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02 Nov 2012 21:31:37
jamie Peters will sign for Braintee town after sunday game on itv former ipswich town defender and
Yeovil Town (loan)2009 Gillingham (loan) 2011 Bournemouth .



02 Nov 2012 19:47:00
Wigans Daniel Redmond is being watched by Mark McGhee who sees the youngster as a useful addition to the Bristol Rovers Engine Room initially on loan.

McGhees main target remains Danny Pugh from Leeds Utd but talks have stalled.

From a leeds fan, take him, please, he's garbage!



02 Nov 2012 19:08:27
Reading's young centre half Alex Pearce is rumoured to have rejected the clubs offer of a new contract in favour of joining Brendon Roger's Liverpool revolution for a cut-price in January or for free in the summer. Celtic are also rumoured to be circling for the young star.

Speculation will remain until he signs on. hope he dosnt go to liverpool. hate brendon

Alex Pearce "WILL" go to Liverpool if Reading FC don't give him what he is asking for. Why would he stay in a club that firstly looks like are going back down to the Championship and secondly don't play him due to contractual reasons and not performance reasons!

I can certainly see this happening. Wasn't it Brendan Rodgers that made the lad captain at the age of 21 when he managed Reading? Good luck holding onto him Reading FC...........

Just paper talk, add 2 and 2 and get 5. After only having played 9 games its far too early to judge if reading are going down.

Reading have now removed Alex Peace from the squad fully. Im pretty sure this means he is off to Liverpool. I hope Brendan makes good use of him as Reading cant hold onto him!



02 Nov 2012 17:16:52
o'grady linked with shrewsbury.3 month loan.

He's doing good at Sheffield Wed why say this rubbish:-P



02 Nov 2012 16:38:57
Paul Dickov in talks with Jose Baxter to extend his short term deal to the end of the season.

What rubbish as we all know his agent will have the say in january and no doubt he will go to the Championship. He's a great player, loves it at Oldham but agents spoil things. As Dickov told you he's talking to him????? I'll ask him at Kidderminster for you.



02 Nov 2012 14:53:57
New Burnley manager Sean Dyche is keen on signing a number of players to boost his side's chances on getting into the play offs.
Dyche is wanting to sign Marcello Trotta on loan from Fulham. Trotta has been made available on loan by the Premier League side and will join on at Turf Moor until the New Year.
Dyche is also wanting to make an ambitious bid for Bolton striker Marvin Sordell with another short term deal in the reckoning.

Sean Dyche Sent Marcello Trota back to Fulham as he didnt rate him !

Unless Austin will go, and Holden does magnificent at Bolton, I very much doubt sordell will go. Plus Burnley fans won't want him, Id much rather have Danny ings

And where have u heard this ? Trotta i can believe a bit but sordell i doubt

But why sign him for like 4-5 games tho ?

Wev got 4 strikers we dont need anymore



02 Nov 2012 14:48:56
Ian Holloway is set to snub Crystal Palace in order to stay at Blackpool. Palace are set to interview the other three names on their shortlist.

1. The favourite now for the job is Wales manager Chris Coleman. Coleman has found it hard managing at international level and may find it hard to resist a move back into the Championship.

2. Another firm favourite for the job is former Coventry boss Andy Thorn. Thorn was sacked from City earlier this season but Palace feel he's a good enough coach to carry on where Dougie Freedman left off.

3. The third name is Plymouth boss Carl Fletcher. Fletcher has impressed with the limited resources he's got at Argyle and could be offered a short term deal.

Hope your telling the truth. I dont know what us pool would do without him

If we do end up losing ian i would love to see kevin phillips to charge of the pool. He could be player manager. But would prefer ian to stay in charge. Come on the pool

Say no to any of these three.

