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02 Aug 2013 21:21:24
Wigan are set to launch a bid to sign Southampton's Billy Sharp next week. Owen Coyle has said he would like to bring another striker in.

Get Billy and he'll be great for you,
still can't understand why he's not being given a chance for Saints this season, bring him on with 30 or so minutes to go as an impact sub, he
could get Prem goals.
Good luck to you.

I will always love Billy for his goals against Pompey and shushing their fans!
I think he enjoyed his brief spell at saints but will be happier and more settled up north as his family are there. Will do well for Wigan. Underrated player and very good finisher.

You're absolutely deluded if you think billy will do a good job for us in the premier league.

A) think he would be happy just being sub?
B) have you been to any of the pre-season games where he has played? He's looked awful. tadanari lee has looked miles better
C) we have better players than billy sharp.

A) He scores goals in the big games.

B) Friendlies are for match fitness and aren't good for judging players.

C) You are narrow minded

I have come to the conclusion that Billy just isn't good enough, I was all for giving Billy a chance, but If he were, MoPo would have included him in preseason. I trust MoPo's judgement more than anyone's.
He would be a quality striker for anyone in the championship.
I wouldn't believe this, he has already been linked to half of the championship, although could be true.

Anyway, wherever Billy goes, Good Luck.



02 Aug 2013 21:14:17
According to tv PSG claiming Lugano has signed for west brom!

He has signed. Two year deal. Great signing, now we can sell tamas!

Could the signing of lugano mean that olsson is set to leave albion for tottenham!, they just sold caulker. Why do we need 5 centre backs who's going, or is Reid been moved as back up for midfied and is tamas backup right back now. Who knows?!

Don't get too excited. According to many, his form hasn't been very impressive in the past two seasons and many PSG fans aren't too upset to see him go. Would like to be enthused by this signing, but finding it difficult.

03 Aug 2013 08:25:07
Keep Tamas and sell Olsson, he, s a legend in his own mind. Olsson should let his football do the talking instead of gobbing off to the fans, he done nowt since xmas last year and was a passenger blaming tiredness for gods sake, if we all did n, t bother to turn up cus we were tired there would be millions of jobs going begging

Based on his form cannot believe any premier league club would sign him, why do you think psg were glad to unload him on a free?

Maybe because they have Thiago Silva, probably the best centre back in the world and enough money to buy who they want



02 Aug 2013 19:42:00
Reading are interested in Bradford City striker Nahki Wells

Yes please - same it isn't true

Wells will not leave Bradford until the end of season and at the moment we have to many strikers le fondre popbrebinak hal robson kanu and Roberts no thanks

Since when was robson kanu a striker? And Jason Roberts won't play for reading again.

Robson-Kanu isn't a striker naturally, but it's his second position after left mid, Roberts is at the end of his career and is currently recovering from an injury so we can't rely on him, Alfie and Pog can't be relied on all season, we need depth and therefore one or two new strikers. Adkins and Hammond have stated they're in the market for a new striker, but as ever won't drop names until a deal is done. The guy who wrote the 2nd comment clearly doesn't know what he's talking about!



02 Aug 2013 19:39:51
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02 Aug 2013 17:31:22
Pompey have signed ngala from Stevenage on an initial one month deal.

18000 plus crowd for div 2 but not the result needed are we expecting to much, the good thing is we still have a club.

I for one didn't expect to go up at all I would be happy with mid table we aren't going to go up we have signed frees and guess what? there is a reason why they are frees they are not world beaters 14th I reckon just because we sold 10,000 + season tickets doesn't make us favourites so don't expect too much we are quite there yet



02 Aug 2013 17:25:19
Middlesbrough have completed the signing of former Southampton and Leeds defender Frazier Richardson

Richardson is a good signing and will do a good job for you in the Championship. All the best for next season

Saints Supporter

Really good player, great free transfer

Good luck Frazier and thanks, a grateful Saints bloke.

What a refreshing change seeing supporters come on and be nice about previous players, well done saints fans. Boro fan.

03 Aug 2013 14:13:55
adomah is not going to sign for boro we are just going to let him slip away for one of our championship rivals to snap him up.
seriously how hard can it be to sign 1 good young player. seemingly it isn't but its an imposible task for our good owld faithful mogga and gibbo.
keep on blindly supporting the once great club that was middlesbrough fc into the dark bleak mediocrity that we are currently spiraling down.
four years ago I went to go and see boro play Manchester United we lost 0-1 in a packed out riverside 35000+ at least and got a good skinfull on a glorious sunny saturday afternoon. and when I saw an almost unrecognisable boro go out and get beaten 1-3 by a lackluster bristol city team I had tears in my eyes remembering that Manchester United game and comparing it to the ghostly atmosphere of the 9000 capacity riverside stadium on that gloomy day.
and here we are going into our fifth consecutive season in the second tier with the blind optimism of the last five seasons and completely forgeting that we finished a record low of 16th.
well my message is this. boro are finished. its to late to reverse the damage of the strachan era my advice is to find another club to support.
although I could be proven wrong!

Support another club! Tool! One game lads chill out!

Find another club to support^ that's loyalty at its finest. You're right though, the club is definitely the lowest it has been in some time, we are a mediocre club yet we keep hoping for promotion, which I don't see anything wrong with tbh, it shows the team still has ambition. I believe that Gibson has to sell, every Boro fan will agree when I say the guy is a legend and won't be forgotten. But the strachen era has hit us hard, we lost so much money and because of that we can not compete in the market, meaning that other clubs are getting the players we want making us fall behind. Gibson we all respect you to death, but honestly I think the time is up. We won't improve without new additions. I hope I'm wrong, in a perfect world we would get promoted with Gibson without barely spending a penny, but I just don't think it will happen :/

First game of the season get beat 2-1, my one and only wish is to get rid of marvin emnes, crap in attack, can't score an open goal (as proven in the first game of the season), he is lazy as and boro fans let's face it we need to ship him off to some league 1 or 2 team. Billy sharp would be a great signing, along with adomah and vaz te on loan we could cause some real damage in the championship!! UTB!!

