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30 Jul 2013 21:32:17
Nicky Adams of Crawley Town in talks with Bradford

Highly doubt that seeing as Barker has come out and said Crawley only have 15 senior players so I highly doubt he will let any more leave

Think Adams would cost a reasonable amount he is by far Crawleys best attacking player. Not sure Bradford could afford the 400k plus it would cost.

31 Jul 2013 13:22:00
Crawley are close to signing a young turkish striker apparently anyone have any idear who it is?



30 Jul 2013 21:14:02
Blackpool look set to sign Stephen Hunt after contract talks went well

Hope this is true he would be a great signing

31 Jul 2013 08:29:37
Gutted wolves let him go. always gave 100%. Run himself into the ground every game. Good luck to him.

Lets hope this is true



30 Jul 2013 20:25:03
READING are set to sign Cardiff City striker Etien Velikonja on a season-long loan with a view to a £500k transfer next summer.

RedTits / Royals

They have just singed him

No chance, we paid over 2 mill last summer for him and Mackay sees him as a future star for cardiff. Loan? Maybe! Sell after very very doubtful he will be class once settled into British football.

Will bag a load of goals in the championship just a shame we didn't see much of him due to being very small but he has now bulked up and is a future star!

Future he's like 25?

It's a case of him never having got into rhythm I think. Clear his wages with a loan which would include a fee, then recoup the losses a bit. Shame, but good luck etien.

This isn't happening confirmed by Malkay himself

Nope. This isn't happening

I want Velikonja and Maynard out! Velikonja has proved useless when called up to the senior squad. Maynard is unproven and injury prone. Malky overpaid for both of these players (£1. 4M for Velikonja and £2. 75M for Maynard). I say sell them, make £2m and buy Odemwingie or Wickham.



30 Jul 2013 19:12:01
Town to sign Stevenage striker Dani Lopez for an undisclosed fee

Which town are you on about?

What 'town' would that be then?



30 Jul 2013 20:02:49
QPR are ready to land Burnley striker Charlie Austin - but will not pay over £3M.

Notts Forest have also bid 3M but Burnley are holding out for 4M and have said they will not sell even if it means him going for nothing next summer

Anymore leads on this

Well, if QPR won't go higher than 3mill and we do I guess that will give them a problem won't it?

PR are ready to land Burnley striker Charlie Austin - but will not pay over £3M.

Burnley have to sell and I think both Redknapp and Davies know this

He has 1 year left on his contract and come aug 31st they both know that they could get him for about 2. 5M-3M
so why pay 4. 5M-5M now

As a Forest fan I hope we get him BTW

He will be sold for 2 million max. burnley can't afford to keep him and let him go on free next year, and are not in a bargaining position to demand 4m. 2 years left yes 1 year no! should of sold uo last summer for 6 mil.

What's all this rubbish to do with Nott's County. None of these teams will win anythingh

If this rumour is true, then he should sign for NOTTM FOREST as the pecking order at QPR is long! he would automatically make the first team at forest. Will the wages b the tempting thing? Only time will tell. :-) nffc. Can anyone shed any light on the Nicky shore y rumour, please.

31 Jul 2013 19:42:35
Dodgy knee or not, would still b a quality signing for forest. Land him and wes Morgan and the country will sit up and notice us once again! We shouldn`t be hesitating if the owners are serious about taking us up.

Signed for qpr

Charlie has signed for QPR go go go unlucky Notts forest lol

Sold to QPR



30 Jul 2013 19:38:23
Ian evatt signs a 2 year deal with chesterfield



30 Jul 2013 19:13:29
Watford striker Britt Assombalonga will sign for Peterborough United in time for Saturday's start of the season.

Hopefully only a loan. Well worth keeping hold of for the future.

30 Jul 2013 21:04:47
Peterborough have looked good in preseason would be happy to see brit join them for the season.

Good Luck with the promotion push

Please be clear. This would be a LOAN signing only.

I'd be surprised, as it's been reported he didn't play in Watford's game tonight to keep him fresh to be in the squad for our game against Birmingham on Saturday

He will be signing for a Posh club record fee. Chairman is picking him up on route from his home for photo session at London Road lunchtime.

^^he would never be in the squad on Saturday. He is promising but he would never beat the likes of deeney, fabbrini, forestieri, acuna or even ikpeazu. A loan to Peterborough would be a good option for all parties.

Looks like he has signed a four year deal.

Strange one this as he was viewed as a future star at Watford.

Signed. Well done no-nothing Watford fans.

In the bag, well done chairman.

Permanent, confirmed by both clubs, m good luck britt, you have the best surname in football.

4 year contract, what a signing.

Assombalonga confirmed a Posh player. Bought not loaned. Oi oi!

Signed on a 4 year deal. Absolutely a brilliant signing by the club

It isn't a loan, he's signed a four year deal

"Please be clear. This would be a LOAN signing only". WRONG!!

Smashing our record fee, fingers crossed being a great signing for us

31 Jul 2013 11:09:18
Just signed on a four year deal! Record transfer fee for posh. Great signing boro!

Signed sealed and delivered, great signing by posh and shows our intent this season. Seeing as we must have spent close to £2 million on Payne and Assombalonga

Ha! ave that watford! great signing come on borough!

He's signed permanently for an Undisclosed fee shows how much Watford fans know

£1.5m rising to £2m

Lol, he has signed permanently.

Well, I guess we were wrong. Still good business though. More than £1.1 million for our 5th choice striker who has not scored above League 2 level. Of course that's not to say he's not a good striker, I'm sure he will be as Zola says he sees something in him, but he is as yet untested, and to get well over £1 million for an untested 20 year old is definitely a good deal. We have first choice buy-back as well. Very good stuff.

I don't see why a good season in League 2 automatically puts him in contention for a place in a side as good as ours! Potential needs nurturing.

Put it this way - If we signed a League 2 striker with Britt's scoring record, would you even think about him starting a game with the squad we've put together?

'Smashed' the record according to Posh chairman which means its a fee of over £1.3m!

Good business for Watford.
Good buy for Posh.

Looks like there's no future for young players at Watford, only older loanees

Great player thanks Watford, mark little next. today. another striker soon.

31 Jul 2013 13:47:06
Good luck Britt! There's nothing North of the Black Cat roundabout.

I think this suits all parties. Britt gets some first team action, Posh get a very talented youngster and Watford get over £1.1m for a 20 year old with one year left on his contract who has only scored goals in League One, and have first refusal on him. I wish Britt and Posh the best of luck this season.

Seem there really isn't much opportunity being given to Watford's youth graduates now with the Udinese business. It's a shame, because I thought they'd still maintain that.

Mensah, O'Nien, Ikpeazu, Hoban, Smith-there's 5 youngsters who have a future at Watford.

Put it this way - If we signed a League 2 striker with Britt's scoring record, would you even think about him starting a game with the squad we've put together?

