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02 Jul 2013 22:57:11
reading are in line to sign max power on a 3 year deal from tranmere rovers deal expected to go through within the next 24 hours

Very talented. Would be surprised though tbh. Seems just too unlikely

I very much doubt that, he's signing for Ipsiwch!

Max is going nowhere he has just signed new deal at rovers and why would he leave to sit on the bench

Possibility, how do you know he's signed a new contract?

03 Jul 2013 13:48:24
Max power will be at madejski today after a 12 month subscription was made to the magazine by the boy in the club shop

Because it will be a bench made of gold

Because why would you want to be playing for a league 1 team when a team that will most likely be fighting for promotion if I was him I know who I would choose

What the hell are you on about?

U have no idea who max power is

04 Jul 2013 09:54:25
max power signed a new contract this year sometime, highly unlikely to leave this season, possible he might leave next, not championship material yet

Stupid rumour, everyone knows he changed his name back to Homer Simpson at the end of the episode!



02 Jul 2013 22:56:22
Sam Parkin to return to English football with cash-strapped League Two club Exeter City.

Would be a good signing
Not a bad player at all. I would like to see him at the grecians

03 Jul 2013 09:54:17
Sam Parkin is going to AFC Wimbledon

03 Jul 2013 10:45:44
He's awful, Really really awful. Had One season at LOFC which was One too many.

Hope for your sake he stays in Scotland.

This is nonsense. Exeter are signing Jefferson Louis to play alongside O'Flynn.



02 Jul 2013 22:37:41
Sunderland have had a bid rejected for Jozy Altidore



02 Jul 2013 22:15:57
Bent will join Fulham the fee is £5m
He will be joined by chalobah on loan from Chelsea
Adel taraabt from QPR.
Emmanuelson & Enoh are both keen to remain at FFC after spending the tail end of last season on loan at FFC.
Raul Garcia of Atletico is being considered as is a return for Clint Dempsey.
Sako will join within a few days & Leroy Fer is a target. Junior Malanda & Chantome of PSG are also being monitored.

Frei will leave & will join Galatasaray for £4m

I can see most of these happening but not Taraabt and don't think Dempsey will return

Bent will cost more than 5m, more like 7m.

It will only be the bloke on loan, we don't like cash deals so forget the rest.

I do like this report. dempsey woul dget a s*** return if he did come back. don't want taraabt - good player but not premier league standard. would love to see emmanuelson & enoh back - perm or even loan deals again. don't want to see frei leave - very good talent and is young. bent would be a great - brill partniship with berba. chalobah - young and could show something in the future

stephen matthews

Really? Fulham buying that many New players? Doubtful

Fulham will by this many as we've lost 10 players all together.

I never want to see Dempsey in a Fulham shirt again

04 Jul 2013 02:58:54
I would welcome Dempsey back. Worth plenty of goals. The whole saga last year was not entirely his fault. Jol was just as much to blame. His man management skills are awful.

I would take Dempsey back tomorrow. His goals badly missed.

It is a shame that a lot of fans don't want to see dempsey return. Brilliant for us but made that fatal error, of being a big fish in a small pond and thinking it would be the same in an ocean. no your a pilchard

Dempsey back would be wonderful, add his usual goal tally to were we ended up last season and probably might have crept us into the europa again. don't agree with how he went but we all make mistakes.

Dempsey and berba yes please



02 Jul 2013 21:51:09
Why is Livingston getting rid off the under 19 boys getting told to find new clubs so mark burchill can play along with coach neil hastings this club was all about the youth system but not now sad time for the wee lads

03 Jul 2013 08:16:13
Davies and Taylor-Fletcher



02 Jul 2013 21:41:07
Charlie Austin is on the brink of a £4m switch to Hull City - that will also include Matty Fryatt making the switch to Turf Moor. The 27 year old missed almost the entirety of the last season with injury and is unlikely to be in the first team plans at the KC Stadium.

Burnley have also offered contracts to Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Nicky Bailey. Danny Ings will not be leaving Burnley after two bids from Bournemouth were rejected.

If we're selling Austin I don't feel the need to sell Ings unless he was actually unhappy staying. I hope we do sign Bailey. Fry at would be pretty good in the Austin deal as it immediately gives us a new striker. Don't need Taylor-Fletcher.

Wake-up FFS! Baileys signed for Millwall.

Fryatt is a shame was our top goal scorer he just needs time to get fully fit he looked abit rough last few games

03 Jul 2013 11:39:10
Glad we haven't spent on Ings. Think Eddie Howe's been pretty smart with our signings. I'm sure there will be another arrival to bolster our front line.

I doubt Fryatt will go, he may not have scored many last season due to injury, but he is still one of our best strikers.

Sorry! I was sure Bailey had already signed for Millwall, But this seems not to be the case. I jumped the gun lol.

Yeah Simon church is the target for the cherries {Ed029's Note - Would be a good signing for Bournemouth. Never prolific, but he'll do a job to help you stay up.

I think most fans would be happy to see Ings back and he is the sort of player who could keep us up

Ings is staying put according to Burnley. Eddie needs to look outside his comfort zone for a change and try someone he hasn't previously worked with.

For a change?

were you asleep when we signed ward and harte

and alsopp and ritchie before them



02 Jul 2013 21:19:38
West ham to sign Anelka for 2.5 million this week

02 Jul 2013 21:48:20
he going to W. B. A

He's a free agent.

02 Jul 2013 21:58:18
Who they payin 2.5million to? he's a free agent

To a 3rd party

West Ham and 3rd parties? now I can believe it.

West ham ruled out anelka back in jan his wage demands were too high



02 Jul 2013 20:59:40
dundee united have completed the signing of david goodwillie from blackburn on a initial six month loan



02 Jul 2013 20:53:59
Posh to sign Alex Pritchard from Spurs on a season long loan. It was thought he was going to Swindon but they have taken 2 other young Spurs players on loan today, paving the way for Pritchard to return to Peterborough, where he had a spell on loan at the back end of last season.

Don't think so you need to read the posh's chairmans views on sly saying we want him he wants to come but spurs are insisting he goes to Swindon? Can't do nothing about that. That's the chairmans words. the signings Swindon have made today are a left winger centre midfield and centre back, I believe Pritchard is a right winger.

True, but would Spurs REALLY let THREE of their players join Swindon. not sure about that!

Pritchard is a left winger. Still hope a deal can be sorted to bring him to peterborough.

Dream on Pritchard is coming to Swindon. end of subject, and Pritchard himself said he WANTS to join Swindon.

03 Jul 2013 10:26:58
Chairman Dmac said today on twitter peterborough want Pritchard he wants to come but spurs are saying no. With Swindon signed two spurs players today it could be a bluff from Dmac. Pritchard has been away with England u20's so expect him to signed in the next few weeks.

No. No he didn't say he wanted to go to Swindon, don't kid yourself

Lee Power Swindons new unnoficial owner is best friends with Sherwood, sherwood has agreed to lend swindon Pritchard, they had talkede about ceballos but Pritchard fits the bill, under the understanding he plays every week, much the same as Luongo has signed for.

1) You can have four players on loan for a club at the same time.
2) Lee Power (Director/chairmen of Swindon) has a very strong link with Spurs.
3) Alex Pritchard has not said he wants to join, but has never been asked in the media.

Pritchard has stated he wants to rejoin peterborough, not swindon

So because the peterborough chairman says Pritchard wants to play for them then it must be true even though the player has not spoke to anyone regarding a move & not stated where he wants to play & as spurs are his employers he will have to play for whoever they decide to send him to

Just because he has said he wants to join peterborough does not automatically mean he does not want to join Town. Very rarely will a player state who they do NOT want to play for.

No but spurs are denying him his preference. Plus he said in interviews how much he liked it at posh

Inccorrect, you are allowed 4 loan players on your team sheet, that's a fact. you are allowed I beleive 4 long term loans and 4 short term loans in your squad, but as previously sated you can only name 4 of these on your team sheet for a game. The important one which mean he won't go swindon, you can only loan 2 players from one side, fact

Think you will find you can only have 2 players from one club if they are over 23, these spurs players are not so pritchard can join them. peterborough fan.



02 Jul 2013 20:18:22
chris sedgewick will sign for bury some stage this week after impressing this week

03 Jul 2013 08:35:09
Another name on kb radar Paul McKenna released from hull

Is, nt sedgewick a walking injury.

03 Jul 2013 14:37:41
Definitely this week then for either macca or Sedgewick?.

03 Jul 2013 18:55:51
Both would be better

03 Jul 2013 21:21:18
you need scunny rejects to improve your team lol bury for the conference ha ha ha mosika next then knill

The same Mozika (as its spelt) that you want ed to keep but his injury record meant you couldn't afford to keep him? but he is on trial at Torquay anyway.

Knill will never come back to Bury the two actual players linked would be back up!

and with players like Soares Zubar (Very strongly linked) Grimes and Nathan Cameron, I don't think we will go down.

But how have Scunny strengthened this summer so far?

05 Jul 2013 19:39:25
got some good signings matt sparrow and andy dawson back andy welch chris iwelemo quality signings league here we come



02 Jul 2013 20:13:47
McFadden to sign 2yr deal at motherwell after Celtic say they don't no if he can stay fit plus would he get a game at Celtic?

I really hope this is true, I don't want him at Parkhead but I think he would really do well with Motherwell. Stuart McCall deserves a bit of luck with players.


Nah he'd be used as cover but probably get injured and just be a waste of a wage in my opinion. Motherwell is his level



02 Jul 2013 20:07:02
Wycombe intrested in bringing Sergio Torres back to Adams Park. Would be a good signing as the they can use a 4-5-1 formation with Sergio as an attacking midfielder.



02 Jul 2013 20:23:06
Billy Sharp in talks with Reading. No idea of what fee has been agreed. Sharp was seen at Reading's Hogwood Park training ground today with DoF Nicky Hammond.

Yeah right

Billy Sharp was watching the tennis at wimbledon, so he was not at reading

God I hope not!

Reading will not be signing sharp. They do need a striker badly though, who do people think would be realistic options?



02 Jul 2013 19:49:07
Hull are trying to finalise a deal for Austin or Hooper by the end of the week followed by a striker on loan to complement the signing. Hull are not thought to be interested in signing both Austin and Hooper as likely to be £4 mill each.

{Ed029's Note - Celtic are believed to want £5m plus add-ons. Norwich have already had a £4m bid rejected.

Stop quoting the local paper!

Hooper to norwich!

03 Jul 2013 20:13:26
Gary Hooper has finally agreed to sign for Norwich City for a fee of £8 million, plus add-ons on a 4 year contract. He will be welcomed to Wolfswinkel, another striker of whom should work well together, hopefully.

8 million + add ons? If that's true why didn't they just pay the 7 million celtic want



02 Jul 2013 19:37:51
Shrewsbury will sign Cody McDonald. He was pictured taking part in pre season training, but it wasnt him in the picture where the players were all running together. He was pictured where he had his hands on his knees bending down after doing some sort of training. If you look at the style of his hair on the side of his head your notice it is Cody.

Davide Somma was also pictured taking part in pre season training. COYB

You guys said the same about Gary Roberts? Didn't get him?

Cody was great for us at Norwich, great player gives his all.

We are not capable of getting in any players of decent quality. as you say Gary Roberts went elsewhere and that will be the same with McDonald.



02 Jul 2013 19:36:13
Chris Baird linked with a return to southampton. Could be a good signing as RB and CDM cover?

Hope not. I mean he's a great lad and all but I think we need better.

No way our club has grown up but we haven't forgotten.

Saints are going for a young squad, he's an old player

There's no link but lescott would be good. still got a good couple of seasons in him and can be used as an emergency full back

Chris Baird would be a good signing as cover.

I always rated Chris Baird, but I'd rather not sign him or any ageing player. I'd rather leave a space, and if we need cover use the kids that are coming through. If they don't get the chance to play first team football they will end up leaving.

Regarding Baird, we have kids coming through or established players that cover every position he plays.

Yes it might cost us a few points, but the bigger picture is that we get to blood more kids from our great academy.

Baird would be a good sighning fullstop

st stuie

He Would Be A Good Signing. abit of exprience in a young squad would never be a bad thing!

Saints won't sign either player that'd been mention, neither are what we want.

Could be very useful cover as can play in a number of different positions and as was trained by Southampton would be useful for prem registration rules. Wouldn't really stop youngsters coming through as they don't need to be registered in PL 25 if under 21. And he is a free transfer, experienced and has captained sides in the PL.

