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30 Aug 2013 23:27:00
Bruce to choose between Carlton Cole or David Bentley as his final transfer before the window ends. Both are available on a free!

There's a reason for that!

Arent they both without clubs, so they don't have to be signed before the window at all



30 Aug 2013 22:49:17
Owen Coyle is looking to bring back midfielder Lee Cattermole from Sunderland if James McCarthy moves on. Cattermole has been deemed surplus to requirements by Sunderland boss Paulo Di Canio. Coyle is also close to agreeing a deal to sign striker Shola Ameobi from Newcastle. The deal will go through provided Newcastle bring in a new striker before Monday's deadline.



30 Aug 2013 20:39:44
Leeds are trying to wrap a deal up for Peterboroughs tommy Rowe before Mondays deadline

Only if you have 3.5million

3.5 million for a player with 12 months left on there contract tell me another joke

Deal is 750k - fact

The fact of the matter is there is no deal in place. Macanthony's said he's not going this window, so let's leave it there

Nothing's agreed yet Brian McDermott would like to get him in and has had a little chat with the owners but nothings concrete

Seeing as we (Posh) have just agreed a 6 figure fee with Livingston for Scottish Under 21 Left sided midfielder Stefan Scougall, then there could well be something in this!

Not sure how many times our chairman has said Leeds are NOT getting him.

3.5million fact! Done deal Posh to signing replacement from Livingston

Leeds haven't made a bid all summer. They enquired in May, but have done nothing since

I could see Rowe go for 2 Mill or so, we're bringing another midfielder in (left sided but attacking) and that leaves a lot of Midfielders

Key midfielders

McCann DM (started 5)
Payne DM (Started 1)
Rowe LM/DL (started 5)
Tomlin AMC (started 5)


Kearns RM (OK started 5 matches)
Swanson AMRLC (Promising started 1)
Joe Newell ML (Injured, lots more development needed)
Mendez-Laing AMR (Unfit but a player who could match Tomlin in class)
Incoming Stefan.? AML

It's difficult to see how we can keep so many midfielders without either selling Rowe, or letting go of at least one of our players with less potential, and sending a few out on loan with those being brought in being seen as long term replacements for Rowe and Tomlin if he isn't going now

3.5million for Rowe McDermott also looking at Danny Swanson

3.5million for Rowe McDermott also looking at Danny Swanson - clearly made-up

Rowe got injured and played 30 minutes with this injury today, barely walking. Hardly what you'd do if you were desperate/close to a move

Played 30 min with injury desperate to impress leeds utd

He had no choice, the subs were all on.

He could have just walked off like injured players normally do if all the subs are used, and no real chance of getting back into the match. He couldn't run or jump or anything. Not the actions of someone who wants a move at all

Rowe & tomlin gone on to bigger clubs before dead line Monday get use to it my reasons being tomlin asked for transfer & rowe wanted move to leeds utd in July the fact he as not sign a new contract tells u everything your desperately hanging onto players that don't want to be there your better off letting them go & buying players that do want to be there

Maybe some truth in that but given that there is no time to bring in other players I doubt either will happen. Apart from the Crawley game, where everyone was hopeless, both have been excellent this season so I don't see any sign of them not wanting to play for POSH.

Rowe is happy to stay as is Tomlin. They will stay unless big money is offered. Two very talented players who are Championship standard.

Both still here after the deadline, I'm getting used to it.



30 Aug 2013 20:20:38
Swansea have enquired about a possible season long loan for victor Moses from Chelsea as he's surplus to requirements at Stamford bridge. From a reliable source within the liberty stadium.

This would be a very, very good signing if possible. I think Huw and Laudrup should do their utmost to land this superb striker. Moses has earlier proved what a fantastic striker he really is. I really wish this rumour is true.

Nice rumour. Would fit in well due to his time at Wigan so adapting wouldn't be a problem. Let's hope Huw makes it happen!

Would be great! But sure I heard Liverpool and west brom close to a deal for him

Would be good, but other clubs like west brom, Liverpool and Southampton are linked. Pochettino refused to talk about moses, which could mean they are close to a deal as he may try to protect the deal so other clubs don't swoop. Swansea should still try. would be a nice addition.

Wages maybe to big for us and I can't see him coming to us we are after a striker not a winger

Shame he's at liverpool



30 Aug 2013 20:17:20
Middlesbrough striker, Marvin Emnes interesting Crystal Palace. If Palace fail in their latest attempt to sign Nicklas Bendtner. It's rumoured Emnes will sign on an initial loan with the deal made permanent in January. Future fee unknown. Middlesbrough will only let him leave if they secure their own two targets before 11pm Monday.

Swap him for Murray LM

Very much doubt that as marv is 1 of only 3 strikers in the entire squad for boro this season without an inkling of a signing since main went on loan or McDonald was sold n we wer a striker light last season according to mogga? What is happening at Boro were a 3rd of the team short with the attack missing?

will never happen, we haven't enough cover now

Do you mean only 1 of 2, Main shipped out on loan.

Palace are in talks again with bentnar. I hope emnes can secure a move somewhere else, his time has been borrowed for quite a while now at the boro. we need shot of him.
get becchio and eduardo vargas along with a c/defender but not ayala. we don't want players who are looking over their shoulders at bigger things, even before he's signed for us. that's proper taking the mick!

Luke Williams is the third

Hope this happens but would want to see Becchio or trialist Benjani sign first.

The sad fact is that Boro officials (Bausor and negotiators) faffed about on one or two targets this summer and it backfired. I've been told that certain players who boro could have had weeks ago went cold because of the disorganization. It took them weeks to get Adomah. It's not all Mowbrays fault, though a striker should have been coming in immediately as McDonald passed out. JM

We sshould start playing luke williams and cameron park as thay are both key players and would dominate any defence

31 Aug 2013 13:43:07
boro are officially the worst team in the world at signing their own transfer targets I think the fact that the transfer window has been open for three months and that boro have been working 'VERY HARD BEHIND THE SCENES' but have still only signed 4 players plus no strikers or CB's is very hard to believe because the truth is is that boro don't actually want to sign any players and they don't want to be in the prem because that would mean that gibbo would really have to start spending big. the same old players and staff on the championship gravy train sound good to them but not to the people that matter THE FANS. its all just stories in the media that boro are making up to keep the fans happy.
and if you don't believe me I suggest that you think about it.


