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29 Mar 2012 19:18:08
Jon Stead might make a move to Wigan(4)(46)Why does the pier need cleaningSeems like a lot of players are going to wigan. Whats the attraction? Must be the pierIs it a case of linking a lot of players with wigan in the unrealistic hope you might,just might get one right.


29 Mar 2012 18:01:55
martin cranie to make a move to wigan(4)(29)Alot of moves for wigan aparently, must be getting ready for the championship


29 Mar 2012 17:59:58
ricardo rocha could make a shock move to wigan(3)(37)


29 Mar 2012 17:59:02
gary mcsheffery might move to wigan(4)(31) 



29 Mar 2012 17:57:02
justin hoyte is a target for wigan(6)(32)


29 Mar 2012 15:23:25
With Salomon Kalou's Chelsea contract set to expire in the sumner one of the many clubs reportedly intrested to snap up the Ivorian international are plucky Premier League side Norwich City with another season at the top almost assured they plan to bring big names to secure their place as solid Premier League team(7)(47)


29 Mar 2012 15:07:19
Jordan Rhodes WILL sign with Norwich City in the summer window as the club have offered Huddersfield Town a deal which they have accepted for the player(14)(55) 

Oh so norwich can afford 10 million plus add ons for rhodes. Take it from me 5 million that clubs think town would take is way off through mark.I'm not saying that he'll go to Norwich, although it's possible, but if you don't go up he certainly will, even if you do he might.Total fantasy.he will go to evertonActually it is more likely Norwich than Everton, Everton cannot afford high transfer fees, where as Norwich would have substantial funds to bring in players next season.
There is no way Rhodes will go for 10M+, for an unproven striker at the higher level 5M+ add ons would be the maximum they could get, and even then it represents risk whoever buys him.Liverpool set to bid 40m + add onsI have watched Rhodes for 3seasons now and he has improved year on year ,he will go all the way , but he needs to be in a team that plays football ,not a team that just launches the ball long . I hope wherever he goes he succeedsIf you think he would go to norwich rather than everton, you should stop smoking that stuff, clearly it has made you delutional.Thanks again Keane.
In all seriousness though can't see this happening everyone wants him or is this just wishful thinking from a town fan.Norwich have money to spend, Everton have no money as your chairmen constantly says, so if its down to who has the cash it will be Norwich, Lambert is ambitious and will go for bigger players next season , he is not interested in survival.
As for the comment about a team who just launches the ball long, if you are referring to Norwich you have clearly not been watching them, they vary their game based on who they are playing, 4,4 2. 3,5,2, 4,5,1 and also 4,4,2 with a diamond formation in midfield. They even switch in mid game if it is not working.
IF we can keep Lambert for the next 2/3 seasons Norwich will likely be challenging for Europa cup minimum. {Ed025's Note - get a grip mate, you are making norwich sound like a big club!...europa cup minimum??? you are, and will be for the forseeable future, a yo-yo club, who,s aim each season is to survive relegation!..sorry if the truth hurts, but thats just how it is..Rhodes defo joining Everton next yearTotally disagree with Ed025's Note, which is arrogant and patronizing in the extreme. Norwich is one of the best supported clubs in the country (no 12 at present in terms of average crowd) and virtually sell out their stadium every home game. They are geographically located in a huge rural area with no real competing clubs (the closest bigger city, Leicester, is almost 100 miles away). The population of Norfolk alone is over 850,000 people; add to that the borders of surrounding counties like Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, etc. and you are talking about a very sizeable demographic to draw from. I accept that they haven't got the historical pedigree of clubs like Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal, etc. but there is no reason why they should not in time become a fixture in the Premier. They are already a bigger club than half the teams currently in the division - FACT!


29 Mar 2012 14:39:20
Graham Westley will be sacked as Preston manager if they lose to Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday.(20)(8)Wondered how long this would take. No he wont.He should have packed his bags on Tuesday night, he is not the man for the job! PNE's managerial record is not good but a change is needed before next season; this guy will drag the club down.Can PNE afford to sack him? They're rumoured to not have much left in the piggy bank.

