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29 Jun 2013 22:59:03
Crawley Town will complete the signing of highly rated Cheltenham Town midfielder Marlon Pack next week.

Possibly, if he doesn't sign for Peterborough.

Marlon pack will not go to crawly he has intresest from top clubs I even heard he had an offer from QPR and Wigan so he will not go to crawly plus the crawlys stadium is the worst I've been to just sayin!!

Hell's teeth, no disrespect to Crawley, but Marlon can do much better than that.

Crawley is thought to be the front-runner but Peterborough's late interest may be tempting.

Why can he do better than Crawley? Don't forget he'd be a starter for every game and the pay would be competitive.



29 Jun 2013 22:29:02
Rotherham midfielder David Noble is a target for Bristol Rovers, Leyton Orient and former club Exeter. Noble will be down the pecking order at Rotherham after the imminent arrival of Tidser from Greenoch Morton and is keen on a move back south after failing to settle in Yorkshire.

Would love to see Noble back at Exeter but we could not afford him.

A good player in a bunch of great players, he has been the weakest midfielder and with another two CM coming in (Tiser and Milson) then he won't be playing.

If he is not good enough for Rotherham, Why would Orient be interested?

I like David Noble. Wouldn't mind having him at the O's.

David Noble
Would be amazing at the Grecians
him, sercombe and hopefully oakley in the middle

Possible to sign noble back, but rotherham would have to pay most of his wages if we get him on loan

Why would they loan him to Exeter and have to pay most of his wages when they could offload his wages completely to a another team haha

Noble back to Exeter please!



29 Jun 2013 22:25:40
Watford fc have signed acuna on loan from udinese after signing him from Real Madrid B. He's on loan for a season from udinese and have beaten crystal palace, Nottingham forest and Middlesbrough for his signature. Confirmed officially by udinese and on Watford observer.

Well tha eliminates one of the 4 or 5 you're allowed

You're welcome to him. Palace got Gayle instead. Who's better.

This story makes me laugh for two reasons.

1. Tony Mowbray has stated that he has never been interested in this player and that he had never heard of him.

2. The loan system that Watford have adopted, especially last season just makes a mockery of the club and the state of football.

Sorry Watford fans, but your club is no longer your own. You've lost your identity. Boro maybe on a downward spiral due to finances, but at least our owner attends our games and invests in the academy.


The Pozzos are seriously clever operators. Watford for promotion next season

30 Jun 2013 12:16:37
So would you rather us go down the Leeds/Rangers route and spend millions on players and wages and then send the club into administration? Jealously is such an obvious thing to spot from other Championship clubs wishing they had thought of it first. If our club is gone. bring it on if last season is anything to go by. At least this year we'll get a proper pre-season so we should walk promotion this season.

Just shows you know nothing about Watford, next season Gino Pozzo will be at all the games, he has just moved to London and the investment in the academy is just the same as before with Watford playing the second highest amount of academy players in the Championship last season

Mr Parrish said we were only interested in Acuna if we had stayed in the championship.

No idea why you're slamming our academy, we were second behind you (highly commendable) when it came to the amount of academy players played last season so you're wrong there. Our club is more our own than it was in the past few years

That's the reason the Pozzos bought Watford you mong! Because of our good youth academy! They have just recently invested in it.

How can the loan system be a mockery when there are now rules stopping us from loaning more then 4 players from Udinese. We are loaning players that are far better quality then we could ever hope to afford like Almen Abdi who is good enough to play in the Premier League without paying a penny in loan fees. If other clubs want to loan him they'll have to pay around £1M loan fee for a season.

What is the difference between that and us being brought by billionaires who buy players for millions of pounds for Watford?

As for losing our identity last season we were second behind Boro in the number of our own academy products who played for the first team. And that was when we took advantage of the loan rules and had 14 of them in.
So where was your club in that list last season?

Over the course of the last year 4 or 5 current scholars have signed pro-deals and on top of that 5 ex-academy players have signed 4 or 5 year deals.
We have also signed Lloyd Doyley who has been at the club for 20 years man and boy for another season.

That is our identity right there.

We don't know who's better, Gayle has played half a season in the Championship and most people (myself included) have never seen Acuna play. Don't make uneducated comments.

As for 'Watford losing their identity', what identity was that then? One where we were run by a man who tried to steal funds from the club? One where we had to sell our best players every single season just to stay afloat? One where route one football was played every single week? If we've lost that identity, then I'm glad we have, because now we have owners who care, know how to run a football club and like their sides to play slick football. Last season, regardless of the playoff final loss, was the most exciting season we have had for some time, and unlike the year we went up under Boothroyd, we achieved what we did playing beautiful football. As for the academy, we fielded 8 or 9 academy graduates last season, second only to Boro, so to say our owners don't care about the academy is utterly fictitious, young players have always been a key part of the Pozzo model and will continue to be at Watford, the strength of our academy was one of the main reasons the Pozzos chose to purchase Watford.

30 Jun 2013 14:49:53
Soory that Boro fan but Gibson doesn't attend many games at all now he lives in the Jersey tax haven

Gayle is better? Acuna was signed by Real Madrid!

How does our owener not attend our games, he was at the last game against Leeds and walked along the season ticket holder stand and applauded all the fans.

And number2. Bond and Hoban all on 5 year contracts and Murray, you prospests all signed up by the new owners investment in youth I believe?

If debt is to leave football this is the future and how clubs will be run from now on

Strange thing to say. Watford have never been owned by the fans so of course the club is no longer ours - it never has been. It is owned by a family - one of whom does attend every game - and who continue with the club's investment in the academy, just like previous owners did. Your information seems to be sadly lacking.

I couldn't agree more 15 loans players from another club, something needs to be done

^ Our academy is fine. In terms of academy players, we were 2nd only to you last season. We haven't lost our identity, we're still Watford. What will be ironic is when Holloway starts buying/loaning foreign players now he's in the PL

30 Jun 2013 16:07:21
Vacuous, JCM. Boro were the only club in the division to use more home grown products than us last season, so the baseless invest in academy guff doesn't wash. As for the Pozzo model. If we had been taken over by oil tycoons to spunk money at the team you presumably would be quite happy? I don't see you getting all affronted at Leicester or man city? Instead we've got owners with a sustainable business model and experience of running football clubs. Community involvement is still high. Not got a lot to complain about really. Except thoughtless criticism from other supporters.

The only reason people have a go at other clubs is jealousy.

Enjoy the ride Hornets.

JCM, couldn't be more true

Watford are just exploiting a loophole that allows them to bypass the FFP rules ie Undinese buying the players (wouldn't surprise me if they paid a large chunk of his wages also). Then loaning him over to them. Do I like it? No, but if juniniho sent us half a dozen of Brazil's fringe players on loan through the partnership we've set up with Ituano we'd be hailing his and Gibbos genius!

The loanees yal get from "udinese" are just players that are looking for experience or udenese feel aren't quite they're standard yet and so they'll loan them to "udenese B team" = "Watford" until they're good enough to play for "Udenese A team" = Udenese so Watford are a stepping stone. that's your new identity ;-)

Loanees rarely care about the clubs they play for, unless they are looking for a transfer. This became apparent in the playoff final when Palace played Watford off the park. All that loaned talent didn't want to put the effort in.

Permanent transfers are too mainstream.

30 Jun 2013 21:38:50
So they didn't want to put the effort in when we played the PO Final yet they seemed to put the effort in most times over the previous 48 games? Once again another baseless comment from ANOTHER jealous championship club supporter

The Udinese 'B' team jibes make me laugh. All fans worldwide are aware of the financial benefits of the English Premier League. The Pozzo's know that once they get Watford in to the top flight they will earn them the biggest wedge of the trios cash and Watford will be the team to keep the focus on.

Im a boro fan and the guy above was wrong your youth academy is very good and was only second to us your investments are sound and you are not splashing stupid amounts of money, it was a great idea even though I don't respect it and that is the only thing I had against watford it will be interesting to see what happens next year

Watford have completely given up there identity as a long ball specialist team with corupt owners to be the 'barca' of the championship, play the best football and have the best players, for that I think watford should be forever punished

Watford sign italian internationals, players with champions league experiences who are still under 24 why palace sign jerome thomas and gayle ha

To the guy who said we should we should be 'forever punished', I applaud you, presumably a Watford fan. You actually made lol :D



29 Jun 2013 22:24:36
boro enter race for jamie paterson say tv



29 Jun 2013 22:18:53
Motherwell to open talks with Danny Wilson after failing to agree terms with Stephen Mcmanus,

Wilson deal with hearts stands



29 Jun 2013 22:02:33
Marlon hardwood to sign for notts on a six month deal with an option of a father year if he can prove fitness

I doubt it not what we need he will not score goals

Im a notts fan and I've just done some research which says millwall and bristol city are after him my source is tv

30 Jun 2013 06:31:21
I think you mean Marlon Harewood? And its further not father. Makes the post kind of unbelievable when you can't spell the players name! But he would score goals for you in League One.



29 Jun 2013 22:00:32
Blackburn Rovers are set to sign WBA Defender Craig Dawson

Future wba captain. In your dreams!

30 Jun 2013 03:36:32
Quality prem' player, no way they'd get him.



29 Jun 2013 21:59:22
Would love to see Tom Huddleston at hull city, an england midfielder and a class ball player. Could be used to sure up the mid and enforce as a deep lying play maker rather have him than cattermole for same price.



29 Jun 2013 21:49:05
I know for a fact the following strikers have been for talks with Rotherham. Not sure how close to a deal any are and some are probably dead in the water now but these have all definately had some contact with Steve Evans at the New York Stadium this summer.

Matt Tubbs - Bournemouth
Lyle Taylor - Falkirk
Lee Barnard - Southampton
Marcello Trotta - Fulham
Dani Lopez - Stevenage
Rory Donnelly - Swansea
Theo Robinson - Derby

Also been told Rotherham have had a bid rejected for James Collins at Swindon and won't be going back with another offer.

No way can Rotherham afford Collins anyway

30 Jun 2013 09:38:27
Matt tubbs seems to get homesick if he leaves his garden so can't see that one happening.

And why can't we afford collins? Swindon are in financial problems due to di canio and we still have the money from the le fondre sale! I would bd very suprised if collins started the season at swindon. Swindon will be lucky to stay in the league

Doubt theo would drop a league

The real question is would premiership/championship strikers drop to league 2?

30 Jun 2013 13:20:46
Is it me or rotherham are after bournemouth rejects lee barnard lyle taylor and matt tubbs that's mid table signings and I am a bournemouth fan

30 Jun 2013 15:44:42
Swindon don't have financial problems, they aren't in debt, yes all players would be sold for a price that is the same for every club in league 1 and 2, any players sold this pre-season were sold for market value, so anyone expecting to buy Collins will have to fork out 350-500k.

