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31 Jul 2012 22:54:21
Ross Wallace to Huddersfield.. Keep a lookout for this in the coming days !

Where from ? {Ed015's Note - Burnley.}

As a Burnley fan, I hope this is true - lazy player and canot beat a man.

As a PNE fan I would say, poor old Huddersfield ! Can score wonderful goals but is both contentious and arrogant and thus collects cards like confetti !



31 Jul 2012 22:46:43
Mk Dons to sign Ryan Lowe from recently promoted Sheffield Wednesday for an undisclosed fee.

Wont leave said hes looking forward to the championship challenge

Not really a 20+ goals a season striker plus he is 33! So would not really excite me what so ever, I suppose would be better than Deon Burton! What's all that about?

This is true because it said in the mk news and sk sports .t would be a good signing because he is a goalscorer.

Deal is set to go ahead tommorrow morning!!

Strong rumours here in sheffield that lowe will sign for you today,good player will be sorry to lose him

Have heard this from my bro he's a Sheffield wed fan it's in the Sheffield star paper

Hmm...not too enthused by Lowe, I think we could/should do better than that. Also, where's the centre back and left winger we need? C'mon Robbo! Sort it out!

Don't disregard him because of his age. MK Dons will play to his strengths, back him to make twenty next season. Karl Robinson has confirmed the move will go ahead subject to a medical.

Deal is done, confirmed on website {Ed003's Note - Crikey you was quick}

Wednesday fan here lowe in talks according to local radio, im gutted hes leaving us he a good player and wil score goals in league one

It has gone through. And i for 1 am sad to see him leave us. He is a true proffesional works hard and can score goals. I think he will do well for you next season. Wish we had given him a chance in the championship though. Good luck lowey and good luck mk dons.

Transfer Completed, hate to say I told you so!

He's signed it's confirmed on MK Dons.

Done deal. Sheff w fan here. mk dons have got a great player how will always give 100% and is bound to score every time he plays providing good service. He will give mk the firepower they lack, and will make them an goodish team

You have signed a player that never stops for the team no s ware the net is don't let his age put you off sad to see him leave he was never given a chance and still score 9 goals in the little time he was given

I think he will be a good signing and age doesn't matter to much (as long as we can keep him fit) what about giggs and scholes they're good examples. He will get a fair amount of goals next season-not prolific but a goood scorer which is vital if we are to get promoted to the championship next season and with Tom Flanagan out on loan until Dec 31st a new CB is bound to be signed soon. COYD!

Give the Dons the firepower they lack? are you kidding mate? I believe only Sheffield Wednesday and Huddersfield scored more goals in League One last season.... we don't lack firepower......

Even as a dons fan you cant compare lowe to giggs and any breath

Indeed. What we lack are a centre back and a left winger. C'mon Robbo! Sort it out!

We don't need a left winger if we are guna b playing 4-3-3 Powell Chadwick or Bowditch can all play there if we needed anyway in need of a CB and a bit more pace up front not one of our strikers is quick

Don't get much faster than Powell.. Oshea can play on the left... Definitely need a decent CB that can play right back! Clone doumbe



31 Jul 2012 22:40:55
Burnley 2 wrap up there transfer business with the signature of the sort after James Bailey of Derby before they play Cheltenham

Bailey is not a nidfielder is he? We need a central midfielder...probably two.

No, Burnley will not be signing James Bailey, what a stupid rumour. Still looking at Stock, although there's nothing NEW to report, same as a couple of weeks back. Any new information on here is wrong. We will MOST LIKELY be using the loan market unless something comes off with Stock. Wait and see.

Bailey is a midfielder, and a good one too! Will be sorely missed by Derby fans!



31 Jul 2012 22:06:02
Derby county are setting their sights on Northern Ireland u21s and Newcastle united left back Shane Ferguson. The 19yr old is frustrated at the lack of first team action behind Davide Santon and Ryan Taylor who are both first choice in front of Ferguson in the left back position.

Derby are getting him and offering a contract to his former team mate Michael Hodgeson as Gareth roberts is retiring at the end of this season and derby need 2 new left backs both young to battle it out for a starting place



31 Jul 2012 21:29:12
Blackpool are set to sign Dexter Blackstock from Nottingham Forest for £500,000. The fee could rise to £750,000 if Blackpool acheive promotion.

Why would dex sign for blackpool when he is happy at forest?? He is the main man at city ground, 500,000 really, he is worth at least 3 million!

1) As stated above he is happy at forest.

2) As stated above he is worth more than 500,000k.

3) You havent got 500,000k to spend on players anyway because your owner is tight.

Maybe because he has dreams of playing in the Premier League

We dont want him he slated us in the 2010 play offs live on tv so dexter this tiny northern club doesnt want you!!

No chance...

Yes. Dex is a big fish in a small pool at Forest.

He's got 1 year left on his contract, that's why he's worth £500 k.

Yeah your One season in the premier league makes you a much bigger club doesn't it? Bigger ground, bigger fan base, more trophies = bigger club

Blackpool is a great club with a great team. I don't think Dex will leave forest at the moment as he's at a place where he's adored. Nobody knows the future though. Can we have JPB though?

Blackpool are a much better and friendlier club than Forest, and Blackpool can attcually play football.

(Reading fan)

Oh so it's about who's friendliest now? This from another fan of a team who have improved a little and now gives em the right to have a dig at forest. Put yer medals on the table and when it surpasses what we've achieved then come and have an argument. We will be back to where we belong very soon ( and so will you )

You have been saying that for the last 13 years and you are still unable to get promoted.You can live in the past if you want but we just laugh at you Ha Ha Ha

I can't believe anyone can say Forest play bad football, over the last 3 seasons we were in the play offs twice. Furthermore when we actually got a competent squad and SOD we played much better football. But then again we will see who plays better this season now we have a transfer budget.

Dex is forest through and through. As long as the club demonstrate ambition which we will do under the new owners he isn't going anyway

A reading fan dishing it out. Had one good season (well, half a season!) and puts them in a position of knowledge!

Makes me laugh how you forest fans suddenly think your going to be world beaters now you have a transfer budget, look at leicester last season, spent millions and it got them now where! Blackpool wont lose any players this summer and have already added quality with a couple more on the way, UTMP sure bet for top 2 this season!

Blackpool have also been in the play-offs twice in the last three seasons and reached the final twice unlike you. One of the times we beat you to get there, remember that? Remember where we were in the other season of the three? Thats right the EPL.
ps. you are not the team you used to be and until Brian Clough comes bacck you never will be.

Is blackstock a regular for Forrest ? Don't see him fitting in our team (Blackpool)

So your history Mr Blackpool is two play offs and one season in Prem. what have you won? One fa cup that's what. Our history is well known. It's rich. So where are our clubs now? In the same league that's where, so how can you possibly try to suggest you are bigger or better than us. You've just embarrassed yourself son!

A big budget dosent make you a top quality team ,forest will finnish mid table and Blackpool in the top 6 no doubt.


I never said Blackpol played worse football than Forest, but saying we play poor football is tosh. Do you also remember getting relegated? You can play the nicest football of your life, but if you can't defend then your going to get beaten. This is all irrelevant anyway, Dex is in the USA until the season starts .

I never said we were bigger 'son', I was just saying how we have been more successful in recent years. Your ancient european success counts for nothing now just as our FA cup doesnt. Sorry to break it to you Mr Forest but history counts for nothing its the present that will count and we will gain promotion this year, most likely automatic whilst you will be stuck in the champ with fat andy reid the blackpool reject.

This arguing is embarrassing. None of you can predict the future and none of you can change the past, plus a clubs history doesn't mean it's a good club now. Back to the thread, it seems like forest fans adore dexter, is that right? If so sounds like a good target for blackpool, if that's the case.

Typical petty squabbles from different fans. Gets tiresome. Our clubs bigger/better than yours is all rubbish. Players go where it's best for them personally.

History counts for nothing?! It always matters in every facet of sport, society, politics etc etc.
It's easy to say it doesn't matter when you haven't got one. You can make all the predictions about the immediate future that you want. But I can make one very very confident one. You will never ( at least not in your lifetime ) match what we have done. Try telling a Liverpool fan that history counts for nothing with their 18 league titles and 5 European cups. I could understand having this argument with a fan of a team that has won things and has actually achieved, but Blackpool? BLACKPOOL? HA. I'm bored now bye bye

Well he was very confident.

