Football Rumours Archive July 02 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 02 2012 

01 Jul 2012 23:44:42
Luton to sign Colin Daniel and Fleetwood to sign Damien Reeves tomorrow(11)(13)Were you hear this mate ! hope is true as colin daniel is a great winger


01 Jul 2012 23:39:43
Barcelona's Marc Muniesa is a loan target for Brighton.(9)(30)He is going to feature for barca 1st team more next seasonHe's good enough for barca first team we got know chanceI'm
A Brighton fan and cannot see how we'd get him if he was going to get some first team for Barca next year.


01 Jul 2012 23:28:12
Paddy Kenny is close to being reunited with his ex-boss Neil Warnock at Leeds United(39)(8)Paddy Kenny and NW have a connection well they must have they worked together at QPR and sheffield UTD.


01 Jul 2012 23:16:07
kevin kilbane is training with coventry city. we are having a look at his fitness and he is seeing if its a suitable club for him. its on the ccfc website.(17)(4) 



01 Jul 2012 23:14:22
Edouard Duplan will sign for Swansea in the next 2 weeks. Fee in the region of 3-4m.(8)(6)Huw jenkins (swans chairman) has denied making any approach, so doubt this will happenGood point, he would probably not cut it in the Premiership. He could get some experience in the GB Olympic squad as a stop-gap. Doh!


01 Jul 2012 23:00:55
Torquay United are poised to sign the former Yeovil Town forward Kieron Agard on a one year deal after he was released at the end of last season.(6)(5)Got a good player thereDecent player for league 2, we should of kept him


01 Jul 2012 22:28:42
Liverpool have made a formal offer for Fulham's Clint Dempsey. The offer has not yet been accepted as Fulham who, although resigned to losing him, wait to see if rumoured interest from Arsenal or Roma is followed up.(22)(21) 

Although Mohamed Al-Fayed appears to accept that, rather than over-pay his bigger name players, he should hold out for a big fee from the clubs with ambitious owners, one wonders where Liverpool will get the money, given their costly rebuilding and comparative failure last season. You'd expect the American owners to go for a bit of a 'learn and season' next year, and avoid big fee gambles. (Having said that, Liverpool fans can take some comfort from knowing that Swansea were one of the surprise packages to visit Craven Cottage last year. They were easy 3 goal winners and got an appreciative round of applause from the Fulham supporters. Brendan Rodgers seems to know what he is doing.)
But I wonder if there's any link with the earlier Charlie Adams rumour that was posted. Something of a ''player exchange and cash' deal between Fulham and Liverpool might be more realistic - if Clint Dempsey really has to go.He won't sign for Liverpool. He wants Cahmpions League football.I hopeliverpool sign clint DempseyI thought Dempsey wanted to play Champions League Football?I am a Fulham fan and personally I think Dempsey is an overated player. You would be better off buying Mousa Dembele who is the best player I have seen at the Cottage for a long time


01 Jul 2012 21:59:23
Zavon Hines to sign for Leeds united once the takeover is complete MOT(6)(37)What price i would mind to see him go for anythover 600kGives us a packet ov cheese&onion and u can hav him


01 Jul 2012 21:22:14
Kevin Kilbane is training with the Sky Blues. Kilbane is out of contract with Hull City. Latest news on the CCFC website!(14)(5)


01 Jul 2012 21:10:35
Jordan cook, seen at coming out of deepdale today, good signing If the lad as said yes!! Utw(6)(9)


01 Jul 2012 21:10:26
Luke chambers will sign for ITFC(Ipswich) on Monday-tuesday at the latest
^^he will sign a 2 year deal with the option of an additional one if a number of appearances reached in the second year
Also bayern keeper Riedmuller's trial has gone well and Ipswich will offer bayern 250k in the next few days(13)(23)I'm quite sure that Riedmuller won't begin his trial until the squad report back for pre-season training on Thursday 5th July.Correct he is not currently on trail at the moment due in next couple of weeksChambers going to Leeds mate,sorry but you got that one wrong.How can riedmuller be on trail at ipswich they not yet back training get your fact right mateHope this right chambers is awful infact he aint that goodHey, MATE. But I'm pretty sure he's not going to Leeds.He isn't going to Leeds cos their just greedy how many defenders do they want, he knows he will get first team football at town cos we've only got Delaney and smithLet me guess Brighton are also linked?Leeds over Ipswich every time IMO....MOT you mean like Stockdale, Andrews...


01 Jul 2012 20:51:52
Now Ben Foster has completed his transfer to West Brom, the Baggies are now finally willing to go ahead with other planned transfers now they have secured their main target.

Danny Rose (Loan), Steven Naismith (Free) and Peter Whittingham (3m) will all join this month.(13)(26)Can't see JP spending all his money in one month can youRose & Naismith Great, If We Get Whittingham, Is J.T. On The Way Out?
We Don't Need That Many Wide MenWhittingham has a 6mil buy out clause in his contract he extended it half way throught last season for another 2 years so he's under contract for another 3 yearsRose and Naismith yes (loan and a freebie) not sure about Whittingham tho - we still need a quality keeper as back up to Foster (legend) - maybe Craig Gordon or Alan McGregor
Lincoln Baggie


01 Jul 2012 20:47:24
Modibo Maiga linked with Reading and west ham

source: SSN(16)(8)Let west ham have him, he's average, nothing on the pogOnly west ham want him, it says on BBC.Only west ham want him, it says on BBC.

That's 'cause the bbc only ever talk about man utd, Liverpool and wet sham


01 Jul 2012 20:44:00
Motherwell are to sign Richie Towell for the season(4)(2)


01 Jul 2012 20:27:53
Marcus Stephen Hahnemann will sign for shrews(4)(6)Hope it's true for Shrews sake, top bloke & a great keeper for Reading.Wouldn't mind him coming back to reading as back up. the we can send the younger
keepers out on loan


01 Jul 2012 20:26:36
A trio of West Brom youngsters set to sign for Portsmouth on loan which will be goalkeeper Luke Daniels and midfielders Scott Allan and George Thorne and this will be following the signings of free agents Tamas Kadar and Izale McLeod(13)(17)Pretty sure you're under a transfer embargo until you finalise a CVA which hasn't yet happened and will only happen if your high wage earners do one which seems unlikely.I have to say that whoever gets Scharner is not only getting a good team player but an excellent clubman who gives nothing but 100% every game.A legendMaybe AFTER the little financial situation is sorted.. but not before.Pretty sure the eds will confirm this you can only loan 2 players from one team {Ed003's Note - I'm sure that is just between prem clubs}


01 Jul 2012 20:21:50
Notts County to announce definately one signing tomorow (Monday). Another signing may also be announced, but may be delayed till later in the week.(9)(6)Names please?!I hope so
and i hope its a qaulity signingWell there has been no announcement today.


01 Jul 2012 20:18:00
Reading have asked Fulham for permission to speak to Simon Davies. Brian McDermott is keen to match Davies up with new signing Danny Guthrie.(10)(12)


01 Jul 2012 20:16:55
Jamie forrest linked to swansea possible bid of 5.4mil(1)(30)Really? Scotlands top rated young star is going to leave a Celtic for Swansea. Come on mate, really.


01 Jul 2012 20:10:38
Fulham to sign a CM from the Italian leagues on Tuesday. He is not Italian and it will be a reasonable sum of money but that is all I can reveal.

Rodallega will sign for Fulham as well on Monday along with Tomas Sivok the Croatian CB.

Lazio are now in the driving seat with regards to Yilmaz but Fulham are second choice if things fall through. Decision to be made in the next week.(15)(8)


01 Jul 2012 20:08:52
My aunt rents her house to ex cardiff goalkeeper tom heaton. he had dinner with her tonight and he is leaving tommorow to go to watford.(15)(27)He is better then loachA championship footballer renting off your Aunt and telling her about a transfer move! ok mate sure. Lionel Messi rents my spare room off me to and told me he's signing for Accrington Stanley tomorrow saying it's a dream come true.Stop making stuff upReally?Haha nice saucy comment mate, but where do you think footballers live? they don't buy houses, they rent as they may be moving soon...he also needs to inform land owner...Some funny comments here but the rumour for Heaton moving to Watford might be true its about the 4th time ive seen this rumour even tho two of them have been from this site.No word of a lie u watch?You will all b eating your words b4 long


01 Jul 2012 20:04:10
look like norwich will sign curtis davis from birmingham city on tuesday for £2.5m(6)(12)Would certainly be a bargain. Lee Clark is adamant to not lose any more senior players in an already small team. Don't they have a transfer embargo anyway?


