Football Rumours Archive June 30 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 30 2012 

29 Jun 2012 23:32:23
Bury to re-sign former loanee Tom Elliot from Conference side Stockport on a free transfer, also looking at ex-Shrew and Cobbler Jake Robinson(8)(4)Tom Elliot signed for Cambridge in may, so thats a load of rubbish.


29 Jun 2012 23:29:05
Latest news i have heard:
Jordan Rhodes to sign for Reading after they have a £7 million bid accepted. Liverpool have offered Downing plus £5 million for Moses which will be accepted. Newcastle have made Demba Ba an ultimatum about his future to clear it up. Willems could be set to move to the toon army as their new full back. Chelsea have made Pastore their top target as Hulk deal looks more and more unlikely. Bolton, who have completed Andrews deal, have nearly agreed deal to sign Scharner. West Brom will agree to sell Odemwingie to Wigan for £7 million. They will look at signing P.S.G striker Erdinic. He is a decent signing. Portsmouth will recieve quite a few players on loan from the Baggies. Wolves are trying to swap Vokes and Edwards for Blues striker King, who is a proven scorer in the Championship. Leicester see Zigic as their ideal striker, and are prepared to offer up to £4 million for him. They will also sign Helguson from QPR as well as Tommy Smith, Whittaker however they are far behind on the list, and Bolton defender Knight. Hull have made N'Daw their main target, as he impressed with Blues this season. Fulham have offered £5 million for West Brom winger Thomas. They are also going to sign Martin Petrov. Reading should complete the signing of Guthrie this evening.(10)(53)Never heard such a load of cods. Keep taking the tabletsHe is right about Guthrie .... let's see what happens over the next few days before you call it all BS (which it isn't)All rubbish and Guthrie joined Reading 3-4 hours before you said he would sign laterLiverpool are going to offer Charlie Adam or Jay Spearing plus £4m, Downing wouldn't go to a team who fights relegation every year {Ed025's Note - he went to liverpool did,nt he?....only joking...lolIt's not £7m, it's £4.5m plus Morrison. He will sign for Reading next week.^^ haha if you had even a word of sense you'd know that Guthrie has 'joined' but preliminarily, his contract with newcastle runs out today. which means he can only fully sign tomorrow.Erdinic isnt at p.s.g anymore he moved in januarySo u reckon morrison is worth 2.5 million , dream on, town rate morrison around 1M so add another 7 milliom plus add ons and u might be nearer the mark. that's if town were happy to sell and i don't think there botherd to sell seeing we have a owner worth 490MJordan rhodes is been over rated just because hes scored goals in league 1 doesnt mean anything. look at billy paynter was gd in league 1 and doesnt seem to do much in championshipYeah,

Guthrie old news now, we signed him, seems like a nice lad from what i saw of his press realease, dnt know a huge amount about him apart from he's a good passer of the ball and very happy to sign for Reading. Newcastle fans what's your opinion of him?

MoAdam johnson would be fantastic for liverpool


29 Jun 2012 22:47:49
-Very Strong Rumour-

Walsall have agreed season long loan deals with former loaness Sam Mantom (WBA) and Florient Cuvelier (Stoke).

Dean Smith have persuaded both to come back after successful loan spells last season.

Both deals will be announced on Monday Morning.(7)(13)From a Stoke POV I hope Flo doesn't go back to Walsall. I was hoping he'd be able to go to the Championship this season to up his game a bit further.I think Pulis wants to loan Cuvelier to a Championship club, so he can have a bigger test.Tony pulis has said he wants cuvelier to be playing in the championship next seasonVery unlikely that Flo Cuvelier will join Walsall - most likely to join a Championship side. Mantom is a possibility though.


29 Jun 2012 22:34:39
Wigan will receive 5 million plus Josh McEachran form Chelsea for Victor Moses, providing the fund for the signing of Watford centre-half Adrian Mariappa(9)(21) 

No you wont lol josh is worth more then moses on his own this is silly


29 Jun 2012 22:30:04
Nathaniel Clyne will be tempted to the Midlands after Steve Clarke tracked him for 2 years whilst with Chelsea(16)(22)Albion are interested in a natural right back as Steven Reid suffers injuries quite often. Cant see this one happening with big clubs interested but he would have a better chance at first team football and Clarke can move reid back into a holding role and that would help cover the gaps by scharner and andrews departure! We are also interested in Gunter from forest and Bradford from derby



29 Jun 2012 22:20:08
With offers coming in left, right and centre for goalkeeper Michel Vorm, Swansea will turn their attention to Manchester United's Danish keeper Anders Lindegaard, who was frustrated at his lack of first team opportunities in the second half of the recent campaign(10)(12)He was keeping De Gea out of the team until he got injured in training. It was nothing to do with a lack of chances! If there was any chance of Lindergaard leaving the United wouldnt have released kuzczackAnders would be good but MU will not let him go.Michel Vorm is not leaving Swansea


29 Jun 2012 22:17:32
Butterfield to sign 1yr contract before end of the weekend(15)(11) 



29 Jun 2012 22:13:15
With Wilson Palacios on the Transfer List, Stoke are keen on injury-prone Owen Hargreaves on a pay-as-you-play basis(9)(26)Are you playing championship manager or something? Palacios isn't up for sale.Sell Palacios and buy an even more injury own player? You can't be seriousPulis has stated that Palacios will be like 'a new signing' next season.This is rubbish, Pulis wants Palacious to be a big part next season when fully fit!


29 Jun 2012 22:11:07
Stockport County having brought back former defender James Tunnicliffe are now talking to two more former players about a return to Edgeley Park on a permanent basis and an announcement is expected by the end of next week.(7)(7)There has been rumours that Turnbull, Raynes and Dickinson would one day return, but I have heard that interest is in Mullins and HavernI heard Havern early close season and thought it should have happened by now if it was to happen. Still maybe. The club are interested in Turnbull and Mainwaring after loan spells last season


29 Jun 2012 22:11:07
Gary Thompson and Jon Otsemobor are set to sign for Bradford City. Andy Gray has rejected contract to rejoin the Bantams.(13)(8)If true re JO then casts doubt on the nathan doyle rumours. Would rather have doyle.I suspect that Doyle is still a possible as we still need midfield cover and the fact he can play RB is a massive bonus, PP likes versatile players


29 Jun 2012 22:08:37
After completing the signings of Pavel Pogrebnyak and Danny Guthrie, Reading are looking to improve their back four with double raid on Bolton for Gretar Steinsson and Zat Knight(17)(9)Zat knight extended a contract with bolton
toonfanZat Knight would not improve our defence. Steinsson may do.Fair play to reading they've signed 2 good premier league players for nout!Not bad playersReading were in for knight but looks likes he is staying at bolton after extending contract,
MrRfcBelievable. I dont rate them but they would do as back up as I'm sure Gorkks and Pearce will be given the chance to prove themselves in the prem after their excellent record in the championship'Fair play to reading they've signed 2 good premier league players for nout!'


When we talk to players and buy into our vision we tend to do o.k in the transfer market. Would like to see a proven CB come in next.


29 Jun 2012 22:05:54
Cardiff City looking to bring in these players:

Richard Keogh - Coventry - £1.5m
Danny Gabbidon - QPR - Free
Craig Bellamy - Liverpool - £2m
Simon Church - Reading - £500,000
Simon Cox - West Brom - £3m
Liam Lawrence - Portsmouth - £150,000(18)(22)Doubtful you'll sign Simon Church for that sort of money as he's highly rated by the club, might be available on loan though.Gabbidon and Lawrence no thanks both HAD their good daysI disagree because I think that Church isn't needed at Reading now they've got: Roberts, Hunt, Le Fondre, Pogrebnyak, McCleary and SheppardYou wont get Church for less than £1.5m.Not on loan. He's off mate. Pog now confirmed, and Rhodes will sign next week. Church, Manset and Brett Williams have all been told they are surplus.Church is work 500kCardiff wont sign Lawrence. As much as we would like to get rid of him for obvious reasons his wage demand is just too big for any championship team (certainly for a player like him).Simon Church highly rated he hardly got any game time last season with Reading, he is something of the age of 23 years which means he's should've had a lot more game time than he has or is he out of favour, i wouldnt want Church in our team i would get everyone but Gabbs and Church, Lawrence maybe but Gabbs is always injuredAnd how are Coventry going to afford this? Getting the Embargo lifted because you have finally filed your accounts does not mean you have any money!!Cox for 3 million you can have him, he ain't worth a tenner at the moment, cheers easy that's a bargain for west brom to offload him to Cardiff for 3 mil. LmaoI'd like to see Chrurch going for 750k, I think that's a fair price. He will probably do well if and when he gets first team football.

MoHow are Coventry going to afford what? Selling a player? If Richard Keogh went to Cardiff they would have to pay Coventry, not the other way around!!


29 Jun 2012 22:04:59
Stoke City have enquired about Axel Witsel. They were interested before he signed for Benfica and Pulis still wants him.(12)(19)Witsel has a long term deal with Benfica signed only last season. If Stoke were after him he'd have to be a record breaking signing and I don't think Coates is up for that this year. It'd be nothing short of a miracle if we managed to land him.I heard different that stoke are about to launch a bid for Oscar Cardozo and he is available for around 12mI think too many people are getting Champ Manager confused with real life on this site.


29 Jun 2012 22:04:30
Chris Porter in talks with Bradford City after Andy Gray rejects contract offer(4)(13)Been a bit injury prone but a good record when fit. sufc have offered him a contract so good enough for them.


29 Jun 2012 22:03:37
Sam Togwell signed for Chesterfield 100% announced Monday(4)(10)Not a done deal there are a few clubs in for him and his decision pendingTogwell is a done deal 100% and I doubt he has other offers as he has come back to Chesterfield who made him a offer weeks ago.Shrewsbury have missed out on Summerfeild and have shown intrest


29 Jun 2012 22:02:03
Reading showing Saints and West Ham how to do it in the transfer market!

Rhodes is a done deal. Signs Monday. Huddersfield wanted to wrap up two deals beforehand, one was today (was it Norwood?)

Mariappa is over as the takeover at Watford lead to them upping the price after agreeing a fee. Nicky Hammond doesn't like to be messed around and Reading have since switched their attention to Bassong.

Good times!(10)(30)Deluded Royals fans. You have not and will not sign Jordan Rhodes. The player himself has said he wants to stay at Huddersfield and help them push for the Premier's not a done deal until he has signed ...and you say he signs on Monday, so for now, nothings doneWatford tired of being messed around by "in the know" Reading fans who are convinced that a fee was agreed. Pay up or shut up!Deluded Royals fans. You have not and will not sign Jordan Rhodes. The player himself has said he wants to stay at Huddersfield and help them push for the Premier League....................................

When gylfi said he loved reading we sold him the next week. Money is the only thing that speaks in this sport.

For the record I'm not overly keen on him, clearly talented but for the money being talked about there a far better forwards out there!Tbf mate, we sold gylfi to fill the financial black hole, had we been as financially stable as Huddersfield then im sure we wouldn't have soldRhodes is staying at town. Rhodes wants to stay and Hoyle wants to keep him so no way Rhodes is leaving this summerI am reliably informed that Jordan will not be signing for Reading UNTIL other deals are firmly in place. Then it will be Morrison plus 6.5m + add-ons.Nick Hammond tired of us messing him around? Does he/you remember the Tommy smith Bull you tried to pull with us?Might be because Reading have the worst team out of them, Saints and West Ham, and are desperate to sign anyone!It's the Hudds fans that are deluded if you think he doesn't want Premiership football.

Can't wait to LOL at you next week.There is a quaint naivety about some of the Reading supporters!
Can't speak for WHU but you are certainly not showing Saints how to operate. So you have signed two players who were free transfers. Two questions, why were they free, and why were a host of other clubs not chasing them if they were such great deals??
Not for me to answer those questions, I think you will get the answer soon enough.Our owner is worth £150m+ don't think we need to sell rhodes tbh...Leave us Reading fans alone, we will surprise allot of you. We will sign about 3-4 more players and top one at that. I honestly think we will finish top half of the table. Oh and the Rhodes deal is as good as done, will be announced early next week.Rhodes delighted at Huddersfield's ambition, and happy to stay for a season to see how close to the top six they can get. Not swayed by the money - Hoyle has guaranteed him that in the medium term.....Well, lets see when the TW opens............

MoTo break up some of the Reading Huddersfield hate going on, congrats on Norwood. Solid kid! From a Reading fan!

RNelsIt already has opened. Surprised how many fans don't know that.

As for the Lambert FC...Sorry Southampton fan let's see about no one being interested in the players we signed.

Mccleary - a host of clubs were interested in the boy but he chose us. Maybe because we have a brilliant record of bringing on young players.

Pogrebnyak - Fulham wanted him to stay and Villa were interested but again he chose us.