Well I'm proud to support my local team no matter how successful they have been.



31 Jul 2012 21:08:12
Blackburn rovers are demanding 1.2m for Nick Blackman. The striker scored two against kendol in a friendly and is wanted by sheff utd

They'll be lucky to get 120k.

Bloody hell why waste money that we don't have on him and get beavon for at least half the price UTB FTO

Lmao sufc 1.2 mill ha they be lucky to raise 1 pound 20

The tribunal might given them £200k plus 20% - but will laugh outloud at £1.2m and probably punish them for taking the pi$$



31 Jul 2012 20:36:55
Derby County have accepted bids of around 750k for striker Steven Davies from Blackburn Rovers and Bristol City. Bolton and Cardiff have both also expressed an interest.

1 Million was accepted by Blackburn
Bristol city have offered 625k + Pitman
Derby are deciding between.

I saw Davies in action a few times last year on TV. Looked good scored a few goals. Could do a good job Bolton... You could never have enough Davies's in your team. Would be a decent signing.

You cant read its a million or going elsewhere

Both Offers listed at the top sound good, I'd take either as we do need a replacement striker. We'll just have to see how things progress!

I'd go for the Bristol City deal,because we'd get 750K plus Brett Pitman as well.So we'd have a goalscorer an we could still go an get that other striker we are after.



31 Jul 2012 20:34:14
I've been led to believ Ipswich Town over the last hour, have matched Bristol City's offer of 775k for Steve Davies.

A source close to the player has told me he prefers a move to Ipswich due to the close relationship he had with Jewell at Derby.

We didnt want you to pay 775k we want 1 million.

Blackburn have offered a 1 Million to replace the injured leon best.
Bristol city have offerd 600-650k + Pitman

Time to look at someone else as by the time this get sorted it will be too late, I don't believe Davies is worth a mill, 500k then ok but not a mill

Jewell has said hes not biding for davis coz derby want to much for him

Jewell has said hes not biding for davis coz derby want to much for him

Thing is davies only wants ipswich, me personally being a derby fan, send him to the highest bidder regardless of the location, we just want funds for a decent striker not a crocked 1

Davies wants to move south for family reasons so Blackburn and Bolton seem unlikely. Bristol possible if not Ipswich or a London club.

Bristol City never bidded on Davies. They said so themselves. Airgo, this is complete rubbish.



31 Jul 2012 20:30:18
Andros Townsend waiting to see if he figures in AVBs plans. Charlton have enquired about him and Harry Kane.

Harry Kane is highly thought of at Spurs, he'll only move on loan.



31 Jul 2012 20:25:20
Scunthorpe have signed david mirfin on a 2 year deal



31 Jul 2012 19:26:51
west brom look to sign striker kone from levante, zapata as a free agent and also marcus rosenberg as a free this summer.

Zapata isn't a free agent, he's with villareal who were relegated and will cost

I am disappointed that all we are beinglinked with are virtual unknown foreigners everything on the cheap as usual

Highly doubtful Kone recently signed for Levante UD and there was alot of hype about a link to Tottenham and Stoke.

Surprised to see reports that wba have made an offer for Arouna Koné. They haven't. And no suggestion, at the moment, that they will. Koné is likely to go for decent ££'s, despite his contractual situation, and will command big wages. Reckon he'll fall outside the baggies pricing/wages structure.

They are only "virtually unknown foreigners" if you have absolutely no interest in foreign leagues or if you are about 12 years old.

Albion will not pay Kones wages. Clarke is so impressed with Saido Berahino that the need for a new striker is less urgent. Zapata and Madlung are being considered but have not even been spoken to by West Brom because they are keen to sort out Olssons contract. With Collins going to West Ham it is likely that a 'London' club will not put in a bid.

You shouldnt be disappointed, wba are dipping into the foreign market this summer like they did a few seasons ago and brought wonders out of Gera, Mulumbu, Odemwingie. last season we went into the english market and we have shown we are good in both. Zapata would be the ideal signing challanging for all areas across the backline, mainly for McAuley position i think. Jones has been playing LB for most of pre-season. Kone would also be a good signing, 15 goals last season!

All those players are on a big list of potential targets, no offers have been made for any of them

Think were gona have a relegation battle on our hands ths ssn.. 2 many dodgy players being linked with. Dnt think Steve Clarke is rite man..

'I am disappointed that all we are beinglinked with are virtual unknown foreigners everything on the cheap as usual'

Foster - one of the best keepers in the Prem
El Ghanassay - Future Belgian star, Man City were looking at last year
Yacob - Argentinian international
Kone - 17 goals in La Liga last season
Zapata - Named in Serie A team of the year before 7+ million move to Villarreal
Rosenberg - International striker with Champs League experience, played for Ajax, Bremen and Wolfsburg

Maybe you had better brush up on your knowledge of football before slating the club and their 'virtual unknown' targets.

'virtual unknown foreigners' - you mean like Mulumbu, Odemwingie, Olssen and Fortunè? Jealous Wolfie in disguise by any chance?

Nope,realistic baggie,they will need time to fit in and by the time that happens we will be firmly ensconced in another relegation battle but this time we wont get out of it agree with previous poster,Clarke is not the man for the job,we should have at least gone for an experienced manager whoever that may have been,this season has struggle written all over it

A ball not even kicked and we are already in a religation fight, god knows what will happen after the opening day fixtures. Hes not the right man for the job but dont know who it should be what a statement.

Give Steve Clarke a chance at the end of the day we still have a good squad to not be in a relegation battle



31 Jul 2012 19:13:40
Sam Baldock to join Watford....1.5million He wanted to go there before west ham but watford could not afford him now the pozzo family see him as a good young talent they can improve and sell on in a few year time.

Heard it was Bristol City who were buying him

I am fairly certain he will choose Watford over Bristol - aren't you?

Watford in talks with baldock, fraubert, tommy smith, dj campbell, dani benitez, cudicini and spector

I think Bristol are only ones to submit an offer for him...



31 Jul 2012 18:59:30
David mirfin signs two year deal at Scunthorpe. Top signing.

King Dave is back

Great signing



31 Jul 2012 18:50:56
Burnley have signed sam vokes from wolves for a fee of 500k on a 3year deal

350k actually {Ed003's Note - Oooo,get you}



31 Jul 2012 18:40:57
burnley have signed sam vokes on a three year deal!

B******* bartley wont pass a medical as he is injured and stock isnt worth 1mil



31 Jul 2012 18:24:49
carlos sanchez scheduled to arrive at manchester airport on thursday prior to a medical and signing for bolton wanderers on a 3 year deal
david ngog has told owen coyle he will not play in the championship and wants a transfer

Sanchez is a done deal. Ngog can go, just not good enough. He's reported injured presently with bad back.

Never a done deal until he signs on the dotted line. I do hope it's true, would be a great signing for the Whites and fills that much need hard no nonsense centre mid position.

As for Ngog, if it's true he won't play in the Championship let him go. St. Etienne were reported to want him and willing to pay £4 MILL, take the money and spend on a new striker .... Nicky Maynard, Simon Church, Simon Cox or Jordn Rhodes. Why not take a chance on Vaz Te seems to have grown up, scored a number of goals at Championship level for Barnsley and WHU.

I would also take a chance on highly rated Notts County player Alan Judge.

Can well believe the Ngog rumour, most Bolton fans aren't convinced by the "back injury" excuse.

Someone needs to tell Ngog that the Championship is probably the highest level he'll ever be capable of playing.

According to the Bolton News " Fit again Ngog to play at the seaside tonight " Wouldn't be too disappointed if he left, there are plenty of strikers out there.

Beckford rumoured to want out at Leicester worth a go. Nicky Maynard, Simon Church, Simon Cox, Vaz te, or John Daly from Dundee Utd. Why not look at the Dutch, Spanish or Scandinavian talent.

Not a Bolton fan, but you'll do well to get rid of Ngog he's garbage .. He doesnt want to play in the championship, he was one of the players that got you relegated
force him to rot in the reserves.

If your'e not a Bolton fan, one how do you know Ngog is garbage and more importantly how do you know if won;t play in the Championship. I'm a Bolton fan eand even I don't know he doesn't want Championship football. The total blame doesn't rely on Ngog for our relegation the whole team is to blame not one individual!

Ngog.... first start in pre-season and scores and looked quite happy in a Bolton shirt ... so whats the truth?

