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31 Aug 2013 21:13:28
Accrington Stanley wanting to take Andy Gray on loan from Bradford. Beattie is only willing to pay £500 per week of his £3. 5 per wk salary which is a stumbling block for Bradford who want to try and shift him on to enable them to bring in another forward

I feel a little sorry for Andy Gray. He is an experienced striker yet couldn't get much game time under PP. This just demonstrates what can happen when a chairman who always liked Gray gets a little too involved in recruitment matters and overrides the manager



31 Aug 2013 19:18:59
Middlesbrough and Nottingham Forest are chasing Hull's Matty Fryatt

Just seen this myself on ssn, good player but would also like becchio at the boro!

1 in 3 is not good enough. Luciano becchio would be better. Even billy sharp or vaz te would do

'1 in 3 is not good enough'

vaz te's record's about 1 in 6.

start again

Vaz Te any day if the week. However, he's looking for a permanent move and I'm guessing he'll be attracting interest from PL teams. Mowbray has confirmed that we've had bids accepted for several players, none of whom have previously been linked. JM

All boro ever do is sign free agents that's it so we need to start looking at all the free agents available like david gigliotti who was outstanding in the 1 game he played for Ajaccio. The other player we could try and get is jeon sang wook who is extremely diverse on and off the pitch

Vaz Te's is actually 1 in 3, so both your arguements are null.

Matty Fryatt is having a medical at rockfille park at 2pm this afternoo

"1 in 3 is not good enough".
it's similar to becchio, plus it's 15 goals a season. I wouldn't complain

Vaz te would be better or becchio!

All boro do is sign free agents? Muzzy Carayol, Albert Adomah, George Friend, Lukas Juitkiewicz. These players were not free so what are you talking about? Just another doom and gloom merchant, probably one of the people that said we wouldn't buy Adomah then when we did you just move on to the next thing to moan about. Sort it out pal! Bph

LOL #6, your argument is incorect. his record is just under 1 in 5. LOL

01 Sep 2013 16:28:45
mark my words boro will sign an out of shape free agent on deadline day.

We don't want this guy. Why not just sign Jay Bothroyd he's a free agent who can score at this level.

Oi big lad have a look at richardson, whitehead, The greek goalkeeper and god knows how many more probably already signed another one in the moments I spent writing this reply and how much did we get these players for 2p down the parkway centre

David Gigliotti is certainly not the striker we need. We need a proven championship goal getter who us ready for the hustle and bustle of this level.

None of these comments are mine but I too would prefer vaz te also so I got ya bk on this 1 so yeah his record may be 1 in 3-4or 5 now but check out tha stats at championship level n that's what we need a championship goal scorer as that's wer we are now!

I wouldn't mind Gigliotti

Vaz te sharp or becchio

If other signings are as good as Whitehead, we should all be very happy whether they are free or not
You seem to be basing your judgement on price not value - thankfully the sensible fans on here, and Mogga know better



31 Aug 2013 19:56:01
Boro look set to enter talks with Matty Fryatt after Hull accept a £650K offer

650k double it than maybe

It's going to be on loan 'til january



31 Aug 2013 19:25:05
Boro in for Matty Fryatt, this is more like it, a proper finisher, just what we were missing today!



31 aug 2013 18:57:54
swindon have told paul caddis and alan navarro to find new clubs by monday

I think that's wishful thinking. Though that would be fantastic.

Paul Caddis Bournemouth?

Swindon have accepted a bid from Birmingham for Paul Caddis £150000 cash up front.



31 Aug 2013 18:33:43
Everton to bid for j Defoe 4mill



31 Aug 2013 18:14:02
Swindon town to sign Harry Kane on a Season long Loan from Spurs now that Luongo's deal has been made permanent.

Not going to happen this is an outragous rumour.

He is more likely to BUY Swindon Town rather than join them on loan



31 Aug 2013 17:48:20
The first candidate for a possible switch is the rekindled interest in Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner. The Tigers felt they could well be priced out of the market for the Danish striker originally, but it appears Steve Bruce will revisit the option before the deadline and try and work a deal with Arsenal that could see an arrangement on loan, with the both clubs sharing the player's wage demands.

Bruce could be about to make a move for Everton striker Victor Anichebe. The Nigerian forward has not started a game under new manager Roberto Martinez - and the 25 year old has been linked with a possible move away from Merseyside, according to some of the national press, with City being linked to the Toffees attacker.