Guthrie - West Brom were interested in him but again he chose Reading and called the move as "A no brainer" and "honoured to join such a fantastic club"

Then we have your signing the "Prolific" Jay Rodriguez. Whilst teams such as Villa, Everton and Wigan were interested Southampton were the only team crazy enough to pay £7 million for him.'Might be because Reading have the worst team out of them, Saints and West Ham, and are desperate to sign anyone!'

Ahem, can i remind you about who won the leauge last season pushing WH into a play off place and snatching the title from under Saints noses....Come on get real. lol. You will see plenty of transfer business going through both WH and Saints, the players we have signed so far have all been free's and I think some clubs have missed a trick in the free market.

MoIf Rhodes goes for 6.5m plus Morrison i for one would be happy at that as long ad we get an decent. Replacement before hand but i can't see him going to Reading
Johnny huddsWhat is with reading fans. why would huddersfield accept 2.5mil + morrison for rhodes when huddersfield rejected i think a 4.5mil bid for rhodes in January and rhodes is worth like 8mil. thats saying that morrison is worth more than rhodes and really thats just insulting rhoes. i think reading fans have overstayed their stay in dream land.But Mo, how can you have signed any players, because you only recently said the transfer market wasn't open!
We will see about your free transfer "bargains" in good time. Fulham were NOT interested in your Russian at the wages he wanted,ie. he is not that good-but you have paid up, good business!? As for your other great deal, you will find out soon enough.
£7m for Rodriguez-ignorant comment-you don't have a clue. If you are old enough to read the papers you should also be old enough to understand that much of the content is fiction.If Rhodes leaves and if he does then it's with the blessing of all town fans cos we all love him to death, then I hope it's not to Reading. Poor move IMO straight back down and chances will be few and far between in the prem for those boys. This isn't messi this is the nearest thing to Robbie Fowler since the man himself, he needs service. Of he does go to Reading then 7m plus Morrison and Antonio would suit me as compensation."Might be because Reading have the worst team out of them, Saints and West Ham, and are desperate to sign anyone!"

Yet we still finished higher than both saints and WHU champions if I remember rightly?.... POG and Guthrie are great free signings cant wait for the transfer window to open now!fans that think reading won't get Rhodes we will. He will be signing on Monday so there.


29 Jun 2012 21:59:51
Martin Jol sees Sebastien Bassong as the solution to a nailed-on centre-back partner to Brede Hangeland and will offer Tottenham anything up to £3 million(15)(7)


29 Jun 2012 21:43:06
Swans manager Michael Laudrup is looking to add some fresh blood to his midfield this summer, and the Dane supposedly sees the 24-year-old De Guzman as the perfect addition.

The duo previously worked together at Mallorca during the 2010-11 campaign, and the newly-appointed Swansea boss is keen to be reunited with the midfielder.(6)(10)I may be mistaken but didn't De Guzman play for Malaga ?No never Malaga but Mallorca with Laudrup to Villarreal, now are relegated so its possible. [AO]On loan to mallorca


29 Jun 2012 21:37:56
Johnnie Jackson (charlton's captain) has just signed a new two year deal with the club(11)(8)


29 Jun 2012 21:01:43
Jim Larsen in talks with wolves about
a mid July switch to

Bill bodmin(9)(3)


29 Jun 2012 21:22:49
French newspaper L'Equipe say that Rennes defender Kader Mangane is in talks with West Ham. The 29 year-old Senegalese international has been the subject of interest from Newcastle, Arsenal and Sunderland, however, it looks as if we may have beaten them to the signing of Mangane. A £4m bid has been accepted, according to reports.

190298(7)(10)29 to old for age limit at newcastle but sounds quite good
toonfanEither on Saturday or Sunday he will be haven a medical Forever A HammerBit of an animal so i heard potential red card player.but sooner him than gallas


29 Jun 2012 20:38:13
Reading have signed Danny Guthrie on a free transfer, the 25 year old signed a 3 year contract earlier today.(24)(8)Wish villa would of snapped him up. Possible petrov replacement while he recovers from lukemia and is a hungry player that fits lamberts policy from norwich.

How did we not try for him?You may have tried for him. He signed for Reading because we are a well-run family club with good ambitions. That is not saying that other clubs are not, but he wanted to be a part of the exciting times at Reading.

LoyalRoyal94Wasn't on your radar possibly :

MoVilla can't afford him. Jimbo.


29 Jun 2012 20:30:30
Bury fc to sign Shaun miller from Crewe after talks with Boston united striker Marc newsham fell through(9)(5)Would be a great signing for the Mighty Shakers.


29 Jun 2012 20:20:41
Danny Guthrie to join Reading on a 3-year deal. Unsure about terms/fees but completed his medical today, expect to see the transfer complete by Sunday.
Source: Sky {Ed003's Note - It's confirmed tonight}(19)(9)


29 Jun 2012 20:20:24
Stoke to turn attentions to Louis Saha, after Michael Owen snub. Maiga could also come in if Tony Pulis is willing to pay the £5million for the forward with know premiership experiance.(9)(20)What premiership experience has Miaga got, apart from nearly signing for Newcastle?
The Owen saga is all very much on again off again, I believe he has even switched agents now as well.
So, given these 2 mistakes I'm slightly less inclined to believe the Saha rumour.I believe where the poster has written 'know premiership experience' it mean he has no premiership experience! just an incorrect use of words. so he hasnt made a mistake at all. wudnt b surprised if we signed saha, and we shouldnt be touching owen with a bargepole


29 Jun 2012 19:59:38
Scottish international left back Warren Cummings has joined Wimbledon on a free transfer after leaving Bournemouth earlier last month.(13)(1)Wouldn't really say international after playing 1game against hong kongHaha, I wouldn't ever call hong kong an international team


29 Jun 2012 19:57:10
Reading have signed Danny Guthrie on a free transfer, 3 yr contract. On SSN(21)(4)Why would Fedders want to leave after getting Reading into the premiership. He would play second fiddle to Reina. Let's hope he stays as he is a fantastic keeper.Seems unlikely Fed would give up a year in the shop window as Reading No.1 to warm the bench at Liverpool.Good, solid and reliable but not sure he has the creativity we so clearly lack in the middle of the park. Most of our goals come from deep crosses and we really need a plan b if we're to stand a chance of staying upFeds to Anfield for 5million plus pepe Reina would be interesting as Reina would be good backup for the excellent Alex McCarthy and Mikkel Anderson we really are blessed with good keepers at Reading.Hmmm surely if we got Reina then he would take the top spot. PL, CL and World football experience....However would like to keep Feds as his shot stopping is amazing. Having said that 5 mil means another player so.........


29 Jun 2012 19:54:30
yey albion have signed Ben Foster on a 3 year deal. brill signing(17)(3)


29 Jun 2012 19:52:00
Brendan Rodgers is keen to bring in Aussie goalkeeper Adam Federici from Reading. Liverpool have asked for permission to talk to the player.(10)(16)Is Jones still at Liverpool? That would be two aussie goalkeepers in the same squad? not convinced.Load of rubbish, good luck with thatNot a chanceNo problem with that, but Reading would want in excess of £7m.You won't get fedders he's a top quality keeper and will be staying at reading.Bar Liverpool being a bigger club, why would he leave Reading when we dont need to sell? Liverpool = mediocre club now and light years from being title contendersThis is a ridiculous rumour, there is no way Feds is leaving Reading!Federici is a fantastic stopper and easily one of the best keepers outside the prem last year but better than reina? Not for a while yet me thinkNot sure if Feds would want to play under Rogers again and I think Feds is smart enough to use this opportunity to negotiate an extension to his current contract. Hammond will have no hesitation in keeping him at Reading on improved termsNever gunna happenThis is definately false. Liverpool have Reina who is not retiring any time soon. Feders would not leave us, a club where he can play first team football, for a club where he would be sat on the bench.Liverpool aren't mediocre they are better than average as it stands and are massive under acheivers but yeah he should stay at Reading but as we know money talks.Federici to Liverpool is an absolute joke mate


29 Jun 2012 19:48:31
Has anyone heard the rumour about Lukasz Piszczek possibly joining Chelsea?

What do you think?(17)(8)


29 Jun 2012 19:39:00
Reading fc have completed the signing of Danny Guthrie on a three year deal!!
Great signing for free!!(16)(4)V Good signing.Perfect for readingNo signings are free.Just fatter wallets for the player and his agent.Was getting linked with Leeds a lot but which would have been great but cant blame him for staying in the prem.I think Guthrie will be a very good addition to the squad ,now I would love Nick Hammond and the board to try for Nathan Redmond,he looks a fantastic young player with great potential.Thing is he has such great potential, that he will cost LOADS!!


29 Jun 2012 19:31:49
Royals have signed Danny Guthrie today on a 3 year deal. We can safely say this is goodbye Sig.(20)(6)You were never gonna get the sig anyway it was either liverpool or swansea and now tottenham !Good! Maybe all the speculation of him signing for Saints will disappear. I personally don't see him as anything better than what we have in the CM already. Not a bad player, but not for us... I feel Morgan has the potential to be a better player than Danny. (SAINT IN THE USA)


29 Jun 2012 18:11:58
Norwich City are extremely close to completing the signing of Nigerian SC Braga left fullback
Uwa Elderson Echiéjilé, who is known simply as Elderson by those in Portugal,
This will be Norwich City's first signing of the transfer period.(15)(5)We need another left back for the competition and that's certainly a good shout. I don't know what quality he is at though so I don't know whether this is likely or not.Norwich have signed Stephen Whittaker on a 4 year deal, subject to international clearance


29 Jun 2012 18:51:07
Norwich looking into Spurs duo Dos Santos & Naugton(21)(17)Dos Santos is off to Spain.Looks like gio is going back to Spain, I think Walker may miss the start of the new season so Naughton may well stayDos Santos! come on really! i don't think that will happen anytime soon!
Spoon ;)Dos Santos is Wigan bound and Naughton is too expensive for Villa so Norwich have no chanceToo expensive for villa....Naughtons available on a free transferNaughton is not available on a free transfer, but Spurs are believed to be prepared to sell, the remark that because he was too expensive for Villa Norwich has no chance is pretty dumb, Norwich actually have a budget for new signings that exceeds Villa's budget.
Lambert has been told he has to sell players to raise additional funds to buy, likewise he has a remit to get the most expensive players off the wage bill, IE Ireland being linked with other clubs.
Norwich chairman on the other hand has already stated that Norwich have no need to sell any 1st team squad players and that Chris Houghton has been handed a substantial budget for new additions to squad.
It appears that Houghton is already trying to bring in a left and right back, both of whom could be coming in from Europe.Naughton has a 6M price tag which is why Villa dropped interest . He certainly isn't free.


29 Jun 2012 18:15:37
From a good source that Huddersfield town are looking to sign 3 or 4 more players before the start of the season their targets are Morrison,clayton,McCormack,mgugan and chambers there are back up targets if the fail to land these players.(9)(21)WOULD LOVE MCGUGAN! morrison is a must, clayton and mccormack are possibilities but would be great additions, and chambers?Mcgugan won't join town coz the midfield won't work with him and norwood in the centre. chambers will also stay at forest as they have been taken over so why would they leave now there is money there? clayton again wouldnt fit in with norwood plus leeds now have money. mccormack has had talks with crystal palace and looks set to sign there, plus he doesnt get on with simon grayson. so the only likely one to happen out of them is morrison.Just passing on transfer targets plus clayton is transfer listed and McCormack hasn't fallen out with Grayson and who is to say we will play with two in midfield I said there were other targets and Grayson likes a 433 so they could play in midfield togetherIf he doesn't get on with Grayson why did he score less goals after he left than while he was there?Its not football manager mate who are you to say players cant play together? or is this fergie?Two attacking minded midfielders both of who have similar qualities. now its not football manager but its logic. very rarely do teams play those type together. unless we do play 4-3-3Nah mate, youv definately been playing on footy manager too much. I'll let simon decide which players can play together or not if thats okay with you pal


29 Jun 2012 17:44:58
just been announced on Forest official
web site that the Al Hasawi family
from Kuwait have progressed well
over Forest takeover.
The twice European Cup Winners are
hopfully about to eclipse Man City &
return to their right home.
Premier League & Champions league

The A Block(21)(25)Just because you'll have money doesn't mean you'll get success straight away - e.g LeicesterCalm down for God's sake, sincerely a fellow Forest fan.Eclipse man city, what a ridiculous post, just be happy u are being taken over, still a championship side with championship playersI think it was tongue and cheek about man city.
If toy can only understand how frustrated we have been over the last 3 months, you would realise why we are in a jubilant mood


29 Jun 2012 17:17:39
Doncaster are looking at re-signing Dean Shiels from Kilmarnock(6)(13)This is untrue because he was never a full Kilmarnock player. He went on loan first half of season and signed a contract till end of season (6 month) with Killie. So he is out of contract now. Why did Donnie let him go/?