31 Aug 2013 17:06:00
OMG. That tactical genius must go. Mogga just simply cannot cut it as a manager. Look at the state of affairs. We scrape a draw against a bottom club.

Our so called front line couldn't hit a barn door. 21 shots. 6 on target. Owls 4 shots 1 on target. Guess what? A goal.

There is more chance of us getting Gazza back than there is of signing two strikers. Who would ever want to come to this lot of under performing journeymen?

It is so frustrating.

Promotion hopes are dashed for yet another season.

If Gibson ever want to recoup any of his investment it will be with us in the Prem, not the lower leagues.

Speculate to accumulate.

Luke Williams a striker? Are you having a laugh? Mahaha either way he's going out on loan too JM

^^ did you actually go to the game? youve got it all wrong, we completely dominated them all over the pitch and on another day we could have scored 3 or 4 from the chances we had, wednesday were incredibly poor and their goal came from one piece of poor defending resulting in them scrambling the ball in.

Yes today was frustrating in that we didn't score more goals and take the points, but the way we played was a hell of a lot better than some of the rubbish we played last season.

Aiming the blame at mowbray isn't fair, he's only just starting to form his team, in addition to this he's not only done so with limited resources but receding resources! personally I can't see another man who is more apt for the job, mowbray and gibson will take us forward.

Sorry mate, u have no knowledge of tactics whatsoever. Mogga is playing a system that helps our strengths and compensates for our weaknesses. Recent managers have been tactically inept!

Either way weather he's good or bad he's still a striker!

I wish everyone would stop the doom and gloom, Mowbrays playing style is starting to show, making use of wide players (our strongest asset) and today I thoought it was a fantastic performance. An addition of a good striker or two on monday and we're there. Everyone just withhold their judgements until 11pm Monday.

Hello. Mo, I didn't go to the game. I am in exile in another country! However, you reinforce my own point very well.

From what I understand, and from the statistics Boro were the dominant team. So much so that with a mere 4 shots on goal SW managed to score, while with over 21 shots at goal Boro could only score 1.

My whole point is we have no strikers. The manager is loaning out all of the potential talent we ALREADY have in the squad and there is no definite solution to the striker gap going to appear before Monday night.

Yet another "scrambled" goal against shows the defence is not yet the finished article and, once again, a bought in solution is off injured already, so early in the season.

The cover is wafer thin and having shipped out a team load of players who has been brought in? A few journeymen for the cheapest deals possible.

Hardly going to be knocking on the door of the Prem are we?

Our inability to have a squad in place is costing us dear - if we want to go up that is, so far with a decent pair of strikers we, by all accounts, would have beaten everyone that we have played and for the revenue only, had at least another cup match. wasted points might be the downfall at either end of the table come the seasons end. Now we are looking at matty fryatt but he won't be a panic buy because we don't do them. Also how much do forest pay us to do their scouting for them, they always seem to be linked to the same players or want our lads.

I wish I could share some of the optimism some of you boro fans have for Mowbray I really think the bloke is finished as a manager but I hope I'm proven wrong, people keep banging on about how tactically astute he is? Are you kidding me? Playing the same formation home and away week in week out how is that showing anything? He's chased a striker for weeks who we had no chance of getting wed have had to kidnap him to get him out of Leeds, pull your heads out the sand and realise tony Mowbray is a caveman who knows nothing about tactics or judging a players potential, let's see what happenes Monday I'd guess nothing, however I did go to the game today and must say I didn't think we played badly intact quite the opposite and with Curtis main upfront would have won the game IMO, hope I'm proved wrong because Mowbray was a legend as a player and would be good to see him succeed but can't see it UTB ps do me a favour and get reach and main back and get them in the squad i

Yes we need to take more chances. But our mistakes at the back cost us dearly. It's all text book stuff to that Mowbray should have hammered into the defenders. For me we lack a physical/towering centre back who knows the champ and strikers well.
The striker saga just annoys me. JM

Completely agree with your last comment JM. But I'm REALLY annoyed by this striker lark as we're still sending out our young talent on loan knowing we're without back up or knowing we have somebody certain to come in soon n fair do's we wer desperate to get macdonald off the wage structure n balance the books a bit more but even though he wasn't fantastic fact was he was the most prolific n we obviously jumped the gun to get rid of him with no immediate solution but here's hop g we can get somebody in tomorrow (deadline day) I for 1 will be watching tv all day n nyt after work so fingers crossed. Borolivvo



30 Aug 2013 20:12:26
Julian Gray could be a Walsall player before tuesdays JPT game with wolves (talks began on Tuesday between Gray and Walsall) it's rumoured Gray wanted a2 year deal but Walsall will offer him a one with the option of a second in the clubs favour

Gray has been training with the league one side since returning from Cyprus at the beginning of August and has done enough to earn a deal at the saddlers



30 Aug 2013 19:41:57
McCormack signs four year deal. at Leeds!

It's not a rumour it's a fact!



30 Aug 2013 18:11:31
Middlesbrough target Ross McCormack is in talks for a new deal source is tv and also Middlesbrough will turn there attention to wes Thomas of Bournemouth

He's signed a new deal at Leeds

I'm so glad this has been put to bed. 4 bids and the guy has always said he doesn't want to leave Leeds. Mogga has wasted weeks on trying to bring in a good player?. Yes, but not great and won't get us the goals we need to push us to the next level.
with only two days left, its looking bleak for us regarding more new faces.
if he can secure becchio my faith will be restored a little. if not, it's going to be a long, long season

Wes thomas!

