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30 Mar 2013 22:54:08
Ex England manager Steve McLaren will be named Sunderland manager in the next few days {Ed034's Note - god help them

Owen Coyle. the man still believes he can cut it in the prem. deluded

31 Mar 2013 12:15:26
The wolly with the brolly can't do a job proppley

Mclaren has won a domestic trophy and taken an English team to the UEFA cup final/Europa League. Took a team to their first ever League Title in Holland and yet he still gets slated. Name a British manager apart from Sir Alex who has got a better record. {Ed034's Note - would you like to also mention the negative part of his cv, just to even it up a little??

I admit his England spell was poor but just feel he should get more credit then he gets. Redknapp has won naff all as a manager and still get more praise than a manager with more trophies.



30 Mar 2013 22:20:14
Preston's Iain Hume has emerged as a shock target for Championship side Blackpool. Hume will leave Deepdale in the summer but, having recently ruled out a move to his the US Major League, doesn't want to move away from his Wirral home.

He won't move to blackpool as he will be back at preston at end of the season as he is set to meet grayson and stay at pne

Blackpool will be in League One next season. He might as well stay at Deepdale unless a Championship club come in for him.

31 Mar 2013 10:13:54
Hume coming back to Preston, he is loved by the fans and will be a key part of our promotion push.

Hulme is going to stay with Doncaster as they go up to the Championship. why would he want to go to a team that's in the bottom half of League1 and got rid of him because they couldn't afford his wages!

Hulme still has 18 months of his PNE contract left to go. Presently PNE pay roughly half of his wages as Doncaster can't afford to pay the full amount. He stated he fully expects to be at PNE for the next pre-season training, unless he agrees to a move were both himself and PNE agree to the required transfer fee.

31 Mar 2013 12:22:33
He won't move to Doncaster permanently because he doesn't want a third relegation from the Championship on his CV.

31 Mar 2013 15:14:26
hume is not stayin at donny they can't afford is wages he is being payed by preston and donny and is set to return to pne in summer he as said so on his twitter account

31 Mar 2013 17:06:39
He lives in Oldham!

Oldham! ha ha ha, You had better tell Hulme then! He's being going home to the wrong house then. He lives with his wife and family 10 minutes from Tranmere's ground.

PNE can have Hulme. just 6 goals all season. that's not great for any half decent striker. never mind one in League 1 and he's almost 30.

Donny need someone better than him in the Championship next season so PNE can have him back as most of the fans think he's past it.

He can go out to grass at Deepdale back on his £8k a week wage. that Donny pay in full (NOT 50/50)

What makes you think donny are going up. Their still a few games togo



30 Mar 2013 21:48:45
Laird in talks with Westley. About a return to Stevenage. Has reported that he feels closer to the manager, than with Grayson.

Look get this idea out of your silly heads Stevenage fans it simply is not happening he loves it at pne and has great respect for the club and the fans after the way they have treated him while he. s been out injured.

31 Mar 2013 00:11:37
ha ha stevenage fans are stupid laird as said last week at the forum he is staying at preston also byrom says he is happy westley left pne as the team feel they are playing better without him in charge, so stevenage fans stop dreaming abt laird returning because it won't happen

31 Mar 2013 10:16:31
Get a life, why would Laird move backwards at this stage of his career. Westley is finished, he will be sacked again before next Christmas.

I would imagine Stevenage has a better chance of getting to the Championship with Graham.

They have the cash to spend on players and PNE is a team put together by Westley. so if it's any good it's down to Westley

The Stevenage chaiman has stated if Westley doesn't provide "instant" and "consistent" results he will be dismissed. On the small gates that Stevenage have, finance is very restricted. Whereas the PNE owner is listed along with the official "richest people in Britain list"

31 Mar 2013 20:43:33
westley will not get laird as he is happy at preston he knows he is at a big club and loves the fans also byrom as stated in local press the players are more of a team without westleys chopping and changing everyweek, the players are more relaxed now westley as left, so stevenage fans forget about laird but come take moose, byrom, beardsley, foster, proctor you can have them all for free

Where does the Stevenage chairman say that?
Can I hand you a toilet roll for the B. S that's coming out of your mouth.

31 Mar 2013 22:12:42
why are stevenage fans so thick thinking laird will go back to a small club like stevenage how many fans did you bring to deepdale 68 ha ha pathetic support

BS? Not according to the Chairman's statement on the appointment of GW.
He clearly states that there are "Special Conditions" written into his new contract. ie instant and consistant or dismissed.



30 Mar 2013 22:43:29
Gus poyet being linked with reading after Oneil has been sacked, brighton also to sign Kevin Davis as he is a free agent - source - inside the brighton football club

Just a pity oneil managed sunderland and reading already have a manager get your facts right

Kevin Davis isn't a free agent - he will be at the end of the season when Bolton release him

Bolton have realised Davies and poyet is going to Sunderland as they DO NOT have a manager! YET!

