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31 Jul 2013 22:55:20
zavron hines going to sign for mkdons as he impressed during his trial against spurs xi

He started the game well, then disappeared a little. Why did Bradford let him go given they have moved up to Div one?. is that a worry for us?

Certainly hope so
In the first half he was unplayable
Sign him up robbo

Bradford City fan here, he is a good player on his day but is inconsistent. One game he can tear a defence apart and the next 5 games you forget he is on the pitch. He does track back well though.

So where is the signing if zavon hines and Theo Robinson?



31 Jul 2013 22:47:51
Deigo Lugano, Scott Sinclair and Salomon Kalou to sign for West Brom before the start of the season.

Diego Lugano 1m
Salomon Kalou 2.6m
Scott Sinclair Loan
Matej Vydra Loan

would be happy with all these signings as they would all provide either experience or backup

Lugano will sign; Sinclair 50/50 with Newcastle; Kalou is yet to be convinced and awaiting other offers; look out for a twist in the tale of Darren Bent!

Expect a defensive mid fielder to come in as well, we went to pot when Mulumbu went away at ACN and Yacob injured last season



31 Jul 2013 22:24:04
Bradford have approached hull city on taking nick proschwitz or Matty fryatt on a season long loan

Take nick proschwitz on loan, don't bother sending him back.

I'd like to think that this rumour is true but Parkinson has denied that as an option

Will both do a job for Bradford and both won't get a game in the prem this is defiantly one of the more realistic post as they need playing time

I doubt they will be sent on loan, as we'll need as much cover as possible, especially as we only have 4 strikers + aluko

Pp said he don't want any short term loans long term only so this could be a really good option

Matty Fryatt dropping to League Two? I've never heard such tripe, if he leaves, it will be to someone like Forest.

Wow, where have you been since May? Bradford City are not in League 2.

Same difference, he's far too good to have to drop to League One, most of the teams in the Championship would bite your hand off for him.

If fryatt went to league one, he'd score over 35 goals, but he ain't. just a load of bradford fantasists.



31 Jul 2013 22:20:58
richie ryan of dundee to move to norway club. its basically signed sealed an delivered inside info here guys

He played for dundee united not dundee too seperate teams



31 Jul 2013 22:21:09
Burnley and Blackpool are to battle it out for former Fulham defender Chris Baird who was released at the end of the season

Theo Robinson

Craig Mackail-Smith
burnley aug 1

Theo Robinson burnley



31 Jul 2013 21:27:17
Blackpool have contacted out of contract right back Christopher Baird

They'll have to convince Mrs. Baird. She struggled with the 'difference' between Southampton & London!

Isn't Chris Baird a left back?



31 Jul 2013 21:11:28
Billy Sharp has agreed terms with Reading. Absolutely gutted, I thought we could bring him back on loan! Heard he's due in Reading on Monday and they still need to agree some finer details. Still time for us to up our offer?


31 Jul 2013 21:35:09
Donny should not have sold him in first place.

31 Jul 2013 21:52:51
Don't think he is interested in reading

He'll do.

31 Jul 2013 22:22:36
Really. With the manger that totally over looked him at Southampton

Highly doubt it you're probably making it up there have been loads of dates he was due to be in reading

May be true may not be but upping your offer won't help, donny can't compete with reading financially. on another note I see you have signed khumalo on loan, that's a mistake the guy is a very poor defender.

Not read this anywhere but very probable. Not sure I would want to go to a manager who bought me with promise of premiership football and played me for ten minutes.

TBH He is not a premiership player but fantastic at our level, would love to see him back, you know it make sense billy come back where you belong but sadly don't think it will happen.

He is too small and and his strike rate is poor

Nigel did not over look him at Southampton. Cortese sent him out on loan. I think that's about the 16784 time I've had to say this. Adkins rates him.

01 Aug 2013 08:39:34
Adkins didn't over look him at Saints! He was clearly one of Adkin's signings and once Adkins went, Sharp no longer fitted the kind of football the club wants to play. Shame, we all like to see him given a chance. Scored something like 9 in 11 for us, got us promoted!

Billy Sharp's strike rate is 1 in 2 through out his career. That is as about as good as it gets.

01 Aug 2013 10:15:10
^^ bit of an exaggeration I reckon billy sharp played more premier league minutes under Adkins than times you repeated your self

01 Aug 2013 11:00:14
Who ever said his strike rate is low look at his stats for Drfc and Southampton he has a very good record

01 Aug 2013 12:19:27
You let him go while Adkins was in charge after ten minute game time so can't use that 1

Low strike rate? At bother donny and saints he had basically 1 in 2

John ryan say we can. t afford billy sharp now and he heading to Barnsley.

To Ed029 - any truth in this?



31 Jul 2013 20:41:07
Brighton are looking to take U20 French international Yaya Sanogo on loan from Arsenal to bolster their striking options after the loss of Will Hoskins to injury, Sanogo will initially sign until January, Arsene Wenger is keen to get highly rated Sanogo some playing time and Brightons style of play would suit him perfectly

What a loan star he would be 6ft3ins and full of muscles score tons of goals in the championship

Yeah, Yeah, it's a no go.

He's good, tall but a bit clumsy because of his height!



31 Jul 2013 20:08:11
Out-of-favour Wolves central defender Roger Johnson looks set to join Huddersfield on a season-long loan. Wolves boss Kenny Jackett is anxious to get Johnson off the wage bill and the Terriers will pay 50% of Johnson's £30,000 a week.

If only. if only this was true!!

After reading all of these posts it seems that Huddersfield will have signed at least 3 new centre backs by Friday and all these stories are from reliable sources and people in the know. yeah

R johnson is more likely than morrison. he is a free agent

Doesn't add up, can't see it being true.

I think that's way they call it a rumours website.

I maybe wrong, but the clue is in the title!

I think we are done on transfers in unless at least two leave permanently and a couple on loan. Can see Crooks and Wallace going on loan to get games and develope quicker and Higginbotham being sold along with Ridealgh. We are now significantly stronger all round and in depth than last season.

R Johnson is not a free agent, I think he still has two years of his contract to run.
Though he has been placed on the transfer list

Any club would want to get this guy off their wage bill! Not the sort of player either Robins or Hoyle would agree to use or part money for!

Defo need a quality CB! Clarke is not Championship quality! He would be 4th choice for town! Most times last year he was at fault for the many goals! Gerrard would be 2nd/3rd CB! Can't believe they have not signed a CB or 2! BIG MISTAKE!

You seem to forget that Clarke does a hell of a lot for this club, you can remember a few of his mistakes, but not any of the times he saved our skins?

Yup Clarke has saved our skins on numerous occasions with goal line clearances. The problem being he could only make those last ditch saves by hanging and dropping back. He does this because of his real lack of pace. Which means the opposition can push up as far as they like. This is a major problem for Clarke and Towns defence. Sadly he needs to be replaced by swifter feet.

Saved our skins, r u for real or just know football? he drops back, defends too deep and causes more issues than he solves. he only looks like he saves our skins, because he played the forward onside that he has blocked the shot from. the man is a hazard, has been since we signed him, its just taken a few town fans longer to see it. I saw it from the first 20 mins of his debut, rubbish goal after rubbish goal, most of which he isn't either marking or has played the guy on side.

Yep, I just know football.

Look how he played yesterday, him and Lynch was rock solid, great organisation skills, we were unlucky to concede the goal we did.



31 Jul 2013 20:16:56
Apparently Steven Caulker has completed an £8M move to Cardiff City pending a physical. I'm sure i'm not the only Saints fan that's dissapointed that we didn't make more of an effort to sign him!

8 mil? they've been robbed again

Hearing a lot of anger coming from Spurs fans than AVB let him go. "9mil for our future captain must be a joke". Welcome to Cardiff stevey C.

For £8 million Saints signed Lovren who plays in the same position, a proven international and of a similar age. Think Saints got the better deal on this one

Totally agree, I thought that Caulker was a part the managers plan at spurs. very suprised & disappointed we never got a chance to sign him. well done Cardiff good signing for you. Saints Fan

Couldn't agree more, young, strong, clever, still has a lot to learn but worth the money Cardiff paid for him.

Lovern unproven in the prem and was terrible for lyon last season yea defiantly the better deal

That was last season, the seasons before he was quality. He is only 24 and has played over 200 competetive games. He has a lot of potential. But like you said, unproven in the prem.