Westley will stay.During Westleys reign at Deepdale the standard of football has been absolutle rubbish. He has lost the fans and the players once he loses Hemmings and Ridsdale (shortly) he'll be sacked. 2 wins in 14 is sack material at any club especially the way we are playing. We still have to play 4 of the top 6 before the seasons out. Relegation is a very real possibility. Im scared for us!Westley is the same breed as manager as simpson rubbish they should stick to managing litlle clubs who punch above there weight please billy davies come back


29 Mar 2012 14:20:02
who is going to be the next Bournemouth manager, anyone got an ideas? id like someone with experience, alan curbishley lee clark someone who has been there with a bit of knowledge


Curbishley, no chance.


Curbs and Clark wont go to League one. Clarke would possibly return at a push to a League one side but if he did it'll be someone like a relagated Championship team.


Phil brown


Curbishley wont drop to L1 you have to be dreaming and for a start would anyone want to work with Mitchell your dodgy chairman and a russian no ones knows anything about who is probably as dodgy as Mitchell the expert on liquidating his companies.


I've heard that Sean O'Driscoll is favourite.....and is the bookies favourite


Curbishly is becoming a George Graham....linked to every job but never taking one. Soon he'll be so out of touch that clubs won't bother asking.


I've heard a lot about Carl Fletcher joining Bournemouth at the end of the season. Would be great to have Lil Fletch back at the club(2)(7)Graham Westley will be a good choice for you!!!Mourinho was spotted on the prom and capello was seen in the local italian ice cream shop #justsayingBournemouth fans are really in cuckoo land you have no chance of Curbishley you are too small a club for him. He just turned down a premier league team so little old Bournemouth sorry more likely your old manager who is a good manager.

Your all obssesed with the fact you have this russian guy and you can get anyone in to your club but with all due respect you will never be a big club you have a samll fan base, small ground and poor attendances and a dodgy Chairman.


29 Mar 2012 13:04:26
Hi Everyone.
It is now very clear that Arsenal are on the verge of sealing a deal for Lukas Podolsky. From a very reliable source it is understood that Arsenal were warn by colgne against announcing the deal for fear of Colgne fans revolt. it is however understood that Arsenal have agreed to delay the announcement until jst before the end of the season.
In other news Alex song is almost penning a new deal to make him one of the highly paid Arsenal pklayers. it is understood Wenger Instructed Ivans Gazzids to open negotiations with the cameroonean international who is also a target for Barcelona and Juventus. This will bring Hope to Emirate faithfuls jst a week after Van Persie was quoted saying That he "May not be going anyway"
Barcelona are also understood to be keeping tabs on Wilshere jst a few months after the English international declared that he will retire at arsenal.(11)(12)Just like rooney said "once a blue, always a blue"!Barca are also interested in Bedtinner!'Wilshere jst a few months after the English international declared that he will retire at arsenal.' famous last words


29 Mar 2012 12:23:34
FA to set a new precedent by coming down exceptionally hard on the players involved in the Bradford / Crawley fracas. Very lengthy bans and substantial club fines will be announced. This could not have come at a worse time for either club, Bradford could end up slipping out of the league and Crawley's promotion hopes could be shattered. Certain members of the Crawley board are apparently livid with the Management team and the players. They fear their image is constantly taking a beating and despite several warnings that the gates need to rise the club makes no effort to win over 'casual' supporters. The lack of foot traffic has already led to the sale of key players this season.(10)(6)


29 Mar 2012 12:04:16
former gills player micky Adams who is a good friend of gills chairman paul scally will return to priestfield as manager in the summer(7)(4)


