Football Rumours Archive April 30 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursApril 30 2012 

29 Apr 2012 23:49:25
Rumors gathering momentum that West Bromich Albion will replace Roy Hodgson with a caretaker manager until the end of the season (If Roy decides to leave Albion immediately). Eventually he will be replaced by Gary Megson with Glenn Roeder when they both leave the Aston Villa scouting staff at the end of the season.(7)(26)Why would he leave immediately. Theres is only two games left in the season so would probably finish them of, because the england job wont start really until the euro's, and secondly, if he leaves now, the FA will have to pay compensation to WBA, which would be stupid, because they can get him for free in a couple weeks!A good shout would be michael appleton who seems to have cut his management teeth with portsmouth, not his fault they got relegatedMegson christ league 1 here you go


29 Apr 2012 23:25:12
Rumours round the B2net is that on loan midfielder Franck Moussa is to turn down a permanent move to Chesterfield in the summer to join Walsall (Moussa is out of contract at Leicester this summer)

Also heard the spireites are after Burton midfielder Jacques Maghoma(11)(4)Where did you hear about the link with Jacques Maghoma?


29 Apr 2012 23:01:02
Although terry Connor doesn't want guedioura to leave the club he will be making his loan move to Nottingham forest permanent after the Algerian midfielder hinted that he would love to stay at the club.(13)(13)With nottm forests ongoing financial issues i believe you/they would have to sell one of your/their best players in order for this deal to go throughSo as the all the championship teams look to reduce wages to comply with FFP forest will be signing a player on premier league wages!!We should do everything in our power to keep AG. He is easily one of the best midfielders in the league. However like most clubs in the championship we are proper skint....and Wolves are not skint!


29 Apr 2012 22:54:12
Free Agent Claude Gnakpa set to return to Walsall after Dean Smith decided to give him a second chance(5)(10) 



29 Apr 2012 21:41:28
Ipswich to sign motherwell striker
Henrik Ojamaa this summer.(7)(15)Who are derby getting in the summer


29 Apr 2012 21:02:11
Andy Williams has had contract offers from Scunthorpe , Leyton Orient and Rotherham aswell as the offer of a new contract from current club Yeovil. YTFC4LIFE.(5)(10)Would you rate andy williams just asking from a rotherham fan never seen him play before


29 Apr 2012 20:07:32
roy hodgson talking to fa regarding england job(26)(4) 

I hope notGod help england boring football will be playedMaybe england will actually start winning now.

i can't believe that all you people moan about is boring football. IMO there's no such thing. you watch football because you enjoy the sport. good defending is just as good to watch as good attacking. england have been awful for years, and there is now a glimmer of hope for them and all you can say is that "boring football will be played"? I find that astounding.So you would rather watch west brom than spurs! get alife! redknapps the best man for the engld job! and thats from a gooner!Gerrard quits international footballI would prefer hodgson to redknapp harry only does well with money look at what roy hodgson has done at west brom hes turned them around hes good defensivley and thats what england lack i would be delighted if he took the job also im a man utd fan before you start saying im a baggie
p.s redknapp never stays anywhere long he would probably leave after euros so give it roy
THE HEMMINATORThe fa just dont want harry because he speaks his mind! the fa dont want aggro! yet they give cappello a 6m a year deal! what a joke they are!Yeah cus Redknapp had loads at Portsmouth?While i respect hodgsons cv,what happened to him at liverpool! and surely harry deserves an interview! typical fa,no class!so far!Portsmouth didn't have any money when Harry was there, however still spent millionsHarry has been messing about with the England job for far too long. You cant be naive enough to believe they never approached Harry. They will of done, but unofficially as to not undermine the appointment of another manager as being "second choice", "sloppy seconds". Roy is probably England's second best option and his experience and ability cannot be questioned. I hope he brings success.Listen, the only reason they went to hodgson first is to give them a stronger bargaining position with spurs. Otherwise it would be up to levy and redknapp to name their own price. HR will get the jobGood old Woy far better choice than the "wheeler dealer"Well done the f.a,dont want tarnished arry the man is a disgrace to all hard working people.


29 Apr 2012 20:06:50
West Ham to sign Paul Konchesky and Lee Peltier from Leicester City after the play-offs whatever the result(9)(31)No chance

LeicesterLadYou can have konchesky coz he's terribleYour full backs must be awful if these two are any better


29 Apr 2012 20:06:49
Southampton to re-sign Andrew Surman and buy Jay Rodriguez and Matt Phillips as they look to bolster their squad for the premier league next season(23)(31)Jay Rodriguez apparently off to Reading for £5m and Simon Church going the other way.Would be 3 good signings whether they'll happen or not would be a different matterAnd hopefully Pele will agree terms with LeedsDont get carried away mr saint you have no chance getting surman. I would look to portsmouth you might get 1 or 2 of them.I dont see us going for Surman but believe me if we did he would come back.If surman had the choice.. He would prob choose the saints, As his heart is with the club... Only financial problems at the time, Caused us to sell him.


29 Apr 2012 19:54:23
Reading are keen on Niko Kranjcar from Tottenham. He wants out from and with Spurs likely to sign another midfielder his time is up. Reading, with the new investment money and the cash gained from promotion will have to fork out a fee of around £5m with wages around the £30,000p/w mark.(29)(22)He wont cost £5m. Half that, and they are interested, but so are Saints and WBA.We wont be paying players 30k a week. This is a complete non starter


29 Apr 2012 18:38:17
Tony Mowbray set for a busy summer,deals already in place to sign David worrall from bury,grant lead bitter from Ipswich and Barnsley skipper Jacob butterfield(16)(13)Butterfield is off to Reading. Talks began last week on a free transfer. Compo will be awarded to Barnsley due to his age.Butts is off to newcastle 2mill fee agreed just to agree terms2 million fee agreed?, funny that, cos hes a free agentCompensation U23 stops going to a FA tribunualWeve sent the taxi to collect Leadboots h'es on his way, enjoy his crab sideways and backward passing movements,


29 Apr 2012 18:37:55
West Ham to sign Sone Aluko from Rangers(17)(19)


29 Apr 2012 18:36:24
Millwall have had a bid accepted for Northern Ireland under 21 striker Will Grigg from League 1 side Walsall as the youngster seeks a move to the Championship.(17)(3)Give him a go! would still like to have harry kane tho!


29 Apr 2012 18:35:21
West Ham to sign Josh King from Manchester United(17)(12)How many strikers do west ham need?
Cole, Carew, Vaz Te, Maynard and others


29 Apr 2012 18:33:04
Burnleys Jay Rodriguez on verge of a 5M move to Reading with Simon Church on to Burnley has part of deal(14)(26)Unlikely because Church ain't worth a penny. Would be a great signing for reading thoughFunny that, Church is highly rated at Reading and would cost in the region of £2m if made available.

However this rumour is nonsense. Reading are not interested at that price. Good player but can't justify that fee yet.Think your find hes set for saintsLOL at any newly promoted club taking an expensive punt on someone with no PL experience.

For £5-6m you can get Yakubu twice!

Wake up! {Ed003's Note - Very good player}Isnt Jay Rod a free transfer? {Ed003's Note - He has 12 months left on his contract,Burnley will cash in this next window}That's funny because I'm a Reading fan and can tell you Church is not worth £2m.I believe Jay Rodriguez is also a target for Lambert at Norwich this summer.Another one of the million players the Library club are buying...New Man City?Because your a reading fan doesnt mean you know the value..numpty. Go back to football managerWhy is Jay Rod getting so much praise. Don't get me wrong im not a Burnley fan so I don't know how good he is week in week out. However looking at the stats paying 5 million pounds for a striker who is only joint seventh top scorer in the championship seems a bit risky and not prolific by any stretch.Ha Ha Connor Wickham anyone!! How much did he go for??An 8 mill minnimum fee has been put on jays head as five prem teams want him! reading are not one of them teams either.Bags of ability, more to his all round game than scoring goals. Definitely can step up to the plate in the Premier LeagueMust admit im also not a Burnley fan....But i do really like the look of J-Rod! All round ability that this lad has got is something special.At the right club he can deffo get in the full England squad.What an exciting English prospect Burnley have on there hands. 8M Sounds cheap to me.Can we swap him for Andy Carroll. {Ed025's Note - you would get 7m change as well..


29 Apr 2012 18:29:30
West Ham to sign Roger Johnson for 4 million whatever league they are in(14)(28)Please take him, Good riddance. Nothing but trouble if you ask meLol funny rumour this ...but yeah please take the guy and his mrs.....! everyone knows he only looked good alongside dann last year and now hes been proven out again...rubbish...., call it half a pint and hes yours!!Not only trouble but a very mediocre championship standard player.


29 Apr 2012 18:20:03
Peterborough United are in talks with four players for deals that could be completed by the end of May, just in time for pre season.
Ebbsfleet midfielder Neil Barrett has been training with the club with a view to a one year deal. Barrett is set to sign the deal before the end of this week and the 30 year old former York player is keen on the chance of returning to the Championship after a number of years with Portsmouth.
Young Arsenal striker Zak Ansah has also been training at London Road and is set to sign on loan for the whole of next season. The teenager is highly regarded in North London and is expected to sign a new five year deall before the deal is completed.
Manager Darren Ferguson has been looking for a goalkeeper in the last few months and looks to have come across one in Northern Ireland international Michael McGovern. The 27 year old stopper is available for around £65,000 and could sign a three year deal from Falkirk.
Finally, another non league player in Greg Young could sign a one year deal. The Alfreton defender has played Altrincham and Halifax in the past and has not had a lot of previous Football League experience. Young is a free agent once the season ends.(2)(11)Please tell me this is an awful joke


29 Apr 2012 18:02:43
500k for Steele,that won't happen,steele worth between 4 to 5 million.Middlesbrough selling Thomson,McDonald,arca,hoyte won't be offered new contract along with Martin,ogbeche(4)(7)4 - 5 million - against what benchmark - he is an average second tier keeper - maybe a £1m - if he is worth £5m what would someone have to pay for say Krul or Hart - £100m! - be sensible - he should have prevented both goals yesterday !


29 Apr 2012 18:01:54
It has been mentioned in dispatches that Chris Humphrey the Motherwell flying machine is desrined for the South Coast, after an amazing end of season purple patch.

Humphrey was linked in January 2012, but Motherwell took him out of the firing line and he missed the chance to impress. Southampton, would need to put a decent bid in to price the Flying winger away from playing Champions league next seasonm with Motherwell football Club.(8)(7)Flying?? Whats he on Red Bull? He's just an average scottish player who'd do a good job in league 1


29 Apr 2012 17:47:13
Alan Judge of Notts County - Leics city fc fee will be £500k



29 Apr 2012 17:47:04
5 championship clubs plus Sheffield United keen to sign Tommy Lee. 300-400k would seal a deal(10)(6)


29 Apr 2012 17:46:52
Aberdeen out:
Darren Mackie to Inverness CT
Kari Arnason back to Iceland
Rory McArdle back to England
Youl Mawene back to France(4)(9)Youl coming back to pne?


29 Apr 2012 17:43:57
Charlton are closing in on a deal to sign Jason Puncheon. The saints winger is said to not be involved in Nigel Adkins premier league plans. Charlton are the favourites as they stressed an interest in January(22)(6)Your WELCOME to HIM! He'll want to MOVE to ANOTHER CLUB IN A FEW MONTHS!!


29 Apr 2012 17:31:46
Watford are hoping to pursuade Fulham in to loaning Kacaniklic until Xmas(8)(5)I would like this to be true but i doubt they will want to as they recalled him and played him


29 Apr 2012 17:25:16
Prolific Tonbridge Angels striker Frannie Collin is subject to a 50,000 bid from Gillingham. Brentford are also keeping tabs on his situation as Tonbridge need the money to strengthen teir team for next season after the budget was cut(7)(4)


29 Apr 2012 17:16:23
All those people who were slated for the Kean (Blackburn) out, have now been vindicated in their protests. Listen to the fans.(1)(15)The Venkys choose Kean because he was the cheap option, the same reason big Sam was sacked, to save money, then they have cashed in by selling Phil Jones, and also got many high wage players off the books as well.
Kean's Playing career was almost zero, never made Celtic 1st team, played 4 times for Swansea on loan and that's about it, no previous managerial experience so what exactly did Venky's expect.

Expect it to get worse with the Venky's still in charge when you are in championship next season, especially if they continue to stick with Kean.It wasnt the fact the fans were protesting, it was the aggresive way they were protesting.
Kean only got the job because his agent was the advisor for the Venkys on their takeover.
Of course you need to have had an established playing career to be a good manager, just like Wenger, Ferguson, Hodgson or Mourinho


29 Apr 2012 16:43:35
With Wolves relegated Leigh Griffiths is someone who they will most likely use as a squad player rather than sell him(6)(9)


29 Apr 2012 16:41:29
Peterborough are looking to strengthen there team in the close season.

Bostwick (Stevenage) - 600k
Freeman (Stevenage) - 350k
Olejnik (Torquay) - 200k
Knight-Percival (Wrexham) - Free
McFadzean (Crawley) - 500k

Taylor - 1m
Boyd - 750k
Frecklington - 450k
Sinclair - 500k(9)(11)Taylor & Boyd's contracts are upYour clueless Taylor and Boyd both have a year left!For the umpth time no they are not. They have another year left on their contracts.I want charlton to get boyd he was quality in league 1I think Arsenal might have something to say about Stevenage selling Freeman ;)....and please stop saying Boyd and Taylor's contracts are up!!Freeman £350k, get real


29 Apr 2012 16:38:12

Michael Tonge 300k Stoke City
Korey Smith Loan Norwich City
Adam Le Fondre Loan Reading
Brian Howard 200k Reading
Abeid (dunno his 1st name) Newcastle loan
David Cotterill Free
Jacob Butterfield Newcastle 3m
Andy Gray Sheffield United 70k
John Stones Rotherham Utd Loan
Danny Rose Chelsea 400k then loaned
to Barnsley(5)(18)You are joking right? Adam Le Fondre is staying as a supper sub and will probably start a few more games next season. You can have Howard as he is no where to be seen at Reading.Brian howards on a free i thinkget your facts right Tonge out of contract NO FEE Howard out of contract no fee Le Fondre no way will play in prem don,t want Howard back anyway & Rose was City Not Chelsea Wombwell RedIs this what happened on Career mode?Don,t think Tonge is out of contract while
2013 thats if my Stoke fan mate is rightTonge out of contract joining mighty LEEDSRose is at spurs you doughnutsTonge and howard both out of contract and we wish we could get 3m for butts but think a 2m fee as been agreed with newcastleThere is more than one Danny Rose. check your facts before insulting.He means danny rose the young lad whos come through academy with huge potential.... (striker)LOL at thinking le Fondre will leave RFCSteve evans has already said the club will only use the loan system for emergancies and who is john stones {Ed003's Note - Ahh,that's Barney Rubbles lad}


29 Apr 2012 16:22:53
Barnsley to sign james coppinger from doncaster(13)(14)They have the lowest budget in the leagueAnd your point is?Ipswich are favourites to sign him


29 Apr 2012 17:06:31
As Wolves are relegated, a host of players are set to leave.

Matt Jarvis being looked at by a host of clubs, Swansea and Sunderland being the favourites to sign him.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake to Ipswich

Kevin Doyle could join Celtic but Fulham hoping to scupper the deal with Everton also showing interest.