With the present management I can't see southampton buying anyone from an English team unless they are out of contract, my guess is players poch. Knows. Don't tell me Wayne Rooney seen at eastleigh airport.



02 Jul 2013 19:35:28
Former Tangerine, Gary Taylor-Fletcher is mulling over a contract offer from Burnley.

Does he want fries with that contract?



02 Jul 2013 19:17:42
Anyone know who the trialists for notts county were today, playing against steau Bucharest? Think there's about 4 or 5

Barnes-Homer was one of them.

02 Jul 2013 22:47:27
Julian Bennett lee barnard

Lee barnard?

Giles Barnes is around as well

Colin Hamilton

Dean Parrett



02 Jul 2013 19:14:04
Worrying times at Shrewsbury.

At this moment they have the smallest most threadbare squad in the football league, let alone league 1. With only 12 senior players they can just about muster a starting eleven, although they would start with no recognised strikers on the books.

No wonder they are the bookies favourites to be relegated. I heard a worrying rumour from inside the club that so far all Graham Turner's transfer targets have turned the club down. Akinfenwa was one of them but has gone to Gillingham instead.

Shrews in crisis aka Forest Shrew.

In crisis? Really? Speak to an Aldershot fan tonight and you will know all about crisis.

As it stands our starting 11 could be:

Weale - GK

Goldson - RB
Jacobson - LB
Mkandawire - CB
Winfield - CB

Wildig - RM
Taylor - LM
McAlister - CM
Summerfield - CM

Parry - CF
Bradshaw - CF

With 5-6 players still holding talks, the side that will face Galatasary will be different from the one listed above.

Get a grip of yourself man.

Have to agree here come on shrews pull your finger out or we will be in league 2 before ball is kicked.
season ticket holder pb

Sad to hear that, always had a lot of time for you Shrewsbury guys ever since we played you at wembley, thoroughly nice supporters who are always welcoming when we visit your end of the world.
Really hope you get a Grant Holt type player again and have a good season, best of luck. a gills fan.

Poor attempt at a wind-up. COYB.

Forest Shrew. if your a Shrew you should stay in the forest! We have the best manager in league one. so calm down. unbelievable!

Parry & Bradshaw up front? That is very worrying don't you think?

Forest Shrew

We Have 17 Not 12 Learnt To Count!

Also two very exciting youngsters, Woods and Gwilliams, who are also part of Shrewsbury's 1st team squad.

That could be our starting eleven?

It would have to be that eleven because we don't have anyone else.

We don't have enough for our subs bench at the moment!

If all our targets have turned us down then how come we have signed 3 new players so far?

Shrewsbury are not in a crisis at all. There are squads elsewhere in the Football League with equally low numbers. Why? Because it's early July! Be patient! If you really are panicking about Shrewsbury, then I suggest you stop watching football altogether.

We've signed 3 more players than wolves. keep cool lads, we will get there in the end

We have to be prepared to invest in squad or we will struggle, this years summer recruitment will need to be far better than last summer I don't blame gt though as does not seem to have been given competitive budget!
lets hope all goes well over the next week or so.
shrews supporter west stand.

So we've signed 3 new players so far, big deal. One is a youngster with no football league experience, the 2nd is a league 2 defender and the 3rd is another defender with a terrible injury record. Not much of a start is it?

In the meantime we've let Asa Hall go & it looks like our most promising defender, Jermaine Grandison will also shortly follow suit.

And now we lose our most promising player, Jermaine Grandison. Dark days indeed at the GM.

Dark days?! I think you need to look in Aldershot's direction to see the true meaning of the phrase. Grandison was hardly our most promising player either. Pull yourself together, man.

Mkandiwire has played 353 matches in the last ten seasons. Hardly suggests he is an injury prone player.

Keep cool, but if you don't like it go and support telford

He he looks like we might be after some of telfords players all the others to expensive!

Grandison was not our most promising player? You're having a laugh, he can become a premiership player.

Have to agree grandison was most promising player has got good future to look forward to at better level than league 1.
the same could have been said of james collins last year this will continue to happen unless we pay our better players competitive wages this may well be a chairmen issue and not gt fault as am sure he does not want to lose are best players and then given poor budget to bring in replacements.
west stand sth.

Grandison has nowhere near the quality required to be a Premier League player. Getting a bit carried away there, son.



02 Jul 2013 18:39:42
Any truth in the dj Campbell to boro rumour ed?would be happy with him if its true



02 Jul 2013 18:33:10
Jermaine beckford to fly over to spain to have a meeting with Bolton ( Bolton on pre season tour in spain) the matt mills departure looks certain as leeds have made a bid. baptiste and rob hall have signed 3 year deals.

This the same Bolton that are in euxton training ground today?

Your welcome to beckford the bloke is bad news.

Bolton are going to La Manga for fitness training not a pre season tour and for your information Bolton are very close to completing the signing of Beckford in time to join his new team mates for the trip to Spain. Not a meeting

Beckford is a decent player and sems a decent bloke I've never heard a bad word said against him at any club. Sounds like sour grapes to me!

Bolton fly out to Spain at the weekend for a training camp in La Manga. Beckford should already be signed and sealed by then.

During his loan spell at town, Beckford always took time to meet fans and just seemed like a genuinely nice bloke so whoever said he's 'bad news' is likely to be a Leeds fan who still wishes he'd return to them. Just sour grapes. Bolton will be a good fit for him in my opinion.

Why would leeds fans have sour grapes against beckford scored more goals at elland road than he did at all his other clubs put together

Beckford still took the time to meet and talk with Leeds fans when he returned to Elland Road with Leicester the year before last. I don't think ANY Leeds fans would call him 'bad news'. Yes, I'd like to see him back at the club, but if he goes elsewhere, as it looks likely in this case, (and anywhere except Man U) then I'll wish him all the best. The guy is a legend!

When at leeds would travel to away games in own car not team bus. Not a bad player but misses more than he scores and can't score sitters. Not bad player or person but wouldn't want him at leeds united

Still won't score against us, never has. will always be remembered for that goal at Old Trafford and not for much else in his career

04 Jul 2013 14:01:17
Still can't believe that LEEDS fans bad mouth Beckford, I watched him in nearly every match he played for us and if you understood football and the differenct kind of footballers there are you'd know Beckford was quality, his record speaks for itself.

Promotion winning goal?



02 Jul 2013 18:47:21
Jose Bosingwa to leave QPR for Athletico Bilbao within the next two weeks. Samba on his way back to Russia. They'll listen to offers for Diakite but want £3m and if this is not met, he will stay at the club until January at least. Remy also staying until Jan.

Bilbao have a Spanish only policy

This is the most stupid rumor I have heard bilbao only sign basque players you know nothing about football

I hope this is right, apart from hoillet this guy was the worst on the pitch get rid quick.

Just saying what I've been told, might have heard the fella wrong. Definitely a Spanish side.

Hoilett set to stay mate, more Fernandes' decision than Harry's.

Basque only, unless Bosingwa can pull out a Basque parent from somewhere and want to be treated to a hostile crowd for playing for portugal. Think this is wishful thinking.

Remy to Southampton is what I have heard

03 Jul 2013 14:49:35
Bilbao isn't strictly a Spanish side they have a few Brazilians and Turkish players

They have no turkish or brazilian players



02 Jul 2013 18:31:04
Leeds have finally signed Noel hunt and will be confirmed tomorrow also ed upson don't know where from. They are also chasing Jamie Ohara but trying to get together the funds to complete the deal!

Hunt yes, but the other stuff just rubbish, don't need to 'gather' funds, BM has what he needs

Well Ed Upson was training with Yeovil today so that's a load of rubbish



02 Jul 2013 18:23:48
Walsall exclusive: 1 of the trialists from T and T is Devorn Jorsling a striker who bagged 20 goals in the T and T domestic competition last term.



02 Jul 2013 18:20:13
Both Ryan Dickson and ex Cardiff player Martin John are trainig with Argyle this week as JS looks to stregnthen the left.

For anyone clicking 'disagree', I'm afraid you're wrong. It is no longer a rumour but a fact that these two are currently on trial at Argyle and took part in the first per-season training session.



02 Jul 2013 18:19:03
Heard from a good source that Jake Cassidy has had his contract with Wolves mutually terminated. Kenny Jacket told Jake that he did not fit into his first team plans and could not guanantee first team football. Jake did not want to sit on the bench. and has been speaking to Tranmere with a view to signing for them. big loss to Wolves in my opinion!

Hope this is true. He was brilliant with Wallace and Akpa Akpro.

I suspect your talking complete tosh to illicit response from people like me. You & I know Cass is a 20 goal+ a season man at this level, so please stop posting nonsense.

Yeah, because Everton and MUFC were sniffing around him just before he signed a new contract recently. So Tranmere would be the obvious way to further his career.

There is no way in hell wolves would terminate cassidys contract jacketts already he said he's excited by his front four griffiths, sigurdurson, cassidy, mcalinden

Hope Jake Cassidy rumour is true. He 'd fit in marvellously. Good answer to problem of injury to Wallace. He knew how to score goals I am starting to get excited about the new season

Complete and utter nonsense! He will be a big player for Wolves next season. Plus, why would we release a player who would command a good transfer fee? He's a valuable asset.



02 Jul 2013 18:14:35
Rotherham United have just signed Morton skipper Michael Tidser on a 3 year deal. Tidser passed a medical this afternoon and the signing will be confirmed tonight on the millers official site.

But it isn't.

Seen him sat in NYS reception yesterday looked pretty happy, (work for Rotherham united)

Just signed.



02 Jul 2013 18:03:25
Hopefully Lionel Ainsworth joins Motherwell, because it worked for Humphrey and they are both similar players. He would also experience European football and will be a crucial first team player for Motherwell.



02 Jul 2013 17:40:36
Chesterfield are to make two signings in the morning one major coup

Cresswell from southend for 120k

Davies on a free from Bolton (Player/Coach)

IF that's true re Davies and we get Cresswell on top of the players Cooks already signed we'll destroy Div 2 next season!

It doesn't make sense tho. Why would we want Davies? We have Richards, Armand and Doyle and their all going to be fighting for a first team spot. So 4 potential first team strikers seems greedy and a waste of wages. we need defenders especially if hird goes.


Cressy in 70k! That's the number on the money

Wrong on both count's, whatch this space.

Davies will sign for Burnley today sadly not Chesterfield

Tho cresswell wants to return north i'm sure he wouldn't take a step back and join chesterfield who certainly won't be challenging next season!

Chesterfield won't get Cressy for £70k. We have already turned down £80k from Fleetwood. you will need to offer £150k+ for us to sell

Chesterfield will be challenging.

Top 3

This morning has come and gone.

Burton! After losing their 2 best players?

Can guarantee chesterfield will get cresswell for less than 100k, davies not yet I think. hopefully he'll sign one year at preston, at the end of season we go up, they stay in league 1 and we pick him up on a free, if that happens I don't see why he wouldn't come, same league but a club he's admitted he wants to come back to. he's too capable in the higher leagues at the minute, but be patient town, give it a year or two! good luck to him wherever he does go in the meantime - JS

And I can guarantee Chesterfield will not get Cresswell for less than 100k. If Southend have rejected a bid of 105k for Cresswell from Fleetwood why would they accept a bid less than 100k from CHesterfield? It's just common sense that you're not getting him for less than 100k!

You clearly done understand football or player power. Ryan wants to come to CFC but is under contract. CFC will pay 70k + and other bits and bobs based on appearances and sell on. It's not all about who bids most.
Why do you think Ryan has not signed for York or Fleetwood then?
Anyway one way or another he will sign

If cresswell wants to go to Cfc he will, cause its all up to him he will not go to a club he doesn't want to play for even if fleetwood offered 1 mill he can still say no.

The reason Cresswell hasn't gone to York or Fleetwood is because they haven't had a bid accepted for him. You won't get him for less than 100k because we will just keep him and he can leave for a free at the end of his contract and don't think that he just wants to go to Chesterfield he wants to move back up north and Chesterfield are back up north.

Look! It's nothing to do with the fee at all FACT it's where Ryan wants to play and live. Want a little bet? Sub 100k plus add ones too CFC?



02 Jul 2013 16:28:29
Any news on the striker search at Reading Ed? {Ed029's Note - Not at the moment. Last heard we had interest in a Slovenian called Beric but no formal as of last week. Not much coming out of the club at the moment.

We won't get Beric though, he's just signed for Sturm Graz.

Looks like Billy Sharp will be coming to you. £1. 75m fee agreed with Saints

The sharp deal is fake. People said he's in reading agreeing a deal yet he was seen at Wimbledon watching the tennis.

