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02 Feb 2013 23:37:37
Preston owner Trevor Hemmings set to replace graham Westley with Owen coyle to the end of the season. Preston have not won at home since september 2012

I certainly hope so.

03 Feb 2013 09:09:26
This should have happened last month. Westley is out of his depth but is to arrogant to accept the truth. The falling attendances say it all, not good enough for Preston and E.

Oh I wish this was true, give him the job now.

if he was going to do it he would do it now! why wait and then lose out on your target. this story has no fact or sources

Anyone will do. Even mike Bassett

Coyle will take Preston down

Sorry to say this but, Westley will be not be leaving Deepdale! He has far too much money that risdale wants his hands on!

What a load of rubbish! GW will unfortunately be kept in a job at pne, he's probably saying only pay me if he wins so it's saving Hemmings money, the tight fisted old git

As much as I want this to be true I very much dout that westley will be sacked

Just been told that westley is only on a month by month deal

Bring Gary peters back, shrews legend. btw didn't the shrews take 6 points off Preston ------- lol

Westley is here to stay unfortunately
tactically inept, picks players out of position, brings in dross then realises so has to pay them off what a manger right up there with alex ferguson or so he thinks the fool

Let's get real people the owner would have got shot by now. No! if there is to be a new manager it will be at the end of the season and will be based on a full season in charge for GW. The old PNE is gone the new one spends less, as such you accept that some incoming players will be d-oss

It would be a massive mistake to sack another manager AGAIN after A season in charge. stability isn't acheived in 1 season and I thought north end fans would realise this by now : /

How have we got stability if he stays. How many season tickets will be sold for next season?

04 Feb 2013 20:47:01
Hope this is true sheff we'd should put a bid in for hom

Keep westley will come good soon

Did Wesley right the above comment ^^^ get real who ever it is



02 Feb 2013 20:38:15
Matt Tubbs to Mk dons in the summer!

He'd be mad. We're more likely to sign bath tubs!

03 Feb 2013 12:53:37
Be to late in the summer, all the good players leaving, will need a new manager, the club will only have them selves to blame, won't be getting out this league anytime soon,

03 Feb 2013 21:42:17
We couldn't run a bath at the minute

Never say never, we could always be relegated.

Season of frustration again. 2 months ago we won at Tranmere and were 3rd with 3 point behind them. Now we are 16 and home form has deserted us. If we stand any chance of getting to play offs then we have to win at Oldham, draw at Donnie and then win at Carlisle and Pompey (all winnable games and 4 away games). Forget the cup as Barnsley are back in top form and winning whilst we are not. Think the 99 away fans at yeovil deserve some credit from Winkleman.

The lack of discipline in the squad is worrying, really worrying. How many red cards this season so far? 6? 7? We ALWAYS have somebody suspended. What a joke!

Have to agree. Winkelman needs to start asking himself what he wants for the club. Every pre-season we are talked-up as being favourites for promotion or at least the play-offs. And every season we fail to deliver on the promise. If the chairman is serious about 2nd tier football he needs to start addressing the awful lack of depth in the squad and stop expecting Robinson to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Buy some decent players Pete! And start taking some action to improve things in the squad. We're turning into a laughing stock, again.

05 Feb 2013 08:32:14
If only the club/ chairman read this site, it may have half a chance of sinking in,

05 Feb 2013 14:15:09
According to reports we lost out on one of the best players in the leauge, there's only so much kr will take, who can blame him with limited resources, they also didn't expect 5 or 6 teams around them to spend big money, we need to sort it out sharpish, I'm a worried fan

I have posted a lot recently as frustrated MK Fan but there is still a glimmer of hope. We have 4 away league games in February - to have any chance of making the playoffs we need to win 3 of them all gainst (apart from Donnie) teams below us. With Powell, Chadders and McKenzie back soon and maybe Bamford we could yet squeeze in but if we lose to Oldham then forget it. Another xpensive month travelling but would rather win 3 and draw 1 league game than win v Barnsley. Any thoughts?

I wouldn't get my hopes up mate. We ain't going up this year. I think we'll probably miss out on the playoffs too, we're not a top 6 side now. At least Barnsley will put us out of the cup so we can concentrate on finishing in mid-table wasteland. Season's over, forget about it and think of your summer holidays or something else pleasant. I am.