One name; Gayle!

They paid by the letter

^^ Connor Smith, Sean Murray, Bernard Mensah, Jonathan Bond, Tommie Hoban to name but a few who have all had and will get chances.

"Looks like there's no future for young players at Watford, only older loanees"

Watford have no loanee players, all the transfers have been permanent deals.
If the young players are good enough then they will be involved in the first team squad and there are some very good youngsters at the club liek Sean Murray, Connor Smith, Tommie Hoban, Uche Ikpeazu, Bernard Mensah and Jonathan Bon who will all be invovled int he first team squad at various points of the season.

A good deal for both clubs I think, assombalonga is an undoubted talent who will get regular first team football at posh and Watford have received good money for a player unproven at
League 1 standard. He was well regarded at Watford - good luck to him

No future? We've accepted £1. 5 rising to £2m for a bloke who hasn't kicked a ball above L2 level.

. We'll see how big his future is.

Wouldn't get near our first team and has been replaced by another young England lad on a free!

Great signing for Peterborough, no need for any silly posts on here insulting each other.

Britt has a very bright future. Watford have an embarrassment of riches in the striker department, 4 quality first choice strikers in Deeney, Acuna, Fessi, Fabrinni and 2 quality first year pro's in Mensah and Ikpeazu so Britt was surplus. But take nothing away from him, he will be a quality striker in years to come.

We net in the region of £1.5m, potentially rising to £2m for a promising striker who will not feature this season. We have first refusal on buy back and he gets to develop and do the business for a team that plays a similar brand of footie to ours. Zola is onto a winner here.

The majority of players we have signed this summer are in their early to mid-20s and have signed 3, 4 or 5 year contracts so get your facts right before making ill-informed comments

'Shows how much Watford fans know'

The fact you consider this a half decent signing, at £1.5m, renders your argument invalid.

Terrible bit of business from Posh!

You've been mugged off at that price Posh fans! Worth no more than £250k

Surly one of the most ludicrous transfers this summer?

Taking the micky at that price.

And I thought Bale was over valued!

Sense udinesewatford fans feel slightly daft as yesterday and before hand he was too good to consider selling! Now pleased he has gone! Admit is a expensive gamble for us but its less than 20% of Gayle money so min risk really! Any how no point getting at each other both going to enjoy a promotion push

Gotta laugh! He may score a few this season, but if you are promoted, he'll be on the bench.

He'll easily following in the footsteps our our other signings, can't help but feel Watford's less dignified have a case of sour grapes, clearly Zola and Watford think he could play in the premier league if he works hard, otherwise they wouldn't want the buy back option.

It's quite obvious he is one of the hottest up and coming players, so support the lad rather than save face because you thought he would be one for the match day squad

Watford having 'first option' on any player would depend entirely on meeting the fee that is put on the lads head by the parent club (Peterborough)

So even though its a nice option to have, it would only apply with the buying club meeting the valuation.

Just shows by the last two posts sour grapes I think. If he wasnt any good and 6th choice striker why go on about it!

Seems an over-inflated e go and premature big club syndrome for some Watford fans has struck again. Twice in one week now. Of course I'm referring only to a select few who likely weren't Fans of the Horns until they heard about the new owners last season

Watford also have first refusal to purchase Britt back with a ceiling at 1 million increase per season, therefore if after 4 years Posh want to sell he will cost Watford a max of 6 million 2+4 whereas his real value may be much higher. A great deal which limits profit to Posh and a win win for Watford

Unfortunately, Watford grow fond of their youth. Lee Hodson, Ross Jenkins, John Joe O'Toole etc - Very few actually live up to their potential.

1 season / 15 league goals in The 4th tier of English football isn't all that tbh, and certainly not worth the price you paid f

Again, sad to say it but as a Watford fan, I am embarrased by the tone in which others use.

Britt is a godo young prospect who was likely to have had some impact this season - be it as a squad player, bench warmer - but would have been around the fringes of the squad as shown in preseason.

On saying that the arrival of Ikpeazu on a free has not helped his cause as Uche has all of Britt's pace and rawness + that X-factor that Zola has been talking about.

I do think a fee rising to £2m is a bit overpriced and I don't want that price tag to be the burden as I think Britt will do a good job for Posh alongside an experienced head.

I'm sure he'll get a host of chances to shine in our attack minded side, and Fergie's good at getting the best out of young players. I'm confident he'll learn quickly with experienced guidance behind him. Watford fans know all about Posh's attacking ability from last season at London Rd.

01 Aug 2013 13:14:13
Little signed 11 months all we need, great signing



30 Jul 2013 17:58:49
Burnley will hope to sign Billy Sharp for around 1M after they agreed a fee with Southampton for him

Would be an excellent signing, just can't see it happening

Wouldn't surprise me, could be a replacement for the Nottingham Forrest bound Charlie Austin.

30 Jul 2013 21:05:53
Has he not signed for Doncaster?

Another week, another Billy Sharp on the cusp of signing for someone rumour.

I think the reason Billy's not signed for anyone is we are probably trying to recoup what we paid for him, which was more than a million.

30 Jul 2013 22:35:25
No there has not been a fee agreed and no he won't join Burnley. He's still holding out for a move to Doncaster.

Doncaster or burnley no brainer billy get signed on utc

I wouldn't think it is that important to recoup what we paid for him, he helped us earn promotion which has earned us millions.

I think a million would be a good price to pay for him, he's a quality poacher and with a full season and the right build up play behind him could easily score 15 goals or more in the championship. If Austin stays at Burnley and Sharp moves they could be a promotion force.



30 Jul 2013 16:28:12
Boro scout told me that although they want a striker in permanently Mowbray is open to loaning a striker in.
Billy Sharp, Ricardo Vaz Te and Appstolos Vellios.
Still a chance of Billy Sharp or another striker coming in permanently though.

Vaz ta would be a good one with his space n he gets a few! I want the guy who speculate the vitor deal to come forward he broke that news before it come out in the press 3 weeks later, so what's the fresh gossip come forward n tell us?.

31 Jul 2013 06:00:55
It was me, only really strong link I've got is Wells from BCFC.



30 Jul 2013 17:15:29
Fulham are set to move for Aston Villa striker Darren Bent, 29, after discovering Italy forward Pablo Osvaldo, 27, intends to stay at Roma.