01 Jul 2012 19:35:57
Everton expected to tie up deal for Bayern Munich pair Danijel Pranjic and Anatoliy Tymoschuk next week(15)(21)


01 Jul 2012 19:33:07
anyone got any rumours of any players going to afc bournemouth could do with some defenders and midfielders.(3)(11)How can 11 of you at the time I read this (3 believable, 8 unbelievable) find a simple question from someone believable or unbelievable?Miles addison will sign asap the clubs have agreed a fee of £220kODD! are they ageeing/disagreeing to a 'RUMOURS' or is it agree/disagreeeing to afcb 'NEEDING SOME DEFENDERS AND MIDFIELDERS' ? Should swindon and leyton orient be worried ?Addison the only known target, Robinson and bartley have been linked with returns but doubt these will happenChairman mitchell on radio solent tonight saying no immediate signings to be announced but have various transfer to afcb in pipeline. Must admit it has been a quiet week with very little player news coming out of bournemouth.You can have robinson hes crap well pay you to have himAFCB have got loads of defenders and midfielders, just not a lot of quality. I think we need to get rid of Arter, Gregory, Barrett and Cooper. Then we can think about bringing some in.^ Barrett yes because he's down the pecking order and deserves games. Cooper is expierenced and knows our game & the team well from the time he's been here & importently he' good so defo a nono & as for Gregory, well we've seen glimses of his talent but tbh he hasn't been used well under Bradders. He was played way too deep & even he said it wasn't what he was used to but he would give a good go & he was mainly a sub as if he was some impact sub so I would keep him.Arter has obvious pottential.Get rid of Cooper?! Of all our players, he's one of the most, if not the most, technical


01 Jul 2012 19:15:58
Everton ins
and a defender

baines or fellaini will not leave



01 Jul 2012 19:05:10
Rotherham united apparently going to sign andy gray and nunez. hope so as both rumoured as bradford targets and not wanted thanks.(6)(14)Why would they turn down Bradford and go to Rotherham jokeAlready done deals for Bradford both playersOh yeah isnt rotherham team that did double over you last season and rotherhams squad has got 10 times better (NO JOKE)Why would they turn down Bradford (a club that have been in the bottom half of league 2 and are more likely to be relegated that promoted) to join the league 2 favourites to finish 1st, Rotherham? hmmmmmmmmm.. I can't put my finger on it.. Up the Millers


01 Jul 2012 18:49:57
I earlier mentioned West Ham's 'big signing' on Tuesday. The possible candidates are:
Chris Samba
Kader Mangane
Grant Holt
Milos Krasic
Eljero Elia
Nathaniel Clyne
Kieran Richardson

190298(10)(37)Doubt this is true, you've just listed as many people as you can think of covering all corners.... Plus I'm highly doubting big Sam is telling a little 14 year old who is transfer targets are and when he expect to get one player out of 10.Mangane to under go a medical source west ham kumbZahas medicals been going on for a while now?Not sure about that Unknown guy... I heard he is a bit weak on his left foot.


01 Jul 2012 18:47:32
Michali Antonio has expressed intrest at re-signing for sheffield wednesday as he wont break in to the reading first team. Deal will be completed when they play a friendly in portugal in the summer. JC(9)(10)No deal. You offered £300k and it was rejected, that is common knowledge. We wanted double, and you left it.

Huddersfield and Charlton are both keen.

Wednesday chairman is a tight bugger. Never going to happen.I've heard forest are looking at him as a replacement for mcCleary and he would like to talk to them, which is understandable as they have a far better chance of challenging this year


01 Jul 2012 18:47:05
Arsenal reject 30 mill bid for RvP, he's not going nowhere, new contact to be discussed in the following weeks(6)(34)Come on Arsneal would snapped anyones hands off for that money when he's not signed a contract extenion get real.Im not a arsenal fan but am to sad to have to tell you he is leaving and you have to get real.You are holding him back every year the biggest thing you ever given him is champ league qualification.Why would wenger sign Poldolski and Giroud if he was staying.


01 Jul 2012 18:46:26
French team PSG are ready to offer their last offer for Liverpool's striker Luis Suarez for around £35M and Liverpool are set to offer the £35M for Napoli's forward Edinson Cavani also looking Andre Schurrle , Gaston Ramirez and Salomon Rondon , Fernando Llorente(9)(30)Lol, cavani and llorente would'nt touch Liverpool !
shortyPlease Fernando Llorente and cavani? not a hope in hell!!I'd like 2 C Fernando llorente in reds shirt but I can't honestly seeing happen


01 Jul 2012 18:39:14
Walsall are set to sign ex Doncaster midfielder Mark Wilson, Hereford duo Ben Purkiss and yoann Arquin have also been linked with the saddlers. A ambitious approach for David Connolly and Lee Holmes both ex Southampton could see them move to the Banks's Stadium.(3)(11)Yeah Lee Holmes signed for us (Preston) about a month ago.Lee holmes is a preston player at least get the info rightThought Holmes had signed for Preston!?

JannersaintHolmes has already signed for Preston. Another made up rumourHolmes is at prestonLee homes wont happen david connolly and mark willson is possibleLee Holmes, as said above, signed for Preston North End a while ago. David Connelly is also unlikely, although Mark Wilson is certainly a strong possibility. Had a loan spell with the Saddlers in which he impressed, scoring once, before being recalled by Doncaster.


01 Jul 2012 18:38:43
Dyche will be given the chance to continue as manager at Watford next season. I guess the same as with any manager his future will depend on results.(3)(11)Wrong I'm afraid. Zola has been approached but has not confirmed his interest, he is embarrassed to be linked whilst a fellow manager is still in post.I hope this is true.


01 Jul 2012 18:31:21
Peterborough United have agreed a 2 year contract with former Sunderland striker Jordan Cook who spent time on loan last season at Carlisle who were hoping to sign him.(6)(15)Only five goals to his name? hardly what we are looking for at Posh from a striker.Yes and only 5 starts for Carlisle and he out played MK Don , ran rings round CharltonIts believable

Championship next step up, started in the Prem, 22, likely to be at or near Championship level already, I think it would be a very promising signingAnd no better than David Ball who we have harshly listed!He only came of the bench for us most times he scored. decent player, championship qualityDisagree over ball, his long term prospects are not as an established championship player, it was the right decisionHumm how many strikers do we need? when are we gonna start signing some midfielders??


01 Jul 2012 18:28:51
2 pieces of news from Southampton FC, both linked to the memorial cup. Firstly a yellow and blue alternate kit will be unveiled in one of the saints' matches. Secondly a deal should be struck in which Francis Coquelin will join Southampton on a season's loan. It is planned that he will be shown around the stadium and training facilities by staff along with friend and former Saint Alex Oxlade Chamberlain the day before the tournement. He will represent arsenal in the competition, but avoiding any hitches the deal should be completed on the 14th July, tying up the loose ends with Arsenal.

Gerald.(13)(15)Can't see us going for any loan signings. Why would we want to develope an arsenal youngster when we have just given 4-5 first team places?

I still think we'll see a big signing from Italy.The second Saints kit has already been unveiled......its white shirt, shorts, and socks. This kit will be used in one of the games at the memorial trophy, and officially go on sale in the megastore and west quay store the same day.
Saint AndyI highly doubt saints will be loaning anyone. Last season it was falque and that deal was so useless that Im sure NA wouldnt fancy another go. Why help others youth systems when we have such a good one ourselves?3rd kit will be yellow and blue !Surely we will have a third kit, otherwise playing stoke and sunderland could prove trickyWe may have a third kit for when we play stoke sunderland arsenal


01 Jul 2012 18:28:30
Barnsley been linked with Marvin Sordell on loan from Bolton. Keith Hill having talks later on this week.(10)(25)Not a chance going to get more game time now bolton have been relegated-barnsley fanAgain why would we loan a player out to one of our rivals. He is to be given a chance by Coyle next season. Why would we let another player go when we released 11 players and the end of their contracts last season. If all these crap rumours were true we'd have no squad as every player has been sold. Get real everybody ... get real....Sordell is proven at championship level so no need to loan him out especially to a club tht doesn't match his ability. watford would probs hav first option if he was available for loan if was.


01 Jul 2012 18:07:13
Fleck is close on joining Coventry(13)(24)I hope so but i can somehow see it falling through, again!The Addicks and the Posh are in for Fleck,in the championship.So he is more likely to sign for Charlton or PeterburoghThe Coventry Evening Telegraph reckon he's signing today. I won't believe it until he does as I remember a certain Marlon King being a certain signing then going to Birmingham!Heard he's signing for Sheffield United this week


01 Jul 2012 18:00:16
Kilmarnock in possible loan talks with Dylan Mcgeouch and a free agent Niall McGinn(3)(8)


01 Jul 2012 17:36:57
Derby county only to sign 4 players
after jacobs Arrival.

Luke Garbutt-(Fringe Everton player)
Jon Taylor-(Promising Winger)
Krystian pearce-(Young centre back)
Striker-(Highly Tipped as Bueno)

After many first team players have
decided to not extend contracts or
derby are looking to clear out so there
is space for youth players to compete
for first team spots.

Due to the vote for 7 sub spots this
will allow manager nigel clough to
call up different youth players every
week to fill the 2 extra spaces.So that
is why there will be no spending spree
as they would rather produce than

Paul Green
Steve Davies
Ben Davies
Chris Maguire
Aaron Cole
Lee Croft
Miles Addison

James Bailey Maybe Transfer Listed
But the player is wanting to stay as
he is settled in the area and feels in
can fight for first team spot.Still very
young at 23 and is a very good
centre midfielder.Hopefully he stays
but clubs have already made enquires.(9)(13)Some of that is in the right direction

the striker wont be bueno, and taylor is only a internet rumour, apart from that seems rightBeuno won't be coming to Derby. I think he would rather play in La Liga than the Championship!All right apart from bueno.But to be fair to the poster he hasnt named the striker just said that it COULD be bueno due to the rumours.Personally i think there wont bea striker.Nigel has now made two articles about ballsprogression and saying his next target is too score more goals and if he wants him to score more goals he will have to have more startsWe will defo sign a striker. More then likely be a loan though.


