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2011 19:32:50
My cousin does some ground crew contracting at Goodison and often gets beers with the higher ups of Everton. The big news is that the Toffees are eagerly coveting Bate Borisov attacking midfielder Renan Bressan. This fellow is a dynamo!(7)(19)Strangely, when one starts typing in his name in a google search it DOES default to "renan bressan everton". But none of the links really say anything about him heading there. Hmmm.... Are you onto something or not?Dave Moyes was at the Barnsley Hull game yesterday....possibly James Chester if he needs a centre half?


01 Nov 2011 15:23:50
heard rangers are going to make a loan move for diouf from man u(14)(14)How would you finance it? You lot are skint.......haha.Comin from celtic who cant afford the right bangura and bought his crappy brother instead and btw i am a qpr fan :) tho i am upto date with the spl ;)"How we going to finance it?" Champions league pal, something that'll be a dim & distance memory for Celtic.I dont think he wood cost that much am sure man utd wood cover most of his wages but to be honest i dont think hes that good a player


01 Nov 2011 15:43:43
so saints vs peterborough tonight , is the red and white army gonna get another win , of course they r , how long can this go on for , the whole season i hope , all this talk about billy sharpe coming , do we want him , i would rather have n.maynard , what is gonna be the score tonight i reckon 6-0 OR 6-2 RED ARMY(8)(14)From one saint to another - lets be confident but not complacent.....Posh cannot be taken for granted, they are another free scoring side under fergy...High scoring game for sure. COYR@ the above comment , haDon't count your chickens before they're hatched,over confidence can be dangerous.A narrow win against 10 men, not quite as emphatic as you thought. Also, don't get too carried away just yet, you look a good side but then so did Brighton early in the season. There is a long way to go yet.There's only one team that will win the championship this season and it aint southampton. Birmingham under chris houghton are the ones to beat boys, southampton might, just might nick second but I think others from the pack will emerge and they are more likely to end up in the play off'sThere's only one team that will win the championship this season and it aint southampton. Birmingham under chris houghton are the ones to beat boys, southampton might, just might nick second but I think others from the pack will emerge and they are more likely to end up in the play of
What are you Mystic Meg, Why cant Saints win the league, i agree it was a below par performance last night but we still won, 5 points clear at the top of the league, Scoring lots of goals form all over the pitch not just our strikers. Just one more thing Birmignham under Chris Houghton the ones to beat allready done that 4-1 think before you post.Saints could win the league, but they won't, fact. {Ed025's Note - not a fact is possible..I agree, southampton are playing well atm and getting the rub of the green. Everything is going right for them they cant do nothing wrong, but in my eyes they have one team at the moment and thats the starting 11, maybe one or two on the bench but i think their 'luck' will run out soon, if they get any injuries i think they will most definatly know the difference when/if a couple of players get injured for example LAMBERT if he gets injured and is out for a month then they will struggle no doubt about it because he has scored half their goals on his own, I like southampton football club i have grown up all my life being surrounded by them (well, when their winning lol) but i think the owners will have to spend some money in the jan transfer window to get 'proper' strength in debth meaning experienced defenders and attackers not the youngsters that they are bringing through the academy they should be sent out on loan i think that is the way foward these days, get the kids out to league 1 or 2 teams and give them games and experience, then when you've called them back they are ready to fill in whenever needed...........A bench on Tuesday night including Cork (an U21 international) Connelly (a full international) and Steve de Ridder shows somne pretty good strength in depth! I do agree that we need a little more backup in the striking department, but then we are the top scorers in the division. It would be interesting to see how Guly and Connely worked together up top though if Lambert did get injured...33 goals sored in championship this season Lambert got 9, hardly half is it, this has got to be a pompey fan syaing this allot of them have trouble counting. I agree with you we do need to strenghthen up front which is what Adkins will do in January but to say we would struggle without Lambert is crap, we would miss Lallana more than Lambert, anyway has'nt most teams got star players and would struugle without them I.E Barcelona without Messi are no where near the team when with him, Real Madrid without Ronaldo, Man U without Rooney, Take Van Persie and his Goals away from Arsenal and they would be in the relagation places. One more thing how do you know we are getting the rub of the green do you watch us week in week out, we are playing some good neat and tidy footbal especially at home, i think some certain rival fans are jelous and hate to us doing so well. COYR

Richard Lambert 9
Guly Do Prado 5
David Connolly 5
Adam Lallana 4
Steve De Ridder 2
Richard Chaplow 2
Jos Hooiveld 2 1 3
Jonathan Forte 0
Dean Hammond 1
Morgan Schneiderlin 1
Dan Harding 1
Lee Holmes 1


01 Nov 2011 15:04:24
Southampton have renewed there interest in Liam Fontaine he failed a medical there in the last transfer window but is now fully fit and he will move there in january(6)(10)

Might happen if we can't get Jos Hooiveld Perminant. And if Jaïdi is in the first team picture.
But thought he failed because of chronic knee problems. So not sure what would have changed from the summer to now :/You wont get him, fonts is the anchor at the back and his performances since he came back from injury have been superb especially at west ham tuesday.. looks like mcinnes rates him highly himself unlike KM did so expect any bid to be rejected


01 Nov 2011 14:58:58
Portsmouth to sign Bradley Wright Phillips from Chalton on loan until January when they will complete the permanant deal worth around 1.2 million, reliable source from within the club, also rumour is down here that 2 more loan signing will arrive before the international break. Also Sean O Driscoll will be named as Portsmouth new manager tomorrow.(13)(24)Aint get any money and sudddenly 1.2 million comes from nowhere i dnt think sooFirstly, your grammar and english is awful. Secondly, PFC has got money, new onwers have signed 9 players to date. They will continue to build in the next ransfer window. PUP.Before you comment do your home work first .pupPlease answer me one question: why on earth wud charlton LOAN portsmouth BRADLEY W-P until january wen he is scoring most of there goals at the moment, not saying a deal wont be dun in jan thougthPaul Benson's for sale, he's a better bet. He'll get plenty of goals for you in league1 next year.Charlton dont have to sell so why would they?Charlton are a bigger club than Portsmouth and we will be in the league above you next year, so why would he want to move?Just because Pompy have some money now does not mean that clubs will sell them their best assets. BWP is the leading goal scorer in League 1 with Charlton (not Chalton) currently occupying an automatic promotion place. Charlton had a takeover last year which means they do not have to sell, so why would they? 1.2m …… please only a club desperate to sell would let him go for that and Charlton are certainly not that anymore.This seems an unlikely transfer but ultimately money talks and although some say differently, Pompey do now have some money. Having said that would think if O'Driscol takes over, Billy Sharpe is much more likely to be the striking target.No way will Billy Sharpe leave Donny to go to Portsmouth, i am not saying that he wont leave, just cant see him going to Pompey, i am sure he will be hoping for a better club than them, he might as well stay with us as we will finish above Pompey this season. He is a quality striker and if he does leave he deserves a quality club.Donny to finish above Pompey...what ru on? Saunders is throwing loan players (poor ones at that...Diouf for 3 months!) at an already poor team and isn't even playing ur best player (Coppinger). Why wouldn't Sharp (if u do support Donny, get ur players spellings correct) come to Pompey and play for the manager that got the best out of him (S o'D)? Who knows we might nick Coppinger off u too. PUP.Why would any player like billy sharp want to go to a club no bigger than the team he is at now and only gets 12-000 fans at their games he's better going to that bigger club down the road that gets 26-000 fans and guess what there top of the league and we know they have got plenty of moneyPompey have been sucked in hole chewed up and spat out and recoverd only recently got new. owners with a bit of cash behind them and building a club from scratch starting with getting a new manager so watch this space they might be mid table this season but watch out for next and has anyone heard of chaltonNo old pal, never heard of chalton, they some none league side then, i have heard of a little club called charlton, but think they none league too..!


