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2011 20:56:28
Three great performances by Rovers - what a difference a new manager makes. Well done Deano and players - the town has got its smile back. yorkielad(14)(6)Great star to a new era! bout time too


01 Oct 2011 20:54:09
I have connexions who work for Man City and they tell me that the club is likely to put in a big bid for the unsettled Van Persie in January to replace Tevez. If that fails then they plan on going in for Zenit striker Roman Shirokov.(6)(16)Shirokov is a defensive mid, right, who happens to have scored goals at a striker's rate recently? But I could see him being a Man City target. He is good. But as a striker? LOL!


01 Oct 2011 20:45:53
bristol city will relevie keith millen of manegerial duties on sunday.david james will be appointed as caretaker manager.(10)(17)I hope not as he is the biggest liabilty at thr club+1 i hope not james is one of the worst things to happen to this club! waste of money for someone who can just about catch a cold!Isn't it about time you desperate BC fans actually waited until your useless club does something? You've been sacking Millen every day for the past two weeks and, oh look, he's still there.Keep hearing this one, but other than the fact that he has stated that he would like to manage one day am unaware of any likelyhood it will be bcfc


01 Oct 2011 20:20:01
Spoke to Nicola C at st marys today and spoke in length over signings for jan. Jay Rod still remains there top target but understands they will need to pay over 6mil and high wages. Eddie Howe wanted Lee barnard but due to a court case coming up sfc could not release him even on loan.
Another target is Forrest polish midfielder rad majaskie (spelling?)
Also a CB is still wanted and are currently scouting in Spain(11)(15)

Blah blah lies blah lies... you seriously expect us to believe that the executive chairman spoke to some no mark fan, in detail, about forthcoming signings? The fact that you've posted this bull is the very reason the conversation didn't take place, they speak to clowns like you who can't wait to run off to tell everyone else, you're a liar.

Jog on you attention seeking muppet


01 Oct 2011 20:10:30
SD of Watford to be given the push &
Aidy to replace him ....(13)(9)


01 Oct 2011 17:55:05
Bristol City will target the following managers once Millen is relieved of his duties...

David Jones
Gianfranco Zola
Billy Davies
Lee Clark
Paul Tisdale(13)(7)City played well at blackpool but the rnd product is not there tactics wrongDave Jones to be appointed next week.Billy Davies is the only sensible option, but would the the board have the bottle to take on a man who knows his own mind and would they meet HIS expectations?Derick Mclines, st mirren manager is favourite for the job


01 Oct 2011 17:54:45
Hey guys i'll get shot for this but James |Mcfadden is here at Pittodrie signing till end of the season, wat a coup for us 100% true.(9)(19)


01 Oct 2011 17:33:52
Gary Johnson to return to Bristol City after today's capitulation to hollow heads seasiders.(14)(17)


01 Oct 2011 17:21:09
Andy King is being watched tonight by several premier league clubs including Wigan and West Brom(6)(4)Not sure if he is ready for premiership yet,
his best bet to stick with LCFC this season.
Goes missing in too many matchesWouldn't make a difference if he was wanted or not, why would Leicester sell him? It's not like they need the money and he signed a new contract in April so there's no danger of losing him on a free. King was initially left out of the team but his return to form has coincided with Leicester being unbeaten in the league over the last seven games. He won't be going anywhere.


01 Oct 2011 17:13:48
Gateshead hotshot Jon Shaw will Sign for Carlisle on loan next week. With a fee already being agreed for a January permanent move. £45000 being muted around.(6)(9)45,000? Give your head a shake son and stick to chasing sheep, Heed turned down 90,000 of Luton BEFORE he started blasting goals again.Also heard this today from a few fans who were at the Wallsall game. Craig Curran going the other way on loan?That was what I have been told with Criag Curran going on loan to your lot.


01 Oct 2011 17:12:06
Millen has to leave bristol city after todays result. Dave Jones in by tues(13)(10)David James will be caretaker manager by Tuesday,


01 Oct 2011 16:22:35
James Beattie is set to complete a move to Blue Square Premier side Braintree Town after his release from Rangers.(7)(31)


01 Oct 2011 15:59:17
"Raphael Benitez has been approached to take over at Wolves for the rest of the season. McCarthys days are very numbered and a poor performance at Morgans home town team of Liverpool on Saturday will see the end of MM reign at Molineux."