He's already turned down one club struggling against relegation. Why go to another that's in the same boat. Doesn't make sense

Bit late mate, we've got adkins.

Poyet has said already that he is loyal to brighton so why would he change his mind. Also your facts are all wrong this may happen on your FIFA career mode.

Do canio has gone to Sunderland

If the rest of the Championship think this then great, we don't and his performances say otherwise.

Kevin Davis. really he will either quit football or join west ham to be back with big sam. brighton wouldn't want him anyway, be way to old, slow and not the right fit for the team. post things that have fact behind them. the fact you thought oneil was a reading!



30 Mar 2013 21:36:24
Swansea to sign cristian tellos of barcelona in the summer as he wants more first team football (good source).

Not happening end of.

Why not?

Liverpool will not go for a 30 year old Full Back and yes there is a lot of bitterness in South Wales regarding Mr Rodgers and his touting for players through the press. Why is it always Brendan Rodgers is about to offer £8 million for whoever

Because Liverpool want to be more like Swansea. Never thought I'd see that ever from such a world famous club, we have to take that as a compliment.



30 Mar 2013 16:10:25
Millwall want to sign Richard Chaplow and Jermaine Easter permanently. Bournemouth want Jason Pearce. Leeds want Jamie Mackie. Brentford will sign Bradley Wright Phillips permanently. Norwich want to sign Liam Bridcutt. Arsenal will make a move for Isco after speaking to Nacho Monreal and Santi Cazorla. Newcastle want to sign Matheiu Valbuena for £11 million.

Heard a whisper about Chaplow going back to Burnley



30 Mar 2013 15:51:56
notts county want to sign bradley wright phillips he's going to be free agent in the summer the source for this is nottingham post and before people start saying we don't have a chance ect he's already said he would be interested in a move to us personally if trew is serious about promotion next season he has to fund the move for bwp if he doesn't what that will say to me he's happy to plod along for another season if it came to only league 1 clubs wanting him there's only 2 clubs that could stop us signing him and that's sheffield united and mk dons

I saw that too. apparently kiwomya is a close friend of ian wright too, so it may happen.

BW-P will/should go to Sheffield Utd. He'd be mad to join us at MK. We are going nowhere and don't deserve him.

Hes joining mk dons



30 Mar 2013 14:38:34
Grayson is prepared to accept a £1 million offer for Bailey Wright from Birmingham City in order to re-build his team. If this deal goes through he will sign three midfielders i. e. Pringle (Rotherham) for £250K, Ryan Hall from Leeds on a free and Prowse from Southampton on a season's loan. Up front it's confirmed he wants Proctor back at £250K, if not him then it's either Eaves (Bolton) or Jennings (Wolves). Wright's replacement will be Shane Duffy, Everton or Derby's Shane Barker once he's recovered from injury. On their way out are Cansdell-Sheriff, Foster, Robertson, Mousino, Byrom, Procter, Cummins and Beardsley.

Sadly Birmingham do not have a million pounds and will probably only sign players who are out of contract

Your saying 9 out and 4 in, no chance of that happening!

No chance of him getting pringle he's just contract for more years at nys

30 Mar 2013 18:48:26
If a 1 million bid comes in for any of our players it will be accepted as we need funds for investment. However, can't see a bid from Birmingham as they are also skint!

Cant see proctor coming back also cummins won't leave or will bailey wright for a million as he is a free agent in the summer

Who's jennings of wolves never heard of him.

30 Mar 2013 21:05:53
Ward-Prowse on loan from Saints?. only when hell freezes over.

Tom Eaves is going knowhere, he is part of Freedmans plans for the future. He belongs at Bolton not in Legue One with Preston. He's been there done that, Eaves has a bright future at Bolton.

Why would Derby club captain Shaun Barker (not Shane) go to Preston North End.

Derby fans and the coaching staff have stuck with barks through his terrible injury so Derby want him to play for them again and Barks as club captain it will be one of the biggest moments of his career playing for Derby again after the horror injury.

Sadly Shaun Barker may never be the same player, but seems a massive influence in the dressing room. It will be a massive shock if he left. We are all rooting for you Barks.

Ward-prowse on loan isn't that much of a ridiculous rumour. he would be playing first team football which would be could for his development. we have schneiderlin, cork, ramirez and steven davis and as birmingham have little funds a loan deal would suit them.


02 Apr 2013 10:13:32
Barker won't be 'match fit' until at least Christmas. He might do a bit of jogging pre-season but getting stuck into 40%-60% tackles and coming out with the ball the other side and jumping up to clear the ball. takes months not weeks so Barker not going anywhere. And who would want him, another serious knee injury and career over!



30 Mar 2013 13:21:51
Derby going in to sign out of favour Gary Monk from Swansea, deal involving Brayford moving to replace Liverpool bound Rangel.

Derby also targetting Will Grigg, again summer deal seeing Mason Bennett join Saddlers on year long loan.