30 Jul 2013 16:40:23
Rumors out of Italy "In the next hours there should be new contacts between Juventus and Norwich"

Would absolutely love it if he came. Just the type of player that will keep us progressing

About who? failed to mention

03 Aug 2013 14:17:09
Noticed Becchio wasn't on the bench against Brighton. Is there anything we can read in to this?



30 Jul 2013 16:02:54
Burnley have already lined up Charlie Austins replacement with a move for Ex Derby man Theo Robinson who is having talks today with the Clarets

30 Jul 2013 18:03:33
He's not 'ex-derby', he's still got a year left on his contract

He's not ex derby as he's still a derby player, he's just free to find another club

Ex Derby man? You mean Derby man

The only team I could see austin going to is qpr, they are favourites to go straight back up, but not for 2.5 million though I think anything less than 4 million and we shouldn't sell, I don't think he will go forest though he'd rather stay at burnley ( no disrespect to forest there either )

Still think we'll see late interest from a prem club

He's not ex Derby, he's the current Derby palyer and playing tonight at Matlock so this info incorrect. Doncaster and MK Dons are likely to be the 1 to sign.

Theo got a brace last night against Matlock Town. He would definitely make a decent championship squad player in a rotated strike force.



30 Jul 2013 16:01:07
My uncle is part of the Chelsea back-room and he told me that Aston Villa have made an enquiry for Josh McEachran.

This is going over old ground and McCeachran is no better than several players that we already have.
This will not happen.



30 Jul 2013 15:47:42
Fulham have a number of targets under consideration, difficulties are that other clubs are also interested and prices have been inflated for Fulham because of new owner's money. Fulham will bring in by the end of transfer window one midfielder and one striker.

Striker under serious consideration is Osvaldo from Roma and Fulham expect to have this deal completed by the end of the week - expect Fulham to pay £10m.

Midfield attention has moved to Aogo from Hamburg and expect Fulham to pay £5m to secure his services. Other consideration is still Huddlestone from Spurs but that deal has gone cold for a number of reasons.

Kaca's injury has renewed interest in Mollo currently on loan at St Ettienne and £3-4million would be needed to seal this deal.

There might be at least two loan signings but this might not happen until the end of the window. Emanuelson might go to Fulham for a season long loan with the option to buy.

We certainly need to get going in the market. I know Jol said we need 2 more players but I feel as we have more money we need to use the cash on 3 or 4 players. I would much rather Osvaldo than Bent and I believe that if Roma ask for 12 mill we should go ahead and stop pondering whether to pay it or not. It has happened too many times Fulham looking at a player, being the favourites for their signature but will refuse to pay the asking price allowing other clubs to snap them up. Now the new owner is in I think he needs to show the fans and the rest of the BPL that he and Fulham mean business and give Jol the funds (just like Southampton's owner) to go on a real spending spree and splash the cash and push for the top 6 and maybe even higher. COYW LET'S GET GOING!!

Roma are saying Osvaldo is part of their plans for the future which might just be a ploy to raise the price. Agree with previous comment Fulham will need to go to £12millon to get him, in the absence of anything better they should just pay the extra otherwise the Whites will be left with nothing or Darren Bent.

New Chairman needs to make a statement with a big signing this is what the fans are waiting for - the squad is fairly thread bare at the moment. Disappointing that things will be left until the last minute again and probably after the start of the season.

Osvaldo remains Fulham's key transfer target but the deal on hold because player and Roma want more money. Transfer would be £10 million with add ons.

If the deal is not agreed Fulham will move to secure Darren Bent's signature who favours a move to London rather than Newcastle. He is Newcastle's first choice but Fulham's second choice. Fulham not linked with any other striker option so unless it is very secret it is either one of these two or nothing.

Midfield key priority and Aogo is a target especially as Boateng's pre season form has been poor. Rabiu from Evian is also a target and would be a much cheaper option at £1million.

Fulham likely to bring in two players on loan - utility player Emanuelson and defender Wisdom from Liverpool being discussed.

Similar to many clubs so far it has been a miserable and frustrating transfer window for Fulham, with the preparations for the new season in full swing new players will take time to get up to speed. That said Stekelenberg is a good signing (but no better than Schwarzer) and Amorebieta is also an improvement on what we had last season but other than that we are weaker as a squad than last season and that is a worry for the Whites.

A CM is needed very much so even 2 of them as this is a place last year where we struggled loosing Dembele, Murphy and Etuhu we had o play baird in their we even signed Tavares on a short term deal a player like Gragano would be god along with one other don't know who that will be but they all need a CAM like Kevin Prince BOATENG as youve just mentioned wheter that is on the cards I don't know may cost a lot.

Boateng has had a good pre-season its just that we need someone other than Sidwell alongside him. I have been arguing for a while that we don't need another striker as once we have the CM position sorted Ruiz won't have to keep dropping deep and can be the link between the midfield and Berba.
Berba works best up top with a player in behind him are Osvaldo or Bent really going to be happy playing that role?

I'm the guy that posted COYW LET'S GET GOING. Personally I would like Osvaldo alongside Berba with us also bringing in Aogo who can also play LB which is needed considering Riise's age and he is not as good as he used to be and Kieran Richardson being injury prone. With Kaca being injured another winger would come in handy and we would have Dejagah on the right. With Osvaldo (who would be better) or Bent Ruiz would go into a more central role. We should also bring in Gargano for strength and cover for the defence or someone similar to Dembele or a younger Danny murphy that can play the balls through.

My ideal XI for this season:
GK Stekelenberg
RB Riether
CB Hangeland
CB Amorebrieta
LB Aogo

RM Dejagah
CM Gargano in a more defensive role ( or anyone that can play through balls to the strikers)
CAM Ruiz in a more attacking role.
LM Kaca when he is fit (or any paces skilful wingers that can score goals) Any suggestions?

ST Osvaldo
ST Barbatov

I know this is ambitious but with the new owner Jol could pull off some transfers and if we get the players that are in this team I believe it is capable of challenging for Europe.
Any other Suggestions?

The team above would be great at home but Jol will play two holding midfielders. Last season Ruiz played just behind Berbatov and it didn't work - too big gap between midfield and Ruiz and Berbatov is not a line breaker someone who will stretch a defence. Ideally Fulham need one excellent holding midfield player, Sidwell or Boateng are not good enough to do this on their own. Boateng has not looked great in the bits shown from pre season, has been caught in possession in dangerous positions and looks off the pace. That said, one holding midfielder relies on a strong back four, amorebieta is untested and doubts remain about Riise's defensive ability.

It is difficult finding room for both Berbatov and Ruiz and that has been Jol's problem but.

Ideally, Fulham need a strong defensive midfielder to play with Ruiz in midfield Berbatov could then play behind Osvaldo or Bent/Rodallega. Wide midfielders will need to work hard to tuck in and make up numbers in midfield.

I agree but I have just noticed in the news that Fulham are close to sealing a deal for Lee Cattermole and I see that as a step backwards.

Seems like Jol is targeting the wrong types of players we have the new owner and he is buying average players that haven't stood out in the clubs they have been at.

