Football Rumours Archive June 30 2013


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30 Jun 2013 23:39:49
jose mourinhio and his team have identified bayern holding midfielder luis gustavo as the man they want at the bridge. jose loves his defensive minded player to sit and protect the centre halves and wiv bayern stacked with options the deal lokks very likely to go ahead.

So you post this while watching the Brazil game, you should become an armchair scout

01 Jul 2013 12:18:38
Chelsea already have one of the best defensive midfielders in the game in David Luiz. If Mourinho doesn't recognise this then there are plenty of Champions League teams who will.



30 Jun 2013 23:34:41
Zola will be a massive star for Aberdeen and with the width of Wilde and Hayes and Mcginn firing they could have a great season



30 Jun 2013 22:56:54
If the ince deal is completed we would of spent around £18 with wanyama at around £12 million that's a total of £30 million, we still need defenders so any idea what the real spending limit is? We don't want to 'do a qpr'

Were not going to get wanyama, he's using us to get the bigger clubs to bid for him

After ince and wanyama no big money deals malky will then buy a cb and a rb and he wil lbe done

Cardiff won't get Wanyama so that's £12m saved. He will end up at a bigger club

Wanyama is just as effective in defence

Your very optimistic for a team who is newly promoted. You won't be like QPR, were an English team and QPR went for short term experience.



30 Jun 2013 22:31:39
Bradford to announce signing of Scott Wagstaff tommorow morning after beating off interest from Gillingham, Leyton Orient and Rotherham.

Rotherham were never in for him we got our winger in david worrall.

Never really on Orient's radar as they have already have Cox, Odubajo ans Batt who can play wide. To be honest he made no impact during his loan here last season and he would struggle to get into our starting Xl.

Scott Wagstaff spotted down at Valley Parade. quality player!

David Worrell is overated!!

Absolutely no way is wagstaff going to Bradford lol, he has already decided to go on trial with Gillingham with a view to a permanent move, all his ties are in the south east, why would he want to play for a team that didn't clinch automatic promotion and are in the midlands?

Ha Ha, Check your geographical knowledge sunshine.

01 Jul 2013 12:22:43
when has Bradford been in the midlands. think you need to get back to school lad

01 Jul 2013 12:55:56
Wagstaff expected to join Walsall and has been in adcanced tslks with them

01 Jul 2013 12:56:22
Relations with phil parkinson

Why would a player risk going on trial somewhere if he has a concrete offer on the table?

Are in the midlands? With comments like that, hardly likely your statement about him going to Gillingham will be correct.

Didn't clinch automatic promotion, what difference does that make? When the season starts it will show that 4 teams got promoted from league 2 and that's all that matters. Chesterfield won the league a couple of years back and look where they are now, back in the kahzi division. Don't get too much on your high horse, and that goes to any Roverum fans too.

Who said it was a Rotherham fan?

Yeah, Millwall is in the Midlands.
Northampton is up North and Yorkshire is in "Outer Scotland".

What a catch "DAVID WORRALL" he will do just fine for his bench duties watching on how the real pro's perform.

Don't expect too much from this over rated player. He loves knocking balls in to the stand when in a good crossing position.

His mate Skarz was one of the worst full backs in league 1 last season too.



30 Jun 2013 22:46:41
Peter Odemwingie is in talks with Reading Football Club after WBA and Reading agreed a £2.2m fee.

Initial talks are said to have gone well but some minor details still need to be agreed. Reading want the deal done by the end of this week ready for their Portuguese training camp in mid-July.

I wondered how long it would before we (Reading) got linked with Odemwingie. Just agents talk and PR

Can't see this happening

No fee agreed

Great player bad attitude



30 Jun 2013 22:21:22
Jesse Darko is closing in on a 3 year deal with AFC Wimbledon this week. But only if Ardly misses out on Akinfenwa and Rene Howe

No thanks.

Surely a wind up? I really did think Darko wasn't good enough. Unless Ardley saw something in training and we've got him on a really low wages, 3 year deal seems ridiculous as we never commit to that many years traditionally.

No, please don't let this be true

Darko - No thanks
Howe - No thanks
Akinfenwa - YES!

Darko- no
Akinfenwa- no
Howe- YES!

Darko is a completely different style of striker, doubt its true

Good call Darko will do it in the lower leagues

01 Jul 2013 10:25:15
Darko - no (he was rubbish)
Akinfenwa - possibly (though think he'll want too much money anyway)
Howe - Yes (though think we'll only get him if he does want to move to London for personal reasons)

If we get darko I will send my season ticket back if we sign him on 3 year deal I will be shocked and down grade are signings so far

01 Jul 2013 13:49:11
Darko was released by Cardiff weeks back. Sure Ardley would have signed him already if he had any intention of doing so. Which I sincerely hope he hasn't.

03 Jul 2013 09:39:14
Akinfenwa signs for Gills. decent player but a bit of a circus act with all that Beast Mode On nonsense. Would rather sign Howe.



30 Jun 2013 22:12:23
Marlon pack may be able to go to a bigger club but at crawley he would be able to play every game get high wages crawley is one of the wealthiest clubs of the lower leagues and is close to his home in hampshire

No they are not. their owner is wealthy not the club. He goes the club goes.

Who is this "he"? Crawley are not one of the wealthy clubs by a long way, and do not have a mysterious wealthy backer. But they are well run and have minimal debt compared with some of the "bigger" clubs.
But players will still be attracted to the bigger clubs I guess.

01 Jul 2013 11:15:23
So where are all of these so called promised signings that Crawley Town's owners promised?. They can't even sign the likes of David Worrall & Ashley Grimes.

A big season for Richie & his players, could be a long struggle for them to compete with second season syndrome kicking in.

Money bags they aint.



30 Jun 2013 22:11:53
Scunthorpe will announce the signing of matt sparrow on Tuesday



30 Jun 2013 21:37:25
Walsall to use money from patto and grigg sale to get cuvelier, ledesma and johnstne on season loan.
Penekit, Mcquilkin and Omari Sterling-James also to sign 1 year deals.

Ledesma is a 1st team player at boro, flo may come back after his championship nightmare but not needed we did better without him.

Ledesma was a bit part player spending more time on the bench he could actualy return to Walsall were he is appreciated same with cuvellier and his loan to Peterborough. both of these will sign while we develop flannagan and kieron morris

Hope this is true just what we need



30 Jun 2013 21:28:08
Harry Forrester will complete his transfer to Doncaster on monday. Dean Furman will also sign later in the week.



30 Jun 2013 21:10:02
Matt Sparrow to be announced as a Scunthorpe United player for the second time in his career this week.

01 Jul 2013 14:11:31
welcome home matty can't wait to see you back in a iron shirt we want cliffy now and liam hearn from grimsby so up the iron



30 Jun 2013 21:09:12
Matt Green & Scott Wagstaff to be announced as Walsall players before the Pre-season trip to Trinidad & Tobago



30 Jun 2013 20:49:21
Heard from a very good source were looking at wagstaff who just been released from sunderland

I'm a Sunderland fan and I haven't head of wagstaff

Wagstaf got released about 2-3 years ago!



30 Jun 2013 20:44:45
Assumed Villa target Belhanda signed for Kiev



30 Jun 2013 20:44:34
Madjid Bougherra in talks with Rotherham. That is the player Evans traveled to the Middle East to have discussions with as he's currently playing in Qatar.

When Evans said talking to players in the far east. He ment he was in the far east in Dubai on his phone talking to players back in England, he was on holiday for a few days in Dubai.

No Evans meant he was talking to players from the Far East, read the interview properly!



30 Jun 2013 20:29:12
Dawson at Leeds coming to Bradford season long loan. Scott Wagstaff also to sign



30 Jun 2013 20:21:29
Heard grant holt is linked to hull

Holt might be linked with hull, but he's not going there.

30 Jun 2013 22:54:36
yeah he's going WIGAN!!!


Hope he does not come to hull

Thank heavens for that!



30 Jun 2013 20:19:22
Luke murphy is unlikely to sign for wolves despite a fee being agreed between the two clubs. Luke was quoted as saying he wants to play at a higher level, the announcement from the alex was only made to hurry bigger clubs into making a bigger offer as the club run off selling their best players to bigger teams. Front runners are believed to be blackburn, leeds and villa.



30 Jun 2013 20:12:55
Former man united defender Reece Brown with Watford on Italy trip. Troy Deeney tweeted photo of him asleep on bus.

He could be good has played eng u20 level. This could just be a trial though

Average player

Good prospect

03 Jul 2013 15:42:32
If Wayne Rooney isn't playing every week, let him move on man u. Will get a good price and save his wage. I have a feeling united would prefer him to go abroad, can't see many clubs matching his wages



30 Jun 2013 19:58:17
Huddersfield Town are set confirm the signings of James Va
ughan and Jacob Butterfield from Norwich City for a conbined fee of 2.5 million

30 Jun 2013 20:14:21
plz make this happen I am dieing of tention over vaughan
town fan :D!!!!!!

Butterfield won't be sold by Norwich, might go out on loan again thou, he one for the future, so i'm told.

I hope so!

01 Jul 2013 06:36:10
i don't see why butterfield should sta if I were him i'd want first team football he ant played a game for norwich and e can't keep going out on loan there's no point it will become a waste

I really hope so I think with these two I think we could push higher in the table

01 Jul 2013 08:04:44
Really really really really really hope so

Would love this! Jusy shows town do have money, were willing to spend it and were an ambitious club! If we carry on bringing in big names like these two we won't go far wrong

Its been linked for about 6months!

01 Jul 2013 08:38:06
As a NCFC fan, I hope this is not true. While I believe that Vaughan will go, Butterfield still has unfinished business at Norwich so maybe this is a season long loan. He was close to first team action towards the end of last season so would be odd for CH to then sell him.