Some boro fans are mental, THEY'VE PLAYED ONE GAME THIS SEASON. ONE. If you think the team are finished this season, based on one performance, I hope you do stop supporting Boro! They don't need that kind of support, you've got to stick behind your team through the better and the worse. Patience is the key.

Strachan left nearly four years ago. Stop blaming him. The best players over the last few years were his buys. Bailey, mcdonald, robson. Its gibsons fault. No one elses

Saints fan here. TImes can change quickly. It only seems like yesterday that I thought I'd be looking for a new club to support as mine looked like they were going to go under! Now we are mid table premier league and I've never been so excited or hopeful going into a season. My advice? Keep the faith, you never know what is round the corner.

Agree so much, I'm boro till I die, whatever league we are in, one game? get behind the lads eh?

Well said by the saints fan. Always be loyal to to ya club no matter what league wer in! If u want to or even think about supporting another club ya not a boro fan. I'm from boro, love boro and love my club. Always will no matter what. Boro lad born n bred no matter how much we fall

I wasn't dissin boro, just emnes

I'm boro through and through. and old enough to have been a the games when we were old second div. I will always love the boro, doesn't matter whose in charge or managing the team, I will always get something to smile about. each season brings new hope, one game doesn't mean a thing, leicester are a decent team its not like getting beat off barnsley first time out. we do need strikers and I would definitely say cb's we do not have stength in depth. we are how we always are. a very thinly stretched squad. we have a lot to learn from the likes of hull, leicester and cardiff and co. to see how its done with little finance

Leicester and Cardiff are loaded

Leeds fan here, been to Champions League matches right down to LDV Vans trophy games. 1st rule of football, never give up on your team.

Cardiff owed more money than greece before they went up. They gambled on promotion and it paid off

What BIG signings did cardiff and leicester make last season?. i'm not on about this season although they not making any great shakes this season regarding transfers. my comment was generally towards the way their managers are coping. and hull?

Spot on Leeds fan

05 Aug 2013 18:30:13
Totally agree with you Denny! Apart from Forest who really spent a fortune last season to get up. Class one example on a shoestring Crystal Palace I've always said its the man who picks the team at the end of the day, the manager picks a player because he has belief in that or them players to do a job and they have failed miserably this year. How can anybody blame those that have left when they didn't get a fair crack of the whip and given chance to play over a set number of games and in the right position. I come back to Bailey who played centre midfield the season before lapping up the loose ends while Rhs Williams and Barry Robson (another we should have kept for one more season) got forward it was on until Bailey got injured at half way through again Peterborough on new years that we lost momentum that season so to me its the managers fault that we let players go with out asking if they will take lower wages and then replacing them with players that every other team has dis guarded. The last 4 seasons I have watched who's gone up and every team had a motivator for a manager and in most cases didn't spend alot, Southampton been one. I put it to the guys who still feel that Moggas guna get it right who picks the team, the style of play and tactics the manager or the players?
Moving on to this excuse by fans saying well we have no money this is now Boro what utter rubbish did Crystal Palace have money did that get them promoted? NO! If clubs are governed by gates and turn over there must be about 6 clubs in this division who's attendances are above 17000 the rest are if not the same less than Boro's even Millwall average 12000 but they with this so called limited out lay can manage to overhal a full team so come on to those that give that poor excuse we have no money please try to give a valid answer for Boro's poor showings.
Also Mogga is stating he's chopping players who caused issues with in the squad well on last seasons stats why are Emnes, Rhs Williams and Woodgate still at the club? Sick of hearing lame excuses from fans happy to sit on the fence and except second best for the poor present management and clubs failings, I am love this club but it doesn't mean I should sit there and watch poor football or accept the direction which I feel the club is heading in. It may only be one game but again I seen the same old mistakes happening and one or two players coming in doesn't guarantee that the team will play better its the style of play under Mogga that's the issue I watched Derby yesterday and they have no stars all kids and they played for 90 minutes and busted a gut and if Boro played like that I would be happy because at least they gave 110%. I wonder after the next 3 to 5 games if we don't win or pick up very low points returns will most of the fence guys still be sat there or not. We need a motivator in the dressing room as not all sons of Teesside make good managers!


A lot of sense been spoken about needing the right players not the big names.
Sven spent a fortune at Leicester on big names with no success.
Big nige's team had nearly no one I knew but played excellent



02 Aug 2013 17:03:05
Sigurdsson to Reading FC

Pogrebynak may leave to Rubin Kazan if so Paddy Madden of Yeovil is being targeted as a replacement.

All of the above please!!

Half of the prem would take sig

Cant see madden going, Yeovil are going to want a lot more than anyone's willing to pay for him

02 Aug 2013 22:45:54
i want gylfi back as much as the next reading fan, but I can't see it happening

Maybe half the prem would take sig doubt spurs would sell him tho, think he'll go to Europe if at all

03 Aug 2013 20:38:08
Not a chance



02 Aug 2013 17:53:28
Burton Albion sign Sunderland goalkeeper Jordan Pickford on a season long loan.

Brewers boss Gary Rowett is looking to conclude his summer business with bringing Blackburn defender Anthony O'Connor back on loan and also Arsenal winger Serge Gnabry on a youth loan.

02 Aug 2013 20:50:13
West brom have signed Diego Lugano on a two year contract

05 Aug 2013 09:44:37
Burton have signed adam mcgurk on a 2 year deal from tranmere

Would have thought that is a very good signing for Burton.



