich that he clearly wants.All most went bust and no home ground of your own, ( just rented) and skint. No one likes you, we would love to be just like leeds ha ha haHe won't be worth anything when his contract expires. Typical Leeds fan .thinking they have anything worth money. If he's worth 5mil, then pilkington is worth 10mil. But he's not so ahhhhh. Snodgrass WILL sign for norwich either for a small fee or nothing. Either way Leeds failI am not sure I believe this rumour, I think Norwich may have offered a cheeky bid for him, because he will not sign a new contract at Leeds while Bates remains in charge of the purse strings.
Lambert managed Snodgrass when in his teens at Livingstone so I suspect Snodgrass would like a move to Norwich with Howson and Johnson already there as well.
Lets face even Norwich is able to pay a hefty salary compared to what he earns at Leeds.
I believe Norwich will eventually offer £2+ add on's and Leeds will eventually sell Snodgrass before season starts, They will try to hold out as long as they can to encourage other clubs to enter the bidding process and force up the price.Would be interesting, not sure where this information came from, minus the fact that Lambert had said he had looked at games abroad...


28 May 2012 11:01:46
drogba could snub a move to China to move to Italy with Inter, AC and Juventus all interested(10)(9)I hear Juve can guarantee titles nowadays!


28 May 2012 10:57:37
Yeovil top scorer Andy Williams has snubbed Swindon for a 80k pr year contract at Fleetwood.(7)(13)He wont drop down to league two, and 80k a year is probably less than what he was on at yeovilSwindons offer is 5k a week which is 275,000 a yearThat'll be handy for being nearer his family in Hereford as he's stated he wants.Have heard that Cheltenham are in for Andy Williams


28 May 2012 10:55:45
Norwich eye another Norwegian striker, Nikola Drudjic, the top scorer in the Norwegian Premiership.(15)(9)He fancies a move to the PL that's for sure. But he's not top scorer. Joint second.Who does he play for now?He plays for Haugesund.Even if Norwich were to get relegated (with the CEO McNally, it seems very unlikely, will do whatever it takes to keep them up, even IF Lambert is lost.) One season in the premier league to prove himself is better than another year with a mid-table championship team.He's just scored his 8th of the season.


28 May 2012 10:44:29
Leyton Orient boss Russell Slade will turn his attentions to a striker this week.

Calvin Andrew, Paul Hayes and Patrick Ageymang are all on his radar.(9)(3)Please no!!


28 May 2012 10:40:22
just seen david healy down at deepdale(13)(13)Bull Sht!!!!!!Not going back.. only going forward and Healy really doesn't fit PNE anymore.No you haven't. You wouldnt even know what he looked like.Is he available on a Bosman, Over 6 ft 3" tall and playing in League 2....NO....then youre not signing him!!


28 May 2012 10:38:35


28 May 2012 10:29:22
Steve Bruce is having talks with the Hull City chairman Assem Allam about the vacancy.

If talks go well, Bruce will be looking to go back to ex club Sunderland and sign Michael Turner and Fraizer Campbell, who both have had careers at Hull.(5)(19)Worra load of bcks ,steve bruce is going back to his old club wiganWhy would Campbell and turner go to Hull??Because theyre not getting on with oneil and no one else would take them,, besides its not like steve bruce even if he does become hull manager ill sign campbell he refused to play him even when the striker was fit.And you know they aren't getting on with O'neill how? Both premier league players I don't think they're going anywhere


28 May 2012 10:20:32
Luke Murphy to Everton for £2 Million is "in the works"(1)(15)


28 May 2012 10:17:17
Charlton have enquired about Sean Morrison of Reading. Chris Powell was watching him during the league 1 play off final on saturday.(7)(5)Yeah but Powell was watching everyone as he as a pundit for sky Sports!!

