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01 Feb 2012 22:15:53
New Leeds Manager - Stuart McCall(3)(50)Davina's got more chance! this is a rumour site not a guessing site...........Not chance please godSteve cotterill will be next leeds manager!Can see nobody other than Warnock but he could turn it down due to Leeds being a dying club under the current regime,shame,a fantastic club with fantastic fans,all the best from a Burnley fanPeter Reid & Julien DicksYes please, we can fall about laughing each week!
Was with my mates who are Leeds fans, even they are resigned to getting a rubbish Manager. They are just hoping they avoid relegation!Oh please lord let it be cotterill


01 Feb 2012 21:55:16
colchester united to make loan swoop for bristol rovers left back Sawyer(2)(6)


01 Feb 2012 19:00:39
Swansea City are close to signing Tarmo Kink on a free transfer from Middlesbrough. The Estonia attacker is keen on Premier League football and will sign a two and a half year deal.(2)(10)Where this rumour came from?


01 Feb 2012 20:04:20
watford are to resign antony macname as he was released by our close neighbours the mk dons,also we are looking into resigning lional ainsworth,tommy smith(loan) and hider helgason (loan) source the watford observer(5)(14) 

Well the observer should know that Macca has signed for Wycombe!Mcnamee has signed for wycombe againMacnamee is laaaaaaaaaaaazy and he wears bright green boots, normally reserved for talented players...JackanoryI used to work at the Observer (Watford) and also live next door to Heidar Helguson! Since journalist Andrew French left and Graham Taylor, there has been no reliable source at the paper! Helguson however does still live in Watford!Mcnammee is underrated and was good at norwich, would be good at any club - lightning pace as well


01 Feb 2012 19:11:58
Stoke City have made a £3.5 million bid for Aston Villa midfielder Fabian Delph. Delph is keen on a move away from Villa Park and could join City in the summer if the fee can be agreed.(7)(19)Uh, no he isn't. Who would be keen on a move away from Villa to Stoke of all places?
wallyDidn't sorenson and Carew jump from villa to stoke. And have u looked at the league table - wallyThey signed him for 8 million doubt they'd sell him anywayWhat would stoke city want with a footballer ?And have you watched Stoke play? Entertaining, isn't it, all that wonderful football? The only players who want to move to Stoke are behemoths who have no better options. Expect a move for Nikola Zigic.
wallyThe only reason villa are below stoke is because they have an awful manager villa's squad is better than stokes.Unlikely. Delph is rated at villa and currently back out at his former club gaining form and confidence.Delph is garbage! very over rated, so to be honest i wudnt want him at my club! so all you villa fans sayin "why wud he go stoke" and "what do stoke want with a footballer" get a reality check.....delph is !


01 Feb 2012 19:08:45
Dagenham & Redbridge are keen on signing Gavin Hote in the summer from Arsenal. Hoyte is wanting first team football and is not keen on a loan deal. The former England youth international defender looks set to hold talks with the League 2 side and could sign on a pre contract in the next two-three weeks.(0)(7)


01 Feb 2012 17:26:34
Swindon are trying to negotiate a settlement with the following players who can then leave.


This would knock 12k a week off of the wage bill and allow PDC to bring in a couple of loan players.(6)(6) 



01 Feb 2012 17:10:36
Colchester to extend the loan of Gavin Massey to the end of the season

They're also interested in Shaun Miller from Crewe & Gary Sawyer from BR.(5)(2)The Massey loan will depend if Watford get a replacement in for Sordell when the loan window opens


01 Feb 2012 17:02:54
Titus BRAMBLE will move to home Town Ipswich on loan when the window opens now O'Neil has signed the Greek and has enough cover(12)(3)Wes Brown out for 2 months , so Bramble to ITFC is out of questionYeah now he has the kiryakos curse!


01 Feb 2012 16:56:10


01 Feb 2012 16:27:59
Kallum Higinbotham has signed for Huddersfield from falkirk for an Undisclosed Fee.(10)(1)


01 Feb 2012 16:08:32
my pal son of one of leeds board told neil lennon at celtic is in the frame for leeds job(2)(45)Why would lennon move to leeds,behaveThen I would really stop supporting them!!It should of been bates who went not graysonNeil warnock........Why would we want a manager who's teeth are the same colour as the turf???????