Firstly Cattermole would much rather Gargano

Bent would much rather Osvaldo

We also need a left back and a wide midfield player. {Ed001's Note - this window the money is unlikely to be available as the takeover's details take time to sort out. Man City were able to buy Robinho because the Sheikh bought him as a 'good faith' payment prior to completion. It will probably be the next window before you will see any benefits to the takeover.}

You have a look at this time last year we had Dembele now we are signing Lee Catermole massive backwards stepalways injured or always suspended Fulham need a lot better than that and to be honest I can't see Jol there in the future cause the chairman will just give him the axed Jols got money to spend but hasn't done nothing in the market and will struggle again next season need at least 4 more players two middle midfielders and wide man and a centre forward possibly a right back.

Michel Bastos is a name I've heard floating around

01 Aug 2013 13:18:16
I don't think we need a player like cattermole joining us, never been great at passing and gets sent off 5 times a season, as for being favourites for signing bent as good a goal scorer he's been over the years I'm not sure he's the answer for us. Center midfield is the worry as sidwell, boatang, are not good enough in the long term, should be looking to sign someone like will Hughes from derby even if did cost 5+ mil a good young player that would excel at Fulham, we need to build a strong young team for the future.

Del ffc

Ed I'm just saying if Fulham sign the wrong types of players we could find ourselves in a relegation battle and we surely won't be able to attract the food players if we are bottom of the table side or even in the championship being worse case scenario. {Ed001's Note - you could say that about any team really. The thing is, you should only need to get through until January, then buy a couple of quality players to see you through until the summer. Then sort the team probably in that window.}

Good point.

If we get through to January and you said Ed Khan could give Jol 20mill to spend to bring in 2 or 3 quality players pushing us up the table gradually and then in the summer when Khan has settled give Jol a massive transfer kitty of 50 to 60 just like Southampton's owner and we never know if Khan allows this money to be spent we could be targeting top 5 and 6 and finally move on from mid table like we have been for the last 10 years.

The money is available without the owners money to go out and buy a decent striker - Fulham have a small squad with only Berbatov on big money. Agree with comments above - Fulham will be in the bottom half of the table if they do not bring in three top players in the required positions and Jol must come up with a game plan that suits the players he has. Last season was a mess Jol had no idea how to play Berbatov and Ruiz together, one of them should be sacrificed if Jol continues to play the formation he seems to like but of course he won't drop Berbatov or Ruiz. Boateng and Karagounis (great player of the past) are not the answers and Fulham fans must be concerned with things as they stand. By the way in the game against Bremen Fulham were absolutely awful, a pre season game but the game plan was the same as last season.



30 Jul 2013 15:46:25
Lee Camp in Blackpool for talks today.

Not a chance




30 Jul 2013 15:22:17
Hartlepool united to resign ritchie jones, the e. Rochdale, Manchester United and Bradford central midfielder

Last chance to stay in football league if he gets the opportunity. Poor in the end at Bradford and presumably few trees uprooted at Rochdale. Some ability there but doubt he'll make the most of it I'm afraid.

We would never be that desperate. Plenty of talent but the heart of an ameoba

He's signed for an MLS team

He's a quality player who never gets a chance



30 Jul 2013 15:11:35
Brentford on the tail of Reading's Kaspars Gorkss and BR's Tom Parkes, they have been in the market for a CB all summer and was at the Reading v BR game watching them



30 Jul 2013 15:06:34
Shane Lewis to sign by Friday for Walsall FC, also George Bowerman on trial at Leyton orient, who play an Arsenal XI tonight

Better pull his finger out if we sign lewis after villa showing, looked a bit dodgy to say the least

Didnt sound too good on walsall commentary against villa, sounded like mantom was the only one playing, I hope these new forwards are the right ones to sign

We need 2 new goalkeepers them pair not to clever



30 Jul 2013 14:58:45
Fulham have signed harry arter for 2m




30 Jul 2013 15:12:38
Any Bristol City transfer news please,

I believe City are scrapping around within the buget to find money to sign Pack and Harewood.

SOD has also said he wants another quick striker, and I keep hearing whispers of various loan targets.

I would imagine if he lands these three targets we will be done for the season, at least until Jan.

I am assuming the lack of liquid buget to use has come off the back of Albert Adamoah still being here, I imagine he is still looking to go somewhere, and if/when he does City will lock in the 3 players they want.

I also read in last nights Post (so make of it what you will) that SOD said he was looking for a backup right back to provide cover for Maloney.



30 Jul 2013 14:25:34
Huddersfield are hoping to sign trialist Christian Lopez, if he agrees a suitable wage to keep the Terriers within FFP and a centre half who Mark Robins insists is a "bargain" before this Saturdays opener against Nottingham Forest

30 Jul 2013 17:08:42
How much are we paying for the "bargain" centre half? Pay peanuts you get monkeys!!

I wonder who this cb is? does anyone know. lopez would be a signing, I would welcome, because It gives this man a chance in the English game, to show that in pre season is what he actually is about.

Bargain must be out of contract or not wanted. Alan Taite springs to mind but to be honest no better than our current crop of central defenders.

Abdisalam Ibrahim is the bargain player but the Terriers will have stiff competition from lower premier league clubs. He is available on a free due to a contract loophole and Man City can't charge a fee if he is offered a contract at least as good as the one he is currently on.

I saw that he wants a Bargain but I dint see that he said he wants a centre back, however we desperately need one!

Alan tate has signed a 3 year contract with Yeovil.

That's us out of the reckoning then

Lopez has signed on a 1 year contract with the option of a further year pending international clearance

Lopez signed 1yr deal with option of one more, subject to international clearance

Abdisalam Ibrahim is a midfielder!

Lopez has signed for Town!! Very strong team. bring on the start of the Championship!

Doubt that Ibrahim would sign for town unless we sold one of our more first choice central midfielders

Sean morrison is that centre back

Is this the final signing? Robins has spoken of a real bargain signing, looking at maybe two signings?
Thought we may have been looking to bring in a CB from what I have read however personally I think Lynch is the answer. He was quality at beginning of last season then Grayson weaved his magic to knock his and many others confidence and belief.
Robins could be the man to get Lynch back to his best.

Sean Morrison is definitely not that centre back as he would not be a bargain we'd have to pay big money for him, have no idea who the CB is my source said centre half but even he couldn't get a name

No apparently reading won't let him leave or something according to a guy who told me that he was talking to Sean Jarvis and that's what he said

Should get Morrison, Powell and Jackson. now that would finish off the squad nicely!

Certainly agree about Lynch, he's looked good lately. Hopefully Gerrard and Woods will both be back from injury shortly as a back four of Hunt, Gerrard, Lynch, and Woods is pretty good in my opinion; and having a player like Hogg or Gobern in front of them should make a huge difference to our leaky midfield.

Very happy with the squad at present.

Bargain center half looks like it could be Anthony Gerrard.