^this guy speaks sense one goal one assist ... yea seems like he hates playing for bolton, strikers like to score goals... hell get loads in the championship



31 Jul 2012 18:19:12
Brighton boss, Gus Poyet, is expected to bid around £750k for Swindon's creative, energetic midfielder, Simon Ferry, as he plans to add a box to box midfielder to his ranks.

Poyet has long stated his desire for such a player and after feeling out Swindon, it's believed a bid of around £750k would be accepted for the classy, energetic midfielder.

It is also believed Di Canio would prefer Ryan Harley to be used as a make weight in a cash plus player deal, which Poyet seems happy to agree with.

Seems a lot of people believe Poyet will spend 750k on midfielder, also posted that Bailey will join from Derby. Both incorrect. Brighton are in negotiation to re sign Dean Hammond on a free. Source ex Saints left back!

No way will the Ferry deal happen and Di Canio will want to keep him.

At 750k i would snatch their hands off

Southampton can keep Hammond. Not wanted.

Not heard much about him, but if he can do the job required of him, why not!

Hammond is absolutely despised by Albion fans! No way he would be welcomed back, not to mention that he's just not good enough. Saints can keep him.

At the Amex Hammond was applauded by Albion fans .... If you attended. I think you maybe confusing him with Dan Harding who is as you say without any support at the Albion. Hammond would be welcomed back and there was and never has been any bitterness from the Albion fans who froze and got wet at the Withdean and our new fans sitting in comfy and dry seats at the Amex

Dean Hammond would never be wanted back at Brighton

I think Ferry for £750k is good business, especially as Ferry will find it hard to command a midfield spot

It would be madness selling ferry when he's our most cultured midfielder. Unless we had signed o'kane or someone of that ilk then I cant see paolo selling him I really cant as it would be detrimental to us getting promoted. ferry will be a starter for sure

750k sounds like good business but we'd be thin in midfield if he went and we'd miss his assists for sure. Not happening hopefully

There was a lot of bitterness towards Hammond. Especially when he scored against the Albion and ran past the fans cupping his ear. And that's ignoring the fact that we had to sell him because despite offering a decent contract he refused to sign it. Hate Hammond, he's not fit to read our programme let alone play for the team.



31 Jul 2012 18:17:49
Blackburn are going to attempt to sign Jordan Rhodes for 6 million plus David Goodwillie Lancashire telegraph

Why would rhodes leave for another championship team! hoyle only says 2 days ago he's staying at town to learn his trade in championship and rhodes said he would only leave if town didnt want him to stay!!



31 Jul 2012 18:16:33
The Harry kewell rumour is starting up again. Looking for a club in England and could fill the gap left by the impending departure of Dean Bowditch. Dons had a few bids in for Bowditch already and would only sell if they have a better replacement. Watch this space.



31 Jul 2012 17:57:09
Wolves youngster Jake Cassidy is to sign for Shrewsbury Town on a season long loan.

He may join because he has said that shresbury is a good club and it will help him with more playing time

Too many young strikers already, need a 15 goal a season striker with experience.

Would be a great signing for the shrews, ill tell you now this kid will score a hat full


No way - he's off to a Championship side

What about nugent

Tranmere also interested after Ben Burgess retirement. Hope so he is class

This is an old rumour, and although wolves want to keep him, we could tempt them into agreeing a loan deal.

Tranmere have agreed a deal in prinicaple with wolves to sign him on a 6 month loan deal



31 Jul 2012 17:54:08
Norwich have bid £5m for gary hooper
of celtic but for scottish club are looking for &m plus

this is how this james vaughn thing came about,#

watch this space

Completely false ..hooper's agent my close friend teams bid yet.

Yep heard this a while back



31 Jul 2012 17:35:25
Fulham – Dempsey to leave shortly for Liverpool fee around 7m but Jol trying to get Adam in exchange which might delay the deal.
Buttner close to signing at Fulham
Fulham looking at a number of strikers which now includes Sahin, Sagbo, Mbokani and probably others.
Spurs definitely want Dembele and he could to replace Modric when he leaves. Fulham will move for Chadli if Dembele leaves.
Etuhu will leave in the next week possibly to West Brom for 1m.
Fulham still looking at a centre back and wanted Douglas but he has opted for Newcastle. Expect at least four new signings at Fulham, possibly more if Dempsey and Dembele leave. It is going to be a manic August – shame everything gets left to the last minute!

West brom will NOT be signing Etuhu


Sahin is a mid



31 Jul 2012 17:28:49
Cardiff City defender Anthony Gerrard will sign for Hull City this week for a fee of around £500,000 on a two and a half year deal.

Hope this is true. Even though Hobbs and Chester played well. Chester and Gerrard were awesome. Gerrard as Captain too. Natural born leader. You have me hoping now. Source?

We have just signed Faye and Alex Bruce to fight to start with james Chester while Hobbs is injured. Not forgetting 2 promising CBs in Sonny Bradley and Liam Cooper, this would be a waste of 500k. He did a job for us a couple of years ago but now we don't need him. This story is BS

Twaddle, we've got seven centre backs on the books already.

All joking and club rivalry aside, (i am only on here to see if anything is happening with the Koren saga?...does'nt look like it) I pity you with the signing of Alex Bruce, i really do, the man is a liability in a defence, plain and simple, found out of position far too often, does'nt read the game very well (or even the flight of the ball), knocked off the ball very easily, lumps it upfield at every opportunity, would'nt know how to pass it out if his life depended on it!, we had him for a while and his ratings over the season (on, i think it was the optima index but i may be wrong on that) was 5.4, our poorest performer that season by a long way, was totally glad to see the back of him, like i said, a liability! {Ed003's Note - Not a fan then lol}

To be fair I think we only brought him in for cover anyway, I can't see him playing especially when Hobbs is hack from injury. Faye will probably play cb untill then with Chester, we've also got mcshane who can play their.



31 Jul 2012 17:27:04
Aston Villa, Everton and Fulham are all preparing bids for Cardiff City player Peter Whittingham.

It is believed that Aston Villa will be able to outbid Everton and Fulham and are willing to bid up to £6 million for the talented player.

Whittingham not leaving. End Of.

6 million I would bite your hand off for that money to bad its rubbish and whittingham is staying put

We don't want Whittingham back & we won't £6m for him. We have Carruthers who is already better!

I wouldnt execpt a £10 million offer for wittingham , we dont need money and we need our best players to get promoted

Give Carruthers half a chance man. Peter is a very good player but we have enough wingers to be looking at and I don't really want us to pay £6m for another one who we sold for a bargain in the first place. For that money I'd have rather gone for Hoilett instead.

Whitts girlfriend lives in barry and her family lives in barry whitts will not leave because his girlfriend does not want to and neither does whitts

He seems to play very well as a playmaker through the middle so you think about saying you dont need him cos hes a winger he can do a lot better and has got a lot better since you last saw him so dont insult him 6mil-7mil i wouldve accepted about 2-3 months ago now we dont need to sell him and despite didnt always do good still managed to create something out of nothing just when you think that team has blocked him he makes a bit of genius play or a class goal

The last comment is true he would not leave because he lives in barry with his girlfriend she does not want to leave and neither does she, plus already stated wont leave unless he is told and Malky does not want him to leave im actually getting bored of the whitts rumours cos im repeating all the time, stop with the rumours of whitts its actually making me laugh that nobody is taking the hint



31 Jul 2012 17:24:50
Cardiff City striker Craig Conway will return back to Scotland on loan this season.

It is believed Hibernian are after the strikers services.

Only one of those posts you got wrong.

He's a midfielder and staying put.

Conway is 1 of only 3 Cardiff wingers, Malky wouldn't let him go for less than £3m.

Will let Conway go if he gets long term target Noone from Brighton ....... Watch this space Noone just back from Spanish tour with Brighton and still unsettled following Cardiff interest last season.....

No , we need wingers , and i think he is a quality player , need to be given a bigger chance

He's a midfielder

Why? when he is firmly in malkys plans and had stormers in 1st 2 preseasn games

Hes a midfielder get that right a winger, and malky wants to keep him, dont need noone as we got Kadeem Harris, Kevin Sainte Luce (1st year pro) and Kim Bo Kyung and romours are picking up about Bellamy im not a one to completly be believe in a romour with out some real proof but so much has gone on it, frankly i do not want to see Conway leave



31 Jul 2012 17:23:10
Cardiff City centre back Dekel Keinan will leave permanently this summer.

It is believed that he will return back to Maccabi Haifi.