I hope we do get him on loan, it will definitely give us a better striking option than graham

31 Aug 2013 21:34:33
Ask yourself why. Its quite simple he always asks for massive wages, which Arsenal are still paying so if you can afford over £50K per week sign him!

You can't get any more prem players on loan. you're at the limit atm with Graham and Livermore on loan from prem clubs



31 Aug 2013 16:50:53
swindon to sign massimo luongo on a 3 year deal for a fee of 400,000

Signed, sealed, delivered.



31 Aug 2013 15:25:27
Gary dicker to sign a 2 year deal with gillingham on monday after impressing martin allen during he's trial with the club.

02 Sep 2013 21:10:31
Its now Monday evening and no gills signings, so when will Dicker sign now.

Heard that he will sign during the week and will be available for the Crawley game this weekend. Even if this isn't true, its basically a done deal.

Starting to wonder if this deal is dead and buried.



31 Aug 2013 14:46:59
Leeds United scout Kevin McAllister, scouting Dundee United players Stuart Armstrong Scotland under 21 and Gary Mackay Steven again. Could be bidding on both players soon.

Best get bidding quick then

Well it would want to be quick as the window shuts Monday.

01 Sep 2013 21:43:32
Need good English youth players like we've already have in the academy no needs to spend mediocre second rate jocks

You're right, all Scottish footballers are s****. Bremner, Lorimer, Jordan, Strachan, McAllister, Snodgrass, McCormack - dreadful players.

Lorimar. A Geordie mate you mean Grey.

Or even Gray!

Peter Lorimer is Scottish, born and bred in Dundee.



31 Aug 2013 14:20:11
Any Bristol city news

Crime in Bristol has fallen 30% in the last two months.

They will sign Paul Rachubka as competition for fielding.



31 Aug 2013 13:03:44
Wigan chasing Lee Cattwrmoleand Shola Ameobi

It's going to be busy for us tomorrow last day in window if McCarthy goes he will look for a CM and we need another striker

True haha forgot!

01 Sep 2013 09:38:47
Wigan are set to sign a elite starlet on loan which is nick Powell!

The football world has gone mad, it's all about agents who can pocket the most money out of clubs. You see empty seats week in and out, and WHY would Wigan want Cattermole he can't stay on the pitch for 2 minutes.



31 Aug 2013 12:44:44
Wes Foderingham to sign for Sunderland in a £750,000 deal on Monday



31 Aug 2013 12:00:34
Bournemouth have made a enquiry for blackpool defender craig Cafcart

Why would Blackpool sell their best CB when they only have 3 senior CB'S?

They wouln't. Anyway why would Cathcart take a step down?

Can't see this happening, but why is bournemouth a step down? Both championship clubs.

Cathacart has said he's happy at Blackpool and why would he go to bournemouth when Blackpool are top of the league.

Bournemouth have bid £1m for Cathcart

Afcb have bid 1 million for him? according to who? eddie howe said v unlikely to add any more players to the squad before monday after beating doncaster today

Blackpool been in Championship longer than Bouremouth and also why leave Blackpool when they're top of the table? That's why Bouremouth are a step down.

01 Sep 2013 23:32:06
hi ed are you hearing news on afcb chairman edd mitchell selling up

Takeover completed today

Ed sumink don't feel right with mitchell going me thinks there's more to it more like someone caught someone out I reckon

Ed I've got a feeling deep inside the truth about mitchell selling up is



31 Aug 2013 11:56:56
Lee Tomlin set to leave Peterborough before the window ends despite his request being declined. Crystal Palace or West Ham the likely destination when transfer is agreed.

Im a Posh fan. and gutted to see him go : (

It wouldn't surprise me if Reading are interested, we need a striker and he scored at hat trick against us.

3 bids in from Celtic today but Fergie is adamant that Lee is going nowhere.

Posh had three attempts from Celtic, just before and during the game (which posh lost and Tomlin was substituted early in)

DF has stated again that Tomlin has been told he will stay, and Celtic have been heavily criticised for their tactics by DF

Please get it into your heads, he is not for sale, and no amount of fans, agent lies to unsettle, or clubs are going to result in him going, we don't have a replacement

Cardiff fan here just came to say good win against Sunderland and I think cardiff, hull and palace will stay up.