{Ed029's Note - They actually said he was in talks, not on a specific day... That said, there's no indication he's in talks either.



02 Jul 2013 17:08:26
Nathaniel Chalobah going on season long loan to Fulham

A great prospect and did brilliantly for Watford last season.

A great hope for England's future. trust Fulham give him a decent amount of game time.



02 Jul 2013 17:01:33
The Beast Adebayo Akinfenwa has signed a one year deal with Gillingham. BEAST MODE ON!

Scraping the barrell there

Totally confused about Cody, one minute free agent then we have offered £300,000 Coventry refuse thought they were skint, then can't sign until Coventry pay him off, feel sorry for the guy.

Haha what a signing. I see your taking this season seriously! Fantastic. At least the catering staff will be kept busy

Good luck he can't run?

Coventry aren't still in Administration (although ready to exit by takeover?)
therefore no transfers in or out. Cody waits.

What is everyones problem with Bayo? I've been a Gills fan for many many years now and it's clear that Bayo will score more goals in League 1 than Burton, Kedwell or Birchall. We have improved our striking options with this buy. Yes, it may not me the marque signing we were looking for but he's better than the other options we have. As for going to the canteen. have you seen this guy? He's ALL muscle. not fat!

Well said, just jealous



02 Jul 2013 17:17:59
Jernade Meade is to sign for Birmingham City.

Birmingham's likely loss of Redmond and lack of cover at left back means that Meade's versatility has made him a key signing for Lee Clark

Got yourself a good player there if true.



02 Jul 2013 16:25:11
Birmingham City have taken former Northampton and Oxford defender Liam Davis on trial. Davis is available on a free transfer after leaving Oxford at the end of last season.
former sunderland young striker ryan noble may also join up on trial later this week.

I always rated Davis at oxford so who knows he could pick up a contract

Liam Davis was released because not only was he injury prone, but he was absolutely useless at defending. He's very good going forward, but my god his positioning is horrific.

With Birmingham signing our former players like Matt Green I really really worry for them. He's always scored goals at conference level, and followed it up by playing very poorly in the football league. 0 goals in 16 apps for Cheltenham when we loaned him out. Good luck Brum, you're going to need it!

I rated him at northampton town, when he turned to a left back he was great

All the players that have gone from oxford going higher upwhy oxford let them go, poor manger

04 Jul 2013 01:01:36
no birmingham have got no cash and taking a risk



02 Jul 2013 16:22:47
wigan set to land newcastles james perch and have made a move for ipswich full back aaron cresswell

Hope its true about cresswell I be happy with that

You should be, cresswells are only decent full-back at themoment

He's also are only fullback at the moment

Kinnear has searched europe for players and ended up at wigan looking at kone any supporter could have spotted him.



02 Jul 2013 16:20:38
wba closing in on former chelsea and french duo nicolas anelka and florent mlouda. demba ba could follow on loan but would prefer to stay in london.



02 Jul 2013 16:18:04
Don;;t get too excited by the fact West ham have bid for Wilfried Bony. Vitesse Arnhem arn't exactly in a hurry to sell him and won't rush a decision.

He's going to stoke

If he went to stoke i'd be happy a goal scorer wow STOKE FAN

Hes going to swansea as a 20M double signing of him and someone else



02 Jul 2013 16:45:42
Swindon sign two Tottenham players on season long loans and a Portugal under 21 winger on a perm deal.

Reported earlier today that Swindon have taken 3 players from Banbury United on trial. The Chairman is ex Banbury United and reported that the players initially have performed well.

Reported earlier today that Swindon have taken 3 players from Banbury United on trial. The Chairman is ex Banbury United and reported that the players initially have performed well.

Whats your point about the banbury players

03 Jul 2013 16:42:30
What about the trialists? Doesn't alter the fact that Swindon signed 2 Tottenham players on loan and a Portugal under 21 star on a perm deal!



02 Jul 2013 16:41:46
Dj Campbell is due a tour of rockcliffe park tomorrow after the player and manager have successfully reached an agreement over a 2year deal. Watch this space!

He only gets 6 to 10 goals a Season, he's a poor player not a 20 to 30 goals a season man that where after.

He was at Blackburn today doing his medical with killagon

I hope he signs for Blackburn don't want him at the boro he's poor player!

02 Jul 2013 22:01:11
Worry if he says he's just popping out to lunch. it means his agent has found another club willing to pay a couple of grand more!



02 Jul 2013 16:40:46
Watford sign Lewis McGugan on a 3 year contract option of a 4th on a Free after leaving Forest

Has been comfirmed, good signing for watford!

Another good capture for the club. Maybe this will help stop the badly researched transfer embargo talk.
Also not from Udinese and not on loan so less moaning about that.

Cardiff fan here just to say guys you played really well last season you should of won palace you are a top team that deserve to play prem football and mugugan is a lucky player to go to u. Good luck next season. CARDIFF BOI

It was Udinese last season, different this time round

Yes, different in the sense they are all signing.

Cheers Cardiff fan. WFC

Hi guys i'm a QPR fan and I would recomend Kieron Dyer he is 34 and currently a free agent I know there will be someone saying oh he's s*** and injury prone but he actually gives everything to the team he stated when he was at middlesbrough that he has the legs of a 29 year old I believe him because he's hardly played much since his time at newcastle he isn't linked but would be a replacement for Eucaste who I believe is going to Derby and what about Bikey he's 28 and a free agent good luck to watford this season!

Watford have much better than Dyer available and the Pozzos rarely recruit 34 year olds. Dyer simply wouldn't get in the team with the likes of Abdi, Hogg, McGugan, Battochio, Anya, Murray, Connor Smith and others ready to join from the Pozzo pool of players. I'm sure Dyer will do a job for someone in the championship but not for us

Dyer or Bikey wouldn't make our bench, not once we've signed the loan players on free permanent deals.

Nice thought but no. We don't need QPR targets at Watford. I suppose Harry and Steve feel young when the players are only a few years younger than them and can be called "the boy Bikey" or "the lad Dyer".

Bikey. Dyer. ? NO, please NO. Bikey is passed it and a liability. Dyer should've retired years ago. his job now is just picking up a big payslip.

To the QPR fan, I don't think Zola scouts players from this site.

Forest fan here. Just like to say you`ve got a good player in Mcgugan. He`s a skillfull player who weighs in with plenty of spectacular goals. He would probably play best in a 5 man midfield as he`s a bit of a lazy sod and could get found out in the centre of a 442. Only trouble we had with him was he can be inconsistent and therefore found himself in and out of the team.

Thats what I wonder. A 5 man midfield can carry him more than a 4 man where the 2 centres have to work harder at both defensive and offensive.

Looking ofrward to seeing him play.



02 Jul 2013 16:31:13
Wanderers should wrap up the £1million signing of Jermaine Beckford before the end of the week after agreeing terms on a two-year deal with the former Leeds and Everton striker.

Thank The Lord, say goodbye to your dressing room spirit ;)

It's no secret Leicester have less than a harmonious dressing room. Maybe its down to the man in charge rather than a player that was out on loan for most of last season. It's well known that Pearson is a terrible man manager. Freedman on the other hand is a great motivator, if he can't get a player performing to their potential no-one can. Come on you whites! Champions 13/14!!

And the reason for that was billy big boots beckford. he was awful playing for lcfc. good riddance over rated and over paid. pearson doesn't suffer fools gladly. jimlcfc



02 Jul 2013 16:29:31
Newcastle remain the favourites to land Darren Bent and could make a firm bid for the Aston Villa striker before the end of this week.

He is heading to Fulham, personally I think we can get better for the money though

02 Jul 2013 20:19:00
I wish theyd hurry up and get their bid in so he's off the payroll

Apparantly Newcastle have today been given permission to talk to Arouna Kone which will presumably end their interest, if any, in Darren Bent.
I despair of us EVER getting rid of our dead wood to ANYONE.
We will be stuck with them all for another year while they train with the youths and we pay their wages for nothing.

04 Jul 2013 18:01:44
I've got to hand it to lambert he kept his cool last season and is getting a great bunch of players together, could they be the shock side this year and win the prem league.



02 Jul 2013 16:29:14
Mansfield Town hot-shot Matt Green is in talks over a move to Birmingham, while Blues hope to also sign Kyle Bartley and Dan Burn.



02 Jul 2013 16:28:42
Sunderland hope to finalise a deal to sign Arsenal keeper Vito Mannone in time for the squad reporting back for pre-season at the Academy of Light on Wednesday.



02 Jul 2013 16:28:21
inter Milan have told Sunderland to forget about landing top
Alfred Duncan on a permanent basis - although they will consider a season-long loan.



02 Jul 2013 16:27:42
Turkish giants Galatasaray are poised to make a move for Aleksander Kolarov after Manchester City turned down
a loan
bid from Juventus.



02 Jul 2013 16:27:06
Tottenham will follow up the capture of Paulinho by signing David Villa, Alen Halilovic and Tin Jedvaj. Tom Huddlestone, Scott Parker, Emmanuel Adebayor, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Heurelho Gomes and Jake Livermore can all expect to leave, while offers could be considered for Jermain Defoe and Clint Dempsey.

I would take all of them - stoke fan



02 Jul 2013 16:11:20
Watford have signed Lewis mcgugan on a free transfer



02 Jul 2013 16:04:00
Mowbray is preparing to bid for Albert Adomah. Although money is tight, Steve Gibson is willing to pay if the deal is right.
Boro also hoping of tying up a loan deal for Danny Graham but it all hangs on whether Di Canio can bolster his attacking options.

Let's hope the time it takes to prepare the bid is a lot shorter a time than that of this rumour. it's all getting a bit zzzzzzzzzzzz now. and btw. it will never happen!

What I don't understand about Boro. Graham wasnt good enough to get a game when we were signing losers like Maccaroni and Alves for huge fees. I do hope we have learned our lesson and look closer to home from now on even if we do get back in the prem. Graham should never have been let go so humble pie Gibson and all in control at Boro especially Lamb

Yeh I have to agree with the zzzzzzzz guy nobody from mfc has ever said Albert adomah not once, I think the fans would love this player thou me to by the way!



02 Jul 2013 16:02:05
Peterborough full back Craig Alcock is being lined up as a £500k potential replacement for Wigan bound Derby full back John Bradford.

Err have Wigan gone for Perch? Source tv

DET quotes Derby have been linked with a move for Liverpool’s 20-year-old right-back Jon Flanagan should Brayford be sold but Clough dismissed this when he told me: “If John did go, we would put Kieron Freeman in

Posh not going to sell him. he going to be no. 1 RB since mark little left

Alcock would never be sold for half a million in your wildest dreams, his selling price would be 3 times that at least



02 Jul 2013 16:01:40
Watford finalising deal for Lewis McGugan.




02 Jul 2013 15:33:28
Former Oldham striker Warren Feeney is training with Doncaster as he hope to link up with ex boss Paul Dickov again.

I think you have got the wrong player it is Mvoto the defender who is training with Donny.

5 goals in his last 73 appearances, and he's 32 years old. Why on god's green earth would Doncaster be interested in him

5 goals in his last 73 appearances, and he's 32 years old. Why on god's green earth would Doncaster be interested in him

Oh dear! Feeney was past it when he was at oldham and that was around 3 yes ago! Good luck with this one!

Mvoto has been training with Birmingham not Donny.

Mvoto has a few clubs who want him by the way.

03 Jul 2013 03:05:29
Its been announced that doncaster rovers have signed m'voto on twitter, along with Forrester and furman

Deal agreed in principle with M'voto

Mvoto has agreed a deal with donny. Him furman and forrester all to sign over next day or so.

03 Jul 2013 13:41:06
Good luck to Big Jean & Deano. I'd be a little concerned if I was a Donny fan though. I'd be thinking why are we bringing in a Manager his staff ( except Horton) & players from a team that nearly dropped out of Lge 1 last season?

You have got a very good centre half if this is true Donny fans. Sad to see you go big jean good luck

Haha, i'd love this to be true. one of dickov's better signings while at oldham which pretty much sums him up as a manager

Worst player I have ever seen at Oldham

I raise you joe colbeck! One of he who shall not be named's master stroke



02 Jul 2013 15:46:30
Wycombe are intrested in signing striker Ryan Noble, who is currently a free agent.



02 Jul 2013 15:45:33
El-Abd rejects Barnsley offer

Well would you Adam and Eve it.

