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29 Oct 2012 22:38:19
Chesterfield United front man, looking likely to be loaned to Shrewsbury Town, with a view to permanent transfer in January

Jack lester? marc richards?

A name would be nice?

Who the hell is chesterfield united come on lets get it right if were gunna say owt ?

Who is this guy

Which front man is that ?

Don't even listen to this rubbish. Why would we loan out and then sell a striker if we have a lack of strikers?? If it is true I hope it's westcarr

Town has signed jeffery schlupp on a 2 week loan

Chesterfield in talks with ryan lowe

Julian Bennett has signed on loan.

Come on get it right whooooo



29 Oct 2012 22:09:36
Believe it or not but foreign press is reporting Sven-Göran Eriksson and Rudi Voller are on Hartlepool United's shortlist to become their next manager!

In other news, Christopher Timothy is still looking to invest in the club.



29 Oct 2012 22:08:45
Mick McCarthy 100% will be named Ipswich Town Manager Tuesday or Wednesday.McCarthy the No1 choice flew to Dublin today to thrash out a deal with ITFC Owner Marcus Evans and everything apart from a few minor details (staff etc) have been agreed.

100% true, so will the people on here who are not ipswich keep ya mouths shut cant afford him lol u lot aint got a clue about our club , good luck mick

An absolutely first class appointment. His experience in handling relegation is second to none.

Pretty good appointment if it happens at least he won't take any crap of the players

You'll wish you never had him in the end ,,believe me

Good manager & will have an exciting back room staff incl. Holland but I'm still holding out for Ian Holloway, has proven himself in this league, on a budget aswell, get it done Ipswich COYB!

Dont think anybody at ipswich has got a clue about your club .you dont have to from ipswich to post on here



29 Oct 2012 21:20:54
any leeds news ?????



29 Oct 2012 21:00:02
Kevin Doyle is the first arrival at Leeds firstly on loan as soon as the takeover is completed this week.Warnock can see him as a good partner for Becchio who can run off from his hold ups and knock downs.

Wish this was true

Awful rumour

Hah good one LOL.

If Doyle goes anywhere it will be to Ipswich if Mick gets the managers job

Very plausible, can see it happening

Wolves haven't enough fit strikers, so Doyle is going nowhere

Whatever lol not going to happen when he rejects premier league clubs

He will be a good addition for the Leeds revolution which is about to start,realising wolves are not going anywhere



29 Oct 2012 19:48:45
New investor from Saudi Arabia taking over Swindon town, 5 year plan is to be in place to win prem and champions league! Watch this space

Win the champions league.....aaaahhhhhh . Dream on

HA! This is the best ive heard yet!

I am a Swindon fan and how the feck could we win the champions league from league 1 in five years.... IF we were promoted this year, championship next, two years building a promotion squad, 1 year to stay in the prem, 2nd year to build on the squad third year to qualify, 10 attempts year on year much like the chelski billionaires, and this is all being very very very very optimistic..... Come on pal, wake up and smell the coffee....

Ha ha. I am a Swindon fan and I know even with billions, the best we can hope for in 5 years is just to get in the Premiership.

Stop spouting crap.

It has taken Man City 4 years to win the Premier League after the Abu Dhabi Royal Family bought them. And they had a very strong team before that with rich owners. And now they're attempting rather badly at the Champions League despite been the second richest club in the world. It has taken Roman Abramovich nine years to win the Champions League with Chelsea and they were already a Champions League team when he bought them. You could spend all the money in the world on a naff League 1 team like Swindon Town and they would not come close to winning the Premier League in 5 years, never mind the Champions League. Surely Saudis would rather invest in a Big Club with a big fan base, with already existing infrastructure. Has anyone in Saudi Arabia even heard of the town of Swindon never mind it's football club?

With a good premiership team we could attract crowds of 60,000 plus! Swindon is a sleeping giant and we will see who is laughing in 5 years time

I'm a Swindon fan and this is just silly!



29 Oct 2012 18:07:52
Daniel Boateng is going on a 2 month loan deal to Bradford as first choice centre backs Andrew Davies and Luke Oliver's injuries. Bradford manager Phil Parkinson would like the deal to be done before the Capital One Cup encounter with Wigan Athletic.