Kightly's contract is up at the end of the season and Watford look the most likely to get him on a free after he enjoyed a loan spell with the Hornets(14)(13)Kightly will get a new contract at Wolves, he's been possibly our best player in recent weeks. Ebanks will most likely be part of our plans next season too.Kightly's contract has another year to run - just one of 47 reasons he won't be joining Watford.All those players you have just named will most probably still be here...i spoke to jarvis after the man city game last week and he said he owes wolves and he loves it here...he said its perfect for him...he will not leave£3.5m fee agreed for Doyle to return to Reading. He's top of McDermott's list.LOL at Jarvis saying that! He has an England cap. He wants to play at the highest level. Money also comes before loyalty. Accept it, sadly that is what todays game is all about.I think the third response is what TC dreams about at night.I believe Villa will be keeping a close eye on jarvis and kightlys situations when they are finally deemed safe. They are in dire need of a consistent winger and with wolves being relegated jarvis will definately move on and kightly has rediscovered his form. Since kightly has either a couple of months or just over a year left on his contract he could be brought for anything between free and £3.5 million.

To the watford fan above..... Dream on kightlys on the up unless he stays at wolves. He wont take a step down.If he doesn't want to take a step down why would he join Villa?Best rumour of the day football league fans i have missed you...! JARVIS YEAH hes off and thats fine only performs in glimpses anyway hes idol! kightly back to watford looooooool crazy i cant even name any of you star players... he loves wolves and will be back for a championship title push next season.., as for blakey your welcome if anyone can get fat boy to shift that weight they are welcome to him! doyle is more likely to be going with us keeping fletcher which out of the two is a much better deal...hes been a loyal guy and wish him well...., keep these cracking rumours coming please ;)What all you Wolves fans are forgetting is that your income has now dropped by £30m pa, you can gamble on a bounce back but if it does not happen then you are screwed, within two years you'll be in league1 in administration.

A poor team in the prem is still a poor team in the championship, rebuilding is required to plug the gaps. That means spending money that you have not got. Financing that by selling players will reduce the wage bill at the same time as providing a team to compete.

Oh yeah I forgot Wolves are Ji-ints and don't need to work to a budget like everyone else. If you lot don't start getting real very soon you're in for a tough few years.


29 Apr 2012 16:01:08
Not 100% True just rumours ive heard going around..

M G Perdersen - 3m
Buzaky - 2.5m
Kevin Doyle - 3m
Emnes -2.5
Upson - ?
Andy King -3m(2)(14)Who is this for?Going to who?To who/?Sounds line saints or readingI know these are the sorts of people linked with Saints. So guess them3 mill for doyle you are strupid and deaf


29 Apr 2012 15:59:36
Southampton may re-sign Andrew Surman from Norwich as some Norwich sources say he may be leaving the club and Southampton sources are saying they are interested in him.(19)(16)Rubbish rumour, under contract to Norwich and played well this season so unlikely Norwich will agree to sell, unless Lambert has other target to replace him


29 Apr 2012 15:56:26
Shrewsbury Town will sign Aaron Wildig from Cardiff City. The 20 year-old midfielder has impressed in his loan spell at the club.

Shrewsbury will also look to sign Sheffield Utd midfielder David McAllister, who was on loan at Shrewsbury recently.(2)(5)


29 Apr 2012 15:52:17
Leicester reportedly interested in Marvin Emnes.(6)(17)


29 Apr 2012 15:43:45
Bristol City have made a £500,000 bid for Middlesbrough goalkeeper Jason Steele.(7)(28)Based on what evidence?500k for one of the best young English keepers, dream on,when Steele leaves it will be for 5million plus to a champions league teamWhy would we bid for steele anyways. we have gerken who is a decent champ keeper. All we need is a NO.2. I heard rumours that we wanted the fleetwood keeper??


29 Apr 2012 15:40:48
norwich poss outs e ward z whitbread andrew crofts andrew surman simeon jackson leon barnett steve morison wes hoolanhan adam drury david fox wilberham all our bit part players under lambo ward and whitbread are 12 game a season players both spend to much time in the sick bay /////irk(4)(13)Dont agree with alot of this.
Ward yes, has struggled recently
Whitbread no chance, when fit has been our best defender this season by a long way and played the most of all our CBs.
Crofts likely to go as hasnt featured much
Surman will stay, playing well and scoring goals
Jackson can most likely go as not featuring now Vaughan is fit
Barnett Can do one, not good enough
Morison id think will stay, needs to sort his head out and get back to his form from the first half of this season.
Hoolahan, no chance he will leave, our most creative player by a mile. Him and howson in front of a new DM with 2 wingers and 1 up top could cause havoc.
Drury will most likely leave
Fax will stay, good passes, dictates tempo very well
Wilbraham will get another year as he is great for the dressing room and is happy on the bench.


29 Apr 2012 15:35:31
There will be a lot of transfer rumours mainly for the 6 biggest English clubs leading into the summer are here are some of the ones I think are quite plausible, most of these probably wont happen but im sure a couple on here will ARSENAL Out-Chamakh,Squilacci,Almunia,Denilson,Diaby,Park In-Podolski,Jagielka,Sigurdsonn, CHELSEA Out-Malouda,Benayoun,Drogba,Kalou,Bosingwa,Essien, In-Marin,Tiote,Van der Wiel,Adebayor LIVERPOOL Out-Kuyt,Cole,Aquilani,Aurelio,Spearing,Maxi,Doni In-Ramirez,Hoilett,Diarra,Gordon,Hooper MANCHESTER CITY Out-Adebayor,Tevez,Santa Cruz,Dzeko,De Jong,Bridge,Weiss, In-Cavani,Hazard,Cordozo,Rodwell, MANCHESTER UNITED Out-Berbatov,Macheda,Bebe,Carrick,Park In-Gaitan,Clyne,Modric,Van Wolfswinkel, TOTTENHAM Out-Modric,Gallas,Gomes,Bentley,Defoe,Nelsen,Corluka In-Carrick,Kalou,Remy,Jan Vertonghen,Rossi(8)(19)6 biggest teams? Newcastle??Man City - 4 strikers out and only 2 in?


29 Apr 2012 15:29:44
Swindon chairman Jeremy Wray to hand Paolo DiCanio a £1million budget to make it two successive promotions(7)(11)Di Canio will be at West Ham this summer.Lucky he has the money to chuck about, Swindons gates wont help recoup it!


29 Apr 2012 15:07:05
Alan Curbishley, Richard Shaw, Steve Bruce and Mick McCarthy on shortlist to replace Thorn as Coventry manager(1)(26)No chance we have no money to pay for anyone so thorn will keep hes jobONLY Shaw will drop that lowCurbishley won't leave London or drop below the premThis is funny... do coventry actually have any decent players....???
have a look in the sunday league market and get real!


29 Apr 2012 15:05:51
Swindon are set to release Phil Smith, Mark Scott, Callum Kennedy, Etienne Esajas and also Lander Gabilondo.

Lukas Magera is set to return to his former club on a free transfer. Alan Connell is being looked at by Burton Albion, Exeter City and also Chesterfield.

Matt Ritchie has been attracting interest from many Championship clubs throughout January but it looks likely that he will stay at Swindon with the club now back in League 1.

Swindon will look to secure Southampton loanee Lee Holmes and re-sign Jon Bostock on loan for the season from Tottenham. Swindon are also looking to capturing Steve Howard who has just been released from Leicester City. Rotherham United striker Lewis Grabban has also been linked with Swindon, the Wiltshire outfit apparently bidding around 200k for the Yorkshire man last week.(9)(3)Don't forget Dave Rihoy and Ross Allen from Guernsey!Apparently rotherham are also looking at alan connell because leyton orient looking at signing alex revell back


29 Apr 2012 15:01:28
leyton orient to resign Alex Revell permanently and a season long deal for stephen dawson after failing to impress(9)(4)Id let you have revell anyway worst spent money ever


29 Apr 2012 14:54:48
burnleys outs
treacy-350k-sheff wed

marc pugh-400k
george boyd-free500k
loach-750k(16)(15)Loach will not move to a club who are no better than his current oneYou forgot Charlie AustinGeorge Boyd will cost more than thatAustin not going anywhereI think your find George Boyd is signing for Brighton.


29 Apr 2012 14:52:10
Bolton center back Zat Knight linked with Southampton(7)(14)Why would we want him? He's been a liability for an almost relegated side all season...Hooiveld is twice the player he isStart the car.


29 Apr 2012 14:45:25
Relegated macclesfield duo matty hamshaw and Ross draper eyeing up moves to league one side believed to be Coventry and MK Dons(6)(4)They both said they where staying to try and get us back to league 2.

Source: I'm a Macclesfield Town fan!Not possible coventry are under a transfer embargo


29 Apr 2012 14:41:48
Saints to sign:

Matt Jarvis
Robert Huth
Courtois - Loan
Kevin Doyle
Ryan Bertrand - Loan
Fabio - Loan(5)(32)GET REAL FFS!!!!!Jarvis has already agreed to join Stoke.Is that official no, don't need to strengthen lm anywaySouthampton need to strengthen everywhere bar Lallana.Two left backs on loan?


29 Apr 2012 14:35:10
Watford inns
Tomaz kuczczak
Paul Taylor
Matt Ritchie
Rory donnelly (loan)
Dave kitsnon
Joel ward
Tommy smith(8)(18)Donnelly possible as is Smith depending on QPR's status. Kuczczak may sign after contract offer, but a response may be a few days off due to the birth of is child. Forget Kitson, Taylor & Ward & RitchieSmith would be a good acquisition. Ward is an almost certainty to join ipswich, Ritchie will stay at swindon as their newly promoted, kitson would be ok along with donnelly. What i cannot understand is that loach is a brilliant keeper and id rather have him than kuczczack


29 Apr 2012 14:28:38
Burnley are interested in signing Leicester captain Matt Mills on loan for next season after the former Reading defender fell out with boss Nigel Pearson.(4)(17)I bet they areSorry mate but he's on his way to leeds !He's on 40k a week, as if Burnley can afford that - and Leicester wont agree to share the wages.Wont be going anywhere near Leeds you wont put the cash up for him and didnt he already snub you in january? hes Leicester born & bred so he will want to stay & fight for place



29 Apr 2012 14:21:59
Halford and Pearce have agreed moves, Pearce most likely to Leeds.
Also Ben Haim will be leaving as his wages are way too high and his refusal to come on the pitch at the lap of honour last week has disgraced many.(15)(2)Sad to see pearce go, he is a good defender along with halford. However, im glad ben haim is going, he is overrated and should have been sold in the summer


29 Apr 2012 14:20:57
Connor Wickham could be back in ipswich next season for a season long loan as M.O.N looks to sign new striker and believes Wickham needs games and goals! Brighton and Millwall also said to be interested!(16)(7)If Connor goes anywhere it will be back to Ipswich, that's where his home and family live, certainly wont be the seagulls or millwallYou can have him,if he's that good why is martino'neill letting him go on a season long loan deal then!


29 Apr 2012 13:47:07
Burnley Boss Eddie Howe wants Patrick Kisnorbo(31) to add experiance to the defence and he will be allowed to leave Leeds has Neil Warnock has other defenders in mind(17)(9)


29 Apr 2012 13:44:40
Notts County will sign Llloyd Sam on a bosman at end of season and sign Billy Payter for 200,000(11)(11)Enjoy them... they're fantastic players. Both have got bags of pace and enthusiasm.Sam has 2 years left on his deal at Leeds so isn't on a Bosman.