01 Feb 2012 15:51:42
Rumours circulating that ally mccoist has resigned(22)(11)No idea why he got job in first place,isnt up to itShutup , hes had his hands tied , hes done great consideringThere is a fresh article been posted on the RFC website about Mcoist's belief in the team - posted an hour ago.... why would they be posting fresh articles on the site if he had left ?? I smell sheeiiitte!He prefers to be the captain on Question of Sport


01 Feb 2012 15:39:44
Phil Brown to become the new Leeds boss.(13)(44)Am a pne fan if it turns out to be true leeds are fed he is utter crap, but sayin that the sunbed shops with be open long hoursNo chance!Are Leeds that desperate?
Is Phil Brown that desperate?No chance there ain't enough tanning salons in Leeds!Your having a larf ,phil brown manager at leeds ,worra load of cods wallop ,he couldnt manage a sunday league team ;


01 Feb 2012 14:57:04
MM has been given one more game to change things or he and TC are out... You heard it here first..(11)(5)So we'll either have a new maager / no manager for the albion game....Yeah we did hear it here first, well, we read it here actually ABOUT 5 MONTHS AGOI think if we lose to QPR and Baggies he's done, that's my feeling.Nah, here for the season. Morgan won't pay the compensation package and no one will come to a doomed club. They don't want the "R" word on their cv


01 Feb 2012 14:38:26
Neil Warnock and David O'Leary already in the frame to replace Simon Grayson. I've got to root for O'Leary, despite Warnock's record; the man is a legend.

I think, for what its worth, Simon Grayson has done a good job in difficult circumstances. Personally, I think he's the best manager we've had since O'Leary, especially considering how difficult it is to work with Bates. However, a weak transfer policy, some poor signings and continuous inconsistency on the pitch has brought about this end, and it is the correct decision. Nonetheless, he's done well in a tough job. Cheers Simon.

wally(18)(10)Shame Grayson didn't stay, was hoping Leeds would go down. Shame Forest and Leeds, two giants of the football league are having such a tough time.Agreed - larry did a good job for us and I would have loved a leeds lad to take us back to the prem but his lack of ability to organize a defence has been his undoing - too many goals conceeded over the years.David O Leary? LoL !O leary only goes where he can waste lots o cashWhat?! We can't exactly do better now can we, sir? :)
wallyAGREE would love to see o'deary back at elland rd, just as it looks like you've finally mopped up all the ste he left ur place in it would be hilarious to watch u all in tears again..... in fact i heard fowlers still kicking about somewhere and why not woodgate,dacourt, rio and viduka!!
come to think about it did hear risdale was back in town. defo not going up now without SG see u nxt year at the galpharm................UP THE TERRIERS!!O'Leary a legend, you plonkerDavid O`Leary legend? haha.
Come own up David, you wrote this!


01 Feb 2012 14:37:52
Newcastle are lining up a player plus cash deal for Tiote in the Summer, apparently Michael Carrick coming the other way plus £20million(5)(33)Not a chance dosnt fit into club/ashleys planCarrick is to old for ashleyDeluded Geordie.Lazy rumour


01 Feb 2012 14:12:45
01 Feb 2012 08:52:07
Brighton Midfielder Liam Bridcutt to join Southampton on loan when the transfer window opens with a view to a permanent transfer providing Southampton get into the Premier League

What a load of tosh....(11)(18)


01 Feb 2012 14:07:42
REDFERN in charge till WARNOCK comes in LOL(20)(8)I hope warnock doesn't come i'de rather we had no manager and played the youth team ,infact id rather we played the girl youth teamWarnock and Bates, what a match!!Lmao, Bates & warnock thats a partnership made in hell but could just be crazy enough too work, warnock gets the best out of what hes got andI for one sure hope he gets the job done for us, pity sg couldnt quite get us there..go with me best wishes simon cheers lad..MotWho will want to go to Leeds?
Transfer window shut so cannot get players in.
Disgruntled players who wanted to move to the Premiership but not allowed to leave.
Bates in charge and sucking all the money out of the Leeds fans pockets.
It will have to be someone desparate.


01 Feb 2012 14:06:14
Grayson sacked at last !(24)(9)Warnock seen sharpening his tongue


01 Feb 2012 14:02:47
is it right mad micks been sacked at the wolves(5)(20)NO it,s Larry at LeedsOf course not. Our narrow minded limited board are too afraid to sack him. They are more worried about how many paying customers they can get in there restaurent than they are whats going on on the pitch. The club is a shambles.No its not right but we all wished it was true he is useless


01 Feb 2012 13:55:46
GRAYSON BEEN SACKED!! SSN(19)(3)Wonder who they can get now for 50 a week?
Typical Bates, waits for transfer window to close so the new Manager cannot bring someone in.
Never mind he'll still be extracting money out of those Leeds fans to support his lifestyle in Monaco.