02 Feb 2013 21:12:58
George Boyd on his way to Crystal Palace, when the loan window opens and Welcome to Selhurst Park

With his white stick and dog

Yh I think he'll join us even nottingham chairman thinks so

Surprising really for a player who can score from 30 plus yards

Bifocals and reading glasses

I hope he does go to Palace - as he will be treated well by fans and management alike!

Boyd is a good player and will prove it. Forest could not afford the transfer fee.

03 Feb 2013 13:58:48
I hope he stays, but I can't see it. Neither can George.

03 Feb 2013 19:32:54
forest could afford the fee, do your research. plenty of money
even peterborough chairman admits boyd has something wrong with his eyes. I for 1 don't think it could be thst bad but if the chairman doesn't see fit its his money

He better come we need to booster squad because Moritz, garvan out. Dobbie and Phillips were class though

Apparent bad eye site, but scored from the half way line this season, hmm



02 Feb 2013 20:18:08
Man Utd and Arsenal will bid for Matej Vydra in the summer.

Well - in that case it will be United because Mr Cheapskate will never pay the £20m he will cost

02 Feb 2013 23:59:54
MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH The Pozos won't let him go cheap so that's Wenger out of it then

Has he not just signed on a perm deal at watford?

03 Feb 2013 15:48:43
He is rubbish both teams welcome to him

'He is rubbish' you must be joking! Top player but won't join any prem team, going to join Watford in the summer!



02 Feb 2013 18:02:31
Blackpool waiting to see how the Di Canio situation will turn out. wait and see!

We'll have to wait and see.

14 more wins should be enough to finish in the play offs. Come on pool we can do it. If we don't belive that we can do it we won't but if we do belive we will. The play off final will be palace v pool. Pool will win and after the game holloway will apologise for leaving us. UTMP COME ON BLACKPOOL.
WERE COMING Up WATCH OUT!! {Ed003's Note - =.O}

A snowball has more chance in hell than has Di Canio working for a chairman like Karl Oston!

Final details being done later in week as deal done for Phil Brown as manager, with Ian Ashbee as his No. 2

Completely agree fantastic comment probably slap oyston at some point in transfer window. be quite amusing though haha

Billy davis been offerd job and has until tuesday afternoon to decide. Could get us up but couldn't keep us up.

Billy going to forest if offered pook no chance said in interbiew has unfinished buisness at forest



02 Feb 2013 18:19:20
Shrewsbury to sign Clinton Morrison in the summer.

03 Feb 2013 17:30:56
please let this be true and I speak for 3500 Colchester fans

Ed, can you tell me what strikers had bids accepted for them in January and why didn't they want to come?



02 Feb 2013 15:39:05
Gillingham will sign Romain Vincelot on a short term deal until the end of the season after he was released by Brighton.



02 Feb 2013 15:09:54
paolo di canio to take huddersfield over

Well there wouldn't be a dull moment that's for sure. Can't see Dean Hoyles hands on approach working with the flamboyant, fiery Italian, we do need an inspirational manager but also one with a level headed stable approach. Not going to happen, still think Adkins is the man Dean Hoyle wants.

02 Feb 2013 18:18:58
A pathetic performance. Let's just hope we can stay up, clear out some of these players that to be honest just are not good enough & get a manager in who can build something that can at least challenge for a top 6 place.

Gary Megson was at Derby, on the strength of this he is now 1/4 on. Rest all moved out to 7/1 or worse Owen Coyle moved in to 8/1

I truely hope so, some italian passion and foreign intelligence and ability to teach them useless players something different. Heard Gary Megson was in the crowd at Derby. my season card will go in the bin if they appoint him!!

Seems likely. And would be a decent appointment, he's recently told Swindon he is to look at other options after they sold a player without him even knowing! And lillis proved today he isn't capable of the job

We will not be a top 6 club for a long while. we probably won't even challenge for it either. some fans still think we are the big fish in the small pond like we was in league 1. we are now a small fish and the championship is an ocean. we need to build a squad that will develop over 3/4 years and also earn us some money. we don't have the financial firepower to match leicester and what not.