Also S.Morrison is worse than all of our current Center backs so we do not need him.Ha, dont know wot ur thinking saying he wouldn't get in the charlton team he'd walk it anyday, he's huddersfields if they want him, n am sure they do. COYR500 POUNDS! At least it will be more than colchesters match day gate recieptsReading were in the league 1 playoff?Was on loan at Huddersfield"Ha, dont know wot ur thinking saying he wouldn't get in the charlton team he'd walk it anyday" Look at the table from last season and see how many goals Charlton let in then come back and tell us why we need a defender that's not good enough for the championship. You take him if you wnat him because clearly we dont need him.


28 May 2012 10:14:37
Sam Baldock to be unveiled by palace on Thursday. Signing from west ham for £850k.(10)(23)Der not permanent just a season long loanPretty sure we paid in that region plus wouldnt be surprised if mkdon had a sell on clause he needs match time and were west ham going for promotion could,nt afford to take the chance after injury


28 May 2012 10:14:00
Not getting Freeman unless we offer over 2m(2)(4)Who arent getting him


28 May 2012 10:08:39
Blackpool interested in taking Dexter Blackstock for a fee of around £1mill as ian holloway looks to strengthen his side ahead of the new season(15)(14)You'll need to double that and I think you may have a chance, but not at that amount.
You'll also have to be quick as forest will be being taken over this summer and when they do, they will have no need to sell any playerYou seriously think he's worth 2million. You must be insane. He's never done anything special and is always injured.


28 May 2012 10:02:42
Byrom is not going to PNE, Byrom would like to join Fleetwood town, as he wishes to move up north, Fleetwood was his old club, they are now in the football league and have money.(7)(8)Im just wondering where exactly Preston has been re-located to ?Yh right why sign for a crap team that will go right back down ,and he as signed for prestonDont forget the wage cap 65% of all income players wages only and very poor attendancesJust think...Fleetwood Town sold a player for £1.1m & spent £3m on their squad last year......PNE have spent £0 on their players and havent been able to sell any of them.....Does that make Fleetwood a bigger club than PNE?


28 May 2012 09:45:23
Brighton & HA are looking at Leeds United striker Ross McCormack for a £900k fee with Craig Noone going the opposite direction on a season long loan.(7)(15)More like 900k and swop sounds like itWhy would we sell our best striker for 900k dream on.Wat a joke, wats the pointCraig Noone will not be leaving he has only
just signed a new contractI had heard that he was unhappy at UTD and was impressed with the set up(management) at the ALBION.This is NOT fact but a rumour i have heard more than once.


28 May 2012 09:38:14
Ipswich are said to be in talks with Macclesfield Right-back Elliot Hewitt. The clubs are believed to have agreed a fee for the 17 year old who has been attracting a lot of interest from other clubs.
Ipswich are also thought to be intterested in signing Cheick Kourama, a 19 year old midfielder, who currently plays for Genoa's Under 20 side.(11)(5)He will sign tuesdayHewitt to sign for ipswich on tuesdayHes at elland rd havin medical unlucky numtysTo good for LeedsVery very strong hints that Hewitt is at Portman Road tonight/tomorrow morning.Leeds dont need him , we will get better tan that MOT


28 May 2012 09:34:56
Norwich are set to sign Robert Snodgrass for around £1,400,000 as he wants to leave Leeds.(19)(26)No he doesn't. Why would he want to go to a club thats gonna get relegated next season anywayDon't want him reallyRelegated!! naaaaa mate we are plWe have no money and that is reason lambert might take villa job and warnock was on ssn saying even if he turns down deal they will keep him till January and doubt 1.4mill would buy his left leg tbhAbove poster is undercover leeds perhaps?Why would he stay at a club who are lets face it shipping players out quicker than norwich fans can sing kick it off !


