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02 Apr 2013 23:37:34
Chris o grady will sign for barnsley once season ends. 3 year contract already for him to sign.

Good, he is a quality player

Not sure about the credibility of this statement at all, barnsley have had all on to give anyone a two year deal never mind a three,

Why not, how long a contract was STEEL on?

Luke steel hase been at the club along time
He came at a time when long contracts were in my opinion were sometimes wrongly given out, because if they weren't good enough for whatever reason, the club were stuck with them,
Have you not noticed the majority of players coming in to barnsley these days are only offered 1 or 2 years and some only get contracts to the end of season,

No contract talks sorted for anyone until the end of season, (horses mouth)

Most clubs infootball are like this giving short contracts

04 Apr 2013 20:57:39
Good sighning for league 1

He's better than league 1, that's why he's not going back to Wednesday,

Lets hope all the yorks clubs are in the championship, look at all the local derbys next season better than going way down south on a wet cold TUESDAY winters night

Read the chronicle this week, it tells you in there, no contracts done for our players, never mind loan players, don't no where some of you make it up from, Y, a, f, o, s, some of you



02 Apr 2013 22:01:17
I have a contact within brentford football club suggesting that, should promotion to the championshiop be achieved, attemts to sign former watford ace marlon king will be exploited. They feel he will provide the experience and flair required to trigger an attempt for back-to-back promotions.

His London roots might see him consider but I think he could go to a bigger club than Brentford - no offence intended - but would be a great signing for he Bees

Think his wage demands would make that impossible.

We know Watford are going to get all the guys that don't quite make it at the other two clubs, its great, but I don't care who they are I just hope there decent.

Whos to say bees won't find a way to make the move happen or don't have sufficient cash reserves?

Yes, the attempts will be exploited.



02 Apr 2013 21:16:04
Sheffield United are to sell keeper George Long with both Swansea & Wigan interested.

Dont want him {Ed003's Note - what an enjoyable and sensible reply}

I know his mum (Kerry) and I can assure you he is not going anywhere in the summer.

If Swansea lose Michel Vorm then Long will be looked at. I believe that Laudrup is happy to go with Tremmell as no 1 with a bright up and coming keeper looking to push and learn from the experienced german.

Good reply

We NEED to sign NICKLAS BÄRKROTH! Remember the name! He's the Swedish messi, better than ibra!



02 Apr 2013 17:32:39
Derby want Harry Arter
Brighton manager Gus Poyet wants Nathan Chalobah on loan next season
West Brom manager Steve Clarke wants to replace Peter Odemwingie with Matej Vydra
Nigel Adkins want to resign Billy Sharp and Jos Hoovield.

Chabs will stay at Watford if they go up. If not - WBA.

He is just too good for another year in the Championship.

Vydra would cost 15 million at the very least. Not happening.

02 Apr 2013 20:50:26
not sure what valuation will be on vydra at the end of the season, if he doesn't make his move to watford permanent. I think he'll have better options than west brom. (no offence intended to west brom)

Chalobah will play in the premiership next season, possibly on loan, if watford were to retain him for next season it would be massive.

he's going to be a great midfielder for england in the coming years

Vydra supports west brom as his grandfather used to play for them so he wants to move there as soon as possible.

Vydra is worth around 6-7 million not 15!

15 million?!, no chance.

03 Apr 2013 11:43:48
Agreed - he is not worth 15m yet - but Udinese don't need to sell - so if WBA or anyone else offer 7m they will say no thanks - simples

Vydra said that he will not sign a new contract so he will sign for west brom on a free transfer



02 Apr 2013 17:05:04
Roy Keane frontrunner to take the vacant manager post at Elland Road.

Leeds fans hate Keane with a vengance, no chance.

02 Apr 2013 22:09:37
they didn't love bates but he is chairman and owns the ground

Keane and Bates? A marriage made in Heaven.



02 Apr 2013 16:31:36
Gus poyet to Leeds

I wish. but I'm sorry to say no chance.



02 Apr 2013 15:07:32
The board at Stevenage have given newly appointed manager Graham Westley a short time scale to prove his worth to the clubs future. They feel with low gate attendances the club can only move forward with continued instant success on the pitch from now on.

