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02 Sep 2013 23:53:36
spain france and holland windows open till midnight, still a chance suarez could go?



02 Sep 2013 23:51:37
Kei Kamara signs a two year deal with the Boro. Last dash to sign Ayala on year loan. nothing official about it going through on time. JM

Signed kamara and Jacob butterfield, gutted we didn't get becchio and a centre back, LM

There's still free agents we can sign

Ayala and Becchio will join on 8sept. Loan Market

If we were getting becchio it was never in this window it was next week on loan

03 Sep 2013 09:08:53
Thats it, Mowbray and Bowser have got to go, to many lies to many times!

Didn't like Keith Lamb but at least he knew how to close a deal and sign a bloke.

Any other club takes 2hrs to sign a player, we take weeks.

Rant over!
Mowbray Out!

Boro to sign vossen on loan view to permanent 5. 8 deal plus Farris harroun

I'd love us to get Becchio but following the lies and spin coming from the club over the last 3-4wks I fear we will only bring in 2nd class spuds.

Bowser seriously needs to ask himself if he is up to the job. I didn't like Lamb but at least he could sign a player!

I feel sorry for the players we have signed (Adomah, Whitehead), it appears that they have been taken in by Mogga's lies about who will be joining them at the club.

I have followed the Boro home and away since I was 6 years old, 30 years on I must say that i'm at my most disillusioned. Even in the times of Todd and Lawrence the club didn't led the fans on.

Something must be done, but what?


Been looking at kamara on you tube and whatever negative comments I must say he looks a better player than emnes!

Ayala could still sign for Boro next week when the loan market opens.

We would have signed Bechio but it was dependent on Norwich signing Vaz Te from West Ham. They couldn't agree terms so sadly we won't get Bechio now until January at the earliest.

Ye lamb could close a deal that, s why we are in this mess. silly contracts and premier league wages instead of championship wages that done the trick. what, s staggering though is us signing a non goalscoring second striker again similar to duke and also another player who has had a serious knee injury, the lad was a good player till then and hasn, t been the same since, watch him sustain the same injury again it alway, s happens to us. get becchio, stuff ayala.

Such a loyal boro fan? Its Bauser not "Bowser"

How can people say Mowbray out? He has given a good list of targets after that it is out of his hands, and how does it take everyone else 2 hours when Real Madrid wanted Gareth Bale from day 1. All the shallow fake supporters need to go support someone else, what do you expect from Middlesbrough a championship side, and if you ask me I am quite happy with the players we have brought in, let's see who we can get on loan now.

Keep mowbray, keep bausor and keep smiling. if you won't trust steve gibson with this i doubt you supported the club through administration in '86. if you can do any better go manage a team for gods sakes. also a recognition to real boro fans who are just happy we have signed players and showed initiative.

Can anyone shed light on the Vossen loan to permant deal is it true or more boro bs - SH

Becchio has just tweeted to both Kei Kamara and Jacob Butterfield congratulating them and wishing them the best, wonder what that means!

Kei kamara is a waste of money, not as good as we already have. feel as if the club have lied to the fans again, wouldn't have spent a fortune on a season ticket if i knew they wouldn't add any quality to the squad.

mowbray out, bauser out, gibson out

It's quite easy to say mowbray out when you see the pot-shot football he likes to play he was a good player and will always be a legend at the club as long as he dose'nt hang around to long because this season is already over for us relegation struggle no matter what other reject players he manages to tempt to the club in the loan window jacob butterfield? twice turned down a move to boro. kei kamara? WHO! twenty goal a season striker yeah right there's a terible stench of texas ( not kansas ) about the riverside these days and that's because of all the rubbish being spewed out from the club the only way forward now is MOWBRAY AND GIBSON OUT

Mowbray is the best thing that's happened to Boro since our relegation from the premier league. We are finally playing some of the best football i've seen in a while from us. We just need a couple of strikers who can convert. Kei Kamara looks a decent striker i'm looking forward to seeing him in his first game. Wasn't expecting Jacob Butterfield, very good player for Boro to get their hands on. UTB

"Shallow fake supporters " couldn't be more true. These are the part time pub and tv supporters who know nothing.
Let's get in the real world and realise these are good signings and appropriate to our level and funds.

The club would be in administration if it wasn't for Gibson and mowbray. The overplayed jock dross is gone now, let him build!

Cannot beleive some people, don't you remember the squad and wage bill and debt last season. Gibson subsidised us all year

Boro pete

Are we loaning Vossen next week - SH

Kei kamara guys honestly is a handfull he's not a striker a forward, kei kamara scores 2 goals against man U in pre season friendly he's a real handfull

I don't see how but I think some people have forgotten the fact we are no longer in the Prem anymore so the possibility of signing £4+ Million (at a push) players is out of the question. What Mowbray is doing is RIGHT and, with the backing of Gibson, he is the right man to lead us forward. The 2 signing we made on Deadline day we brilliant signings, nothing outstanding, but decent nevertheless. All the signings we made over the summer compliment each other well and the 6/7 ins are, without a doubt, much much higher quality than the 12 that left. I feel the team we have now is balanced and structured and they look to know there roles more. Smaller squad but more quality. Exactly what Mowbray said. UTB

Any fan that pays for a tIcket and goes to games is more than intitled to an opinion, I was a Mowbray fan when he came but I'm not blind and won't suffer persons, you get the feeling that some of these SO CALLED season ticket holders would be happy to see boro relegated aslong as Mowbray keeps his job, my personal disappointment with Mowbray is this. The man shows no initiative in the transfer market, has no time for the youth of the club, shows no motivation, and has no tactical awareness other than that seems like a decent manager, ill get people saying he doesn't get the backing and I would agree, BUT when he is given money it wouldn't hurt to think outside the box ie go to Spain there 2nd division is full of talent at affordable prices, I'm a season ticket holder and go with a group of lads home and away and let me tell you not one of them fans is happy with Mowbray, this will be his last crack at it IMO, I've spent a fortune on the boro as have a lot of boro fans who share my views UTB LM

In reply to kamara been a handful, so is Ron Jeremy but I wouldn't want him in my team

04 Sep 2013 06:47:21
Hey guys to both sides come on this is a rumour site note a debate site, let's just see how it plays out next few months.
I to am a season ticket holder and go home and away and I'm not to happy at way we play at mo and like one guy said I was happy with Mogga when he came but now have huge doubts but this is football and you can't please every one because I remember the same jibes for Bryan Robson before Venebles came in to help (a legend for what he did for boro) then peeps turned on Southgate! Come on where does this end we all think we are experts nut we are not this has to end and we need to think I love me team even though I'm not happy to that's just passion guys but as I've said before if we say we are a big club then let's just back them I know Gibson will have given Mowbray a time frame he has done in the past with the rest and if it don't work he'll change it. Its everyones prerogative if they want to turn up or not but again I point to Sheff Wed and Leeds there fans moan just as much but the big difference is they back there team with 20k plus crowds that upsets me and that's why they laugh when our attendance is read out because we talk the talk but to fickle to back the team!! Look at there squads and players then look at ours and you tell me who's got the best caliber player?
I'm not saying be quiet guys I love to moan but it could be a lot worse and trams have gone up with average players as did Palace and Norwich few seasons back so let's start backing our club the more the crowd the more fans have a say on a match day.

We aren't in administration now because Gibson saved us back in '86. Just like Mowbray saved us by getting rid of all Strachan old players. If you don't like it don't go to matches for f's sake

Vossen just signed a new contract, don't know how that will affect above suggestion that we are loaning him next week. In today's N Echo Mowbray has hinted that the Vossen money would have come from the sale of Leadbitter or Williams.
Looking forward to seeing Kamara, he definately has something to prove. jS

Thought the Keith Lamb comment was funny. It's probably his fault we have the financial problems that we do now! It seems his entire view to negotiating was to get players by offering them rediculously high wages!

Norwich fan here, a word in kamara's defence, you will not see a more committed player than him, he will score goals for you he will mesmerise opponents, he can jump around head and shoulders above players around him, take a look on utube the goal he scored for us against everton, don't knock him till you have seen him, you all say you want becciho but kie kept becciho out of the norwich team when he was here, (why)?

Lies? What lies? I think and you're confusing the lies on rumour sites and tabloids as opposed to out of Mogga's mouth. Made some shrewd, clever signings in my opinion, there's only so much Bauser can do to get his targets, we're not the only clubs going for players!
We're in a much stronger financial state now, foundations are dug in, the platform set, and a very very good team that can bear anyone in this league.

Keep the faith! Mogga and Gibbo will deliver success back at the Riverside! Support the Boro, that's our job! UTB

Kei Kamara is better forward then any thing already on Middlesbrough's books so give the bloke chance to show you what he can do. Do not judge with out seeing some one playing. Jacob Butterfield will also be very good buy for Middlesbrough. Both player give us different options how we play.