29 Mar 2012 11:18:39
Bristol city will consider enterring Administration if relegated, huge losses and wage bills miles to high have left Owner Steve Landsdowne considering his options and looks increasing likely to concentrate on Bristol RFC whom he took control off recently (he sees this as a quicker better option for big success)(15)(9)Sigh. This is paranoia taken from a very old thread on OTIB. Since then, Lansdowne Has publically committed himself to both BCFC, BRU and the new stadium.I also posted this 6 months ago, I have a family member who works in the office at Ashton gate and it is rife that BCFC will go into administration in the next 6 months,


28 Mar 2012 21:15:10
Scouts at Burton Albion yesterday from Walsall and Oldham thought to be watching Jacques Maghoma and Justin Richards(3)(9)


28 Mar 2012 18:07:44
walsall are set to re-sign defender tom williams on a deal untill the end of the season as back up for mat sadler(5)(17)


28 Mar 2012 18:04:07
ruud boffin could move to wigan on a freebie in the summer for a back up keeper or if they get relegated and sell al habsi(9)(8)Is he a ignorant genius


28 Mar 2012 18:02:15
henri lansbury is a loan target for wigan(18)(9)


28 Mar 2012 16:57:09
wigan are thought to be preparing a bid for joe ledley(14)(18)Better have a lot of money thenQuid 50 oughta do it rightTenner and a packet of skips. And even that's pushing it! Awful player!Joe is great and we wont sell on the cheap. He's real qualityQuality in the SPL is League Two standard down here.And epl is serie b standardWhich is still a million miles better than the SPL. Don't see your point. The SPL is even worse now its only a one horse race every year! What a joke!Im a Rangers fan , but hows it league 2 standered? Wasent Ledley Cardiff captain before he moved? wasent hooper bangin them in for scunny?The boy that said he is league 2 standard knows nothing about football with him playing for Cardiff a top championship team and turned down the chance to go to StokeWow Cardiff and Stoke! Surprised he isn't being chased by Barca. Saw him the other day and apart from having no first touch, no passing ability, no positional know-how and no pace he's an alright player. He took a throw in that went to a teammate I think. That was good.


28 Mar 2012 15:00:22
Everton will wait to see if Rickie Lambert is a success in the Prem. If he scores goals in the first half of next season Moyes will be ready with £3m which is a good sum for a 30 year old.
Inside info.(8)(44)Your really kidding yourself if you think rickie lambert would go to you and for 3 million lol. if he hits it in the prem then the only place he will going is at the top half of the table with southampton! upthesaints!And he will be told he won't have a striker coming. 3m for top scorer three seasons in a row, and then if he does well in prem? he's better than Grant Holt, and even Holt is worth more than that. Tell your inside info not to waste their time.Dream on!

If Lambert scored goals for Saints in the first half of the Premiership why would they want to sell him to Everton, or anyone else? If a club was interested in signing him then perhaps they should make a judgement and back it-like Saints did.
Any player scoring well in the Premiership is worth a lot more than 3m, no matter what his age. And Saints certainly do not need the money so why would they sell?
I think you will find that if Saints do make the Premiership for next season they will not be that charitable to Everton, or any other club looking for cut price bargains. Just because the guy comes from the Liverpool area does not mean he would want to return to it-what chances did he get up there?
He is now fitter than he has ever been and playing the best in his career, so sorry no chance.Saints, next seasons whipping boys..
roll on next season..Lambert united will be screwed if they sell their star/only playerI think you will find there are quite a few more star players at Saints, in addition to Lambert.
Have a look at Saints web site posted today and the developments that are going on quietly and efficiently behind the scenes.
You guys in the Premiership who have capitalised on Saints Academy developing players like Bale, Walcott, O-C, and then allowing them to go, these days are over so forget it. Develope your own players and don't expect any charity from us in the future.
Whilst I would not claim Rickie has been developed at Saints, I think you will find such players will want to be part of that future.
As for whipping boys, we will see as and when we get there. Something equally as thick was said about Norwich and Swansea I recall!Lambert is not in holts class, but saints wii do fineHolt doesnt have a class. He is a wardrobe that bundles stuff over the line and bundles people over. He gets away with murder that guy, fouls so oftenLambert is twice the player Holt is and holts not to shabby .. if a prem club had the bottle to take Lambo from Bristol rovers instaed of saints he would be in the England Euros squadWho's Rickie Lambert?So who thinks that Southampton are better than Everton, please your are joking, who else could run a club that's financially poor but a very very good team in Everton, they have the best manager, lets see if Southampton if they go up, can spend sod all and survive, my monies on Everton to be a premiership club a lot longer than Southampton, remember the rules, you must not but any players if and once your in the Premiership, {Ed025's Note - that is a no contest mate...everton are the 4th most successful team in english football....southampton is a city famous for sailing..and always will be..Rickie lambert for 3m are you mad ! he is worth 10m now and i am a huddersfield fan.What are you talking about everton have been buying big players over the years for big money (Marouane Fellaini) for starters lol so saying everton run things for no money is ridiculous.Lambert is a Liverpool fan and would never play for their poor relations...Southampton are the pride of the south coast...and always will be...He could do a job as understudy to jelavicTo old, to slow, nowhere near good enough, but if they are strap for cash, i do know someone who might give them 35 mill for him !Too old, too slow, will be found out in the championship...oh, hang on!Wont score 8 prem goals if Southampton come up for the year!You're right, he will score at least double that!