01 Nov 2011 14:40:24
emile heskey is believed to be on his way back to leicester as a result of martin o'neils likely appointment as manager, he is believed to want to take up a coach roll upon retirement(12)(25)Brilliant - except O'Neil isn't going to Leicester.Thought he had retired,well,from scoring goals that is.Has he said no then?^^ I very much doubt he has said yes.Can trap a ball further than I can kick itO'Neil hasn't said a thing. There were plenty of stories that he didn't want it but not one of them includes a single quote from the man himself, considering the story came from the Daily Mail that's no surprise. I can't see it being MON though but i'm fast getting to the point of not caring, get it sorted before Leeds!


01 Nov 2011 14:11:59
Plymouth Argyle to look at signing Steve Kabba in January along with another striker(7)(9)That will be Steve Brooker then.


01 Nov 2011 12:49:59
Swindon town are about to agree a settlement with Lucas Magera to leave the club, whilst he signed a 2 year deal at the club he is their highest earner, he wants first team football to try and make the euro 2012 squad, Di canio isn't impressed with his work rate and is trying to release the funds to make the Jervis signing permanent in January.

Timlin will not be sold to Southend and will come back to the club in Jan, as will Bodin, Clarke will not be returning and has attracted interest from 3 league 1 clubs.

Other players due to leave are esejas and Risser.(7)(9)Southend stand a great chance in extending his loan.

With the choie to making it permenant,Rumour has it Timlin didnt like the tough training set out by Paulo which is the reason he is out on loan and i cant see him coming back to STFC he nearly joined Southend in the summer as alot of his family support them and i would expect them to sign him permanently or extend his loan. As for Magera something is going on with him as he has hardly featured since he signed so could be true.What you will see is a lot of players leaving in January. Sir Martyn Arbib and Andrew Black are going to pull out if Swindon are not in the top 7 by the end of January or are too many points adrift of the automatic promotion slots.


01 Nov 2011 12:04:37
Southampton want experienced right back bradley orr from qpr on loan until january and then they will make a 500,000 pound bid for him(3)(16)Why would they need an experienced right back we already have Frazer Richardson (29) and danny Butterfield (31) both lots of experience and both have played this season and done very well, no need to strengthen that position, Ask the real Saints fans, the season ticket holders and most will say we need a central, defender Dan Seabourne still recovering from serious head injury and dealt will play again theis season. I think we also need to complete the permanant signing of Jos Hooiveld who has been very good and gets better each game and also a striker, we have scored lots of goals so far this season but most saints fans that i speak to would like to see an out and out striker, Lee Barnard is going to jail very soon and connolly has done well but can be sure he will stay fit for the whole season. COYRYh right back really not a problem tbh. If all goes wrong with Frazer and Dan we have Stephens to fill in as well as Cork.
Hopefully Jos to stay a Saint and a striker will be nice. But we are still top scorers in the division so not essentialWould love to see him back at BCFC


01 Nov 2011 10:35:59
I have it on good authority from within the club that Southampton will complete the loan signing of Billy Sharp after Saturdays game, during the international break. Also Nigel feels that the right back area needs strengthening and will look to complete the signing of Nathaniel Clyne from Palace in January.(8)(15)I doubt you have any sources and this is common knowledge. However I can;t see Palace signing one of there hottest prospect in January when they are going great guns at the moment. Sharpe Maybe, Clynne NoI'd be surprised if Billy Sharp goes anywhere just now after the death of his baby boy - I'm sure he has other things on his mind


01 Nov 2011 07:24:41
No it doesn't answer the Ipswich/Milwall debate - look at the league table(7)(8)


31 Oct 2011 23:22:15
Wrexham utility man Nat Knight-Percival is top of Tranmere Rovers managers wish list in January, when he is hoping to sign him for 100k including a loan deal for defender David Buchanan till May. Left-footer Knight-Percival who can play in defense, midfield and up front has impressed this season after moving to center back from his forward role last season.(1)(10)What?! Send Buchanan on loan to the Conference?! A player who is starting every single game and putting in quality performances week in week out?! Don't think so...


31 Oct 2011 22:27:41
avram grant turned down pompey job as they still haven't paid him from before(21)(22)Lool you sir are pretty funnyFrom what's been made public in the media, a lot of people never got paid from before.Yes true but now things have change everyone has been paid got new owners who knows what they are doing and they have a bit of money so please keep up to date pupThe new owners do not have money, every owner you have had, said they had money and look what happened. Every player signed has been loaned or a cast off.........The walls are crumbling still!!The only people who got paid in full was the previous Owner (Chanrai) as he was a tier one creditor (17m), other clubs they owed money too (condition of Football League) and the charities they 'forgot' to pay. Everyone else is getting paid in installments over the next 4.5 years including Mr Grant. A better vicious rumour would be Harry going back (and not having the 'medical procedure' which has stopped him travelling with Spurs to Europe but going down to agree a contract at Fratton Park)!! Now that would be really funny!!20p in the pound the cheeky pompey chavs paid, charities and schools. Still Gallent FA cup winners eh?


31 Oct 2011 22:14:34
Newcastle Utd are to loan misfit Nile Ranger to Doncaster until the end of the season, in a final 'sort your life out' deal. If Ranger messes up, he will be kicked out of Newcastle Utd.

The Geordies are also interested in Wycombe's Jordan Ibe, and are prepared to offer £250,000 for the young player tipped for a big future.(11)(13)Whats happened with the Smith nailed on for W.Ham stuff?Smith and ranger are being looked at by big sam but dont see ranger coming as hes diouf in the making so we might as well sign dioufIs this the same Jordan Ibe who is being tracked by United and Liverpool for several times your suggested price?


31 Oct 2011 22:10:56
doncasters mckay looking at bringing Gomes 2 donny till xmas as he wants first team football(5)(15)That's funny cos I fort dean Saunders for the gaffer there now lolGomes thinking.....hmm where do i go, Brazil or Doncaster? Make your own minds up!This rent a player scheme could seriously
backfire on us when all these talisman have
moved on to richer pastures the lads they
have replaced think why should i stay and
request to move on .Would/not blame them


31 Oct 2011 15:10:35
charlton to win title not huddersfield and sheff utd dont have a strong enough squad

sheff wed to go up aswell

charlton to sign jordan rhodes(14)(40)We will see and as for signing jordan rhodes not a prayer hes not leaving you couldnt afford him for 1 and dont think youve got 5 million to spend keep dreaming 41 unbeaten and countingWhy would huddersfield let us sign Rhodes? Ok the board may give Powell money but it wont be enough to sign RhodesTOWN up as CHAMPIONS. RHODES not going anywhere yet. Charlton shud concentrate on keeping hold of Bradley Wright-Phillips & forget about signing players they just cant afford41 and couning so what.have u forgot the playoffs. have a good look at the table and we ant at how best yet and money 2 spend in jan/Yes we hav forgot about the play-offs, so last season.! we are a club thats lookin forward, not dwellin on the dim & distant past. Is that really the best u can do..?If you aren't "dwelling in the past" then why keep mentioning this 41 game streak, which is, wait a minute...........the past!4 weeks tonight cant wait 2 shut you lot up.3 1 charlton and rhodes wont score morrison wiil eat him alive you lot are nothing.Huddersfield are not gonna win the title41 games is not the past its the present and hopefully the future, we are loud and proud of this fantastic run and long may it continue. Town will be champions we already have the squad in place now, don't need to add unless we get injuries to key players, if this happens we have the money to bring in quality replacements. Jordon Rhodes to ne top league 1 goalscorer.Sounding a bit jeleous of the mighty terriers recent good fortune. We are 41 unbeaten and damned proud of it too. Perhaps you should concentrate on keeping hold of Bradley Wright-Phillips as he'll be gone in January. UTTAs a neutral I believe both Charlton and Huddersfield will go up this year.As a Charlton man I believe there are 30 games still to be played and lots can happen so no one should be counting chickens. We are playing very well at the moment, enjoy it while it lasts.Lets hope the charlton defence mark RHODES really tight & ok if u want u can stop him from scoring, TOWN arnt a 1 man team, we got goals in us from all over the pitch, NOVAKS guna get ya, u hav been warned. !Get a grip you full!! Rhodes can probably have his pick of championship teams and possibly even bottom half premiership. Destined for better things than Charlton.Sence when hudders been a big club i fincknot your just i little club up north {Ed003's Note - I would check your football history books before making a statement like that}


31 Oct 2011 14:31:07
qpr are set to sign andy johnson from fulham on a two year deal apparently worth 2mil(23)(13)I would have thought QPR could go a bit further up market with the cash available and to repeat the potential to repeat the 40m payday the PL brings.