Plenty more out there

Smashing lad but has decided his future lies elsewhere he seems

03 Jul 2013 07:50:59
Think we need someone like berra, left footed centre half to balance it out>

We need someone big quick, good in the air, seems Flitcroft isn't bothered, this is our weekness in the air we all know it so come on Flitcroft sort it before the season starts

What about a stealth bomber



02 Jul 2013 15:43:53
Bony, Wakaso and Ince are the first choice players wanted by Huw Jenkins. These will be only signings if come to fruition. Gomis and Shelvey are back ups if can't pull off their main targets. Ideal team for first match against Utd : Vorm Davies Williams Chico Rangel Britton Canas Michu Ince Hernandez Bony Subs : Tremmel Taylor Amat Wakaso Routledge Dyer Ki

Ince done deal cardiff jack



02 Jul 2013 15:40:51
notts county boss chris kiwomya is considering making a move for free agent midfielder marlon pack



02 Jul 2013 15:29:19
brazil wing back maicon is set to leave man city this summer and head back to italy with roma



02 Jul 2013 15:21:37
Confirmed the Terriers will complete the 1 million capture of James Vaughan from Norwich by the end of the week.

You have been saying that for 2 months!

02 Jul 2013 18:41:55
Transfer window only been open 2 days.

02 Jul 2013 18:41:55
Transfer window only been open 2 days.

2 times

Well it's just happened



02 Jul 2013 14:58:38
Roger Johnson to Crystal Palace.

seen there today my mate says.

Please get scott dann goud in the first season with rogher best mates

You do realise he has played for a relegated team in each of the last 3 seasons. Good luck with that.

How when he's been training with reserves with wolves?

02 Jul 2013 18:08:59
Heard Derby in for him as well. someone take him please! Crate of stella will seal the deal.

GREAT for palace I think the next few weeks are vital for Palace THEY need some good signings . Johnson would bring experince and make a good defence unit which is vital for palace. which is going to ripped-opened on week 2 by stoke :) STOKE FAN!!!

Stoke are rubbish cardiff are better. RedTit.

Would be a good addition for Palace



02 Jul 2013 14:49:51
Source: the sun, so could be rubbish, we have apparently officially signed Nathan Redmond

Would help if we knew what team you supported like!

Who has?

Hope so otbc



02 Jul 2013 14:34:32
Nicholas Anelka and Cody Mcdonald have been seen at Weston Homes this morning ready for training tomorrow. Both will join on a 1 year deal.

Because you would be able to pay Anelka's wages.

Course we can pay anelkas wages.

If he is willing to sign for £2k a week!

Find it funny someone actually bothered to bite on this one!



02 Jul 2013 14:05:24
simon church considering Doncaster approach



02 Jul 2013 14:04:51
West Ham have bid £10m for Wilfried Bony its all over tv and they've also agreed a deal in principle for Demba Ba. No wonder it was so quiet

Its true. tv reporting £10m tabled for Bony



02 Jul 2013 14:04:47
Walsall need to replace

Will Grigg
Febian Brandy
Jamie Paterson
Craig Westcarr
Aaron Williams
David Groff
Jimmy Walker

Trialists and targets include.

5 unknown Trinadad and Tobago players meeting up with the squad on tour. Richard Peniket, James McQuilkin, Elliot Parish, Scott Wagstaff, Rory Fallon, Rory Gorman, Scott Bevan, Darius Vassel and Craig Fagan.



02 Jul 2013 14:04:04
Charlton an crystal palace both in for jonjo shelvey on loan

Cant see him heading back although he would be a good player to have.

Shelvey's a Prem league quality player so won't come to charlton

As much as I would love to see JJ return to the Valley don't think it will happen. As much as it hurts me to say it Palace in the Prem may be more attractive to Liverpool.

Where are Charlton going to fing the cash? -did they find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow under the centre spot at the Valley?

Shelvey to Swansea. He's Charlton through and through and will not go to palarse.

03 Jul 2013 06:56:32
His west ham through and through!

Shelvey is actually a West Ham fan

Gone to Swansea!

Thank you Swansea =) £££££ ha



02 Jul 2013 14:04:03
Bury set to sign jake speight of Mansfield in the coming days. KB's aim is to avoid relegation this season, as he knows the signings he is currently making are not promotion material.

Not the Jake Speight we signed from Scarbrough all those years ago.

Not good enough for league 2, conference player at best. Maybe we could do a swap Green for Harrad.

Is this coming from a fail fan. because jealousy is a green eyed monster



02 Jul 2013 14:03:49
jernade meade is close to completing free transfer to yeovil

Any news on the above? Sounds like an excellent player but not particularly hopeful of signing him.



02 Jul 2013 14:03:04
Charlton have placed a £750,000 bid in for cheltenhams Marlon Pack. The 22 year old will be offered a 3 year deal at the club

Rubbish. He is out of contract!

He is a free agent haha

02 Jul 2013 15:41:51
That is a lot of money to bid for a free agent!

Incorrect - he is a free agent! When will the completely false rumours stop?!

Charlton, if signing Pack, would have to pay a nominal sum as Pack is 22 years old (probably between £75k and £100k) - but £750,000? Your source is clueless, sorry.

Would be a good player to have if we can get him, plus he's still improving.

He's a free agent so that's rubbish

Marlon pack is available on Bosman only compensation would be necessary

You cannot bid for a player who is out of contract. A small compensation fee, likely to be around £100,000, will be paid but nothing more.

Why would Charlton pay that when Pack is out of contract?

Why would they bid £750k when his contract has run out? Only compensation needed and that is £50-75k

02 Jul 2013 17:21:34
Yes - but he is still under 24 so a deal is required

You need to get your facts straight mate, he is already out of contract and denied 3 contract approaches by Cheltenham anyway. Cheltenham will only receive a small compensation fee for his age when he is transferred, around £60,000 - £75,000. He is departing to a League 1 or Championship side, there is no way he will be at Cheltenham next season. He's missed the pre-season training with the club so he clearly is in the midst of being transferred and clearly has devotion to stay at the club.

*no devotion to stay at the club

Yes we get it you all don't have to tell us he's on a free

Sorry to take a dig here, but no devotion? Why should he have devotion? If he can play at a higher level and earn more money why shouldn't he move on since he's served his contract?



02 Jul 2013 14:02:44
morgaro gomis looks set to re join Dundee united with prince bauben



02 Jul 2013 14:01:42
chris baird is in talks with championship side derby



02 Jul 2013 14:00:48
Ross McCormack to be named Leeds united captain for new season

Him or Murphy would be sound

No it will be Stephen Warnock.

He's going to qpr

Warnock is captain with 2 vice captains.

Not in a million years qpr are a sinking ship won't be long before harry leaves

Don't like strikers been captain as things don't always go their way and are regularly subbed.

Would think a midfielder will end up captain and my money would be on Murphy.



02 Jul 2013 13:59:58
Hey YTFC fans.

I've got some good news, but I've got some bad news too!

As many of you probably already know, Dan Burn is going to Birmingham, also Ed Upson is linked with a move to Nottingham forest, Leeds, Huddersfield and Bolton. let's just hope he stays.

But heres the good news; we are being heavily linked with Jermaine Easter (Crystal Palace), Benfik Afobe (Arsenal), Suso Fernandez (Liverpool) Nathan Ake (Chelsea), Danny Stevens (Torquay), Jernade Meade (Free), Lewin Nytanga (Bristol City) and finally Krystian Pearce (Notts County).

Most of these players are young but I think will either destroy or be destroyed. Long live the Gary's Gambles!

Jermaine Easter has already signed for Millwall this Summer.

(palace fan) erm your a bit late regarding Jermaine easter he joined millwall about a month ago.

Afobe was absolutely useless for us on loan (Huddersfield) barely scores a goal and misses absolute sitters like in our play off match 1st leg at Bournemouth! and as for the rest of the players you have stated is unlikely :) IMO.

Easter signed for millwall (scum)

Cpfc fan

02 Jul 2013 17:15:58
Nottingham Forest have signed Jamie Paterson from Walsall. He will put 3 past us on the opening day. Another good player missed by Town.

Easter has already joined Scumwall on a free transfer, they're welcome to him as well he's s****

I think it easier to say who Huddersfield is not linked with lol

I personally would like ed Upson to join town. I think from what I seen of this player, town fans will defo like him. he seems very confident and comfortable on the ball with a decent eye for a goal from centre mid.

Ah the Suso rumor reappears! Last year it was Bristol City now Yeovil! LOL

DANNY STEVENS? He hardly made it in League 2, although I was against his release (I'm a Torquay Fan) there's absolutely no way I would begin to imagine him in the championship

Jernade Meade is a very good player, thought he'd end up in the premiership at someone like Cardiff

If you read the post properly you would see that paterson never got mentioned

02 Jul 2013 18:27:24
Afobe injured for rest of year

Id say Lewin Nytangalfoot is a defo for you. GJ old signing tend to follow him around.

I do believe Afobe also signed for Millwall last transfer window (initially a loan with option to make perminant)

Afobe was pretty average last time he played for town but last year he looked much better! Strong and very quick I'd have him

Also there are some rumours that if Nyatanga goes elsewhere GJ will try and get Liam Fontaine from Bristol for a nominal transfer fee



02 Jul 2013 13:59:40
Manchester United will place a bid of £16 million for Leighton Baines later on today.
Expect a bid for Garay to follow and maybe an inquiry regarding Strootman if Thiago's deal isn't already sorted.



02 Jul 2013 13:59:16
Ryan Dickson back at former club Plymouth Argyle this morning taking part in the training session

Liam Dickinson, get the name correct

NedZed96 - It is Ryan Dickson, it's been published everywhere!

It is Ryan Dickson, not Liam dickenson! {Ed029's Note - Sure it's not David Dickinson? Cheap as chips.. bit of a bargain!



02 Jul 2013 13:50:47
keith fahey to sign for MK Dons following his release from birmingham

Possible, heard about a move for barry ferguson as well

Would Winkelman tolerate their wages?

"Would Winkelman tolerate their wages?"

What do you think?

Not a chance!

Ferguson has signed a new contract with Blackpool so not moving to MK Dons



02 Jul 2013 13:39:46
Couple of transfers relating to Tottenham Hotspur.

Firstly it looks like AVB is hot on the heals of Valencia striker Roberto Soldado. Probably take in the region of £20 million to make the move possible.

Secondly, AVB has placed a £5 million price tag on midfielder Tom Huddlestone. Paulo Di Canio has claimed interest but may be put off by price tag and possible injury problems.

Tick yes to avoiding all Coventry games this season

02 Jul 2013 19:43:36
huddlestone to stoke



02 Jul 2013 13:36:26
Ex-Watford midfielder John Eustace is currently on trial with Derby. Expect him to be joined by defender Tomos Jones (Bodedern Athletic) and striker Valerijs Sabala (Skonto Riga) next week when the Rams go to Ireland for their pre-season training camp.

Hope we don't sign him, would be a massive step back given the signing we've made since he was last here (when he made no impact whatsoever) we should never have released addison he was the answer to our DM problem.

02 Jul 2013 16:54:48
Lewis McGugan signs 3 year deal with Watford (02/07/13) Absolute goal machine from midfield. Who said we only sign Italians? You 'Orns!

Looks like a great signin. Forest opinions are mixed, biggest problem being his attitude, but hopefully Zola's calming influence will work its magic. Love the fact that he's got an eye for a screamer, looks like we could be seeing a few more of those 'Chalobah vs Leicester' strikes. Onwards and upwards! COYH

Gone but not forgotten



02 Jul 2013 13:34:20
Charlton have accepted a undisclosed offer for striker Yann Kermorgant from Fulham. Source SPN

This is **** it has to be!

I hope not he is the only senior striker we have at the moment and a legend!

I hope not, He is loved by us Charlton Fans. Don't think the 300 Fulham fans turning out for the reserves will love him as much as we do.

Is he good?

Rubbish, nothing of the sort of there

This is not on SPN and can't see it happening!

Yeah because charlton are really going to sell their only striker?

Wouldn't want him.



02 Jul 2013 13:34:00
Col you to sign Marlon Pack after his release from Cheltenham. He is the replacement for Billy Clifford who returned to his parent club

Assuming you mean Colchester United, regardless of your spelling, you're wrong.

Also assuming you mean Colchester, I would suspect you are wrong. If you got him I think he'd make the difference between being relegation candidates and being more comfortable but I think he'll be elsewhere.

One of the very few clubs that haven't really been linked!



02 Jul 2013 13:31:58
Hull have signed Scotland International Goalkeeper Allan McGregor from Besiktas for £1.8 million. He is believed to have penned a 3yr deal.