Let him go he thinks he's that good let him find out

People say let him go, but we have to get a proper offer for him. Not like the pathetic £1.2m Celtic apparently offered. £4m absolute minimum

1st Celtic bid for Tomlin reportedly only £1.2m - wow that's pathetic

As a posh fan, i'd sell him. he's far to inconsistent. he might have 15 minutes of quality a game. sell him, and buy another creative player. plus, he was on his phone when taken off at HT - agent possibly?

Won't be going. Celtic's latest bid was £2,000,000 but rejected.



31 Aug 2013 11:34:26
Walsall set to sign Wolves starlet Liam McAlinden on a 6 month loan deal in order to aid his development. The young striker is highly rated at Wolves, but would need playing time to help break through at Wolves, with Doyle, Sigurdson, Griffiths and Cassidy all currently ahead. KJ hopes to have the deal done within the next 48 hours.

We need a couple of strikers because westcarr and lalkovic are just not good enough, no movement and don't look interested to play for us,

Why would Wolves loan player out to a local and league rival club?

To develop him they sent some players on loan to us before such as david davis and aaron mccarey

We wasn't in the same league then

My mate was at the Fulham reserves game the other night, he said that Macca was absolutely out standing every scout and agent was buzzing on him so we might be loosing him if not tonight then very soon. He scored a hat trick and set up the fourth, he scored against Fulham last time round as well.



31 Aug 2013 11:18:52
Hey guys I heard from a scout at Fulham that they are interested in Ake from Chelsea, Zaha on loan from Man. Utd and Thomas Ince from Blackpool.
Ince would cost around £7 Million and Ake would cost around £4 Million and Zaha they would probably offer Manchester United £2 Million to loan him.

I wish

No chance of getting Ake. He is the next big thing.

Ince will cost you at least 8 plus add ons.

Chelsea wouldn't sell their best young CB.

Incey's price just doubled after today. Oyston is seeing £ signs lol.



31 Aug 2013 09:15:04
Jack hunt to sign for crystal palace this weekend from huddersfield fee around 2 million

31 Aug 2013 11:43:24
to all you rose tinters boro fans that is it wasnt long ago mowbray flew to malmo
to sign rantie to be told he wasnt for sale
then up pops this big club called bournemouth to sign him what a joke
i am dreading mowbrays loan signings every one we have had where garbage
and now he is thinking of bringing miller back and a past it shola ameobi as soon as newcastle sign a striker
onwards and upwards for this club

Good luck Jack lad!

Town are going to use the money to bring in Coventry defender Cyrus Christie despite having a bid rejected yesterday and also sign a wing back as a direct replacement but I don't know who.

Don't get carried away Town fans, the money from Jack is going to be used to pay James Vaughan's wages, pay off the Hogg transfer and keep Town within FFP rules. Do not expect any cash to be splashed before tomorrow's deadline. A loan is possible or a young lower league player with potential, that's all.

Has he actually gone? nowhere have I seen an official announcement.

Town will recieve £2M from part of the Jordan Rhodes, which will cover the £1M for Vaughan & Hogg. More likely Town will save funds for Jan transfer window.

Vaughan is on in excess of £1million and £4million has been spent on the Canalside training complex, as stated, don't expect much cash to be splashed today or in January. FFP limits are almost breached now.



31 Aug 2013 08:44:43
Peterborough are set to complete the signings of Stefan Scougall from Livingston and Stevie May from St Johnstone.

Stevie May - Not happening.
The other fella I don't know

Stefan Scougall discussing personal teams and medical on Monday so provided everything goes to plan this will happen.

Scougall will happen, may won't. also, what position is scougall? I know he's a midfielder - but we only need cover in left mid, and we have too many centre mids.

Heard him described as an (obviously worse) Wilshere-style midfielder

He's an attacking midfielder, I believe.



31 Aug 2013 07:11:28
Wigan set to sign Newcastle striker Shola Ameobi

Hope so he is built like a brick s***house would bag lots of goals for us!

Not sure that The magpies would let one of their best players leave that easily

1 of our best players? lol are you a mackem? there's a good reason why he's been here all his career with hardly any starts.

Shola would do a good job for you in the championship, he did when we were there 4 yrs ago



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