Cobblers. I see one of the directors in the pub every now and again and Morgan doesn't work like that. Firstly Morgan doesn't mind if we get relegated in the short term as long as we bounce back up. Secondly Morgan and the board love Mick because he is straight up, speaks his mind and likes hard working teams rather than primadonnas. Thirdly Morgan is extremely principled and would not line another manager up for the job while someone else has it. Fourthly Morgan wants success with proper financial management and will not waste money. Fifthly Morgan doesn't believe that sacking managers is productive ala Chelsea - he favours the stability of Man United.

Whoever said Moxey would be on the way out is joking. Moxey will be at Wolves until the day he retires and could have his pick of premiership clubs for the same job.(6)(14)


01 Oct 2011 12:29:57
Mark Wilson to sign 3 months loan deal with lge1 Scunthorpe United.(12)(3)


01 Oct 2011 11:41:25
tottenham are signing david silva in return for luka mordic and bale(7)(51)Bcks im a villa fan and id rather have silva than bale and modric ,silva in my opinion is the best in premTotal ste mate so ur telling me silva is worth around about 80 mill never in a milllion years hush ur mouthProblem is Villa fan neither of those 3 would touch your club with a barge pole.Erm well one word - RUBBISH. Why would City sell their most creative and influential midfielder? Why would Silva even dream of going to Spurs? He thinks, rightly, even playing Champions league at City has damaged his career with Spain. Why would Spurs pay an effective 75m for Silva? Even with Bale not quite the payer he was a year ago it's hard to register why they would want to lose two of their three key players to gain one?
Easy answer of course is this is just RUBBISH.Silva is better than both Modric and Bale combined


01 Oct 2011 10:27:56
james macfadden going to sunderland or brum sunbs wolves(6)(20)


01 Oct 2011 07:51:45
Simon Blake to MK Dons on loan till january(6)(4)


01 Oct 2011 07:48:55
former Luton CB Anthony Hey,has been released from his deal at Bradford PA,freeing up a move to Crawley(0)(7)


01 Oct 2011 01:07:40
City to knock Napoli out of the Champions League and then steal their star man Edison Cavani to replace Tevez. Real Madrid will swoop for Robin Van Persie next summer and Neymar in January. Barcelona will sign Luis Suarez next summer , Gonzalo Higuain will replace him at Anfield... Facts !(6)(3)Gonna cost a lot of poke to get suarez 65 mil+Spoken like a true city fan best team ever win everything bla bla bla o my it not going right what should we do that right throw more money at itCavani would be cup tied in the champions league and who says city will get through that group, neymar will be off to spain at some point,van persie? to city in the summer??suarez for sure will be wanted elsewhere,and if liverpool cant qualify for champions league then he wont stay,but higuain to liverpool? cant see it.FACT - right now City are more likely to be out of the Champions league before Napoli, a poor start, which got poorer last week. We shouldn't forget the Bayern side that outclassed them were not the former winners, rather a set of completly different players who finished well behind Dortmund last year.

Neymar will not go to City he will go to Real probably when Kaka leaves. Having said that he seems the kind of unpleasant player City would sign! Of course City want Van Persie as their whole team build is based on asset striping Arsenal - not sure why the owners didn't just out bid Kroenke.

As for Suarez, well not sure why Real would want him although realise he is good, but not as good as what Real have now, and I think Hazard and Neymar are more likely names. The poster that thinks Suarez will be 65m + is I would imagine an over optimistic Scouser, my guess is 40m maximum, you only have to look at Villa and Fabregas to get the idea that not all clubs are like the silly CITY and will pay silly money in these more economically challenged times.The only fact here is this is all a figment of someones very vivid imagination


30 Sep 2011 20:38:14
Blackburn rovers are looking to replace keen ,gus poyet was approched but brighton offered him a long contract which he signed i guess there a beter prospect.blackburn are looking at up and coming managers in championship .(7)(6)Sam Allardyce might be available soon.Larry Grayson maybe availabli in jan.I heard someone say Rafa Benitez but I think more likely Dave Jones or Malky MackayOle gunnar solskeijar. 10 points clear at the top of noweigan prem with 5 games to go. This boy has leaned so much from sir Alex. Beleive me this will happen



30 Sep 2011 19:42:23
Tevez on loan to west ham until January and will then sign for Corinthians in the new year(7)(31)Thank you Roberto ManciniBbc sport says man city rejected the offer straight awayI'm guessing this bloke doesn't understand the concept of a rumour... heads up genius, a rumour is something unconfirmed that you may have heard. A rumour is not a report taken directly from an accredited source, such as the BBC, that you've copied and pasted.