Unless a team can attract crowds of at least 20000 they are never going to get anyware don't know how bournmouth will fare in the championship, the players will have to be on top of their game.

Donnnelly will only go out on loan Swansea won't sell him got him marked down for the future.



29 Jun 2013 21:46:41
Bradford City will sign an unnamed player on Monday for the start of pre season.

Wagstaff deal done

A young winger currently with Leeds but don't know his name!

It is Scott Wagstaff.

They is two at leeds youth team Ryan hall and Chris Dawson a city fan myself I head the same



29 Jun 2013 21:28:40
Cody McDonald WILL move to Shrewsbury Town on a season long loan.

He'll have a helluva job going out on loan to anybody as he is a UFA!

No, still got a contract at Coventry?

30 Jun 2013 08:49:35
Signing permanently for Gillingham on Monday

30 Jun 2013 08:55:45
So he's moving to Shrewsbury when he has a house in Kent and wants to come to Gillingham. nice.



29 Jun 2013 21:27:06
Ricky Lambert has been seen with Nick Hammond [Reading Director of Football] and Nigel Adkins tonight.

Please Nigel, no! We wished you well, but taking Ricky is unforgivable!

Why would southampton sell SRL to Reading?

What a coup that would be. And I do think its more doable than people think.



29 Jun 2013 21:22:17
Just because Lambert seen with Adkins not a dead thing Pearce was seen with Liverpool Director. Any truth in Lambert?



29 Jun 2013 21:00:38
Ryan Burge has been offered an opportunity at Bristol Rovers.

John Ward has invited RB to train with the Gas. After the extended wait for an experienced midfielder. this could be good news.

Gavin Williams also training with the Bristol club.

Ward has enquired about Tom Hitchcock coming back on loan for the season. Yeovil also keen.



29 Jun 2013 21:08:21
Nigel Adkins spotted tonight with Ricky Lambert. Photos retweeted by Reading fans. If we're letting him go then we must have a decent replacement coming in! Gutted to lose Lambo though! : (

Poo from a male cow!

29 Jun 2013 21:08:21
Nigel Adkins spotted tonight with Ricky Lambert. Photos retweeted by Reading fans. If we're letting him go then we must have a decent replacement coming in! Gutted to lose Lambo though! : (

Alex Pearce was spotted with Liverpool director. As a reading fan I read nothing into pictures only contracts. Adkins is his old manager they're probably friends out of the game.

Don't worry mate. I'm a reading fan and I'm sure he won't join reading as he wouldn't get much more time to play in the prem so he should stay with saints.



29 Jun 2013 21:04:10
Nottingham Forrest striker Matt Derbyshire is to join league one side Walsall on loan until January

Rob Kelly has recommended Matt that he should join the league one side to gain valuable first team experience
Kelly was for a short time assistant manager under Dean Smith at the Saddlers last season

Jamie Patterson is to sign a 3 year deal at the city ground for around £1m from walsall

Do you mean Richard O'kelly the current Walsall No2? Thought so, thus disproving this rumour.

Good news all round

30 Jun 2013 07:55:22
Paterson signing for boro not forest

30 Jun 2013 09:40:50
He means David Kelly, ex Walsall assistant and currnt Notts Forest assistant

David kelly

Think you mean DAVID KELLY assistant coach at forest

Middlesbrough have joined the chase to sign Jamie Patterson, quotes by tv is that boro have out bid Forrest.

Or even David Kelly?

30 Jun 2013 12:47:50
No, he'll mean ned Kelly who was assistant manager at walsall for nine days last season before going to notts florist.



29 Jun 2013 21:03:12
Ricky Lambert has been spotted with Nigel Adkins (20:50 Sat 29 June). Pictures are being RT'd online by Reading fans.

They could be out as friends as they knew each other for years. I have a picture with anton zigaravich does that mean I am signing for reading fc? I hope not I am useless
I would love to see him at reading but doubt transfer will come off

Has anyone seen a picture umm funny that

30 Jun 2013 15:13:35
Has anyone seen a picture?

It's was actually posted several times on twitter. But as I've stated before so was Pearce with liverpool's director. It means nothing



29 Jun 2013 20:48:23
Michu going man city

You better Believe it

Michu going nowhere

Unless they offer stupid money 25 mil plus he ain't going anywhere

Wise up money talks



29 Jun 2013 20:46:52
Boro look set to offer Marcus Tudgay a trial on Monday when his contract with Nottingham Forest lapses.



29 Jun 2013 20:46:16
Christophe Berra to Charlton on a free transfer

Sure Obika wants to come back, but it seems Swindon have a strange knack of getting young Spurs players

Talking of Spurs youngsters Massimo Luongo a good midfielder who seems to go out on loan a lot. Maybe he can join Obika

He won't improve you at all. Very mediocre championship quality footballer.

His agent says he would like to go to rangers and their is already contact just now between his agent and the glasgow club



29 Jun 2013 20:34:26
Shrewsbury are set to annouce 3 new signings on monday, believed to be Mark Duffy, Alan Lee, and another player. COYB

If these rumours are true then very happy with

Not entirely true that one



29 Jun 2013 20:16:48
Eddie Howe has told tv that's he expects 2 new signings to be completed soon. These are believed to b striker simeon Jackson and a unknown central midfielder.
Does anyon know the midfielder that is going to sign?

I think its Wade Elliott only 75% sure but I think its Elliott. Howe said he's after experinced players after signing ian Harte so I think Elliott is on his way to

I'm a southampton fan but really hope Bournemouth do well, I think Jackson would be a great signing.

29 Jun 2013 23:02:50
fair play southampton fan


30 Jun 2013 09:11:30
Don't think Wade Elliott will come back to Bournemouth. Just signed a new contract with Birmingham.

Yes I do he's unknown



29 Jun 2013 20:13:44
Birmingham midfielder Darren Ambrose close to agreement on two year contract at Burnley - nominal fee. Blues will replace Ambrose with Scott Arfield, who Clark signed for Huddersfield. Arfield will be a free transfer.

If that's true then sorry Birmingham, you're going down

Pity Anton Robinson isn't fit, if he was Clark could take him as well.

Hope so to be honest.

30 Jun 2013 13:57:58
Nothing about this rumour at the burnley end what's the source?

Maybe clark would like jimmy spencer too, great prospect like Novak!

Mccann and pato were our two worst players last season

How can you so called town fans slate Novak, spencer, and be happy that stead as signed and because he was average when he played for us in the 3rd div he will be our savouir now he is a well travelled player who is injury prone wake up

30 Jun 2013 20:05:02
there is absoloutly no ambition or money at birningham don't get me wrong he'll run all day but hebish is ru

We town fans CAN slate, as you put it, because they are both hopeless, and your wrong were not happy with stead, but our club has signed him, so nowt us fans can do, apart from wait and see what he performs like, but don`t think we will be surprised when we do see!

Novak is absolutely useless at this level! End of story! I'll be happy with Stead aslong as he isn't our first striker, if he is going to be used as a squad player it's an improvement on last year because he's a better player than Novak and Lee!



29 Jun 2013 20:13:01
Harry Forrester is training with Doncaster but they will have to pay compensation due to his age.

As if stealing promotion from us wasn't enough now they are taking our best player.

Good luck Harry!

Obvious not a Brentwood fan otherwise you would of knew he joined them from villa when we released him as a youth.

Champion because we were the best in lge1 look at the table.

It was Brentford who nearly stole promotion from Doncaster, not the other way round.
Cheers Marcello Trotta.



29 Jun 2013 19:55:10
Millwall linked to Hearts young Scotland under 21 international Callum Paterson at Hearts. Who can play right back in midfield or up front, and is only 18 years old. Hearts are into administration and all there players were put up for sale.

Sign him up good player and would be an exciting prospect for the future. Bring some promising youth back to the den

Id rather andrew driver

How do you know he is a good player? Have you seen him play?

Yes have seen him play many times on sky. you can't watch much football that's on sky keep watching your tv highlights mate.



29 Jun 2013 20:05:33
Former Brighton & Hove Albion midfielder Gary Dicker has reportedly attracted the interest of a number of Championship clubs. Middlesbrough seem to be winning the race to sign him.

Dorin Goian that is!

Feel sorry for Middlesbrough

Gary Dicker is a good midfielder. Very committed/hardworking player and will do well for any team. From a Brighton fan!

Decent midfielder would be good in rotation suberb technique



29 Jun 2013 19:52:17
Reports circulating linking Ipswich with Frederic Vaseli, a Manchester United youth defender/midfielder recently released. Mick has also reportedly approached another United release, John Cofie about a two week trial.

Cofie is supposed to be a real prospect
Sir Alex rated him very highly but he was a youngest when he bought him, and was in youth squad

Vaseli can play RB/CB and in the middle of midfield so would be a great addition to Town squad.

Cofie, highly rated and with Chopra leaving hopefully, get this guy in and give him a few run outs I think he'll impress.




29 Jun 2013 19:25:14
Colin Cooper Hartlepool manager will look at Nicky Bailey (Middlesbrough) in the coming weeks and especially on their pre season tour of Holland next week

If my facts are right he pushed a ref while on loan got a four match ban and then in January said he might retire from football as he felt too old!

Lol no chance 1 bailey is out of contract so won't be going anyway on tour 2 why the hell woyld he drop down 2 levels when the likes of milwall are after him

Wot a load of garbage why would bailey go to h'pool



29 Jun 2013 19:18:04
dean furman nearly completed his move too doncaster



29 Jun 2013 18:59:34
There is a wild rumour doing the rounds in east lancashire that Bradford have approached Blackburn about signing David Goodwille personally can't see this being true but you never know

A decent striker for lower Championship or upper Div 1 but he has a certain track record away from the pitch. He wouldn't have the right attitude for Parkinson



29 Jun 2013 18:41:47
Jack Payne will move to Birmingham on Monday releasing budget for Gillingham to sign cody macdonald

Oh no he won't. He has signed for Posh

Haha Jack Payne has just signed for Peterborough

He signed for Peterboro

Jack Payne has already signed for Peterborough

Payne signed for P'boro plus Birmingham have no money for transfers whatsoever

How much did Peterborough pay?

It sounds like their bid was 600-800k



29 Jun 2013 18:31:44
Martin Allen has hinted that Gillingham will sign Cody McDonald on Monday

29 Jun 2013 21:19:06
Cody was released and therefore is a free agent.

30 Jun 2013 08:58:36
Allen said they are expecting to sign an unnamed player on Monday, hope it's Cody so much!

Rumours going around now, seem to suggest it could be double signing Cody and either Akinfenwa or Sidibe,



29 Jun 2013 18:27:37
Scott wagstaff set to go on trial with gillingham next week.

Yep will sign with cody mac using the Payne money

Waggy signs for bradford Tuesday

No he is a Maidstone boy and wants to stay in the south



29 Jun 2013 18:21:13
Harry Redknapp's targets for qpr.
Ross McCormack
Harry Maguire
Kevin Phillips
May be Richard Dunne if he can prove his fitness.

