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2011 22:38:25
Walsall currently have former Chelsea midfielder Michael Woods and former Stade Brestois 29 defender Theophile N'Tame on trial (both played tonight for the reserves vs Sheff Utd)

The Saddlers are also rumoured to have offered a trial to former Preston trialist Andres Oper(14)(2)


28 Sep 2011 21:51:31
Rumour breaking tonight that Paul Bodin has been approached for the Newport County vacancy along with John Hartson.(12)(4)


28 Sep 2011 20:54:18
Tevez suspended for 2 weeks...about time. {Ed025's Note - i think he should be suspended....from a rope..(24)(4)I was going to say from a rope ED! Didnt think it would get posted.One side of story guys and don't forget he asked to leave the club in transfer window ! What makes it better is all city fans when they was rubbing it in faces of man u fans the whole welcome to Manchester thing ! What that old saying what goes around comes around ?This guy is such a good player but is behaving like a child.The quicker city sell him the better. He is poisoning the teamIs it just tevez that doing that to team this has overshadowed the dzeko bust up the problem is not the players it is the team same thing happened when chelski got all there money spend spend spend left with lots of top players not happy that what brings camp down not one player u read about city and it not always tevez what about Mario ? Dezeko ? And more o and don't forget them u shipped out already Ireland and so on it what comes with money in all walks of life money males problems fact !He should come on loan to Donny. get some of that first team experience that he craves lol


28 Sep 2011 19:14:49
Limavady United of the northern Ireland second tier has offered man city to take tevez on loan 4 the remainder of the season or until January. a quote from the vice president of this team is "Pursuant to the well publicised comments of your manager yesterday evening to the effect that Carlos Tevez would not be permitted to play for your club again, may I on behalf of Limavady United FC indicate our willingness to assist you with a difficult problem, We would be perfectly willing to take Mr Tevez on loan for the remainder of the season or until transfer, thereby permitting him to play football but without the risk of being cup-tied for the Champions League." so far they have received no reply(14)(5)


28 Sep 2011 17:49:37
Blackpool close to agreeing loan deal for Beattie and Fleck(4)(21)Oh right, the xmas lights ARE going to be switched on early.Beattie is a free agentThat's definately wrong as beattie would be on a free contract as he's unattached.I think you are very wrong. Check your info before posting rubbish.Beattie signed for Sheffield United weeks ago for free.And Fleck is not for sale.He is only going anywhere on loanWell, no beattie didnt sign for anyone, why does everyone post such utter bullst??


28 Sep 2011 17:30:28
dave jones to be manager of bristol city at chrismas(9)(17)No chance, David James will take over until a manager is found, he will do well due to the respect/contacts/etc, and will be given the job until the end of the season,I bet it will be the worst Christmas he would ever have.David james... where did you get this rubbish from?


28 Sep 2011 17:18:41
breaking news just been watching skynews the biggest movers in the next comin weeks doncaster off the bottom to be replaced by that so called team bristol city ha ha ha up the foxes

, still bitter about not getting maynard are we?(7)(10)I think you are if your still commenting about itLook after your own website leicester tty not ours idiotsWell i would not be so smug fox where are u after all the talk and money youre boring manager just got u over mid table. watching u on sunday was like watching paint dryLeicester are second only to West Ham based on the last 5 results, we have 9pts (so do Cardiff) whilst West Ham have 10pts. Leicester are unbeaten in 5 games (W2D3) and have kept three consecutive clean sheets all against top six opposition... how does that stack up against your team?

'Boro (inc the draw last night) have 6pts from the last 15 whilst Southampton, Derby and Brighton have 7pts from the last 15.

Yup, i can see now why Foxes fans shouldn't be content. As i've said several times, nobody wins the league in Aug/Sept/Oct - let's see where we're all at by Christmas and then let's compare sizes shall we?

As for Nicky Maynard... he's struggling in a terrible team. If we were in a better team he'd be doing better, simple as that. I'm delighted that BC are suffering, they could have used the money they got from him to build something approaching a capable side, but they didn't, and now it'll cost them their place in the Championship whilst super loyal Nicky Maynard skips away on a free... Ha!