He looks like footballs answer to Freddie Flintoff with his antics, I hope he behaves himself



02 Jul 2013 13:16:19
After allowing Zemmama to move on, Boro will make a formal approach for Albert Adomah. I've heard we're also talking to Chelsea for one of their young starlets.



02 Jul 2013 13:14:49
Up in Glasgow there are big rumours of Wanyama leaving Celtic for one of the Welsh PL clubs. Swansea have done business with them in the recent past but Malky McKay being an ex-celt it will be interesting to see what happens.

Hardly that one, arsenal and a turkish mob are still the front runners

No they are not, arsenal aren't interested and the Turks haven't put in an offer either, I would have prefered him to goto southampton. Up and coming epl side but his agent screwed him.




02 Jul 2013 13:25:13
Hull city have officially signed Allan Mcgregor on a three year deal for the reported £1.8m been quoted as of now he is city's number 1 i'm a very happy tigers fan UTT



02 Jul 2013 13:19:28
Bradford city are in advanced talks with yates. Just trying to offer a big enough carrot to lure him to VP. Really good player and should do well in League 1.

02 Jul 2013 15:29:27
Also heard Simon Church is having talks on Thursday with unnamed keeper

Which club and what position does this player play?

What position does Yeates play? Why don't you look it up? Just this once I will let you know that he is a RW though.

02 Jul 2013 18:54:21
Yeates is out of contract at Watford. Central mid/ winger. came on massively under Zola but bar now raised at Watford and surplus to requirements.



02 Jul 2013 13:05:49
Phill Parkinson got the man he wanted Jason Kennedy

Why have 5 people said this is 'unbelievable'? When it is true? It has been confirmed?



02 Jul 2013 12:45:36
Bury have signed Tom Soares on 2 year contract:)UTS

Better late than never, what took him so long?, oh yes the agent got in the way or maybe a better offer elsewhere.



02 Jul 2013 12:11:00
John eustace is training with derby to be honest wouldn't mind him as a bench warmer



02 Jul 2013 12:57:49
It seems Vitesse Arnhem have confirmed West Ham have bid £10 million for Wilfried Bony (so much for west ham having no money)

Yep its on tv and also agreed a deal for Demba Ba

Come on you hammers

Who said we had no money just cause we signed Carroll doesn't mean we have no money

02 Jul 2013 15:05:56
why do people fall for gold and sullivan's cries of poverty every summer?

They haven't got any money. It just adding to the debt. Financial fair play doesn't seem to count for anything



02 Jul 2013 12:54:35
Jose Baxter set to sign for Wolves.

Ha ha. Good one.



02 Jul 2013 12:47:44
Chelsea are mulling over whether to loan Demba Ba to West ham or West Brom this morning as Jose Mourinho has said he is surplus to requirements at the moment. West Ham are also chasing Wilfried Zaha and Peter Crouch

Please come to west brom, BA ANELKA LONG DI SANTO, and were going to get at least a top 8 finish

Definitely not crouch, we have just officially put in 10mill offer for bony

Zaha went to man united he won't leave

02 Jul 2013 16:08:20
Sorry but we have bid for BONY and agreed a deal in principle for DEMBA BA

No we aint. West Ham and Swansea have

We haven't bid for bony

No you haven't you haven't even bid for ba

Are you sure because it says west ham have made a 10 mill bid doubt we will spend that much on one player

Only bid for bony atm is from Swansea, BA will go out on loan and west brom is the most likely destination due to the Clarke morinho connection, unlucky hammers

Peace has said the right thing at last, why do we spend millions on the academy and never put the kids in, because he hopes to sell them for big money, yes 200k, we haven't had a manager in ten years that gives the kids there chance, we just move them on to elsewhere for nowt, its a shocking realisation, dan ashworth contradicted his job, he bought the kids through then signed a foriegner to get in his way.

Clarke bought thorne into the team last season

Two or three games, then he got injured, dan bought him up from luton,

Dan ashworths didn't bring him up from Luton, we were his first club, he's been at west brom since he was 11.



02 Jul 2013 12:45:36
Bury have signed Tom Soares on 2 year contract:)UTS



02 Jul 2013 12:36:44
Manchester United will loan Nick Powell out this season with clubs including Doncaster, Oldham, Crewe and Bolton interested.

Can't see him coming to Oldham, would have thought both he and United would want him in the Championship. Still, if it happens, absolute coup

Definitely not Oldham or Crewe, slim chance of Doncaster or Bolton, I'd say maybe a good championship/bottom half premier league team



02 Jul 2013 12:42:24
reports claim Peter Crouch could team up with Andy Carroll at West Ham. The thought alone has Sam Allardyce in hog-heaven over the prospect of having a combined 13 foot tall strike-partnership to head home 60 yard bombs from the defense.

No no no no no crouch, bony ba lakuku, no crouch

02 Jul 2013 14:19:33
remember back in the day when wet spam were a passing team?



02 Jul 2013 12:40:31
Kevin Phillips will be offered a deal at Preston, if Kevin Davies does not sign or make up his mind by Xmas.

Absolute rubbish, I think pne need davies to secure promotion chances

We can't wait until Christmas for a striker. although I'd have KP at Deepdale like a flash



02 Jul 2013 12:38:13
Leicester have just reached an agreement with peterborough for Gabby Zakuani they are offering jamie vardy or Schluup on loan plus 1 million

I hope this rumour is true. £1million for Zak is a brilliant deal for The Posh.

Sounds way too much to be true (and I'm a peterborough fan!)

Not worth anything like 1M, but if Leicester want to pay that then go ahead.

Obviously more claptrap!

Dmac said that they've recieved no interest for GZ from leicester - so this ain't true. sadly



02 Jul 2013 12:37:36
Fulham will extend Dimitar Berbatov's contract for a further 2 years after a good season at Craven Cottage with a pay rise of 10000

Can't see this happening, he's already reported to be on 100k and is coming to the end of his career



02 Jul 2013 12:35:50
Robbie Keane will and Landon Donavon will sign from LA Galaxy to Everton for a joint fee of approximately 10 million

02 Jul 2013 19:42:36
Its always been a childhood dream of robbies to play for the toffees.

This could happen.



02 Jul 2013 12:34:39
Andy 'Zidane' Proctor has signed for Bury great piece of business should prove a revealation for Bury next season just pure class.

02 Jul 2013 15:04:36
good signing not a league one player

Yes he should be a revelation, but didn't Big Kev state that he was only going to offer 2 year deals to players under the age of 30?.

02 Jul 2013 18:48:33
Has an�1 else heard kb trying to get bishop and harrad out so he can sign bobby grant from fail cheers

Proctor was out of his depth in League One League 2 is his level.



02 Jul 2013 12:34:21
Hull City will sign QPR winger Junior Hoilett for a fee of 4 milliion

I hope he does, he is useless.

He would be to similar to aluko just a transfer that is never going to happen

This won't happen. I doubt anybody will be signing qpr's outcasts, as they'll be on huge wages for the quality of player that they are.



02 Jul 2013 12:31:04
Swansea are set to sign Tom Ince.

I don't think that's true

No way. he is going to the bluebirds agreed personal terms 35k a week snd a 8m fee

And Championship football guaranteed for 2014-15 season

Glad its not true

Just like Bony is lol see west ham have agreed terms, Jacksy Town don't spend that sort of Money to Tight.

Don't think us at Swansea will sign Ince.8 million for a championship player. No chance. I'd rather Scott Sinclair back.

Swansea will spend at least £8m + on a striker and around another £8m + on a more versatile player. So yes, Swansea will spend, sorry Cardiff.

Bony will be announced within 4 days he's a jack

8m for tom ince is a no go, and Jenkins has said so himself. I hope we manage to nab Nacer Chadli from Fc twente. Far more established, and at 23, still loads of room for improvement

Doubt he would get in the team at Swansea full time. For that price let Cardiff have him.



02 Jul 2013 12:29:21
Christopher Samba will re join Anzhi after a fee of 12 million was agreed between Anzhi and QPR



02 Jul 2013 12:04:20
Any news on Luton Town ed?



02 Jul 2013 12:06:59
Winger Zavon Hines is a target for league 2 Cheltenham, league 1 Shrewsbury are also interested in the 23 year old Jamacian international.



02 Jul 2013 12:03:40
west ham are weighing up a move for released striker mladen petric

Where is he from



02 Jul 2013 11:55:53
You heard it here first.
Blackpool have been asked about the availability of goalkeeper Matt Gilks by Doncaster Rovers.
With only one year left on his current deal, Blackpool may cash in, as he will walk for nothing at the end of the season.

So is there any truth in the rumour that we are signing mackenzie and ethrington then.

Gilks is not going to Doncaster

Etherington earns £1. 56m a year at Stoke, Oyston won't pay that!

No chance, Ince is a massive Gilks fan and he's Our only senior keeper

Blackpool would allow him to walk at the end of his contract if he did! Although gillo is aware of the respect the manager! Chairman and fans have for him! Non starter! Nobody knows what the management knows! Least of all silly made up lies!



02 Jul 2013 11:49:40
Stephen McManus training with Motherwell, Gunnar Neilsen having medical and should announce another few signings soon.



02 Jul 2013 11:49:01
Bournemouth are chasing 18 years old Finnish wonderkid - Joel Pohjanpalo who is believed to meet up with the squad at the Zurich training camp in the next couple of days. Pohjanpalo had a trial at Liverpool last year with Monaco also interested. Fee subject to be around £200k plus add on's

If there is any truth in this I see it as the most exciting signing of all being linked with the club. Just watched the you-tube footage of his hat trick in under 3 minutes, and this on his first full start. This lad knows where the goal is and would compliment the more experienced players Eddie has and may sign. Real potential for small money.

Really, seems a long way to come for Championship football, however he looks a cracking prospect. A new Fletch perhaps

Also scored a hat-trick this week in the same fixture. Championship football is probably the equvilent of the Finnish 1st Division so may be a good fit for championship life. He's just under 6ft so will not be the new Fletch but can score goals with both feet and his head. A real prospect if can follow trough - Has also been linked with Celtic and French side Auxerre

Joel would be a wonderful signing. But as we are being linked with just about anyone who can wear football boots, I'll wait and see what happens. But he looks a real talent, hope your right!

Real Madrid coming to little ol Bournemouth, I wonder if they fancy loaning us any players :) {Ed003's Note - Should be able to buy them with the ridiculous price the fans are being charged for a meaningless friendly}

Ed003 - For likes of us, it's a once in a lifetime game. We only have a small ground, so have to try and cover costs somehow, possibly £1 million. I've paid over £100 to see Coldplay for God sakes, how much do people spend on a weekend binge, or seeing Top Bands?so whether I can afford it or not, I'm not complaining, I think it's a fantastic coup for the club. UTC {Ed003's Note - fair enough your choice.}

Bournemouth have come so far in a short space of time I think all fans are buzzing for this regardless of price. We're just all enjoying the ride before the bubble bursts. It's all part of being a Bournemouth fan and that's why I love them :)

04 Jul 2013 10:38:50
Lots of people are missing the point. AFCB will make very little if anything out of this match. They will however gain exposure & forge possible future links with Real which is not a bad thing. In the end no one forces anyone to pay. Too much? Don't go. Simple. There will be plenty of people who will. I'm sure it would be different if Arsenal or the like were charging the same amount?

Haha, this is funny. In the Finnish media HJK's CEO just said that they're trying to get 2 million euros for Joel Pohjanpalo. Anyway it will be seven digits, £200K in this rumor is not happening under any circumstances. Even if it was just a loan, HJK will be asking more than that as a loan fee.



02 Jul 2013 11:46:49
Billy Knott on season loan to Wimbledon from Sunderland

Done really well for us the season before last, was surprised he dropped down to non league football on loan last season. Hope it's true.

Alex, is that you?

02 Jul 2013 12:25:49
Was a fans favorite when we had him on loan but I don't think Ards is in the market for another midfielder. A left-back, centre back and centre forward appear to be the main targets now.

02 Jul 2013 13:29:23
Reo Coker has expressed interest in returning to London from Canada. With the Wimbledon boards obsession with the past and getting one over milton keynes, coker being seen in Kingston-could he be coming home

Quality player knott, with francomb back all we need now is to get haynes brown in

How are we going to afford reo coker it was rumoured in jan that he was to come back

Reo Coker- if we pay Midson £2k a week, why not? Ardley can attract players

If we're paying Midson 2k a week, i'd argue that's a reason we probably can't afford to also pay Reo-Coker similar amount. Be extrememly surprised if the Reo-Coker rumour is true.