02 Aug 2013 18:44:34
Jack Colback, Anthony Réveillère, Etiene Capoue and Peter Odemwingie are Malky's four remaining targets. With Matt Phillips, Jetro Willems, Joe Ledley and Billy Sharp being back ups if the bids fail.

No chance colback would join Cardiff



02 Aug 2013 18:37:22
Bradford wanting to take Kalum Higginbotham either on a season loan or permanent deal. Phil Parkinson was at Emley last night and watched Higginbotham score in Towns under 21 development game. Would be a good move for him and the Bantams.

As a Huddersfield fan, I can just say if this is true, u guys have got yourselves a great little player. the lad is quick, skilful, hard working and can do things with the ball at his feet for sure. he hasn't for some reason been given much of a go at town, which shocks me.

03 Aug 2013 00:01:00
Hope it's true - not good enough for the Championship and Town need him gone to free up space for a central defender. How much do Bradford want to take him?



02 Aug 2013 16:44:19
nick powell having medical at wigan, big miss out for huddersfield!

Good luck to Powell, he would have been a great signing but we are very happy with Jonny Hogg.

Give me Hogg anyday, you can't buy experience

You can buy experience we bought hogg

You got me on that one!

Hogg great buy best player at club

What I should have said is there's no substitute for experience. Ps Hogg is definitely a excellent player!

Town really need Powell or a creative attacking midfielders. Yesterday was a cause of concern. Still a quality CB and CAM needed badly. I would say a new Goalkeeper also. Smithies is poor. Hopefully Town can get someone on a season long loan from a Prem team!

Remember Lee camp is training with town, don't rule out a move for this bloke. Smithies has always been overrated, bit of a joke at making decision making.

We don't need a new goalkeeper? Smithies is a great goalkeeper. Plus, we created a lot of chances against Forest, the only problem was, was that they were crosses and Vaughan and Paterson couldn't convert, that was our only problem against Forest.



02 Aug 2013 16:23:04
Mark Sampson to posh not happening

This is obvious, injured and not good enough anyway

Old news. Posh won't pay £0m price tag



02 Aug 2013 14:14:16
Yeovil are believed to be waying up a loan move for Villa midfielder Daniel Johnson. Another player they're thinking about loaning in is Daniel Boateng of Arsenal. They're also keen on getting in either Joe Bryan or Onismer Bhasera. They're both LB's. Bryan is at Plymouth while Bhasera is a free agent after leaving Plymouth last season.

Onismer Bhasera was due to sign for Yeovil as he was on pre season. Work permits are the key to either not signing or a delayed signing. Work permit won't be granted until September I think (later this year anyway)

Joe bryan is a bristol city player i am afraid. and he defo won't b joining yeovil town.

I think Yeovil are unlikely to take Daniel Johnson back as Gary Johnson cut short his loan last season. I do think Yeovil could use another central midfielder though.

You obviously weren't at the millwall game then upson and edwards ran the show any cms we get will be back up

You misunderstood me. I meant we could do with more cover in the event of injuries/suspensions, etc.

Someone taking that the wrong way, he meant as back up. HAHA



02 Aug 2013 15:51:52
Burnley will hold talks with Gary Madine on Monday

Source-sly news



02 Aug 2013 15:34:44
Burnley to sign Martyn Waghorn on loan until the end of the season. Likely Austin replacement as the clarets have already stated they would not be spending any of the 2.8million from Austin's sale on the playing squad

Burnley didn't say they wouldn't be spending any of the austin money, they said they will look for austins replacement from within our own squad for the time being. We will sign a replacement but dyche won't be drawn into throwing money at anybody, he will see how the team plays today and then assess his options. UTC

Didnt play too bad yesterday but by the looks of things we could do with another couple of strikers, can't see vokes scoring more than 5 this season

Ye your right. Austin would have got on the end of trippers crosses. Vokes was yards away.

I don't think I saw vokes in their penalty area once, he's useless



02 Aug 2013 15:32:23
Burnley 2 sign Aston Villa forward Jordan Bowery on loan until January 2 replace Charlie Austin! Burnley will not be spending any money. Austin's replacement will be a loan signing!

It wasn't £2.8m, it wasn't a great deal more but it was more, some of the fee will be used but in the Burnley way, which means around £1m-£1.5m will be used on an up and coming striker who will be sold in 2-3yrs time for a tidy profit, not exactly brilliant for us fans but keeps us a well run club.



02 Aug 2013 15:26:14
Tom Hately linked with a move to Killie



02 Aug 2013 14:55:58
Huddersfield Towns final signing is CB Harry Maguire from Sheffield United, a price of around £950,000 would be the 'bargain' as Robins stated as he is only 20 years old and his value is only going to increase after two very good seasons in League 1

Would be v happy with this

Very good defender, but 950k is a lot of money to be paying.

Can't see this, Mark Robins has stated that incoming transfers are done for now and he is looking to ship a few fringe players out on loan.

I don't rate Maguire. He always seems heavy footed and has the turning circle of a truck. We need a mobile centre half if we are going to get one but robins has also said that we are probably done for this transfer market.

I'd be really happy with this, as the co-commentator has just said on Sly, he's a real 'Meat & potato's' defender! Good long term replacement for Clarke after this season and a good future captain. he's got a leaders jaw line! PMSL!

Oh yes of course it is!!!!

Robins said all incoming transfers were done for now, not for the season. There is one more bargain defender to come in after some of the fringe squad players go out on loan to reduce the wage bill. Then a defender will be brought in but on a free transfer.

Pahaha yeah United are probably going to part with one of the most promising young defenders outside the premiership for 950k even Mccabe isn't that stupid.

"turning circle of a truck", "
meat and potato defender". Great comments. Town might need a centre back. The first few games will show up the weaknesses because we seem to have a damn good team. Really is going to be a tough season, so many outstanding clubs in the Championship. The proof will be in the bread and butter pudding!

No chance with 950k! We was rejecting 3 million last season!