If by Jackson, you mean Simeon, he signed for the newly promoted Bundesliga side Eintracht Brauwnschweig

Always thought Lynch had potential just needs someone decent to partner him. Reckon town need to bring in a prem CB loan probably, Dawson from WBA or Miguel from Arsenal. Also Leon Barnett would be a quality acquisition! I disagree with your back four however I think that Hunt isn't good enough defensively, I'd play Carroll, Lynch, New CB and Woods and use Hunt as an attacking option on the wing and then use Hammill/Scannell/Ward in rotation with him.

Has anybody actually considered Lopez being 'the bargain' and that is it for Town and transfers?

Clarke was towns downfall in the league last season as he has shown he has past his best. If town get a new CB then it should be the new signing and Lynch playing at centre half!

On the note he already plays for us?

Wouldn't mind having Andre Wisdom on loan.

Give that man a rubber chicken.



30 Jul 2013 14:47:11
Former Colchester United striker Steve Gillespie due to rejoin them on a 6 month loan from Fleetwood to address their lack of firepower (Sears, Morrison and Ibhere rarely score)

This is rubbish, the U's manager has already stated there will be no further signings this summer. Anyway, if we needed more firepower we wouldn't be going for Gillespie. We would need a player who could play and not keep the physio's bed warm.



30 Jul 2013 14:14:03
Matt tubbs will join rotherham permanent in jan for 350k aslo expect Sam vokes and dan butterfield to sign before Saturday

For bournemouth, I presume ?

A good forward and an experienced "cover" defender - good signings for Rotherham - strength in depth!



30 Jul 2013 14:13:41
Steve Bruce is now looking at Djakaridja Kon� of Evian, a former team mate of Yannick Sagbo. The 6ft defensive midfielder is thought to fit the bill in the type of player he's looking for.



30 Jul 2013 14:16:11
Burnley have agreed a fee with bournemouth for Sam vokes in a deal worth 375k plus add ons

I could see the move happening but with a higher fee. He is about 21 and an international forward. Plenty of potential to come from him. I would say 600k minimum fee

Great. I'd drive him and his stuff down there. Absolutely useless. Another shocking Howe signing. Nothing but a big lump who throws his weight around.

Let's hope he knows where you live then!

If true welcome to AFCB Sam.

Yeah, he is a very poor player. just big and brutish. wouldn't look out of place in a sunday league team.

I'm sure you all loved vokes when he scored against Blackburn

This is true. I put one of the above posts and my opinion of ha would be far worse if he hasn't saved us against the chicken farmers. Still rubbish. Would rather have Robbie blakes left foot

I'm willing to pay for your petrol if you drive him there, he is USELESS



30 Jul 2013 13:48:15
Apparently there are a few rumours flying around Bloomfield Rd, there are allegedly 4 new faces coming in, although three of them are likely to be K. O's. A central midfielder with premiership pedigree. Also heard about LB from Fulham as a possibility but there is more to the midfielder and gathering pace

This has some substance to it, think that Stephen Hunt is in talks, the LB from Fulham has being mentioned on this site earlier, hopefully a RB will come in as well.



30 Jul 2013 13:47:28
Connor Wickham could well be heading to qpr on a season long loan deal



30 Jul 2013 13:11:58
Bradford City are interested in taking Hamilton Academical Left Back Stephen Hendrie on a season long loan.

Got Wheldon on trial from Middlesborough looks like he will sign according to Parky at last nights fans forum.

What did pp say about him?



30 Jul 2013 13:09:55
Derby may try and sign Chris Burke again in January but will have to pay a bigger fee.

30 Jul 2013 15:40:59
Burnley may try to get Burke in January as well.

Would be a quality signing better than coutts



30 Jul 2013 05:56:59
Any news on players coming into Brighton ed

During last night's friendly against Norwich the dutch midfielder Augestein played, but there's been no comfirmation about him signing.

He has signed, just waiting for clearance from the Welsh F. A

He has signed, just waiting for clearance from the Welsh F. A. Should be announced in the next 24hrs.

^^Kemy hasn't been given clearance by the Welsh FA, until then he can't officially sign

Type in google kemmy26 and look on his instagram

As I understand the Augustein situation from The Argus is, that Albion are waiting for the 'State of Wales in the UK' who are dealing with his 'visa' to play in England?! All down to the Welsh FA. But he will sign for Brighton

31 Jul 2013 15:29:32
Yeah there is. It was confirmed last Saturday, we signed him on a two year deal.

We havn't signed him. The match report for the Norwich game says that he was allowed to play because Swansea gave him permission. Neither Brighton's website or tv page have comfirmed the signing. Try looking on the website.

Tried going on the instragram, but nothing came up.

02 Aug 2013 09:09:28
Well he played the game and wore dobbie's number 10. If you want backup you can ask the other 10,000 people that were there



30 Jul 2013 11:31:56
Matthew Briggs left back to Blackpool possible loan deal from Fulham.

Doesn't make a difference to Fulham, we don't need him this season but we may in the future. So a bit of playing time for the young lad should do him some good.

Blackpool would be great for Briggs, Briggs loves to attack and bomb up the pitch.

Can be very effective going forward, he's got a lot of pace, he's a tall footballer but defensively poor. Once he learns how to defend, he's a very promising player.

Any chance of this?



30 Jul 2013 11:25:51
Derby boss Nigel Clough is interested in bringing in young Kidderminster centre-back Cheyenne Dunkley as cover for Keogh and Buxton.
Looks like Cloughie is putting a lot of faith in Barker coming back as good as he was before his injury.

This is more like it. Lower league players is exactly what we need. Cheap as chips.

Can't see it happening

Not true

Barker has no chance of making a full recovery. Will never be the same player again because of his age for one thing. Clough is an person if he doesn't make a replacement a top priority. If Keogh gets injured then we're shafted.



30 Jul 2013 11:24:24
West Brom to sign Ibrahim from Man City on a free transfer this summer after he revealed there is a 'free transfer release clause' in his contract that has been activated. Hull City, Newcastle, and Crystal Palace also interested.

Seems West Brom are going to be signing anyone that appears to be available on a free transfer and is also interesting other premier league clubs.
The Player has the choice since he is a free transfer, so do not be surprised if he opts to choose another premier league club.

Wasn't he released?

30 Jul 2013 13:44:33
I tend to agree with your reply to this one, I think they will miss the boat on a few of these freebies and will end up with bargain binnies!

30 Jul 2013 16:20:41
Albion have a long standing interest in Ibrahim and I believe have made enquiries with Man City in the past.

What is happening about Kalou, Sinclair and Vydra. I have just read that West Ham have hijacked Albions move for Kalou. Come on Albion or we will end up with run of the mill freebies and not the WOW players we are expecting

30 Jul 2013 17:29:44

30 Jul 2013 18:23:30
If he had one leg and a wooden yed, as long as he was free chairman Peace will have him, any waifs an strays
come on down to the Hawthorns! God help us. !