Maguire won't be leaving

Maguire is heading to loftus rd after Qpr agreed to throw Bosingwa and Barton in as part of the deal. Looks like premier league football at Sheff utd in the next few seasons that is blue square premier league



29 Jun 2013 17:24:15
Wolves looking at loaning back Michael Kightly from Stoke, Kightly is not likely too get much game time and would like to return to help Wolves boost in League 1.

Maybe if we were in the championship

Nottingham forest's Billy Davies has been wanting to sign him for along time, and has enquired about his availability.All depends on Mark Hughes.

Worst player stoke signed since they got in the prem he's useless

Not useless apparently told to defend when the lads a right winger

30 Jun 2013 06:44:38
Supposedly Forest want him permantly if Hughes let's him go.

Get rid. Waste of wage and a squad place

I was annoyed when he left us as we had nurtured him through some bad injuries, but that said I'd have him back at the Mol in a flash, especially in league one.



29 Jun 2013 17:15:18
Swansea City expect Wilfried Bony in the City Monday 1 July for a medical.

Someone please confirm his travell arrangments.

A heard they're close to a deal for Mubarak too

Brilliant news! We've already signed Canas and Amat so that's going to help big time

Yes he is arriving on the 10. 08 from London Paddington after he has talked to Chelsea, can you match his Wage Demands

After he's spoke to chelsea. Nice one. After cavani doubt it

Inter and juve are interested in Mubarak aswell. He's another midfielder and with de Guzman rejoining and murbarak's fee likely to be 6m I don't think swans will go for him.

Don't get me wrong if we pull it off would be an awesome signing. Watching his highlights he's scored some great goal. a lot of headers from crosses which is my biggest concern. Non of our wingers can cross. De guzmans probably the only one who can deliver a decent ball but he's cm.

Murbaraks buy out is only around 4m euro

Bony wants first team football no chance with Chelsey. Swansea able to give him everything he wants including wages. Come on you Swans.

Our players can cross, Dyer has assisted a goal by a cross as well as Routlage, Guzman can prob do it better though

Mubarak is quite versatile though. He can player am, cm and left wing

30 Jun 2013 11:17:13
So Chelsea are turning down the likes of Cavani and Schurrle for Bony now? Well do a trade you can have bony if we get Cavani and Schurrle

Don't be stupid why would Bony want to go to a Hic town like Swansea Town

Don't be daft buddy, anyone can stick one in the mixer it's just the fact we never had the boys to nod them in, grab a player like bony and I'm sure our wingers and even fullbacks will be whipping em in for fun. P. s young Ben Davies puts a lovely low or high ball in quite often, you wanna watch the swans maybe before you make a statement

Its Mubarak or Shelvey, I suspect it will be Shelvey



29 Jun 2013 17:13:53
Looking likely that Doncaster have or are going to sign Harry Forrester from Brentford after a tweet by David Cotterill claiming that he had been signed.

There was allegedly a tweet from Kyle Bennett last season saying that Madine would join Rovers from Sheff Wed but that didn't happen.



29 Jun 2013 17:35:33
Mk dons goalkeeper Ian McLaughlin has signed a new deal, ending speculation that he would leave.

Has Adam Chicksen signed his contract. Or is he moving on to another club, does anyone know what he is doing.

Ian will be pushing for the number 1 shirt, the way he ended last season he should start as first choice, if chicksen doesn't want to be at the club let him go! Let him sit on the bench at his new club!

He might be moving as he's not first choice and wants to play at a higher level. He wants to get to the other side of the glass ceiling.

30 Jun 2013 20:21:40
Adam Chicksen play at a higher level?!

You're joking, right.

He's nowhere near good enough and it's only down to the patience of Robbo and not wanting to upset Pete by releasing "one of our own" and the fact he's cheap that's kept him in gainful employment.

Can't tackle, doesn't concentrate, positionally all over the shop. I really don't understand what so many who shout "Chico, Chico" actually see in him. Another case of He's got a song, therefore we like him.

And he's not a winger either, before anyone starts. He's got less chance of making a career there than left back.

30 Jun 2013 23:35:49
Oh, Great! Two years and maybe more of that Irish joker.

He's really not that good a keeper. His handling is nowhere near the required standard. He's five years younger than Dave Martin, yet has slower reflexes an is less agile. Doesn't that's say something? His concentration is abysmal and all that makes him think he's good enough are the tweets from fans.

He'll never be more than a lower league keeper because the basics just aren't up to scratch. If your technique isn't right by the time your 21 then it'll never be right.

We should have got rid and free'd up a wage.

So he's not good enough yet he kept 9 clean sheets out of 15? Yup nice one.

I think Ian is a good goal keeper all he needs is chance to play more games, about Adam Chicksen he should be a good player the amount of times & chances he has had of playing on the first team, if he has not signed his contract they should let him go & see how he gets on with another team. I donot think he his a team player

Ian is a quality keeper he made 9 clean sheets in 15 games and made some unbelievable saves not forgetting he was chucked right in, as for saying if he doesn't improve by 21, rubbish you know the average keeper peaks at 28-33 years old, he's got a long future ahead and you clearly haven't been too see many games and as for chicksen he is a very talented player, one for the future if we keep him, Robbo is confident we will, and if he does go I don't blame him for the stick he had to put up with when he first started playing. COYDS

Are you talking about the 9 clean sheets in 15 that McLoughlin kept or the 9 clean sheets that Martin kept in the same fixtures? Always check your facts before using them as justification for McLoughlin being our number 1. However we Won 7, Drew 5 and Lost 4 (26 points) with 11 conceded by Ian, vs Won 8, Drew 4 and Lost 4 (28 points) with 12 conceded so Martin marginally edges it.

01 Jul 2013 14:12:27
"So he's not good enough yet he kept 9 clean sheets out of 15? Yup nice one. "

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics, as the old saying goes. ;) He benefitted from having the most settled back four of the season in front of him for that run of games but still made big errors that thankfully weren't costly. He spills far too much and eventually strikers will get wise to that and start following up long range shots. Ian Mc gives every opposition at least two tap-ins a game. Those clean sheets won't last for long if he continues it.

Still no one has said if Adam Chicksen has signed his contract yet, does anyone know because I can't find out & has he gone over to Ireland.

He clearly isn't giving away two tap ins every game if he's kept 9 clean sheets? and for having a settleback four? Lewington was below par all season and otso isn't exactly amazing.



29 Jun 2013 16:55:21
Dundee United have given up on their pursuit of David Goodwillie and are now after former Rangers hero Kris Boyd, as well as Hearts defender Danny Wilson

They haven't given up on goodwillie, blackburn are waiting to see if they receive anymore offers if they don't he will join utd. whether he joins or not doesn't have anything to do with the boyd bid



29 Jun 2013 17:09:50
Mkhitaryan too Liverpool is done subject to a medical and personal terms, £25m straight up. Rodgers also wants Wanyama, Honda, Callejon and is still trying to sign Papadopolous, if Suarez leaves expect Muriel to join the club. 100% accurate guys, wouldn't lie as I love the club

29 Jun 2013 17:40:38
is he really worth that

Surely if he had any sense he'd go to Dortmund

If that's the Muriel from Udinese then no chance.

Now Now who is telling porkies

Rodgers signing too many players. Stop

Honda better than Mkhitaryan

Hondas going to the best team on merseyside and its not the reds

Honda going to neither going to Italy



29 Jun 2013 16:57:29
Dundee united approach danny wilson and kris boyd with view to signing them



29 Jun 2013 16:23:00
Does anyone know who the right back is Shrewsbury are interested in signing?

It's Ben Herd

I think its ben herd




29 Jun 2013 16:00:39
Notts County are close to deals for Mustapha Dumbuya, Zoumana Bakayogo, John Eustace and Danny Haynes

I wish

Out of them i'd say dumbuya and haynes is realistic

Go down to high fields training ground have seen 3 of them there

Which 3 have you seen

29 Jun 2013 22:06:57
Sorry mate haynes definitely not he sign for tractor boys

2 would be amazing

We don't need defenders, need midfielders and strikers

You having a laff we only have two defenders on the books?

Yes we do. No left back or right back

Sheehan smith leacock liddle hollis thers 5 defenders so are you having a laugh

Lol the guy saying we have 2 defenders are you stupid we have haydn hollis dean leacock garry liddle with alan sheehans and krystian pearce future yet to be confirmed. if your going to act clever get your facts right

Liddle a midfielder and with no judge, Hughes, bishop may play there, Sheehan out of contract, Pearce released and yes forgot about smith, however wasn't used all season, we need defenders more than midfielders and strikers. We have six strikers for two slots and 3 or 4 defenders for 4 slots do the maths

By the way if we did have 5 defenders, we better pray none get injured all season, your having a laff

Liddle played defence last season he also said he wants to stay as a defender btw pearce hasn't been released yet

How do we have 6 strikers showunmi waite arquin malachi moore that's 4 you do the maths btw zoko is a winger before you say him

Neither sheehan nor pearce has been decided yet hense why they trained

Nangle and Zoko are strikers, that's 6, curle played him as a winger. And the priority has to be signing defenders. Until Sheehan and Pearce sign a contract they can go anywhere. Pearce was released, but is training with us and sheehan has been offered a lesser contract so could go gillingham. We need a minimum of 6 ideally 7 or eight to start the season.

Sheehan signed new deal dumbuya signed



29 Jun 2013 15:58:40
Louis carey just signed a one year extension told you all he wasn't going



29 Jun 2013 15:52:45
West Brom have completed the signing of Marseille Forward Andre Ayew. Yousuff Mulumbu hinted at this deal being complete by posting 'Welcome to A. at West Brom on twitter. Mulumbu is also close friend with Ayew, which means this deal is very likely to have happened.

So happy we have signed him, just the paperwork to be completed now and the deal can go through on the 1st july

Would love this to be true, can any one say for sure he is joining us.

No we have not signed ayew

I'm a WBA fan and I say bull

Where is the confirmation of it?

Highly doubt it

Hope so but Liverpool meant to be after him

Doesnt seem to be anywhere else this is pure speculation and isn't in any sites

Ayew is not tweeting because he is in engalnd and he cannot access the internet on his phone he will be announced tomorrow when window officially opens!

Is valued around £12.5 million so have to doubt this is true but if so a major signing and one to be very happy about,

How do you know his phone can't access Internet in the uk? He's most likely not even in England.

Cant access the net on his phone?
Mmm. And he doesn't have access to a pc or laptop either no doubt.

What happened when he got to England was he locked in a metal box?

I think he ment anelka

The mulumbu tweet was about Anelka



29 Jun 2013 15:43:45
Bradford are making an ambitious move to sign released Ipswich midfielder Lee Martin. This is to be Bradford's marquee signing this summer, set to be announced Monday. Martin will become the highest payed player at the club.