Well, if Westley serves up the dross he did at PNE he'll be collecting glasses before the season ends.

02 Apr 2013 18:01:03
least the clown as taken dino the bully with him

Think this is Sour Grapes from PNE fans. Why would the board sign him and then tell him he's got to win the league in 7 games.

He will have all next season to build a team that will take Stevenage into the Championship. and 6 points from PNE.

To be fair, I am Stevenage fan, Westley will have to do "his talking". on the pitch. As for taking 6 points off Pne, certainly hope so because they took 6 off us this season!

03 Apr 2013 12:57:56
Call it Banter or sour grapes. What ever you like. FACT no club will reach the Championship on 3000 gates. PNE took 2500 to an away game on Monday.

Once a small club allways a small club.

Get your necks ready for long ball football boys.

03 Apr 2013 17:14:18
No sour grapes from Preston fans, you are welcome to him; hope he takes back most of the dross he brought to our club. As for 6 points off us - dream on it ain't going to happen.

How can it be a fact that you can't get to the Championship with with 3000 fans? we nearly did last season. I agree staying in the championship on that atendance would be near enough possible but getting there wouldn't be hard. You just need a hard working bunch of players who want to play for the club, which is what we had last season.

Shut up PNE fans! Stevenage have only been in the football league for 3 sessions we will develop as a football league club and be in the championship within the next 4 years I say

Not with Westley and his mate in charge. They are good at what they do in lower league football only. Not tatically aware enough to go further. Sorry to say but that's the truth quoted by many people already successful in the game. Be carefull your not taken in by their talk as many at PNE were at first. Ok in lower league only up to Div1.

Oh that's right gate attendances will get you up divisions because it has served you lot a massive bunch of success does that mean we blame PNE fans for being where they are in the league right now? 9500 fans a game and 5 points, minimum 5 points behind the "small clubs".



02 Apr 2013 14:55:22
wba closing inh on forest utility maqn lewis mcgugan

Have they got 10 mill {Ed034's Note - he's available on a free at the end of the season

Decent player, but not sure he's good enough for premier league, yet

03 Apr 2013 11:13:17
hes not a utility player whatsoever so that tells me this is complete rubbish. incredible ability though



02 Apr 2013 14:54:28
Watford to sign Alexander Merkel, Matthias Ranegie and Diego Fabbrini from Udinese even if they don't get promoted.

02 Apr 2013 20:52:19
don't be silly, this is pure speculation. there is no way we are looking towards any signings until we know where we are playing next season.

03 Apr 2013 08:18:55
Fabbrini plays for Palermo. Not Udinese.

Sorry Ed. Not all Watford supporters are like this. ??

Fabbrini IS an Udinese's player, on loan to Palermo. But he and Merkel seem unlikely to go to WFC. Ranegie might be possible: not at his best in Udinese's module, but might be quite useful in English football, in whatever league WFC will be.

Get your facts straight, Fabbrini on loan at Palermo and these guys will be coming in to replace loan signings who haven't worked out to either get us up to Prem or to start the work of staying there.

03 Apr 2013 12:46:56
Ok he is on loan but please stop these pathetic made up rumours.

Its making Watford fans look silly.

These rumours might not be true but are not pathetic or made-up (what's this site for anyway?)

Fabbrini, Badu and Ranegie to Watford have all been in the Italian sports press recently.

All good players not getting a look-in at Udinese at the moment.



02 Apr 2013 14:50:52
Doncaster are looking into bringing John Lundstram back on loan from Everton next season. The highly-rated youngster has impressed at Rovers during the time he's been there



02 Apr 2013 14:14:19
Tranmere manager Ronnie Moore is setting up a deal to sign 6'2" Lille striker Tulio De Melo. Moore has made
numerous trips to France with view to him signing for next season.

There could be some substance in this rumour, but I'm surprised the details have been leaked as there are a number of English clubs after him. Let's just hope Ronnie has got the deal to a more advanced stage.

Just hope deal is done!