I would also say that Johnson would be worth substantially more money than that.Contract running low and he isn't a spring chicken, personally I dont want him but this is a rumour that wont dieAJ is worth alot more than that


31 Oct 2011 14:16:11
Emile Heksey is rumoured to be making a loan move to Doncaster Rovers as he hasnt found form this season.(5)(35)He'll suit Donny then as they haven't found form either!Heskey hasn't found form? he never had any!Was this Heskey rumour to throw everyone off the Diouf transfer?Is there any one old and slow doncarster dont want?


31 Oct 2011 14:14:28
Aldershot town want hometown boy joe ralls from cardiff city on loan for 3 month deal...Ralls is looking to gain more 1st team football(14)(5)


31 Oct 2011 13:56:53
QPR set to sign Sebastian Bassong from spurs on loan for the rest of the season in January and also want to sign Joe Ledley from Celtic and Nicky Maynard from Bristol City. Set to offload Helguson, Buzaky and Ephraim all to Southampton!(10)(31)Joe Ledley wont leave CelticBassong wants to come, Maynard is a new one on me, but no major shock, where you got Ledley from is probably your imaginationWhen Bassong wants to come, let me know.Hegulson, Buzaky and Ephraim not good enough for Saints COYRYeah , like he wouldnt leave Cardiff??


31 Oct 2011 13:48:12
Kane Ferdinand will sign for Scunthorpe
United in January.(5)(17)Dont think so matie Forest are after himHe isnt going anywhere.

From the person best to say - A southend united fan.Regardless of Ferdinand I see Scunny climbing the table very soon.


31 Oct 2011 13:43:52
Bryan Robson to be interviewed for Leicester job. He is believed to have been involved in the 'sale' of Leicester with his Far Eastern contacts and was actually approached and declined before Sven was appointed.(17)(27)Would that be the same Bryan Robson who WAS NOT involved in the sale of Leicester City and the same Bryan Robson who is still fighting Throat Cancer? Congratulations, you're an attention seeking pillock.No It's the Bryan Robson who announced he had beaten throat cancer in August this year (which was fantastic news). Oh and an attention seeker would normally give their name - for the attention - Pillock!Bryan robson another one who has never done anything. couldn't manage a p### up in a breweryBryan Robson, now that would be funny.


31 Oct 2011 13:30:38
Joe Partington, ( Bournemouth) seen at Swindon today with agents rep. Possible move in January.


Whilst Lee Bradbury is in charge of Bournemouth, Joe Partington will not be going anywhere unless it's on a loan deal as "Bradders" regards "Parts" as future captain potential(4)(12)


31 Oct 2011 12:28:02
nottingham forest keeping tabs on southend trio kane ferdinand,ryan hall and bilel moshni.

cotterill also weighing up a move for kadeem harris at wycombe recomended by k burt.(16)(10)It does not cost much to keep an eye on them. Losing 10 million a year I suppose that's all we will do.The three arent going anywhere.

Southed are not selling anyone.Southend will sell fact! money talks im afraid. say goodbye.Forest will wheel and deal in jan,these wont cost the world.Yes Moneys talks but no at the moment.

The club is top the league and will gain more from the keeping the two then selling.

They love the club and the fans and dont want to leave.

So take your newspaper soures and bug Crawley insted.


31 Oct 2011 11:43:28
Charlton boss Chris Powell has rejected an offer an interview with his former club Leicester City. The former Foxes coach has decided to stick with the table topping Addicks(8)(21)I would prefer baden powellIf any League one manager is being approached I think it will be Powell however, with the sort of cash they are talking about spending I don’t think they would entrust it to a comparative novice. Alan Curbishley was the most successful manager in England until recently (not with trophies but club development) I can’t understand why he is out of work. Leicester should take AC, he is capable of delivering promotion and adjustment to the PL no other names being banded about can match that.


31 Oct 2011 09:14:06
Manchester City and Ivory Coast defender Kolo Toure is set to fly to Spain over the next few weeks to speak to Sevilla after the Spaniards had a £7 million bid accepted for the former Arsenal player. Toure is hopeful he can agree terms with the Seville club so a move can take place once the new year arrives.(18)(11)


31 Oct 2011 08:19:24
southampton,, west ham and leeds after stevenages craig reid(3)(27)Bound to go to leeds because their a propper big clubI dont even know why we (west ham) are even interested in going for these types of players IF this true we are a premiership club so theres no point in trying to sign these players, look who he plays for at the moment stevenage no disrespect but come on really? you are right there the guy above, im sure he will go to leeds because their a club without much ambition and are quite happy sitting 8th or so in the championship.Correct me if im wrong but the last time i looked west ham were playing in the championship(not premiershipIf Big sam doesnt get them up this season , they will be in the Championship for a while. Either way he will be sacked at the end of the season. So theres not really any motivation there is there?


31 Oct 2011 04:16:04
As unbelievable as this sounds check it out, I have a man on the inside at Goodison Park and David Moyes is about to leave by mutual consent. Will be announced either Wednesday or Thursday.

It is known that Sunderland have approached him to replace Steve Bruce, Everton's plan is to go to Southampton and try to entice Nigel Adkins which should be interesting as he is a lifetime Liverpool supporter.

This is gods honest truth and is going down now, people in the know are already putting serious money on at the bookies, Check the sites tomorrow I 100% guarentee you wont get odds on Moyes being next manager to leave a premiership club.(20)(20)Yet no newspaper or journalist or anyone else has said a thing. Wow, your friend in the know must be good at keeping secrets.Funny how this sort of rubbish is always going to be announced "in a day or two" isn't it? It's almost like someone is making it up... surely not?If moyes was going to leave aston villa would have been were we went months agoWhat a load of odds change at the bookies either!!


30 Oct 2011 23:12:03
William Sharp is set to join Southampton in the next few days on loan until January then he will sign a 2 1/2 year deal.
He visited Southampton today to discuss the move.

Absolute tosh, Billy Sharp didn't play for Rovers on saturday because 1 of his relatives have died. He wont be leaving Donny unless its Jan or the summer(18)(21)


30 Oct 2011 22:20:03
Reading to sign snodgrass for 2m and
jimmy kebe good reliable source(10)(27)Jimmy Kebe already plays for Reading , lol.Pure fantasy !
Leeds turned down 5M in the transfer window so why would we let him go for 2?
Also why would he want to move ?
Where do you get these fantasies fromWe know kebe plays for reading but the
post says reading will pay 2m plus kebe
for snodgrass
read the posts properlyCant see it happening. Only teams Snoddy would leave for are Prem teamsErm dont think so. Fact we turned down a bid of nearly 5m over the summer for snoddyPut a one in front of the 2m and you'd be about halfway there


30 Oct 2011 21:50:53
Leicester held talks with Mark Hughes today but NO decision has yet been made. Permission to speak to Lee Clark will be asked for tomorrow and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is also on the radar. Billy Davies hasn't been spoken to yet but could also hold talks tomorrow. Martin O'Neill still hasn't officially said no as he is pleased with the wage offered, transfer budget, ambition and has not been told no to any of his potential transfer targets but he hasn't received the job security assurances he wanted which is stopping anything progressing. New man likely to be unveiled on Wednesday or Thursday but could be at Burnley game on Tuesday(23)(12)My guess is, its sparky


30 Oct 2011 21:44:44
Former Mk Dons striker Ali Gerba is set to join league one side Walsall on trial following his release by Montreal Impact this month(7)(6)


30 Oct 2011 20:54:46
expect mark hughes to be named new leicester city manager after the game on tuesday the deal has been done tonight, very solid source(6)(16)Well better than the likes of avram grant,ian dowie etc

Who will Mr Hughes bring in as big names ?You mean after you get demolished by Burnley ?Look at ian stringer (radio leicesters ) twitter page says that mark hughes is in talks with leicester.I do not think mon will be here so hughes looks like the best of the rest to me the sooner someone is chosen as the new manager the better for fans and clubI think Mark Huges would be a brilliant signing, he and Alan Curbishley are the only ones that make any sense for that job. Unless you could coax Gus Poyet of course!