Ollie wont leave Blackpool for Palace. Palace havent got the funds to attract him. Hes built a great set up at Blackpool and he wont leave unless he gets a Premier league team or a big big championship club. ( with money to spend)

I would let Carl Fletcher go. J

I'd like to see Paul Tisdale given a chance at a bigger club. He has done very well for Exeter. He communicates well being very articulate, can spot a good player where others dont, tactically he's very good nad has run a club on a budget for years with relative success.

Holloway has agreed to go to Palace

Good info. Any other gems to share?

Players to go in january - chadwick, gilmartin, vassel, cop, sims

Palace dont have the funds? lol, what an person. Only go to a big championship club? Palace are a big championship club! Who wrote this haha. I cant stop laughing how stupid that person is!

Oooooooo dear, proves how half you lot make things up! Ollie is a eeeeaaaaggglllleee

Thorn is a quality manager, best cov have had in a long time. give him 2mil quid and hell work wondors, he brought the best team to city fo about 4 years and the football is exciting. if you have money, thorns your man

"Ollie wont leave Blackpool for Palace. Palace havent got the funds to attract him. Hes built a great set up at Blackpool and he wont leave unless he gets a Premier league team or a big big championship club. ( with money to spend)"

! I love how people STILL assume palace are potless. We actually have 4 very rich owners.

05 Nov 2012 17:46:01
Thorn has a great eye for talent, Thorn was escape goat at city for Sisu! Palace get Thorn he will do well

"scape goat" is the phrase your after there

Look why do we have to sell these players

gilmartin is a good back up goal keeper for cole

copp is a youngster that has good poteniral

Gotta laugh all these comments. How wrong you all were. UP THE PALACE!!

For me blackpool when hollowway took them to the premiership looked like a clone of the plymouth side and belief and i do think plymouth would of gone up throught the playoffs if he had stayed but now hes gone to palace will blackpool eventually start sliding down the leagues? just as plymouth did.



02 Nov 2012 14:40:02
Matt tubbs to join York on a short term loan until January

Yes right! I believe it......(not)!

We need a goalscorer at york,needs to work hard upfront tho with the defensive formation mills plays, knows where back of net is so will be welcome at york, wages a problem tho?

He's only on 13,000 a week and cost 1,000,000 less than a year ago so I can see this one happening



02 Nov 2012 14:34:55
Blackpool have got a shortlist of three players who they would like to speak to when Ian Holloway concludes his transfer to Crystal Palace.

1. Former Nottingham Forest, Chesterfield and Barnsley boss Paul Hart is also expected to have talks with the board. The 59 year old hasn't been with a club since his departure from Swindon last year.

2. Fleetwood boss Mickey Mellon is a unsurprising favourte. Mellon has impressed a number of Championship clubs with the job he's done at Town and may be interested in speaking to his close neighbours.

3. Former Grimsby Town and Bournemouth boss Paul Groves is set to approach Pool for an interview. Groves was only sacked by Bournemouth last month and is wanting a route straight back into football.

Well if ollie goes and one of these come in we wont be going back to the prem. this will cause loads of players to leave and the team will just go down hill and know one will hear of them again. So we just have to hope ollie stays. UTMP

Surely blackpool won't be looking at paul groves, terrible win ratio at grimsby and bournemouth, make him manager and I will be betting on, him to relegate blackpool in the first season and every season there afterwards.

Groves is our youth manager now. His stats show it all, not even worth casting an eye over.

Paul groves? Good luck with that! He's the only man in football history to inherit a mid table league one side and spend a record 5million to make them relegation candidates! He has failed at Grimsby and Bournemouth so how he would even consider he could make a step up is laughable

Paul Hart is academy director at Charlton - doubt he'd go.

03 Nov 2012 10:03:40
If I were you I'd concentrate on keeping Ian Holloway, he'll be very difficult to replace. If he goes though, Paul Tisdale is an excellent manager.

Groves is useless, just ask any Grimsby or Bournemouth fan about his abilities as a boss! You'd be better off appointing the kit man as boss.