01 Jul 2013 17:22:32
no point in staying hasn't started a game for norwich going to be a waste if doesn't leave soon

it would be best for him



30 Jun 2013 19:39:03
notts county linked with free agent former leeds striker davide somma

30 Jun 2013 22:55:42
deal likely to be done in the next 48 hours

I've heard he's one of the players on trial at yeovil town Garry Johnson has at least 6 players who are trying to impress for a contract at ytfc.

Thought somma was staying at leeds to work on fitness during preseason. but I suppose if he's got a trial elsewhere fair play to the lad

Hope this transfer comes off for the magpies!



30 Jun 2013 19:10:02
Bidding war for Walsall's young starlet Jamie Paterson set to begin between Notts Forest, Middlesborough and Leeds with Watford, Blackburn & Norwich all interested in the talented young forward.

No bidding war, they already accepted the offer from Forest.

30 Jun 2013 20:15:36
just because they have accepted a bid doesn't mean the deal is finalised, other teams can still bid.

30 Jun 2013 20:20:01
Ai forest had a bid accepted but the player hasn't agreed any terms could go anywhere

30 Jun 2013 20:29:11
the minute Leeds was mentioned it became obvious there was no truth in thread. They are potless.

30 Jun 2013 21:17:32
Just because they have accepted a offer doesn't mean other teams can come in they can accept more than one offer and the player hasn't accepted terms yet god are you stupid come back when you know something about football

01 Jul 2013 00:01:25
Walsall are useless at selling their talent at the best price. Any sign of the readies and they take it. So there is nor never was any bidding war.

If Forest have had a bid accepted then Boro will match that bid, so how will that be a bidding war? if you are referring to T&C's for players contract then Boro shouldn't bother unless they offer stupid money to the guy he will be Forest bound

Forest will win the champions league within 5 years, that there is no doubt.

He's best off at Watford, working under Zola. Every young strikers dream.

Leeds are potless? Yet they are spending over £1m on Luke Murphy

Watford are signing a lot of forwards. We will have Deeney, Forestieri, Acuna, Ranegie and Ikpeazu next season. This guy will want games and probably won't get that at watford

Leeds have signed him. hhaaha

Well done Leeds :D

Oh, wow, £1m! Big money signing, right there! And on a quality player like Luke Murphy from one of the best academy's in the country, Crewe! Please, Crewe saw you guys coming, he's not even incredibly young either, he'll be 24 in October. Leeds are going nowhere, even with Matt Lucas at the helm.



30 Jun 2013 19:09:09
Boro to sign whitehead on a free transfer to be announced tommorow.

They are looking at Dan Gosling on loan, Suso from liverpool and Piazon from chelsea as targets for season long deals.

Patterson to sign in next few days on long term deals.

Doubt Boro will sign Piazon, who spent last season at Malaga, bit of a drop down

Dan goslings out for upto a year with a cruciate injury



30 Jun 2013 18:56:45
Benayoun NOT coming to the Albion despite his agent telling otherwise.



30 Jun 2013 18:52:43
Oldham are interested in signing free agent Jack Lester

Has he not retired?

Hes retired I know that and i'm a notts county fan lol

What is that the same jack lester that retired at the end of last season

He's 37 and retired.

Swear Lesters going to the retirement home



30 Jun 2013 18:51:32
Middlesbrough keen on signing albert adomah and paterson, and carayol likely to leave

We could sell carayol for 2.5p and buy adomah and paterson for 1 each :)

Carayol isn't going anywhere

Caryol will NOT leave. What a stupid comment

I hope Carayol stays. By the way, Paterson is on his way to Nottingham. Can't see him joining Boro

Muzzy won't leave, Mowbray said. Unless a big offer! We don't need to sell but we have to sell to spend!

Patterson more likely to go to forest, don't want him tbh. not a decent goal ratio. And in a league below!

Adomah hopefully. but caroyol, NO! he has just got started after having an injury prone season, and forrest are the only club keen. so he won't leave.

Thats funny because patterson and adomah are both right wingers

Why sell carayol when he's exactly what we need? Stupid.

I think we haven't been linked with adomah, no dout the guy is a flying machine. with carayol on the left too, it would be lethal on the flanks. Paterson could be on his way to boro or Forrest we don't know, but the lad has got talent 17 goals 22 assists at 800k price tag, well worth a gamble.



30 Jun 2013 18:49:14
Cardiff have had a bid of £8 million accepted for Tom Ince

Ince got 24 hrs or we going else where!

Thats a rumour its definitely not 24 hours to make a decision cause the bid has only just been accepted

If Ince doesn't jump at the chance and ums and ars about it. we don't want him!

Relax fellow bluebirds he will sign you can't even place a bet on him joining anymore! Bluuuuebird!

Ince could be getting an offer from Liverpool who have been tracking him for some time. Anyone would be silly not to hold out to see what happens. i'm sure its not his, or many other players DREAM to sign for Cardiff city unless they were born here. Right now he has a good offer from City which he is considering. There is no rush for him, worst case scenario he stays at Blackpool, playing under his dad, when he actually enjoys it there anyway. He would be dumb NOT to take his time, and we would be dumb to hurry him.



30 Jun 2013 18:31:15
Further to signing Uche Ikpeazu from Reading. Watford have also persuaded three young defenders, Matt Partridge, Shane Griffin and Niall Keown (son of Martin), to reject extensions to join them.

{Ed029's Note - No they haven't. Partridge only signed pro terms last year. Other two still under contract I believe.

30 Jun 2013 19:27:35
Partridge was only given one year as a pro. The other two scholars were only given contracts until Summer 2013. {Ed029's Note - Indeed, you are correct. Contracts are on the table for all three. I'm told the club 'were' confident all were close to re-signing, but that means nothing until they do.

Ikpeazu signed because you guaranteed first team football (Silly idea he isn't ready Frank Nouble anyone?) doubt you'll say the same to the other three. That's suicide.

30 Jun 2013 18:31:15
"Further to signing Uche Ikpeazu from Reading. Watford have also persuaded three young defenders, Matt Partridge, Shane Griffin and Niall Keown (son of Martin), to reject extensions to join them."

that's a corker of a made up rumour. For what ever reason uche has left us and good luck to him he's a talented striker. Watford aren't a category one academy and reading almost are. Your not going to be able to poach all the cream of the crop!

Watford's academy runs with all the necessities of Cat 1 without the needless extra expenses such as video performance analyst and instead money is pumped into the more important things such as technical coaching.

Uche Ikpeazu is a good prospect but would not get into the first team as he's not ready yet. Although I'm sure Watford will invest time in Uche and will get their reward in 2 or 3 seasons time. As for Uche making the step up now I wish him and Watford luck.

28 goals in 28 games for his academy? That's good enough for me, I can see him challenging for Deeney's starting place.

Yeah people thought Frank Nouble was good enough to step up too.



30 Jun 2013 18:18:36
Swansea are interested in Christian Benitez former Birmingham striker (tv).

Failed before

Rather Bony! Wouldn't see him playing that much first team, we've already got Michu!

If you knew anything about football you would know we are Swansea City not town.



30 Jun 2013 18:17:50
It appears Watford have signed Uche Ikpeazu formerly of Reading. His contract expired at the end of the season and Reading offered him a new deal but it appears Watford have offered him a chance at first team football.

He has travelled with their first team on their pre season tour.

He was outstanding last season but is still very raw and definitely not ready for first team football at anything above league 2 level.

Strange move.

Why strange? Watford send promising lads out on loan to get real experience, not mess around in the pointless U21 league. He'll develop faster.

If it turns out he's an exceptional player he will have choice of multiple career routes: Watford, Granada or Udinese. Reading can't offer that. {Ed029's Note - Actually yes we can, we can send them to our sister club Galatasaray. Keep up ;)

At the end of the day he's joining a trinity of clubs that can offer him serie A and La Liga future, as well as 'hopefully' prem one.

^no he signed for you because he couldn't get in our team, ergo its because your worse

It's strange because you've offered him first team football at your club not out on loan. He's not ready for first team football at anyone level above League 2.

Plus your category 3 Academy isn't really the best place to develop.

01 Jul 2013 08:12:47
O come on Reading are you saying you didn't want him? - I think not

and as for Galatasaray - it is hardly the same is it - how many of their first team squad did you have last year - mm that would none then.

Deals with Marussia and Galatasaray - not exactly premier league stuff!

^ not at all.

If you bother to investigate you'll discover the Pozzo's (the guys that own Udinese, Granada and Watford outright) have a vast scouting network that hovers up talent from all over the world in order to develop and sell at a profit. There are approx 150-200 professional players owned by the group right now, with the vast majority on loans throughout Europe and south America. They make bundles of money buying and selling players every year, Euro 40 million profit this year and it's been a quiet year.

Players are bought and then moved around to the place they can develop the best. For example this year 8 players have been free transferred from Udinese to Watford. Several have been free transferred from Granada to Udinese.

The kids signed into a different type of football model few fans over here seem to grasp. He could well end up playing for Granada by the age of 20, who knows.

It's not a case of is Readings squad better than Watfords or the other way around, its a question is Readings squad better than the Pozzo's extended international squad. And the answer to that unfortunately is no. Sorry. It really isn't.

Yes because Udinese and Granada are powerhouse in their respective leagues. Plus you're only linked because your owners own both of them. Gala and Marussia want to be linked with us.

It's different.

You've signed a talated but very raw 18 year old and think you've hit the big time.

Ur still not getting it. This isn't 3 friendly clubs like Reading and Gas who work together when it suits them. This is 3 clubs drawing from a single common well of players. They meet regularly and shuffle players round like pieces on a chess board to suit the objectives.

Don't think of this as a normal football club business model. It's not.