02 Sep 2013 23:31:20
Manchester United sign Maroune Fellaini and Fabio Coentrao.



02 Sep 2013 23:13:41
Boro complete the signing of Kie Kamara



02 Sep 2013 22:49:08
Adlene Guedioura is at Beckenham after agreeing to move to CPFC from Nottingham Forest. Loan move for AJ being lined up as failed deal with Bendtner

Move for AJ has failed

Aj arrived too late for deal to be done



02 Sep 2013 22:17:07
Watford set to sign Emanuel Frimpong.



02 Sep 2013 21:55:10
Kightley on his way to Burnley

If he stays fit, he will score goals! UTC

Deal done, season long loan, good signing especially after interest from Bolton and Leicester



02 Sep 2013 20:47:48
Vossen bid failed, 4 million not enough, Genk want more - Phil

OR. there was no bid to start with. that would be more like Boro, to whet fans appetite and then let them, down by getting a useless loanee in, so annoying



02 Sep 2013 20:46:09
Middlesbrough have failed with their bid to land Belgium international Jelle Vossen. Boro had made their move in the last 24 hours for the highly-rated striker, but their offer of around £4million has fallen short of Genk's valuation.

I would be very surprised now if we could bring in someone that would make a difference to the season. Don't want to be a pesimist but always this would be the case. I feel the club is letting the fans down and has been badly ran since the Uefa cup final by Gibson and all concerned.

02 Sep 2013 21:36:11
Boro have increased there offer for Vossen a deal which includes Haroun going the other way.

Who we gunna turn to now, spent too long on McCormack absolute joke, wasting time on people were never gunna get

I can't see us getting anyone now like, what a surprise! - LP

Never rule anything out on deadline day.

02 Sep 2013 22:36:31
another danny graham smokesscreen

Kia kamara has signed officially 2 year deal finally some one signed

Signed Kei Kamara - LP

We've got kei kamara

I'm a die hard boro fan but have to say this whole window has been a joke. Released 9 or 10 players n spent 1 million. What msg does that send to the fans. To me it says we do not want promotion. Anyone else think the same? No proven goalscorer leaky defence future is bleak in my opinion.

Boro have dominated recent matches just haven't been able to put the chances away we got rid of the s*** players on high wages and sent our young talent out on loan to gain experience no one can say we haven't tried to spend the money and being in some much needed players but we've struggled to get our main targets but we can still get some loan signing

Sick of the negativity. We were never going to spend big, did well getting Whitehead and Richardson (Vargas, Kamara and Butterfield will remain to be seen). Obviously Gibson wants us to go up but isn't going to spend recklessly for it, still plenty of time in the loan window.

And we could look to proven free agents such as Jay Bothroyd and Chris Baird



02 Sep 2013 20:46:05
8pm: Could be a player coming in at Barnsley, with Crystal Palace defender Peter Ramage currently undergoing a medical at Oakwell, according to reports.

Alnwick gone

10pm Barnsley sign Peter Ramage on season long loan confirmed on official website.

Ramage has signed season long loan. Good move I'd say we need a strong centre half especially while nyatanga and cranie are missing

02 Sep 2013 23:58:50
Ramage has signed season long loan at oakwell.

02 Sep 2013 23:58:59
Alnwick has left the club by mutual consent.

I think there's been trouble behind the scenes with, Alnwick,

Whats game plan with a back up keeper pollit is only here for 28 days and windows shut. I'm sure loan window re opens shortly after deadline day?

Pollitt has stated he would be love to stay for rest of season on loan has he only 3rd choice at wigan

03 Sep 2013 17:51:18
Well done the palace board the new signings give Ian holloway more choices in tactics for each game,

I believe loan window for championship etc reopens after 1 week open until November

We will probably get extend the loan when window reopens or if Wigan release him we could sign on free transfer or he will go back to Wigan, steele will come back better (hopefully) and dibble becomes second choice



02 Sep 2013 20:43:26
Billy McKay of Ict going to Rotherham

So hope we do get Billy McKay.



02 Sep 2013 20:29:50
Middlesbrough have failed with their bid to land Belgian international Jelle Vossen

So that's vossen, ireland and vaz te we've missed out on. plus the becchio thing has gone quiet and nothing mentioned about ayala. typical Boro

03 Sep 2013 10:25:47
twitter crack. kamara has signed?



02 Sep 2013 20:19:47
Cardiff city sign odemwingie

02 Sep 2013 23:33:56
The mysterious number 11 shirt for cardiff city will be worn by kadeem harris this season as malky mackay wants to give him the opportunity to brake into the first team after impressing in development and the reserves

That's good, I really like harris, he will become world class

03 Sep 2013 09:09:57
Cardiff city missed out on wigan winger callum mcmanaman on deadline day, by only offering (5.5mill) half the valuation wigan put on the young winger.

03 Sep 2013 13:36:45
Now that cardiff city have strengthened in they're attacking options by the singing of peter, this could open the door for joe mason to be loned out to a championship side

Ipswich town, Burnley, Brighton and derby are all interested in the 22 republic of Ireland international



02 Sep 2013 20:19:00
Nathan Tyson will join Bristol City when the emergency loan window opens

Signed for blackpool

Hes signed for blackpool



02 Sep 2013 20:17:52
Burmley have had a 500k bid for Leroy Lita accepted.

Hope not



02 Sep 2013 20:11:59
peter ramage from c palace to sign for barnsley t day

04 Sep 2013 13:08:46
You have to sympathies with Ian holloway almost the exact penalty decision regarding spurs Was given the other way in another game as well as 2 obvious decisions not given. You can see its goal line technology going into the penalty area soon picking up fouls.



02 Sep 2013 20:10:45
Peter Ramage to sign for Barnsley on loan from Palace and Barnsley told if they pay 100% of wages they can loan Billy Sharp. Barnsley offering to pay 75%

Ramage looks like the sort of defender we've wanted for a long time been around and looks like he takes no prisoners

I have criticised and praised in recent weeks but this Ramage signing looks a very good deal. Well done Flicker!

05 Sep 2013 10:22:20
You can understand garvan s feelings not being in the palace squad but it's down to him to work to get back in the team. Other new signings must feel the same, perhaps he should go to bolton on loan.

Garvan needs to opologise to the palace management for his comments. He's just made himself look foolish most likely cheesed off and spoke his thoughts, hope the situation can be resolved.



02 Sep 2013 19:54:42
Yeovil to sign another player on loan tonight

Doubt that with us already having 5 loan players

What a pointless post

Pointless post. please apologise as Fontaine has joined on loan.

Although he's a good player with championship experience, we need more goals. The few we have scored have only come from midfield.

Fontaine had already signed! So thought you meant someone else! Chin up!



02 Sep 2013 19:44:16
millwall after billy sharp

Really? we are dreaming! only imo but we should have tried to sign a young neil harris! these players must be out there? loaning young strikers will only end up like the chris wood 'saga' again!

No chance of getting Billy Sharp but we could've maybe tried to get a good lower league target man like Tom Pope of Port Vale. At 6'3" he would've been the perfect foil for McDonald, imo.



02 Sep 2013 19:20:20
Rotherham United have bid accepted for Inverness forward Billy McKay.

Just seen Billy McKay at Scotch Corner services on his way to sign for Rotherham United!

Well this didn't happen



02 Sep 2013 19:19:38
Fontaine to Yeovil on loan. Johnsons deadline day deal. We need a striker too!



02 Sep 2013 19:19:28
Adam Le Fondre has been spotted outside Elland Road with Leeds' director of football.

Not he hasn't we don't have that money to spend


We would do the deal at thorp arch



02 Sep 2013 19:18:25
local radio source Tom Ross confirms Hull city in for WBA Shane Long, Long has left Irish training camp to hold talks, if correct what the hell is going on at Albion?

Id like to no that my self i'm getting very anxious about the next few hours things seem to be getting out of hand

Long out, sessegnon Lukaku in, plus Quagrelarri [spelling sorry]

Its a 5m fee

Long isn't very good

If long goes get rid of Clarke as well, if lukaku's linked with everton why not try get him? Anechebe is rubbish x_x sessengong will be a decent signing

Cant blame the bloke for wanting out he was like a headless chicken saturday on the wing not his fault

02 Sep 2013 21:13:07
Long is a very good player, don't be ridiculous

02 Sep 2013 21:17:51
Lukaku said that if he is going to be on loan, is preferred destination is West Brom! I hope Steve Clarke has heard that!

Absolutely disgusting, we are banking money to go down, peace wants to make a big buck out of the club,

02 Sep 2013 22:20:00
Lukaku and sessengnon set to be Albion players before 11pm. News on Anichebe is still unknown as Albion is concentrating on Lukaku. What a day for West Brom!

02 Sep 2013 22:23:15
Just heard that Lukaku is on his way to the Baggies to sign for a 1 year loan deal again

Lukas just signed

02 Sep 2013 23:13:19
Looks like Lukaku is going to go to Everton. Why didn't we start spending money earlier in the window. I think we could get relegated this year!