02 Feb 2013 21:57:49
My god we don't want megson for god sake deano. if you appoint him. they. ll be a lot of fans not attending home games. me included. atkins is the man. at ths rate we. ll be a league 1 club again next season. the goals we are leaking in is is a joke. grayson as made a rite mess of it all. some of these loan signings are not bothered abt town. perminant signings wer needed.

Megson is a poor mans Grayson, no way will he be our next manager.

The rot started when, when the same players got picked, regardless of poor performances. when you have a squad of 25 to compete yet some are never used. i am all for youth policy and introducing the youths in senior games, but not at the expense of senior players with exp unless they are exceptional. , because they lack exp, how can this action inspire confidence in the whole squad. loan players injury prown fat wages. sort out the structure or division 1 on the cards.

Heard from levels high up that Warnock is likely to be the man. mmm?

Dont let it be Megson . never rated him

03 Feb 2013 17:07:39
well I never, mark got a win for us against CPFC and you were all full of praise even saying he should gat the job then bingo, we loose to DCFC and now he's a villan and not good enough for the job, talk about being fikel

My family have already enveloped our season cards. just in case its megson, surely not! Please no Dean



02 Feb 2013 12:23:06
Cloughie only looking to fill two posts as he feels he has enough cover for left back/ defence with O'Connor, Freeman and Buxton all capable stop-gaps with perhaps Gojkal and Hoganson also getting sometime from the bench as season ends.

so upfront he is targeting:

Martyn Waghorn. long time target and not getting games at Leicester, though on high wages and may prefer to stay and fight for place in promotion side. Season loan with view to permanent deal in June.

Ade Campbell from Newcastle, 17 yrs and plays upfront, mentioned in newcie press as the 'next shearer', loan deal with view to season long loan next year, permanent deal out of question.

Cloughie going back to Forest to target Moussi for central mid role.

I know ADAM Campbell and he's nothing like shearer, he's about 8stone wet through for starters and he won't be going on Loan this year.

03 Feb 2013 09:35:13
Wouldn't listen to much to that didn't they say Andy Carroll was the new shearer and look how shocking he is.



02 Feb 2013 13:57:34
If lee miller leaves Carlisle at the end of the season, they will make a move for Barrows Adam Boyes.

I hope not he is no way near league1 standard we need quality not a bench warmer

Believable but I really hope not

He is not good enough



02 Feb 2013 13:22:48
Louis saha is in london right now talking with steve bruce, he is said to join depending on how Hull City play today, apparently he wants around �£18k a week to play at city

Right now, Steve Bruce is in Hull.

With Hull City playing Millwall in London - Steve Bruce is in the capital alright (NOT in Hull). As for discussions with Louis Saha - I wouldn't know, but we are still after a striker.

Right now Steve Bruce is not in Hull unless he used a helicopter, he wouldn't have even left the ground until he had a glass of wine with his counterpart and players had been bathed and had rub downs etc

^we are away at mill wall which is in London and if this rumor is correct he would probably have watched the game

I would take him he would do a good job in championship hope it true

Hull city are still going to try and get dj campbell still in the emergency loan even though they had a bust up!

You are joking DJ campbell steve bruce was asked will you go for DJ campbell again an he said will I b******* an that true {Ed003's Note - Don't worry about it he is joining b'burn on loan}

He has gone to lazio its on tv



02 Feb 2013 12:08:48
Simon Eastwood set to be released by Portsmouth, Aristide Zogbo will be sign for replace him

How are they even allowed to sign players? Shouldn't they have to do what other clubs have done in admin, and use their youth team? Or have portsmouth found yet another loophole to get around the problems of admin

No chance trevor birch is set to liquidate portsmouth football club as he is gaining more money for himself and as I've herd he refused to talk to 4 new bidders

Don't talk wet, the club won't be liquidated all the time the PST are involved in buying it. Nothing is confirmed until the court case is finished. Please stop posting if you don't have any facts.

03 Feb 2013 20:50:01
Someone sounds confident about court case your in for a shock chanrai and lawyers will make pompey trust look stupid

Trevor Birch is laughing all the way to the bank! He is reportedly on£400 per hour! Why should he want buyers? He will be able to retire to the Caribbean!
Joking aside Portsmouth are a big club that is dying, even with no money, no owners, no major players and 16 without a win, they still get over 11000 at home, if (a big if) they get investors and new owners, they will once again get much bigger gates. their fans are quite amazing!