30 Oct 2011 19:05:08
Mark Hughes at the leicester ground as we speak in talks solid source(11)(31)


30 Oct 2011 18:30:28
Burnley to sign Swindon attacking midfielder Matt Ritchie on loan with view to permanent agreement in January.(10)(16)Dont be sooooo stupid, we will loan out our best player when we are moving up the table towards promotion, what planet are you on...Ritchie is leaving in January. Heard from a source at the club today that Sir Martyn is considering withdrawing from the consortium as he is a) not convinced that Di Canio can get Swindon promoted and b) his health is not too good. Sir Martyn is a good friend of Andrew Fitton and was sad to see him forced out by the 'radical' Jeremy Wray.

Be warned Town fans - if you are not promoted, the club will go into meltdown. Expect things to become clearer after Christmas....This is what can sometimes make this site ridiculous beyond belief, if you had said they were going to make a 750k+ bid for him in jan, then maybe he would be sold, but loaning our best player to Burnley, Really, maybe if we swap him on loan for Austin.... yep not gonna happen either is it ! As for the comment about financial trouble, that is ministry of the bleedin obvious, all clubs need to be in higher leagues to earn more money, we are no different..... If Ritchie is sold in Jan it will not be for peanuts but for a bid that reflects his worth to us, then we can go and buy a decent forward..If Mr Arbib is that gutted about Fitton going, then why did he and the other backers appoint Wray as Chairman, dont be a muppetMaybe Sir Martyn didn't choose, but was PERSUADED too rather than risk turmoil in the Boardroom.

Now, who's the muppet?


30 Oct 2011 17:34:28
heard that a few spl sides are looking at signing pearson from derby(13)(7)Why would he want to come back up to scotland again he went down to england to play in the big league because he was to good in his words to play up in scotland is he not getting a game in the micky mouse league nowHe has been told he is free to go and there isnt much interest in him from english clubs


30 Oct 2011 17:30:02
Do you think there is a chance of Liverpool signing anyone in january and who? Thanks(14)(12) long as they are over 20 million
and totally over rated dopey dalgliesh will have em..hope that answers your question chap.Aquero, Hazard,Silva,Modric,Johnson, the sale of Suarez to Real Madrid will fund some of these, ok mate?Aguero silva modric ha.Mid season is not a good time to sign players, it's usually more expensive and less effective due to pre-season etc etc. Depends on the player though and likely competition for his signature.


30 Oct 2011 15:46:43
Portsmouth are keen to appoint former striker Lee Bradbury from Bournemouth. The Pompey board are wanting some passion installed at the club and see a former player the best way to go. Bradbury will sign a two and a half year deal.(5)(25)I'll drive him therePortsmouth have stated that they want a Manager with Championship experience so I would doubt that Lee would be on the list - especially with the alleged 40 applications they have received and some are known to have experience.


30 Oct 2011 15:45:27
Arsenal have identified defender Daniel Van Buyten from German giants Bayern Munich as their next target in January.(17)(19)


30 Oct 2011 15:32:40
Tottenham are set to sell Roman Pavlyuchenko and Heurelho Gomes. Roman Pavlyuchenko has been subject of a £7 million bid from Arsenal after the Russian forward claimed he wanted to stay in London whilst Gomes, is already in talks with Italian side Fiorentina.(12)(15)Sorry mate load of tosh, gomes will almost definitely be going home and the same can be said of roman!I doubt very much that Roman will go to Arsenal as Wenger does not support the target man approach.


30 Oct 2011 15:27:28
man city to swap tevez for real madrid winger di maria making adam johnson available and liverpool are leading the race for him. Also liverpool are looking closely at luuk de jong a 20 year old striker from fc twente(16)(13)Johnson more likely to move to Villa Park.
Kop have enough wingers


30 Oct 2011 12:24:06
Kevin Keegan and huddersfield manager lee clarke will become manager/assistant of leicester city(7)(43)On ESPN yesterday, keegan said there was no truth into the rumour and that he wasnt ready to get back into managementThank god for small merciesThat means he be installed on Monday thenKk was abit sheepish though......hes hardly going to yes im on for the job is he !!

matty bI dont think Lee Clark will want to be anybodys assistant not even to KeeganWhy would KK want to be Lee Clark's assistant


30 Oct 2011 10:44:53
Update on the Leicester Manager search.

5 contenders still in the running...

1. Lee Clark
2. Martin O'neill
3. Billy Davies
4. Neil Lennon
5. Dave Jones(13)(29)Kevin Keegan And lee clarke will become manager/assistant togetherNo KK on the list then, though he was watching Leicester at Upton Park yest.
No Sparky neither, though he has had negotiations with representatives of the club!Wrong. Neil Lennon is not, and has never been considered. The Keegan Clark partnership was looking favourite until mark Hughes acknowledged his interest on Saturday evening. There was a meeting in London between Leicester and Hughes. Don't know the result of it tho.MO'N ruled himself out.Mon has never ruled himself out, all he said was he hadn't been approachedMon has ruled himself out because he said he is waiting for a perm job, so get your facts rightDo not take lennon he is doing a good job for rangers up in scotlandMON has NOT ruled himself out, nor does he need a Perm. Check the story that was started by that footballing hotbed, the Daily Fail again and you won't find a single quote from O'Neil. Dumbass

Pointless anyway, it's looking like it'll be Mark HughesLee clark has stated he is not goingThen lee clark also needs a dose of prune juice always keeps me regular


30 Oct 2011 10:16:17
Southampton have identified three targets for the January transfer window.

Nicky Maynard, Ross Wallace and Nathaniel Clyne.

Also, Nigel Adkins wants to extend the loan of Jos Hooiveld until the end of the season with a view to a permanent transfer in the summer.(13)(12)Has this come from inside the club?
Where did you get this if this is genuine?Of course this hasnt come from inside the club, the clubs transfer policy is tied up tighter than a ducks ase. This is just some guy who wants 15 minutes of fame or an agent of these payers, trying to get a better deal for their client - they put it out there and it snowballs and gets more interest, meaning an increase in price.I heard in the summer that some sort of deal for Clyne had been close .... wonder if it'll happen?!Surely not a rumour about Maynard to S'ton never heard that before on here lol

wasnt that a dead cert before the august window came to an end as wellIn answer to point one no on both counts. A saints fan wish list.


30 Oct 2011 09:09:01
Liverpool are interested in signing Gary Cahill,Luuk de Jong,Gaston Ramirez and Eden Hazard who will without doubt be the hardest target to obtain. Maxi Rodriguez,DirK Kuyt,Martin Skrtel and a number of players currently on loan such as Alberto Aquilani,Joe Cole and Dani Pacheco are all thought to be surplus to requirements. {Ed025's Note - good luck with that..(7)(20)Ha enjoyed that. Think again!Ur deluded my friend u have no chanceGary Cahill ! LoL! one carthorse to replace another.


30 Oct 2011 00:48:14
Southend are looking at Carl Fletcher on loan.

The midfielder is fed up of life at Plymouth and will make the move in Janaury.

Sturrock feels he is the midfield engine the squad will miss if Timlin does not sign.(3)(24)I doubt it - He's just been appointed full time Player / Manager of Argyle this morning.....


29 Oct 2011 23:56:31
Well. That puts the millwall ipswich debate to bed then. James henry to ipswich? Yeah, why not?. He would fit in there.(1)(12)Yes Milwlall are the best team in the universe after beating our very poor team yesterday and I dare say are better than us at the moment. Im sure every town fan wishes they could exchange our Uefa cup, fa cup and champions of england trophies for those league 1 titles of yoursAs a regular viewer of this site and Town fan, I have to say the who’s bigger Millwall / Ipswich argument has been a massive bore on this site.
Ok we put a bid in for one of your players which was turned down unfortunately a small minority of Millwall fans on this site decided to take offence and puff there chests out saying how great your club is. Maybe it is, to you. Yes you beat our very poor side yesterday and maybe you are a better team at present. But please don’t think you history is anything on ours. We are a small club that was overachieved winning the UEFA CUP, FA CUP and have been champions of England and produced the best two English managers of all time and are the only English team never to lose at home in Europe in some 50 or more games. Your list of achievements stops with winning league 1 please take some perspective WERE BOTH SMALL CLUBS BUT WE HAVE A HISTORY!! put this to bed now and stick to TRANSFER RUMOURS only.