I'm afraid that he's 99% will be signing for a London club in the Championship!

Very doubtful since Charlton are interested in him returning to The Valley

No he's not davos new contract says that he is always the top earner at the club

I doubt he will be going to Charlton either!

Well we will see as from Monday as a lot of transfers will start from them, with a lot of players been officially out of contract

29 Jun 2013 21:32:50
bradford city to sign chris welpdale

Whelpdale didn't he have the scrotum tear injury?

Danny Haynes in Ipswich, now there's a surprise, given that he comes from Ipswich, played there in his early career, plus spent time at Barnsley, that well known suburb of London!

Danny Haynes was born in Peckham

Yes Whepdale suffered a torn scrotum injury last year. He's showed tremendous balls to come back so strong.



29 Jun 2013 15:43:27
Bury have signed Andy Procter from Preston.

29 Jun 2013 17:51:55
good move by bury will do a job in league 2

30 Jun 2013 17:26:42
They haven't yet. So this is incorrect.

They have signed him now



29 Jun 2013 15:42:44
Middlesbrough are interested in recently released Rangers defender Dorin Goian.

Hope not for middlesborough's sake. The guy is a complete useless lump. went ok loan to a seria B team last year and they said he was useless and wanted to send him back but rangers wanted compensation for cancelling the loan so they kept him but he never played many games for them.



29 Jun 2013 15:39:15
Richard Dunne apparently been offered a contract by Nigel Clough / Derby.

(Note, this is only what I've seen on twitter so not 100% reliable.)

Would be a solid signing in my eyes.

This is not quite true, Nigel Clough has said "That he thinks Dunne, will be looking to stay in the league above for now". However,"If the possibility became available down the line,we would look at it".
Source:- Derby Evening Telegraph, June 28th.

Sorry, was just posting what i'd seen. Hope we do offer him a contract, experience in abundance.



29 Jun 2013 15:29:45
Luke Freeman agent trying to tie up a deal to come back to Gillingham. Transfer however dependent on whether or not Jack Payne goes to Peterborough and if Gills get Cody Macdonald

Absolute guff of the highest order.

Confirmed by Darragh MacAnthony - Jack Payne has signed a 4 year deal with Posh

Fee of 750k for Payne?. Top class signing for posh! Our best player in last month of season in championship. Get yer money on us for title!

Almost certain to sign for peterborough this week. £350K.
Closest thing to Boyd around and in our price range



29 Jun 2013 15:24:01
Vaughn and butterfld to huddersfield. Hunt to Norwich. Peltier to town. Done deal, medicals on monday.

Would be nice, but then more change of me winning the lottery and marrying Bar Refaeli

29 Jun 2013 17:18:11
hardly beyond belief.

Sounds good, heard a bit about the peltier deal, Who on earth is Bar Rafieli? sounds like a peterborough drinks spot in soho

Would be great but can't see pelts coming

Marrying who?

29 Jun 2013 20:30:18
wat town is peltier going to. Yeovil?

Sounds good, apart from the peltier bit. turned us down for leeds remember folks!

Actually, it wasTown who weren't willing to pay the 900k Leicester wanted for him. If it'd been up to Pelts I reckon he'd have chosen Hudds over Leeds

Pelts only went to Leeds because Warnock offered to make him captain. All his mates still at Huddersfield so can see him returning if we do sell Hunt.

30 Jun 2013 09:44:21
Not a chance

I wish we would hurry up and sign James Vaughan would be the greatest signing this summer!

Have we got the transfer fee we sold him for in the first place yet. I think not.

30 Jun 2013 13:07:44
On a social network vaughan has sent to hammill glad to start a new chapter a town hammill sent back saying hoping to see vaughany as well

02 Jul 2013 15:31:00
why do people put on lies silly little lies



29 Jun 2013 15:18:44
According to Udinese blog website, fc Basel now looking at Almen Abdi. Also reports that Jakub Kosecki may have signed Pre contract agreement with Watford in January to join on Monday.



29 Jun 2013 15:13:21
Almen Abdi may snub a move to Watford in favour of a return to Switzerland with FC Basel.

So, all you plums wrapping about the clubs Embargo, please be quiet.

01 Jul 2013 19:55:58
Almen Abdi on Watfords Italy pre season tour and will sign this week along with several others.



29 Jun 2013 15:07:59
Barnsley to sign Martin woods who was released by Doncaster at the end if last season.

If he's not good enough for Doncaster, no way will Barnsley want him.

It isn't that he isn't good enough, its just that he spends three weeks out of every four on the injured list.

He's training with Bristol City



29 Jun 2013 14:34:07
Ipswich are close to signing Paul Anderson from Bristol City which would see Jay Emmanuel-Thomas going the other way.
Released Charlton striker Danny Haynes as also been spotted in Ipswich a lot sparking rumours that he might be on his way back to Ipswich and inject some much needed pace.
A deal is in place with Wolves for Richard Stearman to make a permanent switch back to Portman Road, but this hinges on when Michael Chopra leaves, freeing up a large amount of money.
Ipswich will be giving Waterford United winger Jack Doherty a trial whilst they train in Ireland.
Lewis McGugan rumoured to be in talks with Ipswich on a deal which could see his wages increased if he can prove his fitness and stay injury free.
Stephen Henderson looks set to rejoin on loan from West Ham for the season.
Released winger Lee Martin looks set to join Millwall.

No chance of McGugan or Haynes. Stearman I doubt will happen although I feel we MUST get him back.

Was confirmed that danny haynes was at the millwall training ground friday 28th talking to steve lomas.

Danny Haynes was seen at millwall training ground yesterday supposedly in talks with Lomas. He'd stay local to Charlton and wouldn't move up North

Danny Haynes? Get Simon Church if you can SL?

Stearman I reckon will happen. He was a key part to Town's survival last season and the whole "Ipswich have no money" is lies. we have enough but just spend it wisely. hence why Big Mick said earlier this week he would like to sign Henderson and Stearman. The bonus is there are loads of decent free agents around this summer also.

Up north? Ipswich is 45 mins from London. Get your facts right.

I think It's a true reflection of how poor Mcgugan is that It's assumed he is injury prone, he was fit all last season, he is lazy prone and enjoying the night life prone, will start the season with a bang and after 8-9 games you will get twenty mins at best. I will drive him to Ipswich personally

If signing Stearman depends on offloading Chopra then he won't be coming. Simples.

Haynes could just be a player looking for pre-season training.



29 Jun 2013 14:23:24
Jason kenndy set to sign for bradford city

This is very unlikely given the way Bradford treated him when he was about to sign in January

The way Bradford City treated him? He was on his way to Bradford to sign a contract when he turned around and went back to Rochdale. Kennedy didn't want to sign in the end. Now we don't want him, we can do better.

It was in fact the player who decided not to join Bradford in January, changing his mind on the motorway and turning back.

30 Jun 2013 03:45:51
You've got OUR legend Jones, JK is too good for you.

Yes, he and his agent turned around when on the way over to Bradford after they were informed that Bradford had reduced their original offer.

The Bradford chairman has a bit of form when it comes to new signings He did something similar last season with Paul Benson and Posh's Danny Kearns



29 Jun 2013 13:59:28
Ed do you have any shrewsbury transfer news? COYB



29 Jun 2013 13:57:05
Derby news:
Craig Forsyth deal sorted. £200,000 fee agreed with Watford and personal terms agreed with player. At Moor Farm today for a medical.
Richard Dunne to join up with Derby for their pre-season training camp in Ireland.
Nigel Clough is also interested in bringing in Aston Villa winger Marc Albrighton on a season long loan deal with the player wanting guaranteed 1st team football.

Albrighton says he wants to fight for 1st team football AT Villa! So why would he go somewhere which isn't Villa!

30 Jun 2013 11:01:55
What a superb reply above

His mind might be changed if he is told he has got no chance of 1st team football. Which based on his performances in the last 2 years, he hasn't!



29 Jun 2013 13:37:42
Peterborough FC's Mark Little will train with Birmingham City starting Monday. He will sign at a later date. Heard from lee Clarke himself.

As of today he is no longer Peterborough Uniteds Mark Little, he is a free agent



29 Jun 2013 12:15:43
Sunderland are looking at a possible bid for Jason Steele of Middlesbrough.

Deal involves Danny graham heading back to boro

They're not because they got mannone

I want steele to stay, but if worse comes to worse it will be 2 million plus graham on a permanent deal

Like poster 3 said, no it wont, cause Sunderland have agreed a deal for Mannone. They won't bring in two keepers. Nuff said.



29 Jun 2013 12:14:07
Derby goalkeeper Adam Legdzins being targetted by Norwich as reserve to Ruddy. Richard Dunne also being trialled with view to one year. Houghton also lining up bid for Abdel Taraabt and Tom Huddlestone.

Outgoings include Holt to Palace and Becchio to Leiecster.

Taraabt? I hope not! Blows hot and cold - not at all what we need.

Huddlestone would be good competition for Johnson, Howson and Tetty but maybe we have enough in this area.

Huddlestone is better than everything we've got so would take him all day long, and Taraabt was being linked to PSG and Manchester United a couple of seasons ago, he was on and off last season in a very bad QPR side, but coming into a team with the spirit that Norwich has he could be very good, is a creative midfielder and we are in desperate need of a creative player.

I'd rather drag my balls over broken glass than see Taarabt at my club.



29 Jun 2013 12:14:00
Peterborough utd are set to spend some of the money made from the Gayle transfer by bringing in jack Payne and/ or Marlon pack

Pack is out of contract so would be free of a fee, plus wages won't be very high either

Have to pay compensation for Pack as he is under 24, not much though

29 Jun 2013 16:54:22
Cheltenham have said they will sell for £100k - bargain!



29 Jun 2013 12:11:20
John Bostock set to hold talks with Millwall tomorrow. {Ed034's Note - i think you are slightly in love with this player ;-)



29 Jun 2013 12:07:00
Wigan are in for Walsall forward Will Grigg, OC hopes to pair him with Grant Holt to fire the Latics to promotion.

Hasnt grigg signed for brentford

Will Grigg signed by Brentford, so not sure where you got you info from.
He signed a 3 year contract.

30 Jun 2013 09:43:07
Not yet he hasn't, no fee has been agreed between Walsall and Brentford so the deal can not be finalised



29 Jun 2013 12:06:05
Jamie Ward to Stoke for £2m. ? would not have thought some hamstrung diminutive winger would not suit Stokes' style of play and don't think he is a Hughesie' kind of player. Stoke already have wingers in Pennant. Would defo sell for £2M but doubt the rumour. Ward one of Cloughies favourites too and Derby have too few creative players.

Nice to see Derby get Forysth and would cash in only one of Tyson/ Robinson and use the other as an impact player from the bench for a year. both are capable of 10 goals a year and small price to pay when chasing a game or needing to stretch defenders?