Wise up read Robins statement correctly. the BARGAIN transfer is Joel lynch as he's already our player. 8 signing and you still want more.

Is this the same Harry McGuire that was torn apart by Lee Novak and Alan Lee at their ground - no thanks

End of the day dudes, defending is a team game and all 11 players have a responsibility to do their jobs off the ball. A good manager and coach that can organise and teach players is the best defender! ;-)

COME ON TOWN!! OOO to be a!

When did MR say that it was a 'bargain defender' he simply said a 'bargain' and that was our new Spanish lad. No more transfers.

Is this the same Harry McGuire that was torn apart by Lee Novak and Alan Lee at their ground - no thanks

Indeed it is, however it is also the same Harry Maguire that prospered where many failed and kept Jordan Rhodes quiet in not 1 game, not 2 games but infact 3, the same Harry Maguire that we rejected 3million for from Newcastle



02 Aug 2013 14:30:57
Any new Shrewsbury transfer rumours/news

All quiet at the moment. Expect to see 3 new faces in by the end of this month.

Tom eaves signing on wednesday on loan from bolton

Simon church is still talking to shrewsbury after turning them last week

Boyce is joining on tuesday

Simon church signed for charlton

Big rumour matheu manset is signing

Junior agogo is in talks with shrewsbury after a short training period with them, also suso Santana is set to join!
Inside shrew

2 new signings before the Bolton game. Tom Eaves on loan & Boyce & Gormley (fee in the region of £180k) from Cliftonville.

John Knowles

Junior Agogo has retired. Won't be joining anyone.

180k for Boyce and Gormley? We couldn't even afford 18k, so I don't know where that's come from. Sad truth is, Eaves is injured and GT will try and run with Bradshaw for the duration of this side of christmas.
Bradshaw has proven he is not up for football league, but we really don't have much more of an option, aside from trying Goldson up front in which case he will do better.




02 Aug 2013 14:01:08
According to snooze now, west brom are looking at colback of Sunderland, I personally would love this as he is only 23 and has shown that he is premier league worthy



02 Aug 2013 13:59:33
Hartlepool United have asked to take Newcastle United trio Curtis Good, Bradden Inamn & Adam Campbell on loan. However, a deal for any of the trio looks unlikely never mind all three with Newcastle United receiving contact from clubs in Leagues 1 & 2 as well as the SPL regarding all three players.

If its just other league rivals pools will be hot. Favourites to sign them.



02 Aug 2013 13:49:27
Just been in Afc B club shop, they said we just signed somebody from Southampton, it must be Billy sharp

Please let this be true!

I hope so!

No, it could easily be Dean Hammond, Aaron Martin, Tadnari Lee. Basically saying it doesn't necessarily have to be Sharp but what a signing if it were.

Are they not getting confused? they have signed Surman on loan



02 Aug 2013 13:02:06
Leeds are interested in Nottingham forest striker dexter blackstock.

Old old news. Hasn't blackstock recently signed a new contract

No we are not

Unless players go out of Leeds, then none will be coming in!

I remember hearing this one last year- never going to happen

Leeds are skint and Dex will cost you more than £2m+
BMD has been sold a pup and it will be a long hard season for the Lilly Whites

04 Aug 2013 09:34:33
he wasent in the squad yesterday at all and he's nt injured. lol good luck with him leeds you're doing us a BIG favour

This is old news from when warnock was in charge. And leeds are going to do just fine this season thanks

Wilson wants to move to forest and are close to putting another bid on him



02 Aug 2013 13:15:03
Bristol City to sign Jay Simpson on a free transfer

06 Aug 2013 13:09:27
Billy's on his way now Alberts gone.



02 Aug 2013 12:31:14
West Ham have turned to Werder Bremen's Austria international Marko Arnautovic, 24, in their hunt for a new striker.

I heard he rejected West Ham in favour of a move to La Liga.

Any truth in this ED?



02 Aug 2013 12:01:20
Shrewsbury Town interested in signing Huddersfield striker James Spencer on loan but Huddersfield only want him to leave on a permanent deal.

Funny that, just read an article where Robins says he's interested in loaning Spencer out!

Not bad but to young and his scoring record isn't the best

MR must think he's still got potential, but to me he just seems to get worse.



02 Aug 2013 11:39:28


Andy Marshall
Conor Henderson
Ricardo Fuller


Dale Stephens Doncaster or Huddersfield
Jordan Cook Yeovil or Sheffield United
Danny Hollands Brentford or Swindon

Wasn't he released by charlton earlier this summer? you got to research before you write.

Dale Stephenson was a target before we signed Jonny Hogg so not now.

Think Hudders are sorted in midfield now.

Jordan cook played about 20 mins- if that for Yeovil on loan last season, I wasn't impressed. He soon dropped off the radar- I cannot see him going to yeovil

Huddersfield don't want stephens now they have signed hogg

No way is Hollands going Brentford, Uwe Rosler ruled out any more signings

Wasn't he released by charlton earlier this summer? you got to research before you write.

Get your research right powell said he has 50% chance of getting a contract so?

Just got back from the Keepmoat, Rovers performance confirmed what most supporters feared, that Dickov is a complete Dickov, and a very poor appointment, Ross Turnball makes Gary Woods look like Lev Yashin, what hope have we got playing one up front. It's going to be a very long season, I fear the worst

Don't know what game you was watching but we showed a promising side. The score doesn't reflect the game. The finishing could have been better, but I'm sure that will be sorted. Could have won the game, made more chances than Blackpool. Look at the positives. RTID

So Trunbull getting kicked in the head is his fault? When being a keeper is one of the most dangerous positions? The defence let him down for the other goal, back post goal? Port defending and the third goal he might have been told to go up, it's the first game and they played their socks off! Duffy was amazing cotts just like league 1, stop your moaning and support the team you fail of a fan!