If you think the football authorities will let it carry on you're mistaken. They've already clamped down on the loaning of players due to what Watford did last season.

I get that you're sharing a scouting network. That's exactly what Reading and Galatasaray are doing.

By "football authorities" I assume you mean the FA.
The same FA that ceded control of english football when it let the EPL run riot, drive huge wage inflation & spawn a generation of lazy, mercenary players.
Fortunatley football is a global sport and actually controlled by FIFA regs under which th Pozzo & WFC are completely compliant.

I'm sorry, did I just read someone say that Udinese and Granada are 'powerhouses' of their leagues? You've had a mare, Granada were close to relegation last season, and Udinese only just managed to scrape Europa League qualification after an awful start to the season. As Pozzo said in a recent interview, Udinese's 40 million is competing with the 250 million of Milan, Juventus etc.

As I said they already clamped down on you cheating the loan system so it's only a matter of time.

Never going to happen. FA can't do anything about Pozzos owning a club in another country.
FIFA thinks its good for the game as helps developing markets such as Africa & South America. {Ed001's Note - actually the FA can do something, they could block owners who already have a stake in other clubs, they don't need FIFA to do so. Just like they put a block on multiple ownership of players even though it is commonplace everywhere else. They won't, but they could.}

Free transfer with a transfer back next year.

The Fl just wasted everyone's time with the loan rules change. Made no difference at all.


At the end of the day, we didn't cheat anything, nor are we cheating now. As previously stated by others, jealousy is obvious to see in other fans. Everyone else could have used the loan loophole, but they didn't, and so now everyone's mad. Multiple ownership of clubs is commonplace in foreign leagues, and, moreover, it is a more sustainable and beneficial way of running a football clubs than the 'throw money at it' model.



30 Jun 2013 17:55:13
Released Manchester United Striker John Cofie set to be offered a trial with ipswich town.

He sounds like a promising youngster and its the sort of thing we should be looking at as a club, but I think it's just wishful thinking.

Is he really though? Doubt it.



30 Jun 2013 17:53:37
Bournemouth are set to sell big frank demouge to dutch side roda for 150k plus add ons also leaving is wesley Thomas he will be going to derby for (600)k

And another rumour has it wade Elliot (100k and clayton Donaldson (500k)are set to sign on Monday also with danny ings ( 1.5m )who has agreed a 5 yea deal with the south coast club and will be comfirmed as soon as danny ings moves into his new apartment in sandbanks

Wade elliot signed a new deal with birmingham weeks ago

I'd be amazed if Bournemouth got Wade Elliot, he left Burnley because Howe left him on the bench

And they all had lots an s lots of cream scones and lashings of ginger beer for tea.

they all lived happily ever after in la la land. I am an AFCB fan but these rumours are just becoming too silly:

Demouge is worth about £1. 50

Wade Elliot has just signed a new contract.

Danny Ings could not find Sandbanks ( I hope ).

Am getting tired of this burnley/ Bournemouth thing with players

01 Jul 2013 06:45:48
If you are getting fed up but all this is Eddie Howe's fault for unsettling Ings.

01 Jul 2013 13:00:59
Demouge worth £1. 50?. Scored 7 goals in 12 games at Roda. Good buy for £150000 & good business for AFCB, as we signed him on a free. Even with his wages, we might actually make a few thousand?

Yeah your clearly not an afcb fan as wade Elliot and danny Ings are respected down south you must be a swindle fan



30 Jun 2013 17:47:00
Middlesbrough to sign DJ Campbell after he was realised by QPR

Released* Sorry!



30 Jun 2013 17:36:35
any Reading news guys?

{Ed029's Note - Partnership agreed with F1 Team Maussia. See OS for details. Youngster Uche Ikpeazu turned down a new contract to sign for Watford. Better chances of first team football being the main reason. Disappointing for us as he is a beast already. Reading still trying to secure a new striker. Club want one in before we go to Portugal.

Ed this news has not made my day. We've lost a good talent in uche and now only one forward? Looking at our squad I see a distinct lack of goals and especially pace. I'd have hoped at least one proven forward and one raw talent at least.

{Ed029's Note - Patience. The club are trying to bring a striker in. I'm sure we'll have an eye on a creative midfielder as well. Young Dominic Samuel is a bigger prospect than Ikpeazu, and he's already in and around the first team, so he could have a big year ahead.

I agree. Samuel has lots of potential, would be great to see him playing some good football for the team. Great prospect. Though I would quite like to see another striker brought in. Who would you like to see brought in? Any exciting news about some new confirmed signings yet?

I don't understand how Ikpeazu has more chance of first team football at Watford than Reading. Sure at the moment you could say yes, but by the end of the window. think we'll have a much better looking line up than now.



30 Jun 2013 17:07:07
Jean-Yves M'voto has been training with Birmingham but Huddersfield and Doncaster are also interested in signing the former Oldham Centre Back

Makes sense. I know Clark liked him when he was manager at Town, he told me once. Random but true.

Clark liked him? well tell you what clark can have him at Birmingham, with what they are signing they will be lg1 before they know it.

He's the best Centre half we've had since Clint Hill mate and he's only 23. Why do all us Oldham fans slag a player off as soon as he's moving to a new club? Granted Matt Smith was poor and won't be missed big Big Jean? I'll be dissappointed when he leaves but he should be playing for a better team than us



30 Jun 2013 17:01:26
Rangers are closing in on a deal to sign Danny Swanson from Peterborough.

Not true

I been otld this is for 750k so not bad business for someone who hardly played but I think he could of score the goals for peterborough this season

Please let it be true. Absolutely shocking this season-awful fitness, no strength, can't even trap a ball. Getting any money for him would be a miracle, let alone £750k. I will drive him to Ibrox myself

Yep that's it, let's write off someone who never got a proper run of games. Seriously he will stay in peterborough and do well in league 1, if Fergie actually plays him

I thought Rangers could only sign free agents after the transfer window, so wouldn't be paying a fee

01 Jul 2013 10:22:27
Fergie rates him very highly actually but his fitness was awful last season hence why he got only a few cameo roles. These fans who go to the odd game and rate him on that are pathetic.

When I first saw swanson play I thought he was shockling, but to be fair to the lad when he got a run in the team he looked a different player, he linked well with rowe, gayle and tomlin and scored a class goal against watford, I think he will come good.

Could play very well next season with gayle leaving - and will be given more games as well

Some peterborough fans seem to write off all players before they get much game time, e. g. Ajose, Kearns, Swanson etc



30 Jun 2013 17:15:25
Oldham Athletic close to agreeing a two year deal with Leeds united frontman Dominic Poleon. The deal was discussed a few weeks ago when Matt Smith signed for the Yorkshire men. Lee Johnson is eager to tie up the deal as Sheffield United are also interested after Poleon had a successful loan stint at Bramall lane last season.

He is staying at Leeds.

Poleon isn't for sale, so false

Does no goals, no assists count as a successful loan spell?

Not true as Smith was a free player so no deal would been done for a Leeds player.

Love the made up stuff on here.

Maybe a two month loan deal but never on a permanent

Poleon is not for sale, far too good for L1 and is a gem.

Poleon was shocking we do not want him

Poleons loan stint was not successful by any measure all it has shown is how much leeds fans over rate their youth! Slow and lazy



30 Jun 2013 17:14:03
Despite having already signed Jack Payne, Peterborough are set to complete the signing of Cheltenham midfielder Marlon Pack.

Nope he turned them down for Bristol city, that's why they signed jake Payne, I think marlons a lot better player than Payne

Pack has signed for peterborough on a 5 year deal we payed 100k for him

Youre the only person to know we've signed pack then.

#2, if you've actually seen jack payne, he's a lot better than pack is. And now that we got money from gayle, we have bought payne, not the fact that pack has opted to got to BC

5 year deal? Get real.

Payne has nothing on Pack.

Payne was publicly named as Posh's #1 target for this season, and it was a long drawn out attempt to get him, Does'nt sound like a secondry target to me.

And of course, I would not even dream of the thought that you have probably never even seen Pack play, with your multiple viewings of Pack providing a stable basis for your view here.

I've seen Pack play and he is a very good midfielder, but he has yet to prove himself at a high level, Jack Payne has proved that is is more than cappable at playing in the Championship, so Payne wins for me

Pack turned Peterborough down that's why they signed Payne, he was very impressed with them

Pack hasn't turned peterborough down considering they never put a bid in for him - just interest. anyway payne will always be better - and was the number one transfer target for DF and Dmac

Pack was NEVER considered over Payne, Payne was the clubs (and fans)no. 1 target, there was Pack interest but that has been killed off with Grant McCann signing a new 2 year deal and Fergies wish to push Joe Newell more next season



30 Jun 2013 17:13:37
Derby County have offered Richard Dunne a 1 year contract with an option of a second.

With Hull City now in the frame to capture Dunne. don't think Derby will be his destination

I would love to see Dunne in a DCFC shirt but as someone has just said its looking like Hull or another PL team will get him.



30 Jun 2013 17:12:43
Noel Hunt set 2 sign 4 Leeds Utd 2moz.
Also rumours LUFC have had a bid of £1million accepted by Crewe 4 urphy-dependent on player where he goes as Crewe accepted 4 clubs offers of £1million.
Leeds waiting on Kevin Doyle although he's deciding between Leeds & Celtic, hope it's the mighty Whites -rate Doyle highly, class player, him & McCormack would be class together!

Need to keep Poleon 4 next season too, him & Byram our best promises 4 future home-grown talent.

Leeds don't even have 1 million pennies, let alone £1mil to spend on one player

Clearly that first reply came from a huddersfield fan to scared to sign his post of with a name mot

Why is it clear it was a Huddersfield fan? Everyone is enjoying the fact Leeds are having such bad financial troubles after you lot were acting like you thought you were going to be the next man city after GFH bought the club haha. Have a nice relegation struggle this season

Transfer window hasn't even opened yet so before you start thinking where going be struggling think again sunshine still no mention of your club I see!