30 Jul 2013 21:14:56
Seriously lads calm down, absolutely no rush to sign anyone. We have a good squad of players already and, although I agree its in need of strengthening to push on, we shouldn't panic.

The fact it is taking a while is a good thing for me, we are getting boys on OUR terms not theirs. Even if they are loans or frees do you seriously think its Peace that chooses them in the end. If someone signs for WBA its because Steve Clark and Garlick etc think this players get be of benefit to the team/club!

Stop hitting the big red panic button so early. see what our squad is like come Sept 1st then come back and slag people off then

The only person Mr Peace likes paying high wages to is himself!

We baggies are more than happy how our club is run look at the table

Kalou is going to join valencia

Palace are favourites as he is friends with Parr and his likes the Palace set upmof how they p4ogress youngsters!

Stop moaning about Albion, the way we run the club is proven a success. Give him some time, there's no rush. We have done it our way for last few years and look at where we are. RELAX



30 Jul 2013 11:21:04
Swindon have decided to bring in Paul Buckle as manager on a one year contract after failing to convince Paul Tisdale to join the club. Buckle is well known to Lee Power and is seen to play the correct style of football for the club.

Would be quite hard to manage a team from the other side of the Atlantic, considering this is where he now lives.

Also heard that paul buckle is the new swindon manager

Fort you was getting gus hiddink, Stuart pearce, andre villa boas. eddie howe. Alex ferguson out of retirement

Mark Cooper will be next manager

This has better not be true

Now Coopers job to lose unlikely to be a new manager unless things go pear shaped.

I hope cooper then. buckle is not that nice A person by all accounts, cooper is more proven than him.
I can see a shock Saturday Peterborough 1 - swindon 2

Personally I think they will give cooper two games, if he gets the results they will keep him as manager.

Buckle has been lined up to replace Wilder at Oxford FACT.



30 Jul 2013 11:16:48
Rotherham have made an enquiry to sign out of favour Hull defender Abdolaye Faye on loan until January.

Out of favour? Doubt it

I think he might have signed an extension to his contract

He signed a new contract

Looking forward to paying my visit to new York stadium with the owls Wednesday should win but mates who are millers say it will be close hope its a good game, I have Rotherham and sheff utd for top 6 finish Peterborough will walk the division the attitude they have is simple you score 2 we will score 3.



30 Jul 2013 11:34:55
west brom about to sign fabio on season long loan
as ridgewell looks set to leave

30 Jul 2013 13:46:42
Why is Ridgewell looking to leave? or is he being elbowed out? anyone know?

Doubt that highly. ridgewell will stay

Ridgewell will not leave and we will not get Fabio.



30 Jul 2013 10:52:35
Ricardo Fuller has been offered terms at Preston.

No he hasn't

Never going to happen, Grayson has got his strikers for the season but Beardsley will be loaned out for the season.

Wants to stay at Charlton where he's been training but holding out for best deal. Millwall and Blackpool said to be interested as well.



30 Jul 2013 10:41:07
Burton are looking to the loan market to strengthen their squad for the forthcoming season.
Expect Hull keeper Mark Oxley to arrive on a season long loan tomorrow.
Gary Rowett also interested in bringing in Derby defender Tom Naylor on loan and free agent Gary McSheffrey.

Mark oxley joined oldham beginning of july on loan

Oxley has already gone to Oldham, deal was done weeks ago

Apologies, I heard premier league goalkeeper and was jumping to conclusions.
it's actually Sam Johnstone from Man Utd.

Benjamin Siegrist Aston Villa reserve keeper.

What about Shay Given?

Given has joined another team I think

Given is joining Donny Rovers on loan for a season along with Steven Ireland - Hull fan

He has not gone on loan anywhere still at Villa. So might have a chance

How about trying Luke Daniels - West Brom.



30 Jul 2013 10:13:29
Bradford are to make a late bid for Tom pope

I am a Bradford City fan and we won't bid for him, we already have Hanson.

No they aren't.

Given the number of opportunities which Bradford created against Donny on Sat and the failure of Wells and Hanson in particular to hit the net, I can understand why PP is considering other options. But I doubt Vale will allow Pope to leave

Please let this not be true

This would be good, but seems unrealistic as we already have Connell, wells, and big Hanson. So very doubtful of this one.

Absolute nonsense. One season wonder who scored more goals last season than in all his career to date

30 Jul 2013 18:44:22
Has a Bradford fan some people make up some utter rubbish We have Wells Hanson Connell Swain and Thompson Yeates and Di vita (just signed today)who can play there why would we need another striker

Tom pope is a good player if bradford have a chance to get him they should

Utter nonsense.
Bradford don't need him.
Why would he move to another Lge 1 club?
Why would Port Vale sell to another Lge 1 club?

30 Jul 2013 22:53:47
"As a Bradford fan some people make up some utter rubbish. We have Wells, Hanson, Connell, Swain and Thompson, Yeates and de Vita (just signed today)who can play there why would we need another striker".

Because Connell, Swain, Thompson aren't good enough. Gray is out with a broken arm and Yeates & de Vita would be makeshift strikers at best. !

We DO need another forward capable of SCORING in League1. !

How are Connell & Thompson not good enough?! Thompson is the best finisher in the squad! If Connell isn't good enough then what is Hanson?! Swain is a young lad you can't judge hin yet, give him a chance he's got talent. Yeates is pure quality he could play wherever and do well. De Vita has played up top before and has the capabilities to do so. And when Gray is back we have a really good, strong strike force with plenty of options. Won't be spending money on anyone probably, but if we do, it won't be on a striker.



30 Jul 2013 10:03:33
I've just heard from a very reliable Charlton source that Fuller will sign a 1 year deal in the next 24 hours. Personally, I am very disappointed with the Charlton signings this summer. More worringly, I am concerned about the financial state of the club. There seems to be absolutely no money available. No one is really sure who owns the club, whether it's up for sale or saddled with huge debt, or both! The squad it very thin and as any Charlton fan will know, we are bound to get several injuries which will leave us massively exposed. Simon Church is not a striker let alone a fit striker. Think it's going to be a long season for Charlton fans this year.

Too right mate, sigh

I am really sad but we have to get through this year and then we will be well placed
this season will be the storm and it will be a bloody big hurricane, other clubs don't know this yet so we need to start decently and remain united, our squad is actually in great condition, we have very good fitness levels and very good defence and midfield, yes the attacking department is a problem but joe pigott could get 5 or 6 goals, expect callum harriot to chip in with a few more and danny hollands will make a return, plus in september we will probs sign a free agent. let's remember all the strikers we lost only cobbled together 12 goals, which is the same as kermorgant
personally i'm worried about solly and jackson signing new deals. anyways we just need to put this behind us and hope that pigott takes off
look on the bright side we have a smaller wage bill so less debt, and less deadwood in the squad

Yep I agree with you on that. Fuller will be injured most of the season and I do not feel Church is going to cause defences in this league any problems. Struggling for strikers and we let Smith go out on loan - what message does that send out to the younger lads especially Smith when we only have one recognised striker and someone who plays up front still gets sent out on loan to get experience!