At the moment he is on a 3 month loan to oxford and arsenal oxford and daniel have to all agree so dont build your hopes



29 Oct 2012 17:42:26
afc bournemouth will bid for brett pitman and marvin bartley loan with view or perm deal source natonal papers

Been going on for months the only problem is that everyone knows we have money so respective clubs are holding us to ransom which will probably scupper both deals



29 Oct 2012 16:55:40
Coventry City to sign David Mcgoldrick for 100k and Calvin Zola for the same price, going out will be Roy O'donovan 100k, Kevin Malaga 50k and McSheffrey 150k

No one wants McSheffrey, O Donovan or Malaga.
And Cov have already admitted they cant afford McGoldrick
McGoldrick will move to Notts County

Where did this rumour come from Mcgoldrick and zola would be AMAZING but there has been loads of rumours about zola ? , i have been wondering where they have come from ? but would welcome them both ! especially mcgoldrick

Forest won't sell Mcgoldrick for 100K looking a few million. Deluded

If Mcgoldrick gets sold it wont be Cov buying him, you are skint mate, there would be a list of clubs after him...

Why have you valued Roy O'Donavan at £100k and McSheffrey at £150k ? Who would buy them if they can get McGoldrick and Zola for practically the same price?

At least make some realistic values up if you are going to spread rumours

He's out of contract in june so 100k-200k is his value so cov could afford him if they offload 1st

Few million for McGoldrick?? A player that your own manager has said has no future at the club and who's contract is up in just over 6 months. He can start talking to clubs on 1st Jan bout a free transfer next summer, you deluded pleb!

McGoldrick will be available for around the 300k price range short time left on contract but several clubs interested after his success at Coventry

Yes i agree our out going players aint with nowt but to say mcgoldrick will go for a few millions is rediculus for ones hes out of conract soon then theres the fact notts forest dont want him so why will they out price him plus they only payed 1m for him and he aint dont nowt till he came to coventry ,and to say coventry aint got money to spend how the hell do you know are your our bank manager !! the fact we brought in 9 new players over the summer and with some costing a good fee say to me we have got money but we dont go shouting about it as if we did all the prices would shoot up wouldnt they

McGoldrick is great for City. £100k is a realistic figure. His record in Div 3 is excellent, but he's never done it at a higher level.



29 Oct 2012 15:52:24
Andy Najar to come on loan (to Middlesbrough) in January, from DC united, with a view to a permanent move if he impresses. Also an unamed Brazilian player will come on trial soon.

Can't see this happening, Andy has been heavily linked with hoist of prem clubs, including spurs. Think we have more chance of a Albert Adoma from Bristol city than this chap. Tho uTube clips of him looks good. What is your source??

Not Unamed just unheard of!

This guys not coming to the boro and neither is albert adomah. both would cost more than a few mil and we dont have any money!

We have more than enough money to purchase Adomah...

We have no money...

We have the Joe Bennett money...

Its gibbo so theres always technically gonna be money there but the plan isnt to re-invest the money from bennett unless theres an emergency. we've got half our squad out injured and we're still joint top, hardly an emergency!

We have carayol back from injury in January so that's like a new signing. All we need now is a cover defender in january then we are gonna go up. And win the capital 1 cup



29 Oct 2012 15:56:28
Oldham set to extend Matt Derbyshire loan


Its already been done, he won't play in Kidderminster on Saturday though



29 Oct 2012 14:57:39
Ian Holloway has been offered the Blackburn job.

It seems that decision did not go down well with some factions within the club. He is also a contender for Ipswich.




29 Oct 2012 14:56:05
Phil Brown to be unveiled as new Burnley boss.

Sean Dyche will be the one.


And Dyche'e will do a good job or Burnley from a Hornet

Phil Brown,unsuitable for Burnley.Hope Sean Dyche gets the job,and keeps up the good work of Eddie Howe.

Dyche is the new burnley manager ssp....