Losing lukaku is a disgrace, Peace needs to go to a championship club!

You lot make me laugh Shane long hasn't done a tap since Xmas does playin on the right mean you can't run, try, or even trap a ball anichebe is loads better and sessegnon is different class shame about lukaku but the izzy brown spat has come back to bite us

Lukakuver was never going to sign - afraid he has gone from a 'big' club where he was a nobody to a 'big' club where he will be a nobody. Could have been a legend at Albion!



02 Sep 2013 19:15:49
Sheffield united have made a last minute ditch to sign Leroy lita

Hope so, scores goals

Very much doubt it



02 Sep 2013 19:10:15
hearing Ipswich interested in kayoed odejayi of Rotherham on free

Yes I heard this they need somebody to replace murphy due to his poor form!

Town in for Barnet striker Keanu Marsh Brown.



02 Sep 2013 18:53:05
Caleb Folan was training with Bradford City this morning.

No he wasn't it was Ellington



02 Sep 2013 18:52:59
Blackpool to sign reda Johnson from Sheffield Wednesday and frank moussa from Coventry

They have just signed Bradley Orr.

If you keep trolling you will be blocked

Moussa will be pricey 2-3m.



02 Sep 2013 18:49:18
Leeds looking at Billy Sharp

We better hurry up it 20 past 7

They have had long enough to see what he can offer. Wages big issue and I cannot see gradel returning either.

Shame All We Ever Do Is Window Shop.



02 Sep 2013 18:38:20
Millwall to get Gary Taylor Fletcher on a free after he has been training with the lions for the past week (tv news)

02 Sep 2013 19:44:12
dont mind as long as he can score goals and the players together to get us to the play offs i'm fine with that if we can't win against derby we should sell manager he needs to look for defenders as well today beavers sucks



02 Sep 2013 18:36:55
Zamora seen at Brighton's Amex this evening

Zamora coming back to Brighton would be good

Trust me he's finished now, he needs a hip operation, can't jump, and limps around after a run.

Hope so, but no news about it in the press

02 Sep 2013 19:59:06
Agree with comment two, not for us now was good but to many injuries have caught up with him,

This rumour comes up every window though lol

Lies lies and lies!

Absolute Bs
All staff have packed up at the Amex tonight
No coming or goings

Lol they have had steward recruitment there tonight that's all the staff that's been seen leaving still hour and a half to go anything is possible

02 Sep 2013 21:33:47
Rubbish transfer window brighton are showing no intent this year mid table at best with this squad

Oscar garcia looked very frustrated after the milwall game when he said brighton would be quiet with transfers

He always looks frustrated!

People are saying we didn't buy anyone on transfer deadline day because we didn't have any more money to spend, but that's rubbish because Tony Bloom gave Oscar £10m to spend and the only players we've brought in are on a free transfer or loan. So we should have £10m left to spend.

He may come in on loan

The 10m was the playing budget not the transfer budget! This includes players wages.

He gave Gus Poyet £10m for transfer budgets, not player wages. Just because another manager is here he didn't give him a different transfer budget.



02 Sep 2013 17:49:57
Nathan Ellington training with Bradford and will sign before Saturday

Thats funny that is because he has been playing for crewe development team and played today against Huddersfield so how has he been training with Bradford?

He didn't play today.

He got released from Crewe and is without a club



02 Sep 2013 18:20:06
Former Liverpool and now PSG midfielder Mohammed Sissoko is in talks with Championship side Reading, according to French source L'Equipe.

If we are such a well run club why have reading not signed anyone yet? If we had targets and money available as a well run club should have then where is the plan b or plan c or even plan d!
I know all the time we hear we won't break the bank but the bank must be booming with the amount of income we have generated compared to our outgoings! If we don't sign anyone I call for Hammond to be sacked

02 Sep 2013 23:04:51
It was only 2 days ago that Adkins said he wants 3 more signings and there is 3 more positions he wants to strengthen, yet nothing has happened? I'm disgusted with the amount of transfer activity that has gone on! We won't get promoted. Le Fondre's wasting a season at the club he could be playing at top flight football instead of messing about at Reading, absolutely disgusted

Agreed, never been a fan of Hammond, I find him clueless and in the past few transfer windows since copell left it has showed. If we have lost signings it would be due to his lack of talent

It looks like Momo Sissoko is set to be confirmed as a reading player very soon. It is belived that the paper work was submitted to the proper footballing authorities before the transfer window closed.

02 Sep 2013 23:31:35
It looks like Momo Sissoko is set to be confirmed as a reading player very soon. It is belived that the paper work was submitted to the proper footballing authorities before the transfer window closed.

Let go of 2 first teamers no one in yet I'm disgusted love Rfc but they do my bloody head in sometimes

We should sack hammond as director of football and bring back the god that is coppell as Director.
hes doing the same thing at crawley so why not come to reading?

Hammond will get a massive pay rise for not spending any money then get a big pay off to leave

Doesnt matter about the deadline, he's unattached.

We need a striker mostly

So have the club announced officially that we did no business?. They haven't? Oh but the way all these fans were whining you'd think they had.

Don't worry lads I've called you a Waaaaahmbulance.

03 Sep 2013 15:00:58
As usual nobody wants to sign for reading this is getting silly same every season

Im sure reading will wait for the loan transfers to open up, then go for the players that aren't announced in the 25 man pl squads

Only reading could now be looking likely to sign another player after the transfer window closes. the people running this club seriously need to sort themselves out



02 Sep 2013 18:14:24
Burnley have had a late 350k bid for Stevenage"s creative playmaker Luke Freeman accepted

Price way too low to accept

Yay! He is a good prospect! UTC



02 Sep 2013 18:13:33
Lee Tomlin's petulant behaviour may earn him a move after all; Everton looking buy him for three million. Posh however willl only do the deal if they get John Lundstram on top of the cash.

Posh want 8-12Million, how many times

You pick this out of a bingo machine?



02 Sep 2013 17:59:29
Blackpool have shown an interest in signing wolves winger Stephen Hunt

He is a free agent.

Blackpool have agreed a deal with Hunt subject to him proving his fitness



02 Sep 2013 17:58:44
Blackpool are interested in signing bristol city forward Sam Baldock.

Fontaine leaves Bristol City on Loan to Yeovil!

They can't afford him ;-)

No more strikers



02 Sep 2013 17:58:07
Blackpool have been offerd hull city winger Cameron Stewert on a season long loan.



02 Sep 2013 17:44:34
Wycombe 'keeper Matt Ingram will be joining MK Dons this evening in a swap deal for Jon Otsemobor, who is surplus to requirements at the League One club.

Semi may be considered surplus to requirements but why would we want a third goalkeeper?

Non-starter, I'm afraid.

No way. Don't need another keeper we have two very good keepers can't see this one



02 Sep 2013 17:27:06
Jelle vossen on a plane to newcastle airport, signing for middlesbrougj



02 Sep 2013 17:11:29
Christie just arrived at canalside for medical, good signing UTT

Hope this is true. Good young player with bags of potential but can also be used as a utility player across the back. Would be a good signing.



02 Sep 2013 16:54:18
Lewis Grabban or Matty Fryatt will join bradford if Nahki goes to qpr. Harry R will go up to 4m. Good deal.

Wells not going anywhere

Been told that Naki Wells was very close to going to Qpr. A fee was agreed but payments were rejected by Bradford who wanted full payment. Andrew Johnsons move to Palace was cancelled when the Wells deal collapsed. Redknapp still looking at a deal for Wells on loan from the begining of october so he can sign on the 1st of January. Seems this is a deal that may very well happen if the financial part can be done. Naki was being offered a 5 year deal with a massive rise in wages and loads of clauses.



02 Sep 2013 16:51:48
Middlesbrough news:

Mowbray has stated that we have bids tabled for several players, some of which have already been accepted (Becchio and Ayala) - so it's just down to the players now.

Mowbray has also stated that Matty Fryatt WILL NOT be joining.

Despite the rumours, Kamara will not be joining either, he played for Kansas last night.

Stehen Ireland deal is dead as Stoke have snapped him up.

SSN are reporting that we have tabled a £4million bid for Jelle Vossen - incredible signing if we can pull it off.

Fingers crossed. UTB.


Ssn have reported that Kamara has landed at Newcastle airport and is on his way to Hurworth

Is the vossen rumour abit like the Danny graham one ( we signed dyer ), vossen rumor we sign ( kamara ), I hope not thou hope it is vossen.


tv have reported that Kamara has landed at Newcastle airport and is on his way to Hurworth


Lets get some players

Look becchio is not coming so we (boro fans) need to move on and stop hopeing, just though u needed to know x

02 Sep 2013 18:34:01
Rhys Williams to Wigan only if David Wheater re-joins - Phil

Hope so

Williams looks like he is going and wheatear is on his way back what do u guys think

Forest make fresh bid for Leadbitter, need to keep him!