01 Jul 2012 17:50:19
swindon will definitely be in for at least one more striker, a bid for beavon or barnard is a strong possibility, and bostock returning on loan(14)(10)Barnard would be great!!Its Adam le fondre from Reading - V reliable source, also considering bid to bring back Charlie Austin.That will never happen ^^Having a laugh? No way would Le Fondre leave Reading and go to league 1! Austin is easily championship standard, load of rubbish!


01 Jul 2012 17:42:04
Liverpool to buy Gaston Ramirez, Jordy Clasie and Andre Schurrle next week.(13)(31)


01 Jul 2012 17:26:09
Alexander Buttner was absent from training today at Vitesse as he is in talks with Southampton.

Although a bid has yet to be made he is expected to sign over the next few days.(18)(14)Sorry i should have put FACT and the end of it to make is trueThey haven't made a bid but he's allowed to have talks?

“I've still got a one-year contract at Vitesse, so clubs first must agree on the transfer wage"

Nice effortThe club has allowed the player to have talks even though a fee has not been decided onHe was in Southampton talkin contract details. FACTHe said FACT it must be true and Soton fans don't make up rumoursButtner has visited Southampton to have a look around and was very impressed with facilities and the city, no contract has been discussed as yet. He has discussed ambition with hierarchy at the club so an indication of a contract offer may have been given, we would never know though as that would be 'tapping up' and totally illegal!


01 Jul 2012 17:25:12
Brighton looking to bring in experienced striker Eider Gudjohnson from AEK athens as gus poyet looks to bolster his attacking options(8)(19)If onlyHes worth about 6 million. why not get sam vokes and tyronne barnett for combined 5mAn excellent purchase if true especially if vicente is signing for elche cf .still need a left back though jordi alba wil do!Doubt he would accept the pay cut necessary. Who knows how good he still is?Has a year left on his deal at AEK worth 650K plus bonuses. Brighton would rather pay 2 players for that outlayWhy not by a young futer player


01 Jul 2012 17:15:08
Had it confirmed by my source at ITFC, Luke Chambers will sign for Ipswich Town by Tuesday at the latest. He was put through a medical today and will put pen to paper on a 3 year contract tomorrow/Tuesday.

Leeds made an 11th hour attempt to bring Chambers to Elland Road, but he had his heart set on Ipswich.(17)(24)Can back this rumor up.chambers has passed his medical and will complete move before town start pre season on Thursday.good source at the club has stated to me that chambers will be 1st of a flurry of new faces coming to portman road,kouroma,Boyd,Davies all set to follow him in next week or so,
And Paul jewell may decide to offer sonko a new 1 year deal at the club as cover for smith,Delaney, and chambersThat is total rubbishLeeds over Ipswich every time IMO....MOT


01 Jul 2012 17:13:28
Notts County are on the verge of signing Jamal Campbell Ryce, after the winger held succesful talks at Meadow lane last week. Chris Dagnall, also looks set to join the league one outfit. Keith Curle has also been in talks with Craig Beattie and he apparently likes the sound of a move to NCFC with the 150th year plans. Alex Bruce has a number of options but is keen on a move to Notts because of the first team oppurtunities he will get. Notts County are also interested in the signature of Giles Coke and Ryan Lowe from Sheffield Wednesday after the pair are now surplus to requirements at the Championship side.(6)(16)Ryce, Beattie, Coke and Bruce are true. The rest are not in the frame at all.Not true beattie is gonna sign for harts on a permament deal, ryce will be signing for swindon. but alex bruce and chris dagnell and giles coke will sign for nottsAccording to a very senior member of NCFC, Campbell-Ryce signed on Friday along with another player.If campbell ryce has joind it would be all over notts and im shore that dagnall will be signing on thursday


01 Jul 2012 17:11:15
John Arne Riise is said to be unhappy with Martin Jol's search for a replacement left back, and is in the process of negotiating a move to Turkish side Galatasaray, indicating a lucrative deal for the Norwegian stalwart.(4)(9)Jol is looking at backups for Riise as he wants to loan out Briggs again


01 Jul 2012 17:10:15
With Michel Vorm's impending exit from the Liberty Stadium, Swansea are about to table a bid to follow up previous manager Brendan Rodgers interest in Adam Federici from Reading. A move to Swansea would appear unlikely however Rodgers is known to be keen to bring the player to Liverpool.(14)(20)Federici is going nowhere also Rogers can't sign any Swansea players.You keep on....Vorm will be with swansea for another seasonOh dear, Federici does not play for Swansea, he plays for Reading.
P.S. I think you'll find it's Rodgers not Rogers.
HTH.Where is the foundation to all this talk of vorm leaving Swansea. ?If swansea are wanting a keeper either sign Rubén Miño on a free or get Gorka Iraizoz for 3 mComment 3, all what he said is correct, look!Vorm is not leaving. stop being a kidder you fool.Man utd have made a bid, swansea have rejected it....end of.. would take alot of money to get swans to sell vorm..Oh dear, I think he means that Federici isn't going to leave Reading and that Rodgers isn't allowed to sign Vorm from Swansea, not for 12 months anyway.


01 Jul 2012 17:04:40
Rob Hulse is leaving QPR this summer after mark hughes has told him he is not in his plans for next season. There is intrest from Brentford, Crystal Palace and Watford(14)(13)Should be in the conference shocking player for both prem and championship.


01 Jul 2012 17:03:57
John Bostock will meet Di Canio at Lake Garda in Ital late next week.

Also, Eunan O'Kane will sign as a deal envolving Billy Bodin.......the deal which has taken time to put together as fee's and wages has been the sticking point. But a reliable source within the County Ground has declared all but 1 issue has been sorted and the deal is expected to be completed by Wed next week.(4)(11)Would love that, by surely Bostock will need permission from the new manager before doing so? And currently Spurs dont have oneNot necessarily - Spurs are supposedly signing Sigurdsson without a Manager in place(?)The bostock deal was almost done before Harry got the boot, probably held up beacuse of that


01 Jul 2012 17:03:56
Ashley Grimes to Yeovil Town(3)(11)Where did you hear this? is it reliable?


01 Jul 2012 17:03:49
Rumoured that Alexander Buttner is to have a medical tomorrow at Solent University (Southampton FC) ahead of signing on the dotted line.

lifelongsaint83(17)(8)No medicals are done at solent university, the uni is only used for fitness testing"No medicals are done at solent university, the uni is only used for fitness testing".....I believe you are correct sir, I was just quoting what I read. My apologies.

lifelongsaint83This rumour.......No smoke without fire and this one is just burning on and on!Is this rumour what is called a load of double dutch!


01 Jul 2012 16:59:24
According to reports Bolton have nearly agreed deal to sign West Broms Paul Scharner.(7)(9)I hope not ....Hope we doQuality player and a great servant of WBA in his time here, will be a good signingIl have him, battles well and scores a few.Paul Scharner is an absolute legend - a great club man and a real character and always has time for the fans - really wish we were keeping him - Good luck Scharn's wherever you are playing, you will always be welcome at WBA


01 Jul 2012 16:50:40
Wolves are looking to sign West Ham midfielder Mark Noble as Dave Edwards and Jamie O'Hara could be leaving Molineux.(4)(29)Mark Noble to Wolves!!? Are you being serious! Was Hammer of the year and is future captain of the club! Don't think he would drop down to play for the fourth best team in the Midlands!Thank you for making me laugh , Have you ever thought of being a comedian because you could make millionsO'hara's staying mate and noble really? you could of been a bit more imaginative like barton or iniesta. only midfielders leaving the mol is edwards to brighton and henry to norwichits nouble we've signed, not noble!


01 Jul 2012 16:33:28
Birmingham keeper Jack Butland and midfielder N'Daw have both been subject of interest from Swansea. They see Butland as an ideal replacement for Michel Vorm, should he move away from the Liberty Stadium(5)(19)Vorm isnt going anywhere!


01 Jul 2012 16:35:18
Real Betis target Adebayo Akinfenwa has reportedly turned down a contract offer worth in the region of 3 million euros over 4 years(5)(30)


01 Jul 2012 16:34:25
Spurs have been given the green light to make a bid for Lyon stopper Hugo Lloris, however Liverpool are also monitoring the availability of the French number 1(16)(8)


01 Jul 2012 16:33:55
Pavel Pobgrenyak's transfer from Stuutgart to Reading will be complete with in 7 days assuming no problems regarding work permit. Also heard number of reports suggesting Rhodes deal off and Defoe is on way to Reading. With Mcclearly, Guthrie and Pavel seemingly signed be sure a CB and/or RB to follow (bassong, gunter, bertrand or clyne)(11)(14)Pobgrenyak is a free agent after leaving FULHAMThe Rhodes deal, although likely, isn't really on at the moment so it can't be 'off'. Defoe's already turned us down apparentlySource?! no, rhodes deal is still on and defoe won't decide his future until a manager is appointed.Rhodes deal is not off. Stop trying to encourage and please the huddersfield fans. Defoe rejected a loan move to Reading. So why would go back for himTo the guy above, Pogrebnyak is a free agent after his contract ran out with STUUTGARD. He was only on loan with Fulham.