31 Jul 2013 20:00:34
Ambitious Huddersfield set to sign free agent central defender Andre Bikey, 28, if wages can be agreed.

Wonder if he's related to the Sodje's.

Looks too expensive on wages to me to be a candidate for Robins. He has already come out and said whoever he has in mind is a bargain if they can get him. the money being talked about here is far from being "a bargain". Keep looking don't think we've identified who the target is yet!



31 Jul 2013 18:39:10
Kevin Doyle of wolves to Celtic this week, this is what wolves are saying.

Even though Wolves have said there was no offer from Celtic for Doyle.

Hope this isn't true nowhere near good enough for Celtic

Not good enough! Sick off hearing this comment. Doyle would do a job in the Spl for Celtic, an unknown bloke from Scunthorpe managed to score a barrel load. Think Lenny know's what's required.


An unknown bloke yet he was always near the top of the top goal scorer list in the championship?

Doyle will do a job at Celtic, remember when we were in the prem and Doyle was fantastic because we were a bigger club, if Doyle goes to Celtic he will play well guaranteed



31 Jul 2013 18:26:24
Swindon Town have accepted an 850k bid from Bournemouth for Goalkeeper wes Fodderingham, Wes will sign a 3 year deal to play for the Cherries next week.

No way. he is not for sale! Chairman has even tweeted it!

Ahead of our current number 1 ryan allsop? would be a bit odd that would, we're not in the market for another keeper got 3 already - allsop, flahavan, jalal

I sincerely hope not. Swindon have lost a lot of talent/experience in the past few months and this is another one of those players. i'm not a Swindon supporter, but my Postie went to collect his season ticket today and was told they are not ready? Problems at the County Ground seem to be growing and as a football supporter, I can see a very long and difficult season coming up.

Why next week? If they accept the bid & he signs tomorrow he can play on Saturday, so has Wes met the Bournemouth board today ( weds)?

Probably the most rediculous rumour of the close season. Bring on the football and we can stop reading such twaddle. Ryan Allsop will be one of the best keepers in the championship and Jalal a capable replacement.

Rdiculous post, we have an excellent keeper in Allsop

A bid has been accepted its more than quoted and its not a club on the south coast, all will be revealed later this week, the money is being used to fund a striker

Not going to happen! Other than the 3 keepers listed previous, Bournemouth have 2 highly rated young keepers in their development squad, one being an international.

Lol no way we will buy him he won't even get a game we got alsop is our no 1 goalie

Ha, you guys. Why on earth would we want another keeper, Allsop England U19 caps, Jalal Eng C caps, Buchel Leichtenstein caps, not to mention Flavs. This rumour is one of the few that's even less likely than us finally getting Austin back

Why would afcb spend 850k on a 4th choice keeper? not true + we don't have that sort of money to splash due to financial fair play

01 Aug 2013 15:16:33
We have 3 decent keepers. Why would we waste 850k on another? Alsopp far better anyway. Jalal too. Dumb rumour?

Would much Rather have Foderingham than Aslopp. hope he doesn't go there. (wesley got League 1 Goalkeeper award) and we spanked bournemouth 4-0 last season.

And now look at you, your in league 1 while were in the championship. How times change

02 Aug 2013 20:32:25
Last season. & your point is? ^^

Signs of a successful club if you're still living off of that 4-0! I know everyone likes to beat the best clubs in the league but surely results over a whole season should be taken into account



31 Jul 2013 18:23:52
Bradford are likely to sign Gary Woods, PP is not going to bring in anyone else after a keeper is signed, there was talk of a one month loan deal for an unarmed striker to replace Andy gray but PP will give Louie Swain some game time in the cup competitions after impressin in pre season.

So what happened today then? As long as its an unarmed strikers not an unarmed keeper



31 Jul 2013 18:22:13
Huddersfield closing in on signing Sean Morrison from Reading.

I would love this to happen but I doubt it will due to morrison being a part of their plans. We had the chance to get him last summer but we didn't pay what reading wanted.

{Ed029's Note - Silly rumour that Hudds wont let go of. He's 2nd/3rd choice here with interest from the PL. He wont go anywhere this summer, and at the moment he would only go up a level.

I really really do hope so, if this is true what a coup it would be.

Haha Morrison wouldn't leave for town only PL teams.

31 Jul 2013 18:22:13
Huddersfield closing in on signing Sean Morrison from Reading.

Got a big wallet? It'll cost you for sure as he was first choice cb in prem for much of last year!

0% chance of him signing for huddersfield or anyone else at the moment. you can have gorkks though and we might even throw in leigertwood

Daft daft rumour! Morrison will be in and around our first team and showed glimpses of premier league quality last season. If he leaves us itll only be to a top flight club

01 Aug 2013 14:43:27
that sounds a bit odd Morrison good enough to play for Town in league 1 during our promotion season scored at Wembley but now too good for the championship for any club except READING you didn't think he was good enough so you loaned him out to HTFC in league 1 deary me.

I would LOVE that to happen, but it won't.

Sean Morrison did not score for us at Wembley. He scored one in the penalty shoot-out, but that goal doesn't come up on stats.

He scored goals in the premier league and seemed pretty solid! miles too good for you and will stay at a side who will finish at least 15 places above you in the table

At that time he wasn't good enough but he has improved to the extent that he is now one of three players vying for one of the two central defensive spots. that's what happens in football, young players tend to improve the more games they play. that's why we loaned him out in the first place. no chance of him going to the terriers.

I'm a Town fan and I don't know why people keep jabbering on about Morrison. He isn't coming to Town. He's signed a contract with Reading until 2016 and HTAFC wouldn't pay some inflated transfer fee and potential excessive salary. With regard to the comment that Reading will finish at least 15 places above Huddersfield, well, that's the kind of egocentric and over-confidence that could land you where Blackburn were last season.

I don't think Blackburn ended up where they were because of a fan being arrogant. Anyway, I believe Huddersfield will be a surprise package this season, but it won't be with Morrison, that's for sure.



31 Jul 2013 18:01:40
Portsmouth will sign former player Lubomir Michalik as they couldn't agree terms with Rocha.

Wrong. He's contracted to Slovakian side FC Kairat Almaty.

Dont think so think i'd prefer Sam Sodje and he looks mor elikely to be the replacement however Steve Allen and Guy are still looking around for more options

Lubo was so slow he nearly missed the team bus!

^ LOL true that

Not Likely now that we have signed N'Gala

It's bondz n gala



31 Jul 2013 18:12:17
Cardiff striker Nicky Maynard is on his way to Reading in a £1.2m deal.

Reading fans thought they were after Etien Velikonja of Cardiff, but it's Maynard.


Doubt that Adkins would go in for him he's too injury prone. History of breaking down after a few games in after signing for a club or collecting pre season injuries. Maybe bad luck on his part but I can't see Reading's interest here.

Ed do you think this is ture? if so what do you think about it?

{Ed029's Note - No idea, it's gone very quiet, but NA did say we are actively looking for a striker at the forum last night.

Hopefully true.

I seriously doubt this I see him as good competition for Frazier Campbell and he's part of MMs plans

I can't see Cardiff selling a player within a year of buying him for 2m. It don't make sense. He showed glimpses of brilliance prior to his injury. I see him as a key player this season. MDH

Haha you are a joker mate! There is nobody leaving Cardiff as yet and do not understand your logic with Maynard, he signed for us in a 2.5 mill deal only a year ago and it rose to 3.2 mil when we got promoted. No chance in hell.

Never happening Maynard is apart of Malky's plans he won't go and for £1.2 mill you're having a laugh at least £2-3 mill

01 Aug 2013 13:47:20
It's Velikonja. End of.

Can guarantee 100% it's not Nicky.

As a Cardiff fan, I'd quite happily take £1. 2M for Maynard. He's unproven in the Premier League, he's already 26 (not exactly young) and he's just returned from a long-term injury. Let's face it, £2. 75M was too much in the first place, Malky panicked and over-paid. He had quality, but it's a risk to try an unproven player who was out for a year.

Saying that I doubt Malky will sell him, he is better than Velikonja and Mason.



31 Jul 2013 17:49:29
Reading are in talks with Stoke City for striker Cameron Jerome.

Top target Mike Havenaar has ruled out a move to Reading due to it being a World Cup year.