Tyson? 10 goals a year?! you having a laugh?

29 Jun 2013 21:42:11
I know Ward is a good player but if we could 2m for him, I'd take it. For me he is to injury prone, misses to many games an you can't guarantee he will give you 90 mins, as in many games he only has to get a knock an that's him infective.

Why would Stoke sign Ward? Some derby fans hope to sell their stars. Brayford to Stoke, Ward to Stoke, who next? Championship quality players so don't get your hopes up. Stoke are aiming for better.



29 Jun 2013 11:58:22
lee molyneux could be on way to crewe the left back who scored 8 goals in 39 games for Accrington Stanley had been in talks with sheff utd but they broke down

Paul mcGlynn



29 Jun 2013 11:30:23
Doncaster signings

Danny Drinkwater
Dean Furman
Big CB from Oldham ex Sunderland can't spell his name
Will Grigg
Jernade Meade
Ryan Burge
Aswell as a RB and at least 1 GK

At least 2 of the above will be done by Tuesday

Doncaster outs

Harper - Bury
Maxted - Rotherham loan if we add 2 GKs

You mean JEAN YVES MVOTO who has been trsining at Birmingham and also bigger Championship clubs are wanting him so may not go to Donny.

This the same player that Dickov had a go at during the Everton game when Anichebe.

he can do far better than Donny.

Why would rotherham want Maxted. he's awful and we have just signed another keeper an have two who are both good enough for first team, not reserves.

Why they got rid of keeper aaron busby is beyond me good keeper loads of potential not sure what happened there?

Busby would of been ideal for u21s and possibly pushing for 1st team treated unfairly along with Jordan Ball think Dickov needs to take a look at Busby and Ball.

Maxted is awful? Bit unjustified if you haven't seen him play?

Ryan burge wasn't good enough first time we had him why would we want him again?



29 Jun 2013 11:52:47
Brighton and Hove Albion have enquired about the loaning of Barcelona B star Gerard Deulofeu

That would be. huge coup cnsidering Arsenal, Spurs, and Liverpool are trying to sign him.

Love to have him at Brighton, and now we are managed by this players former coach i'm sure there will be rumors, but this one is way out of our league financially I think?

It would be a loan

No way we would be able to sign him permantely. Especially when the big english clubs are after him. As the person said above. Would have to be a loan deal.

He should join brighton because he would probably get more game time. but the only other reason he would go to the premier league is for more money

From what I've seen incredible player and it would be good for him to have a go at playing in england



29 Jun 2013 11:51:56
Cristian Lobato - Barcelona B - Free
Matthew Upson - Stoke - Free
Luis Gustavo - Barcelona B - Free
Ivan Balliu - Barcelona B - Free
Gonzalo Garcia Garcia - Macabi Tel Aviv - 800k
Carlos Garcia Badias - Macabi Tel Aviv - 500k
Stephen Dobbie - Crystal Palace - 850k
Liam Bridcutt - Reading - 5.3m
Hoskins - 300k - Yeovil
Kazenga Lualua - Karabukspor - 1.5m
Adam El-Abd - Barnsley - Free
Gary Dicker - Middlesbrough - Free
Marcos Painter - Leyton Orient - Free
Vicente - Real Zaragoza - Free

Liam Bridcutt £5.3m. ??. in your dreams. £2.3m at an extreme push

Reading don't need another DM, we've just brought in Williams and we still have Karacan & Carrico. So unless they leave, I don't think that will happen

Bridcutt is worth more 5.3m
- Hull Fan

Don't think you will get any of those barcalona b players

Bridcutt 5.3m? Are you joking? More like 3m.

Bridcutt is a little too late to join Reading's midfield and at 5.3m I think there's better to be had although a good player he's 2.5m tops.

Er your right about Stephen dobbie he will be officially a palace player on Monday but seens that he is a free agent, am pretty sure it probably about 850k to much. Ha ha

Bridcutt is worth 7 million

What about nick shorey

Haha. Of course your going to sign those barca players because you have an old youth manager!

Liam Bridcutt - Reading - 5.3m

Unlikely, brought Williams now for half the price. Can't see another cm coming in for RFC unless at least two go

Bridcutt? still? I would love to have him here but didn't we just sign someone in his exact position? and have Caricco who plays quite well there too? {Ed029's Note - Williams, Karacan, Akpan and Carrico can all play the holding role.

He is worth at least 2. 5 m or 3m

Dobbie has a 3 year contract

Brighton have no money, which is why they were desperate to take Poyet to the wire to save the £2m to pay him off. Basically their payroll has been too high for a Championship club especially with Financial Fair Play on the way. They will need to sell Bridcutt to fund any new signings. Everyone knows they are short of cash so expect them to be lucky to get £3m for Bridcutt. As for getting £1.5m for Kazenga Lua Lua, who ever thinks that really shouldn't drink that much.

Brighton are no where near being a big club.

Hoskins just signed a 2 year deal. Somehow don't think we would sell him straight away

Brighton have so little money they are spending £20m plus on a new training academy.

Brighton no money? LOL Brighton have a lot of money. Bridcutt is worth the price tag but probably won't leave, and these Barca B players would probably join because of Oscar Garcia. Dobbie had a pre deal with Palace and joins on the 1st of July.

For gods sake stop bickering about how wealthy your club is Brighton have spent big money on their ground and must be struggling, palace are in a good place with promotion. Every dog has his day

Brighton have no money and aren't a big club? We have a new £100m stadium and are building a £40m academy, giving us infrastructure most prem clubs would envy. We also have the highest average attendance in the league with some of the highest ticket prices and some big sponsors, putting us in a strong position with financial fair play. We've built a club for the future - some of the people on here are just jealous because they're supporting clubs of the past.

Yeovil wouldn't spend that much money on 1 player

Why must brighton be struggling. Chairman paid for the new ground. We are very well set thanks. Sure palace are going to have lots of money now but Brighton are fine. Thanks for your concern.

Oh my, where to start, so many ignorant comments. First up, the list of players is just fanciful thinking purely because OG has been at Barca previously. There are NO rumours of any incoming players that have any substance at all at the moment.

1. Dobbie, not a free agent. Already a Palace player in all but writing. Becomes perm. 1st July.
2. Hoskins has not signed a 2yr contract.
3. Bridcutt is worth at least £4m, we don't need to sell so will take something out of the ordinary to get him.
4. We are not skint, the chairman has put in everything interest free which will ultimately get converted to more shares when the loan expires.
5. Lua Lua to karabukspor was all because of a tweet he put out ages ago. He's just got a new place in Sussex so that won't happen.

Blimey if you spent 140 million the debt to pay back must be crippling. pity your not in the prem league. Just get behind your team and you might join us.

Brighton do have money they just aren't allowed to spend it because of financial fair play

That's why poyet was unhappy the budget was to small but is it worth busting the club and failing. Look at Leicester expensive player, big wages and still in the championship

If zaha is worth what united bought him for the Bridcutt is worth 6 at the least

01 Jul 2013 08:53:41
The financial fair play means very club in the league won't have megabucks to spend. The Albion might have spent a lot last year, but Tony Bloom has bankrolled that, they're under no pressure to paything to the bank and so they're under no pressure to sell any players.

Poyet wasn't taken to the wire he was sacked for gross misconduct, unlike most other managerial sackings which are to do with results. The Albion would have been mad to things any other way when it could save them £2.5 million doing it this way. Especially under financial fair play, as that's £2.5 mill that would have been off our kitty for the season.

As a Brighton fan I'm going to say this. Bridcutt is a very good player - but he is NOT worth anywhere near £5m. Unfortunately there are many deluded Brighton fans embarrassing the club by overrating out team.
With Oscar Garcia coming in who has already said his philosophy is to attack - Bridcutt may struggle to to adapt to this style of play.

If palace got promotion after spending around 3 million on players over 4-5 years what is the point in spending 30 million and achieving nothing

If you offered me 5 million for bridcutt, I would turn it down, if ince is worth 8 million, then so is our liam

01 Jul 2013 14:48:25
Bridcutt's worth every penny of £5 million, if other people don't think so and don't want to pay it good, as he'll stay as we don't have to sell.

Bridcutt is worth about 5 million. before wilfred zaha signed for man united most people didn't think he was worth 15mil

To one of the above comments, sam hoskins has signed a two year deal with the glovers. So in turn it was you who is wrong.

Misread, did not see the OUTs below! So means will hoskins, sorry.

Dobbie sold today

had 2years left on contract so has gone for an undisclosed fee

I hope we made a little bit of profit on him as he played so well for Pal-arse last year.

Source - tv Sussex



29 Jun 2013 11:28:12
Norwich are too bid 6.5 million for leroy fer on july 1st after everton have been able to snub fellaini's move to chelsea. Fer's agent has told tv that he will be having a medical on tuesday if the deal can be approved by FC twente.

His agent has actually said reports of a medical at norwich are premature as he is still on holls. however it is understood that Twente have accepted norwich's bid already and they have worked out personal terms through his agent.

all that's left is for him to get off vacation, head to norwich, and sign the dotted line after the medical.

If you knew anything, he stated, going to Norwich would be a bit step down. It sounds like he's got his heart set on Everton, only time will tell.

Theres nothing official saying norwich is a step down.

Historically Norwich might have been a step down. Let's see what happens this year as it could be very different. Moyes is gone and that will cost them some points and Fellaini and Baines might go too. They have a new manager and a few aging squad members and the expectation of European Football. However the reality is that the teams around them can afford to strengthen more than Everton can and their lofty position is due to their last manager's ability to continually strengthen the squad even on a limited budget. That is why Moyes got the Man United job not Martinez. What is best about Everton is about to go or has gone. They now have to reinvent themselves and that won't happen overnight.



29 Jun 2013 11:21:51
Leicester striker Jamie Vardy will join Peterborough United

Peterborough did try to sign him prior to him joining Fox's so this is a possible, not too sure about wages though.

Very good player, heard we were in for him in January. let's hope leicester haven't ruined him

Why would Leicester ruin a player, you sir are a moron. To be frank I can see nothing in that player to say he's good enough for Championship football. He just not good enough

Vardys ok just out of his depth

"Out of his depth"? So were Boyd, CMS, and Gale untill peterborough got hold of them!

Well that's the difference in buying a player to develop and improve and buying a player to go straight into the 1st team to get promotion. You need patience when you buy players like this and the rewards will come.



29 Jun 2013 11:19:39
Peterborough will use part of the Dwight Gayle transfer fee to find moves for The following players:

Jack Payne - Gillingham
Marlon Pack - Cheltenham
Luke Freeman - Stevenage
Lyle Taylor - Falkirk



29 Jun 2013 11:19:01
Seen the new numbers, maybe the number 6 shirt left out for a defender. No idea who though!



29 Jun 2013 11:11:30
Craig Forsyth to join Derby County next week. Everything has been agreed. 100% fact

Watford were just waiting to finalise other signings before letting him go. Announcement on July 1st.