28 Sep 2011 16:35:57
i saw sean o'driscoll at the city ground today ( i live in west bridgeford nottingham before you thing im making it up )could he be nottingham forests new manager if the board sack mcclaren

Dave !(9)(14)If you lived in bridgford i guess you would spell it properlyAww leave him alone he is probably from Broxtowe.Give him a break, he wrote it on the interweb so it must be true... i live in a tent on the Pitch in case you think i'm making it up. You never see me because i pack my tent away just before they open the gates at the City Ground.What the please listen please forest could have fergie , pep , wenger or god take over it would not make a difference the manager is not the problem stop on his back and sack the manager flags yes I don't like him but facts don't lie england apart look at what he has done and it is good really good but his hands r tied just like billys they both wanted players and not allowed them cos pleat said no what has forest got to do with him , he was allowed players on a free and little bit
Of money but he is right and so was Billy the job is bigger than 2-4 mil look to the board that who needs to put up or ship outYou might have seen him there, we have advertised for a new manager for the mainstand burger barAs a doncaster fan u'll get no better manager for the job he lost his job through injuries 2 his squad the doncaster board sit on him i 4 1 all the best were every he finnish upgreat hight w


28 Sep 2011 16:17:56
barnsleys ever increasing injury list means they
might have to go into loan market which manager
kieth hill would rather not do if possible
young manchester city player been mentioned
and barnsley old boy and former fans favourite
adaM HAMILL(11)(7)


28 Sep 2011 12:36:15
dave jones to be the next bristol city manger(12)(10)Yeah when just storiesIs he not the singer with the Monkees ?


28 Sep 2011 11:50:34
I have a mate at the Wolves golf day.

Fact, Doyle has agreed a new 4 year contract. McFadden is signing before Friday.

£15 Million war chest for January as SM not happy with our strength in defence and midfield.

Hooper is a target if we sell a centre forward or winger!(11)(7)Lets hope so Love to see SM or Steve McClaren given loads of money after last nights performanceFact I would McFadden to sin on Friday , fact I would love to see Wolves to buy some more players like a CB & LB or DMF , fiction I can not see why any Wolves representative would divulge such information at a golf day,the players at the clubs rarely know themselves about incoming transfers.In short your mate is either lying or you are.15m?
You can barely buy Heskey with that lol!Thats your 15mil gone on 1 player if you by hooper!If 15,000,000 is good enough in January,
why wasn't it spent in the summer??Hooper not worth 15 quid-only playing in a tin pot league


28 Sep 2011 06:44:20
PAOLO Di Canio is set to follow up the loan signing of Huddersfield defender Liam Ridehalgh with the capture of Birmingham striker Jake Jervis, the Advertiser understands.

on - Wed 28 Sep 11(16)(10)Deals have both been done as loans. onthe club website official


27 Sep 2011 23:34:25
MILLWALL LOOKING AT A C/BACK(15)(3)They need to look at something, very poor team at the minuteI think we should be looking at midfield again, and have a looksee at Wordsworth of Colchester


27 Sep 2011 22:35:52
J Ward has succumbed to fan power and is activly seeking the signature of ex Colchester faverote Lua Lua(4)(10)


27 Sep 2011 21:30:12
Former Fulham striker Eddie Johnson is set to join league one side Walsall on a deal until January , as the American wants to prove he is good enough to play in England(6)(6)Good luck to u he was carp at pneI was there when he scored his 1st goals for cardiff at ninian park. its a memory that'll stay with me. like you remember what you were doing when elvis died.


27 Sep 2011 20:41:20
Paul Sturrock is not Going to Plymouth Argyle.

His Assistant Graham Coughlan has been mentioned but I expect him to stay.(8)(5)


27 Sep 2011 19:21:45
my mate who works in admin at QPR has said he has seen a list Neil Warnock's transfer targets for Jan/Summer 2012. Can't remember all of them {there is a lot} but here are some...
David Beckham
Michael Owen
Scott Sinclair
Kevin Doyle
Jimmy Kebe
Jermaine Jenas
Miquel (I am guessing loan deal)
Bastiens (Freiburg)
Tal Ben Haim(10)(29)HA HA HA You QPR fans have always been good comedians.......but not very convincing.To be honest most (not all) of these seem possible transfer TARGETS!! but a CB and a forward who can score would do me.
And remember these are the same comedians that signed Barton & Wright-Phillips when everyone said we were talking sh!tJenas has only just signed for villaDoyle just signed an extension to his Wolves contract so won't be going to QPR.Jenas has only just joined villa. doyle just signed contract at wolves. sinclair, kebe and beckham would not be guranteed first team footballQpr will sign any clapped out playersJenas is only on a loan move at Villa.QPR fans are clearly deluded buying crocked and clapped out players , I hear Darren Anderton wants to come out of retirement and play for QPR.Doyle has signed a new contract-you are almost has hated as Man City-all your fans coming out of the woodwork because of the money you have....all you fans....all 16,000 of youScott Sinclair won't sign for you he likes to play football not hoofball.Ha Ha hilarous - you can come again!Why would neil warnock have written down his transfer list for everyone to see?