28 May 2012 09:33:20
Burton are also looking at tom parkes and harry pell and ross atkins(6)(3)


28 May 2012 09:29:33
Clarence Seedorf is a suprise target for Spurs on a 1 year deal.(13)(23)So you just watched soccer aid... and decided to make this up out of the blue


28 May 2012 09:23:50
Peterborough United will sign Gillingham keeper Paulo Gazzaniga on a 5 year deal for a fee in the region of £700kk(12)(6)How do u know r u darren ferguson noWay too much for one good season, can't see this happeningWould be a great signing


28 May 2012 09:23:41
Burnley will sign birigmara for 500k in
the next 48 hours.(6)(13)Very much doubt it , there's bigger clubs after him , would be good if he did sign tho he's a good young player and would fit in wellYes,He will sign for Burnley this week! Our fire sale has started. CCFC


28 May 2012 09:19:31
Schalke have emerged as a contender to sign clint dempsey from fulham , there is an american flaviur to the club who already have clints close pal jermmain jones on there books. Newcastle are now favourites to sign clyne from crystal palace , danny simpson will sign for fulham n the cottagers will also sign young ghanain defender jerry akaminko . The whites also need a striker with abdellaoue , rhodes , defoe , huntelaar , floro flores , helmes , mbokani n mirralas being linked. Man u will sign kagawa from dortmund after fee has veen. Settled he could ve joined by dortmund team mate lewandowski . Sydney sam will move to fulham , barnetta will join sunderland , arsharvin will stay at zenit .(13)(9)Barnetta will not go to sunderland he will go to newcastle on a free


28 May 2012 09:12:12
Blackburn are looking into the possibility of taking twin brothers Will & Michael Keane from Manchester United on loan(17)(6)


28 May 2012 09:06:05
Nigel Adkins to offer 2 mil plus Puncheon
For Blackpools Tom Ince
Source: Mirror(19)(7)Hope this is true.Pemier league isntead of championship? I wouldAnything that you read in a tabloid, I would take with a pinch of salt!Ince has already said he will stay


28 May 2012 08:46:23
Gyeongnam FC's striker An Sung Bin is
making a move to the Premier League
after a number of big clubs have been
impressed with his performances in the


28 May 2012 08:43:49
Ryad Boudebouz to Liverpool as the
Sochaux midfielder has impressed Liverpool's scouts.(11)(2)No he wont liverp00l are focused on st and def not mid


28 May 2012 08:39:47
Charton are going to sign about 2 players both league 1 or 2!NO CHANCE ON BALDOCK(4)(8)Might be grabban as he has told steve evans he wants to move back to london


28 May 2012 08:04:55
Peterborough set to submit bid for Oldham stopper Alex Cisak. Cisak is currently being looked at by several Championship clubs including Burnely, Barnsley and Watford, and is the #1 target of Darren Ferguson to replace the departed Joe Lewis.(4)(6)So that's how many different keepers your going for nowAlready said he's 100% staying at oldhamPlus he has a contract and he has said to someone i know he is staying and going nowhere.Going...Going...almost gone...The clubs will nut out the finer points of the deal in the next few weeks. Cisak will Start the 2012/13 season for the Posh. Great pickup.


28 May 2012 07:51:42
rdm had rubbished talks that he is about to return to WBA after talks of the Chelsea job are beginning g to falter. A reliable source says he is more likely to take the colas job as they are a bigger club with higher prospects.(1)(9)He said he wouldn't return to WBA anyway, which was about 2 weeks ago. Your contacts are certainly first with the hot news aren't they? Get your speech ready when you pick up your Pulitzer, Hemingway.


28 May 2012 06:51:24
Good news for the Swansea massive - Swansea have agreed a £6.8m fee with Hoffenheim for Gylfi Sigurdsson.Source SSN.Great signing.(22)(5)Yeah bet they are. nYou haven't signed him yet. The big clubs know what the going rate for him is now and they can offer much bigger wages....Please no, i dont want to have to start booing Gylfi :'(Massive. Must like eating a lot there thenUmm think you'll find we have signed him, hes agrred personal terms and everything hes having a medical on monday!But he's also agreed personal terms and is having a medical in midweek? Yet again Swansea prove all their doubters wrongWell swansea have agreed personal terms, and he is to undergo a medical. Pretty much done and dusted if you ask me! Come on SwansWould be a good signing if he goes through! just because they've agreed terms and about to undergo a medical doesnt mean the deal is done just yet though!Siggy in the bag....whos next?......Personal terms have been agreed.Erm yes we have........ It also says we have agreed personal terms with the playerA lot of money?It was 7 . 2 mil