29 Apr 2012 13:41:48
Norwich City Ins

JAMES TOMKINS 4M WEST HAM(5)(30)Doubt Cardiff would let whittingham go for only1.6mHa 4 mil to litle


29 Apr 2012 13:24:11
Charlton to sign Billy Paynter from leeds along with John Bostock from spurs. Lee Martin who had a loan spell at the valley last year is keen to leave ipswitch for a return. With only one right back at the club (chris solly) charlton are looking to resign Yassin Moutakil. Powell has also stated in an interview this week that 'Andros Townsend is a player we are keen to have on board'. Danny Shittu is likely to make a return to the club he started his career at. Glenn Murry at palace wants to end his at nightmare slehurst park by making the short move too charlton. Anton Fortune is also ready to call time at his career with west brom and make a move to london with charlton as the likely outlet.(7)(18)Haha lee martin will not be leaving ipswich! he only missed 4games this season! why would he join a club that will struggle to stay up this year!Cuckoo, cuckoo - first one of spring! Lee Martin publicly stated wants to stay at Ipswich, wants new contract so no way moving to Chorlton,Lee martin is not going to leave ipswich to come to charlton, he has only just told the press that he wants to be at ipswich for years to comeLet me get things straight, im a charlton fan, yes lee martin wont come to us yes he said he wants so stay with you but my point is
A) Charlton have more funds available and are a more attractive club than Ipswich
B)We will be higher up than Ipswich, i am close to the club and im tried of people posting rubbish on here so im telling the truth, we have some VERY good signings done and lined upCharlton fans trash talking, trying to act like a big club, aha. Enjoy your spell in the championship as your off back to league one next season. Cheerio.OFC Ipswich have had a wonderful season finishing in the dizzy heights of 15th. You only just scrapped past Donny and were wooped by Millwall what a finish. Norwich, now there's an East Anglian team to watch! :PLOL the soffolk massives aer at it againThis is just a load of rbbish whoever wrote this. Moutaouakil is at Hayes and Yeading, Billy Paynter as a rumour is a year old, Bostock probably won't come, Martin as people have said will stay, Powell's said NOTHING like that, Shittu would be plausible if not likely, Murray won't come, Fortune won't come. We're only interested in signing players who see us as a step up apparently. Or, that's the logical conclusion, based on the signings we've made under SCP. And whoever said we're going straight back down - look at our form, our squad, and - well - everything.


29 Apr 2012 13:20:53
Norwhich to sell Steve Morrison back to millwall as he's not getting played a lot


What a load of rubbish. Never have him back. Keogh is twice as good(4)(21)Take them bothHE SHOULD DEFINATELY STAY IN NORWICH!!!! BYE MORRO!I watched morrison live and thought hes a very good player but when you have a guy like holt in your team hes surplus....., and as for keogh loooool we couldnt wait to sell him fantastic isnt he ;)


29 Apr 2012 13:10:07
West Ham to sign Jermaine Johnson from Sheffield Wednesday if not promoted to the Premier League(11)(18)


29 Apr 2012 13:02:50
Millwall are said to be interested in either or both of Norwich's Wilbraham and Jackson(13)(7)EITHER WOULD BE GOOD SIGNINGS!IMO!


29 Apr 2012 12:55:25
27 Apr 2012 14:41:19
brentford are talking to david moyes if they can keep jakebidwell and adamfawshaw for another season .charlton and westham are intrested in samsunders. brentford trying to get james constable. struaurt beavon. rob hulse. and clayton donladson go to oxford and murcus bean to wycome .kyle osborne to watford

I've never heard of 'adamfawshaw' or 'samsunders' or 'struaurt beavon' or 'clayton donladson' or 'murcus bean' or 'wycome' or 'kyle osborne'.



29 Apr 2012 12:54:41
liverpool to sign gary hooper this summer for £8.75m(13)(31)Another 2nd rater - will fit in with Adam / Henderson / DowningThey wont sign hooper,get rid of carrol and sign fletcher,he would score for any half decent team.Hooper would never sign for those duds its a step down£35 mil for carroll £8.5 mil for hoops ?? i dont think so, hes already outscored the geordie dud in championship


29 Apr 2012 12:46:26
next season

Man United -Alex Ferguson

De Gea
Huntelaar(12)(19)So your virtually signing a whole new team?
What rubbish!Around £120 mill on new players? not a chanceSo MAN U will line up with 4 centre backs 3 wingers an attacking midfielder and 2 strikers. How strange


29 Apr 2012 12:45:50
Bristol City after Watford's Scott Loach(7)(19)You got £2m?2m more like £200.000 crap keeperUnlikely as Bristol City are not in a position to spend that sort of money on a goalkeeper


29 Apr 2012 12:44:11
Portsmouth to sign:
Matt Hill - Free Agent Andrew Davies - Stoke (loan)
Gabor Gypes - Free Agent Tom Soares - Stoke (loan)
David Cotterill - Free Agent Nathan Ellington - Ipswich (loan)
Steve Howard - Leicester (loan) Matt Oakley - Free Agent Stuart Parnaby - Free Agent

Their first team squad will be:
Jamie Ashdown
Stuart Parnaby
Ricardo Rocha
Andrew Davies
Matt Hill
Kelvin Etuhu
David Norris
Tom Soares
David Cotterill
Marko Futacs
Nathan Ellington
Subs: Gypes, Oakley, Wallace, Harris, Howatd(17)(17)They won't be signing anyone as it will be R.I.P PompeyAndrew Davies wages too high for cash strapped PompeyWhich park / league - Chichester sunday league div 9 is the entry pointYou won't be able to afford half those players on 10,000 crowds next season another deluded portsmouth fan lolPortsmouth have applied to play in the Southern League! These players wages might be too big for that!Oh and to pint out, as of yesterday evening, all of your players are now free agentsWhen are pompey fans
going to realise they cant
afford the wages of
the players on that list

about time you woke upHowards a free agent so no loanTo the person that likes to pint things out, the players have not become free agents as they are still contracted to the club except for the few whose contracts have expired. thats why pompey are able to sell most of the squad. It would cut the wage bill if they were free agents. so drink your pints instead of writing rubbish on hereI hope that they do get ellington cos him and futcas would be deadly in league 1


29 Apr 2012 12:31:19
Everton transfer targets:
peinaar £4 mill
jarvis £2.5 - £3 mill
wilfred zaha £3 mill
clint dempsey £6 mill
victor moses £4 mill(21)(25)£2.5 - £3 million for're having a laugh aren't you.Those are cheap add a few mill onMoses is on a freeCan double those prices for Dempsey and Moses. Well out of Evertons reachesAdd 12 million to that jarvis fee and 10 million onto dempsey it would be believable...oh know it wouldnt cause everton fans are dreaming about big signings for low fees...get real, you are skintJarvis is worth more than 3 millJarvis 3 mill more like 7If you believe the papers the 6 million would be enough for dempsey as he has 1 year left on his contract and is 30!I'm a Palace fan and we turned down a 7 million pound offer from Bolton in January, he's down on a five year contract. We wouldn't take 3 million for him. Keep dreaming as everyone of them players would cost more than you've stated, just a kids mind running wild again.


29 Apr 2012 11:50:38
Watford are reportedly looking at Northampton winger Michael Jacobs and Wolves striker Leigh Griffiths(currently on loan at Hibernian). All completely true, whether deals can be done remains to be seen.(5)(13)Leigh Griffiths is very much in Wolves' plans due to their relegation, but Jacobs is a possibility especialy with Aidy Boothroyd as the Northampton manager


29 Apr 2012 11:47:46
leicester targets this summer

George boyd
paul taylor
cameron stewart
harry kane
ritchie de laet
robbie brady
gary taylor fletcher
darius henderson
wes hoolahan
jamie vardy
matt ritchie
nick powell
keiron westwood(9)(26)We can all have targets but how many of those will pearson (if still in charge at Leicester) actually get?I'd like to see Paul Taylor and vardy


29 Apr 2012 11:41:25
Luka Modric is set to leave Tottenham this summer with both Manchester clubs heading the queue for his signature. Tottenham reportedly rejected a £35m bid from Chelsea last summer but a similar fee may see him leave the club this year with no champions league looking likely and Harry Redknapp set to takeover the reigns as England manager. Gareth Bale could also be on his way, Barcelona are willing to offer £25m along with Ibrahim Affelay but Spurs want £40m cash. Emmanuel Adebayor is another player who looks unlikely to be at the lane next year as he is not willing to lower his wage demands. Tottenham's new manager could face a major rebuilding job should he lose these players but i'm sure Daniel Levy will give him at least £50m of the money to spend.(16)(12)How is chamions league not likely , a win today will put them 4th with the easiest run in. no point in commenting on Spurs coming and goings until season is finishedLets clear this up? According to ssn, premier league world & most media chelsea reportedly offered £40 mill for modric! Two teams from spain have bids on the table and it now seems psg are interested in the player? As for bale I personally dont think he will go? just some information that has passed which thinks he wont go! as for redknapp the quicker hes out the club the better! adebayor probably won't stay! spurs will invest they will also look to modify their pay structure!Harry redknapp signs for inland revenue,they want to learn his tricks,how can england even consider this man.


29 Apr 2012 11:38:19
Beckford to return to his beloved elland rd.FACT(29)(29)Leeds one of relegation favourites, Beckford already at much bigger clubSorry, how are we relegation favourites? We'll have a new team next season, its impossible to tell where we'll be, but with Warnock in charge, I doubt it will be in the bottom three. I think its fair to say that without their money, Leicester would have been relegated this season, the way they started.
wallyBeckford is going to West HamLeeds favourite for relegation? What are you on? Get ya facts right and stop making random stuff up. Leeds much bigger than Leicester FACT! End ofSure you deluded half wit, thats why were early favourites with several bookies. Also if i remember rightly Beckford gave an interview when he joined Leicester and maintained that Leeds was the biggest club he's ever played for (not the answer that they were looking for lol). Beckford didn't even bother to play yesterday for Leicester (too busy admiring the Leeds support that never forgets those that have achieved at the club and offered to swap shirts with Bruce.
Come home Beckford - Midlands is a sh^thole full of tinpot cardboard cut out fansIf he goes it will be to eland road ps I'm a Leeds fan from the midlands be niceBeckford to Leeds, get real , with Bates in charge no chance he will release the funds to sign him, nor pay his wage demands, he's on something like £20K/wk at Leicester , Warnock will instead go for his old timers, so called proven players at championship level, either free transfers or loan jobs, and frankly I see nothing but mid table for next season and Warnock sacked by Christmas, so Bates can use him as a scapegoat."LEEDS BIGGER THAN LEICESTER" HA HA HA HA

deluded leeds fans on ere make me laugh your still living in the past mate.

LeicesterLadLeeds 1 Leicester City 2 . . . . . enough said! . . SibboDo any of you leeds fans follow football at all. A little thing called FFP kicks in from next EVERY club is having to reduce wages.


29 Apr 2012 10:32:42
Leeds lining up rob hulse to return to ER(11)(32)


29 Apr 2012 11:36:35
Derby, Barnsley and middlesborough are chasing Bolton fullback joe Riley on loan(10)(4)


29 Apr 2012 11:10:40
Southampton wish list:
Morten Gamst Pedersen - 7m
Buzsaky- 4m
Kevin Doyle- 4m
Roger Johnson- 5m
Robert Snodgrass- 5.5m
Kyle Naughton - Loan
De Bruyne - Loan
Clyne - 5m
Marvin Emnes - 6m
Andy King - 4m
Wilfried Zaha - 8m

Any few of these should fit the bill to make saints a strong team for next year :)(7)(33)I will drive Johnson there myself and throw in Stearman but please let us keep Doyle.What a team of players in relegated teams and the championship? great team thereOh yeah that definitely doesn't work. Look at the obvious failures of Norwich and Swansea who just bought loads of Championship and League 1 players and the blatant success of QPR who bought established Premiership players.Dream on stop taking the fairy dustPlease take roger johnson just have him!! we dont want any moneyRight..

- Pedersen: Too old and done nothing for bburn this season so no.

- Buzsaky: Not done much for QPR so can't see us signing him.

- Doyle: Will be overpriced, has been relegated with both his prem teams and averages 10 goals a season.. not what Saints are looking for.

- Roger Johnson: Possible. Was good at B'ham and we could do with another CB, if the price is right maybe 2-3 million max.

- Snodgrass: Quality signing. Would be hard to get from Leeds but if they don't show intent for next season can seem him getting impatient and wanting to leave. Expensive though, up to £5million for him.

- Naughton: not bad signing, probably will be competition for him. Probably wouldn't come as I don't think we would start him and he could get first team loan elsewhere.

- De bruyne: quality loan signing but unlikely.

- Clyne: quality signing but will be hard to get. Will be expensive.

- Emnes: 6 million? Get to. Going no where near him. Maybe a couple million to have him as a bench warmer, not 6 mill though.

- Andy King: No thanks

- Zaha: good player, think we could do with experience though, rather than over priced youth.Where re you going to get that sort of money from certainly wishful thinkingAlso, What about the team that took you up to the premiership, going to ignore them are we, if saints go this route, it's certain relegation end of next season, talk about loyalty to players that got you to the promised land, Sucks£5m for Clyne and Naughton on loan. Two right backs, really?Southampton fans are will hardly invest im sure but yeah come and take johnson hes a fantastic players isnt he ..., i mean look how good he was at birmingham the year before he joined us wow amazing..., and doyle hmmm doubt you will get him out of your budget ladsNearly 50m in fees, another 5-10m in sign on and agents 300k per week in wages (15m a season x 3 year deals = 45m)

Rumour should be ... Southampton to get over ambitious and re-enter administration as the fierce rivalry over financial mis-management rages on in HampshireHow is this Southampton getting ambitious? Its one silly fan getting over excited about going to the prem. Saints do have money but they try to spend it wisely. They probably wont get any of these players.


29 Apr 2012 09:31:39
Arsenal looking at Gary Hooper from Celtic, Wenger looking for a poacher and he fits the bill, stranger things have happened..... Celtic also in for Burnley striker Jay Rodriguez and Yann Kermorgant from Charlton .... Mikeybhoy(9)(21)Jay Rod destined for bigger things than SPLSeptic shoud try shopping in places they can afford like league 2


29 Apr 2012 09:14:51
Pearce has agreed to move to Leeds(31)(13)


29 Apr 2012 09:10:07
Bristol city eyeing up Matt Jarvis, Gary McSheffrey and Matty Hamshaw (Because all theree clubs have been relagated).(3)(28)Matty Hamshaw said he is staying at Macclesfield for another year.