01 Jul 2012 16:29:04
Preston central midfielder Paul Coutts is set to move to Hull City after refusing a return to Peterborough(10)(7)After talks we would not pay his extortianate wages wanted - FACTDont say Coutts and Hull in the same sentence on this board, the Hull fans think were all agents making it up even though multiple rumours are linking him to Hull now, hope it comes off to show them what rubbish they talkThere has been no bid by Hull, at least there wasn't by last Friday.Paul Coutts is set to sign for an unamed
Championship club which is not Hull or Peterborough. The valuation is approaching £1m although a striker is coming in the opposite direction as part of the deal. Fact.Hull fans are aware of the rumours about Coutts and don't think they're rubbish at all.Posh have a sell on clause for him so we end up winners either way.Coutts will do a good job in the championship , we have no got a bunch of talentless midfielders who wants andy proctor , please somebody take him plus that other useless lump holroydHull fans are aware of the link?? Read further down and you'll see that Hull fans blast anyone who makes the link as a liarWho is this mystery club in for coutts and who is the striker ? no doubt a big lump to play hoofballCourts want to come to hull and that is a fact and for 500.000 poundAs you have probably gathered we also have a bunch of loud mouthed illiterate supporters at Deepdale who are unable to accept that PNE are a Div 1 club......There no sell on clause haha so good luck there. See you league one next year because were be in champMaybe we could lump Procter with Coutts in a bogof deal.I think you will find that there is a sell on clause, from when he moved from Posh to PNE.There is a sell on clause for Coutts, it was confirmed only last week by Posh...FACT..and so far the only real fact to appear in this whole conversationWhen i first aired the rumour on this site about Coutts being linked with Hull there was nothing but abuse from Hull fans claiming it was made days later they are claiming its true....


01 Jul 2012 16:29:02
Luton are looking to sign both
Colin Daniel & Ross Draper from

It is believed that the Hatters have
already had a bid for Daniel turned
down but Buckle sees him as the
exciting winger to surply the balls
for the new strikeforce.

Buckle is looking at Draper as the
tough tackling, ball winning midfielder
to partner Danny Spiller and replace
Keith Keane.

Expecting news regarding this
sometime next week.



01 Jul 2012 16:26:49
Stevenage winger Luke Freeman is set to stay at Boro for at least another season, however utility player Lawrie Wilson and midfielder Michael Bostwick could both transfer to Peterborough this summer. However, Bostwick has also been linked with Coventry(7)(4)


01 Jul 2012 16:25:27
Peterborough United will NOT be loaning in any players this summer, so all rumours of loans are untrue(5)(4)DF has said he will not rule out a loan of he feels it's needed, but it's not his ideal path.


01 Jul 2012 16:23:35
West Ham pair Mark Noble and Kevin Nolan have been linked with moves across London to join Mark Hughes' QPR(6)(29)Kevin Nolan I can see happening but Noble is West Ham to the core. Can't see him leaving.


01 Jul 2012 16:20:04
Northampton target man Adebayo Akinfenwa is a target for various League 1 clubs, with Stevenage being favourites to sign the front man(7)(8)


01 Jul 2012 16:19:21
Sheffield Wednesday are in for Colchester midfielder Anthony Wordsworth(12)(6)But he has said he wants to honour his contract at colchester so very much doubt he will leave


01 Jul 2012 16:18:55
Stoke City have been linked with Brighton winger Craig Noone(6)(16)He's no quite good enough for a premiership side, and seeing as Stoke's main threat is in the air and Noone's deliveries isn't to great, it seems unlikely.He's quick enough, but we've been linked with better.Not good enough struggled to get in our team last yearNot good enough for Stoke, not for want of trying and a great lad but won't get higher than Championship unfortunately.Might be a hit - Crouch will be the only one able to reach the overhit crossesNoone is one of the most skilful ballplayers in the Brighton team but needs consistent game time not chopping and changing - could easily do a job at a higher level but still much more likely to go to Cardiff


01 Jul 2012 16:16:36
Alan Dzagoev is a target for Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton after the young midfielder impressed for Russia in the recent European Championships(11)(7)Everton have literally zero chance of signing this guy! Rated at somewhere in the region of 20 million and has been scouted by Real Madrid.He's dad has come out today and said that spurs are trying to sign him along with 2 other european clubs...oh and yes Everton have no chance
shortyWell his contract is up in 6months...20million my arse


01 Jul 2012 16:14:06
Reading FC are working on signing Real Madrid forward Jose Callejon on a season long loan in their quest to consolidate Premier League status in the 2012-13 season.(5)(20)Very quick, young striker would be a great signing lots of potential.I will wear a Swindon shirt to the first home game if we pulled that one off!No we are notComment 2
Dare ya lol


01 Jul 2012 16:14:03
Benfica duo Oscar Cardozo and Nicholas Gaitan are summer targets for Liverpool as Brendan Rogers looks to build his side for next season. Cardozo is seen as a suitable partner for Luis Suarez, and Gaitan will replace outgoing Stewart Downing(10)(9)Who on earth is going to pay decent money for Downing? Not even Man City would chuck money at him


01 Jul 2012 16:12:38
Jacob Butterfield will join Huddersfield Town as a free agent. He will be joined by both McCormack and Clayton(7)(32)Butterfield is not a free agent under 24 so
the club he joins if he does not accept the
contract on offer a fee would be set by a tribunalIs that cow or bull I can smell?? how can it be free??? JB is under 23 so a tribunial will cost £1m, Plus Hes off to Norwich City if he doesnt resign with BarnsleyJoining norwich city to be announced on mondaySeen in Norwich on friday would of been announced with Whittaker but he wanted to be respectful to his barnsley contract which finishes on monday


01 Jul 2012 16:11:32
Blackburn, Reading, Fulham and Everton are to battle it out for the signature of Peterborough's Paul Taylor(3)(11)Reading have already said no to the doyle and hunt rumours !No chance we'd sign Hunt and Doyle back we have better players than both of them in their respective positionsCan't see reading being interested in yet another forwardReading won't. Linked to him a while back but we wouldn't want him now that we're after better targets, no offence to him or PBoro. The level he's at is too similar to some of our other strikersDont think so...

From readingI wouldn't want either Doyle or Hunt back. Loved Doyle when he played for the club and suited our style of play and Hunt played well for us but couldn't wait to leave and I think we can do better than Doyle now.


01 Jul 2012 16:10:16
Tottenham's main target will be Porto's Joao Moutinho, as a replacement for Luka Modric. The pair wish to link up for the second time after they were at Porto together(5)(8)


01 Jul 2012 16:10:10
Celtic have dismissed a £3.5 million bid from Wigan for Gary Hooper as ludicrous. Gary has no intentions of joining Wigan either so the deal is a good as dead(7)(14)Ludicrous is putting it nicely, do they not know Celtic are in great shap and is nothing close to what the spl and the clubs are. Talk at least 9mill plus most players would only move on to bigger clubs in Europe.Definitely not worth 9M, 5M Max. Any player would want out of the SPL to play at a much higher level. Hooper hasnt exactly scored at a high level when he's playing equivalent to league 1 each week.Lol are you jokeing wigen said 3.5 million that must be as a down payment then another 7 on top thats the best laugh iv hadThe fee does sound low, but I'd be surprised if he'd turn down the chance to play in the Premier League. Who wants to play in a one team league?First off he has scored against clubs in Europe add to 50+goals in 2seasons, in any league that's just pure talent. And players do want to play in epl but not on clubs that fight just to stay in. And he will only go to a bigger. club the. Celtic in europe. Celtic are better then half the epl clubs, and cl is better to play in then just epl and that's what players want.What are you on about there is only one team in Scotland and I think if he had a chance to come to the premier league he would take it but he would cost about £5mill not £9millWigan have not made a bid for anyone yet so this is untrue... Dave Whelan has stated that the club will start to finalise deals after Euro 2012 as Martinez has not been in the UK and although Wigan have scouted gary Hooper there Chief Scout (Kevin Reeves) does not believe that the fee is worthy of the player with 95% oh Hooper and Celtics opponents being League 1 standard at best.Well Celtic already rejected a 7mill bid for him so you guys don't know what your talking about, on top of that most of the epl clubs are league 1 cause if your not in the top 5 maybe your nothing. And as for 1 horse race, when was it that another club was challenging Manchester clubs for the tittle? Cause all I see is the Manchester clubs in the only race, your epl arrogence limits your thinking. Outside the top 5 Celtic is bigger and better with history of success, was not too long ago when spl was singing top players around the world and that it was one of the better leagues only to have all the epl money mess up football with crazy dumb deals. You tell me who you would have caroll or hooper cause they were top scorers in the champions, carroll is good in the air but Hooper scores and Celtic got the better player so if one is worth crazy money so is the other. Wake up and accept talent doesn't just depend where they play look at Rhodes plays in even lower league then spl and everyone is going crazy for him. But I will just wait till Celtic play one of your epl clubs for your eyes to open and that would be in the cl against one of your top clubs because wegan or your club outside top5 won't be in.False rumour just spoke to Gary's agent ...completely made up.