29 Oct 2011 22:32:34
At the Celtic game today lots of fans saying, Gordon Strachen back to Celtic as he fells he can restore some pride and get Celtic back to winning the league again, as Neil Lennon will go to lester in the next few weeks due to having lost the dressing room(11)(8)Lennon will not go to LEICESTERStrachan passion dont make me laugh i have more passion in the end of my finger than that man hasYeah take starchan back, got us to last16 of champs league TWICE thats not a fluke, he could get the players at club playing like a team again.Lennons to stubborn commons issue has made him lose the dressing room, swallow ur pride lenny before is to late!


29 Oct 2011 21:59:54
I Won't comment on Hall Or Ferdinand as I don't know and have heard nothing.

But what I have been told and genuinly so is that an offer from Plymouth has been on the table at Southend for a few weeks in regard to acquiring the services of Paul Sturrock and Graham Coughlan.

This was James Brent's idea to give Southend plenty of time to think over the offer and and for Blues to iron out compensation details with them and with Sturrock and Coughlan.

If they remain at Roots Hall this offer will be kept quiet from the media as much as possible. If they are heading back to Home Park expect it to happen quite soon.

All this was subject to the takeover being completed and it now has been.(2)(7)Well why would he leave the to be champions to go to the bottom of the League?

Get real.Why did Barry Fry leave when Blues were heading to the Prem to go to Brum who were fighting relegation? Why Thompson leave in the second tier to go to a team a division below?As I have said before..

What does the past have to do with now? Times have changed.


29 Oct 2011 21:20:12
heard from a good celtic supporter with close connections at parkhead that mr lennon has two games to save his celtic career - 6 points is a must from their next two games - very tricky away games to motherwell and inverness c.t.(15)(4)Lennon should go now as he is total garbage and no one wants to play for him or get their finger out.


29 Oct 2011 21:18:10
I have it on good authority that Paul Sturrock is considering an offer from Plymouth.

Kane Ferdinand will sign for Posh in Jan and be loaned back to the end of the season.

West Ham or Ipswich will sign Ryan Hall next summer.(6)(12)


29 Oct 2011 20:09:51
wallace of burnley to blackpool = £ 250,000(2)(23)What rubbish,longside dave


29 Oct 2011 19:57:26
William Sharp is set to join Southampton in the next few days on loan until January then he will sign a 2 1/2 year deal.
He visited Southampton today to discuss the move.(12)(22)Who's William Sharp,sorry for asking but I just don't know. {Ed025's Note - he could mean billy sharp of doncaster?If he has visited Southampton then the chances are that he will no longer want to go there to live!


29 Oct 2011 16:13:09
Southampton: Saints remain interested in Coventry's Lukas Jutkiewicz and will bid £2 million in January.

Southampton will be boosted in January when Arsenal pay the final installment of the Oxlade-Chamberlain fee. ("Up front" fees dont mean the fee is paid in one cheque. Up front means no clauses. Arsenal's "up front" fee for Oxlade-Chamberlain was payable over 6 months.)

Saints have several other options but Jutkiewicz remains top of the list. Coventry remain desperate for cash(20)(13)He is off to boro mate deal is allready done since august couldnt get it done in time thoughAs a Cov fan, with our board... either team would get him for 2m and get a decent acquisition for this leagueNo offence to the lad, but as the post above says, good acquisition for THIS LEAGUE. Southampton need to be thinking ahead to next year in the Prem where we will need more strength in depth and some more fire power alongside LambertSouthampton fans need to relaise they are still not in the premier league! long way to go yet pride and falls spring to mind!


29 Oct 2011 16:08:53
Portsmouth: Eddie Howe remains on the wanted list but the club are also keen on speaking with Peter Reid.(1)(20)Sunday papers. Eddie Howe states he's not interested in the Portsmouth job.
Hard luck Skates,how's your season so far,great at St.Mary's.Eddie Howe has got form when it comes to saying he's 100% committed somewhere


29 Oct 2011 15:35:19
Joe Partington, ( Bournemouth) seen at Swindon today with agents rep. Possible move in January.(2)(10)I doubt it very much as Lee Bradbury made sure to tie him up with a longer contract at the end of last year, despite knowing that he was going to be out for a while after an operation last may. He is in Bournemouth's long term plansA loan move could be good for him thoughAt the moment he is injured again.. he has been very unfortunate with his injuries, but Bradbury has said publicly that he sees Joe as a future captain. Maybe visiting his mate an ex Cherry Alan Connel


29 Oct 2011 01:32:00
Barnsley ..........3-2 bristol city;
Burnley..............2-0 blackpool;
Birmingham.........1-0 brighton;
Palace...............2-1 reading;
Derby................2-1 portsmouth;
doncaster...........2-2 coventry;
Milllwall..............2-0 ipswich;
notts.f...............2-1 hull ;
soton.................1-2 middlesbro;
watford..............1-1 peterbro;
west ham............3-1 leicester
leeds .................3-1 cardiff;(4)(28)Hmm only 1 away win some how don't think that will happenYou got the saints score wrong you person , 3-0 hahahha still top and loving it , boro were crapYeah and you predicted the only way win at the most fortress ground in the league you numpty!We never beat cardiffOh dear oh dear your boro were outplayed and out classed by the mighty saints have you seen saints home record
i think you only had one shot on target and that was in the warm up before the game


29 Oct 2011 01:06:15
Kevin Keegan to be next Leicester City manager!!
All but confirmed. Hes a big name in Thailand and owners want to keep the reputatiion of big named managers at the club.(17)(18)No chance he has been out of the game to longLooks like a good move for lcfcExperienced managers dont like the look of the challenge at LCFC.....we all know why....;-)I'd luv it; KK Would be a great appointment for Leicester!Hes got the know how and would be a great asset to the club . and with the owners backing we could make the playoffs


28 Oct 2011 23:53:55
Burnley are lining up a move imminently for a left sided midfielder at Scottish side St mirren ,the unnamed midfielder has been watched recently and was particularly impressive against Rangers,chief scout Tim Henderson will be going to see the player this week,with a decision expected on how to get the player in sooner than January's window ,also expect an holding midfielder to become a priority after the capture of the Scottish wonder kid,plus a left back and a keeper in the summer ,still no news of a Centre Half though .utc(7)(8)


28 Oct 2011 22:31:24
who would you prefer manutd to sign in January Mario Gtze or Nicolas Gaitan {Ed025's Note - for me its gotze....but thats just me..(15)(5)


28 Oct 2011 20:55:15
Liverpool will sign Seydou Doumbia from CSKA Moscow in January for a fee of around 20m to try and convert some of the wasted chances they are failing to score.

Also LFC scouts are searching for a replacement for the outgoing Maxi Rodriguez who is getting frustrated at the lack of game time. Mario Gotze and Gaston Ramirez are among the targets.(10)(8)Sell caroll and rodriguez.get rossi ,hazard and gotze. {Ed025's Note - get real..U scousers need to live in the real world mateCome on lets get real. This isn't Football Manager.Gaston ramirez is an option. but the price tag on Mario gotze and eden hazard is way too high. liverpool nearly got a first team settle, so they will not be paying 40mio for even one of them. that what i think, let real madrid or city destroy the talents....


28 Oct 2011 19:26:30
Hull City to place another bid for Danny Haynes in january as he believes Barnsley are underachieving and the tigers are flying.(10)(5)There wasnt any bids for him over the summer just lot of rumours


28 Oct 2011 16:47:18
hot news pompey fans .the club are in advanced talks with burnley .they want to talk to eddie howe . Eddie is keen to move near to home(15)(25)EH and the skates would go well together; neither can keep thier word...