27 Sep 2011 18:48:01
so you take away lambert and u are just an average championship team, u r a one man team and u cannot keep it up all season long cause u dont have the depth in ur squad just like brighton, not saying u will get relegated, it would be amazing, but u will just become a standard championship team. DID U NOT READ MY LAST COMMENT, POMPEY WERE IN ADMINISTRATION NOT TOO LONG AGO AND STILL RECOVERING WITH A SQUAD THAT NEEDS TO GEL. give us a few more games and we will be a lot better than now. haha laughing at how naive u r, u really think that u can b eat a established championship team with a team of league 1 players and Lambert, it'll be 4-1 again or better

Yh ur right pompey r clearly better than saints, I don't know which class moment was better losing to barnet in the cup or the fact that ur still recovering from admin 2years later, unlike saints who have a well rounded team with prem standard players like lallana, cork, fonte and mabe lambert too, whilst pompey have 1 good play which is lawrence who u'll probably have to sell in January so u don't get bank rupt AGAIN. Anyway u can't seriously think ur better than saints on the form that were on anyway.

losing to Barnet, we played our reserve team and as i said before we still needed to strengthen our squad and they needed to gel. like you i dont think portsmouth are the best club in the championship, u clearly think that because u have had a good start to the season you can now 'go all the way'. U have no prem players in ur team. Lawrence is not our only good player, we have expierence from Norris, Halford, Varney, Ben-Haim, BENJANI, Huseklepp, that is a team of quality. we were in financial trouble still less than a year ago and so we have every right to say that we are still recovering as we have only just been bought. maybe, maybe not but when ur form drops, which it will, every team has a period of bad form, look at QPR lost to Watford 3-0, we will be there on the 18th to record another win!!!!!!!

PUP(4)(20)Green eyed monster i think gutted at how well Saints are doing chin up POMPEY POMPEY CHIN UPIt really hurts doesnt it seeing saints so so good get over it coyrs with or without Lambo we will achieve coyrsThis was written by a skate that can nearly spell and has the ability ro put half a sentence togetherJust going to say, I'm a Leeds fan, and we got fifteen points deducted in League 1, had only 16 senior players left following administration at the start of that season, and Dennis Wise as manager, and we still finished fifth in the league with more than seventy points. Southampton had only minus ten points, and kept most of their squad at the time, and nearly got relegated.
In all honesty, Southampton did NOT cope well with their deduction, and will frankly fail to cope in the Championship once Lallana moves on.
wallyAnyone catch the peterborough pompey game? Anyone know the score? Ohh yeah they have liam lawrence the one whos missed a last minute penalty and been sent off. Suppose got varney, ohhh he got sent off too, at least got husklepp ohhh wait he is good he scored last minute winner tonight. Ohh wait in the wrong end. Suppose all pompey have is a great stadium, ohhh again im mistaken. Well they do have good training facilities. Tut tut i give up. They train on rented southampton uni groundsPointless really pointless let's get carried away u doing really well and look a good side saints, and pompy with a full side out but your 6 points for anyone in prem so stop this pointless calling each other after your admin should start to worry with this rise out of it control is what is neededc6 points? I dunno bout that. Teams like norwich, west brom, bolton, wolves, fulham and swansea all wouldnt b 6 pointsJealous small minded little whippersnapper.
Guess you're not allowed an opinion at home.I sorry to say it but u really to high on few wins trust me on this west brom , fulham, bolton and wolves six points what u got to think is your in a position as was derby bot a strong experianced side a good championship side swans , Norwich I discount cos they would be dropping down as u come up and secondly if they only games u don't think be six points that means u would get 36 points , then u be gone ,What is the point in talking about how many points Saints would get in the prem? They aren't in the prem and if they did go up i'm sure they would make some signings! I also don't remember us nearly getting relegated from League 1 i think we narrowly missed the play offs.Saints in fact would of finished 2nd in League 1 had they not started on minus10....oh and also didnt they go to wembley and win the JPT?....oh yeh by 4-1 vs CarlisleStrongest southampton and portsmouth line ups

southampton: davis, richardson, fonte, jaidi, harding, hammond, cork, guly, lallana, lambert, barnard.

pompey: ashdown, halford, ben-haim, ward, pearce, lawrence, mullins, norris, varney, husklepp, benjani.