02 Apr 2013 13:49:21
Preston North End are intrested in 18 year old centre half Michael Moores from Southport been playing well this season and Grayson has been seen at some of the games.

Southport defence seems to be conceding plenty of goals of late

05 Apr 2013 13:40:20
Ive grown up with him and he's a good prospect for the future solid centre half whos strong in the tackle

No you haven't grown up with him



02 Apr 2013 13:39:57
Charlton Athletic want to sign Swindon playmaker Simon Ferry, they are also interested in Miles Storey, both will be out of contract at the end of the year, Swindon will get a fee for Storey.

Miles story has agreed to join bournemouth deal was done in jan

03 Apr 2013 12:05:45
All of a sudden Bournemouth are the Manchester United of L1 so where do you get your information from Storey is still a youth team player and EH has to off load players not take more in.

Yeah because if I was Miles Storey and my choice was Charlton or Bournemouth I would choose Bournemouth every day of the week, don't be so stupid you Plum.

Have to agree with man above Bournemouth definitely where in top half of prem 4 years ago



02 Apr 2013 13:37:32
Carlisle have made a list of mangers to replace Greg Abbott at the end of the season, these are former midfeild chris lumsden who has been doing his coaching badges, Paul Simpson, Keith Curle, neil mcdonald, Nicky Forster and Allan Johnston.

Although they're still pondering giving him a new contract.

You can have Kevin Macdonald from Swindon, we don't want any compensation in fact we will give you 50k to take him.

I said Neil not Kevin

Chris Lumsden would be good because he's cheap an our fans love him would suit the board and the fans

Not a very formidable list - think I will stick with Gregg



02 Apr 2013 13:18:33
Huddersfield Town manager Mark Robins is set to prepare for life in League 1 by looking at signing Theo Robinson.

I hope this is a joke!!, why would he sign him.

Yer right! League 1 not on radar

If we lose to bolton today, then its game over we are going to league 1

No please no no no barn door from 2ft springs to mind at the same time as not renewing season ticket

Huddersfield div1 writing on the wall worst goal against average.

Lack of quality in defence and up front when needed against Bolton, another dismal defeat. Who will we sign for Div 1, most of our players are on loan? Why would Robinson want to drop down to League 1 anyway? Looks like LN and AL at the moment as our main strikers if we keep LN that is.

Robins is out of his depth!!

02 Apr 2013 22:11:46
relegation will go to the wire and we will stay up. {Ed034's Note - who do you predict will go down?

02 Apr 2013 22:18:47
Another dismal defeat against Bolton. lack of quality in defence just when needed, and no quality up front, Div 1 now looming on the horizon. As the money seems to have run out as demonstrated by us getting no decent loan players in (Robins is sure we are good enough to stay up with the squad we have), who will we have next season? The only decent loan player who shows some passion is Vaughan and he won't be hanging about to play in Div 1 will he? Looks like we will be back to LN and AL. happy times!

02 Apr 2013 22:27:56
I am a town fan. verry unlucky tonight not to come away with a win! And we've still got six games left meaning 18 points to play for and if we get six or seven of those eighteen then we've done it, let's be positive and get behind the lads

02 Apr 2013 22:28:57
Town will be lucky to stay in Div 1 next season, no money, players on big contracts. and no Jordan Rhodes to bail us out.
Lee Clark has done a much better job at Birmingham with no budget than SG or MR, he's probably thinking he had a lucky escape from the mighty Town! We could be a long time in the wilderness after this shambles of a season

A very sad town fan,, Being realistic we are going down,, Wasted Rhodes money on a team of loan signings that will be gone next season.

03 Apr 2013 08:55:33
I know there's a lot of negativity around the ground at the moment but, we need to get behind the team better than ever as this is fight to avoid relagation and we all need to be together in this fight, so let's back the lads and lift the roofs of the stadium home and away!