28 Mar 2012 11:08:03
Doncaster rovers legend
Adam lockwood could
be joining up with his old manager
Richard O'kelly at hereford fc(8)(5)


28 Mar 2012 09:38:44
England are in talks with two candidates over the possible role of Technical Director within The FA and the national football sides.
The first candidate is thought to be the Sir Trevor Brooking. The West Ham legend is thought to be interested in the new role and The FA could be tempted to appoint within.
The second, more surprising option is Wolfsburg boss Felix Magath. The former Schalke manager is keen on getting out of the pressures within football management and could sign a four year deal with The FA in a new role that could pay Magath around £4 million a year.(5)(12)Steve Mcshambles and Gareth Southgate also interested.I've heard they want Steve CoppellWhat exactly does trevor brooking do for the
f a besides f a ?Almost word for word what was in to-days papersI understand that Dan Ashworth of West Brom is the number one target.

Hopefully he will choose to stay with the Baggies.


28 Mar 2012 09:25:38
Chelsea have opened talks with Bordeaux manager Francis Gillot over possibly taking over the club in the summer. Gillot performed wonders at French sides Lens and Sochaux but despite an average year this season, the 52 year old has done more than enough with his previous clubs to impress the Stamford Bridge board.(4)(25)


28 Mar 2012 08:00:31
Norwich City will sign Glasgow Rangers' Rhys McCabe after being very impressed with the player this season especially during the recent old firm derby(19)(18)No Chance, the wee man's "Blue" through & through.

He's easily top 6 EPL quality.No they won't he better than NorwichUtter rubbish "impressed with his performances this season" he's played 3 games and was average in 2 of them!I think the owner of this drivel watched the game on Sunday, saw he had a decent game then thought of an average Prem team to link him with. Unfortunately Rangers no longer have any players good enough for the top few leagues in England. The lad could get a run out for Dag & Red maybe?He's better than Norwich? Norwich are better than Rangers-and solvent!Right lets get some cold hard facts on the table - (1) The level of Rangers football at the moment is at best about English Championship standard, ans (2) The guys only just made it into the first team and only then because Rangers don't have any money to buy anyone. Therefore my question is.....Why.....Norwich starting XI are alot better than that championship club and players Norwich if the Old Firm where in the premier league there teams now who be top 10 and would get 3 or 4 other good players and would challenge for Europe


28 Mar 2012 06:40:36
Norwich City aim to sign forest pair Chris Gunter, whom City had 2 bids rejected for in January, and Garath McCleary who would be available on a free transfer with his contract set to expire in the summer(19)(14)McCleary is signing a new deal, so you will need to pay around 4million. Oh wait, you won't be able to afford that.Dont worry about what norwich city can aford, who will be joining u during closed season? Injoy L1Signing a new deal is he? Mm, the appeal of mid-table mediocrity with the occasional excitement of a relegation scare down in the Championship must be appealing!