Billy Knott back would really get the fans shouting loud again! could say that about having Danny Kedwell back as well! but I expect he may feel a bit bad if Jack scores and we chant the usual Jack Midson song 'he shoots from his left he shoots from his right. ! whatever happens this season I am excited and can't wait until it all starts

Dear Kedwell, the Midson song can be amended in a heartbeat.

I personally would love to have a Kedwell shaped reason to amend the Midson song: "he scores with his left, he scores with his right, that boy Jack Midson makes franchise look-"

03 Jul 2013 09:01:27
Guy Whittingham at portsmouth expressed interest in Dons captain Alan Bennett. Whittingham wants "league 2 experienced centre half". Interesting, Bennett didn't feature in Dons game at Gillingham yesterday.

Midson is twice the player kedwell is or was we don't need kedwell if we have midson i'd only get him if midson goes wich isn't likely

Id be very shocked if he goes and very disappointed he was the 1st to sign a contarct for this season and heard nothing but positives from him about this season

Unlikely. He signed a new contract in May.

Could be true he's a bit of a badge kisser. maybe why frampton was signed

03 Jul 2013 15:35:43
I've seen reports of Whittingham saying he wants an experienced CB. But not seen him mention Bennett anywhere. And as he has also been talking about budget constraints I can't see portsmouth paying the fee necessary for a player who just signed a contract with us. Sounds like made up rubbish to me.

Billy Knott was a one trick pony, who spent most games looking lost. Non League is about his level.

Billy Knott was a one trick pony. that being someone who could turn a match around and lift the tempo. Non league level only. my backside!

To be fair Moncur was a lot better than knott, knott had a couple of good goals and that's what he is remembered for, Moncur was the better player, but knott isn't non-league



02 Jul 2013 11:42:09
Press Conference arranged at Priestfield today to confirm the signing of Adebayo Akinfenwa who was training with the Gillingham squad on Monday. The former Northampton striker was keen to return to the Gills as he wanted to play in League 1 again and is already familiar with the club

Cody McDonald also joining us!

Great news!

He will sign and Cody will follow. Deon Burton will make way to accommodate Codys wage demands as he has yet to be offered a new contract by the gills, Luton town are interested as are Leyton orient.

02 Jul 2013 14:05:08
Press conference is actually Wednesday, but due to Coventry reportably turning a Gills bid down, Cody may not be joining yet, although MA wants squad in place before they go to France next week

02 Jul 2013 15:56:42
No Cody is a free agent.

Akinfenwa has signed for Gillinghan this afternoon on a 1 year deal. Conferred on club website.

Ady has now officially become a gills player again.

02 Jul 2013 18:37:31
Bayo akinfenwa has signed a one year deal with gillingham.

02 Jul 2013 18:37:31
Bayo akinfenwa has signed a one year deal with gillingham.



02 Jul 2013 11:40:39
Walsall have accepted a bid of £1m from boro for Jamie paterson. Not sure where Mowbray kept that money hidden

Good luck signing him! Think you'll find forest have just signed him.

I'd be a bit more concerned about where moneys going as they just sold him to Forest on a 2 year deal (a web sites!)

Doubt it signed for forest

He's joined Forest - official

Unlucky he's gone forest

Hiya, Forest fan in peace.

As you all know we have signed JP, I understand the fee to be a little over £1m

Is he worth it?
Do you rate him?
Can he make the step up?

Now I know fans always slate players that leave but I think you Wallsall fans are above that, so I would be grateful of your honest opinions.

Good luck this coming season.

I personally think jp is an excellent winger who has come and leaps and bounds and certainly was destined for the championship. and atleast he made the step up rather unlike grigg and brandy he will do good for you guys next term just a shame walsall have become a feeder club with the likes of pato. gerrard. deeney. fryatt

To the Forest Fan!
Is he worth it? Most definetly. one of the most talented if not the best talent we have produced & we have had players like troy deeney, matty fryatt, dan fox, scott dann etc.
Do I rate him? i'm sure I speak for a lot of walsall fans when I say this but we will miss him a lot! He has an eye for goal, great passer of the ball, quick, great work rate, fantastic dribbler of the ball! Top all round player!
Can he make the step up? Yes. i'm sure you have made up your mind by what I have said. Great player, great signing. Big loss! Prem player in a few years if Davies playes him & gives him the chance to shine!
From a sad walsall fan!

Yes I would say he is worth it within today's market been as though he was still contracted and young with a lot of potential secondly I rate him he was a huge part of our run last season with his assists and share of goals. Thirdly yes I believe he will make the step up and if he does you will have yourselves a top player hope he turns out well for you

Worth it 100% at 21 he's still learning but some of the goals he scored ie away at Huddersfield and sheff wed show what he is all about but also to score 13 goals as a winger. he's a great signing for forest

The other Forest fan was correct you guys are above most. Thanks for your honest opinions on JP and best of luck see you next year



02 Jul 2013 11:35:18
Barnsley fc have 3/4 Spanish trialist at there training camp at Spain 2 of them are to be believed to be Kike Lopez and Andreas lamas both released from Spanish club Alcorcon

Has anyone out there in the real world heard about these players in spain?

There was something in the chronicle last week about some trialists in Spain,
But no names mentioned,

Spanish league 4 players mybe ok over ere not too sure tho. :/

The trailist in Spain is actually 100% Spanish not 3/4 Spanish as first rumoured. {Ed003's Note - haha}

Andreas as played in the spanish premiere league for numerous clubs. in the lower half. left footed CB. also plyed his trade for Barcelona B team



02 Jul 2013 11:34:55
Walsall will sign Ashley Vincent this week on a 2-year deal after he rejected a deal from Port Vale in May. And are also close to signing goalkeeper Scott Flinders

Dream on. Vale can afford to pay him more wages than Walsall. He just isn't worth what he thinks he is. Overrated money grabber. Your welcome to him

03 jul 2013 02:40:18
ashley vincent was rumoured to have being going to bristol rovers on a 2 year contract, since then he has been linked to half the clubs in division 3 & 4 just holding out for a better offer. whoever signs him will get about 4 good months out of him then he will fade away for the rest of the season just like he did at the vale.

03 jul 2013 17:36:23
just heard he is going to sign a 2 year contract at shrewsbury, don't know where they have the money from.



02 Jul 2013 11:34:28
Bristol Rovers have 4 new signings training with them this week and all of them should be available to take part in the pre-season friendly programme starting at Bath City on the 12th July. The players set to play for the Pirates are Defender Garry Kenneth, Midfielder Matt Gill and Strikers David Clarkson and Matt Harrold.

New signings? They were all signed to them before this season.

New signings?? Seriously where do you people get your information from? These are all current Rovers players who are back in training following injuries!

I guess the poster means they'll be LIKE 4 new signings as neither of them have played under Ward. (bar Harrold - 1 game) though Kenneth isn't due til September and Gill August -early September so neither of them can take part in pre-season.
Not exactly rumours though.



02 Jul 2013 11:32:50
Just seen Danny graham and David wheater at rocklife

That would be great if there joined boro local lads who would give everything for the club, if its true championship clubs, boro are guna win the league. utb

Hope its true because danny graham is the worst player I've seen in a red and white shirt



02 Jul 2013 11:28:57
Michael Tidser returns to Rotherham to continue talks today. Deal is still yet far from complete and he's still expected to play for Greenock Morton by the time they play Sheffield United in a friendly.

Having medical right now expect completion later today



02 Jul 2013 11:18:07
Very disappointed with the lack of new faces at the new meadow. Pre season has started and we only have a squad of 13 with no recognised striker. Mind you, if we are going to pay peanuts then we will only get monkeys, sad but true.

Had no chance in signing Mark Duffy; another winger would prefer to join Hartlepool than us; pie in the sky when it comes to getting in strikers such as McDonald, Robinson, Somma & Lee. ALL are going to other clubs.

Hope 2010

Have to agree with you. Our squad looks even more paper thin than this time last season, and that's saying something.

Squad is even more depleted following Asa Hall's departure to Oxford. Never seen us so unprepared for the start of the season.

The transfer window is open for another 2 months. Doesn't make any sense to sign players as soon as the window opens unless you are going to pay them what they demand.

Turner will bring in a Right Back. a Left Winger and three Strikers. Perhaps not this week but what's the rush?

It takes a special kind of fan to panic a few days into July.


02 Jul 2013 13:35:14
The longer we leave it the less time we have to ensure the squad gells before the start of the season. We'll end up scratching around for players just like what happened last season.

We're in talks with several players at the moment. Just like every other club.

Turner failed to get the striker we required last season. I will be surprised if he makes the same mistake this season.

Have patience my friends--- gt will sort it out



02 Jul 2013 11:08:37
West ham clsoe to signing Ludovic Sane. They are also eyeing loan move for Demba Ba however, West Brom are also chasing him

We have officially put in a 10mill offer for bony

Need him Sane

How do you knw we have put that bid in mate

What a load of s,, t Albion will sign kalou, Baird, and Sinclair in the next week and then follow that up with either ba or Anelka also gardener I work inside with good info that will be the five in, poss 1more vydra or di santo

Good good then if we get them I'd like to see Kalou aswell down the Albion but I'd be happy with Anelka and etc wots happening with longy deal



02 Jul 2013 11:07:08
Millwall to sign Jackson from Norwich after getting Morison back we need more pace up front.

If true it would 'great'! if?

BELIEVE IT when I see him in the 'NEW KIT'?

02 Jul 2013 13:11:21
Norwich fan here I think those 2 in the championship would be amazing. The play well together good luck

Jacksons been let go, free agent.

Hope so!

I would love to see morro and Jackson up front. I think it would be a great partnership.

Not going to happen we cannot afford his wages as well as morrisons

We are only paying part of morisons wages so maybe

We could probably just about afford Jacksons wages at a push because Leeds are still paying part of Morison's wages! Plus when we get a few more players in more fans will want to see them & style of football which will 'GENERATE' more money!

We could probably just about afford Jacksons wages at a push because Leeds are still paying part of Morison's wages! Plus when we get a few more players in more fans will want to see them & style of football which will 'GENERATE' more money!

Get rid of N'guessan and send marquis on loan to free up some wages

03 Jul 2013 10:27:30
Lee martin set to have medical at millwall today



02 Jul 2013 11:04:34
Scunthorpe have signed Matt Sparrow.



02 Jul 2013 10:57:06
Lee Johnson is looking at two trailists for his new Oldham athletic team these include a Latvian you 21 defender and a Senegalese striker named momar N'Diaye also lee Johnson wants to add 4 new players before the start the new season source oafc website

This is correct as it was in reported local newspaper.



02 Jul 2013 10:46:26
Blackpool have completed the double signing of mckenzie from mk dons and matty ethrington stoke

Errmmm no we have not

I don't think so

Etherington 30k a week, yeah right. Next joke!

Strange as Etherington said today he wants to stay. wish was true though

04 Jul 2013 19:49:38
Has the Gary Mac deal actually gone through?

He's in Ireland with MK Dons and seems to have got cold feet after the Ince resignation threat fiasco. Would t surprise me if this has fallen through. Why go on a pre-season tour if the deal's imminent?

Not sure he's good enough anyhow. {Ed003's Note - 2 medicals have taken place this afternoon speculation is he is one of them.}

Yes it was finalised but the fee has not been told



02 Jul 2013 10:44:09
Chris Samba has gone back to Anzhi for £12m



02 Jul 2013 10:42:34
Kevin Davies is set to snub Sheffield Wednesday and Preston North End and sign for his old club Chesterfield on a one year contract!

Ha! deal already done, and it ain't Chesterfield,!

On his way to Burnley signs tomorrow

Yeah ok! Course he is- that's why his wife has already stated he is signing for pne as they don't want to re-locate.

Good luck Burnley the guy is a legend. He will always be so to the vast majority of Spireites wherever he plays.

As a PNE supporter I would welcome Kevin Davies at Deepdale. I think he could do a job for us in div. 1, but I don't think he's a championship player any longer. That's why Bolton released him.

Davies to Chesterfield?. unless the 'wonder kid' is returning 'home' to play for free then I very much doubt it. Doyle, Richards, O'Shea, Roberts, Darikwa, Gnanduillet. I doubt any more attack minded players are on any shopping list.

Whoever signs Davies, good luck to them and him, will always be one of the club's greatest 'sons'.