29 Oct 2012 14:03:48
Bournemouth are to put in a bid to loan Matt Ritchie from Swindon, they will offer two players and will pay 100% of Ritchie's wages and 100% of both of the players wages, enableing Swindon to come out of the embargo

Not that old chestnut.....what players could b.muff offer that are better than already at the county ground

Gary bowles ryan case and steve gregory

Ain't going to happen when he goes he will go to a championship side

We already agreed a deal before window shuts so why would we put loan bid in

Bournemouth are probably the least attractive club in football league poor support no chance with Ritchie Pompey dave

Why would Bournemouth want Ritchie? Marc Pugh is still at the club! Wishful thinking from Swindon fans/ritchies agent I think trying to drive up his value

Wot U on about Pompey Dave, B'mth have a decent support for a side that spends most of its time in Lge1, we can't all be "big" clubs!

Ritchie has signed a 2 year deal he ent going!!!! just because swindon beat bournemouth

I also been told by many supports and workers that he signed a three year deal worth 5k a week and will join in jan

You havnt got many supporters or workers he'll stay at Swindon Pompey dave

He is getting close to £8,000 at Swindon so why would he take a pay cut? If you were offering £10,000+ then It might be true but I doubt he will join another club in league1

Bournemouth could offer higher wages than most clubs in League 1, do you research before giving it the loudmouth on here!

Not higher than swindon though tiny mouth!

^ i believe we could offer more than u!!!!!!! do u have a milionair an a billionair that knows nothng about football!!!! demin has put about 20 mil into this club already



29 Oct 2012 14:02:23
I have it on very good authority that Paolo Di Canio spoke to William Patey at Swindon about resigning over the transfer embargo, he was told to wait as there is going to be a major new investor joining the board, the club are also expecting Austin to go from burnley to Stoke for 5 milion giving another windfall. Paolo will be given money to spend in January provided he keeps the team in the playoffs.

Paolo himself was much happier befor ethe game at the weekend, he now understands what the club are trying to do and if the investment comes off it will help him realise his goal of getting town to the championship.

Five million for Austin? Try doubling that.

Hum I think you will find that Paolo will be at southampton within the month

Good post 'hum' if that's your name?, the person who wrote paolo to southampton thinks it is



29 Oct 2012 13:43:54
Oxford are set to sign Wycombe midfielder Matthew Spring on a free



29 Oct 2012 13:43:20
Adkins is set to take advantage of Michael Dawson's situation at Tottenham by launching an ambitious bid for him. If that deal doesn't work our, he will turn his attention to Christophe Berra from Wolves and Scott Dann of Blackburn. Cortese however is keen on attracting a big name, to add to Gaston Ramirez and is looking into the signing of Walter Samuel from Inter Milan to sure of the Saints' leaky defence. Cortese is of the opinion that Inter are trying to offload the Argentinian and considers him to be the perfect addition with his experience at the top level

What can Saints offer Dawson that QPR could not? Apart from relegation of course.



29 Oct 2012 11:29:48
just heard a few wispers at work that sheffield united manager danny wilson has made an enquiry into DODDS from Port Vale any news ed? {Ed001's Note - I haven't sorry.}

Sheff utd can have him for nothing if they want him. Very average player



29 Oct 2012 12:11:52
Abdul Razak has returned to Manchester City, after only playing one and a half games for Charlton Athletic.

The only Citeh player who likes Henry Mancini.



29 Oct 2012 11:28:08
strong rumour gathering pace that louis dodds could be on his way to sheffield united in january



29 Oct 2012 08:46:59
Swindon board to have a reshuffle with major investor black to sell his shares and a new Saudi investor coming in and willing to plough a lot of money into th club, with ambitions of premier leauge. He is a big fan of di canio and he is key!



29 Oct 2012 08:14:22
Alofinjana target for Barnsley in transfer window



29 Oct 2012 06:22:47
Received some Everton info yesterday:
Within the next 6 months we will receive
vast investment. Not one benefactor but
a consortium of toffees, Robert Elstone
is said to be working his fingers to the bones.
It is said that it will be a new Stadium, the
complex will include the new school.
Forget the Chinese, Russians , it is said that
these guys/ ladies are evertonians either by
birth or converts.
The council is involved in the land, it is said
that it is a 'gift' in return for the regeneration.
Location? I mentioned Stanley park, the answer
Received was non committal with a wink.

The guy was not British.
Upto the individual if they choose to believe the above



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