What's the fee for Williams? Would have wheater back but it's keeping him fit UTB been watching vossen for couple of years now and this guy is the cream of the crop would be an outstanding investment LM

Ssn says nothing about this kamara coming to rockcliffe hall

I live near Rhys Williams and he put his house up for rent about a month ago so this might actually be true

Boro to sign Wheater, Kamara and Vossen in the next three hours

The jelle vossen bid has been turned down has what they have called a timid bid he's staying with genk apparently it's true check sly if you don't believe

Genk reject offer as expected, back to the dregs. We have no money so all big sognings are a smoke screen for failure, "the we tried effect" a "Grahamism"



02 Sep 2013 16:56:29
Kasper gorkss is rumoured to have been spotted driveing up the m55

I'm a big. Fan but after last week best keep driving



02 Sep 2013 16:53:49
Jelle Vossen to make a 2.5 million switch to BORO from GENK FC in the next few hours. The Belgian international has a perfect 1 in 2 goal record.

4 million and he looks a really good player for us can slot straight in there



02 Sep 2013 16:32:13
Mansfield are to sign kayoed odejayi from Rotherham united



02 Sep 2013 16:25:15
Steve Gibson ready to splash in one last attempt. Jelle Vossen for £4 million from Genk. Boro board member said he's on a plane to UK. I told you to expect the unexperected. 1 in every 2 game strike rate.

Do we want weater back at the boro??

Can't see anybody coming in apart from maybe the mls forward



02 Sep 2013 16:18:41
Vossen on his, way Teesside



02 Sep 2013 16:13:36
Albion have signed lee camp on a rolling monthly contract

02 Sep 2013 19:23:28
Anichibe deal confirmed to be 5million, with us selling Shane Long (to Hull) to get the money back.
Sessegnon having medical as we speak. BoingBoing

Anichebe ain't worth that amount, no way will Peace hand over that for an Everton squad player at best.

Cant understand why we would sell Shane long and why we would pay 5 million for anichebe he can't even get in the Everton team because he can't score goals

02 Sep 2013 20:38:21
Just heard Romalu Lukaku is wanting to return to West Brom & not Everton please let it be true

02 Sep 2013 21:16:32
rumours abounding that Everton might get Lukaku! If so what is going on that the Baggies couldn't get him? Is Anichebe better than Long?
what about the issues with our full backs who are awful! why not get a right back and move Jones forward. Sessignon is not the answer

02 Sep 2013 21:51:05
If some of these rumours/figures are correct then it shows the desperation and bad transfer tactics of the Baggies

Get a life you lot vistor is a cracking signing



02 Sep 2013 15:58:00
Hot prospect Mesca is poised to join Brentford on loan from Fulham until January. 90% sure that is happening from what I have heard and should be announced tonight and if not then it will happen when the loan window re opens.

Are you sure that wasn't Trotta who isn't a hot prospects!

Brentford will be moving for a loan player when the window re opens. Confirmed by Mark Warburton in his Bees Player interview. Hinted at a Prem or Championship league player.



02 Sep 2013 15:59:17
Micheal Kightly a definite target for Burnley but have to compete with interest from Wolves and Watford. Looks like it may be a loan so may have to wait until the loan window opens next week if they don't get it done today

Great player!

Well he's gone to Burnley. Seems Dyche really likes Kightly!

Great signing for Burnley. He was tremendous during his loan stay at Watford a couple years ago. He scored a great goal whilst an American marching band were playing in the lower rous, which will love long in the memory!



02 Sep 2013 15:52:21
Wolves have signed highly rated 17 year old striker Bradley Reid from Wrexham, in a deal believed to be work 200k and loaned back for a month.



02 Sep 2013 15:36:19
billy sharp off to Ipswich town on loan from Southampton

I'd love that but sadly can't see it happening

02 Sep 2013 17:27:11
Surprised saints didn't try a loan deal for q p r goalkeeper Cesar, he's got to be the best around, boruk should have saved that goal at Norwich also as has been said suspect on corners never catches the ball but is a good shot stopper with whatever part of his body but his hands.

02 Sep 2013 17:34:45
What's going on at saints so many players out on loan surely it would pay to come to an agreement and get rid, we must be matching Chelsea for players out on loan.

If only this was true

Really? Haven't heard anything yet? Would be a good signing.

02 Sep 2013 19:08:51
ssn Southampton not loaning out sharp they want fee Ipswich blew all the kitty on doherty

Blew all the kitty what 50k like that was going to get sharp

02 Sep 2013 21:25:19
just left Southampton few hours ago and now is at Portman road

03 Sep 2013 14:19:16
How many games will it take for oswaldo before he gets a red card looks a bit of a loose cannon always disputing decisions.

03 Sep 2013 17:26:37
The loan system in football is a farce especially to teams in the same league, at times you wonder what is the point of a contract there is so little loyalty in football from either side.

Oswaldo won't get many red cards for a while, he's got to step up a level to keep in the team first. Players with a bit of spirit often turn out to be good, he could be the Joey Barton of Southampton.

Lallana is awful for that and he hasn't, so shush.

Lallana can dispute refs decisions. he's the captain.

Every player disputes decisions, if you watch football you will see its quite common. Osvaldo will only get a yellow card if he kicks the ball away.

If you got red carded for disputing decisions then majority of matches would be abandoned for too many sending offs!

Let's put it this way oswaldo would not make a defender with his tackling never mind arguing with the ref looks a good bet for a red card.

Roy Keane was fond of a red card too. He wasn't too much of a liability.

Often players who play on the edge are the best let's hope oswaldo is one of them

He who have little faith oswaldo was only sent of 3 times in 2 years at Roma not bad for a striker.

Oswaldo has a terrific assist and goal scoring record in Spain and Italy sent off 5 times in 82 games, let's hope he's matured a bit or he will be back in Italy



02 Sep 2013 15:27:02
Peterborough want to sign hugh douglas from ucd

Hope so, we desperately need cover at Defensive End

Not many are going to get that!

Been trying nearly all summer to sign the youngster. Few championship clubs after him

Dont think there's much truth in this one. When we returned from our irish tour Dmac said that he didn't see any talent out there worth siging at this moment in time.



02 Sep 2013 15:21:26
Billy sharp to ipswich town



02 Sep 2013 15:13:42
Leyton Orient to sign striker Jayden Stockley on loan from AFC Bournemouth

For once a rumour on this site is correct. Well done sir.

Bournemouth must still rate stockley as he is loaned out on regular basis, no one puts an offer in for him, yet he is very unlikely to get a game with all striking resources. How many more years to afcb fans got to wait?

06 Sep 2013 23:28:13
There is a strong rumour that Leyton Orient will be mentioned in London's Evening Standard sports page, if we ever win the Champions League. Anything else may not be enough!



02 Sep 2013 15:04:22
Colchester United to sign Sylvain Ebanks-Blake

This is what we need good sticker



02 Sep 2013 14:32:49
My friend in France says there are rumours that PSG have placed a bid for Christian Benteke. Any news on this?



02 Sep 2013 14:31:31
Newcastle united are after watfords johnathan bond

Has to be a minimum of £3m so therefore very unlikely

02 Sep 2013 18:06:40
Need James Bond!

If we sold him we would only have one keeper, and he is seen as the long-term successor to Almunia, so this is certainly not going to happen.



02 Sep 2013 14:14:24
If Arsenal can not gain Demba Ba's services they may be tempted to make a last minute £6million pound bid for Di Natalie (good source)

He is too old for that sort of cash.

Di Natale has recently made a statement that he will end his career with Udinese. This was just after signing a four year contract extension. I highly doubt Arsenal could pry him away. A pity because I'd have loved to see him play in England. Maybe a loan to Watford if we go up? ;D



02 Sep 2013 14:14:19
Oxford United are looking to sign a striker after it emerged over the weekend top scorer Deane Smalley's hamstring injury is more serious than first thought. Sylvain Ebanks-Blake is the number one target for Chris Wilder.

No chance he's injured till October at the earliest (Ebanks-Blake) with a broken leg!



02 Sep 2013 14:09:11
Huddersfield Town will today complete the signing on a three yr contract of Harry Maguire from Sheffield Utd. The fee will be in the region of 600k.

This rumour is so far from reality it's funny. He is t worth that much, we don't have £600k to blow and our sights are set on Christie.

We really need a decent defender. hope this is true

Hope so

Great news if true, central defence has recently become towns weak point

We got at least 2 mill from hunt so we do have 600k.