Derby trying to sign either Greg Cunningham (Bristol City) or Kyle Lafferty (Burnley) to replace retiring Roberts.

other arrivals at Pride Park:

Guy Moussi and Nathon Stanton

departures: Tyson, Theo Robinson, Bailey and Doyle. only Theo going for a fee.

Kyle lafferty doesn't play for burnley and hasn't for nearly 4 years now! {Ed039's Note - I think it meant to say Danny Lafferty)

Can we stop the Rangel to Liver-Jacks rumors please?

Ain't going to happen - he's a jack through and true. Building a house here and his family is here and he has even come out to say he would LOVE to stay with the Swans to do his coaching badges. Rangel is going nowhere!

Liver-Jacks are also after Vorm, De Guzman, Williams and Michu if you believe everything you read.

It's now evident that Rodgers was just after the pay-rise and appears to want to move us all up there - foolish really! {Ed034's Note - not too bitter then. Surely you understand that Swansea to Liverpool is a step up

, superb response Ed034!

Not really edd as swans are battling with Liverpool in the league for 6th {Ed034's Note - come on, you are not telling me that Swansea are now on the same level as Liverpool in size of club?? Dom they me wrong, you are a fantastic club and are doing extremely well, but you are not at the same level as Liverpool yet....just to let you know, I am not a Liverpool fan

Swansea are battling with Liverpool in the league and the swans will be playing European football next season do no really a stup up.

Lafferty and grigg would be excellent signings. they need to keep ward at the club too, he's hitting great form.

If the city of swansea was the same size as the city of liverpool, i would say that we are arguably close to being a club the size of liverpool.
however, due to financial constraints and the boards immense job of responsibly keeping the club in credit, i doubt we ever will be a club the size of liverpool tbh, but. liverpool aren't looking that glam anymore; haven't had the best seasons recently but still paying top top wages and transfer fees.

i ask now if the owners are scrambling to achieve something, anything, before the new legislation's over club finances well and truly kick in. will they be able to ride on their glorious history for much longer? doubtful and they're not getting any better really are they?!
therefore, the question should not be when we are the size of liverpool but perhaps when liverpool become the size of swansea?

i'm not bitter either, rodgers leaving has only done us good, allen following hasn't done him much good (same with sinclair). we've always coped in the past and will in the future - in jenkins we trust!

players will come and go, i know it, have witnessed it. but rangel isn't going anywhere!

p. s. no disrespect intended to any ed's! {ed034's note - none taken. you can see my point on the size of clubs though. whatever happens in the future is anyone's guess, but it will take a lot of time for swansea to be considered at the same level at liverpool.
nice post and thank you for your well thought and articulate post

Tied second most goals in the league m8, and only two teams have picked up more points in 2013 than us.

Swansea are not at the same level as Liverpool used to be but now there are at the same level

Club size is all a matter of perspective.

Swansea have won a trophy this year and are clearly on the up, Liverpool haven't achieved much in the last few seasons.

Sure LFC have more spending power and a larger fan base, but if you wanted to win trophies and play in Europe and at the top end of the Premier League which club would you go to now?

Swansea are he biggest club in the country. not this country, but still the biggest club. {Ed001's Note - erm you do realise Liverpool won that same trophy last season and got to the final of the other national cup, yet that is considered a bad season. I think that says it all about the relative size of the clubs. You might want to ask your own manager, who is a Liverpool fan, too.}

03 Apr 2013 12:50:09
Won't stop Rogers going back to old club to get Rangel though, he'll double his money and get a nice house on the Wirral instead of ther Gower!



30 Mar 2013 11:37:08
Once Steve Evans has got Rotherham utd promoted via the top 3 places his attention will turn to signing CODY MCDONALD from Coventry city in the closed season.

Rotherham could keep buying, but you must know nobody out of choice would play for Roy chubby Brown.

We have only bought 1 player this year in frecklington. All others have been free transfers so we don't just keep buying



30 Mar 2013 10:17:12
Aberdeen to sign ex-Celtic right back Mark Wilson in the summer as a free agent.
The player previously worked with Derek McInnes at Bristol City

Surprised he hasn't been given a long deal by bristol city. By far their best player

Mark Wilson are best player, you are having a laugh he was rubbish



30 Mar 2013 09:28:51
Summer Transfers
Bournemouth are looking to sign fitz hall if promoted.
Newcastle are looking to sign Ekstrand
Tottenham and Arsenal are looking to sign vdyra



30 Mar 2013 03:29:21
Norwich City are extremely interested in signing Rayo Vallecano attacking midfielder Leo Baptist�o after scouts have been very impressed by the young player after extensive scouting.
The Premier League side are set to launch an enquiry to sign the Brazilian in the near future.

He seems like a great prospect for the future if he stays fit he's had a couple of injury's to contend with



30 Mar 2013 01:41:14
Abbott and Kavanagh to leave in the summer to be replaced by Peter Murphy as boss. you heard it here first.



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