01 Jul 2012 16:09:36
Crystal Palace striker Kwesi Appiah, signed from Dover Athletic last January is expected to join Cheltenham Town on a season long loan in the next couple of days.(6)(6)He signed from margateHe was signed from Margate.Basic error - Appiah joined from Margate. So i guess the rest of your rumour is rubbish too


01 Jul 2012 16:05:26
Wycombe are close to signing Izale Mcleod on a free transfer.(1)(14)I've heard he would like to stay in the London area,would be a fantastic signing


01 Jul 2012 16:04:48
Wycombe to complete the signing of Scott Donnelly and Gary Doherty in the next couple of days.(2)(5)


01 Jul 2012 16:03:06
wolves to sell
flether to sunderland
jarvis to stoke
doyle to reading
hunt to reading
kitley to west ham
hennesey in jan to arsenal(17)(19)Hunt to Reading .....they've already pulled up the moat bridge mate ....the only Reading he'll ever play for is Reading Town FC....and yes they are an amateur Hunt perfectly.....Doyle won't be returning either, although for him the moat bridge would come down :)Not sure we'd need or want Hunt although I wouldn't rule Doyle or even both out if the combined price weighed in the Royals favour. Neither wouldn't excite the majority of Reading fans though.Lazy post - Reading have already said no to doyle and would never resign hunt.No thanks... Keep em.Doyle has already said he isnt joining and hunt isnt good enoughDoyle a long shot at best.. S.hunt.. No way no how, very few royals fans are overly complimentary of him and I think one lw who can't cross is enough for usDoyles said he wont be coming back, as for shunt, well he can suck a donkeysDoyle and hunt definitely won't come back ad they have also said hat themselves.From a deluded Albion fan...This is rubbish. Reading do not want either Doyle or Hunt. Hennesey is not better than the Arsenal keeper who's name im not sure how to spell. The Fletcher and Jarvis deals would be possible and fit both teams TO's.

LoyalRoyal94Neither of those to Reading


01 Jul 2012 16:03:00
Peterborough winger George Boyd has been linked with various championship clubs, including crystal palace, watford, charlton and huddersfield. But Ipswich are in pole position to capture the want away wide man(5)(22)No he didnt he said he was starting back training with them, doesnt mean he is staying another season!That is total rubbish mate !Won't be Watford. my sources tell me it's Charlton AthleticA bit concerned by CAFC's apparent lack of activity. Plenty of rumours some reasonable some definitely not. Last season we signed several players with no rumours beforehand and they turned out well. Hoping for more of the same.If i was him i would see a move from peterborough to a watford who have just been taken over and came top half of the league as a move up!Palace, him being a palace fanIpswich and hurrdersfield are very unlikely, he'll be at palace next seasonLoach will sign for itfc early this week,he is at the traing ground today,as is chambers,and he will sign as soon as he has passed a medical.this info comes direct from the club this morning..genuine.Well George Boyd has been allocated the no10 shirt at Posh today (Monday). read into that what you will.Every transfer listed player was allocated a number today, even Taylor, McCann and Little, so it means nothing


01 Jul 2012 16:01:52
Grant McCann revealed on twitter that he will be staying at Peterborough for the coming season.(3)(6)He is still transfer listed, Posh havent had any bids for him, its not upto McCann, he is just starting preseason with PoshOh yes it is...he still has a year left on his contract, so if he dont want to go he doesnt have toRubbish, He isnt that sort of player to ssulk and sit in the reserves, he WILL leave there just arent any bids


01 Jul 2012 16:01:27
Free agent Fitz Hall has been to Northampton for talks, expected to sign on monday on a two year deal.(6)(16)Well this never happend


01 Jul 2012 16:00:46
Yann M'Vila will be announced as an Arsenal player this week(20)(13)Where did you hear this as rumours today elsewhere state Arsenal have ended interst in him


01 Jul 2012 15:53:45
Liverpool have entered the race to sign André Schürrle. They hope to land him for £10m.(11)(14)£10m for schurrle. if ur gonna make stuff up at least try and make it slightly believable


01 Jul 2012 15:45:10
lee trundle training with tranmere apparently just to improve fitness, maybe robbo could convince him to sign like he did wallace !(8)(7)Hope this is true. even though trundle is old now he was amazing with robbo at swanseaObviously a lie as tranmere are not back in training until monday 8th!Can't see this happening we went for him last season, and he decided to join neath as they were paying him 2k more a weekThe 8th is a sunday so i think we will be back in training on monday 9th


01 Jul 2012 15:41:09
Jason Koumas is set to join Tranmere Rovers on trial this week with a view to a 1 year deal(7)(11)Seriously doubt it kidKoumas is currently on a months trail with Sheffield Wednesday.. Also Marlon harewood is also training with them. Sheff wed week close to tying up a deal for nile ranger...

TransferLadNot putting much into it what i seen , over weight and steaming when i seen him this affy . Sheff Wed are welcome to him i wouldnt put him in my sunday league team with his belly now la.


01 Jul 2012 15:39:08
Freddie Sears will be signing for Bristol City after having his contract with West Ham terminated.(10)(12)


01 Jul 2012 15:35:23
Greg Cunningham is on the verge of joining Bristol city from man city(7)(6)Cunningham is off to forest, just as soon as they get taken over. Would be a good signing for any championship sidePlayer agreed to join Burnley all dependant on Shackell deal though ,its one or the other for Clarets with Shackell no 1 targetForset will not be taken over before Dec 2012 because of unpaid tax problems


01 Jul 2012 15:32:14
Middlesbrough have offered a 1 year contract to Enoch balotelli brother of mario(17)(10)If he is anything like mario in the skills department please Mowbray get him signed upHow good would it be if he was called luigi?
terrier85Stoke and Mackems trials but no go. But only 19. Curtis Main can show him how its done. Worth a gamble?No chance boro will want him whea do you get yore info from haha a bit ov truth would not gp a miss


01 Jul 2012 15:24:07
Arsenal is ready to hand out a 3 year contract to American wunderkind striker Miles Byass, who had trained at their US academy in the past. He has been compared to Thierry Henry.(4)(10)


01 Jul 2012 15:11:26
Rhodes will be leaving Huddersfield, this is good as we can use the money to buy some good players - NoName(16)(16)Jordan rhodes very good talent player we need him to newcastle he must leave huddersfield become newcastle player.No chance, Norwood and Clayton are too similar, are you suggesting Scannell will be on the bench behind Hunt, no chance.We need roads stay at uddesfield he score lot goalProbably another reading fan? How would it be good if Rhodes left?Rhodes has already said he will stay at huddesfield for at least one more seasonWe don't need the money! Jordan Rhodes is committed to HTAFC because he understands the word loyalty - a rare commodity in this day and age. He is not like most professional footballers.He's that loyal he's already spoken to reading and norwich


01 Jul 2012 15:02:06
West Ham will announce a big signing on Tuesday. Jack Sullivan says it will either be a defender OR a striker but I suspect it will either be Kadar Mangane or Chris Samba who are both defenders but can play as strikers.
George McCartney has joined on a two year deal.
Kieran Richardson should join this week.

190298(11)(13)Kieran will join if sunderland sign blackburn left back olsen.... fact!You will be announcing Grant Holt. From a Norwich fan


01 Jul 2012 15:02:05
Guilherme Siqueira wants to try himself in england so will move to watford fc after being on loan from udinesa to granada. Fact watch it happen(4)(7)Since it's not fact then no, I will not watch it happenAfter a fine first season with Granada, on 30 June 2011 he penned a four-year contract to remain with the club, as his contract with Udinese expired. Loan at best!Granada, udinese ad watford are now all owned by the same owners so could happen


01 Jul 2012 15:00:49
After missing out on signing Izale McLeod, Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee has turned his attentions towards ex-Coventry City striker Michael Mifsud. The Maltese striker is reportedly looking for a move back to England due to the poor standard of the Maltese football leagues.(8)(8)Rovers haven't missed out on McLeod though. He will sign in the coming weeks..Mcleod wont sign for you, alot BETTER clubs after him
DevonGreenName them........


01 Jul 2012 14:39:03
Bristol City are to strengthen their defence with the capture of Greg Cunningham on loan from Man City, Richard Keogh from Coventry and Anthony Gerrard from rivals, Cardiff.(10)(8)Keogh is coming to Cardiff to replace gerrardRichard keogh going to cardiff mate gerrard would be a good buy for you was unlucky not to get more game time last season qaulity playerCan't see this happening why would gerrald come to Bristol when Cardiff is a top six team but Bristol would be up there this yearRichard Keogh in Bristol Wednesday for Medical.


01 Jul 2012 14:29:23
Zakuani is on his way to Ipswich for 500k good source from inside the club(4)(9)Absolute bull, Zakuani said himself that he's happy where he is and he wants to end his career at Posh.No hes not he wants a new contract at Posh he has already said thisI'm an Ipswich fan and I'm pretty sure we've never been linked with Zakuani, and I don't think he'd come anyway.