In anycase, he's joining Derby as part of the continuing Clough revolution, at least he'll play in the Prem with the Rams!

As for Norwich I don't think, after two seasons in the Prem you need to worry about who they can and can't afford!McCleary signing new deal! with what are they paying him as forest chairman Frank Clark has said " the golden goose has gone" they have money for 2 years thanks to thier late owner, they will need the reduce the wage bill and sell to cover debt and brake ever before the Nigel Doughty's money runs out.I can see Chris Gunter finally joining Norwich as it's been an open secret for sometime that PL is interested. However I can't see McCleary moving to Carrow Road. Norwich are a Prem team now and need to buy players who can help maintain that position not untried ones who appear happy messing around in the lower reaches of the Championship.


28 Mar 2012 03:02:44
Norwich City are determined to beat the odds and land Wilfried Zaha early in the approaching transfer window(11)(37)Complete bcksWe couldint aford the fee palace would want, just as good players av and much cheaper. He is over rated. Clyne scannell heading to very topI hope not, he's over-rated and far to expensive for Norwich's budget. Now Clyne that's a different matter.......


27 Mar 2012 21:47:14
Crawley Town are in talks with out of contract Yeovil striker Andy Williams(4)(23)Not a Chance in hell will he sign for themHe was a singer in the 60's wasnt he ?He runs like a 60 year old as well!No mate its andy williams the singer.


27 Mar 2012 18:03:20
Five clubs are set to battle it out to sign Doncaster midfielder Giles Barnes after telling the Championship club he is in demand, saying he would like to leave the club in the summer if they get relegated.
Championship promotion chasers Middlesbrough are keen on Barnes as they look for new recruits for either the top flight or another promotion push next season.
Millwall manager Kenny Jackett has made a bid for the former Derby player and could snap him up before the vultures circle if he can oofer him a four year deal before the season ends.
The third Championship club wanting Barnes is Bristol City. Barnes is thought to be keen to pseaking to City boss Derek McInnes but would only consider joining them if they stay in the league.
Uruguayan champions Nacional, who have a huge chance of winning the Copa Libertadores, are keen on signing Barnes and are willing to offer the 23 year old a lucrative three year deal.
Finally, Premier League giants Arsenal are keen to offer Barnes a trial during the summer as Arsene Wenger feels he could reach his potential of being a top flight star.(6)(28)


27 mar 2012 17:59:03
new players coming to prem.l
hazard to chelsea 30m
hulk to chelsea 50m
podolski to arsenal 10.6m
krasic to tottenham loan
eriksen to man.u 20m
higuain to 35m
gignac to fulham 6m
keita to liverpool 12m
henrique to qpr loan
other transfers
gunter to norwich 2m
mc.clerey to norwich free
doyle to everton 5.5m
m.phillips to stoke 3m(14)(18)No way m Phillips is worth 3m from what i saw on Saturday, seems to be all hype to meInteresting to see that you know who Chelsea are going to buy but you don't know who the manager is going to be...

If I remember rightly it was AVB singing the praises of Hulk so now he's gone that might be off now...Henrique going to QPR on loan will be a move to the Championship not the PL.Can't see Hulk or Hazard or joining Chelsea unless they have Champs league football......... Not looking likely.

With the financial fair play restrictions also they can't throw obscene money at them either.Pretty sure Keita is out of contract in the summer, and even if he wasn't 12 million for him, not only is he very average at best he's 32 years old.