I'll have to go with home advantage.

Southampton 2-1 Portsmouth
Lambert Benjani
LallanaI am a Pompey fan but Saints at present are better than us like it or not. We have had more success trophy wise over the years of course but it is the present that really matters. Also the so called "Pompey" fan that started this please learn to spell basic English and learn how to use capitals FFS otherwise I would suspect you are a soton fan on a wind up (or from Somerstown). On another note Steve Cotterill out!Southampton, along with Brighton, are already starting to slide. It may not look like it as they're still right up there, but look at their recent form... both teams have returned 7pts from the last 15 available, Brighton have only won once in 4 games and Southampton have won once in their last three. Oddly enough, Southampton have lost their games to good sides (Cardiff and Leicester) it seems they can beat the cannon fodder but put a good side in front of them and they lose - they've had an easy start, but there are an awful lot of good sides lining up to shoot them down. Won't be long before they take their rightful place in mid table, and then all these gobby fans will slip quietly into the night and won't be heard from again... can't wait!


27 Sep 2011 18:06:30
After turning down Hartlepool Lua Lua will sign a two year deal at his first club Colchester by the end of the week.(9)(6)Why would he turn down Hartlepool for Colchester, Hartlepool u-beaten in and 3rd in the League and LuaLua has already said he will not go for the Money


27 Sep 2011 17:55:50
former juventus striker vincent pericard is on trial at afc bournemouth(13)(12)He is actually, played in a reserves match against Cheltenham on Tuesday


27 Sep 2011 16:53:50
list of charltons asets in order of their transfer value

bradley wright phillips £2m
diego poyet £1.8m (hes the next big thing in a years time he will be huge)
jonnie jackson£1.75m
chris solly £1.25m
danny hollands £1m
scott wagstaff £1m
dale stephens £900k
danny green £900k
rhoys wiggins £800k
paul hayes £750k
ben hamer £700k
michael morrison £600k
matt taylor £550k
yann kermargant £450k
jason eull £300k
bradley pritchard £250k
paul benson £200k
andy hughes £200k
yado mambo £175k
Joe pigott £150k
tosan popo £100k(6)(28)2.5m for the lot and thats including the tea ladyDREAMLAND! also charlton wont be top at the end of the season... just a rumour.What about John Sullivan, Harry Osborne, Joe Anyinsah, Tamer Tuna and Michael Smith? These being youngish, fairly talented players, they should be near the head of this list. Osborne and Tuna were being scouted too, by Premier League, I heard. Also, Paul Hayes is too old to be worth 750k.
wallyAndy Hughes....his last 2 moves have been is he worth 200k...prattJoe Anyinsah plays for Bristol Rovers so I don't think Charlton could comand a fee for him and Tamar Tuna has just signed for Welling - both released at the end of last season.Michael Morrison cost 250K from Owls at the start of the season. Has he become more than twice the player he was for us. I don't think so[ he still gives pens away]Yann Kermagant 450k your in dream land he's st why do you think Leicester got rid??? for free don't forget thats all he's worth ......So you're saying your team is worth around 15 mil? give over!I agree with your Bradley Wright Phillips valuation.
Diego Poyet, is looking like a player but far from the finished article. The rest is just dream land, your embarrassing.


27 Sep 2011 16:53:23
Lomana Lua Lua is in talks with Blackpool about signing a one year deal with an option of a further year.(15)(6)


27 Sep 2011 15:23:27
Adlene Guedioura, who is currently plying his trade at Wolves, is wanted by Queens Park Rangers for a possible move in January.(2)(20)


27 Sep 2011 15:21:42
Reading are set to make a loan bid for Crystal Palace midfielder Owen Garvan. Garvan could move to the Madejski for an undisclosed fee in January.(6)(11)


27 Sep 2011 15:20:04
Fulham are in talks with experienced Portuguese midfielder Sergio Pinto after Martin Jol claimed he was keen on signing the Hannover midfielder whilst he was at Ajax. Pinto is set to run out his contract to January, where Fulham are expected to pounce.(4)(7)


27 Sep 2011 12:24:04
Paul Sturrock will not leave Southend for Plymouth. He has a house in Devon but it is up for sale.(6)(9)


27 Sep 2011 12:12:19
James Beattie has himself indicated he would relish a return to Southampton and that he has been in contact with the club.