Besides, my Mum's best friend's son's window cleaners dog says that Tevez will go to Corinthians on loan, a try-before-you-buy kinda thing. The team (Corinthians) are currently denying this, but we know better.Ha Ha , nice joke - I suppose London is slightly closer to Argentina, but he is clearly fed up in England so I would say no chance of that happening.


30 Sep 2011 18:45:56
Watford to sign Sligo Rovers F.C. Striker Eoin Doyle. The Top Marksman in the Irish League is on the brink of smashing Sligo Rovers 75 Year Goal Scoring Record. Doyle's strike last week was enough to knock Europa Leagues Shamrock Rovers F.C. out of the FAI Cup.(5)(11)WOW! Really? He must be good. {Ed003's Note - He's been watched by several championship clubs}Sorry guys i know this guy & txt him last night when i seen this post & he knows nothing about it. He said he's heard rumours about teams sniffing around but your clubs not one of themNever he will be playing cl football wit sligo next season why would he go 2 watford


30 Sep 2011 17:24:31
Just been speaking with ex-Swindon Town chairman Andrew Fitton.

He's not happy at Di Canio's appointment, and is worried that if Swindon don't get promoted this season that there could be trouble ahead.

He also is upset that Jeremy Wray marginalised him in the Board Room, but accepts that he should have done more to stop the rot last season.(5)(12)


30 Sep 2011 16:36:34
Norwich City have inquired about Bristol City goalkeeper Dean Gerken(12)(17)Bet he knows his onions


30 Sep 2011 16:20:26
Calderwood being lined up for a reurn in January - true(6)(16)Go on i give up which club???What as Spurs centre half? Swindon? Give us a clue.Yes a return to his dugout lolIf that clown lets CC come back to the CG doesnt he know that there will be uproar amongst the fans on this!

Not even Doutby would be that thick!


29 Sep 2011 23:45:20
Millen will be sacked if we lose on saturday, james is a strong canditate.(16)(6)What another idiot in james taking over from millen big mistakeI bloody hope not... james is the last person we want in charge!Its dave jones hes met the relevant people already


29 Sep 2011 23:08:52
Hogan ephraim will come in for a 1 month loan. finalised today(4)(9)Which club? - what are we mind readers?Top signing for anyone outside of the Prem


29 Sep 2011 23:04:06
Sean O'Driscoll on gardening leave from Doncaster will return to Bournemouth.


In case you hadn't noticed, Bournemouth already have a manager(7)(8)He is going to take all his tools with him and be the groundsman as well.


29 Sep 2011 22:20:30
Brighton will be signing Jon Jo Shelvey on loan until xmas.(5)(25)Hes joining blackpool on loanHe is going to Blackpool - no not on his holidays.Difficult, as blackpool signed him earlier this week :LShame hes not coming ,brighton def strugling now,need pick up could be in relegation trouble soon


29 sep 2011 22:14:59
t priskin coming 2 millwall?(5)(13)


29 Sep 2011 21:56:37
Crawley Town are set to sign Paul Pogba on a season long loan from Manchester United(6)(29)Not a chance hes already good enough to be playing premership football why would we loan him out to league 2?


29 Sep 2011 21:26:50
Dave Jones was at Ashton Gate for the Reading game yesterday. I seen him with the Chairman read into that as much as you like!
Sorry Millen your a nice guy but your time is short up!(7)(15)No,no,no,we do not want this man near our club, the only thing this man has done was he got wolves promoted , it took him 5 years and a massive lot of money,While I believe Jones is being lined up to take over before the Peterborough game, he was not at Ashton Gate on Tuesday.Neil Warnock was at Ashton Gate on Tuesday


29 Sep 2011 20:26:47
Just seen Jon Jo Shelvey coming out of Blackpool North Train Station and then getting on a "hire-a-bike" he was cycling towards Bloomfield Rd.