27 Mar 2012 17:58:30
arsene wenger is read to swoop for fiorentina ace montolivio after top target mario gotze signed a new deal with the current german champions dortmund(16)(10)Montolivio is a free agent looks set to sign for ac milan...@


27 Mar 2012 17:51:23
aston villa signings in the summer
holmen free[done deal]
keane 2.5m
olic loan
dann 6m
new team
bent(4)(20)What 4 centre forwards on the pitch ?
ireland and holman in the midfield ? or are we just by passing the midfield and playing a 4 - 0 - 6 formation ?It is futile getting excited until McLeish has left.You are just a tiny little club get used to it youre big signings are now overTiny little club? We are one of the most successful clubs in the history of football.
transition season!


27 Mar 2012 17:48:58
wigan are believed to be targeting cristian rodriguez of porto on a free transfer in the summer(13)(11)Thats if nobody else wants him.


27 Mar 2012 17:36:49
martinez will attempt to sign julien faubert for free in the summer and then get him to persuade pablo barrera to join. tchoyi, taylor fletcher and jamie gavilan are free transfer targets and then that will be wigans transfers done for the summer(8)(9)Faubert is not out of contract and barera doesnt want to play in the championship plus we are likely to go up and u go down28 Mar 2012 18:11:03



27 Mar 2012 17:34:58
Sunderland boss Martin O'Neill has offered Middlesbrough defender Jonathan Grounds the chance to link up with the Premier League club on a trial in the summer.(12)(6)Dude is rubbish not even good enough for Yeovil town


27 Mar 2012 16:29:04
Norwich City are preparing to bid for Colombian international Jackson Martinez in the summer transfer window(7)(25)Not going to happen - he's valved at about 8.5 million which is out of Norwich's reach. I think someone has been playing FIFA 12.


27 Mar 2012 16:04:28
Mark Lawrenson and Alan Hansen
to help King Kenny to end of season if
BBC give go ahead {Ed025's Note - cant see it mate, they have both avoided management like the plague!...they are quite comfortable in their chairs, and have not got the bottle to help anyone..(9)(29)There do better than the clown they have
there now!Match of the day will miss them.Mark lawrenson had an awful stint as a managerSo would this be that 'King' (in whose eyes I don't know) Kenny is not the Messiah, and despite a big spend at Liverpool he has not improved them?Wouldn't this be wonderful?! The thought of watching Hansen pick apart his own defensive failings...Liverpool owners will control the management having seen Daglish spending so much and going no where fast, daglish will be out replaced by a proper football manager.Spot on ed .its easy to be a highly paid .going by what hansen says nobody should ever you say he will never put it into practice as he would be shown up for the prat he is.


27 Mar 2012 15:48:18
Glen hoddle been seen at Liverpool
training ground with the owners.
Dalglish looked very upset has he been
sacked? {Ed025's Note - thats all liverpool need...another nut job ..(9)(34)You must have a really sad life to print absolute CRAP like this!Thats rubbish, apparently Hoddle has been spotted on the ring road near Molineux in a car with Paul Ince and Big Sam .Liverpool dont want a no hoper like hoddle he made a balls of the england job when he had the pick of the cream in the premier and other leagues a good footballer he was as a manager crapGlen hoddle did a good job as england manager and if becks hadnt been sent off we would of been in the semis of the world cup plus those disabled comments are not true


27 Mar 2012 15:17:18
THURSDAY LUNCH FACT(30)(15)Not another copying Pompey, we'll take Gary McSheffrey to Ipswich to partner ChopraI hope so - Bristol City need all the help to avoid relegationTick Tock its 5pm Thursday 29th March and no sign of Coventry going into administration, what a load of BS some reprt on here


27 Mar 2012 14:57:22
Man city are looking to swap tevez or dzeko for higuain of real madrid. Madrid are interested in both city players(16)(8)Source?


27 Mar 2012 13:15:04
Brian Howard would like a returnto Barnsley fc says
the time he spent there ,best of his career(16)(7)Can leave on a free in the summer if im right?Thats cos nobody else wants him anyway kh wouldnt sign him hes not played for rochdale.