Thank God, waste of wages.

I thought he was a good signing when we first got him but he deserves to leave and continue his career



31 Jul 2012 17:20:31
Cardiff City player Darcy Blake will sign for Stoke City in the coming weeks.

A fee of around £2.5 million will be agreed and a contract length of 4 and half years is expected.

He's a Cardiff fan as well as player, as much as I like Darcy he is not a player good enough for the Premier League. Would be a waste of £2.5m

Blake should be given a go this season , i think hes good , and he is a young player

Erm, why offer a contract to expire half way through the season?!

Darcy is a problem off the field correct that and he will be good on the field

Darcy does not have the right attitude in training he get to training drunk its why he doesnt always play when he should cos you cant question his attitude on the pitch, brilliant defensive player and i hope he breaks through a lot more this season

Darcy.s a very good player could be even better when he sorts out is social life come on darcy sort it.



31 Jul 2012 17:17:59
Cardiff City youngster Nathaniel Jarvis will go out on loan to League 1 side Yeovil for 6 months.

I would like to Jarvis play for us and so does Malky, Jarvis has got the attitude that malky likes and malky has said he has come back from his loan spell at Newport even stronger and would like to give him a season



31 Jul 2012 17:05:53
Notts county
Francois Zoko - free
Andre Boucard - loan
Jonathon Forte - 75k
Lloyd Sam - free

Krystian Pearce - Derby - 300k
Alan Judge - Ipswich - 1m

Anyone else notice pearce's fee rises slightly with every post

Yeh first it was 150 wanit

Believe Lloyd Sam has been Spain on Portsmouth tour playing in each match !!!!!

500k for pearce
1.5 - 2 mil for judge

Judge will go leicester for 2m

He has been in spain with pompey, but wont sign for them

And that would be a rip off. Waste of money for Leicester to spend.

Judge will leave on a free at end of the season, unless bids over 1 million, notts willing to take the risk

Sam may be in Spain with Portsmouth but has issued a come and get me plea in the Nottingham Evening Post

Well, you got Boucard right

Judge is a good player, but never worth a million.



31 Jul 2012 17:13:59
Exeter have added experience to their squad by completing deals for on-trial duo Matt Oakley and Jamie Cureton



31 Jul 2012 17:13:40
James Vaughan to Celtic on loan.

He is very injury prone!

Celtic have enquired about a loan deal, but absolutely no reason to suspect that Norwich will allow him to leave, unless of course we really are trying to do a deal for Hooper.



31 Jul 2012 17:02:56
jermaine beckford to brighton as he has been told he can leave leicester

Too expensive

Cant see him goin Brighton but its possible he will go, rumour is back to leeds! iv said before if he can apply himself better and stop being a pre madonna player he can be a success anywhere!

Devon Fox

Could do a job.

And too inconsistent

Not exactly prolific at championship level...

To Leeds not Brighton, though Gus vs Beckford in a personality clash would be worth paying to watch.

Beckford to leeds and we keep CMS



31 Jul 2012 17:02:00
doncaster sign rob jones from sheff wed



31 Jul 2012 16:59:49
Brentford on the verge of getting the
forward they want, should be done in
the next 24 hours.

Oooh, "the forward". I see you have been careful not to include any actual facts in your message.

Would rather we sign a left back!

Like who

So that means we are getting Messi right? That's the striker we want but we ain't going to get him! More facts if your going to post a rumour.

Well surprisingly over 48 hours news.



31 Jul 2012 16:39:43
doncaster have agreed a fee in the region of 650k for billy kee.

We clearly don't have that amount of money

Good one mate we don't have enough money

We can't afford that so no idea where that's come from? And considering we've sold George Friend for a 'reported' 400k why would we buy a league two players for 650k?



31 Jul 2012 16:22:57
Does anyone know if those reported signings like Carayol, Friend and Leutwiller signed for Middlesbrough yesterday

Friend has signed

31 Jul 2012 22:40:34
Carayol has agreed terms and should be announced soon.. confirmed by another BRFC players twitter account

Middlesbrough have had a bid for roque Santa cruz check it if you do not believe it

Santa cruz wants to stay in the north-west (ie wigan, blackburn etc...)



31 Jul 2012 16:15:18
Crewe Alexandra are in talks with former leeds man Tresor Kandol after failing to keep hold of Shaun Miller



31 Jul 2012 16:11:51
A friend who works at Southampton FC tells me there will be three signings most likely all before the weekend. Two defenders and a midfielder.

So who are they expecting then? I mean they can't make these claims without knowing who it is who's coming to the club otherwise they could be making a stab in the dark. I reckon however you may be referring to Lens as the Mid.

Hopefully this is true! any names? :D

What my friend knows is that there will be more than one transfer announcement before the end of the week. A lot of the activity is secretive however. I think Zaha is dead in the water and so Lens will be worked hard at to push through. The defenders, presumably a left back and centre back are far more sketchy. Likely to come from Europe too.

I hope so! Not long now till the start of the season & our defense & attacking options down the right wing need strengthening. Personally like to see Kana-Biyik, Erik Pieters & Jermain Lens sign.

Those three would be perfect. May be unrealistic to get them all. One or two of them and I'd be pleased , all three I'd be chuffed. The right flank isn't our strongest but we do have fair few players who can sit in that position. Centre back? Now we are scarily short in that area! We DESPERATELY need a commanding centre back....or two!

I can see kana-Byik, Erik pieters and jermain lens all signing

I can see maya yoshida cb, Erik pieters lb and Jonathan pitroipa rw. Then bring on man city.

Not sure about the Japanese CB, the Japanese midfield or forwards yes - but not so much the defence.. Biyik and Pieters - yes pls.. Pitriopa is very much an individual; talented but I would think could be a bit divisive - not sure he is quite 'the southampton way'.. Lens may also be a little like this too, but for me Lens has more potential for the prem league so I'd love him to sign.

I think we do need a quality RM and centre backs as I dont think what we have got will cut it at the top level.. We also need Lee back fit.

Interesting news that Chaplow is reported to be refusing a move to Palace - I still feel we are talking to Palace re Zaha and Chaplow may be part of the deal..



31 Jul 2012 16:06:45
calvin zola was seen today at bristol
rovers training groung rumers he will
sign tomorow



31 Jul 2012 16:03:05
Bristol city to sign­
Baldock 1.5m
Steve davies 750k
buszacky free
Gerrard 350k
and a loanee from prem

Killkenny 350k
woolford 200k
stewart 100k
amadi hollaway loan yeovil
taylor *if we sign both baldock and davies; 350k bournmouth

Would be amazing can't see all of them happening probably baldock or davies most likely

If this is true,then thats another good signing ( Taylor ) we will let slip through our fingers without giving the poor guy a chace to prove himself !!!!!. Then again we are talking Bristol City

Bristol City wont spend that on a player, poor team but very good fans from a palace fan

Would be class if this were to happen, strong possibility it could!
I'd quite like to keep Kilkenny although we probably have too many players in his position unfortunately

Who on earth is going to pay £100k for Stewart??

I hope all 4 of them sigings happen they would be great at city

Notts county and doncaster have had bids accepted for stewart

We wont spend that much we have had a bid accepted!



31 Jul 2012 15:51:59
Dave Kitson will not be going to Swindon unless he aggrees to substantial cuts in wages.Besided he is past hi sell by date.
as for lee barnard Swindon Chairman has stated theres no truth in rumours and there not interested in him.
More likely is Bostock joining Swindon either on season loan or permenant

Dave kitson IS coming to swindon

Source about Kitson coming to Swindon?



31 Jul 2012 15:49:32
Newcastle have announced signing of curtis good from melbourne heart for 900,000

400,000 get it right 6 yr deal



31 Jul 2012 15:46:28
The iron have offered one year deal to kieran djilali



31 Jul 2012 15:45:23
Manchester City are set to bring in their first signing.
20yr old Djaniny from benfica is from cape verde islands.
6m is thought to be accepted.



31 Jul 2012 15:44:42
forest set to sign le fondre on loan to january with view to pernament deal



31 Jul 2012 15:44:27
Bristol City striker Brett Pitman in talks with Derby County. Derby striker Steven Davies will move to Ashton Gate as part of the deal if both players agree terms.

Its Pitman + cash.Not davies plus cash.
you want davies whereas we are not bothered about pitman and would gladly take the 1 million and not him

I can see this happening! Pitman wants out so does Davies! Clough tried to sign Pitman in January!