Mr.Roller Coaster {Ed025's Note - thats cos kenny said...on yer bike..(20)(7)


29 Sep 2011 19:27:58
Portsmouth will sign David James as a coach in January when he hangs up his boots. Tranmere Rovers have just got about 3 million and look to sign lots of great young players in January. Maybe Jennings on loan from Bayern the fans would absolutely love that! Everton will sign Demspey or Duff from Fulham and they are also linked with a return for Andy Johnson. Liverpool will be signing Eden Hazard. Spurs want Adebayor on a permanent deal and Man United bringing in a young star one for the future for around 15 million(8)(28)


29 Sep 2011 19:24:39
Liverpool signings in January..
Eden Hazard - 17-18 million
Javier Pastore or Yann M'Vila - 12 million
Alvaro Dominguez (Young Spaniard centre back) - 6 million

Joe Cole will make his permanent move to Lille - Either a free or a small amount
Raheem Sterling will go out on loan and then come back next season and make a few first team starts..
WATCH THIS HAPPEN! I KNOW THESE THINGS!(10)(19)Another Liverpoodle dreamer.Lille have rejected 30m for hazard so that ain't happening ...

pastore just signed for PSG for 35m so that ain't happening ...

yann m'vila is worth 20m and is also a psg target [ psg have more money than liverpool ] so that ain't happening

and finally ... alvaro dominguez will be worth at least 15m these days

BUT ... i think you could be right about the loan outs :)More dreams from liverpool, no chance with hazard, and no chance with pastore and m'villa for the reasons already stated here, until liverpool qualify for the champions league no major signings,only 2nd rate over priced players.What a load of nonsense. Hazard will go to Barcelona or Real, most likely the latter. as your previous poster pointed out Pastore as already gone, and M'Vila is roughly 8m less than Arsenal were supposedly quoted.

Be serious too much big money wasted on moderate english talent like Carrol and Henderson has blown what chances you had of being a real player. Sad to say as an Arsenal fan but like the Gunners you have no hope of signing big name talent. Sadder to say Spurs have outclassed both Arsenal and Liverpool in transfer dealings too.If PSG signed Pastore for silly money in the summer they are hardly going to sell him in Jan for 12 million! Considering hes been playing well for them also.

Moron!Dream on mate, there world class players who want to play at world class clubs


29 Sep 2011 18:40:59
Peterborough's Mr Consistent Ryan Bennett is attracting plenty of interest. After his recent call up to the U-21s the ever improving 20 year old could be subject to a big money move to a top flight team.(3)(12)


29 Sep 2011 17:11:09
carlos cuellar to bristol city - loan untill jan(4)(29)If Villa reject a bid from Rangers.
He'll not join Bristol City.Villa didn't reject a bidd ... Rangers bid 2m for him and villa accepted but then rangers had concerns over his fitness ... he won't step down to championship level


29 Sep 2011 17:10:19
James Beattie is set to join Blue Square Premier side Braintree Town after being released from Rangers(14)(26)Good, thats a decent step up for him after being in the Mickey Mouse league of Scotland.Or.... he`s coming back to Southampton.No, he's off to beautiful down town Bramall lane..I'm guessing all of the sides mentioned need someone to hand out the half-time jelly babies cos that's about all he's good for these days. No idea why people are squabbling over who signs him, who cares, he's rubbish and you're welcome to him!OK then ... he's going to the blue square premier because they will pay him 10k a week ... or will they


29 Sep 2011 17:06:50
Tubbs to Real Madrid(22)(18)


29 Sep 2011 17:03:03
Im a Villa fan and live very near the ground (unfortunately, its not the nicest place) and Carlos Cueller has been offered on loan deals to both Bristol City and Doncaster however doesnt look like Doncaster can afford the wages.(10)(8)I ave to agree wit youu, my mate at the ground said Carlos left for Brizzle this morning.Donny will be able to afford his wages more that Bristol City willYou must have good hearing pal,or you have been phone hacking.Bristol city are running into administration, whereas donny have the moneyRovers have come into the money recently, Willie Mckay has just bought a 25% share and have 2 board memeber worth 400 million each. So they can compete with anyone in this leagueBristol City into administration......we have one of the richest "british" owners in all of football....dream on


29 Sep 2011 17:01:02
List of players to leave southend if they don't acieve promotion this season:

Anthony Grant (free if he doesn;t leave in jan)

Ryan Hall
Biulel Mohsni ( free. again if he doesn't leave in jan)

Sean Clohessy.

Those out of contract at the end of the season will not sign new deals of or when they are offered new terms.(6)(7)


29 Sep 2011 16:54:58
west ham ,,leeds.. reading all after stevenages star player craig reid(6)(12)We are chasing a Stevenage player, but isnt it Wilson? Leeds, that is.