29 Jun 2012 17:17:04
Vicente unhappy with the clause that has been invoked keeping him at Albion for another year. Reports say he has returned to Spain and that second division side Elche are willing to engineer a way out of his contract after he failed to agree terms with Brighton. Source The Argus.(11)(4)On a point of fact Vicente has not returned to the UK from Spain yet. He is only due to return to Brighton for training on Monday 2 July. Whether he will do remains to be seen.Be a silly thing for Vicente to break his contract even if Brighton broke a verbal promise but thats business and football is a business. Brighton did the work to get him back to match fitness and maybe he owes them at least a transfer fee however it was enjoyable to watch his brillant skills and wish him the best of luck wether its with us or back in his homeland.


29 Jun 2012 17:06:59
Official: Pozzo Family Seal Takeover Watford FC - Official Site 15:33(17)(5)


29 Jun 2012 16:59:52
West Ham have ended their intrest in Grant Holt. They are now going to step up their intrest in other forwards. The possible targets are:
Mobido Maiga
Demba Ba
Yannick Sagbo
Faizer Campbell
Would expect some more targets to be named in the next few weeks.
WHU will sign George McCartney in the next 24 hours.

190298(12)(27)Demba Ba seems a bit ambitious (and dangerous) to me - 7 million for a guy who left on a free?
Actually - that "minimum fee" only applies to clubs in the Champions League. Maiga seems plausible if the price is right mind...Heard campbell is on his way out of sunderland with a move to the london area on the cardsDemba Ba not a chance possibly Fraizer Campbell
toonfanDemba ba would never go back to west ham when he is at Newcastle. Maybe Maiga who has been linked with a 4 million poundExpect names to be banded about everyday to try and sell season tickets but lets have a look when the season starts. West Ham do it every year.Yes - just the porn merchants trying to drum up interest


29 Jun 2012 16:46:22
West Ham are interested in taking Luke Young from QPR(17)(13)Decent player i'd rather keep him but i never have problems with guys outside the first 11 wanting to play and at his age who could blame him


29 Jun 2012 16:41:29
any millwall news mate?(6)(19)Jackett looking at ex Southend keeper Glenn Morris to boost his squad


29 Jun 2012 16:40:34
Swindon town winger to have talks with afc Bournemouth next week fee believed to be £1m(11)(9)Where did this rumour come from? Dean cox will make a perfect replacement as £1m for him means that pugh won't be going for less. Bournemouth are signing like for like, so if pugh stays then there will be healthy competion for left wing. Dean cox can also play midfield which will be another advatage.Richie of swindon is another option that is likely replacement, bournemouth have made no secret they are interested but despite all the nonsense from swindon fans about £2.5m for div2 performer but totally untested at higher level, but £1m would be a very good offer. Still think Dean Cox of leyton orient would be better option, possibally cheaper due to being a free transfer from brighton, and I berlieve could play at higher levelYep, its true....................................... You most certainly can have Raffa de Vita for a million.HAHA...don't bite, they keep trying this crap because too many of you respond. We'll have the last laugh when Ritchie sets up a 3 or 4 goals against them this season...then we can jump back on here and have a good gloat!! We all know that Ritchie is off to Italy with the rest of the squad this weekend, and we all know that PDC see him as vital in the team this season just like we know he will not let his star players leave this season!!
Poor old Bournemouth fans....wishing so hard for some decent signings they are starting to become delusional!!Swindon leave for Lake Garda for pre-season in Italy on Sunday.

So, if these talks are to be held next week, then its going to be for Ritchie or De Vita to nip back for talks.......

Funny old thing, being in another country and holding rumour please.......The thing I don't get is why they think he would want to go to Bournemouth anyway. Yes , they could maybe offer more money, but why would he move to play, for the sake of argument , at the same level. He will only go to a Championship club. Just forget him Bournemouth and move on !As the entire squad is in Italy next week I doubt you will be having talks with our players sonNo way will Matt Ritchie be joining AFCB. We have Grabban and McQuoid to fill Pugh's boots when he leaves for a Championship club.I do love how all the Swindon fans get all angry when they hear someone may leave their mighty club. After your good last season, you seem to have forgotten that not everything goes your way. (I'm a Bournemouth fan, I would know).
Saying that, I wouldn't want Ritchie. I'm sure he'd be an excellent player but I don't think we should spend so much on one play, look at Tubbs! With all our financial problems in the past, I'm worried by this 'gun-ho' spending.I can't see why Richie would want to sign for AFCB as STFC are clearly a better team, or has nobody else noticed the odds for lge 1 this season? I just find it odd that this carry on has gone on this long I really am, no I'm not getting excited on the second half of last seasons performance you can have him for 1mil, I'd drive him, I'm interested to see how he performs this season, Richie IS proven at lge 1 level if you remember he spent a season with town during our relegation season. I expect Town to come above AFCB and I hope its by more than one place as that will only be mid-table.I find it funny how all the Swindon fans have a nibble at us AFCB fans when it comes to Matt Ritchie, TBF we don't want him. We've got Donal McCdermott whose much better than Ritchie.How can you say we haven't made any decent signings. Boughy in players with Championship experience/quality and potential.I remember Ritchie at Pompey, he was rubbish! He's found his level at Swindon and if Bournemouth are going for promotion like you say why are they trying to sign players of his standard?Lol to the post that says" Ritchie is proven in league 1 during our relegation season" lol is getting relegated proving yourself? Yeah he was great, carried the team on his own at times, carried them right down to league 2!!Bournemouth fans you think you have won the lottery. Yes you have a rich owner but will you fill a 20,000 stadium @ boscombe with all those retirement flats you keep building there


29 Jun 2012 16:40:11
Afc Wimbledon have signed the experienced left back warren Cummings after he was released from Bournemouth. He made 302 appearances in a 10 year spell.
Source- official website(12)(1)Excellent servant for afcb and at one time was easily the best left back in lower leagues, however in last 4 years has struggled to find any form or get into first team. He will certainly do a job for afc wimbledon and wish him all the best - watch out for his pranks!Cheers, seems a gd player and will hope he has a successful time with usGood luck to you Wazza! Top pro. Top man. We will miss you and your humour at Dean Court!Thank u wazza for your playing and humour from everyone at afcb good luck wimbledon u got a top playerWazza as u call him is cp.glad 2 c him go.


29 Jun 2012 16:23:11
Arsenal are set to conclude their summer transfers by completing deals for Varane and Granero both of Real Madrid for £20 million.(18)(23)


29 Jun 2012 16:19:07
SwindonTown goalkeeper Mattia Lanzano has had his contract terminated by mutual consent(10)(3)


29 Jun 2012 16:17:19
Birmingham City goalkeeping coach Dave Watson has asked permission to speak to Norwich. And Norwich are prepared to pay the compensation required to land him.(19)(5)Curtis Davies is the only realistic signing on this list........


29 Jun 2012 16:14:45
oliver norwood has signed a 3 year deal with hudds town. i quote"im over the moon"(21)(12)


29 Jun 2012 16:09:15
York have signed Michael Coulson from Grimsby and Huddersfield have signed Oliver Norwood from Man U after he rejected Barnsley earlier today(13)(4)


29 Jun 2012 16:09:03
Yaya Banana has been linked with
Crystal Palace from
FC Sochaux-Montbéliard(11)(11)Coolest name everBrill name


29 Jun 2012 15:08:54
bolton and celtic are interested in loaning yossi benayoun from chelsea. keith andrews has agreed a 2 year deal at bolton, the deal will be completed on the first of july when the transfer window opens. also tottenham are interested in lee chung young but are looking to offload wide players before they move in to try and sign him, if i was bolton and the player wanted out i would try get hold of either david bentley or gio dos santos as part exchange also nico kranjar is on his way fron tottenham(3)(17)Well done buddy. Nico left Spurs before the Euros.Get with the timesGossip benayoun coming to Tottenham .negredo singed for Tottenham and Perreria.


29 Jun 2012 16:03:50
Swindon striker Billy Bodin will sign for Torquay 50k plus Rene Howe(4)(15)Haha Rene Howe, no thanks!


29 Jun 2012 16:01:43
Bradford city will sign gary thompson this weekend......... It will be announced on monday(9)(5)


29 Jun 2012 15:47:00
keith andrews signs for Bolton from the official site(21)(4)


29 Jun 2012 15:43:51
Naismith is haveing a medical at everton TO-DAY, hope it goes ok !(23)(17)


29 Jun 2012 15:42:28
Ross MaCormack joining Palace is complete rubbish, no fee has been agreed and neither has personals or a medicial. Typical Palace fans believe someone in the know, weho knows nothing.(23)(12)What I don't get is how the know nothing come out of there clubAs i said a few days ago,he will only go there for silly money,to good for palaceHahaa typical deluded Leeds fans! Already agreed a deal wiv palace set to be announced Monday. U will look very silly wen it is announced! And not for more money either as palace have a sensible wage cap. Anyway look forward to a reply after he signs for palace!


29 Jun 2012 15:39:45
League 1 side Walsall are set to pull off a bit of a coup when they announce Izale Mcleod as there first signing. Ex Hereford duo Ben Pukiss and yoann Arquin are also strongly being linked with the saddlers as is midfielder Franck Moussa.(7)(15)Sorry Walsall fans there is no way Izale Mcleod will sign, he will be looking to move to the championship


29 Jun 2012 15:38:40
after turning down Rochdale, Crewe's out-of-favour striker Shaun Miller looking at moving to Dale's arch-rival Bury(2)(5)Get in that would be a great signing


29 Jun 2012 15:37:52
norwich city looking at these players
matt phillips blackpool 4m
matty fryatt hull=1.5m
curtis davies birmingham=3m
cory evans hull =2m
matt ritchie swindon=1m
luciano becchio leeds=2m
james chester hull 2m
robert snodgrass leeds=4m
matt mills leichester =3m
nathaniel clyne=palace 3.5m
craig dawson west brom 3m
dani pacheco 1.5m
steven naismith free
ivaica olic free
daniel prancic free
not all will happen but players we are looking at from a good source(8)(29)Another "Expert" who does not do any research...Matt Ritchie is staying with Swindon, at least for one more season.We need quality now not quantity . Most of these are average players . Would like Phillips , snodgrass and the Croatians maybe Curtis .Clyne is a free agent so you have no clue to what fee will be set by a tribunal. So, your post is shown to be fiction immediately.Clyne, fryatt, pacheco and snodgrass have all been under-valued by youLook all you want, you wont be getting becchio or snodgrass, naismith going to everton, phillips ,you're avin a laugh , he can do much better than norwich. must make your currnet players feel really wanted seeing this rubbish all the time,lolHow many more times. Matt Phillips is going nowhere. He's still on anothers year's contract, plus a year's option and Blackpool do not need the money. They will receive another 16 million parachute payment this season!What is it with Norwich and wanting Leeds players?Dawson isnt worth 3mil even though he is young he still needs to develop. and albion dont sell players young they always loan them out so a loan would seem more believable. boing boing!Mills left Leicester 2 weeks ago, Craig Dawson is going nowhere- to much potential.Seriously? Daniel Pranjic and Ivica Olic dropping from Champion's League finalists to us? Be reasonable please, this website is for rumours not BS.We don't, we need to aim higher, not saying they are bad players ..........but you know what i mean.Norwich want to become leeds utd, thats why they are always coveting our players,they are in love with us lolSnodgrass is the only reasonable player. he wants to come to us and will cost us around 5m as he only has 1 year left on his contract. the rest aren't good enough or arent a possibility.I think you will find snodgrass wants to stay at leeds,never shown any interest in norwich, probably doesnt even know where iit is.maybe we will soon be raiding norwich for their star players, if you have anySo Matt Phillips is not a reasonable player LOL sums up the whole rumour. Snodgrass is good but Phillips is too and at 21 has enormous potential.Add a 1 in front of that £4million you say for Phillips then Blackpool can start talking Seasider91Ken has done dodgy dealings and if the Saudis pull out Leeds are back in administration within 2 weeks so fingers crossedWhy would Norwich (premier league) want to sign Matt Ritchie?? Come on


29 Jun 2012 15:36:39
Mikael Forssell, who has been released by Leeds, is a target for Watford. This deal might fall through after the recent takeover.(2)(13)Lee hodson is not going to ipswich! Why would he?Absolute rubbish


29 Jun 2012 15:32:46
Dean Smith to kick start Pre season by signing signing

Simon Mensing 12 months
Jason Brown (GK) 12 months
Dean Shiels 12 months
Darren Mackie 12 months
Stephen Wright 6 months
Ryan Valentine 12 months
Ryan Proudlock 6 months(2)(8)


29 Jun 2012 15:30:05
Bradford City set to sign nunez by the end of the week(3)(8)I think you will see that it is garry thompson who is signing this weekendI hope this is true be nice to see a bit of flare in the sideYou said that 4 weeks agoHasn't he just signed for Doncaster?This is one rumour I wish would happen, doubt it though


29 Jun 2012 15:29:56
heard whispers of chinese investment coming to a club in the midlands soon. no idea which one, but more than likely could be either birmingham, forest or derby(9)(7)I am Birmingham city would love some further chinese investment of the right kind...Its West Brom mate. Its not a sell off , they are to buy into the club and invest in the squad.I'd love to have some more money at derby, the base of a good squads there but could do with more investment to take it to the next levelIts coventry city the hoff has been trying to sort it out for the last monthI am a blues fan dont think its true its blues but i think you could be right its a midlands club


29 Jun 2012 15:22:10
Any transfer news on barnsleyfc?(5)(4)


29 Jun 2012 15:21:34
Any recent news on Carlisle United? on Parnaby and Cook?(4)(5)8 trialists coming to pre season training, heard a couple of youngsters from newcastle and a couple from rangers are among themBoth of them players are speaking to championship clubs, that was abbott himself on radio cumbria, john fleck is the man we are in forJohn Fleck? No, it isn't. No point making things up really. I know for a fact it isn't him.Any names amongst these trialists? I know that Aaron Taylor (Workington Keeper) has been handed a trial but that's all I've really heard


29 Jun 2012 15:05:13
Preston's Paul Coutts return to peterborough has fallen through, They were unable to agree personal terms.(10)(3)Prestons local paper, with interview from the chairman, say no other bids have come in for him but confirms that he couldn't agree personal terms with peterboroughWith out coutts last season we would of been right in it me for one will be sorry to see him go as for Westley he is just a mouth acheCoutts went missing for large portions of last season, without stuck an we would have been in ttrouble.Yeah what would we have done without his two goals and endless assists. At least GW will die trying...