Town are finished now, all the money we've spent on the training ground e. c. t meant if we go down we are finished. shocking chain of decisions this season, poor loans, poor managerial signing, poor pitch, poor everything. hello administration

We're going to get 6 or 7 from the last 18". and you don't think Peterbrough and Barnsley aren't guna get 6 or 7 points either? Course they are, pathetic showing, team full of bottlers

Huddersfield, Bristol City and can't make my mind up who'll be the third. Barnsley, Sheff Wed and Peterbrough all battle every week like a real team should so they can beat anyone on their day

Must agree with all above, today a sad day for us town fans, bad bad decisions from the chairman all season, no investment, thought he could muddle through this season with loans, who will all be gone next season, looks like back to the wilderness next season, and for how long who knows, let's get dh out of the club now, better off with no money than him making a mokery of the club and us fans, when we had a fantastic opportunity to get ourselves going in the championshiop this season, all wasted.

I'm town through and through mate, got nothing to do with 'getting behind them', its not a shouting contest, that 'team' will play the same way whether we get behind them or critisise them, they don't care. {Ed034's Note - you are so wrong

Lots of comments from pretend Town fans! Anyone at the match at Bolton knows the best team lost! One error and we conceded, with more luck Town would have scored three!

If you are Town fans then stop moaning and actually support the team, club and chairman - Andy B Liversedge "True town fan"

Yeah how much a town fan you are isn't measured by how deluded you are. better team lost, keep using that excuse see how far it gets ya

Ed034 - in your opinion you think I'm wrong, doesn't make me wrong. This bunch of lads will not give 1 iota whether you praise them or shout at them. peter clarke and keith southern aside {Ed034's Note - I know several professional footballers who say that it does affect them when they hear the crowd get on their back, or see things being sent to them on my opinion is correct and you are wrong

03 Apr 2013 17:16:06
I agree with one above me, and the one above that is wrong all the players will say when the fans back the players and chant it makes them give a extra 10%

I WAS there and yes one error, one error from the same player who has had an error strewn season, ie not up to it, that's why we are struggling at the bottom.

Yeah Ed034, i've worked at the club itself so I think iv got a more valid view on this than your good self {Ed034's Note - really??? I'm not going back and forth like a child. You could say you've been a pro footballer and there is no way if proving you wrong.
I know for fact that the footballers I have spoken to, asking about this (the reason I asked us because its my pet hate) have all said it does dishearten them.
Now feel free to post again but unless you can come back with a valid reason why you think giving a player abuse does not get to them, then don't bother replying

Have to agree, been saying it myself for a while, Peter clark is too slow at this level, gets skinned or turned every week

How on earth can anyone criticize D. H. after what he has done. Get behind everyone at the club for gods sake. Go and put as much money in the club as he has or shut up

Criticize him? Why not? He will be main reason we will be in league 1 if we get relegated won't he? He has the purse strings doesn`t he? He`s the one making wrong decisions all season isn`t he? He`s the one who imo chose a "yes man" manager, who most fans didn't want isn`t he?

Dont know how you can be so naive, you think players give a rubbish what some nobody in the crowd is shouting at them? i'd get a £50 note out my sock and chuck it in your face {Ed034's Note - that is why your opinion counts for nothing....because you are clearly an idiot

Ed034: I agree, the guy is a tool! don't jeer, just CHEER! If not why bother pretending you are a "Supporter"?!

We are all Town fans and we all care. Getting behind the team can only have a positive impact and jeering the opposite. Yes mistakes have been made but none of us go through life without one or two. DH is a Town fan and feels the pain like the rest of us. Some of you threaten not to renew season cards. let's hope DH doesn't do the same. Eighteen points to play for. Sing your hearts out and you can do no more. let's have the post mortem at the end of the season when we know where we are and not where we might be. We all want the same thing so let's stick together instead of what we appear to have at the mo?

Mark robins has got inherited a team with a poor attitude, so don't blame him! Reading these you people who slag him off clearly don't have clue, he's been here 2 months for gods sake! Without the chairman we wouldn't even be in the championship, do yu ever think if he'd of spent all the money you reckon he should have and we still down? How much worse would that be?
You need to get your heads out of your arse and stick with it because robins is doing a good job with a bunch of ignorant players.
Dean is a good good chairman, I know him personally and I think he's doing the best thing because if he blows his wad now then we could be the next Pompey/Plymouth




02 Apr 2013 12:47:08
Notts county will sign motherwell winger
Zaine Francis Angol



02 Apr 2013 11:34:18
MK Dons are close to signing Aiden Flint from Swindon, he is out of contract at the end of the year and has agreed a deal with us.