Source: I am a Macclesfield Town supporter.Matt Jarvis must be itching to join a club who nearly got relegated from the championship when it seems everyone wants him


29 Apr 2012 08:59:03
Millwall want Watford front man Troy Deeney to replace the departing Harry Kane.(7)(12)This is not news - this has been around for months - Watford want £3m and Millwall don't have it - so end of storyRubbish. millwall fans keep writing this. he signed a new contract weeks ago and why would he leave to a team who finished in the bottom half. also his impending court case is gonna put people off wanting to sign him so dream onNo he didn't - We triggered an extension on his contract by a year - so he is out of contract next summerWell if he's going to be in court for
off and on then he wont be any good will he!!


29 Apr 2012 08:45:21


29 Apr 2012 08:53:05
Peterborough have bid 700K for Stevenage pair Michael Bostwick and Luke Freeman.
Freeman seen as an ideal replacement for Boyd(10)(11)


29 Apr 2012 08:41:59
Peter Odemwingie, is leaving the Albion over the summer, Arsenal had submitted a offer
but it was previously with a player attached This time they are looking at a 5.5 million offer straight cash as they believe he can add to the squad goals. Albion looking to seal 2 argentinians over next couple of weeks 1 a striker the other defensive midfielder both on fringes of national team. Steven Naismith from Rangers deal almost done 2.24 million for the midfielder.(8)(15)I thought Wenger did n,t sign anyone over 30 ? if so that rules Odenwingie out.


29 Apr 2012 08:24:27
Reading have agreed to buy matt Connolly of QPR, a deal for n'doyle is close to be agreed.Kevin Doyle will not return neither will Stephen Hunt.Gyfil Sigurdson will come if Hammond can get him cheap(unlikely).Marriapra from Watford may come for a 2 Million fee(ish).Andy Johnson will join if QPR get relegated.Keiran Richadson may join as well.But this will mean some fringe players will go the other way.(10)(7)You won't get Marriapa for £2m - dream on - £2m + Kebe - might be getting closeDream on getting Kebe. I think 2m will be enough as you need the cash and the lure of prem football will make him come. Even tho I don't know who actually is.


29 Apr 2012 02:16:33
with the sale of varney,pearce,futacs,lawrence,huseklepp,henderson,kitson, and the return of loans to karim rekik,scott allan and chris maguire the portsmouth keep some of your good players like:
jamie ashdown,aaron mokoena,ricardo rocha,joel ward,hayden mullins and david norris(6)(21)I'm sorry Pompey fan, but that wont happen, all of you squad are free agents, and you certainly wont be hanging on to the players you've mentioned, they will be gone


29 Apr 2012 03:31:44
Welsh club Neath Athletic will join the Western League in the summer, after being denied a Welsh Premier League spot.(3)(7)Heard this one as well. Surprised they'd been denied a spot in the WPL (heard they're short of cash though).

Would they really want to re-start at Step 6 in England? Ok, they could 'do a Guernsey' and get promoted easily but think of crowds and revenue. Unless they get good crowds, which won't happen unless they are in the FA Vase/Cup they will struggle to attract fans whilst their neighbours are in the English Premiership.


29 Apr 2012 03:30:26
Simon Church to Coventry on a free(8)(44)He's not on a free this summer.... but wont feature in the prem. can see him going to mid table championship team like west ham!I'd pay Coventry to take him.Hope soHes not out of contract?, but yeah id pay you to take himYou can have him but he won't be free.You can have him for £500,000

he is Unless he cancels his contract it won't be a free.

Swindon have bid for him anyway.


29 Apr 2012 03:29:51
Norwich City to re-sign Robert Green?(8)(33)Does sound likelyWhy would they, with two young goalkeepers both getting England Int Honour's as they progress as back up for Ruddy.
No chance Norwich would take him back simply because they don't need himGreen's desperate to play in the Prem then?

Can't see it happening personally - maybe a move to the SPL?


29 Apr 2012 03:25:52
Frank Lampard and John Terry will join QPR in the Summer after Euro 2012(19)(72)What and play in the championship lolHaHa, what so they can finish their career's in championship.
If they do survive in premiership do you really believe QPR will pay £150,000+ each per week. Fernandas is a multi millionaire not a billionaire who has already thrown stupid money on wages for Mark Hughes so they could get some so called top players in.Ye and I'm about to join Real Madrid for an undisclosed fee as a replacement for Ronaldo.Yeh and terry will room with anton ferdinandBoth has beens
terry a liar bilityTerry & Lampard - past their best, - yeah right, that's why Chelsea will keep both of them next season, and compared to the poor expensive signings and large wage bills added by Hughes still top players.
Hughes spent big at Blackburn, and Man City with Man City still trying to offload some of them, because of high wages.
Should be fun in championship next season for all you QPR fans............Presume you mean IF they stay up.

Lampard - possible, Terry - no chance while Anton Ferdinand is there.

If QPR are going to throw silly money around then perhaps, but Di Matteo won't want to lose these two players as they are key to Chelsea.


29 Apr 2012 03:24:23
Swindon to sign Hayden Mullins and Steve Howard.(11)(32)Can see this happening - two good additions. Aden Flint is leaving for a club back north in the summer (Doncaster?), so Mullins will be a good replacement


29 Apr 2012 03:23:07
Southampton to buy Coventry's Carl Baker.(13)(25)They can have him hes pantsDon't really see why they would want him, he's not really very good!He plays ok for Cov sometimes.. does Adkins see something in him that Cov fans can't?


29 Apr 2012 02:48:13
BPL Transfers

Arsenal - Lukas Podolski
Aston Villa - Brett Holman
Bolton Wanderers - Grant Leadbitter
Chelsea - Marko Marin
Everton - Steven Pienaar
Fulham - Matt Jarvis
Liverpool - Victor Moses
Man City - Javi Martinez
Man Utd - Nicolas Gaitan
Newcastle Utd - Modibo MaĻga
Norwich City - Mohammed Abdellaoue and Curtis Davies
Reading - Adam Eckersley
Southampton - Marvin Emnes
Stoke City - Roger Johnson
Sunderland - Steven Naismith
Swansea City - Kevin Doyle
Totenham -Demba Ba
West Brom - Wilfried Zaha
Wigan Athletic - Adrian Marriapa

These is guessing Wolves, QPR and Blackburn all go down

There are only 19 teams listed the 20th will be one of West Ham, Birmingham City, Blackpool and Cardiff City(11)(23)Emnes is rubbishI hope west hamIts EPL not BPLIt's Premiership, not EPLIt's the Premier League


29 Apr 2012 02:12:10
Norwich City have successfully signed Hannover 96 Striker Mohammed Abdellaoue for £4 million
all pre transfer window contract agreements have all been completed
This will be Norwich Citys first signing of the transfer window(12)(19)


29 Apr 2012 02:10:39
portsmouth to sell :
luke varney - nottingham forest
jason pearce - leeds united
dave kitson - watford
greg halford - norwich,stoke or ipswich
benjani - released
liam lawrence - cardiff city
erik huseklepp - birmingham city
marko futacs - ipswich
portsmouth may sign it with 3,4 players, or do not have to sign,because it has several good players in his academy(17)(9)Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick TocYou forgot Ward to Ipswich


29 Apr 2012 01:37:10
Gylfi Sig is Loving life at Swansea,
they have the right style of play that has him back to his best,
Loves the training / manager /city
if the cash is there my bet is he will stay(17)(16)Way too big of a player for swansea, going to a top 6 club.Definitely won't stay with you, united are interested and he'd go bak to Reading before he stays at swanseaIs he also loving the fantastic results against relegated teams?


29 Apr 2012 01:26:36
Norwhich to sell Steve Morrison back to millwall as he's not getting played a lot(8)(23)No chance! we'd rather have harry kane!He is happy were he is, he has out grew your little club. He may go back when he is 35Millwall can't afford anything like what Norwich would want, and Morrison won't want to be seen to be going backwards.


29 Apr 2012 01:02:39
middlesbrough make enquires for walsall striker emanual ledesma and rotheram striker lewis grabbon

other targets
grant leadbitter - free
martin crainie - free
sam hird - free
craig gordan - free
leroy lita - season loan

jason steele - reading
scott mcdonald - china or USA
Julio Arca - released
kevin thompson & stephen McManus -bristol city(5)(5)Spoke to Mowbray before Watford game and he's said his targets were
martin craine Jason Scotland(dependant if signs new contract
Nyron nowsworthy. Jacob butterfield
Grant leadbitter. Emmanuel ledesmaWhy would Reading by a goalkeeper? We already have one of the best keepers in the country in Adam Federici and his back up is a future England number 1Would quite happily take McManus off of your hands


29 Apr 2012 00:55:26
Bradford winger/striker Craig Fagan is believed to be joining Walsall in the summer

Fagan has told Parkinson that he wants to move back down south towards his family in the midlands and is in the process of settling the remainder of his contract with the Bantams

Source Bradford City FC(11)(6)


29 Apr 2012 00:34:18
Paul Taylor is not joining Watford and he will cost more than 500,000(9)(6)Well he would be good but watford dont have the money even though taylor has only a year left on his contract.


29 Apr 2012 00:27:45
portsmouth to try to maintain a reasonable team to play next season it will sell for : pearce,kitson,lawrence,huseklepp,varney,benjani and henderson.
portsmouth tried to keep with it : ashdown,ward,rocha,mokoena,norris and futacs
besides having players from the academy: sam magri,chinedu vine,lewis tallack,adam webster and ashley harris
with sales portsmouth collects the money,not spend anything with transfers and will maintain reasonable for a team championship to disappear
with this,the team owner of portsmouth for the season 2012/13 will be:
18-chinedu vine(4)(19)Really sad!
In another few weeks there will be no money left to pay any wages, so where are the funds coming from to run the club?You have no money to spend person you owe and are in debt you should be closed down.You can't even afford your training ground mate, let alone these players...
Your even applying to south coast colleges (Itchen College from Southampton is their favourite) just to be able to train at all.


29 Apr 2012 00:13:09
Manchester have offered 35 million for Eden Hazard(16)(25)Which Manchester club because there both interested in himThere is only one team in Manchester.
That is Mighty Manchester United! right, i think thats all cleared up..... cheers..


28 Apr 2012 23:43:13
Tommy Lee from Chesterfield to Doncaster(6)(13)He,s going to Barnsley


28 Apr 2012 23:35:50
City boss mciness trying to get ebanks Blake from wolves.(15)(10)Exeter city just don't have the money for that!


28 Apr 2012 23:09:38
Derby are only getting 3 players unless there a massive
injection of money.They are getting a defender,Midfielder and a striker.

Defender-Krystian Pearce-Notts county
Midfielder-Michael Jacobs-Northampton
Striker-Johnny Russel-Dundee United

Your Probally thinking Johnny russell."your having a laugh".But from what I found out its 950k + 3 players(one known to be connor doyle)

Imo connor doyle is Sht from what I seen so it must be 2 half decent players

It may only be 3 for derby for theres 16 youth players been bought to derby.(11)(7)Bullst - Russell is wont be going to Derby County! And he wont be going anywhere for anything less than £1.5M. Celtic offered £1M in January and were told to get real!


28 Apr 2012 22:57:27
This summer West ham will looking to sign:
Jermaine Johnson, Sheffield Wednesday (Championship)
Jermaine Beckford, Leicester City (Championship or PL)
Cameron Stewart, Hull City (championship or PL)
Matt Mills, Leicester City (Championship)
Manuel Almunia, Arsenal (Championship)
Henri Lansbury, Arsenal (Championship or PL)
Jordan Rhodes, Huddersfield (PL)
Ben Marshall, Leicester City (Championship or PL)
Stephen Henderson, Portsmouth (Championship or PL)

Robert Green (If not promoted)
Joey O'Brien
Julien Faubert (end of contract)
Freddie Piquionne
John Carew
Frank Nouble
Pablo Barrera
Jordan Spence
Freddie Sears(13)(14)I take it you aren't aware of the new FFAI rules that come into effect from next season?

If West Ham balls up promotion that MUST sell all their top players, otherwise they face millions in fines from the Football League.

Google it if you must, and I suggest you do!

There will have to be so many changes at West Ham it will almost certainly destroy any promotion hopes for next season as well. You currently opperate with a £38m wage bill.

Your owners can only put in a maximum £6m next season, £5m the season after, and then £3m.

That'll be the sound of bubbles bursting then... LOLJermaine johnson is not good enough for west ham


28 Apr 2012 22:46:19
Derby county are looking to bring in stoke youngster florent cuvelier (currently on loan at Walsall) on loan next season.(10)(5)


28 Apr 2012 22:15:42
Emnes and holiett set to join tottenham before end of june(6)(23)Emnes hah


28 Apr 2012 22:04:10
Watford are signing Tomasz Kuczczak from Manchester United (free), Michael Kightly from Wolves (free) and Tommy Smith from QPR and Ian Harte from Reading (free).(5)(27)Ian Harte has been offered a new one year contract.Reading have offered Harte a new contract, as Reading will be PL next season why would he reject the contract to go to watford?

Also hes at the end of his career this may be his last chance to play PL football.You will not get Harte.It will be part of a deal involving Marriappa going the other way, plus £2m to WatfordIan Harte just signed a new contract so good luck with thatIt's just another kiddie with his wish list.Hartes been offered a new dealWhy would we want harte? we have no hope of getting him. also im fairly sure kightlyis under contract at wolvesKightly is in a long term contract.Harte is gunna sign a new Reading Contract


28 Apr 2012 21:15:58
Doncaster will tie up the permanent signing of Fabien Robert, after impressing on loan(13)(3)


28 Apr 2012 21:15:29
emnes and hoilett expected in at tottenham before end of june(2)(17)


28 Apr 2012 21:12:42
Stuart Beavon will join Doncaster, the south yorkshire club are also chasing Jon Parkin(13)(6)He'll be in the Championship next season, not League 1.


28 Apr 2012 21:06:45
Sounds like Mariappa to Reading (From Watford).

No idea of fees and all that - no one can ever claim to know that on here (only the kids)...