29 Jun 2012 14:58:10
David Edwards is set to walk out on wolves if they dont put him in there 1st team plans. Edwards is said to be loyal to wolves but only if he is a regular starter this season. Edwards has stated that he needs to be put forward so he can help the club to the premier league for the 2nd time.

Clubs alerted to this situation are:

fee set to be around 500-750k if he decides to leave.(11)(9)And where does this information come from?Gutted (not)I will drive him myself to any club for free. Typical Mick player - sell now please for the love of godThat's a bit harsh. Decent utility player and would be a snip at that price.Sell him and buy henriksen from rosenborg hes 100 times better


29 Jun 2012 14:53:07
Westbrom Sign Ben Foster on a 3 year deal. what a signing for the blue and white stripes(17)(2)


29 Jun 2012 14:53:06
Mark Yates is set to kick off Cheltenham's promotion push by signing Alan Connell and Mehdi Kerrouche.(10)(7)Really cant see this happening!It's possible.Possible and Connell was a player that showed brilliant prospects when given his occasional chance by Paolo di Canio.

Kerrouche however would need to demonstrate greater improvement to his fitness and determination, both of which he lacked at Swindon.Could we get them both from swindon? maybe one


29 Jun 2012 14:50:06
Hearts winger andy driver set for middlesbrough move(13)(10)Hes a load ov tosh a hope not mogga keep away from himReading post further up, could this be a part of deal taking McManus in opposite direction?


29 Jun 2012 13:33:28
ed, anything else on huddersfield town today? thanks {Ed044's Note -Not that i have heard of(4)(2)Not heard, well how about Norwood. He has now signed.Oliver norwwod has signed for the terriers official on htfc web site ttidTown signed Oliver Noorwood on a 3 year deal!Norwood has only signed a 1 year deal. Big mistake in my opinion.Nah, 3 years officiallyNorwood signed a 3 year deal dopey that 1 year thing on the OS is a typoNorwood has signed 3 year contract.FACT


29 Jun 2012 14:37:11
Swindon town are to sell alan connall to bristol rovers
I think he could get a bigger club than them though,deserves better(8)(4)Could happen although he has said he wants to play in league 1


29 Jun 2012 14:33:06
Celtic to try and capture the signing of carlos cuellar before sunderland try n land the player(6)(22)Not going to happen Sunderland have practically signed him (princey1995)


29 Jun 2012 14:29:14
York and Oxford are front runners for transfer listed Swindon midfielder Jonathan Smith. Alan Connel is wanted by Northampton, Rotherham and Crawley, most likely to go Crawley though as wants to play in league 1(6)(2)Smith is going to York.
Connell is not wanted by Crawley. Northampton are very interested.


29 Jun 2012 14:15:35
Ipswitch to sign Marc Pugh for an undisclosed fee & Jaime Peters.(9)(6)Jaime Peters is an Ipswich Town player already. Has been for 3 years!


29 Jun 2012 14:14:51
Sly Spurts reporting that Gylfi Sigurdsson has agreed terms and passed a medical with Spurs and will sign next week(19)(14)


29 Jun 2012 13:57:53
Southampton close to agreeing a fee for Matt Jarvis.
Thought to be around 5 million.(14)(30)I hope we are but I can't believe itAdam johnson has had an interview 10 mill bid in but his wages would halve hence a signing on feeIf there is any truth in the Adam Johnson rumour which I really hope there! is what a midfield we would have. Not getting my hopes up but fingers crossedSaints back in pre season training and only Rodriguez added to the squad. Getting very late in the day for new signings.Hope so would be a good signingI have heard we are signing Alexander Buttner this weekend anyone heard if this is true?Also disappointed with the new kit, don't seem like a proper saints shirt.Couldn't agree more. I figured we needed a minimum of 5 new signings to put us in a place where we can compete in the PL. 1 so far and we're nearly into July. Very worrying, need a flurry of activity in the next couple of weeks. Keeper, 2 centre backs, centre mid and right mid please NA.The transfer window does not even open until tomorrow, all this rubbish about getting the players in before pre season. IF it was that important the transfer window would be open a month before hand.The season dosen't start for another 6 weeks people need to calm down a bit


29 Jun 2012 13:56:53
West Ham close to a 3M deal to sign Burnley striker Charlie Austin(11)(26)No they are not.Oh yes they are!â¨Absoloute utter rubbish . west ham dont need more strikers . im sure if they do buy a striker it will be someone better than a mid table championship strikerNo chance that will happen.


29 Jun 2012 13:44:22
Blackpool are about to announce the signing of luke varney for a fee of around 600k, also they are looking at max clayton who is seventeen and plays for Crewe, got great potential and would be worth around 1million pounds!!(7)(9)Dont think Oyston would pay so much for a player that disappointed heavily in the second half of the Premiership season and could hardly get in the team.

Lasher1Didnt disappoint just didnt play enoughHe didnt play enough because he disappointed. After Charlies long diagonal to Varney was worked out by all and sundry he became redundant. He wasnt able to take on and beat defenders by himself ( which Ince and Phillips can do). Maybe he is better in the middle than on the wing - I dont know - but as a winger he was easily worked out.


29 Jun 2012 13:39:50
I was at Paphos International Airport on Wednesday and while checking in Michael Turner was checking in on the same flight. I got chatting to him and he says he is not getting the first team football he would like under manager Martin O'Neill and is close to sealing a season long loan deal with Burnley after positive talks with manager Eddie Howe.(4)(18)Turner will go back to hull with bruce if he goes anywhere in the championship.Would love this,but another stupid rumour that WILL NOT happen.


29 Jun 2012 13:25:17
Local rag has reported that Preston accepted a bid from Peterborough for Paul Coutts, he r turned it down as he has been offered more by Hull, it seems that Preston are quite desperate to get his wages off the books(4)(5)Cant wait to see him go. Had a bust up with Westley and he told him to go. We have already replaced him and will no doubt win League 1 hands down with the team Westley has brought in.....Quality all round and we paid £0Local rag reported that Coutts had turned down offer to join Peterborough, but no offer had been made by Hull for the playerIt's states,,,no interest from Hull,,,are you a spin doctorPeterborough rag has comments suggesting Hull, look at comments section, i didnt start the rumour so fail to see what i would be spinning especially as im a Posh fan not HullApologies ,assumed you was on about prestons local rag,Don't make up that hull have offered more, there has been no contact from them pal.Who made up anything? I saw the comments about Hull in the Evening Telegraph as well so get your facts straight before you accuse, it may not be true but it was already out thereDont make that up......who wouldve thought id see RUMOURS on a RUMOURS website, if you want fact then stay off the internet...especially when it comes to football stories


29 Jun 2012 13:17:42
Charlton are ate to make an offer for leroy lita Michael laudrup wants to trim the squad and don't see leroy lita as part of his squad(13)(7)Charlton aren't signing anyone till they sell a few players. Fans need to prepare for a shock. The pot is empty and the Cash is gone.Somebody's put 2 + 2 together and got 5Thats why Charlton Atheltic have just recieved around £40-60m for returning to the championship, hope you feel stupid!The pot is empty and the cash is gone ? You would have thought that they would have let staff go instead of hiring more youth team coaches- there is money there and cafc don't need to worryYour obviously not a cafc fan then because if you were you'd know all about who owns us and what we've been chattin'No way in a million years have charlton got 40-60m for getting back in the championship. Get a grip and get back to reality.


29 Jun 2012 13:03:33
burnley are after mark pugh from bournemouth(14)(6)Surprise...surprise! Now they need to make a more substacial offer that will match the size of mitchells mouth and head.Norwood is a town player . 3 year dealEddie Mitchell has placed a £1 million price tag on Marc's head. Good business if it happens for a player who has a year left on his contract and could walk away for nothing next July. Be very sorry to see him leave though as he is a class act!


29 Jun 2012 12:54:12
Russell Slade is working hard to fill out his squad with young Premiership loaness. However, the change of manager at Spurs has caused him problems and he may need to look elsewhere. He built up a decent relationship with Arsenal after the FA Cup match 2 seasons ago.(8)(3)


29 Jun 2012 12:53:41
After losing out on Pogrebyak, Fulham have renewed their interest in Huddersfield star striker Jordan Rhodes(19)(17)Still think he is on his way to Reading, but regardless of what ever Terriers fans might think he is not going to be playing for them next season. He has seen £ signs so will be off.Jordan Rhodes is unlikely to be going to Fulham. More likely to be Reading. He will for certain though not be playing for HuddersfieldWhat a joke this is unless any club offers above 8m he wont be going anywhere and like everyone keeps saying he aint worth that lol
jonny huddsIf he's not worth 8 million but reading are the new man city with gzillions to spend then why would they want to sign him??The fact that Reading fans (as well as others) think all Rhodes is bothered about is money show that your fickle club wouldn't be worthy of a level-headed, genuine guy like him playing for you. He wouldn't want to move away from his family regardless of the money and especially to somewhere with such disrespectful and overconfident fans. The only team I'd be happy with him moving to would be Norwich.If this is true good signing and with Kerem Frei and Alex K . stepping up into the first team looking good fulham fans. In Jol we trust.


29 Jun 2012 12:51:37
Derby update:


Steve Davies expected to complete a £1m move to Ipswich by the end of next week.

Lee Croft will go back out on season long loan to St Johnston.

Miles Addison will move to Bournemouth. Derby hoping to get in the region of £200,000 for him

Leicester are getting close to Derbys valuation of Shackell. If 2.5-3m is offered he will be gone.

Bailey remains transfer listed, but is happy to stay and fight for his place in the team.


3-4 of the following

Magnus Okuongae (free)
Krystian Pearce (£200,000)
Lee Hills (free)
Richard Keogh (£1m. If Shackell goes)
Johnny Russell (£1.5m)
Sone Aluko (?)

Possible loans; Nicky Maynard
Alberto Bueno
Luke Garbutt
Jack Robinson.(11)(22)Bueno will not go to Derby on loan. He will be playing in La Liga next season as Real Valladolid got promoted so bang your head on the head board and wake up!Davies wont sign and neither will Loach after they meet with ITFC chief exec,he is guarenteed to balls it up YET AGAIN ,not known for his negotiating and people skills is clegg


29 Jun 2012 12:44:14
leeds takeover to be confirmed july 1st


29 Jun 2012 12:42:32
I have been told by a Southampton first team squad member that we will be unveiling a signing when we unveil the new Saints shirt. This is a player that has played with the Southampton player who told me. Very decent player.(11)(8)6pm tonight then ?Give us a clueIt'll be Jay Rod in the shirt - so a new signing rather than a 'new' signing, if you know what I mean...?Michu .I bet its giovani dis santosAnd his name or club is...? I am sure we will be getting a few players, they will be quality...i just think that we will only know once its done, not a load of old criptic ...nothingness from people that don't know anything.Ok then who is the sants player or are you sworn to secrecyClyne, trippier, Hooper, don't believe it but thought I'd rack my brains to think of who it could be if it were true, anyone else?Well that didn't happen?New home and away kit has come out and I am very upset that the home kit is all red and not red and white like the old kit and red shorts very poor for me. Oh and no new player wearing the kit, best hurry up and sign some players otherwise we will be back down in the championshipIts 6.45 and no mention of that signing you predicted.