01 Jul 2012 14:24:03
Spurs set to sign Ryan Shawcross of Stoke in a deal belived to be around 12million(7)(21)Stoke turned down a higher offer before from Spurs. Try againWhy would he go there when he's previously turned down unitedSpurs seem to be doing a lot of business without a manager in place. Is someone advising them or are people just making it up. I believe the latter.^ everyone knows its AVB , dont you think he may have had a shortlist for Levy? plus Tim Sherwood gonna be D.O.F so the advice is there, Spurs bought VDV without Redknapp knowing.Stoke would never sell him and don't need the mOney stoke are buying spurs players there stokes feeder club not the othe way around


01 Jul 2012 14:11:37
Tom Heaton to sign for watford on monday.(14)(5)Terms agreed, just the signature to complete the signing


01 Jul 2012 14:09:38
Further info from my man on the inside at Molineux, following the appointment of FC Copenhagens assistant manager Johan Lange to the Wolves coaching team tomorrow, a bid will be forthcoming for their Costa Rican left back Bryan Oviedo. Not heard of him personally, have any of you guys?
Dr Anthony(9)(4)Sorry wrong player,this guy oviedo was wanted by man utd in aprilThanks but yep its the same guy. man utd going for baines now, but i appreciate your input.
Dr AnthonySounds like 'one for the future'. AAAAAAAAARGH


01 Jul 2012 13:51:54
From a Walsall fan in the midlands this is from a reliable source I have heard that odemwingie, long and Olson will be staying at the Albion there won't be much movement going out of the club just transfers in.(7)(5)


01 Jul 2012 13:45:15
Sheffield Wednesday are tying up a deal
to bring in Brazillian teenager Lucas
Evangalista on loan from Man U, at least till
the new year.(2)(13)He is not even available for Man utd until next year not ever going to happen


01 Jul 2012 13:42:52
Heard Campbell Ryce's talks with tranmere have broken down so now Ronnie Moore is looking to bring in Luke summerfield or Ryan Donaldson.(2)(5)


01 Jul 2012 13:42:45
Does anyone know who will be Gillingham Manager ? We have heard so many names but there is no rumour of a frontrunner.(1)(4)


01 Jul 2012 13:27:32
Aldershot left-back Anthony Straker set to sign for Southend United on Monday, along with 2 other as yet un-named signings.(2)(5)He is one of their better players so he wouldn't be cheap and where would the money come from we have not got any couldn't afford dickinson's wagesSouthend cannot sign anyone, thought they were under an embargo?Signed this morning, there never was an embargoStraker has just signed a two year deal with Southend. A fee has not yet been settled between the two clubs.Think you better just wait until you know for sure.No the embargo was two seasons agoSorry but whenever did we have a transfer embargo? That was 2 years ago!


01 Jul 2012 13:17:43
Southampton are finalising the signing of goalkeeper Keiran Westwood on a season-long loan from Sunderland. The Irish international has spoken out about not being happy with sitting on the bench so the Saints are willing to give him his chance as a starting Premier League shot stopper.(9)(16)Why would we loan a keeper? we are trying to build for the future hence the butland bidAbsolute rubbish. Saints have the keeper who was voted best in Championship last season, so why should someone assume they will simply replace him. This post is not from a Saints supporter.Will not happen Saints to sign Buttland next week.The Butland bid which radio solent said hadn't happened? Westwood could be a decent signing however its unlikely he'd be guarenteed first team with us due to the good form of Davis over the last two years.Sounds reasonable, he's a good keeperHighly unlikely considering the departures of Gordon and Carson already from Sunderland.Why sign a player unhappy on the bench to sit on the bench? I see Kelvin as No. 1 this season and then handing over to someone next season. Perhaps would like to see Craig Gordon signed on a 1/2 year contract as cover, sign Butland too and send him on loan to a Championship team for some more experience!


01 Jul 2012 13:05:01
Huddersfield to buy:
McCormack and Clayton from Leeds
Morrison from Reading
Peltier from Leicester

Huddersfield to sell:

My team for new season
Peltier P.Clarke S. Morrison Woods

Hunt Norwood Clayto D.Ward

J.Rhodes R. McCormack(6)(31)In your dreams sunshine, peltier joining leeds, rhodes part ex with mccormack,and clayton to burnleyNo Rhodes to Reading ..?? Then no Morrison to Huddersfield :)Why would we sign Dixon and scannell, promise them regular first team football then not even have them in the team.Scannell and Dixon not in your team?You wouldn't play scannell or dixon?! bad decision!
you'd play peltier in a CDM position alongside norwood, or we wont get pelts...If we don't get Rhodes you don't get Morrison, simple bargaining.Dont think pelts will happen
and what about dixon over woods!
clayton should come but
ross mccormack won't
wouldn't scannell get in your team over danny ward
terrier85Right so you've not included Scannell or Dixon both new signings and both who will clearly be starting?!?Scannell?Reading won't sell morrison, was only a possibility as a player + cash deal for rhodes...We dont want morrison as much as we want to keep rhodes, its in our hands...Peltier off to leeds for 350,000 once the takeover is doneDon't get the hype for rhodes. We have better players than him already and at the prices being quoted it would be crazy. Should be no more than 2-3 million for reading to consider.


01 Jul 2012 13:00:08
Huddersfield Town are in need of a solid block and release central midfielder which could be snapped up in the next week or so with Grayson wanting his full squad for pre-season. Also to add to the flare and competition for places Adam Clayton is a high priority, however with many clubs chasing him it is proving difficult to secure his signature.(6)(9)


01 Jul 2012 12:47:04
Marvin Sordell to join Burnley from Bolton for 600k as eddie Howe has been an admireer for some time now

Burnleyboy2008(4)(20)What after Bolton paid 3 million in January....i dont think soUh didn't they pay several million for him? Why would they sell him for so much less....?Doubt Bolton would sell a striker they paid 3M for in Jan for 600k now.Possibly on loan because the Eagles deal comprised of a fee plus first refusal of a loan.What a joke! Sordell is to be given a chance to shine with Bolton. Why would we sell somewhere for less than a third of what we paid for him. Get real!!Actually, Marvin Sordell was purchased for an undisclosed fee believed at first to be 1.5million. This was actually wrongas he never figured for Bolton meaning they only had to pay 1million for him. Finally, they're selling him cheap as coyle regrets buying him because he has an attitude problem.Simply not true.Actually watford are in the driving seat on this one as his full transfer has not been paid yet and its us who have first refusal on a loan dealYe but not sure if zola will want him


01 Jul 2012 12:46:21
Arsenal are set to bid £15 million for Marseille star Mathieu Valbuena(6)(4)


01 Jul 2012 12:43:31
Fulham will make a £7m bid for Charlie Adam to replace Danny Murphy.(17)(5)As a Fulham fan I'm happy with this.....ideal


01 Jul 2012 12:35:21
Martin Olsson has handed in a transfer request at Blackburn, And is expected to open talks with Stoke City and Tony Pulis in coming days as Pulis looks to exploit Stoke City's persistent left back problem.(5)(7)Everton want Olsson to replace Baines who is going to Man Utd.Rovers have had three enquires Chelsea juventus and stoke being the least attractive.Olsson would be great for Stoke, I think he's got the right sort of mentality and approach to the game to play a massive part in Stoke's progress. Just need a RB now (no disrespect to Wilko).Stoke have a very good defensive reputation so may not be as unatractive of a proposition compared to when trying to sign outfield players. However West Ham will probably offer a higher wage and have got the benifit of being a London club. Could go either way this one?Wilkinson is a massive weakness in the Stoke side and they need a replacement. Stoke certainly have the cash


01 Jul 2012 12:30:24
Fleetwood want Damien Reeves to replace departed Jamie Vardy. Damien sees the Cod Army as a natural step up from BSNorth.

He's going to Doncaster next week(4)(6)Probably a almost done deal he's coming to donny, lives here and his girlfriend is pregnant, why would he want to move away


01 Jul 2012 12:24:18
Swindon midfielder Lee Cox has had interest from a number of League One and Two clubs, including Shrewsbury, Tranmere, Oxford and Northampton.(6)(2)As long as he doesn't end up at Oxford.Lee cox is a good player but is another league 2 player that would be making the step up to league 1. We need to buy more players with league 1 experienceChris Neal is rejecting a new contractRochdale and Bury in 6 figure bid scenario? who makes this up?Lee cox is going to oxfordYes, it is looking that way. ^Neal is not signing because shrewsbury are getting another keeper


01 Jul 2012 12:19:14
Charlton are to sign John Bostock permantly from tottenham for roughly 500k. If not they will be signing Tom Soars(4)(12)Obviously rubbish, you cant say they will sign him,and then if notI'd love to see both these go to Charlton. Fastest way back to L1. Both sent back to parent clubs from recent loans for being poor and in Bostocks case poor and lazy.SCP will not sign a big headed player like Bostock.No thanks to either ... It would be a backwards step!