Pitman is a good player mind, He just aint ever going to settle at Ashton Gate! Dont think there be much cash invovled.

Is this filed under too good to be true?



31 Jul 2012 15:43:19
chamack could move to sunderland for 2.5million

No - he is going to Watford

Hope so! does anybody know when he will sign

Is this the same Chamakh which Arsenal rejected a 5m bid from stoke?



31 Jul 2012 15:41:24
West Ham striker Sam Baldock has rejected a move to Bristol City. Bristol City will now turn their attention to Derby striker Steven Davies.

No we wont



31 Jul 2012 15:35:56
Mallorca haved had a joint 2m bid accepted for wigan duo Adrian lopez and Albert Crusat. The duo have dissapointed in thier first season at the DW.

Wigan fan here latics wont let lopez go unless we buy other defender cuz we have no back up

What utter rubbish . Both will stay at the DW .

We only bought crusat for 2 million and we won't sell lopez



31 Jul 2012 15:34:29
Swansea City re ignite interest in
Striker John Guidetti after rumours of interest form other Prem teams including Sunderland and Fulham



31 Jul 2012 15:28:00
I have heard a strong rumours that
Chris Solly is talking to West Ham with
Sam Baldock coming to us in exchange.

Even though Powell and Solly said he was staying with us.

See if true because if Solly not in the team
against Bury Town tonight or Crawley
Town Tomorrow night then there is no
smoke without fire and has to mean
they don't want him to get injured for
what ever reason.



31 Jul 2012 15:23:57
Norwich City want polish defender Sebastien Boensich



31 Jul 2012 15:22:17
ipswich to sign steve davies from derby for 750k leaving no money for alan judge in the kitty. Jewell himself said that 1million was too high for davies, and county wouldn't let judge go for nothing.

i'm not saying he wont leave, just not to ipswitch...

I have been told 600 k is ipswich's limit for davis maybe 750 to 1m with sell on and other targets



31 Jul 2012 15:07:18
Rowan vine has signed for st johnstone on a one year deal



31 Jul 2012 14:56:44
Former West Ham-player Ragnvald Soma. Currently a free agent after his release from Rapid Vienna is told to be given a trial with Grimsby Town for tonights game against Lincoln City.

Hope town get him great signing



31 Jul 2012 14:48:02
Richie Foran is expected to complete a return to Carlisle within the next 2 weeks, Abbott has met Foran twice over the summer and he had trained with us, a deal believed to be £95,000 has been agreed.

Why would we (Carlisle) want zoko back after he left us. his ship will slowly sink along with everyone else who leaves Carlisle to try and "better themselves" it never happens I can think of only 1 player in the last 5 years to leave Carlisle better themselves and that's Danny graham. give it 2 yrs and a bet Ne 1 remembers zoko it's a Carlisle curse

Westwood went onto bigger things, as did keogh

As did Ian Harte.

Westwood has only had 1 start for Sunderland from what I've read, fair comment about keogh

Ian harte has always been a highly rated player ok tell me who has gone on to better things out of these names. Simon hackney, joe garner, Kevin gall, Vincent pericard, joe anyinsah, Richard offside iong lol teken the mick wid the last one all I'm saying is usually players who leave Carlisle to better themselves never do oh aye Gary marine was another before you remind me any way don't wanna argue with a fellow blue fan come on Carlisle championship football next year

Westwood went on to prove himeself as a top quality championship keaper at coventry and played superb against man united and is soon to be the roi number 1

Didnt kev gall leave because he was not offered a new contract and not to better himself, and yep up the blues one more in and this has to be are season

Westwood had 9 starts



31 Jul 2012 14:40:49
very reliable source. Chesterfield to offload Westcarr and Whittaker to make way for 2 new arrivals. These will be Nigel Hasselbaink of St Johnstone James Hanson from bradford and Danny Schoefield of Rotherham.

Thats three!

My maths isnt that good however I make that three!! Either way Hanson going no where

Whittaker signed 1 year extension last month with Randell ?

Hasselbaink has just joined st johnstone so i doubt hes going anywhere.

Whit and randal jus signed a new 1 year contract so why would whit go? load of BS if u ask me

Please let this be true - the bit about Hanson going anyway.

Did you miss the "un" part off the reliable? Westcarr may leave but Whitaker is a definite staying, and as someone else said, Hasselbaink has just joined Super J's.

Chesterfield have bust their wage budget already this season on marc richards cause he was coming to rotherham

The Facts are JS wanted to sign Panther and neither Quinn or Sedgewick were considered but from the top he needs to offload before he can sign anyone at all.
The ONLY offer we have had for any player is for Westcarr and that was Bradford. Nailed on 100%

Like as said before and you have even confirmed this youve bust your wage budget on 1 player cause he was coming to the leauge 2 favorites

We have signed 5 quality players and Sheridan is looking at more doesnt look like a busted budget to me mate

We will see how good the favourites are when you come to the b2net on 25 of aug hope you are not as Mardy as you were in 2010

You have sign 1 quality player and 4 average players and it been confirmed by your manager that you've used up your budget..

Rotherham have spent 1 million pound more than CFC on player wages so the pressure to get promoted in this division sits firmly with Evans, his squad and the directors.
Time will tell who is doing the business

Where did the million pound figure arrive from-we turned down richards because of wage demands ,so very unlikely the million pound figure is correct .wouldnt spout to much regarding rotherham,ive seen them play ,and chesterfield will have all on beating them.-we will see.

Our wage budget is less than last years and on level par with chesterfield..

CFC budget 1.4 RUFC nearer 2.4 Or have all the RUFC players come for less money from bigger clubs in some instances. Anyway it's points that matter so let's see

Any reason my post from yesterday regarding rotherhams budget ,not posted cheers

Any reason my post from yesterday regarding rotherhams budget ,not posted cheers {Ed044's Note - havn't seen it pal, sorry

Chesterfield fans hear your midfield is your weakest part of you team anyway good luck tomorrow even though we will win :)



31 Jul 2012 14:38:01
Stoke interested in MG Pederson to provide competition for Etherington. Word down the Brit anyway as my cousin works in the executive lounges for the Lindley Catering company.

Lindley aren't the catering company at the Brit, It's changed hands..



31 Jul 2012 14:37:56
Swindon boss Paolo Di Canio revealed that he hopes to seal another new signing in the coming days



31 Jul 2012 14:33:36
Bristol City are thought to be willing to meet Derby's £1m asking price for Steve Davies.
Also, midfielder James Bailey is close to joining Brighton for a fee of around £750,000.

I thought it was 600k + Pitman

Rubbish, Bailey lost his place in Derby team and was available on a free. Rumour was he was headed back to Crewe. Source - Crewe Physio

Bailey most certainly is not available on a free. The Pitman/Davies story is interesting as Derby were rumoured to be interested in Pitman in the last transfer window.

Ok the text above is complete rubbish then. Bailey played for Derby today in a friendly but is surplus to needs due to Bryson and Hendrick in the centre. He has 1 year left on his contract but is a really good player. Heard Brighton were after him too. Also why would he go to crewe their in league 1.

Because he has only ever played about 140 games in an 8 season career - was dropped by Derby ..... Do we need to go on, there is no way he'd get anywhere near the Brighton team despite 7 subs! The view is that he is as good as Harley, I think you'll find there is no room for him at the Amex - Crewe and Swindon have been mentioned alongside both Harley and Bailey. They probably are both good Division 1 players. They are not dominating midfielders who are going to take Brighton up to the Premiership - which I guess is why Clough and Poyet think both can leave their respective clubs. And remember fees are long gone its more about getting contracted players off the books so wages can be used for other target players!



31 Jul 2012 14:33:11
Bradford still wanting 2 more players to complete there squad: one striker and one midfielder. Hanson expected to leave with Stuart Fleetwood or Wes Thomas been lined up as a replacement. PP also wants a winger and is looking at Nathan Dotle and Myles Weston.

What.... where getting this from. yes we need 2 payers but not a striker. 1 more def to cover meridith as fry wont be resigning and someone in mid maybe 2 in mid to be honest. i dont think the side we have is gd enough to make automatic promotion without at least 2 more quality signings we might scrape playoffs ... cum on parky you can do it lad



31 Jul 2012 13:16:51
Brighton are enquiring into the possibility of bringing Bobby Zamora back to Sussex, as Defoe looks likely to join QPR and limit his chances in the first team at Loftus Road.