He would be a decent addition to Saints squad - even if its only as back-up to Rickie Lambert.(17)(16)He's well past his best, so yes, he'd be a great addition.If he's as good as he seems to think he is
why can't he get a club,no one seems to
be interested in him,don't think he's good enough for Saints now,i'm sure he'd like a chance to play for us,remember though
when he was here loyalty wasn't his strong point,he couldn't wait to get out.
No thanks James,you're yesterday's man,
Saints are looking to the future with great hope and you're not part of it.
Heard the Cherries are looking for someone.YAWN !!, yet another Southampton rumour - i thought the kids were back at school


27 Sep 2011 10:55:26
the bok bok bok club is a joke , steve kean is trying to sign ronaldo . yep your heard it first , blackburn are flying(6)(13)Kean wouldKean has trouble signing his own name !!Must the fat Ronaldo, tempted out of retirement with the offer of all the fried chicken he can eatHaha that about fat ronaldo cheered me up lol all day at that , it funny j dint know Blackburn where holding games with sunday pub sides if I did then would of asked them to play mine , and mr kean must of heard when ronny said he missed the uk this much is true ! Kean must of slipped banged hie head then thought he should make a move for him I mean he would rip championship apart next yearBeattie is the most over rated forward and i cant see him going back there. He still has a house there but he is the one who instigated getting Sturrock the sack when he was the manager at Saints.
He's past it and if he couldnt do it in the scottish premier which is a second rate league moving to the championship will not be the right move. He needs to go to a L1 team now as his career has moved in that direction. No doubt some passionate saints fans will still think he can do it but all players have to accept that at some stage they arent good enough and Beattie is one of those.


27 Sep 2011 10:48:21
Neville Powell the Bangor City Manager is set to become red-hot favourite for the current Wrexham Job following reports within the club that Ian Roberts is a big fan of Neville and what he's done just down the road at Bangor City and winning the league last year. anyone else have anymore info on this?(9)(6)


27 Sep 2011 07:31:27
Wolves manager Mick McCarthy is set to turn to his old mate Alex Ferguson in the January transfer window as he battles to save his job. It is believed that owner Steve Morgan is getting more than a little impatient with the lack of progress at Molineux and has demanded a top half finish this season or big changes will be made. This could see Jez Moxey replaced as CEO and a new high profile manager installed. I read on here last week that Morgan was planning to 'shock the football world' with a big name appointment and i too have heard this rumour a couple of times around Wolverhampton , but of course thats all it is, a rumour.
Anyway, back to McCarthy and Sir Alex, MM has agreed in principal to bring no fewer than 3 Utd players in January if Wolves are still struggling. These will be loan deals that will run to the end of the season and are not thought to be in any way leading to permanent deals. The players are rumoured to be Darren Gibson, Jonny Evans and Federico Macheda. Again it is thought that MM would have preferred Michael Owen as his attacking option but Sir Alex likes to keep Owen for the Europeon Cup to bring off the bench.
These are all just rumours i know, but to hear them more than once in and around the town and close to Molineux makes you think. Time will tell.(18)(17)What the hell have you been smoking?Total rubbish that he is going to get these players from United as they are all part of the 1st team squad and Evans has been playing. you must have been on the magic mushrooms when you wrote this.Gibson all yours take him have him for free forever , evans not a chance on earth the player said his self this is his season to shine or he could be gone so not going to go kn loan when he playing , and macheda a strange one he wants to play and needs to play should be getting a game at man u but is not so u never know , unless reacent knocks to roo , little pea and welbeck give him that chanceGibson was already on loan at Wolves and done fk all & that was while Wolves were in the championship.Can't see Evans coming and not Macheda either.3 loans from one prem club to another? Im sure the rules state its only one loan from one prem club, 2 at a push? You dogheads are a joke!I suspect a sad & deluded Baggie wrote this tripe.Because no Utd or Wolves fan would put such nonsense like this.Bull, for the following reasons. Morgan's patience may well be running out, but he has got to put up decent wages to entice better players for McCarthy to manage-and I can't find a reason why he would do that at the moment. A maquee manager would require a huge transfer budget-and that won't be forthcoming either.