31 Aug 2013 13:43:43
thomas is quality. si afcb

Really hope we don't lose Thomas, when he is fully fit he will score a hat full of goals



30 Aug 2013 17:45:14
Any news on Gillingham Ed?



30 Aug 2013 17:33:18
everton have moved for wba striker shane long



30 Aug 2013 17:29:15
westbrom look to sign kyle naughtan as liam ridgwell moves to fulham

Ridgwell isn't going to Fulham?

31 Aug 2013 11:35:39
4 million for Odemwingie? Don't be silly I'm a Albion fan through and through and if only pay 2 maybe 2.5 million at max. We need to spend and do it quick.

31 Aug 2013 16:27:36
whats the point of pricing Odemwingie out of the market? why pay a guy £50K a week to train only? Get rid and use the money to get players who want to plkay for us even if that means taking a punt on promising lower league players - remember Lambert!

I agree. £4million is ridiculous when we won't even pay £4million for anybody. Loan after loan with no direction. Peace is a money grabbing git who will destroy the club. Pete O is training with reserves on £40k a week! Does not add up

Pearce just go and let's have someone who will take west brom forward

JP will say buy my stake. But put a crazy value on the club because of the cash flow. If he spent and club looked like it would progress. You would get 30,000 in the ground he lives off the club, where are all these fans who were saying in Pearce we trust. Even if he signs 3 by Monday he made a cock up because if he invested earlier we would have beaten Southampton & had more than one chance against the toffees. kul

JP it has backfired on you for spending no money, bottom of the Premiership, no goals scored it looks like we will be in the Championship for 2014-15.
We could have had some good players, but no JP will not free up any money Steve Clarke must be frustrated, all the clubs that came up have spent money, but not the poor club Baggies.

We have basically the same squad as last year - minus Lukaku but plus Vydra & Anelka - I worry about Clark, he rode Roy Hogsons wave for the 1st few months then lost his way - his selection & tactics today v Swansea was puzzling to say the least, NO central midfielders then he bemoans our creativity

01 Sep 2013 21:18:32
The chairman should do the honourable thing and put the club up for sale at a fair price and disappear from whence he came. However before that he should clear out the marketing staff who don't do their jobs and more importantly he should get rid of the coaching staff who are negative and clueless-shane long right wing/ridgewell in general-enough said
Come on mr peace you have taken the club as far as you can-now is the time to go asap and please take clarke with you!

"We have basically the same squad as last year - minus Lukaku but plus Vydra & Anelka - I worry about Clark, he rode Roy Hogsons wave for the 1st few months then lost his way - his selection & tactics today v Swansea was puzzling to say the least, NO central midfielders then he bemoans our creativity"

have to agree

what I would have done is-
when morrison was injured= moved anelka to CAM or CF position (basically deeper) to utilise his attacking strengths and take into account his lack of mobility
then move long to central striker and brought brunt on to Right wing

later on replace long with berahino - guys on form (or was)

i would not have=
took off yacob - he's the anchor man and let michu have clear runs at our defence

took off sinclair - he moans at lack of width then throws on 2 more strikers? as if we weren't congested in midfield enough

£4 mil was the price tag.

gotta say that's a good bit of business for west brom.

now let's sign defo



30 Aug 2013 17:07:56
Stoke looking to bring in Juan Agudelo this transfer window as the lad cannot stop scoring he has 6 goals in 7 games. We have had two bids rejected as NE revolution look to keep him until January.

Funny that he has agreed to sign for them in january

Correction, 5 goals in 7 games, including that amazing back heel lob!

We won't spend to much on him because in 4 months he will come to us free. He is an exciting prospect!

I think what the person is trying to say above is that Stoke are trying to get him now rather than wait for January even though it's been agreed he will join then anyway, the reason being is that if Stoke cannot sign a striker in the coming days then regardless whether he comes free in 4 months time they'll actually need him ASAP in another words so they will pay whatever it costs

Im pretty sure that he has scored 6.



30 Aug 2013 17:03:01
ross mcormack has agreed a new 4 year deal at leeds

He hasn't agreed anything if you read it properly. Boro have actually offered him higher wages, so he'll probably agree our deal anyway.



30 Aug 2013 17:01:42
Boro’s targets include Norwich pair Luciano Becchio and Dani Ayala, Leeds striker Ross McCormack and Aston Villa midfielder Stephen Ireland.

Asked how close he is to making a signing or two, Mowbray said: “The hard fact is, has there been any progress No".

mission to sign four permanent signings by 11 o'clock Monday is looking very glim, Mowbray might be drawing up a list of loan signings bebe, Sammy ameobi, meacheda, John guidetti, bojan gonzarlez, Eduardo Vargas.

But for sure so far plan A looks very glim on permanent signings middlesbrough f. c

Kev boro fan ( gazzete/ my loan list ).

McCormack signed new four year deal with leeds today

30 Aug 2013 19:01:20
Curtis Main has just signed for the shrews, letting go of one of our forwards when we a slim on firepower? What does that tell you?
There must be some new faces coming in. otherwise its not looking good at all

Can cross mccormack of your list he's just signed a new contract at leeds

McCormack has signed new 4 year deal with Leeds.

McCormack has signed a new 4 year deal with Leeds not coming to boro

Borokev: from a fellow Boro fan u speak a lot of sense! Now Ross has signed a new contract do you think we may turn our attention to a target we can get finally? N just not hear your opinion who would you have preferred McCormack or becchio? Me preferably it'd be becchio! But just for once it is nice to hear somebody like me who speaks a lot of sense. But personally I think we've put bids in we know will be rejected jus to show intent. What do you think? N I'm pretty worried about this season. Are you? LIVOBORO

31 Aug 2013 00:51:17
luciano becchio is the man

31 Aug 2013 13:41:45
We should get players from spains league 2 all talented and could play well in moggas possession style



30 Aug 2013 16:14:31
Rotherham United have signed Pablo Mills til the end of January.

Omg steve evans will be calling Rotherham, crawley united soon practically have the crawley conference side bad bad bad sighning i'm crawley and still laughin paplo mills REALLY

And for short term contract - what's to problem - Millers have 2 players per position plus - UTM



30 Aug 2013 16:02:49
arsenal set to offer 15 million for javier hernandez

Moyes isn't letting any players leave the club

What a cracker that one is! £15 million, have a word with yourself, look at the prices at the moment.