Yet another lie, Saints keep everything behind closed doors and you will find out the next signing in due course.New shirt unveiled, no player. Nice oneBet nothing is announcedNew kit looks like Liverpool of the eighties,
quite disappointed,what's wrong with our
traditional red/white broader stripes.It looks like the old Forest kit. Away kit is quite nice but the home is disappointing. Just not saints. Stop meddling with tradition, red and white stripes please!As per usual 100% wrong


29 Jun 2012 12:41:23
Plymouth have been linked with Blair Sturrock, son of former manager Paul Sturrock! Blair has spent two years on the south-east coast with Southend and a return to Plymouth could be on the cards!
He is availiable on a free transfer after being released by Southend

Source: PAFC

A(5)(12)Please god let that be true, I didn't know he'd been released but if he is that's the best news I heard in months, maybe rat tails are still in fashion in the south west too!I hope not he's awfulIf his father won't pick him we don't want him


29 Jun 2012 12:34:12
dean lewington to Hudddersfield! Press Conference Monday am.(7)(16)Hmmm, 3 players that can play left back, not really!!


29 Jun 2012 12:33:38
Blackpool's apparant "bid" for Southend United's versatile winger Bilel Mohsni was not true at all! Mohsni recently signed a one year contract extension at Southend and has no interest in moving up north.

Source: Southend United & Southend Echo (LOCAL NEWSPAPER)

A(8)(3)Im glad about thatHe didn't sign anything at all, the club activated a clause on his contract, he had no choiceWell they did bid for him, just last January


29 Jun 2012 12:31:59
Paul Coutts Rejects Move To Peterborough(9)(5)Personal terms apparently the problem.
don't think any one is too disapointed by this.Wanted a lot of wages for a guy who has failed twice in the Championship.He rejected the move based on the contract offered not because he didnt want to go back though, he just thinks he can hold out for more from another club


29 Jun 2012 12:26:30
Peterborough winger George Boyd looks set to be offloaded by the championship outfit and looks set to enter talks with Championship new boys Charlton Athletic. A move to The Valley would be a sensible move for Boyd, as his family all live down in the South East. It has also been rumoured that Millwall are looking at Boyd to replace winger Liam Feeney if he was to go ahead with his proposed move to Crystal Palace.(5)(10)Funny how it is a group of rivals that are all after the same player. Palace are the only club interested in him and bearing in mind he is actually a Palace fan I doubt he'd go to a rival.Would like to see Boyd at Selhurst my self, he is rumoured to be a Palace fanThis is a tricky one as Boyd supposedly supports Palace but was with us as a youth player. He is class but I don't know if I want a palace fan in Charlton's first team.Not a chance we would let feeney go .. and to palace come on get realFeeney isnt going palace and boyd could go to millwall know some of the player and the manager personalyHe is a palace fan but these guys are professional even though he'll be playing for a. Rival he won't purposely mess up, pros score against their supported team all the time, theyre getting paid £0000's they won't mess that up


29 Jun 2012 12:21:27
Macclesfield midfielder Ross Draper to turn down a new contract and sign for Burton Albion(8)(4)


29 Jun 2012 12:18:46
Brentford are interested in promising Southend winger Ryan Hall.(6)(2)Will be confirmed a Brentford player by the end of next week.Bcks. He'd never move to another League Two club and we'd never sell him.Excuse me if I don't believe you seeing as if all the Ryan Hall rumours had been true he would have signed for about 15 different clubs this summer. League 1....Actually Brentford are a league 1 club! Reply 2, you need to get your facts right!


29 Jun 2012 12:14:24
Carlos Cuellar looks set to join Sunderland. Transfer to be confirmed in the next few days(18)(4)


29 Jun 2012 12:11:12
Watford ins and outs

Tom Heaton (Cardiff) Free Transfer
Steven Davies (Derby) Free Transfer

Troy Deeney (Sacked by club)
Scott Loach (Ipswich)
Lee Hodson (Ipswich)
BOTH MOVING TO PORTMAN ROAD FOR A COMBINED FEE OF 2MILLION(9)(11)Why would Steve Davies be a free transfer? And if he was, why the hell would he choose Watford when pretty much every team in the NPC would be after him?No way you will get Steve Davies on a free transfer!! He's still got a year on his contract and Derby are looking to get a fee to spend on new signings. Ipswich are most likely to get him.Shame that Davies is not out of contract and will cost about £750kFree for Davies? Good luck this thatBoth combined should go for at least 3 milActually Steve Davies is out of contract as has not signed the 1 year extension offered by Derby due to family reasonsSteven davies - free ha, ha you are funny, hes transfer listed at £1.2mWatford wouldnt sell lee hodson, great potential for the futureYou wouldn't get Steven Davies on a free, thats why he's been placed on a thing called the TRANSFER MARKET. Plus I didn't even think there was serious interest from Watford for him anyway.Yes i hope this hapens a shame about hodson though, a decent feeI suspect he just wants a step up -probably sees the Watford / Udinese alliance, with the likely influx of some of the worlds best talent as an indicator of the likely fortunes of the 2 clubs over the next few yearsDavies still has one year to run on his contract. Plus he's close to signing for Ipswich anyway.NO he has a year left on his contract but hasn't signed another Nigel Clough said he will try to get money for him this year as opposed to seeing him go for free next yearI think you mean 2 million for Hodson alone...More like Hodson 750k and Loach 250k

J2BLUE inside infoHa Steve Davies is on his last year correct me if im wrong Derby fans, because he has only just said no to a contract extension at Derby but he's not a free and why would Davies would want to go to Watford he wants to come south but not Watford.Yh davies has a year on his contract and wont be less than 1 millionDavies £1.2mil??? dont joke!!If this is true I really hope it is a deal including Mariappa, highly rate him as a saints fan, think he will do well with us and fit in nicely.The way it's going it's more likely that it'll be Steve 'interesting' Davies that signs!


29 Jun 2012 12:06:17
Eunan O'Kane is in deep talks with Shrewsbury town, after talks with Crawley town collapsed.

Source: Local Torquay Paper

A(6)(14)Its true. shrewsbury town are in talks with him and if he does sign it will be done by the mondayWill be a good signing for usWhat torquay paper? it came out yesterday and had no news about it, and eunan himself has said nothing about it.Would be a great signing! looked class against us last year. Richards and O'Kane bossing the midfield.Would be a good signing. Hope this is true.O'Kane will not move to Shrewsbury. (Mr T)HE MightWe'll have to wait and see, Mr T.Great playerPlease read the newspaper concerned & try to find reference to Shrewsbury if you can!!


29 Jun 2012 12:04:24
Fulham have complted a deal for Burak Yilmaz for a 5million deal. He is epexted to complete a deal within 48 hours.(12)(18)Meant to be clinical and good physically.....dont know about anyone else but i think were desperate for a right backIf Baird and gregara stay with Hughes and Kelly right back well covered. It's the left back I'm worried about risse ok Briggs rubbish we certainly need anotherBriggs rubbish?? Are you off your nut?Ok rubbish a bit harsh but he is very lazy from what I seen of him.None of those right backs are near good enough. Riise gd for another year Briggs will b ready after another year's loan...Cardiff maybeJ A Riise was in storming form in the back end of last season, and briggs is maturing into fulhams future left back. We do need a new right back, as grygera is being released, hughes is a centre back, and kelly was only quite good in the last 3/4 games of last season. We also need a proven striker (del piero? Yilmaz) asa well as a new cm (ramsey? adam?), as well as d simpsonI agree d.simpson/gunter for right back......yilmaz deal nearly done .....and adam is the more likely cm to replace murphy....keep hold of MOUSSA!Yes Hughes is a centre but played right back when hangeland and senderos in centre very good player. Murphy is gonna be hard to replace and allegedly yilmaz is coming next week fingers crossed.


29 Jun 2012 12:03:24
Leyton Orient are in talks with Oxford's experienced defender Michael Duberry.(10)(7)Why would we want some old git when we already hav the choice of chorley,baudry,cuthbert and mcsweeney?
dubbery is way past his prime, thats why he is at oxford.Duberry is better than any of your defenders since Forbes left...And you saw him play how many times last season?
He was very very good for Oxford last season. Would hold his own in league 1.League two and oxford is his level no thanks.He can score a few too, in his own net.Has been class for Oxford.


29 Jun 2012 12:01:59
Barnsley FC ins:
Harry Kewell free Melbourne Victory
Danny Shittu free Unattached
Nile Ranger free Newcastle United
Lee Williamson free Sheffield United
Richard Keogh season loan Coventry City
Tommy Lee free Chesterfield
Chris Dagnall Tranmere Rovers 230k
Brad Kilburn Alfreton Town season loan(5)(23)Tranmere haven't paid over £200K for a player in over ten years, and they haven't suddenly become rich.

£25k max.Load of ......230k that exact ?Tommy Lee's got a year left on his contract so forget that oneThere is no way keogh would go to barnsley because you'll be in division one next yean season...Luke Steele also leaving on a free to Doncaster RoversThere is at least a half million asking price for Tommy Lee so that shows how reliable your rumour is. Nile Ranger is still under contract so why would they let him go for free? Another flaw in your comment.We did not get Norwood,TOWN,have got a better manager,Hill will take us downNot a chance will Keogh join you on loan, he's under contract and discussing a new one at the moment plus the asking price is £1,000,000+ which you can't afford.Why would Coventry send a player out on loan who has 1 year left on his contract! Don't talk rubbish.Tommy Lee has a year left so wont leave this year or next on a free.
Several Championship clubs and a premiership club want to sigm him so doubt he would consdier Barnsley.Keogh's price is 400K... but I agree that he aint going on loanTranmere havent got the money although i would like dagnall back for another shotHhahaaa luke steele on a free to donny yeah alright mate keep dreaming hes to good for a team league doncaster, not even considering the fact that they got relegatedRef norwood this time next year
we will be saying oliver who?
he as just made the wrong move
but wish the lad good luck.
he will know at xmas when hudders
are just about down and he is on the
bench.thinking what have done/People have been saying Barnsley will be relegated for six years now, it never happens.after our seventh season the only place we are going is higher & higherI agree should have gone to barnsley
big big mistake. going to huddersfield
keeps his agent happy.
man u fan good luck barnsley
you did all ths work to get the boy
he wii end up like nardiela a lost talentKeogh's price is more than £400k! £800k has been rejected already.Keogh's price is NOT £400k, Cov turned down £450k from Bristol City and £800k from Cardiff! He certainly isn't going to join a small club like Barnsley if Cardiff are trying to buy him... Get real!Jose baxter on loan from everton and sterling from liverpoolLet's cut the small club out, and replace it with championship club, then all these big time Charlie's in the THIRD division may wake up and smell the coffee, we've out performed so called massive clubs over the last ten years, so come on guys a little deserved praise would be nice, we may not be the best supported or the biggest club, but we are certainly one of the best run clubs in all the divisions!!!Never say never to relegation. Barnsley arn't too big that they will never be relegated from the Championship.Tommy Lee is going nowhere unless in the words of Dave Allen someone pays ridiculous moneyAmen to that , 40/1 to win the league I.e favourites to go down , when will they ever learn !If olly was going to sign for somebody else he'd have signed for CoventryNever say never to relegation, we've experienced relegation before, but its not the end of the world, but we've experienced the dizzy heights of the premiership,fa cup (at the new wembly)semi final, two playoff finals, and hopefully with a little luck, and probably another club going into administration , safety in the championship


29 Jun 2012 12:00:09
Watford look set to sign Lee Barnard on a season long loan from Southampton!

Source: Sky Sports(15)(6)Could be and might be linked to Mariappa going the other way?
If so, we will get more wailing from Reading.Ye could be ^Where is thus on sky sports. Looked on the website and their is nothing about it.If Barney does go to you, he'll do a cracking job for ya and work his socks off.


29 Jun 2012 11:53:08
To the person who said Ollie norwood is signing for burnley on Friday . You are wrong. He is talking to barnsley . Hudersfield . And cov city . That's from his dad who I work with at m65(9)(6)Norwood will sign for Huddersfield within the next 24 hours. I said this the other week, but some dork said he was joining Burnley!Signed sealed delivered to htfc ha ha
jonny huddsSigned a 3 year deal with HTAFC today.Thanks boss man, I'm a Barnsley fan, I know we didn't get him, but good luck to the lad anyway,Im a Burnley fan .. we will not sign anyone cos of our greedy tight fisted board of directors , we will be lucky to get £1m from the Jay Rod £7m ... not an happy chap .. good luck HTFC... hope you have a good season .....Burnley on a downwards spiral now . If your signing nothing but league 1 players then thats wer we will end up playing !And whats happening with the new board ? Are they going to be giving us some money to spend or what , setting aside the money from rodriguez sale we should at least get 3-4 million to rebuild the squad . All we have done recently is sell all our best players so we should have some money surely ? 3-4 million from the board and at least half ov the jay rod money thats 6.5-7.5 million we should be looking at but ohh no i bet we only spend a fraction of that . And not 1 player we sign would be a better player than any what we already have !