29 Sep 2011 16:45:07
players charlton should sign and will sign

gary madine £2m
stephen quinn£1.5m
elliot hewitt £2m

mark marshall £600k
matt tubbs £450k
craig reid £400k

obviously players need to go out so a list of players i reckon wont make it past january

simon francis free
gary doherty free
paul benson £200k(6)(19)Where is 1.45m we will be spending coming from? Let alone 5.5m we should be spending. Mate this aint fantasy football someone has to actually stomp up the money or are we all doing a sponsored walk before Christmas?Charlton should also sign Messi and Kaka, doesn't mean they can or have any hope of doing so.


29 Sep 2011 16:10:22
Charlton athletic had a deadline day bid rejected for Mansfield defender Tom Naylor(11)(2)That is unlucky cos he looks set for prem now having played reserve games for fulham and was stand outHes been one of our best players for a long time...


29 Sep 2011 16:03:55
dean saunders looking 4 a keeper center bk & center forward feels doncaster weak in these poitsions(11)(4)


29 Sep 2011 16:00:25
Bristol City set to seal the loan deal of Carlos Cueller From Aston Villa.(5)(10)


29 Sep 2011 15:20:59
jus herd david ball has been recalled by peterbrough united frm his loan spell from rochdale(6)(2)


29 Sep 2011 13:11:16
Davis James is set to call time on his playing career and could take over from Keith Millen if they lose against Blackpool.

He will be given until Christmas to turn things around.(5)(12)Davis James? U mean DAVID? My message to Millen is, why did you take the job in the 1st place? It's obvious you are clueless. I would like either, Stuart Pearce or Dave Jones next please. Sextone, please put us suffering fans out of our misery and SACK MILLEN! {Ed001's Note - trust me you don't want Pearce, he is a terrible coach, tactically inept and lacks any kind of intelligence whatsoever. He is the reason the England U21s are so poor.}


29 Sep 2011 12:05:43
Manager Roberto Martinez insists Wigan will not be offering a contract to free agent El Hadji Diouf.

Source: Sky Sports(21)(4)


29 Sep 2011 09:32:23
Paul Benson loan deal is off due to injury(6)(5)


28 Sep 2011 22:38:25
Walsall currently have former Chelsea midfielder Michael Woods and former Stade Brestois 29 defender Theophile N'Tame on trial (both played tonight for the reserves vs Sheff Utd)

The Saddlers are also rumoured to have offered a trial to former Preston trialist Andres Oper(14)(2)


28 Sep 2011 21:51:31
Rumour breaking tonight that Paul Bodin has been approached for the Newport County vacancy along with John Hartson.(12)(4)


28 Sep 2011 20:54:18
Tevez suspended for 2 weeks...about time. {Ed025's Note - i think he should be suspended....from a rope..(24)(4)I was going to say from a rope ED! Didnt think it would get posted.One side of story guys and don't forget he asked to leave the club in transfer window ! What makes it better is all city fans when they was rubbing it in faces of man u fans the whole welcome to Manchester thing ! What that old saying what goes around comes around ?This guy is such a good player but is behaving like a child.The quicker city sell him the better. He is poisoning the teamIs it just tevez that doing that to team this has overshadowed the dzeko bust up the problem is not the players it is the team same thing happened when chelski got all there money spend spend spend left with lots of top players not happy that what brings camp down not one player u read about city and it not always tevez what about Mario ? Dezeko ? And more o and don't forget them u shipped out already Ireland and so on it what comes with money in all walks of life money males problems fact !He should come on loan to Donny. get some of that first team experience that he craves lol


28 Sep 2011 19:14:49
Limavady United of the northern Ireland second tier has offered man city to take tevez on loan 4 the remainder of the season or until January. a quote from the vice president of this team is "Pursuant to the well publicised comments of your manager yesterday evening to the effect that Carlos Tevez would not be permitted to play for your club again, may I on behalf of Limavady United FC indicate our willingness to assist you with a difficult problem, We would be perfectly willing to take Mr Tevez on loan for the remainder of the season or until transfer, thereby permitting him to play football but without the risk of being cup-tied for the Champions League." so far they have received no reply(14)(5)


28 Sep 2011 17:49:37
Blackpool close to agreeing loan deal for Beattie and Fleck(4)(21)Oh right, the xmas lights ARE going to be switched on early.Beattie is a free agentThat's definately wrong as beattie would be on a free contract as he's unattached.I think you are very wrong. Check your info before posting rubbish.Beattie signed for Sheffield United weeks ago for free.And Fleck is not for sale.He is only going anywhere on loanWell, no beattie didnt sign for anyone, why does everyone post such utter bullst??