Anyway he's not French!

Arsenal have agreed to sign 3 Madrid players
Madrid have agreed subject to Bale joining
Levy slowed Bale transfer until after the arsenal v spurs game to avoid arsenal boost
De maria oziel kaka
But maybe benzima



30 Aug 2013 15:59:17
arsenal have made a cheeky bid for barces mascherano which has been declined instantly.



30 Aug 2013 15:58:19
hull city close to signing wba defender tamas on loan.

No we're not. We already have 2 loans from other PL clubs:

Graham - Sunderland
Livermore - Tottenham

PL rules state maximum of 2 loans from other PL clubs.

This is a load of rubbish, city already have a sturdy defence, they proved that against Norwich, bruce has already said he is looking for a striker.

Trying to clarify it a bit more ref loans. You are allowed 4 players under 23 and four players over 23, using 30th of june to govern that when the deal is made. You are allowed a max of two from any one club in a season, aswell as a maximum of five loaned players in a team on a matchday, it does not matter what league you have loaned from, prem la liga serie a etc etc, its not prem rules its UEFA, there are also additional loans aswell, ie emergency but don't know full extent. Forest fan in peace just browsing on Matty Fryatt, thankyou for Hobbs, hope you have a good season and stay up for us to hopefully play you next season. Kirkby red.

You're allowed two Premier League loans only, both most be from different clubs, age is irrelevant.



30 Aug 2013 15:51:51
wba are set to move for wigan winger mcmanaman

Not true they want Moses on loan

WBA don't have 15m he's valued at

31 Aug 2013 10:02:02
WBA have the money to buy somebody for 15 million easily, the club will just never spend it



30 Aug 2013 15:51:03
demba ba is off to galatasary and victor moses is joining wba on loan. ,



30 Aug 2013 15:46:43
benayoun to wba on a free transfer

ANOTHER FREE TRANSFER? now there's a surprise, and with the average player age going up and up Chairman Peace is now aiming to save on away travel costs for the team by letting them use their newly acquired bus passes no doubt.



30 Aug 2013 15:37:46
Huddersfield looking at Peterborough defender Craig Alcock and Coventrys Cyrus Cristie as a replacement for the out going jack hunt. !

We don't need a replacement for JH. Weve been playing perfectly well without him.

31 Aug 2013 08:58:21
Lee Tomlin to Huddersfield. Can never have enough quality forwards!

No chance with Tomlin. By the way I see you played full 90 mins today v Barnsley. Makes a change.

We did play the full 90 posh fan, pity you didn't against Palace last season otherwise you would have stayed up.

Fair point. Sure you would have done same if the roles had been reversed, but I wouldn't have been happy either. What happened to you yesterday? Thought that was a home banker?

Tomlin transfer saga re Celtic bid, £2 m turned down, big row, pulled off at half time, bad day for the whole team because of it. As you well know, there are no bankers, if you don't perform, you get no points.



30 Aug 2013 15:36:33
kaka to ac milan



30 Aug 2013 15:34:29
man utd close to a double deal for evertons fellani and leighton baines. danielle de rossi also on the radar

They had a 36m bid turned down Everton want 45m

30 Aug 2013 18:09:13
Everton actually want 50m

25m each.

United don't need baines and moyes would be foolish to invest that amount in a position they have adequate cover.

Fellaini would be a decent signing for them but there are other targets that would have a similar impact.

I'm not an everton supporter and never had a problem with united but uniteds double standards in their persuit of everton players this transfer window leaves me strongly supporting out an out failure this season for united.



30 Aug 2013 15:04:19
Ed,. any idea who the Brazilian striker on trial at Coventry City is mate?
Cracking site this is, I doff my Sky Blue cap.

They were actually talking about the striking new Brazilian the club secretary recently got.

It is Alessandro Padaovani Celin.

I actually know someone who went to the Under 21's v Crewe game and they said it was ridiculously hush hush about the Brazilian.
What I do know is that he's about 6 ft 2 and apparently is a real handfull and comes from the Paul Scholes school of tackling.

I was at that game and stood next to his agent, he was on trial last year at Fulham and West Ham apparently. Also he said he played in the South Korean K league last season, but again, refused to say his name. He looked unfit and couldn't trap a bag of cement. Then again he did score an absolute wonder goal!



30 Aug 2013 14:53:04
Huddersfield Town in talks with Harry Maguire in a rumoured £550,000 deal.
Mark Robins was priced out of a move for Cyrus Christie of Coventry City and is looking to replace the Palace-bound Jack Hunt.
Source. a friend who is involved in this particular transfer menage.

Again u missed some numbers out its turned down 3.5 mil from Newcastle last year

He has never been worth 3.5 million. Never ever premiership class. Would struggle in championship

The rumoured deal for Maguire to Huddersfield is £550,000 rising to around £1, 2m if Huddersfield gain promotion and further rising should Maguire gain international recognition.
Robins was quoted at £3m for Christie from the Sky Blues.

Maguire would be a good signing for us, but 3mil for Christie is a joke, so if they want that for him think again robins. I recon deals have defo be lined up to strengthen us before hunt was allowed to leave it would make sense for this.

31 Aug 2013 10:44:08
Any club that sign Vaughan and Hogg for the combined fee of 1 million would tend to know what it is doing. Why do clubs announce they`ve turned a bid down unless the player is keen to leave. 500 k would get Christie.