29 Jun 2012 11:50:51
Latest News on Deals in the Prem:
Following Alba's move to Barcelona, Arsenal are tracking Adriano for around £12 million. Chelsea have agreed a fee of £40 million with PSG for Pastore who isn't happy with PSG not winning the league. Newcastle have submitted a £6 million bid for PSV fullback Erik Pieters. Wigan have told Chelsea £13 million will get them Moses. They plan to buy Odemwingie for £7 million and Belgian forward De Melo for £5 million if Moses leaves. Liverpool are likely to offer Adam and £4 million for Moses though. Liverpool have also enquired about signing Dzagoev from CSKA Moscow to replace Downing who will be sold to Villa for just £7 million. West Brom have agreed a £3.75 million fee for Foster. They have also agreed terms with Arsenal defender Squillaci for around £4 million. Finally Manchester United are likely to try swap Hernandez and £10 million for Real Madrid forward Benzema. However the source who told me this has got a low accuracy rate in the thirties.

La Liga news: Also in the La Liga is news that Real Madrid have agreed a £32 million fee for Mario Gotze of Borussia but he will move next season. Fabor, a 16 year old left back is thought as the ideal replacement for Alba by Valencia. Malaga are said to have agreed a £12 million deal for Diarra of Real Madrid. Real Madrid have also said to have agreed a deal to selll Granero to QPR, PSG, and Inter Milan for £7 million. He will now chose. All rumors are ones I have heard from trusted sources unless stated.(6)(26)Terrible rumourDowning will never be welcome back at villa i promise you that.

Also WBA wouldn't be stupid enough to spend £4million on squillaci.Surely you mean Arsenal are paying West Brom £4m to take squelchy?Odemwingie is a serious possibility for Wigan as Albion board concerned that despite his potential he is too inconsistent. Yes he scored 11 goals last season but 5 of them were in 2 matches. If Albion could get a big commanding striker and a reasonable fee for him I would not be bothered if he went. We need a younger Yakubu type player - any rumours?!Most made up there gotze 50mil+ and he wants to stay at dortmund, villa wouldnt take downing back, moses max 5millionOdemwingie, potential! Don't make me laugh, he's 32 mateHe's 30, not 32. Get your facts right.


29 Jun 2012 11:46:15
Bury signing Ross Draper from Macclesfield on under 24 Bosman, the shakers are also looking at ex-Scunthorpe full back Eddie Nolan(4)(2)Ross Draper would be an absolutely brilliant signing, in my opinion.
which is one very good reason why it wont happen!
Eddie Nolan never struck me as being too 'shoddy ' eitherTwo good players hopefuly


29 Jun 2012 11:44:27
Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo's extensive scouting network has picked out young Albanian striker Bekim Bala from FC Tirana. Expect his signature at Watford in the coming weeks.(4)(3)First post-takeover rumours, love it!


29 Jun 2012 11:34:07
Pau Coutts fails to agree personal terms with Posh. However, Lawrie Wilson of Stevenage is expected to siwhen he returns from holiday after rejecting Charlton in favour of Posh. Source-Pbro ET.(4)(2)He hasn't reject cafc's offer your board did, he clearly said in an interview that he wouod prefer a move to cafc as he comes from London and used to play for us but peterborough have bided more that's what has happenedPlayers have the power, he does not have to accept the offer of Peterborough if he prefers Charlton.

No disrespect to Peterborough intended but what player in their right mind would choose Peterborough over Charlton?

The selling club prefers the higher bid obviously but, the player holds all the cards. If he rejects the higher offer what options are left? Simples!


29 Jun 2012 11:36:40
Arsenal have enquired about signing Real Marid defender Varane. The fee is likely to be around £15 million, despite him not featuring much last season. The are also looking at midfielder Nuri Sahin, howver he is adamant he wants to stay in Madrid when linked to a swap deal to Spurs. Fee for the 23 year old would be around £20 million. £35 million for the pair might be too steep for the gunners.(4)(13)Deffo a possibility. Would love it to be true


29 Jun 2012 11:33:38
Luke Young (PAFC) to sign for Newcastle United for 1.5 million with add ons.


Drew Roberts Bedford Town
James Vincent Kidderminster Harriers
Alexander Lawless Luton Town(2)(11)Lawless has just signed a new deal but if you want him, have him1.5 million for Luke Young, he is a cracking little player,great potential but can't believe anyone will pay this amount for untried div 2 player.


29 Jun 2012 11:06:09
Derby striker Steve Davies to sign for Ipswich Town for £1m on July 1st(19)(13)Unless this is down south ? cant see it happening look at sky sports newsIpswich is South! SSn says they are favouritesOkay lets take a quote from sky sports "The club's joint top scorer last season is now expected to move on, with Ipswich Town strong favourites to land the player this summer."On sky sports it says that its likely to be ipswichI'm not great at geography but Ipswich is in the south when compared with Derby which is in the midlands!Ipswich is down south, what are you on about? It's like 1 to 1.5 hour drive to London so it's not far.... Also, if he did come here, which he might well do, I doubt he would sign on July 1st as it's a Sunday and hardly any deals get done on a weekend.Problem is with some posters they just make it up for a joke


29 Jun 2012 11:05:02
West Ham are on the verge of signing centre-back Kader Mangane from Rennes and also chasing
William Gallas and Stephen Warnock.
Hammers have also made a bid for pacey
Maiga and in talks with Sagbo(8)(13)


29 Jun 2012 10:58:34
gallas to west ham(14)(12)


29 Jun 2012 10:45:18
Grant Holt seen at carrow road this morning...

Word is he isnt signing a new contract unless they offer extended 2 yrs on top of current contract...

Can see him leaving!(7)(17)Where have you been? he handed a transfer request well over a month agoFunny how how he twitted this morning he is at a charity golf day in manchster!!


29 Jun 2012 10:40:44
O'Kane will move to Swindon after turning down Crawley, Billy Bodin will be used in a player plus fee deal. Bodin was very happy during his loan spell with the Gulls and would prefer to go there rather than Crewe who are also interested in him. Crewe were favourites to land Bodin because they could afford the fee he would command, however Torquay now have a level playing field with O'kane wanted by Swindon.(7)(12)He's going to Bristol RoversI think he will end up at Shrewsbury or Rotherham or even a late bid from Bournemouth? like your thinking as Torquay have only £40k for Billy....


29 Jun 2012 10:43:45
Nigel Clough set to raid his former club Burton Albion for striker Billy Key to replace Steven Davies.(8)(13)The only place billy will move 2 is back to leister


29 Jun 2012 10:31:19
Luke Daniels, Scott Allan and Saido Berahino all to join Portsmouth on loan as West Brom have a strong relationship with Michael Appleton.(13)(7)Been no approach made for Daniels, as the club have announcedLooks like us Baggies are using Pompey to Blood our youngsters with Appy, Good luck next season hope to see you back in the prem in the future,great club great fans.Want to echo those thoughts. WBA have some decent young players and Pompey have three or four good ones too. Expect Pompey to field a side with average age around 23 or 24. Could mean a couple of years in Div 1 but hope to see them rise up the leagues soon too, their fans deserve it.Wouldnt mind them coming, especially allan after some displays at the end of last season


29 Jun 2012 10:31:13
Oliver Norwood to Huddersfield Town by the end of the day.(20)(13)Signed for town this afternoon. Official Town website.Yep... Good signing..!Done deal according to SSN and Huddersfield Examiner.CorrectCoventry fan in peace - I'm so glad Norwood signed for you if we couldn't get him. Better to go to a team going places than to go to a team like Barnsley fighting relegation.


29 Jun 2012 10:30:25
Bristol city are set to announce the signing of andre amougou, as they have lost out on getting keogh. Leroy lita is also due to be announced soon as swansea and city have both agreed terms.(7)(10)We havent lost out on keogh,it said on that there waiting to see if he agrees a new contract with coventry if he doesnt then city are going to put a new bid inRumours going around that we have made a bid for Anthony Gerrard.Give me amougou over keogh everytime,as for lita hes not welcome down here and he knows it so that will never happenAgree 100% with the comment just above this.Don't want lita back he will get ran out of Bristol quicker then he got inI said before had lita keogh at the gate before not for me del we need quality not quantity


29 Jun 2012 10:23:34
Burnley look set to miss out on Leicester City striker Martyn Waghorn. Charlton Athletic are set to sign him on a season long loan deal.(6)(9)Seeing how burnley wernt even interested i can see why we missed out


29 Jun 2012 10:13:09
Tottenham could make Andre Villas-Boas their new manager as early as this weekend.


29 Jun 2012 10:12:15
'heard' (actually from a friend who met a friend etc etc). That AVB to Spurs on 1st July is done, Modric to Real Madrid for £25m. Done. Moutinho in to replace him. Carvalho also joining And a Portugese striker whos name escapes me. Possibly Nelson Oliveria? I genuinely have no idea if this is true....but i thought id share it anyhow.'
Barthy09(10)(12)Maybe Moutinho but i doubt Olivera will move there, he's a bright talentNothing done on Modric yet, he looks likely to leave but no deals yet nor for replacements


29 Jun 2012 10:11:55
Bolton and Wolves now interested in former QPR player Danny Shittu after his release(4)(13)Bolton got shut of him once after not playing him so can't see that.No way will Bolton re-sign Danny Shittu. Not when they have Zat Knight, Tim Ream, David Wheater, impending transfer of Matt Mills and another centre back on their radar that most of their transfer budget has been earmarked for.No chance....told old and we let him go about two seasons ago. Mills to sign tomorrow and I would like us to bring in either Kyle Bartley or Richard Keogh.


29 Jun 2012 10:09:52
Sao Paulo director of football Adalberto Baptista is to speak with Arsenal about the possibility of extending forgotten man Denilson's loan spell at the Brazilian club.


29 Jun 2012 10:09:08
Huddersfield have reportedly opened talks with Oliver Norwood andnow appear in pole position to land the youngster.
Barthy09(19)(7)Just seen leaving the Galpharm stadium 30 mins ago looking quite happy, looks like ge will be a HTFC player.Sound good to me as on the barnsley website it has said there move for norwood is off


29 Jun 2012 10:08:08
Gaston Ramirez has agreed £16m fee to join Liverpool FC. On Monday he will do his medical and discuss personal terms before signing the contract. anybody hear this also????
Barthy09(10)(21)Walcott is a quick player but that all he is. liverpool one very good striker and maybe 2 back up strikers. need wingers. get rid of adam. downing. spearingI agree with thisHeard the rumour today hopefully its trueDos danni pacheco still play for liverpool


29 Jun 2012 09:32:22
Luke Summerfield is set to spring a surprise and sign a 1 year extension at Cheltenham with a view to an additional 2 year contract if the Play-off Finalists win promotion to League1 this term.(4)(9)


29 Jun 2012 09:31:29
Oman Bakkel and Krohn-Dehli intrestibng Michael Laudraup, both of them are quality players,just goes to show how far the Swans have come!(6)(5)Krohn-dehli would be the perfect replacement for siggy come on you jacks!


29 Jun 2012 09:29:19
Paul Coutts has rejected the chance to rejoin P'Boro and is set to move to Millwall for 300k next week.(14)(9)


29 Jun 2012 09:17:18
Oliver Norwood to sign for the mighty terriers today on a 3 yrs deal!...(18)(11)


29 Jun 2012 09:04:51
Funds from Moses sale to be used to buy Charlie Adam(9)(17)


29 Jun 2012 09:01:34
QPR will enquire about the availability of Lassana Diarra, but a deal is very unlikely- maybe a loan. They are one of many clubs interested in Naismith and Buttner- the latter has been to visit representatives of both QPR & Fulham. Fabio has agreed to join on a season-long loan and will be announced on 1st July.

Barton could still potentially leave (an ideal situation for Rangers). Buzsaky will not sign a new deal and expect him to join Ian Holloway at Blackpool, unless another Championship rival with a higher salary cap makes a late approach.(12)(4)The salary cap at Blackpool is just bull, doesn't exist and if one does it's higher than the reported 10K p/wk seasider91


29 Jun 2012 09:00:39
Free agent Ivan Klasnic has been linked to a return to the premiership with Southampton. One stumbling block however could be the players wage demand(6)(12)Could very well be happening!
From what I hear through the grapevine, Klasnic has been in close contact with southampton the past few days and it seems like they're quite close to securing a deal.
Hopefully we'll be seeing the croat striker back in action in the premiership very soon!Reading tried to sign him and he turned them down as he wants to play for a club in Europe so good luck on getting him.We don't need any more strikersThis is untrue for so many obvious reasons on so many levels.For the millionth time. We have six strikers already! We won't be buying another. Goalkeeper and centre back are our immediate priority!Love the player but will he give more than the players we already have? not sure if he would really be a true 1st team player.I hope not - he is an ok goal poacher but not much of an athlete - I dont see him as being materially better than Billy Sharp.