Barnsley lack consistency. The manager needs to look at his mid-field. Does he know how to organise his team. Barnsley always try to play football, but there is always a price to pay



02 Nov 2012 12:11:55
Man utd plotting a 17m move for celtic superstar victor wanyama!

I can assure you 17 million for a celtic player is absolutely ridiculous the only one who is even near that would be gary hooper. plus the guy is very average in my opinion and i do a little bit of scouting for league one and two teams so i know what im on about

I believe wanyama I good enough for man utd but 17m would need to be the total package including wages. I believe transfer fee would be around 10m and think he would be sensational in the premier league. Lots of players have left Scotland and done well including James McCarthy, mcarthur and ki

Lol although you are right about hooper, it is more likely that wanyama will get the bigger transfer then him. IF you are a scout as you say then your team surely needs a new scout because wanyama is going to be a superstar! He is goin to be one of the best players and best at his positions in a few years! He is still a bit raw and needs to develop but he is already a beast and world class. He will be worth 50 mill at least once he moves from Celtic and I could see him at a bigger club then man u in Europe. I suggest you go watch the inter Milan game he played in at the preseason and well all his highlights really, but that one game he shut down the whole Italian club. Wanyama is something special and will be the biggest talent to come out of Scotland and the spl and will set the new record for an spl transfer. If carrol and song went for big bucks of 30mill the. Going buy that wanyama is 50mill, Celtic will hold out for the right money and crazy epl prices as he is top talent and still really young.

I agree about Wanyama he is a top class player dose the scout,scout for the team formaly known as Rangers

In regards to SCOUTING for league 1 and 2 clubs! haha That why you're a scout for dire clubs mate, not champions league clubs! That I can assure you! Wanyama is worth every penny of the 17 mill now that I can promise

Scouting for league 1 & 2 - alright then!? no wonder if you cant see a player who at 21 could be turned into a world beater, if your playing sh!t week in week out as is the scottish league then he might not look that good but if he moved to prem and played good quality football he'd show his class. the only scouting you should be doing is the one which learns how to tie knots.

Wanyama was Scouted by John Park, a guy who is sought after by most top clubs in England including Liverpool and United, he preferred to stay in Scotland. Wanyama got praised by xavi and iniesta but im sure you know best mate as you scout at Grimsby or something along those lines.



02 Nov 2012 11:34:32
Former Celtic striker Mark Burchill is a target for Scottish First Division side Morton in January as they look to bolster their attacking options.

Morton aren't interested in bolstering their squad.

I know this because a club has offered them players (good pro standard players) and Morton told them to 'go away'



02 Nov 2012 09:07:09
Contract talks with wes have stalled :'(

WHAT contracts talks? Wes is under contract to NCFC until the end of 2013 so the only talks that might be going on would be an extension to his current contract.



02 Nov 2012 07:11:58
Meeting appears to have been normal with new chairman and Mr Black.
Not a peep on the embargo as said before will be at leat Jan before lifted if at all



02 Nov 2012 03:10:12
Norwich City are set to send scouts out to Mexico to watch Santos Laguna's superstar striker Oribe Peralta for the next 2 weeks to a month as they firmly set their sights on securing the Olympic gold winning player's signature in the January transfer window
It is believed Norwich City are preparing an offer of £5m bid to prise the player from the Mexican division champions

Please me true



02 Nov 2012 01:46:18
Alex Ferguson is still keen on bringing sneijder to old trafford after one season ago inter milan wanted 30 million which manchester united were reluctant but were willing to pay but sneijder wage demands meant that the expense could not be gambled

Maybe they could use want-away Nani as a bargaining chip in the transfer?


Either - not likely!

Sneider & van persie dont see eye to eye dont see this happening at all

Sneijder is keen on a move to manchester united after inters woeful start so any van persie 'rift' is all false



02 Nov 2012 00:32:28
Eddie Howe sets his sights on Cheltenham number 7 Marlon Pack as prepares to clear players this January.

Boring!!!!!!!!!!!! he has already said that he will see out his contract and then sort his future



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