03 Aug 2013 23:16:53
Behave ya self it's people like you that give us a bad name get behind the team they've only been in squad 3 days you wanting miracles like. We are drfc not Barcelona Blackpool were premier league 2 years ago and they have a couple of future England players in the squad

We gave them ALl three goals, one or two positives Duffy and the centre back from Spurs, both Quinn and in particular Husband looked a bit out of depth, ineffective up front, had to rely on captain marvel for the goal, Dickov should have subbed Turnbull straight away it was plain to see he was struggling after knock on head, poor management, unless we get support for Brown we will struggle RTID

We need a left back and a right back also need a proven striker who will get us 20 goals or we will struggle having 5 in midfield will not compensate for not having a good striker to play off brown.

Haha what a stupid comment should have subbed turnbull are you mad? You have moaned for them playing the young keeper, it's the first games, it means nothing stop moaning and support the team

Lets face it, we are just not good enough
for the championship, and it showed yesterday, we played well in parts but never really looked like scoring, apart from a Brown header which went just wide, and a feeble header from Wellens, Jones had to rescue us again, we need at least a left back and a couple of strikers but this won't happen without further investment, which certain shareholders are reluctant to do
, relegation Certs, dread Blackburn they will take us apart

Having attended the game I thought that Doncaster were generally the better of 2 close teams. Overall, Turnbull played very well in goal and he appeared to be fouled when on the deck just before Blackpool scored; his positioning and kicking was first first rate and he could not be blamed for any of the goals. The midfield play was exciting and it must be one of the best in the division. The right and left backs will have to up their game in the Championship and it's true we need a striker who can score 20+ per season but unless we can get Sharp I cannot see that happening unless we get money from somewhere.

I didn't think it was such a bad performance but one up front never seems to work. To say that the team hadn't played as a unit before you really can't blame anyone other than the board. I hope JR and the rest have learned their lesson of being penny wise and pound foolish, (Shackle, Green and Greerer). The only way to stay in the Championship is to spend, JR went out of his way to inform us at the last relegation of how much it cost. Please learn from past follies Mr Bramhall, Watson and Ryan. How the hell we did it last season I will never understand. Sow's ear and silk purse comes to mind.

After all the pre season will we/won't we I thought it was a very good performance sloppy defending for first two goals cost us, I am also amazed no one as mentioned the top class game wellens had however long the deal is we have him on it needs to be extended ASAP.

I think the idea of five in midfield was good management we really do need strikers not loanees though and established I think we must win games against the blackpools and squeeze draws against your wigans and qprs to survive good luck lads

All we need is a striker from Southampton job done

Blackpool are back in for Caddis, they are now willing to match his wage demands

Does eveyone realize that we can't afford a 20 goal per season striker.
Anyone who can score that many will be on at least £15 grand a week - money that the Rovers just don't have.

We do have that money but the board choose not to spend it, don't we have two members of the board worth 700million? Or somthing stupid like that but they don't use it they want JR and the fans to put up all the money that's why that takeover money would have been perfect

Yes mr bramhall and mr Watson bring our prodical son home in billy we trust



02 Aug 2013 12:33:30
Blackburn boss Gary Bowyer is trying to talk Sunderland winger James McClean into a season's loan.

No chance, I heard PDC really likes McLean

4th choice winger tho

James Mclean should be the number two winger much better than Adam Jhonson who was a poor buy



02 Aug 2013 12:32:41
Liverpool have made an offer in excess of £20million for Atletico Madrid's Brazilian striker Diego Costa.

Another prolific scorer like borini lol

Money would be better spent trying to get Torres back



02 Aug 2013 12:26:31
Any news on billy sharp to barnsley ed?

Yeah it's not happening

If they can get him watch the attendances this would be a positive and bold move by the club

Wish some club would hurry up and sign him. Every other rumour is Billy Sharp. If he is so wonderful why has nobody signed him yet?

Because he wants to stay. All these rumours started when someone pretending to be his agent started the transfer rumours (according to Billy himself)

Billy sharp is a positive gentleman having met him. Would be an asset to Barnsley



02 Aug 2013 11:32:03
Billy Sharp to hold talks with Burnley over a potential move, his good friend James Beattie who is Accrington Stanley manager has been encouraging him to move north, he will attend the Burnley V Bolton game tomorrow

Fairly sure dyche said he would promote from within. I agree with you the man is deluded as Sam vokes would be lucky to score 10 goals in 46 apps never mind 30. Would love billy sharp. Absolute predator. Him an ings could be a naughty little front two.

Burnley cannot afford him! Another made up rumour! Burnley will not spend a million pound on a player!

02 Aug 2013 16:00:12
Isn't Sharp a northerner? Why dies he need Beattie to encourage him

We could do with getting Jay Rod back on loan

He said he would promote from within for the moment as there is no need to panic, Also don't believe everything you read in the press, 2 if you're going to qoute what was said in the press read it propperly

Who is there to promote within. Mccartan was te best hope, and he's gone

There is interest but it's a bit of a saga and it would initially be on loan. Sheff Weds & Barnsley are also interested, both of which have offered more in wages than Burnley. However, the player is not keen on joining either (Weds - because he's a blade. Barnsley - obvious reasons).



02 Aug 2013 11:50:19
West brom to sign Lugano today or tomorrow Sinclair early next week and Kalou late next week and cedar last week and expect a surprise signing on deadline day

02 Aug 2013 15:41:38
Heard the deadline day transfer depends on Bale moving to Real Madrid, that would release Cristiano Ronaldo to move to the Baggies ;-)

I've just been wondering whether because of our poor performance yesterday Lugano is reconsidering whether too sign for us as he was at the game. Even if this is the case I'm sure we will have a backup

All that would be nice, but I'm not counting chickens. A surprise on deadline day? Albion don't do them, but it'd make a change.