01 Jul 2012 12:11:37
What wingers are being linked with tranmere personally I'd like to see Campbell ryce mccnamee or elford alloyu this season(5)(5)


01 Jul 2012 12:11:23
Rotherham Utd today failed to agree terms with Nathan Doyle (ex Barnsley FC)(5)(8)True. Going to Bradford City.As his former manager i think he will participate in a team in league 1- championship. i wish him all the best in the future


01 Jul 2012 11:52:01
Colchester United Goalkeeper Ben Williams has failed to meet the deadline to sign his contract. He will most likely announce his departure later tomorrow(7)(5)


01 Jul 2012 11:50:02
Everton have signed Steven Naismith and Steven Pienaar. They are looking to sign Steven Davis on a free. Also looking at bids for Peter Whittingham and anatoliy tymoschuk.(9)(11)Not Steven Naismith he as joined a team in switaland {Ed001's Note - that was Lafferty.}Have to compete with Liverpool for Davis, as Rodgers is a fan of his.


01 Jul 2012 11:48:40
Newcastle United have agreed a £5 million transfer fee with FC Twente for their imposing 6'4″ center-back Douglas.(20)(8)Good player but he's always injured, that's all we need, hope this is bcksI posted this and i dont even support newcastle but iv heard he a decent defender and i hope nufc bring him in see how he copes with the PL challenge


01 Jul 2012 11:45:46
Huddersfield to sign Clayton and McCormack. Should be announced tomorrow(18)(17)HOW? When Leeds can't sell anyone until the takeover is complete?! Yes, Hudders could afford those players, and yes, Simon will be interested. But not Leeds players will move for another two weeks at least. Let that be an end of it.Grayson has lost interest in McCormack and switched his attention to Victor Anichibe at Everton.Can't they sell but not buy if this take over going to happen due diligence would have already took place both Mccormack and Clayton put in requests to leave having turned sown contract offers. done deal for both a to huddetsfield town so I've heard triedObviosly not as they are both still leeds players


01 Jul 2012 11:45:22
mcCartney signed for westham

source whufc(10)(8)LOL at this signing. Three times now and he's been terrible every time.

Quality. Good luck in your relegation battle while Reading and Saints leave you for dust! LOLThank god, worst left back in sunderland's history


01 Jul 2012 11:32:56
Hérita Ilunga is likely to join link Watford if Zola is appointed as manager.(6)(13)Why him ?!?No thanks


01 Jul 2012 11:22:55
Heidar Helguson set to leave qpr and could be join watford again, but there is interest from derby, Leicester and burnley(11)(9)Not Derby, doesnt fit the profile of player clough is looking atNeither Burnley......Too old!!We wont sign bueno it will be either maynard sammon or simon cox most likely cox because nigel has wanted him for along time and ben davies wont go and he wont sign taylor because we got jacobs.Helguson is a watford legend but hes too old now and wont be in the new owners plansWe should sign jon taylor cus then we'd have a new fresh LM and RM cus ward did a job RM but he is by trade a forward


01 Jul 2012 11:19:16
Derby are interested in Connor Sammon and Nicky Maynard on loan.(7)(18)Connor Sammon will not be bought and Nigle has said no loansDont know the truth in this but clough has said he will look to loans if necessary to get the striker he wants and these would complete usIn the derby telegraph he said they are looking at a st between 1.5 and 2 mill or loans if it allows us the get what we wantHe did not say he wouldn't use a loan to get a good striker in. He said he would consider all options available to him whether it would be loans or permanent deals. Source = This Is DerbyshirePerhaps you cannot read it said nothing like a striker for that amout it said a striker costs between those amounts and we have not got that why post and make it up


01 Jul 2012 11:16:07
After his release from QPR Danny Shittu has been linked with moves to Bristol city, Middlesborough, Barnsley and crystal palace.(12)(11)As a qpr fan I think he would be best off going to Barnsley looks like there assembling a good squadI know where going to sign former liverpool and leeds player harry kewell


01 Jul 2012 11:12:12
After Reading and Newcastle lose interest in Jacob Butterfield ( Newcastle- no idea, Reading signed guthrie) Norwich are in pole position to sign the young midfielder who wrote on his twitter yesterday that he would have news on his future on monday and was reportedly spotted in Norwich on Friday.(16)(14)He had a medical in Norwich on Friday.

Reading are bringing Koren in. Guthrie is seen more as the holding midfielder. Koren the creative CM.Barnsley fans: is Jacob Butterfield on the move? How do you rate him? Sounds as though he could be coming to Norwich so I hope he's good.In talks for another one year deal to regain fitness and formHeard he wasn't really interested in another year, sort of the same the way snoddy is. possibly interested depending on whats for offer but wants to go to a prem team.
but I'm also interested in how Barnsley fans rate himNot sure he is good enough for Premier League. Struggles to last 90 minutes and has no pace at all


01 Jul 2012 11:12:11
Liverpool preparing bid for Jordy Clasie of Feyenoord. £8m bid in the next week.(15)(10)


01 Jul 2012 11:05:10
At west quay to buy new saints kit out today about 1000 people in front of me expecting to sell more than the 30000 they sold on the centenary shirt people saying buttner is done deal good signing. Tony t(12)(12)


01 Jul 2012 11:04:58
norwich city looking at giving james mcfadden a trial over the summer(13)(13)


01 Jul 2012 10:46:08
brek shea fc dallas to southampton do
ne deal(8)(11)I thought we were signing Buttner, ok who are we signing?
Spoon ;)This guy has been mentioned before with comments ranging from always injured and useless to being brilliant so does anyone really know about this guy? Confused saints fanGreat player, if southampton get him, i would say. GOOD DEAL. im an LFC my self. I have hoped for him for about 2 years now. Good prospect, Talent.I watched him play in Toronto for Dallas and he is a very streaky player. When he is on his game he is quality but he can disappear in patches and is unproven against higher level opposition. Buttner would be a much better signing in my opinion.


01 Jul 2012 10:43:07
leeds utd targets
danny rose
danny gabbidon
peter whittingham
luke chambers
jermaine beckford
jordan rhodes
robbie keane
gary hooper(15)(18)Good u can have chambers he had 1 good season out of 5for forest and last season he was terrible thinking he's better then everyone else most of us will be happy to see him leaveLeeds won't sign whitts,keane, hooper or beckfordI think that kilgannon is staying at sunderland and hooper will prob stay at celticYour havin a laugh hooper wouldnt go to a mid table championship teamYou just made up most of these why would keane sign for us when he's having the life in America .PMSL The best laugh i've had in a while. 3/4 of that list is so bull, i reckon its just what u wish leeds would target. Come on boroWould be very surprised if hudderfield sold Rhodes to Leeds, even if they did put a large amount of money in.Hooper yeah right if hes going anywhere it will be a premiership team and kilgannon is going to probably be in the sunderland team next seasonOf those only rhodes ,kenny ,beckford and and rose are realistic,chambers going to ipswichOh dear.........Hooper, Rhodes and best of all Keane.


01 Jul 2012 10:32:25
Strong reports coming out of London ROad that Gabby Zakuani is close to leaving the club.

Forest, Leeds and Reading are all thought to be interested with the fee at £800k(4)(17)He wants a new contract so why would he leaveWell if he didnt get said new contract on the terms he want that would be a good reason to leave. also maybe the 3 clubs in question are bigger than boro'


01 Jul 2012 10:13:32
Brighton are close to agreeing personal terms with Simon Church after a 1.5mil fee was agreed.(11)(17)Hope this is true. He's 100% off this summer, with Pog in and likely Rhodes.

But as lovely a lad as he is, he is a terrible striker. He isn't worth 1/3 of that fee.Am trying really hard to think why we would want Simon Church? Aren't we supposed to be improving our squad?Source?

-Matt1.5 mil is way to much...
don't really want him at Brighton tbhHope not :/Good player, but don't know about £1.5m...I really, really hope not it would be a big wast of moneyIs he worth that? Potential but we need experience. Need to clear out a few from the squad as wellIsn't Simon Church the striker who's attacking statistics are pretty bad?He's not as good people make out he's uselles why not get who macca wants then there will be lots of goalsGod I hope not, would rather us keep Hoskins and give him a chance.


01 Jul 2012 10:13:09
Huddersfield are tracking former Leeds winger Harry Kewell following his departure from Melbourne Victory for family reasons. Grayson, who attempted to move for Kewell's old teammates Woodgate, Bowyer and Smith whilst at Leeds, sees Kewell's creativity as the key to avoiding relegation next season.(9)(21)Kewell far to old would be better for leeds to keep them from religationYeah perhaps he'll resign martyn, kelly, ferdinand, radebe, harte as wellKewell, you are having a laugh, too old, not good enough and by the way we will not be in a relegation battle.Gordon Strachan and tony Yeboah are also free if u want to get them onboard.What a load on nonsense the terriers are building for the future , hes not the kind of player we are looking forCould never see us getting Kewell even though I'd like him at town! Plus, can't see us going down at all even with our current squad.This obviuosly wasn't posted by a town fan as they would know kewell defo not needed at huddersfield, wouldn't get anywhere near starting XI and not even remotely close to what grayson is after.............and only people who know nothing about football think that huddersfield gna be relegated nxt season!