02 Sep 2013 16:39:56
Becchio for Town on loan, not sure its a good thing

Would be well happy with this signing or Christie, but I've heard Town have switched their interest to old boy Lee Peltier as he can cover RB, LB and CB. Robins in talks apparantly

£500k turned down by Coventry for Christie, amazed we offered that much and more amazed they can turn hard cash like that down.

funny guy. why would becchio go to town on loan. we need a centre back is what we need

Becchio on loan ha no way on earth. we have enough strikers

No more players according to nigel clibbens. hopefully a defender or two signed on loan asap

Nigel "killjoy" Clibbens removed the possibility of any more transfers in this window along with the excitement and tension of deadline day

SAME OLD TOWN, a season trying to avoid relegation, we SHOULD have got the right back, the centre back and a striker, (N Wells), even poss J Butterfield, its all right having a great training ground, but YOU WONT attract the right players playing in the LOWER leagues, SAME OLD TOWN, sell sell

With Christie's price tag being set at $3m, a team like Huddersfield were never going to get close to the valuation.
He is the best young attacking full back outside the premier league in my opinion.
Huddersfield will be fine though and will probably escape relegation a bit easier than last season.

Is this the same old town who payed big money for average players in league one, and it still took three attempts to reach the champonship. let's get real we are averaging less crowds now than when we were in league one. let's get in the real world stop moaning and get behind the team we have allready got, which on paper are as good as a lot of teams in our league.

SAME OLD TOWN. Get a life and get real, eight players brought in since last season, one is currently the leagues top scorer, Acadamy players attracting Premier scouts, stadium shares returned costing Dean Hoyle £2million from his own pocket, a training facility open to the public and one to be proud of costing Dean another £4million. What DO you want?

Agree with some of these fans, there's hope for town fans. It's not like playing FIFA where you spend money on players haha and tbh the addition made this summer are great and have made us stronger then last season! I still believe 1 or 2 loan deals will be made! With our shares back very exciting times for our club, get behind them.

A better performance than at Barnsley would be nice!!!

We wanted the money from player sales spending on the team, who gives a monkeys about stadium shares and the training facilities!

I agree with the chap talking about all the things we are doing really well. I want all you moaners to think back to the Old Trafford match and ask yourself. 'Would you have taken our position now when you were walking home outside the ground on that fateful day'? Remember where we have come from remember who we are and get a grip.

03 Sep 2013 21:42:09
Hoyle is laying a foundation he believes will secure the future of our club. I personally salute him for what he is doing. Despite many Town fans opinion about Ken Davey, he was only guilty of using his money to save the club from going under. Would you guys prefer the Barry Rubery style of chairmanship. It was great for a few months wasn't it? Then he sold Marcus because he got his sums wrong. Too many Town fans sat at home on the rumour sites instead of backing the club through the turnstiles. If only our home support was as good as the away support it might have been a bit less frustrating this transfer window. Carry on Mr. Hoyle we are behind you. Thanks

Dean Hoyle at Millbridge club, Heckmondwike, last night, took questions for over two and a half hours, did not shirk a question, gave his honest opinion as a Chairman/owner and a TOWN fan, laying the base for a successfull club, gave a good insight into how a football club is run, good and bad, we all have a lot of respect for him, get behind him and the team



02 Sep 2013 13:58:50
Rumour has it middlesbrough have had a bid accepted for bangura -HC

Lee tomlin 2m

Rubbish. Elfsborg paid for his loan services. Trouble maker anyway

Sick of people winging about strikers having a 1 in 3 strike rate. First of all we're Boro, not Man City so funds are limited. Second of all can I remind you that when we brought Kris Boyd in he was the all-time leading goalscorer in scottish football history and look how he turned out. So whoever Mowbray brings in let's give them a chance instead of complaining like effing women.

Could be interesting

Can't hit a barn door.

02 Sep 2013 15:40:42
Just seen steve mclaren in Middlesbrough, probably unrelated to transfers but you just never know.

02 Sep 2013 15:43:52
True rumour

Forget Banguera - Vossen for 4million on his way!

Jelle Vasqn 4mill from Genk
On tv now!

Where on earth did we get 4 mill to spend?!

Steve McLaren still has a house here. I've seen him a number of times. I wouldn't make anything of it!

Just seen the Vossen story on SSN!
Anyone know any more details

Its getting late in the day to pull a big deal together, but I hope it can happen - I remember the talk about Vossen earlier in the summer and some said he was way out of our league. He would be an excellent signing

We're really leaving it late we need good goal getters not kei kamara -LP

Vossen! vossen! vossen! check this little gem out , looks the absolute business!! c'mon boro hopefully we get this deal

McLaren has a house in Yarm, he was probably shopping.

Vossen is quality, please don't let this be horse *^%#. Him and juke would be mint with our wingers!

Perhaps McClaren sold his house and gave the money to boro! Lol

We can have pulled the £4m from a rabbits hat for all I care were spending money, showing initiative!



02 Sep 2013 13:42:42
Leeds are looking to get max gradel on loan till the end of the season

He's injured



02 Sep 2013 13:40:27
Leeds are trying to sign Vaz te as we speak



02 Sep 2013 13:35:10
I hear Crystal Palace, having had an opening offer of £1. 75m for Brighton's Liam Bridcutt rejected, have now increased their offer to £2.5m. A response from BHA to this latest bid from their fierce rivals is pending.

2.5m is not good enough

£4m quoted by BHA who have a player lined up if thier valuation is met. There are now 4 teams now interested so this could become a bidding war.

Crystal Palace were today ordered to raise their bid for Liam Bridcutt to £2.5million after Brighton turned down offer, plus add-ons, for the midfielder.

Brighton were not keen to sell the Scotland international, who began his career at Chelsea, and especially not to their fierce rivals. But Bridcutt, 24, is desperate to test himself in the Premier League
evening standard

Ridiculous rumour circulating that Gareth Barry is being lined up on loan to replace Bridcutt if he leaves. Similar deal to that of Bridge last year, with Citeh paying 90% of his wages!

I posted the rumour. I think £2.5m is in the right ball park for him if any other club made that offer. However, if the Chairman sells a favourite player of Brighton to their fiercest rivals, he'll have to justify that to the fans. So, while Bridcutt may be £2.5m to other clubs, he's likely to cost Palace a premium

Everton rumoured in Barry- not us!

Palace have one of the Brighton players already just signed.

Palace would need to go in with an improved bid for both players, before the transfer window closes at 11pm.

Bridcutt is worth more than £1. 75m. He's worth £3m-£4m.

Palace also want Ulloa. We won't sign Ulloa because Mackail-Smith and Hoskins are both out for another couple of months and Ashley Barnes has a slight hip injury so Ulloa's the only senior striker available at the moment.



02 Sep 2013 13:23:27
Huge rumours around that Baldock on his way out with Billy Sharp or Nathan Tyson coming in.



02 Sep 2013 13:20:51
Heard from a reliable source that Chalobah has agreed a loan deal to rejoin Watford after signing a 5-year contract at Chelsea

Heard Brighton want him

02 Sep 2013 14:54:48
most clubs would want him




02 Sep 2013 13:02:08
Charlton athletic to get deny n'guesson from millwall after millwall terminated his contract today this deadline day.

He is reported to be at swindon for his medical according to the local rag

02 Sep 2013 14:14:07
dont think so he has signed for Swindon

02 Sep 2013 18:06:14
Both Blackpool and Charlton are after a loan move from Hull City winger Cameron Stewart.

Villa loan coming in to cafc



02 Sep 2013 12:59:59
Rotherham have offered Danny N'guessan a 1 year deal after he was released by milwall

Could be a good signing, only 26/27 but why only a 1 year contract, I think it would take atleast a 2 year contract to even get him interested.

Signed for swindon



02 Sep 2013 12:55:50
Northampton town have bid £35000 for luton striker Andre Gray.
He will sign a two and a half year deal.



02 Sep 2013 12:54:25
Fulham have made a bid for Liam Birdcutt - Kerim Frei going the other way on loan

02 Sep 2013 14:21:15
Frei's in Istanbul, completing a move to Besiktas.

Kerim is NOT joining Besiktas & FFC & Brighton are in talks about the above mentioned swap

All I know is frei tweeted saying he landed in istanbul yesterday. hope he doesn't go permanently!

Yes he's in turkey but that's for international duty



02 Sep 2013 12:36:21
Crystal Palace are looking to tie up a deadline day deal for former Chelsea star Eidur Gudjohnsen. The Icelandic striker looks set to complete a move to Selhurst Park from Club Brugge later today as Ian Holloway looks to bolster his frontline.

Belgian newspaper has reported that Eidur Gudjohnsen is in advanced talks with newly promoted club Crystal Palace and will agree terms subject to a medical on Monday. Gudjohnsen has failed to settle in Belgium and would welcome the opportunity to return to England, and London in particular.



02 Sep 2013 12:35:11
Strong rumours that Vicente is to return to Brighton. Otherwise no movement in or out before deadline. Garcia will play the loan market when the window reopens for loan signings.

Why doesn't he just loan players during the transfer window

Exactly. Instead of waiting for the loan window to open he should just get on with loaning players in during August.



02 Sep 2013 12:32:25
Albion have made an enquiry to QPR for Julio Cesar.
6 month loan deal

Which Albion

West Brom.

There going to sign lee camp till January because qpr want us to pay cesar's wages if we have him on loan so camp is the cheaper option and Albion always go for cheapest

Any more transfers heading to loftus road?

Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Tom Carroll from Tottenham on season long loan

What a shock QPR want WBA to pay the wages of a player if they take him on loan. Wtf did they expect if we're going to pay his wages we might as well keep him



02 Sep 2013 12:20:03
Qpr have had a bid of 3. 75m rejected for Bradford striker nahki wells

No they haven't. Our chairmen just been on tv saying that we haven't received a bid since the bid from Posh in June



02 Sep 2013 12:07:42
John Brayford back to Derby County on loan?

Why move to a Prem side if you're not going to play? Mercenary.

Would love to have him back, even though Freeman is a better prospect. You do have to question Brayford's motives though, he left for the cash and to sit on a bench? We've got enough players who don't deserve their wage without bringing in another.

Brayford did not move for the money! What a rediculous comment! It's not up to him that he doesn't play!



02 Sep 2013 12:04:14
derby county have ACCEPTED A BID from Liverpool of £12million for Will Hughes

Wouldnt cost 12 mil more like between 6 to 8

I can guarantee if a bid were to be accepted, it would be 10mill+.

It's half 8 and nothing happened at all lol. Get your fact right before you post anything. Just saying

Take it Liverpool didn't get around to signing the cheque?



02 Sep 2013 12:01:55
i am part of derby county's events team so obviously I spend a lot of time arounf pride park, amd yesterday there were rumours around the club that liverpool and man city are both considering bids of aroun £13million for Will Hughes.

Could get Leighton Baines for that much

If City and Liverpool were 'considering bids' for Hughes why would that rumour be going around Pride Park? Surely the rumours would be at Anfield and Eastlands. Unless they were very loud rumours that travelled approximately 60 miles.

No one is going to pay £13m for a young player untested at any decent level. Move along.

What other snippets do the events team know about. Who is the midfielder we want to loan in place of Hendrick?

Arsenal payed big money for Walcott and the Ox. So you may be suprised

If you think Hughes is anywhere near as good as Walcott or AOC then you need locking up.

Well, the fact he's the 2nd youngest England U21 international (behind Walcott) suggests he's definitely in the same ballpark. Another good season and I don't think it's unreasonable that we see a similar fee.

Except Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott had both represented the full national side by the time they were the same age as Will Hughes is now.

He's nowhere near their level. Is he anywhere near the England squad at present? No. Will he be anywhere near it in the next year or two? Don't think so.

I know it's exciting when our club produce a talent but let's not get carried away.



02 Sep 2013 12:00:04
Preston are reported to have made a six figure figure bid for Leyton Orient forward David Mooney.

Rubbish PNE will be looking for loans they have no money to buy.

02 Sep 2013 13:19:16
Not going to happen. Mooney is finally settled and playing well.

Of course it would be great to keep our best players until at least the end of their contracts, but remember this is leyton Orient, with gates of no more than 5000.
Hats off to Bazza for not allowing our best players to go before the Sept deadline, but if we are not in the top six in Jan, expect some movement!



02 Sep 2013 11:57:19
Peterborough will be signing Hull forward Aaron McLean, possibly on a free transfer or long term loan deal. This will be his second spell at posh. He will be taking a wage cut in order to get first team football.

Posh dropped interest ages ago. he doesn't want to drop to league one. would always be welcome back though!

Good to see the 'make it up fairies' having one last hurrah on transfer deadline day

Kevin Doyle??

Dream on, who's paying £40,000 a week for him thats what he's on at Wolves

Dream on! Doyle was a suggestion. Oh dear me, we attract an intelligent lot on our threads



02 Sep 2013 11:54:39
Derby are looking at trying to re-sign right back John Brayford. This could be as a permanent signing or as a loan. Derby also want to bring a young premiership midfielder in in loan to take Jeff Hendrick place in the squad while he's out injured.

Ccfc fan it might be a loan deal because we want burnley's Kieron tripper



02 Sep 2013 11:52:31
Brighton interested in chalobah and mcecrahan

Good call

Great but Garcia isn't signing anyone until the loan window

Chelsea want to loan them out

Chalobah and McEachran should be going out on loan to Prem clubs. We won't get them.



02 Sep 2013 11:51:04
Becchio travelling up to rockliffe park to sign for middlesbrough

I really hope so but everything posted on this site can't always be believed!

02 sep 2013 13:44:22
i desperately hope kei kamara doesn't come to boro 1 in eleven for norwich 29 yrs old are you having a laugh what happened to all the big names boro were chasing this transfer window and it come to this. frazer cambell went to cardiff for £600. 000 and we are rumoured to be blowing most our transfer budget on this 29 yr old waste of space. this is the guy who mowbray thinks can score 20+ goals a season and be our savior. i have had it this transfer window has been the biggest let down and disappointment ever for middlesbrough and i've lost patience with tony mowbray when hefinally gets the sack ill be relieved. because when i started supporting the boro 26 years ago i was 100% certain that boro would never fall on such dark times ever again. how wrong i was. all my optimism has run out for the boro and this season is going to be the worst one yet. but i really do hope i'm wrong.

The agent of Luciano Becchio has reportedly told an English newspaper that his client is unlikely to leave Norwich City before tonight's 11pm deadline.

Following Johan Elmander's arrival at Carrow Road last week, it was expected that Argentine Becchio would leave the club, with Middlesbrough a potential destination.

However, the 29-year-old's representative, Horacio Rossi, has told the Daily fail that Becchio is prepared to "fight for a place" at Norwich.

"So far, Becchio is going to stay in Norwich to fight for a place. If there is any change I will let you know, " said Rossi.

Kamara? I thought they weren't gunna panic buy! 29yrs old, doesn't score many. just what we need Mogga!

Kei Kamara will be a good buy for Middlesbrough. His link up play is very good and his scoring record is 1 in 3.
He will be more a back up striker.

Why some people make opinion about player with having seen them play.
Kei Kamara will be very good buy for Middleabrough type of game we play with with two wingers. We need player with good link up play around the box.

Becchio's agent has said that Luciano will stay at Norwich and fight for his place!

Least we're not signing Ireland, looks as if that car crash of a player is off to join Stoke and reunite with Mark Hughes who had him at Citeh. Thank god for that. - IJS

Becchio has already visited Rockcliffe yesterday, let's hope he returns. JM

Becchios agent is playing the media game. Get plenty of clubs looking. He's been to Rockcliffe in the last few days, loan deal agreed in part with Norwich. JM

This is not true

How is a back up striker a good buy? We need better than we have not BACK UP! We have 2strikers that's it! Both average n Boro going nowhere but L1 this season if nobody comes in FAST!

Vossen to boro tv sports news

Kamara and Vossen in by 11PM



02 Sep 2013 11:48:27
Danny N'Guessans contract terminated by mutual contract at Millwall.



02 Sep 2013 11:33:19
Blackpool have had a bid of around £400,000 accepted for Wolves defender Kevin Foley.



02 Sep 2013 11:29:32
West brom have signed Morgan Amalfitano from Marseille on loan with view to permanent and are also in talks with Sunderland and Everton to sign Anichebe and Sessegnon

Sessegnon would be a good signing but Anichebe is just not good enough, don't score goals and would be worse than what we, ve got! just get Defoe.

02 Sep 2013 15:19:12
Agree with last post, sell Odemwingie £2.5 million plus the £3.5 million that was rejected by Everton for Amerchibe £6million for Defoe, with the savings made on wages from Odemwingie, Thomas, Fortune, and possibly Tamas would pay Defoes wages, simple maths Mr Peace,
Why does it take 6weeks to sign anyone?we should have at least got the more urgent positions covered before the season got underway, Peace and his oppo Garlick could, nt run a bath let alone a football club.

02 Sep 2013 18:08:15
Sess one good game in every 5

Well said!

02 Sep 2013 21:55:06
Everything shows what a joke our policy has become - second rate players or `free` deals -no ambition at all!



02 Sep 2013 11:28:55
Hearing via tv reports that premier league clubs are interested in Gareth McCleary.



02 Sep 2013 11:13:48
Transfer Ricardo vaz ta is at m/boro undergoing a medical.

Funny, Big Sam just quoted as saying no bids for him yet.

tv says it looks like he is off to Norwich



02 Sep 2013 11:13:03
Rotherham want to add a right back, winger and possibly centre mid to there squad today. They are in talks to sign Sido Jombati from Cheltenham for undisclosed fee & a loan deal for Ryan Hall at Leeds is almost complete. Another possibility is Hope Akpan on loan from reading but Adkins is still undecided as to wether to keep him as a squad player or let him get some first team football elsewhere.

Sido has was sidelined after poor performance last month or so, but came on as sub on Saturday after 3 defenders are out with injuries for 3-4 weeks, there is no way Cheltenham can afford to lose any players right now.

And Billy Jones has left the club on mutual consent, so even less defenders available

Why has their not been any transfer movement for Reading? We can't get promoted by this! SORT IT OUT!