LEEDS just spent £1million on Luke Murphy whos got no money to spend????

Luke murphy say no more



30 Jun 2013 17:10:39
Christian Benitez flown to UK to talk to several premier league clubs, with Swansea being one of them.

Could be he and Bony who signs for the Swans.

Exciting times

Bony will not sign for Swansea Town noway hosay

Why not? Look at the facts, he wants to come, Swansea have had a bid accepted, why would he go to somewhere else when the swans can also offer him the wages he wants and guaranteed first team football, its all in place

30 Jun 2013 21:35:23
City* and he has said he'd love to okay for swansea

Benitez is a good footballer, but as a striker he couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo.

Gomis won't go to redtits

Instead of Bony omg lol

Swansea close in on gomeis



30 Jun 2013 17:06:57
Cardiff have massive bid for Thomas ince accepted



30 Jun 2013 17:03:25
Everton to bid £3m for Nathan Redmond within the next fortnight, and they will also make an offer for Bolton winger Lee chung yong of Bolton.



30 Jun 2013 16:59:06
Stevenage winger Luke Freeman will join Peterborough this week with Emile Sinclair going the other way.

Although I doubt this is true, I so hope this happens

This is also true freeman coming to us for 150k wiv sinclair going to them but I heard its on loan tho

01 Jul 2013 10:24:01
Please stop with the Freeman to peterborough rumours its as annoying and totally false, as are the Gleeson rumours every season after season after season.

I would snap Posh's hands off for this deal. We couldn't afford Sinclair's wages though.

Im very good friends with a few of the steveage and peterborough lads and i'm being told that Freeman is a done deal when back from tour

Doubt freeman will join posh, though emile sinclair is a great player, and will score goals if played the right way.



30 Jun 2013 16:57:17
Burnley have agreed a fee of 5 million with Hull for Charlie Austin.

Burnley board are desperately seeking fresh investment into the club as it enters its final year of parachute payment.

This is correct. Hull have eventually met Burnley's valuation of £5 million after other clubs have started to show interest. The only way this won't go through now is if any other clubs come in with a the same bid or higher before he signs.

Also expect a host of add ons. england appearance, staying up and sell on etc etc

England appearances is a maybe for Charlie, staying up with Hull is a definately not.

30 Jun 2013 20:42:03
Get it done and get that 20% down to the county ground ASAP!

Any sources please? will be pleased if we finally snare him

This better be correct as playing the waiting game just gives other teams chance to snap him up, I see another doubter putting city down am I the only 1 who sits back and let the football do the talking

^^^People are putting City down as relegation certs because of the lack of media coverage last season. We went quietly about our business in the Championship but because the nationals didn't acknowledge how well we played (with a lack of depth in our squad) most people think we got promoted on a fluke.
Key players like Chester, Brady and Aluko are going to be in demand by January and I think we'll be safe by March. Not saying we'll finish high up but I don't think we'll be dragged into the mire either.
The thing that you have to remember is that 3 teams will go down and it's usually those that spend beyond their means or those who have declined over the years. Neither of those 2 things apply to us this year.

Burnley have agreed a 1 millon bid for ings from bourmoth

01 Jul 2013 11:18:22
The official burnley fc twitter page says bfc have not agreed a fee with hull city for the sale of charlie austin. that's today 1/7/13

Burnley are currently in negotiation with Southampton. It seems a player plus cash deal appeals more to the clarets so they don't have to give as much to Swindon as sell on. Billy Sharp is the player offered as part of the deal.

Charlies girlfriend is really going to love living in Hull. NOT!

Why don't we just get Gedo

Because Gedo will be on the treatment table until November and after an initial burst of goals he went right off the boil. He did a decent job in the championship but we need players ready to make the step up.

Hehe, you have to laugh! A Burnley fan taking the mick about Hull. BURNLEY! for crying out loud.

Just because you (hull ) went so many games without beating us lol



30 Jun 2013 16:45:13
Bradford City will offer David McCraken a contract.

30 Jun 2013 20:20:47
No they won't Bradford already have 5 centre backs

How many centre backs does a Div 1 team really need? Bradford already have 2 very good ones (Davies and the ex Aberdeen player) and 2 more in reserve in Nelson (?) and Oliver once he makes his come back Why the need for another one?



30 Jun 2013 16:42:21
former Oldham winger Lee Croft is set to sign for Millwall

I am a friend of josh wright and a big millwall fan, Tom Cahill is coming back to the den for 1 last season that's a fact

You can't be a massive fan you don't even know his name. Its tim cahill not tom

Good old Tom Cahill! What a player! DOESN'T EXIST!

Is Tom as good as his brother Tim?

He's in US, his family are settled, make your mind up.

What, Tom is? Now I'm getting confused!

Tim Cahill, ex Millwall and Everton. Would you unsettle your family to come back to London, to end your career. It is unlikely wouldn't you think.



30 Jun 2013 16:40:21
Oldham have made an approach for England Under 20 Striker Luke Williams on a Season Long Loan



30 Jun 2013 16:39:57
Bournemouth will sign dan carter on a one year deal and will be joined by non league star chris miller

Dan Carter. Do you mean Darren?



30 Jun 2013 16:36:20
Anco Jansen linked with Reading fc it is thought a 900,000 euro bid is being tabled for the 24 year old forward



30 Jun 2013 16:33:06
Middlesbrough are looking at a permanent deal for Ishmael Miller

I hope so, your welcome to him.

His goal scoring record does not justify signing him.

30 Jun 2013 20:23:46
This would be a terrible move, Mowbray couldn't get him to recapture the same form when he was at WBA with him, don't see why this season would be any different!

30 Jun 2013 20:29:12
No, just no

Tony mowbray said we won't sign him on a permanent deal, however having him back on loan is not out of the picture

No chance of this happening

No we aren't haha

No. Just no

Decent signing if its on a free and he plays him on the wing

Big Ish got a lot of stick last season but he holds the ball well and when he's in on goal he will score, it's just our midfielders weren't helping him

He said he hopes he has a future at forest



30 Jun 2013 16:31:32
Plymouth Argyle are set to sign striker Marvin Morgan on a free transfer tomorrow

It will be officially announced tomorrow, 2 year deal.



30 Jun 2013 16:00:54
crystal palace will sign Dwight Gayle from Peterborough and Jerome Thomas on a free on Monday.
Also various French reports say that crystal palace are in talks to sign Matthieu Dossevi from Valenciennes.

The deal gone quite I have heard everton and villa have enter the bidding war wiv a 9 million bid from everton



30 Jun 2013 15:53:15
Wilson is staying at hearts



30 Jun 2013 15:50:25
Walsall are in advanced talks with Matt Green from Mansfield and is to be unveiled this week. They see him as replacement for Will Grigg who has signed for Brentford

30 Jun 2013 17:05:55
If Walsall see Matt Green as an option in league one then prepare for relegation battle. He has struggled in league two with Cheltenham and Oxford, the conference is very much his natural level.

Who's going to replace Patterson?

Whoops, he's going to birmingham. that's from stags manager cox.

Not championship standard league one at very best



30 Jun 2013 15:50:22
Is there any truth in rumour about Connors coady coming on loan to barnsley?

Have not seen this rumour but if true what a player you will be getting! Good on the ball, a great tackler and has a gr8 footballing mind - bit young and needs to improve going forward but overall a gr8 prospect! From a proper Liverpool fan!

If there was any truth in it, then it wouldn't be a rumour. A rumour isn't based on fact more inference. Anyway, more importantly, does anyone know if he's anygood?

He, s just told you the lads a great prospect. Sounds like a rough diampnd that needs polishing, Gerrim darn oakwell

I think you need look up the definition of rumour, its a combination of truth and untruth, not just total make believe as you are suggesting,
A rumour would normally have some substance,

Hope it's true seen him for Under 21's at Liverpool, and looks a real leader for someone at his age. would be good if we could get him on loan

Think you're looking at the Oxford Dic definition of 'rumour'. There are many other interpretations

'Rumor is a concept that lacks a particular definition in the social sciences. But most theories agree that rumor involves some kind of a statement whose veracity is not quickly or ever confirmed'.

Ed - To remove any doubt, could you give us your definition of what a Rumour is? This will help people when posting. Thanks.

Cheers {Ed003's Note - A rumour is something that somebody has seen or been told and passed on as far as I'm concerned no need to make a science out of it really,I wouldn't be doing this as a hobby if my rumours didn't turn out to be true but that's another story,anyway enjoy the transfer window}

Connor Cody has a great shot, the Liverpool fans like him a lot, his run is a sprint and not a trot, his finishing is red hot. He seems a good lad, so if we sign him, I'll be glad. and certainly not sad lol.

Who cares what the etymological definition of "rumour" is? Just enjoy the banter!

Woop woop!



30 Jun 2013 15:49:02
Marvin Morgan to sign a 1 year contract at Plymouth Argyle tomorrow with the option for a second

2 year deal.



30 Jun 2013 15:46:26
Oldham's Lee Croft training with Millwall. Croft has rejected a new contract with Oldham & is a free agent.

He didn't reject at all he left it to his agent and his agent didn;t bother about telling him about the date he had to let the club know if he was staying or leaving.



30 Jun 2013 15:44:50
Darren Ambrose traveling to Turf Moor for Medical tomorrow.

Need someone like Ambrose at Leeds United. experience & quality! :)

Michael Brown?



30 Jun 2013 15:42:44
Middlesbrough interested in resigning Emanuel Pogatetz on a free transfer. Would be an excellent signing.

Well past his best not needed

Would be fantastic to see him in a boro shirt again and would give some much needed stability at the back ie could play more than 2 games in a row!