28 Oct 2011 16:34:36
Wycombe Wanderers Kevin Betsy is set to leave following a bust up with manager Gary Waddock; AFC Wimbledon, Aldershot, Gillingham and Oxford have expressed an interest

Staurt Beavon is also rumoured to be looking likely to move; Brentford, Chesterfield and MK Dons are likely bidders.(5)(3)I'm an mk fan we won't bid for beavon that's crap we have 3 keepers


28 Oct 2011 16:16:53
brazillian striker Neymar has not ruled out a potential move to England with Manchester City and Chelsea watching the Santos wizard(18)(14)


28 Oct 2011 16:05:08
Swindon Town will sign non-league strikers Ross Allen (Guernsey) and Jason Prior (Bognor) in January.

Alan Connell is joining Bradford, to be closer to home, and also leaving The County Ground will be Etienne Esajas (moving to Aldershot), Alessandro Cibiocchi (Forest Green Rovers), Mark Scott (Chippenham Town), Oilver Risser (Bath City), Jordan Pavett (Swindon Supermarine), Abdul Said (North Leigh - loan), Leigh Bedwell (Hungerford Town - loan), Miles Storey (Thatcham Town - loan).

The loans of Leon Clarke, Michael Timlin and Elliott Benyon will be made permanent, whilst Will Evans is wanted by Bristol Rovers and Billy Bodin is wanted by Newport County.(5)(6)I cant see most of this happening, Cibocchi is starting to play and play well, esejas is better than that, Risser is always injured, Pavett meh... who cares, storey possible, Connell maybe but not Bradford.... Clarke only if they pay a fee, Timlin I can see happening as he will only have six months on contract, Benyon doesnt fit into Paolo's thoughts but we would want 100k for him...Total rubbish this post i cant see all those players moving to the clubs stated.Alan Connell moving to Bradford to be closer to home? Home to Alan Connell is Bournemouth & North London!


28 Oct 2011 15:47:41
Sean Dyche has two games left to save his job as Watford boss. He is despised by the majority of the fans who would be delighted to see him sacked.(12)(4)Shut up and be quiet . Give the man and the team a chance ,he is doing as well as any body could under the circumstances.Lets get things straight Dyche is not Despised by the fans - however, a lot of fans think he is out of his depth in the Management role and needed more time in a coaching position before taking the step upA Spirted 3-2 WIN Over Posh !!!!


28 Oct 2011 15:30:11
Plymouth Argyle is about to rise from the ashes.
Get ready league 2. you have been warned!(12)(18)Ok so are you signing a whole team, you are bottom for a reason !! Oh and how about paying the players !Players will be paid now and with the take over sorted things are about to change!Good luck Plymouth.

Bar when you play Southend again.I agree with you , if he had a more experienced right hand man ,things may no be so bad , unfortunatly GT is not that man because of his Media commitments...a win against Posh would be a start.We were warned about Risdale too!


28 Oct 2011 15:09:25
strachen to be named pompey manager . On monday morning .howe is staying with burnley . Source eddie himself utc(4)(33)Thats portsmouth in leauge 1 next season glad he didnt have time to take boro down before he was sacked


28 Oct 2011 14:25:26
Just been told by a Newcastle player that new shinning star Cabaye will be signing for Arsenal in January - Gutted!(5)(10)What a load of Chris Twaddle. Another made up rumour.Cabaye hates Arsenal. He has had a fall out with wenger in the past.


28 Oct 2011 12:28:39
Middlesbrough will sign kane ferdinand from southend in january and loan him back until the end of the season(6)(8)Why would Kane move all the way up north?

He is not getting sold.Theres only one Boro hes going to thats peterboro deal already done !Yeah mate hate to burst your bubble but he will sign for Peterborough.Sorry you boys , hes only going to one team only.. westham


28 Oct 2011 11:59:22
enquiries made by wenger to lyon for trio gourcoff lovren & lopez he sees there financial state as a witchhunt ! he will also bid for marsielle man vAlbuena(6)(16)


28 Oct 2011 11:53:37
Latest Rumour (see Daily Star) is that Brighton are interested in Newcastle's experienced midfielder Alan Smith. Talk of Jordan Rhodes joining Brighton in January is unlikely given Billy Paynter's arrival from Leeds and that Manchester United are reported as tracking Rhodes.(12)(8)


28 Oct 2011 11:44:07
Everton, WBA and Aston Villa want Brighton defender Lewis Dunk. Rumours though are that Manchester City have already had a £3m bid accepted and will move in January - but will spend the remainder of season on loan at Brighton.(3)(11)Not quite sure why Brighton would accept 3 millionfor Dunk when there appears to be so much interest from other Premier clubs. Especially as those tracking Dunk include City's local rivals United who according are prepared to pay 6 million according to a posting on this website 23 October 2011. A rival who after last weekend's 6-1 beating might have a more urgent need for a central defender.No one is going to pay 6 million for Dunk.

2-3 million would be more than enough


28 oct 2011 11:39:17
daily star website reports that brighton & hove albion are poised to sign newcastle united's alan smith on loan.(7)(9)Its on SKY Sports website as well. Apparently its been on the cards for a few months.Heavily linked with West Ham but tbh can they afford his wages?I dnt think either will be able to afford his wages. Loan move will be only option and Id doubt West Ham would be interested in that.


28 Oct 2011 11:35:54
The FAI want national manager Trapattoni to explain why he has picked Shane Long ( ruled out for 6 weeks by his club with knee injury ) and left Leon Best out of his latest squad. A lot of committee members think he is too old and past his sell by date and the republic will only move on if he is removed from his position. Watch this space(9)(7)


28 Oct 2011 11:23:05
As I said yesterday Lee Clark is on his to the Foxes today to discuss terms. He will manager Huddersfield on Saturday.

My sources also tell me that he will take Rhodes and Smithies with him.(12)(9)Denied by both huddersfield and lcfc so it might be trueAgain NOT HAPPENING! clarke staying put! repaying the faith shown in him by hoyle doesnt fancy the uncertainty of the need for instant success at lcfc, smithies wouldnt get in team n rhodes 2 good for leicester!Why would clarke go to lcfc no bigger club than htfc couldnt afford smithies or rhodes 40 games unbeaten peltier mabe big mistake going there money cant buy sucess up the terriersJust watch in the next couple of days.

My source is very true Im afaird.BBC website has an interview with Lee Clark post Yovil, I suggest you listen to it.


28 Oct 2011 11:14:45
Stuart Gray & Guy whittingham will remain in charge for the rest of the season at Portsmouth, When a new manager will be appointed and will be given 10 million to get us promoted, rumours are tha Matin oneil (cant see it myself) Steve Clarridge, Slaven Bilic. Sean ODriscoll (most likely) Eddie Howe. I am sure the board will make the right decision. PUP(3)(14)Avram Grant will be returning to Fratton Park.I think you mean Get you promoted next season from league 1 you silly Fishy personI am sure the board will make the right decision LOL,

Yeh, they have never let you down in the past have they.Yeah the previous regime, no longer at the club!! ark at the scummer though, whos clubs past is tainted also!! Pot kettle scummers....


28 Oct 2011 10:16:10
lee clark leicester manager by tuesday(10)(11)No chance. Lee Clarke isnt that good a manager.Leicester ain't that good a team!Cant have an OVER RATED manager at an OVER RATED CLUB. Thats just ingredients for DISASTER !!Surely you don@t want him


28 Oct 2011 10:14:02
lee clarke leicester manager by tuesday(7)(6)


28 Oct 2011 09:03:30
Ipswich Town are going to go back in for Billy Sharp and James Coppinger in January from Doncaster having had a bid rejected in May
Source TWTD(14)(2)


28 Oct 2011 08:38:55
If FK Molde get the point they need for the title this weekend, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be named as Portsmouth manager early next weekthat's the big rumour among some PFC fansPlymouth Graham(11)(8)Nah,Ole's got more sense than that.If he goes to pompey, hes got great sense imho as a united fan, i personally think pompey are a great old fashioned club. theyve got more passion then any of the other south coast teams fact! Theyve had their problems, but look to be very much on the up again, ole could be a bit hit there.Nah,Ole's got more sense than that.IMHO you're not a United fan,you're a cheeky Pompey fan,you little devil.I am very much a united fan, but have pompey friends. i think with their new owners and with the appointment of ole, could go places he and they could do alot worse, that is all.There is nothing unbelievable about a Man Utd fan living on the south coast.Agree,but nah,Ole's got more sense than that.