26 Sep 2011 21:49:14
Doncaster YES DONCASTER are set to sign El Hadji Diouf on a deal till end of season(19)(31)Wigan want Diouf too and the guys a waste of spaceThe sewer rat will disgrace your club and bring nothing but shameSays it all about him really, Sven doesn't want him in Leicester, Big Sam doesn't want him at West Ham, Southampton & Brighton don't want him and nor does anyone else... Doncaster or Wigan, welcome to the wonderful world of blowing your career apart by being an arrogant, ignorant, prick.Agree Saunders we need a keeper & center bk


26 Sep 2011 20:46:26
Brian Howard has signed 3 month emergency loan to Millwall.

Source official millwall website(14)(8)


26 Sep 2011 20:42:50
any news and potential moves with liverpool fc?(3)(1)Linked with everyone prob not get none of them same as everyother side , to be honest and bofore u jump
On my back wait and listen I think u need a manager long term manager u got Lenny in building a side yes but for how long ? No one knows and we all no that when a new manager comes in wants things his way if I was a Liverpool fan this is what I would want more than players


26 Sep 2011 17:51:17
Midfielder Lee hendrie(free agent) to have 3 days training with Crystal Palace this week!(1)(3)Whoopie doo! He must be 40.


26 Sep 2011 17:43:19
Paul lambert to Arsenal at the end of the season?(15)(35)Don't be silly, as if Arsenal would go for Lambert, sure he a good manager but don't you think Arsenal would go for a more high profile Manager to replace Wenger.

Anyway im sure i read over the weekend that Arsenal are NOT going to sack Wenger any time soon.I don't think they would go for him lol but to be honest what managers out there that u would say are top managers that are free ? I really starting to think it only a matter of time tho till there be a new face at the gunners all fans r going Slate me saying not a chance , but I just reading between lines and one or to things that have been said hint at something happeningLambert? What, as a player? He would fit in with all the other crocks and slow players.He will manage a top club one day, i can see this happening.


26 Sep 2011 16:31:39
jason koumas will not come back to tranmere! were do you get your facts from??(14)(7)Its not a FACT site Rafa. Its a rumour site. Spot the difference.I can guarantee that koumas will play for tranmere before end of his career. 100% factThats because he loves the pub to much and no team would pay wages for that. not even a sunday team would have that waste of space playing for them. the guy is a T@AT


26 Sep 2011 16:26:47
pompey to sign Bjorn Helge Riise on emergancy loan(18)(15)This really is a team in deep trouble both on and off the field.A very good player who will do well for Pompey. he played for sheffield united last season and after a very dodgy first 25 minutes in his first game away at Palace he was excellent thereafter. great signing.


26 Sep 2011 16:24:44
Any update on the posting 13 Sept 2011 re Poyet going for another Spanish Star when the transfer window reopens ?(3)(5)


26 Sep 2011 16:02:21
Blackpool have signed former Aberdeen goalkeeper Mark Howard

Source the daily mirror(17)(5)Former Aberdeen reserve keeper Mark Howard.Wow they are signing Aberdeen reserves now,and not just Rangers reserves.Maximus will be really proud.A signing is a signing and it will be back up for gilksAre they turning the lights on early?Only a five month contract back up until ketting gets back from Birmingham


26 Sep 2011 16:00:55
Bristol city goalkeeper dean gerken set to leave in january for a premiership club.(4)(17)Goodluck gerken if you leave because your treated like dirt at city your 10times better then jamesGerken,"James is the no.1 goalkeeper at Bristol city i feel i could have a much better career at Wigan or Norwich."Don't blame him, I always felt signing James was a mistake. We should have held on to Henderson...


26 Sep 2011 12:56:34
Newcastle defender Tamas Kadar is set to join league one side Yeovil on a one month loan, midfielder Bradden Inman
is also set to leave st James and join league one side Walsall also on a one month loan deal(8)(1)


26 Sep 2011 11:34:44
Crawley Town want to sign Godfrey Poku from Luton Town.

Poku is currently on loan at Southport until January.(7)(2)


26 Sep 2011 10:19:51
Scottish striker James McFadden, could be on his way to Wolves despite offers from Old Firm rivals Celtic and Rangers after Mick McCarthy offered him a salary of £60,000 a week, three times what he could get in Scotland. McFadden has not played since chronically knacking his knee last September. "He has looked good in training I want to sign him," blasted McCarthy.
Gibo(20)(12)There was never a bid from celtic not sure about rangers tho .
daviebhoy08I doubt the dingles could pay 60,000 per week to any playerRe Dingles - I don't think Burnley are in for him - if you are going to refer to a team in a derogatory manner, try and be original - as for Wolves, no way we would pay 60K per week for a player.Theres no way you will afford to pay 6 a week the way you lot are performing.I can't but Wolves can,