Nigel Adkins confirmed last night at the Royals fans forum that he would like at least one more striker, ideally two, and talks have taken place with Billy Sharp. The club expect a decision by next week.

Yeah right heard it all b4 about sharp. need 2 strikers though if the pog goes useless signing he woz for the money he gets.

Decision by next week, pity the season starts on Saturday! we are just going down the same road as usual, we just haven't heard Adkins version of "go with what we have got" yet

The season may start saturday but the transfer window doesn't shut. the season is a marathon not a sprint

Doubt Jerome will go down a league especially now Jerome is more likely guaranteed to start under Hughes.

Regardless of talks we aren't selling jerome

Stoke want hamburg striker artjoms rudnevs for 5 million and 20 year old mls striker juan agudelo

Stoke should sign Emenike, Defoe or Bent instead of them.



31 Jul 2013 16:39:01
Kalou has declined a move to Albion. Clarke is now beginning to get frustrated with Peace and his stubborn attitude towards transfer dealings. The alleged strategy they had for this Summer has fallen apart hence the delay in signings

Steve Clarke, welcome to the real world, you need to sign Gandalf and Harry Potter to breath magic into the Baggies mate, especially with Jeremy Peace holding the purse strings. With a straight contest between transfer kitty and jeremiah, s pension pot you are always going to trail in second.

Don't blame Clarke getting frustrated, it just seems like we have no ambition. I would love to know where all the tv money is going because it certainly isn't going on players!

31 Jul 2013 17:50:43
Wouldn't be surprised if this were true

No it hasn't

He hasn't rejected Albion. And they have offered kalou 40,000 a week deal! peace is hardly being tight preparing to make him one of our highest paid players ever! Do you all think kalou is worth more. Yes we may not sign him yet but that is because he has many options! this isn't championship manager! You can't just have an offer accepted offer a contract and conclude a deal! the player is considering his options. if he chooses elsewhere so be it!

Well this is made up

On newsnow westham says they have missed out on kalou

When will peple realise that managers will all come and go until jeremy starts to think of club not personal gains

Peace obviosly has no confidence in his managers choices, but they are all ex chelsea

Kalou will sign relax yourselves

I hope he does as he has rejected west ham for the second time

I'm getting very frustrated now and a little bit worried, we better sign Kalou soon it would be a perfect signing and we would have the perfect attacking partnership of Anelka and Kalou.

01 Aug 2013 12:58:13
West ham have agreed a fee for kalou and he is going for talks



31 Jul 2013 16:09:40
Swansea are preparing to hold all transfer activity until last day of window. Bony has settled in well and will link up with Michu with the ever improving Donelly providing cover. The "different kind of striker" wanted is still Lukaku on loan but is dependent on so many other transfers, ie Ba to Monaco, Rooney arriving, etc. If this fails expect late bids for Gomis whom Huw Jenkins has already said may return to look at. On Ashley Williams front, will take a huge offer to prise him away and is apparently relishing new club captain role. In other news Cardiff linked to Caulker as they continue to read Evening Post to see who has either played for or wanted by the Swans. Whoever their scout is he's overpaid. Jack Army!

I like this rumour, quite realistic possibilities. One thing that makes me think is about returning for Gomis. Wouldn't have thought the extra 8m would still be available after Bony signed, but hey, who knows how much money the club actually has in the kitty? They did just leave Augustien leave on a free and it's very unlikely the club will get into debt for a player too.
Let's wait and see eh, I'm very excited about the quality we now have in the team.

Put all speculation on hold for the moment. let's all just get behind the Swans for the Malmo game and make so much noise they scare the s**t out of Malmo. Come on you Swans.

02 Aug 2013 17:13:18
Just seen scott sinclair in pontardawe he ain't comin bk swans ishe?

Don't need Sinclair tbh

Do we need Sinclair with the midfield that is already available? I think not.



31 Jul 2013 15:33:18
Bristol Rivers centre back Tom Parkes to sign for Brentford in the next 24 hours for a £200k fee.

No chance will City pay for a CB, they already have 5 in the first team squad

I can't see parksy giving up captaincy and regular starts for a club similar in size plus we bought him for 200k he is worth more than that to us

What league are Rivers in?.

31 Jul 2013 20:10:38
we bought him for 50k plus he ain't going anywhere going to brentford wouldn't really be a step forward large enough in his career to warrant moving again

31 Jul 2013 21:52:46
Rovers payed an intial 50k upfront with the deal now having cost 150k Rovers won't sell for less than 400k and Brentford can't afford that and Parkes is a top end earner at Rovers Brentford would have to find the 5k a week it would cost in wages. move on, nothing to see here

Well for starters he is only captain until Gill and Kenneth come back! And We paid 200k for not 50k. I was told a bid has been accepted for around 450k and bristol rovers have someone on the way to replace him this week

Will sign for Brentford in the next day or so, so will be in the squad for Saturday's game will be a step up from Bristol Rovers to join Brentford, we have a really strong squad that's why we are second favorites for promotion to Championship, as our manager has said last poisition to sort is centre back then squad done, sorry Rovers he's Brentford bound.

Brentford has money; money from moore and tribunal from forrester. don't underestimate the mighty bees

He has just been made captain by john ward don't think he will be going anywere



31 Jul 2013 15:07:20
Former Leeds, Bury, and Scunthorpe frontman Mike Grella to sign a one year deal with league one side Crawley Town in hopes of reuniting with former manager Richie Barker who he is good friends with from his BUry managerial days

Blackwell signed him not barker, barker never worked with grella utter rubbish

Grella has moved back to the US

No Grella was signed by Barker.

Barker signed Grella for Bury. Blackwell wouldn't have signed him because he's not a six foot ten donkey.

Hope not 1 goal in 29 games suggests he would not be much cop.

Go and get manton off walsall, by far the best player I have seen in all the friendlys we have played, looks very useful

Oh dear some folk need to do their research. Mike Grella wasn't even at Bury fc when Blackwell took charge last September.

Grella is on trial with an MSL side.



31 Jul 2013 14:57:28
Benoit Assou-Ekotto set to join Fenerbache from Tottenham for £4 million.

If it weren't for these feckless Turkish clubs apparantely happy to pay silly wages spurs would have no one to link their unwanted overpaid players with.



31 Jul 2013 14:57:08
west bromwich albion are close to completing a move for experienced argentinian centre back diego lugano, with the player expected to have a medical before the end of the week

not sure at this stage if its permanent or loan

He's from uruguay and he is awful!

Well he is Uruguayan for a start

If its a permanent move I doubt you will be able to match his current wages at PSG, he currently earns nearly 4M Euros a year?, so unless you are fixing to completely blow away your salary ceiling it ain't going to happen. He also has just one year left on his contract so a doubt PSG would be interested in a loan deal, he is only valued at less than a 1M, and Malaga after taking him on loan last season did not want to make it permanent, he also did not impress at PSG since he only made 12 appearances in 2-1/2 seasons.
Good luck with that one.

31 Jul 2013 16:39:24
He's from Uruguay for a start!

31 Jul 2013 18:07:31
he, s not very good either for seconds!

Well we've all established he is from Uruguay, but west brom are keen its now being reported in the media!

We don't need a centre-half, we need strikers and wingers.

He is nearly a done deal. Nothing wrong with a bit of competition at all. He's his national captain he can't be that bad! They're a good solid country.

You lot are dreaming if you think he's awful. He'll be a good squad player to have

Great addition, vast experience is vital he captains his country and was named fifa world cup captain 2012. a good signing to offer real competition/backup to mcauley and olsson. can also play at right back.

The OP is obviously a Wo1ve5 fan. Dingles can't differentiate between an apostrophe & a comma. sheesh.

Lugano, woooah
Lugano, woooah
He comes from Uruguay
Dingles, how, s (sic) your pint & pie?



31 Jul 2013 14:48:49
Brighton looking to resign Craig Noone on a 1 year loan

Cardiff have a good depth of squad which is needed in the prem. Although Noone was made at Brighton, considering Nooney played 32 games last season. It seems unlikely Cardiff would let him go.

He won't get in the cardiff squad now

No thanks, nice lad but we took Cardiff's money and ran.