We are all sick of unknown foriegners, get some brits in clarke, let's support our own nation, no wonder we will never win any major cups

He has just signed

Lugano would be key signing if Tamas leaves. Albion desperately need a classy winger like Sinclair. Kalou also high quality for a limited forward line.

Unknown foreigners? please come back when you have researched about the players prior to commenting.

Unknown foreigners?? Lugano is 89 capped captain of Uruguay and has played at world cups etc. Also played champions league football along with La Liga etc. Just because he's unkown to you doesn't mean he's unknown in the world of football. Broaden your horizons then voice your opinion

To add to my above post. unkown foreigners we've signed include (Just 2 examples) Yacob and Mulumbu. Arguably our best players last season, but your right. let's pay over the odds for some over rated British kid to rot in the reserves. good transfer policy

Seems like most people don't understand basic finance.
its not good to overspend past your budget.

why pay over the odds for an expensive English player, when you can get in 2-3 more foreigners at cheaper cost with higher quality.

A lot of people complain that JP doesn't spend enough. Well why not donate some of your money and help contribute to the funds a bit more.
Money doesn't come from thin air.
To ascertain money you would have to raise ticket prices or sell merchandise at a higher cost. You'd all be up in arms over that as well!

Have faith in a transfer policy that has so far brought us 11th, 10th and 8th place.

All the clubs have these unknown foriegners, instead of investing in unknown youngsters, all this is due to foriegn owners and foriegn managers who don't give a dam about english continuaty in our game, hence our national team is rubbish, sky money has destroyed the english game really.

I meant vydra not cedar



02 Aug 2013 10:51:51
West Ham have shown interest in the signature of Malmo winger Jiloan Hamad.

West Ham have shown intrest in every right sided attacking player in the world, Well end up with a right back knowing us!



02 Aug 2013 00:56:24
Southampton released their swuad numbers today and left the no. 11 shirt free. Any idea on who this is for Ed? Damiao?

Number 11 was worn by Billy Sharp last season hence the reason it has become vacant this season not being part of 1st team plans this season! All squad numbers have been kept the same minus those released and youth team intakes to first team.

The only reqeusted change was jos hooiveld who supposedly requested to return to his original number when he joined us and dejan lovren takes over the number 5 shirt

A left winger?

Guly do pardo wore the 11 shirt last season not billy sharp as he was on loan at notts forest

Guly wore 21 last season



02 Aug 2013 10:51:51
West Ham have shown interest in the signature of Malmo winger Jiloan Hamad.



02 Aug 2013 00:56:24
Southampton released their swuad numbers today and left the no. 11 shirt free. Any idea on who this is for Ed? Damiao?

I think quite a few in our team do care, Lallana for some reason likes number 20 and Puncheon likes 42 otherwise one of them would of been allocated number 11, Guarantee if we do sign another player he will get the number 11 shirt. That's if we sign another though

Apart from our number 7 lol



02 Aug 2013 10:27:11
Adomah discussing personal terms and having a medical at Rockliffe today. Source Northen paper

No he is not - he is training with Bristol City this morning

He will not sign for boro its utter garbage



02 Aug 2013 10:10:11
Kalou agrees contract offer with WBA and will have a medical on tuesday next week. Great signing for the baggies. Scott Sinclair also expected to sign before the end of next week.

Hope this is true, great news if it is!

If this is true I would be an amazing signing. And then watch out Europe.

I know we have offered a deal for him but haven't heard anything else, is this actually true?

I hope its true but nothing has been said yet though

Not true just guessing again. like when people were saying mbokani had signed, gardener, etc

Hopefully it is true as he would have a good partnership with Anelka up top



02 Aug 2013 09:46:13
Fulham fc has bid 6 million pound for Darren Bent from Aston villa

Have we actually accepted this latest bid?
I fervently hope so but I'll believe it if and when it happens.
Clarrie Blue.

Fulham have not offered 6mil only 4. 75mil which villa turned down straight away. Getting a bit fed up with this saga either bid a decent amount or walk away and look elsewhere. We desperately need a striker and if we not careful will end up with no one.

We are not in desperate need of a striker we have the youth ready to come on and sufficient first team striking options what we do not have is the CM options capable of supporting them so they have to come too deep for the ball and aren't looking effective.

Youth players to go straight in at the deep end I don't think so. We are short up front we need experience cannot rely on Berbatov all the time rodellaga not exactly setting the stage alight.



02 Aug 2013 09:20:04
Bradford city have tried to sign Jordan Bowery from Aston Vills and Lee Nicholls from Wigan both on season long loans. I am told the Bowery deal is almost done but Wigan are still contemplating wether to keep Nicholls as back up or loan him out.

Nicholls didn't look very good in the PO final

He was a class apart in every other game though. Future prem keeper without a doubt.

Nicholls might as well be first choice at wigan he is quality! he was the best northampton player in that final and if we signed him i'd go mad because jonny mac is number 1 and we just need a back up keeper that is half decent, maybe a scott davies from fleetwood kind of keeper, obviously not him we have no chance

How can you say we only need a back up? Jon McLaughlin is a good goalkeeper and he will do very well for us but we need to keep improving on what we have, not stand still.

Well no back up means lack of concentration, everyone needs an extra keeper, we can't just have that kid bentley he is no way good enough yet

I am not saying we don't need a back up but if we can get better than we already have then we need to take that option up.



02 Aug 2013 08:45:32
Killie set to offer a contract to Peter Leven



02 Aug 2013 04:43:14
Albert Adoman deal will be announced at the Friday pre-match interview. 3 year deal with option of 4th season.

Mowbray confident of getting either billy sharp or Ricardo Vaz Te on loan next week.