30 Jul 2013 16:25:58
Think you find Fuller will join either Millwall or Blackpool

Think you find Fuller will join either Millwall or Blackpool
Charlton still have to be favorites though as Powell has admitted to being in negotiations with Fuller who has still been training with the first team all summer.

We're in proper trouble. Sign three strikers (not Church) fer goodness sake or we're screwed!

Stop moaning. In SCP we trust.

30 Jul 2013 20:23:30
I can see protests starting if we don't get a good start mainly due to the lack of funds for Chris and the lack of ambition from the bored I mean we finished just outside the playoffs and yet the bored don't give a few hundred thousands to spend on players we do get money from the football league on where we finished in the table maybe its going into other peoples back pockets

Fuller is better than people give him credit for, he was dribbling past players in the bpl, so he is a useful player to have! However I do agree he is not the answer to our problems, we need fast young strikers who will get 15+ goals every season. Obika would be good but spurs are asking 1 mill for him : (. Normally I am very optimistic about charlton but I think we will be very lucky to finish 9th again ; (

I trust Powell to keep us up this season ( just about though, like Millwall last season just about ) if we get relegated I will not be blaming Powell, I will be blaming the board, they have not helped us at all this transfer window

Stop moaning. Wow, The season hasn't even started yet. Trust the manager, trust the board and get behind the team.

31 Jul 2013 07:46:56
I don't trust Chris Powell but the bored I don't you would have thought that the bored would have said to Chris Powell great season this year let's try and go one step more and get back to wear the club belong or do we not have ambitions? yes last year was about survival witch we all know we did above and beyond our expectations but surely we should kick on from last seasons a go for it. I l see Charlton as a stable championship club and staying mid table is a option but it don't get you nowhere then we will end up one year in a relegation fight and we will back a at square one we made two signings a CB and cm and considering what we released I think it going to bit a long hard season I think cp knows this as he said it going to be a much tougher season this time round

Trust the board!

31 Jul 2013 08:27:13
We are not the only club looking for players and there are still a lot of players out there looking for clubs. Although ideally you want to get players in before pre-season starts, if we pick up some late bargains the club will be better for it.

Have trust in Powell, he has the players well drilled and they believe in him. It looks like we will be playing a 4-3-3 system this year with Harriot and Green on the wings with Yann up top. Piggot, Ade Azeez and Fuller will be cover for big Yann the man. If we have another good season the board will back Powell for a promotion push

Seriously stop moaning. You can't spend money you don't have.

Fans have the right to moan when they pay for season tickets!

Trust the board!
Trust Powell but not the board, they have done him no favors what so ever. They're all to busy suing each other to care what direction the club goes in.

Told you to trust Powell, Sordell is a fantastic signing, shows patience is a virtue, a virtue very few charlton fans seem to have!



30 Jul 2013 10:41:56
Forest's Ismael Miller is set to go out on loan to Yeovil for the season!
Decent signing for them if it happens

Was on loan last season at Middlesbrough and he was dreadful

Yes please Yeovil. As a Forest fan I can say he is mustard!

Tony Mowbray described his left foot as a wand when he was at West Brom. and indeed he waved it approx 3 times. injury prone lump. he's rapid for a big fella though, keep him fit and he's a quality championship level striker

Really? Another striker? We already have 5 and a couple of others who could fill in if need be. Won't happen.

I very much doubt that as we already have 5 strikers

This will not happen



30 Jul 2013 10:00:25
Sean st ledger at Moore farm



30 Jul 2013 09:45:31
Gillingham are in talks with an unknown ex-premiership midfielder who is currently a free agent, talks are ongoing.

Maybe Gower, good southern boy

30 Jul 2013 12:49:52
Dean Parrett.

He had been on trial at Notts County but decided not to offer him a contract.

Wont be Mark Gower he signed for Charlton

Parrett is expected to sign for Notts in the next day or so.

Dean Parrett set to sign 2 year deal with Gillingham after becoming frustrated with contract talks with Notts County.

What is dean Parett like what kind of player is he?

01 Aug 2013 17:27:49
He's a football player, he plays with footballs

Martin Allen does not need scouts, he just uses Notts County to find players for him.

Martin Allen does not need scouts, he just uses Notts County to find players for him.



30 Jul 2013 09:38:58
Have heard from Alan Knill that Torquay are signing Tom Lawrence from Manchester United on loan.
Then he said that he is looking for an experienced striker, who has a good goal to games record and he is willing to go up to 30/31 years of age. My money would be spent on Farid El Alagui from Brentford. In the games he has played, he has scored enough goals to impress. He is 27 years old and has a couple of years left in him and is 6ft 1in, which is good bearing in mind Alan Knill wanted the experienced striker to be a target man (tall but can also score a few. ) He is from France, where the country in which Alan Knill has already been scouting for players this pre-season (heard from him that they were Matthieu Manset and a non-striker (probably Damien Mozika he has been with at Bury and Scunthorpe) I would give Farid El Alagui a shot.

Farid was injured last season hence why he didn't play, he will be key in Brentford's push for promotion this season. He may have been born in France but his nationality is Moroccan. Also he is nothing like a target man, I'm guessing you haven't seen him play. Definitely a poacher.

If El Alagui remains at Brentford I hope he gets some games (with Grigg and Donaldson he is likely to be 3rd choice). In the games he did play for us he looked nifty - I think he has a lot to offer.

Rubbish, Farid spent all last season injured bar a few games in, played superb in the early start and will 100% be playing with BRENTFORD this year.

Alan knill will do a good job, but as soon as he as a chance he will leave you high and dry trust me.

mozika ok player if he stays that long

The only way he's found Mozika and Manset is by scouting England

Mozika is a mercenary, plain and simple chased the money at Scunny and left us high and dry after our promorion to league 1.

Knill will be using Torks as a stepping stone to try and land a Championship job. He's got a lot to prove to himself and his critics.

The Farid El Alagui info would be a marvelous addition to TQ1 and I'd like to think your right as its said on the Brentford rumours that he is willing to step down a division which affirms your thoughts



30 Jul 2013 09:59:12
Stoke looking to sign Matteo Ardemagni from the serie a

Spurs players are always over priced



30 Jul 2013 09:36:43
burton set to sign adam legzdinz on oan from derby and loan a unamed winger

Burton are signing a keeper from the Premiership not the Championship in the next few days.



30 Jul 2013 07:50:33
Middlesbrough are offering a contract to former Leeds United wing-half Frazer Richardson

Aka a full back

Thought he was a centre half. might be wrong like.