He's rubbish.

Yeah, I believe this. He's crap AND free. Just what we need.

03 Apr 2013 12:08:12
You can have him his only assett is his height his ball distibution is awful. At 6'7'' he is ok if you are playing against big sides and not worried if he goes.



02 Apr 2013 11:15:50
Mkdons currnetly have former player Leon Knight on trial. The 30 year old striker is hoping to secure a deal before the end of the season.



02 Apr 2013 11:14:10
Mkdons looking to sign free agent, and former player 28 year old winger lewis gobern



02 Apr 2013 11:07:07
Just looked on tv and apparently Celtic want to buy Greg wylde that was at ranges



02 Apr 2013 10:43:14
Oxford will sack Chris Wilder today and Chris Allen will be put in charge until the end of the season.

Gary Rowett is the preferred target. Failing that Kevin Dillon is a front runner as is Justin Edinburgh.

I've also heard Rowett's name mentioned. However, it won't be til the end of the season.

You will never get Rowett from Burton

And Wilder is still there.

03 Apr 2013 20:14:59
Wilder won't be sacked at us till after last game of season unfortunately, if at all. I wouldn't b surprised if he's still in charge come August.
Dillon would be a poor appointment, aldershot fans never rated him and he never improved them at all.
I said my piece on Rowett on a past post.
and Edinburgh has achieved what? doing ok, with a good conference budget, he's achieved less in non league as wilder did, and has no league experience. Can't see point in sacking Wilder for Edinburgh.

We'll have a shortlist of, Dickov, Buckle, Penney and Sturrock I reckon! yippie



02 Apr 2013 10:00:57
Ipswich town to sign spanish playmaker ruben caljeon for £200,000

From what club?

Total fabrication



02 Apr 2013 09:39:55
Swindon are starting to talk to other managers, Macdonald isn't making the step up from an assistant to a manager, the club are not happy with his handling of the media. Ian Wright has been approached to reconsider, but another option is back to one of the original favourites Paul Tisdale, the club will be in financial trouble with possible administration if they do not get promotion, the board have not put the funds in needed to run the club as they have none.

03 Apr 2013 12:12:47
i hope the rumours on the manager are true as Kevin McDonald is the most dull and negative person we could have as manager he is another Paul Hart negative tactics and his constant 4-5-1 is exactly as Paul Hart did.
As for the board no one trusts this lot at all I believe they are out to take as much as they can out the club and then disappear leaving the club in financial ruin. How they got past the football league is staggering as they all have a bad history of running companies.

It's hard not to be negative with the rubbish he has to choose from.



02 Apr 2013 09:28:28
Mkdons have been keeping tabs on 21 year old striker Anthony Malbon of Kidderminster who has scored 18 goals so far this season.



02 Apr 2013 09:25:17
Mkdons are looking to sign Bury captain Steven Schumacher should bury get relegated from league 1

Owe the FA?



02 Apr 2013 08:28:52
Leon Barnett's loan deal at Cardiff City is set to be extended. Malky will be thinking about a full transfer for Barnett after impressing in the Bluebird's last 3 fixtures. However after Leon's recent performances, Norwich will be unlikely to let him go.

He is surplus to requirements, especially if we stay in the premier League. That is a slightly bigger IF than I would like but that's another story.

Barnett is a bit of an enigma. I the Championship he looks a class apart, but the step up to the prem is just a little too much for him as he has proven with both Norwich, and West Brom before them. Turner & Bassong are both miles ahead with reinforcements being looked at there is no future for Barnett at City. However i'd advise against Cardiff signing him should they go up. Honest guy just a few too many mistakes against the better players of the prem let him down.

Trust me. He can go however good he plays for you! Absolutely brilliant in Championship but complete opposite in Premier League. Nothing but a last resort when here. He shall leave in summer, possibly to Cardiff if they want him or another interested club.

He's good but not for the Prem. You can have him (in return for Whittingham)



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