29 Jun 2012 08:51:31
Ed, any idea what's going on with Manuel Fernandes? Rumours were flying round that he'd left Besiktas by mutual consent after a contractual dispute... now I'm hearing he'll be joining Everton (on loan from Besiktas!?). {Ed001's Note - last I heard QPR were sniffing round, haven't heard anything else regarding him.}(4)(0)He won't be joining Everton. Heard from a source close to the club that they aren't interested in him.


29 Jun 2012 08:36:50
Bradford City to Sign Yorks James Meredith by the end of the week.(8)(6)Already signed for Bradford City Yesterday on 2 Yr deal..............


29 Jun 2012 00:34:49
ed, have you heard any transfer rumours regarding tranmere? cheers {Ed001's Note - nothing new sorry.}(5)(0)


29 Jun 2012 08:08:52
Mkdons are lining up a bid for Derby's steve davies(6)(13)LMAO! not in a million yearsHe would not drop into a lower league, he is better that that, also no offence but do you have £1.2M, that is the asking price, and also he wants to leave so he can move closer to his family in liverpool, and my geography although limited still is good enough to know your to far south, sorry


29 Jun 2012 07:50:54
Stale Solbakkens arrival in the UK this weekend to take up the reins at Molineux will start a major summer of transfer activity at Wolves. Expect up to 15 players to be listed or have there names circulated around to other clubs. This is due to the fact that Wolves currently have 50 professioals signed on and room needs to be made for Stale to stamp his own authority on the squad. Fletcher and Jarvis will be sold as is widely forecast anyway, but they are likely to be joined by Ward, Berra, Vokes, Doyle, Stearman and Hunt. It is believed that Solbakken is keen to retain O'Hara, Henry, Foley and surprisingly Ebanks Blake and Edwards. He is fully aware of SEBs goal record in the championship and is said to be keen on the Edwards box to box style. Its going to be a busy old summer at the Golden Palace. I for one cant wait for August. PS - This has come to me from a member of staff at Compton. So dont shoot the messenger. I am just passing it on.(11)(9)Fingers crossed as we need to change the dynamics of our squad to suit Solbakkens style of play. I feel counter attacking football will be coming our way, so pace, power and pinpoint passers will be required, which is something we have not got at present. Out with the old and in with the new!A new broom is exactly what is needed. Back end of last season we had 8 players on the pitch who came up with the Wolves from the championship; and did it show!! Totally agree with getting rid of Ward, Berra and Stearman. Lets see what happens.Hmmm 50 professionals and not 1 footballer.....yeah going to be a busy summer for youse lot!


29 Jun 2012 07:50:15
Cardiff City are monitoring the progress of Nakhi Wells of Bradford City, if all goes well they may lodge a bid in January.(9)(4)Not a chance mate, he has just signed up a further deal and said he is happy to stay.Yeah doesn't matter how many players have signed a contract and said they were happy and moved on to a higher league team, the answer is 'a lot'


29 Jun 2012 07:49:21
Cardiff are interested in Brightons midfieder Matt Sparrow(8)(5)Have him please back up for us and really average we don't want himPlease take himCan someone take Marcos Painter of us pleaseI agree time for him to move on as we are getting betterAshley Barnes should be given awayAgree with painter best left changing rooms,desperately need a left back Joe Bennett of middlesborough would do nicelyAshley Barnes was our top scorer, at least he can play the passing game. One of many whinging fans who go and moan at every game."Ashley Barnes should be given away" HE WAS OUR TOP SCORER! Leave him along ffs, he's not a bad player at all!You can keep Captain Sparrow, not the player we need at the mo and certainly not the type of calibre eitherAshley Barnes is Brighton's top scorer ad they want to get rid? A season of fighting relegation ahead I thinkIf you think Brighton should get rid of Ashley Barnes, You cant be a real fan. Im a season ticket holder and a part from Bridcutt he has been our best player. He gets asked to play in all different postions never complains and gives 100 percent,.Ashley Barnes is decent and getting better all the time. Many rubbish him as he can be wasteful in front of goal, usually if he has too much time to think about it, that is something that can and will be fixed. A bright future for Ashley I think.To the person who said get rid of barnes you know nothing about football he was our top goal scorerFor me Greer, Bridcutt, Buckley then Barnes in order of how well they played over the season although I can see where you are coming fromI am a Cardiff City fan and i dont think so Brighton fans you play some really good football i know theres a lot of good teams in the Champ next season but i dont expect you to be in relehation even without Barnes because ive seen you play us twice last season you do play some really good football"If you think Brighton should get rid of Ashley Barnes, You cant be a real fan. Im a season ticket holder and a part from Bridcutt he has been our best player. He gets asked to play in all different postions never complains and gives 100 percent,." Agree with this 100%, also a STH.I'm a season ticket holder to and barnes does nothing just because he scores easy goals don't make him good hes awful and puts in no effortBarnes was only topscorer because he takes the pens he is a average league one player along with painter,Calderon,el abd(out of his depth against good strikers) sparrow ,brezavon and angkergran from a .as for 100% work rate I think u hav him
Mixed up with cms,apart from his goal he touched the ball 3 times v Cardiff FACT poy''Barnes was only topscorer because he takes the pens he is a average league one player along with painter,Calderon,el abd(out of his depth against good strikers) sparrow ,brezavon and angkergran from a .as for 100% work rate I think u hav him
Mixed up with cms,apart from his goal he touched the ball 3 times v Cardiff''
el-abd, calderon and barnes league 1 you must be an person you obviously don't understand how we play and you are obviously not a season ticket holderOther than the fact your FACT is a lie, are you suggesting 1 goal per 4 touches per game is bad?!?


29 Jun 2012 07:47:35
James Meredith will sign for Bradford City officially today.(7)(2)


29 Jun 2012 07:36:34
James Meredith to sign for Bradford City. LB from York City(13)(3)


29 Jun 2012 07:29:32
Leyton Orient winger Dean Cox is set to become Bournemouth's fourth signing of the season(13)(8)Good winger that scores and assists goals, small in stature but useful. A excellent replacement for pugh , if he leaves bournemouth, as he would do just a good job. Pugh's crossing ability has been suspect while in bournemouth team, i feel dean cox would be better in that aspect. Pugh is over-rated and certainly not premiership level, but if a championship team have wish for bench warmer for £500,000 - £1m price tag then please buy.Excellent but very small winger like pugh makes chances and scores a fair amount of goals. If anything crosses the ball allot better. Souinds like perfect replacement and certainly good business for bournemouth.Pfft. Cox :LWhy would he sign for bournemouth, he's more than happy at the o'sWon't happen. He only signed a new contract in January and Bournemouth hardly finished a mile ahead of us in the table. He's already said he's staying with us (not that this means much but he's quite a loyal player - especially to Slade).He won't be joining. He has said that he won't be leaving because he signed a new contract in January and will remain loyal to Russell Slade who has shown faith in him.He turned down a move to Peterborough in the championship last season because he's happy in London and playing under Russell Slade so he might say no.Bournemouth had mid-table performances last season, spending money on quality on improving squad and we predict a lot better season this year. Players like symes and baudry would not play at bournemouth this year , hence them being released and joining leyton orient. Both excellent players for lower league football and will do well for you. If you have ambition to be in championship soon then you need to purchase players both with ambition and quality. Dean Cox could be possible replacement for pugh (if a higher league club comes in with good offer) and I expect that being 24/25 year old it would be a good career move for him.Doubt it.Contracts mean very little when it comes to afcb dangling a percentage of what we would be willing to pay pugh. Money talks and so does the potential of being in a promotion side.Wouldn't suprise me. AFC Bournemouth have great ambition and money to finace it. Cox will probably leave for the money and team that will most likely be at the top rather than the bottom half of the table at the end of the seasonRumour just in that burnley might be after afcb's pugh, if that is the case then expect bournemouth to be making an offer for dean cox, I respect that he has been loyal to leyton orient but the same can be said about marc pugh at afcb. That won't stop him moving if he gets an offer he can not refuse - also bournemouth would like the extra money for pugh. Sounds like a good business opportunity for bournemouth and orient.As a bournemouth fan id be gutted to see pugh go as last season he was top goalscorer top assist and ha most apperances but if he thinks the grass is greener then let him go! what i seen of cox he looks a good player so hopefully he will soon be wearing the red of the cherriesWould be a good signing, hope it happensWhy would Cox want to join a smaller club than Orient. Dean is more than happy playing in London.
He will of course eventually join a Championship Club. Sorry Bournemouth.Bournemouth...smaller?? Clearly u havn't been seeing the footie newsAnd you just signed two of our released players, now where do you stand.


29 Jun 2012 07:21:09
Alessandro Diamanti told @Moose_talkSPORT that he'd like to come back to West Ham!
It is an option for Brescia to sort out the money they owe WHU.

190298(5)(23)Diamanti was sold by Brescia to Bologna so Brescia not in a position to sell a player they dont own


29 Jun 2012 07:15:05
Q.P.R are looking to offload attacker Tommy Smith, the main contenders trying to sign Smith are Cardiff City, Sheffield Wednesday and Nottingham Forrest.(15)(8)


29 Jun 2012 07:08:56
Millwall defender Alan Dunne is on his way to Charlton,while Millwall are on the verge of signing Aaron Cresswell from Ipswich.(2)(21)I'm a town fan and there is 100% no chance they will see him particularly to Milwall.Seriously? Where did you get Millwall signing Arron Cresswell from?? AC is probably the last person that Ipswich would sell at the moment!Why would cresswell go to millwall? Plus they could never afford himCressie isn't going to Millwall!
I don't know why there are lots of rumours surrounding him. He was the supporters player of the year and the young player of the year last season. He has already agreed a contract extension last season and is enjoying life in Suffolk.
We don't need to sell and we would only sell him if a large, probably 7 figure sum was offered for him.
Also he is our only left-back at the club, not including young Joe Whight who struggled last year.Cresswell to Milwall no chance what so ever no offense Millwall fans but we would not take less than 2m for him and you can't afford that.Not true. Cresswell signed an extended contract last season.I'm a Charlton Athletic fan and it amazes me that so many clubs, Ipswich in paticular say to so many clubs that 'you can't afford this' etc, I hate millwall but I know they can afford 2million, Ipswich most likely do have more money than millwall but you don't know anything about the millwall board p.s CHARLTON HAVE MORE MONEY THAN BOTH OF YOU COMBINED!Dunne isn't going to Charlton. We need better defenders than that plus we hardly need any defenders in the first place.Cresswell aint going millwall but millwall could easily afford himIts only a rumours site! nothing is 100% fact! remember that when you text on here! ps charlton will be in a relegation fight next season!The only chance he will go to millwall is when we play you away far to good for youIf he's far to good for the WALL? Thats his CHOICE?!Its only a rumours site! nothing is 100% fact! remember that when you text on here! ps charlton will be in a relegation fight next season!
No we won't. You clearly didn't see us play last season.Millwall havent never bought a player for 1 million let alone 2 million!!!!All Ipswich fans talk like there the better club when the results were
Millwall 4-1 Ipswitch
Ipwsitch 0-3 Millwall
so if we offered for cresswell i think he would rather go for team that won 7-1 on aggregate and he aint even that good


29 Jun 2012 06:59:45
Sky Sports understands Torquay midfielder Eunan O'Kane has rejected a move to Crawley after holding talks with the League One new-boys.

The Irish youngster had been in discussions with the Reds after they made an approach for his signature.

However, the 21-year-old has decided against a move to the Broadfield Stadium, which is sure to alert other clubs to his availability.

O'Kane scored five goals in 51 appearances for Torquay last season.

The midfielder, who joined the club from Coleraine in 2010, has previously been linked with Rotherham and Swindon.(9)(2)He's going to Bristol RoversHe clearly isnt going to Rovers, with 3 league 1 clubs in the mix! he isnt interested in money as much as opportunity, so itll either be a league 1 club or stay at torquay.Wait and see.


29 Jun 2012 04:10:43
Saints still interested in young belarusian CB Egor Filipenko . BATE Borisov believe to want around £3m for him !(6)(14)


29 Jun 2012 03:56:01
James Meredith from York City set to be announced within the next few hours.

An initial fee of £50,000 is thought to be agreed between the two clubs, as Meredith wants to seek pastures new.(5)(7)'James Meredith from York City set to be announced within the next few hours' to whom?Yes to sign for.......???.....bradford city....correct


29 Jun 2012 03:38:55
Norwich trying hard to put pen to paper with Grant Holt(16)(9)Shouldn't be too hard for Holty to scrawl down a big 'X' on the bottom of a contract.Come on Grant you know that you are quite rightly a NCFC hero and always will be in our hearts. Forget what the silly CE said and sign the contract... Be the bigger man. He'll look daft next season when you net us 25 goals and get that England call up you deserve.25 goals? Behave.