31 Jul 2013 20:13:02
My forecast for promotion, not very original I know. QPR, FOREST and READING! {Ed003's Note - we have a prediction page}

Nooney is a great player and I really can't see Cardiff letting him out on loan, unless any new faces join and even then it would only be a short loan. Would still love to see him back and helping us push for promotion.

Would love to see him back at the club but it wasn't to be at Brighton but maybe with a more attacking style he might fit in more now. However he would be replacing Buckley or Spanish dave who are a lot better in my opinion. Can't see it happening though.

Why would we take Nooney back? We already have Buckley, LuaLua and Orlandi competing for the wide places, why have another winger who can't get a game?

No way Craig Noone is coming back to us on loan. He did really well at Cardiff last season and will do great in the Prem. He's a fan favourite at Cardiff so the manager will play him or unhappy fans.



31 Jul 2013 14:42:03
Burnley have enquired about Tranmere Midfielder Max Power who is valued at 1M by Rovers has burnley look into spending the money they wil get from Austins transfer to QPR

Seems unlikely -- he ain't worth 1m

As much as i'd love to keep max if a million was offers we coudnt turn it down

£1m for max power! haha I hope so he's the most over rated player tranmere have! he is awful

Yeah he was one of reasons we misfired last season

Really?! I thought it was because our 'strikers' were useless.

Max is one of our own and a young player give the lad a break will ya

The fact we lost Wallace, Akpro Akpro, Gibson, Cass was the reason it went pear shaped

He maybe one of our own but he can't pass he can't tackle and he gets caught in possession constantly. I honestly can't see what the big deal is about him. £1m you could buy a team of max powers and have change!

03 Aug 2013 09:22:10
Really who writes this stuff? He was fans young player and players young player oh and he got goal of the season! Mark my words MAX POWER will be future Tranmere captain. He gives 100% every game he's 19/20 years old so he will only get better. Agreed he's not worth 1 mil but he's certainly not our worst player or the reason we blew last season FACT

No one said he was THE reason, just one of them! he was. granted he got goal of the season and younger player awards ect but he'll NEVER be captain, he IS over rated and he will NEVER demand 1m. EVER

Alright lad keep ya kecks on! haha! I was the one who said he is awful and I will concede you have a point, his goal was good i'll give him that, but I still think he is over rated. can't see him ever being captain either. your right he is young and I hope he proves me wrong he just needs to stop giving the ball away so much. anyway ash taylor was one I used to think was a waste of space and by jingo did he prove me wrong, so I hope max can too he is a local lad after all.

After yesterdays performance ash shoudnt wear the shirt for months it was one of the worst individual displays iv seen by any player in any team



31 Jul 2013 14:37:17
Steven Caulker is having a medical with Cardiff. The fee is £9m.



31 Jul 2013 14:24:01
hull city aiming to sign di santo from wigan ton finish of there transfers for strikers

He's not at Wigan, he's a free agent.



31 Jul 2013 14:06:40
Watford are set to sign Reading's midfielder Danny Guthrie on loan. The former Newcastle man has been plagued by off-field problems since joining and has now been told he does not feature in Nigel Adkins' first team plans.

What a load of old tosh, he has played in all pre season friendlies and has been the key to Adkins passing game. Whoever your source is, you need to sack them!

Some of these posts are just ridiculous. Guthrie is Adkins main man as he plays his style of football.

Found a new lease of life under Adkins, will stay.

We have far better quality and a lot of depth. No chance we'd sign him.

Absoloute nonsense - he was made Reading captain in one game and has gon on recorsd sayinng how happy he is

{Ed029's Note - Guthrie is going nowhere. Key player for NA. Expressed a desire to captain the side as well.

What a joke this is, where are you getting this info from. FACT Danny Guthrie is a Reading FC first team regular even wore the captains armband in a pre season game the other day. 100% will be staying and will be playing

Surely trolling?

Silly post. Got enough midfielders.

That's probably the worst rumour I've ever seen. There is no way guthrie is off, if he was it would only be to a premier league club.

I have never heard such rubbish. guthrie is a main part of readings promotion push this season.

Never going to happen. He's clearly a favourite of NA's and the most suited to his style. Key player this season.

I would think twice about saying we have enough midfielders. Personally I think we should add another, and Guthrie would definitely be a good addition. Obviously not going to happen though.

The only believable part of that rumour is Watford being interested in loaning yet another player!

"The only believable part of that rumour is Watford being interested in loaning yet another player!"

We have no loan players. Do some research.

As far as I'm aware Watford don't have any loan players at present, everyone signed for this season have been on permanent contracts and last years loanees are now also permanant. So the Watford loan jokes are now wearing a bit thin!

Danny Guthrie is the first name on Reading's team sheet. You will see that this season when he plays 40+ games (Injuries permitting. ) He loves the new style of play that Ankins plays, also said that he's happy there.

Nick Powell is joining Watford. Not Danny Guthrie



31 Jul 2013 13:58:04
Heard from a mate of mine that Owen Coyle is targeting Huddersfield winger Danny Ward for Wigan. Coyle was his boss at Bolton, could be some truth in it, the guy who told me normally knows what he's talking about

Please let this be true and i'll drive him there. Never rated him, too greedy and not a team player.

So why did he sell him to us then?

Because at the time Bolton won't of needed him, he never got played, we payed decent money for him and he needed game time. that's why Coyle sold him to us

I very much doubt danny ward will be going to wigan, he loves playing for Huddersfield. and as for over rated you clearly know nothing of football. he's the best winger in Huddersfield towns team and that's a fact!

Yeah he is the best winger at huddersfield, if you decide not to add Adam hammill and Sean scannell to the list

Im a massive Ward fan but to be fair Scannell is better than Ward

Wish people would stop brown nosing Ward. Wots the big deal? He can't take a corner or a free kick, it always ends up in row Z! He also loses the ball a lot when he try's to take people on, not the best dribbler for a winger is he?



31 Jul 2013 13:53:18
Artjoms Rudnevs, the hamburg striker has been linked with Stoke according to German sources

Yes apparently for 6mil which to me could be spent better on players like Jermain Defoe (5-6mil), Darren Bent (5-6mil), Mame Biram Diouf (5-7mil), Emmanuel Emenike (8-10mil), Gabriel Agbonlahor (6-8mil) or Lorenzo Insigne (6-9mil) etc.

I'm excited about this prospect but I would still prefer diouf. Hope we get both that would be stupendous.

To be honest even though Defoe is 31, Stoke should snap him up, if any team got him for 6mil that's a bargain considering what a player he is, pure goal scorer

Lorenzo Insigne I think stoke should take him on loan as Napoli no have Higiuin and there close to Martinez and Daimio he would be down they already rejected a 7M bid for him from sunderland so I would not know

Benitez has said that he wants to keep Insigne this year.

Totally agree, Defoe is defiantly worth 6 mil, 2 say how much we spent on crouch (10-12mil), Jones (8 mil) and palasios (6mil), Defoe is a bargin

Defoe will not be a bargain if he costs us 6mil then a futher 1mil every season in wages. when he's almost 31.



31 Jul 2013 13:29:33
Marlon Pack and BCFC cannot agree terms. he wants three years and the Reds are only offering two years.

Incredibly. across the divide BRFC are watching developments with interest. John Ward HAS spoken to MPs agent and a deal is on the table. ( three years as well).



31 Jul 2013 13:26:47
Doncaster rovers: tommy spurr set for Blackburn rovers, he is currently having a medical.

As a true rovers fan it pains me to say that the situation is now a joke, we are 3 days away from the season, a solid defender is going, no goalkeeper and we need a goal scorer. What are we doing?

Will we sign players? I've given up on the Irish investment, so please any player will do, we don't need over rated premiership players!

Give em a chance. Don't like it don't come and watch but ill still be there SUPPORTING my LOCAL team

If he does go it will b a shame a very good quality championship player who will b missed

They are coming but I agree bit late could of done with a few mre singhing sooner

31 Jul 2013 18:43:00
Ross turnbull rather have him than kello this is a positive at least

No wellens then?

Forget tommy spurr! Players come and go. We should all quit the moaning and look at the positives! We have got Ross turnble and that kid from spurs. 10 years ago players like these wouldn't have even looked at us. let's back the boys! {Ed029's Note - Don't get too excited about Bongani. He came to us (Reading) on loan and was a total disaster. Clumsy, off the pace, a general liability. Redknapp rated him at the time though. I think the fact he hasn't even bothered says all you need to know.