He has signed for nurnberg



30 Jun 2013 15:41:42
Millwall have finally completed the deal for murray davidson, fighting off interest from rangers and doncaster. Should be announced on monday

Have they? Nothing on Official site YET?

Thats because he didn't sign, Lomas said he is out of our league.

Nothing been said yet



30 Jun 2013 15:32:43
Athletic close to agreeing a two year deal with Leeds united frontman Dominic Poleon. The deal was discussed a few weeks ago when Matt Smith signed for the Yorkshire men. Lee Johnson is eager to tie up the deal as Sheffield United are also interested after Poleon had a successful loan stint at Bramall lane last season.

Need Poleon at Leeds quality player.

Dream on not a chance that will happen poleon is well and truely in mcdermotts plans

He'll be staying at leeds this season as mcd admires him very much and he could play a big part in our promotion push.

Absolutely no chance of this happening, poleon's future is at leeds.

30 Jun 2013 18:59:39
Leeds would not stand a chance of promotion even if Napoleon was leading their campaign. :)

Poleon is terrible WHY would sheff utd want him?! he came on loan and did NOTHING, NO GOALS NO ASSISTS, POOR PERFORMANCES. your information is sadly wrong.

Poleon is with better players at leeds playing against better players hence why he looked impressive vs Watford last game of season.

Poleon against Watford are you having a laugh defensive mix and and he had the easiest goal he will ever score did nothing a lane last season



30 Jun 2013 15:20:58
Swindon Town have offered a contract to Stevenage captain Mark Roberts, the centre back will add experience to a young team and will be almost certain of a starting position, Darren Ward is set to leave for Brentford and Luke Rooney has a choice between Cheltenham or Crawley, Paul Caddis could now join Birmingham after they sell Nathan Redmond. STFC currently have goalkeeper Yannick Nlate, Midfielders Albi Skendi and Louis Harris, and strikers Adeyinki Talabi and William Gros currently on trial, and could wrap up the signing of Aston Villa Centre Back Daniel Devine next week.

With roberts and eustace if we get them both I would be so happy

Don't need the goalkeeper. maybe some midfielders and defenders are defo but some trialists are s***

01 Jul 2013 00:01:29
Luke Rooney to be announced Monday at Crawley Town

01 Jul 2013 07:28:17
Mark ROberts does'nt want to come to swindon

but Lungo is training with swindon from spurs who was on loan last season

Definately need another backup keeper as Bedwel is not up to it, nothing to lose on getting in a freebie.

There was one player signed for crawley yesterday but none of the mentioned ones. We do not have the money to sign those players

Mark Roberts is considering an improved offer from Swindon and will sign by the end of the week for Swindon, paving the way for Ward to move to Brentford to be nearer his wifes family.



30 Jun 2013 15:19:21
Cheltenham are set to make a surprise move for former player Grant McCann. McCann is highly respected at Cheltenham and would consider a move.

I would love it if we resigned him
hate to be negative but could we afford his wages



30 Jun 2013 15:13:42
Demba Ba heavily linked with Southampton. Chelsea will accept an £8m bid. Now down to Cortese to convince Ba to join

Can't see Chelsea letting him leave whilst Torres remains so ineffective. Even if they bought a couple of strikers they need the squad depth surely?!

This moves not worth the hassle for the saints. Ba's not an improvement on what we've currently got so no deal

He wouldn't go that cheap if it was true or not

Dont see chelsea selling him tbh. Hope I'm wrong, would be great, just don't see it.

How do you know this?

Absolute rubbish-would not even pass a fitness test.

Newspapers have been linking him with a loan to west brom due to the Clarke and morinho connection so doubt he will join us at southampton

Bit much for someone who doesn't seem to have played well at Chelsea, would probably go for less.

Even if he left Chelsea, which he wont, he wouldn't go to soton, hardly a good carreer move, he can do so much better, maybe even back to newcastle

Not seen this in the oress this morning. Did see that west Bromwich would be interested in a loan deal like last season. At least we know that this guy can score goaks in tge premier league. Wages would be an issue post chelsea but if jose says he is surplus southampton could snap up a bargain.

We won't pay the wages he's on Chelsea and doubt he will reduce his wage demands so this is a no go

Why wouldn't he be interested in Soton, skate? He was in the side that thrashed them last season at St Mary's so knows we create chances.
And he has hardly not played well at Chelsea. He has hardly been given a start

^^ wots wrong with southampton then? We finished above Newcastle and are a better TEAM than them!

30 Jun 2013 21:42:07
Possibly loan deal! southampton don't want to pay 8 million for a player who moves like the wind! The link again is like previous poster said the link with the special one and clarke is the same as mopos as they are also good friends

Heavily linked, and still not a single article about it to be found.

Try to be a bit serious at least.

Wouldn't really want him, ok he's pretty good at times, but as Tony Pulis once said he is a "ticking time bomb". His knee can go, any second and won't be able to play football again.

Can't see southampton matching Chelsea wages for ba can't we just pick up another lambert from div one who's english



30 Jun 2013 15:12:52
Hull City now have competition from both Bolton and Nottingham Forest for the £4 million capture of Burnley striker Charlie Austin. Bolton are now believed to be favourites to sign Austin.

Aha 4m mate he's worth at least 7m he has like 2 years left on his contract! biggest rubbish ever

Not for £4m they are't as had been said countless times by the club

Bolton set to offer Sordell plus cash for Austin.

Here is no way Forest can afford his transfer. He will sign for a Premier club.

30 Jun 2013 22:21:42
He's in his final year how thick are you and he's not worth 7 he's worth 5 mil. Burnley fan

I thought he only had 1 year left on his contract.

Forest could afford his transfer they are on if the richest clubs in the country

Only one year left on his contract at Burnley. £4m would be a good fee.

Forest have a lot of money now with the owners they have and I would say they could afford a lot more than 4million.



30 Jun 2013 15:10:43
Blackburn have joined Bournemouth in the race to sign Burnley striker Danny Ings and are ready to table a £1.6 million bid. The Cherries had a lower offere rejected two weeks ago.

Sorry Blackburn ings has signed for bournemouth and will be announced Monday he moving into a new apartment in sandbanks with his lovely misses

This came form someone on bournemouth vitals msg board, it was an attempt at humour because of the excitement from b'mouth fans at ings returning, no truth to it at all

No they have not, it was a made up joke post on vitals

Please let him go to Blackburn, injury prone and too expensive for AFCB

Never going to the chicken farm

30 Jun 2013 19:01:38
Great news - he's coming home, he's coming home, Ingsy is coming home. :)

Nope wrong there pal I'm staying and will see out my contract #proudclaret

As if we be after him

Ings couldn't hit the back of a donkey with a Banjo! Please go to Blackburn we don't want you!



30 Jun 2013 15:07:12
paul ince has said that blackpool have accepted a bid from Cardiff fro tom ince

His dad doesn't want him to go to Cardiff, as he thinks he could do better. So probably he will wait to see if any new offers come in. I'm a PNE fan, but I think Tom is a really good player and wish him well wherever he moves to.

He won't leave yet

If he leaves, oyston won't spend that money on players. these are dark days for blackpool.

To be honest I hope he goes and again I am the most optimistic of fans but even I can see he won't sign a new contract if he stays and we would have to let him go for peanuts in January or peanuts in compensation at the end of the season

30 Jun 2013 21:00:12
Actually Paul Ince wants him to go to Cardiff. He has already said he wants his son playing first team football not stuck in Liverpool's reserves. Now up to Tom to decide.

30 Jun 2013 21:47:03
bigger clubs than little cardiff
after tom ince

Doesnt matter if we get 8 quid or 8 million. it won't go to the club. let him walk for free at the end of the season

01 Jul 2013 01:58:16
Do you read the replies? There are bigger clubs going after Ince yes but he wants to be guarenteed first team football

Tom Ince will sign for Newcastle by the end of the week, Cardiff are just making up the numbers and getting the bidding going

If ince gets promised by oyston that he can spend the reported 8 mil on players then its worth thinking about but can't see us spending 8 mil in the transfer window.

I'm with the previous commenter, the money will not be spent on rebuilding our thin squad so I just wish we'd reject everything and let him go for free next season. I've been a strong supporter of the way KO has run the club, with progress being made, but now it has we need to add more to keep us where we are. You heard it here first, richest club in league two soon. Please to god I hope that's not true. ALL WE'RE ASKING FOR IS TO RISK ON ONE OR TWO KEY SIGNINGS, NOT 17. Come on KO pull your finger out.

Newcastle!. They barely escaped relegation, so that's hardly a step up.

From a blackpool fan, ince would be stupid to turn them down

Tom is on holiday for another week yet doubt anything will happen till next week at the earliest

Cardiff are the only club putting their money where their mouth is at the moment. If he wants first team football in the PL Cardiff is the perfect choice! All this talk of making up the numbers? Being a little club? Just spouting random phrases in denial that cardiff are competing for quality players!



30 Jun 2013 14:40:38
Stoke city are very interested in Porto centre half Abdoulaye Ba, the 6 foot 6 Porto man would be available for £2million

Get him! Looks an exciting player loves going forward and brilliant in the air.

As good as the Shawcross / Huth partnership is we really need quality competition for places and cover in that position.



30 Jun 2013 14:33:39
Plymouth striker Nick Chadwick is being linked with a move to Argyle's big rivals Exeter City. Chadwick is keen to stay in the area after being transfer listed by the Pilgrims so the move may appeal to him.

Doubt this very much

Chadwick's a carthorse. Truro is more his level.

Would be a good signing for us, played well against us for the Reserves. Chads4City



30 Jun 2013 14:33:04
Swansea are talking to Real Madrid about a season long loan for Alvaro Morata. FACT.

Would be a good deal if it happens.