If the club have turned down a bid it is completely irrelevant as to whether or not a player wants to move.
It literally means that "the club have turned down a bid".
I'm starting to think Huddersfield fans are as narrow minded as Sheffield United fans when it comes to thinking that they are "A Big Club".
Get a Grip Yorkshire.



30 Aug 2013 14:25:19
Fresh from the signing of Jose Baxter, Sheffield United are expecting to bring in 2 more players at the least with the potential of 7 players coming in. This follows news that the club has had significant investment.

The first player is expected to be Stoke's Florent Cuvelier.

Up the Blades.

Cuvelier has proved his worth in that league with two good seasons at Walsall now he could do with a season or two in the championship.

At last some good news for Sheffields number 1 club utd

Sheffield Wednesday are a league above you.

Not for long UTD

Florent Cuvelier signing is basically imminent fee agreed and Contract is also agreed just waiting for the confirmation now



30 Aug 2013 14:20:31
West Ham's unhappy Ricardo Vaz Te in talks with Brighton.

Nah. cardiff and palace interested. they can have him

Would be great but Garcia said that there is nobody near to signing now or soon as he's 100% focused in the millwall match but after then anything can happen



30 Aug 2013 14:16:32
Colchester Uniteds young star Alex Gilbey has been in talks over a loan move to Newport County after Newport boss Justin Edinborough has announced he is in talks with a midfielder. The move will allow Colchester to move for ex loanee Billy Clifford.

Prefer to keep Gilbey thanks

We need a striker not a midfielder

Gilbey has played a part in almost every game so far this season for Colchester United and looks to be a key player this season - he won't be going anywhere.



30 Aug 2013 14:13:39
Hunt (Helmet) on his way to Palace, fee agreed. This is great news for Town and I'm sure will be good business as means we can improve by adding more numbers to the squad. Hunt's head was always easily turned so I personally won't miss him. Also income is great for FFP.

It'll be irritating if a replacement hasn't been lined up by now, with the club virtually having him in the shop window all summer



30 Aug 2013 13:56:12
Dexter Blackstock to sign for Burnley on loan

Whould be a decent sighning

Where's he now?



30 Aug 2013 13:38:17
Not sure if it was him but I thought I seen Billy Sharp in a McDonalds restaurant in Middlesbrough this morning

Yeah because Mcdonalds is renown for its football dietry foods!

Not just saying this, but I'm pretty sure I saw him in Hurworth this morning also. Would be great if it was.

McCormack staying with Leeds! let's hope Tony Nobody's got a plan 'B'

I'm an official at middlesbrough fc and I can tell you now, no signings are imminent, we may get a couple of loan deals in. Emnes will leave along with Hoyte

Mowbray can't sign anybody as nobody wants to come to the boro especially with him in charge the club has been sending out false information on signings to keep us supporters on our toes
mowbray should have been sent packing after shambolic season
this club needs a new coach with is own ideas to push this club forward

Footballers don't eat that rubbish

Linthorpe road or A66?

Sorry mate, Billy's in Sheffield visiting family and not playing this weekend. At the time of your post he tweeted that he was stuck on the M1 which to my knowledge hasn't yet been extended as far North as Middlesborough.

Couldn't agree more GB tony Mowbray couldn't direct a seagul to the coast, when he talks there is no passion in his voice he's finished new manager is essential UTB LM

To GB. There's nothing wrong with mogga in charge mate (at all) get behind him mate. 7. He doesn't do the deals that's Neil bausor! N to me UTB n in mogga we trust (1 of our own) at least if he fails it's mr middlesbrough himself that's failed! I can forgive that as he cares about our club and would have giv it his all! We haven't started badly so let's see how we go. I am too like you frustrated about no signings. Feel we're going to suffer at home i. e our away formation at home due to lack of strikers but that's the powers that be. As a Boro fan I respect your frustration but it's thrown in the wrong direction UTB!

Bring juninho back he's one of our own, let's be honest he couldn't be any worse tactically, he'd get the fans back, he would give youth a chance instead of shipping young players out on loan that should be in the squad or team, he could also attract players both home grow and abroad, I love Mowbray the man but as a manager he just hasn't got it. he's done a good job to steady the ship. but if boro are going to have any chance of getting back to the prem we need a big shake up, we have top training facilities but we have terrible coaches, we have terrible scouts, it's all to comfortable at the boro ex players getting jobs ie Gary gill chief scout? Do me a favour one minute he's commentating on the radio next he's the head scout? Bring back juninho and if nothing else it will bring back the fans and give us some entertainment, one thing I would stick up for Mowbray on is the money situation either back him NOW or let him go. UTB LM

I suppose u also preferred the tactical ignorance of Robson and Southgate aswell. Mowbray is perfect for this club. Needs some luck with loans or signings!

I don't just blame Mowbray infancy quite the opposite, Gareth southgate was just a yes man, I want to see a manager and listen to a manager that inspires me and Mowbray is just a man in denial he says the same things after every game, I go to matches home and away and ill be there again today cheering the lads on, he's ruining the young kids at the club, the tactic he's finally playing now with 2 wide men and juke as the target man is a tactic we should have been playing away from home when the juke signed, however at home today we should mix it up abit and get the likes of main and Williams in the team to attack from the outset and put Sheffield Wednesday to the sword like we did last season with reach man of the match against Wednesday at the riverside but I guarantee it will be the same one striker the mans a cave man when it comes to tactics, you keep the faith though mate Ull be still saying the same thing when we are in league one the reality is you would rather see boro in league 2 with mogga in charge, bring back juninho and the magic will return UTB LM



30 Aug 2013 13:35:21
Blackpool trying to get Stephen Ireland and Alan Hutton on loan from Aston Villa but no surprise wages a problem!

Both good players thought Hutton played with Mallorca

Hutton was only on loan to Mallorca end of last season.