Can't imagone that preston could afford his wages as he would have been on at least 15K a week at Bolton that's say 60K a month 650K a year. lol admin for preston

15k a week x 52 weeks = £780,000

No illusions that our favourite son is returning to Chesterfield but one day it would be nice to see him back Know it will never happen though

Davies has said he'd like to return to Chesterfield one day but if he does, it definitely won't be this season

Davies has said he'd like to return to Chesterfield one day but if he does, it definitely won't be this season

It's true! I saw him at the Proact the other day.

If PNE couldn't afford his wages they'd have said as soon as they spoke to him that it wasn't happening.

03 Jul 2013 11:08:01
Won't be signing for burnley. It's pne or Sheffield weds Davies has stated this on twitter

No he hasn't - JS



02 Jul 2013 10:41:41
Cresswell will sign for Chesterfield by the weekend a fee of £70k plus add on's has been accepted! He will also be named captain by Paul Cook

Correct! Nathan Smith broken down pre season for the 3rd season in a row. Mentally weak??

Doubt it seeing that they turned 100K down from Fleetwood

Townsend coming in for the injured smith!

Townsend won't be at Chesterfield



02 Jul 2013 10:35:37
El Mohamedy has signed a 3 year deal with Hull City this morning. With Austin due to come later this week, possibly tomorrow, to negotiate personal terms.

Austin Going to Stoke 5.5 million plus add ons

Elmo joined ages ago, plus austin unlikely to join, as hull preferring to go for hooper instead



02 Jul 2013 10:09:56
In Huddersfield daily examiner today that there is no interest in Jacob butterfield. Also that Anthony Gerrard is out injured for pre-season

To be fair, the examiner have said this before, we know sources etc and its been wrong. also who cares Gerard is rubbish like captain person CLARKE two more cb please robins.

Usual ignorant comments. Gerrard is not rubbish but he does need to wise up. Clarke has made the odd mistake but his contribution to the cause of HTFC can never be doubted. Having said this, another CB would be good whilst we wait for Wallace to gain experience.

What games you been watching geezer? Clarke and Gerard nearly cost town relegation last year. for Clarke, it has to be more than a "warrior" now, which he isn't you can be talented and committed and Clarke defo is below the standard of champ level. get real Clarke is committed yes, but alwaysin wrong position and defends far 2 deep hence why we let in over 60 goals last year, yep top defenders the pair r NOTTTTT

Gerrard is not rubbish he's more solid then Clarkeand does not make as many mistakes learn your football

Have to agree, Clarke and Gerrard aren't really strong enough, both work hard and the commitment is there but not enough pace, intelligence and this is definitely the peak of Clarkes talent. I could see Gerrard playing better alongside another centre half, maybe ex premiership with bags of experience but with attack minded full backs like Hunt you need a stronger pair in the middle

Learn my football? I have previously played at a high level. the tow are a joke together, I really do hope that town over the coming seasons get rid of these two. town need to improve not go backwards, we have good young players coming through, and if dean wants a young quality team, then it starts at the back. we need to get rid of the two they r slow with little or no talent on the ball and have cost us more goals than saved us. end of

Peter Clarke in the wrong positions? He's always on line blocking owt coming too him. I agree though, we do need better than Clarke, Gerrard is still good though.

What I mean by wrong position is that he is blocking shots in the wrong place, because he defends from the wrong place inside the box all the time, if town defended outside the box as much as possible instead of in the box less goals would go in. for example the two goals that went in against Barnsley were inside the box.

Gerrard is absolute mince. League 1 standard at best.

What about zakuani then?

Town are missing out on ALL of their Targets so far, Dale Stephens, Patterson, Vaughany, SAME OLD TOWN, and Robins going after players that have either gone down, or struggled in the C/ship. another hard season. Season ticket thanks a bunch for the FALSE Promises again.

7 games we conceded 4+ goals in, TEAM EFFORT. The goals conceded in the other 39 is a solid record, just like we were the 7th most clinical team in the championship last year.

They've only melted when every single player has. Next you'll say Woods had a poor year, or Smithies maybe.

Woods and smithies had a poor year

Missing out? Vaughan signed today! Some brilliant signings, nice balance between experience and youth. I also forecast perhaps a couple more.

I repeat, Clark and Gerard are very much not rubbish! Clarke could be improved upon by a tall, quick, athletic, experienced centre back with total commitment in every game. However, any such a player will be playing in the PL and earning £50k per week plus. Gerard just needs to stay calm and use his head (for thinking!). This usually happens with age.

Does anybody think about Wallace when we talk about CB? Only 19 and looked pretty good to me when he played last term.



02 Jul 2013 10:06:00
Harry Forrester will join Leeds and NOT Doncaster

Leeds aren't even in for forrester mate

No he hasn't he's signed a three year contract with donny bigger and better club

Leeds don't want him, they are splashing the cash, he is on his way to Doncaster

Everything agreed with Doncaster

Bad post, he's no where near Leeds,

Leeds are getting Chris Forrester, not Harry!



02 Jul 2013 10:03:42
Zavon Hines will train with Cheltenham Town this morning with the view of signing an initial 1 year deal at Whaddon Road. Boss Mark Yates has beaten the likes of Chesterfield, Walsall and Oxford for the former West Ham man.

Not true. Bristol rovers will get Hines watch this space

Not heard anything in the local media yet so not sure he's trained yet but he's definitely a winger that I think would be great in League Two so wouldn't say no!

No further news on Guttridge since he was rumoured to be signing - any more on that one?

02 Jul 2013 12:10:40
I've heard that he is to have a trial at Shrewsbury. Will join them for pre season training on Thursday.

Oxford are not looking for a winger, so that is complete rubbish



02 Jul 2013 09:29:28
Middlesbrough have confirmed the signing of Dean Whitehead on a Free Transfer, after his release from Stoke City

Top signing! zemama has left the club so let's hope Mogga has another creative midfeilder lined up so we are sorted in that department then we can start looking at strikers and defenders. ooooop the boro!

Good signing. Gives us more solidity through the middle

I think Varga will play right back he plays there for club and country, 2 players in whitehead and Varga to beef up our lightweight squad, i'm really pleased with these signings, we now need CB, right winger and 20 goal season man, maybe 2 strikers if mavin emnes and MacDonald leave.

You got a good free transfer there guys, don't get me wrong he won't take on a player or 2 and play a sweet ball to ya forwards but the guy gives his all and sits in front of the defence and mops up which gives the other midfield player the freedom to go forward. he will be your hardest working player at the club believe me.

Thanks for the info pal on behalf of us Boro fans :-)

Hopefully we can get adomah then we have carayol on left and adomah on right with varga behind him leadbitter and whitehead in the centre is solid in my opinion just need someone to partner juke then its just a cb to play with williams, with woody as backup

Boro have made an excellent signing, gave his all for stoke and played his heart out, he will be missed.

Got yourself a great player there, don't think i've ever seen him shy out of a tackle. Going to miss him at the Brit DEANO DEANO DEANO

Fantastic signing. Him and Leadbitter will be solid as a rock.

Wish Whitehead all the best at Middlesbrough, gave 100% each and every game at Stoke City and Middlesbrough have got themselves a strong figure in their bid for promotion next season! Good luck

Rave reviews from stoke fans is good enough for me and sounds like the captain we've been missing since boateng and invaluable experience at the top level and at this level :-)

Boro fans will love him. He always gives 110% and I wish him all the best. Good luck Deano. Boro have potentially signed a promotion winning player and captain I will be keeping my eye on them to see how it goes.

Gutted Whitehead is leaving Stoke. Criminally underrated!



02 Jul 2013 09:27:50
I think West Ham are missing a trick with Blackburn. If they have very little funds why on earth are they not offering cash + players for Jordan RHodes. This is a win win scenario. They offload players not quite up to Premier League standard and cash to a Championship team in need of a lilttle more quality but dfon;t have huge funds. Blackburn also get cash. For instance, if West ham offer £5m plus Matt Taylor and Vaz Te?

Then thtat equals about 5.6 million. taylour and vaz te am rubbish

Agree go for it hammers Vaz te and Taylor not up to prem standard

Blackburn have better players already than Taylor and Vaz te, they don't even need the money there owners are clueless but are worth 1. 3 billion.

02 Jul 2013 13:47:34
Vaz is quality, just needs to be played in his position of up front instead of the wing. Wouldn't swap him for a league 1/championship striker. Taylors better then mgp but still needs to go for 1m. West ham need to focus on buying quality internationals, not champ players. we have money, don't worry bout that

Not the most popular people in Blackburn but Venkys are sadly here for the long term. They are worth billions and are investing in a squad revamp (ok that's not a lot at the moment) while cutting millions from the wage bill in an effort to cull the deadwood to meet new financial rules. They see Rhodes as the key to a premiership return and income of £60m+ He is going nowhere for less than £15m+

Not the most popular people in Blackburn but Venkys are sadly here for the long term. They are worth billions and are investing in a squad revamp (ok that's not a lot at the moment) while cutting millions from the wage bill in an effort to cull the deadwood to meet new financial rules. They see Rhodes as the key to a premiership return and income of £60m+ He is going nowhere for less than £15m+

I don't no what team every one was watching last year if they think they have better players than vaz apart fron rhodes of corse allso venkys arr here for the long haul but there not worth billions dunno where you got that from there wortk half a bill



02 Jul 2013 09:17:55
Derby could look to sign Jamaal Lascelles from Nottingham Forest as he wants first team football and forest are unlikely to give it to him this season where as Nigel Clough sees him as on for the future and the ideal candidate to fill the gap left by the injurys to Barker and O'Brian

I hope derby have at least 3million he is very highly regarded by forest no chance they will sell cheap

Behave. We have turned down bids from Prem clubs for him, but will take a look at accepting a bid from Derby?! Zero chance

02 Jul 2013 12:26:51
From spondon and a derby fan but can't see him coming to derby

02 Jul 2013 12:57:49
Wishful thinking. no chance.

02 Jul 2013 14:45:06
No chance of him coming home to Derby where he was born. Will cost to much for us to buy him.

Haha this made me laugh

Oh come on. A forest told arsenal and spurs to go away, I think derby are in dreamland if this is true (doubtful).

You do have to wonder though, why is he not in the 1st team picture? He's got all this hype around him at 19 so why did he only manage 2 league apps last season? You'd think he'd at least be on the bench because Forest aren't exactly swimming in top class players.

Our own Will Hughes started 30+ games at the tender age of 17! And, to a lesser extent, Hendrick, Bennett and O'Brien too.

I think a Forest fan made this rumour up to get the other Forest fans all hyper. We don't want this guy end of.



02 Jul 2013 09:08:40
West ham list of striker options growing smaller after Chelsea have stated Romelu lukaku will be staying with them this season and NOT going out on loan and Demba Ba will be sold NOT loaned. Another West ham target Wilfried Bony has agreed personal terms with Swansea. Andreas Cornelius another West ham target has been bought by Cardiff. Norwich and Hull chase Gary Hooper and Crystal Palace are currently in talks with Blackburn over Jordan RHodes. Nathan Redmond also on his way to Norwich however Sam Allardyce is looking at Anelka, Crouch and Louis Saha with Saha the preferred option

Crouch will be the perfect choice, when your game plan is hooooooooooooof it up to the big man up front.

Tom Finney next. Is it me or are West Ham building for the future NOT!. They are following the Bolton model. Older players 2nd level, big wages, eventually running out of money. Not good considering the immense talent that has come from that club in the recent past. I hope they revert to being an academy driven club. It suits them better.



02 Jul 2013 09:01:54
Charlton Ath, very high possibility that Sam Baldock will join this summer, Powell has admired him for some time.

Good Luck!

02 Jul 2013 10:34:14
Theres a very high chance a lot of players could join, but can someone please start substantiating rumours, rather than just speculating. Its starting to get boring and we still haven't done any business which is worrying!

Theres a very high chance a lot of players could join, but can someone please start substantiating rumours, rather than just speculating. Its starting to get boring and we still haven't done any business which is worrying!
We have signed Mark Gower - I call that business.

Charlton can't buy all the time talk of them Russians wanting to buy us.

We don't know what is going on behind the Valley Doors.

Once they buy or pull out we can get new blood in.

Sorry so far we have signed one average player we had on loan anyway. that's not progress when you look at what teams are doing around us. We have also loast or released a number of players which need to be replaced.

When are you lot going to realise we have no money to spend

02 Jul 2013 17:13:04
Yeah a midfielder! We need strikers you fool

One deal don't make it business it seems to me everyone is dealing with transfers in the championship apart from us

We need to reinforce the spine of the team, centre back, centre mid and strikers. Could do with at least one more winger too! Very light weight at the moment.