30 Jun 2013 14:53:23
Rumours indicating Swindon will sign Stevenage Captain Mark Roberts.

If true good because he's a good player and he will bring some experience to the squad

Thats great news really hope it is true

30 Jun 2013 19:43:05
God I hope not, standards have already dropped so far already.

How can you say that he is arguably one of the best cbs in leauge one

03 Jul 2013 09:58:46
Roberts rejected contract offer at Swindon and will join Wolves

He has signed for Fleetwood guys :



30 Jun 2013 14:14:17
Bolton interested in Jordan Rhodes according to various papers.

So are accrington Stanley, doesn't mean he'll sign! {Ed003's Note - Oooooh}

Like blackburn would sell their top striker to bolton, lol

Wait and see, sure it will happen.



30 Jun 2013 13:58:04
Swansea have turned their attention to wigan winger Callum Mcmanaman after Nathan Redmond said wants a move to everton.

The Redmond to Everton rumour is bull. Denial in the Brum papers, he is talking to Norwich and Swansea, no other clubs have had a bid accepted

Whatever happen to the Diego Capel rumours? He would look good in a Swans kit this year?



30 Jun 2013 13:51:07
Tommy Lee to leave Chesterfield for Bradford City

AHHAHHAHH Funniest thing I have read all week. No chance

Ha ha hilarious post! 750k clause in the contract so let's have a bid to kick off shall we

Just signed a new contract hasn't he? Only connection is that he is from Keighley. Can't see it happening. Il ask his brother as I know him.

I don't dispute Tommy may decide to leave at some point but Bradford could not afford him at the moment. Only Championship level clubs could and he'd want to be no. 1. He only signed a new contract mid season so still has a longish contract, by the time it runs out we will be pushing for the Championship so he will have no need to leave. MM

30 Jun 2013 19:26:10
Tommy is a Bradford lad and would jump at the chance to play for a big club like Bradford. He's not ever been worth£750k. Prob get him for £50-£100k and he would still be no 2

Bradford City can't afford him? Where were you when we wen't on a little cup run to Wembley? We made loads of money out of that, so saying we can't afford him is just silly.

Pushing for the championship? try pushing past mid table mediocrity- lee is not good enough for league 1- you can keep him

Two trips to Wembley means City are in a strong bidding position than before. So we should see who we get within the next two weeks but we don't need many players.

Tommy Lee to Bradford more chance of Francis Lee making a comeback

30 Jun 2013 20:20:33
He would never leave M�tley Cr�e

Im a city fan and all of you saying we have loads of money is aload of bull we have a little more than before as we spent most of it on s***

Bradford don't have any money, there still trying to pay off money borrowed when they thought they were big time in the prem. Do the players still have to come out of that door in the corner and walk down 3 flights of concrete steps to get to the pitch? your ground is big but rubbish. MM

01 Jul 2013 09:50:10
This is supposed to be a transfer rumour site. Not one where bitter fans of other teams come on and show there jealousy towards other teams. Bradford are on there way back up the leagues. Deal with it. Players will be attracted to Bradford because they are a big club with a great stadium and a large fan base.

Tommy Lee turns down deal to Bradford City.

Like I said on a long term deal with a bid clause FACT!
4 championship clubs watched him several times he is not going to join Bradford City.

Bradford City are debt free and have a 2mil wage budget for this coming season. As said by Julian Rhodes joint chairman in the T&A last week. Any one north of Rotherham will know this because we can read



30 Jun 2013 13:41:25
Cheltenham Town are set to table an offer for former midfielder Grant McCann, whom is currently a free agent. The Robins are set to use money from the sale of Marlon Pack to pay McCann's wages.

No he's not he is still with Peterborough he will sign new deal on july 1st when his old one expires

I do so hate these rumours about former players - why would a player that played well in the Championship ever drop down to League Two unless they were starting to wind down their career?

I suppose Michael Duff is also returning, is he?

Peterborough won't need McCann when they've signed Pack.

30 Jun 2013 18:59:29
McCann has confirmed on social media than he is a free agent and he loves Cheltenham. Still I don't think he will return for a couple of years yet.



30 Jun 2013 13:33:40
Aldershots keeper, Jamie Young, will be heading back to Australia to sign for Melbourne Heart



30 Jun 2013 13:31:54
Walsall will use the money they make on the sales of Will Grigg and Jamie Paterson to buy former loanee Florent Cuvelier

I'm a Walsall fan and that will never happen. He's too good for us he will be on the fringes of stoke city squad this season

He couldn't get a game at peterborough on loan so he still might get in our team



30 Jun 2013 13:30:58
Anelka has gone to odds on with a couple of bookmakers to sign for West Bromwich albion



30 Jun 2013 13:25:31
Reading FC set to finalise Thomas Eisfeld and Max Clayton by Tuesday

Hope not, Eisfeld is unproven and Clayton doesn't have a great goal scoring record

Yes please to both. Eisfeld on loan for 6 months and Clayton on contract would do us. Wishful thinking maybe on the Eisfeld signing but so far our activity in this window has surprised me. Clayton would be a typical starlet signing for Adkins also.

Eisfeld unproven? I don't think there's any doubt of his ability to perform at championship level, would properly be one of our best players if we had him on loan



30 Jun 2013 13:24:45
Junior agogo looks set to sign for Bristol city next week!

Thats hilarious

Rather have marlon harewood!

Of course he is!



30 Jun 2013 13:23:39
Anelka odds on to go to West Brom

30 Jun 2013 17:59:43
Why are people putting unbelievable? Look on . not saying they will sign him just that he's odds on.



30 Jun 2013 12:58:21
Walsall agreeing deals for Rory Fallon, Charlie Sheringham and Richard Peniket.

Crap rumour -Charlie Sheringham has signed for AFC Wimbledon!

Charlie sheringham signed for afc wimbledon over a week ago, do your research

Afc wimbledon have already signed sheringham

The same charlie sheringham that signed for afc wimbledon a few weeks ago?



30 Jun 2013 12:56:51
Middlesbrough to sign Whitehead on monday on a 2 year contract with the option to extend a further year, Jamie Paterson so sign a 4 year deal after been impressed with Middlesbroughs academy, training facility's and Mowbrays ambition. all from a reliable player within the club. and a big name loan signing to follow the following week once all loose ends are tied up.

Before Boro stuck their noses in Forest had a bid accepted for him and he is set for talks with them tomorrow so I don't think this rumour is reliable at all.

You've just said boro stuck there nose in, so must be truth behind it, boro probably hijacking the transfer Jamie Paterson

The name loan signing is danny graham

No its grant holt

Mowbray has said he is not interested in Paterson - Evening Gazette

Tony Mowbray as dismissed reports that we have put in a bid for Paterson.

No its none of them!



30 Jun 2013 12:54:22
Coventry close to signing ex arsenal, Cardiff and Walsall man Rhys Weston.

Good player, hope this is true and we can afford him.



30 Jun 2013 12:53:18
Theo Robinson (derby) to undergo a medical at Rotherham in the morning. A deal has been agreed for 350k and Robinson will be the highest earner at the NYS.

Are Derby paying Rotherham 350K to take him off their hands.

Not heard this one but hope its true.

Not seen him play, but most strikers would be happy with his 1 in 3 ratio, at huddersfield and derby, both championship teams, scoring for rotherham in league one with the midfield we've assembled would, I think be a doodle.



30 Jun 2013 12:52:07
Young Slovenian goalkeeper Gregor Zabret has confirmed he is joining Swansea City this summer.

Good signing for the future-

Nice p, ayer for future 17 loan to wrexham

Played first team football at 16 very promising, will be in the youth so cornell can go out on loan for experience

Cornell has gone to the Scottish Prem, he still has potential I think



30 Jun 2013 12:48:24
Anelka to west brom odds on with a bookmakers.

He is too old



30 Jun 2013 12:41:36
that cardiff have placed a 10 million bid for benfica striker oscar cardoza. which has been rejected but they are willing to bid higher.

No chance of Cardiff signing Cardozo, he plays regular CL football and will probably sign for City to maintain this.

10 mil for a 30 year old



30 Jun 2013 12:32:07
6m for gayle with possible 2.5m add ons so could be total 8.5m as quotes in the Sun newspaper! great bit of business by peterborough who only had him for 6 month on a perm deal.

30 Jun 2013 14:26:35
no 4 mill plus add ons

We turned down over 4m the week before the fee was agreed, so I doubt it's that little

30 Jun 2013 18:59:57
Na 6 mil mate

8.5 mill



30 Jun 2013 12:30:43
Nicky Bailey travelling to Warick University to do week long training camp with Millwall

Good News! Let's hope so!



30 Jun 2013 12:20:09
If all goes well with the signing of Kevin Davies I think many Preston fans would agree that a team of this caliber would be one of the strongest we've had at Deepdale in a very long time and could surely guarantee high expectations. Also with the possibility of Nick Powell coming on loan which I think is highly unlikely but would be a massive addition to the squad. With this, with Simon Grayson we could definitely be fighting for promotion:

Keane Huntington Wright Laird


Humphery Powell Holmes

Davies Beavon

Tom Clarke

Powell won't be coming to Deepdale.

Right, here goes Davies has agreed a 2 year deal at wednesday with the 2nd year in a coaching role. I got that 20 min ago. Now prove me wrong all you nay sayers!

Powell won't be coming to us, and it's doubtful Davies will neither.

Davies not signed for anyone yet, still up in the air. If he was convinced by weds why has he not signed already? Preston not in a bad position. We shall wait and see.

Danny murphy looking to stay in the north west as a move to preston looks on the cards, he wants one last promotion push

Murphy has been linked to almost every team in England. It would not surprise me if he is linked to Real Madrid next.

Danny Murphy is on £30k a week at Blackburn.