Just because somebody writes FACT at the end of a rumour, doesn't mean it is one. just makes its authour a ***** who probably fabricates stories.



29 Jun 2013 11:08:43
Oldham Athletic manager Lee Johnson is close to sealing a loan deal for Southampton forward Lee Barnard on a 12 month deal.

Have seen numerous posts about barnard on this site over the past few weeks and none have come true yet. He spent sometime on loan there last season and they need a goal scorer. Lee would give them that fire power. southampton need him off the wages bill if a loan is the best they can get I think they will take it.

Barnard didn;t score many goals though and at Bury spat his dummy out when he got subbed and that was a pressure game and a pro shudn;t do that.

Not sure if we would be interested him again depends on LJ as he is bringing in some very good players in.



29 Jun 2013 10:53:04
Derby County and Doncaster Rovers have offered a contract to Richard Dunne. Doncaster are also in talks with Shay Given due to an Irish backer.

Derby haven't offered a contract yet. They have offered him a trial.

We have offered him a contract from what I've heard though.



29 Jun 2013 10:27:35
Norwich to bring Carlo Nash in as 3rd choice keeper, similar scenario to when Lee Camp came in January.

Nash has made a career out of being a 3rd choice keeper. As long as he doesn't have to play he's happy.

What rubbish. It would be a step backwards, not the standard of player we should be attracting.

Saw this in the paper today! He will rarely get a start anyway!

29 Jun 2013 17:58:14
Ruddy is a good player watch all of these saves.

{Ed029's Note - No links to social media please.

Carlo Nash is looking to get into coaching so not a bad idea to have him coach our young keepers and play if we get a few injuries.

30 Jun 2013 22:36:14
The person who said ruddy isn't good is having a laugh it just shows that goalkeepers at lower clubs can make it,



29 Jun 2013 10:23:23
Wigan are preparing to make offers for grant holt and James perch and are also awaiting confirmation on former England goalkeeper scott Carson and are finalising celtics Thomas Rogne on a free transfer



29 Jun 2013 10:22:06
Wrexham are close to signing Aston Villa youth product Graham Burke on a 2 year contract.

Why would we sell Burkey? He is such a talent & he won't be leaving.

He just signed a new contract, stop making up bull mate



29 Jun 2013 10:19:44
Matty Dolan looking to join yeovil however this may be on loan if he doesn't get released or premenment if Middlesbrough release him on a free

Gary Johnson has admitted he wants Dolan back but I can't see Middlesbrough letting us sign him on a free

As a boro fan I can mate. Not going to get a chance in our side. No offence to Yeovil mind it's jus because we have that many fringe players in line before him

I can't see us releasing him, he's still young and a good player

Yeovil will not and can not spend money on transfers! Hoskins would be great. though.



29 Jun 2013 10:16:34
Jason Kennedy set to upset dale fans has he is set to sign 2 yr deal at bury, he initially wanted to move nearer home but was impressed with Burys new owners. Zubar and 1 other also to sign next week.



29 Jun 2013 10:04:04
Heard a rumour league one side Walsall are in advanced talks to sign Wales and former reading striker Simon Church to replace the departing Will Grigg who has agreed to join league one side Brentford, Walsall will recieve around £375,000 in compensation for the northern Ireland international striker

Total rubbish.

Very much believeable

Compensation less than 100K, same as Donny will pay for Forrester.

£375,000! you will get less than 100k! brentford only got 50k for forrester, and he was one of the best players in league 1.

If you only have £100K for the compo then you had better send him back!. You will be lucky to get away with £750K -£1000K.

Forrester compensation will be less than £60K, he was at Aston Villa for his youth development so Brentford only had him for the last two years.



29 Jun 2013 09:58:35
Tom popes linked again with a move to oakwell



29 Jun 2013 09:50:49
Good news for Bournemouth. The Cherries are set to land Burnley striker Danny Ings for £1 million after the Clarets, who have cash-flow problems, initially rejected the bid.

Burnley are one of the only football clubs in England to be not in debt unlike the cherries who are heavily. I can see this happen thou, but not because have non existent "cash flow" problems

Will be great to see Ingsy leading the line for the Cherries at Dean Court next season. UTC.

29 Jun 2013 12:09:57
You Bournemouth fans love saying fact is what you hope is true, he will be a claret come the beginning of next season, Burnley won't let him go for any less than 2 knowing that Austin may well be leaving {Ed034's Note - forest are rumoured to be on the verge of making a bid

After we turned down 1.4m? I don't think so.

Yawn we rejected more than 1mil so why would we now accept less? Come on guys this is getting boring

29 Jun 2013 13:52:30
Cash flow problems where when? Give over what a load of tripe this comment is

No cash flow problems at Burnley, we're one of the better ran clubs in any division, with the money and wages Bournemouth are throwing around the FFP rules will soon bite, Bournemouth are the next Portsmouth.

Cash flow problems? are you oreyt? Never heard of a club rejecting a bid, then changing their minds 2 weeks later. Great rumour. Really believable that!

29 Jun 2013 14:10:55
If Burnley are one of the "few" clubs with no debt, why are they selling Austin and Ings on top of losing people like Paterson to Huddersfield. It must be because Burnley have NO money!!

"CASH FLOW" PROBLEMS! Please explain.

Be amazed if Ings went to Forest - I can see him going to Bournemouth but I doubt Forest could raise the £1. 3 asking price.

Bournemouth don't have any debt?

29 Jun 2013 16:15:30
It is commonly known that Burnley are skint - they offered massively reduced terms to all of their out of contract players and so lost two of their best players McCann and Paterson to Championship rivals. The Clarets can only afford League 2 wages now.

They lost Paterson because he reject their offer of a deal not because they have money

". why are they selling Austin and Ings on top of losing people like Paterson to Huddersfield. It must be because Burnley have NO money!"

Paterson went to Huddersfield brecause they committed to play him up front - we wanted to play him wider / deeper. We're not selling Ings unless we get an offer that exceeds our valuation of him and Austin is clearly able to get a shot at a bigger club than us so will get it. That's the difference between us - we're realistic; of course a player like Austin will leave us for a bigger club at some stage as he would have already left AFCB if they were ever to end up with a player of that quality.

Forest can afford pritty much anyone with a 5 million pound bid for Hooper last week

Why would we want danny ings back at Bournemouth, he had some potential as a trainee but after few games in first team he was taken to burnley. Eddie Howe is a better judge then myself but offering the final offer of £1.5 million last week, this was rejected by burnley, hence afcb are looking else where for front man, possibally James Vaughan or simeon Jackson both with higher level experience then danny ings?

The reason players are wanting to leave Burnley is that there is a lack of ambition rather than a cash flow problem.

The player leaving are footballers not the long ball specialists required by the current manager.

29 Jun 2013 18:55:30
Apparently ingsy has bought enough slippers to last a life time so there is no need to stay in Lancashire anymore! Can't wait to get back down souf

If Bournemouth really wanted Ings back, he would have been signed by now. Fact is he ain't that good and Eddie is justing using him as a smokescreen for his real transfer targets. No striker with a goal ratio of approx 1 in 5 is going to fetch 1m +. Please keep him oop norf.

30 Jun 2013 10:22:40
People seem to forget. This is a RUMOURS page. Eddie Howe does deals how they should be done. Qiuetly & without all the drama. Don't know Burnley's money situation & don't care. The whole Ings thing is a farce now. Think Eddie has moved on.

Burnley's accounts show £8.8m on account, no dents to any external provider. They own all their own assets. They have sold just short of 10,000 season tickets. They are referred to by KPMG in the Football League report as when of the best run clubs in the country. They don't have cash flow problems because they cut their coat according to their cloth. Hence not making daft offers to retain players and accepting excellent offers for those that meet value.

Were not skint just coming into line with fair play, that's a fact

Only good thing to come out of bore mouth was wade elliott forget the rest



29 Jun 2013 09:39:57
Tom Ince and Andreas Cornelius signings to be confirmed at next CCFC press confrence



29 Jun 2013 09:33:43
Bradford City are set to sign Jack King from Preston North End.

Jack of all trades but master of none. I've yet to be convinced that he is a FL standard player

He has to be one of the best substitutes to have on your bench he can play RB CB CM and SF four players in 1 and dud very well in his first season as a pro footballer.

Decent player going nowhere.

Not going anywhere

I don't expect Kingy to be anything more than a sub if he stays with North End.

King at best div 2 player realistically non leaguer



29 Jun 2013 09:24:39
Is there any news on Murray Davidson (St Johnston)? It all seems to of gone a bit quiet. Are Millwall still being linked with him?

He was talked about quite a lot when SL first took charge, but I think that he has got some better player on his 'RADAR' with more experience of English Prem/Champnshp! But who knows he might still be thought of?



29 Jun 2013 09:17:41
Hughes is apparently interested in Lescott off City, Paulo De Ceglie from Juventus and Abdoulaye Ba. Obviously not all 3 will sign.



29 Jun 2013 09:15:08
Portsmouth Liam Walker is in talks to Newport County

He is in Gibralter, playing for them, not in talks with anybody, when he returns he will start pre-season training with Portsmouth



29 Jun 2013 09:14:41
wba are set to bring in midfieldrs craig gardener from sunderland and free agent emanuel frimpong.

Frimpong must be the only player classed as a free agent with a year left on his contract



29 Jun 2013 09:13:02
hulk closing in on a move to chelsea




29 Jun 2013 09:12:38
chelsea have loaned marin to sevilla as a sweetener in there bid to land french midfielder geoffery kondogbia.



29 Jun 2013 08:38:59
Sheffield Wednesday will sign bulgarian right back Ivan Bandalovski from Cska Sofia in next few days.

Hope so he looks s**t hot



29 Jun 2013 09:02:20
Blackman is off to Burnley in a player plus cash deal to bring Austin back to Reading FC

True that.

Why? I reckon Reading fans are vastly underrating Blackman.



29 Jun 2013 08:54:44
yeovil town are looking to sign former blackburn striker nuno gomes on a 6 month rolling contract following his release for the lancaster club

No they're not. if you'd done any research at all, you'd know that Gary Johnson is only looking at young players because the older guys are far too expensive.

I've also heard that Gary Johnson is looking to sign Gomes, as he is also looking for someone with expierence he help his young side this season.

Lancaster club? they are 50 miles away



29 Jun 2013 08:54:37
Grant Holt linked with a move to Middlesbrough

Wigan are the latest club to be linked with Holt. If a bid is successful he'll end up there over 'Boro, purely for European football and better chance of promotion IMO

No chance of this one coming off. Becchio has been sounded out but is reluctant to move at the moment.

No way would moybray want him, he wants a pacey clinical finisher. not an over paid has been

He's been seen at rockcliff. As he now lives in the north-east again.