Absolutely no chance, Zamora is a very important player in qpr's squad

Would be amazing to have Bobby back where he belongs & could be the perfect man to help CMS score hatfuls

Im looking on the website i cant find anything

That is absolutely hilarious

Heard similar story, Bobby will not be cheap. Any deal would be very complex and would I am advised involve QPR paying up his current contract, a fee and then image rights. The image rights and additions are vital as the Chairman is keen to maintain a base salary ceiling. Negotiations have been going on for several weeks and related sponsorship deals have been discussed on a confidentiality aggreement basis so as to offset image/ total salary costs. My understanding is that there is a drop dead date for this deal which is this coming Friday .... let's see what happens, we have been very close 3 weeks ago with an International "star" and that fell at last post. Source within Amex

QPR "to pay up Zamora's contract" yeh right and i guess Bobby would take a massive pay cut to join his beloved seagulls. Ok reality check QPR will not let him go and bobby will no way take at least a 50% pay cut END OFF



31 Jul 2012 14:29:18
Rotherham expected to make a loan approach for Everton youngster Luke Garbutt, Evans wants cover at CB and LB and feels Garbutt is capable of playing in both those positions.

Derby County and Bristol City tried to buy him but Everton said he would feature for them this year especially with the ovbious departure of leighton baines

Very obvious departure as he isn't leaving



31 Jul 2012 14:26:55
Francois zoko has a choice of three clubs Preston, notts county or a return Carlisle. He is expected to make his decision by the end of the week .

Zoko will not return to Carlisle, he will sign for Notts County by end of this week for 2 years

Notts County it is........!

He'll choose Preston if he's any sense! COYW

Sodje to sign 1 year contract after scoring 2 goals v wimbledon what a stellar signing

The chestnuts are early this year !

Stop talking crap about Zoko. it's just not happening to Preston

I'm a North End support and I have never heard the Preston manager or chairman ever mention Zoko's name.

I bet this guy has got well fat now and wont hit the ground runnig

He's signed for Notts Coumty.



31 Jul 2012 14:24:53
Carayol having medical at Boro now



31 Jul 2012 14:02:46
bristol city have agreed a fee of 850k for steve davies, from derby county, source : bcfc

Pitman going the other way apparently so a swap deal. Just need both players to agree terms.

I just been on BCFC website no mention on there

Must be their 5th choice ... Everyone else has said NO.....



31 Jul 2012 13:52:38
What is the position with Maynor Figueroa ? Is he a free agent ?

Wigan fan here no he not a free agent hes contract run out nxt yr i think but i could be wrong lol



31 Jul 2012 13:48:12
jonathan meades (released by cardiff) is going to go on trial at bournemouth, left sided player who can play at left back and left midfielder

Believe he was trialing at carlisle last week, as said left sided player but can also play right back as well

Played reasonabally well today in friendly against reading, would make good signing to challenge charlie daniels in left back berth.



31 Jul 2012 13:42:02
doncaster to singh johnathan forte by the end of the week



31 Jul 2012 13:34:41
Plymouth Argyle not to make any more signings. They intend to rely on the loan market heavily. They will make quality loans from top six premier teams to ease supporter disenchantment.

What disenchantment? We have a good squad for this division, the only down is the injury to Lowrie.

Can't see this, mainly because the loan players from the Premier League will go into the Championship

Plymouth Argyle have enquired about Tunisian defensive midfielder Ahmed Guilouzi, 22 who was on loan to HNK Gorica from NK Zagreb last season.



31 Jul 2012 13:23:59
Bristol City looking to bring Derby's Steve Davies to Ashton Gate as well as Sam Baldock from West Ham.
Mcinnes has stated that he wants a minimum of 4 strikers possibly 5 (Stead, Pitman and Taylor are his only current options)



31 Jul 2012 13:01:36
Lenny Pidgeley, unattached to Newport County, short term contract.



31 Jul 2012 12:49:30
Johnny gorman of wolves agrees to join Scunthorpe united til january

Should be a decent signing, there are many truths about this....



31 Jul 2012 12:48:29
Liam Lawrence is going to cardiff for 200k leaving just 2 at pompey

Why....we don't need him he was rubbish when on loan to us last season....waste of 200grand.....stokebluebird

Well make up your mind yesterday you said he was joining forest

^^ whos said it was that poster yesterday lol

He has moved his family up north so it would not suprise me if it is Forest he joins



31 Jul 2012 12:47:46
Sheffield Wednesday central defender Rob Jones has joined Doncaster Rovers despite a prolific last minute offer from Shrewsbury Town. If it doesn't work out at Rovers it's Town next.

Rob has a record of not staying at one club long.



31 Jul 2012 12:45:49
Arsenal and liverpool are preparing bids for panathinaikos teenager Stefano Kapino



31 Jul 2012 12:58:53
Markus Rosenberg is to snub english clubs and sign for Dusseldorf.



31 Jul 2012 12:56:27
galatasaray looks set to beat southampton and sunderland to signing of martin olsson.
1m + Semih Kayah

I hope Galatasaray take this player cause god knows he doesn't belong in the Premiership.



31 Jul 2012 12:49:36
West ham have reportedly made a bid for 19-year old Senegalese forward Moussa Konate of Maccabi Tel Aviv



31 Jul 2012 12:44:33
Blackburn rovers are on the verge of bringing in 2 strikers for 2m each.
Antonis Petropoulos and Simon Cox



31 Jul 2012 12:32:47
"Following Brighton & Hove Albion's unsuccessful attempts to sign Sebastian Ribas who favoured a move to Monaco, Albion have wasted no time in turning their attentions to signing fellow Uruguayan Christian Stuani from Italian club Reggina. Stuani a 6 ft 1 striker boasts an impressive goal scoring ratio having spent the past three seasons on loan with Spanish Clubs Albacete, Levante and more recently Racing Santander where he scored 9 goals in 32 appearances for the Spanish second Division club. Reggina's Chairman Pasquale Foti has agreed a fee with David Burke, Brighton's Director of Operations......."

Source: Calcio Italia website.

Seagull fan in france. Check out stuani on you tube what a signing that would be. He is a class act and he is only 24

Watch stuani on youtube he looks a class act would be brilliant for the albion

Hope so



31 Jul 2012 12:31:11
Swansea have made an offer for West Brom striker Simon Cox

Celtic are also monitoring Cox and may be stepping up to make a bid, Middlesborough interested as well along with Leeds Utd...

Pure nonsense... The Swans have no interest in him what so ever!!



31 Jul 2012 12:17:03
QPR to make an audacious bid for Carlos Tevez

As a QPR fan I can say that is bull

Thats to play alongside defoe ,berbatov and zamora,ridiculous rumour

As if a world class player like tevez would go to qpr

Don't think this will happen
Didn't we that about tevez going manchster city? Don't write it off!
Still can't see it tho

If he can't play centreback we don't need him



31 Jul 2012 12:13:05
Middlesbrough have agreed to take 2 brazillians on trail after club legend juninho recommended them.

Looks like Mowbray doesn't like what he sees as none of the 3 trialists participated in the game against York city



31 Jul 2012 12:01:02
A few words coming out of Stoke today:

-2Million pound bid for Kightly rejected by Wolves, a bid which Stoke dont want to increase.

-This could pave the way for a loan deal for A.Johnson, provided he wants to come to the Brit, Pulis is thought to be very keen.

-Owen deal is nearly done which will defiantly end K.Jones time at the Brit after failing to make any lasting impression. Geoff Cameron deal is pending a work permit, shouldn't be a problem however.

-Olsson is 50/50 to sign, Keen doesnt want him to leave and he's currently nursing an injury, Pulis doesnt want to pay 4Million for a player who's injured. Sunderland and Southampton interested.

-Interest in Defoe could reignite regarding Stoke get the 5/6Million they are after for Jones. Again, a slight possibility.

-Begovic to Chelsea in a 6Million deal that will see him loaned back to Stoke for the season with a season long loan for Lukaku wrote into the deal.

Last rumour is very strange seeing as they already have a very promising youngster in Courtouis at Athletico Madrid, would be strange to get Begovic as well as him and Cech, though this is Chelsea so I wouldn't put it past them.