28 May 2012 06:19:44
Tom Heaton has emerged as Peterborough boss Darren Ferguson's number one target to replace Lewis & Jones.(12)(6)


28 May 2012 03:54:39
Norwich City to sign Ipswich left back Aaron Cresswell(3)(32)Doubt Norwich will make too many signings until Lambert's replacement is appointedBecause Ipswich proved to have a solid back line this past season.Not good enough prem LI can confirm that this is true...
I saw Delia wandering around Ipswich in a drunken state, shouting "Where are you, where are you, lets be 'aving you, c'mon"
I thought she was looking for Oddbins, but now it makes sense, she was trying to find Cressy!!! LOLRichard Cresswell more like it!Diame is going to a London club, according to Sky Sources...Is he coming to clean tierneys boots thats all that league 1 boy is fit forPretty sure Marc Tierney came from Colchester United? A League 1 team? Cresswell by far Ipswich's best player last year, though he won't be going anywhere having signed a long term contract earlier in the season.Delia wasn't looking for OddBins, she'd lost her Ipswich Till I Die T-Shirt!!


28 May 2012 03:25:42
Graham Turner wants to be reunited with Chris Weale. The goalkeeper worked with Turner in two brief spells at Hereford together and he sees the 30 year-old as the perfect man to fix Shrewsbury's goalkeeping crisis.(4)(7)Weale to yeovilWouldn't say Shrewsbury have a goalkeeping crisis! They've got 1 good goalkeeper and need another... that's allYes but he hasn't signed his contract yet


28 May 2012 01:09:06
Arsenal and Tottenham are looking to talk with Mohammed Diame(17)(6)


28 May 2012 00:45:22
Charlton set to lock talks with Wordsworth in the next few days after deal in the 750k region has been arranged. Colchester could play Charlton in a friendly too(9)(3)Wooo - a friendly with Charlton - Colchester must be rubbing their hands together. would increase the effective fee by maybe £500!Ahhhh CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Have fun in league 1.


28 May 2012 00:32:06
Newcastle ins and outs this summer:
Matt debuchy - lille - 6 million
Mapou Yanga M'Biwa - montpellier - 7 million or
Benedikt Howedes - schalke - 8 million
( deals for douglas and vertonghan have stalled)
Seim de jong - ajax - 5 million or
Benjamin cognet - dijon - 4 million
Bas Dost - herenveen - 6.5 million
Mohamed diame - wigan - free
Danny simpson - villa/qpr/fulham/wba - 4 million
Dan gosling - villa/norwich/reading - 1.5 million
Leon best - norwich/reading/villa - 3.75 million
Danny guthrie - villa/fulham/wba - 3.5 million
Peter lovekrands - ? - free

If demba ba leaves for around 7 million newcastle will replace him with twente striker luuk de jong for around 12 million
If cheick tiote leaves for around 20 to 25 million to either chelsea or arsenal newcastle will target asamoah from udinese for around 8 million(12)(44)West Ham have already bid 7 million for Bas Dost!Norwich won't be interested in Leon Best, especially at that price-the very definition of over rated and lacking in quality. Won't happen.Meanwhile back on earth.....Best- 3.75 million what you on? hes a championship player worth about 1-2 million at most nd Simpson is going to Wigan for about 2 million also heard Newcastle are going to be signing a new Japan midfielder called whymeCheick Tiote for 20 to 25 million? What planet do you live on?25 million for tiote are you for real?Guthrie is on a free. I believe he is 25 so no compensation would be due.You not signing 2 centre backs :SYou have to have a certain aount of english players in your match day squad in the prem so ur on crack m8Don't think Norwich would take Gosling unless he is meant to be a bench player, someone to create even more competition.
Best to Norwich might happen, don't think reading can attract him and Villa w/o a manager isn't the most sought out club to go to.Stop telling porkies, Manchester United had a bid of £12 million turned down for Asamoah last week, so why would his club sell to him Newcastle for £3 million less?No chance Newcastle gets 3.5 million pounds for Danny Guthrie. His contract will be expired at june 30, so his next club will not pay a cent! Get real!Let's face it vertonghen was never going to go to newcastleSomeones namin his signing on football managerrrrWhat a loada rubbish, somehow I think hes gonna end his career in Norwich. Whats more, Stoke are just overrated.Tiote was linked with chelsea for 20 million in january what are you sayinnnn ?Yanga-mbiwa going arsenal or man uHowedes will be too expensive. he wont cost 8m