Birch/PKF aren't gaining any more money by dragging things out, their fees have been capped.

A big club? surely that's a joke, and over 11000 fans?. er another joke, when was the last game you got over 11000 at your ground? quite a few games ago now, if you think you are a big club, why is it that when you were in the prem last even then you couldn't fill your ground totally, and what with the away fans being there you barely had just over 15000 home support. big club? do me a favour, pompey, the most deluded fans in the country! LOL

We got 11,000 at the game on Saturday. Bit of a fail point, we get the second biggest gates in League 1, after Sheffield United. So there you go.

Portsmouth have had 11,000 or more at pretty well all homes games this season with an average of 12, 092. Dueing every season in the Premier league Portsmouth average over 19,000 (with a ground capacity of 20,000) save for the final season when the average was 18, 200. So check the facts before making foolish statements.



02 Feb 2013 11:38:48
Free agent Nigel Reo-Coker could be on the way to stadium: MK after holding preliminary talks with Karl Robinson and Pete Winkelman.

Watch this space.

He is set to be watching the game today!

I presume you mean Danny Green! The FL have blocked these transfers due to the financial situation at Swindon.



02 Feb 2013 10:01:25
Bristol City have cleared the decks for a couple of loan signings - players out include Pitman, Woolford, Edwards and Morris plus end of loans for Wilson (D), Danns and McManus. Only Kelly and Molloy in so far, so wages available.
Expecting loans to be a target man and a centre half when the loan window re-opens

02 Feb 2013 23:36:01
Bristol City are 9M a year over the wage cap for next season are they not? So I don't see any room.

Karim rekik from man city for the cb is what I've heard

Look at the accounts and you will see that we were only £3. 97m over the threshold for next year based on income staying the same.

Like thsi karim rekik idea if true, qualiteee

I don't think this seasons loans will make any difference to next seasons wage threshhold.

City should be spending big on loans and short contracts to try and stay up, this is the last chance they will have to do it.

David James wages would have been included in those accounts as well - he was on £20k per week (double any other player)



02 Feb 2013 07:00:59
Swindon town will be signing marlon pack, bradley wright phillips and shaun green on the 8th febuary on loan until the end of the season

And the manager in charge will be?

Paolo DiCanio, he will see us into the championship. He's the best thing to happen to stfc in a long long time. Coyr. Tef

He is writing this nonsense. If you're a real fan you would keep quiet and stop making us look daft with this nonsense.



02 Feb 2013 09:53:01
Nigel Reo-Coker on his way to West Brom. He can move outside the transfer window as he's a free agent.

Reo coker not a bad shout, we had a visit to walsall to see our nieghbours and see sam mantom, what have we done by giving this class player to walsall for nothing is a shocking decision especially know we are short of centre midfielders, good luck to him and hope he doesn't come back too haunt us in the future, selling chris wood for a million was bad enough, but clarke letting mantom was a bad decision

Totally agree especiacally being a local lad also, not one lad in the first team from the black country, but foster from leamington. ridgewell brum, shame really



02 Feb 2013 08:13:50
Burnley received NO bids for Charlie Austin during the January transfer window, this was because of the clubs no sale of Charlie Austin policy. Several inquiries were dismissed but the club will sell in the summer if an offer of 9m+ comes in for the Championship hitman. Burnley are in no need to sell the player as they have no debts so will hold out for an outstanding fee.

He's not worth £9m, £4m at the most.

Good player but £9m you must be having a laugh, but like the other reply no more than £4m tops.

Hows he not worth 9m when jordan rhodes was sold to blackburn for 9million he same age and proven goalscorer. 23year old english striker that scores loads of goals easy 9million considering prices of other players who have gone for a lot more and are a lot less leathal in front of goal than Austin. if he was at any other club than burnley then people wouldn't be saying he's not worth 9million. he will score goals for fun in premier league he's a lot better striker than Rhodes who cost 8million so he has to be worth at least that. RHODES 8MILLION, WICKHAM 9MILLION, ZAHA 15MILLION there's others that have gone for big money who haven't proved there can score as consistently as Austin so if I was Burnley I wouldn't let him go for less than 8million and i'd look to hold out for closer to 9/10million

Jay rod went for 7 so austin will go for 9+



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