Typical Reading signing. Would be happy with that if it's true.(16)(3)Robson- Kanu will move to Watford as part of the Mariappa move to Reading


28 Apr 2012 20:39:58
portsmouth fc speaking to sign riga mustapha in a free(12)(8)Nonsense. They have to reduce their wage bill by 80% to comply with the new FFAI rules from next season.

Then they can look at new (ow budget) signings.More like Mustapha Guinness!I doubt they are looking to sign anyone at the moment.


28 Apr 2012 20:32:26
jason pearce go to leeds united
luke varney go to nottingham forest
dave kitson go to watford or brighton
benjani go to free agent(19)(8)


28 Apr 2012 20:28:02
Promoted teams transfers

Kevin Doyle- Wolves- 5 Million
Jonny Evans- Man Utd- Loan
Ryan Bertrand- Chelsea- Loan
Peter Whittingham- Cardiff- 4.5 Million
Craig Gardner- Sunderland- 5.5 Million

Luciano Becchio- Leeds- 2 Million
Morten Gamst Pederson- Blackburn- 7 Million
Akos Buszaky- QPR- 2.5 Million
Stephen Ward- Wolves- 3 Million
Sebastian Bassong- Spurs- 5 Million
Mark Davies- Bolton- 4 Million(9)(46)We will not spending anything like that (Reading). Half that, yes.Jonny Evans is a knob, dont want him, interesting to see you've made up different names to the usual though, nice work!Reading Fan. We won't get Doyle, Evans and Gardner. I can see us getting Whittingham only if Cardiff don't go up. Bertrand would be nice considering he is loved at Reading but will be in the chelsea first 11 more as Cole is picking more injuries as he gets older so will be hard to get him. Reading will keep there signings hush hush and will not know which players we will bring in until they hold the shirt. Southampton are even more unbelievable.To say Reading won't be spending that kind of money is naive. Obviously we won't do a Man City but if a player is right for the club and we can potentially make profit from his sale in the future, i don't see why we wouldnt shell out 'a few quid'2 million for Becchio! Youre having a laugh!Where Southampton getting 35.5m from ?Pedersen not wrth 7 million, he only worth 3 at least, he has done sod all for rovers this season.

lmao about Evans - bit puzzled why he would go out on loan when he is a united first teamerSaints fan here. Becchio Realy ? Wou
ld much prefer snodgrass sharp and snodgrass i beleive would give a quality workrateNo chance Wittingham, not even for double the amount you have listedYou wont get doyle idiotWhat time do you want ward i will deliver him myself freeJohnny evans is going NOWHERE.Mark Davies to Southampton, dream on."Where Southampton getting 35.5million from?"

Debt free + £90million promotion.... you do the math.

Although personally I wouldn't want any of these players anywhere near my club. COYR"Where Southampton getting 35.5m from ?" Er ever do math at school? £23.5m


28 Apr 2012 19:39:35
walsall are nterested in signing iclantic midfielder joey gudjonsen in the summer after he was relesed by huddersfield he is to be signed to replace adam chambers who is rumoured to move to Scunthorpe(8)(6)On his way back to Poland!Iceland pal, not PolandAdam Chambers to Scunthorpe lol you're welcome to him he's tripe


28 Apr 2012 19:21:40
Baz may not increase the funds, but likely to have a few more quid to spend with the sale of Mariappa and Loach(4)(2)Mariappa is off to Reading. Rumours breaking from various sources tonight.Mariappa on his way to Reading.

Various sources tonight.Doubt he will go to reading as newcastle are still interested


28 Apr 2012 19:07:26
Luke freeman to put pen to paper and become a claret next season
(stevenage to burnley)(2)(17)Umm i think arsenal might have something to say about that


28 Apr 2012 18:47:57
Peterbourough's Paul Taylor to Watford for 500,000(3)(21)This one is nearly done - fee agreed after last weeks game - sell on fee 25% is what posh want and that is final issueHe's out of contract and rubbish. Watford have Tomasz Kuszczak, Scott Loach, Renie Gilmartin, Jonathan Bond and Tommie Holban. Why would they need another keeper?Lol Taylor is Not a keeper as he's scored 12 goals this year! He has 1 year left at Peterborough and he's being sold to a West BromApologies. I read it as Paul Jones! whoops.Also kuszackz is only on loan and gilmartin is out of contract.


28 Apr 2012 18:39:32
Royals out will be Gunnerson, Griffin, Mansett, Mullins(terminate loan) and Kebe(his move)!
Out on loan go Robson- Kanu, Church, Antonio and possibly Tabb
Futures in doubt:- Cummings, Hunt
Arrival :- Ryan Bertrand(3)(16)Kebe has only just signed a new contract. You clearly know nothing about Reading Football Club.Kebe out, hes just sign a new deal?Bertrand will not go on loanAbsolute rubbish. majority of those players will be given a chance in the PL.

Source: Mcdermotts recent interview on future signings


28 Apr 2012 18:32:25
after failing to get themselves into the playoffs boro are expecting offers for their assets, scott mcdonald is set for a big money move to china or usa whilst many reports are suggesting marvin emnes could be on the brink of a move to tottenham along with blackburns junior holiett(4)(14)


28 Apr 2012 18:06:56
Portsmouth planning of signing Steve Howard on a free.(19)(9)Nobody will be signing for Portsmouth until several players depart.Going to Coventry /Pompey going Bust again get a reality checkHow you going to pay him his wages


28 Apr 2012 18:01:46
robinson not getting a contract at leeds breaking news u heard it hear first and i feel a good move. i feel was to old 4 me and no pace.(16)(4)A good move!? he's been the best and most commited player since he came to ER, definately sign him up, great basis for promotion


28 Apr 2012 17:31:23
when does the transfer window officially open ed?

LeicesterLad {Ed004's Note - July the first I think}(2)(2)I thought it was 1st juneIt's June the first


28 Apr 2012 17:22:19
Bolton have submitted a a bid for Giovanni Dos Santos, as the young Mexican was sadly not given an opportunity to rise at Tottenham.(8)(8)Bolton will want to wait until they know what division they will be in next season before they make bids for anyone. Next.


28 Apr 2012 17:21:31
Liverpool set to make a £9m bid for Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe after the shock development that Spurs sre trying to buy Louis Saha from Everton. Also 'The Reds' are pondering a loan move for Granero of Real Madrid till end of season with view to permanent move(8)(25)It would be quite a shock development Spurs signing Saha from Everton seeing as he is already on a contract with Spurs from January


28 Apr 2012 17:11:07
Luke Steele to sign for Southampton and Barnsley to sign tommy lee from chesterfield(12)(9)Has he played for Roch dale ?Just my wish list for Saints

R Green free
N Clyne 3M
W Bridge Loan
R Huth 3M
P Whittingham 5M
M Phillips 3M
C Cole 2M

Well done Saints We are all proud


28 Apr 2012 16:20:05
I heard that chelseas gary cahill go to fulham
Wolves will definately be buying carlton cole(2)(37)Wolves will not be buying Carlton Cole or anyone as pricey as him now they're a Championship club.

Also bear in mind all Championship clubs must bring their outgoings down to £6m as of next season, then £5m the season after, and then £3m.

Wolves have a £24m wage bill to massively reduce!In his current run of form west ham would not sign coleRelegate premiership sides get one year to comply with the new financial regulations.

Both Wolves and West Ham (if not promoted) will have to reduce the wage bill otherwise they will be in deep doo doo


28 Apr 2012 16:19:35
IFK Norrokoping's Christopher Telo will sign for Bristol City in the summer for a fee of around £250,000. The London born midfielder has a year left on his current contract.(10)(1)


28 Apr 2012 16:18:50
Afc Bournemouth will try a approach lee bowyer on a 1 year contract he will bring experience and also may have a further 1 year option as player coach(5)(6)


28 Apr 2012 15:55:23
The Premier League will be seeing two of World footballs brightest young stars next season as Liverpool and Chelsea are on the verge of agreeing deals for Gaston Ramirez and Marko Marin. Ramirez will join fellow countrymen Luis Suarez and Sebastia Coates at Anfield in a deal worth around £16m while Marko Marin is set to move to Stamford Bridge for £14m.(16)(10)


28 Apr 2012 15:51:20
Daggers striker Phil Walsh is considering an offer to join Dover Athletic in the summer.

The 28-year-old has agreed terms with Dover boss Nicky Forster, but wants to play at a higher level than the Conference South and prefers a return to Barnet.

The Bees are keen to bring Walsh back to Underhill, where he scored three goals in six starts in a loan spell last season.(4)(2)


28 Apr 2012 15:17:27
West ham to sign Cameron Stewart after tearing the defence apart during West Ham's last day 2-1 win(6)(14)Is that sarcasm, he couldn't tear a paper bag apart


28 Apr 2012 14:32:35
paul green could move to wigan on a freebie(3)(13)


28 Apr 2012 14:26:17
Arsenal outs and ins

Yossi Benayoun- Chelsea- End of loan
Lukasz Fabianski- Spartack Moscow- £1.6 million
Manuel Almunia- West Ham- £500,000
Sebastian Squilacci- AS Monaco- £1.6 million
Carlos Vela- Bolton- Season loan
Nicklas Bendtner- Sevilla- £6 million
Wellington Silva- Getafe- Season loan
Abou Diaby- Rennes- £3.5 million
Andrei Arshavin- Zenit- £6 million
Maourane Chamakh- Bordeaux- £5.5 million

Lukas Podolski- FC Cologne- £10 million
Adam Johnson- Manchester City- £9 million
Alex Cairns- Leeds- £600,000
Salomon Kalou- Chelsea- Free (if Di Matteo is not appointed)
Pablo Armero- Udinese- £8 million

Chelsea outs and ins

Thelbaurt Courtois- Atletico Madrid- Season loan
Yossi Benayoun- Bolton- £2 million
Didier Drogba- Shangai Shenhua- £8 million
Paulo Ferreira- Besiktas- £1 million
Romelu Lukaku- Hamburg- Season loan
Kevin De Bruyne- Hamburg- Season loan
Florent Malouda- Juventus- £7 million
Salomon Kalou- Arsenal- Free Transfer- dependant on Di Matteo

Hulk- FC Porto- £32 million
Luisao- Benfica- £16 million
Joao Moutinho- FC Porto- £20 million

Manchester City outs and ins

Owen Hargreaves- Released
Roque Santa Cruz- Real Betis- £3.5 million
Adam Johnson- Arsenal- £9 million
Greg Cunningham- Nottingham Forest- Season loan
Carlos Tevez- Real Madrid- £28 million
Stuart Taylor- Released
Gunnar Nielsen- Hibernain- Season loan
Nigel De Jong- FC Porto- £8 million

Gonzalo Higuain- Real Madrid- £25 million
Scott Carson- Bursaspor- £3 million
Giovanni Dos Santos- Tottenham- £8 million
Phil Jagielka- Everton- £15 million

Manchester Utd outs and ins:

Josh King, Robbie Brady, Paul Pogba, Ritchie De Laet, Ben amos, William Keane, Fabio (loan)
Dimitar Berbatov- Wolfsburg- £9 million
Anderson- FC Porto- £12 million
Tomasz Kuszack- Watford- £500,000

Eden Hazard- Lille- £35 million
Javi Martinez- Bilbao- £28.5 million
Nick Powell- Crewe- £2.5 million(11)(23)Tomasz Kuszack is out of contract - going to either Watford or Mainz on a free - depends on where wife wants to bring up her new babyDidier Drogba is also out of contract. Also why would Manc city want Giovanni Dos Santos when he can't even get into the Tottenham team. And I doubt they'd sell Johnson for as little as 9m.


28 Apr 2012 13:29:40
Manchester Utd ins and outs Summer 2012

Eden Hazard- Lille- £35 million
Javi Martinez- Athletic Bilbao- £28 million
Nick Powell- Crewe- £2 million

Dimitar Berbatov- Juventus- £9 million
Fabio- Lille- Season loan
Federico Macheda- Blackpool- Season loan (if promoted)
Tomasz Kuszack- Watford- £500,000
William Keane- Huddersfield- Season loan
Oliver Norwood- Coventry- Season loan
Matthew James- Preston- £300,000
Robbie Brady- Leeds- Short loan
Joshua King- Middlesbrough- Short loan
Ritchie De Laet- Blackpool- Season loan (not dependant on promotion)
Ben Amos- Charlton- Short loan
Sam Johnstone- Scunthorpe- Season loan
Paul Pogba- Wigan- Season loan
Anderson- FC Porto- £12 million
Ezekiel Fryers- Millwall- Short loan
Nick Powell- Bournemouth- Season loan

Manchester Utd starting 11 next season

1. David De Gea
21. Rafael Da Silva
15. Nemanja Vidic
20. Javi Martinez
3. Patrice Evra.
22. Paul Scholes
11. Ryan Giggs
19. Eden Hazard
17. Luis Nani
18. Ashley Young
10. Wayne Rooney

Bench: 34 Andres Lindegaard, 4 Phil Jones, 12 Chris Smalling, 25 Antonio Valencia, 16 Michael Carrick, 9 Danny Welbeck, 14 Javier Hernandez.

Manchester United will probably clinch the title with ability, youth, experience and talent next seasoon.(6)(25)Kuszackz is out of contract so is available for 0. the rubbish you people write sometimesNot sure where this info is from I know for sure Leeds and man u don't do business together


28 Apr 2012 12:13:41
Hayden Mullins wont be bought as he's not prem standard, Church and Hal Robson Kanu are playing their last games before being loaned out next season, Jay Tabb and Joe Mills are playing their last games before being sold next season Gunnarsson may take part in what will be his last game for reading Connolly will be snapped up fairly quick, Harte has been offered a contract, Reading have spoken to a player abroad but the player in the Monday Danish league game Polvsen will not be snapped up, Cedric Baseya and Bignall as well as a few others will be departing the Royals come the Transfer window

Loyal Royal

URZ(7)(2)Why do Reading fans rate Connolly so much. He is st as shown today. He would be the worst signing we could make along with Mullins.