26 Sep 2011 10:18:24
Lewin Nyatanger of Bristol City is very keen on a move back to Derby County in January to be closer to his family and his girlfriend who is studying at universaty there Clough is said to have been very impressed with his form this year and thinks he will get him on the cheap in January as he is in the last year of his contract at Ashton Gate(4)(17)


26 Sep 2011 08:33:12
Wilfreed Zaha refuses to rule out a move to middlesbrough if crystal palace choose to cash in on him in january will cost 4-£5 million

Mowbray told by Gibson that the money is there for the right player and is prepared to back him all the way(10)(14)Zaha has 3 years left off his contract and is going nowhere. CPFC2010 don't need to sell anyone FACT


26 Sep 2011 05:53:12
Norwich boss Paul Lambert will leave Norwich and manage Sunderland(9)(17)A loser replacing another loser....makes sense.Why is Lambert a loser?
Sure he hasn't done much so far in the Prem - but give him a chance, hes only been a Prem manager for 6 games (after tonights game) blimey some people are so quick to knock someone before giving a chance.If you go fishing on this site you always catch one.Oh oh looks like Agent Bruce has been rumbled


26 sep 2011 00:06:59
new man at millwall soon(21)(6)We need something at Millwall sooner rather then later, so i hope this rumour is trueI hope you go down your supporters are a disgrace after a game we had a game against you not long ago.
League 1 Team and thats your level.Ronald McDonald, to go with the rest of the clowns.Every team has bad fans, dont just go on at us all the time,we are not all badSwindon fan here, your fans at Wembley were disgusting, you were lifting the trophy yet still your fans came out to have a go rather than celebrate.... worst fans I have ever met in 40 years of going to footballThen dont go to football you sad personAs for the swindon fan i think its more sour grapes you got into the play off final where are you now ?


25 Sep 2011 19:52:45
Spend some time in Northern England on business. Sunderland is in hot pursuit of Blyth Spartans towering GK Tom Kindley. They'd tracked him at Whitley Bay and are now apparently keen to pounce.(6)(12)This was believable a year ago. It was a fact that he trained with the Black Cats. It is less believable now. I don't even think that "Spindly Kindley" has played for Blyth yet! Injured or maybe just not good enough?


25 Sep 2011 17:22:05
west ham, charlton interested in stevenages craig reid(8)(5)


25 Sep 2011 17:16:11
Leon Clarke will sign a permanent deal with Chesterfield in January, and Di Canio will move for Somalian striker Aden Abshir Cisse who has an impressive 39 goals in 59 games for his country and yet is only 25 years old.(6)(10)This is true as Swindon are going to loan Cibocchi out as he is not League 2 level (Woking are interested in taking him on loan for the rest of the season). When Cibocchi goes out, Di Canio will bring Arsenal defender Tom Cruise in (the club are doing a pre-contract agreement with him this week).Clarke will not sign for Chesterfield unless they have the money, Swindon will want to recoup the signing on fee and they are still paying a massive chunk of his wages, can chesterfield afford this, rumour is he is off to Millwall in Jan for 300kClarke signed a two year contract so unless an olive branch is handed to him he os going to move on but Swindon will want a decent fee as strikers are a premium and if clarke keeps scoring the price will be going up to whoever comes in for him.
He would have been ideal if he stayed with us but after his spat with Paulo the club have stated he will never play for the club again after 10 days of being with us.

Cant see Chesterfield buying him though as they dont have money.


25 Sep 2011 17:14:06
Steve Brooker is signing for Plymouth Argyle once the takeover happens.(10)(6)


25 Sep 2011 17:13:31
Scouts from Swindon Town, Crawley Town and Nottingham Forest were at Guernsey's game v Sheerwater yesterday to check on the form of Ross Allen.(10)(5)


25 Sep 2011 17:12:28
Plymouth Argyle are hoping to sign Newport County midfielder David Pipe in January(5)(9)


25 Sep 2011 15:09:56
Portsmouth want to re-sign Matt Ritchie from Swindon, and are prepared to send Australian midfielder Ryan Williams to the County Ground as part of the deal.(8)(11)Matt Ritchie isn't for sale.... the board have learnt from the mistake of selling Austin in Jan last year which led to relegation, promotion is the clear aim, the board are willing to add to the team and will only sell if PDC no longer wants the playerDepends on what Pompey want to bid for him. He's by far the best player in the league, and every player has his price.