That would pay the whole PNE teams wages for the month.

Cant see Murphy even looking at a League 1 club

Can't see PNE looking at Murphy!

Beavon hahah is useless sooner people relise that the better



30 Jun 2013 12:05:04
Newcastle have to sell to buy so cabeye will be off but nufc been beaten to the market by Swansea (lol) for top target w bony.

What utter rubbish they've said top stars will stay unless we get offered 25m plus same as last windows and top target is pea

01 Jul 2013 08:25:44
Wont pay the 15m for him. Sunderland have shown more ambition than Newcastle and spent more last fiver or so years

I shall await you to eat your humble pie when your made to look stupid for that comment



30 Jun 2013 12:03:31
Not sure about this one but hearing a record fee being arranged of 18million for negredo if bony deal collapses. Laudrups pushing hard for at least one top class striker before end of next week.

Only cl football



30 Jun 2013 11:53:11
Bradford are to sign James Shea, Scott Wagstaff, Davide Somma and Ashley Chambers over the summer.



30 Jun 2013 11:51:17
Edinson Cavani set to sign for Chelsea.
45m + Ba



30 Jun 2013 11:24:12
It is believed that a range of clubs in the Championship and League One are preparing bids for Cheltenham winger Jermaine McGlashan. The front-runners are thought to be Bradford, Notts County and Crewe.

Would MY cash in if the offer was good?

As it stands squad is only 14 strong, including two that were signed from youth academy. As tempting the money might be, team can't really afford to lose bodies now, with only couple of weeks to season start

I would take between £150,000-£200,000. We would have to have someone lined up to replace him if we were going to sell.

Please say this is true Mcglashan is an Alright player and I'm shaw will improve a lot at the Alex

If the offer is right then yes sell him. 4 goals and 4 assists shouldn't be too hard to replace.

30 Jun 2013 17:10:08
I honestly cannot see that Bradford or Notts could afford him. Ipswich are also tracking him apparently.

True story, but if the player wants to go, might player power have involvement in this?

He's a good player but you'd never get that sort of money for a player with only a year left on his contract in League Two.

Personally JMcGlash is probly only worth 60k 200k is very ambitios

He's not going to earn £200k but his stock is still worth way more than the £60k CTFC paid for him originally.

My opinion is that every player has his price, but given the small nature of the squad it is very dependent on the quality of player that comes in. A very influential player that would be missed without a decent replacement



30 Jun 2013 11:13:32
Bradford to complete the permanent signings of Carl Mchugh, Davide Somma and Ashley Vinent in the next week.

Permanent signing of McHugh, last time I checked he was still under contract with us until tomorrow. I have no doubt he will sign.



30 Jun 2013 11:11:07
Fulham are ready to walk away from the Sako deal.

Wolves are asking £4m for a player we paid £2m for a year ago. Now we're stuck with an unhappy player on 20k a week - unsustainable in League 1 - will lead to points deductions if nothing is done : (

No Fulham said that they are unwilling to pay the 4m but if Wolves lower the asking price we will go ahead with the deal. Sako wants to join us and he is also trying to persuade Wolves to lower their valuation of him.

Fulham aren't the only interested party so I don't expect the price to drop substantially

Wolves are stupid for wanting make a stupidly high profit on him. if they are not careful they are going to be lumbered with a salary which will drag the whole team down. They have to re consider their asking price and realise that they aren't in the best negotiating position here.

30 Jun 2013 12:57:45
He will move to West Brom for £3 Million by the end of the week, this is JP, s marque signing. watch this space.

Fulham are not the only interested party but we are the player's desired destination

Sako has been linked to every top team in France. He's worth more than 4 mil, if Fulham don't pay, someone else will. The stories of him forcing a move are untrue

This guy above is clearly deluded. why on earth would any team want to pay 4m for a league 1 player, it's been all the papers and on the tv that Sako wants to hold talks with Fulham, there's no talks from any teams in France if you read the papers, it's all rumours!

He wants to move to Fulham he said it himself he even wants Wolves o drop their asking price for him.

Wolves can ask for whatever they want, he belongs to them, they have paid his wages for a yr and he signed the contract and if Fulham or anyone else don't match the asking price then he has no choice but to stay where he is!

How can people have an opinion if they've never seen him play?

Who said that they haven't seen him play?



30 Jun 2013 11:07:04
River Plate midfielder Ezequiel Cirigliano is attracting interest from Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Man Utd, Arsenal and Southampton with the southampton and valencia being front runners for his transfer

I'd love it if we got him but unlikely if those other clubs are genuinely after him.

Yeah, I can see how he would want to go to Southampton before Madrid, United and Arsenal.

Well ask yourself this, where is he most likely to get first team football, hmmm probably saints

First team football? he's the brazil number 9!

'First team football? he's the brazil number 9!' what you on? he's not even brazilian, but argentinian. think you must be confused with a certain 'damiao' of Brazil

Mr T

Heard he wants to go to la liga.

Ha ha- yes I was (number 9) - responded to the wrong post!



30 Jun 2013 11:05:16
Reading FC have signed a partnership with Formula 1 Racing Team Marussia.

Reading join QPR (Caterham) and Chelsea (Sauber) in linking Football with Formala 1 to expand their brand.

Why don't clubs form partnerships with decent Formula 1 teams?

{Ed029's Note - Imagine the cost of linking up with Ferrari? These clubs all get to advertise their brand/logo in front of 500 million viewers each race. Reading also have the Murussia logo on the back of their shirts. Suits both parties.

Here's some clues as to why we linked with Marussia.

Clue 1. Our owner is Anton Zingarevich a RUSSIAN.

Clue 2. MaRUSSIA

Hope that helps.

Well I hope it doesn't spoil the kit. {Ed029's Note - Just under the neck. Image here for you -

Thanks for the link up, doesn't look too bad actually. Do you know if it's white or red on the away kit by any chance? {Ed029's Note - No idea. Away kit is black so I would assume it'll be in white, but we'll have to see. The club will 'officially' unveil the new shirts "early July".

No. maRUSSIA is actually a British team

Ah right ok cheers. Nice and vague of them xD Early July is near enough anyway. I look forward to it. I like the look of the black and red away kit floating around the internet. Might be tempted.

Half British half Russian. Why would they be called Marussia if they weren't Russian?

Marussia - russian owned
Reading - russian owned

Not rocket science is it.



30 Jun 2013 11:02:36
Nottingham forest to put a 4 million bid in for Charlie Austin

Same offer as Hull's which was turned down, that makes sense, Charlie will go for around £5m



30 Jun 2013 10:59:02
Brighton have placed a 2.4 million bid for Reading striker Adam Le Fondre, formerly of Rotherham & Rochdale.

{Ed029's Note - There have been no offers from any clubs for Adam Le Fondre (yet).

He's a great player, but I can't really see us (brighton) signing him. It is highly likely that Oscar will continue to play
4-3-3, and as we already have Ulloa, and CMS, barnes, hoskins for the bench, I can't really see a place for him, especially as he would command a hefty fee.

Alfie is going nowhere BUT if he does that place won't be on his satnav! G8RFC

Don't think the Albion are looking for a striker, recently paid that price for Ulloa, we'll have Hosko and CMS back fit soon, Barnes on his day can bang them in for fun, more looking for midfielders and defenders. I don't think we have that kind of money for 1 player this season to be brutally honest. Also don't think Reading would let him go for less than 5.

Good luck with that worth at least 6m.

If Adkins does decide to offload Le fondre I have no doubt in my mind he will regret the day he did. Le Fondre will alway score goals whether in League 2 or the Premiership he has an air of confidence about him that can be rare in this day and age.

Would love to see him here at the Amex rather than Barnes but I think he's wirth more than that as he has proven he can score in many leagues!

Ed I'm not questioning you but how do you know this stuff? {Ed029's Note - It doesn't matter who or how I know, but I'll only put my name to something if I know it's reliable.

Why would Reading sell us their most consistent striker?

As formally said. Brighton have a depth up front with Ulloa. However he is the only striker who actually puts away goals. So who knows.

Brighton and hove Albion reportedly looking into the signature of M'baye Niang

01 Jul 2013 08:47:02
6 million, your having a laugh. He''s pony, we don't don't want him anywhere near the albion.

M'baye Niang? really, if your going to make stuff up at least do it with a slightly believable player

A made up rumour. Firstly, although Oscar Garcia has been appointed, BHA will NOT be signing ANYONE until Gus's appeal is finalised.
Secondly, even when Oscar is given to go a head to sign players, I can assure you Adam Le Fondre is NOT on Oscar's radar.
Finally. £6m! That's even funnier that this made up rumour. He has a market value of £2m - £2.5m MAXIMUM!!

M'baye Niang

Err I doubt it very much. If you are referring to David Lopez leaving and this is his replacement. we need another 4 million in the budget to afford this player. Plus he is a U21 French international player playing under contract to AC Milan until 2016. but nice rumour.

Niang I wish haha one of the best young talents in the world and anyway about le fondre we don't need another striker with ulloa hoskins barnes and CMS also who knows what will be happening with bergkamp and torbojn

Brighton have no money and could have a hefty pay out to make after Poyet's tribunal appeal. They will only sign loan players until that is sorted and they sell some of their more valuable assets like Bridcutt. Garcia could well take BHA up next season, but he won't do it by spending on new expensive players.



30 Jun 2013 10:57:49
Released Norwich striker Simeon Jackson has contract offers from Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forrest & Bournemouth. Wednesday looks like the most likely option for him.

Would rather deadly derek Holmes back

I remember Holmes-ey, my dad used to call him a big-Scottish-pudding!Would like to see Jackson at AFCB.