Cant see any of these happening

Peter coates is worth around £1 billion and is one of the few owners of a premier league club that isnt in debt, yet he refuses to spend ANY money, when will he realise that u can still break even by spending a bit more than we are, more money = better players and in turn should result in better success which brings in more money, cmon man {Ed003's Note - be careful what you wish for}

You seem to forget that Peter coates is running a business. Just because it's a football club doesn't mean he'll throw money at it willy nilly. More spent on better players = more on the wage bill which then in turn means a season ticket hike and same for matchdays. Yes we do want better players to help us progress but at what price!!

I would only let Begovic go for £8m+ wonderful goalkeeper no wonder these rumours about us getting relegated are goin around if were to put Sorensen back between the posts his peformance against Columbus was dreadful!

No chance that Johnson goes anywhere on loan. City might be prepared to sell him, and he may be interested in Stoke, but he'd cost more than £10 million - will Stoke pay that?

If begovic signed for chelsea and loaned back then you could not get any other loan off chelsea cos you can only loan 1 player between prem clubs

How r we meant to take this serious? 5-mill for kenwynne jones lol

You can loan up to 2 players

Jones to West Ham! Cause Carroll aint going there

Stokes chairman already said expect departures not arrivals, so to say your gonna sign several players seems odd?

Coates hasn't said departures not arrivals at all. He said as much as he wants dead wood clearing out before new faces come in which is understandable.



31 Jul 2012 11:44:44
I have also just read that Bristol City are negotiating with Derby striker Steven Davies.

Any truth in this? unknown?

Anyone suggesting Micheal Owen is on his way to Ashton Gate has been playing too much Championship Manager.

Yes. On sky sports. Heard rumours that pitman is on his way to Derby



31 Jul 2012 11:41:44
Swansea want West Brom striker Simon Cox for 2m.

Have him, have you not learnt from beattie and moore?

It also includes Luke Moore returning to The Hawthorns.

Luke moore returning to albion what as

Albion would give Cox to Swansea rather than see Moore back at the Hawthorns. In fact Albion would pay Swansea to keep him there!



31 Jul 2012 11:37:31
Sunderland are to submit a bid of around £10m for striker John Guidetti from Manchester City.
If the deal goes through, then Connor Wickham will be going to Derby County on loan.



31 Jul 2012 11:27:29
are reporting that Fulham want either Adam or Downing for Dempsey.

Also reporting that Villa and Everton are looking at Adam

Dempsey will go for money not in a cash and player deal, plus who would want Charlie Adam or Stewart downing?

They can have them both!!!

This is obviously made up by a Liverpool fan! Fulham won't trade their best player for either of their two, over-rated flops.

Both of them and 3million might have a deal

Both plus 5 mil more like!! Demps, more goals and assists with same appearances compared to both these together last season. Anyway, its a load of rubbish from desperate LFC fans who deep down know they will struggle again next year with BR as manager.

BR did a decent job at Swans and with a stronger squad should do o.k. at Liverpool, defo top 6. Charlie Adam and 5 mill looks a fair swop for Dempsey but I cannot see it happening.



31 Jul 2012 11:04:30
Rumours around London Road today that Grant McCann will be offered a new 2 year contract at Peterborough, with a view to another year depending on how many games he plays in his final season.

If he did well in Portugal they may possobly offer him a 1 year extension which would give him 2 years in all, but i would be quite surprised even with that.

Grant McCann is is 32, no way are we going to offer him a 2 year deal uless he takes a serious pay cut now only a squad player at posh he's on far too much money for a squad player! Not true

He has proved himself worthy off getting a new contract just like frecks did last year

Frecks wasnt 32 years old, he will see out his contract but nothing more than that

What has Grant McCann done to prove himself?? Been to every friendly match this season and he is getting worse with every one!! completely justifies why he's listed!! and not even going to comment on the stupid Frecks comment!!!

You just did!

He is getting a brand new two year contract from my source at the club

Your "source" is lying to you then



31 Jul 2012 11:01:34
Francis Zoko been offered a two year deal has until friday to accept. Craig Beattie also has a two year deal on the table. KC. hoping to land both

Zoko is true but beattie is not hes on trail at rangers



31 Jul 2012 10:59:23
West ham to land big powerful forwards Kenwynne Jones and Moussa Konate.
This will provide Sam Allardyce with the big powerful aerial threat that he likes to use

Ill drive Jones there myself

You can have Kenwyne Jones. Useless waste of space. Will be gald to get him out of the Stoke setup!

Why the hell would we want Kenwyne Jones?

Please take kenwyne jones of us

We aint interested in jones wishful thinking

Let me tell you Kenwyn Jones is not big powerful,or good,we have had him at Stoke for 2yrs,hes lazy & disrespectful



31 Jul 2012 10:32:06
back room staff at the brewers have just informed me, that they are resigned to losing billy kee and calvin zola, doncaster rovers are believed to have had a half mil bid accepted for kee.

We aint got half a mill



31 Jul 2012 10:22:25
Iain Hume has today been in training with Tranmere rovers, if you don't believe me then head up to Raby Vale training ground and see him for yourself!
I guess that means the 2 clubs have agreed some kind of deal

No, it just means he's training with them!

Rubbish mate ! im no nobber fan but hume too good for tranmere!

It means nothing about a deal. Probably just gone to get himself more match fit and sharp incase Westley wants to either use him (very unlikely) or make him more saleable.

Hes there for match fitness, my nephew cleans his boots and he even told me nephew he was heading to Tranmere to gain fitness as he knows some of the coaching staff. No chance of a move, Vancouver are favourites to sign him

Watch this space .........

Ian hume was at the tranmere vs everton game so you never no

He won't be going to vancouver, he has a young family on the wirral, i would imagine therefore a north-west club



31 Jul 2012 09:44:41
Notts County in talks with Zoko who is
a free agent having left Carlisle, they
also have not given up hope totally
of signing Lloyd Sam.

He won't sign there, spoke to him myself he says the only league 1 clubs he would sign for was Carlisle or Crewe

Would carlisle want him back though after he walked out?
and why would you pick crewe over notts county anyways?
newly promoted or promotion favourites?
not exactly rocket science...

He was at Notts pr-season match v scarborough and had brief talks with keith curle on saturday before the squad flew out to Spain on the Sunday

No chance he would choose crewe over notts, hoping he still comes to us (preston) we had talks with him as well



31 Jul 2012 10:00:44
blackburn rovers back in the mix, for steven davies,



31 Jul 2012 09:38:48
Connerwickham going to Celtic on loan should happen in the next few days



31 Jul 2012 09:35:16
Cheltenham Town are set to sign forward Chris Zebroski from Bristol Rovers.
Zebroski was thought to have agreed an extension at Rovers, however his agent alerted Mark Yates that talks had broken down, and the player was ready to make the move up the M5.
Zebroski could sign today and make his début in tonight's friendly against Cardiff City.

Thought to have agreed an extension?

Not a chance. He was never going to get a new contract from us. If he did he'd never opt against it and sign for Cheltenham instead!

Rovers need to reduce their wage bill in order to fund another striker. Zebs was obvious one to move on after interest from Cheltenham. Fee thought to be around the £25,000 figure.

I understand that Rovers are just about to make an offer for Gavin Tomblin from Southend and the transfer of Muzzy has hit a few snags.

Muzzy had a medical last night and is expected to sign today, so would love to know the snag.

And why would Gavin Tomlin want to leave Southend before playing a league game - incorrect info here I think! - Muzzy has now officially joing Borough - good luck to him lets hope Rovers spend at least half of the 350K on a replacement winger (possibly Whelpdale at Gillingham previously mentioned) and a pacey striker.



31 Jul 2012 09:21:39
Francis Zoko to Notts County!
Jim rodwell trying to tie up a deal with the ivorian.

nottingham post



31 Jul 2012 09:07:06
James Vaughen is very close to signing for huddersfield and should be a done deal this week - very reliable source

Strong rumours from other sources suggesting there is merit in this. Will it be a full transfer or a loan deal?

Hes just signed on loan to Celtic

Hope. So. Good player. From maca 95 htfc. Fan

The same james vaugan who has joined celtic

Why do people keep signing this guy, injury prone and doesn't actually score lol

What a load of tosh, why would Houghton sell Vaughan to Huddersfield unless of course he is part of a cash plus player deal for Rhodes, he has scored 3 goals already in 3 part appearances in pre-season matches, Likewise Celtic trying to take him on loan. Unless Hougton has big plans to bring in a top striker Vaughan is not going anywhere.