28 Apr 2012 10:55:24
never wrote on here before but read every day and really think from what ive read and heard is that the pod has signed also m'vila is 90% done along with martis saurez and jan vert of ajax so if this is all true and rvp song and co all sign new contracts really think it will be like the days of old and can win something but need to get rid of a few think we all know who so no point in saying coyg(4)(1)


28 Apr 2012 14:47:41
SAINTS ARE IN THE PREM!!!(36)(46)We are premier league we are premier leagueHa! At all the unbelievables who predicted 'Saints bubble would burst, we would slide down the table and would not finish in the top 6'. We are laughing at you all the way to the Premiership.For 12 months...Pompey relegated to League 1 last Saturday, Saints promoted to the Premiership this Saturday.
So Ms. Willoughby it would not be fair to the rest of the male population for me to have all the enjoyment, so put your clothes back on and be off with you!Nah mate we've got the players and the money to get middle table next seasonHope you really balls up and go back into administrationGood luck & see you next season back in
the championship93% of championship income spent on wages. If they spend money to try and stay in the prem then I hope they have relegation clauses built into their contracts. Or else their wage bill will top 100% when back in the championship.Well done saints deserved great support don't take notice of the small minded prats who follow small clubsCongrats, see you next season. (from a reading fan)

p.s. Take no notice of the jealous numpties.Because if you follow a big club you have a bigger mindAlthough fantastic news and happy that you are in the premier league once more, im confused as this is a transfer rumours page now unless im missing half the text on this post and there is numerous possible transfer targets underneath, was there really any need to post it? i mean im sure everybody who enjoys football is well aware that southampton football club are in the top flight of english football.
But cant take it away from you congratulations.
From a preston fanIt's the result of an imbecile being let loose on the internet


28 Apr 2012 14:16:43
Millwall's Richard Shaw had def left. No where to be seen on last home game. I wouldnt be supprised if he's next Coventry manager.
Henderson to go in close season too. Fit & didn't even make match day squad. Nor bother to turn up to collect fans award.(8)(3)


28 Apr 2012 14:09:30
immediately after the match : nottingham forest v portsmouth,will be a series of outputs pompey
henderson - west ham
varney - nottingham forest
pearce - leeds united
kitson - watford
allan - return west brom
rekik - return man city
maguire - return derby county
i do not know what will happen to mokoena,ben haim,rocha,futacs,ashdown,etuhu,ward,norris and halford
let's wait and see who else will leave portsmouth(18)(9)Pompey fans at forest were superb today, nearly 2500k and really noisy. Loads of soul unlike southampton who were mince.Mokoena would probably get sold, don't know where though.
Ben Haim has said he will quit, he may go to Partizan Belgrade to play under Avram Grant.
Rocha is out of contract but may stay if no one is interested in him as he is quite old now.
Futacs has said he wants to stay, hopefully he does.
Ashdown will probably stay.
I really don't know about Etuhu, I think his wages are quite low so he could stay if he is wanted.
I really hope Ward stays, I know Ipswich are interested though.
Norris says he wants to stay.
I believe Halford is close to being sold but it hasn't been revealed who is buying him.
Mullins contract expires this summer and he will leave.
Huseklepp will be sold to Norwegian side Brann.
Benjani and Kanu will be released.All b sacked no money leftReally do feel sorry 4 pompey. Good luck fellas. Lcfc t.i.dDexter blackstock do do do do wow 2500 showed upGood ridance hope u never get back.....Southampton can only dream to have real fans in their plastic, flat pack, soul less stadium. Glad we dont have to visit St marys next season, and I look forward to pompey getting promoted back to the championship as their fans create the best atmosphere.


28 Apr 2012 12:38:23
Just reading through the comments about Naismith and how bad the spl is. Just wondering if this is the same spl that everton bought jelavic from? Yeah thought so. Got off your high horse.(9)(6)Completely agree, the spl has supplied us with some quality players such as Maloney, goodwillie, kris boyd, Scott McDonald(actually wait the entire Middlesbrough team) , back on our high horse... You didn't even produce Jelavic he was a proven goal scorer before he joined youWell said sir, well saidYh but jelavic was good before going to the spl. Look at his record at rapid vienna i think it was......Yeah that's why he's in the epl not the spl75% of SPL players are are of League 1 standard.

15% of SPL players are of Championship standard.

10% of SPL players are of Premier League level.

The SPL is an awful standard!


28 Apr 2012 11:53:43
Mika Varynyen joing finnish side VPS(16)(2)


28 Apr 2012 11:43:40
watford want osbourne from brentford. clayton donaldson to oxford. anddj cambell on lone to brentford jeffery schulpp(4)(7)


28 Apr 2012 10:22:00
Norwich are looking to bag one of Europe's deadliest strikers this summer; Mohammed Abdellaoue from Hannover for 4,5 million.(13)(33)Woo hoo who is he... deadliest strikers??You will spend all summer trying to sign Snodgrass, Clayton, McCormack and Lees, then go down after you fail to sign any of them. Happy hunting.
wallyWally, you are clearly a leed's fan who is jealous of Norwich City being in premiership, but don't kid yourself, we don't even want Snodgrass, and the rest is BS, bigger targets for next season.
PS good luck with Warnock in charge, crap style of football and you will struggle to make mid table next season.


28 Apr 2012 10:16:09
ed can u make a reading rumours website now they are in the prem? {Ed023's Note - I will suggest it for you}(8)(6)


28 Apr 2012 09:06:45
Partizan Belgrade is in talks with Aruna Dindane! He is a free agent for about one month and Avram Grant call him to come to trial period in Belgrade and stay 3 weeks.(6)(5)


28 Apr 2012 00:34:33
Sunderland will sell gyan in {Ed003's Note - Your original post was put on the banter site and you have a couple of replies}(19)(4)GOOD!!Great News, Greedy none shirt player. Got his own way at the end of the day, now a millionaire. Grrrrrrr


28 Apr 2012 00:07:22
The Southampton head scout Bill Green is flying out to Rotterdam to watch Feyenoord vs AZ Alkmaar on Sunday. He is monitoring AZ defender Dirk Marcellis and midfielder Maarten Martens. These are seen as potential targets by the Southampton board, and tie in with Cortese's policy of signing cheaper players from abroad (Green was in Holland this time last year to watch Steve De Ridder and Rydell Poepon, the second of which didn't happen in the end). The transfers are largely dependent on whether AZ qualify for Europe, as they are currently second in the Eredivisie, the only place for entry to the qualifying round. A combined bid of £5-7m is though to be on the cards if saints go up and AZ fail to qualify.(26)(9)No it's not Rotterdam, it's Rotherham you tube


27 Apr 2012 23:52:26
Aaron Wildig is due to sign for Shrewsbury Town on a free transfer from Cardiff City in the summer.

Shrewsbury have also expressed an interest in Southend winger Ryan Hall.(3)(7)


27 Apr 2012 23:45:09
Hey Ed any info on Manchester United? and also is that lucas rumour True? {Ed003's Note - It's all about the money}(7)(2)E hazard utd {Ed003's Note - dum dum duh dee dum}


27 Apr 2012 23:17:09
Walsall are rumoured to be offering a trial to former Hamilton goalkeeper Tomas Cerny as they look to replace Veteran keeper Jimmy Walker who is expected to retire at the end of the season (Cerny had his contract terminated in February at the Scottish first division side)

Aberdeen midfielder Yoann Folly has also been linked with a summer move to the Saddlers {Ed007's Note - I have seen quite a bit of Cerny, he was instrumental in Hamilton's promotion to the SPL and done his part in keeping them there for a while. To be honest I was surprised when he was released.}(7)(1)He was released due to a bad injury. cracking goalie!


27 Apr 2012 22:36:48
Everton are to accept a 500,000 offer from an unnamed russian club for Jan Mucha. The keeper is yet to play a league game in over 2 yrs with the club(11)(0)


27 Apr 2012 22:32:45
Wolves keeper Wayne Hennessey has been linked with a move to the hammers after it appears keeper robert green will become a free agent in the summer if west ham fail to gain promotion.(8)(13)Hennessey is out injured for 9 monthsWhat even though hennessey is injured for 6 months. Also hammers won't be able to pay the asking price.Definately need to sign him when not injuredWill you be needing him in the championship next season?Shame he staying at wolves then wants prem with the club he lovesRobert Green on a free is too much to payHaha , good one.And what about Henderson who they signed from Pompey, come get real pleaseLooool ok because hammers are a bigger club than wolves arent they going places....? and wayne is out until just before xmas so cant see that happening and cant see him leaving either loves the club"in the summer if west ham fail to gain promotion" Dont you mean when?


27 Apr 2012 20:59:54
This is who derby are ACTUALLY getting

Michael Jacobs
Steven Saunders
Jamie ness
James Dayton
Jack Robinson
Kyle Hutton
Krystian Pearce

Then we have got plenty of youth which someone else already named(5)(20)


27 Apr 2012 20:58:38
Bury winger David worrall Is a main target for Watford as they look for a winger(7)(5)


27 Apr 2012 20:44:43
Reading ins
Matt Conolly
Wilfied Zaha

Simon Church
Matheu Manset
Hal Robson Kanu
Micheal Antonio
Cedric Baseya(6)(21)We wouldn't sign Zaha or Rhodes from that list in my opinion. They'd cost too much - for the pair you might be able to afford Gylfi Sigurdsson for example.

Also I can't see HRK being sold, or necessarily Church. I can see them being loaned out.Brian Mcdermott quoted saying the guys who got us to the promoted will have their chance in the PL, so your outs are unreliableWish list I think - not realistic target listYou are not getting rhodesAll the players you want are at bigger clubs Than you why would they come to readingAll the players we want are at bigger clubs?

Reading - Premier League

Conolly - Parent club is QPR and he is out of favour (hence why we have him on loan)

Zaha and Clyne are at Palace WHO ARE CHAMPIONSHIP

Rhodes is at Huddersfield WHO ARE LEAGUE 1

Reading are bigger than both these clubs

What a retarded commentI'm a Palace fan, Clyne's a possibility he wants to play in the Premier League and has turned down a contract from us and looks set to go via a tribunal.

Zaha's unlikely I believe though, we turned down 7 million from Bolton in January and can't see us selling unless a better offer then that comes in. He has stated his desire to stay too and only signed a 5 year contract in January.


27 Apr 2012 20:34:24
Leroy Lita is on his way back to Reading because of the lack of football he's having at Swansea according to SSN(12)(29)SSN have said nothing on this subject.Any other ex players we are going to sign?
I am pretty sure none have been missed.


27 Apr 2012 20:33:00
Fletcher and Henry being tracked by Sunderland and Jarvis by Stoke and Norwich. My mate told me that Swansea are intrested in taking Jamie O'Hara.(15)(11)Sunderland couldnt afford fletchs left boot laceSGB, one good season but the wheels will fall off big time next season!! Watch this space.The fact i know karl very well is enough to tell you hes going no where with his private business taking off so well...., fletcher will give wolves one more season atleast he loves the club and wants to get us back..., but o'hara gotta love a tryer but i dont honestly think us fans will miss his over rated ego good luck jamieWolves stayin down long term.Your mate is an idiot


27 Apr 2012 20:27:17
Barnsley Boss Keith Hill wants to sign Lee Bowyer because he wants players with championship experience.(12)(8)We,ve got enough SE without any moreAt least this means doyle is going then, bowyer cant be any worse !!


27 Apr 2012 20:12:02
Reading FC - RCB-Connolly - CM-Mullins - defos. Also looking at cresswell,rhodes,n'doye,clyne bertrand,butterfield,mcgugan & vicente.(6)(10)Why are we getting Mullins he is st. He has nothing to add and does nothing with the ball. Opposition go past him with ease in the championship imagine when it is against better players in the premiership. Conolly ok but personally prefer cummings because of speed.Butterfield definite after turning down new contract 5x rise & Newcastle [local press]We would have cummings & connolly as our 2 rbs as well as connolly covering cb.mullins will do a great job at replacing tabb & gunnarson but needs to be 4th choice cm.If this is your team next season prepare to be anihilated 100-0 by Man City.Nothing is definite, this guy knows nothing.
Why keep linking us with ndoye, he does not play for either of the teams brian recently went to watch.Bertrand is a fantastic left back and mcgugan is unplayable once every few months


27 Apr 2012 20:01:07
hey ed, anyone know any Leicester ins or outs? {Ed025's Note - only the hesky rumour mate,..(3)(1)Anybody who.s after a pay rise


27 Apr 2012 20:06:05
Bristol City are to sign Fran Sandaza, Marlon Pack, Andre Amougou, Dean Howell, Ross Wallace and Stephen Pearson is set to sign a contract extension(10)(1)We dont want sandaza after i saw him attack is own st johnstone players if it dont go is way he throws is dummy out of is pram


27 Apr 2012 20:02:06
Heskeys is coming to Leicester. . . FACT. . .(18)(9)Big deal how old 36 needs a zimer frame lol sky blue armey for everHope not just got rid of 1 donkey steve howardCos nobody else wants him


27 Apr 2012 19:52:35
Pep Guardiola to end reign as
Barcelona coach in summer(33)(8)Honest..this is the first ive heard of this {Ed025's Note - mystic megs job is safe then mate..I bet his assistant will be named as his successor - lol Straight off sky newsHE'S QUICK OFF THE MARK ISN'T HE!!!!!