25 Sep 2011 13:49:23
I have heard quite a strong rumour from a very reliable source that leeds have been in touch with the agent of sol campbell about coming in on a 1yr deal, as he is a free agent this could happen.

I dont hold much hope of terms being agreed, however it would be a great signing for us.(2)(23)Too old too slow !!, not what we needYes i hope you have him inflicted on you. Leeds and him deserve each other. He would bankrupt you in a week.Would go well with kisnorbo, think that would be a good pairing at the back.Bates out grayson outI hope not.Have we not learned any lessons fron signing Andy O'Brien and before him Steve Caldwell. In short if they are not good enough for Newcastle then they are nowhere near good enough for us!What kind of bitter person wrote "Leeds and him deserve each other".


25 Sep 2011 13:46:22
Later this week, Lua Lua likely to return to Pompey and sign a one year contract with optional second if appearances merit.(7)(19)....and still be a mega flop.Cotterill wants someone who can cover a number of positions not a selfish money-grabber who plays for himself above the team.Goals have been a problem so can see this happening if Lua Lua is reasonable ref wages.


25 Sep 2011 12:35:13
Plymouth fan here :

Latest we are or at least I'am hearing is the Club will decide between Graham Coughlan and Paul Wotton for the role of joint team manager alongside the already in place Carl Fletcher.(2)(6)Won't be Wotton as he's at Yeovil


25 Sep 2011 12:08:30
Leeds planning swap offer, involving Billy Paynter returning to Swindon plus cash for Matt Ritchie. Doesnt look as if Di Canio will be interested though, despite looking for a striker.
wally(8)(15)Why Wally ? I would have Ritchie above Paynter every day of the week, he sisn't show any loyalty with us by talking to leeds when he was running down his contract, his level is league 1 or 2 not championship, whereass Ritchie could easily play in the championship...Re-read the original statement.Yeah, I did say player PLUS CASH. And Leeds have a history of undervaluing players. Its just a rumour i heard, is all.


25 Sep 2011 12:03:59
I have to say the Southend stories is in part accurate but Rubbish in the main.

Ricky Duncan Doesn't want to be a part of the first team. He is happy and content doing his bit for the youth side and always has been.

Yes Plymouth have made a brief, tentative enquiry for Graham Coughlan. Hasn't gone much further than that at the moment. Coughlan I feel will stay but of the duo he would be the most likely to depart. Amore senior post after all if he is offered it.

Paul Sturrock is expected to stay at Southend but when Plymouth are bought out then the never say never chime comes into play.

I've heard IF sturrock goes, whi ch as I say is not expected to happen, Ex-Boss Steve Thompson has been mentioned for the post temporarily to the end of the season.

as much as he would be my choice to be manager if tt became vacant Peter Taylor would never return to Roots Hall whilst Ron Martin is still involved. Peter was hurt when he thought he'd got the job at Blues in 2001 but instead Rob Newman was appointed. At the time Peter was helping out with coaching but was snubbed in favour of the useless Newman.

The same applies to Steve Tilson. Will never go back after Ron tried to turn the supporters against him. Not so sure Steve returning would be a good thing anyway. Things had gone a little stale and hes done his part with his two promotions.

Justin Edinburgh would n't be good enough at this level. Where he is at the moment is his limit or certainly for the time being it is.

And heard one or two brief calls for David Webb to fill in if required. Again like with Taylor and Tilson fell out with Ron Martin. Webb's case was he wasn't prepared in any way shape or form to be paid late or not at all. This happened once and and he was never seen again. Had his day in any case I believe.

Hope I've set a few trhings staight on the Blues Front.(1)(9)Did you dream all these,you seem well informed,i think there all in your imaginationThey are true. Southend fans seem to have a chip on their shoulder. They should seeing the Club through so much rose tinted glasses. I take exeption to my contacts being accused of liars. Just think about what I said hard. It is common sense.More like common nonsense!!


25 Sep 2011 08:41:12
Southend's recent run of good form is making both Paul Sturrock and Graham Coughlan an even more attractive proposition for Plymouth to approach. They will do so when the Club are eventually bought out and if the duo do leave Roots Hall then Ricky Duncan will be installed as caretaker.(3)(10)



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