28 Oct 2011 07:35:50
Rio Ferdinand might be retiring from man.u because of constant injury also he might be leaving because fergie says he is getting to old for the squad along with giggs and fletcher.(11)(14)Then why would he (fergie) renew giggs contract at the end of the 2011 season.Rio yes giggs not a chance and fletcher really not a chanceBrighton's Lewis Dunk as future replacementDunk? Jesus christ , He isn't good enough.
Send him to Wigan or Newcastle (the rubbish EPL teams)


28 Oct 2011 02:01:51
Crawley Town midfielder Scott Davies has joined his former club Aldershot Town on loan till January 7th.(3)(4)


28 Oct 2011 00:46:50
who do you think manutd will buy in jan transfer window?(15)(13)Emile Heskey for goalsNobody same as most other Jan transfer windows.On a SERIOUS note (unlike the pathetic comment about Heskey - someones obviously got some seriuous Man United jealosy issues) I think Man United should sign Blackburn GK Paul Robinson. Good experience.And someone who obviously takes this a little too seriously. Keep your panties on mate. Zamora for goals.Another goalie for that waste of space they have at the moment. Old red noses lovechild.Yeah robo good for getting the ball from the back of the netGanso from Santos, Pato from AC MILAN


27 Oct 2011 19:18:46
Anyone know about where Smithy is going on loan?(5)(4)He's not welcome at leeds, send him to the crisp munchers. MOTAny team that wears red, reminds him of his beloved United.He will go to Stockport County.Back to his beloved LEEDS united where he is from and the club that is closest to his heart. everyone one would be happy to have him back even the haters will grow to love him once again. MOTIf its Alna Smith - he's joined Brighton on loanHe has been heavily linked with Brighton and West Ham but no confirmation that he's gone to BHA unless the Ed knows different? {Ed001's Note - surprisingly seems set to happen, talks have been ongoing, not sure why Brighton would want him though, but Gus sees something in him.}


27 Oct 2011 18:56:25
john joe o toole (colchester fc) will make a 90,000 move to preston, leeds, reading, after intrest of many championship clubs..... !!!

AND i reckon that tevez will sign for corinthians for 15-18 million. {Ed002's Note - If he does then Manchester City would retain significant third party ownership.}(2)(10)


27 Oct 2011 18:44:02
Big Transfers in January

Carlos Tevez - Corinthians
David Beckham - PSG

Big Transfers in Summer 2012

Neymar - Real Madrid
Marek Hamsik - Man City/PSG
Ezequil Lavezzi - Man City
Ganso - Inter/AC Milan
Hulk - Anzhi/Chelsea/Inter
Robin Van Persie - AC Milan/Anzhi(10)(22)RVP is staying in the EPL.
Said it himself^^ he will go to man cityHe will not go to City. He will just hold out for more money. Guaranteed.


27 Oct 2011 16:55:29
Apparently Brighton are to sign Billy Paynter from Leeds on Loan until January. Brighton tried to sign him in the Summer transfer window but couldn't agree a fee.(10)(7)We don't want him lol


27 Oct 2011 16:24:39
Further to previous postings, it appears that the Leicester job has attracted a huge amount of interest.

The amount of money available to spend has obviously attracted the chequebook managers, such as Billy Davies and Steve Maclaren and Roy Keane.

This do have proven records and look set to be favourites.

But Avram Grant, Peter Reid and Chris Coleman also have proven records in the Championship and Premiership and are known to have registered an interest(3)(8)Avram Grant? That will be you lot down then.Alan Curbishley has also shown an interest and he would be a muc better bet.All that money and they take on Peter Reid or Chris Coleman..? Who in the Championship wouldn't have a little chuckle about that.How the hell has Roy Keane a proven track record,hes made a balls of every club hes been at,needs to learn his trade in the lower divisions.Please let it be keane that would be so funny the big spenders turn out to be the clown club. "Were getting highly sort after Martin O'Neill" nope your looking at slightly less high prfile managers now, and to be honest you have probably dodged a bullet he would have spent another fortune to take you nowhere!


27 Oct 2011 16:03:43
27 Oct 2011 14:15:27
Martin O'Neill, Simon Grayson & Lee Clark have all ruled themselves out of the most rotating role in football at the King Power.

Leicester's desire above all else is a manager with championship experience, therfore in order of priority the wish list has got to break down as:

(1) Billy Davies
(2) Dave Jones
(3) Nigel Adkins

However a return for Nigel Pearson would not be a bad call. The likes of Rafa Benitez and Carlo Ancelotti will not come to Leicester and Mark Hughes has to date not delivered as a Manager.

However do not even take into consideration:

(1) Avram Grant
(2) Roy Keane
(3) Brian McDermott
(4) Paul Ince
(5) Sean O'Driscoll

This has to be the most important Managerial appointment for Leicester EVER !The official shortlist DOES includes Roy Keane, alongg with Steve Maclaren and Peter Reid.

Sean O'Driscoll is likely to go elsewhere but Billy Davies has to be considered a contender, even if he isn't on the shortlist yet.

Ince, McDermott and Jones are all options as well but it looks like Maclaren might just edge it.

Nevertheless, there is mileage in this(2)(18)Why in the hell would nigel adkins go to leicester when he is at a big club already great fan base, money when he needs it, great squad alreadyBilly Davis is an ex leicester player which could count but I cant see past Father Ted ( Martin O'Neill ). Loves the club, fans love him, has a proven track record.
The Thais are prepared to invest, they will demand success so that rules out nearlyall the mentioned possibilitiesIf The Wally with the Brolly gets the job I will not be supporting the team and that is after being a fan since 1963I would love to see O'neil back at Leicester but i doubt he will come, if maclaren gets the job il no longer be a leicester supporter!Hope mclaren gets the jobDavies is too much of a trouble maker

Dave Jones is a nealry man

Adkins would not come.The only reason they let pearson go is because the Thai owners wanted Sousa as manager so why would they want him nowTheres no way on earth adkins would be 3rd on our priority list. The facts speak for themself, the most efficient, succesful british manager in the past year bar Alex Ferguson. He won't leave Southampthon for us, Billy Davies seems more realistic.O'Neill has said no because there is nothing in it for him.
Being a villa fan, He'll murder your club if he did come to it! LOLUs leicester fans a like liverpool fans we live in the past the cups we won and how well we played. i would love MON back but its not going to happen. id like to see davies or jones. atkins wont leave southampton and it has nothing to do with size of club or fanbase thats just a crap excuse. i say why would he leave when he doing really well, if the results were different then thats would change the thinking. , lee clark would be as bad as sven neither have CHAMPIONSHIP knowledge. look at darren ferguson had came up with no experience got relegated and now has come back with a whole new look at things. i think knowledge is key in this leagueSince when have southampton ever been a big club?? Do behave yourself, even portsmouth have won more than you.The giant marshmallow man from ghost buster is favourite for the leic jobMate your pulling your plonker if you think n pearson will go back there ,come on why would he ,hull city will be pushing for promo this season ,


27 Oct 2011 15:55:59
Leicester: Steve Maclaren has emerged as the leading contender for the Leicester job. McDermott, Roy Keane and Peter Reid are also on the shortlist put together by the club's owners(11)(12)He will take you downGone back to fc twentieGod help you if you appoint the Wally!No No No, Leicester, Steve McClaren is definately your man.


27 Oct 2011 15:19:53
Neil Lennon to become new Leicester City manager.(11)(24)


27 Oct 2011 14:33:53
Lesicester will make a offical approach for Lee Clark, he does want to go there, just didnt want to say it to the camera.