Your right Ed, Why do we only sign out of contract players.? I may be Nieve, but if they were any good they would be playing for other clubs.

Spurt no loss to Donny I never rated him

We can't compete with a 12k a week offer, but there will be some one coming in before Saturday, I'm sure. I hope

Spurr is a good player but players come and go don't they.
Others before him have done the same and we are still here.

Did we get a fee for Spurr?

02 Aug 2013 11:47:41
No his contract was up

No, freeby



31 Jul 2013 13:24:10
Tom Hitchcock will sign a one season loan deal with Bristol Rovers this coming week. He will be allocated squad number 16.

Tom hitchcock enjoyed his loan here and the number 16 is available

Would be welcomed back but another striker isn't a priority unless he's ok to play on the wing. ?

I would suggest, after Exeter, a striker, who's fit, is exactly what we need, unfortunately, there probably isn't any truth in this, though I'd love to be proved wrong!



31 Jul 2013 13:21:50
Posh have signed Britt now paddy McCourt is on the brink of signing for us along with Freeman, believe what you want its true fella's.

Would love McCourt, but the freeman deal has been dead in the water for ages and just keeps circling around

31 Jul 2013 21:59:13
Mark Little will sign a 1-year deal after he didn't manage to wrap up a deal with Birmingham on his trial at the club during the pre-season. He is supposed to be meeting the manager on 1st August to discuss.

Paddy McCourt is still highly likely to sign as he does not meet the fitness requirements of most Championship sides.

MacAnthony still intends to bring a new "gem" to the strike
between now and the end of August.

Apparently, posh haven't followed up any interest of mccourt - and that it was speculation that they offered a second contract.



31 Jul 2013 13:19:19
Quick West Ham update here if you believe the tabloids. West ham closing in on Vydra? Kalou deal imminent. Hammers to Rival Toon for Frenchman? Boularhouz agrees 3 year hammers deal? Eminike joining hammers depending on loan deal? Young sullivan say deal for young winger sealed in next 48 hrs? Hammers eye young Swede? let's get real here. West ham need one more striker and maybe a winger!

And you know that's all there after how, are you Sam Allardyce? did'nt think so! Some of these I agree are probably wrong. but we need 2 strikers, 1 being able to move right! a right back is needed also.

West ham need a new manager and new owners! 15 mill for Carroll Liverpool have striped us right up

01 Aug 2013 08:11:58
Agree with the £15m issue but Carroll is seen as a long term investment



31 Jul 2013 13:18:34
Colchesters young talented star Alex Gilbey has been watched by Swansea who are keen to buy the young player with a deal that includes a loan switch back to Colchester.

Swansea city are to be bought after this season for a figure of 180 million. Korean business man has confirmed

{Ed029's Note - That's about £90m too much.

How you work that one out Ed? The Swansea 1st team squad alone is valued at over £110 million. {Ed029's Note - A clubs worth is only marginally valued on the basis of the squad. The greater value is in stadium, land, infrastructure etc. There are bigger clubs with similar finances to Swansea and valued a lot less than that mate.

90m too short you mean. Jack army

Huw Jenkins would probably only sell a 49% share for 180 million, to retain control. STID Morriston Jack in Dubai

Hmm, can't see it myself.

Swans are in Europe, going to extend the staium to 32,000. Just finished the youth academy and are now working on the training centre down fair wood aswell. The squad is worth over £100m, the club is continuously growing. Besides the club would never sell anyway

Seems to me everyone forgetting that the jack army hold a percentage of the swans and would never sell, plus they board wouldn't sell

Where were the people with money when we needed them? Now we are established with money and a board that knows how to control it some money person wants to come in? Swansea City is for the supporters who dug deep in their pockets when money was needed. Once a Jack always a Jack.

The board have taken swansea to a level which is great but the board haven't got enough money to compete witht the likes of chelsea man city and all them so swansea really need to sell the club to compete with these big boys. Otherwise the club is just going to go backwards and no one wants that to happen. They need to sell some of the shares at least

All this talk about selling out comes from Johnny come lately's who forget the days of Silver Shield and the great Australian saviour Tony Petty. Be grateful for what you have, it ain't broke so no need to fix it - look at Birmingham City they sold to an Asian money man and went down the plug hole when his assets were frozen.



31 Jul 2013 13:16:14
Hull defender Alex Bruce to join Rotherham on loan until January

31 Jul 2013 17:36:10
He won't drop to L1. Likely to be kept as cover for CB, especially as Faye is unlikely to be fit for start of season.

So that's 2 first team defenders been mentioned on this site to join rotherham, hull need depth in prem so any more nonsense like this rumor just ignore



31 Jul 2013 13:13:04
Colchester United last night entered the race to sign veteran striker Alan Lee on a one year deal.

Lee played in a U21 match for Ipswich against Colchester yesterday which has alerted the attention of U's manager Joe Dunne as Lee grabbed the only goal of the game in a 1-0 win for Town.

It is believed Mick McCarthey is keen to sign Lee but can only offer him security of being Town's number 3 striker. Colchester however would be able to accomodate him in their starting line-up.

The 34 year old is coming to the end of his playing career and it is understood he would like to play as much as he can before he hangs up his boots. This gives the advantage to Colchester.

However, Town are prepared to pay £1,000 a week wages to Lee which Colchester can not match with the new financial fair play rules in place.

It is expected Lee will finialise a move to either club by the end of the week.

No way going to Col U, end of.

Jabo, Clint, Freddie (x 2), Drey Wright n Massey would all be before him.

Can't see Lee wanting to be 7 choice!

Would love to see Alan Lee back in a Town shirt

Top man top player

McGoldrick, Murphy, Nouble and Taylor are all ahead of Lee in the pecking order, not to mention bringing youngsters through. There is no chance Lee is being propositioned as a No. 3 forward.

It is thought Lee is joining the coaching staff at ITFC therefore we have nothing really to lose by offering him a playing contract.

However I can see that he may be lured down the road if he fancies another full season of football.

I'm pretty sure Lee is already on the town academy coaching staff for next season so Ipswich are the only team he is likely to sign a playing contract with

Why bring him back when we are suppost to be building for the future not rebuilding the Past

Could be interesting Coaching Ipswich playing for Colchester never going to happen

Ha ha ha ha ha Alan Lee ohh my word no ambition no building no future we are soon to be the second side in East Anglia after Norwich time to close shop and get out your hisotry books and remember when

Utter rubbish Lee has joined our youth coaching staff. So we won;t be joining you. He's played a game for us with a view that we may offer him a contract purely as back up.



31 Jul 2013 13:11:45
West brom have offered kalou 40k a week and a 2m a year deal also have met his release clause og 2.6m pounds

31 Jul 2013 16:49:06
Do you think we will get kalou having offered him a contract



31 Jul 2013 12:50:33
Peter Odemwigne in talks with cpfc #source themonk#



31 jul 2013 12:49:34
tommy spur from doncaster to sign for blackburn rovers. a message to the whole doncaster board----- you make me feel sick to the core you are all persons who don't know how to run a club, get out

31 Jul 2013 14:53:50
I thought Donny were getting £20 million to spend from Irish takeover? Billy Sharp, Shay Given etc. coming to Keepmoat we were told?

Good to see you've not taken it personally.

The only disgrace is you making a comment like that. Do you not realise how lucky we are having a chairman like John Ryan. If Blackburn have offered Tommy Spurr considerably higher wages then our board have no choice but to let him go! They are not going to bankrupt the club like many of the persons currently running some clubs.

Bit harsh but I agree somtimes we do need investment to have a chance jr is trying his hardest but the overs need to pull some strings and get a grip the appointment of dickov was rubbish Much better managers were available

Obviously you weren't around when we carried the coffin out of belle vue.
I have faith in the board to do what's in the best interests of the club and it's future.