27 Apr 2012 19:34:37
Dorchester Town winger/striker Sam Malsom is attracting interest from Bournemouth and Yeovil Town after scoring 5 goals in 10 games(5)(2)


27 Apr 2012 18:55:52
QPR are looking at re desigining their current squad ready for championship football next season.(24)(9)


27 Apr 2012 18:37:03
Diouf to POSH? he can stay away, dont want morons like him in the squad!(15)(10)


27 Apr 2012 18:19:16
Peterborough are one of a host of championship clubs that are interested in Aston Villa's former England International Emile Heskey, as he is set to leave Villa Park at the end of his contract.(8)(16)Hes goin back to Leicester as it was his boyhood club who he still supportsHe's on 65k a week how can any championship team afford himIf anyone can afford him leicester can and he grew up there and supports them so he will most likely take a pay cut


27 Apr 2012 18:06:39
Derby looking to get Leroy Lita on loan(12)(14)


27 Apr 2012 18:02:56
Liverpool are set to launch a £5 million bid for Yaya Sanogo.

With Auxerre about to be relegated they are having to offload some talented stars and Kenny Dalglish is said to be a keen admirer after Sanogo was recommended by Damien Commoli as "one to watch".(9)(6)Anyone recommended by Damien Comoli must be goodHe was always so good with transfers


27 Apr 2012 17:56:32
Cardiff City are interested in signing Shrewsbury's Tom Bradshaw.

The club are keen to invest on young welsh talent and a bid of 100k is thought to be spent.(6)(2)As they will no doubt lose out in the playoffs yet again, he will probably be a good asset.


27 Apr 2012 17:45:11
Millwall set to sign Troy Deeney from Watford.(6)(11)Millwall - where are they going to find £3m!Troy Deeney is a very promising young player! BUT NO WAY IS HE WORTH £3m! IF HE IS THEN JAMES HENRY IS WORTH ALEAST 5m!No way! why would watford sell their top scorer to a lower championship club.James Henry has potential but Deeney has stepped up in the last 6 months.

Now that he plays in his preferred position he is a 20 goal striker at this level.

He doesn't have a market value of £3m yet...but WE know that by next season he will we wouldn't sell him for less, and he wouldn't go to Millwall. Only team he would go to who aren't in a higher division is Birmingham.


27 Apr 2012 15:18:52
Hi Ed, any news on why Richard Shaw left Millwall as coach? also do you believe the rumors that Trotter will be leaving Millwall? {Ed001's Note - I am not sure, some people think he has another job lined up, while others say he was sacked. But nobody seems to have any definite info either way, just their own opinion, probably won't know for sure until the summer. As far as I am aware Trotter is keen to stay, though a good offer might change that of course.}(0)(1)


27 Apr 2012 17:23:32
Steve Howard has left Leicester City(21)(5)Its true, he has been a great player for us and i wish him the best for the future BIG STEVE!!Yes you r right he is signing for the mitey coventry city once transfer rubish has bin liftidA reliable source at CCFC has confirmed Steve Howard is a player Andy Thorn has contacted, wages could be a problem and length of contract required.Good luck to the bloke. Was sorry to lose him from Derby. More than held his own against Premier defenders and maybe we might have got more than the silly 11 points we ended up with if he had stayed the whole season. Hope he gets to play on for a few more years.


27 Apr 2012 16:37:48
millwall planning to replace david forde with Lithuania goalkeepr Zydruas karcemarskas(8)(3)Personally I CANT SEE THIS HAPPENING! But WHO KNOWS EH!!


27 Apr 2012 16:36:29
City winger Vladimir Weiss is to join slovakia international teammate Marek Sapara at turkish Gazientaspor(1)(7)


27 Apr 2012 16:21:02
Experienced icelanders Ivar Ingimarsson and Brynjar Gunnarsson moving to sweden with halmstads and helsingborgs with fellow icelanders Joey gudjonsson leaving for FC Vadur(3)(3)Bryn Gunnarsson has a contract offer from KR Reykjavik.


27 Apr 2012 16:15:26
Marco Di Vaio of bologna (1.2m) and Marvell Wynne of colarado rapids (750k) set to sign for Ipswich Town in the summer along with a deal already set for Tarik Elyounussi of Fredrikstad in the Tippeligaen to be swapped for Jay Emmanuel-Thomas even though fulham and QPR are interested the Tippeligaen side look most likely to grab him.(1)(15)Playing a fair bit of Fifa i see lol


27 Apr 2012 16:08:58
Charlton to sign

Dickson Etuhu- free
Danny Sh###u-free
Danny Nguesson- £150,000(10)(8)I think Millwall have stated that they want to keep Mguesson.I think Ngusson said he'd wanted to leave as he was not given a chance at Millwall. Who knows, he looks to me like a flash in the pan sort of player anyway, great when he starts then once his contract is sorted drops off.


27 Apr 2012 16:06:10
Blackburn Rovers will attempt to sign serbian prospect Slobodan rajkovic to bolster their defence (if they stay uo that is)(2)(5)Blackburn will try & fail to stay in the premier league.You are allready down


27 Apr 2012 16:04:03
Morcambe Defender niall Cowperthwaite is attracting interest from a number of championship clubs(2)(2)


27 Apr 2012 16:02:46
Midfielder Mika Varynynen will return to Finland if he is released by leeds(15)(3)After being released by leedsA bit late went last week!Eh released over a week ago mate!He's already been released. Keep up :)He was released two weeks ago!What are you going on about. Got released ages ago!!Already released weeks ago you muffet


27 Apr 2012 15:30:06
Steve jones has become second fab to take the afc Bournemouth job as the current squad want groves to be handed tHe job that would see Steve jones ex west ham char
Ton and Bournemouth will take youth team(1)(3)Steve Jones the television presenter ?Soapy Jones that used to play for Charlton?


27 Apr 2012 15:27:55
Adam Barrett has been told he future lies elsewhere and reportedly held talks with clubs leads Southend and Oxford(5)(4)


27 Apr 2012 15:05:14
Peterborough to buy emileand jamie vardy with the money from Boyd & Taylor(7)(12)Boyd's going on a free. . . And Emile an vardy both to LeicesterBoyd isn't going on a free he is contracted until the end of next season


27 Apr 2012 15:04:37
leicester signing rob hulse(2)(22)Hope so. He's dump.No your not


27 Apr 2012 14:52:48
Reading have beaten Arsenal to the signings of Crewe youngster Nick Powell in a £2.4m deal.

Alex have also included a 20% sell-on (based on profit of sale).

Crewe are in talks with Reading striker Baseya over a possible switch on a free transfer.

The former Saints youngster arrived at Reading this season on trial and then signed a short-term deal. Promotion to the Premier League has come to soon for the striker and he is free to leave this summer.(6)(14)Pretty sure this is rubbish, I've heard Baseya is going to HibernianMy nephew is at Crewe and news to them. Powell been interesting West HamHibs have shown interest but no firm offer as yet.Reading supporters have become the most stupid in the league


27 Apr 2012 14:48:13
Northampton want to tie down Bradford keeper Matt Duke on a permanent contract after impressing in his loan spell.(5)(4)Hes back at Bradford and their Number 1 and has been establishing himself ever since. Won't leave. PP stated in his plans.


27 Apr 2012 14:46:50
Bradford striker Mark Stewart is a target for Walsall.(4)(2)Doubt that either, hasn't really played or scored, went out on loan like Hannah, so he gain confidence for next season.


27 Apr 2012 14:43:51
Crawley will sign Kelvin Etuhu in the summer(2)(10)


27 Apr 2012 14:41:19
brentford are talking to david moyes if they can keep jakebidwell and adamfawshaw for another season .charlton and westham are intrested in samsunders. brentford trying to get james constable. struaurt beavon. rob hulse. and clayton donladson go to oxford and murcus bean to wycome .kyle osborne to watford(1)(6)


27 Apr 2012 14:29:43
Millwall set to sign jim o'brien from barnsley and free agent lee bowyer(4)(13)I CANT SEE THIS HAPPENING!Jim Obrien is not a Championship Player!


27 Apr 2012 14:17:52
Burnley to sign either James Collins or Gary Madine to replace JAYROD(5)(12)


27 Apr 2012 14:13:33
Leeds Boss Neil Warnock has targeted Burnley Midfielder Dean Marney has his first signing and hope to complete deal soon

FEE-400,000(7)(24)He's already said Jason Pearce will be the first signing; providing that move goes through of course. Possible one that though, just not just yet.
wallyFormer hull player...wont happen!


27 Apr 2012 13:40:47
Take this with a pinch of salt but 2 months ago I was told LFC would be looking at bringing in a new manager as KK was going to step down. I was told that they wanted someone IN THE MOULD of pep guradiola. A younger manager who would bring through the youth.

After hearing around a week ago that Pep was leaving Barca I did some digging, and was told we are going to make a move for PEP himself if he was to leave. I was told this by a source who is hit and miss, so I then contacting another one of my sources, he is reliable 100% of the time but rarely gets or gives ut info as he doesnt like to put stuff out there that is not certain. He told me he heard whispers but nothing more so it was more than likely rubbish but would look into it for me.

He phoned me this morning as has told me that John Henry has contacted Pep and has asked if he would be interested in taking over. Pep has told him he is very interested as he likes our academy, and wants the challenge of taking LFC back to the top. However, he wants to take time off so could not committ. Henry has told him to think about it till the end of the season, and tell us then. My contact told me that we are willing to make the 2nd highest paid manager behind only Jose at Madrid, and are willing to give him around 50M in transfer funds plus sales.

Like I said, take this with a pinch of salt, but when this source tells me stuff it usually works out. He told me 5 bits of info in the last 18 months. One was Torres out, the 2nd was Carroll in, the third was Henderson in, the fourth was that we would not get Phil Jones as he was going to Utd, and the fifth was that Commolli was being fired.

Macca have you heard anything of this? If not , I advise you to look into this. 50/50 right now but I fully expect Pep to take over this summer.(7)(22)Absolute bull, pep could choose England or chelsea if he wanted. . .What teaser you are?Another RS living in there dream world haha! that post made me laugh, the fans r a joke, the club is a joke. going down next year so keep KK hahahHaha liverpool thinking they are still a big European team. Tragic. He is having a year out from football then will go to United or Arsenal. Di Matteo will keep chelsea job after some great results, Mancini is getting City up where they want to be, it would be stupid to get rid of him. Liverpool are a tin pot team who aren't even a champions league team anymore.Must have been the Carling Cup win that swayed himHe'll probably go to a bigger club like evertonYou really ARE delusional are,nt you.Choose england ha ha,they only employ tax dodgers,or other losersSave all that salt, it will come in handy with the chips on your shoulders. Kopits with delusions of grandure.He's made it pretty obvious he wants a break from football, so he won't be going to Liverpool {Ed025's Note - if he wants a break from football?...i think anfield is the perfect


27 Apr 2012 13:30:20
van persie is going to man city in the
summer, heard it from somebody who
is in the no, heard it here 1st, you
know anything Ed. {Ed001's Note - it is a rumour that has been rumbling for years, so hardly heard it here first.}(9)(18)As his own dad has come out and said he dont think he will leave as he is a true gunner dont think so go tap up someone else sick of city thinking they can buy anyone but some people prefer football over money coyg


27 Apr 2012 13:13:20
im a reading fan and ed please post this on rumour page
im fed up of all the glory hunters saying reading are going straight back down look at norwich and swansea there going to finish mid table and the last time reading came up everyone said we were going back down but we were 1 place of the europa league

so all im saying is dont write us off we got a new chairman who wants to spend.

reading lad(17)(14)I don't think Reading will get relegated, however look at QPR they have money to spend and at the moment its only just about working, money doesn't guarantee survival. Though Mcdermot is a very good manager, so i recon you will be safe!Don't take it to heart. I am a Norwich fan and I too was fed up of all the crap people were saying when we were promoted and we would go straight back down before we even kicked a premier league ball. So for all those who doubted us stick it up your brown eye ha ha ha. you cant criticize a club before they have played at least 10 games of a season so give Reading and the other 2 yet to be decided a chance.You havent got a new chairman, the chairman is the previous owner, you do have a new russian owner that is wealthy yes an i do hope you stay up tbh bt dont go thinking you can by the world as their are teams richer than you i.e Leicester and that shows you cant pay for success immediately as Leicester havent. All reading fans will now be thinking you can win the prem, . . You cant but goodluck :)Why would a glory hunter want you to get relegated? Swansea and Norwich have better managers and they kept a lot of the same players, its not about spending loads of money. Hence why QPR are in the brown stuff.QPR are in the brown stuff because they were thinking short term when they hired Colin.. Had they thought long term instead they'd have realised hes not a good enough manager the Prem9th richest club in the world with AZ and his father behind you - but also note that they have said they want to continue being prudent and wont do a Chelsea.

I expect you to spend more than the likes of Swansea and Norwich, or you certainly will when the "right type of player" becomes available; but Reading will continue to be sensible.

Good luck to you! Cracking club. Lovely stadium and the plans to make it 38,000 are very impressive I have to say!

Your East Stand will be the biggest single tier stand in Great Britain, possibly Europe at over 15000.

Good luck next season!Better managers? How do you draw this up? It about spending money the correct way.Stop whinging. Doing your club no favours with your moaning. This is a football rumours page, get over it kid.Why get a bigger stadium you have no support anyway don't get above yourself at the end of the day you will always be league1 sizeDont worry dont listen to it always get that in football any way and on here afew people on a wind up and football is about opinions all what matters is what you think btw i think you will stay up, a well run club aswell a good model to followIm glad that reading will be in prem next season, i think you have every chance staying there to. Injoy the summer new season will soon be here, people who post that reading go stright back down are not worth worrying about. Matt ncfc fan


27 Apr 2012 12:57:58
Despite all the rumours, Watford owner Laurence Bassini will not be selling the club and will increase the transfer funds for next season(3)(9)Has he said he d increase funds? it sounds like another tight summer to me. im not getting my hopes up for big signings but hopefully some gems from lower leagues or scotlandBassini won't talk with Graham Taylor and co. nor the fans, so can't see him lasting if Watford have another mediocre start next term.


27 Apr 2012 12:55:53
Latest Ipswich news:

Released Lee Bowyer could re-join first club Charlton.

Ipswich are now favourites to sign Joel Ward from Pomey Jewell has told Radio Suffolk.