Sir chris has already said he had money for players at the right price, we can't expect every summer to be like the last 2, with a new player every day! Period of due diligence is over with the Russian investors on Friday, then they'll be some moving and shaking at the valley.

One deal don't make it business it seems to me everyone is dealing with transfers in the championship apart from us
So far the highest amount of players that have signed for a championship is 2, we have signed 1 so not far off that, 4 clubs still haven't signed anybody. So no need to panic yet. Yes we need to strengthen more but FFP makes that hard and other teams are having the same problems as us. The whole league will be weaker next season.



02 Jul 2013 08:51:19
Crystal Palace and Bolton are noth eyeing up a move for long time West ham target Jordan Rhodes who will be released by Blackburn for around £8m

Another West Ham target gone because lack of funds all spent on Carroll.

Palace will not be paying this much for anyone so Rhodes will not be coming to Selhurst.



02 Jul 2013 08:49:43
As a west ham fan I have the utmost confidence in Big Sam, however, the news of Titus Brambles arrival is a little concerning, even to use him as a squad player. what's also a concern is the lack of movement in the market with us seemingly unable to buy any further players unless we sell first.

I'm a little worried also but Sam will see us through. I'm sure he has an ace up his sleeve somewhere but please don;t let it be Bramble

02 Jul 2013 14:12:11
Definitely not bramble 1000% certain yes he is only training that's it



02 Jul 2013 08:40:44
If Rotherham fail to land Tidser, they will try an ambitious bid to take free agent Danny Murphy to the NYS after he left Blackburn

Not a chance. Where does this absolute drivel come from? And I'm a miller!



02 Jul 2013 08:40:04
Swansea looking to tie up wilfried bony in a 3 year deal
Reported 40k a week deal is to go ahead after having a medical last night

Fingers Crossed.

I can see this deal falling through now. West ham also in the running now. Probably offer bigger wages and living in london

Don't think he will turn the chance down of playing under laudrup and European football!

Wont get in the team only in cup games

Looks like he wants to join but his club are stalling!

Could be Bony or Gomis or better still both of them.

Who ever said he wouldn't get in the team is crazy, michu is at his best when he plays just off the striker, and who will start ahead of him? Moore?

Thank you! Bony and Michu will be a good link up! And Michu is at his best all the team I reckon! We have put in a £13.7m bid in for Bony!



02 Jul 2013 08:28:38
Southampton have offered QPR £10m plus Danny fox and billy sharp for loic remy. Redknapp could be interested as he wants to build a side of players who recently been promoted from championship. Watch this space

Remy going back to France.

If only someone wouldn take Danny Fox.

Even though he has a relegation clause in his contract of only £8.5mil. Congratulations you have made up complete jibberish!


Loic Remy has a buy out clause of eight million? So why would anyone pay more?

8 million pound release clause.

Need I go any further to debunk this nonsense?

No chance. He turned down Newcastle to move to QPR. a decision clearly motivated by money. There's no chance Cortese will bow to his and his agents demands. Secondly we don't go for players with that sort of attitude, it stinks.

Perhaps we are offering more than what is required because we are giving them fox? jks

02 Jul 2013 13:03:42
Matt phillips to qpr from Blackpool for 5 mill, know his younger brother and matts girlfriend is desperate for a move to London to pursue modelling

Come on people, any real Southampton player progress? They say never let the truth get in the way of a good story but still make it believable.

Matt phillips doesn't have a younger brother! He has an older brother an a young sister so I call bullsh*t.

On the Remy front the Crown prosecution service will be announcing in september whether or not they will prosecute. i'd be surprised if he was to go anywhere until at least January.

Please! Danny Fox out Please!

I'm a QPR fan and a good source has said southampton want remy

Why do we want to get rid of fox he's are best player?lol



02 Jul 2013 08:17:38
Swansea are prepared to spend £20m on long time West ham targets Thomas Ince and Wilfried Bony. Meanwhile, West Ham have shown a real sign of intent and currently have Titus Bramble training with them with a view to a move if he impresses Sam Allardyce

Thats about right. Titus Bramble at West ham? West ham must be really desperate

Possibly get him on loan for the season for him to get experience. No chance of him being sold he's being groomed for the premier with Swans.



02 Jul 2013 08:16:08
Southampton are attempting to bring Ajax winger Viktor Fischer to St Marys and that they have almost completed deals for Inter Milan's Japanese international full-back Yuto Nagatomo and Napoli striker Lorenzo Insigne.

Whether this is feasible or true, signing these players would definitely put us with the Swansea, WBA and liverpools (if no Suarez ). That being said I doubt insigne is feasible if they lose cavani, nagatomo would feed corteses Japanese fetish and Fischer is up there with eriksson in potential

Lorenzo Insigne? YES PLEASE!

I watched the Japenese full back when Inter played Udinese last game of the season. Udinese won 5 - 2 at Inter and the right back had an absolute stinker, literally everything he did went badly wrong.

Perhaps a change would do him well but it reminded me of Yoshida when he was asked to play right back next season. cringe!

He's a LB so that's why

He's a LB so that's why

I watched Nagatomo for Japan against Italy and Brazil. He looked a very competent and exciting player. Every player has a bad day.

Great news if victor fisher came to us. Great player with lots of potential.

All three would be very good signings. Wishful thinking tho. I hope to be proven wrong.

05 Jul 2013 20:42:00
Victor has said he wants to stay where he is and Man Utd, Chelsea and Milan would be preferred destinations anyway. Didn't Yuto Nagatomo sign a new deal at the beginning of this year? Lorenzo Insigne. dream on.



02 Jul 2013 08:16:08
Newcastle director of football Joe Kinnear wants to make his first signing since taking on his new role at the club by Friday, with a second bid planned for Saint Etienne striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He is also expextec to make an approach to West ham for James Tomkins

Joe kinnear boasts about his 35 years in football, you can do any job in your life and you get out of touch . I thought football was supposed to have changed don't take Newcastle back to 1975

PEA is heading to Dortmund

They have widened the doors at the Newcastle boardroom so kinnear can get his big head through, next thing they will be changing the club shirts like Southampton and Cardiff.



02 Jul 2013 07:45:10
Derby County turned down a bid from Wigan of 1 million pounds for right back John Brayford. The fee was not high enough and the money was not up front ie instalments.

Also Brayford himself does not want to go to Wigan as he would obviously prefer a move to the premier league.

If any premier league side is willing to match the 1.5 million price tag with all the money up front he will go.



02 Jul 2013 07:44:28
John Eutace on trial at derby with a view to being a permanent after his release from Watford. at 33 he is the experienced Midfeilder that we need

Disappointed to see Captain Marvel leave Vicarage Road but after after an injury ravaged season last year it was unlikely he'd be offered a new deal with Watford.

A fantastic engine - the legs might have gone a bit but his brain is still Championship worthy.

Legs and various other key body parts gone

Good luck to him! Still a great player and deserves to play! Shame we couldn't keep him

Thank you to all the Watford fans for there assesment of Mr Eustace. Sounds like a decent player to have around the club.

Just to annoy the moaning mini's on our forums I would like him to move to Derby to give competion in midfield. Note to Sam Rush don't skimp on a quality centre half though.

Talking of forums to any hornet fans know 'rev charles clinkhard'? He was funny when he appeared on our message board.

'Unlikely to be offered a new deal'- If you read the article it says that he was offered a new contract but turned it down due to wanting first team opportunities

John Eustace has been great for Watford and but for a back injury would have played quite a lot last season. An inspirational player to younger players in the team, always give 100%. Would do a great job for Derby, I wish him well. Will get a great reception next time he comes to "The Vic"



02 Jul 2013 07:44:09
West Brom are in talks with Salomon Kalou. Him and Steve Clarke worked together at Chelsea.

Would love kalou. straight swap for odemmhingey don't really fancy anelka but wouldn't moan if we get him. still remember the dark decade of the eighties for those who can't just look at the names moxeys men are looking at. and smile it could be worse

His name is Odemwingie

O right didn't realise and me a season ticket holder in the smethwick



02 Jul 2013 06:55:10
Exeter City to sign centre forward Jefferson Louis on a free.

Really? a.

He's a conference north standard player, not even that
We don't need him he's awful
I really hope this isn't true



02 Jul 2013 06:41:18
Palace have offered £5M for Liverpool's Shelvey. eagles!

02 Jul 2013 09:19:16
so have swansea who is more likely to get him

South London boy wanting to move back south?



02 Jul 2013 03:45:38
Liverpool will try and lure Tom Ince to the club. They will pay his release clause 4mil and try and get him to the club even though Carrdif have already accepted a bit with Blackpool

Well if they throw in Jonjo Shelvey for a year loan would be a sweet deal.

He does not have a 4 million release clause why would blackpool be asking for 8 million

Maybe suso aswell

They want 8mil Liverpool; have 50% sell on fee so only have to pay 4mil

They have 35 percent at most not 50

It's a 35% sell on and Liverpool have not been in contact.

How many times, Liverpool do not have a sell on % of ince.
Matt Williams the club secretary said at the time when Adam was sold to Stoke.

Tom Ince was a completely separate deal To the CA deal, and Matt Williams has never said that because it isn't right, there IS a 35% Sell on clause



02 Jul 2013 00:03:38
Norwich to enquire about a possible loan deal for yaya sanogo

On a scale of 1 to 10 of the transfer, I would say minus 10 - another words - no chance.

He signed for arsenal yesterday.

Arsenal said they are willing to loan out yaya so he gets regular games in the premier league

As an Arsenal fan I don't see this happening. At most in January

So there you have it from the gooner.

It's Sanogo. Till January.



01 Jul 2013 23:41:04
Rotherham winger Lionel Ainsworth will sign for Southend in the next few days after agreeing a deal to terminate his contract at Rotherham.

Nice to see the little s*** still hasn't grow up and causing trouble wherever he goes.

I had the misfortune of meeting him when he was a HTAFC Player.



02 Jul 2013 00:33:40
watford, confirmed by giampaolo pozzo, will sign 3 udinese players.

Gabriele Angella (cb)
Davide Faraoni (full back)
Diego Fabbrini (Winger/forward)

angella will sign on 5 year deal, others to be confirmed.




02 Jul 2013 00:16:34
Barry Bannan latest name to be linked with huddersfield town 800,000 seems to be the asking price for the 23year old scottish international

Get real, Bannan would cost more than £800k, plus no disrespect I couldn't see him going to Huddersfield.

02 Jul 2013 07:01:21
I honestly thought vaughan would av signed be now if he was cumin to town. he ain't still on Hols. hudds and norwich no each other well. from previous dealings. pre season as started. may be just me. I hope we get I'm. with I'm and a new centre ha


This would be an absolute gem of a signing but I don't think we'll be able to afford his wagers unless he comes on loan
Town in the play offs this season!

I'm a long time Town and take it from me we aren't getting in the play offs. Its another season of trying to stay in the Championship will be the goal. Get Real!

As a town fan I would love this to happen, but let's get real. Bannan would cost a lot more than just 800k and he wants to stay in the premier league

Bannan and, Butterfield etc are not coming to Huddersfield. We are only interested in young untapped potential players who we can add value to then sell on after a couple of years or experienced loan players who we can get for a contribution towards their wages. Marlon Pack, still on our wanted list, maybe he will decide to take our offer and join the Terriers.

Its people like you who have no faith in the team that should just not support town, and you won't go to any of the games but you will come out with the excuse of 'I went to every game in the 70s' No one cares! UTT!

Marlon pack is garbage, watched him a good few times now, not up to the midfield quality we have already lg1 his level

Yeah, then we sign Stead! Bannan and Butterfield would be great at this level. Doubt it'll happen though, but if by some mere miracle it does, then they'll be loans.

Marlon Pack isn't garbage at all. ? He's been in the team of the season the last 2 years and a number of championship clubs are after him

Yeah, fair enough, take it you mean lg2 team of the season? Some sunday league players could get in that. let's just see where Pack ends up playing shall we.



02 Jul 2013 00:12:55
Millwall are close to signing neil danns and martyn waghorn from leicester

Good get them off the wage bill

There's a lot of good forward players being linked to Millwall at the minute. Danns, I would be disappointed if true. But Waghorn is a type of player we don't have at the minute and is young so would take a punt on him. However, Church is strongly linked at the minute and would be the preferred option IMHO.

All three sound like duffers to me, league one players at best, waste of money like nguesson, walford, racon and that full back we got from bournemouth last year (cant even remember his name), Morison a good start though, we need one or two more new decent quality midfielders/ attackers that's all. Forget about punts, waste of money and time



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