People after realise what is going on behind the scenes it might of wanting a bigger club or wanting to big of a contract these things happen

Talk about carrying the coffin I was there with the other 848? was it when Rovers beat Chester. We don't want those days back again but I really feel for JR, let down by his fellow directors. Surely (After reading the Sunday Times rich list) Watson and Bramhall could dig a little deeper in their pockets. Consider the income of the average supporter and the percentage investment they have made over the years

JR is great I admit that, but the other two are the joke, Two KEN BATES, say no more

31 Jul 2013 20:47:55
Watson and Brammall maybe major shareholders but its not as big a share as you think

31 Jul 2013 23:22:13
Bramall and Watson think they will live forever on their wealth get it spent and enjoy the moment because as sure as hell somebody will spend it for you when you've gone

The point is why is one of our best players out of contract in the first place. Tired of seeing our stars leaving for next to nothing. This should of been sorted a long time ago don't blame spurr for leaving tbh.

He has gone for the best deal he could get for himself - what is wrong with that?



31 Jul 2013 12:41:01
Daivid Brown former Gateshead and Sunderland left back set to join Carlisle on a 1 year pay as you play deal!


Not true as we have 3 players in our squad that can play that position in chantler, robson and james



31 Jul 2013 12:37:13
Mark little to rejoin peterborough united



31 Jul 2013 12:17:49
Colchester United young rising star Sammie Szmodics is set to sign a 3 year professional contract at the club by end of the month!



31 Jul 2013 11:56:33
Yeovil are set to sign Jamal Blackman from Chelsea when he gets back from the USA tour.

Complete and utter nonsense. Will not happen.

We Don't Need Another Keeper!

So if stech gets injured you want gareth stewart in goal no thank you

Stech Will Not Get Injured He Is A TANK!



31 Jul 2013 12:48:27
Huddersfield town will sign matt mills will be signing before friday. This is the bargain centre back that robins said we were after

31 Jul 2013 13:59:52
Leeds could not afford Mills wages. How can Huddersfield?

31 Jul 2013 14:55:03
Matt Mills is no bargain. Very expensive bargain if you have to pay all his wages.

Would be a good signing in my opinion.

Cant see it happening, leeds were told earlier this month that they would have to come up with the right offer if he was to be allowed to leave Bolton. doesn't sound at all cheap to me unless Bolton have had a change of heart in which case Mills is likely to choose leeds and his old reading manager mc durmott over a move to Town.

Can't see him being a bargain, he still has 2 years on his contract and was the subject of speculation about a move to leeds to rejoin mcDermot.

Can't see him being a bargain, he still has 2 years on his contract and was the subject of speculation about a move to leeds to rejoin mcDermot.

Funny bargain when are after paying a million for him. I'd have a rethink on that one.

31 Jul 2013 17:31:16
Leeds are skint. town are not. Hoyle could easilyn afford his wages. ffp only stops chairman loading the club with debt. Does not stop one paying salaries from their own pocket. However don`t see any truth in this.

31 Jul 2013 18:14:20
they reckon Mills is on £25,000 a week, so forget him moving to either Town or Leeds, as that is way out of their price zone.

Ward going to Bolton in exchange for Mills

01 Aug 2013 14:56:37
HTFC will not pay excessive wages to anybody ffp rules dicktate now UTT



31 Jul 2013 12:04:11
Mark Little signs 1 year contract with Peterborough after failing to find another club.

Little does not meet with DF untill tomorrow (01. 08. 13) so this "signing" is a tad premature buddy.

It's still correct though



31 Jul 2013 11:42:31
After completing the signing of Brit today, mark little could be heading back to London road and sign a new deal tomorrow.



31 Jul 2013 11:26:28
Burton Albion are close to agreeing a one year loan deal for Man United keeper Sam Johnstone.

It's Jordan Pickford - Sunderland on season long loan.

It's Jordan Pickford - Sunderland on season long loan.



31 Jul 2013 11:24:03
Afcb rumoured to be interested in signing Marvin sordell on loan from Bolton. Source: daily paper

Can't understand moritz choosing Bolton over a prem league team. Expect a signing on fee was the attraction. Good player



31 Jul 2013 11:17:04
Bury set to sign Brian Jensen once current Goalkeeper Trevor Carson completes his move to Burton Albion

Not signing carson we are signing a prem keeper on loan

Carson is not going to Burton.
Burton were offered him but the club has said they're not interested.

Burton Albion are not interested in Trevor Carson full stop.

If Burton Albion turned down Brian Jensen after a trial why would they be interested in Carson? Its a no brainer!



31 Jul 2013 11:09:52
You heard this hear first Dave Winfield has torn his hamstring and will be out for a minimum of 6 weeks, unbelieveably GT is still willing to allow Darren Jones to leave the club either on loan or permanantly!

dave casewell

Oh well another loan player then what a surprise



31 Jul 2013 10:43:24
Craig fagan and Craig Easton both are being looked at by bristol city.
Harewood to be signed also before end of week

No chance -had Fagan before and he was pretty useless and as for Easton he's a has been in fact a never was been!

Ha! we had Fagen when he was 18 about a decade ago, bit harsh to judge him on that since he has been in the Prem since.

Think he might mean Craig eastmund who use to play for arsenal is available and sod did say if he can't afford pack will look at a couple of free transfers

Craig eastmond signed for Colchester weeks ago



31 Jul 2013 10:41:23
Any truth in the Rumour that LFC will re-sign Torres from Chelsea for a fee in the region of £18 million on a four year deal.

Personally I hope so, although many people would probably disagree. Considering we have now missed out on Soldado we are running out of options, and time.



31 Jul 2013 10:37:41
Assombalonga has joined Posh on a permanent deal, very suprised but fee is over a million for a 19 year old so good business for WFC

20 year old

01 Aug 2013 10:52:48
Britt Ass will be in the Prem within a year or two with or without POSH! Thanks again to Watford for lending him to Southend last season. We were honoured!



31 Jul 2013 10:33:05
Bournemouth are in for Bolton Wanderers striker Marvin Sordell and are looking a loan deal.

Andrew Surman is on way to bournemouth to sign a loan deal. FACT

They've absolutely no chance of a loan deal. That would leave us short in attack with only Beckford, Ngog (injury prone) Davies and Eaves. Would sell so we could repace him with another striker, Jeremy Boila has been linked.

Talking to Bolton? Yes - but it is about Keith Andrews not Marvin Sordell.

Bournemouth signing Andrew Surman on loan

31 Jul 2013 21:31:18
Surman yet another midfielder?. What's going on?. We need an out & out goal scorer really.

Second post down correct! We need a striker!

Sordell going to Charlton not Bournemouth

Gd but he's joining charlton on season long loan



31 Jul 2013 09:02:40
koumas will sighn today or tomorrow from a trfc player, he said he looking amazing in trainning



31 Jul 2013 09:50:01
I was chatting with a good Hurworth source yesterday about the squad and possible transfers. They're pleased with the general state of the squad but concerned with cover at RB / CB / RM and of course CF. With a week to go they're really disappointed with the business they've done. They had really big hopes on Vitor and Vargas which have almost evaporated. Gibson had personally being working with Jorge Mendes to facilitate a couple of marquee signings. They'd planned the expenditure in in against increased crowd figures also and really wanted a fast start to the season. The possibles at this stage are the Keane brothers from Manchester United (CB and CF), Powell from Manchester United although Ireland and Vitor fit this attacking MF category also. The Manchester United lads will only be loans. The club know all about Jesse Lingard but half the PL and Championship want him if he doesn't make Man Utds squad. Nakhi Wells is on the possibles list and has been for sometime but it will take £1.6 million which makes it an outside chance. Ibrahim (released by MC) has long been on the radar but Palace is his likely destination. Adomah is always mentioned but Wigan have the financial capacity to out-bid other parties. At centre half Wes Morgan has been mentioned but again finances would dictate this one. Any further news i'll be in-touch.

What team are we talking about?

31 Jul 2013 13:12:15
Middlesbrough me thinks {Ed001's Note - oh sorry, I mean to add a note on the end to say it was Middlesbrough. Their training ground is in a village called Hurworth-on-Tees.}

Again why is this on the Wigan page, come on Ed get it sorted out. {Ed001's Note - or you could just learn to read and see he mentioned Wigan! Sort yourself out if anything!}



31 Jul 2013 09:49:25
West Brom will have one last attempt at signing Solomon Kalou with a 3.7 million bid.

Umm we have had a 2.6 million bid accepted, just personal terms being discussed now with wba willing to make him highest paid player

His release clause is 2.6million which albion have met

He has a 2.6 mill release clause so offering more money doesn't matter, we have triggered the clause, it's down to personal terms and him agreeing to come.