Just need CB

Also signing frazer Richardson who can play either rb or cb

Also signing frazer Richardson who can play either rb or cb

Middlesbrough have not met the asking price - Adomah trained at Bristol this morning and will play against Bradford



02 Aug 2013 07:41:51
Stoke linked with Omar Gonzalez and Juan Agudelo. Personally I would rather just Agudelo come in as he is young and looks a good prospect. Also McInerney from USA looks good too. We also need wingers and a proven goalscorer for this season though personally I want David Hoilett, Garath McCleary, Emmanuel Emenike, Darren Bent and Jermain Defoe at the brit.

I have noticed people have stopped posting rumors. Maybe because everyone has realized that there is no hope, we are doomed : (

Very few Stoke rumours as they tend to keep their business very private. We introduced Loic Remy initially and Everton tried to jump in. We also introduced Demba Ba before he failed a medical. Also we wait until the very last minute, which is very frustrating, in the hope of snapping up a bargain even though it doesn't always work

We have recognised so many fantastic strikers before other clubs and not signed them i. e. Emmanuel Adebayor, Loic Remy, Demba Ba, Andreas Cornelius and now Juan Agudelo let's hope we sign him.



02 Aug 2013 07:41:10
West Brom considering a move for QPR winger Junior Hoilett.

I follow Albion and even I know that's reheated old gubbins.

I assume this means we missed out on Sinclair?

Would be a great signing

02 Aug 2013 15:01:50
Seems that wba are going 2 sign every player that's half decent! I have 2 questions, wheres all the money coming from? And who is making up this tosh?!

Hoillet is old news and only considered on a loan basis last season when Wingie was thought to be going to QPR. Albion have targeted Sinclair. They are mooted to have enquired about Jack Colback yesterday.

02 Aug 2013 18:06:46
Any more transfer news for qpr today?

Jermain Defoe is joining to re-link up with 'Arry! :D



02 Aug 2013 05:47:48
Reading are in the s**t. Full story in the Telegraph today.

I wouldn't be so sure, when Reading fans wake up to the fact that Anton has bought 51% and we have seen no more investement in players than before he moved in. Call me cynical but we have had a prem promotion and will have parachute payments but still hardly any money being spent. Why is that? The money now goes to a tax haven in Gibraltar and no one seems to be worried. Since Anton took over the fact is we have spent no more than we would have anyway so where is the money going?

02 Aug 2013 09:43:24
Ed I love the way it's lazy journalism when it's Reading involved, yet when the media world reported how Watford would not be able to sign any players due an FL transfer embargo and would opnly have 14 players for the new season, you go along with it. VERY lazy journalism

Even if there was a problem the biggest punishment for filing accounts late is a £10K fine. Hardly in the. umm. s**t as you so eloquently put.

Also as ED explained TSI have 13 months from the end of their first year of operation to submit their accounts.

Google filing accounts in Gibraltar it'll teach you all you need to know.

02 Aug 2013 13:02:53
Yeah Anton's hardly opened his wallet I mean all the money he's plowed into the clubs infastructure is nothing. I mean he only got us Cat 1 Academy status. he clearly has no money because we haven't signed Messi yet.

99% of Reading fans are persons.

Is it comment to hate the majority of people who support the same club as you?

Reading FC didn't disclose there financial situation for the 2012/13 season saying as they were owned by TSI they were exempt for the first year
I'm sure people will be behind the scenes getting the necessary paper work
We havnt spent on a forward yet as financial fair play comes into affect
The league cannot be brought as proved before
Ask wolves and Leicester fans
This is an 8 year plan let's get real royals

Most of the money being spent is going straight into the infrastructure at the club. Over the past year or so there have been massive changes at the training ground, huge investment in the academy and youth set-up and a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Plus there are plans in place to build a brand new training complex over the next couple of years.

Also just because we haven't laid out a large transfer fee on someone doesn't mean we aren't spending on players. Even free transfers cost money as the signing on fee the player receives is generally higher than that of a bought player.

Please don't spout off that we aren't spending money, when we clearly are. It just happens to be in other areas.


It is lazy journalism and Anton is a business man remember that. And so drenthe williams bridge all play for free no big wages

A nothing story from the moment the takeover was mentioned the press has been looking to find dirt on our new owner. as someone has already pointed out the worst that will happen will be a 10k fine. its not like the press to over sensationalize a story is it because let's face it they are the seekers of truth and justice.

Rfc have plenty of time to submit these, clutching at straws comes to mind



01 Aug 2013 09:17:29
Ed, recently fans have linked Reading to strikers Billy Sharp, Nicky Maynard, Etien Velikonja, Cameron Jerome, Mike Havenaar and Jonathan Cristaldo. Aside from Sharp who we know there is interest in, are any of these remotely true?



02 Aug 2013 00:38:16
Billy Sharp will be at the Burnley vs Bolton game on saturday as he is set to complete a move on monday as replacement for Charlie Austin who completed his move to QPR.

Would love this to b true but can't see it happening myself.

02 Aug 2013 11:05:58
rumour doyle or ebanks blake
rumour sharp burnley fc

02 aug Burnley are rumoured to have Wolves strikers Kevin Doyle and Sylvain Ebanks-Blake on their radar as potential replacements for Charlie Austin.

02 Aug 2013 11:05:58
rumour doyle or ebanks blake
rumour sharp burnley fc

02 aug Burnley are rumoured to have Wolves strikers Kevin Doyle and Sylvain Ebanks-Blake on their radar as potential replacements for Charlie Austin.

Please be true. Burnley fans need some good news for a change

02 Aug 2013 14:55:55
doyle is quality, we can't afford him
ebanks-blake - don't want him

Doyle will be too expensive for us. Ebanks-Blake would be a great free signing as he is proven at this level, just depends if he is fit enough. Sharp I feel would be quality, probably cost a third of the Austin fee which should keep the board happy.