30 Aug 2013 13:23:21
Palace want Harry Kane on a season long loan.
They have missed out on Nick Powell who appears to be going on loan to a Midlands based club (I assume WBA or Stoke?) and James Ward-Prowse who is staying at St Mary's

I think Nick Powell is going to Wigan not Stoke or WBA.

If its a loan then WBA will be favourites.



30 Aug 2013 12:40:33
any brentford news please ed

Yea my friend clayton donaldson in talks with Sheffield united

We don't want Trotta, he ruined our season last time on loan, send him to anywhere but Brentford

Cheers clayton not in talks

Well called Ed!



30 Aug 2013 12:59:45
Boro to pay Coventry City £35,000 for transfer listed defender Kevin Malaga

Peter or Middles or even Nuneaton?
Do tell please.



30 Aug 2013 12:41:58
Kenny Jackett is apparently preparing to let Jamie Ohara back into first team training at Wolves, if the midfielder cannot find a club during this transfer window. He will then be slowly reintroduced to the team on match days (Got a feeling this could be a bit of arm twisting from the men upstairs

Hope this is a joke, us wolves fans don't want him.



30 Aug 2013 12:25:53
SPL side St Johnstone have signed young Northern Ireland striker Bradley Tomlinson



30 Aug 2013 12:17:22
Hey guys I heard from my mate at Chelsea that Torres will be offloaded to Real Madrid for £27 Million - £31 Million

No chance for that price!

You shouldn't hang around with mates that drink that much! He'll go on loan to Athletico Madrid and will start scoring again.

30 Aug 2013 19:06:39
It'll cost chelsea at least 35m if they expect madrid to take torres away from them.



30 Aug 2013 11:40:51
Manchester United to sign Kaka for a cut price £8 million deal.



30 Aug 2013 11:31:58
West broms final targets are victor Moses and Pablo piatti

No good targeting they need people it should have all been done. If we spend no money in this window what has Garlick and his crew been doing all summer. JP look at the comments made by Clarke your not backing him If I was him I would be seriously considering my position. The club has no ambition they have recruited well the last few seasons on the cheap. But we will be a joke. Norwich, Cardiff, palace, hull, villa Fulham, Sunderland all have spent more than us have you no shame JP. KUL

30 Aug 2013 16:01:21
Thanks JP for what we, ve achieved but it, s time for you to move on and let the cub grow as right now we are treading waterand and it, s only a matter of time before we sink into the championship again if we don't invest. To try and survive in the premiership without investment and relying on free, s loan, s and players past their sell by date is sheer folly, once is lucky, twice is a miracle, but three times is just pushing it, I fear this year will be a bridge too far for The Baggies and Steve Clarke but this lack of investment in the squad will end in tears for us Baggies.

Regardless of my recent posts, I am a peace fan but even I am frustraited at the lack of spending jeremy! Names have been linked to us an ongoing talks with players but logically we have brought in a lot of money in recent years n with wages taken into account spent a lot but,
Surely with our big wow signings of years gone by £4-£6m. even die hardsare finding it hard to back you this year. we need a big name

I totally agree with the last post Jeremy peace. Needs a rocket up his perverbrial complete lack of ambition sky money worth more than ever Clarke doing the job with his hands tied embarrassing when we get out spent by teams like Norwich and Swansea but what do we expect from a penny pinching mid table championship chairman I want my season ticket on loan next season mr peace I won't be renewing until you show more ambition no point sacking Clarke in December when you ain't backed him, Stefan very disgruntled smethwick ender

Peace is ruining my beloved Baggies. I wish to God we had a buyer so we could the back end of this bloke. He clearly has no ambition and its obvious forom his statement that the Baggie are punchingf above their weght that he would be satisfied in us getting relegated and basically hoilding our own in the Championship. I really hate this bloke Ed



30 Aug 2013 11:30:28
Palace are expected to re-unite Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe before the transfer window closes.

Source: somebody on the Palace staff.

Jack hunt is going to crystal palace



30 Aug 2013 11:25:31
Leeds have asked 4 million for Middlesbrough target Ross McCormack with no players involved and Jason Steele is a target for Bournemouth Cardiff and Swansea

Ccfc fan here we got 3 keepers we don't need another one.

Fair enough if Leeds have asked for that, it's up to them to decide what their player is worth, but honestly reckon you could get 2 players of equal quality for the same money.

Can't see Steele leaving - there's no obvious replacements, he's first team and settled. Still, if it's a Prem club and the price is right.

4 million is 3 million more than the player is worth, get billy sharp or becchio or as for Steele leaving non of them clubs would pay what he's worth and he's far too good to be a number 2 at them clubs, as for Bournemouth why would Steele entertain leaving his home town club to go to a tiny club? Doesn't make any sense LM

£2m done deal

Steele is a good keeper but we already have 3 vorm, tremmel, zabret

No way is Jason Steel going anywhere! Number one at boro.

Steele would never leave Boro for Bournemouth, Swansea is the only would he would think about, But he won't go

30 Aug 2013 16:16:02
Lol ccfc fan what's funny is the total rubbish some people put on here to get a response to.
Hope you guys have a good season in Premier and we hope to catch you up soon.


Bournemouth are signing Steele but its Luke Steele from Barnsley



30 Aug 2013 10:44:14
Blackpool will look to experienced David Bentley as a possible replacement to Matty Phillips. David Bentley is currently a free agent and wants to sign for a club where he will play every week.



30 Aug 2013 10:24:31
transfer news for West Brom in the last few days of the window.


Gabriel Tamas (searching for a new club)


Lee Camp (on free, reported 1 year deal)


Romulu Lukaku is a possibility still, that's why they are holding out the last domestic loan. Look to sign in January if possible if not before deadline.

Rosenburg is staying as well as Dawson, both pushing for starting berths.

Moses also an option but very unlikely the deal will go through as look for Lukaku move.

Kalou is not on the move.