West Brom enquire about Andreas Granquidt a Sweedish defender plays alongside Olsson recon 2mill could seal the deal

It's a 2, 6mill release cause so why pay 1.1mill more? It's the players salary which is the problem not the bid

With a 2.6m release clause that's not true then



31 Jul 2013 09:49:05
Kalou rejects WBA and will sign for Valencia in the next week. WBA looking unlikely to bring anybody in before the season kicks off.

Rubbish, kalou could sign this week, and others are expected to follow

Wolves fan maybe?



31 Jul 2013 09:35:30
Leyton orient to sign realist Ross Jenkins on a 2year contract

It won't be a bad signing, i'm also hearing that martin rowlands is coming back to the club, Jamie jones said so on a interview on youtube after last nights game.

31 Jul 2013 17:36:46
Jones does not say rowlands is re-joining, he says Ro as in romaine (vincelot) not rowlands. As for Jenkins I don't think he is worth two years, 6months or 1 year to start.

If Rowlands came back, he should be, on paper, our best Midfielder with the exception of Injuries. But what has he been doing pre-reason to keep football fit.?
If he hasent been training with another club, it would take him about six weeks to fit into the squad again.
If Slade had any intention of bringing Rowlands back, he should have acted a bit quicker!
What Leyton Orient really need is a big name signing to boost the season tickets. There really is no interest at present.

Agree with above post. Jenkins is a half decent player, but this does nothing to get the supporters excited. Can understand our poor budget, but we could have done a lot better.

not happy with this signing.

Aint signed yet. i'd love to get a big name in, but you have to be realistic here. Our budget is tiny and this 60% rule has not helped matters.

Agree mate, but I think he will sign, and let's hope, of course, he turns out to be a great signing.
Although I don't think there was any urgency to sign Ross.
Hope he proves me wrong though.

up the Os

He won't sign 2 years, loan at best. Still has 1 year left at watford



31 Jul 2013 09:20:50
greece winger Charis Mavrias is set to become Sunderland's 10th summer signing



31 Jul 2013 09:19:41
jack butand is heading back to birmingham on oan.

Very unlikely, the goalkeeping position is not a priority with the meagre finances available.



31 Jul 2013 08:08:00
Bournemouth linked with a move for Lee Tomlin

Where did you find this rumour, when on form he can be our best player. Your going to have to stump up at least £4/5million for us to even consider selling him

4 million for a league one player. Yeah ok



31 Jul 2013 07:50:58
Brighton are ready to fight it out with QPR for the services of Burnley striker Charlie Austin. It is believed Austin has been on Brighton's wanted list for a while and are prepared to smash their transfer record to sign him. Talks of a fee of £3.7m are reported.

Austin will still be a Burnley player when we face Bolton on the opening day now I am a realist and I understand that we'll probably lose Austin sooner rather than later but that will only be when he's scored a few goals for us plus the teams that have been linked are Championship clubs who with all due respect won't be challenging for promotion to the prem which is where Charlie wants to be

Yes I can see charlie going there. nice part of the word

I think he's already in talks with QPR as 'Arry would be wheeling and dealing all day and night

Brighton will not be spending this kind of money on another striker.

Er that is less than we paid for Ulloa, so not exactly smashed

Brighton lost £8 million somehow last season. I don't think they have £3. 7 to spend on one player.

Just as likely as his supposed move to nottingham forest on monday.

31 Jul 2013 14:43:01
I am a little surprised that you think Qpr will not be up there challenging. I disagree I think your Charlie will be going to Rangers before the close of the window

I wish you luck for the new season

31 Jul 2013 15:27:09
Austin won't go to Brighton, as we won't pay £3.7 million for anyone, and that's what he'd cost.

Qpr not challenging r you having a laugh Austin wickam Townsend Parker odewinge coming in

31 Jul 2013 17:02:02
I agree Austin will be at Burnley until at least January I think, good luck burnley for season, Brighton fan, Leeds here we come on sat,

The player is in the last year of his contract so won't go for £3.7m. Any fee likely to be under £2m. I know BHA were interest previously but don't see it happening even with Hoskins now being out for the season.

Brighton who were came 4th last year and QPR a team that have just being relegated from the prem won't be challenging for promotion haha you crack me up

01 Aug 2013 07:31:59
I think your find we paid two million for ulloa, if your a Brighton fan you should no what we paid,

EVERYONE LOST MONEY! Just because some of you people have seen tr figure that Britton lost £8mil DOES NOT mean we are in difficulty! We are not splashing huge fees because a) our management and owner are not utterly stupid (like those of qpr etc) and understand we must be aware of ffp and b) our squad is already good enough to challenge for promotion!

We won't spend over £3m again. Last time we paid that sort of money for Craig Mackail-Smith he's hadly done anything.

Austin Sold to Qpr

To the person who said qpr will go up because they have just come down, have you heard of wolves? They had that attitude last year, and a bunch of good players who weren't interested in championship football and it didn't end so well for them



31 Jul 2013 07:44:08
Craig Gordon expected to join Brighton on free transfer with Casper Ankergran leaving for Sheffield Wednesday.

Why we need him? uto xxx

I'd be happy with this, Brighton's keepers other than Kuszack are poor.

Cause Casper is rubbish.

Always good to have a experienced back up keeper. Especially when Kirklands injury prone

And he's 34 years old

Don't think there is any truth in this, Gordon is out for another 4-5 months with injury.

And he missed how many games last season

31 Jul 2013 21:50:14
Brighton haven't got £37000- to spend on players let alone £3.7m. They lost £8m last year and now FFP is here they will need to sell or rely on loans and freebies.

^commented on the wrong post haha



31 Jul 2013 08:03:19
Ex boro cb matty bates who has trained with hartlepool the last week or so to sign a pay-as-you-play contract with them.

No he is joining Middlesbrough

If he is joining Boro, I really do not understand it. will be injured within a fortnight. harsh but true

After 5 cruciate operations I'm not sure Boro want to take the risk

Oway boro move on he's finished, we have enough injury prone players at the back with woody n Williams

The last injury prone centre back pools signed was Mick Smith from Wimbledon and he did a good job.

Gazette reports matty is training and trying to win a contract at hartlepool

I'd assume the club is pretty desperate for back up, and it'd be mostly appearance fees. Still, 3 injury prone CBs. Even Hines' injury record isn't great.

Please, no.

If he signs for boro we are setting our standards high must be that nobody wants to sign for us as for our euro scouting mission ha ha ha

He is at hartlepool training

Are you all muppets? The post clearly states he is training with Hartlepool and you all bleat on about how he isn't good enough for boro.

We clearly aren't interested or we wouldn't have palmed him off to cooper. Get a grip.



31 Jul 2013 06:08:50
Darren Ward is due to sign a new two year contract at Swindon with a 65% pay cut. The deal will see him installed as club captain for the coming season and take on a player coach role in the second year.



31 Jul 2013 06:02:36
Jason Roberts will finally put pen to paper on a one year contract as player coach at Swindon this week. He has long been touted as a possible signing and is seen as the man to spearhead the teams attack this season.

He's still got 1 year left at Reading

Absolute and utter drivel spread by someone called Chris (Dr Chang) on a Swindon forum based upon someone with a number plate that resembled "RO83RTS" seen at the CG



31 Jul 2013 04:06:15
Stoke want to sign Jermain Defoe. AVB prices him at 6mil where as Hughes only wants to pay 3mil. We will have to see if a bid gets accepted.

Apparently Stoke have shown an interest in Charlie Austin

Charlie Austin is going to forest plus he is injury prone, so why would we waste 4m quid for another Owen

Cannot see Defoe going to Stoke, even if They meet spurs asking price which would be at least £6M, quality player who has still got at least 3 years at the top level.
Stoke are one of my predictions to struggle this season.

Daniel levy prices the players for along with the dof try between 7/10 mill

We have struggled every season since joining the premiership but have survived with a bit to spare. Don't expect this coming season to be any different.

The Austin rumour is true.

Haha Charlie is not injury prone just because he failed a medical. In the last 2 seasons out of 46 league gaames he has played 41 and 37 times. Injury prone? No.

Spurs would never allow him to leave for £3m, doubtful at £6m.