It will be a full transfer

He hasn't signed for Celtic you are just intrested



31 jul 2012 08:36:40
any bristol city transfer news,



31 Jul 2012 08:15:50
Jonny evans could move from Man Utd too Celtic before next months deadline day

Wont happen



31 Jul 2012 08:13:46
Cheltenham will sign Chris Zebroski from Bristol Rovers for a fee believed to be around £90,00 tday.

Source. local paper

If we got 90k for Zebs I'd be over the moon!

LMFAO if this is true

No chance it will be £90,000. Maybe between £50-75k at the most.

Fee is around £40k

What Bristol Rovers are only paying CT £40K to take Zeb's off their hands - good deal for Rovers ;o)

More like £25k

50K - pretty decent deal for Rovers as made 15K on a player that failed to impress.



31 Jul 2012 08:13:09
Man Utd will sign Everton left back Leighton Baines for a fee of around £10m plus add ons

And the rest

The Add-On is 1m per month for the next 12 months!!



31 Jul 2012 07:36:07
west ham are not going to buy andy
carroll, but are tracking a very highly
rated belgian international called jelle
vosen who plays for genk!!! tabled to
be around 2-4 mil!!
elsewhere psg new midfielder marco
verratti could be sent out on loan to
get better first team experience! a
number of premier clubs are interested
with west ham fulham sunderland and
aston villa trying to get the italian!
Arsenal may turn their atention to
tromso deffensive midfielder kara as
an alternative to sahin who looks to
be milan bound!

The Heart xxx

Johnson is keen on the move, disappointed in not getting a change at city.



31 Jul 2012 07:33:39
Alaixys Romao is in England today to discuss terms with Norwich City and watch their friendly match against Ajax at Carrow Road

He did not turn up to watch the match so a load of b,s rubbish .....



31 Jul 2012 07:40:33
Huddersfield town have arranged a deal to sign James Vaughen from Norwich

So have celtic

He's off to celtic on loan

Yeah of course they have. Best joke I've seen on here for a while

Just done believe it. he's looking great in pre-season. Can't see him going out on loan.

Neil lennon played this rumour down and hes starting tonight

Too good for the championship

Chris Hughton says there is 'nothing' in reports that Norwich City striker James Vaughan is set to join Celtic on a season-long loan.



31 Jul 2012 06:49:55
Boro fail in bid for Roque Santa Cruz, apparently he wants to stay in the north west as his family are settled there.



31 Jul 2012 06:41:35
I can confirm Ipswich Town have stepped up their interest in Notts County winger Alan Judge. ITFC made an enquiry earlier in the summer, and we're believe to be quoted £1million for the Irish under 21 midfielder.

However, over the last 24 hours, Judge has turned down a new deal at County, and this has alerted Ipswich.

I believe, that after the first enquiry ITFC made, Judge was interested in the move to Portman Road. My understanding is that ITFC will make an offer of 500k, with Notts County accepting the offer rather than letting him go for free next summer.

Notts fan here: He will not go for less than a 1 million FACT! & Too be fair he can do alot better than Ipswich

2 million would suit everyone (who supports county)

1.5 million would probably suit the buyer and seller, but county don't want to see him go

Worth a punt

Not a chance it will be worth a million to keep him and get promoted to championship. If Ipswich want him they will have to pay. I don't think they have a big enough tractor to pull a million do you?

No chance he would go for on 500k.



31 Jul 2012 00:37:51
Swindon transfer news anyone?

One to come in this week expect it to be Bostock and one more before the start of the season.

PDC is expected to make a signing in the next couple of days.

Source: Thisisswindontownfc

Go on the swindon page ^^

Herd that Swindon town are after Heskey on the free

^ dont make me laugh

Cibocchi might be on his way out as he did not feature in the squad against Supermarine.



31 Jul 2012 00:31:03
Sunderland have launched a double loan bid to city with options to buy. John Guidetti has agreed to the deal with a option to buy of around 7mil. Second is Adam Johnson with a option to buy of around 10mil. Johnson is keen on the move but won't drop his 60k wages which Sunderland are struggling to match. Both should be signed within a week though.

These two are link with villa

You can't loan 2 player from the same pl club, hope the johnson one is true though

Johnson isnt keen on the move hes quoted saying he wants stay at city and fight for his place and sunderland with also bids for other players dont have that kind of money

Cannot loan 2 players from the same club



31 Jul 2012 00:19:22
watford have signed 7 todday :

Top 2 on 1 year deals. Other 5 on 1 year loans.



30 Jul 2012 23:57:40
why was damien duff at portman road
earlier my bro got a pic on his mob
he looked like he had representation and all quite formal

No chance hes a prem player he aint going to want to fight a relegation battle in the championship and u couldn't afford wages ect...........MOT.



30 Jul 2012 23:56:03
wartfort get



30 Jul 2012 23:53:44
wartford get



30 Jul 2012 23:51:04
dons seal
mc donald deal



30 Jul 2012 23:44:35
Ex Sheffield Wednesday captain Rob Jones has signed a 1 year contact with Shrewsbury Town.

Hes signing for doncaster today

When will they confirm it

No he hasn't he has joined Doncaster

Wrong he's singed a two year deal with donny

He's gone to Doncaster Rovers.

Think ull find he signed a 2year deal with Doncaster this morning

Signed for Doncaster today

He's signed a 2 year deal with Donny confirmed.

Hes just signed for doncaster

Signed for Doncaster 31/7/12



30 Jul 2012 23:32:31
Shrewsbury Town are looking to sign Charlton striker Leon Clarke on a season long loan.

We don't want to loan him out unless you pay the 6k that he is on

Yes it coming round today

£5,500 to much we are paying him in wages.



30 Jul 2012 23:15:52
mark wilson played in the game v kilmarnock looks like he might be signing and with the bid being accepted for baldock things are looking good any news on a cb and buzsacky ?



30 Jul 2012 23:03:14
Hearing rumours about John obi mikel.
Before I am lambasted for this one please have a think! Rumour yes bet Zola and his Chelsea links so maybe a short term loan is on the cards. Ok it's a long shot but how fantastic would it be :)
Been a Watford fan through thick and thin. Promotions and relegations and maybe now is a new era? An upwards turn in fortune?
Or a hatful or signings that seem great before the season starts!! Oh to be a football fan.

You're embarrassing yourself with rumours like this, absolute nonsense. He plays regularly for Chelsea, including the Champions League final.

All i can say is LMFAO!

Seen it happen with a lot of teams and fail mass buyin is not the answer

And the rumour is?

Watford now need a back up keeper, another centre forward and perhaps a left sided midfielder, with some of last years squad going out on loan or moving to pastures new

No way in a million years will we get Mikel. He wouldn't even go to a lower Premier League team, he could go to big teams.

Possibly the worst rumour iv ever read..!

John Obi Mikel was one of the best players on the pitch a few months ago when Chelsea won the Champions League. You are going to get lambasted for such a stupid post

Im a watford fan and some fans need to get there head out the clouds

J Obi Mikel to Watford?????
Come on, lie of the summer so far!!



30 Jul 2012 22:44:39
Leeds United player Ramon Nunez will join newly promoted Charlton Athletic on a 2 year deal.



30 Jul 2012 22:42:19
Leeds United Paul Rachubka will join Rochdale on a two year deal.

Please God let this be true!

Like the majority of roumours on here, WRONG as usual!! Hes gone to Blackpool as reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post!! Whos a silly boy now then!

Hope so he is the worst goal keeper to ever play for leeds he cant even catch a cold

I believe the third post down must be referring to Billy Paynter going to Blackpool not Rachubka...who's a silly boy now then

It was paynter who went to blackpool silly boy



30 Jul 2012 22:22:21
Stoke City midfielder Michael Tonge will sign for Derby County in the next couple of weeks on a 2 year deal.

Too old, stop speculating, we have the players were after already training with the club.

Don't think we could afford him to be honest.

If that is true it would be a very good signing.I have liked him since he was on loan to us a couple of years ago.However I would have thought his wages would have been a stumbling block.

No he wont.

Seriously doubt it.We have 5 centre midfielders.We are only looking for a striker now with steve davies still probz staying

Our midfield's fine - we should be concentrating on getting another left-back and a striker.

Good for both party's.. good player but his face didn fit with pulis probably cause he can play football.. i think pullis s needs to change his style of play

Please be true! He has been sat on a very nice wage for doing absolutely nothing for too long

No this will never happen ..clough has got his midfielders need to check your sources .



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