28 May 2012 00:25:32
Leicester City are set to enter the race to buy Bristol Rovers highly rated,attacking midfielder Mustapha Carayol

They will enter a bid of £1-2m, plus Tom Parkes and Cian Bolger on loan for the season, with the potential to buy.

Failing that, Leicester will continue their search for an attacking midfielder, Cameron Stewart, Robert Koren or Robbie Brady are all likely(17)(18)Whilst I would love for this to be true, I see there being absolutely no chance of us getting a million for Muzzy or the chance to sign Parkes and Bolger permanentlyFrom a Rovers point of view I'd be delighted with this deal for Muzzy. Top talent but £1 million plus Parkesy and Bolger would be fantastic for us. The option to buy them both is the most interesting part.

Any truth to it?He can keep his theiving hands of the Hull boys


28 May 2012 00:13:46
Derby county to sign Ashley Westwood
from Crewe(9)(12)Quality player, could definately seem him in the prem one dayWestwood's a bit old for a young quality Derby side. {Ed001's Note - he is 22! There was one who played for them a few years ago, no relation as far as I know, who is 35. But the one there now is a 22 year old graduate of their academy.}


28 May 2012 00:04:58
Orient in talks to re sign Gary Alexander(5)(12)


27 May 2012 23:59:46
sheffield wednesday have signed michali antonio from reading for 700k and wednesdays goalkeeping coach andy rhodes trying to persuade his son to move to hillsborugh for 3.5m (the amount belivedto be offerd)(4)(32)Don't be foolish Rhodes will not move to shef wedsWhat utter claptrap - Rhodes will either stay at Huddersfield or move to a premier league club, there's no other option for him...Rhodes agent will have a lot more influence than his dad, he will go where the money takes him.


27 May 2012 23:40:13
Sunderland will keep most of there players including Sessegnon. Johnson won't join on loan however McGeady will be re-united with Marty and Danny Graham will sign as soon as Wolves stupidly high price-tag for a very average player becomes very frustrating. Don't rule out Craig Gardner moving on and of course everyone knows Richardson might be as well.(4)(17)Danny Graham plays for SwanseaBetter than your forward line oh wait I for got you have not got one that's why your after fletch anyway he turned you down bigger clubs after him but then again he hasn't said he wants to leaveAt 10-12 mil Fletcher is not over priced and how is 30 premier league goals in 3 season average? Torres has only scored 34 goals in the last 3 seasons. Sunderland had darren bent who scored 32 goals and sold him for £24 mil. So 10-12 mil is a bargain for fletcher if you ask me ;)Graham would cost more safc are after Hooper and IrelandAgree wouldnt pay more than5m for fletcher not sure graham is good enough thoDanny graham plays for swansea :S did you mean stephen fletcher?If your talking about Fletcher then you know nothing outside your own club, so be quiet!Sess will stay. elmo, richardson, gyan, ji, vaughan, gardner and fraizer campbell to leaveIf Sunderland are able to hold on to Sessegnon, they would have done extremely well, he is the ideal player to play the No 10 role.Danny graham not play for Swansea?Very average player? hes reached double figures in 2 seasons in a stuggling wolves team, can't be that bad can he?
sunderland payed over 10 million pound for that kid from ipswich!
wolves paid nearly 8 million pound for fletcher, and they DON'T NEED to sell, so they aint going to just fall to sunderlands feet and lost money, they will want to make profit.Fletch is no way over priced at 10-12 million, sunderland probably feel they can steel a bargain because Wolves were relegated. not so. we dont need the money like other relegated clubs so wont be held to ransom.Tbf I'm a Mackem and I no for a fact graham wouldn't join us as he's a geordie



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