02 Sep 2013 16:42:29
Mariappa's gone Palace, but we're not making any moves? We can't go up with a team like this! I'm fuming

02 Sep 2013 17:04:47
PSG's Mohammed Sissoko is in talks with Championship side Reading.

Anton Zingarevich is

Better be some movement in the next few hours, just sold kebe, and mariappa and not got anyone in, looks like we will be staying in the championship longer then we expected.
reading need to sort it out, thinking we can just 'make do' with what we've got.
i know were a club that like to be sensible and all but this is getting ridiculous. we need to spend some money. NOW!!!

If no signings are made let's show our frustration and boycott matches.
Ita a crazy situation.
2 days ago Nigel was confident in bringing in 3 players.
I think I just spotted him at Propect Park

03 Sep 2013 00:00:40
@Ed003 - what does libelous mean?

well done reading. couldn't be more furious right now, if I hear any of this oh we have no money, we should ask for the profits of the hotel to be pumped into the club. that's what its there for right? to sustain the club



02 Sep 2013 11:12:43
kris boyd to sign a one year deal

Who for?



02 Sep 2013 11:03:24
Sheffield United have had a bid rejected for Ben Pringle that was nowhere near his valuation. My mates who works at rotherham told me, however the millers are preparing themselves for more serious bids from at least 1 championship club today.

Not a chance why would we sell to our competition not in a million years up the millers

If we really wanted him I don't think you would be able to refuse what we could offer

02 Sep 2013 20:49:46
pringle value will rise, why sell now.

"If we really wanted him I don't think you would be able to refuse what we could offer"

Good grief - this sounds like the massive syndrome is mutating across sheffield. That money your'e getting is a whip round from the lads at the co-op don't spend it all at once!


"Big Club" (cough) Sheffield United will still be looking for a striker, having failed miserably to make a serious offer for Clarke and Wilson from Coventry.
A tip for you SUFC, if a club say they want £3-4m then try offering that amount.
All the investment in the worl will be irrelevant if you don't actually try to spend it properly.

Been reading postings on the Coventry rumours, don't forget that just like us (the blades) coventry are a third tier club, very very few players are worth over £500k, Clarke has already proved he can't hack it at a higher level and Wilson is unproven!

I don't think for one second that either Wilson or Clarke are worth £3-4m but that is the price that they have had put on their heads.
SUFC asked for Clarke on loan and wouldn't go higher than £350k for Wilson which is insulting.
McClean from Hull would be an amazing signing for Blades though,
Still wo'nt be near promotion this season I'm afraid though.



02 Sep 2013 11:01:13
from a source in Yorkshire, Watford attempting to sign Nahki Wells from Bradford.

02 Sep 2013 11:27:01
Not for the million supposedly offered



02 Sep 2013 10:54:07
Any rumours on oldham athletic?

Yes we have signed Swiss centre back Genseric Kusunga, who has signed a 1 year contract with the option to extend for a further year. One more to come in apparently

Tarky subject of a bid from huddersfield

If Tarky goes then he is coming back on loan for the rest of the season.

Big Swiss guy played CL football for Basel and knocked out UTD so good pedigree player.

Tarkowski didn't go anywhere.

Oldham athletic will have a new owner within weeks

No we won't have a new owner its the papers jumping on what koukash said about us agaun, good media work to tell folk we are for sale though.

I heard the interview from the horses mouth he said he said he wants to buy Oldham

I know he's a racehorse owner, but he has no talking horses.



02 Sep 2013 10:45:39
Qpr and watford in the race to sign Tom Carroll on a season loan from Tottenham

Carroll undergoing QPR medical now! Naki Wells deal agreed and he's at Harlington now

Naki obviously didn't join



02 Sep 2013 10:40:25
Bradford City are in talks with Lewis Grabban as a replacement for Nahki Wells if the Bermudan International leaves Valley Parade

02 Sep 2013 11:11:42
So how doubt it on both fronts Grabban scoring for fun in championship and Wells won't leave in this transfer window

02 Sep 2013 12:36:14
Grabban is available for the right price



02 Sep 2013 10:27:33
Marriappa will sign for palace in next hour



02 Sep 2013 10:23:35
Leicester city to sign kevin doyle from wolves today and hoping to sign him by 5pm on deadline day today

Most likely going to Hull unfortunately.



02 Sep 2013 10:06:35
Becchio would be a loan deal for the season, with a view to a permanent deal next summer. Though Reading are thought to want to hijack the deal.
£1. 5 has been offered for Kei Kamara who scored 7 in 14 whilst on loan at Norwich last season. - in the balance.
Nothing a yet on a defender.
Marty Fryatt is due to visit Rockcliffe today (loan or perm?).
Stephan Ireland is more likely to happen next week on loan.
Boro on a long list if admirers for Vaz Te who will probably move to a PL team (Crystal Palace?).
Last of all, will Boro hijack Notts Forest bid for David Nugent. I'll just put that out there. JM

Kei scored 1 in 11

Kamara scored 1

Kamara 7 in 14? Hmmm, someone needs to check their stats. 1 in 11 more like. Not what we need.

Kei Kamara seems likely. Want Becchio hehas visited Rockcliffe just hope we get him and not Reading.

02 Sep 2013 12:03:23
Says on Kansas City twitter that Kamara is having medical at middlesbrough Hardly exciting is it lol

Kamara only scored once for Norwich
7 in 14 is his record this season in the US
Good post though hope some of what you say happens

Hope this kamara rumour is false 29yrs old not a goal scorer 1goal in 11 for Norwich city And his overall record is poor at best LM

We need Sharp

02 Sep 2013 13:18:55
Nugent is not leaving Leicester for Forest or Boro

Thank god Ireland is now off the list. Stoke will take him on loan.
Jacob Butterfield on the list?
Center back Chris Baird as I said a few days ago?
Obviously Mowbray will only spend money on striker/s. JM

Tell that to SSN. Don't think Nugent will move in all honesty, it was more a thought. JM

Kamara held his own in the Premier League and had some good performances. I think Boro fans need to remember where they are, he could be a good signing!

I've said since the beginning the football club is no longer in the premiership and is no longer playing uefa football. it is what it is and players like Kei can come in at this level and score goals and put in important performances which will help us as a unit win football matches. That said I have to admit I am rather excited at the prospect of having a look at Jelle Vossen, a proven goalscorer who can really perform when we need him to. Luciano Becchio is also an interesting idea but a move is unrealistic at this point in time

Who is jelle vossen

Billy Sharp I wold hope he deserves another shot at Forest I think the players like him.

The Canadians!



02 Sep 2013 10:04:42
Brighton have rejected a double bid from Crystal Palace for Liam Bridcutt and Leonardo Ulloa.

That's good for Brighton

I heard that Palace had put a bid in for Ulloa. Apparently Ulloa wants to go back to Spain when he finishes playing for Brighton.

Ulloa won't leave yet

The hurt from last May's play off defeat just keeps coming for Brighton. Hold on to Ulloa if you want any chance of the play offs



02 Sep 2013 09:55:08
West Brom to bring in Butland on loan from Stoke for 6 months to fill the gap that Foster will leave due to his injury.



02 Sep 2013 09:40:28
any ipswich town rumours?

Bradley Orr going on loan from Blackburn. Ipswich maybe?

No mate everybody else seem to be but not Ipswich not sure if cressie will go low hope not

Ipswich 2/1 favourites to sign Billy Sharpe. although not seen it mentioned and any official sites



02 Sep 2013 09:36:16
Kevin Doyle moving to Leicester, cash plus Waghorn going the other way



02 Sep 2013 09:16:31
Strong rumour that Brighton midfielder Liam Bridcutt will sign for Swansea before the end of today

He is injured

I'm a jack and I ain't heard that rumour but after Ki left on loan maybe it's true, how much would he cost roughly?

I would have said it was less likely after ki left on loan. hardly a like for like replacement now is it?
Still shocked we let him out on loan but goes to show how we've grown that we are loaning out to other prem clubs.
striker only I believe unless there's someone coming in to the development squad!

Swans should go in for lukaku!I know it maybe a bit late but come on city!wish laudrup could get him

Hearing that Bridcutt signed for the Swans for £3. 25m,



02 Sep 2013 09:09:26
Clough weighing up a loan move (emergency loan window) for a replacement for Hendrick.

Most on message board's stunned it's not a C/B!

Source DT this morning.



02 Sep 2013 09:02:33
We are hearing that Crystal Palace are closing in on a deal for Reading defender Adrian Mariappa. Mariappa is understood to be underdoing a medical at Palace ahead of tonight's transfer deadline.

Done deal



02 Sep 2013 08:43:27
im hearing colchester and going too be very quite today as players in training "Joe said this i'm pleased with the squad doubt there will be anyone new for Tuesday`s game we could loss 1 or 2 today, but hopefully i'm wrong" can't see colchester getting a st now



02 Sep 2013 08:33:57
Any news on Boro?

Read all the post mate.

maybe's are: becchio, ayala, bungara, fryatt, ireland, all these are linked with the boro, hopefully we get at least two of them. also kei kamara, ex norwich loanee from kansas

Stoke look like they got Ireland but we don't need midfielders



02 Sep 2013 08:08:51
Bournemouth billionaire Maxim Demin wants Eddie Mitchell to sell his share to another Russian billionaire. This Russian will put £40m into the club to take Bournemouth to the premier league. The first signing that they want is an unknown proven goalscorer valued at £5m.