Middlesbrough look set to make 2 signings this week Ross turnbull and and Portuguese playmaker vitor. Talks with vitor had initially fell through but have been back on in recent days. Boro will look to Stephen Ireland on loan when priemier leauge teams name there squads boro will also look to loan a priemier leauge striker with suggestions it will be Ricardo vaz ta from west ham.

30 Jul 2013 13:12:28
We were supposedly looking for attackers not defenders

No, he was a right back when at Leeds.

I really hope this is true. The team badly needs a creative spark as well as a striker and centre half. Imo the creative spark is the hardest to find so I really hope its true the Vitor deal is back on. I won't hold my breath though.

Steele Turnbull Ripley

Parnaby Hoyte Woodgate Williams Gibson Hines Friend Halliday

Emnes Reach Leadbitter Whitehead Varga Smallwood Park Carayol

Williams Jutkiewicz Main Ledesma

I would say that is a very good squad to take on the championship. Maybe add a new striker and a centre back but other than that we have a strong squad.

Ricardo fuller to boro along with sami ameobi

30 Jul 2013 18:50:12
tom pope would be a geat signing for boro like ricky lambert whoboro should of got

If you think ledesmas good enough to be a professional football player you need to give your head a shake.

Ledesma is quality!

Ledesma has great ability, it's getting him to show that consistently which is the problem. I think he's better in the middle than lumped outside and I think the strikers we had aren't as quick thinking as he is, if we get a little whippet who plays on the shoulder of defenders then Ledesma would shine.

Ledesma is a great player when fully fit

The Richardson speculation is true its in the press this morning well done the person who posted this rumour.

Ive also heard the tom pope rumour would be a very good sigining and I think emnes will have a good season as he wants to repay the faith shown in him by mogga

31 Jul 2013 22:57:09
Either Tom Pope or Naki Wells would do me, would be great signings!

Turnbull signed for Donny Rovers. thank the Lord. don't need him. never wanted him.

01 Aug 2013 09:09:39
I posted the Richardson rumour so thanks to the guy who's said well done.

Ricardo Fuller is my next prediction see if I can get this one right as well.

Ha what a blagger! You did not post the richardson rumour at all! Honestly get a grip, some people! I posted it along with turnbull, bates and madine rumour.

I actually posted the Richardson and adomah rumours, because I'm in the know at the club

Haha so it's a prediction and not a source "telling you"? He's just admitted he's a blagger mate by admitting he's a predictor lol



30 Jul 2013 07:20:07
Etien Velikonja will join Reading on a season long loan from Cardiff.
Reading also hope to complete a deal for Mike Havenaar within the next couple of weeks

Prefer a 3 month loan then if he's any good we can get him back. Bags of potential but few opportunities.


Sounds good! why did Etien never get a chance with Cardiff? Any Cardiff fans out there know?

Really? Doubt he'd get any more firstteam chances than he had with us last season. Bottom end club for sure but reading who will be shooting for promotion?

NewCorkSeth, I think he just never settled into his role. Played well in the developement team but really looked out of sorts in any appearances he got. Very, very few kind you.

I remember seeing EV last year pre-season and I thought this guy had bags of potential for the future. He did not get a fair crack at the whip last year as MM stated that he lacked the physicality. I still think he will mature into an excellent striker. I don't want to see him sold. Would rather see him go out on loan and get a bit of first team experience. MDH



30 Jul 2013 07:04:03
Millwall boss Steve Lomas is running the rule over Dutch winger Daniel De Ridder who has been on trial Since last week.

01 Aug 2013 04:46:37
Millwall looking to sell Totter the saints for 3mill, millwall to bring in Steven Reid and also looking at Jamie o'hara who is transfer listed

Lets hope so

Don't think so. Nothing on Saints rumours and I don't think they need Trotter as much as us.

As your a saints fan. surely you would know that Daniel de ridder has never played for Southampton. Steve de ridder on the other hand has.

Just clocked it. your millwall. Not a saints fan. My bad



30 Jul 2013 06:30:33
A mexican jerno has confirmed that stoke have appoached Marco Fabian.

"A mexican jerno"

Is that like a fajita? Do they have talking snacks in Mexico?



30 Jul 2013 02:04:06
Any truth in Dani Pacheco coming to Barnsley on loan ed? {Ed001's Note - not that I am aware of. Though Liverpool are exploring the options to get him off the books.}

Pacheco would be a great signing for the reds! Hope this is true but I can't see it being.

Not true I'm afraid



30 Jul 2013 00:34:14
Giant goalkeeper Jamal Blackman will be loaned to Brentford from Chelsea. He needs first team experience at a league club and Brentford need keepers.

Not happening, Brentford are already trialing 3 keepers and have 2 already signed up.



30 Jul 2013 00:32:02
AFC Wimbledon are looking at the possibility of signing Alex Gilbey on a short term loan from Colchester. The teen ace helped haul Newport into the Football League and is looking to gain some more first team experience at a decent level.

30 Jul 2013 10:00:49
He was superb for his age, a lot at Newport wanted him back on loan too. Always on the ball.

This is possible I suppose, but I would prefer him to be getting more game time with us.

Highly unlikely as AFCWs main priority is to get a striker in, not a midfielder!

Why would we want another midfield player as we have plenty of options there? we need a striker/target man that can put the ball in the net!

We've signed Michael smith from Charlton on loan till January.
heard he's had a few good loan spells with other sides so hope it continues
but never been fan of loan signings

30 Jul 2013 17:25:03
We had him on loan at Newport too. Very good for us in the Conference.

Smith is a useful player and was on loan to Colchester for a couple of months last season. Leads the line well but not a prolific scorer.

31 Jul 2013 08:22:43
Michael Smith looks to be a good young prospect, I hope he does well for you.

Never been a fan of loan signings? George Francomb, Neil Sullivan, John Sullivan, Brennan Dickensen, Gary Alexander, Jonathan Meades. ? Vs Warren Cummings on a 2 year deal. x

Gilbey won't go out on loan. He'll be a star of their midfield this season but if he did go out on loan for some bizarre reason I honestly believe it'll be back to Newport

Exactly you've just answered my question they're all good players stay for few months go back and we've got to find replacements to match or better them. Saying that though think George Francombe signing of the summer for us



29 Jul 2013 22:34:34
Wes Foderingham is on the verge of signing for Brentford subject to personal terms and a medical. The first bid was rejected but another bid has been made and accepted.

No he's not.

The chairman has said this will not happen, you would have to pay over 1million to get him and that won't happen.

We couldn't afford him. We will get a loan in until Lee is fit I reckon

Good for him, deserves to go to an upward club. Good luck Wes.

How can brentford not afford him one of the richest clubs in league 1 by far



29 Jul 2013 22:18:58
Mowbray has looked abroad at Renato Ibarra from Vitesse, and could sign him for £1.5m, with the fee and wages covered from the released players.

Doubt it mowbray can't sign anyone



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