27 Mar 2012 12:28:43
Steve Fletcher (Bournemouth) is on loan at Plymouth - a fact reported last week and he travelled with the squad to play Northampton. Would expect him to be involved in the next couple of matches, most likely from the bench(5)(3)


27 Mar 2012 12:04:53
Robbie Fowler has been spotted at ryton and is believed to be the unnamed trialist, expected to have agreed a deal by friday but wont be involved in the trip to hull.(5)(14)


27 Mar 2012 11:04:28
Any interest in balasz dzsudzak? Natural winger that hasnt really hit the ground running in Russia as of yet. Watched him play for psv a while ago and thought he was class(2)(8)


27 Mar 2012 09:44:21
King Kenny set to leave Liverpool, reports that Jose Mourinho will be interested in the job.(28)(68)About time!Don't be so stupid!Yeah Jose 'I love the Europa League' Mourinho. That's who Liverpool will get...Why would Jose want that job?!? Why do Liverpool fans (I have to assume ur a reds fan from the post) think they can attract world class people? they would be lucky if sven took the job!!

YaoOh yeah. Mourinho wuld definitely be interested in managing a mediocre mid-table team going nowhereI very much doubt it, the only clubs he will go to is one in the champions league. so these are the options if he leaves real madrid.
1.manchester utd) doubt sir alex ferguson will leave or even get sacked that will be unheard of.
2 manchester city) most likely team he would go to, for obvious reasons best players in the prem and the biggest budget.
3 arsenal) same with Man Utd doubt Wenger will leave or get sacked. but always a swap possibility plus arsenal are one of the richest football clubs in europe (5th in europe income behind bayern munich, real madrid, man utd and barcelona),plus don't have any debt unlike most top clubs so they can afford big players. but i doubt they will spend a lot, they have a very profit orientated board.
4 tottenham) always a slight chance if harry leaves to go to england however Mourinho could always join tottenham because they have a great football side, however tottenham will have a small budget not to the liking of Mourinho .


27 Mar 2012 08:31:51
Liverpool will go shopping in the Eredivise again with Luke de Jong and Vernon Anita. Anita would provide cover in a variety of positions and de Jong could spearhead the attack along with Suarez.(17)(11)Anita Dobson, would provide better cover than the current 11.


27 Mar 2012 08:28:56
Claudio Ranieri could be set for a return to the Premiership and London as boss of West Ham United.

I have insider news from Upton Park that Big Sam has had a bust up with the owners, and is unhappy there - as a result the last 6 games have only seen a 6 point return for the promotion hopefuls.

The bust-up centers on finance, which is a sticking point now that West Ham are looking unlikely to want to move to Stratford, and also Big Sam has secretly been taking trips to see Adrian Bevington at The FA. Watch this space.(17)(19)I think you'll find if Ranieri does come back to the UK, it'll be in the Championship with West Ham.... Not the Premiership...Yea, bit early to say premiership...good luck in play offs. You gave quality players, but a sht manager. Hoofball is for sunday league. Reading are under rated, and can see them putting daylight between 2nd and 3rd on saturday.If Sam Allardyce has really been making secret trips to visit Adrian Bevington then there can be only one reasonable conclusion drawn: they are having an illicit love affair. No other reason for anyone at the FA to secretly entertain Big Sam...Big Sam a bad manager..... Thats a very rash comment to make. He did wonders with Bolton, just look where they are now. And got sacked at Blackburn when they where 10th now look where they are now. West Ham brought in far too many players that werent needed which will naturally upset the balance of the team. Like why buy Vaz Te? He had two good games against Leeds and thats it. Quality over quantity, thats where West Ham are going wrong. {Ed025's Note - i agree with the previous post...big sam is a very poor manager, when he has money to spend, he can be classed as average, but when there is no dosh available..he is pantsBig sam hurry up and join wolves we are waiting for you please come home.So they are going to sack a manager going into the final few games of the season in a promotion battle ok mate.



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