29 Jun 2013 19:29:23
Grant hilt would be a great signing for us boro! But why on earth would he come to us? and we couldn't afford his wage

Grant holt lives in the north west, he's a cumbrian lad. Bolton, Wigan and Blackpool seem to be showing an interest. Not far from home, all 3 still receiving parachute payments and wigan have euro football to offer him. It would take a huge deal to stump all 3 of them



29 Jun 2013 08:48:22
Should james Vaughan decide to join Blackburn instead of the terriers, mark robins will turn to nathan delfounso who has been told he can leave aston villa. A similar fee around 1m will be required. Town will just try to secure a centre back on loan before allowing out of favour joel lynch to leave.

Where is it coming from Blackburn even want him?
Not see that anywhere. Heard Norwich might offer him trying to get a Blackburn player.

Let's get something straight, if Blackburn want him, he's going there and that's from a Huddersfield fan

29 Jun 2013 13:37:14
Don`t think he`d be daft enough to join that circus.

Yeah like Rhodes wasn't. Huddersfield fans seem to live in a dream world

Judas Rhodes will go where the money is, and tell you like he told us last august, how he loves it here, and be gone in a flash, so be prepared. as it looks like you are about to lose him, maybe not straight away, but he will stuff you in getting a replacement at the end of the window! From a hudds fan not in a dream world!



29 Jun 2013 08:23:54
Barnsley looking theo Robinson

Ashley I say would be a great singing for Barnsley.

Hope not



29 Jun 2013 08:20:17
Barnsley to sign Ashley Barnes

Hope so would be a good signing

I am not sure that Brighton would want to sell Barnes right now as he is one of only two fit strikers that the club has at present. Once Hoskins and Mackail Smith are fit or if Brighton sign another striker then they might possibly consider an offer.

Decent signing if true



29 Jun 2013 07:45:20
Austin in Hull today having a medical
Tom Huddleston Spurs due for talks 4-5 million
Cisse from QPR could be the next

What a load of rubbish. no bid for austin has been accepted, I highly doubt we will be spending 4-5million on huddlestone, considering that money will be spent on 1 or 2 strikers, and there is NO way on earth that we would be signing cisse - and he's playing in the middle east anyway



29 Jun 2013 07:43:34
Walsalls Patterson is definitely off after failing to agree terms on a new deal at the Bescot stadium. Destination possibly Huddersfield although Blackburn have also been in talks

The two clubs are supposed to be Hudds & Forest aren't they. Nothing been said about Blackburn

Can`t see town signing him now they`ve landed Hammill.

YESSSS get in hopefully true and have you noticed how number 9 and number 18 haven't been taken so I think we will get Vaughan then get one more player and our business is done

All the talk is coming out of Walsall, this has all been about getting the best price they can for the player.
Huddersfield have Hammill now, they might not be interested any more.

I feel for Walsall, smaller clubs sell to bigger clubs happens all the way through the league. For some reason they seem to think loyalty is till a word footballers understand.

Probably all the supposed interest was generated by his agent to get him the best deal.
The best deal was never going to be at Walsall.

Hes going to Nottingham Forest. Ned kelly forests assistant manager whos last job was at walsall rates him highly and will do anything to get him trentside

Interesting observation, as Jamie Paterson still has 12 months on his contract! Go and make things up somewhere else.

Huddersfield moved onto other tagets sometime ago & have already signed Adam Hammill from Wolves. Sounds like Forest are the front runners now, providing Walsall don't out price him & risk losing him for a low tribunal fee next summer!

He might have a year left, it's not in the interest of the club to let it run out though is it.

I'm a Town fan, and trust me Paterson is going to Forest, almost complete deal.

Looks like NF are going to get him, I think Huddersfield gave up on him and signed Hammill instead. No big loss in my view, agents playing games and Dean Hoyle won't have any of it. Sign Vaughan and Butterfield and another attacker on loan and we will be done.

You forgot the number 6 shirt, maybe another centre back

Gerrard gave up the number six shirt at his own request to the management as he found the number "Unlucky"

Errrr, are you all forgetting Patterson is not out of contract, he has another 18 months left, desperate Huddersfield fan trying another wind up, lol grow up

Walsall have accepted an offer from forest, and middlesboro are set to make a sizeable offer to beat forest after losing out on magoma. source tv

We don't want him thanks

Lol town fans getting accused here- most of us couldn't care if he came in. We don't need, by any means, another player like him. AND btw 12 months left on a deal means he is more likely to be sold then let go for free- c'mon you lot work it out

30 Jun 2013 11:38:03
is it true I hope so the 2 from norwich will be gr8

He is going to middlesborough



29 Jun 2013 07:30:56
Craig Forsyth set to join Derby next week subject to medical. Source todays DET



29 Jun 2013 07:32:36
Derby county will finally sign Watford's Craig Forsyth for 190k by latest Tuesday the second of July. Personal terms and a fee has been agreed and is having a medical over the weekend.

Rotherham are struggling to get theo Robinson on a season loan as derby would prefer to cash in on him valued at 450k



29 Jun 2013 07:22:58
Lee barnard has held talks with rotherham united this week, but steve evans has a number of strikers on hia radar



29 Jun 2013 07:00:47
matt tubbs hasn't signed for crawley town I live in crawley I think I would of heard if he did and I havnt and I am a season ticket holder

Being a Crawley season ticket holder doesn't give you a inside scoop at the clubs transfers

29 Jun 2013 14:20:19
he agreed terms but his agent blocked it.

FFS! CTFC need to get the Tubbs deal done. The fans want him and he'd do wonders for the club commercially given his popularity and the opportunity his signing would give for local PR



29 Jun 2013 03:37:49
notts county are trying to sign danny haynes chris kiwomya knows haynes from his time at ipswich

Be a great signing but not going to happen

Chris kiwomya and Danny Haynes were not together at Ipswich Town so they don't know each other so there is no connection there

Haha kiwomya used to be ipswich town reserve manager when haynes was at ipswich so well done for making yourself look stupid

I can confirm chris and danny are very good friends and chris recently went to visit him in London having dinner over contract talks for notts county fc



29 Jun 2013 02:56:38
Norwich are willing to let John Ruddy leave for 10m as Chelsea look to bid again

29 Jun 2013 10:22:42
He is not even that good. God knows why he has an England cap! I wouldn't pay more than £2M or him.

Lol £10m for Ruddy and people are saying Stockdale is not worth £4m if anything Stockdale is the better keeper

I'd take 7-8 mill for him. We could replace him for that and put some money towards another player! He's excellent but replaceable

Im guessing that's why you're not involved in football!!

Guy above me has obviously not watched him that much. Could easily give Hart a run for his money. Better than foster and Forster too.

29 Jun 2013 14:06:18
You don't watch much football then watching match of the day does not show everything. He's a good english keeper he would be better going to arsenal than chelsea

He has a England cap because he is better than the other keepers by a mile he is a top keeper

Not that good?! who the hell are you! Hart only gets in because of who he plays for. If Mignolet is worth £10mil, Ruddy is worth at least £12. some people eh.

29 Jun 2013 14:34:23
If there's any truth in this it will as always come down to two things, 1. Does Ruddy want to go, and 2. The money.
I've yet to see any rumours about Cech moving on so Ruddy would I'm assuming be number two. Would he really think that would get him back into the England squad?

£10 million would be a great return and if it happens soon will give us plenty of time to find a replacement. Frasier Forster would be too of my wanted list!

I don't think you should make a bid for him then. Leave it to Chelsea.

I`m sorry but Ruddy is worth around 15m and is one of the best in England. OTBC

Easily the second best if not the best English keeper in the Prem

Fully agree ruddy will be england no 1 soon enough just got to keep working hard

Before ruddy got injured last season he was by a million miles the best keeper in the league anyone who says he's not that good either has never watched him play or just doesn't have a clue

Ruddy should stay; better to play for a lower prem team than warm the bench of a top 4 team. I liked Forster but think Ruddy has surpassed him. Before injury def top 2 keepers in the country. Def not as good when Bunn in the side so shows what a good keeper does to the team.

Any Norwich fan that say's Ruddy is replaceable is lying to themselves. The guy has a presence at the back. We will struggle next year without him regardless of who we bring in for him. Just look at how our season dipped when he was injured, and how it improved when he came back from injury!

Not disagreeing that Ruddy is a massive presence, but everyone saying how our form was better when he got back may be overlooking the fact that it was do or die for us and WBA barely turned up.



29 Jun 2013 02:00:57
Dean smith in the express and star
"I have got lots and lots of agents ringing me daily and there is a list of players as long as your arm. "
"To be honest, I have had phone calls from players who are interested in coming who have surprised me. "

Walsall's pre-season schedule will feature plenty of trialists again, next week's pre season tour in Trinidad & Tobago will feature at least 2 trialists a goalkeeper and a centre-forward

The trialists are rumoured to be Goalkeeper Richard O'Donnell (Chesterfield) and centre forward Noel Hunt (Reading)

This is true, but the striker is not noel hunt! Heard its rene howe.

Noel hunt who played in the PL is not going to go on trial at Walsall he is off to Leeds

Noel Hunt? You joking?

29 Jun 2013 11:12:10
Mainly his own player`s agents asking for a transfer.

Hunt would never ever go to Walsall let alone have a trial#! deluded

Hunt is supposed to have been in talks with Leeds for some time.



29 Jun 2013 01:26:44
Heard that Matthew barnes homer coming for a medical on monday. Know this as my mate works in the club shop.

29 Jun 2013 03:04:13
Was a let down at league one so hopefully it's a conference team

For witch team



29 Jun 2013 00:30:38
Brighton are looking to bring in young Spanish left back Victor Alvares from Espanyol

Good we need more Spanish players

He would be a good signing by looking at his profile. But at a price. Brighton need around 4 new players if they're to push for promotion again, and buying this player may cost them a little too much.

Considering he has just had surgery on his heart and is out for 5 months I doubt this is true.

Brighton and hove Albion reportedly looking in to signing Marc Muniesa from Barcelona

I hope they get him soon. Still no left backs in the squad since Bridge's loan expired and Marcos Painter's release. Hopefully him and Nicky Shorey will be at the club soon.

We don't need to just get loads of spanish players they have been good but against physical teams got smashed of the pitch



29 Jun 2013 00:16:28
Cardiff have made an improved bid for Wanyama aslong as Celtic agree he should ours as his reps have agreed terms source daily fail #they were right about ince

They weren't right about ince, he is not coming to Cardiff, apparently Cardiff haven't put in a bid for ince

He will only be yours if Cardiff are stupid enough to agree to paying his agent the £1million fee he demands

If Cardiff are stood enough? If they believe he is worth the money then that's hardly 'stupid'. I dread to think how much in agents fees the premier league pay out but I know £1m is just a drop in the ocean.

They were right about ince the clubs have agreed a fee he just waiting for a bigger club to come in if not he signing!

Why would he be 1 to 5 with bookmakers to join then #has to be truth in this!