01 Jul 2012 09:47:35
Malaga are set to offer Javier Hernandez a way off the Manchester United bench, they'll text United's resolve for their super sub by bidding £13.25m.(13)(19)


01 Jul 2012 09:31:10
Burnley and Hull City both set to bid 250,000 for Southend Midfielder Kane Ferdinand

source-the football league paper(14)(8)He is a good attacking/playmaker midfield player..he would be a great asset next season


01 Jul 2012 09:23:29
Heard from a few reliable sources Rhodes is staying at hudders.. Looking like Defoe could be coming? {Ed001's Note - I take it you mean to Reading instead of Rhodes?}(10)(19)Rhodes is leaving, that is for certain. Simon Grayson wants him to go to Reading because he wants Morrison back at the Galpharm.

Reading submitted a £5.5m offer last week but it is not clear if it has been accepted yet.Yes sorry did mean to say coming to reading.ySuggesting Defoe would sign for Reading is just making yourself look foolishSuggesting Pogrebnyak signing for little Reading made us look foolish 2 weeks ago... Oops!A free transfer that there was hardly a queue of clubs for and Defoe.......hardly a comparison is there? Pogrebnyak is hardly a major coup.


01 Jul 2012 09:17:45
Forest Green Rover close to signing Stuart Fleetwood and Dean Beckwith from Luton Town(4)(10)


01 Jul 2012 09:17:14
Former AC Milan star Clarence Seedorf has joined Brazilian side Botafogo after reportedly snubbing interest from West Ham.(16)(4)Well according to the west ham site kumb we was never in the running he wanted 60/70 k a week so no approach was made bkk hammer


01 Jul 2012 09:09:46
Luton Town have offer for Macclesfield Town's Colin Daniel turned down and are unlikely to raise their six figure bid. Fleetwood, Rochdale and Bury also interested.(9)(4)Heard Ian Craney is goin training with dale


01 Jul 2012 09:04:49
Chris Dagnall to resign for Rochdale, who are also looking at signing Michael Rose.(7)(7)


01 Jul 2012 08:50:20
Jacob butterfield to sigb new 1yr deal at barnsley by wednesday(9)(18)He is signing for Norwich. Medical was on Friday.Don't think so buddy. Going to sign for Norwich on MondayWell no, he said on Twitter that his future will be announced on Monday, he's coming to Norwich!Reports say norwich but we live in hopeBarnsley fan here but he's agreed a 4 year deal NorwichWell if hes had a medical he will have failed cause hes still doing rehab so will never pass a medical at this stageGood about time the Butterfield situation was sorted out. Good luck Jacob. UTRButterfield to stay with the barmy army!


01 Jul 2012 08:47:46
saw lee peltier with p clarke in Huddersfield yesterday.(6)(22)No you didn't he's signed for Leeds says in leicester mercury!Corse you did, when he's already signed for Leeds for 350kThey are matesQuite likely, they are mates but doubt Peltier will be coming back to Town, we have better options now and he would want a guaranteed start and that's not likely.So because he has signed for Leeds he is not allowed to go to Huddersfield and see one of his old team mates? Must be a clause in his contract!Did the OP say he'd signed for Hudders? No!Ooh, the Leicester Mercury - an infallible source of information! Peltier won't be back though - not good enough now!!


01 Jul 2012 08:25:26
Released Newcastle winger Ryan Donaldson will sign for Notts County next week.(15)(5)Where has this been seen?I saw it on here just a second ago above your post.
Have another look.


01 Jul 2012 08:24:47
Word is from someone who works at Solent Uni (where Saints players do their fitness testing) that a medical is booked in for tomorrow but players name has not been disclosed.
Dave S(17)(7)That is just teasing us telling us a mystery player is one his way soon.That is a complete lie, I'm a student there we do not have the facilities to do a medical, we can only do fitness testing


01 Jul 2012 08:19:40
Grant Holt has closed his twitter account, fuelling speculation that he is off to Weat Ham and doesn't want to take the abuse of Norwich fans. 6m fee agreed...(22)(20)Load of rubbish, holt has closed his account many times in the past.... Just scraping from the bottom of the barrel ain't yaGrant Holt is going to Aston Villa with nathan delfouneso going to Norwich as part of the deal6m,on this guy would be a waSTE of money,think he did ok at norwich,but would be a gamble at a decent club,who dont plat route one.I follow Holt on twitter and can confirm he is nolonger on it.Anyone who ever watched Norwich play over the last three years would be able to see in 5 minutes that we don't play route one football!Maybe he saw the word Blackberry and ate the phoneRoute 1 ???????? you clearly know nowt about football if you think norwich play route 1 pal.A gamble at a decent club who don't play route one? Just as well it looks like he's off to play hoofball with West Ham then


01 Jul 2012 07:58:53
Tottenham will complete the transfer off Rossi in the next week or so.(8)(26)No they won't he won't even be fit for months after the season startsRossi has long term injury and might not play again.. Hope they do sign him though hahhaHe will be cheap since yellow submarines got relegated


01 Jul 2012 07:39:17
Mehdi Kerrouche will join Cheltenham today(8)(8)


01 Jul 2012 05:54:57
22 year old midfielder Jacob Butterfield will be announced as a Norwich City player on Monday(17)(19)


01 Jul 2012 05:02:46
Antonio and Ranger to sign at
Hillsborough tomorrow(13)(15)


01 Jul 2012 01:45:25
Gylfi Sigurdsson has NOT signed for Tottenham. Sigurdsson has just returned from holiday and is set to make a decision on his future within the next 24 hours with Liverpool slight favorite's over Spurs despite Spurs offering Gylfi more cash. Rodgers is desperate to unload a crowded midfield Aquilani,Spearing,Cole,Adam and Maxi are all up for sale along with forwards Dani Pacheco and Nathan Eccleston and goalkeeper Brad Jones. Dirk Kuyt and Fabio Aurelio have already left the club so that will be 10 first teamers off the wage bill. Gaston Ramirez remains Liverpool' top summer target while Rodgers is also interested in Nsame Bedimo,Gary Hooper and Ciaran Clark.(14)(18)How are liverppol favourites when he has had a medical at spurs and agreed personal terms?You're talking rubbish! Sigurdsson will join tottenham due to european football and due to more cash. Charlie Adam has already been told by rodgers that he is in his plans. He has also rubbished talks of signing hooper and has told that his top target is sahinDont think so Rodgers has already stated he is going to give J Cole a chance this season at LiverpoolThe thing is...he hasn't had a medicalLiverpool have European football, the Europa league same as spurs


01 Jul 2012 01:34:37
Birmingham city to sign benik afobe on loan from arsenal after previously working with Lee Clark at Huddersfield(16)(22)This was the man who Clark played up front, alone, in a play-off final, with Jordan Rhodes and Lee Novak on the bench. Attractive football coming to Birmingham City, not!Birmingham City are currently under a transfer embargo. you can't sign any players at all including loan players!There welcome to him no were near the superstar he was made out to be at to
be at townVery good point mate, i thought he was a great player when he came to us (huddersfield) last year, hope you do well with lee clark, he's a good manager and i think he'll bring you upHahahhaha,i can laugh now where up but it wasn't funny at the time!
things go from bad to worse at birmingham!
terrier85You can sign players with permission from the faPoor Birmingham. You have no idea what you've let yourselves in for. Anyone who cannot understand why a club would sack a manager who didn't lose in forty odd games never saw Town play last season. 4 defenders 5 holding midfield players and 1 up front. Good luck Birmingham.Under Clark Huddersfield were up amongst the leagues highest scores for consecutive seasonsThat's true and we must have set a record for most draws and mist points dropped from winning positions had us scared of loseing and dropped players for weeks or loaned them out. for a mistake and cracked under scrutiny and pressure but apart from that best manager town have ever has


01 Jul 2012 01:33:07
Tottenham chairman Daniel levy has offered Birmingham city the chance to resign andros Townsend on loan for the season(28)(17)


01 Jul 2012 00:40:58
West brom to follow the signing of Ben Foster with getting Danny Rose on loan from Tottenham and Peter Whittingham from Cardiff(don't know on fee)

Baggieboy(39)(35)Cardiff have already said they will do a straght swap for Whittingham if Alan Hutton goes the opppsite way
Whittingham is keen to get the deal completedNo no no no no he's signed a new contract munCardiff have said nothing about this supposed swap. Malky came out a few weeks ago saying that we are not selling WhittinghamWhere did you get that info Cardiff have already stated we want to keep our best players to make the team stronger not weaker and we have no reason to sell Whitts and Whitts wants to stay i can take you down to Barry and you can hear it from him, Whitts girlfriend wants to stay in the Barry area as wellas she is a Barry girlYou are aware hutton doesn't play for wbaIs this the same Alan Hutton who plays for villa?I can't see this happening after the rebranding the owners know there will be uproar is they lose whittingham. If he does leave it would be for cash only. ed do you think whittingham will move? {Ed001's Note - personally, I don't see it happening, he finds it difficult to settle in every time he has changed clubs. He is very settled in now, he is unlikely to want to move, though money does talk, so you can never know for sure!}Alan Hutton.. you're aware he plays for Villa right?


01 Jul 2012 00:38:04
Fleetwood want Damien Reeves to replace departed Jamie Vardy. Damien sees the Cod Army as a natural step up from BSNorth.(13)(15)Doubt it. Starting pre season with Doncaster.



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