Gera and Thorne also to come back into the fold in October so the squad will start to look much bigger hence the reason they might not sign another midfielder with Amalfitano an option (on loan for season, no perm deal)

Craig Gardener rumours are patchy, cover for right back might be needed but look to strengthen more important areas, deal very unlikely.

Odemwingie to complete a deal on deadline day with a EPL club.

Steve Clarke has stated that there is no chance in getting Lukaku so I don't know where you've get that from

Steve Clarke is concerned they may have left it too late to bring anybody else in. Perhaps if the club stopped faffing about and Peace put his hand in his pocket we might get a couple more in. I am still concerned about our fire power or lack of it.

Id take moses - Lukaku isn't going anywhere now. Chelseas first choice now Eto followed by Lukaku.

Torres and ba are still at the club and Lukaku isn't 2nd choice



30 Aug 2013 10:54:15
Shrewsbury are set to sign another youngster on loan - Curtis main to sign today

Why loan? they need to be permanent! maybe he's trying to



30 Aug 2013 08:48:25
Now Ainsworth has moved to Motherwell on loan it has freed up wages for Steve Evans to looking to sign a CB. He is looking at free agent Matthew Bates who has been training at Hartlepool.



30 Aug 2013 08:47:44
Ryan Burge to sign for Newport County today



29 Aug 2013 23:35:11
Did anyone realise anton only still owns 51% of Reading FC.
He does not complete a full take over untill middle of September.
So sir John madjeski still has a say in anything that happens. Be it transfers or departures right now!
The club will remain the madjeski stadium and will be run the Reading way untill a full take over happens!
Remember untill this happens sir John has a right to say what he wants on transfers as it is also his club that he built. When the full takeover happens you will see big changes!
Am I right Ed.? It seem everyone forgets sir John holds 49% still!

Is blame for the lack of serious transfer activity and only spending 700k now at the doorstep of Sir John? Brian McDermott was the fall guy for not spending last season and now it's Sir John's turn? Anton needs to walk the talk or just shut up. He said significant funds would be made available on the appointment of Adkins, all talk and no walk.

I think they need to dump him anyway. Apart from being a waste of space, he is taking the Micky out of Reading supporters. If he is well enough to show up on BBC final score each week, he is fit enough to go to the game and support his team mates and fans. Hope Reading are not paying him while employed by the Beeb.

51% means Anton can outvote Sir John obviously. We're only a few games in and we've got some very good players so jus hold your nreve and enjoy your football and stop focussing on the negative1

51% is a controlling stake, as in he owns more then anyone else, which basically means what he says goes
its okay enjoying your football if were winning, getting battered by peterborough isn't something I can sit back with and say wow what a game

He only bought 51% as he doesn't have the money it's all his fathers, I doubt he will buy the other 49% either.

He's spent only £700k on player he's all talk.

Anton is the worst thing to happen to our club since Robert Maxwell tried to buy us.

The deal is progressing exactly as was agreed. He does have the money, he may not be a billionaire like his father bu he is wealthy enough for our club. Lots of money has been spent behind the scenes which will take time for us to reap the benefits or would you rather we took the qpr route and spent money we had no hope of recuperating. Clubs of our size cannot just throw money around something pompey ignored and qpr will be aware of soon enough.

If you suggest that Reading have no money to spend, then why has Adkins come out and said he wants to make 3 permanent signings? He said he would prefer not to do loans, which for most clubs with no money is the only option.



30 Aug 2013 06:41:44
Leeds are willing to accept £2m but are waiting for McCormack to reject their contract offer so it looks to the fans like he is moving for money. Boro have offered a contract to his agent that is higher than leeds offer to him to stay. its who is going to budge first, !

Mowbrays other main strike targets are Becchio and Ebabks-Blake who visited rockcliffe earlier in the summer and agreed a pay as you play deal once his rehabilitation for a broken leg is finished (around October). Becchio is to join on loan with a view to signing permanently in jan if it works out.

We are also in advanced talks with Stephen Ireland as mogga see's him playing in the advanced midfield role that leadbitter has been occupying when we play 4-2-3-1 and if he signs leadbitter will drop deeper to play alongside whitehead. Ireland can also play central or wide in a 4-4-2 formation. He was due to sign earlier in the summer but the wage contribution could not be agreed with villa and they were also hoping other clubs would sign him permanently. But now villa have opened negotiations again over the loan deal.

Daniel Ayala is waiting for othe clubs from the prem to show interest in him before committing to our loan deal, personally I would look elsewhere if he is doing that.

McCormack's staying at Leeds. If Boro had any proper ambition they would of come in with a starting bid of £2m, rising to £3m, even then I doubt it would clinch the deal. Leeds are on the up & Bates has long gone, your 12 months too late. MOT

Main off to Shrewsbury! Surely Boro must be close to signing someone then. Can't see them letting Main go anywhere otherwise. I'm almost as sick of hearing McCormacks name mentioned as I am of hearing about the Bale transfer saga! Fk him off and bring in Becchio & Doyle. Rant over ha!

What you say is very encouraging and you seem to be in the know.
Where's your name so we can tell if we trust future posts

Maybe because he's not worth 2-3 mil? If McCormack didn't want to go to Middlesbrough he would have told them by now.

I agree mcCormack is so overated we need to get in some young and vibrant talent like that french striker David Gigliotti top class player

Anybody in the know has known for at least a week and a half that McCormack is coming to the Boro, but McDermott is playing the waiting game to see if another club get involved and hike up the price. As I post over a week ago. McCormack to boro on Monday on a £18k week contract.