28 Sep 2011 17:30:28
dave jones to be manager of bristol city at chrismas(9)(17)No chance, David James will take over until a manager is found, he will do well due to the respect/contacts/etc, and will be given the job until the end of the season,I bet it will be the worst Christmas he would ever have.David james... where did you get this rubbish from?


28 Sep 2011 17:18:41
breaking news just been watching skynews the biggest movers in the next comin weeks doncaster off the bottom to be replaced by that so called team bristol city ha ha ha up the foxes

, still bitter about not getting maynard are we?(7)(10)I think you are if your still commenting about itLook after your own website leicester tty not ours idiotsWell i would not be so smug fox where are u after all the talk and money youre boring manager just got u over mid table. watching u on sunday was like watching paint dryLeicester are second only to West Ham based on the last 5 results, we have 9pts (so do Cardiff) whilst West Ham have 10pts. Leicester are unbeaten in 5 games (W2D3) and have kept three consecutive clean sheets all against top six opposition... how does that stack up against your team?

'Boro (inc the draw last night) have 6pts from the last 15 whilst Southampton, Derby and Brighton have 7pts from the last 15.

Yup, i can see now why Foxes fans shouldn't be content. As i've said several times, nobody wins the league in Aug/Sept/Oct - let's see where we're all at by Christmas and then let's compare sizes shall we?

As for Nicky Maynard... he's struggling in a terrible team. If we were in a better team he'd be doing better, simple as that. I'm delighted that BC are suffering, they could have used the money they got from him to build something approaching a capable side, but they didn't, and now it'll cost them their place in the Championship whilst super loyal Nicky Maynard skips away on a free... Ha!


28 Sep 2011 16:35:57
i saw sean o'driscoll at the city ground today ( i live in west bridgeford nottingham before you thing im making it up )could he be nottingham forests new manager if the board sack mcclaren

Dave !(9)(14)If you lived in bridgford i guess you would spell it properlyAww leave him alone he is probably from Broxtowe.Give him a break, he wrote it on the interweb so it must be true... i live in a tent on the Pitch in case you think i'm making it up. You never see me because i pack my tent away just before they open the gates at the City Ground.What the please listen please forest could have fergie , pep , wenger or god take over it would not make a difference the manager is not the problem stop on his back and sack the manager flags yes I don't like him but facts don't lie england apart look at what he has done and it is good really good but his hands r tied just like billys they both wanted players and not allowed them cos pleat said no what has forest got to do with him , he was allowed players on a free and little bit
Of money but he is right and so was Billy the job is bigger than 2-4 mil look to the board that who needs to put up or ship outYou might have seen him there, we have advertised for a new manager for the mainstand burger barAs a doncaster fan u'll get no better manager for the job he lost his job through injuries 2 his squad the doncaster board sit on him i 4 1 all the best were every he finnish upgreat hight w


28 Sep 2011 16:17:56
barnsleys ever increasing injury list means they
might have to go into loan market which manager
kieth hill would rather not do if possible
young manchester city player been mentioned
and barnsley old boy and former fans favourite
adaM HAMILL(11)(7)


28 Sep 2011 12:36:15
dave jones to be the next bristol city manger(12)(10)Yeah when just storiesIs he not the singer with the Monkees ?


28 Sep 2011 11:50:34
I have a mate at the Wolves golf day.

Fact, Doyle has agreed a new 4 year contract. McFadden is signing before Friday.

£15 Million war chest for January as SM not happy with our strength in defence and midfield.

Hooper is a target if we sell a centre forward or winger!(11)(7)Lets hope so Love to see SM or Steve McClaren given loads of money after last nights performanceFact I would McFadden to sin on Friday , fact I would love to see Wolves to buy some more players like a CB & LB or DMF , fiction I can not see why any Wolves representative would divulge such information at a golf day,the players at the clubs rarely know themselves about incoming transfers.In short your mate is either lying or you are.15m?
You can barely buy Heskey with that lol!Thats your 15mil gone on 1 player if you by hooper!If 15,000,000 is good enough in January,
why wasn't it spent in the summer??Hooper not worth 15 quid-only playing in a tin pot league


28 Sep 2011 06:44:20
PAOLO Di Canio is set to follow up the loan signing of Huddersfield defender Liam Ridehalgh with the capture of Birmingham striker Jake Jervis, the Advertiser understands.

on - Wed 28 Sep 11(16)(10)Deals have both been done as loans. onthe club website official



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