02 Aug 2013 00:00:41
There are two strikers that bristol city are looking at to replace Steven Davies one has been well publicised the other not!
First is billy sharp who is sod first choice
Second choice is nahki wells this depends on whether sharp deal has been sorted by Saturday if not then city will hold talks with the player after the game on Saturday!

Can't see us signing Wells after all he turned down Burnley I think to stay at Bradford so I can't see him joining us, but would be a very good signing. As for sharp again I can't see it but would be good if sod can pull it off.

If SOD gets Sharpe I will pull him off!

02 Aug 2013 07:38:14
And where are Bristol going to get £2m+ for Wells

The sale of adomah to Middlesbrough

Well considering we are about to sell adomah and have already sold Davies I'm fairly sure we have enough funds to pay for one of them also considering our owner is worth around 1billion and is 974 richest in Forbes list I don't think we are short of a bob or two!


Adomahs only going for 1m

2M + for Wells, give over! He's had one good season at league 2 level!

Why do people always keep implying city are skint when over and over they are told our owner is certainly not short of a few quid! we owe the bank nothing and considering we have just submitted plans to give ASHTON GATE a major update which he is bankrolling i'm thinking he ain't going nowhere! maybe its those few fans from our poor relations from the rugby ground being there usual bitter jealous selves! don't worry lads another season of stuggle for u lot to look foward to in the bottom tier lol! ONE TEAM IN BRISTOL BCFC!

Plus the Davies sell! That 1.5mill already

Nahki wells is not even a remote possibility so the original poster hasn't got a scooby do. The likes of Leeds Utd who drew in 33k fans yesterday and play in the Championship have ear marked this guy and you would expect £1.5m+ transfer. City haven't got two coins to rub together this year and Div 1 is not attractive to lure young stars.

He's 24 and had only played in league 2 if you think your getting over a mil for him your having a laugh and how many times bcfc have plenty of money

Young talent at 24 I'd say he's just over young bracket and talent hmmmm league two let's see what he's like in league on first lol



01 Aug 2013 23:58:56
Bristol City will be offered both Cameron Park and Luke Willliams on loan by Middlebrough as the attempt to seal the signing of Albert Adomah.

Bull Williams is injured

Your welcome to them good luck bristol



01 Aug 2013 23:41:51
Blackburn Rovers looking too add more to there squad before the window ends and after signing Tom Cairney from Hull and Tommy Spurr from Doncaster they are now looking at Tommy Rowe from Peterbrough, David Davis from Wolves, James McClean on loan from Sunderland and Max Clayton from Crewe.

Rowe will not be going to Blackburn.

They want let Rowe go for anything less than 2. 5 m

Corry Evans from Hull aswell

Corry Evans from Hull aswell

Out of those 4, you'd have a definite chance with Davis, but not the other 3

02 Aug 2013 11:53:50
Corry Evans from Hull - 750k

You think they wouldn't accept £2m for a player with one year left on his contract? Roffle

02 Aug 2013 14:37:15
You've got no chance of Davis

I think you'lll find they have no chance whatsoever with Davis.

"definite" as in zero.

They wouldn't have any chance with Davis ^

Doncaster rovers set to sign a left back in time for tomorrows game against blackpool.

I think Posh would take £1.5m for Rowe and I'm a Posh fan!

Both Cairney and Evans done deals, cairney on loan Evans signed a 3 year deal at Blackburn. Good luck to em.

03 Aug 2013 17:44:38
And Kyle Vassell shooter scores again for senior away Why have management got the hots for a young gun.

Cairney and evans deal done as part of the deal to take rhodes to hull can't wait so excited bowt this one definitely think they will stay up now



01 Aug 2013 23:34:37
Rubin Kazan want Gabriel Tamas and Albion are prepared to let him go for the right fee as he will be surplus to requirements on they sign Lugano. However the defender has settled with his family in the midlands and may decide to stay and opt for a local move if one comes around.



01 Aug 2013 23:29:59
Lugano is set to undergo a medical on Friday ahead of 1 million move. Whilst Scott Sinclair is due for talks next week once he has spoken to Everton along with Matej Vydra.



01 Aug 2013 22:19:03
Danny Mayor (Sheff Weds), Brian Jenson ( Ex Burnley) and an as yet unknown loanee will join Bury before the start of the season

Mayor is injured so doubt that


Another goalie? What is Blackwell playing at? We're going to have have 4 keepers and 5 defenders at the start of the season. Typical Blackwell logic.

Well bury have a new mayor so he can't be injured lol uto xxd

Taxi for blackwell

Carson going to sign for a unnamed club tomorrow, reason why jenson will sign for us

Carson signed for Bradford. Jensen is due to join imminently, although a cpl of weeks from match fitness by his own admission!

Wrong!!! Mayor was on the bench for saturday's game. As for Jensen the sooner he is playing as our number 1 goalkeeper the better.

The only person who is still at our club from last season who shouldn't be there is Kevin Blackwell.

Like a bad smell he isn't going anywhere anytime soon and will stop our club from progressing.

He has stopped our club from progressing from the first day he walked through the door.
Nothing he does surprises me anymore. I think he is on a mission to build the worst Bury side we've ever had.

He's built a good League 2 team so I don't know what your talking about.



01 Aug 2013 20:43:24
Bristol city have agreed a compensastion fee with cheltenham for the transfer of marlon pack and are discussing personnel
Terms tonight.



01 Aug 2013 20:33:47
Liverpool have reportedly made a £21m offer for Atletico Madrid's Brazilian striker Diego Costa.



01 Aug 2013 20:30:58
Sunderland's James McClean in talks with Cardiff this afternoon.

02 Aug 2013 11:46:37
any new news on capoue?

I heard all he needs to do is sign the dotted line

Atletico have said they're not going to match Cardiff's £9. 6M bid for Capoue and so Cardiff have begun contract talks with him

Personal terma were agreed at the start of the week with capoue's agent, he just needs to sign if he wants to come to us



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