01 Feb 2012 13:55:36
York city set to sign Adebola on loan.(9)(6)


01 Feb 2012 12:16:58
Marcello Trotta to Watford on loan for the rest of the season. Was going to be completed yesterday but Fulham didn't want to let him leave while Zamora and potentially Johnson leave yesterday without the Pogrebnyak deal being done. by the time this was done Watford were playing Millwall but tried to get the loan done as Sordell was on his way. Wasn't completed in time for whatever reason!(27)(4)We can but dream


01 Feb 2012 10:59:13
After Thrashing West Ham 5-1 Ipswich will only be looking for a couple of lone players, so Pompey you can poke your players up where the sun dont shine, also thanks to portsmouth players undying loyalty to pompey they have just FD up the only chance they had of staying alive, the end is near, on the 20th February Portsmouth FC will be wound up and expelled from the League, and do a Wimbledon, the players will have to go to other clubs if they can bother theirselves to find a club that will take them, you have lost Pearce for free now.
Stupid Players kicked your fans in the Bols there(12)(8)So one fluke result against the best team in the division and suddenly Ipswich have no problems? Is this your first season watching football?Thats kind of unnecessary. Portsmouth are still in a better position relative to their squad in the league than Ipswich are. If they stay up, maybe there is hope of finding a buyer.
Besides, there are other ways of raising money.
wallyWhat difference does it make if they are in a better possition when they cant aford to pay their players! Portsmouth are a public shamePortsmouth will be gone by Feb 20th Bank frozen, players and staff not paid, Chanrin owed 12 million + what ever you do in the meantime between folding, will be wiped out, so its Bye Bye Skates

Saints fanAs an ipswich fan I'd just like to say not all of us think this way. Bit embarrassing when a fellow supporter says something daft.
I never like to see a club in trouble and certainly wouldn't gloat about it. Good luck to you Pompey!What a fool you are! Ipswich FC were clearly acting like vultures in trying to pick up Pompey players on the cheap due to their financial situation. Those players chose not to join you. Now suddenly after a decent win for your team, you lash out at another becaue some players chose not top join your team. It's like listening to a spoilt child!Mate if you look at the league standing we seem to be higher than you and your talking about glory. you have only had a sip of it. If your pompey you get it on the field. (clearly not off the field). unlike Ipswich who are not good enough to get decent player! JEALOUSY!Any club lower than league one would have been hammered by the f a for doing what pompey are getting away with whathave pompey got on the f a that they won t dock 15 points the f a gutlessBitter? Besides your both terribleTo be fair, he probably feels a bit embarrassed that 3 players refused to join Ipswich. 3 excellent players who would improve most championship clubs.

I love their loyalty, even if it might be for 20 days. The money who only have covered the outstanding Tax Bill, and there's another 1 coming in 22 days. If we fold they will have no problem getting clubs and will have longer than 5 hours to think about it. I would blame your chairman, if you had offered what they were worth 2 weeks ago, who knows what would have happened.

As a fan, I'm glad the players didn't go, if we must die, lets go in a blaze of glory, rather than send out kids and prolong the agony for another month till we fold.

PUP PPUNot the fans fault but the company should be shut down by hmrc i know people that own companys that were shut down for a fraction of what they owe and dont forget the office staff etc will still owe them there national insurance payments that have been deducted but not paidNot 2 bitter then numpty! They chose to stay at a far better club, even with it currently on its knees. And stummers nice to still see you jealous at the south coasts number 1 club. and there's no way were going under! Fact....FA - gutless ? It's due to the failings of their so called Fit & Proper Persons Test that we are in this mess in the first place. They aren't going to hammer us when they know that they are partially responsible.


01 Feb 2012 08:52:07
Brighton Midfielder Liam Bridcutt to join Southampton on loan when the transfer window opens with a view to a permanent transfer providing Southampton get into the Premier League.(9)(21)Don't be so stupid!


01 Feb 2012 08:06:22
Marvin Sordell has signed for Bolton for an undisclosed fee thought to be around 3.5million(14)(19)The window is shut mate, can't see it happening somehow!Lol, love it when idiots post on here. Check BBC sport. He signed. Fool.He'll go in the Summer, why would we sell him in January as our top scorer?Judging by the amount of unbelieveables on this story you have to question why this guy has made up a story about Sordell going. Sad Bolton fans...


01 Feb 2012 00:51:09
Lee Johnson coming back to team up with Dad
Left BCFC today mutual consent and is a free agent(8)(11)


01 Feb 2012 00:23:24
Ryan Bennett has joined city on a 3 and a half year deal, for 3.2 mil. He will be loaned back to Peterborough until 28th February however.(13)(4)


31 Jan 2012 23:42:31
Forest website is showing 2 loan signings - danny higginbotham and scott wootton have been made. Hope they prove a good move.(8)(0)Hope so too!Wotton is a good lad seen him for reserves and on loan at tram should be out to impress as they been calling for him to
Step up to man u first team next couple years with some
Of back 4 getting on no ( rio and so on ) higginbottom been there done it should be sound but sooner would of seen a goal scorer comming inCotterill gets my vote as manager of the year!



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