Doubtful at 6mil? Tottenham have said they value him at 6mil but Hughes won't pay that plus 60k a week for a player that's soon to be 31

We don't want another one of your old age pensioners anyway

Defoe is a good player.

I would take Defoe any day and I think he is worth 6 million even at his age. But I don't think tottenham would want to get rid of him he is a quality player who can be the difference between a win and a loss. Don't see this happening. On to the next one.



31 Jul 2013 03:57:16
Derby County are looking at 2 premier league CBs to bring in on loan for 6 months.

He is not going anywere wba say

Who are these centre backs?

Are they loans or look before you buy a la Forsyth, Martin Ward etc?



31 Jul 2013 03:43:15
Its true! Boro are in talks with Bradford City over the transfer of Nahki Wells. don't know the details of the transfer but this is from Nahki's circle if friends. He is expecting to sign before Saturday!!

Hope they are willing to pay a couple of million at least then

Boro got more chance of signing Alan wells

And I'm in talks with my wife to let me go out tonight. expect her to say no

If it's true, and that's a very IF, then it would be an excellent move for Wells but a bit of a gamble for 'Boro. Hopefully PP already has his eyes on a couple of replacements if it happens. And I hope Gibson has some money left over after bankrolling his club for so long

Good post, it seems like this rumour is backed up.
I hope its true, some pace up front will vary our attack and take pressure off Carayol

31 Jul 2013 08:40:20
Are Boro offering 2m+ for Wells has that's the only sort of Offer Bradford will listen to that's from a Director at Valley Parade

Them and every other club. Not happening 3 days before season starts, it would take a bid far beyond his actual worth.

If true, a very good move for Boro. If Nakhi signs, there's only one defender to get, and let the fight for promotion begin :)

31 Jul 2013 11:06:16
Strange that she never says no to me!

We need more than just two players mate rightback, centre back, right winger, attacking mid, 2 strikers, even I know that i'm sure 99% of boro fans know that if we loose Marvin n jukes we have no strikers yep we have main n L Williams but could there cope.

We need how many players? you're going a bit overboard there. I think one striker and one more defender preferably a utility player could be added. We have very decent youngsters capable of plugging any gaps that should emerge.

Hope so, boro fans will take to wells because he puts the work in. bring it on. welcome to boro nahki, and promotion.

We need all them positions filled? Friend can play centre back and full back. Hoyte can play full back either side. Parnaby can play right full back, Centre back and centre mid. Halliday can play left midfield and left back albeit little experience in that position. Emnes can play either wing or as a striker. Luke Williams is the same as a striker or either wing. Varga can play right back, centre mid and right midfield. Reach can play either wing or either side as a full back. There is probably more I haven't mentioned but you get the idea. We have a strong squad just maybe a new striker would be nice someone like Nahki Wells, John Guidetti or Nicky Maynard or Billy Sharp! Young Ben Gibson will provide cover at centre back this year.

I'm sorry but Bradford are in League 1, we're in the Championship. That's a step up so why wouldn't he join? So arrogant. Then secondly, £2m? He's playing in League 1. You'll be lucky to get £1m. If he wants to go you'll have little choice.

Bradford have already turned down A bid of 1 million + from Peterborough & will only sell for silly money. If borough have 2 million fair do's, but I don't see you spending that on a player who is still unproven at league 1 never mind the championship. I don't see how that is arrogant!

Already turned down over a million so get your facts right he may well go. but will cost you closer to two million championship or not that's not arrogance it buisness

I'm sorry but we've already rejected a bid of 1.1m for another "Boro". So we won't be lucky to get 1m. It will be closer to 2m without a doubt as WE DO NOT NEED TO SELL!!

How many times???

Already turned down a 1.3m bid with add ons so if you think he would be less than 1m your having a bubble.

Middlesbrough a club on the down, where as bradford are on the up. Lucky for 1 million? Rejected a bid of 1. 1 upwards from posh. And 2 million for a league one player? Dwight gayle has just gone for 6. 5. Another clueless fan.

We've already declined a bid of over 1.2m, so why would we be lucky to get 1m. ? We aren't in a situation where we need to sell, good luck to getting promotion without him

The difference between Gayle and wells is that Gayle has played in the championship, wells hasn't even played in league 1! £2million for someone with no experience in a halfway decent league and an average scoring record in that league is ridiculous!

Ask Aston villa, arsenal, Wigan if he was halfway decent think you will find he more than held his own.

To want £2million for someone who wasn't even the top scorer in league 2- a joke of a league- is ridiculous! Albert adomah (a good proven championship player) is apparently signing for half that, so to pay double for a much worse player who probably won't cut it in league 1 is laughable

Sign Adomah instead then. If you are saying Wells "probably won't cut it in league1", why are we even contemplating Boro bidding? According to the 'experts' amongst you, he isn't good enough, so why would a Championship club even want him?

The fact is, the club do not want to sell, do not need to sell and have said they would only consider 'silly' money. We have rejected a bid in excess of £1.1m with add-ons and are sticking to our guns that it would take closer to £2m to prise him away.

Now whether he is worth that is a completely different story. !

The original post said:

Its true! Boro are in talks with Bradford City over the transfer of Nahki Wells. don't know the details of the transfer but this is from Nahki's circle if friends. He is expecting to sign before Saturday!

I think all the Bradford posters are saying in reply is that it will take a bid of around £2m to get him regardless of whether "Boro" think he is worth it.

What is certain is that they won't get him simply because the Mboro fans think we play in a mickey mouse league and because "we're bigger than you na na!"

Grow up - this is business and as we have turned down £1.1m plus add ons we are hardly likely to sell for less, now are we - I don't think even Middlesbrough are that deluded.

If he ain't worth it don't buy. Simples

Not a bad start for Nahki, he scored on Saturday at Bristol City an ex championship club.



31 Jul 2013 02:30:05
Paul Tisdale has agreed to become the next manager of Swindon town. The hold up is that he will stay at exeter until they have lined up his replacement.

The manager situation and coaching situation is getting quite boring now

Rubbish, Cooper has been told he has three games.

Tisdale HAS been offered the Swindon job, the delay is in the Exeter board dealing with the Swindon board after the Troy tribunal.

We don't want Tisdale or Cooper.

Expect the deal to be concluded by the end of next week, Exeter are keen on replacing him with FGR manager Hockaday and are currently negotiating with Vince Cable the chairman there.

Speak for yourself! I would quite like Tisdale in charge! Very good manager in my opinion!

Vince Cable? If people are going to post rubbish they could at least try and the names correct

I would love Tisdale above COOPER every day of the week, he is a good young manager.

Tisdale would be infinitely better than cooper, wouldn't say we'd be nailed on for promotion but I think we'd be a top6 side. plays good football and knows troy and ryan



31 Jul 2013 00:47:48
Derby county set to announce the signing of Craig Dawson on a 1 year loan deal


Gosh thank you for that Boriseque rumour.

TBH I think we are going into the Blackburn game with Bucko and Keogh.

4pm still no signing

8. 48 no signing

If its any consolation it was a joke



31 Jul 2013 00:41:26
Leon Bennett to sign for Wigan for 500k.

NCFC will not sell for that price, £1M yes, 500K no chance.

Do you not mean Barnett?

Why not 500k. They don't need him and it will leave a bit of space on the wage bill. Would be a great signing for Wigan.



30 Jul 2013 22:56:21
Wigan are to announce the signing of Norwich centre back Leon Barnett tomorrow.

How much?

Thought to be around 500k



30 Jul 2013 21:09:01
Liverpool to sign Antoine Griezeman

Doubt it.



30 Jul 2013 21:04:15
As a shamrock rovers fan I heard today that sligo rovers star striker Anthony Elding is set to join us in October when the league comes to an end as we look to gain European football, the striker has scored some 14 goals in 20 appearances to date, with half the season still remaining.

Sligo have just lost over 2 legs in champions league against molde fk 3-0 agg with elding starting both games.

We are certainly lacking in the forward area as there results show, I personally think this would be a great great signing for us as the player is exactly what we are missing this would show the other teams in our league we mean business and are going for it next year. Hope this is true.

Sligo watch out the "beast" is COMING TO US, the REAL Rovers. up the hoops.

I heard this too as a sligo fan hope this is not true as elding is in fine form and is certainly on course for 20 goals. If we are going to retain the trophy we must keep our better players.

bit o red



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