Hudderfield will then approach John Coleman who is fed up off life at Accrington with no funds left.

A good source tell me this/(9)(14)I don’t know why Lee Clark would come in ahead of Chris Powell if they are after a league one manager. He has been less well supported financially, has had less time to build and is currently ahead in the table. Add to that he was assistant at Leicester not so long ago, I’d say he was a much more likely target.Chris powell ha htfc to win league 1 with clarkey at the helm 40 games unbeaten htfc to win 3-1 down at the valley in few weeks!


27 Oct 2011 14:15:27
Martin O'Neill, Simon Grayson & Lee Clark have all ruled themselves out of the most rotating role in football at the King Power.

Leicester's desire above all else is a manager with championship experience, therfore in order of priority the wish list has got to break down as:

(1) Billy Davies
(2) Dave Jones
(3) Nigel Adkins

However a return for Nigel Pearson would not be a bad call. The likes of Rafa Benitez and Carlo Ancelotti will not come to Leicester and Mark Hughes has to date not delivered as a Manager.

However do not even take into consideration:

(1) Avram Grant
(2) Roy Keane
(3) Brian McDermott
(4) Paul Ince
(5) Sean O'Driscoll

This has to be the most important Managerial appointment for Leicester EVER !(4)(11)


27 Oct 2011 13:15:26
Deals in the championship january:
Forest to sign sharp 3.5m and townsend on loan from spurs.
Highflying saints will resign andy surman 1.5m as he isn't being played at the mo and theo robinson 800k or maybe the homesick charlie austen 3m, they'll also sign jos hoiveld permanently 1m and michael antonio as he is impressing at colchester.
Leeds will try and get a winger like danny rose on loan from Spurs and o'dea permanently.(5)(12)3.5m for Billy Sharp, haha.Would you like any more young players from Spurs?Sharp for 3.5?, He's worth alot more than that3.5m for sharp.... no way, donny turned down offers higher than that in the summer, and if he does leave donny itll be for a premiership clubRose will only get a premiership loanI dont think Rose would be welcomed back, after he was tapped up. In case you've forgotten, he was one of our academy players, but fortunately Uncle Ken sued and got us some money so we'll leave the moaning there. Hear Leeds have completed Pugh deal, and will pursue O'Dea and Keogh. The trio have been the best loanees I think we've had since leaving the Prem, and even then, remember Roque Junior? Source: The last talented loanees we had (Adam Clayton/Max Gradel), Leeds signed.
wallySharp is not worth more than 2 mil. Didnt cut it in the Prem with the Blades and his Championship Goal tally is average at best. Now hris Wood, on loan from Albion at Birmingham 9 goals in 9 starts and scoring in Europe, young, he is worth around 3.5 mil.

Billy Sharp is good, but he isn't 3.5m. If any team with aspiration of the premier league bought him, they would need to buy better strikers to score goals in the prem, as he wont!Worth a lot more than 3.5? Jesus Christ, Your obviously a Donny fan smoking something you shouldnt be!Forest told coterill when he took over that he would have no money for players unless he sold and forest would have to sell at least 5 players to raise 3.5 million


27 Oct 2011 12:40:58
alan smith about to join derby(10)(18)Sky Sports will be a bit short handed for co-commentators. Isnt he a bit old?Lufc can't even afford to pay part of wages so why/how would derby?


27 Oct 2011 12:35:30
Bristol City news
Dawson WBA
Wilson, Milwall
Riberio, Exeter
Woolford , Scunthorpe
Bolasie , Yeovil
Hunt, PNE
McGivern back to City
Spence Back to west ham(5)(17)What sell bolasie when he scores in reserves and never given chance in city first teamYou wont get Dawson from WBA as he aint available for loan,however,Thorne,Mattock,Fortune and Manton cold be possibilities. {Ed002's Note -You forgot maynard out. cos if city dont pull their fingers out he'll be off. to be fair should cash in on him and get some better defendersYou wont get Bradley Orr either


27 Oct 2011 12:14:24
Because both the teams that Bournemouth signed players from were lower league (ie below the conference)(2)(7)


27 Oct 2011 11:54:42
Ray Wilkins has checked in at the Northampton Hilton.
Have a feeling something may be about to happen!!
Last chance to get the dough on before the odds come tumbling.(1)(12)Northampton has a Hilton ?? Are you mistaking the clock tower


27 Oct 2011 06:16:30
Swindon Towns in form winger Matt Ritchie is to have a remarkable return to Portsmouth in Jan 12.

Sources close to Portsmouth have identified the Player as a welcome addition to their attack.

The bid is to be thought to be around 350k.(11)(15)If true (hope so), i think we'll have to spend half a million or more. Still be worth it. PUP.Hearing the same rumours.There is no way that Ritchie will be sold in Jan unless the bid is a lot more than 350k... Promotion is the aim this year, Matt loves it at town and is happy to stay.Money talks.

He is far too good for League 2.Not to mention, a pompey fan through and through. Hes always stated he would love a return to his home town club of portsmouth, and id love him back again. Plus hed be alot better for playing week in week out for a soon to be league 1 swindon....


27 Oct 2011 01:42:20
Colchester United keeper Ben Williams is eyeing up a move to the Championship after several clubs are interested in him. The U's stopper who's contract runs out at the end of the season has made his desire to play in the Championship publicly known.(4)(1)


27 Oct 2011 01:14:39
Manchester United are interested in Huddersfield hot shot Jordan Rhodes. They have sent former player Paul Scholes to watch Rhodes to make his own judgement on the 21 year old.(19)(21)Heard this elsewhere also, starting to think could be true now, would have to wait till august tho and would want 4-5 millionUtter crap ,not good enough for lower prem team ,never Mind top 4.Think he would do ok in championship .But the only way hudders would sell is if they did not get up this year ,Which I think they will .Scholes was watching Scunthorpe's Oliver Norwood who is on loan from Man U. Rhodes is good but not that goos and doesn't have the pace required for the PremiershipIt is on the daily mail websiteThe man only said that Scholes has been sent to watch, why would they not watch a young player that is on such a good run? Makes sense to me to have any promising youngster watched, in fact a team like ManU’re have probably got scouts out and about at championship, league one most weeks.

BTW how the hell is the kid worth 4-5 million after 73 appearances and 35 goals? He might well become the real deal but, not just yet. I hope Huddersfield turn down any offer they may get for a few seasons, let the lad mature before putting him under too much pressure in a big transfer.Oh it's on the Daily 'we love Princess Di' Mail website so it must be true


27 Oct 2011 00:44:37
Given that a new money laundering charge starring Mr Yeung has hit the Chinese press in the last 48 hours I would imagine we will be FORCED to sell players(10)(3)This is only a RUMOUR and hasnt been conformed.
I don't see why it would make us sell any more players.He's assets are already frozen, if anything it might push him out of the club sooner than any of us might have hoped!Thats what the site is mate, footbal rumours. I'm a very happy Blue nose at the moment and i've heard nothing about this either.

If we have to sell players in order to survive after we are just getting our season on track! I will not be happy, where is the rich billionaire we need?


27 Oct 2011 00:15:56
In response to:

"Ipswich town are in talks about pos deal to sell j carson to millwall in jan. Town are heading down same road that almost bank rupted them a few years ago. And now they must settle a debt of over half million, with there landlords suffolk county councill. Town dont want to part with carson. But he is one of very few players any other team would want. A fee 700.000k will be enough."

a) Carson has not featured hardly at all for Town this year, but PJ has confirmed he wants to get oungsters out on loan rather than selling.
b) PJ has admitted all players have a price, but Carson's would be over £700,000
c) Why would Carson want to join a team who are, at very best, on a par with Ipswich's stature.
d) The council debt is going through appeals and Town are looking into purchasing the freehold.
e) Marcus Evans has thrown more than enough money at the club to save itself from receivership and bankruptcy, in the grand scheme of things a £500k debt is not a great deal extra for him to have to pay.
f) The road that caused Ipswich to go not severe debt was not through unpaid rent, moreover it was the acquisition of ineffectual players on Premiership wages who could not be sold on for a profit and relegation.(4)(9)



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