There's no such thing as an unknown proven goalscorer.

Have to be quick if they are going to do all that by 11o'clock tonight!

He's well known, but we don't know who it is.

Eddie Mitchell has sold his 50% share of the club to maxi. Confirmed by himself in Bournemouth local paper.
Thanks for everything Eddie.

Is this really true?

Billy Sharp??

The takeover has been done, will Max make a statement of intent for the future and will we be signing the £5 million man tonight?

No deals will be done until January, this takeover was done to late and Howe hasn't drawn up any plans on who he wants as he obviously didn't know this money was available until today, end window has come to soon I'm afraid so roll on January

5mill man lol the only 5mill man at dean court has just walked out today ie mitchell

It was to short notice to buy this unknown proven striker for £5m? eddie howe and his coaching and scouting staff would have lists of players they were interested in, I think 'unknown proven striker' is in the realms of fantasy!

The silence is deafening. When will we hear from mysterious Max, or dare we even see him, about his future plans for the club!

We all know Eddie wanted Billy Sharp but his wages were too much. let's see if times have changed

Ed do you have any idea how close we were to signing sharp seems weird he didn't go I wonder if it was really close?

I have seen Maxim and said hello, unfortunately he totally ignored me! :-|

So not exactly a gregarious man and as you say "the silence is deafening".

If you learnt a little Russian then maxim might be more chatty?

I am surprised you got close to Demin. When I saw him arrive at the ground he had 2 very fit minders with him



02 Sep 2013 07:05:04
Kei kamara from sporting Kansas City will sign for us. He has left USA this morning and on his way to boro. I've herd this from a source who works at sporting Kansas City. UTB

Watched him on youtube at kansas and remember him at norwich. not a bad player but this is out of the blue and maybe no one else is alerted to this so we don't get gazumped

No no no wouldn't have him terrible excuse for a football player



02 Sep 2013 06:23:01
Almilfitano has signed a season long loan with the option to buy next season

For those puzzled by this, it's WBA who have Amalfitano on loan. Put the club name to the player, for god's sake.



02 Sep 2013 02:05:27
Hudds set to sign young Manchester United RB MARNICK VERMIJL on loan



02 Sep 2013 02:16:33
Mohamed bangura is now a target for Middlesbrough

Not the 20-goal-season man we need

Boro will do what all clubs do on deadline day, panic buy! Ricketts and Christie spring to mind.

Kei Kamara to sign for Middlesbrough today subject to completing a medical.

Mohamed Bangura is far better player then Matty Fryatt. Middlesbrough will not get better value for money then Bangura.

Chris baird will arrive as a free agent but will be after the window closes

Well todays the day, let's see of all the previous weeks bizarre rumours come to fruition, becchio, ayala, fryatt, bangura, Ireland, all those foreign guys with misspelt names. personally not convinced about many off them and the good ones like becchio will be tempted elsewhere by better teams and better deals. hope I'm wrong but not massively optimistic we don't seem to be much of a draw for the more talented and ambitious, must be all those seasons of scrimping and saving, selling off the crown jewels and pleading poverty and bankruptcy, it hardly fills you with confidence. Am I the only person terrified by the prospect of Stephen Ireland, seems like trouble, disruptive, lied to the Irish boss when failed to show etc etc, only had 1 good season as far as I'm aware.

Not a 20+ scorer but. a strong player that will torture defences

On SS transfer deadline day boro are linked with Kei Kamara who was on loan at norwich last season for round about 1m what do u guys think

Are you bagura agent? Not in list.

02 Sep 2013 10:12:08
kei kamara the ex norwich striker now playing in the mls in america, linked with a 1.5 million move to boro.

Wind up. Someone said on the last post, thank god were not linked with Bangura anymore.

Middlesbrough have been linked with Kamara who sphent part of last season on loan With Norwich.

That need is not really unique to us. Every flipping team in our division need a 20 goal striker. Only two or three are going to get their hands on one

He won't be going to Middlesbrough. Elfsborg paid to ensure his loan would go through. He isn't worth it anyway, trouble maker. JM

Bangura is awful we need quality players - LP



02 Sep 2013 01:51:06
Sheff utd will try to sign florient cuvelier, Darren ambrose, sylvan ebanks-Blake, Callum Wilson, David wotherspoon and Michael brown.

All would e great apart from Brown because I think he's is a but past it now but defo Ebanks Blake and Callum Wilson. Culvier is a done deal already I think.

I hope your right about Michael brown

Brown is good enough for a a different championship let alone a league one team. We have too many centre midfielders now but last season he played 33 games. He wasnt great but he did a committed job

We will forever be linked with michael brown until he day he dies!

Brown is not even signing

Not signing anyone else



02 Sep 2013 01:44:28
Andre Gray signed for Bradford City for £150k from Luton,

I doubt this very much. I appreciate that Gray is a very talented player but he simply isn't PP's type. His 'gangsta' attitude away from the pitch wouldn't be appreciated by PP

We would never get him especially for that sort of money!



02 Sep 2013 00:57:17
Crystal Palace, inquiring about Ulloa, Bridcutt, Mcmanaman, Defoe, Andy Johnson and loan for Moussa Sow. Barry Bannan transfer expected to be complete by Monday Midday for around £750, 00. Palace expected to be very busy on deadline day.

Ulloa and bridcutt are not for sale

Vaz of to Palace that's for sure

02 Sep 2013 09:57:42
Palace had been prudent with their spending. they would be mindful not to over commit.

Last season they were close to admin - need to ship out some deadwood today and ensure clauses included

I can assure you Vaz will not be going to Palace, he failed the medical several days ago. So possibly, he will not be going anywhere.

Palace need to ship out some of the players who won't make the 25 like Garvan, Wilbraham, Dobbie, Price etc. This will happen as since administration 3 years ago this has been a well-run club with minimal losses. The careful purchases of the transfer window mean that money can be spent on refurbishing Selhurst Park. If they get another season in the PL it'll be a bonus, but that looks possible now.



02 Sep 2013 00:02:05
Any Brighton rumours ED?

Jay Bothroyd

Garcia has made it pretty. Lear that he is happy with the team and nobody new is coming in today : (




01 Sep 2013 23:47:22
Greg Abbott is trying to make a deal for a centre midfielder on transfer deadline day

Abbott could also be interesting in bringing a former Forward, Francois Zoko, back to Carlisle

Another FALSE DAWN it seems impossible for United to SIGN any players.
They are even unable to ship out Edwards - so much for is non ability even Lower Leagues do not want him



02 Sep 2013 00:48:19
Rotherham have had an offer rejected for Crawley defender McFadzean.

Hope Akpan on loan three months

Yes an offer less than half that Bristol city were going to pay last January. Evans is in cuckoo land.

He is staying in the South if he moves, trust me :-)

Rotherhams bubble will burst soon there's no way they will stay in league 1 why would Macfazdean join them when he can join blackpool

Love the Rotherham haters its a great time to be a miller, the only way is up.

Crawley will be changing the ground to all seater council have agreed this with crawley as they try to attract more fans

Need to fill the seats we have before changing the Terraces

Yeh but changing the ground to all seater will attract fans

Yet the Terraces has the biggest consistant attendance.

05 Sep 2013 17:46:47
Were is the money coming from the council won't help with the cost I don't think people realise the cost there's no point in reducing the capacity just to put in seats



01 Sep 2013 23:45:50
A few days ago on twitter a rumour was
arsenal have agreed two deals with real Madrid and now up to the players one was kaka on a 1 year loan and the other has already been shared on here. Hopefully this works out.

Arsenal have bid 40 mill for cabaye and Ben Harfa of Newcastle.

25 mill bid lodged for mata

Arsene also trying to snatch sahko from liver pools noses

Ozil preferring psg - so bid dead in the water

Kaka going to Liverpool as part of Suarez deal.

Benzema going to Chelsea if real successful with Suarez bid.

United been snubbed again in bid for mata, only as part of Rooney deal which united have rebuffed.

Kaka back to ac milan. deal done



02 Sep 2013 00:07:52
Tom ince to compleate move to aston villa tomoz in a 8 million deal 6 million cash plus 2 mil add ons if does well plus we get albrighton off them on loan for season. I wish thelad well and think he will outgrow villa in a couple years and end up back at liverpool.

If this is true its a very good move in the right direction for the villa.



01 Sep 2013 23:11:49
West brom will complete the signings of Morgan amilfitano and Stephen sessegnon on deadline day!

Hope so
sessegnon would be an awesome signing!

Amilfitano has completed his move to the hawthorns on a loan to buy move



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