29 Jun 2012 02:51:17
Melbourne Heart's Curtis Good has reportedly signed for Newcastle United for $600,000 Aussie dollars. Source Fox Sports News.(19)(0)


29 Jun 2012 02:19:41
Bradley Orr will be named captain of Blackburn Rovers next season.. Paul Robinson, Gael Givet, Scott Dann, Junior Hoilett, Mortan Gamst Pederson, Yakubu and Nzonzi all to leave next season with David Dunn retiring to take up coaching role.. Jack Hobbs, Gary O'neil, Adam Hammil, Matt Phillips and Luciano Becchio to sign for the rovers! They also have other targets from the SPL and european leagues(10)(28)This became unbeliveable when you mentioned Phillips and Becchio...Jack Hobbs is injured, and not expected back to full fitness until late Dec 12You will not sign any of these players, if phillips leaves blackpool he will go to prem, same for Becchio.
You may get Gary Oneil if you luckyGood luck signing Jack Hobbs, he's out injured until xmas. Besides, he wouldn't sign for your joke of a club anywayMortan Gamst Pederson has already said he's staying.....So you must be a really ITK at Blackburn......are you Steve Kean?Shows what you know, yakubu already gone to china, junior about to sign with M'gladbach, Robinson to sign for besiktas today, nzonzi will go and maybe ollson, id ill drive dann to where ever he wants to go as he's garbage.

Pederson is staying, as is Givet, none of your signings are correct either, as we've signed danny murphy, and about to sign

Leon Best
Dan Gosling (loan)
Airen Silva ( Sporting)
Fabio Nunes
Steven Naismith

as for bradley Orr as captain, ha your having a laugh


29 Jun 2012 00:55:32
Watford pozzo takeover to be officially announced/confirm Friday sometime!(5)(4)Try 2pm with Dyche staying on as manager


29 Jun 2012 00:33:20
Manchester Uniteds Michael Keane will sign for Stevenage FC on a season long loan in two weeks time once hes back from his 3 week holiday in Germany(3)(16)Has the choice of a lot of bigger clubs than Stevenage, mostly likely to join HullMichael Keane is joining Hull City on loan once he's been on pre-season tour with MUFC.


29 Jun 2012 00:26:29
Barnet will re-sign Ben May permanently following his release from Stevenage, and also will win the signature of his fellow ex-stevenage midfielder Darren Murphy(2)(4)


29 Jun 2012 00:21:11
Colorado Rapids Striker is set to reunite with ex-manager Gary Smith at Stevenage FC, signing for around 200K in the next couple of weeks(1)(9)


29 Jun 2012 00:18:54
Stevenage are expected to reveal the signings of Thomas Soares and Ahmed Benali to their fans by the end of next week.(1)(10)


29 Jun 2012 00:17:38
Lawrie Wilson may join Peterborough for around 400K from Stevenage however Peterborough have offered Stevenage 50K+Boyd instead to try and offload the unwanted Boyd and capture the Highly rated Boro winger(1)(19)Boyd is not unwanted.Boyd has join Palace it will be announced Monday and No way would Boyd go back to Stevenage, come on they are a small midtable club going nowhere"try to off load Boyd"? are you having a laugh? What a complete load of
the most ridiculous post to date!So that puts Boyds worth at 350k,?
Triple that and you will be closer the mark.
Has been offered an extension of his contract but refused, so not a case of "unwanted"!Do you mean you'll pay P'Boro Wilson + £500k for Boyd? Boyd's worth 4 or 5 times what Wilsons worth.Boyd is not unwanted. He is available for transfer due to only having a year left on his contract. He doesn;t want to negotiate a new one because he knows he can earn a 5-digit-per-week income elsewhere in The Championship. His fee will be c.£1m. Out of Stevenage's reach on both counts.Wilson isn't a winger, he's a right sided midfielder or full back.He wants to get away from the club hence his decision not to extend his contractRight i didnt realise stevenage was a mid tabled club? 2 back to back promotions and then finishing in the playoffs does not indicate a midtable club."He wants to get away from the Club" that infers that there has been a problem, I think you will find that Boyd has been quite happy at Posh, but feels it's time to move on.Freeman and bostwick are not leaving stevenage!Bostwick defo goin seen him lookin for houses near peteboro


29 Jun 2012 00:06:18
Coventry set to sign John Fleck, Stuart Beavon, Steven Howard and Andy Gray in the next few weeks(5)(32)First 2 would be nice, but Howard and Gray- NoI c your targets have changed now you cant get norwood your after a barnsley reject coyr LOLCov will be lucky to sign a tea lady at this rate. Lots of talk but no action and rumours via the CET.You say it like norwoods signing for you ahaha


29 Jun 2012 00:00:01
Ipswich Town transfer targets:

Steve Davies (Derby)
Scott Loach (Watford)
Luke Chambers - Free
Brad Guzan - Free
George Boyd (Peterborough)
Cheick Korouma - tribunal
Zak Whitbread - Free from the 6 fingered neighbours

Nathan Ellington - Anyone silly enough to sign him(8)(22)Wishful thinking that we would sign that many high profile players. Kourouma and Chambers look like signing next week but I think that Guzan, Boyd and especially Whitbread are not coming here.If you get half of these I wil be imprested Boyd has had an offer accepted from Palace and he supports them, so if he was going to make a sideways move I doubt it will be to the farm landZak would never sign for shower like ipswich porterloo road is not up to his standards

Ncfc mattI said targets not that we'd get them all... Oh yeah forgot Peterborough is where all the celebrities are mateWhat about Ricardo Fuller? Lots of rumours saying he might be joining Ipswich after leaving Stoke.Davies is off north, bolton or burnley it seemsYou were the silly ones to sign Ellington from watford in the first place?


28 Jun 2012 23:54:31
Robert snodgrass of leeds is on celtics radar and neil lennon is very keen on the player(19)(14)Coming from a leeds fan... If he sadly does go, It will be English Prem, not Scottish.Loads keen on him, but he aint giong anywhereThink Mcgeough and George are going to be better.....Hes never good enuff for celtic team,dnt b so sillyWe have better players at the club already. no chance this will happen


28 Jun 2012 23:53:09
I support Newcastle but live on sussex and work part time in hospitality. Ross McCormack of Leeds United who is a target of Huddersfield, Crystal Palace and Bristol City was this evening at the Amex Stadium Brighton meeting with club officials. I saw him.(11)(25)Ross has already signed for Palace for 750k will be announced MondayPalace fan don't believe it cause yet again there are rivals all rumpled with palace have got to be palace charlton or millwall or Brighton all chasing after one playerHe wont go to brightonThats funny he's on ho
Idly palI just seen elvis in tesco, and no he hasn't, 2.5 release clauseI hope this is true he is a great player and works his nuts offSeems mccormack has changed his mind and is staying at leeds, now they are coming into money and promising big things, and they could be after zaha, hope notNotice how it was a done deal and ironically it is a rival that happens to come in and also bid for the same player.As a Brighton fan I'm indifferent to RM joinging Albion but have to ask why any player on the back of a successful season with Leeds Utd would take a transfer to Crystal Palace? A backwards step!Ross hasnt signed for palace thats total rubbish,where are you getting your info from?Why would he join palace over us tho he hasn't signed for anyone and won't for less the 2.5 mill not 750kSeriously as a fanatical Palace fan I can not believe the amount of rumours flying around.
As the chairman has stated lets wait and see750k is a long way below the 2.5million Leeds are asking for and as a Huddersfield fan I think it's fair to say he is easily worth at least 2.5 million if not slightly moreThis palace fan is having a laugh as if leeds would sell him for 750k hes at least worth 2 millionBrighton wee talked about getting him firstRm won't be going for 2.5 mil his contract is up next summer , he wont sign a new one as he wants the same money as snodgrass 12k. Not sure what Brighton are paying there players but I dought they could afford that
Brighton will be in for a very tough second seasonBrightons top earners are on more than 12 grand a week so that's not a problem no wonder he wants to leave if a decent player like that can't get 12 grand a week I thought Leeds were ambitiousIf the rumours are true and it is the prince of dubai who's bought leeds then i doubt any of the players that wanted to leave will now go as they will expect bigger wages offered to them... as we all know regardless of who you support and what you think of your best players' its just a job to them and money talksWell if their top earners are on more then clearly not doing their job, because you were very average last seasonI think u may be deluded on how much championship teams are paying there players. Especially small teams such as Brighton. They couldn't keep Murray as they didn't want to make him there highest earner on 10k


28 Jun 2012 23:32:04
landon donovan has put his mansion in L.A up for sale which has sparked rumours that he could be in line for a permanent move back to Everton i hope so

@teamcahill17(21)(7)Could be true cos LAG are gonna hav to get rid of a marquee player which for them are Robbie Keane, David Beckham and Landon Donovan to sign Clarence Seedorf who is training with them atm


28 Jun 2012 23:30:47
More bad news ... Antonio deal is off, we've been outbid just like with Marshall. We should have had both of them if promotion was a serious endeavor
, gutted.(7)(7)No its not and we did'nt get outbid for marshall he wanted to play in the championship you must be a jealous blunt


28 Jun 2012 22:52:20
Huddersfield Town have made an enquiry to Everton over a loan deal for Ross Barkley.(6)(24)Another football manager enthusiast. Please stop posting utter balls, and stop embarressing yourself and huddersfield town!!


28 Jun 2012 22:46:31
Charlton will announce next week that they have signed Wordsworth and one other from Colchester and Coutts and Mayor from Preston. The other player is thought to be Okhuonge.(9)(6)I could believe any one, or possibly even two of those three, but not all three. we don't need that many in their positions,Powell said 'We only want players with Championship experience'Well Coutts and Mayor have Championship experience with Preston, and Coutts also got it at Peterborough.We have signed Wordsworth, I know we were after Coutts in Jan but we are probably still keeping tabs in him, I know we have been rumoured to be interested in Mayor but I don't know of any bidsI wish you would take Russell permanentlyYou have not signed wordsworth


28 Jun 2012 22:45:24
Southampton will surprise all with an £10 million bid for Butland and Redmond.

The deal will involve a player going the other way, yet to be confirmed who.

Birmingham have kept quiet thus far due to Southamptons request for a quick sale with cash upfront. Both players are yet to confirm their intentions.(16)(27)No way unless it is someone like Rickie lambert coming inCould take a couple of our players if we get them two in returnI hope this doesn't happen.
When we (Southampton) were bought out and we knew we had money, the club said that they wouldnt over spend til they got back in the prem, and then they wouldnt do it in the way Chelsea and Man City did. We would buy young talant and build for the future.
Okay, so this is young talent, but 10mil plus one of our players for someone that has only ever played in league one and someone that is very good but has failed to make the impact he should. It reminds me of when Chelsea started buying players like Steve Sidwell, unproven and unready for the challenge ahead.
I thought this whole Butland thing would stop when 6mil was turned down.
Lets face it 90% of people wouldnt know who he was if it wasnt for Ruddy's broken finger.Good one mate ^Like saints would part with lambert, if there was anyone goin the other way it would be someone like barnard or seabourne who are unlikely to get much first team actionClark already said it will take ridiculous offer to get butland, so start at 10 mill for him aloneThis is a riduculous offer already.. He is an unproven youth player who isnt even first choice in the championship. I truly hope Saints give up on this and look to sign more proven players..Are Brum broke or not or what?
I thought they now needed the cash now their owner is AWOL.
I know that Brum international (the BFC holding company raided earlier this year) has delayed the release of its financials as funds have been frozen.
BFC have released club records but the holding company looks like a black hole to me.
Unfortunately for all you Brum fans sales may have to happen. I feel for you as without Liebherr we would still be in a much worse position.I genuinely think £10m for two of the brightest prospects in England us a good deal. They won't be after silly wages either.

Too many clubs are crippling themselves by wages, a £10m outlay is not ridiculous in this day and age.

As long as Soton get the right experience in too, this deal looks a good move for both clubs if genuine.Puncheon and dickson going the other way


28 Jun 2012 22:37:30
QPR linked with Atletico Madrid Center back Diego Godin(4)(24)They can be interested in him all they like but they wont get him! his current club is bigger than QPR and also reported interest from Man City and Chelsea


28 Jun 2012 22:43:30
Peterborough are to complete the signings of Stevenage trio Wilson, Bostwick & Freeman and are also interested in Arsenal's Sanchez Watt.(6)(14)


28 Jun 2012 22:42:12
Peterborough united are set to sign Coventry midfielder Gary Deegan(1)(12)



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