30 Jun 2013 10:38:35
Matt Tubbs has rejected offers from Crawley and Rotherham and will sign a season long loan with Oxford United. He doesn't want to play for Steve Evans again, and does not want to return to Crawley. He hopes a good season at Oxford will alert other clubs of greater stature of his goalscoring prowess. A stepping stone for his future, and the prospect of playing alongside Dave Kitson swung his decision in the end.

(Matt's cousin)

He isn't going to oxford, matt's postmans brothers wifes uncle.

The prospect of playing alongside Dave Kitson is enough to lure any striker to Oxford.

Evans, as been quoted as saying he speaks to tubbs regularly, so can't see the bit about not wanting to play for him been true.

Wherever he goes wish he'd hurry up and get on with it

Would love tubbs at ox, we would smash league 2

As any really thought crawley don't want him

I think you will find its all down to money. Tubbs got a huge hike in pay when he went to Bournemouth, and has two years left on contract. I doubt if he can fit Crawley's pay structure. If Oxford can afford him it is a possibility but there are the fair play rules to concider.



30 Jun 2013 10:28:39
Boro going to make offer for Jamie Paterson of Walsall and snatch his signature from under forests nose, not really best use of money I don't think

4 or 5 clubs are said to be discussing terms with the young man.

30 Jun 2013 17:04:51
Forest got the fee done it just terms now so forest at the moment are winning the race

You have to have a offer acepted to be able to discuss terms with a player, which Forest have.
Not seen any reports of other teams bids being acepted.



30 Jun 2013 10:21:34
Demba Ba to West Brom. Season long loan

I'm a West Brom and this has zero chance of happening.

Every chance of that happening. Doesn't figure in Mourinho's plans and wants to play in the PL.

I think the I'm a westbrom fan isn't more likely a poor wolves fan

We've held talks with him and Steve Clarke could get him because he is friends with mourinho

Ba won't come, simple reason is that he won't take a pay cut on his 80k a week and we clearly won't pay over 40 so not going to happen!

Its a loan deal so Chelsea could pay his wages still but i'd think it would be a 50/50 wages split between the 2 clubs if anything was to happen.



30 Jun 2013 10:18:03
tv: Wayne Rooney has been encouraged to join Barcelona by Camp Nou new-boy Neymar as speculation continues to surround the future of the Manchester United striker.

Rooney wouldn't get a game at barca



30 Jun 2013 10:11:07
Cody Mcdonald to sign for shrewsbury on loan after he was pictured training with them on their first day or pre season

Also former Blackpool striker Gary Taylor-Fletcher and former Southampton right back Danny Butterfield will sign next week on free transfers

True! The picture on Shropshire star website, first pic of per season includes Cody on the back left,

No it doesn't!

Joined Gillingham

Signed for Gillingham on a 2 year deal

Hes 100 percent signed for shrews it will be released today or morning

He has joined Gillingham. Will be unveiled on Tuesday.



30 Jun 2013 10:08:25
Yossi Benayoun has been linked with a move to West Brom but intrest has also been shown by Spanish and German teams.



30 Jun 2013 09:37:52
Bolton have accepted a bid from Wolves for Sam Ricketts, believed to be in region of 250-300k. However the player not keen on league one or wages proposed. Seemingly hanging on for a firm championship offer. Ricketts surplus to requirements at the Wanderers following signings of Hayden White (100k) and Alex Baptiste (Free).



30 Jun 2013 09:27:56
Blackpool transfer targets:
David goodwillie- blackburn
wilfred zaha- Manchester United loan
ross mcormack- leeds
Matej vydra-udinese loan
Roger johnson free
gary mckenzie-mk dons
emmanuel adebayor-tottenham loan
Neil bishop free

Sorry I am the most optimistic blackpool supporter and even I think that bishop and Mackenzie are the only ones likely and all the rest are too expensive

Blackpool are a good club, but with the money they have I strongly doubt these are realistic targets unless they sell Thomas Ince or Matt Phillips

There's no way you'll get Ross mccormack he's already said he's happy at leeds. zaha if Man United let him out on loan is going to a premiership team possibly palace and vidra is also going to the premiership weather it be permanent or loan west brom and Sunderland are interested and he's say he dosent want to play in the championchip another season even if he did it would be Watford he'd go to.

Most of them are reasonable, but Adebayor, really? Even Zaha, this is Blackpool not A$ Monaco.

What planet are you on?

That would be great except that won't happen

The Adebayor and Zaha ones are hilarious!



30 Jun 2013 08:57:42
out of contract CTFC striker Darryl Duffy will join league 2 rivals Bristol Rovers next Monday or tuesday

Jw said only one more signing for us and that's a midfielder. We're waiting on jjot

This isn't true!

I don't think so, we have enough forwards at the club at present and need a midfield playmaker



30 Jun 2013 08:42:22
Just seen Brendan Rodgers having coffe with tello and his agent in Manchester hotel

Which hotel?

Don't need him after Aspas and Alberto

I bet it will Costa lot.



30 Jun 2013 08:37:45
Middlesbrough trying to sign grant holt on a year loan deal

Would be amazing but can't see him going back to the championship when he has proved he can be good in the Premiership

Id drive him here myself, the fact we are being linked with half decent premier league players is a very good sign.

30 Jun 2013 15:07:54
grant is our captain and is going nowhere otbc



30 Jun 2013 08:27:59
Danny Ward set to sign on full season loan to Bradford City and Jamie Vardy in swap deal for James Hanson

Total rubbish, why would we swap Hanson for Vardy?

Maybe 'cos Vardy is a footballer?

30 Jun 2013 13:21:53
Why would danny Ward want to play in League one. Total rubbish.

He has played in League One beforewith Swindon and did well so as long he's getting first team football it wouldn't matter to him I can see this happening to be honest



30 Jun 2013 08:25:40
Chris Powell is frustrated about the lack of movement in terms of transfers, and has given an ultimatum to the club. Investment, or he will look elsewhere! This has come straight from the club.

His ultimatum is also believed to include bids for; Simeon Jackson, Kevin Bostwick, Kevin Davies and Yeovils Paddy Madden.

Gary Johnson's well into his recruitment process, adding to the team for the coming season. We won't be letting anyone go now, not at this late stage, unless it was for a vast amount.

Madden has said he's not leaving

2. 5 m says he will go.

Certainly won't go for 2. 5 m, Yeovil will definitely want more than that

He's going no where! GJ and Paddy have both said that he's staying with Yeovil



30 Jun 2013 08:01:40
Higuain to sign for Arsenal next week.



30 Jun 2013 07:52:36
With Akinfenwa eyeing up a move back in London where his home and business is, Cheltenham have targeted another target man now compiled at the top of the list. That is Rene Howe.

Howe will be playing in league one next season and has being linked with Walsall and Carlisle.

Rene Howe is not believed to be on Cheltenham's radar. York remained interested in him.



30 Jun 2013 02:54:20
Celtic boss Neil Lennon is interested in Dundee Utd winger Gary Mckay-steven for a fee of £1.5m. Huddersfield and Crystal Palace.

Can't see Huddersfield having an interest after signing Hammill, our focus is on central strikers, Vaughan and another then probably a midfield playmaker.

Are we still interested inthis guy, now Hammil has signed?

We should be looking to strenghthen the defence after having the worst goals against in the division, it was pathetic,,



30 Jun 2013 02:38:17
Cardiff and Everton are set to battle it out for the signiture of Scotland and celtic winger James Forrest. The superkid is the most brightest talent in scottish football and was named in the top 50 young rising stars to watch in 2012-2013. Celtic value him at £8m which could work in the Toffees' favour.

Forrest is a celtic die heart mate not sure if he'd leave he's had a few injuries so this season I think he'll really show his talent. Much better than mcgeady as well.

Qpr chased him 1 or 2 years ago for around 7 mill but Celtic will hold out for 10mill at least. He is an academy player and will only leave for 10 mill as Lennon loves the kid. Epl better wake up and realize they can no longer pouch Celtic players for under value as they have no debt. If players us then as a stepping stone then pay up with your rediculous money, rather then spend big on duds



30 Jun 2013 01:45:10
Darren Anderto and set to join the academy coaching set up atBrustol City.

What as, a sick note advisor.



30 Jun 2013 01:32:07
Julian Bennett has been training this week with County

He is too good for Newport



30 Jun 2013 00:16:25
York sign Lewis Montrose



29 Jun 2013 23:46:50
Nemanja vidic is on his way to juventus

Moyes should of with Ferdinand and Jones



30 Jun 2013 00:23:35
Oldham to sign Jamie Vardy from Leicster when the new owner takes over.



29 Jun 2013 23:43:13
Walsall trialists

Richard Peniket - 20-years old, released at the end of last season by Fulham, has represented Wales at Under-17, Under-19 and Under-21 levels.

Jordan Ball - the 19-year old was released by Doncaster Rovers last season

Paddy Mullen - The 19-year-old winger released by Doncaster Rovers last season

Richard O'Donnell - 24 year-old goalkeeper O'Donnell played for Chesterfield last season

Filip Orsula- 20 year old striker released by Wigan

James McQuilkin - 24-year-old midfielder released by Hereford United

Troy Hewitt - former Queens Park Rangers striker,
(23-year-old) was on loan at Bury last season

Omari Sterling-James - Originally an apprentice at the Birmingham City Academy, now plays for Alvechurch, played for Walsall Reserves last season



29 Jun 2013 23:43:05
Ex Real Madrid striker Javier Acuna has confirmed he will be playing for Watford next season. He is signed on for Udinese and will be sent out on a season long loan.

The guy never even played for the read madrid team, and he has more injuries than goals in his career. enjoy him

Not technically true, but point taken (about the injuries). However, as I believe has been previously noted, Vydra had been ravaged by injuries, and look where he is now.



29 Jun 2013 23:38:01
stoke linked with Weverson Leandro Oliveira Moura �4m

Wheres the link? Because this isn't true



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