29 Jun 2013 00:09:07
Southampton have made a bid to sign Leandro Damiao

If true no chance of him going to southampton he will go to a big club

Yeah seems to be true many people are talking about it, where did you see this?

I've seen this too, love it if true but it seems unlikely to come to anything with so many bigger clubs in for him. Stranger things have happened though!

True they have made a 17mill bid but what I don't get is where they get all this money from. 12mill ramirez 14mill wanywama bid ect

Would love this!

Reported on numerous websites over the last 24 hours. Sky Italia saying 20million euros offer. Apparently he wants to go to the prem with spurs being favourites. looks like spurs have gone for the cheaper option of david villa for around 12million. will be a coup if this comes off.

This was repeated by sky Italy and apparently we've bid E20M.

What we need I to bring one player in like this to cement the clubs ambitions and then others might take us more seriously.


Southampton do have very rich owners but how can they justify the bids under Financial fair play rules?

29 Jun 2013 12:35:30
Saints are a very rich club
With a great crop of young players a great new state of the art training ground
So with new signings the money's there

All this talk of new players where are they?

Just a note, Southampton have very rich owners and they can spend like this under financial fair play for a few reasons.

Firstly the new payments from the league expand the budget they can utilise anyway.

Secondly Southampton have turned profits the last few seasons so have plenty in reserves to spend without big investments which does not count for the £105million debt allowed over 3 seasons.

Thirdly the £105million debt allowed over 3 seasons.

Finally because Southampton have been so smart with the wage structure they don't pay huge amounts to players or agents which means they don't lose as much to those fees which means the budget can be wisely invested elsewhere.

Fair point ffc1987. More importantly than supposed rich owners is an extremely capable Chief Exec. , Nicola Cortese aka The Don. I am not in any way a ffp expert but our 6mos a/c's to 12/12 revealed a wages to T/O ratio of only 59%. With increased tv revenue that would indicate room for manouevre.

Where do they get their money from?Someone sounds jealous!

The reason people are shocked at southampton spending money like this (or trying to) is that English football is pig ignorant in favour of the top 4/6. Southampton have had billionaire owners for the last 4 years and have flown up the league BACK to the premier league.

The chairman has been in the press a couple of times stating the club has huge ambitions. The £20m upgrade to the training facilities are nearly done. One of the best Youth systems in the country and loads of talk about expanding the stadium.

Not many people we will aware of this outside of southampton as the media is only interested in the top 4/6

Where do they get the money from, it's us mugs who follow football. Let's face it as they say the taxman is the only winner in football.

Wish they would pay players a low basic and a larger amount for appearance, you never know if at times they are putting in a shift.

Internacional chairman says they have had no bids for him and they don't need to sell as they have just sold Fred. A end to another rumour

Just because the owner doesn't want to sell doesn't mean the player has to stay

I just hope a few more players come into the first team squad via the academy. Surely that's the future not spending millions to benefit other clubs.

Saying where has this money come from well maybe from us being the 5th richest club in england?

Most clubs are in debt the owner guarantee the money if they go under its another Pompey, or even southampton in the past. Don't bank on the present owners as was said its business, they could sell on. My guess is to the owners of an Italian club.

Let's hope they don't need to use the parachute payment. It. Was said it cost southampton 11 million just to get out of division 1 what it cost with the championship I dread to think. Cortese had to convince the board to invest and it seems to have paid off.

Remind us again southampton are one of the richest clubs but remember without our support they nothing.

The money comes from supporters or from sky some owners never even watch their teams they are investers looking for a return.

The owners are rich, the club stands on its own feet and pays any loans back to who. The owners

That's when it great when local people who love the club are the backers but again the club has progressed so we can't complain I'm just happy the survived promotions were a bonus.



28 Jun 2013 23:55:31
Young rotherham midfielder Mitch Rose (Brother of Tottenhams Danny) is a loan target for Mansfield, Barnet and Torquay. Evans is keen to loan out the youngster to gain first team experience but feels he could be a big player for Rotherham in years to come

Good midfielder and only young. I think he will go on loan, he's good enough for League 2 and needs the experience. No chance of him been sold though.

Steve Evans says he'll be playing football in League One for Rotherham next season



28 Jun 2013 23:54:52
Scunthorpe united are trialling two attackers believed to be jamie devitt and richard peniket

Devitt I can believe, but I don't see Richard Peniket coming to Scunthorpe from Fulham. He could probably get a League 1 club, but Devitt has been on loan at Grimsby last season, so could maybe make the step to league 2.

Speaking to a source at grimsby devitt hass pace and would be more than capable of playing league two

30 Jun 2013 14:56:11
Matt Sparrow has opted not to join Scunthorpe United, and is now expected to join Leyton Orient.

30 Jun 2013 19:42:10
let matt sparrow go to orient we don't need him the traitor better plays then him

01 Jul 2013 07:42:06
on other new grella as gone thank f. biggest donkey since ormondroyd played for us scunny champions 2o13 to 2014 we are going up



28 Jun 2013 23:54:43
James Vaughan to Huddersfield will be confirmed early next week after both clubs came to an agreement over the price, rumoured to be around the £1million mark. 100% True.

I hope this is true. I was looking at our team shirt numbers and no one has been given the no. 9 shirt so I was hoping it had been saved for Vaughan.

Hope so, really bored with this one mow.

Hope so, it would be good to find out one way or the other now.

Hope so!

Vaughan, butterfield and peltier with hunt going to Norwich.

Or the number 18 shirt which he was wearing last season

29 Jun 2013 16:27:17
Can't wait for this to be done so the twitter bombardment of poor Vaughany will stop. Getting embarrassing now. Reckon Vaughan & also (Walsall's) Paterson would be Huddersfield's attacking recruitment done

I can see Nick Powell coming in on a season loan or John Cofie who is a free agent as well as Vaughan and Butterfield. Things will move quickly next week before the Terriers jet off to their training camp in Spain. If Hunt moves to Norwich then I can see Peltier coming back, Leeds need the cash so maybe we can pick him up for a few 100k.

Pelts left uddersfield for a reason not a chance he is going back there doubt you could afford him anyway

30 Jun 2013 20:01:54
we need vauhan and i'm hoping butterfield is as good as every1 says lee peltier isn't as good as hunt but he's still a good replacement these would be 3 good signings for town they can steer us clear of relegation there class



28 Jun 2013 23:45:35
Celtic have bid £2.6m for rennes and burkina faso winger Pitriopa.

sunderland, montpellier and norwich are also interested.

Pitroipa would be a quality signing for Norwich. He was one of the stars of the recent ACN and instrumental in getting unfancied Burkino Faso to the cup final. AT £2.6 million he would be an absolute steal!



28 Jun 2013 23:41:09
Celtic to sign Mayuka from southampton 900k including add on fees. - Celtic Website

Considering Southampton paid over £3,000,000 for Mayuka and he is only 22 years old I would highly doubt that he would be sold for that sort of price

If you actually looked on the Celtic website you would know that nothing is documented about this or any other Southampton player potentially joining them.

Do you live in Portsmouth or the planet Zog??

When we paid 3million a year ago? Dream on

Not true as just looked on there

12.5 million the. They can have him

900k lmao paid 3-5 mil for him

No chance we would sell him for less than half of what we signed him for. He's only young and it was his first season in England, expect him to make more of an impact next season if he knuckles down

I can't see that happening so cheap. Did you not know he cost about triple that when he signed for Southampton and probably has got a long run future with the saints. If Celtic want him they'll have to pay more.

Not happening

No, we signed for a lot more than that, will never happen, unless part of the Wanyma deal

Nothing at all on the Celtic website

Ha ha good one! you keep wanyama and were keeping mayuka。 900k!! Ha ha ha

900k to loan him for the season maybe, 900k for him permanently no chance



28 Jun 2013 23:40:24
Victor Wanyama has entered talks with Fenerbache, the fee is believed to have been £13m, celtic have agreed and the player could sign as early as monday.
southampton, arsenal and liverpool were also interested but Wanyama has said his agent wasnt happy and also offended by southamptons stingie offer.

Celtic have also made a 800k offer for Emanuel Mayuka who is believed to be out of favour at the newly promoted side.
the young talent has admitted it would be hard to turn down a move to celtic and play european football.

Southampton would not pay the £1m up front payment to the player

His agent was offended at the stingy offer? Sure he wasn't offended at NC laughing him out of his office? 1million? We paid just over half that (combined) to ALL the agents we dealt with last year! His agent can jog on.

Stick another 3m onto that then maybe, I can't see cortese letting him go for anything less than that seeing as we paid 4m for him last season,

mind you, if you do get him I think he would be a great signing for you. he is so quick.

He has had very limited game time at saints, so maybe a season long loan might be best for both clubs.
anyways all the best for next season


As a southampton fan that is great news - Wanyama is way overpriced at £13M and Mayuka is simply not good enough for he premier league - but I think he will cost Celtic a little bit more than that as southampton paid 2 or 3 million for him I believe. He'd probably be great in the lower leagues though so would be good for Celtic

Where did Mayuka say this? Isn't it funny that you people post these nonsense rumours without putting your name.

Southampton refused to pay Wanyama's agent fee in excess of £1,000,000.

To be honest I applaud their actions.

There are two things wrong with this post. One - Southampton's offer wasn't stingie it was just that they weren't happy to pay Wanyama's agents a fee of £1mil. Two - Southampton aren't a newly promoted side, I'd class Cardiff, Palace and Hull as newly promoted sides personally.

Stingie offer? Yeah he was offended that southampton didn't offer him the £1m+ he was after which is absolutely ridiculous! wouldn't want him at southampton if it meant we would have to pay that kinda money to an agent.

Newly promoted side? erm don't think so!

Incorrect on the Mayuka front. For starters he cost more than double that to bring in so Cortese would not allow him to go so cheaply. Second we are not newly promoted we came up in the 11/12 season. Finally don't make it sound as if Celtic are therefore the better club to be at when the way you are selling it is he's unable to make the main team at Southampton but is capable at Celtic. Makes very little sense.

Not a stinge offer, his greedy agent ruined the move by demanding an excessive fee and you won't be signing Mayuka unless on loan

Nice to see he wants what's best for his agent and not his career

Why the concern? Another skate with nothing to do!



28 Jun 2013 23:02:00
Former Inverness striker Eric Odhiambo is on trial at league one side Walsall the Oxford born striker currently plays in turkey for Denizlispor but wants to move back to England

Odhiambo went on trial at league 2 side Torquay in October but personal terms (Length of contract) could not be agreed between the two parties

Oooooh obscure! Like it, good rumour! Hardly prolific but does fit Dean Smiths "bird with a broken wing", "last chance saloon" approach.

This is from the Nottingham press, not here.

Any reason my a Nottingham paper would report on an ex spl player, plaing in Turkey now on trial at Walsall? No link to Notts what's so ever.



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