As for Becchio a loan move seems approximate. Vaz Te will move to another PL team now he wants perm move (Stoke, Fulham or Cyrstal Palace!). Ayala deal gone cold, but still another two CBs in line. JM

30 Aug 2013 13:19:29
Boro aren't getting any new players TM already talking about loan players after window shuts, it's all talk from the Boro they do it every window so stop with the guessing games

Maccormack is a decent 10-15 goal a season man no better or worse than Scott macdonald I'd pay at most 1million but would rather have becchio or billy sharp who are both out and out goal scores, there's plenty of young talented kids in the Spanish 2nd division but I don't think our scouting is that great I don't think Gary gill could spot messi in a Sunday league game tbh UTB LM

30 Aug 2013 16:19:48
I think Nick Maynard would be a better prop on loan for season and would relish first team action and linking up with Adomah again. Better than been a back up bench warmer.


30 Aug 2013 20:41:32
(Anybody in the know has known for at least a week and a half that McCormack is coming to the Boro, but McDermott is playing the waiting game to see if another club get involved and hike up the price. As I post over a week ago. McCormack to boro on Monday on a £18k week contract)

don't you feel abit foolish now?



30 Aug 2013 04:20:08
Wigan set to release Marc Antoine Fortune after a bust up with Coyle despite only signing this summer and looking at snatching Ross McCormack from Boro for 2.5m

I can't imagine anyone having a bust up with Owen Coyle, didn't you know he's everyone's best friend and as honest as the day is long.

I'm a wigan fan I don't rate fortune not a goal scorer rather have McCormack any day

I can't see it when he'll be starting tomorrow



30 Aug 2013 01:50:41
players we've been linked too

sako 4 mil
doyle 1-2mil
badu free/loan
chalobah (loan)
tom carroll (loan)
nick powell (loan)

ikpeazu (loan to southend)
mensah (loan)

not saying these are going to happen but do you reckon there's a chance of any before deadline day

I don't know, is there any chance you could tell us which club is supposedly linked to these players? Could I take the opportunity to ask any potential posters to actually upgrade their common sense to 'adequate' so they can have the ability to inform everyone who reads this site to identify which club will buy the players they suggest? Or are they so sure that their club is so MIND-NUMBINGLY FAMOUS, that they leave it to the reader to figure out who it is?

In any case, put a club to the targets, doofuses.

30 Aug 2013 09:05:45
who's we

30 Aug 2013 10:37:53
He's on about Watford

30 Aug 2013 11:04:51

30 Aug 2013 12:45:02
The terms of the 'registration embargo' may cause a problem with any large cash outlay for players.

Maybe Nathan Ake & Chalobah will be coming in on loan from Chelsea.

Badu is also a strong possibility and an outside chance of Merkel who is available for loan only.

There is work being done on a striker, if that was going to be Kevin Doyle then he would have to take a pay cut regardless of whether its a loan/permanent.

I would expect some movement but not too much 1 or 2 plsyers.

30 Aug 2013 12:54:51
Czech Striker Libor Kozak is also a strong possibility

30 Aug 2013 16:02:30
Couldn't agree more regarding the first reply and the need to specify a club when posting rumours.

As for the original post - only the loans part has the slightest bit of truth. Watford may have some cash in hand right now. But they will not spend big when there are other options.

30 Aug 2013 16:12:56
The last Czech striker we had wasn't too shabby. Same he's now employed as a West Midlands wood warmer.



30 Aug 2013 01:48:36
Nottingham Forest striker Marcus Tudgay is close to agreeing a 3 month loan move to league one side Walsall
Billy Davies wants to send Tudgay out on loan so that he can get valuable first team experience and more importantly goals

Walsall and Forest have close links due to Nottinghams assistant manager David Kelly
keeper Karl Darlow was loaned out to the saddlers last season and the reds have brought Jamie Paterson from the league one side

Valuable first team experience, he's not 18 you know, he signed a 1 year extension in summer, this is more like offloading



30 Aug 2013 00:42:04
Bradford, Sheffield United and Wigan are all interested in Jamie Walker at Hearts, although Bradford have said they don't expect any transfer activity, they are tempted to bid £250k as an opening offer.

Cant see us paying a transfer fee for anyone to be honest

But apparently there was an emergancy board meeting about signing a player for a fee.



29 Aug 2013 23:33:09
Middlesbrough are in advance talks for exchange for Ross McCormack for Andrew Halliday and Curtis main plus 50. 000 and also luke Steele is a target for afc Bournemouth

Ssn are reporting that Main is off to Shrewsbury on a month long loan, so can't see it. Can't see Steele going anywhere, either.

Please no don't do it Mowbray

Thats luke steele from barnsley not jason

People need head check if they think Tomlin is worth £12m. If he was that good why are Peterborough in the league 1.



30 Aug 2013 00:03:47
Leeds United have made a new contract offer to top scorer Ross McCormack in the face of a £2million bid from Middlesbrough.
Talks were ongoing on Thursday with Leeds willing to sell for that price although they have yet to accept the offer.
McCormack is considering his options with Middlesbrough considering a move for Peterborough's Lee Tomlin should McCormack decide to to stay

Daily fail kev boro fan

Mccormacks going to stay and you can afford lee Tomlin

Can't afford is what I think you meant.

POSH are not in the mood to sell unless it is a stupid price but with the cash they got for Gayle they would still not necessarily do business even if a huge bid came in.

What Middlesbrough can afford £5m+ for Tomlin can they? Considering his price tag is £12m purely to scare people off

Fergie said on Tuesday that he had gone through scenarios with the chairman of what if we got offered x or y and they came to the conclusion that they must keep their best players and that as they don't need to sell following the Gayle sale then they won't. Considering promotion would be worth £5m then selling for £5m would not be an option and with 1 more year left on Tomlins contract then staying up would be worth another £5m so to get him the offer would have to be nearer £10m than £5m. That is what POSH are saying when they put a £12m valuation on his head. It is not about what his value on the market but his value to us if he sees out his contract and plays a pivotal role in achieving these objectives.

I'd rather have ricky Tomlinson the actor very similar build aswel LM

We won't let his contract run down if we keep going well he may well do a deal like Boyd come feb defo end of season

He has two years on his contract, no panic



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