He also confirmed Pearce (Pompey) has been missed out on and is set to join Leeds(20)(5)Sign ward from wolves you can have him for nothing delivered free and steerman, henryWTF Ward from Wolves that cart horse, no thanks, we'll stick with trying to sign the Pompey Ward


27 Apr 2012 12:23:36
Norwich City have agreed personal terms with Jordan Rhodes to join in the summer on a 3-year deal(16)(21)No they haven't... I'm actually very close to the Yorkshire Post and no firm offers are on the table for Rhodes. Certainly no PL interest (yet).There will be interest...Close to the Yorkshire Post, why are you a postie ? get real, the only people who would know if this rumour is true woulkd be the player his agent and the two clubs, so likely the rumour is as false as the 1st reply


27 Apr 2012 12:19:27
bristol city are apparently after benik afobe,murray davidson,kyle lafferty,stephen macmanus,andre amougou and freddie sears i think if we get these players city wont be fighting relagations all season again and hopefylly with these new players we can finish at the top of the table for once instead of the bottom(3)(13)Freddie Sears will not leave West HamYou got no chance of finishing near top of table, another relegation struggle me thinksReading have an option to loan Afobe for the season next season. He wont be going back to the Championship either way.Stop worring about how bristol city will do and think about your team muppetKyle lafferty is joke of a of the worst i have ever seen

bristolceltI will be worrying bout reading in PL whn your getting relegated back to where you belong L1,Oh I'm sorry how many seasons have you been in the Premiership 2 and when was your first appearance 2006 remember that before you say we belong in Leage 1Yeah i have no doubts that Reading will do ok but bristol city with the squad we have should not be struggling and should be pushing for promotion


27 Apr 2012 11:52:15
Mkdons will be looking to strengthen
withe the signing of paris cowen-hall
from woking in the summer(5)(5)Thats a strengthening is it?He wasnt good enough for Scunthorpe never mind dons


27 Apr 2012 11:43:34
Leeds are also said to be keen on talks with Portsmouth defender Aaron Mokoena.(21)(6)


27 Apr 2012 11:39:39
Former Spurs utility man Teemu Tainio is linked with a move to Leeds. Versatile Tainio, 32, has revitalised his career at New York Red Bulls and could be a useful squad member at Elland Road as he can play along the midfield or as previously deployed at right back by former Spurs manager Juande Ramos.(2)(15)


27 Apr 2012 11:05:41
Reading set to sign/interested:

Dame N'Doye
Kieran Richardson
Nathan Clyne
Wilfred Zaha
Bjorn Siggurson
Gylfi Siggurdson (Which is unlikely, but still a possibility.

Reading to let go:
Noel Hunt

Doyle is a terrible signing IMO.(11)(24)I hate kids like you! You cannot possibly know who our targets our, AND you most certainly don't know the cost (as other brats claim).

You do not know that is who we want in and out. Bore off!!Let Noel Hunt go? Are you a crazy child?! Granted not our best player but is a massive personality for our squad.


27 Apr 2012 11:01:35
spoke to liam trotter yesterday having seen alot of people say about the brighton move and he said and these are his exact words " why would i leave millwall im captain i play every week and the clubs looking to push on and dont need to sell me so no i wont leave unless the board accpet a huge offer for me. he also said that millwall rejected a £2 mill bid in january from burnley(10)(11)Paul robinsons captain not trotterI spoke to him once in a bar in Ipswich to when he was at Ipswich and he told me he would be crazy not to sign his contract' then he left maybe he's just telling you what you want to hear!We couldnt afford to pay 2 million, think you have got your facts wrong AGAINQuite illiterate, isn't he?


27 Apr 2012 10:47:20
Leeds United News: Warnock's last scouting mission, 2 were in scotland looking at Dundee's Johnny Russell
and the other was David Templeton from Hearts.(4)(10)Russell doesn't play for dundee its dundee united which is a totally different club


27 Apr 2012 10:19:09
paul lambert to be next villa manager ss sun paper(16)(32)Mirror seem confident Lambert will go as well. If so then I can see Second Season Syndrome hitting Norwich.

A lot of their players, good as they have been, are still Championship and League one players who fit in well to Lamberts style.

Add in egos, relaxing attitudes since staying up (it happens at every club after the first full season up). I think they'll go back down next season without Lambo.

Shame. Nice club.But why Paul Lambert? He wants his teams to play football and this is Aston Villa we're talking about, where the words 'Villa Park' and 'football' are as synonymous as 'Anne Widdecombe' and 'beauty'.Oi leave off aunty AnneBig rumours now coming out of villa park that roy hodgson is top of randy lerners list.What a load of old tosh, paper talk and everyone starts to believe it.
Lambert has fantastic support at Norwich and is well paid, he will also receive substantial funds in summer to strengthen and go again, why do you all just assume he will leave Norwich for Villa, maybe he would leave for a top 4 club, but he has everything at Norwich to give him a shot at getting in the top eight next season.Im norwich fan and i do belive this is paper talk. Do i belive P.L would leave us for aston villa? Yes i do outside of top 5 there is no club bigger than aston villa. Lambert will be in charge of one of the big boys one day. So should villa come calling we should wish lambert all best. Thank him for 3 great years. Not knock the bloke if he feels he needs to move on. Matt {Ed025's Note - no club bigger than villa outside the top 5????...ever heard of everton mate?Ed what year did everton win euro cup, i also remember villa being prem L ru up. I belive they are every bit as big as everton {Ed025's Note - they are the 4th most successful english club of all time!...enough said..Liverpool man u nottingham forest aston villa. All won euro cup when only champs took part. That didint make them big club. That made them best club.Ed sorry i miss read your last post. Everton man u liverpool arsenal spurs were always seen as the big biys when i was young man.had everton had same amount cash manu liverpool they may well have won as much as them. They are a. Great club {Ed003's Note - Ignore 0025 you were right the first time mate, he is just getting nostalgic}Why would he leave us for villa!! he wont leave us for years he loves the club and wants to stay


27 Apr 2012 10:05:27
Watford have given a trial to Dulwich Hamlet Winger Omar Lawson. Old News..... Have they offered him a contract....wait and see.


27 Apr 2012 10:02:51
Pep WILL be leaving Barcelona!!

Spanish football expert Guillem Balague has told Drive Time that the coach will end his association with the team after attempting to win the Copa del Rey on May 25 against Athletic Bilbao.

It is believed that Guardiola told Barcelona officials he couldn't take the club any further and was physically and mentally exhausted after four years in charge.

The Spanish boss has led the Catalan giants to three La Liga titles in that time as well as two Champions League titles, two Super Cups, two Club World Cups, three Spanish Supercopas and one Copa del Rey.

But after defeats to Real Madrid and Chelsea in La Liga and the Champions League respectively, despite his players playing some of the most eye-catching and breathtaking football in the world, they look like they will only be able to win two domestic trophies this season.

His incredible feats as Barcelona manager have also been recognised on a personal level, seeing him gaining the Don Balon coach of the year three times, La Liga coach of the year three times as well as take the Balon d'Or for best coach in 2011.(16)(9)


27 Apr 2012 10:00:23
Liverpool may have moved a step closer to signing Uruguayan star Gaston Ramirez after his agent revealed they have received a bid from an un-named Premier League team for the Bologna midfielder.

Ramirez has been one of the star performers for his club side in Serie A and has been attracting interest from Kenny Dalglish.

The Liverpool manager is set to make a number of changes during the summer and has been strongly tipped to make a move for the 21-year-old.

According to Italian TV station TMW, Ramirez' agent Pablo Bentancur has confirmed that a Premier League club have made an offer for his client and a decision will be made at the end of the season.

Bentancur said: "Bologna have received an offer near to 20 million Euros from an important club in the Premier League.

"Bologna will decide at the end of the season what they are going to do."(12)(6)I'm confused a good player reasonable price tag. This is not how Liverpool do business!


27 Apr 2012 09:08:49
There is a belief that Oldham Athletics Owners are plotting a deal to sell the land and ground to developers.

The club will be sold for £1 to Trust Oldham and be asked to leave the ground in 2014 when the convent to keep them at Boundary Park(7)(4)This won't happen - the directors would be booted out of office asap by the fans.

New owners in by November 30th.


27 Apr 2012 08:41:46
Brian McDermott has claimed Reading FC are after 3-5 new additions preferably before the start of pre season. McDermott has rubbished reports of an 8million pound swoop for Eagles players Zaha and Clyne. On the topic of Gylfi Siggurdson, McDermott stated that Gylfi is likely to go to a top 4 team in the Premiership. These comments were made after McDermott finished scouting a potential transfer in Denmark. It is said McDermott watched Odense's 2-1 home defeat to Aarhus. Source is Reading FC Post.(8)(7)Mcdermott did not rubbish links to Zaha or Clyne. He said he wouldn't comment on any players or positions he was interested in, so when person Fordham put names to him he batted them back with a shrug of the shoulders.

Reading tend to keep things close to their chest.

Expect: LB, RB, CB, CM & ST.

Plenty of people being linked but that is always the case when a club has a new owner. Don't believe a word of it until you see the player holding the shirt!

Latest rumours are interest in Defoe and Yakubu. Obviously only wanting one of the two, but they clearly want a proven striker at top level. We shall see.Not sure who id rather have, i really rate Defoe, but imagine Roberts and the yak upfront! im also expecting an old goalkeeper for back up with McCarthy and Andersen going out on loan to championship clubs.A goal keeper? McCarthy will be our back up next season with Anderson out on loan.Defoe really you couldnt afford his right footI would like us to sign N'doye or a player like him. Would not like Doyle or Yak coming to Reading as Doyle is not a goal scorer in the premiership and the Yak is a good but it will be short term investment not a long one. We need to give a striker in europe a chance like Newcastle did and look how that repaid them.9th richest club in the world and they can't afford Defoe? LOL. They can IF they want.


27 Apr 2012 06:38:33
Michael Flyyn is on his way home today after his contract is NOT renewed(6)(4)


27 Apr 2012 04:43:13
It has been brought to my attention that Brendan Rodgers will be given a 10 million war chest to convince him to stay at Swansea. It has been linked that he is linning up Chelsea reject Paulo fererrer and(10)(5)Brendon said the war chest is lovely but can he have the cash? and who is paulo fererrer and?And..erson?


27 Apr 2012 00:33:55
Liverpool have lodged a bid of around £15m for Bologna's Uruguayan playmaker Gaston Ramirez.(18)(9)


26 Apr 2012 23:58:42
Reading have made tentative bids for Marko Futacs and Kieran Trippier as they look to strengthen for the Premier League.(6)(23)Why would someone sign Futacs to strengthen? He barely looks cut out for the Championship as it is.You will be going back down


26 Apr 2012 23:37:38
Arsenal have already sealed podolski. If koln gets relegated it would be for 8mill euros or else 12million euros). The deal will also include arsenal playing a friendly against koln. Nothing new in that.

Personal terms with mvila has been discussed( i repeat not agreed only discussed. You cannot do that unless negotiations with club are sealed). Mvila was also given the permission to talk to madrid and inter. All the talks are over, clubs waiting for him to signal so they can start negotiations with rennes.. He might wait till the euros becoz inter are interested in blanc and he wants to see where blanc ends up.

Next. Vertonghen. Personal terms with the players have been discussed and arsenal are in deep negotiations with ajax for over a week now.. I will update as soon as i get any info. Fee around 8-12 mill euros if agreed

Matias suarez and holtby are already pre signed, 10mill euros and 6 million euros respectively but there are clauses... Arsenal have the right to back track if matias do not get his belgium residency papers(already applied for, decision come the end of may) or if he gets a serious injury.. Meanwhile Holtby deal will be cancelled if he gets injured. These are the clauses inserted in their agreements...

If you want more info or like to be remain updated just drop me at my email... U can all follow me later on my twitter account if i get it right.. I would have openly asked for it if i would be looking to make fools out of you or wanted some followers. Dont trust me but atleast dont doubt me either. Reserve your judgement for later.... {Ed001's Note - you haven't even left a name, so you can't be proven right or wrong.}(5)(21)Nice way to contradict yourself re-read your second paragraph!

You've just taken names that have been linked to Arsenal in the public domain and passed off that you have some inside information.Don't know anything about the rest of your [insider] stuff, but Holtby already has a handshake agreement with Everton, which i fully expect to be honoured. Thus, think the rest of your stuff is bullst or wishful thinking.I am not an isider and have not claimed to be. I pass the info as receive... Believe it if u want if you would have come to me in feb I would have said the same thing.. So not really that i have tapped it from media. And lets see who gets it right regarding holtby. U or me....And for your very kind info there has been no statements of rennes and arsenal in negotiations in France Football. People are misquoting it... So that was the only source in media from where people picked it up and surprsisingly there is nothing as such mentioned there..And mate there is nothing mentioned as such in the second para in which i have contradicted myself... Sorry but do re-read it.He'll be right u wait and see!More updates ppl... Eriksen has refused to move to london so the card that was thrown by ajax has flushed past arsenal. They are now only negotiating for vertonghen. Almost wrapped up once they agree the fee since personal terms are already in place...

United interested in mvila are just rumours no substance.

Trying to find out more about javi martinez but i doubt it. I am just not sure on this one.

And huntelaar is not even being considered by arsenal... Same goes for belhanda.. Still not in frame of arsene wenger's mind.... I think the targets are already set, new names which spring out are only speculations.. But the targets arsenal have set, well ucl qualification is a must to seal them...

on the other note, i think manc will pip united for hazard while united will get kagawa if he decides to move to epl.. Yes and this kagawa to united is what i have tapped up from bild.. So dont worry if i tap up a source from media i will quote it..

Podolski and vertonghen were being negotiated(the personal terms) in january so trust me, if you would have asked me then i would have said the same thing.. Its just that it was the first time i decided to post on this website.. {Ed025's Note - nice info mate..


26 Apr 2012 23:37:30
Ed, any Inverness Caley transfer news and also, ave you heard if anyone has bid for Jonny Hayes, our top player? {Ed001's Note - sorry no to either question.}(1)(6)3 SPL Clubs interested apparently - Aberdream, St Johnstone and Hbs



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